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Really lovely few minutes from Michelle’s appearance on Regis and Kelly this morning:


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Wednesday’s mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Getting creative:

Obama to Propose Electric-Car Tax Credit Via Dealers

U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration will propose that consumers receive a $7,500 tax credit for electric cars at the dealership, reducing the sticker price, an Energy Department official said.


The administration will also propose grants for as many as 30 communities to build infrastructure to recharge electric vehicles, Sandalow said. The president’s budget will also include new research and development investments in electric drive.


2. Winning the future:

Bringing High-Speed Rail to America


3. The truth is out there (not that anyone cares, you know….):

The myth of obama’s big spending

Does the president really suffer from what House Speaker John Boehner calls a “spending illness”? Not according to an exclusive Newsweek-Daily Beast estimate of his outlays on new legislation since taking office.

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To rectify the situation, Newsweek and The Daily Beast have come up with an exclusive estimate of the amount the president has spent on new legislation since taking office in January 2009.

What we found may surprise people who see Obama as the Big Spender in Chief. Over the last two years, the president has decided to “spend” $21 billion more on tax cuts — the GOP’s preferred policy response to, well, everything — than on government programs.

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Regardless of reality, Republicans have a strong incentive to keep characterizing the president’s spending as an “out-of-control,” “unprecedented” “spree” that “threatens” “our children’s future.”…

But during an accounting argument, it’s useful to have real, live numbers to battle over. On the rare occasion Republicans do allude to real stats, they tend to shout about the growing short-term deficit, a problem that has a lot more to do with declining recession-era tax revenues and increasing safety-net outlays than anything Obama has done, or not done.


Democrats can argue that rescuing the U.S. economy from a second Great Depression for less than the price of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was a relative bargain.

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4. Yea, road trip!

Salvador prez: Obama to visit El Salvador in March

 El Salvador’s president says President Barack Obama will visit the Central American country next month to discuss the fight against poverty.

President Mauricio Funes says Obama will be in El Salvador March 22 and 23. He says other topics will be discussed but he wants the fight against poverty to be the central issue discussed during Obama’s visit.


5. Still doomed:

Reuters poll: PBO at 51%


6. Finally, I couldn’t care less of Politico, but I do care for this:

The first lady reiterated the promise to campaign for her husband because “this country needs him”.
Amen, Michelle. Amen.