The video mishmash

Few vide posted by the WH in recent days, all of them excellent. (As for the missing thread from last night – it’s not you, I decided to delete it. You can see those couple of Elizabeth Warren vids down here).




This is a bit old, but so very beautiful.


89 thoughts on “The video mishmash

  1. Time and your posts: The mood ticks down, perhaps from something spiteful or unpleasant happening to the President. Tick tock. Then your email hits my computer. It makes a soft sound when email arrives. I open the cover, check the register, and there is “One Adult in the Room.” Ah, feel better. Time seems more my friend.

    Thank you for your relentless searches that produce these wonderful pieces and photos of the President.

  2. Obama to propose electric vehicle rebate plan
    By Andrew Restuccia – 02/08/11 01:44 PM ET

    President Obama’s budget request will call on Congress to pass legislation offering consumers a rebate of as much as $7,500 for purchasing electric vehicles.

    The rebate plan is part of a three-part proposal outlined by the Department of Energy Tuesday that will be included in Obama’s budget request, slated to be released Monday. The proposal is designed to reach Obama’s goal of putting 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

    The electric vehicles rebate proposal is modeled after the successful “cash-for-clunkers” program, which gave consumers rebates for exchanging older vehicles for more fuel-efficient ones. Obama will propose turning a current $7,500 tax credit, which would be redeemed on consumers’ income taxes, into a rebate, which would be received at the point of sale.

    Asked how soon the program could get off the ground, Energy Department assistant secretary David Sandalow said the proposal is subject to Congressional approval.

    “We’re going to need people from all parts of the spectrum to come together here and I think we can do it,” he told reporters Tuesday.

    Here are the details of the proposal, via a statement from the Department of Energy:

    * “Make electric vehicles more affordable with a rebate up to $7,500: The President is proposing to transform the existing $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles into a rebate that will be available to consumers immediately at the point of sale, instead of having to wait for tax returns to be filed.”

    * “Advance innovative technologies through new R&D investments: Building on Recovery Act investments, the President’s FY2012 budget proposal will include enhanced R&D investments in electric drive, batteries, and energy storage technologies.”

    * “Reward communities that invest in electric vehicle infrastructure through competitive grants: To provide an incentive for communities to invest in EV infrastructure and remove regulatory barriers, the President is proposing a new initiative that will provide grants to up to 30 communities that are prioritizing advanced technology vehicle deployment.”

    The Hill-

  3. 😀

    Keep ’em coming BWD. I believe out of all the amazing photos of the Obama Family, that one posted at the end video is my absolute favorite! It’s full of happy love!


  4. Happy tuesday PrObama Family 🙂

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @BBCWorld: Michelle Obama says President #Obama has quit smoking and hasn´t smoked at all in almost a year, from AP

  5. By Bernie Becker – 02/08/11 04:19 PM ET

    The IRS announced an initiative on Tuesday that will allow people ducking their taxes on offshore accounts to bring money back into the American tax system.

    The program comes after the end of a similar IRS venture, which closed in October 2009 after attracting 15,000 disclosures. The just-announced program will run through Aug. 31, and Doug Shulman, the IRS commissioner, said in a statement that it was the “last, best chance” for tax evaders to rejoin the system.

    “This new effort gives those hiding money in foreign accounts a tough, fair way to resolve their tax problems once and for all,” Doug Shulman, the IRS commissioner, said in a statement. “And it gives people a chance to come in before we find them.”

    It also features tougher penalties than the program that ended in 2009, with the IRS saying those who waited it out should not be rewarded. The agency says more than 3,000 taxpayers have stepped forward since that first venture ended.

    Under the new program, taxpayers generally will pay a 25 percent penalty on the highest balance they kept in foreign banks during a single year between 2003 and 2010. Program users must also pay back-taxes, with interest, for as many as eight years, with some also able to pay reduced penalties of 5 percent or 12.5 percent.

    The top penalty under the previous program was 20 percent. That endeavor was also came not long after UBS, the Swiss bank, revealed that it had helped enable tax evasion.

    In the Tuesday release, Shulman added that battling international tax evasion was a top agency priority and that the IRS was looking into more banks.

    “The situation will just get worse in the months ahead for those hiding assets and income offshore,” Shulman said.



  7. Now is the time for us to raise our voices and yell and scream and call and write and storm the republican offices to stop this.

    Now is the time to flood the media, railing against this.

  8. jovie, lol, I was kidding, mocking the “both parties are the same” point of view in light of the dismaying news that the House is looking to defund portions of HCR. I admire your vigilance though; if I ever *do* go off the rails and join the sensationalist wave, I know where to come to get straightened out lmao. 🙂

  9. Such great news. I feel the public wants this. They are going to have an electric taxi program in San Francisco soon. Is that cool or what. Taxis are such a big part of the cars on the road in cities.

  10. PewResearch Poll: 57% approves the way PBO is handling the situation in Egypt

    Americans do not have a clear point of view about how the massive anti-government protests in Egypt will affect the United States. More than half (58%) say the protests will not have much of an effect (36%), or offer no response or are noncommittal (22%). Of the minority that thinks the protests will have an effect on the U.S., nearly twice as many say their impact will be negative rather than positive (28% vs. 15%).

    This lack of agreement notwithstanding, a majority (57%) says the Obama administration is handling the situation in Egypt about right, while much smaller numbers say the administration has shown too much support (12%) or too little support (12%) for the protestors.
    The survey finds that majorities of Democrats (69%) and independents (57%) say the Obama administration is handling the situation in Egypt about right; fewer Republicans (43%) give the administration positive ratings. Roughly equal numbers of Republicans say the administration is showing too much support (19%) and too little support (15%) for the protesters.

    Republicans and independents are more likely than Democrats to say the Egyptian protests will end up having a bad effect on the United States. Nearly four-in-ten Republicans (37%) say the protests will have a negative effect on the U.S., while just 8% think their effect will be positive. Twice as many independents say the protests will end up having a negative (28%) rather than positive (14%) effect on the U.S. Among Democrats, as many say their impact will be positive as negative (21% each

  11. BWD, I would like to add this video to remind us of that day……..sigh. I love President and Mrs Obama without qualifiers.

  12. Yep.

    One of the cornerstones of Keynesian remedies to recessions/depressions is that government-incited increase in economic activity (via stimulus plans) are paid back by increased income via taxes.

    This presupposes that people and corporations pay taxes.

    Therefore, this action is absolutely necessary.



  15. Wonder if this is why Bush was headed to Switzerland…to get his hidden money so he could bring it back into the system?

  16. hehe..Here’s a tweet from a teabagger who’s trying to play the guilt by association game…Little does he know that people are on to the posers mentioned in this tweet:

    RT @BlueCollarTodd: Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Hope For Riots In America (Video) #egypt #tcot #tlot #hhrs #sgp #p2 #obama #ocra

  17. obamafan – Your own warmth shines through! Thanks for expressing what most of us here are experiencing. 🙂

  18. From TPM:

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says upcoming spending legislation will forbid the White House from using any federal dollars to pay to implement the health care law.

    “I expect to see one way or the other, the product coming out of the House to speak to that and to preclude any funding to be used for [ObamaCare],” Cantor told reporters at his weekly press availability Tuesday.

    Notice he refers to the “product coming out of the House.” Implicit in this is an acknowledgment that the Democratic-controlled Senate and the White House will fight them bitterly, and somebody will have to tap out. Indeed, it almost suggests that Cantor knows the House will be out-muscled. So it’s not exactly a line in the sand — it’s more like a high opening bid, but more evidence that this will be a chronic fight between the parties.

    It looks like more vaudeville from the House GOP. Senate Dems and the WH will block all the insanity from the House, and then the GOP will have to decide on just how much it wants to play chicken.

    Definitely let the Senate Dems hear from you, though.

  19. It’s very hard for me to accept any thing that Tavis or West says, for one Tavis got rich off of exploiting black struggles , then he goes and team up with corporate america, and Arriana Huffington to trash Obama. Enough of this crap from them. I hope this video gets out!

  20. From the introduction to the video: We just had Noam Chomsky lamenting the lack of Egyptian style riots here in America. Now we have another Liberal academic and “journalist” doing the same thing.

    Someone needs to tell this teabagger that neither Noam Chomsky nor Cornell West are “liberals”. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that neither of them vote Democratic. It’s only guilt by association to his teabagger friends who don’t even know who these gentlemen are.

  21. Did Cornel West actually just compare Mubarak to President Obama, labeling them both as “pharoahs” please tell me that I misheard. This is *exactly* what I’m talking about in terms of so-called critics who resort to the most hyperbolic and outlandish statements yet accuse anyone who calls this out as unwilling to accept “criticism.”

    Note to both of them: neither of these two are starving, neither Tavis with his seven figure check from Walmart’s CEO to fund his traveling exhibit, nor Cornel with his Ivy League salary and speaking fees. It is offensive for these two to pretend that the situation here is as dire as what is taking place in Egypt either economically or politically. The comparison is both callous and extreme.

    They do not speak for or represent the left.

  22. There are quite a few in the frustrati that
    are hell bent on doling out some humility to
    POTUS…To me it’s funny that for some reason
    they feel personally offended and enraged
    with the playful, human interaction with his
    audience…It’s because of hard work that
    Pres. Obama is in positon to recall hundreds of facts instantly and answer with an
    intelligent comeback.
    Maybe if the PUMAS,Teabaggers, Naderites, Hamsherites, DeRothchilds, LaRoucheies and Anti-Intellectuals studied a little harder they wouldn’t feel so insecure 🙂

    De Rothchild says “Frankly..I don’t like him”

  23. I know we shouldn’t get excited about polls — or downcast — this far out from 2012. However, from the reputable PPP: Democrats are ahead of the GOP, 45 to 41.

    And, more from PPP: “If Obama had to stand for reelection today he’d get pretty much the same number of electoral votes he did in 2008.”

    And one more for good measure, again from PPP: So far we’ve done 2012 Presidential polls in 6 of the 9 states that George W. Bush won in 2004 but that Obama won in 2008. Obama leads 23 out of 24 hypothetical match ups that we’ve tested in those states. The only state in which he’s behind is in NC against Huckabee, and that by only 1 point.

    Courage, everyone! The wind is at our backs, and Obama is no sucker. And the House GOP is really, really in over its head.

  24. I think the guy’s just out for himself. For him to not say a word when West denounced “millionaires and billionaires and devils” considering how well-off both of them are, and how well-off is the elite set to which they’re connected, I just rolled my eyes. They think that black people are stupid and can’t see through any of this.

  25. Hi gn…I think your thoughts from the last blog BWD posted captured them perfectly…I noticed from the little “RT” logo at the bottom left corner that they were giving that interview to “Russia Today” television network…Those clowns look desperate.

  26. I don’t know how easy it is for Mr. Smiley to get on US shows, but Prof. West is pretty much on the same playing field as Noam Chomsky, which means he NEVER gets on US television. I make no claims about the rightness or wrongness of that, but outlets like RT and speaking tours are the only way people like Prof. West can get their message — such as it is — out.

    My question is: how many people in the AA community even know who Cornell West is? Unless he has a following of which I don’t know, he’s just another reliable anti-Obama “leftist” who claims to represent part of the “base”. In other words, utterly ignorable.

  27. Thanks Starm. When they walked out, I literally stop breathing for a moment. It was stunning to see this in my life time and to see the promise of both of them.

  28. Biden calls for “immediate, irreversible” progress in Egypt.

    In remarks released by the White House, Mr Biden told Mr Suleiman that the transition to a more broadly based government should produce “immediate, irreversible” progress.

    He also said the Egyptian interior ministry should immediately stop arresting and beating journalists and activists, and allow freedom of assembly and expression.

    The BBC’s Kim Ghattas in Washington says it is the first time since the beginning of the protests on 25 January that Washington has made such specific demands in public.

    The US has wanted to avoid looking as if it is dictating events or interfering in Egyptian affairs, our correspondent adds, but the anti-government protesters had criticised the US for apparently lifting the pressure on the Egyptian leadership.

    She says Mr Biden’s call now appears to be a clear signal that Washington will not be satisfied with cosmetic changes.

  29. Extremely interesting results. Considering that he has been flayed by people at both ends of the spectrum for doing too little or doing too much, to find not a plurality, but a healthy majority approving of how he has been handling this is very telling.

    Remember, most people really don’t understand the situation in Egypt all that well. All they know is what they read, much of which has been negative towards the President.

    To me (and of course I may be wrong in my interpretation of this) this result indicates a basic growing trust in how our President handles foreign policy as a whole. They may still question domestic policy to some degree. they may still not understand HCR, but they at some level realize that he has made a seismic shift in the way we approach, react to, and deal with the world. And again, at some level, they recognize the world is a little better place and thus are willing to put their trust in him to do the right thing until he does (or doesn’t do) something that would make them question their trust in him.

    And this tells a lot about the basic character of our President. He doesn’t bludgeon people over the head. He doesn’t look down on Americans or treat them like children who need to have every little thing explained to them. He may be, most of the time, the only adult in the room, but because of him, I expect more adults to be showing up in the general population.

    Just like Americans are starting to show more trust in him, he has always had trust in the American people to figure things out for themselves when given a chance. It looks like they are starting to do just that.

  30. For the last couple of years I’ve been amazed with Doug Shulman. I think he was appointed IRS Commish by Shrub, but Shulman has just been going to town since Barack Hussein Obama became President. The clamping down on Swiss bank accounts, off-shore P.O. Box tax shelters, and policing BigMoney tax cheats has been extraordinary.

    I’ve been trying to alert others about this long-needed activity, and hardly anyone has heard anything about it. In fact, around a lot of the Poutragers, it’s almost as if they plug their ears like children and yell “I can’t hear you!” over and over again.

    Shulman has already greatly improved the Treasury’s coffers, and to hear him say that he’s just getting warmed up is quite exciting. Onward and upward!

  31. Meanwhile, the house of republicans are just playing to there base! The Karl Rove philosophy! Remember in 08, they needed a game changer, in walked caribou barbie, only appealing to there base!

    Rovian politics!

  32. By Ben Geman and Andrew Restuccia
    State of Play: The GOP-led campaign to scuttle the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas rules will burst into public view Wednesday.

    EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will be the star witness at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on Chairman Fred Upton’s (R-Mich.) bill to block regulation of power plants, refineries, factories and other facilities.

    Both sides have been making their case in various forums of late — Upton has been on a media blitz, while Jackson used a speech at a major conference Tuesday to argue that the Clean Air Act has a history of protecting public health without weighing on the economy.

    Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), the committee’s top Democrat, on Tuesday circulated a highly critical memo about Upton’s draft bill.

    And later in the day he sent a letter to Upton noting that Stephen Johnson, who was EPA Administrator under former President George W. Bush, had supported issuing an “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gases pose a threat to human health and welfare.

    Waxman circulated a letter that Johnson sent to Bush in 2008 that supported issuing a finding and suggested a path toward greenhouse gas rules. The Bush administration neither made the finding nor backed mandatory emissions rules.

    The endangerment finding — which provides the legal underpinning for climate rules — was ultimately made by the Obama administration, which has begun the initial phases of regulating heat-trapping emissions.

    “As Administrator Johnson’s letter makes clear, both Republican and Democratic Administrations have had the same view of the science: carbon emissions are a serious threat to our nation’s welfare. I urge you to leave the science to scientists and drop your effort to use legislation to overturn EPA’s endangerment finding,” Waxman wrote to Upton.

    Environmentalists Tuesday launched a preemptive strike as well, casting the block-EPA effort as a gift to “big polluters.”

    But Republicans are also honing their lines of attack — a committee staff memo obtained by E2 on Tuesday previews allegations of “regulatory burdens” and increased energy costs.

    And the witness list includes a host of industry officials and others — such as Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott — who oppose EPA rules.

    Stay tuned and watch for E2’s coverage Wednesday.

    The Hill-


    They are not stopping! Put the Pressure on, and please the base. Nothing more, nothing less!

  33. It’s occurred to me that Bill O’Reilly interruped the President 42 times on purpose. He didn’t want the President to get the chance to finish a sentence or a thought. He didn’t want this President to be able to communicate with any viewer. Period. It very well might have just been planned that way.

  34. That is excellent news. I am thrilled they are going after rich tax-evaders. Let’s hope they continue to collect money from these people.

  35. While I am thrilled that I have this great blog to read daily, I am sad that bluewavenews is still down due to being hacked and now I find out that my favorite elections website, is being absorbed into DailyKos. Just freaking great. There is some bs post at Swing State from Susan G at DK swearing that most of the diaries and posters at DK are mature don’t have name-calling, etc. in them. Clearly, Susan doesn’t actually read DK. It has gotten worse since the 2010 election. It’s a small, cliquey group of assholes who chase away any reasonable voice. And now, SSP is going to be part of it. I am so bummed.

  36. I’m sorry askew. Unfortunately we’re in a period of new media consolidation in which people are unable to detect the hazards of trusting voices to a small group of profiteers. Venture capitalists are running this show right now as is obvious. Please don’t get discouraged. Give us a little time to create a solution.

  37. Thanks. It is such a petty problem, but it just bummed me out to keep losing places to discuss politics. My family and friends are so non-political, so I love having outlets online but I can’t stand the nastiness at sites like DK and more and more sites seem to be trending that direction. It sucks.

  38. Hi tigerfists, I hate to insert my strong condemnations of these people as I notice that you always try to stay positive, but please forgive people like me who will go into the dirt with these buffoons: they are both well-off, privileged media careerists who have some nerve. They are anti-POTUS partisans for fame, attention, and career. They are shaking down the black community on behalf of interests who mean us no good. The day that I listen credulously to these two is the day that I have sold out along with them. The remainder of my thoughts are self-censored, lol.

    Thank you for the terrific updates, particularly those of the Egyptian protests. One thing which I don’t like about the national media is that a story is a sensation, then dropped like it’s hot the next day. It’s so important for us to stay tuned into what’s going on, so that any retributions towards the protesters remain front and center, not buried as yesterday’s news. You bring SO much to the plate in that regard!

  39. I wish that I had something comforting to say, but dkos is on the same HuffPo trajectory, if it hasn’t been sold already, and thus gobbling up these small voices of progress is going to be the name of the game. I’m so sorry and you don’t have to explain your grief to me at all. I totally get it in terms of investing time and years into thinking that we were a part of something grassroots when in fact this was just about people creating businesses. I’m just sorry. But I do have to emphasize that we have been gifted with some emerging voices which are not about that. This space is a beautiful example. May we create a hospitable and active refuge, and then perhaps grow into something more than that…so many people are not with this media selling out program. I personally feel appreciative.

  40. FIRST LOOK III: GEITHNER ON INFRASTRUCTURE – Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will post a blog item later this morning ahead of his 8:30 a.m. conversation with Judy Woodruff at a jobs event hosted by The Atlantic at the Newseum: “[W]e must ensure that the U.S. has the fastest, most reliable ways to move people, goods, and information to maintain our competitive edge. … Well-targeted infrastructure investments create both immediate and long-term economic benefits. Those benefits accrue not only where the infrastructure is located but also to communities all across the country.”

    ROMER URGED TO TESTIFY ON STIMULUS – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the OGR subcommittee on regulatory affairs, stimulus oversight and government spending, in a letter to former CEA Chair Christina Romer: “I understand from Committee staff that you declined my informal invitation to appear at the … hearing on Wednesday February l6th regarding the results of the [stimulus]. … I am writing to ask you to reconsider your refusal to testify, as we would greatly value your unique insights, as one of the package’s architects, into the development of the goals.” Full Letter:

  41. So, the CR that republicans are coming up with to fund the govt has pre stimulus and pre hcr numbers in it! Wonderful! so, we must stop the evil stimulus and those construction workers and those evil roads and bridges that are being paid to repair them!

    Bizzaro land!

  42. Yes, riots are always a very effective way of accomplishing a massive cultural change, though not necessarily a good one. It’s often poor neighborhoods which are the most hurt during a riot, and if we never move past the cavemen mentality, we will never get our priorities straight. The movement in Egypt is a fine example of what people can do peacefully. Let us hope it eventually gets the results it wants.

  43. Yes, Liberal Librarian, and this is before any of the lame Republican candidates have risen to the top. Just think of his lead once he is actually matched against one of the deeply-flawed losers on the other side. Playing to the Tea Party may win one of them the nomination, but it won’t play well in the general arena.

  44. Wow. Rich bitch with money calling someone an elitist. Sorry BWD, HAD to get that out of my system. Delete or edit if you must.

  45. That certainly seems to be his style and his manner of dominating interviews to ensure that his predetermined viewpoint is the takeaway rather than information shared by the interviewee. This works well with other interviewees; with someone as superlatively sharp as President Obama, O’Reilly simply looked impolite and unprofessional.

  46. This is a great piece about this morning’s interview of the First Lady. A blogger at slate magazine’s xxfactor is taking issue with a line of questions which might have implied that the weeMichelles are missing out on their respective childhoods because they’re being raised in the WH:

    I’m glad that people are critiquing the manner in which the national media sometimes talks with both POTUS and FLOTUS. They are both so calm and drama-free that I think that sometimes even well-meaning interviewers feel the need to dig in, in order to get a more emotional response.

  47. Sankofa, thank you. I have probably watched this 30 times and I never tire of it. Great, great memories.

  48. I sure do. The fashionistas have been really nasty about Michelle and her clothing choices.


  49. I just saw on TMP that Tim Kaine is very likely to run for Jim Webb’s seat. It sounds as if he is retiring from the DNC. I am sure that will make a number of people very happy.

    “Back in mid-November, a PPP survey of Virginia found that Tim Kaine, the current chairman of the Democratic National Committee and formerly the governor of Virginia, tested just as well or perhaps even better than Webb. Against Allen, Webb led by 49%-45%, while Kaine scored 50%-44%.”

  50. I saw her again recently on television, and she still thinks he is a loser. baaawaaaaa, I didn’t get what I wanted–therefore I going to make a jack ass out of myself.

    I guess the real issue is, why in the world does the media have to keep making this type of stuff news. OH, now I remember. Stirring the Pot.

  51. Thanks, Tiger…

    This may make a difference, too: 😉

    Clearly Constitutional: A Primer on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act…

    Healthcare: An Activist Decision… Tainted Judge…

    As Cuccinelli Steps Up Challenge To Health Law, General Assembly Continues To Implement It… (VA Gov vs VA AG)

    And, this possibility:

    @Ah_Clem: House Democrats say Justice Thomas should recuse himself in health-care case – via @stevekimura (@commoncause may have impeachment on its’ mind concernin’ certain SCOTUS…maybe, Thomas, Scalia, et al?!)

  52. gn, I was fuming at the questions that Matt Lauer was asking. I loved the way the First Lady responded to his obsessing about how growing up in the White House may impact the girls. She said well look at the Bush daughters, Chelsea, and Carline Kennedy. They all turned out just fine. She expects the same the Sasha and Malia.

  53. I hate to see mothers made to feel guilty about career choices which work to the betterment of the family, or in the case of the First Lady, the betterment of the family, the country, and the world. Sure, she could have put her foot down and chosen to limit the aspirations of her husband. Would that have really been a better decision for her children? That was FLOTUS’ decision to make and from this stranger’s standpoint, it was a terrific one. I don’t like to see an attempt to make a mom feel guilty or second-guess a perfectly reasonable or even wise parenting choice, no matter how well-meaning the questions.

  54. Sankofa, I am going to trust you on this. The thought of them destroying our president makes me quiver with hate.

  55. Sheila, there been many revolts over time, but it seems that a great many of them just wind up with a tyrant.

  56. They are effective in terms of creating chaos, but, revolutions and their violence rarely creates a stable environment. This has pretty much been true through history.

    Those who want to be the savior and make a better world often wind up being tyrants.

  57. Sorry for the double take. The first one was sent this morning–never got onto the page. So I tried again. Now i have two.

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