The only adult in the room. Again

President Obama addressing the spoiled kids of the Chamber of Commerce, speaking slowly and calmly and making so much sense, it was almost too easy.





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  1. Thanks to What Is Working for the link to this article on Salon about the speech to the Chamber of Commerce:

    Is the “pro-business” Obama for real?

    The president’s polite visit to the Chamber of Commerce marks a change in rhetoric, but not in policy

    This paragraph stood out to me:

    Liberals are upset at any sign of accommodation but it might be worth considering the possibility that the notion that Obama is now “pro-business” is just as bogus as the idea that he was ever fundamentally “anti-business” to begin with. But by making the rhetorical shift, Obama appears to have successfully neutered one source of constant criticism that could have been negatively influencing how independent, moderate voters perceived this White House.

  2. But we can’t have such tactical maneuvering! We must storm the barricades on a constant basis! Nothing but complete victory or glorious defeat!

    There, that should take care of most of the comments on those other sites.

  3. So glad that it is THIS ADULT that is in the room! We are truly blessed.

    Thank you BWD for this oasis and thanks for your tireless effort on behalf of our President.

  4. I wonder how many autographs he had to sign, lol!

    Wonder if they’re gonna pause next time they put together their commercials backed by their Citizens United monies. May be a wee bit more difficult to villify this man after you’ve been bedazzled.

  5. lol.. well done Liberal Librarian.

    Love your title & your comment also bwd.. yep the spoiled kids they are indeed.. with way too much $$$ at their fingertips for pouring into dishonest ads (I’ll never forgive them for their lying attacks on HCR).

    POTUS once again shows how its done: How to love your country more than your ego, your ideology or your pocketbook. Take notes CoC.

    I would LOVE to know how Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greewald, Adam Greene, Markos Moulitsas are spinning Arianna’s 300MILLION$$$ Sell-OUT Today??

    We need a CAPTION THAT PHOTO on that last photo .. ??

  6. h/t sepia at weeseeyou:

    From a HuffinPuffin sucker blogger:

    “People are willing to write for The Huffington Post for free. I’m one of them. It’s great exposure, the tone is unapologetically opinionated and if you’ve ever met Arianna Huffington you’ve noticed that she exudes a kind of warmth and authenticity that is rare for people at her level in the media world. But not only are people willing to write for Arianna for free, she is also willing to let us write for her for free, something an old guard institution like the New York Times won’t even consider.”


    My thoughts on what has taken place in light of AOL’s $315M acquisition of HuffingtonPost: IMO people came to the new media in order to have an informational source which, because blogs were generally not motivated by profit beyond perhaps supporting or subsidizing the efforts of blog owners, found that information was less slanted towards the prerogatives of elites. This created an opportunity for people like Arianna Huffington who capitalized from this
    “community” feel and willingness of people to create free or cheap content because of a belief that they were part of a grassroots movement challenging the status quo. She has now converted all of that content into a nine figure payout for herself and her investors, and has neutralized the largest left-leaning space on the web ideologically, as HuffPo is set to enter into a period of partisan neutrality in order to accommodate the right-leaning AOL.

    People need to be very careful and selective in the new media. It is impossible to detect the motivations of new media spaces, but a solid hint is sensationalism: if a space engages in wild hyperbole, fact-free declarations, nonstop POTUS-bashing, screaming red blinking titles, etc., it is a GUARANTEE the point is to draw eyeballs for ad revenue. And thus how helpful that space is going to be for progressive and liberal outcomes is compromised.

  7. Yup, most of the left-wingers at the other sites are going crazy today…. not realizing that the teachings of Sun Tzu (The Art of War) encourage one to hold one’s enemies close, to understand them, communicate with them and try to win them over. And as he told another critic, “They don’t hate me once they get to know me.” I think we are blessed with a very wise man of great foresight in the oval office – “the only adult in the room.”

  8. They’re going crazy because they’ve been told to go crazy by people who run media companies.

  9. BWD – Your intros (*President Obama addressing the spoiled kids of the Chamber of Commerce, speaking slowly and calmly and making so much sense, it was almost too easy*) are priceless!!

  10. I always thought that the “left” wanted to get away from the American values of bluster and bragadoccio as put forth by the Right. The past two years have disabused me of that notion. The most vocal of the left want the same talk first, think second qualities in their leaders that the Right wants. They don’t know what to do with PBO. I forget in what context he said this, but when a reporter asked him a rather impertinent question along the lines of “why haven’t you spoken out about this issue before now”, PBO responded “because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak”. People see that as weakness; I think it’s a strength that will burrow under their defenses.

  11. Just an aside: in a roundabout way, I discovered Dinesh D’souza online today. “Obama’s Rage”, indeed. “Post-colonial thinking”, indeed. He should look at today’s photos or any day’s on this site. Rage? You’ve got to be kidding.

  12. The “red blinking titles” were my first alert! Seeing those, I’d just log off that site.

  13. I think one of L.A.’s greatest civic tragedies was the uprooting of our Red Car light rail system. I would so love to be able to walk out of my house, take a couple of trolleys, and arrive at work. That way gf and I could have just one car.

  14. completely agree gn. Also.. how much of this is also preperation by AOL to use this as one more avenue of attack on the President during reelection. Personally I’ve never viewed HuffnPuff as Democratic or Liberal (my own opinion).. but with AOL at the helm I suspect it will indeed become decidedly rightwing and non-stop POTUS bashing.

    And Whoa to that comment by the blogger (picked up by sepia) is that for real, or meant tongue in cheek?

  15. You would think they would be singing his praises. President Obama has been good for business and the stock market is up to 12,000. There is a major disconnect with these folks. This is what greed looks like:

    The Chamber of Commerce wants a thriving stock market. They want to be free to ship American jobs overseas. They want to be free of any government regulations and they want the government to get them out of trouble when they make bad business decisions.

    They are against healthcare reform, financial regulatory reform, the CFPB, energy reform, unions, sanctions on Iran, any limitations on funding elections, any attempt to remove loopholes that allow them to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

  16. It was a great speech. He knows he has to have help from everyone to get this country going again. He is the only Adult in the Room!!

  17. No, this person was for real. Trying to reconcile the reality that she or he alongside thousands of others created free content for a for-profit site, through which Huffington and her investors are now walking away with a nine-figure payout (on top of the eight-figure yearly ad sales). And the successful conversion of what was supposed to be a liberal site into indeed another vehicle for the right wing. Those of us who have begged people to look at behavior from an outcome viewpoint (“is this going to create the outcome I want,” versus “does it feel good to call President Obama a selloutprostitutionwhore because he made me mad today”)–we begged people to think about whether some new media spaces would result in progress or counterproduction. It could not be more glaring right now that the sensationalism and drama addiction works very poorly for progressives and liberals.

  18. I am having trouble getting the post to stick, very weird have even restarted my computer.

    Will try it in small bites

    Group in SF that helps women start their own businesses

  19. AOL has no incentive to stray from the HuffPo business model, and in addition, any pretense which HuffPo made about leaning liberal or progressive is out the window in order to accommodate AOL’s readership. AOL is a company which receives a great deal of its profit from subscriptions purchased by people who literally don’t realize that they no longer need a subscription to access the site. I can’t see this new merged entity as a model corporate citizen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is my honest opinion.

  20. I am so grateful for this format. It seems there are more people here that think like I do. The OFA blog is so infested with trolls that I hesitate to say things on my mind there just because I wonder how the trolls will respond and then there will be so much controversy there. Here I feel safe to say what I think.

    I noticed Sunday morning instead of having a health show continued after Dr Dean O’Dell (sp?) retired on my progressive radio station there was a show contrasting both political sides. I didn’t catch who was in charge or very much about the show. I wanted to email about it but don’t have enough info yet to lodge a complaint. I did think using both sides made it appear that they were both agreeing against the President. Mary Matlin (Carville’s wife) and Ariana Huffington were representing both sides. I have felt for a long time that both the Left and the Right are very singularly focused and critical of this President. PBO has always been more center and pragmatic if you go by what he has written in Audacity of Hope and what he has done. So if presenting both sides that are complaining is supposed to help PBO it is backfiring. The complaining Left have me turning off their shows frequently.

  21. The complaining left is PAID to complain about POTUS! How long was Arianna hanging out with the AOL exec? Seems most liberal outlets are being bought by republican controled outlets!
    Kind of scary, that we will one day have a state run media, but only from the right wing! Seriously!

  22. link part of message is causing the post to choke

    must sneak up on it

    use whatisworking link under my avatar and then scroll down until you see Micro-Enterprise: An Exciting Idea (4th story from top)

    the video is very inspiring.

    If you have any stories about starting your own business or know of similar resources in your area, please share.

    BWD if you have any idea why the link part of the message caused it to choke please let me know.

  23. The speech was so on target that I felt he was drilling little nails into their heads. He managed, with a smile and with not a shred of accusation in his tone or words, to make it unpatriotic to use excess profits for anything BUT job creation. How many times have the right wing screamers accused him of being unAmerican. And here, he gently, with a benign expression on his face, pinged it back to some of his most diehard adversaries. This speech had echoes of the JFK inaugural speech, but came with the kind of special twist that only this president can deliver. Awesome!

  24. I am still confused as to why the pro-business interests want a culture with poor schools, uneven access to healthcare, inadequate incomes, a polluted environment, high unemployment rates, dishonest politicians, and a dilapidated infrastructure. How exactly does this further their interests? And if it does, why don’t they all just move to a country that’s already achieved this level of debasement?

  25. Hey, Kiddo!

    Micro financing has been a huge boon to women’s small businesses in Africa and South America for a long time. I’m a regular contributor and have seen first hand what a small loan can do to help women and children. It’s about time that this idea is catching on here.

  26. Wait. The frustrati are going crazy because the President addressed the Chamber of Commerce? Do they have any concept at all of what the job of President entails? Have they been asleep until now?

  27. BTW: apparently, this is all local, state and private funded! The feds did not put in that money that christie stole!
    So, it is still available, that and ohio, and wisconsin canceled hsr money is still available! YUP!

  28. Well-put, Liberal Librarian. You’re really called a Media Specialist now, aren’t you?, but then you would lose the alliteration. Let us hope actual physical books will always be with us.

  29. Scary but we won’t let that happen, okay? Sites like this and others need to keep getting out the truth and the positive. We keep on keeping on, here and in our own communities, everywhere. We stand and “we shall not be moved.”

    I bless all the people here and BWD for strength of purpose, courage and the will to fight lies with truth.

  30. Yep, the fauxgressives love them some “Glorious defeats”. How else can they stay relevant? Cuz if problems get solved, they don’t have a raison d’etre.

  31. You nailed it, Jackie! He is just amazing in his ability to be cool, use nuance, face the ugly with a smile and leave them dumbfounded when he is finished with them.

  32. Media specialists are what school librarians are called now. Us public librarians are still plain old librarians. I much prefer librarian to “media specialist”. 🙂

  33. I would so love to be able to take HSR from L.A. to SF and then rent a car to Napa for a day trip.

  34. That was Ed Henry from CNN at one of the few News Conference the President held at the WH.

    Ed was trying to make news with his constant badgering of the President, but Obama had lost patience with Ed and put him in place finally.

    After that Ed became the news, rather reporting it. I think he realized he had pushed the President too far and needs to be careful.

  35. I can’t begin to know why they want everything on your list, but I can speculate about four of them:
    Poor eduction = cheap labor
    Uneven access to Health Care and high unemployment rates = people afraid to quit their jobs/lose their coverage.
    Dishonest politicians = no regulations or oversight.

  36. And school librarians need to get a special credential aside from the master’s, which we don’t. Don’t get me talking about academic librarians — I’d need at least another master’s to become one of those.

  37. I hope they make sure this is the project that Christie got rid of. I hope New Jersey learned their lesson.

  38. Poor education also equals low initiation and creativity and lack of higher skills. Unhealthy people do not perform well. Poor people can’t buy products and services. Dishonest politicians lie to everyone across the spectrum. It seems to me that a prosperous, well-educated, healthy populace is of benefit to everyone, including business.

  39. Aahh, just signed with the Pragmatic Progressive. Think it will be great and that we will all enjoy another site offering facts and common sense. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  40. By the way, Tien Le, I don’t disagree with you that much of corporate structure looks at the situation in the way you describe, I just think they are too shortsighted to see the long-term consequences of what they are fighting for. A demoralized populace brings everyone down.

  41. Agreed.. and I think too- its time folks started looking at who their liberal ‘heroes’ are.. putting one’s faith into Republicans calling themselves “Progressives” may not be too bright… or realistic.

  42. Thats funny since both Mary Matlin and Arianna Huffington are Republicans.. yes I realize she refers to herself as otherwise, but really we have to start complaining about her being the voice of the left. She and Jane Hamsher and all their continuous teevee time being allowed to represent the left/democrats has become ridiculous.

  43. Jovie, that is fanfriggintastic. Yahoo.

    If memory serves, as soon as Christie found out he could not spend it on other concerns, and people became outraged, he had to back off of his vibrato.

  44. I agree with you Sheila. Shes a republican all the way imo.. but thats not how all those so called “progressives” view her. So I’m curious how they now view her ‘sell-out’.. they call President Obama a sell-out at the drop of a hat.. will they notice Arianna’s 315 million dollar payday? I suspect it is exactly what they’re all after.. a Group of “progressives” who are all previous Republicans.. making money off pretending to be liberals, imo. And a whole bunch of foolish ‘progressives’ following them.

  45. Thanks, Donna.

    Note to Nancy Pelosi, who will always be Speaker, in my mind: I’m watching you! And I still like what I see. You always have the President’s back, and it’s deeply appreciated.

  46. Thanks jovie for that info.. we can thank President Obama for that too.. it didn’t hurt that he connected with the CEO of GE.

  47. Oh, I’m reading upthread. Sorry. I see there was a reference made by Obama Grandmama!

  48. Beyond brilliant. It is so good to have David Plouffe back in the saddle full time in Washington, DC.

  49. You’re welcome, WiW! Promise that when your fabulous site gets off the ground, you won’t sell it to Matt Drudge, GE or Comcast, lol.

  50. Many of those rails were still there when the Gold Line was built. It saved millions and helped the line become a reality sooner. They are extending it to Azusa now with hopes of going all the way into San Bernadino.

  51. So utterly true. And that people who try to keep you on an emotional rollercoaster with a Betrayal/Selloutprostitutionwhore Of The Day &trade most likely are trying to get their hands in your pockets. There are policy disagreements, we discuss them here all of the time. But the utterly unbalanced, “I’m betraaaaayed” “this is a disaster!” “the end of the world unless you send me a donation to save you!”—-smh, people need to avoid this sort of content at all costs. Us little crazy Obamabots in our quiet, nonsensational little spaces in the netroots warned about the counterproductive nature of this sort of sensationalism and merchandising discontent (commenter nintendo discussed the problems with HuffPo many times here). Perhaps the outright sale of the “progressive” HuffPo to AOL will merit a re-examination of its business model and whether that’s a media product worth consuming for people who are serious about wanting to continue our departure from Bushism.

  52. Unfortunately, those are all long term effects and those who are pushing for the cuts to education, lower wages, etc. are focused on today’s bottom line and maximizing their profits now. Right now they have enough educated workers to do the jobs and keeping them trapped in their jobs is good because they can cut their wages and not worry about losing them. They can still sell enough of their products even if the market shrinks a bit due to lowered wages because their costs are lowered enough they don’t need to sell as many to make more profit. The people in the future who aren’t educated or healthy won’t be their problem to deal with so they don’t worry about that.

  53. And we’re done. It’s over; Huffington just admitted that her site does not “see ourselves as left” [ideologically]:

    “We don’t see ourselves as left,” she told POLITICO. “And I think it’s one area where news consumers are ahead of the media, because they know that continuing to see everything that’s happening as a right-left issue is missing what’s happening, and is also making it much harder for us to be properly informed.”


    But Huffington insists that’s no change at all, and that the transition away from progressive politics has been underway for some time. In a conference call Monday morning, she pointed out that politics, once central to its brand, now makes up only 15 percent of traffic on the site, which has recently added sections dedicated to topics like college life and divorce.

    Indeed, Ms. Huffington; indeed. I don’t see her site as liberal either; it’s generous heaps of sensationalist anti-POTUS content peppered with more honest analysis (fair and balanced), and overwhelmed with gossip, trivialities and junk science.

  54. The frustrati go crazy no matter what he does. If he didn’t address the CoC and the CoC complained about how he was ignoring them, the frustrati would be calling him an idiot for not speaking to them. There are those who just like to complain and will do so no matter what.

  55. Really great analysis of the AOL/HuffPo $315M acquisition:

    I’m still just tickled silly that this is now out in the open:

    Some on the left worry that the sale to AOL could mean an end to HuffPost in its current incarnation — away from its roots in the progressive community, which were its first bloggers, commenters and readers, and toward a more middle-of-the-road posture, to make it more broadly appealing.

    But Huffington insists that’s no change at all, and that the transition away from progressive politics has been underway for some time.

    Full circle. Huffington became a progressive in time to cash in on the country’s discontent with Bush and is now riding a sensationalist wave to get rid of the real change agent now in the WH. And for all of the fauxgressive screaming about President Obama’s mythological move to the center, many are being led by the nose by a “progressive” spokesperson and media darling who is clearly returning to her Republican roots and taking the largest left-leaning site on the web with her.

    It is what it is.

    Thank you so much BWD for this space, an oasis in a desert of greed, drama, and a media which continues to badly serve this country by appealing to the lowest common denominator with sensationalism.

  56. In other words.. kinda like one of those rags at the super market check out line… martians..adulturers..3 headed kittens… and oh Yeah- POTUS is teh evilllll. She’ll do well.

    However.. I had better not hear her on Teevee representing herself as spokesperson for Democrats/progressives/liberals..etc. She can speak for her little greedy self- and thats how she ought to be billed whenever she’s on MSNBC (course thats how she ought to have been billed all along). How much you all want to bet that HuffPuff will still be labeled as a lefty-blog.. by everyone on tv?

    I’ve never spent time on huffington post, one time in two years.. and didn’t like it. But I’m actually angry about this, in that for two years people on dkos advocated for this horrible snake of a woman and her bs blog.. along with Hamsher and her bs. I am so tired of the PHONIES and FAKES that have invaded the liberal/ democratic base. And I’m glad they’re finally being seen for their naked selves.

  57. She just sold the left out. Used them to get popular and now id denouncing her ever being left. She pimped the left and got rich.

    Mrs. Obama to Mark First Anniversary of “Let’s Move!”

    First Lady Michelle Obama will mark the first anniversary of Let’s Move! next week by speaking to those who have helped build the campaign and achieve significant accomplishments. Her week begins with a series of conference calls with this broad coalition, including the medical community, school administrators and healthy school advocates, physical activity advocates, Mayors, and community leaders. On February 9, the Let’s Move! anniversary, the First Lady will deliver a major address focused specifically on the campaign’s efforts to meet the needs of parents. In a personal speech, Mrs. Obama will share how this issue has affected her as a parent, highlight the momentum Let’s Move! has gained, and look ahead to what more needs to be done to reduce childhood obesity in a generation. Also, to provide parents and families with information on healthy food and physical activity options for children, the First Lady will unveil a national Let’s Move! PSA campaign, created by the Ad Council, that will reach 33,000 media outlets.

    Below outlines specific activities for the week.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Underscoring the size and scope of the coalition assembled this year, Mrs. Obama will kick off the week with a series of calls speaking directly to the Let’s Move! community. National and community leaders will join Mrs. Obama to detail what has been accomplished, to share best practices, and to discuss the campaign’s next phase. The First Lady will join the following calls:

    2:30 PM: Let’s Move! Medical Community Call with Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin
    2:45 PM: Let’s Move! Healthy Schools Call with U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack
    3:15 PM: Let’s Move! to Improve Physical Activity for Kids Call with U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Drew Brees, President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition
    3:30 PM: Let’s Move! Cities and Towns Call with Mayors from San Antonio and Flint, Michigan.

  59. Bam. There it is, exactly. And is feeding them some song and dance about “it’s not about right and left it’s about corporatists versus populism,” which is utter bs as no matter the imperfection of Dems, there is no comparison between the parties with respect to matters of regulation and fair taxation, one, and two, no real believer in economic populism and egalitarianism would make such a cynical move, selling out the largest left-leaning site on the web to a company like AOL and its right-leaning commenting community.

    Sold her credulous progressive and liberal audience and free bloggers right out. While getting rich and powerful. Would that not qualify as a, dare I say it, “corporatist” move??

  60. I feel you sheri. On the bright side, it makes me appreciate bwd’s choice to create a new independent site all the more. We may never get as big as some of the other sites, but we can certainly grow into a sizeable refuge as people begin to realize how badly they are being used by some of our self-appointed spokespeople and media darlings.

  61. Not to those of us who’ve been watching Huffington closely. She’s not lying; she’s been trying to rebrand HuffPo as something which transcends ideological lines and is merely hostile to the “corporatists” in the WH. Same thing which Hamsher tried to do with the proposed teaparty alliance.

  62. I noticed that when their is a postive story on the internet, it is from the WH or the administration!
    They leak stuff all the time, albeit, for the most part, it gets ignored from the MSM!


  63. Im a very spiritual person, I believe in prayer and God. Not religious, but very spiritual. I remember a photo of a bunch of preachers laying hand ON them senator Obama it was a powerful picture. I believe President Obama is God sent,when you go against a God sent man or woman you will not win.

  64. teehee@twitter:

    @Wolfrum: The Huffington Post is an All-American success story. Labor works for nothing, and when Bailout comes, it all goes to the top.
    about 1 hour ago via web
    Retweeted by WEESeeYou and 29 others

    That almighty dollar, lol lol lol!

  65. bwd, are there any plans here to mobilize support and grunt work for PBO’s 2012 re-election ? PL is a washout at this point.

  66. Absolutely. I watched him today quietly letting the air out of the business balloons they were getting ready for the Republican convention. He’s already establishing a consistent, coherent rhetorical approach. He started with the SOTU with the motto “Win the Future”. Last week he was in Green Bay and at Penn State, touring businesses and again reiterating his message, and including with it his push for infrastructure investment, tax credits for creative ideas, investment in clean energy, and revision of the tax code.

    Today he extended his outreach to business, focusing on revision of the tax code and reformation of the humongous regulatory machinery of the government, but also appealing on a very basic level to their sense of future viability – noting that the current situation is unsustainable – and also to their sense of patriotism. Now, the naysayers of the site which shall not be named were out in force poo-pooing his appeal to patriotism and I would agree that the most rapacious among our business interests are not really interested in such an archaic notion; however, the CofC represents tens of thousands of businesses and has enormous influence even on businesses which are not members, and most of THOSE people DO believe in patriotism and contributing to this country’s welfare. Obama really went to town on them, talking about the public/private partnership of WWII era business and the way it responded to FDR’s call to join with him for the war effort. People forget that business was pretty mad at FDR before the war. He appealed to their sense of patriotism and industry fell in line for most of the war with only a few labor disruptions here and there.

    In future I think we may hear Obama start talking about the relationship of WWII to Health Care Reform (yes, there IS one). The whole reason businesses started offering health care coverage for employees was by way of satisfying the demands of labor without actually having to raise salaries in wartime. The labor supply was very limited and they needed something to offer, so it was health care. If I were the POTUS I’d start educating the public about this fact and point out that even though we still have health care tied to employers it is no longer a ball and chain keeping people in jobs they would otherwise leave. And with the severing or at least weakening of the link between work and health care we can see a new rise in innovation and start-up companies. If you KNOW you can get health care insurance even if you leave your job, then you’re MORE, not LESS likely to strike out on your own to try that new business idea.

    I hope this has all been choreographed and scripted and we will hear these themes elaborated upon and introduced in the next few months. He is presently laying the groundwork for a successful second run and for the major items which will occupy his second term: tax reform, immigration reform, streamlining of government, and education reform. He expects (especially since he’s a Constitutional lawyer) to win the health care challenges in the high court. This will force the Republicans to finally sit down and deal with him. His approach to the CofC was great today because the one thing the businesses have been whining about is uncertainty about the HCR and about taxes. The lawsuits against HCR INCREASE that uncertainty and it’s going to lead to strains between the business community. Some of them are going to get tired of the libertarian train ride with the Kochs because this constant obstructionism is hurting their business chances.

  67. BWD, I was in the middle of watching the second video of “He will never give the job to Elizabeth Warren, You’ll see.” And the video went south.
    BWD, those of us that follow you know what you are referring to with the title so please get it back up?
    I and all my other personalities love you all the way BWD!

  68. Watching Rachel Maddow and she is showing the GOP House of Representatives schedule. They are taking every other week off, they are redefining “rape” and focusing on “no government funded abortion. This is what teabaggers, independents (men and women), and the dems who stayed home did to the country. The G-NO-P just do not know how to govern and it is showing. I am so glad the president is out front trying to get americans working while the GOP lead house sits on their duff.

  69. It’s actually because there is no vision among so many of them. They’ve become completely focused on immediacy and the bottom line and do not think in terms of where their business is going to be in 30 or 40 years, not with any sophisticated understanding of what makes a great business environment.

    I blame this on the retreat of our great universities from the all around liberal education (I don’t mean politically, but in the classic sense). First problem? Specialized business schools which do not teach the liberal arts. Where are the philosophy classes, the studies of economic and labor history, the pondering of the purpose of it all? All that’s been set aside for “here’s how to make money … and fast”. Even those programs which teach an ethics course teach it as a separate course and don’t really seem to integrate ethical standards or behavior as an expectation and a constant in whatever course they’re taking. Cheating and taking advantage were once frowned upon and the basis for public ostracism for those who were caught. Now the cheaters and the greedy advantage-takers are celebrated as astute businessmen.

    There used to be a notion among the rich that those who had much owed something to those who did not. It was called noblesse oblige. That’s been superceded by Randian notions of “I’ve got mine and screw you,” which sound perversely similar to the Hegelian notion of a superman which so influenced the authoritarian powers and eugenicists of the early 20th century. Guess you’d call it social darwinism. Some people have more because they’re the fittest, the survivors, the ones who are capable of having more, and this capability somehow makes them more worthy than those who have not.

    It is these attitudes which we must fight, and what I see is a President who understands these notions are at work and is steadfastly pushing back against them, appealing to the better angels of every person’s nature. I think I’ve even heard him say something about the better angels. This is a man who HAS read all that philosophy and history and possesses a deep understanding of the historical underpinnings of the status quo.

  70. I’ve spent my whole life in a very adversarial business – trial law. Every time I have to go to court on a divorce or civil matter it’s because somewhere along the line we’ve had a failure to communicate and resolve our differences and now we’re going to ask some bored, resentful stranger in a black robe to decide a couple’s future and that of their children, and the first thing that black-robed stranger will think is there’s something wrong with these people because they couldn’t work out their problems and had to take them to a black-robed stranger.

    What I’m seeing from President Obama is quite similar to what I’ve seen from mediators or have even done myself when trying to resolve a difficult problem. We get the warring parties in a room and we start trying to see things from the other party’s point of view, and sometimes I end up in a hallway arguing furiously with my client and trying to make him/her see what I see and overcome their pride and resentment so they can make a deal which – while annoying to them – won’t lose them their kids or a ton of money or their self-respect. As to the other side I have to be adept at telling them I know and understand their position and in fact I often understand why they’re doing what they’re doing better than they do because I have the benefit of years of experience and a more objective perspective. Quite often I feel like bashing these people over the head with a brick, they’re so hard to get through to. It’s VERY difficult, time-consuming, aggravating, irritating work, but it’s the grownup thing to do, and if successful the client always ends up happier than he or she would have been after a couple of days in front of that angry black-robed stranger.

    I can only admire Obama for doing it on such a huge scale and with only his personality, intellect, and charm in a place where he is often surrounded by hostility or resistance.

  71. Let’s see what Governor Crumbum has to say about that.

    Christie: another of the Republican party’s great white hopes, but he’s basically Haley Barbour with a different accent and less hair.

  72. I think this plan has been in play for three decades already, and this is the future they (the greedy and unscrupulous) dreamed of yesterday.

  73. Criminy. I’d pay a smart tech-savvy high schooler a lot of money to invent a web-crawling bot whose sole job would be to go about the internet erasing Dinesh Delusional D’Souza’s putrid account of what makes Obama tick. He’s a money-grubbing fraud.

  74. Yep, that’s it in a nutshell. Both of them are grifters. Sadly, the same frustrati keep falling for these grifters over and over again.

  75. Thanks for the link. The media seems to be spinning hard that the GOP won’t have a problem against Obama as long as they don’t nominate Palin. The media is being too simplistic IMO. The problems that plague Palin are going to plague Huckabee, Thune, Pawlenty and Romney as well.

  76. I have to thank you again for sharing your perspective.

    President Obama is indeed admirable for having the patience and the skills to do it on a very large scale. Domestically AND internationally.

  77. I appreciate everyday our President. He just strolls over to the CC and spank them with a smile and waltz out with a smile, and sweetly say,”You got that.” Thank you, Mr. President. What great manners our President have when he is about to tell you what he is really thinking of how you just tried to mess with the American people. Truly a President for the people!. We are blessed to have such an intelligent, compassionate, and caring President of these United States.

  78. Southern Sudan. Now officially independent.

    “On Monday, the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission announced in Khartoum that 98.83% of the voters had backed independence.

    “Those who voted for unity were 44,888, that is, 1.17%. Those who voted for separation were 3,792,518, that is, 98.83%,” commission head Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil said.”

    Welcome to the world’s youngest nation.

  79. So So true Sheila! She found a way to use progressivism as a money maker because the conservative side was very crowded. Personally, having seen the way Ms. Huffington’s demonized President Bill Clinton, I never trusted her “born again” progressivism.

  80. Well said Catzmaw. I have no degrees or diplomas -therfore no expert of any kind, but even I have often wondered how corporations that ship jobs overseas expect people to buy their goods/services, with what money???

    May I am not just not seeing the ‘big picture’ or there is something I don’t know or understand, but I do believe greed, too.

    I really liked the speech by PBO at the prayer breakfast meeting. What I saw was his compassion for humanity and that really touched me – again.

  81. Christie has been running ads in Chicago about how horrible Chicago and Illinois are, and businesses should move to New Jersey because he’ll never raise their taxes.

    It’s been a news story for about a week (in between stories about the snow). People in Illinois are outraged. He insults the state, the city, its work force. It’s really offensive.

  82. Cenk is the absolute worst.

    I can’t watch Lawrence anymore because he gives too much time to Jane Hamsher. I’m sorry, Lawrence, there’s enough Obama-bashing ‘balance’ everywhere else and you’re too damned smart to not know what her agenda is, and how it got started.

  83. Funny you should mention that:) I saw in my email that BWD had a new post regarding Ms. Warren (my hero)and for the life of me…it’s not anywhere on my computer! Love to see that, BWD…but,where’s my Elizabeth?? Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful commentary here…I love to read everyone’s comments.As always, thoughtful and insightful.I love this place. A million, zillion thanks. Or as I used to say to my mom, ” I love you five hundred, sixty five hundred million!”

  84. Tien Le,

    I don’t think you are speculating because everything you said has a great deal of truth.

  85. Very well said GN! I really appreciate your commentaries because they always go to the heart of the matter.

  86. ^LadyHawke, you’re right on…

    But, they have a partner(s), namely the GOPTeaParty, at local, state & federal-level, in makin’ a “3rd world country” out of America: (Of course, there’s the Koch Bros…)


    House [GOPTeaParty] Slash Domestic Programs

    …If their plan becomes law, it could lead to layoffs of tens of thousands
    of federal employees, big cuts to heating and housing subsidies for the
    poor, reduced grants to schools and law enforcement agencies. Also ahead….BEWARE of the GOP PLOT to bankrupt states to make pensions and union agreements null & void. All an orchestrated plot to lead to privatization of government entities while forcing workers to work for Chinese wages. Learn the plot…spread the word…They MUST BE STOPPED !

    State Bankruptcy Weighed by [GOPTeaParty]
    Blocking State Aid

    Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, emboldened by the majority they won in November elections, want to send a message to U.S. states grappling with soaring pension liabilities: Don’t come to us for a handout…

    Closing the door to U.S. aid may further stress states facing more than $140 billion in budget deficits next fiscal year, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington research group. Fewer than half of their pensions had assets to pay for 80 percent of promised benefits in the 2009 fiscal year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. States now face the end to federal stimulus payments granted two years ago to help them cope with the deepest recession in 80 years.

    “We are not interested in a bailout,” Representative Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican and chairman of the House Budget Committee, said at a Jan. 6 forum in Washington….

    As Tea Party Koch Brothers Earned An Extra $11 Billion In Recent Years, They Laid Off Thousands…

  87. Very impressive comment! Thank you…enjoyed reading it. Wish you’d repost it in the next blog so more people will see it.

  88. aquagranny911, I just wanted to put this here because non other that Stanley Ann Dunham can take credit for the early ventures in Micromanagement.
    from wikipedia:

    Dunham studied at the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center and attained a bachelor’s in anthropology or mathematics[4] and master’s and Ph.D. in anthropology.[5] Interested in craftsmanship, weaving and the role of women in cottage industries, Dunham’s research focused on women’s work on the island of Java and blacksmithing in Indonesia. To address the problem of poverty in rural villages, she created microcredit programs while working as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development. Dunham was also employed by the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and she consulted with the Asian Development Bank in Pakistan. Towards the latter part of her life, she worked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia, where she helped apply her research to the largest microfinance program in the world.[5]

    She was a trailblazer

  89. Feb. 8 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama is considering seeking aid for state unemployment insurance programs burdened by debt because of high unemployment rates, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

    As part of the 2012 fiscal budget, Obama will seek a delay of state tax increases and a suspension of interest payments on state debt, the person said on condition of anonymity before the budget is released Feb. 14.

    Under existing law, some states would be required to raise taxes next year due to federal rules covering shortfalls in unemployment insurance funds. Obama is proposing a moratorium on those tax increases and interest payments in 2011 and 2012, the person said.

  90. Catzmaw:

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom. What is really distressing about the so called progressive bashers of Obama is their immaturity. They are always bashing the President for being a “Corporatist.” Sadly, they forget that the United States is still a capitalist country where corporations still play a major role-and especially when it comes to employment. No president can solve the economic problems facing the country without dealing with businesses, including the giant corporations.

    By the way, the other distressing thing about the PL is their ignorance of history. Strangely, they have joined the right wingers in creating mythological heroic presidents. For the right wingers the hero president is Ronald Reagan. Never mind the fact that Reagan created the largest deficit compared to the presidents before him. Never mind the fact that, in his second year in office, the unemployment was still over 10%. And, of course, never mind the fact that Reagan raised taxes to try to deal with the massive deficit.

    As for the so called Progressives, their mythical heroes are FDR and LBJ. Never mind the fact that in FDR’s second year in office the unemployment rate was still over 20%. Never mind the fact that it wasn’t until his third year in office that Roosevelt was able to pass major legislations like Social Security and the Wagner Act (giving workers the right to collective bargaining with their employers) which, by the way, were severely compromised, in order to win the support of the Dixiecrats (perhaps to day’ s blue dogs). Never mind the fact that many of the commendable New Deal Programs discriminated against African Americans. And as for LBJ, people forget that LBJ’s Civil Rights successes had a great deal to do with the assassination of JFK and the massive Civil Rights protests. For Example: the monumental Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed into law by LBJ was initiated by JFK in response to the Sit-Ins and Freedom-Rides. Somehow, this context is omitted by those who try to paint Obama as weak compared to LBJ. As much as I detest the “teabaggers,” I still give them credit for their mass demonstrations (though these demonstrations may have been artificially engineered by people like Dick Armey) in opposition to the President’s policies. Unfortunately, we who call ourselves progressives were no where to be found in support of progressive legislations. sadly, the professional left turned on the president, despite the fact that he was out there fighting on our behalf, to get the best deal he could.

    Personally, I am very proud of President Obama’s accomplishments, in his two years in office, despite all the hostility from both the Republicans and the self anointed progressives.

  91. She’s an authoritarian all the way, that’s why markos and hamsher and i’ll are so comfortable “switching sides” they actually haven’t. They all support a president that will growl and snarl and hateful things into a camera 24/7. Why else would. Arrianna be pumping Palin every single day on her site. The are all attention whites and adrenaline junkies masquerading as journalists, or worse yet Important Progressive Voices.

  92. NYT is reporting that Keith Olbermann has bought a huge chunk of Al Gore’s Current TV. Announcement is supposed to come today (Tuesday)

  93. You have a common sense approach, JS, and you understand the essence of the issue without having that alphabet soup after your name. Practical, common sense is worth its weight in gold.

    I’ve got two undergrad degrees (American Politics and Government, and History) and a law degree. Another semester of college would have netted me either a BA in Communications or an MA in American History. I spent four years as a college debater on the NDT circuit, which is very heavy duty and intense. I was one of those nerd girls you saw in school, socially inept, fashion challenged, and walking around with ridiculous books for a teenage girl to be reading (military histories, and virtually everything Barbara Tuchman or Cornelius Ryan ever wrote). Being in an academically rigorous Catholic High School and dealing with my father’s lingering illness and eventual death in my senior year made me desperate to make sense of it all and I spent the next few years reading extensively in philosophy and theology, particularly Catholic philosophy, including the writings of the Church fathers.

    Argument and debate are to me what softball or bowling are to others. Why is this significant? Because when I look at Obama I see someone who is a hell of a lot smarter than I am. He’s read all the same works I read in my philosophy period and I can hear the words of art and the lines of reason and the echoes of great philosophers in his speeches. When I listen to President Obama I hear a superior and well-educated intellect at work. He’s comfortable with sophisticated, nuanced concepts and is a very deep thinker. He thinks in the long term. He’s not the most natural rhetorically gifted person around, but he has developed his rhetorical skills to accommodate his purpose, which is to persuade people to see the vision he sees. The reason why things do not spring as glibly to his lips as they do for someone as slick as Bill Clinton is that he thinks on multiple, qualified levels and with deep earnestness and rigorous honesty. This causes him to sometimes catch himself and try to explain because sloppy thought is so alien to him. He often pauses for long periods while answering questions because he feels compelled to word his phrases exactly right. It’s hard for him to speak in absolutes because everywhere he looks he sees layers not obvious to most people. He thinks in pros and cons constantly and is capable of holding mutually exclusive thoughts in his head while examining and testing them at the same time.

    The people who constantly post diaries on “the other site” claiming that Obama doesn’t “get it” have no freakin’ clue just how much he gets. They’re not even on the same page, let alone in the same book.

    We have a great opportunity in this man. He’s not only got the intellect and education, but he also possesses an incredibly tolerant and phlegmatic personality which is capable of entertaining opposing viewpoints. At the same time he lacks the venal pleasure-seeking tendencies which so hampered Slick Willie. The guy’s an Eagle Scout in his personal life. He’s a treasure and maybe people should just let him do his job and lay off the endless criticisms. Let him use that brain to help solve this country’s problems.

  94. Thanks for this idea of the “outcome viewpoint.” As a lifelong progressive, I’ve been trying to think through my profound disappointment with my fellow progressives. That idea encapsulates a good part of it. Thanks.

  95. Sherijr:

    Thank you for Speaking the truth! I too have been wondering when Arianna Huffington became a Democratic, and the voice of progressives.

    I live in California, and I distinctly remember her actively campaigning for her former husband, a conservative Republican, for senate. I also remember her as one of those vocal media pundits who, in 1998, was a regular guest on Cable News, where she aggressively called for the impeachment of President Clinton. Then, all of a sudden, in 2007/2008 she reappears in a new guise, and is trotted out by the MSM, as one of the leading voices of the progressives. No! I am sorry, but I never bought into her game. The news to-day, about her selling the HuffPost to a major corporation somehow confirmed my doubts about her claim to progressivism.

  96. Well put. He’s stuck in reality trying to deal with the myths of both sides. I’ve had more than one argument with some blogger who has zero knowledge of history and no clue what things were really like for FDR.

  97. Thanks GN. As Dr. King said: “No Lie Can Live For Ever.” Finally, the truth comes out. The so called leading voice of the progressives, who is routinely featured on talk shows bashing President Obama for not being a true progressive, is really not a progressive herself. All she was interested in is using the progressive brand to make money. Now that she has done that she is ready to be non-ideological. I suppose her new persona explains why she was seen “palling” around with Congressman Issa, in Las Vegas. I wonder how her following, the anti “corporatist Obama” crowd, are taking the news of her pronouncements.

  98. Thank you GN for speaking truth about Huffington and Hamsher. I think they both figured a way of making money by constantly bashing the President and his administration. My conjecture is that they counted on getting support from PUMAs, as well as the so called progressives who some how believed in instant change, once President Obama took office. I also think they were able to capitalize on the popularity of the teabaggers who were indoctrinated to hate the President, simply because of who he was. Unfortunately, these two individuals-Huffington and Hamsher-have done a great deal of damage to the President and the Democratic Party. Their unrelenting attacks on the President really undermined his efforts to try unite the country behind his policies. May be the sale of Huffington Post to AOL, and the re-branding of the HuffPost as non ideological, will be a wake up call for all those progressives who blindly followed Ms. Huffington, holding her up as one of the leading voices of progressives.

  99. Faith, I watched Cenk for five minutes. I had heard he was awful, but I had no idea…how did he get on TV? Now, I find myself watching Rachel and Ed. He has been pretty good lately. Talked about the CoC speech in positive terms. It is great to link providing jobs here to Patriotism. Brilliant, in fact. He also touted the untold story, for the most part, of the President’s rescue of the American auto industry. I hear KO is going to Al Gore’s channel.

  100. The followers who I find the most concerning are the national media. Neither of those people would have been able to add so much confusion to the Democratic brand if the media had not chosen to hold them up as progressive spokespeople. Huffington is a profiteer, it’s that simple. Looking to undermine yet another Democratic presidency because at core, at her very core, she is an elitist businesswoman who yaps about third world US yet who had no problem converting the free and cheap labor of thousands of bloggers into a payday for herself and her fat cat venture capitalist investors. The media allowing this person to build her brand via constant appearances is one example of many in terms of what is wrong with this country, why people are so uninformed, and indeed, why there is a class of the haves, and the have-nots!

  101. Late to this …

    I’d like to see an ad that would call to task the US Chamber of Commerce after President Obama’s address to them … an ad calling them out for their selfishness and anti-American pro-big-business agenda.

    This, of course must be the National representatives of the USCOC since the local affiliates feel screwed by the national organization.

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