Monday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

 1. Today’s schedule:

09:30 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
11:00 AM  
11:30 AM PBO delivers remarks at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
12:00 PM  
12:30 PM PBO has lunch with Paul Volcker.
1:00 PM Gibbs briefs the press.
2:00 PM  
2:30 PM PBO and VPB meet.
3:00 PM  
4:00 PM  
5:00 PM  
5:15 PM VPB meets with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.


2. Recovery.

Factories added 49,000 jobs in January




3. Recovery!

Ford to raise US factory production 13 percent


4. Good piece from Bill Press regarding PBO and Egypt:

….Perhaps the best sign that Obama’s delicate public/private balancing act on Egypt worked is the total confusion it’s created among Republicans. They’re all over the place.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney credit Obama for getting it just right.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty argued that Obama should have called for Mubarak’s resignation.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee condemned Obama for being too quick to throw Mubarak under the bus.

And professional Obama critic Dick Morris blamed him for losing Egypt.

What Republicans can’t admit is that Obama has succeeded in helping bring democracy to the Arab world where President George W. Bush failed. And he did so not by launching another long, bloody and costly war, but by supporting the aspirations of the Egyptian people, who used Facebook, Twitter and cell phones, not guns, to overthrow their government without firing a shot.

Bush spent billions on bombs. A laptop would have been cheaper and more effective.


5. Bill O’Reilly’s butt must be hurting today, after PBO kicked it again and again last night. Howard Kurtz agrees:

…Obama, relaxed and tieless, danced out of danger whenever O’Reilly tried to charge past the line of scrimmage. In the closing seconds, in fact, the Fox News host made a bid for presidential approval: “I hope you think I’m fair to you.”

Considering that his administration had once declared war on Fox News and boycotted the nation’s top-rated cable news outfit, the session’s final score added up to a big win for Obama—with a huge audience virtually guaranteed


6. And by the way, Billo, next time, before questioning the president’s knowledge of Football, do some homework about the judiciary process.



100 thoughts on “Monday morning mishmash

  1. I’ve been so busy at work, haven’t had a chance to comment lately! But yippee I’m second!!

  2. I never quite get the timing down to be first:)It’s all good…just a little game I play with myself.Not too good at it, but I keep trying! Would love to be a fly on the wall for the lunch with Mr. Volker…housing issues are not good and really need to be addressed more forcefully. I can attest to this “little problem” first hand.I hope that everyone has a marvelous Monday!

  3. I love that that Bill Press article starts with the copy from the “3AM Phone call” script from the infamous commercial, and he says:

    “What an amazing turn of events. Who could have predicted, when then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton aired that commercial against then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008, that the White House’s first 3 a.m. call would be about Egypt? That the person making that call would be Clinton as secretary of state? And the person answering it would be Obama as president?”


  4. It does my heart good to see him having a romp with his dog. How can he stand all that pressure without a little recreation?? I hope he can overcome all that negative Republican bs

  5. Good marning everyone! I love those pictures. It was fun reading the msm comments about the interview. I was so upset about the disrespect O’Reilly gave him. But it was caught by everyone except the folks at Faux. I went by just to check and all they could talk about was how he lied. It’s is amazing how ignorant Faux keeps them. Once again thanks BWD. Hope everyone has a great day. We have fresh snow here in MT.

  6. Thanks for posting the schedule, BWD. The WH site is down for improvements and they haven’t sent out the Daily Snapshot today as far as I know, at least I haven’t received one and I depend on it. I assume the C of C speech will be live on WH TV?

  7. The brightest spot in the employment picture is the increase in manufacturing jobs. This is totally in line with the President’s vision of a more sustainable growth economy. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the 36,000 figure. The last several months have shown that the preliminary figures are more often than not revised some time later and mostly revised upward. It would be a worthwhile effort to restructure the jobs reporting mechanisms to avoid the disconnect between the various methods used to arrive at the monthly figures. These employment statistics have a tremendous impact on the level of confidence in our economy, and it is time to make them more representative of the actual employment picture.

  8. And by the way, Billo, next time, before questioning the president’s knowledge of Football, do some homework about the judiciary process.

    This totally cracked me up. And I am hardly awake. Good job.

  9. When Morning Joke and Mika can’t defend O’Reilly, then it’s a big win for our side. The best they could muster was “O’Reilly was off his game.” That’s code for “he sucked and Obama looked great.” No one watching Morning Joke missed it either.

  10. Yes he can, and yes he does….on a daily basis. He is grounded in who he is and has a wonder wife and family to remind him daily why he took his thankless job. Why do so many people LOVE you Mr. President?….I know!

  11. I didn’t think Bill was that bad, he interrupted far more in previous interviews. This time O’Reilly seemed nervous and more deferential than before, especially that last question about his fairness. All in all, I thought it was a win for the president. And at least Bill didn’t call the president of the United States “dude” like Jon Stewart did which to me was far more disprespectful than this interview.

  12. Great post! Loved every part of it. Good news on the recovery. The Bill Press piece and the football pictures are great — POTUS has sure, confident hands.

    I’ll be back to read more comments. Have a beauty of a day everyone. 🙂

  13. My husband has CNN on and I’m working in my office and just glance in at the TV. Even without actually hearing the clips, O’Reilly looks pugilistic and Obama looks relaxed and in control. It’s a sight to see.

  14. BWD Thank you, Thank you, Thank you another wonderful day for the President Yes he can

  15. Hey gorgeous. Haven’t seen you on TOD lately. Figured you must be busy. Remember to take some time to breath.

    Hope we talk soon.

    Big hug!

  16. I was just on, Faith, and it worked fine for me. No sign of any interruption of service. Maybe if you try again?

  17. Hey Rock! Good to see you. Ain’t that something about Bush? I hope he never gets to show his face outside of Texas again. Bastard.

  18. I couldn’t make out what the young man at the end said to the President as they were shaking hands. Anybody picked up on what he said?

  19. The brilliant journalist Al Giordano of The Field weighs in on AOL acquiring Huffington Post. Al has contributed to Huff & Puff in the past, but it looks like that is about to change:

    Why I’ve Removed My Journalism from Huffington Post
    This saga is, sadly, not the first or last case of a blogger or online renegade that ended up becoming swallowed by the very same inhuman mass media conglomeration that it claimed it had set out to oppose. Good luck to Huffington and company, but they’ll have to cross back to the other side of the bridge without me.

  20. Even without actually hearing the clips, O’Reilly looks pugilistic and Obama looks relaxed and in control.

    This is key. I imagine during the pre-game din of noise at Superbowl parties, many people did not hear the whole interview just saw body language. Verbally and bodily speaking, the President mastered this interview.

  21. I love Al.. thanks for the link. Although with Arianna all over teevee for years now.. I’m thinking that HuffPuff has been more ‘mainstream’ than ‘renegade’ for sometime. Although I guess attacking the President day in and day out helps them pretend they’re rebels.

    Thank you for the mishmash bwd and happy Monday all~

  22. I admire our President so very much. He has the courage and the intelligence to not turn his back on the opposition (BillO and the Chamber for example), but to take them on face to face – with humor and dignity. He makes them seem small and petty by demonstrating his great and generous spirit. He is there to listen, to heal, to come up with solutions and make the decisions that move this country forward. His opposition pales in comparison.

  23. I wanted to share an Egyptian news source that I really like:

    Ahram online

    “Ahram Online is the English-language news web site published by Al-Ahram Establishment, Egypt’s largest news organization, and the publisher of the Middle East’s oldest newspaper, the daily Al-Ahram, in publication since 1875.
    Ahram Online was launched 26 November 2010.

    Chief Editor: Hani Shukrallah.
    Managing Editors: Amira Howeidy & Fouad Mansour.”

    I don’t know much about it, just that the articles I’ve read seem calm, balanced and informative which I appreciate.

  24. A happy and productive Monday to everyone!

    I was reading this morning and came upon this prayer that I thought was uplifting. It’s attributed to a British author named John Baillie:

    Let me use disappointment as material for patience.
    Let me use success as material for thankfulness.
    Let me use trouble as material for perseverance.
    Let me use danger as material for courage.

    Let me use praise as material for humility.
    Let me use pleasures as material for temperance.
    Let me use pain as material for endurance.

    May you all have positive, memorable interactions throughout this week!

  25. Interesting to me that they see it as a ‘game’ to interview the President. I know it’s an expression, nontheless that says it all to me.

  26. The only adult in the room is making me very proud right now. He just makes sense. It is such a pleasure to hear him speak so plainly to the Chamber of Commerce.

  27. Lord no, Tigerfist! Perish that thought! Can you imagine the extra pressure that would put on our President at a time when he has more than enough on his plate (which is always)? Everyone on the ‘other side’ would be all up in arms about whatever the President was/wasn’t doing to orchestrate his release. After all, he WAS an American president. The exceptionalism meme would be hyped up full force (shudder!) No! No! No! Let the other countries just frighten Bush into staying home; that way he can be more easily ignored.

  28. I love it, President Obama just said to the Chamber of Commerce……


    We are all Americans and we all want America to succeed.

  29. What I don’t get is how people screaming about “corporatist” this and “corporatist” that have zero problem turning around and *actively participating* in a media consolidation of this type. Particularly because the goal on both ends is increasing viewership and hence, ad revenue. Gone also is the pretense that HuffingtonPost seeks to save the world via progressive ideas rather than merchadise sensationalism for profit by having thousands of bloggers contribute cheap or free content for which the site collects money. There is simply no way that AOL and HuffinPuffin can merge while maintaining that liberal pretense; in fact Huffington has already said as much in terms of a nonpartisan editorial POV.

    Money isn’t evil; corporations aren’t evil. But readers should be clear about what they’re getting: a media product which is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator in order to attract as many eyeballs as is possible. This has NOTHING to do with principled objections to the WH’s activity and everything to do with creating page view enhancing sensations and peddling them for profit. Again, Huffington is not evil for doing this, but our earnest and pure progressive online revolutionaries should be mindful of the purpose and limitations of that space.

  30. Wasn’t that great WiW? Government can’t do everything. I think he was essentially saying it is long past due for private industry to get the lead out and start hiring asap.

    BTW: I watched the speech on CSPAN and they are currently showing a picture of President Obama, Bill Daley and some cabinet members walking back to the White House. I was struck by the way President Obama just seemed to be gliding along without a care in the world. I could just imagine him saying what’s next. The man is remarkable.

  31. Thanks for the link, LadyHawke. Al’s voice has always been consistently measured, focused, and balanced, and one I’ve always respected.

  32. Hi BWD, I just stopped in to catch up and it seems the site has gone italic. Looks like someone forgot to close their html tag.

    Would you like for me to try and fix it? I can fix it when it happens at OFA but I’m not sure that it will work here but I can try.

  33. He’s saying that he’s a member (or leader?) of the Penn State for Barack Obama organization and PBO is very pleased!

  34. Also, BWD, when you get really big, during the camapign, please do not sell your website to Time Warner, or something! LOL!

  35. Proposed House GOP Non-Security Discretionary Cuts: Deeper Than They Appear

    The cuts in non-security discretionary programs required by a proposal from House Republican leaders are deeper than you might think, as we explained in a report late last week.

    GOP leaders say their plan would cut this category of funding by 9 percent. In fact, non-security programs – from K-12 education to biomedical research, food safety to the FBI – would shrink for the rest of the year, on average, by 15.4 percent below current funding under the continuing resolution (which expires March 4) and 19.4 percent below what President Obama proposed for fiscal year 2011. That’s because much of the fiscal year will be over by the time Congress must act on the spending cuts.

  36. tigerfists – Although I’m mortified he was actually once our president, I can’t help but think: Darn! Now we have to keep him imprisoned in Texas.

    Am I going to hell for that? I’m trying to be good!

  37. Folks – I realized when I misinterpreted someone’s commment last night, my focus is off. So, I guess it’s time to put my efforts on pre-surgery prep – meditation, running errands, arranging the bedroom more efficiently, losing weight so they don’t use the weight I wrote on my admission forms to figure drug doses….

    Off to my volunteer work (NOT on the agenda. It was an SOS thing)

    Keep up the good work. Love my President, g.

  38. Of course, what was excellent about the interview was that it was watched by a much larger audience than watches Fox News. They were there to watch the Super Bowl; they may watch Fox programming, but most likely don’t watch Fox News. So a large audience got to see the president float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, and got to see the chief Fox host come off looking like an ass.

  39. I love Al, too. His piece pretty much does it for me and HuffPo. I had already given up on Arianna, but still occasionally visited for the liberal writers who weren’t anti-Obama.

    Anything I’ve ever seen on “AOL News” has had a decidedly conservative slant to me. Looks like if Huffington Post weren’t lost to us (me) before, it’s definitely out of the picture now.

  40. He knows nothing about other countries anyway. Why would he want to leave his comfy cul de sac?

  41. OMG! Doing happy dance! I did it! The link works!

    Loved the pics of our Prez with the football. I wonder if he has taught Bo how to bounce it off his nose. My grandson tried to play football with their dog and the dog bit right through the ball first time out. lol

  42. ♥ G. I think lots of people were a bit edgy this past weekend. Too much snow, ice and nasty weather maybe. Take care of yourself, Okay?

  43. YOu got that right VC. It would have put Obama in position of having to defend the bushwhacker.

  44. Ladyhawke, thanks for that info. Myself, I think huffandpuff is already a mass media conglomerate that I can do without.

    Bye, bye and don’t let the door hit you when you leave.

  45. *The jackals*

    Too funny! I’m falling off my chair here. We just need to keep a sense of humor about the so-called reporters in the briefing room.

  46. Hey Aquagranny! Just saying, she has successfully converted the work of thousands of people, much of that work provided cheaply or for free, into a payout of almost a third of a billion dollars. How that reconciles with some heartfelt desire for economic justice and an egalitarian worldview is an utter mystery to me. I call bs.

  47. Love the pix, love his confidence, love how he owned bill o’reilly. Loved how he laughed and laughed and still got the points over. Wow. I am feeling good right now.

  48. I think there will be a way to view or get full copies of the video after it airs at the film festival in Apr. I understand that they have over 40 hours of tape that they are still editing so the final documentary will be about 60 minutes.

  49. Bob McDonnell admits GOP is ‘not yet’ ready to take on Obama in 2012

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, widely considered a rising star within the GOP, tells Politico’s Andy Barr that his party is “not yet” ready to take on President Obama in 2012, but insists that it “will be.”
    McDonnell acknowledges Obama’s poll numbers have risen in recent weeks, but insists that the president is still vulnerable ahead of next year’s elections.

    McDonnell, who was hailed as a forerunner of the GOP’s comeback in the wake of his 2009 election victory, tells Politico that Republican candidates will be able to run against Obama’s record in 2012 in a way they weren’t able to in 2008.

    “It will be a different campaign than it was before, when the power of his oratory and the historic nature of the campaign and the very energized base they put together and a very well-run campaign was able to carry the day,” he said. “You certainly didn’t see that in kind of mobilization this last year. It’s different, and it will stay different.”
    McDonnell said he wasn’t ready to endorse anyone in the “wide open” GOP field, but said that he wants “to be a part of the national debate.”

  50. And now Huffington, because of the rightwing tilt of AOL, is also abandoning any pretense that this new merged space will tilt left (she says that she will keep her editorial point of view neutral). So now this is Drudge Redux. People have been taken for the ride of rides, but they were warned about the Professional Left.

  51. I find McDonnell’s assertions humorous. They’re going to run against his record?! Don’t they mean they’re going to run against the record they make up for our President? Because if they run against his real record, they might as well just stay home. Once people learn what our President has done for this country, they will want more.

    No we didn’t see that kind of mobilization for the mid-terms. Barack Obama’s name didn’t appear on the ballot. Guess what, all being well, his name will be on the ballot in 2012. And we will have all those people who just aren’t interested in what the Greed Over People party has to say. You know, those young people who are finally old enough to vote. Minorities. Sane people. Union Workers. Moderates. Even some Republicans. Pretty sure we’re going to draw in the bulk of the swing voters, too, especially the people who don’t want to change course in the middle of the stream. And we’ve learned our lesson about messaging, too.

    So even with the GOP *is* ready. It’s really not.

  52. Guess the U.S. would be pressured to ask for
    his release or something…It would be out of our hands once he gets caught on their soil in their legal
    system…Maybe we could use his situation as
    leverage with republicans like they did when
    they held unemployment benefits hostage for
    tax cuts…Get the Dream Act Passed, Employee
    Free Choice Act for the unions, Single Payer
    with 100 Public Options with cheese for
    the “Frustrati” and wash it all down with a
    tall glass of High Speed Rail & Infrastructure..hehe..I’m dreaming wake me 🙂

  53. Thanks Jovie. OUR guy is a total winner.

    By the way, you link also said that the old Paul, as in Ron, is going to Iowa to check out his chances. Who are these people who love Ron Paul?

  54. DDFO: If that reset italics message is for me, I don’t know how to do that. Please clarify.

    {I keep trying to use the tags based on instructions that were shared here not too long ago, but I seem to keep overlooking something.} Sorry if I’ve messed up the works.

  55. LOL.. tigerfists you have finally hit on some fine reasons for the use of George W. Bush.

  56. If I were McDonnell, I wouldn’t be so quick to throw PBO under the bus, especially after he and Cuccinelli finish embarrassing VA and trying to take it back to the 19th Century by using voters’ money to persecute and prosecute climate change scientist, slapping blacks, gays, and other people of color in the face, marginalizing immigrants and Muslims, trying to deny VA’s citizens the protections in the ACA, and praising the confederacy without acknowledging slavery’s role in its development. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I think that at the end of this term, they won’t be re-elected to a second term.

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