Video: The beauty and the ugly beast



Obama Owns Fox News and Bill O’Reilly in Super Bowl Interview

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…These Fox News interviews are a Godsend to Obama politically. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Every time Obama appears for an interview with a Fox News personality, he helps himself politically. Obama is too smart to play along with the Fox News line of questioning, and he always manages to turn the discussion towards his way of framing things. This president owns Fox News, and even as the network keeps trying to trap him with biased questions, he will continue to dominate them.


142 thoughts on “Video: The beauty and the ugly beast

  1. I am so proud of the strong gentleman who is our President. He gave not an inch and was professional in the midst of insanity.

  2. I just got the tail end of an interview with Richard Engle on NBC that seemed to imply there is a possibility of marshal law being suspended in Egypt once the security situation is stabilized. Apparently, the United States has been asking for this for a long time. I am trying to find more details. I would think this is huge and major consession. Has any one else heard similar reporting??

  3. I love it when obama holds his ground i no i am an obama fan, but i think Bill forgot that this was being watched by everybody not his TEA PARTY Audience so i think he lost this he looked angry and mean and americans are tired of that they want a smart common sense interviews shame on Bill

  4. Got this from GreenLady on WSY

    Egypt Protesters Win Free Press, Concessions[But Mubarak doesn’t agree to leave]

    – – – -From today’s meetings between Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman and various protest groups comes a pretty significant list of concessions the regime is granting. The down low, as per the AP:

    * Free press: The government promised it would stop impeding the media, Internet access, and text messaging.
    * Protesters: Cairo agreed to release detainees held since protests began and refrain from harassing protesters.
    * Lifting of emergency laws: In place since Mubarak took power, these allow the government to detain people at will and largely suspend civil liberties. The government agreed to roll them back as soon as security returns.

    The major concession opposition groups did not get was, of course, the departure of Hosni Mubarak. But, says an opposition rep, “We are determined to press on until our number one demand is met. The regime is retreating. It is making more concessions everyday.”

    hope it helps

  5. I agree. He forgot that is the freaking-Super Bowl-pre-game, and you can’t treat the POTUS like you do when you talk to your crazy teabaggers audience. PBO didn’t even have to do anything to win this by a couple of touchdowns.

  6. Okay guys see you soon, I am out. SB, I am Steelers guy but we will see this year I am not too sure.

  7. Electablog’s hyperventilating over the O’Reilly interview isn’t necessary, IMO. PBO handled him beautifully. Totally had the upper hand – calm and unflappable throughout. O’Reilly wasn’t as bad as he’s being characterized. He was just being O’Reilly – something Obama clearly understood going into the interview as he smiled and laughed his way almost through the whole thing. O’Reilly looked miniature and spastic in comparison.

  8. BWD – After trying to get through the first minute of that so-called interview, I agree 100% with the title of your post.

    The ugly beast O’Reilly. Shame on him.

    Congratulations, Mr. President, for not only your intelligent words – but also for agreeing to sit through that. The majority of us are sorry for the disrespect of the few, like this loser.

  9. No body, but No body is going to screw with this president Billy was looking for sound bites for FOX propaganda we just watched the smartes president on action. yes he can have fun mr president.

  10. I haven’t watched it yet, but I did read eclectablog’s diary.. it saddened me to read that anyone would ask of this man, President Obama.. “about being hated by so many people”. First its just a mean, hateful question, asked merely to provide drama for O’reilly. Second it has ZERO basis in reality.. it is a LIE. This is when America makes me un-proud. This kind of crap. This is the Ugly American- pride in their bullshit lies. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever bother to watch this. The President can handle them all with one hand.. and one side of his brain.. I just abhor that he must be subjected to it in order to speak to a portion of this Nation, those watching Super Bowl… smart on his part, confident & savvy. But a BIG FU to O’Reilly.

  11. It’s amazing to me that he Muslim Brotherhood is the new boogeyman. Also glad to see Obama say that he has not moved to the center. My favorite comment, was when Obama said that people who don’t like him don’t know him.

  12. OK, I give up for a while – every time I restart the video it stops for me after a few minutes.

    It’s clear that this interview is way different from the one during the presidential campaign.

    I still don’t like Bill O interjecting insanities into the President’s speech, but – whatever – I think the Prez. got the message across.

  13. Welcome back Saint Roscoe!! And yes POTUS vs POS is the apt title for this interview.

  14. Bill O’Reilly has the poise of a water buffalo and he has the black and white thinking of an alcoholic. The President is a highly trained and brilliant lawyer, a legal scholar who has certainly argued and trained students to argue every possible angle of a case. What was O’Reilly thinking. I know O’Reilly isn’t stupid but narcissism can really get a person into an embarrassing position.

  15. Our Prez rocks!

    I watched that interview and thought that PBO was holding off laughing out loud at O’reilly who is a true ignorant ass.

    Our President was “brought up right” in the words of my Granny. I think he scared the pants off O’reilly when he courteously invited him to the WH Supper Bowl party at the end of the interview.

    O’reilly looked like a prize fool and I think he was well aware of that.

  16. It really wasn’t bad. Sure, O’Reilly was an ass. Not exactly news. And Obama was just, well, pretty terrific. In fact, he very directly lived up to the name of this blog.

  17. geez, I have been so many sites, but I think it was Andrew Sullivan who said they refused to suspend martial law.

  18. I loved that response to the stupid question of O’rielly’s about people “hating” the Prez, as if those people were in some huge majority.

    PBO handled that beautifully.

    Toasts all around and Bravo, Mr President! You make us proud every day!

  19. He was such a pig. As one might expect. Bill O deserves a KO phrase. That man is an idiot, and an ugly one in all respects.

    The Man was fabulous. No big surprise there, right?

  20. I understand, but you will be so pleased with the Man character and answers. He actually laughs at some of the things bill tries to throw at him.

  21. Ah, Sweetie, make that a really small “fu” in keeping with O’reilly’s small mind and soon diminished standing.

    Our Prez can run rings around them all. More and more people are realizing this. I thought that PBO was doing all he could not to laugh out loud at some of O’reilly’s stupid questions but he was gracious and courteous in the end, inviting O’reilly to the WH Super Bowl party.
    O’reilly ran away!

  22. Paraphrase of some of the real convo (only PBO could convo, of course.)

    BO luffaman: “You know they hate you. They really hate you. What do you say to that?” (slobber dripping, rubbing his hands, thinking about his luffa…)

    PBO: “The people who hate me don’t know me. They hate something I represent, perhaps a democrat, someone who works with all americans, but you don’t get where I am without a thick skin.”

    BO luffaman: “You know they really hate you, right?”

    PBO: “I’m sure all the presidents before me, Bush, Clinton, … it comes with the territory….”

    No, BO wanted to get personal and as always, failed miserably, he couldn’t even deviate from his failed playbook as he was being trounced. He even tried to accuse PBO of not knowing anything about football because PBO is a “basketball man” as “everybody knows”. Wut? Srsly?! LOL, luffaman.

  23. Two things: Egypt has been under martial law since about 1981 or 82.
    It has given Mubarack and his henchmen the cover to arrest and hold anyone who they felt was in opposition to his government. By finally ending martial law today, there is actually now protection under the original Egyptian governmental laws to citizens, journalists, educators etc. that they cannot be arrested and held without any just cause and with some sort of legal procedure. This is a big deal!

    Secondly – there are few people that can compare to BillO as ignorant, arrogant or total pinheadedness. President Obama sooooo outclasses him it is readily apparant to anyone who has an intelligence level higher than a fencepost.

  24. Paraphrase of some of the real convo (only PBO could convo, of course.)

    BO: “You know they hate you. They really hate you. What do you say to that?” (slobber dripping, rubbing his hands, thinking about his luffa…)

    PBO: “The people who hate me don’t know me. They hate something I represent, perhaps a democrat, someone who works with all americans, but you don’t get where I am without a thick skin.”

    BO: “You know they really hate you, right?”

    PBO: “I’m sure all the presidents before me, Bush, Clinton, … it comes with the territory….”

    No, BO wanted to get personal and as always, failed miserably, he couldn’t even deviate from his failed playbook as he was being trounced. He even tried to accuse PBO of not knowing anything about football because PBO is a “basketball man” as “everybody knows”. Wut? Srsly?! LOL, luffaman.

  25. I didn’t catch any hyperventilating. I thought what EB said was pitch perfect. I was much more, uh, graphic, in the privacy of my own home 🙂

  26. The problem for Bill O’Reilly and his ilk, is that in their heart of hearts they know that President Obama runs rings around their hero President Ronald Reagan. They just can’t stand that. So they work overtime playing the
    “look at that shiny object routine” using lies, distortions and bogus stories. Because the more people see President Obama unfiltered, the more they like him and Fox does everything they can to ensure that never happens.

  27. What is Working

    I know many are upset with the way O’Reilly treated the President, I agree it was dis respectful, but there is a silver lining here. The president made all of his points, appeared professional and pleasant, and never lost his cool.

    I view an interview with O’Reilly like a boxer punching an old tattered bag to get in shape for the big title fight. The President looked so confident, relaxed and remained positive during the entire interview. Can you imagine how awesome he will be during the 2012 debates?

    I heard this phrase on another blog – ObamaProud. That’s how I feel.

    Brush off the low poll numbers, silly pundits who think they know more than Obama. Our Pres. is trained and ready for anything they throw at him.

    I hope he enjoys the game.

  28. That “brought up right” thing — my father, who’s 70, said that early in the campaign. It’s high praise from my father and people of his generation and one of the first moments when I believed Obama could overcome the racism, the Goopers and everything else and be elected.

    My father said “raised right,” same thing. Someone took some time with this man early on and made sure he knew right from wrong and how a man behaves.

    And poor Daddy watches Fox News all the time, so him seeing through all that to the “raised right” thing… well, made me see that a lot of people would see through to the real Obama.

  29. WiW, don’t even suspect it he really enjoys the game. I on the other hand do not enjoyed this game (the super Bowl) my Steelers are down 11 right now, I don’t like it. But hey that is life.

  30. Bill O the clown,kept saying that mubarak has something on the US! And then Bill O decided to tell us all what they have on us, rendition secrets! Thanks bill, who needs Mubarak to squeel, when we ot you

  31. BWD, may I suggest a new blog entry with pictures…the title:
    You know they love you. They really love you. You know they really love you, right?
    Pictures of people gazing upon our President with unadulterated adoration.

  32. Yes it was awesome! Also it asked a good question: “WHERE IS THE LOVE?”

    A lot love is here on this site, that’s for sure!!!!

  33. I loved the energy of the show CJ.

    Do’t be too sad Saku Steelers could come back. Keep hope alive.

    Cj at least the reviewers say the same interview we did. Peace♡

  34. No surprise at all, Dorothy. In a way, it’s crass and classless interviews like this that allow President Obama to shine even brighter than he regularly does, the contrast being so extreme.

    Our president is one classy guy.

    And now I hope he’s enjoying the Super Bowl with his family and friends.

  35. The Super Bowl was planned to be won by Green Bay Packers, that is all I can say right about now. It is PLANNED period. There is no way that Steelers will win this game, it is very clear right from the start!!

  36. There is no room PBO is afraid to enter. There is no person he wont debate.
    There is no pundit who has his number.

    Yes we CAN!!!

  37. I think it’s okay to become irritated at the rudeness and crassness of the interviewer, though.

    And my back went up in proberbial hackles when O’Reilly had the nerve to ask a sitting president if it bothered him that so many people hated him. (Imagine him asking that of George W. Bush!)

    Of course, the president had it all in hand and was his usual intelligent, calm and dignified self.

    But, still. This was an insulting interview, and I had pretty much the same reaction that Eclectablog did, except I think he gives more credit to people than I do — I don’t think this is going to have an adverse effect on O’Reilly’s reputation.

    After all, the people who watch him think just like him.

    While it was wonderful as always to see our president rise to the occasion when being attacked, it truly annoys me that he so often has to.

    And somebody should tell Mr. O’Reilly that a “journalist” doesn’t constantly interrupt his subject.

  38. Huh? I was being sincere. I want a blog entry with pictures of people adoring the Prez.

    I don’t go to DK so I have no idea what you mean. Sorry.

  39. I just think seeing pictures of people loving on our President would be a good antidote to all the hate from whats-his-face on fox.

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  41. We don’t need a Chairman Mao here, we need and have PBO right here. We don’t need to show those kind of pictures. BTW why do you need that kind of pictures anyway? Why?

  42. The President was in complete command. O’Reily looked to be in the presence of greatness, a star. Total domination. Whoo. It was wonderful. He was just laughing at him, while making all the right points. I am so impressed. I think OR was intimidated.

  43. I watched it as far as I could keep my gut from wrenching.

    What an ugly beast!

    There is something sick in people who find anything worth listening to him. I believe he speaks to the dark sides of their psyche, the hatred, racism, mean-spiritedness.

    When I see him I can’t help but wonder, “Who loves him?” I’d really like to eventually find out who on this earth really loves him. He has a personality of a bully. It is as though someone may have beaten him, or disowned him in some major way. Some day I’ll read a bio of him because I want to understand how someone who must have started out human could change. He must have been an innocent baby once. What happened to him? On what day did the rage build to a high tower of filth against anyone innately good?

    I feel sorry for him, and anyone who admires him.

  44. SR, I am happy that you are back also. I know that you support our President, but you try to be objective in your analysis.

  45. I really couldn’t listen to all of the interview. I can’t stand O’Rielly. But I think it was good for the President to do this so many people who never here him will get an unfiltered listen. I trust his judgement. I am very proud of him.

  46. Mubarak has such a big ego. At this point, he probably wants to be seen as the one who ushered democracy in Egypt. So he wants to stay and do, finally, “some” reforms. Pretty pathetic.

    It’s important to note that Mubarak is just the figure head of the regime. Him beeing outed is far from sufficient for things to change. The concessions opposition groups are negociating are far more important than throwing Mubarak out.

    And, most of all, it’s absolutely essential to obtain that the elections will be monitored by international observers. Electoral lists, people from opposition at polls, paper trails, etc.

  47. I wonder if it also has something to do with Bush 43. The republicans were HUMILIATED with the Bush presidency. They know that America couldn’t WAIT to get the guy out of office. And they know he was despised around the world.

    In comes Barack Obama, ascending to the presidency in an historical campaign, a phenomenal campaign ( remember those HUGE crowds ?) Furthermore, an ENORMOUS support all around the world.

    No wonder they hate him.

  48. Okay wow. I have absolutely no idea what you’re asking. I was watching a video on Obama Diary of his trip to India and was watching the pictures of how much people love this man and thought seeing pictures of people expressing their love of him would be soothing relief to the ugliness. Man, DKos must have been one ugly place for people to misinterpret my innocent request in this fashion. I had no idea.

  49. It’s about time you showed up again!! I was wondering what had happened to you! Glad to see you, SR.

  50. Tien Le – I fully understand the frustration you were feeling when you made your original comment. Please don’t worry about it. Everything is cool.

  51. I think the approval of the president as a person was 78 percent in a recent survey although approval for policies was lower. Since only 1-3 million actually watch Fox it is a small percentage of the population. Just look at the smiles in all the photos of our president when he goes to Main Street. People love him, strive to shake his hand and get photos. The photos belie the Fox propaganda.

  52. Fox News = “Funhouse mirrors”

    Pres. Obama insulted Billio right in his face and he didn’t know it. Just shows you that these wingnuts never learned anything from the Massacre in Baltimore on January 29, 2010, when Pres. Obama went into the GOP House retreat, cameras in tow. The demotion derby of all demolition derbies!!

    Billo should have reviewed that tape before coming into the White House, thinking he could hoodwink this President.

    But well, they’ll never learn, never learn!!! And so the BS. continues.

  53. I saw this headline about Obama being asked how it feels to be hated. And before I even watched the interview, I knew PBO would say, “Those people don’t even know me; they know what the media has created.” Smack. And that’s essentially what he said.

    I wonder if OReilly can even understand that…

  54. Thank you, BWD…you posted that “bad boy”!Don’t you just love the President EVEN MORE?? What a genuine, classy man he is…that killer smile doesn’t hurt either:)I know it disables ME!

  55. Thanks for posting the video of the O’Reilly interview of President Obama since I had missed it. It was the shallowest of interviews. It tickled and rankled me that after the President would try to answer a question, O’Reilly would respond with a conservative talking point and quickly move on to an unrelated question, such as when the President talked about the different Eqyptian factions that will eventully participate in a new government, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Reilly then completed that segment by saying that the Muslim Brotherhood were really bad people and that he would not like to see them involved in the government. Who cares what he would not like to see? It is not about what he wants or what the conservatives want or even what the President wants. Its about the Eyptian people and what they want and who they want to represent them in a reformed government.

  56. Can you imagine the uproar on the right if a Republican President was treated like that by an interviewer? Then again, I don’t recall President Bush doing a lot of interviews with KO or RM.

  57. There is no room PBO is afraid to enter because he knows that 99 times out of 100, he can cut his opponents up into tiny slices while smiling and being agreeable. (And that 1 time? Hasn’t happened yet.)

  58. “Raised right! Has been taught manners! And worked hard to get his education it wasn’t just handed to him.” Were all comments my 86 year old Dad had during the Primary Campaign. He voted for PBO in the Primary just a couple of days before he died. I was so proud of my Dad for insisting on casting his X laboriously on the ballot envelope after a stroke paralyzed his writing side of his body.

  59. I would not have been able to hold it together with the HATE question badgering going on.

    I think I would have said, “You know I don’t think so many people would hate me if you weren’t telling lies about me all the time!”

    That would have not made him look above it all though. It would have taken him down to Bill Os level.

    PBO handled it just right! I remember I used to be nervous when he had to go on interviews. Now I just know he will knock it out of the ballpark.

  60. The reference was to Sally Field’s 1985 Oscar acceptance speech. My comment was not a jab at you or Ms. Field. Just a failed attempt at humor.

  61. I thought the video was so awful I didn’t want to watch it, but finally did and was actually surprised. In the past I didn’t watch Fox often, but would catch O’Reilly etc every once in awhile for balance. That is until President Obama’s win — I couldn’t stomach them after that. So, I haven’t seen O’Reilly for over two years and he seems like exactly the same dipwad he always was. He always interrupted people and talked to people like that, making his own points. Bill O is an idiot and, yes, rude and disrespectful.

    President Obama was relaxed, poised, intelligent, thoughtful, and left no doubt who is the Commander in Chief. Class all the way.

    Those that believe someone like Sarah Palin or Fox News may not change their minds, but to anyone else watching this, there is absolutely no doubt that President Obama is confident and not a bit thrown off guard or having a problem with any Fox talking points. It reminded me of the time the Republicans had a retreat, invited him to speak and televised it. He was great.

    I think it’s very wise of the President to do a Fox interview for this particular audience. (I add that I appreciate that Fox interviews are rare.) Our POTUS very clearly had no ill will toward O’Reilly or his point of view. The President appeared very strong.

    How wonderful that the President could point out that the easy problems were solved before they got to him. Bill said there is just wave after wave of complicated problems — and PBO said yes. I think this will help people understand what he is dealing with.

    And the President said that the weight of the office did have an impact, but the longer he is in this job the more he enjoys it, the more optimistic he is about the American people…he was so loving about this country, about disagreements. He was beautiful and inspiring. A huge part of this audience are probably people that don’t pay any attention at all to politics. He was great!

  62. Hey, sorry about that. Completely uncalled for. And yea, that was one ugly place).

    I think i published something like what you asked for in the past. I’ll think about it.

    Thanks, dear.

  63. There is a man in a hobby group I am in that meets once a week whose biggest hero is Bill O’Reilly. This man tries to get everyone to read O’Reilly’s books etc. It has been difficult to be in his presence. Oh, he also listens to Limbaugh. I first tried to counter what he would say with facts about then candidate Obama and now PBO, but it is like no matter what I say I cannot bust through the ideas that have been implanted into him. I just figure there are some that are not reachable. We need to concentrate on those that are reachable.

  64. You had to know that FOX would use the interview to twist PBO’s words and criticize him.

  65. Indeed! I have yet to see the 1% where his opponents have had the upper hand. By the way, LL. I really appreciate your thoughtful commentaries on this site.

  66. I agree with you nepat. The President was terrific. He was relaxed, thoughtful, funny, and very confident about his views and the decisions he has made. I think any reasonable person who watches this interview will know that “O’Reilly was an ass.” But they will also realize that we have a very calm, confident, intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful person, serving as our President.

  67. “And the President said that the weight of the office did have an impact, but the longer he is in this job the more he enjoys it, the more optimistic he is about the American people…he was so loving about this country, about disagreements. He was beautiful and inspiring.”


    So well stated, and Fox paid for the bandwidth that enabled that message and sentiment to reach whomever still tunes to their band.

    Brilliant, Mr President, simply brilliant – and, oh so genuinely giving to ever American, even those who still tune to Fox.

  68. I don’t really think that all this demonizing of the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) is about keeping Mubarak in office. Rather, the invocation of the dreaded MB in Egypt is another weapon to be used in attacking the President for not being a true and patriotic American, because he is allegedly siding with the enemies of America. These people could care less about the fate of Egypt. All they are interested in is how to ensure that President Obama is a one term President. Sadly the MSM is aiding and abating the fear of the MB “bogeyman.”

  69. Thank you Ladyhawke for this observation: “… the more people see President Obama unfiltered, the more they like him….” That says it all. That is why Blackwaterdog’s is performing such an invaluable service by presenting the unfiltered words and deeds of President Obama.

    Unfortunately, many people’s attitudes towards the president are a result of filtered news, either from the MSM, or from the right and left bloggers who constantly bash the President.

  70. At first, O’Reilly said ‘they hate you’ and when he did not get the response he sought after, he stared even wider, raised his voice even more and said ‘HATE YOU!’. He almost slipped – so close to his tongue was ‘I hate you’!

    Bill O’Reilly is not a credible, contemplative, compassionate, creature! He showed his true colors tonight.

  71. And, just think of all the high-n-mighty swamp rats that have worked for her – for FREE – these past years …. BAWAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAA 🙂

  72. Thanks for this news Symmetry11. Here’s so more news pointing toward positive economic momentum.

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    Vice President of U.S. Sales Ken Czubay says Ford is studying additional shifts at plants that are now running on overtime.

    The Dearborn, Mich., automaker said retail sales to individual buyers rose 27 percent in January. Global marketing chief Jim Farley said to expect further increases through the year.

  73. Wow I just read that headline, haven’t read the article yet, but wow- 315 million dollars. I spose thats about how Markos at dkos sees himself going. Bashing Obama sells well.. And from what I hear AOL is one of the worst in terms of nasty comments toward the President.

  74. You are so right OG! There are people who, no matter what the President does, instinctively hate him. But, there are many people who have been misled about what the President is all about. It is these “reachable” people that I have been urging to visit this site so that they may be exposed to unfiltered information. So far, a few of the people I know who were quick to bash the President, based on what they heard or read from the so called progressive blogs, are beginning to re-examine their positions. Many are realizing that they were fed more negative information, and outright lies, about the President.

  75. I’m still waiting for the stazi and the funhouse-loving, mirror image of Obama to emerge from Fox News.

    As far as I’m concerned, he da man for me and for this fortunate country. God bless me and all the people of the WORLD!

  76. He ROCKS! Cool, classy and brilliant and, might I say, lanquid in the face of disrespectand sputtering spat-filled curt questions, he invited the enemy to his table. He informed the inquirer of his knowledge of the game and let him be himself, a most damning move. His enemy showed up and was crushed.

    He’s our president, and now we know why.

  77. I don’t think Fox is happy with BO’s interview. Normally they would carry BO’s show here the next morning, but this time they have run something else. Guess they don’t want the rest of the world watching how not to do an interview.

  78. I would call it the King and the stupid clown.

    Now to move on to more important things in life than a stupid game.

  79. So, Mark Halperin said that Oriely was very aggresive and President Obama just did OK! Said Orely was nervous! Jeesh! The analysis of the analysis! Sigh!

  80. Oh Boy:

    The more likely scenario is this: Apophis will make a fairly close approach to Earth in late 2012 and early 2013, and will be extensively observed with ground-based optical telescopes and radar systems. If it seems to be heading on a destructive path, NASA will devise the scheme and machinery necessary to change the asteroid’s orbit, decreasing the probability of a collision in 2036 to zero, Yeomans said.

  81. Markos credibility, is shot and his traffic is not good, the diaries are horrible, with a exception of a few. Its not the place to go anymore for good conversation. The site is typical and boring. I read eclectablog at his own site. Black kos i read but do not comment.

  82. I think Bill-O-the-clown has an exclusive. At the end he said there are more Q&A on his show Monday.

  83. I do have to argue in favor of the water buffalo. All animals have a poise and dignity far beyond any O’Reilly might possess, and water buffaloes are fine creatures.

  84. As a Wisconsite who cares nothing about football (though I was at a Super Bowl party yesterday; there were a lot of happy people there), I must point out that the Packers are the only community-owned major football team, so it’s sort of nice that they won.

  85. Just watched it. Bill wasn’t nearly as bad as some others on Fox. PBO killed it though. Very thoughful and very quick. Color me impressed once again

  86. But they have the word “Muslim” right in their name so they have to be evil. To the rightwing in this country Muslim is synonymous with evil. There is no differentiating between various sects, strains and people of Islam for them. Sad, isn’t it?

  87. It was impossible for me to watch the interview; I did not get beyond Interruption 26. A little while later I watched a Zach Galifianakis “interview” on Funny or Die, “Between Two Ferns.” His schtick is to try to embarrass his guest and make a fool of himself at the same time, and it reminded me of Bill O’Reilly. But Zach is funny in his rudeness; O’Reilly is just pathetic.

    Go Zach!

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