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Let me share with you the newest comment, coming in today, from I’m Grateful:

Thank you for health care reform. Now I no longer lie awake at night worrying that my adult daughter, who graduated from college, but is unemployed (so far) had no health care coverage. Thanks to the new law, she is back on our plan as she had been until graduation. I can sleep easier. I am hopeful that your continued efforts on the economic front will also yield results in more job opportunities and she will be able to secure good employment before she turns 26. Keep fighting for us. Even though the news makes it sound like everyone is against you, I for 1 have been for you. It is such a relief to know that a grown-up, who makes measured decisions based on the facts, even when those decisions are not popular, is running the store again.

Jan Taylor

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  1. Beautiful! And the photo. So often the photographs of the crowds… just go right into my heart. I’m sure when the President and First Lady look out at those faces, they know why they are fighting; why they are there.

  2. This is also why I’m here. What you’ve done is amazing, and I’m enormously grateful to you for presenting the sane, grown-up side of progressive politics.

    I’ve never wavered, and I’m proud of that.

  3. To be honest, I have occasionally wavered a tad, but I have drawn a line in the sand – and the President has never crossed it. *S* So I’ve stopped wavering even a tad.

    Early on, I could not see how he could overcome all the obstacles but by now, I see that he always has the end game in mind.

    Amazing, really.

  4. Happy Sunday, Everyone! BWD: Hope you are enjoying your Sunday with twice the joy you bring to the readers of this site – God bless you and your work! 🙂

  5. I have heard hundreds of stories like this. The Affordable Care Act is helping thousands of Americans. The President has changed the landscape for those in need of quality, affordable health care. I’m with him all the way.

  6. Good morning, everyone. What a special story. It seems the msm only talks about what is going wrong. You never here them talk about what is going right. All the people that are being helped are getting left in the background and the Repubs are in their own little world. Thank you BWD for being here. And thank you everyone who is coming here to help make a difference in all of our lives.

  7. Before the 2008 election and becoming involved in the President’s campaign in our county I felt only like a powerless witness to the frustrating and sometimes horrifying actions that were taken during the Bush administration. When I became truly aware of who the candidate Barack Obama was I kept going to any meeting I heard about near our rural community and asked to be given something to do to help. I still feel that way and I am still helping in whatever way I can but now I know, for the first time really, that it is in my purview to be an engaged citizen in the full sense. I am grateful for the inspiration, confidence and determination the President inspires in me and so many other people. (Respect, empower, include.)

  8. So grateful and proud of our president. So thankful for this wonderful site that showcases all the good he is doing for this country.

  9. How nice to see good news about HCR actually helping people. Everywhere we turn today, the media and opposition are pouncing on our President, who I think is doing a marvelous job, especially in the face of all the negativity. I can’t watch cable TV anymore or go to the old liberal/progressive sites – it is just too much controversy. This site is always upbeat and looking to a brighter future. Thanks so much BWD
    and please stay warm and safe everyone.

  10. Business is up everywhere I go and everyone I talk to agrees. It’s a whole new atmosphere in the country, IMHO. Instead of fear of the future and a desire to just stay home and tremble, the future looks and feels more positive and I know it’s because of the heroic efforts on the part of the Obama Administration. Thank you, President Obama! Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. It’s one of the big reasons I’m here as well, checking in, keeping inspired. Thanks, yet again, to PBO and all of you here 🙂
    I see patients everyday, some who are afraid of what’s planned by the repubs and how those changes will affect them (especially ‘pre-existing’ conditions). HCR has made and will make a huge difference as more and more parts of it are implemented. This really does matter and these stories reflect life-saving opportunities for people.

    Thank you for health care reform. Now I no longer lie awake at night worrying that my adult daughter, who graduated from college, but is unemployed (so far) had no health care coverage.

  12. It’s still amazing to me to find so many others who have had to give up cable TV news and the “old liberal/progressive sites” – just as I have – in order to keep their sanity during President Obama’s two terms in office.

    It’s a pleasure to be among you. Thanks again, BWD!

  13. That was beautiful, as all things are when spoken from the heart. I know that as more and more people see the Health Care law kick into full gear, that will appreciate all the great things it does for real American families…there is NO turning back!I am grateful for this intelligent man in the White House that stands for ALL Americans to do the just and right thing for all its people.We are truly blessed.

  14. Incredible photo!

    Great letter too. It’s important to understand that the MajorMedia is PURPOSELY trying to keep those kinds of stories from the general public. A small handful of gazillionaires control the majority of our public discourse, since the employees within the MajorMedia do what the boss says or lose their jobs, and those bosses do not want their loosey-goosey tax obligations tampered with, or their non-existant (historically speaking) regulatory structures tightened up.

    That’s why it is so critically important for all us to share these true stories, such as that letter, to people every day. Onward and upward!

  15. I also think the economy is improving. In fact Aqua Granny posted that her family had just got jobs recently and my daughter just was hired at a local bookstore. I want thinking, we could start collecting “got a job” , or “business is up” story section.

    I started with my daughters story (an it gives me a chance to show off my beautiful girls)

    I have also included step by step instructions for how to post to my blog AARGH – it is still a mystery to me why is ti so hard. I apologize to those who have been frustrated and promise I am working on it.

  16. I could have written that letter.

    I have four children, the eldest two adopted from foster care and with multiple mental and emotional health issues are not adults. And we have two younger children adopted as infants, one of them born with a congenital heart condition that has been corrected. She also has a history of asthma.

    My eldest daughter is married to a guy in the Navy so I don’t worry as much about her although I do think she married him for his health benefits. Fortunately, they are happy. My son is now 20 and the new law prevented him from aging out of our health insurance plan. He is not ready to be on his own due to emotional issues but he is not disabled enough to qualify for government programs. He just needs time to grow up a bit. President Obama is giving him that time. As for my little girl with the corrected heart problem, I really doubt she would ever get affordable insurance without health care reform.

    Like Jan, I used to worry about my kids and what would happen to them if they could not get health care insurance. As a child, I never had to worry that something as simple as a mild asthma attack could cause my parents to choose between my health and keeping our home. I am sure my mother never worried about that either. And I certainly never worried as a young adult that I might not get insurance because of a childhood illness.

    I join Jan in thanking our President for helping others like us and like our children. Now I can worry about getting them into college and making sure they learn to be good productive citizens. It is nice to have one less thing to worry about.


  17. That’s a great site! I already give patients info about HCR and how they can find out current and upcoming benefits. Also would be good to let them know about sites where they can share their experience and learn about others’ experiences.

    Super Bowl PBO! At 4:30p EST with luffaman Billy O’Reilly. Fake man of the people luffaman interviews man of the people, PBO 🙂

  18. The Black eyed Peas today at the games baby! BTW the President will speak shortly, don’t miss it.

  19. BTW: Does the Roberts court really want to be remembered for taking away all these Health benefits for all these americans?
    They would feel even more guilty than BUSH v. Gore!

  20. Definitely I’ll be watching. And I apologize for being short with you the other day.

  21. Thanks for sharing that, BWD. My family also has so much to be grateful to this President for. I am sending positive thoughts that the young woman gets a good job soon.

  22. Wow Laura. That’s an amazing story. I’m really happy for you and your children and wish you & them all the best now and in the future.

  23. Do you really feel that Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Scalia really care about the people? They only care about the corporate world. The regular people are below them.

  24. I’m not sure that Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia feel any “guilt” in the moral sense as so many of us here understand that concept.

  25. It all good hopefruit2, that is why we are who we are. We argue and be friends again. I wish all Americans are like us. Argue like hell and at the end of the day we all need what is good for all of us. so, it is all good.

  26. Is anyone watching the President’s interview is O’Reilly? It should be starting soon. I am alittle unsure how this will go.

  27. ♥ rian90. Two of my Grandkiddos have asthma. I have been recently diagnosed with asthma as well. A grandson with some serious chronic problems can’t be denied insurance. One of my daughters has a heart condition and was able to get a pacemaker implant because of HCR. Not being canceled from her insurance was a huge relief to all of us.

    My niece gets to stay on her parent’s insurance instead of being “aged out” before she graduates from college.

    Let me count the ways my family blesses this President and health care reform. I don’t think you and I are alone in this. There have to be so many more out there sleeping better, breathing sighs of relief and being thankful for HCR.

  28. HA! They got theirs…everyone else can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Actually, I’d like to see Thomas impeached and thrown off the Court.That would be delicious..

  29. All of these questions rediculous, just childish. Stupid, he is wasting a great time from the Prez. Just plain stupid!

  30. Thanks WiW, I will try to post our stories there for you. My niece’s story is really cool because after months of nail biting, she is getting the job she dreamed and worked for because of investment in renewable energy.

  31. I’m watching it. O’Reilly is an insufferable ass.

    He’s trying to bully the president and is constantly interrupting him. It’s kind of infuriating to watch.

  32. Tell me how it goes please as I won’t be able to see it until morning when it finally shows over here.

  33. OK. Caught the last few minutes of Assw**e O’Reilly.ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I thought, if he interrupts this man one more time, I’ll choke the TV! “Why do people hate you?” That’s a question that is going to do what? Oh my god…so THAT’S how the dumb get dumber! I just didn’t think that was possible.Wish I saw the entire thing…if anyone has a link, love to see that bad boy.Thanks.

  34. True. I had to get some work done on my furnace last week and our repairman had a young helper who told me he was new, only about a month on the job, but so delighted to be working again after a year out of work. He seemed so happy and up beat. We had some positive talk about our Prez and life in general.

    The doom and gloomers can keep trying to talk us DOWN but we are UP and staying there!

  35. What an ass O’Reilly is. He doesn’t know how to ask intelligent questions. I had to turn off the sound and turn on the words. I can’t stand to hear his voice. My husband said just watch how aggressive O’Rielly is and how relaxed the President is. He just show how smart he is and how stupid the luffa man is.

  36. I agree BWD, something is up with this guy. He may like him inside I think, the way he is talking just weired. He just not let him finish.

  37. That’s Fox News for you. “Obamacare”, “socialism”, “Muslim Brotherhood”!!! The president actually looked like he had fun with this jackass.

  38. O’reilly was oozing his personal contempt……he looked really inept. Seemed completely uninterested in President Obama’s responses……to busy running his agenda to get all his positions and talking points in. What a Jackass.

  39. I never listened FOX-news in my life, beleive it or not, but if this is how they conduct themselves then how come people tolerate this? How can they be number one in ratings? This says a lot about the American people. How do you support bullys? I just don’t get it.

  40. O’Reilly looked to me to be coming unglued.
    He either hates President Obama or feels so inferior to him, his inability to disguise his discomfort was glaringly obvious.

  41. Yes, and as BWD always says, our President once again proved to be the only adult in the interview.

  42. Am I going to get really angry if I watch this interview? I have a delicate gag reflex and just looking at O’reilly makes me want to puke big time.

    Okay, the Prez does it every day so I will go “take one for the team” It’s the very least I can do in support for PBO. Bless him!

  43. Ah, yes.

    O’Reilly tried to manipulate his way through that interview when he quoted some poll that ‘stated’ that most people were not behind him. Also, when he quoted an article in an editorial section of the New York Times(?). Obama corrected him on that.

    When our president was halfway giving a reasonable, sane answer, O’Reilly wanted to quickly move onto his next question. I’m glad PBO put a halt to that.

  44. You have to qualify that as no one on that station is anywhere near sane. Saner, maybe, but still far from sane.

  45. Bill O’Reilly poster boy for the flusterati….that PBO flustered him was so painfully obvious. I do not like Bill O’Reilly, but I am feeling both embarrassed and a bit sorry for him at this moment.

  46. The president was relaxed and upbeat and flashing that million dollar smile. He did not back down and insisted on finishing his answers so the American people can hear directly from him.

    O’Reilly seemed really nervous to me. Coward. Liar.

    President showed why he’s president and Bill-o is a faux news hack.

    I will not tune into his show on Monday to watch the recorded portion (which I’m sure they will edit the heck out of) because I will not add to his ratings. I will wait to catch a clip elsewhere.

    Go, Mr. President. You make us all proud.

  47. True, but this is not surprising, and I would expect him to be more guarded. I mean, nothing about the Presidency is spontaneous. The guy can’t even swat a fly without the Paparazzi.

  48. He gets a thrill running up his leg knowing he is interviewing a President, that’s all.

  49. Yea, sure, what i means by “surprising” was that something like this was even talked about in an interview that was 100% designed to more foolish attacks on PBO. .

  50. Of course he’s more guarded. He’s even been attacked by those in his own party. I wouldn’t trust anyone either.

  51. You may be right. Many of them secretly like him despite their envy. I remember how all the Repub congressmen were scrambling to get Prez O’s autograph immediately after the HCR summit in Baltimore when he schooled them in front of the cameras.

    And a poster actually joked on a blog that New Jersey Gov Christie went to Disneyworld during the snowstorm so that he could see President Obama at the Magic Kingdom attraction – Hall of Presidents!!

  52. The only thing that got PBO a bit angry was when that idiot questioned his Football knowledge. Just goes to show the degree in which PBO couldn’t care less of this interview.

  53. I agree I think he just likes him, he is being silly for ratings. But at the same time there is this feeling that I have is so weird about this guy, I just couldn’t figure it out. Its weired that is all.

  54. How can anyone not “like him?” President Obama has to be one of the most, possibly the only, really “likable” President of my lifetime. This is a guy, along with his family, that you wished was your next door neighbor.

  55. Amazingly disrespectful “interview” from O’Loofah (yes, not a surprise). Compare today’s Rupert Murdoch-sponsored joke, which President Obama swatted as easily as that fly from way-back, to this calm respectful interview an Irish journalist did with Shrub a couple of years ago, which the MajorMedia and Repubs made sound like an Inquisition so much that it was “banned” by the Bush Admin:

    Shows how if we had an actual “Press” to call out the nonsense, like the Irish journalist, instead of propagandists like O’Falafel, voters would overwhelmingly vote DemocratIC.

  56. Oh, but he did:)Classy, huh?And he put such emphasis on it. “Why do people HATE you?”When the President tried to answer, he again said. “No, they REALLY HATE you!” And of course, as not just the only adult in the room, the the only adult with manners, the President finally got to answer.I’ll tell you what. This interview ALONE perfectly states the case as to the need to ramp up the education system in this country.Hilljacks probably thought that was awesome! I found it rude and condesending…and disrespectful.He said, “You mean to tell me that you actually watch the football game?”WTF? “I thought you knew basketball.” As if you can only like or even understand one sport…the guy was painful to watch and listen to.I REALLY want to see the whole thing…anyone?

  57. I do agree, BWD. That smile made me think that he knew the kinds of ridiculous he would be asked today…amused, is how I’d say the President looked…like he thought the questions were just so typical of Fox…he was not surprised or caught off guard.

  58. Man, I recall the interview with O’Really ? during the presidential campaign.

    As I said before, I – as a white guy – have a hard time hearing all the dog wistles, but – by God – they were evident even to me during that interview.

    From what I read online, this one wasn’t any better (sorry, haven’t seen it yet).

  59. I got the thought that as O’Reilly spoke, the President could just say in his head ” Blah,blah,blah,socialism. Blah, blah, blah hate you. Blah, blah blah liberal”

  60. I went over there to that one to see what was being said about the interview and Eclectablog has a great diary with funny tweets titled “Bill O’Reilly proves he’s not worthy to kiss Pres Obama shoe”. I am sure he has it on his own site so you don’t have to go over there.

    BUT along the way I saw…APA Guy did a TTFN cause he can’t stand the place the way it is anymore

    AND…Philly Boy ended a diary with “Because it’s starting to look like a disquietingly large number of Daily Kos members are entering Glenn Beck territory.”


  61. Most hilarious moment: PBO explaining the judiciary process to this idiot.

    The more i think about it, the more i actually enjoyed this interview. It was like playing with a little kid.

  62. I think you are right…perhaps O’Reilly seems so flustered because he knows PBO has his number.

  63. Me too I liked it. I think if you just listen to PBO and ingmore the other guy, I can see that you will enjoy it. I medan It was fun overall.

  64. Why do people hate you? Oreily wanted POTUS to say: Because I am Black! That would have been his headlines! POTUS to smart for him! But, everybody was thinking it! MEH!

  65. President Obama has to be one of the most, possibly the only, really “likable” President of my lifetime.

    It might be your life time is too short.

    You might pick up “The Kennedy Detail”, by Gerald Blaine (employed in this “detail”) and Lisa McCubbin (writer).

    The people in the Kennedy Detail (of the Secret Service) loved the First Family.

    At first you (innocent reader) think nothing of it – after all, everyone has to get along with their boss.

    But then, half way past the book, part of the “Kennedy Detail” is re-assigned to the (new) President LBJ. I am not going to quote the book, because you wouldn’t believe me – you have to read this yourselves.

    Some First Families are loved – and for a good reason – some “are just there”.

  66. Hmmm..interesting about APA guy because I was beginning to be concerned that he too had joined the PL in their extremism…I guess he returned to his inner voice of reason 🙂

  67. He agrees with you. Said he went to the dark side and was sorry and apologized for it all.

  68. You are a goddess to me. I work with people with disabilities, but go home at night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know the focus of your message was HC, but I needed to express my appreciation about your adoptions. I subbed for years with a school program for SED kids, many of them bounced around fosters. The children who were adopted by their foster or other parents have thrived beautifully.

  69. I “knew” APA Guy. Alwways reminded me of the class outsider trying to figure out which group to befriend to gain some reflected popularity. I remember well some vile things he said about PBO, high fiving the Slink types. I wonder if he’ll find his way here.

    So, they are losing more members? Bueno.

    I’m trying live in a negativity free zone this week. No pundits, no interest in what they say, no O’Liely.

    OTOH, I gave a small amount of money to OFA, and they sent me the gorgeous Obama family holiday card. I decided it was going to be retitled a “Get Well Soon” Card, 🙂

    And, BTW, please check out WIW’s blog. It’s a beaut! I’m there (in one of my “alters”)

  70. Why do people hate you? Because Bill, they are hateful, and they like to blame others for their inability to manage their own shortcomings. We all have the capacity to choose love over hate.

  71. I know many are upset with the way O’Reilly treated the President, I agree it was dis respectful, but there is a silver lining here. The president made all of his points, appeared professional and pleasant, and never lost his cool.

    I look at an interview with O’Reilly like a boxer punching the bag to get in shape. The Rresident looked so confident, relaxed and remained positive during the entire interview. Can you imagine how awesome he will be during the 2012 debates.

    I heard this phrase on another blog – ObamaProud

    I hope he enjoys the game.

  72. I “loved” the Kennedys and when both brothers were killed, my grief was terrible. I was working on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign when we got the news that he had been shot.

    My “love” for the Kennedys and for Jimmy Carter is very different than the “love” I feel for President Obama.

    President Obama just feel more like “one of us” to me than any other President we have ever had and sorry, but I have been around for quite a while. This is a personal thing for me so maybe you misunderstood my post.

  73. Absolutely! Great observation. He awes me with his presence, his unflappable aplomb and his grace under pressure.

  74. Men like O’Reilly who have been trained from birth to believe that they are masters of all they survey have problems when they run into others not like themselves who bust these types of myths. Once O’Reilly didn’t get PBO to “bite” by showing anger, he, like many bullies, was forced to back off. The “everybody hates you” accusation is all in O’Reilly’s mind. It’s a lie on its face because O’Reilly doesn’t know everyone in America, and I’m one of those everyones who loves the president. Fox and many of the conservatives have been on a campaign to make it appear as if everyone hates the president since before he took office. They know they’ve been unsuccessful at accomplishing the task, and this interview was only another opportunity for Fox to push its propaganda. Thank God we have a president who appears to be immune to this kind of madness.

  75. Yes, but you do go back every day. As a mom, I love my kids and would do anything for them but it is still is difficult at times. You help because you love your job. I need people like you. So don’t ever thing that you are not appreciated.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  76. I am not temperamentally suited to be POTUS. If I had an interview like this one with O’Reilly, I’d want to use lots of colorful language that isn’t suitable for teevee.

  77. ♥ majii. For myself when I get really angry and upset, I cry. Not good for the national TV.

    However, I think our dear President was more amused than disturbed by that sorry excuse for a reporter/journalist? pundit? quacking duck!!! who thought to somehow diminish our Prez in front of millions.

    I have no clue who won the Super Bowl but President Obama won big time today, imho.

  78. Yes, the love is different for me too, and the men are different.

    Never have I trusted a President like I trust President Obama.

    I think President Carter was also trustworthy, but as I said, I was not paying such close attention in those days.

    This Presidency is under the microscope unlike any in history, and I think he comes up looking good every time.

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