“Decline in the jobless rate was NOT a matter of discouraged workers dropping out”

Happy weekend guys,

1. President Obama’s weekly address, or as I would describe it in a very un-Obama way: START HIRING, YOU SELFISH BIG CATS!


2. Recovery!

Reuters: decline in the jobless rate was not a matter of discouraged workers dropping out


But the unemployment rate, which is drawn from a survey of households rather than business establishments, dropped to 9.0 percent from 9.4 percent in December, the lowest level since April 2009 and down nearly a full percentage point in the span of two months.


* January employment reports are typically tricky to interpret because the Labor Department makes adjustments to its population counts, which means comparisons to December are not always apples-to-apples when looking at the data from the department’s household survey. However, the agency said the labor force count did not change this time.

* Smoothed to take into account the change in the population count, the household survey showed the number of people reporting they were employed jumped by 589,000, and the number unemployed fell by 590,000.

* That means the decline in the jobless rate was not a matter of discouraged workers dropping out, something that had been a significant factor in previous months, but rather fully a sign of labor-market strength.

* The household survey is notoriously volatile, and economists are reluctant to read too much into any given month’s data. However, the job gains in this survey match up with strong readings on January manufacturing and services.

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3. Recovery!

Lower Jobless Rate Points to Payroll Gains, Economists Say

The plunge in U.S. unemployment over the past two months indicates payrolls are about to pick up, or may already have, economists said.

The jobless rate unexpectedly dropped by 0.4 percentage point in January for a second month, bringing it down to 9 percent, the lowest level since April 2009, the Labor Department’s survey of households showed today in Washington. The survey showed employment climbed by 589,000, swamping the 36,000 increase in payrolls reported by the government’s separate poll of employers.

While there is evidence that the payroll count may have been depressed by bad weather, that influence alone isn’t enough to explain the gap, economists said. The household survey is best able to capture employment in new business and also takes into account Americans who work for themselves, two areas that may be accelerating as the world’s largest economy improves.

“The household survey has a history of leading payrolls in a recovery, so we’re setting ourselves up for a pretty strong improvement in payrolls,” said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Pierpont Securities LLC in Stamford, Connecticut. “The numbers that look weak on the surface now will turn more robust by the March-April-May period. There’s ample evidence that firms are getting more comfortable about adding workers.”

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4. Bad, bad big government!

U.S. Awards $27 Million in SunShot Program to Reduce Cost of Solar Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded about $27 million to nine companies developing technology aimed at making solar energy more affordable.

The agency said its long-term goal is to cut the cost of utility-scale solar projects by 75 percent by 2020, to $1 a watt, according to a statement today.

Making solar systems more cost-effective would help meet President Barack Obama’s goal of generating 80 percent of U.S. electricity from renewable energy, natural gas, nuclear and so- called clean coal, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in a conference call today.

The energy department awarded $20.1 million in grants under its SunShot program to companies that are working to reduce the costs of solar energy.

North Lexington, Massachusetts-based 1366 Technologies Inc. received $3 million; St. Paul, Minnesota-based 3M Co. received $4.4 million; Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries Inc. received $3.1 million; and Gloucester, Massachusetts-based Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc. and Plainview, New York- based Veeco Instruments Inc. each received $4.8 million. The final amounts may vary, and the agency said it may award a total of as much as $20.3 million.

Four California companies were awarded $7 million under the department’s Photovoltaic Solar Incubator Program, which supports the commercialization of emerging solar technologies.

Pasadena-based Caelux, San Jose-based Solexant Corp. and Menlo Park-based Stion Corp. will each receive $1 million to develop viable prototypes over the next year. Santa Clara-based Crystal Solar Inc. will receive as much as $4 million to develop a pilot stage manufacturing process.



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  1. First parents heads to MD community center to watch Sasha’s basketball game.

    President Obama and First Lady Michelle are at the Jane Lawton Community Center in Chevy Chase, Md. to watch daughter Sasha at a basketball game.

    Motorcade left White House in drizzle at 8:22 a.m.

    Arrived Chevy Chase via Rock Creek Parkway and surface streets at 8:44 a.m.

    No POTUS or FLOTUS sighting.
    Holding in pool van.

    Read more: http://thepage.time.com/2011/02/05/showtime-2/#ixzz1D5yeqqlY

  2. By MOLLY BALL | 2/4/11 5:50 PM EST Updated: 2/4/11 6:10 PM EST
    For the first time ever, the Democratic National Convention will not accept donations from corporations, PACs or federal lobbyists in 2012.

    Individual contributions also will be capped — another first — at $100,000, according to the contract governing the convention.

    Democrats say the policy is in keeping with the fundraising focus that powered President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    “From the very beginning, President Obama has placed a high priority on increasing the influence of grassroots and individual donors, and this convention will go further in that direction than any convention ever,” Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse said.

    The committee aims to raise $36 million.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/48891.html#ixzz1D6363b3T

  3. I agree. I love opening up these mish mashes. Encouraging news goes a long way to sustaining the long process of creating positive change.

  4. Great idea on the part of the DNC (and the Obama campaign). This is leadership in the area of keeping our country and political process on the right track. I hope to be a part of raising funds for 2012.

  5. Good Morning All and thanks again BWD for encouraging news that our President is tirelessly working so hard to get America working again. If things keep improving we may have 5% employment by the end of this year or beginning of next year. I am in Pasadena, CA and I am pleased that one of the companies that received clean energy money was in my home town. It saddens me that the republicans are working so hard to make life miserable for the american people – no jobs, no unemployment, no healthcare, no protections and no media pointing it out.

  6. Meanwhile, CPAC is having like 8 panels on how to milk the life out of Citizens United. So very glad I’ve always been a Democrat.

  7. The New Start nuclear arms treaty limiting the number of atomic warheads the US and Russia are allowed to possess, has come into effect.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exchanged ratification documents at a conference in Munich.

    The treaty replaces the 1991 Start treaty which expired in December 2009.

    It was approved by the US Senate in December and by the Russian parliament last month.

    The papers exchanged in Munich had been signed by US President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev following an agreement made last April.

    Before the ceremony at the Munich Conference on Security Policy, Mrs Clinton said the treaty was “another example of the kind of clear-eyed co-operation that is in everyone’s interests”.

    She said that Washington was also was in talks with Russia about how the two countries can work together on other issues affecting their common security.

    Mr Lavrov called New Start “a product of the understanding that unilateral approaches to security are counterproductive”.


    MSM misses this too!

  8. Good morning, everyone! It’s so gratifying to see steady improvements in the economy. One of the things that struck me listening to President Obama’s address at the Prayer Breakfast was when he talked about how people are hurting and how all his efforts fall short of meeting the tremendous need. He didn’t try to evade this truth, but expressed his determination to do more and try harder. And he does. Everything from promoting exports to exploring every possible avenue of moving financial institutions to make credit available to small business, from constantly making his case for better education and infrastructure to promoting and celebrating every new enterprise moving the country towards a clean energy future, from always keeping the American worker in the forefront of economic planning to challenging old ways to doing business – our President leaves no stone unturned to make the country more competitive and more prosperous. I am confident that he will succeed and I am hoping that he will have more allies as things start to improve. In the meantime, he deserves our eternal gratitude for always keeping the well being of all of us ahead of narrow political considerations.

  9. Good morning everyone. I am here for a dose of good news.

    I had a really bad day yesterday. The criticisms about Obama not being on top of the coming Egyptian protests just about put me under.

    The person who is at the top of my “spit on you” list is Howard Fineman.

    It is strange, things are looking really great and then wham–I get knocked back by the uglies.

  10. Yes, yes, yes. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you can create positive change while focusing on the negatives coming at you.

  11. Well, look at this way, the MEDIA is growing bored with this story, yesterday I notice that the coverage did not dominate any news channel yesterday, and some website went back to reporting as normal. I think we all know this is clearly up to the Egyptian people. Howard Fineman knows that, which is why now the story changes to blame.

  12. From a lovely book sent to me by g:

    “If you want to have apples from your garden, you have to plant the seed of an apple tree. In a similar way, if you generate the positive attitude of the good heart and live your life with positive energy, you will do positive actions from which you will then experience peace and happiness, both temporary and ultimate. It’s a natural process.”
    Lama Zopa Rinpoche

  13. Thanks BWD for providing some light in a tunnel of darkness and fears. President Obama is getting stuff done. I have a good feeling about what he is trying to do.

  14. The most effective way we could render the lobbyists’ money worthless is to have an informed electorate who researched the candidates and actually voted on the issues rather than on the media soundbites and the advertisements. Let us do all we can to encourage the spread of real information.

  15. For Dorothy, who was looking for good news…

    Al Jazeera reports:

    Egyptian TV reports that Hosni Mubarak resigns as head of the ruling NDP party

    It will be interesting to see what happens next and whether it will satisfy the Egyptian people.

    Even though the loudest voices in our country are pushing for a humiliating exit for Mubarak and a swift election, more reasonable voices, even among the opposition parties, would like to see him and his cronies leave with dignity and for the country to take its time thinking about the way forward.

    The key to not getting “knocked backed by the uglies” coming from the inane criticism from the media, is to look at the utter silliness of their statements and conclusions.

    On the one hand they say the President hasn’t said anything.

    Well the Cairo “New Beginning” speech was definitely a very big something and every statement he has made since then in support of the Egyptian people has been the right words and the right tone.

    Others complain about him not influencing who the next leader will be.

    Really? People are looking at the utter fury of the Egyptian people with this leader and they think the right course is for the U.S. President to pick a leader for them?

    The situation is fluid and as tensions ease, I think people will appreciate the approach this President took, and the groundwork he laid for a respectful relationship with the Egyptian people in the post-Mubarak future.

  16. I had a rather disappointing back and forth with one of the young ladies at the circulation desk at work. Somehow we got on the subject of news, and I said that I haven’t watched US news in years. She was shocked, and tried to convince me that CNN was a good news source. I kept telling her about the BBC and AJE and France 24, but she didn’t quite get it. She said that I had to watch US news, because I lived in the US. Bless her heart, she’s a good person, and a firm Dem, but this is the attitude of most Americans.

  17. I just ignore the uglies. It’s amazing how well-informed you are when you don’t watch US media.

  18. Extremely well said from start to finish.

    Even though the loudest voices in our country are pushing for a humiliating exit for Mubarak and a swift election, more reasonable voices, even among the opposition parties, would like to see him and his cronies leave with dignity and for the country to take its time thinking about the way forward.

    Sometimes I think that the US would benefit if there were widely available courses in remedial kindergarten. I am very happy with President Obama’s adult, empathetic approach, which indeed is positive and takes a much longer view.

  19. Beautifully stated, particularly, your insight that POTUS is optimistic, yet he doesn’t gloss over the challenges of the current times. I agree and share your sense of appreciation.

  20. What I think is even worse is that there are some supposedly semi- progressive media types, like Chris Mathews, who keep repeating that in order for Pres Obama to be re-elected the unemployment number has to be 8% or below.
    Where did he get that from? How can you base his chances on re-election on one metric? If unemployment is 8.5% and Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee Pres Obama will not be re-elected? So many factors come into play that for him to say this is truly shallow.

    I had said I would quit listening to these jokers but now I’ve decided that I will listen to make sure that I am aware of these continuing memes so that I may in my small way refute them wherever I see them posted or whenever I hear them repeated.

  21. And don’t think that the rest of the world is ignoring the coverage of Egypt in our media. AJE had a report on last night on how the uprising was being reported on in the US. It said everything we’ve been saying: the US media is myopic, concerned primarily with how the protests will impact the US and Israel. They showed a clip of Bill O blaming AJ for the revolution, saying it always blames the US and Israel for conditions in the ME. It was truly embarrassing for me as an American.

  22. Thank you gn. I always appreciate your comments and everyone’s input in this wonderful place. I am working hard to get an OFA group together to act as a Rapid Response Team. We need to keep spreading real information and set the record straight whenever lies and distortions are used to bring down the optimism that is slowly emerging.

  23. Yes, Yes, Yes, He can all the way, and jusy ignore the naysayers whoever they are.
    Thank you BWD it’s a new day a wonderful day.

  24. A big thanks and a hug to everyone. I guess I have to stop watching any television. Lawrence and even Rachel right now.

    As old as I am, I have not developed enough of a hard skin.

    But, let it say it now. Barack Obama is superman. Let the games begin.

  25. This is indeed good news. It is the first step in improving the situation.

    “Fired up, ready to go.” Thank you.

  26. LL, I think it was Al Franken — or he was quoting a report — saying (about the weakness of the US Main Stream media), “The more you watch, the less you know.”

    This was about a decade ago.

  27. WIW, I wanted to let you know that I tried again to sign in, but no luck. That does not mean that I can’t lurk.

  28. pm carpenter does a nice job of calling out the gasbags with special emphasis on Tweety:

    February 04, 2011 (“MORNING JOKE”)

    Earlier on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” amid the usual chattering of Scarborough, Buchanan and Barnicle, Chris Matthews was playing the oldest, tiredest Beltway game in the book: Assessing the past, based on knowledge from the radically altered present.

    Why weren’t we focused on Egypt a month ago? Matthews demanded to know. How did we fail to vividly see its imminent, revolutionary stirrings? Why didn’t pertinent information from eyes on the ground there reach the very top here? Where was our human-intelligence infallibility and why, in short, weren’t Egypt and its president at the very core of intense interest among all U.S. foreign-policy apparatuses?

    This “presentist” game never seems to exhaust the punditocracy, but it sure does me. I realize there are enormous pressures on network talent to think of something to say, to fill those endless cycles of 24/7 bugabooing; but I also marvel at experienced hands, such as Matthews, who so desperately resort to the quickest of instant “insights”:

    There’s more at…


  29. Happy Saturday! Thanks for the mishmash BWD – speaking truth to light!

    The ONLY thing on which $arah Payme and I agree is that the US media is lame. I take everything they say with a grain of salt if I have time to waste or want to be amused and watch the news.

  30. gn, there’s an excellent piece in The Nation by Robert Dreyfuss (January 31, 2011) on who is behind Egypt’s revolt. Far from a leaderless rebellion, he writes, what we’re seeing now is the culmination of a number of strikes starting April 6, 2008.

    He writes that Egyptian dissidents “had spoken of a plan to organize together to topple Mubarak” and form a parliamentary democracy, a weakened presidency, and an empowered prime minister before the 2011 presidential elections.

    He writes that it’s a genuine grassroots movement lead by a man named Maher. He describes the movement as secular, and El Baradei as a transitional candidate to lead the changes needed for a new government.

    So the charge of chaos if Mubarak is forced out immediately appears questionable at best. This article is excellent with much information. He announced at the end of the piece that there will be an additional piece coming on The Muslim Brotherhood.

    This is the print version of the piece — http://www.thenation.com/print/blog/158159/whos-behind-egypts-revolt.

    I think I picked this up on another blog, but if it was someone here, thank you very much! It is a very informative piece.

  31. Thanks so much for the note Dorothy. It’s time to throw myself on the mercy of this group of experts and ask for help. I am using “blogger” to make my site. I have 4 options in the comment section:

    Anyone – includes Anonymous Users
    Registered Users – includes OpenID
    Users with Google Accounts
    Only members of this blog

    I currently have it set to Anyone
    but am thinking this is causing you guys problems.

    I just switched it to
    Registered Users – includes OpenID

    If anyone has a recommendation for what setting to use, please let me know. Clueless but happy.

  32. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes it plain: there is a perfect storm brewing that can not be ignored.

    ‘Strategic necessity’

    Mrs Clinton said at the meeting of the Middle East Quartet in the southern German city: “The region is being battered by a perfect storm of powerful trends.

    “This is what has driven demonstrators into the streets of Tunis, Cairo, and cities throughout the region. The status quo is simply not sustainable.”

    She said that with water shortages and oil running out, governments may be able to hold back the tide of change for a short while but not for long.

    “Some leaders may believe that their country is an exception – that their people will not demand greater political or economic opportunities, or that they can be placated with half-measures.

    “In the short term, that may be true; but in the long term that is untenable.”


  33. Before you give up entirely on MSM I need to mention that they seem to have a few articles on Reagan that are accurate.

    The title of the article is
    Ronald Reagan Myth Doesn’t Square with Reality

    I thought it was a typo when I first read it. The Myth vs Reality theme is a good one, I hope MSM applies it to health care, jobs, taxes, etc.

    And while Reagan somewhat slowed the marginal rate of growth in the budget, it continued to increase during his time in office. So did the debt, skyrocketing from $700 billion to $3 trillion. Then there’s the fact that after first pushing to cut Social Security benefits – and being stymied by Congress – Reagan in 1983 agreed to a $165 billion bailout of the program. He also massively expanded the Pentagon budget.

    Meanwhile, following that initial tax cut, Reagan actually ended up raising taxes – eleven times. That’s according to former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson, a longtime Reagan friend who co-chaired President Obama’s fiscal commission that last year offered a deficit reduction proposal.


    If a debate on social security ever comes up I hope President Obama brings up Reagan in the debate, what can the Republicans say?

  34. Dorothy – As old as I am, to borrow your phrase, you really made me smile!

    *Barack Obama is superman. Let the games begin.*

    Love it.

  35. Thanks again for this wonderful place you created for us, BWD….. it is always like a breath of fresh air, calming, and inspiring.

  36. What a beautiful quote! (giggle – I sent Sheila the book in appreciation for her generous friendship).

    Relatedly, DK has their new DK4 up. I went to bed thinking about it, about them, about us. I am so damned conscious of the preciousness of human life right now (Congresswoman Giffords’ situation) I do not get Kossacks.

    We are almost a different species here. Back when I hung in Orange, I’d often log off, feeling esquisitely grateful that due to a fortunate symbiosis of biology and environment, I was not one of them.

    Sheila, how lovely of you to reference that book.

  37. Too many reporters from all over the world have *become* the story, when they should merely be reporting the story. Of course it is beyond significant if there are government attempts to silence them or cut them off from stories. But to me, that’s not even the main story. The story isn’t about facebook, or CNN, or twitter. It’s about the potential for a group of people to get together and create a new style of government more appropriate for the needs of an increasingly young country. If this actually happens with relatively little bloodshed, and with no bombastic person representing the US in a flightsuit wagging fingers while using bullying rhetoric—that is the revolution. And the best type: peaceful, thoughtful, and designed for and by the people most affected by it.

  38. Thanks a million for the link! My hope (and it may be a naive one) is for *all* parties to lend their insights into creating a careful, organized transition into something new. As we can see here on blogs, change frightens even the most liberal people and can quickly descend into chaos. I agree that Mubarak’s time has come and gone, he should step aside, and want Egypt to have a very successful transition period, with all hands on deck and as little violence, both physical and rhetorical, as possible.

  39. You don’t have to listen to them, just as we don’t have to read DKos. Someday, when I grow up, I WILL be able to expose myself to the negative and remain centered, as POTUS can do. But, so no there yet. Second best option is to watch paint dry 🙂

    Or, sop up the sunroom. The ice seeped through last night, it is somewhat flooded. We are now concerned about collapse. My pretty sunroom..off to bring everything in, just in case..


  40. Joan,

    Thanks so much for that link – this is just the kind of thing I find so helpful in trying to understand what’s happening!

    Its impossible for me to read about Khaled Said and not think of Emmet Till.

    To all of that, I’d add the voice of 26 year-old Asmaa Mahfouz and the women of Egypt.

  41. DR,many in the media have much for which to thank our president. Name recognition, ratings and yes for some their very existence (i.e. Rachel/Ed/Lawrence on the T.V. machine). Since when has so many in this country been engaged for so long? Though we can appreciate good credible U.S. journalists doing factual reporting, these pundits know that we do not need them. So for attention and ratings, they resort to hyperbolic nonsense. They on the other hand need the president for their own survival, ratings and relevance (such as it is).

    It’s great to have this space to gather info and perspective.

  42. I’d just like to take a moment to say thanks too.

    I can’t comment much during the week – but I read everything!

    One of the places I participate online is populated by everything from Tea Partiers to more sane Republicans, Blue Dogs and leftists. I find myself constantly using stuff I read here in my discussions with them.

    You all are my “source” and I’m working to get the word out there beyond those of us who are already convinced.

  43. Hi – I wanted to post a compliment on WIW, but I cannot figure out where the glitch is – error messages, repeated messages telling me to sign up (I thought I did), etc.

    You are doing a beautiful job though!

  44. Let us know when you do that please hgerhard.. and I too thank you for your comment about POTUS, well said.

  45. Hello NLSP. It is a great place. So many knowledgeable people and the invaluable mishmash by our own BWD.

  46. That was super. He sounded pretty presidential himself there! I know BHO is our resident hottie, but I’m a JB lady myself.

    He was so clear, consise, confident. He and HRC are blooming. The Obama Effect.

    What a team!

  47. Thanks bwd for all you’re doing here- and thank you all of the commentors for your added links and thoughtful analysis.. I learn so much here everyday.. and I’m doing my best to pass it all forward.

    Happy Saturday All~

  48. Can someone please explain to me why POTUS poll numbers have dropped 10 points in four days? HE is now upside down in gallup daily!
    This Egypt thingy is being blamed on the President of the US of A! Very odd, the people and the electorate of American scare me, with their uninformed, knee jerk reactions!



  49. Hello everyone:) Think Progress has a good post up about the myths of Reagan.http://thinkprogress.org/2011/02/05/reagan-centennial/# What could it be, selective memory?(seems as if something is in the water…many suffer from this ailment)Just down and dirty post with facts. I like that. Check it out and then you can make some heads spin…like Rush the other day when a caller presented HIM with the facts! Rush evidently thought that Ronnie never raised taxes….opps!
    Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.”g” sorry to hear about your sunroom:( Spring will come soon…the groundhog said so!Think warmer with beautiful flowers, and buds on the trees…no one is immune from the nasty weather…even in Phoenix. Wednesday, I think the temp was 30 and the freezing wind was blowing about 40 mph…felt like 20 outside. Brrrr…we are NOT equipt to deal with that! That’s why we live here…certainly not for the liberal ideas, hell, ANY ideas!The place is a looney bin. The weather is ALL we have, and we haven’t even had that lately!Anyway,hope it’s salvagable.Just enjoying the intelligent conversations here…DCSandy, $arah Payme…FUNNY!If we say that enough, she may have to “trademark” THAT, too! Good lord, that woman will do anything for money. There’s a name for that, and it ain’t pretty!

  50. I would take these polls with a grain of salt. The media has been trying to make this Egyptian affair about POTUS (in a negative way), just as they did with the oil spill and other events since Nov 2008.

  51. Please stop obssessing over the President’s poll numbers. The 50
    % approval was never going to stay.Just ignore and calm down.

  52. LL, next time you talk to her you might want to tell her this; when the shootings happened in Tucson, we got the first info and most informative from BBC, Tele and Uni. It was nearly two hours before local stations were reporting. CNN and other American news agencies were reporting Gabby as dead until corrected by other sources.

    We really don’t do news in the US anymore. If anyone wants to know what is really happening in the world and even in their local areas, you need international sources who actually do NEWS.

  53. Polls? We don’t need no stinkin’ poll! 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about that…probably a typo, or a way to drum up the next faux storyline to tie in to the Egypt story…who knows. I wouldn’t waste the time…For once, DK has positive poll numbers 50/45 last time I checked. Same there. Who cares.

  54. I agree with you about letting Marbarak “leave with dignity” The man may be a despot, dictator, awful person but it may very well be in the best interests of Egypt and her people to let him retire with a few tatters of his pride and dignity. His days are over, let him:
    Via Con Dios.

  55. For those of you in the L.A. area: KCET is carrying AJE live. I just tuned into it. I’m not sure if it’s all day long, but I thought I’d put it out.

  56. What with all the angst here today? I don’t get it. The only thing that can stop PBO from getting another term – maybe – is the unemployment rate, and its going down fast. The rest is going pretty well, that Egypt thing will be forgotten just like the oil spill and all the other Katrinas. I really don’t get why there’s so much anxiety here lately, so I’d love some explanation.

  57. ♥ Sweet Dorothy! Stop watching the quackers. They are ducks of “little brain” with no real character and sad shriveled souls.
    Their work is not to inform but to criticize and inflame.

    Here is a toast for you, raise your glass or cup and say this:


  58. They are scared about Egypt. Easier to blame someone than learn abput the intricacies of the situation. Riots in the street – CREEPY – doesn’t feel good – need to discharge unpleasant sensations – vent at POTUS. Better now.

    Sidebar: Whooping in the streets of Kosland because of poll numbers. Yoga positions even I couldn’t get into (been doing Yoga since college, Which was in the Middle Ages at Gisborne Svhool of Yoga) trying to correlate the numbers with Rahm not respecting them.

    Hope Sasha won!

    (yeah, getting a tad hyper here :))

  59. its related! And relelvasnt to what is going on. The MSM is again trying to smear him! Ignore it if you like, I want to know why People beleive everything they hear!
    And why can’t his polls stay above 50%? They better, if he wants to win a second term. You know, anything above 50% you win! HELLO!

  60. No angst here. (personal angst, and my sunroom may cave in) but cool otherwise.

    IF some of our members are being affected by the weather – it’s getting to us in NE. Pissy moods.

  61. We had something similar happen to a sun porch many ago. If you can get a heat tape from the hardware store plug it in to melt ice from the roof. A wet/dry vac will suck up water from the floor and you might have to dig out ice and snow from around your foundation.

    I loved my sun porch. I so hope you can save yours. ♥

  62. When PBO was still down in the daily polls, PPP showed him handily beating all the major GOP candidates. No need to panic yet.

  63. That is my whole point! They wnat to blame someone for what is happening in egypt, and that is POTUS! I am right about that! I just know it! And of course, people beleive it! I cannot wait til he starts to campaign, boy, are people going to be surprised about all the smears that he will be able to answer to, including this one!

  64. Because it gets a little disconcerting to turn on the MSM and get your news! The powers that be are playing d.c games against this President!
    Also, the HCR ruling will be huge in 2012! Which is why hatch is calling for kagan to recuse herself! Cross your fingers!
    But, the good things that POTUS does, will get ignored! That is dangerous and propaganda!
    Also, the msm is covering BUSH(GW) for being denied to speak in swiss!
    Why? You know IT is torture related.
    But, MSNBC just said it was because of left wing groups that were protesting and they feared for his safety(like he was a victim or somethng)!
    You see, propaganda!
    Thus, we need more blogs like yours to get out the message!


  65. No angst here, BWD. I had a tough personal week being sick and with heating problems but my son started back to work Monday after over a year unemployed and my niece got news yesterday that she has been hired by a Solar Company here. This is the job she wanted so much.

    This family is over the moon with happiness. I guess I am stuck on the small picture when good jobs happen one by one.

    I bless our Prez every day for what he does and I personally know 22 voters of my family here in AZ who will proudly cast their votes for Barack Obama in 2012!

  66. Hello g.. I am so sorry to read about your sunroom. I’m not sure if what you’re going through is similiar to my problems a couple weeks ago: I had snow/ice melting in my son’s bedroom and through the area just above our front door (interior).. our storm door was completely iced up.. horrible mess. Anyway after reading a bit online, I learned we were experiencing ‘ice damns’.. and what I did was to pour ice melt into cut up pantyhose, tie hemp/string to the end and then toss them up on my gutters (after pulling down what snow I could first).. I didn’t want them stuck on the roof, because the melt can damage the roof, but I needed to clear some of the ice in the gutters to allow the melting off the roof. IT WORKED. Of course things have iced and melted and re-iced so many times this winter, that I fully expect it will happen again. Right now no leaks. I did remove the pantyhouse- but suspect with the six-8 inches of snow now on the roof, that I will be needing to do it again. I don’t know if this helps, I didn’t grow up in this kind of cold environment, so it was news for me. Take care~

  67. They have short memories! The election will be about jobs, not Egypt! I followed polls obsessively, I must admit, when I was on DK. Gave that up along with the aforementioned blog.

  68. Sometimes I think that the US would benefit if there were widely available courses in remedial kindergarten.

    Yikes ! I’m glad I’d put down my beer before reading your post – I’d certainly ruined the fine netbook I’m typing this on …

    Yeah, I know: it isn’t really classy to laugh about the intelligence of citizens of other countries, but the preponderance of the evidence …

  69. Thank you so much. Yes, my husband said it was ice damns. He did what he could up there, we’re having roofing people come out, insurance people for the damage (carpeting).
    It’s a pain, but my sense of perspective is pretty intense these days, no biggie.

    I feel worse for the animals crushed in barns.

    Thanks, amiga.

  70. I agree about Egypt working out just fine. Pundits seem to think he has to say “just the right thing” every minute. Nah. He has been supportive and respectful of the Egyptians, that’s enough for now.

    What will matter is what he and Clinton do in the months ahead. He will do what he always does. Reach out, offer to form partnerships, respect the new leaders, extend opportunities to Egyptians. Be a nice guy and a great leader.

    I am not sure if I found this article here (then sorry for the repeat) but it mentions his willingness to offer students a chance to study in America. Eventually this type of positive action gets noticed and if it doesn’t we will help it get noticed. So to those who have angst, relax, the Calvary (er make that the BWD warriors) have arrived.


  71. Isn’t that interesting…

    I’d love to “blame” him for what is happening in Egypt.

    I think its a marvelous movement for democracy that has so far – excluding Mubarak’s thugs – been amazingly peaceful.

  72. It’s been like this since the campaign, we should be use to it and do what we can to spread the truth. And, iy’ll be good to learn from PBO – he couldn’t care less of the day-to-day news cycle or polls.

  73. Agreed, but it is called positive reinforcement. The MSM keeps doing it, because they get results!
    Luckily, POTUS is a master campaigner, if you recall, they tried to do this to him in the camapgin., but he was able to answer them, at every turn!
    Now, he has to govern and they have him in that d.c. bubble! Not a good place for any politician going against so much of the establishment.
    Anyways, POTUS will speak to it on sunday, as the MSM needs to be fed!

    Thanks for the discussion!

  74. You are believing a pollster that had the dems down 10 one week, then up 7 the next week before the midterm elections.Secondly this is Feburary 2011 ,not 2012. The president got plenty of time to get his numbers up. And yes his approval ratings are not going stayed sbove 50 because of the economy.

  75. BWD: This blog is awesome! However, We need to discuss issues that need to be resolved! This surely can be awarded that premise!
    Also, Hysteria, ok, I will turn it down a notch!


  76. And then we lost 63 seats in the HOUSE! This can easily be remedied by POTUS beginning his campaign. But, as long as these issues come up, while he is trying to govern and solve problems, they can smear him!
    Hopefully, when the campaing begins, he will not be below 40 and will be able to recover!

  77. We should also not forget that, due to the way the polls are taken, the margin of error is +- 3 %.

    So just by pure chance a difference of 6 % from one poll to the next one is possible.

  78. PS: I neglected to tell you how much this site lifts my heart every day. BWD, you are so one of my personal heroes. Thank you for what you do to inform us and keep us in a positive space.
    ♥ dear Lady of Truth, Light and Courage.

  79. BWD: As you know, I do what I can to spread the truth, Like you! And, We need everyone to do just that! Also, I think supporters are geting the message out, more and more!
    In essence, Maybe we could start some sort of snail mail of positive news!


  80. Jovie, I come here because my position is that President Obama is a great president and is doing incredible things for this country every day. All this information that bwd and others are posting it the truth. It’s in the media. It’s real.

    The Presient is focused on what he wants to create and steady on his path. It doesn’t matter what others think. He is creating. They aren’t.

    If a person were to stand and look to the side at what others were saying or look behind them, they wouldn’t get very far.

    I trust this President to do the right thing and I support him.

    Don’t pay attention to the negativity. From everything I’ve seen it’s peoples fears, opinions and interpretations. They aren’t offering solutions and President Obama not only offers them, he takes action on it.

  81. Make that 4 more! My son will vote in his first election in 2012, and come to think of it, my daughter, too:) She just missed out on the Presidential election in 2008, but we’re all fired up and ready to go…providing our crazy assed legislature doesn’t try to keep him off the ballot due to the birth certificate that doesn’t suit them….the crazy never sleeps here in AZ.Now THAT would be a sh*t storm of epic proportions!

  82. You get a ‘good sport hug’, for accepting a bit of advice like an adult. I, personally, suck at that.


  83. To save your carpet vac up as much water as you can with a wet/dry vac and then spread a heavy layer of “Fresh Step” kitty litter over the carpet, at least 1/2 inch or more. Leave it and don’t walk on it for several days. When everything is good and dry. Take a broom and dust pan to sweep up most as you can, then vacuum. I’ve saved flooded carpets three times with this method.

    This will work as long as you don’t have any more water coming in and you get up as much water as you can initially.

    Sorry, I can’t help offering “granny” remedies from so many years of dealing with stuff like this.

  84. It worked in California and it can work on a grander scale in 2012. Meg Whitman outspent Jerry Brown and she lost miserably. Granted she did not have the dirty tricks of the GOP opportatives behind her but we need to send a message…The Presidency, the USA and Democracy is not for sale to the highest bidder.

  85. And unless the Republicans have a real prodigy we haven’t heard about, the guality of his competition is going to be mediocre at best. There is a reason why there hasn’t even been one [i]official[\i] competitor yet. I mean this is about a year before the Iowa Caucuses (going to be in February this time). Iowa is a state that needs organizing and handling to win, and that takes a lot of money and loving care. Then there’s New Hampshire. Neither state is a state you can just drop in and win a few weeks before. You would think the ground would be thick by now.

    Another reason may well be Obama’s approval rating. He hovers around 45-50 percent, higher than even Reagan at this stage. Can you name a state that he might lose that he won the last time? Maybe Ohio, but Ohio may be deceptive.

  86. Well, I’ve noticed that his poll numbers go up when the MSM seems to be dialing back their attacks. Post-Tucson the rhetoric cooled considerably. The “lame” duck session took the MSM by surprise. They were so busy reporting what happened that they couldn’t even catch a breath long enough to criticize him. The SOTU was so breathtakingly wonderful, they couldn’t find their vindictive voices.

    Then Egypt went pear-shaped and they were off to the races. POTUS didn’t give them the red meat they were looking for…he was cool and detached from the process by their standards, so they went off on him, day in and day out for a week.

    When the MSM leave the President alone, or even praise him, his poll numbers go up. When they go into attack mode his numbers go down. Simple cause and effect.

  87. Oh good grief, my spelling has really suffered with my brain damage.. it does keep me on my toes, thank you for spotting it, I’m still laughing.

  88. Oh how awful about the animals, I hadn’t heard about that g. I never even thought about the insurance.. duh, good idea. Sheesh. Good though I’m glad things are in hand.

  89. A poll taken on Feb. 4, 2011 will be totally forgotten about by Feb. 6, 2011, if not sooner. Thank God President Obama doesn’t govern according to the fluctuations of the various daily polls. This is a long game, and Nov. 2012 is a long, long ways away (especially in political terms). Assuming the economy improves sufficiently I believe Pres. Obama will win reelection rather easily (I mean who can win a debate against our President? Seriously, who?). President Obama has grown in stature throughout his presidency, as his political opponents have shrunk, and I expect that trend to continue.

  90. Loved your link and I learned of some women I didn’t know about before, especially the Chinese power ladies.

  91. WiW: Thanks for your research. I went to the site, read and wrote a letter (first time doing so at Salon – as per our recent discussion here about participating more ;)), then went back to your site to leave a comment. Being VERY easily frustrated when technology doesn’t work for me, I gave up after several attempts to post my comment. This is not the first time I’ve gone by to support you and given up when I couldn’t make it work for me. Why do we need to go through so many steps to post? Smart person that I am (not :)), I can’t seem to follow when there’s too much back and forth to get stuff online.

  92. jovie, I have been watching too. Everywhere you go, except for a few sites like this, they are spewing garbage at our Pres. Of course it impacts his numbers.

    We have to hang together and and keep going.

    Listen to me trying to give advise. I was here first thing in the morning crying tears of defeat.

  93. desraye, I have to say that I am wondering if the media will ever let up?

    Maybe this will be a Truman vs. Dewey situation. All the polls said Truman would lose in a landslide. Papers had already printed headlines say Dewey won, when in truth Truman had won.

  94. Yesterday I wa listening to Randy Rhoads play a caller who got through on Rush Limbaugh. It was soooooo gooooood. This young guy wanted to know why republicans liked Ronald Reagan when he raised taxes, cut and ran after the barracks at a military base was bombed in liberia, grew the deficit, grew government, lied to congress, etc. All Rush could say is he did not know if he could “explain it” to him to understand why. It was so sweet!

  95. Great Video of a passionate and confident VP Biden. Thanks WIW for the link and for the excellent work you are doing on your blog.

  96. Well, for someone who has brain damage, you must have a whole lot of brain cells. I admire your writing and thoughts.

  97. Just working down the thread (after taking a looong phone call)and noticed that others are having a similar problem. Hope someone can help you sort it out soon.

  98. Thanks Liberal Libraian. I am in Calif and watch KCET. Also, you don’t have to have cable to get this channel.

  99. Hi desertflower,

    I heard the caller to Rush Limbaughs show on the Randi Rhoads show Friday. It was soooo good. This young guy got through the screener and really asked him some good questions why the GOP love Ronald Reagan when today he would be teabagged. So sorry you are in AZ with the craziness of wanted to seceed. Did you see Lawrence McDonnell The Last Word when he pointed out that they are going against the constitution that they love so much by negating Federal laws they don’t like. Americans can take a lesson from the Egyptian people.

  100. Sorry to hear about your sunroom being flooded. I would be worried about the ceiling collapsing too. Please be careful, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, and to all the people who were affected by this terrible storm.

  101. Speaking of powerful women, who wouldn’t want to work for Elizabeth Warren if they had the cred?http://www.consumerfinance.gov/jobs/ They’re hiring!!! Thank goodness for her. She has been a beacon of hope for the middle class. It was a proud day when oour President tapped her for this important job.Are we lucky, or what?!

  102. ‘Listen to me trying to give advise. I was here first thing in the morning crying tears of defeat.’

    This is a testament to the power of our positive community, that you came in ‘sad’, but are now in a position to hold out a supporting hand to another! Good stuff, Dorothy! 🙂 I guess I would say we are getting practice now on building a support team, so that we’ll be pros by the time the pressure escalates in 2012. As family members here have repeatedly pointed out, we now have a ‘home'(@ BWD’s) or two (@ OBD’s) etc. to return to for solace when the world shows its meanness. We may not have as many homes as Senator McCain, but what we have is prime! 😉 Blessings, BWD!

  103. TTFN had special meaning on DK. Communicated the posters plan to stop blogging for a while. Here it just means the original electronic messaging shorthand TA TA FOR Now. We’re going out to dinner, LOL. Husband has been great about taking me out lately 🙂

  104. Uh, guys? Can you please remind me not to read comments on certain other websites, and instead just tell me to hit my head against the wall if I’m so inclined?

    (Ouch, my frontal lobe!)

    Hey, just for laughs, remember when the “Catfood Commission” was nothing short of the great sword of Damocles hanging over the velvet throat of Social Security?! LOL! The Pro-Left howled!

    And then, and then…uh…the “Catfood Commission” just up and dissolved like a popcorn fart in a hurricane?! Tee-Hee!

    Oh, and remember…uh….when Old Man Alan Simpson woke up, peed himself a little, and said the word “Tit”, or “Teet” in reference to Social Security?! And remember how it was totally of the most dire national, political importance for Obama to fire Ole’ Grandpa Simpson?! And how Obama “caving” by not firing Alan Simpson would result in old ladies having to choose between “Frisky’s” and “Fancy Feast?”

    Ahhh, good times. Anyone else recall some of the Pro-Left’s many metldowns?

  105. ·oooO·.·.·.·.·.·.·.
    ·.·Rock Wuz Here 🙂 .·.

  106. I surely don’t see or feel anything exceptional in that vein around here this week.

    Maybe you’re getting more hate mail than usual that you have to mod and that colors your perception no? Just a thought…

    I mean, the comments are like 99% info, constructive thoughts on said info and heartfelt thanks. We lost the 1 commenter who had a different bent, but was still traveling to the same destination.

    Now for some real anxiety and angst, I’ve got just the place to visit….LOL Just kidding, wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  107. Ahhh yes…such unfond memories…

    The post-midterm meltdown has to be included on the greatest hits collection. I mean, nothing was going to get done in the lame duck 111th. NOTHING. Seinfeld was more about something than the lame-duck. Except for a lot got done and they had to move on to the next faux outrage.

    It’s quite a collection in wrongness.

  108. JoJotheCat…I didn’t hear it, but I did read about it:) Love Randi…she probably had some GOOD fun with that one!Ah, AZ.What do I say? These people are flat out,the most batshit crazy people I have ever seen. Not all of us in AZ are like that…of course, but the loonies always seem to come out of the woodwork and rant the loudest. Actually, since ANYTHING they say is always out of the mainstream, they get a lot of news coverage and press.Yeah, the Constitution they swore to uphold when they all took their oaths of office, is the very same one they have an issue with!We have 2 recall petitions circulating…one to recall the fake Gov. Brewer and one to recall the real Gov. Russell Pearce.Both are more than a few bricks shy of a full load.There are so many of them…they literally FILL the entire legislature here, so it doesn’t look good for the people of AZ. The amount of money they love to spend on lawsuits here is stupifying…looks like we’ll pony up a few more millions. Yet they do nothing for AZ. Nothing. No job plans, no growth plans, cut everything to the bone, and into the marrow.As you know, we have our very own death panels here, as the fake gov. has deemed all these people unimportant and unnessary. 100 people on death watch.This from the party that espouses to value life.The stench of the hypcrocy is lost on so many here.Cuts to education, cuts to healthcare,cuts to public services, sold the legislative offices and the Capital,(we rent those now)millions of homes underwater,millions more empty,brown people targeted because of the color of their skin,no jobs, but by gosh and by golly,let’s question the Feds and tell them to keep their noses out of our business!It’s depressing. I could go on and on…but why?You get the picture. Stupid is as stupid does.Batshit crazy. That’s all there is to say about that.Lots of us are sorry about the state of affairs here, but we can’t afford to leave. I wish I could…at least after my son graduates from HS.He wants to go to Yale…maybe I can get myself back home:)

  109. All the seniors we have in AZ is a lot of the problem. The clash of generations.Very apparent.They are scared of everything and everyone…which is why it’s not hard for the hate mongers to spew their garbage and make it stick. My parents live in FL.Same stuff, different state:)

  110. I thought I heard that Karl Rove’s organization pumped a million into her campaign? Not sure if that was confirmed.

  111. There used to be a fight the smears link on the ofa site during the campaign with all the information to counter each new smear. Seems like it should be an ongoing site. Like media matters does.

  112. STAYING IN TOUCH: President Obama on Saturday spoke to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany about the situation in Egypt.

    According to the White House, the president “discussed his serious concern about the targeting of journalists and human rights groups, and reaffirmed that the government of Egypt has a responsibility to protect the rights of its people and to release immediately those who have been unjustly detained. The President emphasized the importance of an orderly, peaceful transition, beginning now, to a government that is responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people, including credible, inclusive negotiations between the government and the opposition.”

    In addition, the president and Chancellor Merkel “reviewed developments in the broader Middle East, including today’s Quartet meeting in Munich.”
    The White House on Saturday welcomed the resignation of Gamal Mubarak, son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, from the nation’s ruling party.

    “As the president has repeatedly said, Egyptians will be the ones that decide how this transition occurs. We welcome any step that provides credibility to that process,” said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor in a statement.

    But a senior administration official said those steps weren’t enough – and suggested that Mubarak needs to take “additional steps” to quell the chaos in the streets of Cairo, which is threatening to sink Egypt’s already foundering economy.

    glenn thrush-

  113. Joe Weisenthal | Feb. 4, 2011, 9:25 AM |
    Pretty much everyone’s scratching their heads this morning at the jobs report. In part that’s because the two numbers — the new jobs created number and the headline unemployment number — diverged.

    But beyond that, there’s something amiss, and it seems safe to assume that the BLS is just not good at counting. Remember, the BLS isn’t gospel on this. It doesn’t “know” anything special. It’s just an organization trying to make a guesstimate.

    And really, the BLS is probably just wrong. Here’s why:

    The number doesn’t jibe with improving initial claims.
    The ADP numbers continue to be very strong.
    Employment components of the ISM are good.
    Employment components of the regional Fed surveys have been very good.
    The stock market doesn’t buy the labor market weakness.
    The CURRENCY market doesn’t buy that there’s going to be more easing.
    The Challenger survey is strong.
    So when you have all these other indicators saying no, you just have to Occam’s Razor it and conclude that the BLS is wrong.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/its-pretty-obvious-that-the-bls-is-just-incorrect-about-the-jobs-situation-2011-2#ixzz1D8WRg88h

  114. No worry about the birth certificate: they are just trying to sow doubt. The SOS of Hawaii has certified the president’s birth certificate. Just another example of the GOP belief that if you repeat a lie long enough people will come to believe it as truth.

  115. I get alot of my stories from politico, but this one is unreal! The headlines over there is: Obama is carter! You see? Crap!

  116. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @shannynmoore: .@SarahPalinUSA, the only thing u have to add to #Egypt is a “How to Quit” primer for #Mubarak. Now #STFU. You’re embarrassing #Alaska.

  117. Lol.. and there we have Sarah Palin in a nutshell.. and yes I do intend that pun.

    Very funny tigerfists, I enjoy your tweets… twitters?

  118. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @BorowitzReport: Palin’s Advice to #Mubarak: “Keep As Many Free Clothes As You Can Take With You” #Grifter #Egypt #Jan25 #TeamFollowBack

  119. Politico’s silly headlines say much more about their unhealthy and disturbing obsession with President Obama than it says about who Obama is or isn’t.

  120. WWATGD?

    Thanks so much for the Alexander the Great article, overseasgranny. It was very telling.

  121. HCR without a PO is a shit sandwich.
    Obama is a puppet controlled by Rahmgeithersummers. DADT will never be repealed because Obama is a homophobe. Obama will not help the AA community. There will never be transparency from this WH. Obama sleeps with bankers. If Obama does not follow the script screamed at him by progbloggers, his speeches will suck. He will never get legislation passed because he lets Reps move the football. Joe Biden needs to be replaced. All efforts should go toward helping KO fight The Man. Rachel Maddow should primary Obama. Jon Stewart should be her running mate. Cenk Unger should be press secretary. They are OK with BO. Obama will have a cabinet of two, because by 2011, he will have stumbled out of the WH on charred feet to throw everone else under the bus. All left leaning bloggers will be exiled to Siberia without WIFI.

  122. hehe…From my twitter timeline:

    RT @JeffDomingues: Realized he forgot black T-shirts. @andersoncooper: It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave #Egypt. Hard decision to leave.

  123. When we react to a slight slippage in the polls or to a smearing story by the MSM or the blosphere, we let them sap our energy and distract us, which is probably the goal in the first place. It’s exhausting to go up and down in mood swings and it leaves less energy to do what we need to do provide balance in a toxic media environment.

    I think it helps to do something positive. Write a letter to the editor; host a pro-Obama house party; call your local Democratic committee or join OFA and start working on strategies for 2012.

    This is also mid-winter blues time when everybody is sick to death of snow, ice, cold and being stuck indoors. Hard to be positive when the weather makes you blue.

    But…we’re more than halfway to Spring now and if we’re lucky we might start to see crocuses here in PA in two or three weeks. Yeah!!

  124. You are right. The American voter is not very concerned with Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen…they are interested in their own lives. Are they getting better or worse? So I wouldn’t worry at all. The unemployment rate declined to 9%. To me, along with the 1.1 million jobs created in the last 11 months, that is the big news. If we can get into the 8’s somewhere, we will be okay. Egypt got so much play becaue the journalists were attacked. They made themselves part of the story. It was kind of funny to see A Cooper in his “undisclosed location.” Looking out of the corner of his eye. For the first time, some of those talking heads had to do some real reporting, and what happened? Most of them folded. They don’t know how to do it anymore. If they can’t have the live cameras running, there is nothing to report???

  125. I would lmao if this was not what we have been hearing for the last 2 years from the left at that. Jeez I get the the right being big time haters but the Left? *sigh*

  126. Preciseley! But when he campaigns he can go over their heads, as he does 4 events a day, they are forced to cover him!

  127. http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/ A gift to all of you that need a belly laugh to cheer you up and get you out of your “winter funk”.These women just seem to know the right thing to say…and don’t mind saying it.Fair warning…don’t have food or drink in your mouth while you read:)Enjoy.

  128. Pollster.com points out very convincingly that one poll tells us nothing, we need to see an average over time to know were PBO stands

  129. Just in case anyone does go to the site, the post up now is anything but funny.It’s important and a frightening look at where they want to take us again.As a donor to Planned Parenthood,I too, urge you all to donate if you can.

  130. To be expected. After the Tucson speech and the SOTU, they had to quick, quick, find something to stop President Obama’s momentum.

    Hang on to your hats folks. The republicans have nothing else but fear. They had begun to use islamophobia in the past two years but they’re going to ramp it up a million times. Part of it is pure cynism. Another part of it is that they haven’t understood yet that the world is changing. And they’ll blame President Obama for it.

    It continues to be a battle of hope over fear. Courage over cowardness. Calmness and patience over hysteria. Unity over division. And, most of all, love over hate.

  131. good advice jackie and good sense.. the indoors all the time really starts to get to me for sure.

  132. Well I am laughing my ass.. my cat is sitting in my lap- also laughing his ass off.. I’ll post photos tomorrow 🙂

    Seriously though at first I thought what the heck is going on.. BWD let this crazy mofo post this bs.. then took a second look at the name ‘g’.. and realized what an artist you are at mimicing the knuckleheads-

    But yes I agree, that its also heartwrenching when we realize all of this and more has been written about this President- with the sole purpose of causing him political harm.

  133. Excellent analysis of the Egyptian situation by commenter Tarheel dem at Booman Tribune.
    Have a look!

  134. That is an excellent bit of news, symmetry11.

    Although it may (like so much else) have gone unnoticed by the pundits, the Obama administration’s policies have succeeded in taking an unadulterated disaster inherited from the Bus administration in the Middle East, and turning it into something that, while it is by no means a clear-cut success (and nor is it likely to be), does at least look like it might be salvagable.

    US military operations in Iraq will be wound down completely this year, and from the mid-year onwards the process of withdrawing from Afgahnistan as well should hopefully proceed on schedule.

    If the crisis in Egypt can be resolved successfully, and if he continues to push successful diplomatic ventures in the region, then PBO may well depart office with a Foreign Policy legacy in the Middle East more positive and profound than any previous POTUS.

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