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  1. What an amazing poster that Egyptian is brandishing. Sends chills down my spine.

    Actually, I see this being used against whoever wins the GoTea 2012 nomination in conjunction with Obama Hope posters, say Romney or Palin pics with Nope underneath.

  2. OMG! Bless these people, keep them safe and give them a chance to build real democracy in Egypt.

    I would definitely say they were listening to President Obama’s speech in Cairo.

  3. Oh hi LL,

    I just wanted to know because of your ROKU post yesterday I was able to get the wonderful news stream package which includes AJ and the BBC. I am just thrilled so thanks again.

  4. I found a wonderful article on the Al Jazeera English site this morning by David Africa. Its in the Opinion column. Anyway it compares the tactics he calls “third force” strategies employed by the apartheid South African government to those of the Mubarak regime in trying to undermine the protesters. I found such a strong similarity with the Tea Party strategy that it took my breath away. Sorry I don’t know how to link. Hope some can find it.


  6. The developing situation in Egypt makes me all the more convinced that we need to work in unison and not fall prey to attempts to divide us. The President and OFA that I am a part of keep such good discipline about not returning in kind, not lashing out at anyone, just keep the ball moving forward. Today as I hear how important it is for the protesters in Egypt to stay disciplined and peaceful I more than ever understand how the President’s resolve to respect, empower and include and not to take the bait of the provocateurs is so important.

  7. Violent revolutions, more often than not, lead to violent outcomes. It truly is to the credit of this country’s founders that their violent throwing off of British rule didn’t lead to strongman politics. The French and Russian revolutions didn’t fare as well. It’s often only through peace that anything meaningful can be accomplished.

  8. That’s wonderful. However, I don’t know if it’s me or the Roku, but my AJE stream keeps timing out. It’s been quite annoying. Let me know if you have the same problem, if you would be so kind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. So true…”the end is present in the means.”

    And I’m don’t tend to be one of those patriotic nationalists, but have so often thought of how grateful I am to our founders that they broke that pattern.

  10. I think the founders had an example in another revolution that took place only a scant hundred years before: the Glorious Revolution in the UK, which, though peaceful, led to the ouster of James II, and the idea that Parliament, not the monarch, is supreme.

  11. Today in my local Minneapolis paper an article on Egypt talked about how the people/protesters there believe that the U.S. has been too timid about calling for Mubarak to stand down. It also said they have no respect for American and aren’t counting on us for any help anymore. This confuses me. President Obama, IMO, has taken a strong, deliberate, and thoughtful approach. Maybe it’s just the MSM negative spin again.

  12. :-D,thinkinoutthebox,

    Whoever invented the moniker “GOTea” surely wants us to spread the word!

  13. I just noticed that one of the people holding that sign has a t-shirt with a crescent moon and a cross. These are the kinds of images that inspire me!

  14. According to AJE, the army arrested Mubarak supporters trying to enter Liberation Square.

  15. Well, AJE is being proactive. From its website, they have a link where you enter your zip code, and takes you to a page that shows you your local cable/satellite companies. You can then send an email to your provider to request that they carry AJE. Just sent it off to Dish Network.

  16. As some have said here repeatedly: Let the President communicate directly with the people and he will be understood.

    Apperently, this also works over time zone and cultural barriers.

    Let the good times roll !

  17. According to AJE, the pro-Mubarak rallies number “in the hundreds”. And probably paid by the NDP to turn out.

  18. Obama, is a world icon. Too sad and too bad that many Americans on both ends of the political spectrum are slow on the uptake to understand that this man can be a force of global good.

  19. I love that poster and have been enjoying the comments and updates as always.

    I wanted to share something funny that I just ran across — an Onion article that hits the GOP agenda right on the head. Humor is a powerful force for good.

    Republicans Vote To Repeal Obama-Backed Bill That Would Destroy Asteroid Headed For Earth


    “We believe that the decisions of how to deal with the massive asteroid are best left to the individual,” King added.

    Repealing the act, which opponents have branded ‘Obamastroid,’ has been the cornerstone of the GOP agenda since the law’s passage last August. Throughout the 2010 elections, Republican candidates claimed that the Democrats’ plan to smash the space rock and shield citizens from its fragments was “a classic example of the federal government needlessly interfering in the lives of everyday Americans.”

  20. President Obama has stated over and over again that change has to come from the bottom up. People should be very careful about what they wish for; our previous administration was really good for jumping into situations feet first, demonizing opponents, and throwing around the type of red meat rhetoric which certain people seem to crave. That didn’t end well for us, or the countries which that administration targeted. What others view as timidity, I view as a turn away from classic American bellicosity, and it’s long overdue IMO.

  21. Thanks LL and cuphalfful — Africa’s opinion piece was indeed very, very good.

    Which goes to show that if you want to know something, ask a librarian.

    I consider myself lucky to have one living with me. I’ve even quit using Google to look up things like peonies or flowers in general, I just wait and ask Melanie when she comes home.

  22. I think the AJE stream on Roku is new. Hopefully they’ll get rid of the bugs.

  23. This unabashed European is going to make a dangerous comment on this all-American blog:

    Doesn’t the Egyptian uprising show that you can overthrow your government without guns – even if the other side has them (and uses them) ?

  24. We will find out in a few days if you are right. Meanwhile, the protestors are getting the respect of the world and their message out by being non-violent,

    I want to rant. Ed Schultz says that the revolution won’t succeed unless the protestors storm the palace. WTG, Ed. The palace is probably already booby-trapped, and storming it would get people killed needlessly. Of course that assumes that Mubarak is even there-a head of state like him probably has a few bunkers somewhere. Nice strategy, PL.

    If there is a march, I hope it’s like a pray-in or a sit-in where people peacefully surround the place and say, chant or sing.

  25. Once again you have outdone yourself BWD. That picture is wonderful. Snoopy thank you for that link. I will pass it on. This site is so great for all of us.

    I have great admiration for the people of Egypt and pray for their safekeeping in this time of change.

  26. I think that similar to many other peaceful movements for reforms, absolutely we’re seeing that change can come without fullscale war, and that it is far more ideal for constituents of outdated regimes to create that change from the bottom up, rather than foreign interventionists forcing change through war. I think we’ve also seen a pretty remarkable exercise in civility with the “we’re all Egyptians” and interfaith collaborations (Muslims and Christians forming human walls around another during respective prayers).

  27. I have a friend who would be HORRIFIED at that picture, with cords going every which way. She was a tech at a former employer, and she would make sure that all our computer cords were nicely bound together.

  28. I think that in this interconnected world, violent upheavals are even more devastating that they were in past times. Even with Egypt, which has been mostly peaceful, despite the deaths, we can see what effect it has on the world economy, with oil over $100 a barrel out of fear of what the uprising means for the oil producers. Change has to come peacefully, through determined action, or the consequences could be potentially devastating.

  29. I don’t believe in testosterone-poisoning — I know many strong, gentle men — but if there were such a thing, Ed Schultz has it.

  30. I agree, but actually he is already doing global good. Just the new START treaty was wonderful.

  31. “…These are the kinds of images that inspire me!”

    NLinStPaul, same here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. ^MTMarilyn, anytime…

    And, I want to thank you. That’s right…SPREAD THE WORD! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. I have got to find a way to visit Egypt one day. I saw a pic of the pyramids behind a reporter which, coupled with the weeks events have inspired me so.

    I know the history there (90% of which I’m ignorant of) can only be infinately more fascinating in person.

  34. idgt comment, the overthrow is not complete yet. also what does being an “unabashed European” have to do with this process? please expand I am very O_o atm.

  35. *shrugs* Ed Shultz is one of the Jon Stewart guests (including Stewart himself) who ALL failed to advise the attendees at their march to vote in the Midterm elections. So I don’t think I would be taking any instruction from any of these fail boats. The Egyptians are handling their business superbly. *throws mr. Shultz a cup of STFU, SYAD, and GTHO*

  36. Hi MTMarilyn,

    How are things in Montana? It’s cooold here in Southern California today. Nothing compared to other parts of county though.

  37. It’ll be in the 70s come Sunday in L.A. Perfect bbq weather by which to ignore the Super Bowl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. what has โ€œunabashed Europeanโ€ have to do with this process ?”

    This might be a little known feature of Europe, but we haven’t got laws (let alone amendments to our constitutions) that allow random citizens to carry firearms.

    What the Egyptian Uprising shows is that you don’t need them to overthrow your government (the way “Second Amendment Remedies” are used to set up citizens against their government).

    Cheers (and thank you BWD for setting up this blog where citizens of the world can discuss and disagree peacefully.

  39. Jojothecat, it is not as cold today, up to 34. More snow on the way. It is winter and there will be many more months of this. I love to think of warmer places but I will stay here. Hope everyone is having a good day!

  40. RL, I have been reading similar articles and comments on the web. Our newspaper is republican, so I typically don’t worry if I don’t get to it each day.

    I was also reading an article on AlJazeera which focused on the fact that Obama sold out to Washington. The feeling was that he had started out so strong, but then became a Washington bureaucrat.

    Comments were pretty awful from all parties. I know some of those posters had to be from DK. lol! Truly, I would not doubt it.

  41. ParkRanger, Laugh out loud stuff. I needed it. Ain’t no doubt that there is a lot of truth in that article.

  42. That man is truly an idiot.

    My feeling is if the protesters do that it will kill all legitimacy for a new government.

    It would be an excuse for the military to start entering with tanks and guns, with the result
    being a blood bath.

    Ed is a child. I can not stand to even see his face anymore. Thanks for the info Carol.

  43. Did you have to say something nasty like that?

    Now I am jealous. It is cold and gray in Seattle.

  44. I would take these American newspapers reporting on how the Egyptians feel with a grain of salt.

    The MSM has been on a mission to show that Egyptians hate America specifically under Obama’s leadership. They are using this crisis inappropriately – not to rally around the Egyptians, but to make this whole thing about President Obama. Christianne Amanpour’s drama with the guy saying “we hate you” etc is just that. It’s nonsense. The Egyptian’s positive views of America since 2009 have increased, not decreased. And I have no doubt that any individuals or groups in Egypt who are positive about the US, or President Obama, will be ignored or supressed by the MSM.

  45. Bingo: They are using this crisis inappropriately โ€“ not to rally around the Egyptians, but to make this whole thing about President Obama.

    It’s just…I’m beyond words about this.

  46. After all the rending of garments after 9/11 where the country collectively wondered “Why do they hate us”, I would think that the fact that they don’t hates us that much anymore would be, you know, a good thing. Silly me.

  47. I really am a typo machine lately: “hate us”, not “hates us”. That was my Gollum moment.

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