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Hi guys,

The mishmash will arrive later. Meanwhile, here’s today’s schedule. Discuss! 🙂 Have a great day.

8:00 AM PBO delivers remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast; VPB and Michelle Obama also attend.
9:00 AM  
9:30 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
10:00 AM  
10:05 AM PBO departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.
10:20 AM PBO departs Andrews Air Force Base en route University Park, Pennsylvania.
11:00 AM  
11:05 AM PBO arrives in University Park, Pennsylvania.
11:30 AM PBO tours labs at Pennsylvania State University.
12:00 PM PBO delivers remarks on innovation.
12:45 PM VPB delivers remarks at a lunch for the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference.
1:00 PM  
1:20 PM PBO departs University Park, Pennsylvania.
2:00 PM  
2:05 PM PBO arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.
2:20 PM PBO arrives at the White House.

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  1. I am 2nd !!! Garvey get up real early to go to work and get stuff done!!

    I can’t wait for the video of the President’s remarks today on innovation!


  3. Don’t know how you all have the pull to get the Schedule so early. They don’t send it to me until mid-afternoon and I love it as it has the links to the broadcasts. I have become addicted to it and hope they never stop sending it. Nice to see it early here as I can see what to look forward to seeing.

  4. How to totally waste a country’s money:

    “The Egyptian government’s five-day block of Internet services cost the national economy at least $90 million, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Thursday…
    By cutting telecommunications links, the government severed links between domestic and international high-tech firms and the rest of the world. As a result, the OECD warned, Egypt could find it “much more difficult in the future to attract foreign companies and assure them that the networks will remain reliable.”

  5. Good Morning all.
    I am also waiting for the Presidents remarks at the prayer breakfast.

  6. Good morning everyone. The prayer breakfast is a problem for me. I have heard it is put on by The Family. If you have listen to Rachel last year it is an organization I don’t want any part of. Of course PBO will bring dignity to it. Overseasgranny, thank you for that link, I was wondering if they knew the cost yet. Have a great day everyone.

  7. Blackwaterdog may get it sooner — I don’t know — but it’s usually posts early at There’s a link to it on the home page.

  8. Are you talking about the writer of Braveheart ? Granted, he talked for a long time, but he said some beautiful and profound things.

  9. Interesting. I suspect Glenn Beck will be Daily Show/Colbert Report material after he is through with this information.

  10. I’m glad that he is there, he’s providing an example of what a real christian man should be like.

  11. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson on Wednesday attacked bills piling up in Congress that would block the agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and reiterated the White House veto threat.

    Jackson, speaking to reporters, initially declined to address whether President Obama would veto bills that stop climate rules, but later said that past threats still stand.

  12. His remarks were very moving. He has the world on his shoulders. He is a remarkable human being. He’s just good inside.

    I picked up on that government comment too. He said…

    In a caring and just society government must have a role to play.

  13. I agree BWD. I was practically sitting on my television. He is downright hypnotic to watch. Just amazing.

  14. I am watching, and I am having a problem with it as well. I recognize I am being judgemental….but some of these people need to do a better job of walking the talk….

    My heart is also hurting for our President who so often has had to endure some of these very people and their un-christian like words and actions. And if they have not spoken them, they have done very little to stand up against them.

  15. What a speech Pres. Obama gave at the Prayer breakfast. If any of his rightwing detractors gathered were truly filled with Christ-like behavior rather than political co-optation of Christianity, they would agree wholeheartedly that this President is a man of true faith.

    Pres. Obama consistently hews to a spirituality grounded in humility, and ecumenism, rather than dogma and myopia. His final note was poignant, that one prays not always because of what one wants but because prayer fosters empathy for other people. That is the epitome of unselfishness.

    Today many so-called Christians treat their religion like an ATM for personal benefit only, to the exclusion of the needs of other people.

    But I wonder if those seated there truly heard Pres. Obama’s message

    As for God making Malia’s skirt a little longer, well, Mister Pres., tough luck on that! Even God him/herself is LOL on that request. ;o)

  16. For a rare occasion, I wonder if he did the right thing. I understand totally that his view of government is related to his faith, but I’m not sure it was the right venue to say it. It’s traditionnally a very non-partisan event.

    I loved the rest of the speech. It’s so obvious how deep his faith is and how hard he always tries to live by it.

  17. Good Morrning Axrendale, and thank you for drawing my attention to this article. I’m so caught up in following President Obama’s historic course that I make no time for Harper.

    [Full disclosure – a) my political knowledge is non-existent [I believe political history is your thing]. b)I am one of Harper’s subjects AND I have never trusted him.]

    Harper didn’t comment on the issue in the Commons Wednesday. But in a television interview in December, he dismissed the idea that his government would harmonize Canada’s immigration and refugee policies with the U.S.

    While the idea for integration of border services seems a good one, I do share the concerns re the issue of Canada’s sovereignty. Prime Minister Harper IMO needs to do a lot of work in the area of transparency, and not dismiss, as he often does, the criticisms levelled at him. I won’t say more, as he is one of those politicians who creates a certain animosity within me whenever I have to listen/watch/read about him, and I don’t want to spoil my morning. Were it not for the arrival of President Obama on the scene I wouldn’t be checking closely into politics at all.

    Morning everyone! I decided to make a special effort to peak in ‘early’. I’m usually an evening participant, but there’s usually so much to read when I arrive! Have a terrific day, you all!

  18. He was talking about the role of government in he context of WHAT he prays about, and of course government is his occupation.

    He also noted the humility he has because he is often challenged to think about his beliefs about government through listening to those who disagree with him. He stressed that.

    So his statements on government were uttered in the proper context

  19. By MANU RAJU | 2/3/11 4:34 AM EST
    Senate Democrats and the White House are banking on moderation trumping tea-party values in 2012, plotting a strategy that paints the House Republican agenda as reckless and lurching too far to the right.

    The plan, conceived in meetings between top White House officials and key senators, is already on display with Senate Democrats playing the role of attack dog, going after House Republicans for what they call draconian policies that would kill jobs, add to the budget deficit, lead to privatization of Social Security and Medicare and shut down the government. Democrats have also said they’d pursue smaller, less controversial proposals aimed at winning some Senate GOP support, a show of bipartisanship that might appeal to swing voters.

    Read more:

  20. President Obama prayed briefly for Egyptians on Thursday, saying at the National Prayer Breakfast that he hopes a “better day will dawn” over Egypt after protesters were attacked in Cairo.

    “We’re also mindful of the violence that we’re now seeing in the Middle East,” Obama said. “We pray that violence in Egypt will end and the rights and aspirations of the Egyptian people will be realized. And that a better day will dawn over Egypt and throughout the world.”

    Obama also offered a prayer for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, telling her husband, Mark Kelly, that “we have been praying for Mark’s wife, Gabby Giffords, for many days now.”

    “But I want Gabby and Mark and their entire family to know that we are with them for the long haul, and God is with them for the long haul,” he said.


  21. I agree with you zizi. I think Obama could have went even farther and said to several members of congress setting in that audience, that we should be Christ in our actions.

  22. To be clear, my comment was related to what cjtown said about him not backing down on the role of government.

  23. I hear your arguments, zizi and cjtown. I’ll find time to watch his speech again. ( I obviously agree with his point of view ; I was just not sure about the wisdom of expressing it at the event.) Thanks.

  24. I had to laugh, but, believe me, I would, too. By the way, if you have a picture of that…. 🙂

  25. I’m disagreeing with you. Salvation is not something left at the Church door, its a way of life. Right wingers use religion as something they put on and take off which is why there is a difference in religion and being a follower of Christ. I marvel at those who bash the President about Israel. These people apparently don’t read God’s Word. Nothing!!!!! I do mean NOTHING will EVER happen to Israel at the hands of it’s enemies. The Lord said it in His Word, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I believe President Obama is at his best when he expounds on his Faith.

  26. Unlike so many in the political arena that walk around missing not a minute to tell us how pure and virtuous they are, despite what we see in reality, this president acts like what to my mind, is the true definition of a Christian.

    He is non-judgmental. He asks us all to treat people the way we would want to be treated.

    Despite their ugliness, he treats his opponents with respect. From what it appears to me, he does not carry grudges.

    He does not run around proclaiming to the world his family values, he lives it for all to see. This must be vexing to many of those same people who claim to have the God market cornered.

    Contrary to the MSM meme that he is aloof, he’s filled with humility.

    He is an amazing human being and we are lucky to have him as our president. I continue to be inspired by him.

    I only wish his mother had lived long enough to see this wonderful man that she has given to us. From what I have read about her, I think her spirit comes through him every day. She too, was a wonderful human being.

  27. Africa ~ that is a perfect description of our President and what a Christian is suppose to look/act like.

  28. So glad to know and to see her in this role. If I remember correctly some didn’t think she was lefty enough.

    In any case great news.

  29. I continue to be impressed by how President Obama forms partnerships with the business community. Startup America was launched a few days ago, I think this will be a valuable tool for recovery both short and long term.

    Steve Case (co-founder of AOL) is leading the project. He will be a spokesman for recovery, innovation, and government cooperation. It will be much harder to paint the President as anti-business when he works with men like Steve Case, Jeff Immelt, and Bill Daley.

  30. good morning hopefruit.. I just checked and it’ll be streaming live at at 12:00 ET.

    Thanks for the schedule BWD.. and a happy calm Thursday to all.

  31. Thanks so much for that link symmetry11. It is so nice to see that Justice Sotomayor is finding her voice. I remember watching the hearings for then Judge Sotomayor and I was blown away by her brilliance and charming persona. I just marveled at the way she handled the senators and responded to every question.

  32. I believe it was John Kenneth Galbraith who said “Conservatism is the constant search for a moral justification for selfishness”. In my travels I have concluded that all forms of sin are just different faces of selfishness. So when I see “Christians” frothing about taxes, social programs and non violent foreign policy I have to wonder if this Jesus guy they speak of is the same one I know.

  33. Sorry, not trying to be adversarial because I know faith is such an important, personal and delicate issue for folks.

    But with all due respect there is a whole population in Israel right now that might not agree with that statement. I just can’t act like they don’t exist and I’m not saying you or anyone else is, but a lot of their collective oppression comes from a collective denial of their existance in my opinion.

    For me and my faith it was important that I recognize this at this time no matter how reluctant I was to make this comment.


  34. I agree Africa, perfectly described. I’m an athiest.. and this is how I see the President too, and why I’m so comfortable with his ‘religion’- because he lives his beliefs.

  35. I know a few people who are self-described atheists, who also admire President Obama because he is “pure of heart.” I, too, credit his mother!


  36. axrendale, I read the article. I haven’t heard about it, thanks! It sounds like it could be of great benefit to both countries. I certainly think of Canada as a wonderful friend and ally.

    President Obama has shown his ability to work well with other countries and respect their sovereignty. I do trust him and his administration to listen to Canadian concerns and work with them.

    Thanks for sharing this information. Very interesting.

  37. Smooches, love. When I watch the news and see all the evil, I get a little depressed wondering why, then the Lord remains me that He is in full and total control! Satan’s role is to make us doubt God, he is good at that with some folks. But for me at the times I most question this World are the times God shows He force. I say this about this wonderful President God has give us too. It’s so sad to hear so-called Christians spew their hateful venom towards him. But God again says they have no power. As He told Saul on his way to Damascus, its hard to kick against the pricks.

  38. hopefruit2, if you sign up for the White House Daily Snapshot you will get his schedule and they show which events are live streamed at the White House. Of course, CSPAN or news sites might also cover it.

    The Snapshot includes a photo or video of the President, his schedule and VPB’s, and links to around three WH blog news topics of the day. I love it.

  39. S11, that was a timely read for me – thank you for sharing. It reminded me again of the step by step change the president has been choreographing.

  40. Economic data points to strong growth momentum

    Growth in the U.S. services sector in January was the fastest in more than five years, another sign the economy started the new year on a solid footing, with measures of employment showing some strength.

    While reports on Thursday continued to paint a bullish picture for the economy, they also showed some inflation pressures under control, in stark contrast to developments in other parts of the world. U.S. companies continue to hold the line on costs, despite a spike in commodity prices.

  41. On CNN International right now: The new Egyptian VP promises elections by September, a new constitution, and calls on the Muslim Brotherhood to join in talks.

    What’s interesting is that the VP is making these comments, not Pres. Mubarak.

  42. Egyptian VP calling the protesters “unpatriotic” for demanding Mubarak’s immediate resignation.

  43. There isn’t an atom of difference between Suleiman and Mubarak. They are two faces of the same phony coin. I wouldn’t trust either of them as far as I could pick up and throw an elephant.

  44. Egyptian VP blaming “brotherly nations with television stations” for inflaming the protests.

  45. Thank you for that picture, tigerfist. How beautiful! The Egyptians of both faiths are an inspiration.

    “Egypt’s Muslims attend Coptic Christmas mass, serving as “human shields”

    Muslims turned up in droves for the Coptic Christmas mass Thursday night, offering their bodies, and lives, as “shields” to Egypt’s threatened Christian community.”

    ….“This is not about us and them,” said Dalia Mustafa, a student who attended mass at Virgin Mary Church on Maraashly. “We are one. This was an attack on Egypt as a whole, and I am standing with the Copts because the only way things will change in this country is if we come together.”

    In the days following the brutal attack on Saints Church in Alexandria, which left 21 dead on New Year’ eve, solidarity between Muslims and Copts has seen an unprecedented peak. Millions of Egyptians changed their Facebook profile pictures to the image of a cross within a crescent – the symbol of an “Egypt for All”. Around the city, banners went up calling for unity, and depicting mosques and churches, crosses and crescents, together as one.”

  46. Africa, I so agree with you – this is how I said it over at theobama diary:

    Me, I like the fact that the President is not only a religious man, but that he expresses his faith calmly while not trying to push it down the country’s throat. I also respect him for not going out of his way to hide his beliefs. IMO, living your faith as he does is a more effective way of ‘witnessing’ to others than expounding on it.

    Love your wife (& children) ….. check
    Do good to those who despitefully use you ….. check
    Care for the sick and needy ….. check

    Be slow to anger ….. check
    Do unto others as you would they do to you ….. check
    … you get the picture!

    This makes a much greater impact on me than the Ensigns, Gingriches, and Limbaughs of this world. I agree with you Sue, the President’s faith shouldn’t be an issue; however, it enters the discussion because the other side makes such a lot of noise about faith etc, yet can’t seem to live it out. The President is living his, and I sure hope the contrast becomes more and more apparent to those of their number who are ‘true believers’.

    This President is a living example on so many fronts – May God continue to use him in wonderful, humble, yet world-changing ways! His example is certainly not being restricted to ‘Christians only’ – his handling of his presidential (and human) role is out there for all the world to see, AND the world is seeing something historically different IMO.

  47. Since this is an open thread, can I make one suggestion to BWD? It’s so minor I hate to mention it and maybe I’m the only one to be bothered by it: could the calendar be the first thing on the top of the page, instead of having to scroll halfway down to click on it and find the latest post?

    Nothing will keep me from spending half my day here, but that would even make it easier!

  48. I think BWD has reminded us that respectful comments are never wrong. We are not all on the same “page” of religion or non-religion, so I for one believe your thoughts have just as much merit as mine. Peace.

  49. Very nice, Tao. At the other site, Obama Diary I saw a sign which read, Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free Healthcare, you are thinking about Jesus. I save that picture and will use it frequently. 🙂

  50. Suleiman: “Need to find out who organized fighting”.

    NDP businessmen. There, now go arrest them.

  51. Thanks for those kinda words jacqueline. It’s a great reminder of why we support this President and this site.

  52. Suleiman’s parting words: He “thanks the youth” for starting the reform movement. Blowing smoke up our you know whats? It’s so hard to tell now. I’m a glass-half-full kinda guy, but a regime that’s used oppression to stay in power for 30 years is hard to trust.

  53. Exactly. He is totally a different animal and frankly I think some people see it but can’t grasp it because they are so used to the kind of hypocrisy we see time and again from some in leadership roles.

    His humanity is breathtaking and welcoming.

  54. Well, that brought tears to my eyes.

    This is kind of like before the fall of the Berlin Wall, history unfolding before our very eyes.

    We are all Berliners. As JFK said, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” We are all Egyptians.

  55. Perfect tie in to the Startup America project I referenced above. Thanks for the tip Tori.

    I missed the live feed. Does the whitehouse keep them somewhere so we could use them?

  56. I keep coming back to it. All we’ve ever heard about “over there” is that we’re supposed to be afraid and suspicious of anything associated with the Muslim world. Clearly, those who utter those words don’t actually know what they’re talking about. These pictures put those words exactly where they belong – not connected with reality at all.

    Extremists can be found in any society – west or east, south or north. On general, people are good and want the same good, peaceful things.

  57. Dear Heart, I believe we all come from Spirit, no matter what name we choose to call that “Which is Greater Than Ourselves” or how we choose to worship.

    Some here feel and rightfully so, imho, that those who invoke the name of “Jesus” should be willing to actually live in love as he taught and did so himself. I am UU so all faiths and beliefs are welcome to me as long as people live in love and embrace all as Sisters and Brothers.

    Also and I speak only for my own self but “I am unanimous in this” (small joke) that all respectful dialogue is welcome here.

    I will conclude that the bible is a wonderful compendium of social and spiritual values but I do not believe that it is a history book, a science book, or a kind of Tarot to predict the future of our world.

  58. Thanks Jovie. Now we need AZ Dems, an endangered species, to also start standing tough. The latest Repugnant insanity here is SB1433 which is a plan to secede (informally) from the USA.

  59. His prayer for Gabby and her family touched me so much. I send her prayer and healing every day.

  60. Beautiful, Tigerfists88!

    Thank you for sharing that. Bless those good folks for walking in love during this terrible crisis in their country.

  61. Justice Sotomayor is one of my heros “wise Latina!” Bless her and keep her wisdom deep and her voice strong.

  62. Great suggestion and I would also welcome that as I am often late to diaries and go back to read what I may have missed.

  63. Politicians are masters at “blowing smoke” and those who love power may do anything to keep their boots on the heads of the people.

    My hope is that the Egyptian people come out of this crisis safe and better off tomorrow than they are today.

  64. which is why there is a difference in religion and being a follower of Christ

    He, he – exactly.

    At one point I thought: “Why isn’t he simply quoting Matthew 25” ?

    And then I realized: He wants to be inclusive – as long as you talk about faith, prayer and grace, Christianity is just one of the choices; no need to exclude others by tying it to a text out of the New Testament.

  65. Well, I’m sure the US Religious Right would also far prefer to see Al Jazeera cheer on the pro-Mubarak thugs and blaim the West for the uprising.

    Unfortunately for them – they employ real journalists.

  66. His entire interview was more or less tone deaf. He said a few good things, but then basically stated that the protesters were dupes of foreign elements and were destroying the Egyptian economy. He said they should go home and trust the gov’t to implement the necessary reforms. Of course, why should they, when the regime has been promising opening for 30 years and never delivered? What is worrisome is that this is an indication of the regime digging in its heels.

  67. She’s just amazing. I remember how they treated her regarding the “wise Latina” comment. I still wear my own “Wise Latina” T-shirt. She is a huge role model for our young women.

    She also got some stupid criticism for how she sat in a chair during her ‘one on ones’ with Judicial Committee members. At that time I thought: ‘Please give me strength! This woman is a power house and this is all you can find to criticize her.’

    I bless our Prez for his own wisdom in selecting her for the Supreme Court.

  68. Thank you for that important information overseasgranny. I am trying to keep up with every Egypt.

  69. Last year he struck out at them by mentioning the fact that at the least, they should acknowledge that he is a Christian. He also slapped them about the birther rumor. On that one, they were to stupid to understand that he was swipping at them and they laughed. He just stared them down.

    I think our President rather enjoys going into the lion’s den.

    He always looks so classy, and he is indeed humorous.

    I do not feel you saying anything wrong. As BWD said, this is a part of his obligations as President.

  70. Aquagranny- do you have heat today? I read your comment late last night.. and was concerned. Will you please let us know?

  71. Bless you Sweetie, we do have heat now. Sorry I whined when so many are much worse off than me. Ordinarily I can be tough but I have pneumonia aggravated by asthma and allergies. I was just feeling sorry for myself.

  72. Holy smokes.. you were NOT whining at all. I am so glad that your heat is back on.. and most especially with pneumonia and asthma, good grief. Please, I hope you’ll never hesitate to let us know here when or if you’re in that sort of situation again. Take care of yourself please.

  73. My BP is already too high.

    What the bill says is that it will exempt AZ from all Federal mandates or Executive orders.
    In other words the nutters here can ignore the rest of the US, the big bad Government and do whatever they want.

    What these mentally challenged, to put it kindly, people in the AZ Legislature don’t realize is:

    A)They can’t legally do this based on our own State Constitution.

    B)The Fed Gov will challenge them in court.

    C)The people here in AZ will most likely mount recall elections to be rid of their sorry asses.

  74. I love these “states’ rights” people. They don’t want the evil Feds telling them what to do, but are more than happy to receive Federal tax dollars. Hypocrisy is too mild a word for them.

  75. Is he not amazing? He is so confident. From what I have read and seen, his confidence in himself is unshakable.

    Axe has said Obama’s lack of pride and ego were the one thing he was worried about in terms of Obama being able to win the presidency. Most other Presidents and politicans are the opposite of Obama. They can be petty, arrogant, and fearful–constantly worried if they are liked or not.

    PBHO is SPOCK. He Zen.

  76. ♥ to you. I love this site. Everyone here is just so kind. I also learn so much and love having a place to support our Prez.

  77. It just dawned on me that the earth is going to shift under our feet within the next few years. We are so very close to a cure for cancer and heart disease and to clean renewable energy. WoW! Now we have to work hard to get rid of poverty and lack of food and preventable diseases in places like Africa.

  78. None of these people are very bright bulbs on the AZ Christmas cactus. Somehow they managed to get elected ($$$?) but they have no clue how government works or that there are laws already on the books that will not be so easy to over turn.

    I think people are really beginning to wake up here regarding some of the more extreme in our Legislature. Maybe it could be too late but I have faith in the good people here.

    We are having some really hard times with people out of work, losing their homes in record numbers, worrying about health care and how to feed their children. When the wolf is knocking down your door it is hard to worry about the buzzards waiting in the arroyo to pick your corpse.

    This is my home and I will stand and keep on keeping on. I don’t think I will be alone.

  79. On that “other” site, I remember a diary that appeared the day after the November election. It was from a US expat, and he gave information on how to emigrate from the US to Europe, because the US was descending into fascism and Europe was the hope of the future. I didn’t respond, because by that time I was tired of the negativity from that site, but my thought was “screw off”. This is my country, and I’m not going to give it over to the know-nothings without a hell of a fight. And, I follow more than enough foreign news to know that Europe isn’t the fount of all that is good and pure, either. The world is a messy place, and home matters. This is my home, and this is where I’m staying.

  80. I think a lot of people are feeling the beginning of this shift and that’s why so many are fearful. The unknown is true terror for some folks.

    BTW, overseasgranny I really enjoy reading your posts. Amen to putting an end to poverty world wide and to keeping people healthy with clean water, nourishing food and disease prevention.

    I toast you, one granny to another:

    “Here’s to better days!’

  81. Aquagranny, I did not know that you had pneumonia. I knew that you were having very
    severe asthma problems.

    Sometimes it is okay to feel sorry for ourselves. At times, the loads we bear are
    too heavy for our hearts. Just try to stay

    Were you able to find a home for the cats?

  82. If I would have to put a label on myself, I think it would have to be Animist.

    I have a spirit that soars and loves everything around me. I abhor hatred and cruelty to any living thing.

    It seems that all religions contain the concept of spirit. That is what we all have in common.

  83. ♥ LL this is just exactly how I feel about AZ. I was born here. I spent many years away but I am back now. This is my HOME, warts and all. I will keep on keeping on and there are so many good people here. We will make this place better and a place where people want to not only visit but live.

  84. This is really amazing and an example for the entire world. I have faith that people of such good will and unity just might outperform expectations in terms of crafting their new government and new policies to improve lives for all Egyptians.

  85. Her nomination and appointment were wonderful for so many reasons. She was derided from the right based upon (IMO trumped up) complaints about a statement taken out of context, and in the lefty new media, she wasn’t celebrated enough because the same old sourpusses dominated the conversation with their Dionne Warwick psychic predictions (which were wrong!).

    Really great to read that she’s starting to hit her stride, *and* that she’s choosing to stay so connected and in touch with young people.

  86. Not that I have any truck in the 2012 meme, but it is rather odd that all this is happening at around this time. Almost enough to make me believe in the immanent.

  87. Sweet Dorothy, I’m hanging in there. One cat, down and 2 or 3 more to go, lol. We, I, am very picky about where these fur children go. Foolish of me but we raised them from babies, 3 weeks old.

    This has been a very hard thing for me but as I keep getting sicker it is easier to accept.

  88. Interesting coincidence, isn’t it? Egypt is on the cusp of something major IMO. How do you read Mubarak’s remarks about not wanting his son to succeed him and wanting to usher in orderly elections? Do you think that this is a concession to the reality that Egypt is changing touched with some bitterness that he’s leaving on a less than high note, or simply a gambit for time after which he will harshly crack down on the protestors when the world is paying less attention?

  89. I can only imagine the emotional pain
    is great. But, it is important for you
    to get well.

    Asthma is not something to take lightly.

    It is always great to hear from you

  90. Jovie, I own that book. It is haunting to see the classrooms with rusty broken furniture and
    abandoned toys scattered every where.

  91. Thank you so much. I typed that with trembling fingers. But I had to be a witness to those who may just read a different books perhaps and live in that land.

    Not suprised you are UU aquagranny 🙂

    I am so humbled by you and all (and I mean ALL) who amass here to spread what is real love and wisdom just like POTUS.

  92. And I toast you back, dear one. As we age ever so gracefully, we realize what is really important in the world, we fight on to make the good things happen….well, except for that cranky old dude who is always shouting at the kids to get off his lawn.

  93. Just a lot of stuff overdue to happen and it seems we will pack it all into one year.

    Not sure quite how to word this, but I have a great interest in “tribal” affiliations and how they are finally breaking down across the world, sometimes to the good and sometimes not. That brings on a whole new set of problems, however.

    Now if we could only convince some Republicans that it is not so great remaining bigots about a whole range of things.

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