Blessed are the peacemakers

President Barack Obama signs the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, February 2, 2011. Looking on are (L-R) Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN).

72 thoughts on “Blessed are the peacemakers

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! BWD, I love you!!!! I have always said President Obama was governing from the scriptures, from the Sermon on the Mount. Thank you, dear confirmation.

  2. Beautifully titled bwd. This ought to be huge within the media… my bet is it will get minimual attention and coverage. I’ll do my part and post it everywhere- START is something the entire world benefits from.

  3. Thank you for bringing this wonderful photo to us, BWD. Yes, Blessed are the Peacemakers. Amen.

  4. I can’t imagine how the upheavals of the world with all its recent changes and could have happened as peacefully as it has if we didn’t have Barack Obama as President. Listening to the President’s statement, yes, every word was not only well-measured, they were meant to reverberate on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria.

    This is the American President who used “God willing” in his speech at Cairo University, in complete understanding of the meaning of those words to the Muslim world. Those words are not lost on the Egyptian people today.

  5. Not a peep. To be fair, what’s happening in Egypt is very important, and the signing of START is a formality now. The Senate vote was the big event.

  6. Thank you, BWD. I have been going back and forth between and c-span trying to catch a glimpse of the signing. This means so much to me. Yes, blessed are the peacemakers. Thirty years from now (I won’t be around) people will recall this time and this President and brag about having been supporters – even if they spend their time now trying to defeat him.

  7. Oh, BWD you are the best. Thanks for this picture of this signing. Yes, blessed are the peacemakers!!! He is leading in such a wonderful way. We are truly blessed!

    Thank you BWD!!!!

  8. Things in Egypt are starting to get dangerous for the protesters.

    From the BBC: “Clashes have erupted in the Egyptian capital between supporters of President Hosni Mubarak and demonstrators calling on him to step down immediately.

    Rival groups of protesters are fighting pitched battles in and around Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Many people have been wounded and shots have been heard.”

    The Mubarak supporters came in buses, some on horseback and camel. I find it hard to believe that this hasn’t been organized by the ruling party.

  9. I feel the same way. I told my children that I will not take one minute of this time for granted having the President in office and the idea that we can work to respect, empower and include all people, whether in our own party, in our country or in the world at large. I also predict that people will deny being fans of Beck, Limbaugh, etc., watching Fox incessantly, or identifying with the Tea Party.

  10. Makes me think of the buses that brought people to the town hall meetings where they disrupted the discussions of health care reform.

  11. Thank you Thank you for the mishmash, We are always looking farwarded to read it.We do not watch CABLE TV. but We just watched Jon Stewart show and he was ameizing so Thank BWD this sites is the best.

  12. I am not a PUMA, but I am so loving SOS Clinton these days. And she LOOKS radiant. The PUMA’s are probably still fixating, but my guess is she is thrilled with her position and what she has accomplished as part of a team.

  13. You don’t have to be a PUMA to love Hillary. In fact, I don’t think PUMAs care about Hillary as much as they can’t stand “that one” in the West Wing.

  14. This is to be expected. Let’s just keep praying for Egypts way to democracy not be fought with too many people getting hurt.

  15. I so agree G. I think Hillary has made the best SOS! What a great team they have made! And thank you BWD for such a great picture. Working so wasn’t able to see it. Have a great day everyone.

  16. The UN estimates that 300 have died since the protests started. With this new turn of events — and with the pro-Mubarak forces probably being better armed — I’m afraid that total will shoot up. The revolution has moved into a new phase. Now’s when the West has to keep up the pressure on the Mubarak regime, and when the army has to live up to its pledge to protect the protesters.

  17. My feeling is that it’s time for PBO to take he rhetoric up a notch. Mubarak has no intention of really give up, and it’s time to stand firmly with the protesters.

  18. Sadly true from a lot of quarters. But I want to post something, and this is a good spot:

    I know it is “heart breaking” to see the disrespect from Americans. But please remember, HE brushes it off. POTUS sees the larger picture, I can try to do the same. If the haters here behave like children, other than any violent outcomes it may engender, I really don’t give a damn. Nobody gives a **** what a David Gergen has to say, the average American has never heard of him. Bottom line, BHO WILL be reelected, and one way or another, he will get his legislation through.

    I never anticipated, based on BWD at DK, that her site would be able to provide breaking news (ie, that she would be on the job 24/7 :)) but now that it does, TV’s off switch is default mode. I fell madly in love with PBS Sherlock Holmes though, and started perusing their listings. Last night I recorded a chorus performance that was composed of severly disabled adults! Good stuff on there. So impressed I addded CPTV to my volunteer efforts.

    Anyway, school cancelled again, and just my HO.

    I was waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop’ in Egypt. No Kent State, no Tiennemon (sp) I am praying.

  19. I’m sure that the regime will say that they have no control over the pro-Mubarak demonstrators, but the fact that they were bused in is indicative of coordination. Mubarak is trying to do what PBO and the West has warned him not to do, which is to use violence to break up the demonstrations. The fact that he’s not using the state security apparatus is irrelevant; militia thugs organized by the state or his party achieve the same goal, and violate the same warnings. The people need to stay strong, and now I think it’s time to ramp up the pressure.

  20. I think this is the last gasp of a desperate dictator who knows it is over and the way he’s going out reconfirms why he must go.

    I can’t believe this turn. SMDH

  21. Gibbs is having an interesting press conference. The most important thing that I think has come out, despite the inane questions being asked, was that our military is speaking directly to the Egyptian military who they know personally by now and it is keeping the violence down.

  22. The pro-Mubarack people are going to be feeding Mubarack’s ego which has been sorely clobbered during these last weeks, and he’s going to feel wanted, needed. This is bad news for the protesters.

    But if the pro-Mubarack forces are armed and creating most of the violence, the world is going to see this and I can’t believe that wouldn’t pressure Mubarack to call off his followers.

    The obvious questions would be: who is arming these supporters? Who is turning a peaceful march into a street fight? And the obvious answer is Mubarack. I agree that President Obama should make some firm suggestions to Mubarack to knock it off. And I imagine he’s doing just that. Perhaps before we even thought of it. He’s always several moves ahead in whatever game he finds himself in.

  23. Good comparison. People working against their own interests, or working to sustain the illegal and unfair gains that they’ve had all these years.

  24. As time progresses we move from the right wing trying to define PBO (easier to do in his early months as Prez) to the president defining himself by his actions and character. The hatred were always going to hate, even the hatred on the PL, but the histrionics look more and more foolish to more and more people every day. PBO knew it would rough in the early days and his stature would grow beyond the ability of political detractors over time. Bush diminished over time because he was unable to live up to the hype the MSM and GOP created. PBO can only exceed expectations at this point. That is why he wil win a second term.

  25. A P.S. — Note the big smile on Senator Lugar’s face. How I wish at least half of the Republicans were Senator Lugars. Or others of the many who have left the Senate and House.

  26. Gibbs said something that potentially could be very ominous: “Mubarak has a chance to show who he really is”.

    I can’t stop thinking that the Obama administration has a whole slew of Plans B, C, D, etc. to deal with this, but “he will have a chance to show who he really is”.

  27. Corker-McCaskill Spending Cap Doesn’t Account for Basic Changes in Society and Government

    The proposal from Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to limit total federal spending to 20.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), the average from 1970 to 2008, would force draconian cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and many other programs while making it harder for the nation to recover from recession.

    WTH is McCaskill doing? What is she thinking?

  28. WE still have near blizzard conditions here in Michigan – and a snow day! All the kids in the neighborhood are sliding down the hill in my backyard – it is like a picture from Currier and Ives. Anyway, it is a blessing to have President Obama complete the work of several previous presidents who wished to declare peace with the former Soviet countries and remove the threat of nuclear weapons from the world. Things are changing rapidly around the world. The little people are rising up in force against the rich and powerful who have suppressed them. I compare the thugs Mubarack has sent out to beat down the peaceful protestors to those in this country who have followed the far right haters to commit acts of violence in this country. Thanks for the wonderful updates on important events BWD – this site warms my heart.

  29. The city of Chicago is doing a wonderful effort here with emergency services. They fire fighters on snowmobile searching abandoned cars along the streets, and fuel trucks out for those who ran out of gas.

  30. just called senator kirk office to ask him not to vote for repeal of health care here is the number for any one in Illinois 1-202-224-2854. Please call

  31. Beautifully put, fe1955 !!!

    We are lucky to have this President, and the world is lucky.

  32. Wonderful! Thank you, BWD. POTUS has gotten very firm that Mubarak needs to transition out immediately, but I am sooo utterly glad that he has not adopted the bombastic rhetoric so desired by the media.

  33. Protesters outlast “Pro Mubarak” supporters according to Christiane Amanpour although there was a battle of made weapons from the concrete sidewalk, rocks thrown…The Army has said that the young protesters must go home for the “love of Egypt.”

  34. Great title for this occasion. Blessed indeed. He’s earning that Peace Prize people say he didn’t deserve just a little bit more every day, isn’t he 😉 ?

    Looks like genuine joy, pride and accomplishment in the room. Thank goodness for competent, adult, visionary leadership!

  35. Also note the big smile on Adm. Mike Mullen’s face. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he mirrors what all military folk want … for our “defense” department to be used as a show of potential force, to avoid war – not to bring on war. The previous president had no understanding of that.

    This is why it’s so very important to keep a calm head (peacemaker) in the White House! We just happen to have the most brilliant one imaginable.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  36. I called his office too, I specifically ask them to tell Kirk if he voted to repeal the law, then I would ask him to give up all of his health care as well. I also requested a follow up from my call.

  37. I agree. Adm. Mike Mullen is truly one of the unsung heros in the administration. Also I think that he and Obama really like each other.

  38. The right always seem to forget that the Bible says that the peacemakers are the children of God. For a group that touts its religion endlessly, the members always forget that Jesus is not called the Prince of Peace for nothing.

  39. I’m not sure BWD. The tricky thing is that Mubarak seems to be the kind of guy who doubles down if he’s pressured. He surely doesn’t want to be seen as obeying the President of the USA.

    For the moment I suspect that Bob Gates and Admiral Mullen are constantly on the phone with the army leaders over there, trying to find a solution. On the other side, I suspect Mubarak is threatening to demote any military leader who disobeys him.

    An encouraging thing is that Mubarak is losing the PR war, that’s for sure. Now that a CNN reporter has been attacked by his thugs, and that images of people on horses charging against peaceful protesters are being shown all over the world…

    I’m praying for this to end soon with the forces of democracy winning. I just can’t contemplate how horrible it woud be otherwise. And how impossible the situation would become for President Obama. He would still have to maintain relations with Mubarak, like it or not.

  40. Zizi, that was an excellent read, thanks. I wish “those” tv experts would read it, I think I will send it to a few folks,

  41. Interesting to note that Michelle is friends with the wife of Admiral Mullen. They work together on military families issues.

  42. not that is very very interesting. This is how a leader thinks.

    Thanks zizi, and hello

  43. This article spoke to the President allowing more Egyptian students to study here, and opening lines of communication between students and industry. This is so smart, winning hearts and loyalty with education instead of force. Go Obama.

  44. McCaskill has always been conservative on budget issues and she’s facing a tough re-election in 2012. I think she’s dead wrong though on this bill.

  45. Me too. One guy with an automatic weapon actually stood right behind my Sis at a town hall here until the police made him move.

    Sometimes, I think this is so all out of control everywhere that we will be lucky if we survive any more of this ‘crazy.’ Sorry I’m having a real down day.

  46. Thank you BWD! Bless you for this diary. I’m having a really down day; sick, freezing, no heat because the furnace is broken, feeling totally sorry for my own sorry self. But you have lifted me up once more.

    Let there be peace, let it begin with me and let me count my blessings. Praying for the people of Egypt who are suffering worse than I can even imagine today.

  47. For those who say that the President needs to speak more strongly about the situation in Egypt I submit that the person who is getting an earful from BHO is Mabarak. I wouldn’t want to be Mabarak about now. I don’t need to hear their conversation. I can see the results. No need to panic or second guess the president! He’s 10 steps ahead of everybody else.

  48. Thanks for the link zizi. Lots of information in there.

    I LOVED the introduction of the article

    “A few months after Barack Obama took office, CIA analysts monitoring the Middle East received an unusual request from the National Security Council. The president had appreciated the in-depth country profiles the intelligence community had prepared for him to read. But there was something missing. The white papers all assessed what various groups within each country didn’t like about the United States – but there was very little about what they admired. So that’s what Obama wanted to know: What do Yemenis, Qataris and Egyptians like about the U.S.?”

    Like What is Working, I’m impressed by the fact that President Obama is not focusing solely on the negative, but is trying to build on the positive. Will there be chapters on “the Obama doctrine” in future history books ?

    Another paragraph:

    « “As the president said in Cairo, Bush’s freedom agenda has turned into a proxy for regime change, like getting rid of some leaders and replacing them with leaders more friendly to the U.S.,” the official said. “The president believes that for these reforms to be real and lasting, these reforms need to be indigenous and lasting and pushed by the people.” »

    So, so true.

    One of the youngest presidents in history yet one of the wisest.

  49. She is working on her re-election campaign. I have tremendous respect for Senator McCaskill. She stood by then Senator Obama when most of the female Senators went with then Senator Clinton. I love this woman and I’m sure she has President Obama blessings on this legislation.

  50. All that is happening in the Middle East is amazing. I believe it is no accident that it is happening while Barack Obama is President of the United States. Everyone listens to his every word. I can confirm “Blessed are the peacemakers” is so true he even won the Peace Prize. What other proof do you need, I won’t talk about that funny feeling I get everytime I see him or hear his voice.

  51. The statement ‘he will have a chance to show who he really is’ reminds me of a post by Andrew Sullivan some time back. While others were dumping on the President’s (lack of) reaction to Israel’s antics re building in restricted areas and pointing out how ‘weak’ the President was, Sullivan basically said that the President was giving Netanyahu a chance to show his true colours. My understanding of Sullivan’s argument was that as Netanyahu’s actions revealed his recalcitrance, other world leaders were more likely to support the President when he makes his move to curtail Netanyahu (an ally who often behaves like he is calling ALL the shots). If I remember correctly, Sullivan also noted that the President used these same tactics in dealing with the Iranian leader, and garnered positive response from other world leaders, including China and Russia.

    There is much to be said for a leader who is not prone to impulsive reactions (less need to ‘eat crow’ too)!

  52. g, your comments are so beautiful. PBO does brush it all off and I, too, think of that often. And as I started to read through the comments I was thinking that it is those with beautiful spirits who live on for generations and often inspire others for hundreds of years.

    No one will remember Rush Limbaugh, or Cheney or Beck or Boehner, but President Obama’s name and his ideals will be remembered.

  53. LOL!!! Indeed Tien Le. How do they manage to write English better than the Teabaggers??

  54. IMO the neoconservative view is that if we step in to liberate people from the excesses of a despot, those people will in turn greet us with profound appreciation and will jump at the opportunity to establish a well-functioning democracy, thanking us profusely for giving them “freedom.”

    We’ve seen from the Iraq folly that the world simply does not work in this fashion. President Obama seems to me to be appealing to the people themselves, to understand that they have the power to change their circumstances as desired, and that by not demonizing others, change can be brought about relatively peacefully. He’s not perfect by far and many of us don’t like portions of his foreign policy portfolio, however I am very appreciative of his handling of this situation, refusing to put the US front and center in this conflict and resist having the Egyptian protests labeled a construction of the WH or construction of the West.

    Everyone looking for President Obama to fly into this situation and thump his chest like his predecessor: be careful what you wish for!

  55. The idea of invading and giving the invaded their freedom has worked only twice in history, as far as I can discern: postwar Germany and Japan. Of course, the Allies had obliterated both societies, so really the victorious powers were building out of whole cloth. And the Allies were smart enough to maintain some political continuity in both countries — e.g., not executing Emperor Hirohito. Other than that, we haven’t had much success exporting democracy from tank barrels.

  56. •°o.OO.o° » Heeyy 🙂 « °o.OO.o°•

    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

  57. Lorraine This President is just Amezing, when we first watched him from europe in 2004 we said then he should be the next President, and were were so right yes he can.


  59. I think she’s happy in her role. Sometimes not getting what we want turns out better. She has a chance to actually do some lasting good without having to worry about what her husband is up to.

    Last year, when Chelsea got married, I bet she was happy that they could have a private wedding without all of the fuss because she wasn’t President. Things would have been different if she had won-a wedding surrounded by rings of steel and blocked off streets wouldn’t have been what Chelsea would have want. That is assuming that they could have had the ceremony where they had it at all-the Secret Service may have been a bit too nervous.

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