I say a little prayer for you

Overwhelmed. That’s how I felt looking at this Pete Souza photo from today, of the president being briefed by FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, about the preparations for the coming severe winter storm.

On the surface, there’s nothing unusual about it, but I could not stop staring at it. In my considerable long life, I’ve never seen anyone having to deal with so much responsibility, with crisis after crisis after crisis – having to carry the hopes of so many people, while facing the hate of so many others.

And yet, look at him. Look at the calmness, look at this little smile, look at the grace and the elegance. Once in a while, a simple photo – it’s always the simple photo – will do that to me – make me stop for a second, and say a little prayer for this man.


184 thoughts on “I say a little prayer for you

  1. I think the past two years have answered the question as to whom one would want taking that 3 a.m. phone call.

  2. BWD, I just love this sentence because it describes our amazing president perfectly.
    Look at the calmness, look at this little smile, look at the grace and the elegance

  3. lol.. good memory Liberal Librarian.. I’d forgotten all about that. I think even Hillary might agree on that one..

  4. And even though we Obama supporters were a bit furious with Hillary for saying that, she wasn’t out of line. The presidential race really should be about who you trust to take those tough decisions, those flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants moments. It should *never* be about who you’d feel more comfortable having a beer with. When the electorate makes its decisions based on the former rather than the latter with more consistency, then we might see a rise in the level of political discourse.

  5. Even though I don’t often comment, I Love this place. Love the huge heart of all who gather here. Love that DNC Convention will be held in Charlotte.

  6. And last I heard Aretha was in the hospital.. a prayer for her also.. and omg she is so young and beautiful in this video.

    Chipsticks had this picture today of President Obama in one of her postings.. and the first thing it brought to mind for me was that slam video during the elections.. Barack Obama- you pretty mf.. I won’t post it here, but anyone that wants to view or re-see it.. just put in that title and it comes up.. it always makes me teary, all the hope and beauty of those words.

  7. Don’t know how he does it. Just can not imagine any other person in the Oval Office. There is no one with the stature of this President. I feel very secure with President Obama there.
    And…I am one happy and proud and excited Democrat today with the news that the convention will be here in Charlotte. Maybe I will have a chance just to be in the same room with my President!

  8. I had just been thinking about how I am so glad We have Obama for our president!!!! I do believe Obama is one of those Indigo children that are here to help us make this a better world. He is a very spcial man. That is a wonderful picture. Thank you BWD for bringing it to us.

  9. Perfect comment. Perfect!

    Actually Hillary’s commercial back then cemented my decision to vote for Obama. When that 3 am phone call comes in I didn’t want the person on the other end’s first consideration to be political expediency. I wanted the primary focus to be the safety of America and the world.

    I made the right decision in the NY State primary. And I stick by that decision.

  10. Love the photo. I constantly send positive energy to our President, I wish him success in all the stuff he has to juggle constantly.

  11. OMG! I completely forgot about that video. At the time I lived just a few blocks from the Bowery Poetry Club and I was annoyed that I didn’t see this live.

  12. I think most of us were mad about how the add was framed. Like, ‘oh he’s not going to be able to save the kids’ and I think there was some questionable lighting too.

    But I agree it is the most important criteria for a leader of a nation.

  13. One of the outstanding traits he’s shown – both in the campaign and in office – is that he doesn’t get flustered or panic. Even when everyone around him seems to be panicking, he’s not. I know that on occasion I’d like to see him be a bit more emotional or angry, but I also recognize it’s not always the best response, and I’d rather have the steadiness.


  15. congressman John Lewis just reported that egyptian had down loaded the montgomery boycott and they translated 250,000 copies.

  16. Whew. That lil tidbit just brought forth the most surprising tears makesense.

    We are witnessing something amazing, just amazing.

  17. LOL, indeed! And he’s been a thousand percent vindicated with regards to the supposedly “naive” belief that diplomatic engagement is the route to progress.

  18. I pray for him daily. He handles this most difficult job with grace and style. He never drops to the level of his detractors, but rises to a higher level. One of my favorite quotes seems to apply to his style: “He drew a circle that shut me out Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win; We drew a circle that took him in.”
    Edwin Markham

  19. From my twitter timeline:

    Mubarak to address #Egypt protesters today, expected to announce he won’t run in upcoming elections – Al Arabiya TV #25jan

  20. CNN reporting:

    Al Arabiya TV is now reporting that President Hosni Mubarak will say in a speech that he will step down at the next election but will stay in office till then to meet demands of protesters in that period.

  21. starshine, I know. My daughter lives in Charlotte. She called me this am and said,”I got an e-mail from Michelle Obama. The convention is in Charlotte. We are going to be there, mom.” She was so excited, off the charts. Me, too. Cuz I really want my five year old grandson to see him. Hopefully, she can be a volunteer or something.

  22. I remember during the campaign seeing Mrs. Obama on teevee and she said “if there is anyone who could handle this job..it is her husband”. She always speaks about his steadiness and methodical thinking, how he is slow to anger. In my opinon, not enough credit is given to his mother and grandparents who raised an exceptional man.

  23. Thank you for this site and the calming effect it has created within me. I love knowing others feel the same as me. The people around me are not fervent supporters but very casual about their support. Thanks for being here. I too feel like your positive comment towards our President. Is that your photo below the posted one?

  24. Awwwwwwwww this man. ❤ him. and my elation at Dem convention coming to Charlotte remains epic. Yesssssssssss we did! 😀

  25. Hello everyone,

    I feel like most of you are family because even though I don’t always comment, I’m here everyday reading and soaking in the good vibes. Helps me to pay it forward.

    God Bless President Obama and his wonderful family.

  26. I can’t think of one other person I would want as my president. Not one. I pray often for President Obama and his family. He is like calm in a storm – focused and intense, aware of the chaos that surrounds him, but always pushing forward and bringing everybody along with him.

  27. I agree with you, Glinda. I knew from the start who I wanted to answer that 3 am call, and it has proven to be a correct decision. Perhaps today more than any day before, I am thankful for PBO.

  28. Not quite on the same scale as the inexorable drive of all humans for the qualities of life and liberty that President Obama cogently stated in Cairo last year, but ….


    …. beyond the irony of a Bush lending support for marriage equality, I’d say what Barbara Bush demonstrates by her action is substantial and good.

    Eclectablog has noted it, as well:


  29. I am not exaggerating. We could NOT get through these perilous times with another Bushlike adminstration. With POTUS, to borrow a Cancer Survivor term, we will not only survive, we will THRIVE!

    Segue alert: But will CT survive? We have officially run out of places to put the snow. And, relevant to MEMEME, it is one scholl cancellation after another.

  30. Not until September, and I doubt the protesters will buy this. It is just another ploy to stay.

  31. U.S. urges Egypt’s Mubarak do more; envoy in Cairo

    Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner was on the ground in Cairo as U.S. officials sought to bring pressure on Mubarak without openly calling on him to step down.

    Officials said the Egyptian government needs a path to a credible presidential election in September as part of an “orderly transition.” Also needed are a lifting of emergency law and negotiations with a broad cross-section of Egyptians, including opposition groups, they said.


  32. mtmarilyn, I have thought the same thing about Obama being an Indigo child! And I admit it, I have even sometimes thought that our president is Jesus–the Jesus I learned about when I was growing up before the grownups in the church so tarnished his image for me. I mean, really–at least the embodiment of Jesus. And I don’t care how many tomatoes people throw at me.

    And BWD, thank you for posting your lovely thoughts about our president today.

  33. Im glad President Obama stayed out , now msnbc is saying that he should have got on the side of the protester, which is a meme that they was pushing. Im glad he stayed clear, middleast love to blame US foe their woes, this is their decision on their own. The middle east must also take blame for their own fate. They are the ones who allow these extremist to take control. Im sorry happy that they are waking up, but this is their fight. One thing i can say that blame the President if they select their leader.

  34. See each station is reporting different messages. The media cannot be trusted unless you see it for yourself.

  35. All those of you in the storms path, get prepared and stay safe.

    Just got an email from one of our customers in CT and they have to employ their remote contingency plan because of safety concerns.

    I won’t even bring up the weather here in AZ. 🙂

    Back to checking Egypt live-blogs…

  36. Did everyone receive the email from Michelle Obama about the 2012 Presidential convention being held in South Carolina? I donated, and hope others will. If we start spreading the word now, hopefully we can raise lots of money and get good attention for the convention. 2012 is so close – and it’s a big one, because we can’t lose. Let’s do all we can to keep our President in office!

  37. Beautiful post, beautiful comments.
    I was just the other day talking about this song. I heard an old NPR Fresh Air (Terri Gross) interview with the composers (Bacharach and David) who said that Aretha’s version of this song was better than the original they produced with Dionne Warwick. They couldn’t say exactly why, just that they had missed, and Aretha had got it right.

    I’ll say!

  38. That’s fantastic! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she’s able to volunteer or acquire tickets.

  39. Blackwaterdog,

    Your comments concerning today’s picture is so very insightful. I feel the same when I look at all his pictures and the expressions on his face and the massive amount of day to day encounters he has. Yes this is a job that is certainly a lifestyle. It is good to see a person in the seat that exemplify s this with a calmness of spirit that makes us all proud.

  40. “Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and does not succeed. For centuries, black people in America suffered the lash of the whip as slaves and the humiliation of segregation. But it was not violence that won full and equal rights. It was a peaceful and determined insistence upon the ideals at the center of America’s founding.”

    President Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4th, 2009.

  41. Mubarak will not run again and until September the administration will have enough time to make sure that the vacuum isn’t filled by bad guys. Once again, PBO is the only adult in the room.

  42. “I heard your speech, i’was aaiight….”

    LOVE that video. Love that poet.
    Love our President.

  43. I think the opposition groups will be given some sort of power at the negociation table. The people in the streets won’t accept less. I think President Obama knows this.

    It’s a delicate ballet and the administration is playing it artfully. Drip, drip, drip…

    Thanks for your uplifting work BWD !

  44. thank you LovesPolitics for pulling that out of his speech.. amazing – all of it – just so amazing. What a time we’re living in.

  45. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next move would be for Mubarak to “retire” and leave the country permanently. He probably needs something face-saving and pride-saving at 82.

  46. AJ just announced an important statement from Mubarak coming now.

    Tigerfists, I loved the NotMubarak.

  47. Not only do i think the President Speech gave them confidence, i also think what he’ being doing over here is having them to say yes we can too. The economy, healthcare and working to get jobs. They see him as something they can strive for.

  48. IsMubarak has a huge ego and is very stubborn. Takes a bit of time to break through that, but the time has come to go.

  49. BWD – your comment brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for articulating how so many of us feel.

  50. I know alot of people poo-poo this stuff but I have been told by people who are sensitive that he is a Indigo child. I had thought that before. He is a very special man who is human and will and does makes mistakes, but he looks at everything and is able to get thru it all with himself. That is a very wonderful gift.

  51. I just read an article on the Washington Post site about secret police loyal to Mubarak who tried to use their own looting and violence to create an impression that the protests against the government were dangerous and should be responded to with harshness. I have to tell you that that was one of those moments for me as I thought back over all the traps that have been laid for our President and his policies to discredit him, to force him back from reform, to pit the populace against one another with disinformation. Sometimes I think I am witnessing a time like when our nation pushed back against the robber barons and sweat shops and tried to keep the speculators from going right back and creating the conditions for another depression. All the more reason to cherish blogs like this and to work as much as possible in unison to have the President’s back and frankly our own because those that want him to keep going in what he’s been trying to do are considered the enemy by the corrupt and autocratic as well.

  52. And in turn I hope it inspires us too (well, not us, but those who are kinda disinterested in politics but concerned about jobs etc) Inspires us to hold the GOP and the media accountable, protest against SCOTUS if they keep getting out of line and re-elect Obama by even wider margins.

  53. One of the dynamics that has left me in awe is the fact that both the congress and the Senate are letting the President and SOS drive the messaging for the US. No grandstanding from the far right or left. Amazing! The MSM keeps trying to incite dissent, but nobody is biting. As for the pundits who keep harping that “Obama needs to be on the right side of history”…he is.

  54. I too say a little prayer daily for this wonderful President BWD. Thanks for this posting and picture that touches all our hearts.

    May God continue to enrich our President with the intelligence, skill,compassion and overall gravitas that is required to do this job effectively…what a brilliant job he has done so far.

    It is soooo good to be among people on this site who are just as passionate about supporting our pres. as I am. Blessings to you all.

  55. I hope SCOTUS is paying close attention to this revolution and the reasons why it is happening.
    Citizens United was a terrible decision.

  56. The hate for our president is overwhelming to me at times. Yesterday just stunned me with the Republican judge saying the ENTIRE HCR law was not Constitutional. The ENTIRE law! Then Arizona piling on & passing a law they admitted was directed toward him that he must submit “longform B/C” to be on the Arizona ticket. You know, not like the prez has gone out of his way for the folks who live in Arizona lately! All Republican states are planning their own similar laws.

    Pure unadulterated hate! Just Stunning!

  57. I thought of the Indigo Child concept as well, and I do not even know if I believe in it. I also think there is something other-worldy about him. But Lord knows – that was NOT a Scientology Reference, LOL.

  58. BWD, there is one very important reason why he is able to saty so calm amidst all of this. He took care to make sure the people who are handling things are competent. He has complete trust in thos folks, whether SoS Clinton, Napolitano, down to the heads of the different agencies.

    He can rest peacefully knowing they will do whatever is necessary.

  59. This must be good news for Mccain LOL we are just so happy he is our president Calm Cool, Collected. YES he can.

  60. I’ve never heard the term “Indigo child” before. Interesting concept – will need to read up a little more on that. He’s definitely a man with uncommon wisdom, patience, empathy and ability to love. That’s pretty special.

  61. Oh – and an unusual ability to forgive, too. I don’t know how he does it – I’m still holding grudges over things people said to me in 3rd grade! He just looks beyond that and tries to see the good in everyone.

  62. Say a little prayer is one of my all time favorites.

    BWD, you are so right about the amount of crisis this president has had to handle. I would be so overwhelmed. In fact the economy alone would have probably sent me to the loony bin.

  63. Thanks for the Aretha clip. Someone also mentioned Dionne Warwick upthread.

    Here’s an emerging new artist that you all will recognize doing a cover of Dionne:

    And of Aretha:

  64. ROFL. Good one. Although I think King Abdullah is a bit smarter than the other autocrats. He and his father have had to tread a fine line between the native Bedouins and the Palestinian exiles. I wouldn’t be surprised if political, social, and economic reforms pick up pace in Jordan.

  65. True! Happiness is also realizing that BWD is okay. When I dropped by earlier I couldn’t figure out where she was.

  66. I showed my son the youtube clip from the Grammies of Aretha singing Dorms Nessum in place of Pavarotti. My son said If opera sounded like that Americans would love it as much as Italians.

  67. We all remember “Heckuva Job” Brownie. The only good pick that GWB made was Sec. Gates, and with that pick I wonder how much of it was forced upon him.

  68. Watch out! Egyptians are VERY good at football (soccer). Egypt is a powerhouse in the African Confederation. (Yes, I’m a soccer geek.)

  69. TIOTB: I hadn’t seen that video before and it brought a smile to my face. Hopefully Casey Knowles will be voting for this president again in 2012. Maybe, she can make an ad for the President this time around. 🙂

  70. From what I can gather: he’s not standing for the next election, he’s forming what seems to be a national unity gov’t, and calls on Parliament to revise the constitution.

  71. {PS Theo, I was just thinking I had to go look up the ‘indigo hild’ term once I’m done reading.}

  72. Good luck to your daughter. My daughter lives in Colorado and worked for the Dems there at the ’08 convention. She got to shake hands with President Obama. She also went on a tree planting project with Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn. She said except for her wedding and the births of her children it was the most memorable experience of her life.

  73. I’m in CT. We have no place to put any more snow, and are out of snow days in the school calendar. My bet is that even the students are getting bored. The teachers are panicking because they will not have enough “teaching hours” to complete their curriculum. Law says schools must close for summer by a certain date, so spring vacay will be cancelled. i picked a perfect year for a MLOA 🙂 I’ll bet the vibe in the teachers lounge in tense. In terms of subbing, we will get virtually no work, because staff needs to be on site every day the schools are open. I’m sorry, what was your question, LOL!

  74. And even in ceding power he doesn’t get it. From AJE: “Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak says protests “manipulated by political forces”.

  75. G, not to be too optimistic but CT will definitely survive.

    I remember after winter of ’78 blizzards when the East Coast actually shoveled snow onto flat rail cars traveling West so the snow could slowly melt off as it went along. Boston was bulldozing snow into the harbor.

    Tough times for you all but Spring will come again. Hang in there and please keep safe and warm.

  76. I found this part of his speech SO powerful – An example, directly useful for battered people in autocratic states – straight from his own background and therefore supremely authentic.

  77. Years ago, I did subbing and it was either feast or famine. Good luck and please stay safe where you are.

  78. I remember images of Osama were included. It was a very tough ad. I am not so sure I would want Obama to do an ad like that.

    Obama could be snarky about Hillary, but in general, he rarely crossed the line of decency.

  79. Ah, that’s the definitive answer to the critics who say that PBO “has to get on the side of the protesters”: They just showed up on HIS side.


  80. He is such a cool guy and a real hero of mine. Hearing him talk about the election of Obama all along the way, putting it into context of what he’d seen and done during the civil rights movement and then being there to see the first African American president… I think it was something every American should have seen and heard. Truly amazing. We think we know what those people went through when they were battling for civil rights, but I doubt many of us truly do. It was a battle. It was scary. People lost their lives. They changed this country forever.

    So did Barack Obama.

    And the most touching of the memories, either from Lewis or one of the AA commentators on the news… I can’t remember his name.

    Was about going back home and watching either the Obama’s acceptance speech at the convention speech or on election night with their parents.

    Because their parents memories of a segregated America made it even more unbelievable to them that they’d ever see a black man elected President in America.

    And they watched and told old stories and cried tears of joy together. It was just amazing.

    Made me realize that in an instant, Obama changed America, that all the little AA children growing up today would have such a different view of America and all that was possible for them because of Obama. Just like that, everything changed for them. Nothing was impossible anymore.

    What an amazing thing for all of us to live through.

  81. Yes, we’ve spent too much time trying to decide for ourselves what should happen in Middle Eastern countries.

  82. That law hasn’t been passed just proposed by a real nut from the tea potty. And please, some of us in AZ just love our President.

  83. mtmarilyn, He is indeed a very special man. I had to appear ignorant, but what is an Indigo child?

  84. Soccer games, yeah! If people start sharing food and recipes with those army guys then I will really start cheering. My heart to the hearts of the Egyptian people: “YES, YOU CAN TOO!”

  85. He’s a man of the people! All people. He just stops me in my tracks sometimes. I only wish my Grand parents, especially my Great-Grandmother, were alive to see his Presidency.
    But I know they’re watching. I know they’re smiling. I know they love him.

  86. BWD, those pundits will never admit that but we know and we will keep singing out! Sing it Sisters and Brothers!

  87. I hadn’t thought of it that way, Toon, but you are absolutely correct – the people of Egypt just joined PBO on his side.

  88. Meanwhile, the US senate is voting to repeal HCR right now!
    This has gone under the radar! Can the republicans get 13 dems to vote with them? If so, then it goes to the President for his signature. To which, he will veto! BUT still, how did this come up for a vote?

  89. I think he does “get it” but he has to save pride and face. He is an old man who has had power for a long time. He doesn’t want to go “gently into that good night.”

    If those around him can help him keep his pride as an elder of some respect, maybe he can let go of his strangle hold on his country. Egypt can then move in new directions.

  90. When I heard him say that, I didn’t think he meant Obama was not standing by his allies, I thought he meant that Obama could not go over and not kick Mubarak to the curb. Maybe I miss something.

  91. Hey Tigerfists88, I am going to try and stay from the TV and wait and see what happens in the next few days in Egypt

  92. OK, It’s not going anywhere. Thanks. The republicans think they are clever trying to put the Democrats on record as being for health care, but they already are! What the pubs are doing is putting themselves on record again as being against it, and that will bite them in 2012.

  93. And read more deeply: Reid and the Dem leadership plans to put the GOP on record voting against or for the really popular parts of the reform. How much do you want to bet this is being organized by Plouffe?

  94. Just caught hardball, and yes Chris was trying to imply that Obama has not shown any respect to Mubarak, which Chuck Todd, said if anything the white house has indeed respect him.

  95. You know what BWD, you are just awesome and contagious. 🙂

    I agree completely. That “little smile” is a confident builder.

  96. Hi Greg in TN! It’s great to see you post here. Thanks for the link and hope all is well with you and yours.

  97. I love Plouffe. He is almost as smart as PBO.

    I just flipped over to CNN Intl to see what they were say and unfortunately they have tapped into CNN…and I remembered quickly how much I can’t stand Wolf Blitzer. Don’t go there.

  98. Thanks for sharing this picture and sentiment. He indeed has more overwhelming crises since becoming President than anyone could foresee and he has handled them with grace and humility. None of these were of his making, but he never whines about where the problems originated. He is to be admired; that is why I voted for him, and will again.

  99. I totally agree. How lucky we are to have such a wonderful caring competent guiding hand on the tiller. I pray for him every night … and I am an agnostic so I think that shows how much I care.

  100. I say big prayers for this wonderful, calm, intelligent, persistent, far-sighted, elegant, industrious, hard working, obviously superior man every single day.

    LIVE LONG AND STRONG, MR. PRESIDENT! We all need you now more than ever!

  101. lol!! I don’t usually use that language, but I was so angry at Chris Matthews and his ilk, it just flew from my fingers! I have been feeling bad about it since I posted. 😦

    So, now I feel better, and thank YOU.

  102. From your keyboard to God’s (and Casey’s) ears ;-), because it would too funny if she did.

    And she’d be 21 by 2012, so it would also be very interesting just to hear her take on what’s transpired during his first term, since she went from a teen to an adult within the same time frame.

  103. mtmarilyn, yes! An Indigo child. He has said many times he enjoys the challenge. He really wants to make the world a better place and he is. I don’t know anyone who could do what he is doing now and he is doing it so incredibly well. Love that man. 🙂

  104. Thanks for that information Sandy. That is great news about GOP and Dems stepping back and letting PBO handle it. You know, I think it’s because they really do trust him and know he is in charge and is handling it the best way possible.

  105. bwd, I love this post!! Thank you. 🙂

    I looked at that wonderful picture of President Obama and listened to Aretha singing. Together, together, together just called out to me. My heart opened and I felt like I was joining in the stream of love and appreciation for him with all of you.

    He is an amazing man. I feel so safe and optimistic with him at the helm. And he has chosen such wonderful people to work with him. I just love SOS Hillary and VP Joe.

    You know POTUS and Hillary have been working the last two years with Mubarak, creating a good relationship that is standing in good stead now. It is amazing to watch the process of so much change unfolding in basically peaceful ways.

    Thank you for sharing your generous heart, bwd. I just love visiting here. Even when I’ve read the post and comments, sometimes I come back just to get a refresher of this loving energy.

  106. Indiana here. We had icy rain last night that was very thick on everything this morning. Then snow and later today little chunks of ice raining down — harder than sleet, but not hail. Then later a roaring wind. I could hear some people on the roads today, but not tonight.

    We were very well warned and everyone was stocking up and battening the hatches a couple of days before it started. This weather brings out the best in people — helping neighbors and making sure others are taken care of.

  107. faithnhope, I say prayers for him too. There is a very loving, positive prayer line that I have called many times in the past and one time when there was a lot of anger and violence toward him I called about President Obama. The prayer the woman said was so beautiful, it was lyrical, almost a song and I could tell she must have said it many times. When she was finished she told me that they have so many calls and people don’t know this, but there are millions of prayers for him. It made me feel so good to know I was joining in with all of that positive, loving prayer.

    The prayer line is Unity, 1-800-669-7729, if you ever feel you would like support. 24/7

  108. I didn’t really like the fact that John Kerry didn’t coordinate his demand (for Mubarak to step down) with the Administration. Why do they feel they have to get in front of the President on everything?

  109. Again, I have enjoyed coming here and reading all of the wonderful words, and I thank you all. BWD, you are terrific!!!!! What a calm place to come to and get great information. I like the style of the presentation on this site. You all are treating each other with so much respect, and I like to see that.

    I have lived through many administrations throughtout my years on this earth, and I will concur that this administration is the most calming and effective one that I have seen. Yes, we are so wonderfully blessed to have such a calm, intelligent, compassionate President in the Oval Office. Remember also,President Obama once said,”The good things you see in me are of my mother.” He said,”only after her death did he come to realize, as he put it, that “she was the kindest, most generous spirit I have ever known, and that what is best in me I owe to her.” I think that is what we see when we look at him and to him to be the best President of these United States in our lifetime. Thank you Barack’s mother. We are so grateful. I have lit my candles tonight for our president as I always do when things are so rough for him. He will be fine with those of your watching his back. I trust you great young people to carry on. Thank you so much.

  110. Same here, Glinda. That commercial did it for me, too. Now I see Mark Penn, one of her chief advisors, is back on the scene. Shameful (shameless?)

    Say, is that Laurie Anderson (your avatar)?

  111. when you a round peg in a round hole, and do things with ease, you’ll have same look as Mr Obama.My prayers for more clamness on his very busy table

  112. The best part was that the BABY in that commercial was an Obama supporter! 🙂
    Pure poetry.

  113. Now that’s my President! May The Almighty bless him and keep him strong and safe!

  114. Yes it is. I used to look a lot like her in the 80s with a very similar haircut, blue eyes and dimples. So I grabbed this old photo.

    Ms Anderson would have referred to me as “another Laurie Anderson clone.” 🙂

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