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1. Egypt:

NYT: “The president said several times that the outcome has to be decided by the Egyptian people, and the U.S. cannot be in a position of dictating events”



2. Change we can believe in:

Red Cross: The United States has become far more transparent about the prisoners it is holding in Iraq and Afghanistan



3.  The world is a very exciting place these days.

South Sudan referendum: 99% vote for independence



4. You can say that again:

Education secretary: ‘No Child Left Behind’ has led to a ‘dumbing down’



5. Gail Collins:

Is Michele Bachmann the new Sarah Palin?

And do we really need a new Sarah Palin? Shouldn’t the first one be made to go away before we start considering replacements?

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228 thoughts on “Sunday’s mishmash

  1. Hi BWD. I read you site a lot, but don’t comment much. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you’ve done. Thanks.

  2. Good morning everyone!Baud, I think there are a lot of us who read more than comment. This place is wonderful. I have commented more lately. Here you are not bashed for our admiration of our great President. BWD does an outstanding job keeping us informed. Welcome!

  3. Thx bwd for that ICRC link. I am very happy to note the transparency. My only wyfp with this admin is Afghan war. I am looking forward to the day when it is ended by this great Prez.

    I have posted that reuters report at gos just for fun. 🙂

  4. Ditto on the appreciation, BWD. I never fail to read with gratitude, but don’t often post. Have started to wear one of my Obama buttons, a small white button with red and blue lettering saying “Peace, Love, Obama”. Yesterday, on the subway (NYC) a man pointed out the button to his little girl (carrying a wrapped birthday present) and thanked me for wearing it. Sometimes it’s the small things.

  5. Thank you BWD for again a lot of very interesting information. You never take a day off !! You’re too generous BWD… Please never hesitate to take a little break. We’d totally understand. You’ve given us so much already !

  6. Gail Collins is too funny today, Bachmann’s claim that Gore Vidal’s novel “Burr” pushed her over the edge is hilarious.

  7. Good morning,all! Welcome to those that have come and begun to post here:) BWD has created this sanctuary for all of us that not only is an invaluable source of information, but is a place for thoughtful, intelligent discussion.I know that she welcomes all of you like she welcomes everyone else.It is truly an amazing place to come to. We are all so greatful to be able to come here and post our views without the noise and “ugly”.
    Readerwriter….that was a nice comment. Put a smile on my face.It IS the small things sometimes. Everyday people know…if they care to listen and open their eyes to the realities…I have my coffee and my family here, and it’s a good day:)We’re all glad that you’re here.

  8. This is my first post on your fantastic blog, BWD, and I am going to open it as many, many others before have: by expressing my utmost thanks towards your efforts here, which have played no small part in allowing me to remain engaged in the political process of this country without losing my sanity!

    I’ve been an obsessive lurker/poster on various blogs, forums, etc, almost all of them political/history orientated, for years now, but in recent times the sheer level of toxicity that has engulfed site after site has grown so noxious that stumbling by accident upon this space almost seemed a godsend.

    Once again, my deepest thanks. 🙂

    Up until now I have been content with simply lurking here, but the recent developments in both foreign and domestic affairs have proven just too pulling to continue doing so when an opportunity for rational, engaged conversation exists.

    In reading about President Obama handling of the crisis in Egypt, as well as in studying his general approach to Foreign Policy over the past two years, I am struck repeatedly by the fact that our President’s engagement with world affairs might well stand as superior to that of any other President in the past half century – and that is no exageration. If I may borrow a word from you, he seems almost to possess a “mishmash” of the strengths of each of the great FP Presidents of the past. He possesses a keen sense that in some ways seems almost intuitive of what the limits of America’s worldly power are, as well as how its strengths can be best applied, that is more than a little reminescent of John F. Kennedy. He has the extraordinarily deep intellectual engagement with the geopolitical strategic process that was the hallmark of Richard Nixon, the careful decisiveness of a George H.W. Bush, the flexibility of a Bill Clinton, a “steady hand” touch combined with a keen sense of diplomacy, and perhaps most important of all, he seems to own something of Franklin Roosevelt’s appreciation for the inherent faults of all forms of dogma. As one source noted about PBO:

    “What makes him [Obama] almost unique amongst those with an informed outlook upon America’s strategic position within the world and how to make use of it in the formulation of policy, is that he does not adhere strictly to any single school of foreign policy though. He is not a liberal interventionist, or a Kissingerian realist, or a Wilsonian idealist – if there is any ‘ist’ word at all that can be used to describe him it would be that he is a consequentialist: that is to say, he believes in finding out what works best. That is not to say that he is an exponent of Bismarckian Realpolitick – on the contrary he possesses a heartfelt appreciation for the liberal democratic values that have defined the best moments of American world involvement for the past two centuries. It is those values, that vision, that he seeks to translate into reality as best possible through the means of new methods that are adapted to the problems of today rather than those of yesterday. This is why although his foreign policy is in some ways reminiscent of the approaches of past administrations, at its heart US foreign policy is today shaped by a unique, new approach which is distinctly that of Barack Obama.”

    In regards to the present situation in Egypt, the inanity of the commentary by much of the media at the moment does not bother me too much. The press (and the fringe on both sides of politics) tend to go into doom-and-gloom made whenever some great and delicate happening is underway. This is as true of the time when Richard Nixon visited China as it is today. Almost the entirety of the media in the 1970s thought that was going to be a failure too. Then this happened:

    Fact is, everybody seemed to be predicting that PBO would never succeed in securing passage of an important Healthcare Reform bill… until he did. It was almost universally assumed that DADT repeal was going to be a broken promise… until PBO’s signature made it the law of the land. Nobody seemed to imagine that after the “shellacking” of November 2010 any meaningful legislation would be passed… until the Lame Duck session passed in rapid succession not one, but several, of PBO’s major initiatives (including the new START treaty). Despite this, a general impression was held by many that PBO’s presidency had sufferred a mortal blow… until he gave two of the best speeches in modern political history (the Tucson Address and the SOTU) and his approval ratings rocketed back up into the mid-fifties.

    I have tremendous faith in the ability of the President and those around him to successfully navigate this crisis – and in the event of their successfully doing so, I would expect to see all the nay-sayers and doubters of today tripping over themselves to proclaim that “this was exactly what we expected”.

    I have for some time had a strange, inexplicable hunch that Barack Obama’s presidency is going to follow a similar trajectory to his Presidential Campaign: a slow start in some ways, many crises weathered, game changers, and challenges, but gaining altitude all the way until it will be appreciated for what it was/is: a truly historic success.

  9. Makessense4tulips, thank you for that wonderful video. I will pass it on! Readerwriter, I so agree. I have started wearing my buttons and just voice my opinions is a whole lot easier now! Have a great day everyone and we must continue our thoughts and prayers for the people of the Middle East!

  10. “The president said several times that the outcome has to be decided by the Egyptian people, and the U.S. cannot be in a position of dictating events”

    I disagree with those on the right who favor a more interventionist strategy and those amongst professional left and its consumers who…strangely…support a more interventionist strategy (I’m starting to find the PL indistinguishable from the right from an outcomes-based perspective, which is curious).

    I think that President Obama has struck the right chord from my limited understanding of this situation. While I have just a few questions about these protests and what appears to be the impending regime change in Egypt is 100% organic (I wonder about the Egyptian business community’s stance on the need for a fresh government although I don’t doubt the sincerity of these young people, fed up by no opportunities), it is beyond dispute that this is an Egyptian matter, to be decided for and by Egyptians. I truly can’t thank the BWD crowd enough for facilitating my understanding of this event (anyone looking for a fantastic discussion, yesterday’s mismash comments thread was excellent).

  11. Thank you for this video!!! Very inspiring!!! Definitely makes me want to volunteer more!

  12. It just seems as if disrupting life for more and more people will aggravate the situation, not improve it. This government in the US is far from perfect, but I truly appreciate living in a country which helped to invent the internet, rather than turning it on and off or limiting wide groups of information per the opinions of an autocratic ruler or set of rulers. We take a lot for granted here. Happy Sunday and thanks for helping to keep us informed with your fabulous tweets.

  13. The report is excellent news which I don’t find very surprising:
    “Those steps we consider as very positive in terms of added transparency that has come. In that sense we are satisfied with the relationship we have with the Department of Defense on the access questions, and also on the type of dialogue that we have on recommendations,” Kraehenbuehl said.

    For most people, the situation is not either/or. They can understand that there is room for improvement, yet can simultaneously detect improvements which have already been made. I don’t know where some of us went wrong in terms of being sucked into a crisis mode of thinking, in which everything’s great or a disaster. Pinging like that is not only emotionally exhausting, but it distorts reality.

    Kraehenbuehl, asked whether there may still be secret detention centers run by U.S. forces in Iraq or Afghanistan, said the ICRC can never be entirely sure it is seeing every prisoner held in any armed conflict.

    But he strongly signaled that the neutral humanitarian agency had no major suspicions.

    Sigh of relief. This is night and day in terms of the previous administration. That applies to torture as well.

  14. So true gn about the Pl and the right re: outcomes-based perspective, I think the characteristic they share is that they react to everything ie they are reactionaries and that they give little or no thought to the nuances and intricacies involved in situations like this one.

  15. Welcome, Axrendale, and please post more often. Seems like your non-participation dam has broken here in the calm place.

  16. For those who want to keep track of what is happening at the museum in Cairo and in other Egyptian cities:

    This site is being updated constantly:

    with information like this:
    “Of the Egyptian Museum she says that a total of 13 display cases were smashed, that, as she said earlier, looters have stolen pharaonic trinkets and that the new extension with the large souvenir shop, which was opened in November 2010, was totally robbed. As with the earlier article she identifies security guards and police as the perpetrators. She suggests that the reason that the security guards turned to theft is because of the seriously low salaries that they earn, unable to buy the basics for their families. She goes on to say that on Saturday morning the Memphis museum was gutted. She called the police, but did not respond. so she then alerted the army but by then it was too late. She phoned the museums in Luxor and Aswan where there was nothing happening at that time. She identifies that the lack of protection is a great problem but also that none of the museums in Egypt are insured.”

  17. Thank you very much for such a thoughtful, informed, interesting, uplifting post, Axrendale.

    I’m happy you decided to join this community !

  18. What an amazing and educational comment. Thanks so much for delurking, and I truly hope that you continue to offer your thoughts and insights. I especially love your thought about the fringes freaking out during a period of major/historic policy change; it’s good to know that this predated POTUS’ presidency and might simply be human nature.

  19. I have one more update, actually two.
    Elbaradei is on his way to join the protesters. Earlier it seems that Mubarak tried to scare them with a low over-fly of military jets.

    Aljazeera Arabia may have been shut down, but Aljazeera/English is still on-air but no longer disclosing the names of its reporters or their locations. The pressure is on.

  20. Axrendale,

    Welcome to this site and I look forward to more of your comments and your insights from your historical political background. I learn so much from the varing viewpoints and opinions and people always treat each other with respect.

  21. So true kitty; or like Axrendale posted upthread, the fringes pretty much freak out during periods of significant change (he made a comparison with Nixon’s trip to China). We’re all reactionaries in some respects (ex., this blog is a reaction to the dearth of sane spaces for amateur political commentary), just seems as if there are people who limit their understanding because they *solely* react and ping from thing to thing.

    …they give little or no thought to the nuances and intricacies involved in situations like this one.

    Well said.

  22. If mubarak is kicked out (Hillary’s tone seems to indicate that), then who will be next ? Tyrants of Morocco, Libya or the biggy itself, Saudi Arabia ?

  23. readerwriter – Love that story about your Peace-Love-Obama button and the dad and little girl. I recall during the election that one day I walked into a dry cleaning shop and the young woman behind the counter saw the Obama button on my purse and quietly (since she was working) said “Nice.” I whispered back, “Want one?” And we then arranged an undercover exchange, with big smiles. Happy times.

  24. Welcome and continue posting Axrendale!

    One of the things I like most about this site is its artistry. It is not just informative, but exemplifies the diversity in this community. Here, I have seen opinion and support in the form of pictures, verse and extraordinary commentary. This site is truly a work of art.

    Thank you again BWD for keeping us so inspired and informed!

  25. Good Morning All and Thank you once again BWD for wonderful news that we can almost only get here. I am so impressed with the knowledge of so many people here and how thankful and respectful they are of our president. I now find myself coming here several times a day and before I go to bed.

  26. “South Sudan referendum: 99% vote for independence.”

    wooot!!!Considering they wished for 100%, this is wonderful news.

  27. Axrendale – Well, thank you for not “holding back” today! Beautiful thoughts. Appreciate your sharing them.

  28. I so enjoy reading Gail Collins. Comparisons to Dorothy Parker seem to fit Collins better than they do Maureen Dowd.

  29. I used to love Maureen Dowd, when Bush was in. But now? Not so much. She seems to just do snark for snark’s sake, without any reason to go down that trail with President Obama.

  30. Via BJ, on the rw critics of Obama on Egypt

    It can’t be stressed enough that many of the people faulting the Obama administration for not doing enough to undermine Mubarak and other authoritarian allied rulers are the same people who insist that he has been betraying and undermining allies for the last two years.

  31. I have a few comments on the up rise in Egypt.
    One, I hate that the people started looting, and such. Two I hate that prisoners escaped.
    Three I hate that all of this came about with out the people doing it not having a contingency plan, my concern is that it may be easier for Egyptian people to go to the dark side given how they have been treated all of these years. Just wanting Mubarak out may not be enough to keep that government together. I hope that this works out well for them. Finally I’m so sick of the media and the pundits putting this on Obama and the USA, we can not and should try to control other countries. I’m glad that Obama and his team recognizes that.

  32. The Egyptian pundit that’s been on , said themselves , that this was about Egypt and not the USA. The President is striking the right tone. The media is the ones trying to make it about the USA. I never seen a group of people who like tho see their country in turmoil or controversy, like the American Media.

  33. It will go one of two ways, either they’ll crack down harder to increase their control to pre-emptive guard against similar happenings or they’ll loosen the reigns a bit and grant more freedoms in hopes that would be enough to placate the masses.

  34. It really sad. Their plan is not working thats why i love the president decision making so much he is able to use a level head. How do you put question on twitter. I would like for one of the stories to be. Why is american media trying to make this about the USA.

  35. Yemen and Algeria are still simmering. Given my druthers I’d rather it be Saudi Arabia given the nastiness the government allows there, but that would cause quite the disruption in the oil market and I am sure the world economies couldn’t handle it.

  36. I must say we as a people have become better in reacting to every thing the media says, we are learning, we just now need to call them on their bull.

  37. The Egyptian people, who are the important ones, seem to be handling it fine. They have set up block watches and are checking all traffic coming down the streets, and with the army rounding up the escaped thugs, who, it is hinted, were let loose by Mubarak. Only a couple of people were looting out of millions.

    I doubt when the American Revolution started, we had a contingency plan either. It is usually do it or die.

  38. It seems that the Egypt protests and internal regime change have a lot to do with economics and not merely freedoms, in terms of average people seeing such limited opportunities as the wealth disparity grew worse and worse. Are there similar scenarios in the countries which amk listed?

  39. This clandestine appreciation for the President is a result of bullying from the left and the right. The fear of encountering a rabid tea bagger (possibly carrying a concealed weapon) or the derision from the left about being an “Obamabot” has driven the support for this amazing President underground. I’m starting to see more Obama stickers on cars, and I can’t wait until we start 2012 in earnest, and people feel safe bringing out their gear again. The 92% approval of the SOTU speech was encouraging, and the video clip of the Wisconsin men who ran to get a second fleeting glmpse of the President were heartwarming. There are many of us out here.

  40. Why is’nt the story how diplomacy and treating people with mutual respect like President Obama been doing the reason why democracy is now being wanted from these countries. He did not demand it , he allowed the people fight and recongnize it on their own. This is how diplomacy works, The axes of evil and the threats did not.

  41. They are perfectly consistent: trying to undermine President Obama in every situation, in every way possible. Internal coherence and logic be damned.

  42. Heh, now that’s an interesting way of putting it:
    I never seen a group of people who like to see their country in turmoil or controversy, like the American Media.

    So utterly true.

  43. Via BJ, poster Baud (I think he/she joined up here too)

    “Let me explain how this is going to go down.

    If Mubarak stays in power, Obama’s an enemy of democracy because he did not support the protesters.

    If Mubarak goes down and an Islamic group takes control, it is because Obama is a weak and inexperienced leader (and possibly a radical Muslim himself).

    If a full-fledged representative democracy takes hold in Egypt, it is because George W. Bush had the foresight and courage to invade Iraq. ”


  44. True, but his ain’t the American Revolution. My main point is that someone worst could take over.

  45. Al Jazeera and BBC are the best out there. Even Guardian UK’s live feed gets caught up in meaningless twitter gossip.

  46. Hey guys remember when president Obama was running. The media MCain and the rest was trying to say Obama was nieve to say that we should talk to our enemies and that he will meet without pre condition. Funny how its changing things in the world. The middle East never called Bush for his opinion. Everyone waited for President Obama to say someting and now the other countries are now issuing statments thats similar to his .

  47. Excellent post – really informative. Nicely done.

    The passage that you quoted looks like it comes from an interesting article or book about the President – where is it from?

  48. Right on!!! That is where the American narrative is headed, as usual, always in the wrong damn direction.

  49. Good point Tulips. UK, France & Germany issued a joint statement right after BO’s press meet yesterday. And they just copied his talking points.

  50. When there are no jobs, you can’t afford food because the prices are so high, and you have no medical care, there really isn’t a worse. Yes, it could be, but I don’t think the Egyptian people will choose someone worse, and if they set up a democracy, they will be able to vote them out.

  51. Yep you are right cjtown. Muburak took President Obamas advice to turn the communication back on. President Obama has leverage there, This uprising, shook Muburak, so he will now listen to what the President suggest, this is where true democracy can come, if he convince him to have free elections and Muburak lose he will lose with dignity, Muburak do not want to be pushed out his ego is to big. IMO thats why he will now listen.

  52. Exactly!!! Along with Obama speech in Cairo, he openly push then for DEMOCRACY. The idiot right did not hear that, all they heard was Obama is selling the USA out,”he’s a secret Muslim terrorist.

  53. I went back and listened to that speech and the inagural. Where he said. your people will judge you for what you will build.

  54. I see your point. But keep in mind the USA elected bush, officially and unofficially and you see where that got us. I get your point, I will look at the good in this. I’m just concerned out the out come.

  55. LOL. Baud is right up there in the first comment today. My memory stinks.

    Hope you don’t my stealing your BJ comment, Baud. 🙂

  56. Ah, but the Bushies got voted out when the majority of the people didn’t like what was happening. Look at the recent events in Ireland. Cowan took the same delusional steps that Mubarak is currently taking, and he is out and so is his party. In a Democracy, we can do it by voting and don’t have to have enormous demonstrations on the streets and people dying to change the administration.
    Now the Egyptians can have the same system, built the way they want it.
    Yes, it can go wrong, but we will just pray it doesn’t.

  57. Yep. And I’m quite sure that all these countries coordinate their reaction with PBO. PBO made America cool and important and idolized again by its allies.

  58. Completely off topic – I just saw a banner on MSNBC saying that a bill has been introduced that would let anyone get a copy of Pres. Obama’s birth records for $100. Does anyone know anything about this? I can’t believe our tax dollars are being used for Congress to do this garbage. What’s wrong with these people? There’s already a free copy of his birth records out there on the net, and they’ve been there for over two years.

    In fact, the bill should be amended to say that anyone can get a copy of anyone’s birth records for a cash fee – privacy be damned! They are just a bunch of racist pigs.

  59. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @halmustafa: #BreakingNews: Reuters: #ElBaradei says the crowds in downtown #Cairo that what they have started is irreversible. #Egypt

  60. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @elamin88: RT @malinivk: #tunisia, #egypt, #sudanjan30… I’m watching history happen on Twitter and it’s mindblowing. There is no feeling like this.

  61. Nah. It’s the new measure by the new Hawaii Governor to make orly nutz pony up for their craziness. HI gets to make money out of this. 🙂

  62. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @muiz: BREAKING: all opposition parties delegate Mohamed ElBaradei as Interim President – heading to Tahrir Sq now | @AJEnglish | #Egypt | #Jan25

  63. hello friends, have always being saying this america media is the problem with that country
    there is a pattern with them ever since president obama came into power especially when it so happen that his poll number are doing a bit good they do anything to paint him not ready for the office, his inexperience bla bla bla just so happen his being there cause since the president came into office, it is rather pathetic i must say but in this one they have meet there match, i know where my money his
    how so true when the world his on fire raising hell unneccessary we really do need an adult in the room, dammmm how well his playing the role

  64. Boehner: Failure to raise debt ceiling spells ‘financial disaster’

    The possibility of the U.S. defaulting on its debt due to congressional inaction isn’t on the table, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Sunday.

    Boehner said it would mean “financial disaster” for the global economy if Congress were unable to come to a deal to raise the debt ceiling this spring.

  65. Boehner: Failure to raise debt ceiling spells ‘financial disaster’

    The possibility of the U.S. defaulting on its debt due to congressional inaction isn’t on the table, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Sunday.

    Boehner said it would mean “financial disaster” for the global economy if Congress were unable to come to a deal to raise the debt ceiling this spring.

  66. Interesting article. They say that Republicans are focusing on health care and abortion first because they promised to do so in the Fall. They’ll focus on jobs “soon” – when? After the work done by the Democrats starts to speed up the recovery even more, just in time for Republicans to claim credit? They’re not serious. And I hope the President completely ignores Congress over these next two years – since they’re currently worthless.

  67. President Hosni Mubarak, clinging on despite unprecedented demands for an end to his 30-year rule, met on Sunday with the military which is seen as holding the key to Egypt’s future while in Cairo, protesters defied a curfew.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States wanted an “orderly transition” through free and fair elections in its key ally and the Arab world’s most populous nation.

    Nobel peace laureate and retired international diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei said he had been given a mandate to reach out to the army and build a new government:

    “Mubarak has to leave today,” he told CNN

  68. The question is what will that deal be? These Republicans aren’t afraid to hold the country ransom for their crazed demands. It will be interesting how this negotiation will go down this time.

  69. The women announced early this morning that they would be there because the men had been up all night guarding the streets.

    Looks like Elbaradei is the man.

  70. That’s a great note, tulips. It’s before and after, isn’t it? This is total vindication for President Obama’s doctrine of diplomacy rather than bombastic threats and fearmongering. Spot on!

  71. From my twitter timeline:

    @sharifkouddous: Muslim Brotherhood chanting Allah Akbar. Crowd stopped them chanting louder: Muslim,Christian, we’re all Egyptian #Egypt

  72. Are Republicans looking at the same economy, the same Americans out of work?? What do they mean, they’ll get to it “soon.” Republican House=Epic Fail.

  73. They don’t really care about the Americans out of work. And the fact that companies are experiencing record profits means that the state of the economy is only important to them as an election tool. Their constituency is out of recession and doing just fine.

  74. Wow – Richard Engel has been repeating that Albaradei has no support in Cairo, and that he’s regarded as being too Western or European (and he’s on the ground in Cairo right now). This is an amazing development. Maybe it signals the beginning of the end of this crisis?

  75. Forget where I read this, but it was a purely speculative theory (no proof, take it with a bucketful of salt) that it is the military handling an orderly change of power while the demonstrators provide political cover for that. And that despite the jets flying out with the elite on board, the Egyptian business community is ready for a change as well. It would certainly be terrific if Mubarak changed face and, recognizing the end to a 30 year rule which had some problems and some successes, assisted with this governmental transition.

  76. *****ATTENTION***** HELP NEEDED!!!!!!

    One of the best Pro-Obama photo blogs out there, Obama Pics Daily, is in crisis and in need of volunteers.

    Here are the details, swiped from LadyPolitik’s blog:

    Hi, Folks.

    I’m a afraid I have some bad news.

    Cutting to the chase: will be  purging my entire image archive and the account itself, effective March 2, 2011. I will subsequently lose approx. 22,000 hosted images, including just about every image I’ve contributed to Obama Daily  between December 2008 and November 2010.

    The longer version: about 2 months ago, I was informed by that my account had exceeded reasonable bandwidth usages allotted by the free image hosting site. (I alluded to this problem in the previous Mod Post.)  Weeks later, I learned of the March 2 purging date.

    Basically, this will result in a trail of broken image links on Obama Daily, going back as far as December 2008.

    And so we have a major crisis.

    We’re looking at a loss of about 2 years worth of photos in about a week’s time, and I’m not exactly sure what are options are. is pretty set on purging my account; they do not offer paid upgraded accounts like does, and will not freeze accounts into ‘static’ archives.

    The only option is to manually save the photos and re-upload them to other image hosting sites, which has been a rather tedious/exhausting/more or less fruitless one-person operation, even given 4 weeks.

    UPDATE: LadyPolitik has come up with a plan to save her images called Operation Mass Download. Read the directions here. PLEASE PLEASE if at all possible, volunteer to save images so that she doesn’t lose her collection. It’s a wonderful collection, dating back two years.

  77. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @politicsworld: @Mike_J_Cox According Al Jazeera’s Alexandria correspondent: “the men have allowed their wives & daughters to march today” #Egypt

  78. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @octavianasr: “We have a key demand for the regime to step down and to start a new era.” Mohamed Elbaradei at Tahrir Square #Egypt #Jan25

  79. He wants cuts, but I think the President kind of boxed them in when he said that he would freeze spending on certain items. The bottom line is that Republicans know that it will be catastrophic for them not to raise the debt ceiling. They have to walk a fine line because they have to appear to be serious for the sake of the Tea Party. They are now facing reality. The President said that they would have to govern, and “slogans” aren’t governing tools. I believe in the end, the President will get most of what he wants and the Republicans may get a sliver of cuts. There will definitely not be any government shut down as they promised the Tea Party. LOL because the Tea Party got duped.

  80. If President Obama and America backed the protesters, it would have been easier to frame the uprising as a Western plot and the eventual pick to lead as an American Puppet, which would have given the fundamentalist Islamists the opening they might have needed to seize power.

    By keeping it an Egyptian issue, with America on the sidelines just keeping the violence to a minimum from Mubarak, and the protests mostly peaceful, it’s up to the Egyptians to decide their future.

  81. I’ve seen many testimonies from over there that the danger of fundamentalist islamists rising is overblown. But you can never be too careful.

    You’re certainly right that fundamentalists will try to stir up american resentment.

    I wish some of the critics of President Obama were able to go beyond simplistic analysis, and understand that this is a very very touchy situation. Every action of the administration can have long time ramifications, not only in Egypt but in other countries of the Middle-East.

    Thank god for the very competent and level-headed team in the Obama administration.

  82. This is a repost. I just wanted to echo your sentiments readerwriter!

    Hello everyone and especially BWD!

    I found this site about a month ago when someone sent me a link to I Am Grateful. I will tell you, it could not have come at a better time! I was getting so depressed at all of the negative news about President Obama whom I dearly love, and the blog that I went to religiously for good news since before the election, seemed to be turning on the President.

    I just did not understand why everyone seemed to be turning on him so much. I found this site and I have been visiting everyday! I love it!!! I never blogged on the other site. I just went there for updates and uplifting news. For a while it seemed to be there on a regular basis. But no longer. I have since deleted the blog from my favorite sites and I no longer plan to use it as a regular stop.

    The news and updates on this site is so amazing. I love the daily Mishmash! You would never know the President is doing so much or that there are others who still love him as I do unless you come to a site like this. I have e-mailed your link to a number of my friends. I know a lot of people visit that do not blog. I may not blog again, but I want you to know I come here all the time to get my spirits lifted on a regular basis.

    I don’t mind the disagreements on the blog. I think they are very healthy. I just hope the discussions remain as civil as they are and you can count on me visiting and turning others on to this site. Again thank you so much for this site!!!!

  83. Hi BWD! We too read your site a lot, and your are the best. So Thank you, thank you, thank you you are terrific.

  84. Indeed, I read this site first chance I get in the morning, and I come back for more throughout the day, but I don’t comment as much as many others. There are so many smart people on this site I just follow their lead.

  85. GN, I am with you on this. It is very important to me also. I can imagine the frustrati saying, oh sure, how much did the admin pay for them to report that?

  86. What a wonderful and cogent analysis. You definitely “belong” here. Please post more often!

  87. Mayra, I feel the same. Even TPM became nothing but a hit list against our President.

    I think we should all try to get new people on board. Let’s make this a huge site.

  88. I may still mirror the pictures on that site. I have a Live account, some room on my other site, and depending on size, it can be permanent.

    God, this is why I pay for my site. I enjoy the luxury of knowing I have a secure place because I pay for it. But not everyone needs one, like this site. Since there are no large files hosted here, BWD can keep the site free.

  89. Thank you bwd for always providing the news, I so appreciate it each day.


    Have a lovely Sunday All of you~

  90. If the US is to remain a leader through the next century, it has to be through moral suasion. GWB thought it could be done through cruise missiles; he seemed to miss the basic psychological premise that humans do not respond well to threats, and will eventually find a way to turn the tables on those making the threats.

  91. I’m not sure why this person is panicking about losing the pictures in a week’s time when the deadline is March 2nd. Does she mean to say Feb 2nd?

  92. Wow to the photo tigerfists, thank you.. how much more amazing and powerful is that over any violence that could have been used- this is what makes change imo.
    Very moving. Very proud of them.

  93. To all the newcomers: WELCOME. This is an outstanding site. I am starting to believe our hostess, BWD neither eats nor sleeps 🙂

    To Rock: Your tweets are a wonderful contribution. Thank you.

    Off to my mothers (86th) birthday get together with my little, but close family.

  94. Uh oh. Boehner is going to incur the furious wrath of the teabaggers. How long before Bachmann goes on CNN with a rebuttal to her Speaker?


    That’s what Hillary Clinton said to pundit David Gregory on MTP when he tried to control the interview on the US stance towards Egypt in this recent protest. Hillary wasn’t having any of this and she very appropriately cautioned Mr. Gregory about the useless speculation that the MSM keeps engaging in. This administration will not be bullied by the media – the same media that was silent and allowed Bush/Cheney to do exactly what they wanted.

    Thank you SOS Clinton.

  96. I can imagine the angst that Dr. Hawass is experiencing over the destruction of so many valuable artifacts. He has dedicated so much of his life to their preservation.

  97. So true. People can’t be forced or threatened in the long term and will resent those who rule by threat and bullying. I love this diplomacy portfolio. When it comes down to it, everyone wants the same thing: to live in relative harmony and be able to support family. It’s about time that we started to act like it, and leave fundamentalism behind.

  98. Radical Left___________________Radical Right

    Now make that line a circle and see what you get.

  99. Speaking of craziness, The NYT has an article called On The Runway in today’s paper.

    The writer Cathy Horyn trashes the First Lady.
    At first she rags about Michele wearing a foreign made designer’s dress to the State Dinner.

    Then, she says”Here’s my problem with Mrs. Obama:
    I want her to be known for something other than fashion. I want her to be a great first lady who truly cares about the lives of Americans at a time when many need help. I want her to far more than prime placement for a dress label–whatever the country of original. She supports a number of causes, notably healthful eating habits, but these are being overshadowed by what she wears. Only she can change that perception. Unfortunately only she can change that perception.

    Holy Crp. Does she know know about military families etc. I am teeeeed off.

  100. I got attracted to this site after a posting on DailyKluster letting people know about it. It was exactly what I needed. The tone at the GOS, and at the boards on HuffPo are negative, small in spirit and lacking in imagination about how to address our problems as a nation. Most are praying for a total meltdown so their philosophy will finally, at long last, will win the day. It won’t. When socialist nations of Europe are cutting their social programs I find no reason to think the US will suddenly start expanding them.

    Like them or hate them, corporations run our economy. It is more efficient than any alternative, imperfect though it is. Spending all day on a site telling me how trapped I am to live a country “dominated” by corporations, or billionaires or sinister cabals, blah blah blah. The future belongs to the positive, the creative and the adaptable. The pathetec wretches who must sit on Kos and HuffPo all day bemoaning every conceivable injustice know all about their disempowerment, because they nourish it and caress it and define themselves by it.

  101. Excellent comment Axrendale. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.
    Good afternoon everyone.

  102. And oh, by the way…that sweater the Prez is wearing…it made me gasp. He looks good in everything. Thanks again, BWD for creating the sanest place around. Big hearts and hugs, gf.

  103. Thanks for the updates and relfective commentary on the situation in Egypt. The US MSM is infotainment at its worst the goal of which seems to be disparage Barack Obama at all costs. The US needs let the Egyptian people decide their own destiny and their own government.

  104. Tulips, that touched me hearing the president’s words again in this context and brought tears to my eyes….thanks for sharing.

  105. I heard it was the police who did much of the looting at the museums due to their low wages and took advantage of an opportunity. I would not be suprised if Mubarick’s people instigated some of the bad behaviour. Also, when people have been poor and deprived for years there will always be some who take advantage. I don’t know how anyone can have a contingency plans when masses of people decide to rise up to stop taking it and when there is no clear leader.

  106. Thanks to SOS Clinton. David Gregory is an ashat.

    Hopeful, you were a regular on “that” site were you not? I always enjoyed what you brought to that place.

    If not the same person, Sorry!

  107. I read an article on Think Progress yesterday, LP, that stated that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a moderate group that has decried the use of violence. Osama bin Laden was a member of the Brotherhood, but he left the group because it was too moderate for his purposes. TP also reported that al Qaeda hates the MB. The MB spoke out against the violence against Coptic Christians that broke out in Egypt recently. IMHO, this kind of reduces the likelihood somewhat of al Qaeda getting a strong foothold in Egypt.

  108. At first, it was Feb 02, 2011, and then someone advised her to email photobucket and plead amensty. As a result, she got an extension to March 02, 2011, but still it’s about three years worth of pictures on that LJ.

    Oh hey, BWD. A limey here, enjoying your blog. Going back to lurkdom now. Keep up the good work! 😀

  109. Wow. Fantastic post. Were that there were a lot more of the media taking your measured, logical and honest approach. Please write more!

  110. Yes, I was a regular on that site and in mid-December was issued a “warning” after I made a truthful comment about the Leftbaggers. I refused to acknowledge this silly warning and have not gone back there to post ever since. I occasionally stop by to read selected diaries and comments, but my clicks on that site have been reduced by 90%.

  111. I agree, if they are so desperate for a copy of his full birth certificate, I say that if it is for political reasons, they should be charged $1,000.

  112. Hopefully these attempts to destroy HRC will not happen and the issue of abortion is going no where.

    Just because the repugs ran on these issues does not mean they will be successful in overturning anything. In the end, their supporters will blame the them for not getting it done. You can’t just say you are going to do it, you have to make it happen.

  113. I am so glad that SOS Clinton went after David Gregory for trying to push talking points instead of allowing her, the expert, to share information. He has been allowed to do this repeatedly, and imho, this is why so many Americans have such an unfavorable view of our president. She essentially told him to STFU, and let the adults in the know handle the situation. None of these fools are ever privy to classified information or in any of the meetings that PBO has with his foreign policy experts, but that doesn’t keep them from running their mouths and trying to spin the news for ratings and profits. Go, Hillary!!!

  114. yes but for only a month. After that, they’re going to delete everything, so she needs our help in mass-downloading everything on her blog so that she can rehost them somewhere else.

  115. At first it was Feb. 2 but now it’s March 2 but she still needs help saving all of her pics before tinypic deletes them all.

  116. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @AJELive: #Egypt Army has just told the crowd gathering at Tahrir Square that military will not go against the people #Jan25 #aljazeera

  117. Thank you tigerfist for keeping us up to date with your twitter feeds about what is happening in Egypt.

  118. As powerful as the image of the lone man standing against a Chinese Army tank in Tienanmen.

  119. OK, I roared. Yes, multi-syllabic words and sentences that have more than one noun and a verb.

  120. haha! Im really enjoying this. Those dummies are learning what it means to govern. Lets see what they do, they can lose their base or the american people.

    I would LOVE to see Bachmann vs Boehner, and I think we will; her second rebuttal shows that she doesnt care about unity against obama, and that she is selfishly looking after her own interests.

  121. The MSM seems to feel a burning need to display its great disappointment in our President and First Lady, facts be damned. They just don’t seem able to measure up in the eyes of our MSM. Something just doesn’t seem right to the MSM. They can’t put their finger on what the problem is exactly, so they criticize everything Obama does and every decision he makes. Now the First Lady has a fashion crisis. When will this madness end? I have also noticed that the AP is a reliable source for anti-Obama content. I mean EVERY AP story about Obama has a negative slant. If the MSM had given Bush half of the scrutiny it gives Obama, we may have avoided the Iraq War entirely.

  122. What a fabulous first post Axrendale – Welcome! You really touched me with your analysis.

  123. Thanks to you BWD, the BBC and Aljazeera, I’ve had access to unfiltered news as well as thoughtful, sane commentary throughout these past few tumultous history making days. I’ve learned so much through you and the folks who come to post here. I am deeply grateful to all of you for your insights.

    I visit here several times a day to read all your posts. Where else would I have found a lead to that great Narco News interview.

    One or other of the “mishmash” family always manages to eloquently voice the thoughts I can’t find words for, so thanks again…I’ll keep lurking and learning.

  124. Yes, I could tell that she was impatient with his whole approach to the interview.

    Even Mitch McConnell pretty much silenced Gregory when he refused to engage in any gratutious criticisms of the President on this matter. At least McConnell is smart enough to know that criticizing the President now means that it’s McConnell (& the GOP) who winds up looking more foolish later, because Obama is usually the one closest to being right in these matters.

  125. They are two sides of the same damn coin. And many of the pundits go from one extreme to another, depending on market demand/supply conditions.

  126. Happy Sunday to one and all, and thanks to BWD for her consistency in posting an informative mishmash! Now, I’m off to read the comments.

  127. Re: Boehner, the Tea Party, and the debt ceiling.

    I’ve felt this ever since the midterms: this is the GOP’s swansong. Boehner has two choices: govern, or cater to the teabaggers. If he thinks they’ll be satisfied by the bones he’s throwing them in the first few weeks on the 112th Congress, he is sadly mistaken. The teabaggers want the US gov’t to become a mirror of their values. They don’t understand that not raising the debt ceiling will lead to a Depression the likes of which the world has never seen. They’ve just latched onto the meme that debt = bad, and are against anything that allows debt.

    Boehner will have to make a deal with Pres. Obama, and in this case PBO has all the cards. The deal will be anathema to the Tea Party wing of the House GOP, so the Speaker will have to rely on Dem votes to pass the budget and raise the debt ceiling. That will cause a permanent rupture between the Tea Party and the more corporate GOP. It will probably lead to the Speaker having to cobble a coalition of the Dem caucus and the non-Tea Party GOP caucus to get anything done. Which will lead to another sea-change election in 2012, with PBO on top of the Dem ticket.

    By relying on the Tea Party, the mainstream GOP has signed its own death warrant. This past election was its last gasp.

  128. Don’t be teed off, Dorothy. Consider the source.

    “She supports a number of causes, notably healthful eating habits, but these are being overshadowed by what she wears. Only she can change that perception.”

    Obviously this writer is not aware enough to realize that
    a)putting her (senseless)opinion on what the FLOTUS wears in print helps in the overshadowing of FLOTUS’ causes. Why didn’t she research AND focus more on one of these causes?

    b)she has some ‘power’ as a ‘published’writer to help change the perception.

    IMO this writer is not really contributing anything of value to the dialogue, and should therefore not be allowed to affect our mental equilibrium. Go away Ms Cathy Horyn!

  129. Oh. My. God. I thought I had seen it all in terms of stupid critics. I’m speechless. Really.

  130. Well said V.C… although I think perhaps the point of the ‘writer’ here was to create or manufacture this ‘perception’ of FLOTUS. I’ve been viewing her- Michelle- for quite a while now.. and though she is beautiful and gracious in all things imo, she never misses a moment to discuss her Blue Star Families- Military families cause- since before even being First Lady.. and of course all the work shes doing for healthy eating- particularly in the schools. Good grief just last week she was everywhere touting these things.. and yet here on Sunday- this awful person is writing this sort of Bs in the NYTimes. They make this shit up – for controversy’s sake, for attention.. for lack of actual working.. who knows, but this is the kind of muck that does get under my skin.

  131. Well, it’s great that the troops know that FL Michelle cares for them. They see the results of her work. Cathy Horyn has her head stuck so far up her butt that she has missed this project entirely. I’m so glad that the troops aren’t depending on her to do anything for them because it seems, she’s only capable of giving bad armchair advice on fashion. IMHO, she is just as empty as the comments she made about FL Michelle.

  132. Very appreciative of your summary of the President’s path, to date, Axrendale! Welcome on board! We too ‘have tremendous faith in the ability of the President and those around him to successfully navigate’ not only this crisis, but whatever is thrown at him. That is not to say that he won’t slip in the years ahead, but there’s nothing he can do that will kill MY regard for him as a determined and insightful leader who cares about the USA, AND the world. Me, I’ve been envisioning a greater landslide victory in 2012 since Tucson. I’d sensed (hoped) that he would win before this speech and was shocked by the November elections, but ‘landslide’ came to mind after again seeing his pain, his wisdom and his vision for the country during the Arizona tragedy. I think Prez O’s leadership of the country is already a historic success and America and the world are fortunate to have him at the helm ‘for such a time as this’! Hopefully, more and more citizens will realize this by 2012.

  133. looks like today is for first time comments people. what i love about this site is not that it is not that it is positive to obama. it is factual. criticism is ok but should be fair and factual. thanks bwd for your work. May God bless you.

  134. IIRC, it was Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly that stated back in 2009 that one reason the MSM and Washington elites don’t like the Obamas is because they have declined any and all invitations to their social events. I think this was a good move on the part of the Obamas because it creates distance between themselves and these 2 groups. I think it also conveys the idea that they are not in D.C. to gain the favor of the social jet-setters. It gives me the impression that they want to be known as being in D.C. to serve the people who elected PBO to office, and I think this is the right message to send to the American people.

    I do recall that when GWB was in the WH, many of PBO’s critics had open access to him and the members of his staff. I’ve thought for quite some time now that this is one reason why the members of the rw media and rw movers and shakers have decided to work so diligently against PBO–they no longer have the ability to dictate orders to a sitting president. I feel fairly certain that GWB and Cheney were on a first name basis with these influence peddlers.

  135. Ex-act-ly. The vast majority of americans see a beautiful lady with lots of style, yes, but with lots of heart too.

    Important to note is that this Mrs. Horyn is a writer for the “Fashion and Stye” section of the NYT. I read her article. In her first paragraph she states that she hadn’t followed the “controversy” about Mrs Obama’s red dress at the State Dinner. She had spent a week in Paris to “cover shows”, you know…

    She lives in an insular world. She mistakes her perceptions for the perception of the majority of americans. ( Obviously, not all people who are privileged behave like this, I’m perfectly aware of that.)

    I agree there seems to be a constant and bizarre need for journalists for criticize the Obamas on absolutely everything. It’s not just about ratings. Could it be that they sense the Obamas don’t give a damn about the games of DC cocktail parties, the flattery, all the net-working among the “social elite” ? Could it be an unconscious jealousy about a couple who seems to “have it all” ?… Brains, heart, soul… Love that is REAL… Charisma yet simplicity of heart. And the affection of a great great number of people in american and around the world…

    I don’t know… Whatever it is, it’s disappointing to see.

  136. I remember a saying used in a class I had in ecology that dealt with environmental CHANGE. It said one of three things could occur either the species will LEAVE, ADAPT or DIE. That stuck with me and I think it seems appropriate for this too.

  137. I think it is the need of the press to have constant controversy about something going on and when big things are not there they manufacture little things to attack. Also the extreme need to turn everything into letting both “sides” comment has crept in to their reporting. Some say it is because of the corporations that are Republican bent owning the stations. Some say it is journalists and reporters being less willing to risk losing their jobs by reporting acurate information. Some say it is a new laziness in researching and challenging information or sound bites put out there. Oh for the day of Tim Russert! Rachel does a pretty good job of debunking as does Jon Stewart!

  138. From your lips to God’s ears re the Tea Party. These people have planted their feet in the last century and are trying to tug the country backward in time. With any luck, people will see sooner, rather than later, that these effort are both destructive and delusional.

    I have learned so much here today about the events in Egypt that move from frightening to hopeful as the news comes in. My heart aches about the museum artifacts, priceless parts of history that can never be replaced. The museum “shop” can be restored, but not the artifacts. Please let this end well for the Egyptians and their incredible history.

    Thanks BWD for all you gave us today and everyday.

  139. I agree, LL. The republicans wanted to defeat the president and to control both houses of Congress and sold their souls to the tea party-funded corporatists to get the job done. Boehner now has a caucus that feels oblivious to his suggestions/demands. Many of them have already stated that they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling, and then there’s Michelle Bachmann who is running her own caucus that seems to be out of line with what the seasoned politicians in the party want.

    I’ve never been vindictive, and I won’t be in this case because it means the downfall of our economy and the global economy. I will say, though, that the republicans will have to deal with what they wanted and paid for in these tea party-supported members of Congress. I recall clearly how satisfied Boehner and the others were to stand before the cameras, lie to the American people, and push tea party ideas. He’s not smiling so much now because he has his butt in a sling and is caught between having to do what he knows is right and having to meet the demands of the tea partiers. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving individual than John “Crying Man” Boehner. I also agree that the problems Boehner is having with the tea party members in the House will give voters a chance to see the difference between PBO’s style of governing and his focus on our economy and that of these folks who are in Congress due to being superb liars. None of the bills they’ve introduced after a month of being in control of the House has had anything to do with jobs or economic recovery.

  140. The complaints I hear about Michelle as first lady tend to stem from frustrated Hillary supporters who are mad that Michelle is so popular and that she isn’t getting attacked like Hillary was.

    As for the article itself, it is more than a bit silly for them to run that article right as Michelle appeared on Oprah talking about her huge military families initiative. It’s clear that Michelle is focusing on more than just fashion.

  141. You hit upon one thing I had not thought of applying to PBO before but see how it is very insightful. I had not thought much about the terminology of a consequentialist before. I used consequences of actions in bringing up my children and in teaching in the classroom regularly but hadn’t thought of how it applied to Presidential actions. I know others have thought of what their actions might bring on or the consequence of their actions but I do agree with you that I think this President uses the possible consequence of actions as a measure of the best way of proceeding or in deciding a different action or if inaction is needed. I think it goes hand in hand with the realist and get as close as you can approach.
    In researching then Senator Obama’s background before the election and seeing his enormous success in getting bills he authored or coauthored through the IL State Senate then the US Senate I realized this was a man that could walk the talk. He was also so prepared with the skills needed to be President in my opinion. His whole background of being from two different races, experiencing prejudices, experiencing living in other cultures in the world, experiencing having to work hard to achieve what he had achieved, along with his study of foreign policy as a major, his study of law and his teaching the Constitution, and his work with community organizing, his story of how his need to help people led him to become a legislator made him perfect for a President. I think most of all his writing and speaking skills that help him inspire others has been so needed by all of us. Yes he is whom we need at this moment in history.
    BWD thank you for this forum as I do lurk on othe blogs but do not want to ignite a flurry of criticism against our President by trolls by posting positive comments. I feel freed here.


    The most muzzled worry-wart in this wave of uprisings sweeping Arab North Africa is Israel. This has been a classic case of “take your meds now, or opt for open heart surgery later.” Netanyahu probably wishes he had listened to Pres. Obama when goodwill for the peace deal with Palestine was there for easy taking without any psychological downside. He chose Avigdor Lieberman’s hardline stance. Now here we are and he is being swept up in a tidal wave of events that diminishes his options when all this is cleared. Why?

    It is true that this wave sweeping through the Arab world is not about the unresolved Palestinian-Israeli imbroglio. It is about the basics of life: bread, sugar, flour, jobs, good health, and a decent life. But therein lies the rub, cuz a bread and butter issue is now going to cost Israeli plenty of security headaches. As reports coming out show Israel was caught with its pants down:

    The dramatic outpouring of Egyptians demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, Israel’s longest standing ally in the Arab world, has shaken this country’s foreign policy establishment.

    Top officials held lengthy talks Sunday about the implications for Israel’s security, but they were unable to produce any recommendations on what steps to take.

    “There is no doubt that Israel was caught with its pants down,” said a minister in Israel’s defense cabinet. “We were completely surprised by what is happening in Egypt right now. Nobody predicted this.”

    It is not because there could be an Islamist government to Israel’s South, which is one of mindlessly fevered talking points our corporate media is beginning to spew. Rather Netanyahu will lose the attention pedestal in all things Middle Eastern.

    Prior to now everything had to be filtered through the “needs of Israel,” even on the part of Arab countries leaders themselves. Now they have to worry more about their own citizens. Militarily, Israel’s neighbors will no longer be willing to subsidize without getting anything substantive in return, Israel’s security through repressing their own people. That security is going to cost em and the bargain will not always be tipped in Israel’s favor. Israel will have to treat these Arab neighbors as real partners rather than necessary irritants.

    As one official said on condition of anonymity:

    “We didn’t expect the protests to gain so much momentum so quickly,” said the intelligence official. “We didn’t expect the riot control to be so ineffective. This was against everyone’s predictions.”

    …Israel’s former ambassador to Egypt, Eli Shaked, opined that, “Things do not look good for Israel and the moderate Arab states. The developments from here on are not going to be good for our peace with Egypt and stability in the region.”

    One Foreign Ministry official said the best assessment was the headline splashed across the front pages of two of Israel’s leading papers: “A New Middle East.”

    Talking about needlessly shooting oneself in the foot!!!

  143. I believe opinions are a clearer reflection of the spokesperson than they are the subject of their musings.

    Clearly Ms. Horyn has difficulty seeing beyond superficialities. First impressions being what they are, they shouldn’t prevent us from looking beyond them. In her opinion, Ms. Horyn reflects her own difficulties in getting beyond the “wrappings” of our FLOTUS. Ms. Horyn, it seems clear to me, suffers from myopia, but in order to correct her limited vision she would have to take her own attention off our FLOTUS’s wardrobe.

    I’m shaking my head thinking people get paid for such banal, limited thinking.

  144. Yep! You nailed it amk for obama. That is exactly what is coming, which means that, no matter what President Obama does, he can never satisfy his bashers. Here is what is laughable about the three scenarios: No concrete plans of action are offered. In scenario one, exactly what does support for the protesters entail? Does it entail the President sending the U.S. military to fight and overthrow Mubarak’s government? The same goes for scenario two. Are these people proposing that America go to war against Islamists, should they take control of the government, and install an American approved leader and then call that democracy? As for scenario three only people devoid of reason can come up with this. In my judgement, if democracy takes hold in Egypt without foreign intervention it will be a clear proof that people, in any country, can overthrow oppressive regimes on their own and do not need foreign invading armies. It seems to me that “if a full-fledged representative democracy takes hold in Egypt,” it will be a major demonstration of Bush’s lack of “foresight” for not believing in the capacity of people in the Arab countries to determine their won destiny.

  145. I remember that. They also did not party with the wealthy insider democrats. Bill Clinton always did. But our Prez., I thought it was great. For me it was a sign that he was not going to be dominated by big money socialites.

    Too funny that the frustrati continue to think PBO prefers the swells of society.

  146. This may be the result of frustration on the part of the old designers. Not for our First Lady. She has style. They probably want her to dress like Jackie Kennedy. Those old designers need to give it up.

  147. amk, My thinking on this is similar to yours. At this point, even if Mubarak is out, we have no guarantee that whoever takes over will be any better.

  148. Unfortunately, I know you are right amk. MSM, the frustrati, and the right, will find a way to say Obama is not a decider.

    So many people these days have no understanding of the importance of deliberation. I understand there are other circumstances that would require that kind of rapidness, but this issue is so tricky, that it takes time for events to unfold.

    Oh, and by the way, if it does work out in a positive way, the talk with be that our Prez had nothing to do with it. Heard that before, right?

  149. I know we all want what you foresee, but there are so many unknowns it is difficult to predict what the outcome with be. Thank you overseasgranny.

  150. Corey Briest, suffered Traumatic Brain Injury while serving America in Iraq. One of the many devasting consequences of his injury was the loss of his eyesight. He and his family were featured on Oprah’s show this last Thursday. Corey, seated in the audience when FLOTUS entered, had a broad smile and gave the thumbs up gesture upon her introduction. Neither response produced easily due his compromised physicality.

    Corey no longer has the luxury of eye sight to help inform him. He is informed by deeper instincts and practical experience. Remarkably, despite his physical limitations he sees our FLOTUS more clearly than, and well beyond, Ms Horyn’s superficial observations. Despite having every reason to be cynical and angry, he demonstrates enthusiasm and appreciation for her work benefiting our military families. Ms. Horyn, sadly, is a pompous ass.

  151. To amk for obama, overseasgranny, Lovepolitics2008, gn, desertflower, JoJothecat, evonnc, sherijr, jacquelineoboomer, Theo67, Sheila, Liberal Librarian, sjterrid, lvee, V C preszOfan2, Obama Grandmama, Dorothy Rissman, and most especially blackwaterdog – thank you all for your kind replies. It is great to know that I am welcomed here, and not least of all that I have made a splash!

    I certainly have every intention of continuing to post on this blog now that I have begun, and hope that I will live up to my first impression. 🙂

  152. It is indeed thoroughly refreshing to have a President who appreciates the nuances of geopolitics, and is able to act effectively upon them.

    Barack Obama did indeed demonstrate well before he errupted onto the national stage in 2004 that he was a man of both high intellect and considerable political astuteness.

    Another passage that I have come across concerning him that rang solidly true to me was that there is something beyond mere executive or legislative experience that functions as a prerequisite for being an able President. The truth is that no matter how experienced a politican might be, there is nothing that can truly prepare one for the experience of occupying the office that stands at the pinnacle of the American political system. Even more important than years of experience (although the two are certainly not mutually exclusive) are certain inherent qualities of vision and sound judgement, both of which PBO possesses in abundance. He is that rare combination of a truly first class intellect and a first class temperament.

  153. It is an excerpt from “The Bridge” by David Remnick – probably the best biographical effort on the subject of the President currently in print.

    There are truly countless books about the President that are flooding the market, but I find that most of them are mediocre efforts written by hacks or blatent partisans. There are however a few gems, and of these probably the best, in addition to Remnick’s, are trhe two books authored by Richard Wolffe, “Reading Obama” by James Kloppenberg, “Young Mr. Obama” by Edward McClelland, “Promise to Power” by David Mendell, and “Race of a Lifetime” by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

    The best books about PBO will I expect not be written until after his Presidency, and foremost amongst them will no doubt be his own memoirs, to go along with “Dreams From my Father” and “The Audacity of Hope”.

  154. “The best books about PBO will I expect not be written until after his Presidency, and foremost amongst them will no doubt be his own memoirs, to go along with “Dreams From my Father” and “The Audacity of Hope”.”

    Gee, how I wish we had a preview copy of that book! Even the title to come would be super.

  155. Wow desertflower- just wow! When one thinks about how long we’ve been at war with Iraq- for Fox to not know where on a map Egypt is.. but to confuse it with the location of iraq is really amazing.

    My 11 year old is sitting here shocked along with me – (we home school- thus I thought he’d get a kick out of seeing WHY Fox news is dangerous).. good heavens.

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