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President Obama’s weekly address. Optimism never looked so pretty. 😉



Here’s President Obama’s statement regarding the situation in Egypt. As someone who lived in the Middle East for many years, I can say that this was a perfect statement. Ignore those who are against America getting involved in other countries business, until it comes to Barack Obama and suddenly they are all in favor of  getting involved in other countries business. This is not that simple. Mubarak is a dictator, but he helped to keep the ME stable and the chances of his replacement being even worse – are pretty high. This is very very complicated and all I can say is: Thank god for having a smart, cool, deliberate and calm president.



If you didn’t get to see the president’s speech at the Families USA Health Action Conference, don’t miss it:



Here’s a terrific read. NY Times opinion piece by Kate Betts about Michelle Obama:

Boosting America, in Her Own Fashion

…Michelle Obama’s impact on fashion extends far beyond the “made in America” label stitched into her dress. The optimism, glamour and accessibility that she communicates through her style of dressing transcends cultural borders and economic boundaries. Yes, she is sometimes an ambassador for American designers, but more important, she is an ambassador for the self-possession that defines American style.


And, most important, we dress for ourselves, something the first lady does so effortlessly it’s hard to imagine that there had ever been any dress code for her position. With her floral prints and hula hoops, she’s not afraid to flaunt her femininity — so why should the rest of us be?

No matter what hopes we pin on her husband, or disappointments we suffer, Americans look to Michelle Obama to set the emotional tone of his administration. As we are with all first ladies, we are subconsciously invested in her looking good — it’s almost as if there’s some sort of national pride at stake. But her decision to wear an American-designed dress doesn’t make it easier for American designers to sell more clothes in the Chinese market.

After all the discussion of the red dress at the state dinner, Mrs. Obama stepped into the House chamber on Tuesday for the State of the Union address in a silvery-white sheath by the American designer Rachel Roy. Its color and simplicity signaled fresh beginnings — as did that inaugural gown she wore in January two years ago. For this there was not so much criticism. Only a lot of American women silently thinking about where they might find a simple, pale sheath dress.