Friday morning mishmash (updated)

Hi guys.

1. Today’s schedule:

All Times ET

9:30 am
The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

10:20 am
The President addresses Families USA’s 16th Annual Health Action Conference
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

11:00 am
The President and the Vice President receive the Economic Daily Briefing

11:30 am
The President meets with senior advisors

1:00 pm
Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs



2. Before I’ll forget, if you didn’t see this Rachel Maddow’ segment from the day after the SOTU, make sure you will. This is some of the best, original, educated, thought-provoking pieces of punditry I’ve seen from any journalist in the last couple of years – Let alone from the entire hysterical professional left.



3. So, this is the Oval Office. No biggie.



4. Why, why is it that ordinary people can ask so much better questions than the media?? This is just a delightful public interview with the president.



5. Well, he told you he was persistent:

White House renominates Berwick as Medicare chief



6. Homophonic president continue to hate the gayz.

Obama Nominee for Judge Could Be First Openly Gay Man on the Federal Bench



7. Here’s one reason why I love this administration so much:



8. Goodbye fear mongering, hello adult-mongering:

Color Coded Terror Alerts Retired by Department of Homeland Security

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced today that the color coded terrorism alert system would end within 90 days. It will be replaced, she said, with a new two-tiered system to provide clear and specific information about terrorist threats, and actions people should take.

“Today I announce the end of the old system of color-coded alerts. In its place, we will implement a new system that’s built on a clear and simple premise: When a threat develops that could impact you — the public — we will tell you.” Napolitano said. “We will provide whatever information we can so you know how to protect yourselves, your families, and your communities.”



9. As most of you probably know already, Jay Carney is the new WH Press Secretary. I like Gibbs, I like his fire and loyalty to the president, but I wasn’t too happy with him as a spokesman for the president. Carney is a better choice.



10. Finally, one of the latest I’m Grateful posts:

President Obama, Is the most intelligent and ingenious president, I have lived to witness in my 59 years. He has a heart like gold and a smile you will never forget. All the negative talk which is geared toward him, he continues to be our ingenious president and keeps that million dollar smile.
The harder people try to belittle him, the higher his head and his foot steps get. It is time to stop the drama, and omit the man has done a swell job in his short time in office.
Rosa Brice



Economy update:

The U.S. economy accelerated in the fourth quarter of 2010, driven by the biggest gain in consumer spending in more than four years and rising exports.

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  1. Thank You BWD

    Good Morning Early Risers



    Tune in!

  2. Regarding the new press secretary, there’s a good blog over at H’post by Howard Fineman that describes this move as sophisticated and appropriate. The comments are another matter. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Freeper concern trolls had taken over. Just about every comment slams the president.

    Maybe there’s a way to turn off the comments at H’post…I know I’m spending a lot less time over there than I used to. Between Arianna’s tendency towards sensationalism and the predominance of frustrati in the comments, I can’t stomach much of it.

  3. Why do ordinary folks ask better questions than journalists? Easy, they are not owned by the Corporations who own the media and control it.

  4. Good morning and Happy Friday. It’s amazing that people are still commenting to “I’m Grateful.” That’s so lovely. If only POTUS knew how deeply people admire him. Here’s another Grateful comment posted this morning:

    I am so proud that America has President Barack Obama as our leader . I feel safe,secure,and loved by our leader.
    This is my first time ever
    having such positive feelings about our country . May God continue to
    bless you and your beautiful family , and GOD BLESS AMERICA .

    Patricia C. Caple

    I’m really feeling these people; I feel the same way.

  5. Sputnik moment

    And the repub cuckoo

    And I liked Gibbs. Pity the thumb sucking, self-absorbed third rate hacks could not hack it with an intelligent & savvy press secretary.

    (Sorry, if this double posts. Previous one had a spelling error in my handle and went into moderation)

  6. Morning everyone. It’s another day. The news from Egypt is mind boggling. Who would have thought that Egypt would go into revolt over jobs and food?!

  7. Thank you once again, BWD, for all thiss great information. Especially for the daily schedule. Just seeing all the pictures lifts my spirits. Egypt is very concerning. The people are fighting back. Have a great Friday everyone.

  8. Good morning all:) Been up since 5:30am and have been watching all the video posts that BWD has for us this morning…fabulous! Rachel’s should be viral. What a spot on delivery.The questions from the country were a refreshing change, and tell me that the people of this country could care less about the quick sound bites that are talked about daily for quick press, and more engaged in substantive concrete ways to actually move the country.It gives me hope that the “noise” bothers them as much as it does us!They were thoughtful questions. Much better than I’ve heard ANY “reporter” ask.Happy Friday everyone…will check back later to continue this always delicious conversation…

  9. Great mismash as usual, BWD. Thanks a million times !

    I like your idea of beginning by the daily schedule.

    I agree the general public often asks better questions. I think it’s simply because they have a single motive: get information. They’re not interested in creating news.

    I agree that the departure of Mr. Gibbs could be a good thing. I love his brilliance, his knowledge and his loyalty too. Another thing I’ve loved is his obvious honesty. He will be a terrific spokesman for President Obama on tv. I hope we see him a lot. However it has been clear for quite some time that his relationship with the press had soured. I hope that Mr. Garner can smooth things up with them. Since he has been in their shoes, he understands them better, and could be better armed to prevent resentment. Question is how will he be able to navigate through the traps of this daily “game” that is played in Washington and passes for journalism. How will he be able to provide honest information and yet protect the president and his agenda. Press secretary is one of the most difficult jobs in Washington. I’m hopeful though because the administration seems to have taken the time to think things through and consider many candidates.

  10. You hit the nail on the head.

    I think it’s simply because they have a single motive: get information. They’re not interested in creating news.

    When people ask the President a question, they are asking about something that is meaningful for them; they just want an answer. They are not looking to pull out a sound-bite, specially one that can be turned against him.

    Listen to the questions the people ask, and you know what is important to Americans and what they want to hear about.

    Listen to the questions from the media, and you find out what they think will create a stir and make them notable for asking it. The whole Harvard/Cambridge kerfuffle is a perfect example. Americans couldn’t have cared less about that, but the media hoped to create something and they did.

  11. Wasn’t able to come online yesterday so I’m posting this thought today. Watched The Daily Show on Wednesday and just have to say to Jon Stewart: “What The F*CK is your problem?” Har Har “somewhat faster trains”, Har Har “wifi for everyone”, Har Har ‘80% using alternative energy’, Har Har “win the future? I didn’t know we wanted to defeat it” and several more moments of him and that Newsweek guy belittling the president and his goals. I still watch his show and will continue to but I have to call it like I see it: Jon Steward was a giant ass that night. So easy to make light of certain things when you have access to them all the time.

  12. Groundhog day:
    President Obama will make a stop in central Pennsylvania on Groundhog Day, the White House announced.

    The White House wasn’t specific – it promised more details “as they become available” – but the center of the state is home to Punxsutawney, where its famous groundhog resident, Phil, makes an appearance every Feb. 2.


  13. President Obama on Thursday told students who aren’t good at math to buck up and learn the subject if they want to help the United States be the best country in the world. He also criticized American culture for rewarding “lawyers and bankers” more than it does innovators.

    “To win the future, we’re going to have to out-work folks,” Obama said in response to a question submitted on YouTube. “We’re going to have to be disciplined. Math and science might not be subjects that come naturally to some kids, but you need to learn them if you’re going to succeed in this next century.”

    Here are some other answers he gave in the “YouTube interview”:

    — Discussing Egypt’s political crisis publicly for the first time, Obama said that he has always told President Hosni Mubarak that “making sure that they are moving forward on a reform, political reform, economic reform, is absolutely critical to the long-term well-being of Egypt. And you can see this pent-up, long-term frustrations … on the streets.”

    — On legalizing marijuana, Obama called it an “entirely legitimate topic for debate,” but he said, “I am not in favor of legalization.” He said, “We have been so focused on arrests, incarceration, interdiction, that we don’t spend as much time on, how do we shrink demand?”

    Read our live blog of the Q&A here.

  14. And all the republicans are frustrated that POTUS was not specific with cuts, especially to SS! Why? they want to be able to blame HIM! This is pretty astonishing, the GOP ran on cuts and now want POTUS to go first!
    this is called th POTOMAC tow step!
    POTUS is to smart, but boy, the righites are pissed!

  15. The truth is that the vast majority of Americans don’t consume cable news at all. I think that’s why they have gone to such extremes at Fox, in an attempt to attract viewers. But, most Americans are busy with their jobs, their families, their outside interests and when they have time for TV it’s for relaxation and light entertainment not political outrage. So they’d rather watch American Idol than Bill O’Reilly. And if they do tune in to see what’s going on in TV newsland, what they see doesn’t feel relevant because it’s all about minutia and insults and he said/she said stuff that is totally removed from what they care about. TV news producers would be smart to listen to the questions submitted to youtube for these interviews. The ones that get voted on are the actual things that interest the people of this country. They don’t care about what stupid thing Sarah Palin tweeted today, or what some representative from Texas said to some other representative from Illinois that was insulting, or what the pundits think the President should be doing or saying. They want to know about jobs, education, the economy and how to improve it. You know, stuff that affects their daily lives. It’s nice that the Republicans and Democrats sat next to each at the SOTU. Yippee, they can act like adults when they try. Now move on. We don’t care who sat with whom and whether the pundits think any particular pairing was surprising or not and we sure don’t want to listen to hours of talk about whether the seating arrangements mean a new long term trend of cooperation or not and arguments over whether cooperation would even be a good thing. We all are well aware that we have to work with people we don’t always like or agree with on much of anything every day. That doesn’t mean we shut down our companies and refuse to do our jobs. We expect our representatives to do what we do-learn to work together and get the job done. We don’t need pundits to tell us how to feel about things either.

    I wish there was someone with enough money and influence to buy a cable station who was interested in putting out a quality product. I think there is a huge market that is not being served, that longs for a news organization that sticks to high, journalistic standards, fact checking, straight news reporting, and wasn’t controlled by any corporation other than itself.

  16. The republicans just want to react not be proactive. They think they can force this President to say things by “challenging” him and then they can just react to what he says. So they demand cuts to the budget without getting specific by bemoaning the deficit over and over to goad him into responding and laying out a specific program to deal with their complaints. Then they plan to attack his plans, because budget cuts are always easy to attack no matter what they consist of, and never have to put up any specifics themselves. It’s pretty easy when you are a definite congressional minority like they’ve been the past two years. It doesn’t work when you take over one chamber of congress though. Now you are in charge of initiating legislation and that means you have to be specific. Sorry Republicans but now you have to actually try governing and not just be armchair quarterbacks.

  17. That is why the pUBS will try to use the debt ceiling increase vote, for leverage. However, POTUS has a plan, I am sure of it!

  18. Question for those of you who know –
    How does POTUS and FLOTUS schedules compare to previous presidents? I must admit, I voted but didn’t get involved in policy or politics. I was enraged by W and was mad at Clinton for being such an a** in his personal failings. I didn’t pay much attention to time spent out of the office. I know Pres. Obama has taken way less vacation days, but it seems as though the Obamas are always on the move trying to get the message out. VP and Mrs. VP as well. Any perspective anyone??

  19. The daily MishMash ROCKS…..what great clips and bits of positive information! This makes my day. Thank you BWD.

  20. What are the chances this pass the crazyness in the HOSUE of republicans?

    By Pete Kasperowicz – 01/27/11 08:09 PM ET

    The Senate adjourned tonight until Monday at 2 p.m., when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he hopes the chamber can take up a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill, S. 223.

    Reid said there is “no reason” the Senate cannot begin work on that bill Monday. He said this is an “extremely important piece of legislation,” and that it will “at a minimum” create 100,000 U.S. jobs through airport infrastructure improvements.

  21. Difference between Colbert and Stewart: EGO. All Mr. Colbert want is to do a good show, and use humor to change consciousness. Seems to me that Mr. Colbert is able to see the bad AND the good.

    Mr. Stewart has some legitimate criticisms about media and politics, but what “pollutes” his work is his desire to show that he’s better than them. And beeing “against power” is more important than anything else. So acknowleding that people in power are doing some good is very very very very difficult for him. The man is very cynical. He’s allergic to power, in ANY form. I can’t say I’m surprised by his behaviour in the last year or so.

    Since Stewart has so much following in the young generation, I think there has to be some effort to counter his cynicism or at least, his influence. I don’t know how unfortunately. I hope the Obama team and OFA are thinking about it.

  22. Laura Bush was virtually invisible except for fundraising.

    I comment almost daily that if Bush had to do in one year what this President does in one week, he’d have to take the entire summer off.

    This is not only a very vigorous President, but he can turn on a dime and be focused.

  23. i see the same things Patti. The President is truly working and this is the rewarding he is talking about . The media rewards controversy and not things being done is actually helping some people.

  24. GRANNY’S OK: President Obama forcefully defended the new health care law on Friday, charging that Republicans have characterized it falsely as a “job-crushing, granny-threatening, budget-busting monstrosity.”

    “That just doesn’t match up to the reality,” Obama said at a Families USA conference. “This thing’s been in place now for 10 months, right? So let’s look at what’s happened over the last 10 months. Not only has the economy grown and added jobs since the Affordable Care Act became law,” but small businesses have offered health insurance to their employees for the first time, he said.

    He added, somewhat jokingly, “I can report that granny is safe.”

  25. Rachel’s piece is a must see – thanks so much for posting the link as I otherwise would have missed it. Sometimes she gets our amazing President and that piece is one of those occasions . . .

  26. Many thanks as usual to BWD. I loved the Rachel piece, but I am sure it did not make the frustrati happy.

    My favorite part of the I’m Grateful post is–

    “He has a heart like gold and a smile you will never forget.”

    Just reading that made me smile, because when the man smiles, it warms my heart. It is as if his smile is a blessing he bestows on us.

  27. I’m glad that he made this point. There have been so many lies spread about HCR from all points on the spectrum, that it appears that there remains a great deal of confusion amongst the American public.

  28. Patti – On Jan. 18, 2009, CBS reported the following on its website:

    “George W. Bush is today making his final visit to Camp David as president … He will likely miss the place: According to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, today’s trip marks Mr. Bush’s 149th visit to the presidential retreat. The planned three-day stay, during which the president is being joined by family and former and current aides, will bring his total time spent at Camp David to all or part of 487 days … Yes, that’s 487 days. And Camp David is not even where the president has spent the most time when not at the White House: Knoller reports that Mr. Bush has made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford during his presidency, and spent all or part of 490 days there.”

    (Not that I’m going to dwell on that presidency any more than this, today!)

  29. I remember in the President Inagural speech. When he warned countries, your people will judge you on what you build and not what you destroy. This is just a summary of his exact words. He spoke of this when he got in office. first Iran, and now Egypt, Tunsia.

  30. Love the Mishmash. Thanx BWD
    I just adore this President. We gotta be grateful for the time that we have him because these next 5 years will go quick. :-/

  31. Faith,

    With all the vacations Bush took and he STILL made a mess of this country. I am thankful that Bush did not work as hard as this president because we would all have been in worst shape in 2008. Our president has to pack eight years of unraveling Bushes mess in four years. God willing if he gets re-elected, the American people would have gotten 16 yrs of work out of this president and maybe back to where we were in 2000.

  32. me too gn.. I’m amazed. I really enjoy and appreciate the whole “I’m Grateful” comments- the obvious sincerity and kindness with which folks share their thoughts and feelings have done a whole lot toward reminding me that everyone isn’t a tea-bagger or a frustrati.. before I came to this site (and those others like wee..)- that was becoming my frame of reference for the real world.

    However, with that said.. one of the first comments I read this morning off another of bwd’s threads- was by a commentor not feeling the President’s SOTU speech.. and though it was respectful it was still unsettling to me in its reminiscence of frustrati: Not good enought, not inspiring, doesn’t do enough.. etc.

    I try to understand what folks feel is lacking.. by I honestly don’t get it anymore.

  33. Good Morning to all of you here. Thanks for the wonderful conversations that are being had here today. I appreciate your vigor, your respect, and your appreciation for your POTTUS.

    You all are the future of this great nation. Keep up this great work. I am so proud of all of you, and especially thankful to BWD for this beautiful site. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  34. Big business doesn’t want the world economy to collapse. Neither does Boehner want to be the one to do it. It’s always bluster from the minority. What Boehner is a way out to save face with the Teabaggers while raising it.

    I believe in the Senate, Obama once voted against raising the debt ceiling. He’ll have that thrown in his face and have to defend it.

  35. Depends on if it gets GOP senate support. I doubt the GOP will force cloture anymore, so they’ll try and send Dem only votes to the House to kill because they can play partisan games that way. Bernie Sanders or somebody should force a cloture vote to get seven Republicans to have to sign off on it. The Boehner House can easily vote down anything out of the Senate if it only has Dem votes to pass it, however if there is 3-4 Republican Senate votes it will become more difficult.

    The key for Dems is to find an issue that will separate the teabaggers from the more moderate folks.

  36. If you missed it, President Obama on CSPAN right now “Families USA” Health Care Conference. He’s sounding quite frisky today.

  37. He and all Dems really need to sell HCR. If they can get the popularity up over 50%, in to the mid 50’s range it will be much harder for the GOP to make any political hay on the issue in 2012. Actually if it’s up to 55% approval in a years time, the Dems could then go on the offensive with it.

  38. Bummer, sorry guys they just broke away from the rebroadcast of President Obama at Families USA. CSPAN just said they will rebroadcast the entire speech later today.

  39. I thought Gibbs was fine and I can’t understand the personal paranoia that feeds into the idea that Gibbs has a personal vendetta against one.

  40. I like him, too. I would guess his only problem was that he was also “no drama” and the reporters wanted BIG DRAMA.

  41. The situation in Egypt is extremely complex. Mubarek is a creep, but revolution does not usually end in utopia. I am on the side of the people of Egypt against Mubarek, but worry what might be on the other side of this.

  42. lilaf1, I thought that was Al Gore’s goal when he started “Currents” (does that exist any more?) but it morphed into something entirely different. I’m with you on your wish; I think it could make a great deal of difference in our discourse.

  43. And ordinary folks have questions that refer to their lives — taxes, the economy, the wars. They want to know how their lives will get better. The MSM is in the thickest of bubbles, only concerned with the politics of a situation.

  44. I like both Stewart and Colbert, though I admit I think some of Stewart’s criticisms are facile. I think the difference between Stewart and Colbert is that the latter is a great artist and the former is a (quite intelligent and competent) entertainer. The intelligence and cultural knowledge of Colbert’s writers is beyond any I’ve seen on television, though I think they sometimes transcend what the public can absorb.

  45. And now the Muslim Brotherhood joined the protests after Friday prayers. They’re not exactly pro-Western. Remember, at the start the Iranian revolution had many leftist elements; but the Islamists were the most organized anti-Shah group, so they were able to take control. Likewise in Egypt: the Muslim Brotherhood is the most organized anti-Mubarak element, so there’s a good chance that if the protests take over, they will take them over and direct them.

  46. Currents still exists, although I can honestly say I’ve watched it only a handful of times. Now they’ve started to show movies, in an effort to get viewers.

  47. I think Gibbs will be more effective as a special advisor / pit bull, rather than as Press Sec’y. Choosing a former member of the Village was a wise move by PBO, on a par with bringing Imelt in on an advisory commission, and Daley as CoS.

  48. Excellent questions Saint Roscoe. I am still poking around, but from what I can see so far, it’s a big deal and their reach is significant. President Obama is speaking at their 16th Annual Health Conference in Washington.
    Families USA is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Working at the national, state, and community levels, we have earned a national reputation as an effective voice for health care consumers for 25 years. We:

    Manage a grassroots advocates’ network of organizations and individuals working for the consumer perspective in national and state health policy debates.

    Act as a watchdog over government actions affecting health care, alerting consumers to changes and helping them have a say in the development of policy.

    Conduct public information campaigns about the concerns of health care consumers using sophisticated media techniques that reach many millions of Americans through television, radio, newspaper, and other print outlets.

    Serve as a consumer clearinghouse for information about the health care system.

  49. Indeed. I often marvel at the Colbert show
    and sometimes wonder about the geniuses
    behind that show.

  50. At weeseeyou, we’re discussing some remarks recently made by Harry Belafonte disparaging President Obama. What I do not get in terms of people like Belafonte, Cornel West, and Tavis Smiley, is how they think that it helps black people or civil rights by running to the media and claiming that we blindly follow this POTUS (who they claim has done nothing for the black community) and don’t allow any critique or dissent? This is painting an ugly picture of African Americans and a very untruthful one. At this point I have to ask if someone has this much contempt or distrust for the political thinking of African Americans, can they claim to be working in our best interests? They share the GOP’s cynical view that black people are just stupidly living on the Democratic “plantation” and our choice to not empower the GOP is not a product of intelligence, but foolishness or naivete, or inability to work towards our own best interests. How does it help black people to run to the media and inadvertantly insult us with these memes?

  51. I utterly agree with this. Dems have an opportunity here to really hold the GOP accountable for that repeal vote in the House. I’m thrilled to see POTUS talking about the benefits of this legislation; other Dems need to speak in unison about this as well.

  52. I don’t mind black critics of the president BUT the critics themselves AND the media tend to think they speak for ALL African-Americans. Recall the media reaction to Velma Hart? It was portrayed as Obama betraying the entire black community. I think these critics need to be aware of that.

  53. You expressed my problem with their ‘vocalness’ extremely well GN.

    Now, I know many of them spoke truth to power when Dubya was in office but it wasn’t framed the same way IMO and he was truly working against all Americans interests.

    I guess I think they need to do more building right now. There are coalitions to be made and things to do. This isn’t the Dubya admin, POTUS and all of us do want all hands on deck. I get the impression from some of them that they feel like they’ve grabbed enough mops in their day. Nope, it doesn’t work like that. We all have to keep pushing that arc towards justice every day, every generation.

  54. LOL, every little bit helps.

    I’ll definately be willing to spend some more if I get some more 🙂

  55. Only eight years? Come on, Obama has to un-do 30 years that led us to Bush.

    Gee, why can’t he fix it in 8 days? What’s his problem anyway?

  56. I don’t mind any reality-based criticism. For instance, that HAMP program deserves every critique which it gets. But to go from saying, for instance, “HAMP is waaaay to conciliatory towards the banks, and needs much more oversight; it’s much too watered down” to “President Obama hasn’t done anything for poor people, or black people” is an exercise in sophistry!

    At this point, trying to fight the GOP’s disinformation (they’re trying to paint POTUS as a pure socialist which to me isn’t even a dirty word, but it just isn’t true) with more disinformation (“critics” who try to paint POTUS as a pure agent for the elite or no different than a Republican, which isn’t true)—this is not good for the country, and it is not good for progressive politics, and it is not good for civil rights.

    Fact-free ranting or spreading lies in an effort to move the Overton window =/= criticism or critique. Amazing how some truly intelligent and awesome people simply don’t get that. I have nothing but admiration for the good works of Harry Belafonte, but he’s mistaken here. I understand what he’s trying to do, but he’s going about it in the wrong way, a counterproductive way.

  57. It’s a common media trope that a minority member with a loud megaphone “speaks for the community”. It smacks more than a bit of racism. I mean, does the media ever apply that metric to the “white” community? Is there anyone recognized as such a spokesperson? (Those are rhetorical questions, of course. We know the answer.)

  58. That’s their problem and that’s what they don’t get. The fundamental issue is that people continue to act as if POTUS=Bush. This is a different presidency and to not acknowledge that immediately goes into fact-free territory. And to get upset because POTUS’ base of support indeed understands that POTUS=/=Bush and try to act like we’re stupid or unprincipled does nothing but create chaos and rancor. I wish he’d and others would reconsider what they’re doing. Applaudable motives and goals, but very poor execution.

  59. Excellent point. IMO the media does this to white liberals too. They let a few people act as spokespeople when in reality opinion is much more diverse. Seems like the way to make sure that inconvenient people are voiceless is to appoint media spokespeople who inadvertantly reinforce the status quo…nice trick.

  60. Good point about liberals. Jane Hamsher does not speak for me. But, again, she has a loud megaphone. If only John Cole could get a few more web hits, he might be invited onto the yak shows.

  61. I personally don’t think that it’s much of a coincidence that the liberal spokespeople who are repeatedly invited to these shows like Hamsher and Huffington are people who do not care that their stridency could result in POTUS losing the election. This is what I mean by inadvertant agents for the status quo. They are liberal yet the effects of their actions are not. Thus they get high media platforms. As leanne said, all that we can do is to collectively get together and create our own media products like this fabulous community is doing here.

  62. Ain’t this the greatest place? Not just good news but good, respectful, knowledgeable discussion.

  63. What tickles me about the youtube interview is how eager and open POTUS looks; he seems delighted to be taking questions directly from the people. Such a People’s President.

  64. Don’t you get it. They are not the center of attention, he has not asked them or needed to seek their approval. If you noticed, AA do not look to them for anything, because we know out of the years wanting to be heroes they have done nothing. Unemployment in the black community has been high way before President Obama. After King they have done nothing but critisim others, and he has not come to them or put them on a pedestal. AA knows who is actually doing things. They only come out when their is racial issues, but don’t come out when its domestic or education.

  65. I live here in chicago , where many of these poser come from and meet. Did they address the violence we recently had with our youth. Did they address the heavy drug dealing NO. Harry Belefontae could keep yelling dayo . He has been home and he did’t bring the daylight.

  66. Have they boycotted BET for the portrayal of AA women. No theif sit front and center to accept their ego awards. Please, people don’t know the AA community as they think.

  67. Ford is going to pay out on average $5000 in profit sharing to each of it’s 40,600 eligible U.S. hourly employees in mid-March.

    That will be a nice chunk of spending infused in the midwest.

  68. LOL!!! I do understand that they want to drive home the point that POTUS did not usher in a post-race society and conditions for black people continue to need improvement. But they do not have to attack POTUS in order to do so. We are not stupid; we know that merely electing a black POTUS could not instantly fix everything in the country.

  69. I didn’t mean to be lazy, I thought you just might have known off hand. Thanks for the info though.

  70. Temp, I agree with you about that night’s broadcast of The Daily Show. I turned it off in the middle of the interview with Jonathan Alter (who was not getting a word in edgewise, since Jon was in full Snark mode).

    I love Jon Stewart. When he’s on, he’s SPOT-on. (His response to Bill O’Reilly in last night’s show is a great example.) But some days he’s ‘way, ‘way off, and his response to the SOTU was seriously off.

    I have off days myself, so I’ll forgive him. And change the channel on days like that. 🙂

  71. A photo-op with Punxsutawney Phil???? Oh, don’t pass that up, President Obama! LOL!

  72. Re: the frustrati, we need to learn to ignore them, don’t you get it, they WANT attention! They get their attention through baseless hyperbole and conjecture.

    They live in an ideological fantasy where Obama has been granted magical powers and refuses to use them, why isn’t Obama the Magician pulling that rabbit out the hat yet?

    In reality, Obama has to deal with Congress, and he needs not only Blue Dog support, but also some moderate Republican support to get legislation passed, that’s why he’s called for both Dems and Repubs to work together. He preaches unity, yet the frustrati still want to keep us as divided as the teabaggers do.

    President Obama continues to do a good job, that is why you’re hearing the frustrati whine and yell about Obama being too banker friendly and being too much like Bush. They know they have to grasp at straws to find ANYTHING to criticize Obama for, even if they have to make it up. They are no different than the birthers making up the birth certificate controversy.

  73. A great column on HuffPo from an imminent journalist in Cairo talking about the riots and their roots. Commenters take-away from it: Now Obama and the corporate elite will reap what they have sewn by supporting corrupt regimes these last 30 years. Gotta be the Four Limo talking.

    This just in: Obama responsible for my “D” in World History class.

  74. What many in the media fail to see, gn, is that many of us don’t listen to Belafonte, Sharpton, Jackson, Smiley, West, and others like them. They may think they’re our role models or spokespersons, but they’re not. When I hear one of them disparage the president, I think about the fact that there may be a bit of jealousy inherent in some of those comments. He has accomplished something they haven’t and probably never will by being elected POTUS.

    While we’re looking at the progress of the nation as a whole, they’re focusing on one group of individuals. I don’t view the country in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. I look at us as a nation that works together and takes on policies that help everyone. I believe this is the way the president looks at the nation, too. They also forget that under GWB they had no voice that anyone listened to, and they need to stop equating PBO’s administration with GWB’s. Instead of getting before the media to air their complaints first, they need to study the legislation PBO has signed into law, then they’d have a better understanding of our president’s goals for this country before they open their big mouths to attack him. There has been something for every American in most of the legislation he has signed into law.

  75. Dorothy, I too wondered after I watched Rachel’s analysis how it was playing in, um, other quarters. This afternoon I’ll have my weekly lurk at a major frustrati gathering-place; will keep an eye out for any attention given to her segment.

  76. Oh well, can’t please everybody! 🙂 Approvals for that speech were sky-high. I actually like to read the outlier opinions so long as people merely speak for themselves and avoid representing those opinions as the thinking of the base.

  77. I’ve never been against criticism. That is what Obama meant by holding his feet to the fire. But that it went immediately to Rush-like name-calling is what makes me crazy.

    Can’t you criticize, bring up suggestions for how you think something might be more effective, without calling Obama a sell-out or ‘Bush-lite’? Outrageous.

  78. “The fundamental issue is that people continue to act as if POTUS=Bush.”

    You summed it up just right, gn. That sentence explains so much about so many people — those mentioned already in the thread, and all of us could name others. (Hello, Markos Moulitsas. Hello, Keith Olbermann!)

    It grieves me, actually (besides irritating the hell out of me), to see so many smart, caring people totally in the grip of political PTSD.

  79. Yup; they seem to think that refusing to acknowledge the good which POTUS has done will force him to do more, or that acknowledging POTUS’ good works means that he will think that there is no room for improvement. I just don’t get it at this point.

  80. I’m still FEELING her NOT feeling. She was respectful, but if I responded, it would have been DK Part Two. There were many phrases in the post that I had Pavlovian reactions to, and didn’t have it in me to untangle them and respond appropriately.

    Of course we need all voices here, but I guess I’m just not ready, still bruised.. Thank you for posting what you did. Virtual hug, G

  81. He is not lazy, and I believe Jon is. He takes the easy way – snark and more snark. “WHAAA??” faces to the camera, reminds me of my O’s “MEAN” face to the camera. Self indulgent schtick. I loved this show years ago.

  82. Ditto what gn said. I don’t know if we met on DK, but you have become one of my favorite voices here.

  83. Well said g, thank you. Pavlovian is a great way to phrase it, as those were my reactions also, and I was aware that I would not probably respond as respectfully as she had written her ‘concerns’.

    I’m going to tell you something here, and I think its appropriate because so many of us have been involved to various degrees at DailyKos.. and because I think this info will help some of us recognize that it ain’t just “sour grapes” in regard to leaving that site or having misgivings about it: Last night I received an email for a trusted and well-loved member of dailykos.. she linked to a comment made by another known member at dkos.. in it he described his participation in the killing of another human being – a killing based on race.

    Yes we’ve reported him.. However, this comment got rec’d by two other posters.. it was somehow ‘missed’ by dk’s moderator.

    Anyway my larger point is that what drove me away from dkos is the blatant and not so blatant racism.. and though this poster is an extreme of that- he is frequently right up at the top of the comments with other regulars in any diary discussing race.

    BWD you are welcome to erase my comments here if you like, I would understand.. yet there is a sense of vindication in this for me- and possibly others. I have hated the racist tone at that site, and frankly other sites – and have been sick over the lack of acknowledgment by folks that that tone even existed. So okay, enough said.

    thank you bwd for the day’s mishmash.. and a pleasant friday to you all.

  84. gn – I’ve “known” you for three years. The idea of you needing anyone to speak for you, or you following anyone blindly..well, that is fing laughable. And that goes for the AA people I know in 3-d as well. It is ante-diluvian.

  85. I have been watching the developments in Egypt on Aljazeera/English. To be very brief, all of Egypt is under curfew and everyone is ignoring it. The demonstrations are all over the country now. It SEEMS as though the army is supporting the demonstrators against the police force. I get the feeling that Mubarak is history.

    There is one very bad thing – a fire is spreading and heading towards the Cairo Museum of Antiquities and the fire department is nowhere around. If the museum is damaged, it would be awful, just awful. It is not intentional, but just the way the flames are being carried and lack of the fire department.

  86. Wow, Rachel just blew me away.

    I still vividly remember that – at a left wing student conference in March 1980 in the Netherlands – I was warned by a US visitor of the upcoming thrashing of the Carter administration by the Right.

    Six years later – in August 1986 – I crossed the US on a bike and met a guy (roughly 17 years old) in the country side of Utah who apologized to this European about the Reagan Administration.

    You have to watch Rachel’s video to see the irony in this.

  87. I can see being in a mindset from years of experience of feeling they need to YELL louder to get the black community noticed and ackowledged.. to get funding ,etc for unemployment. I mean look at under Reagan, BushI and Bush II- These black leaders had necessary roles to fill- and their voices at least prompted attention, if not Action.

    But.. I wonder if President Bill Clinton received the same call out that President Barack Obama is receiving? Also I wonder if they’re so accostomed to their roles that they just do not perceive President Obama as being any more able to view the AA community honorably than previous administrations? These are not unintelligent people: West, Belafonte, et al… these are gentleman I think who’ve at various times in their lives, and in our history been yelling for a purpose.

    Heres and example: We all know that the President is planning a speech/Action on Gun Control. Today I received an email from the “mayors against guns” This appears to be a good group of involved and concerned mayors, who I get pretty regular emails from. Yet they have a petition they want signed to send to the Whitehouse to pressure the President into doing something about gun control. Um.. duh. This seems to be an ongoing behavior by the ‘left’. The President makes it known in one form or another that he is/will/wants to do something.. and pretty soon there is a big call on the ‘left’ to pressure him to do it.

    I.don’ About high AA unemployment, about the poor, undereducated.. the folks everyone keeps saying are not benefiting from the Obama administration.. I do not see how thats possible. We are all benefiting from this administration.. but he isn’t going to end AA unemployment or being poor in two years.. I believe he is setting policies that will even things up in time- by there are some families in America who have been poor for generations. I remember Robert Kennedy and the whole big push he did on the poor of Appalachia. Indidan reservations have had cycle of cycle of poor. We have horrible problems in this country, much of which disproportionaly effects the brown and black communities.. and yet we do I believe have a President that knows this.. and is trying to effect positive change to benefit those communities.

    I don’t begrudge leaders/ or perceived leaders in those communities speaking out- yelling, whatever.. I do wonder why they aren’t using their voices less to attack someone on their side: President Obama, and more to offer up solutions.. and examples of how long it has taken for things to become so unequal.

  88. I am glad that BWD didn’t erase your comment because it has helped reinforce for me just why I left. I felt the racism and bigotry to “be strong” with some there. The few times I tried to speak out, I felt disrespected, shouted down and marginalized. I’m not a good debater. I just know my own heart and my own experience.

    Those club house doors are closed to any differing opinions. True open dialogue is neither encouraged or wanted. Dear Heart, let us move on and heal from our experience there.

  89. I am so sorry for all the spelling errors, this is my brain damage, the longer I write something the less able I seem to process it properly in terms of writing skills.. I will attempt to spend an exta effort on checking myself before I post. again, really sorry folks.

  90. thank you Aquagranny: I think an awful lot of folks tried very very hard to enforce the idea that our feelings about the racism there was just not possible.. because omg they were from the left. Although I never believed the majority of them were either democrats or on the left. To be frank though I would have never suggested one of them would be a racist killer either. But it does reinforce that everyone is not who they pretend to be on the internet.. AND when we smell rotten fish- don’t be swayed into believing its chocolate cake.

  91. Sherijr, If you are climbing a mountain every time you write, don’t worry about us and you don’t have to apologize. Instead, we applaud you for caring enough about us to write your thoughts and can well handle a few spelling blips.

  92. LOL, that’s so very true, and I think it’s true of the base, period. Liberals are not the type of people to follow anyone anywhere blindly. The people who I have met and canvassed with at OFA most certainly have thoughts, opinions, and ideas of their own. To suggest otherwise just aint reality. And you my dear g are definitely not a follower either!

  93. You’re very kind granny 🙂 But it behooves me to work a little harder at it, writing used to come very easy to me..and though this is very irritating, I’m determined to get back some semblence of me.

  94. Thanks gn. I should have added that those non-caucasian communities started out unequal.. and we’ve yet to meet a balance where we’re really all in the same boat. And theres no doubt, I think, that that is what we want is to be equal with one another.. but realistically/pragmatically 😉 that isn’t going to happen in two years- even with President Obama at the helm. I think so many folks in America were so hungry after GWBUSH that the nurturing just can’t arrive fast enough. When things are tough, bad for 30 years.. and then the likes of Barack Obama arrives.. well I think its inevitable that some folks are going to be expecting BIG things NOW. We’ve been in such a sad state of affairs for so long- and for so many who’ve literally been ignored.. now that they’re being heard even a little: they want to be heard even more.. if that makes sense?

  95. Super awesome clip of POTUS motorcade in Wisconsin couple days ago. Him waving and smiling at the crowd toward the end is priceless. The comments are positive, considering its youtube. Go give it a “like”, its at 17 with 1 dislike now. Almost 3000 views. 🙂

  96. Hi Sheri

    There is no doubt in my mind that some/many Kossacks are bigots. There I said it. My family is Jewish, but I often do not support Israel’s actions. However, you literally could not pay me to enter a related discussion over there. The anti-Semitism is thick. And remember the Coulter “jokes” The more militant Gay members there are battle hardy themselves, but how about using “bending over” as an acceptable expression. WTF is wrong with those people?!!

    And the fing punchline is that the moderator doles out consequences for posters suggesting others are racist, not for any of the above ugliness!! He hides behind his friendship with some AA posters there (“I can’t be a racist”) But it’s hypocritical as hell.

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned here, but it delights me to see we are “integrated” in every sense of the word. That blog, the Biggest Name in Left Blodom IS.NOT.

    What you just shared with me is too horrifying..

    I love TiMT, but I cannot go back there, even for him. It pisses me off that DK had such an affect on me. But asi fue.

  97. I will. Its pretty horrifying gn and you will recognize the poster. Give me just a minute to send it.

  98. Heads up – The US is about to make a statement on Egypt. Check your local stations wherever you might be in the world.

  99. I had no idea you had suffered brain damage. If I were the religious type, this is where I’d be posting “God Bless You.”

    I never picked up on it, and that is my a big part of my volunteer work. This Monday, in fact, I’m meeting with some patients.

    You are awesome in so many ways, Sheri, not to mention my oldest, dearest friendship, since fifth grade, and I’m OLD, is with a woman with your name.

  100. Hi gn…..I’m reminded of what one of our
    posters said here and that is “He Did Not
    Kiss The Ring”…How dare Pres.Obama not
    check in with the so called “Black
    I’ve seen Mr.Belafonte go
    out of his way to be dismissive of POTUS and
    he behaves as though any praise of a current
    prominent black figure will take away from
    what he has done in his career..At his age he should be in a place thats beyond being so
    petty and be glad that he’s fortunate enough
    to see a black President..Mr.Mandela loves
    Pres.Obama..So did Dr. Dorthy Height….Harry need to quit..

  101. Nice to see the race experts at dkos unmask. Not surprised at the commenter, and not surprised by the upraters either. IMO dkos has morphed into a deeply ugly media institution and I am beyond thrilled to be away from it. That is not a safe space spiritual-wise for African Americans and strong POTUS supporters, period. Thanks for letting us know about this, sheri.

  102. Kelley – THANK YOU! Made my day 🙂 Absolutely charming. Hmmm…why do I relate more to these guys with their video cameras racing down the block, in the freezing cold than all the damned frustrati?!! The frustrati speaks for me? My a**!

  103. Today, Congressman John Garamendi, my former Insurance Commissioner of the State of California, and a true friend of the democrats and progressives (democrats/
    progressives previously defined as those for the “people”) wrote a wonderful diary endorsing the important components of President Obama’s State of the Union address. Unfortunately (and perhaps unknowingly), he wrote the wonderful diary on a site that has now become a rabidly hate-filled site that mirrors that of right-wing/Huffpo ramblings. It’s tragic, because the site has gone so hate-filled and sour that you cannot find the intellect anymore. Rather than take you to the hate, I’ll just share his diary with you here.

    “President Obama is Right: We Need to Create American Jobs Now
    by Congressman John Garamendi
    Fri Jan 28, 2011 at 11:10:43 AM PST

    With his State of the Union address, President Obama delivered an important message that Congress and the American people need to hear: our nation’s leaders must pass legislation that creates American jobs now.

    America, our shining city on a hill, has been blessed with great fortune in our proud past, but as the President noted, every generation faces new challenges and new opportunities. We must be bold and forward looking, never forgetting that America’s prosperity has always relied on hard work, solid education, and well-maintained infrastructure. We’re a nation that has always thrived when we’ve built things – the light bulb, the automobile, the Internet, and the GPS. We need to build things again. We need to Make It In America

    Congressman John Garamendi’s diary :: ::
    During the Great Recession, America stared into the abyss, but with the leadership of President Obama and Democrats in Congress, we steered our economy toward a better path. We invested in infrastructure, education, manufacturing, and smart tax incentives, putting millions of Americans to work. With the Recovery Act and other pro-growth, pro-jobs laws, we did a lot, but we need to do more. President Obama is right to call on this Congress to pass legislation that creates jobs now.

    America – the idea and the nation – is at a crossroads. For decades we have stood by watching our manufacturing sector atrophy. We’ve seen hardworking breadwinners thrown to the curb, because big corporations can make more profits offshoring jobs to countries with atrocious labor and environmental standards. We’ve seen middle class families kicked out of their homes, because wages have not kept up with costs. We’ve seen too many great people on the sidelines of our economy, their talents wasted and dream deferred, because there simply are not enough jobs. We must do better. We must Make It In America again or else we’re not going to make it in America.

    An American child born today will grow up in a world where her nation’s long held claim to economic supremacy will be challenged by peers in China, India, and elsewhere. She will live in a world where computer literacy and access to high speed Internet largely predict achievement. She will live in a world of infinite potential for people and nations committed to a better future. She will live in a world where mass transit and clean energy are everyday necessities of life, creating good jobs for someone somewhere. Let’s make sure we Make It In America and create American jobs now, so that she will live in a world where America is still the leader of the free world.

    American manufacturing, which produced the largest middle class in history, is crucial to building sustained prosperity for the years to come. Across this country, we see evidence of a new fledgling Clean Energy Industrial Revolution. Detroit is producing hybrid cars, Pittsburgh is constructing robotic instruments, Schenectady, New York is developing advanced batteries, and Livermore, California is building solar panels. Across this country, clean energy is creating jobs.

    In his State of the Union address, the President called for one million electric cars and a stronger clean energy standard. By setting this goal, the President was challenging Americans to dream big.

    The President is right. This is our Sputnik moment. Imagine if we had responded to the challenge of Sputnik by soaring to the moon in a space shuttle that was Made in the Soviet Union. We could have gone that route – admitted failure and surrendered our economic and security assets to another country. Instead, we focused on inventing and constructing crucial technology, which sparked a wave of new businesses and jobs. Similarly, to address our twin 21st century challenges of energy security and advanced infrastructure, we cannot depend on the kindness of other countries. To enhance our geopolitical security and to create the jobs of the future, we have to strengthen these key manufacturing sectors.

    As we see when basic scientific research spurs the flourishing of new industries and generates millions of new jobs, public policy has a valuable role to play in setting the stage for a return of America’s manufacturing prowess. A good first step would be to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent on American-made transportation and renewable energy projects. I am introducing legislation to this effect. Strengthening domestic content requirements for high-speed rail, solar panels, biofuels, and other growth industries will create jobs, right here in America, right now. It just makes sense.

    America has energetic entrepreneurs, a skilled workforce, and visionary inventors. Let’s give them the opportunity to do what they do best- to work. The building blocks of a prosperous future are available today. Let’s start building.

    Congressman John Garamendi (D-Walnut Creek, CA) represents California’s 10th Congressional District, which includes parts of Contra Costa, Solano, Alameda, and Sacramento counties. As California’s Lieutenant Governor from 2006-2009, he chaired the California Commission for Economic Development.”

  104. Thank you, Janice. What a lovely, informative, well-written piece. I love it when Dems come together and advocate for progressive reforms with a unified voice. Two thumbs up.

  105. Just as the voices of the media-promoted teabaggers are fizzing out, so will the voices of the cynical/hate-filled liberals. I have always believed, and continue to believe, that President Obama’s actions speak louder than his words. Just think about it. Without the support of the Rebubs, baggers and hate-filled libs, the President’s ratings are above 50%! That’s amazing. From where we sit it would appear that his ratings would be nothing because the media tries to spin it that way.

    But from out of the ashes, not only does Obama still stand – he prevails. And along with him, we prevail.

  106. Oh g- you are far too kind.. not much awesomess here :). I appreciate the work you do, because brain damage gets into every aspect of one’s life.. its that whole domino effect.. and without support it is even more of a struggle- so thank you for being their for those folks~

    Well heres a laugh for you: I had a very good friend for many years in CA- her name:


    Now how about that? lol, pretty interesting. She was a friend and my eldest son’s kindergarten teacher- she taught him to read.. he’s now a pretty darn good lawyer from what he tells me 😉

  107. No crying.. 😉 I’m okay really. Its a ongoing learning situation- learning ones’ new limitations and trying to figure which ones are forever and which ones I can build up. Accepting limitations is very annoying.

    You’re a good soul granny- thank you my dear.

  108. I agree with the assessment of rampant racism there, though I think much of it was covert and not even recognized by many of those who appeared to suffer from that particular disease. My bottom line question was: do they give white guys a pass on issues for which they excoriate the President and if they do (and so many of them did), it is difficult to see what else could be behind it. I also thought there was a decided attempt on the part of some of the posters (and perhaps the administration, for all I know, though I never paid much attention to them) to marginalize the African American community on the site.

  109. The first step to building a better world is
    The first step to building a better world is
    to be a better person oneself, and I have difficulty believing going out into the blogosphere and being snide to others is a way of being a better person. If someone fills you with contempt, why seek them out? I would really like to be above feeling contempt for any of my fellow creatures, but since I am not yet there, I stay away from those who evoke contempt in me. I believe they deserve my respect, as do all creatures, and until I can be strong enough to give it, I have the choice to spend time in real space or cyberspace with those whom it is natural for me to respect. There are enough opportunities in the real world to practice being kind to those with whom one disagrees without seeking out known opponents in a milieu that makes antagonism easy.

  110. “Accepting limitations is very annoying.”

    Yes, it is. I can commiserate, which is why they say getting old is not for cowards. I usually find myself annoyed because of something slowing me down, rather than dispirited.

  111. I certainly understand why the Muslim Brotherhood might be anti-western, but they do not present a particularly-open-minded view and I doubt if democracy would thrive were they the primary force behind setting up a new government. Having read a fair amount about the French and Russian revolutions, I am skeptical about sudden change, though I do believe it is possible for it to result in something positive, even if I think it is not probable. I am glad we have a President who is uniquely-qualified to walk this tightrope. There may be no perfect response to the situation open to him, but I trust him to have enough knowledge and thoughtfulness to strike the best kind of balance here.

  112. Thanks for the information. I liked the idea of given young videographers a forum, but I found much of the videos boring and stopped watching shortly after its inception.

  113. Did you see the show he did with Andrew Young during the writers’ strike when he brought all of his writers out on stage (alas, nearly all men at the time) while he and Young sang “Let My People Go”? Terrific moment.

  114. Exactly like that. you get it. Although I have gotten dispirited on occasion, I agree that is more annoyance in the longrun. Its hard to do battle with oneself.. but sometimes thats where I’m at- my wants and wishes fighting with Sheri’s brain ;p

  115. I think poor Gibbs may have told our Prez:

    “I have served my time in hell please get me out!”

    PS: I also liked him and I think he did a good job in a tough environment.

  116. People are so brave when hiding behind a keyboard and monitor. I’ve been on the ‘net since the mid-nineties, and that always struck me. Things you wouldn’t have the balls to say in person just trip lightly from your fingers in the online world. Thank goodness for a place like this.

  117. See, it’s just a matter of time before they all cancel each other out. The Repubs embracing the baggers is backfiring big time. Their divison and strife will be our gains in 2012:

  118. From my understanding, Mubarak is a harsh leader. People will revolt when their basic needs are not met. There comes a tipping point when desperate people feel they have little left to lose.

    Politically, I don’t know where this will go but my heart is with the people suffering there while the power mongers play their games.

  119. So true, even when doing GOTV in very conservative areas, I was never subjected to some of the really nasty things said on blogs

  120. In bleek times one still has to smile..

    @BorowitzReport: #Mubarak should probably turn the Internet back on so he can book a trip on Expedia. #Egypt #Jan25

  121. Kelly – I’m crying because of a motorcade? Good thing I wasn’t there – not sure my heart could take it! How exciting for these folks.

  122. On January 28, 2011, President Obama continues to stand with the Egyptian people:

    11.52pm GMT:

    A summary of points from Obama’s brief press conference, as the president:

    • Told Hosni Mubarak he has a responsibility to deliver on promises of better democracy and greater economic opportunity.

    • Emphasised the need for Mubarak to make reforms, saying: “This moment of volatility has to be turned into a moment of promise”.

    • Urged protesters in Egypt to express themselves peacefully.

    • Said the US would stand up for the rights of the Egyptian people.

    “What’s needed now are concrete steps that advance the rights of the Egyptian people,” Obama told reporters at the White House.

    11.32pm GMT:

    Barack Obama has just given a short briefing at the White House. Here’s a selection of what the president said:

    We have been closely monitoring the situation in Egypt. As the situation continues to unfold, our first concern is preventing injury and loss of life, so I call upon the Egyptian authorities to refrain from violence against the protesters. The US will stand up for human rights everywhere.

    Those protesting in the streets have a resposibility to express themselves peacefully.

    The US has a close partnership with Egypt. But we’ve also been clear that there must be reform – social, political and economic. In the absence of these [reforms], grievances have built up over time. I just spoke to President Mubarak, after his speech, and told him he has a responsilibilty to give meaning to his words.

    Violence will not address the grievances of the Egyptian people.

    What’s needed is concrete steps that advance the rights of the people. Ultimately, the future of Egypt will be determined by its people, and we believe the people want the same things as we want. The Egyptian people want a future that befits the heirs to a great and ancient civiliaztions. The US is committed to working with the government and the people to achieve the goals.

    When I was in Cairo, after I became president, I said that all governments must maintain power through consent, not coercion, and that is how they will achieve the future. The US will continue to stand up to the rights of the Egyptian people, and work with the government to ensure a future that is more hopeful.

  123. He had to leave in order to keep his mental health. The WH press corps asks the same questions over and over. Also, they sound combative and sometimes a little disrespectful.
    This is why shortly after the inauguration President Obama had to go to the elementary school in order to be asked good, sensible questions.

  124. Our innernetz were out today @ work – darn that snowstorm. Finally get my mishmash – love it! 🙂

  125. Well said sheila. I just really feel for the handful of black people who are still there, with people like the potential killer discussed above who seem to be deputized to say what they want when they want yet calling out the obvious racism is a sanctionable offense. Change indeed requires that we focus on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative or the situations held in contempt. I’m still a work in progress as it is difficult to read black commenters assaulted with this person’s fond rememberings of potentially killing someone black, totally sanctioned and just fine with that site management.

    Kindest thing to do is to look away and totally disengage. Thank you for your ongoing guidance in this respect.

  126. President Obama is 49 years old. He’d have had to start this course of destruction at the age of 19, and dedicated his entire adult life to this. I place this story next to the conspiracy theory that the Preident was born in Kenya, that a false birth announcement was put in the Hawaiian papers, and that he was groomed (in Indonesia) to become President one day so he could destroy the country. Absolute nonsense.

  127. I think he did a good job, too. I gave up listening to the so-called briefings with the asinine questions from these characters who fancy themselves as “journalists”. I commend him for representing the President with dignity (most of the time). But, I also agree that we need someone tough to deal with this kindergarten class called the “White House Press Corps”.

  128. The circumstances and consequences were different then – and we didn’t have the wall of obstruction to deal with, either.

  129. Thom Hartman has been broadcasting his radio show from the conference this week. I heard some of his interview with (I think) the CEO of this org, who said that this was a good law, and they would stand “shoulder to shoulder with President Obama” to protect the law. Even Thom Hartman agreed that the President will get lots of credit to the good in people’s lives that this law will bring – and that makes him want to use the term “Obamacare” to bestow the credit to the President. It was a little shocking.

  130. I have always been impressed with the African American community’s patience, insight and pragmatism regarding American politics. Unlike many white “progressives”, they are incisive enough to know that something is better than nothing. I think it is difficult for President Obama to specifically address “African American problems” (what problems do they have that does not concern us all as a culture?), as he will open himself up to raging criticism, but I do believe that he can address issues like poverty, unemployment, incarceration and violence, and I hope he will do so vehemently in his next term, as these are problems that concern us all (yes, even the wealthy). None of our politicians seem to care much about these issues. Where were all these black critics when Clinton was President? What did he ever do for the black, LGBT or Latino community except hang out with them?

  131. What a kind remark, gn. I never thought YOU needed any guidance. I, too, wonder abaout the African Americans on the site. I feel they are treated badly, but I admire their perseverance. I wish they would move elsewhere, I admit, as I like to read and comment on what they have to say, but I, like you, need to stay away from that place, as I really disliked myself when I was there.

  132. I wish Black KOS would change its name and move over here to Word Press also. Or at least post both places.

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