Winning the future – Day one

President Obama visiting Orion Energy Systems, a company that focuses on energy technology, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. (Mouse-Over the photos).


118 thoughts on “Winning the future – Day one

  1. hehe…First..!! 🙂

    Good evening everyone….I wanted to share this
    question & answer session Google did with David
    Plouffe..It displays his techno-savvy and how his
    impact is felt now with very active use of
    Pres.Obama’s over 6 million followers twitter account and the enhanced White
    House SOTU that blew everybody away…HE REALLY..REALLY..LOVES TECHNOLOGY…ENJOY..!! 🙂

  2. I’d like to thank all of the people who get themselves up to line the routes and come to the locations to show their support of President Obama with handmade signs and smiles. These types of pictures really make my day. What a beautiful family in that picture.

  3. Hello All,

    You have to see Halperin’s report on the joint statement issued by the union guy — Richard Trumpka — and the Chamber of Commerce president praising President Obama’s SOTU address.

    PBO is creating alliances. Way to go, Mr. President.

  4. Has any other president ever looked good in plastic safety goggles?? I’m just sayin’.

  5. What I continually find surprising (although by now I shouldn’t) is how, everytime you see him in these factories being show things, you can see that he is truly interested in what he is being told. These are not just photo-ops to him.

    When he talks about wanting to meet the American public, he means it, unlike his predecessor who would go on the road to town hall meetings where only loyal Republicans where allowed.

  6. The young lady in her worker’s garb looks like she’s about to melt from shaking his hand.
    Lucky woman.

  7. Neither are interested in spending cuts. Now that big business has a divided government with the split Congress to guarantee nothing they don’t like gets through, they have to work at getting through the things they want.

    Let’s not forget the CoC spent over $70M to help the GOP take the House they’re going to want certain ROI. Will be interesting to see how Boehner pleases both CoC/Big Business and the Teabaggers who are all about spending cuts.

  8. Lucky woman! And she looks like she’s ready for her “Sputnik” lesson for the day, in her headgear.

  9. The interests of the business community should never have been divorced from that of workers in the first place through the short-sighted greed which led to hostility towards unions and both organized and unorganized labor. A rising tide lifts all boats. Very striking turn of events and I commend anyone who has the common sense to understand that a strong middle class benefits everyone.

  10. BTW, you can tell the Green Bay mayor was digging in a jab about the Bears. And, being a Packer fan living in Chicago, I don’t blame him. But it also shows Obama’s overall temperament, as he is obvioulsy laughing about it.

  11. The rising tide lifts all boats was a saying to justify the trickle down philosophy. What they didn’t realize is that when something is rising, it rises from the bottom up, not the top down. You are using the phrase much more accurately, gn.

  12. POTUS is so damn gorgeous… goggles never looked so good and his teeth are perfect.

  13. The thread that runs through just about everything David says is that you can have great community organizing, lots of money and donors, make optimum use of technology and none it will mean anything without a candidate like Barack Obama. Bottom line, people connected with Barack and felt like they were part of something special.

    Thanks so much for the video. I just love David Plouffe. The man is brilliant. I am so glad that he is back in the saddle. So much of what has happened over the last few weeks building up to the SOTU (and after) has David Plouffe written all over it. The rollout and follow through has been very impressive.

    Of course, the GOP will try to copy everything that the Obama campaign did, but their problem is that they don’t have any one with the intelligence and charisma of Barack Obama.

  14. What a hunk. This guy is so hot, hot, hot. Did I mention that is hot! How can one man have the looks, the brains, the personality and has the heart of a champion.

  15. I know that’s right!!!! This is the best quote, ever!!!!!! Ambassador Rooney is wait on you, Mr. President.

  16. OMG, BWD you have outdone yourself with all these wonderful updates!!!!! This is so exciting seeing the President getting his vision out to the working people. Maybe the media and pundits won’t be so loud. But I can always hope!

  17. Okay have been involved in several events this week and I’m pooped!!! how in the world does the President keep up such a hectic pace? I just marvel at his energy.

  18. Awesome comment; thank you! What a terrific insight; I think that this is a far more accurate use of the term as well! I love this place.

  19. Little chamber of horrors, from my perspective. Good for the union to get this good press, though! (Can you tell where I stand?)

  20. Yep. I said this on another thread: the GOP wishes they had a leader like President Obama. They wish he was in their party. Instead they’ve got Bachmann, Orange Man, Palin and the rest of the nuts.

  21. I was listening to a local DC radio station and Howard Fineman was giving his commentary about the SOTU address. This fool said, completely without context, of course, that the budget deficit is the highest in the history of man ( I kid you not) and that the US is broke! Can you believe he actually said that ish? There are no words!!

  22. Hey Love!

    I have no words to describe my adoration (ya hear that frustrai?!!) of this President. I don’t worship him, but I do adore him. So..bite me 🙂

    The great Karmic scales are being balanced. We had Bush.

  23. Thank you so much for that video. I hadn’t seen it. I LOVE the man. Dynamic, positive. He’s such an asset to President Obama.

  24. People really should be fined for using hyperbole. It’s often, if not always, wrong, and contributes nothing to the discourse. But that’s all that pundits, including Mr. Fineman, know how to truck in. They know they won’t get invited back to the show if they state their cases calmly and reasonably. Can we fire our press corps and build a new one from scratch?

  25. Ahhhh, you continue to always lift my spirits….love your pictures!! Thank you so very much!!!

  26. Judging by POTUS’ impressive approval ratings, consumer confidence levels, and every other metric, I believe the public at large no longer give a damn about the pundits on either side, nor the frustrati blogs on the left. In fact, I’m done with the concept of”Progressive” as they use it. I am a Democrat, and a proud one. Ask me about an issues, I will give an opinion, with caveats, but labels divide. I have never felt so strongly that kossacks are being left behind in the dust at this point. Or, the site is “burnt” as GN put it. They commented last night that the turnout for their well known “live blogging” sessions was dismal. The arc of justice 🙂

    Pres Obama is (perhaps inadvertantly) empowering the populace to think for themselves.

  27. I think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! Thought my husband would get sick of me talking about him all the time but turns out the hubby talks about him all the time too.

  28. Perhaps it isn’t inadvertent. The kind of changes PBO wants to bring about cannot be done without an engaged and questioning citizenry. It’s very easy to scare someone into voting against their interests; it’s much harder to get people to look beyond themselves and see themselves as connected to each other. The first step in that process is to get people to think for themselves, without the filters put up by the traditional gatekeepers.

    I have a patron who comes to my library. Although a lovely person, she’s also a tea partier. She told me once that she used to be liberal, “until I learned to think for myself”. Of course, everything out of her mouth is regurgitated Fox boilerplate, all mashed up and ready for easy digestion. I’m a Democrat and a liberal because the world *is* a complex, confusing place, and the only way to make it through life with honor and dignity is by always thinking, and always analyzing what’s going on about you. Just taking what someone tells you and parroting it as your own ideas leads to a very bad end.

  29. Oh heavens g, we can’t have that!

    “Pres Obama is (perhaps inadvertantly) empowering the populace to think for themselves.”

    Think of all those pundits without jobs… *cries*

  30. I actually believe it’s “vertent” myself 🙂
    He is having an effect on me as well, not so much in terms of independent thought (my family is known for that, LOL) but in other ways. He is, as we Jew(bu’s) say, a “mitzvah.”

  31. That sign just says so much to me.. that folks would take the time, the effort and more: the inclination to make a hand-made sign, bundle up their children and go stand outside to welcome the President.. I find it so- healthy- for lack of a more encompassing word. Its an act of kindness and courtesy that I hope I would emulate if the President were to visit my town.

  32. I agree. Great site only to be improved with a like button. And maybe no “dislike” button. If they don’t like the comment they can just move on.

  33. Yes believable. I mean he is a “chief” editor at HP…Howard Fineman thinks his shit doesn’t stick..sorry I had to go there.

  34. Wow…Let the working together begin. The President as the brilliant chess player that he is has painted the Teapublicans into a corner.

    Donohue and Trumka Issue Joint Statement on SOTU

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following joint statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

    “America’s working families and business community stand united in applauding President Obama’s call to create jobs and grow our economy through investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

    “Whether it is building roads, bridges, high-speed broadband, energy systems and schools, these projects not only create jobs and demand for businesses, they are an investment in building the modern infrastructure our country needs to compete in a global economy.

    “With the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO standing together to support job creation, we hope that Democrats and Republicans in Congress will also join together to build America’s infrastructure.”

  35. Not to mention, [shallowness alert] he makes even those dorky plastic safety glasses look badass!

    Hi, everybody. GBCW’d from elsewhere about six weeks ago, have been lurking here for the longest time; time to let you know how grateful I am that you’all are here, and that bwd has given us such a great room to gather in, and that Barack Obama is our country’s President right now. Would be good news at any point in history; to have it be true right now is just miraculous.


  36. Absolutely A-men to that G. The Progressive label was a way of saying “liberal” without owning it. It was always rebranding. But one of the problems with the words “liberal” and “conservative” is that they don’t mean anything any more. When you have congressional races in Arizona where the choices in the GOP primary are the Conservative, the small-c conservative, the true conservative and the ultra conservative (their words, not mine) you the word has magic in the ears of voters but describes nothing.

    Liberals are now either DLC Democrats, Greens, Progressives, Socialists or Liberals. Damned if I can tell what any of those labels tell me about a person. What I can tell though is that “Progressive” and “Tea Party” and both people interested in something other than democracy.

  37. I envy POTUS’ memorabilia collection. People just love giving him stuff!

    Love the family waving with the signs — such happy, smiling faces in Wisconsin. *Almost* makes me want to root for the Packers…

  38. I am looking forward to FLOTUS on Oprah tomorrow. It looks like it will another uplifting thing the President and First lady is doing for military families. Don’t forget to watch.

  39. I told mine the other night that POTUS was simply perfect. Husband: “I know. So is Michelle.”

  40. I’m easy. I like EVERYBODY’s commments here 🙂

    My other blog, BWN does have the “like” option, which I generally forget to use, LOL.
    NOT being on the defensive after four years on Orange is de-light-ful!

    On to meditation…..namaste!

  41. My last comment on the SOTU speech. I notice that President Obama has really tried to reinvent the speech and get away from what had become tired traditions. “The State of Our Union is STRONG” was a thundering empty oration that always got a good standing ovation but was only meant to bellow at the Soviet Union.

    This speech there seemed to have been a message going around to not only sit with members of the other party but to tone down the applause interruptions. Most of the time it was tiresome and predictable in previous speeches. But somehow the word got out the Dems to simply not interrupt the speech and let The Man finish. The oration doesn’t need embellishments. The press seems, over the years as interested in counting how many times applause erupted than in the substance of an address.

    As was mentioned earlier, he also seemed to get away from the laundry list of things he expected to see in the budget. Obama clearly trusts the Congress to do its job without his constant meddling and to accept what emerges from the debate to be the will of the people. He’s good with that. He rolls with what they give him. Very Tao of him, in fact. (pardon the conceit).

    But by painting such a long view of things – 80% clean energy by 2035, for example, he start people in the country thinking about things in longer terms than just the next month’s unemployment numbers or next quarter’s earnings estimates. If Congress doesn’t deliver, t is hard to say he “lost” the alternative energy argument, easier to say that Congress failed him.

    Finally, I really enjoy his upbeat delivery. We are not lacking anything in the country more than optimism. Once we start believe we can win our nation will get back in the game and things will turn around so fast we will shock ourselves. Our optimism is what defines our national culture more than any other single thing. Voters reward the guy who says “give me the ball” when the game is on the line. Not the one that says “I’ll show you the road to Armageddon”.

  42. Grants – AWARD SUMMARY


    MEA has partnered with Maryland Clean Cities and several of the most prominent and progressive fleets in the United States to expeditiously implement the nation?s largest deployment of heavy-duty hybrid trucks in goods movement applications through the Maryland Hybrid Truck Goods Movement Initiative (?Maryland HT Goods Movement Initiative?). The Maryland HT Goods Movement Initiative applied for and received financial assistance under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Maryland HT Goods Movement Initiative will provide financial and technical assistance to the high profile fleets of ARAMARK, Efficiency Enterprises, Nestle Waters of North America, Sysco Corporation and United Parcel Service to facilitate the implementation of the largest collaborative hybrid truck project in the nation. In total, the Maryland HT Goods Movement Initiative will utilize grant funding to purchase and deploy 145 Freightliner hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and hydraulic hybrid vehicles (HHV) designed to meet the operational demands of local goods movement fleets. The Maryland HT Goods Movement Initiative?s partners, in the spirit of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have worked extensively over the last several months to develop the optimal approach to reduce emissions, petroleum consumption and economic strain in the communities they serve and intend for this project to serve as a model for other goods movement hybrid deployment projects. MEA will provide grants to partner fleets for the goal of purchasing 145 vehicles.

  43. thanks jojo I’ll tune in, (so will my 25 year old son who like g’s husband below thinks she is perfect) FLOTUS has been doing incredible work for the country.

  44. I’d like to repeat a really lovely comment which WhatIsWorking posted about us at another site:

    The atmosphere at the BWD’s blog – The Only Adult in the Room, is like no other I have found on the web. This site gets you “fired up, ready to go”. Everyday good news, everyday a positive spin on events, everyday folks who think like I do. I come to BWD to recharge my batteries and leave ready to take on the world.

    I am not sure I would have my blog if it wasn’t for BWDs blog. I had been blogging for 2 months and was very discouraged. The sites I went to were so snotty and superior, I didn’t feel smart enough or clever enough to comment. What a relief to find folks who support the President, are not judgemental (I made rookie blogging mistakes for weeks) and hopeful EVERYDAY.

    As long as the president gets up everyday and tries his hardest, and BWD gets up everyday and has their blog, I will post to my blog, even when I am tired, even when the hit count is low, even when a little voice says “you’re crazy”. This site is special – check it out.

    Great job everyone, and I hope that more lurkers choose to come and join this terrific conversation! Similar to g, I’d pretty much give a “like” to every single comment posted here.

  45. I think she’s uses enhanced eyelashes. Out of my admiration for her, and nOT out of vanity for heavens sake, I may try this for my sick days. I tried to permanently stain my brows with hair dye, but it didn’t work….

    Going to get to bed early – have no idea what tomorrow will bring in terms of school closing, delays, road conditions, etc.


    BTW – found a new diversion: The Mentalist (alas no swordplay, however :()

  46. Me too. I love that beautiful family for going the extra mile to show support for our President

  47. I think David is a hero. Do you remember PBO gave David the biggest thanks the night he won the election.

    But, anyway, I am going a bit off topic, but I just have to say, How in the world did we ever get a President that is so friggin handsome. The smile is just added ammunition.

    Well, he also happens to be very smart and capable.

  48. And it is getting tougher and tougher for those who want to paint Obama as some terrible destructive force after the public can see, with their own eyes, that he is the most decent and reasonable of human beings, as was so evident in Tuscon and in the SOTU.

  49. What I find amazing is that a Constitutional Law Professor like Barack Obama can talk about technical things without sounding like the complete inadequates we (physicists) have become to expect from students of the humanities.

  50. Thanks, LadyHawke…

    Speakin’ of govenors and mayors, if they’re GOPTeaParty, I hope they’re. truly, thinkin’ about their citizens, especially the vulnerables. (I know Newark, NJ Mayor @CoryBooker is…)

    Because some of them aren’t, they’re apathetic not empathetic: (The states of AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, FL, SC, NC, WI, OH, ME, PA come to mind.)

    @brandale2221: States Target Poor, Elderly and Education in Budget Cuts… via @theloop21

    Death by Budget Cuts…

  51. This is quite astonishing, Trumka and Chamber of Commerce issuing a joint statement – if it weren’t on a Time website I’d think it was a prank. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Pres Obama actually did bring political opponents together to work for the whole nation? And what about that Gov. giving Obama the Packers shirt – I believe he’s a Republican, but he sure looks in a good mood.

    Last night I had to feel like Boehner’s sourpuss face was partly because he knew he was so outclassed by the guy standing in front of him (and by the guy beside him).

  52. Good Evening All!!!!

    I was so excited about last night…I’ve been singing this song all day”

    What A Man..What A man…
    What a Mighty Good Man…

    I forgot who sings it….but I might add…He’s not only a GOOD MAN…but so so so handsome…We’re becoming so

    much love!

  53. Hey, I resemble that remark (History/Social Science major here LOL) 😀

    Seriously, I am continually amazed by this president—in a good way. You can tell, this isn’t an act for him. He gets it, whatever “it” happens to be that day or that hour.

  54. Hi g,

    I sometime use black mascara to hide a few of my gray eyebrows. It works really well.

  55. A bit OT: I haven’t visited DailyKos in two months and I just realized that as a result, I have absolutely no idea what Beck or Limbaugh have to say about anything.

    Thanks BWD for giving us forum to gather together people who actually care about the country and realize we have been blessed to find the Obama family in the nick of time.

  56. That reminds me of the one time that I heard one of the anchors on the Today Show say something about how “obviously bad the economy was, or that some plan to help the economy FAILED. I can’t remember the exact quote, but she just threw it out there just how bad some aspect of the economy was – as if it were proven fact – but it was clearly her talking out of her you-know-what.

    It was annoying and irresponsible coming from a news anchor.

  57. I am so impressed by the technical details of this last SOTU. From the seating chart, enhanced speech with images, to the panel after – this rocked.

    I just received an email asking me to submit a question for the President tomorrow. I went to the site

    So far 183,229 have submitted questions. Then you can vote on a question you think is very important, brilliant. To date 1,323,725 votes have been cast.

    I am not sure if these changes are because of David, but if they are, this guy really gets it.

    How fun

  58. Folks, the opening segment of Rachel is AWESOME !!

    In short: for a long time, the “center” has drifted more and more to the right. President Obama ISN’T moving the center to the right. He’s beginning to reverse that. He’s making the case for government to “do things”. He’s bringing back some liberal policies in the “center”.

    Next segment: Frank Rich is happy too.

  59. I agree, that segment was great. It’s Rachel at her best, connecting the dots like no one else on cable. I just hope she stays away from bringing up the Bill Daley appointment or the punching hippies nonsense.

  60. After listening to viewer comments On CSPAN after the Tucson speech have to agree with you dotster.

  61. Koreans and asians in general have no eyelashes!! So I actually get eyelash extensions. The ones I get are really great, and I just get touch ups for the ones that fall off every 3 weeks.

  62. I love coming home and reading everyone’s comments!!!

    I find myself taking pleasures like seeing multiple posts from BWD!!! 🙂

  63. I’ll say! Not only does he reverse 8 years of middle-class decline in less than three, Obama even makes nerdy safety glasses look cool!

  64. Wonderful comment Japa21. Common sense teaches us that to build a house you need a strong foundation (the base/bottom). If the foundation is weak the house will quickly collapse. I am just so thankful for discovering this site that allows thoughtful people like you, and “gn,” to share your wisdom with all of us. Blackwaterdog has done such a wonderful job in attracting thoughtful and sane people to contribute to this blog.

  65. Thanks G. for your strong stand. I am with you 100%. The “frustrati,” including may former Republicans, have hijacked the “Progressive” label. Like you, I am a proud Democrat. I also applaud the progress made by the President and the Democrats in Congress to turn the country around in just two years.

  66. This is truly a very unique moment in politics. People should savor this, because I truly doubt that there’s going to be another POTUS quite like this in our lifetimes. This is really something special. Which is why despite the horrible economy and until recently, sometimes uneven press coverage, he’s still popular; as BWD, they’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this man (and “they” refers to sensationalists on both the right and those who say they’re on the left), yet his approvals still remain so intact. We’re not alone. Other people see what we do; until now, we just didn’t have that much of a voice in the new media.

    Really historic times.

  67. It seems like a lot of assertions fly around with little to no factual basis. I would never hesitate from acknowledging that the economy which POTUS inherited has been horrible. But the recovery is simply undeniable. I admire the reporters who instead of just ranting, stick to the facts; that is a tremendous service to this country.

  68. A Man with a Plan. Keep working your plan Mr. President. They still don’t know what to do with their majority in the house.

  69. This is for What is Working. Girlfriend, please keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t think about hit counts, they will come in time. Yours is an “If you build it, they will come” site. Eventually, they will come. Just keep posting links here to stories you have on your site for us to follow…promote yourself. What you have there is special and very, very needed. I don’t go there every day, but I need to know that it’s there when I need a ‘good news fix’.

  70. Oh, btw…I ran the idea of changing “Obamacare” to a positive term by the guests at the SOTU party last night and it was a big hit. People embraced the idea of claiming that term for ourselves immediately.

  71. Oh, for sure, BWD.

    Could anyone ever imagine this:

    “”Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following joint statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

    “America’s working families and business community stand united in applauding President Obama’s call to create jobs and grow our economy through investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

    “Whether it is building roads, bridges, high-speed broadband, energy systems and schools, these projects not only create jobs and demand for businesses, they are an investment in building the modern infrastructure our country needs to compete in a global economy.

    “With the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO standing together to support job creation, we hope that Democrats and Republicans in Congress will also join together to build America’s infrastructure.” “”

    Well, those of us who actually have paid attention to President (and before then) Barack Obama simply nod our heads and say – Yep.

  72. Now that is an exceptionally important observation, to wit:

    “A bit OT: I haven’t visited DailyKos in two months and I just realized that as a result, I have absolutely no idea what Beck or Limbaugh have to say about anything.”

    I tried, on more than one occasion to note that it seemed rather counter-productive and clearly brain damaging to have one diary and comment after another amplifying the hate and stupid of Beck et al. We all know those folk deal in fear, hate, bigotry and stupid – why would anyone want to provide even a smidgen of bandwidth.

    Thus, I like you, having exited daily visits to the orange place and focused on BWD’s site, P M Carpernter’s, and a few others, am delighted to have zero knowledge of the latest craziness from Beck et al and all those PL aka frustrati who emulate his stupid, his hate, his bigotry.

  73. Obama. Cares. I love it. I think that we should definitely claim this term for ourselves, thanks Tien le!

  74. You’re so right. The White House SOTU feature last night put the MSM to shame. But, the fact that six million people watched on shows that people are looking for alternatives, and bravo to the WH for filling that gap. I DVR’d the pundit responses on MSNBC, but deleted them after noting everyone’s comments. I couldn’t put myself through that. I have my own eyes to tell me what I saw.

  75. Excellent! The country can’t go down the toilet simply beacause 26% of the population are uneducated, uninformed, loud-mouthed bigots.

  76. What a sweet post. I hope WhatIsWorking keeps it up. The more positive voices, the better.

  77. Great to see you, Lize! I was ACD over there and GOT GBCWed (got myself banned, L0L)

    This site saved my political mental health and revived my enthusiasm.

  78. A lovely comment, Nathan, thank you. Heh – the orange frustrati resented our “gushing” about POTUS. They would certainly engage in uber vomiting to read we praise each other as well. Feeling the warmth of human kindness is so uncool, alas…

  79. OT-I’m not sure if you all know but we got clobbered here in the DC area with a major snow storm yesterday. I left work at 4:30 and got home at 9:30 last night.

    My commute on a normal traffic day is 30 minutes. I have staff who never made it home (they spent the night on the floor at the office) and some that took 10 hours to get home.

    Needless to say it was a traffic nightmare yesterday.

    The only thing that made it worth while was while I was sitting on the Parkway waiting for the traffic to move many of us turned our cars off (to save our gas) and were just standing outside of our cars trying to clean the snow off of them (yes it was that bad) then suddenly flashing lights came up the inbound side of the Parkway with a whole entourage of vehicles. Well it was the Beast carrying President Obama. Apparently when he landed at Andrews Air Force Base from WI last night the weather was so bad that he could not use Marine One (the helicopter) because of the bad weather so he had to motorcade to the WH.

    They were moving so slow the we got to see a good look of him as he came by.

    Trust me it was the ONLY good thing about that commute last night.

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