The mishmash is “Full Of Sunny Optimism”


Hi guys, I hope everybody slept well. 🙂

1. Yep, Paul Krugman, yet again, is a little disappointed by not being very disappointed. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Considering the rumors a few weeks ago, which suggested a cave on Social Security, this wasn’t too bad. Obama said that we’re going to do something about Social Security, but unclear what. And in general he at least somewhat stood his ground against the right. In fact, the best thing about the speech was exactly what most of the commentariat is going to condemn: Obama did not surrender to the fiscal austerity now now now types.


2. Yep, watch:


3. Yep:

….Since that electoral shellacking in November, Obama has had three very good months. The more the Republicans dig in for partisan fights, the more presidential Obama appears. After the Gabby Giffords shooting and again at the State of the Union, Obama has had the perfect settings for his brand of visionary leadership.

Obama has been optimistic and prophetic; the Republicans have seemed merely political.


4. Yep:

PRESIDENT OBAMA CHALLENGES NATION TO ‘WIN THE FUTURE’…. One of the consistent traits we’ve seen from President Obama over the last two years is his reluctance to pursue goals he doesn’t expect to reach. He hates losing, so if Obama doesn’t see a path to success , he decides early on the destination isn’t worth the effort.

With this in mind, last night’s State of the Union address was different than most in that it carefully avoided the laundry list of priorities the president expected Congress to tackle in the coming year. Some of this is because White House officials wanted to present a broader vision of how to “win the future,” and some of it was simply born of necessity — there’s no point is presenting the most right-wing House majority ever with a to-do list it won’t even try to pass.

Instead, we heard Obama’s grand vision, which was very much in line with the Obama we saw before 2009. While multiple crises forced the president from his intended path the last two years, this was Obama being Obama. The address was constantly referencing the horizon, with themes we heard Candidate Obama stress in Iowa four years ago, encapsulated in an optimistic, forward-thinking vision, repeatedly referencing the importance of “winning the future,” a phrase used roughly 11 times last night.


5. Yep:

The substance of Obama’s speech was moderate liberalism — we like business, but government has a role too, neither too much nor too little, etc. It’s hard to attach that kind of case-by-case pragmatism to an overarching theme. But I do think Obama pulled it off pretty well. He took a fairly hackneyed idea — the future — and managed to weave it into issue after issue, from infrastructure to energy to deficits to education and even foreign policy.


6. But, but, but where was the substance???? Well, here:

1. Investment in government-funded research and technology

2. Investment in infrastructure, repairing crumbling roads and bridges

3. 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

4. Eliminate billions in taxpayer dollars subsidies for oil companies.

5. By 2035, 80% of America’s electricity will come from clean energy sources.

6. Within 25 years, give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rail

7. Investment in education, including replacing No Child Left Behind and preparing 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

8. Strengthen and protect Social Security for future generations.

9. Eliminate tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans

10. Strengthen health care law to increase affordability and reduce costs.

11. Reduce the deficit by $400 billion over 10 years.

12. Simplify the tax code for businesses by eliminating loopholes and for individuals to make it more fair.

13. Set a goal of doubling our exports by 2014

14. DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform

15. Bring all the troops home from Iraq this year.

16. Begin withdrawal from Afghanistan in July.


7. Hey, where is the focus on “war” and “terrorists” and “fear” and “death” and “killing”?


8. Lawrence  O’Donnell will get his moment:

Plouffe: Obama will address guns


9. And, the audacity to get things done RIGHT:

Treasury sells Citigroup warrants for $312 mln


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  1. Let us hope we can finally put that silly metaphor, “cat food commission”, to rest. No poets, the frustrati. As for business interests, I deplore the American policy of putting the interests of business before the interests of people, which has been with us for a long, long time, but at this point in time there is no way to disentangle the two without a massive upheaval in our way of thinking. The surest way forward, I believe, is to encourage the American people to be more demanding for business regulations, more discretionary in what and how they consume, and more concerned for the welfare of those who are left by the wayside; and for business management to be made aware of the fact that without the people they would not exist and that cooperation and concern for the worker is not only the right way to go, but also the most beneficial for us all. I realize this is a massive undertaking, but it can be done, even if it is only a cell at a time.

  2. Gawd, I hate the press. They are more wishy washy than Romney. Top of the morning to you all. And oh what a morning it is. BWD you might want to check the Whitehouse Blog page of all the reactions from the pundits…it has some nice quotes from Judd Gregg and others.

  3. I just now watched the speech again and it’s really terrific. I love his honest tone, his unbridled optimism and faith and his constant willingness to build, rather than destroy, bridges and partnerships. He loves this country so deeply and every word illuminates that profoundly. It’s no wonder that only the most hard-hearted extremists cannot take this in. He is our President and I couldn’t be more proud and more excited to be witnessing this moment in history and working with in on our progress.

    If you have a chance, Charlie Rose also had a very interesting panel last night. Very positive commentary for the President. Among the guests were Kamala Harris, John Heilemann and Al Hunt. The video should be up soon:

  4. Hey FAMILY…How’s it going? Even though I am unemployed, I have optimism with the direction of the country and when I get down, I come over here and leave with a smile.

    Here is something that made me smile this morning because I think obama may have made a breakthrough.

    From reading the polls, and articles this morning it looks like OBAMA hit it out the park and the GOP looked well, like doom and gloom. The country is behind President Obama with his vision for the future, so if the GOP decides to fight him and the democrats tooth and nail for the next 2 years to pass legislation, it will be a long night on November 2, 2012 for them.

  5. I saw it, and it was good. I can see why everyone was saying she (Harris) could be the female Obama. Mark Halperin was also on the panel.

  6. I liked the speech and didn’t realize until 10:12 p.m. that he was speaking for an hour already. It was a speech geared the viewers at home. Simple, casual, clear and I loved the real world examples of what he was talking about. I thought to myself that there are some people and places going: “HEY! the president said my name” or “the president just mentioned our business”. I actually liked that he gave Boehner some props when he gave an example of ordinary people making it big – even though Boehner is now a complete sell out. I was yelling at Boehner – “Don’t start crying”.

    There was something in that speech for everyone and there shouldn’t be anything in there that Republicans should complain about so prepare for a lot of nitpicking.

    I know some were disappointed that it wasn’t soaring like the Tucson speech but I don’t think it was meant to be. Obama usually has a pattern in his speeches where he starts out technical and boring, then at some point he gets that whispery-its going to be okay daddy is here kind of tone and WHAM! the preacher man shows up and then gets everyone on their feet. He didn’t do the preacher man and he was probably left home on purpose.

    Favorite lines:

    Teachers as nation builders
    Sputnik reference
    Superbowl vs. science fairs
    Become a teacher, you’re country needs you
    The oil company diss
    The Salmon example
    The Chilean miners rescue – I had no idea an American came to the rescue

    Pretty much everything- I stayed engaged the whole time.

  7. Thanks for the summary. That is a lot of work and very much appreciated. I also like that you present the actual facts and very clearly without saying, but, but, but, but, he didn’t say this, and he didn’t say that, like “some” websites I know. No need to muddy up this wonderful entry with discussion about “them”. Thank you.

  8. Nonie you are not alone i too am unemployed. But i feel good, It just seems like something good is coming my way and the country way.

  9. Another thing: The president mentioning tort reform? His ideas for tort reform are not the same as the Republicans ideas for tort reform.

    This is what then Senator Obama and Hillary Clinton proposed several years ago:

    We all know Republicans would just want to strip patients of their rights.

  10. I liked that he emphasized reducing the high corporate tax rate which disproportionately affects businesses without access to lobbyists and pricy tax lawyers by taking out the loopholes and simplifying the corporate tax load. Let all corporations pay their fair share.
    Also liked the vision and optimism, the can do spirit. The GOP in contrast peddles fear, anger, reaction. No
    Wonder the polls are positive.

  11. I knew about the guy from PA who designed the rescue drill. I am in NY closer to PA than NYC and it was in all the papers. It is a small company but the guy is really good to his employees which is why they were willing to work around the clock. Obama was very deft there focusing on a small business in PA, a battleground state. It is also an example how stimulus dollars helped the man employ more people and expand his business. I really liked that segment of the speech. Well, heck, I liked ALL of the speech.

  12. I liked it when he said congress should show on a website when they meet with lobbyists. There was crickets when he said that.

    I found it funny when McCain jumped up to support the earmark veto.

  13. Can he make them put it on a web site. or his that something he has no control.

  14. Thanks BWD. I spend 20 minutes doing a comment on the previous thread only to find, while I was doing that, you put this posting up.

    I am not going to redo the whole thing, if anybody really wants to know how they should think, they can go to the previous thread. 🙂

    Anyway, great summary as usual. I think the speech did the job it was supposed to do, list out priorities, not just short term, but long term. From the very beginning he talked about how the job of the government and those in Congress is not about winning the next election but working for the American people.

    A few inspirational points, but limited, which is the way the SOTU is supposed to be.

    In a way, I think he was glad to have Boehner behind his left shoulder. You could see that Boehner didn’t like a lot of what he was hearing. As I mentioned last night, for a lot of Americans, this was their first real exposure to the Speaker, and it wasn’t flattering.

  15. Two things: forced myself to watch Morning Joe for reaction and he asked Erin Burnett of CNMC what the business community thought of the speech. Erin said they thought it was “pretty great.” Joe looked deflated because you know he was trashing it.

    And, Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie had Chris Matthews on this morning and he said, “It was a speech the republicans wish they could give.”

    I think that comment gets at the root of why the right fights President Obama so much. They so wish they had his brilliance, his intellect, his eloquence, his family values, his charisma and charm (poor Paul Ryan) and his good looks.

    In short they so wish they had him leading their party!

  16. Proud you are so right, after the speech Morning Joe was saying how tepid and blah blah the speech was and how there was virtually little applause and standing O’s, yeah if you don’t count 45 BIpartisan ovations. Joe really hates Obama because they are about the same age, and on is president and one is a morning show host.

  17. Congress really hates being told what to do. I think the only thing he can really do is try to shame them into it. If he tried to use one of his regulatory agencies to make them do it, I’m sure it would lead to a revolt–even by the Congressional Dems. They protect their own when it comes down to anybody looking into their business.

  18. Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie had Chris Matthews on this morning and he said, “It was a speech the republicans wish they could give.”

    In short they so wish they had him leading their party!

    So true we knew it all along 🙂

    Thanks PO

  19. Good morning family! What a great mishmash BWD. I haven’t even looked anywhere else. After reading some last night I don’t want to hear the negative I want to really hear what the truth is. That chart with the speech broken down to minutes is wonderful. This man is a genius. I am so happy he is our President. I really believe in the next 2 years he will shine. Have a great day everyone.

  20. Yay – the morning mishmash! Thanks for your usual excellent compilation BWD. I loved the SOTU speech. I hung on every thought and word. The president’s perpetual optimism is infectious. After hearing his speech how could you not feel: (1) proud to be an American and (2) like you can do or achieve anything you put your mind to! He is so far above the nonsense the MSM and the pundits spew. President Obama has a vision for America’s future and an achievable plan to get there. My God he’s brilliant!

  21. LOL @

    “In short they so wish they had him leading their party!”.

    Nice summary bwd. Great comments.

  22. i think the dems should pound on this opening. Because this what they claimed the dems did’t do, they should call the tea party out.

  23. I’m so disappointed in how the hardcore folks over at the orange place are reacting. It’s like they completley ignored all the great ideas the president proposed. I’m excited about high-speed rail, and getting 85 percent of our power from clean technology. Fixing our tax code makes sense to me.

    My dad is a liberal and he taught me on that the big difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals want to think up and try out new ideas. It was much more about the promise of the future than how much money you do or don’t have. When I read the sour comments about his speech, and how he isn’t as good as FDR, all i can think of is that these guys are dwelling on the past, too. I love FDR, but I think they do his legacy a service when they are unwilling to support the president’s new proposals, just because he doesn’t fit into the liberal mold they created out of the past. It’s nearly as bad as conservatives who can’t shut up about Ronald Reagan.

  24. Obama took all the GOP talking points from them, from earmarks, tort reform, deficits, etc.
    I really enjoyed the entire speech, I think it was over the heads of several congress members in the audience. I really like how Obama doubled down on Healthcare, DADT, and Muslims.
    When President Obama said “no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love.”, me and my husband both said AMEN at the same time.

  25. you know why their acting like that. Its because they have to crow about the rumor they tried to start about him selling out social security.

  26. More news:
    POTUS is in wisconsin today, touring 3 power plants.
    Also, the UPPER house in the DUMA just gave final approval for START! IT IS DONE!

  27. White House officials will travel across the country in the days after President Obama’s State of the Union speech in an effort to promote some of its key themes.

    In addition to Obama visiting Wisconsin and Vice President Biden heading to Indiana, Karen Mills, the head of the Small Business Administration, will travel to St. Louis on Wednesday and visit Innoventor Inc. to “focus on ways to accelerate economic growth through innovation,” the White House announced.

    On Thursday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will visit Proterra Inc. in Greenville, S.C., where “targeted investments are sparking innovation and job creation,” the White House said.


  28. Thanks for the mishmash BWD. Enjoyed the SOTU last night but will have to rewatch today to really hear everything…am usually too nervous on the first go round… have been like this since the primaries.:)

    I feel blessed to be living history. What a PRESIDENT. I pinch myself daily saying if this is a dream don’t wake up.

    Oh btw, thank God it’s not a dream since we have to be very awake to deal with the nightmare on the otherside. 🙂

    Grateful to you BWD for keeping it real.

  29. I think the speech is actually better in written word form. Now I hate State of the Union speeches, always have and probably always will because of the many standing ovation interruptions. But that’s not why I think I didn’t like this one last night – I think the reasons I didn’t like it are two-fold.

    One being that there was just so much in there I felt a lot was going to get lost, there was literally ten speeches that could have been made from points last night that were boiled down to a minute or two and then moved on from. I’m glad I’m seeing them picked up by the MSM a bit today. For example a whole speech on “Our Sputnik Moment” is one I would love to hear. The earmark ban is a big deal, as it’s constantly an GOP attack point – and it was a one sentence mention in a hour and 20 minute address.

    Second issue was that it follows the Tucson speech so closely and that is one of those speeches that will be talked about for ages. I think that’s why I found last night SOTU rather dry, it was more nuts and bolts and when it went for the soaring emotion it just never reached the heights of the speech two weeks ago.

    Reading it this morning, I have a much better feeling about it.

  30. Wonderful Post BWD! Good Morning to all of you.

    Question: Does it bother anyone of you to hear the pundits try to compare President Reagan and President Obama? It bothers me tremendously. Someone posted a link on OFA to Halperin’s assessment saying that the President hit a “home run” and that he sounded “Reaganesque.”

    I have a problem with that. No offense but Reagan pales in comparison to President Obama, and he was not a good President. President Obama is who he is. He is in a class that few others have ever been in, and Reagan is not one of them. Now Kennedy, MLK..I’ll agree to that.

  31. I never really got the point of SOTU. Are they supposed to be a road map for what he wants to do because then you would get “He said too much, and he wasn’t specific enough just broad themese, etc ect” and if it was about the actual state of our union right now “Why didn’t he mention anything about the future, what is his vision”….Have I said how much I really hate the press. The President (of any party) has to walk a rope between what is present and what is future, and on that, the President nailed it for me. But I understand your point.

  32. Yes and no. I think Reagan is over-rated as an orator, but when the GOP has only the Bushes, Ford and Nixon in the recent past and the Dems have Kennedy, Clinton and now President Obama, I think the GOP really tries to puff him up.

    Admittedly Reagan did have the “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” moment that is very historic.

    That being said, the right has been trained to revere the guy, so comparing President Obama to Reagan might help him out with Reagan Republicans, however many are left anymore.

  33. What an amazing speech. I heard some pundit say it was the speech former Pres Clinton would have liked to give back in the day. I love President Obama. Mrs. O looked beautiful.

  34. My feelings exactly DCSandy.

    Thank you bwd- happy Wednesday all.. Fired up & ready to go ovah here.

  35. On the promised Gun Issue address, I think it could go one of two ways.

    President Obama tries to take it off the table as a attack point by claiming it’s largely a decided issue (given the NRA probably has a third of all House Dems, probably a third of Dem Senators and all Republicans). Takes it away from the GOP who use it as a division point and potentially get votes on that single issue alone.

    Or tries to drive a wedge and separate the “I need guns to stock my own private militia to guard against Government overreach” from the “I need a gun because the thug on the street corner has one”. I’m not saying the two mutually exclusive, there is cross over. But by in large I think the former group uses the latter to puff up their numbers and thus their lobbying power.

    The personal protection faction sould be able to accept that extended mags, assault rifles, armor penetrating rounds etc are not necessary for the civilian population for personal protection. Also they should have much les of an issue with registering and licensing guns to better keep them out of the hands of criminals. The licensing aspect would be a mere check every year to make sure the registered owner still had possession, also this way if it’s missing or stolen I’d hold the gun owner accountable as that just means another gun out on the streets.

    However I think the President will probably try to table the issue for the time being. Looking to 2012 there is a lot of purple staters who could be in close races, taking the “Libruls want my guns” belief and attack point away could be the difference between holding and losing the Senate, and potentially taking back the House.

    The House and Senate will never pass any meaningful gun reform legislation, so might as well that that boogeyman out of the GOP toolbox.

  36. cool info jovie, I didn’t know the part about other Whitehouse folks out there, brilliant.

  37. Yes- because I detest Reagan.

    However, with that said: To republicans Reagan is a GOD.. so in essence for them this is highest praise- comparing their God to the President, I think if it allows them in their minds to embrace President Obama on some comfortable level.. what the heck. Also, POTUS’ speeches connect with people on that level of “American Spirit”- maybe thats just a republican’s way of connecting their American spirit with POTUS’… there is an inclusion of sorts going on there with their Reganesque symbolism. They’re feeling a part of his speech.. he’s connecting us all to one another- and I think they’re feeling it too.

  38. I thought Reagan, at the time of his Presidency, was the worst our country could offer. I was mistaken. However, I will praise him for two things which I did not appreciate at the time of his Presidency, as appalled as I was at his domestic agenda: he wanted to get rid of all the nukes and spoke about this with Gorbachev, and he did not like killing, which, despite Grenada, explains his somewhat-temperate response to the Lebanese attacks (this last is somewhat hazy in my mind).

  39. I think that is the established meme they have picked up. Mitchell, Couric, Halperin and many more used the same analogy. I guess the Repugs don’t really have too many Presidents they can they can look up to.

  40. Perfectly stated, Sheila. Currently, the concepts of personal freedom and regulatory anarchy are intertwined in the mindsets of too many Americans; ditto for the low tax/small spending fetish, which is really a prerogative of the elite, yet is shared by large portions of the working classes. Challenging these mindsets is not going to happen overnight, and is certainly not going to happen via character attacks on POTUS rather than patiently and repeatedly appealing to the intelligence and common sense of Americans.

  41. I agree with you, Tori. I don’t think Reagan was genuine in his words and actions. Again, I don’t know what was on the man’s mind, but since he gutted social programs and created the term “welfare queens”, I don’t know how anyone could compare Reagan with this President who cares so deeply for the middle class and working poor. I think the style can’t be separated from the substance.

  42. I think he might go back to the Constitution to educate people on what the founding fathers actually meant when they called for an armed militia, given that there wasn’t a formal volunteer army in those days. And then bring it to the 21st century when every Tom, Dick and Harry can walk into a gun show and purchase whatever they want, for whatever purpose they want. The two extremes need to find someplace in the middle to land. I hate guns, don’t see the need for them – but, I’ve seen reasonable people that I know who are gun owners, for a variety of reasons. I don’t understand it, but there has to be an accomodation for those who believe they simply must own a gun. But there must be rules that provide for everyone’s safety.

  43. Perfectly stated, also, gn. Much as I dislike Wall Street, I have seen what has happened to many of my fine (not wealthy) friends’ pension funds when it was not doing well. The relationship between the welfare of business and the welfare of people in this country is a knotty one and will take many excellent minds and a thoroughly-engaged populace to untangle. I do not understand why anyone would expect an American President to turn his or her back on the business community at this point in time. I think President Obama’s approach is probably the most effective way forward right now and those of us who understand this and support him can do far more to change the mindset (and President Obama is far more about changing the mindset than any of his predecessors) of the country than those who espouse torture as a method of getting what they want from their politicians.
    Just a sidenote: who writes these lame metaphors: “holding feet to the fire”, “catfood commission”, “drinking the Kool-Aid”? Didn’t they ever take a Creative Writing class? Never mind, I know the answer to that.

  44. Great point; I love POTUS’ tax reform ideas because he goes beyond rates and into concepts of fair taxation. I think that the country is going to be open to these ideas.

  45. Utterly agreed. And this also touches on the fact that while Republicans really dislike President Obama’s policies, he has personal characteristics that people just can’t help but admire. This is really a people’s President. The GOP needs to get over it and help him out.

  46. Grumpy I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but they’re going to keep it up. Their view of President Obama is pretty much a caricature and has little to no relation to reality. The “catfood commission” meme is just one example of too many to count. They jump from crisis to crisis, many of them manufactured, in order to keep up a running narrative that “POTUS sucks!” I hate to break it to people, but this isn’t going to stop anytime soon; the space is just burnt. I’m just kissing the ground for these alternative spaces, as well as those many in the national media who are trying to deliver news with some accuracy; clearly it isn’t everyone, but I appreciate the people who recently seem to be really trying to keep it real.

  47. They have also kicked off a new media tour in which the people can access high level WH officials directly. Quite cool.

  48. There are several sites that create petitions that might want to follow up on this. Credo, Action Network, Emily’s List. I will keep my eyes open for a petition and if we don’t see one, we can always write to them and suggest it.

  49. Last night, a mix of my own anxiety and perfectionnism prevented me from loving the speech 100% ( only 90%…! )

    This morning, I couldn’t be happier. Because of course it was so well received. But more than that, I think something profound is happening right now. After two years of turmoil, many americans who were liking President Obama but were somewhat sceptical about his ideas, his leadership, etc., are now FINALLY LISTENING, and, most of all, finally TRUSTING him and seeing him as the LEADER of America.

    I may be mistaken, but I think what’s behind the climbing of President Obama’s job approval numbers is a more solid support than ever, a support that won’t waiver easily, despite the best efforts of the GoP, the Darrel Issas of the world. And frankly, I think that the growing trust in President Obama is a part of those stratospheric numbers we are seeing this morning about last night speech.

    Thank you BWD for everything and thanks to many who provided links to very interesting analysis this morning…

  50. BWD, thanks for this compilation. You’ve obviously put a lot of work into this post and I really appreciate finding so much stuff in one place.

  51. Great diary as always.

    I’m not happy you included a link to Politico though. Regardless of how ‘non-bashing’ (because pretty much everything is a lefty bash on Politico).

    Please reconsider links to Politico in the future.

  52. Reagan was my Governor and I was very disappointed to have him as President.

    That said, when I hear Obama compared to him I try and see it as a compliment.

    Reagan was an effective speaker and if I were a Republican or an Independent, this type of comment would make me think more favorably about Obama. This is also a way for MSM to reach out to the conservative listeners and pay a compliment to someone they admire.

    Who knows, 20 years from now some commentator will listen to a Republican speech and say – this was reminiscent of “Obama the great communicator”. go figure

  53. Thank you, BWD!
    Your place just gets better and better.

    I am looking forward to pics and stories from President Obama’s “road trip.”


  54. The comparison makes me cringe too because President Obama is on a totally different level, policy wise, morally wise.

    On the other hand, if people sense that President Obama has the potential to be as transformative as Reagan was ( this time for the better), I’ll take it.

  55. Yes! That was the pin-drop moment in the speech. Great idea, one I think most Americans will support.

  56. Of all the ridiculous criticisms — LAWRENCE O’DONNELL — lack of substance takes the prize.

    Not only was this speech full of substance, but a decent map on how to achieve that substance.


  57. That’s exactly it. They are trying to shift attention away from the fact that they’ve been pushing an unfounded rumor for 6 months now. Some of the lefty pundits are having a hard time letting go of that rumor too.

  58. I swear I saw Boehner roll his eyes when Obama was getting applause after his introduction. I might be wrong, but that is exactly how it struck both my husband and me.

  59. Agree about O’Donnell and I usually…most of the time find him to be “okay” and occasionally even better than “okay”. As we (on this site) often say: It wouldn’t matter WHAT BO did or does, it will NEVER be good enough or right. My analogy is: If he found a total cure for cancer tomorrow, “they” would find a boat-load of negatives or something to question and criticize.

  60. And seriously, Paul Ryan was their best bet, as long as it is considered treason to be a moderate Republican. He’s batshit crazy, but the Republicans thought he could put a slick veneer over everything and become a rising star.

    First of all he failed even on the slickness. The speech was slick enough but his delivery was well below expectations, even from his detractors.

    And then there’s the FEAR. Making sure that their newfound older base got the biggest boost of lies: they’re fine, it’s just going to everyone else that’s screwed out of SS and Medicare. We REALLY have to do what’s necessary to win these people back — for the good of the country and for their own self-interest.

    How morally and intellectually bankrupt Republicans are was made all too clear by Ryan. To be followed by the Batshit Crazy Wing of the party in Michele Bachmann that represents 90% of elected Republicans.

    And for the first time in recent political history, the Dem’s put the Repubs on policy defense. Brilliant.

  61. “But has Barry O’Bambi cured AIDS? How about the flu, why did I get the flu this year when I was supposed to get change? My neighbor has high blood pressure and is also highly disappointed in Mr. ‘I only cured cancer’ NOBAMA so it’s not just me, it’s the entire base; he’s lost the base. And yes, I’m the purest of the pure pure on the left yet I admire and use the nicknames that the far right has for Obamessiah and his cult-like followers. I knocked a door for him and wrote an email to my cousin on his behalf; I’m betrayed. Oh, he *has* cured AIDS? Well perhaps if the WH wasn’t such a communications failure, I wouldn’t have had to lie about that!” /Sourpuss

    (did I hit all of the points, lol?)

  62. Unless you are the Perfect Liberal there is no pleasing them. That you might actually have to work with the institutional power of business, instead of just yelling about destruction of corporations, you are unclean in their estimation.

    FDR couldn’t have withstood them. God.

  63. You can say that again, even Chris Mathews laughed and shook his head on that one. I also felt that others on the panel didn’t like his comment either.

  64. Someone surmised upthread that this might be theater, with an anchor designated to serve as a sour skeptic for entertainment purposes. That comment is so beneath O’Donnell’s intelligence and analytical abilities that I’m thinking that this might be the case.

  65. I definitely agree with what your father taught you about the difference between liberals and conservatives because I feel the same way. My parents passed their liberalism onto myself and my siblings. I love being a liberal because it indicates an open mind that is receptive to new things that can benefit the country and the world. Another reason I love being a liberal is because liberalism doesn’t encourage one to live in a constant state of fear. For me, fear is a bummer. I’d rather look at the world as a place where one can reach out to others who are different than myself and find something good in them.

    Contrary to what many conservatives might believe, being a liberal does not equal being a coward, a traitor, or soft on terror. PBO embodies many of these qualities in dealing with other nations and terrorism. That he uses smart diplomacy to deal with other nations is fantastic. He is also very adept at getting other nations to help defeat terrorism because he tries to get them to realize that terrorism affects not only America, it affects them also.

  66. I agree, cjtown, about the speech being over the heads of several congress members in the audience, and I believe it is a direct result of people voting for tea party candidates on the basis of GOP talking points. These types of voters don’t ask themselves whether the person is knowledgeable enough to be a member of Congress. They tend to just get on the bandwagon, buy the corporate-sponsored soundbites in the campaign ads they see, and vote for people who aren’t well-suited for the job of governing at the national level. When these politicians don’t do anything to improve their lives, they blame the democrats, never their own failure to properly vet the candidates they voted for.

  67. You just got me thinking: the frustrati don’t get strategy at all, do they? Are they that unsophisticated in their thinking.

    How did Repubs beat us in 2010: they co-opted liberal causes and made them their own. All of a sudden Republicans are defending Granny’s right to health care? Effectively enough to turn a Medicare-loving demographic against the very people who will save Social Security and Medicare.

    And that’s what Obama did last night: he co-opted their sacred cows, and like a professorial uncle sitting at your kitchen table, explained how far we could go, why it would be important to also do other things, that we can accomplish the goal if we do it slowly and methodically and without a hatchet. All he asked is that Republicans be willing to come to the center line he so skillfully drew. What could be more reasonable than that?

    Obama made Republicans look stupid, hyperbolic, mean-spirited without laying a finger on them. Brilliant strategy.

    Republicans instinctively understand this kind of strategic thinking — it’s how they got where they are. That intelligent liberals can’t see that is beyond me.

  68. You must get tired of the constant tweaks and suggestions, but I think that Fred meant no disrespect. Only problem is that if there are no links to sites which bash Dems, there’d be very few sites to visit, lol.

  69. Can you believe it? If someone told me in 2005 when I came to blogs to commiserate with other people due to the wreck in the WH, that we would be, in just a few short years, seating such a fabulous WH and that those same blogs would have this type of content, I wouldn’t believe. I just thank God for this space and several others which have emerged; bless you.

  70. Faith, in my book “the perfect liberal” would not only keep her ideals intact while understanding what is possible in reality, but also would be kind and respectful to those she meets even if she disagrees with them. If you truly want a more progressive world — and what is a progressive world if not one in which there is more love, compassion, justice, truth and beauty for all? — don’t you begin by acting in a humane fashion to your fellow creatures? I don’t believe anyone who says he or she cares about people en bloc if he or she can’t even be civil to the individuals they meet in the blogosphere.

  71. The pundits say that every time he gives a speech. Can you imagine if he gave the speech they think they want? Three hours of details of how to accomplish his vision, which would all be subject to change anyway once it’s filtered through the Congress and the American public. I would far rather see the unified vision, and know that the President is flexible enough to forge new methods of dealing with all the conflicts and opposition to his policies that will arise as he goes along.

  72. If Pres. Obama gave a super detailed SOTU speech (which NO President has ever done), the complaint would be that Obama was “too professorial”, that Obama cannnot communicate with “everyday Americans”. Trust me, they have a complaint ready for every thing Pres. Obama does. Why is Krugman so reluctant to give props to Pres. Obama. Does he think a Pres. Palin would govern in a way closer to his ideals?

  73. Ohhh gn you are on a roll today, lol. You cracked me up with your entire PL/RW speak.. but I gotta say this: Barry O’Bambi


  74. LOL, thanks sheri. That was a dramatic interpretation of the rituals of a member of genus: sourpuss; species: left-leaning chronic complainer, sees three-quarters-full glass as empty 🙂

  75. Good points GN. I went over there yesterday for the first time in over a month because I heard that TIMT had a diary up on the dreck list giving props to the prez on the SOTU speech. Same punchbowl turds were there in the comments to stir the pot once again – ThAnswr, Slinkydink, SJerseyIndy, DarkDaze, etc. All the usual suspects who thrive on gloom and doom and are wrong 100% of the time in their predictions. The place is such a joke now – no activism, just bitching.

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