The State of the Union Open Thread

All those who know exactly what the president WILL say, what he SHOULD say, what he WON’T say and what kind of selling-out it will be – It’s time to shut up. The adult is about to speak.

If you’re going to watch it on the web, please do it through the WH site, not only because it promise to be a very cool experience, but no less important – to help generate traffic there.

The floor is yours. Play nice.


297 thoughts on “The State of the Union Open Thread

  1. Also to take traffic away from all of the officious talking heads that the networks feel compelled to ask to comment. I’m SO glad there’s an alternative.

  2. I am in agreement with your analysis of people all freaking out over what will be said or not said and how it is the end of us.

    I was listening to Thom Hartmann for a few minutes on the radio this morning before turning it off in preference of silence. He had gotten the word that the President was going to call for a government freeze tonight. He then went into analysis mode and ended with how that would ruin the economy not allowing for his re-election in 2012.

  3. I don’t have a clue what he’s going to say tonight.. I just know this: It will be the right things at the right time by the right man. And it won’t please all the people 😉

    I just want to tell you bwd, I just went to my facebook.. to catch up on news there.. and one of my facebook friends had this in quotes:

    “Obama, the only grown-up in the room”

    Lemme tell ya.. that Obama- the adult/grown-up in the room- is seriously catching fire across the blogosphere- thanks to you.. and I’m betting if it hasn’t already, it will be creeping into conversations across the country. Well done dear lady.

  4. If these people are so worried about his re-election – maybe they should start helping him instead of burning his feet.

    According to some reports, he will offer a budget freeze, but the components of the budget will be different, including investment in research, development and infrastructure. This makes a world of sense to me. It’s not like this congress is going to give him even one dollar to work with.

  5. We have seven OFA SOTU watch parties scheduled in our area. I’m thrilled that people are getting REENERGIZED!

    And, boy, did I get eviscerated on Kos last night. Yeesh… (Still made it the top of the Rec List, though. Heh.)

  6. 🙂 Thank you. I doubt i had that much to do with it, but i’m happy to see the memo catching on. That’s what we should tell everyone: Washington is a kindergarten and there’s only one adult, so you better listen to him.

  7. We are attending a watch party tonight. I am taking my laptop. Will others be here at this site so we can chat. That is one thing I did like about the other site was the live blogs. This way here we can create own with like people. I am excited about the SOS speech. I think the President will hit it out of the park.

  8. Electablog, I did read some of the comments on your diary yesterday. It really made me sick. I am so glad that BWD created this site. I don’t post often but boy am I thankful for all of you that do. You all express how I am feeling. Thanks fot this great family.


  10. Love the way this site is growing, also our wonderful President’s numbers. Nice & steady, just like the man himself. So many of us are so grateful!

  11. I’m already watching the Huff and Puffers lose their minds over what President Obama might/might not say.

    Regardless, I’ll wait for the actual speech from the man before I decide to light my hair on fire 🙂


  12. Very good idea to put up this thread BWD. It will be fun to exchange comments.

    I’ve come across a very interesting article about President Obama vs business. Given the fact that President Obama will certainly put emphasis on the economy tonight, the article is an interesting read before the speech I think.
    “The president isn’t caving in to business. He’s co-opting it”.

  13. The pundits and radio people are acting like the speech has already been given….this is going to be a long day, luckily I’m no where near a tv….I’ll watch the SOTU on the Wh website….the pundits will probably just talk over him anyway.

  14. Chris Matthews kept saying the president’s speech was going to be very progressive. Now, Matthews is a weird guy–you never know how he will behave, but he seemed to be fairly upbeat about the SOTU. Of course, he know no more than we do about what Pres. Obama will say.

  15. Chris Matthews always ends up putting his foot in his mouth… like when he said that Obama’s speeches sent tingles up his leg, or that he once forgot Obama was black when he spoke.

    I’ve watched very little of Matthews, seeing as he bent over backwards and allowed now convicted former Majority Leader Tom Delay on his show way too many times.

    Once in a good while, Matthews will actually play actual Hardball with the other side and hold them accountable, like the one Tea Party leader who wanted to double down on guns after the Tuscon tragedy.

  16. And big business doesn’t give much of a damn about cutting spending and likes the idea of investments in infrastructure, education and research and development. The tea party folks who are clamoring about the deficit will never vote for President Obama or Dems anyways, but business interest moderates in the GOP might.

    So the GOP has to choose between their new main squeeze the Teabaggers and their old girlfriend Big business.

    President Obama by calling for a budget freeze and banning all earmarks will show he’s serious about the deficit and debt – even if earmarks are a mere fraction – it’s an issue that has been inflated to a prominent issue on the right. Also new reps will not be able to deliver bacon through earmarks, which is a quick way to win support in your district.

    The budget freeze means any new investments will have to come from savings found elsewhere. So cuts will still be being made, fat will still be getting trimmed without growing the budget.

    So with the budget remaining frozen, creating jobs will add to the tax base, which will lower the deficit.

  17. Framing it as progressive is a mistake – frame it as commonsense moderate. The GOP want to call it out of touch liberal spending.

  18. Good to hear, hopefully the case gets to the ISC soon, the appellant court ruling was wrong.

    The basis of the law was to keep out carpetbaggers, not a longtime former congressman who only moved when he answered the Presidents call to serve his country out of Washington DC as his Chief of Staff.

  19. Speak it, bwd! It makes even more sense when you look at the republican held house who want to indiscriminately slash all domestic spending (not defense, of course) which will take us, careening, back in the ditch.

    President Obama is making smart proposals based on the context of a new REALITY: the republican held house with a bunch of new crazies where all SPENDING BILLS ORIGINATE.

  20. When you have someone as charismatic and popular as Obama, everybody wants to put words in their mouth so they can take credit. Such is the often annoying state of punditry with the 24-hour news cycle. Our Prez and his Admin. deserve tremendous credit for turning the nation around since last year’s SOTU, not to mention that no matter how much chaos, frenzy and apoplexy from both sides, he remains composed and thoughtful. A true leader. That positively drives the right bonkers. Get ready to see some heads explode. 🙂

  21. Oh BWD I think you ARE having an effect. And the more people participating here are spreading it on other blogs and in their social networks, the more it will get into the national narrative. I’m sure many OFA members are already working on it ha ha ha…

  22. And cue the BIG headline on Huff and Puff:

    Obama To Outline Budget Freeze In State Of The Union Address

    And also cue the photo with said headline of Obama looking sad!

    It must be driving Arianna batshitcrazy about what President Obama plans to say before he actually says it.

    But then again, Arianna has proven on more than one occasion that she’s a Republican masquerading as an angered progressive of the far left. She won’t tolerate ANY criticism of her, hence why she has moderation and her name is one of the words that sends a post into pending. Also any criticism of the unprofessional left ends up getting your post removed.

    Talk about being thin skinned. Arianna and the rest of them can dish it out but can’t take it. It’s because of them that I’m glad spaces like this one exist: no unprofessional left mooonbats or right wing trolls muddying up the waters.

  23. Eclectablog,
    I went there to support your diary and I was horrified and sickened by the responses. Crazy beyond my ken; I left feeling slimed.

  24. I’m already watching heads explode right now on Huff and Puff. Dear Leader Arianna has them up in a huff about the budget freeze he plans to discuss, along with an inappropriate photo of President Obama looking upset.

    And of course, the unprofessional left posters there are saying “Obama is going to cave to the Republicans and ignore us,” etc etc etc. The same old predictable hyperbolic rants.

    And this is BEFORE President Obama has even given the SOTU address!

  25. ABC is reporting the budget freeze and banning earmarks. I think both are good ideas, the former because it shows he’s not asking for more money, and that any investments he will make will come from trimming the fat elsewhere. Also a case could then be made that by not raising the budget, any jobs created will increase the tax base and decrease social program spending which would reduce the deficit.

    Regarding earmarks, it’s a small issue the GOP has puffed up into a big one. Nobody really wants to get rid of them, but they can’t say it publically, so now they’ll have to vote on it. If they do vote to end all earmarks, than those 60 new freshman Republicans in the House will not be able to deliver some nice pork to their new district, potentially to some key supporters and donors who thought they’d get some payback pork flowing their way.

  26. I find it telling that the unprofessional left find glee in this, just because it’s happening to Rahm, a man they loathe. They’re sticking their noses in a race they most likely know nothing about, only that it involves Rahm.

    Heck, Arianna made it her main yesterday on Huff and Puff. I didn’t dare go there, because I knew there would be folks smack talking about Rahm. They most likely ignored the actual story and continued their endless quest to destroy Rahm. I just wonder what Rahm did to them that generated so much hatred… I guess it must have been calling their strategy of primarying Blue Dogs with unelectable ideologues retarded, and talking smack about Howard Dean.

  27. Agree. I think we can expect the ISC to act quickly for several reasons not least of which is the obvious logistics issues of printing and distributing ballots.

  28. I just noticed that as well. He got those stitched in his lip at the end of November. Is it really necessary to show the beat up black dude on the front page?

    Well, if you’re Arianna and you’re teaming up with Sheila Johnson to provide a 24/7 Obamahatefest for black people, it is.


  29. BWD, I disagree with you about telling everybody to shut up. Let them talk, it only show how ignorant they are. It is so refreshing to see the professional left pushed to the sidelines along with the tea-party.

  30. To be fair, Olbermann’s firing/quitting was pretty celebrated here. But that’s beside the point. I mean do they think Rahm will just go away? At least as mayor of Chicago he’s going to be too busy to worry about national politics. If he doesn’t get the job – what does he do? He won’t go back to the Obama cabinet, won’t run for a seat in congress in two years – both those ships have sailed. Sure he could go into private sector work and rake it in, but that’s not his style either. More likely I could see him starting a PAC to counter Rove given all of his connections from his COS gig, his brothers Hollywood connections and his other brothers medical connections there is a lot of money within his reach. And he’s not going to fund/defend progressive candidates should he go this road.

    Or he’ll get a sweet television gig and blast the silly progressives each and every night for fun.

  31. But but but Thin doesn’t want to
    Freeze the budget because it will result in Congress setting budget priorities that might include things non-progressives value. One key difference between Obama and the PL is that he trusts the people and their elected representatives to hash it out and get it right through the processes of democracy. The PL clearly want a left wing autocrat who snaps his fingers to make things happen and spends his bully pulpit time countering every utterance from Rush Limbaugh.

  32. CoC likes government spending, because it’s spent on them. Infrastructure spending will be outsourced afterall as there is no government road buildig fleet ready to roll out. It’s all contracted out spending.

  33. Holy Carp! Rasmussen has PBO at 52% approval!! That’s even higher than Gallup. I’m not at all despondent about the next two years. The tone for them will be set tonight at the SOTU.

  34. Don’t forget Crooks & Liars! One of their items is all about how the President will bow down to the Republicans (AGAIN) and raise the age for Social Security. And most of the remarks were just Obama bashing. There was one guy trying to be a voice of reason and support and they just were merciless. I’m going to see if I can send him a link to here, BWD! The more I hear the ‘unprofessional Left’ whine, the more I think they wanted a monarchy, not a President! It’s enough to make you want to scream!

  35. Another indication of President Obama’s unrelenting dedication to the rule of law:

    ““Today’s sentencing of Ahmed Ghailani shows yet again the strength of the American justice system in holding terrorists accountable for their actions,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a statement. “Ghailani is the fifth person to be convicted in federal court in connection with the embassy bombings, and we hope this life sentence brings some measure of justice to the victims of these attacks and their families and friends who have waited so long for this day.””


  36. What they want is Vladimir Putin appearing on Russian television dressing down or ordering about various functionaries and ministers. Both the extreme left and right seem to have forgotten that we live in a democracy. Even GWB couldn’t get everything he wanted — e.g. Soc Sec privatization. What both the left and right want in their presidents is elected dictators.

  37. The Huffers are already concluding that their dream of European Socialism has come and gone. They were giddy when Wall Streeters said “We’re all Socialists now” and didn’t detect the sarcasm. They saw 10% unemployment as equalling Hoovervilles and new recruits for the anti-corporate crusade. They saw capitalism on its back and thought history had finally given them an “I told you so” moment. The PL are genuinely disappointed to hear about a falling unemployment rate and risi ng consumer confidence. If the economy heals then how are supposed to get nationalized banks and a 90% tax rate on the upper 1%? They know their agenda is not being embraced and their negativity/hostility will look foolish once optimism returns to the middle class.

  38. Terrific idea, particularly the suggestion about watching the enhanced version on the WH website. This is so cool; a WH for the 21st century!

  39. Bbbbbbut… Obama hasn’t arrested Bush and Cheney yet, so he doesn’t care about the rule of law! 🙂

  40. A biz exec on NPR this morning confirmed that what matters more to business is the predictability of regulations over five years, the particular policies don’t matter so much on planning for investment and growth

  41. You’re right! And because he doesn’t act that way, he’s being called ‘weak’,’milquetoast’ and best of all ‘House N****r’ (oh but that had NOTHING to do with his race, no really!) It makes me wonder if these critics are new to the actual political machine.

  42. It’s funny that you bring this topic up. I was going through some old papers and found a blog posting I had written back in 2008 when that airbag Palin was unleashed on the world and some democrats were panicking and calling for then Senator Obama and his campaign team to do this and do that!! Why do these fools always think they know more than this man??

    Were you there……???

    Were you there when Barack met with a political strategist the day after September 11th and was told with his name, even getting a job at the post office would be damn near impossible?

    Were you there when Barack was told he would have a great future with the Democratic Party, but that his time to run was not until 2012 or 2016?

    Were you there when Barack had the audacity and temerity, he a black freshman senator with the middle name Hussein, to attempt to unseat the democratic royal family?

    Were you there when all the pundits said, “yeah, he’s charismatic but he can’t win this nomination”?

    Were you there when someone was called “The Inevitable One”?

    Were you there when Barack was down 30pts in the polls trailing Hillary Clinton?

    Were you there when Barack said he would meet with foreign leaders we do not like and the pundits all said his naive answer would end his nomination bid?

    Were you there when Reverend Wright’s “hate filled words” – fox news were going to grind the Obama campaign to a halt?

    Were you there when Barack couldn’t win big states?

    Were you there when Barack didn’t have enough experience?

    Chances are you were not there, but guess what, Barack still managed to win the nomination without your advice. He managed to go where most thought he never could. He may have had your help canvassing or donating or making calls, but more than likely your input did not go into the campaign strategy. So while we all wait with baited breath and fret about the future of our children, let us not lose our composure. This campaign team brought us this far. This campaign team will take us all the way. Yes the McSame campaign may “appear” to have grabbed the momentum, but lies exposed to the light will eventually fall apart. This has started to happen, the Falin, I’m sorry, Palin interview last night and then McSame squirming on the view…

    In the waning seconds of the game a “panicker” is not what you want. You want a Jordan, a Michael Jordan, he who had the cajones to walk the ball down court in game 6 of the NBA finals with the Bulls down 1 point and 17seconds left in the 4th, he would then wait for the opportune moment while letting the clock run down to 5 seconds and then nail the winning basket.

    So as Senator Obama has said, “Chill the fuck out, I got this!!!”

  43. Bill Mahar is one of the biggest hypocritical loudmouths of all. He has the nerve to accuse Obama of being a Republican, yet Mahar has plenty of Republicans on his show.

    And on top of that, Mahar complains about how Obama should be more like Suge Knight. Yeah, I really want Obama to act all hood and gangsta, why do these folks think that Obama acting like a stereotypical black man would be practical? We’ve already seen our share of a gangsta black politician from Michael Steele for crying out loud!

  44. When those pictures of Michael Steele posing “gangsta” style with young, white RNC workers came out a couple of years ago I just shook my head in dismay. The only reason he was elected head of the RNC was to counter PBO and show that the GOP wasn’t racist. Then he goes and does a full minstrel photo shoot. Despicable.

  45. I logged in, recced it, and logged right back out. Can’t take it there anymore. Thanks for trying to get through to them, although I think most of them are trolls by now.

  46. What amazes me is that the frustrated left think political work is easy; that changing a political culture 30 years in the making can be done with a snap of the fingers. Sure, polls show that the electorate likes liberal “positions”, but they don’t much like “liberals”. It’s going to take years to remove the very sizable stigma to the word “liberal”. And that stigma was attached by decades of quiet, steady political preparation by the right; they knew and know how to play the long game. Unless those of the frustrated realize this, the work we have to do is going to be more difficult and take much more time.

  47. I don’t know if Arianna is playing some sinister double game. Maybe, maybe not. What I think though is that those republicans that have “smitched” to presenting themselves as progressives often display the character traits of authoritarianism, character traits that are very prevalent within the GOP.

  48. That’s what they grew up with, politically. The Right has a very authoritarian worldview and power structure. You may change your political allegiance, but the mindset stays with you. Much of my Catholic upbringing stays with me, even though I have no truck with the religion any longer.

  49. I see that the SOTU is being broadcast here at 7PM, AZ time.

    This is a dumb question but will that be the same time for me at the WH site? I want to see his speech in real time not re-broadcast. I admit time zones make my head spin.

    Thanks to any who read this and reply.

  50. “Obama, the only grown-up in the room”

    The funny thing is – “grown-up” puts it all into the perspective of the 6-year olds 🙂

  51. Arianna Huffington hung out with Newt Gingrich and recently with Darryl Issa. Yeah, there are two folks who absolutely scream progressive values right there!

  52. Thom Hartmann, for all his brilliance, has been Chicken Little about the economy since 2008. He’s just radical enough to think that total destruction will rebuild into progressive utopia.

    Thom should know better.

    Thom also doesn’t ever bother to check a story before accepting its anti-Obama slant. Then he’ll turn around and say we should support the President. Do these guys even listen to themselves?

  53. 2100 (9p) EST, 25 Jan or 0200 (2a) GMT, 26 Jan

    I’m on CET (which is 6 hours ahead of EST). That means that the speech will start at 3 a.m. over here.

    I think I just go to bed early, rise at 6 and listen to a recording before heading off to work 🙂

  54. Yes. Speech is 9pm EST, Arizona is two hours difference, so speech is live 7pm your time.

  55. And now PPP, as kos’ pollster, is the outlier: 46 approve/48 disapprove.

    Good job there, kos.

  56. I have a particular meditation I send Obama’s way every time there’s something important (oh well, everything he does is important).

    But I’m sending positive energy his way tonight.

  57. Don’t forget C-Span as well for no-comment listening to the speech. Hate the call-ins afterwards, but at least you get the speech without talking heads.

  58. “The president isn’t caving in to business. He’s co-opting it”.

    If it is true that corporations are sitting on 2 trillion dollars of cash, collectively (just because they’re too afraid, errr, cautious, to spend it on investments or hiring), it is a very wise decision to “co-opt” them.

    $ 2 trillion is a far larger stimulus to the economy than the Obama administration could have ever got past the 111th Congress, let only the 112th.

  59. House votes and approves measure to reset budget back to 2008 levels or lower! 17 Democrats voted in favor also.

    Good Grief.

  60. There are reasons to call Bill Maher hypocritical, but having Republicans on his show is not one of them. The point is to have a point/counter point discussion.

    Maher is, unfortunately, much like the PL: hhe chooses to ignore political reality and wants his feel-good pugilistic President, regardless of the consequences to actual progress and real people’s lives.

    That being said, he is often astute and I do watch him regularly.

  61. Yeah, well… I knew it was coming. I don’t care. I still has over 200 tips and enough Recs to send it to the top for awhile. That tells me there’s still a thoughtful group of Obama supporters there and they need some counterpoint to all the other BS that gets put up there day after day. Consider it a “public service” ; )

    Heh, heh.

    Now I need to put some salve on all these scorch marks on my body…


  62. What is interesting is that is in direct competition with CNN’s web coverage it seems. Yet only one will have an effect of the coverage after the SOTU.

    The SOTU roll out could backfire in a sense.

  63. And Obama is going to suggest budget freeze to 2010 levels. Looks like we’re heading for a shutdown. And the GOP will point to the 17 Dems who sided with them to show “Hey look, we’re bi-partisan and the President and Dem are not”.

  64. EXactly Faith. you picked up his double talk. There is a lot of corruption in government when he say freeze, i see it as weeding out the corruption, which President Obama and his administration has done a lot on ,and don’t get credit. That big bust of the mob, was the extortion of the unions. people hear what they want.

  65. Yeah “ConservaDems.” Heath Shuler and know the same ones that voted against Pelosi as minority speaker. When are any of the Republicans/Conservadems going to offer any meaningful legislation?

  66. Rahm lives. The Illinois Supreme Court has ordered the state to put his name back on the ballot, and will hear the case based on the documents submitted and skipping additional oral argument.

  67. Yep! He is going to win here and he has a lot of support from the AA community.

  68. I would have voted against Pelosi as well. She can’t change the fact that she represents San Francisco’s district – it makes framing her is simply too easy. Also I think a more moderate minority leader would be able to hold the blue dogs more in line. They have no real allegiance to her – and it always seems to show.

  69. That, too, is good news, Tulips. I think he is going to make a big difference in Illinois now that he has trained with the Jedi master. 🙂

  70. I’ll never trust Ras – they have an obvious bias and agenda. I think they’re just laying the ground work to have his ratings tank – maybe after the SOTU – to give Fox a meme to start running with.

  71. Roscoe, They have no allegiance to anyone except themselves and their careers and their income net of less taxes.
    Pelosi helped PBO put through an enormous number of bills successfully. What more can you ask of the lady?

  72. Hello All! I stopped listening to Thom Hartmann too because he has been predicting a depression since April 2008 and then again last April 2009 that by June we would be in a depression. Nothing happened. When his callers say they won’t vote for Obama, then he gets concerned because if Obama loses that means the SCOTUS will be stacked with more Corporate owned justices which he is more afraid of.

  73. This was a good read. It paints a picture of Obama that is more in line with my thinking. Outsmarting and Outplaying folks. Getting them to work with him while keeping his principles.

    thanks for the referral

  74. I am going to an OFA SOTU gathering tonight to be with like minded people. I hope they tune into the the WH or C-SPAN. I will let them know about the WH site which they probably already know…hope.

  75. The idea to give shareholders more say in the pay of top executives is genius and has the potential to slowly but surely change the corporate culture for good. Not surprisingly, republicans have found a way to be against it.

  76. I get that, but Pelosi isn’t the right leader for a minority government. Ideally I would have rather her not run at all for leadership. She did great work in the 111th Congress, but that should have been her political magnum opus.

    Taking back Congress in 2012 isn’t going to be any easier when the frame can be “Dems want to give the gavel back to Pelosi”. Now there have been rumors that this is her last term and she’ll retire – if that’s the case then I’m completely okay with her keeping leadership as a show that the caucus wouldn’t “blame” her for the losses.

    But if she plans on sticking around and run for re-election in 2012 then she did the party a disservice.

  77. Indeed – Randi Rhodes has spent two days talking about the Comcast merger, and hasn’t really gone into the additional rules that the White House put in place. I switched off today when she said that if the President doesn’t explain to her during the SOTU why he made the decision to allow the Comcast deal to go through, then yada yada yada.

  78. I think that President Obama is positionning himself for negociations. I hope he can get something from republicans. His has “some” leverage in his approval ratings and in the fact that GOP could overreach with the government shutdown and everthing. I’m happy the President has Mr. Daley to help him navigate those waters…

  79. So PPP gives Obama an edge in NC but in Kos’ PPP poll he’s at 46approve/48 disapprove?


  80. Yep, that’s exactly what I wanted to say. You said it much more eloquently. Thanks.

    Oh… and I meant “switched”. Sorry for the typo.

  81. Perhaps more Dems need to think about what a service she did for the Dems and so vote for her because of that. I just don’t understand your reasoning sometimes. The road is never going to be entirely smooth in any election. You go with the person that gets done what needs to be done.

  82. Glad to hear it, and it looks like the unprofessional left are going to be forced to eat crow.

    And according to Valerie Jarrett, President Obama himself thinks Rahm should be able to run for Mayor. Even the President thinks Rahm should be able to run for Mayor of his home city, not that the Illinois Supreme Court is under any pressure to listen to the POTUS… it’s a local issue, but Obama is a scholar in Constitutional law, he probably sees it working out in Rahm’s favor.

  83. I don’t think anyone could have held the conservadems in line.

    I love Howard Dean, I really do. But it makes me furious that Obama gets ALL the blame for the 111th Congress, when Howard Dean’s strategy was to elect anyone who would put a “D” after their name, no matter how conservative they were. Now I know he never imagined they’d actually BE conservative, but they skewed expectations because it looked like the Dem’s had such a decent majority.

    It was NEVER Republicans that everyone had to cave to: it was conservadems in order to get any legislation passed. There was no “holding them together” because there was nothing to threaten them with: they’d be just as happy being Republicans so there was no leverage.

  84. If Bauchman is the pre-speech this is good for PBO. Reminds me of when Palin spoke the day of the Tuscon speech. Quite the contrast. Obama will look great in comparison.

  85. Christina Romer was on the Stephanie Miller show this morning, talking sense. She mentioned two things of note:

    1. McConnell has already pre-empted the President’s speech by saying that the Pres will substitute the word “investment” for the word “spend”, but it’s all still spending. This is the reason why Republicans don’t know how to govern – they don’t understand what an investment is, and how to spend in a smart way that grows the country and makes it more competitive. So tomorrow, they will be ranting on about all the so-called “investment” spending that the President talks about, and the ignorant will immediately think it’s negative.

    2. Ms. Romer mentioned that she was up at 4am this morning watching the news about the UK GDP decline, and she said that this is a great tool for the White House to use as a comparison. The British are cutting spending like crazy, implementing deep cuts to social programs, and their economy is crashing as a result. This is where the Republicans want us to end up.

    Good points. Wise investments and competitiveness – important messages.

  86. Great news, thanks for sharing Tori.

    This is a big step in the right direction. Companies always use the excuse of “answering to stock holders” as justification from slimy business practice. Now the stockholders have a stronger voice.

  87. So this five-year freeze: does that mean Obama won’t be asking for increases in infrastructure, green energy jobs, etc. as was initially reported? I’m confused.

  88. Now Huff and Puff has a Scorecard on how many pledges Obama has kept from his previous SOTU in 2010… and guess what, over half of them are listed as FAILURES!

    Imagine that!

  89. And cue that in with the unprofessional left strategy of pushing for un-electable ideologues in red states, which Rahm pointed out was indeed a retarded and an impractical strategy.

    But the unprofessional left is so happy that the Blue Dog conservadems are gone, even though they’ve been replaced by Tea Party Republicans.

    At least Blue Dogs voted with the Democrats more often than not. I really don’t get the meme that they are closet Repubs, why would they vote with the Dems if they are closet Repubs?

  90. The GOP should take another lesson from the UK: In the latest YouGov polling, Labor has pulled ahead of the Conservatives by 5 points. That translates to a majority of 60 in Parliament, if an election where held today. The UK electorate does NOT like the cuts that the Cons/Lib Dems are making. Labor was stuck in the same quagmire that Dems were: saddled with a tanking/sluggish economy, with an electorate that wanted to blame someone. Of course, both electorates engaged in a bit of wishful thinking; the Conservatives campaigned on budget cuts, as did the Republicans. Why people in the US and UK thought the right wouldn’t go through with their promises is a topic for a paper on mass psychology. However, if the GOP continues to insist on cuts that damage the economy, and with PBO on the ballot come 2012, I think we’ll see a very short Boehner speakership.

  91. I assume he’ll flesh out his proposals in the SOTU and in coming budget negotiations. The GOP doesn’t have as much leverage as it seems to think it has.

  92. Because they don’t want to establish workers’ Soviets all across the land and lead us to a new socialist utopia, that’s why! Oh, and STFU, also, too. *overdose of snark*

    I’ve been saying that what the fringe left wanted was a US version of Vladimir Putin. I actually think they want a US version of Hugo Chavez. Either prospect is horrifying.

  93. I love Randi and she always been a staunch supporter of President Obama. We do need to know the impact of the Comcast merger on us, e.g., losing a progressive voice like Keith Olbermann (I love him….I know. I know.), but I started thinking along the lines of some form of the Fairness Doctrine returning in exchange for allowing the deal to go through or implementing it through executive order.

  94. See, I relied on the Orange Site: it’s a two-year extension of what’s already in place AND he’s asking for defense cuts.

    It’s never as bad as the frustrati make it sound.

  95. LOOK! These lefties realize the ONLY way to get on TV and make headlines is to go after this president! The public is frustrated, and the number one target is the PRESIDENT! Should not all of this anger be associated with BUSH?
    Of course, but POTUS took over and is trying to clean up the mess!
    IT is going to take time…. Meantime, POTUS will be blamed for everything, including from our wonderful liberal, corporate owned MEDIA!

  96. One of the anchor-idiots yesterday actually listed the ‘tone in Washington’ as Obama’s failure!

    Actually, he was winning on their scorecard of promises kept/broken. Leave it to HuffPo to find a way to spin it negatively.

  97. The GOP Tea Party base is saying that cutting the military budget should be on the table. I wonder how the House GOP will react to military cuts in view of that.

  98. And of course, the lobbying that the republicans do behind the scenes to get interviews, must be astounding!
    On wed. Mitch will be on savanahs/chucks show in the morning, GOD knows how many other programs senator Akbar will be on!
    Also, the WH better have their people out all day on wed. Do not let the republicans take the narrative, because they will and have before!

  99. CSPAN says 8pm ET. I’m thinking that means 5pm in CA? You’re right about the time zones! *spinning*

  100. Can I just say how much I detest Mitch McConnell? His actions toward the American people are truly evil in my opinion.

  101. Budget freeze means that they’ll have to cot places to find money for these things. However with two wars winding down, the money wouldn’t be hard to find. For example cutting the war funding by 25% frees up 46B to be spent elsewhere if the budget number is the 2010 number.

    Of course the GOP passed a bill congress setting the level at 2008 levels or lower, so I expect the negotiations will fall somewhere in the middle.

    With Pay-go passed and there being no chance to raise taxes it was basically this system already. Now it just comes down to who can sell their ideas better. President Obama better hit a home run tonight.

  102. Any list to who was there? I’m assuming ABC, NBC and CBS but was Fox included and if so who?

  103. The same heat he gave President Obama with NO. Republicans are about to feel it from their own and the tea party. Tea party will not survive.

  104. Did you notice they used a photo of POTUS when he had the stitches in his lip? (Not that he looks bad; he never could.) But I just found their photo choice interesting.

  105. I just don’t think Nancy Pelosi helps us going forward. I’m not too concerned about hurt feelings and don’t think she’d have any as she’s a battle-hardened politician from a political family. She was what was needed in 111th congress, she’s not what is needed in the 112th, and definitely doesn’t need to be a boogeyman for the GOP to have in 2012.

    She has been framed and defined nationally, it doesn’t mean I hate her or anything near that. It’s just a ruthless case of what have you done for me lately – What can you do for me going forward?

  106. Bob Cesca goes in on Fox Nation for their blatant racism

    And caution! The comments are horrendously (and predictably) racist.

    If you don’t want to click through to Fox Nation, here’s the description. It’s a photograph of President Obama leaning in to kiss Jill Biden with the First Lady standing in the background. The headline? “Waiver.” Seriously. Yeah, I’m sure you can imagine the wingnut reaction.

    There’s just no disguising it anymore. Lee Atwater’s cautionary “forced busing” quote doesn’t apply anymore. They’re letting their race-baiting and racism hang way, way out there for everyone to see.

    And by the way, the next human who writes to me and whines about how “Worst Person” isn’t civil discourse and that we need to “grow up,” I’m going to punch them in the throat. I’ve been borrowing this headline from Olbermann for longer than I can remember and I don’t intend to cave in to this horseshit, watered-down “new civility” crapola. Bite me, hipsters.

  107. But remember, Speaker Bonehead and the Tea party thugs are running the House now. They have to put up or shut up.

    We may be watching the shortest political careers in history thanks to the Tea Party Thugs.

  108. I heard that he will ask for investments into education, infrastructe research. Think when he called for a freeze the last time, he did not freeze anything he went in got rid of a lot of waste. Bwd posted a story about the money he saved in crack downs and wasteful spending. it was’nt reported if forget what sector he got the money from and now this big mob crack down, was also extortion from unions. If you noticed the labor and unions have not been talking against him because they know that most of their money was being stolen in corruption.

  109. That was Norah Odonnell. she had as a promise not kept. How can you keep a promise when the others don’t want change.

  110. – Tue Jan 25, 1:17 pm ET
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Barack Obama may soon announce plans to expand Afghan security forces by roughly 70,000 over current targets by year’s end as a US troop drawdown looms, a senior US senator said Tuesday.

    “I would think it would be decided in the next few days,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, a Democrat, told reporters after a trip to Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq.

    Levin said Obama had told him at the White House on Monday that such an increase, above the roughly 306,000 Afghan police and military set to be trained and equipped by 2012, was “under consideration.”

    [ For complete coverage of politics and policy, go to Yahoo! Politics ]

    “All he said is that it is under consideration, it’s under review. And he left it at that, and I left it with the words, ‘it’s urgent to do it,” because of the importance of the size of the army as well as the quality of the army and police to the success of our mission,” Levin told reporters.

    Asked why the decision was on hold, the lawmaker replied: “I think there may be an issue with Pakistan not wanting to see a larger Afghan army.”

    Levin said Pakistan officials had previously rebuffed US calls to tighten controls over their country’s shared border with Afghanistan in the past by saying Afghans themselves needed to take greater responsibility.

    “Well, we think Pakistan has a responsibility to stop those people. But they can’t have it both ways: If they want the Afghans to take greater responsibility on their side of the border to stop the flow, then they should not object to the Afghan security forces being enlarged,” said Levin.

    Levin said the proposed increase “is a key part of our ticket to success in Afghanistan” ahead of the July 2011 start of a US troop drawdown, and urged Obama to announce a decision before US lawmakers start work on Washington’s annual spending bills.

    “We’re very supportive of that,” said the lawmaker, who stressed that the proposal had the support of the top US commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, as well as Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the top uniformed US military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen.

    Yahoo news-

  111. I am a “no label.” That’s why I don’t get up in arms about the left anymore, whatever that even means these days. I form my own opinions without worrying about “group think.” If and when it comes to this, I will listen, and then make up my own mind. Even if I disagree, it will be respectful.

  112. I am feeling much better. I am fighting through the pain. I can’t sleep well, but hopefully this flare up will end soon. I was on a MS forum last night, and I read that some people have been using “curcumin” which is a form of turmeric, and they are seeing good results in reducing pain, so I am going to try them out.

  113. Chris Matthews is REALLY wired tonight. Think he’s tripping from having lunch with the president. Can’t say that I blame him.

  114. That was a very fair assessment, both on how much needs to be done, and how absolutely crappy it was when PBO assumed office.

  115. Yep I saw that and it was one of the most idiot thing I’ve seen. I’ll repeat what I’ve said in another thread. I’m tired of the pundits putting every problem at the feet of President Obama. The focus on him is totally unhealthy. Yes he expressed his goal to promote the change of tone. And he worked HARD at it. But he can’t be responsible for everyone else’s actions. WHEN are the media people going to confront the REALITY that is the radicalization of the republican party ?? How far will it have to go before media people finally find the guts to push back against the crazy talk and the lack of basic decency ?

  116. Training loyal, competent Afghan security forces will be the ONLY thing that’ll prevent the country from sliding back into Taliban control, or fracturing along ethnic lines.

  117. Takin’ one for the team, BWD!!! LOL!

    I’m frustrated at the moment. I have seven OFA Watch parties scheduled in the Ann Arbor area tonight but I’m stuck in a Texas airport and my flight is delayed three hours. I won’t even hit the ground in Detroit until 9:30 eastern and the SOTU will be over by the time I get home so
    I can’t attend any of the parties. Arrrrrgh! My RFD said I should organize a watch party at the airport! LOL!

    How ironic that I’m in Bush Internat’l Airport…

    By the way, folks, don’t forget you can vote for BWD for Daily Kos Diary of the Year HERe (not a link to dKos).

    I’m up for Diarist of the Year HERE if you’re so inclined.

    Both of us won the first round but BWD left ALL her competition in the dust!

  118. The Republicans gave her hell for the last two years and it didn’t affect anything. She still got her job done and did it well..very well. I don’t, like the ruthless frustratii, abandon my effective friends and start asking what did you do for me today. The republicans can’t do anything more with attacking Pelosi in the future than they have already done in the past.

  119. There is one other thing, LL, and it might be just as effective. India is in there now setting up many projects and getting them finished. The Afghans are totally pleased and very welcoming to the Indians. We need more of that. They have a far better rep there right now than we do.

  120. You’re right, overseasgranny. I should’ve said that trustworthy security forces are ONE component of making Afghanistan a functioning state; getting investment from the outside is another. I’m reading Robert Kaplan’s “Monsoon” right now, and his first chapter mentions how Afghanistan will become a major transit country for energy resources to go to Pakistan, India, and China.

  121. Not at all. What he’s asking for is an overall freeze. So, if we spend additional money on infrastructure and green jobs, we’ll cut money in the defense budget to offset it for example. So, the net amount of spending is zero, but some agencies’ budgets will increase and some will decrease.

  122. They are better liked, because the taliban recurits people by lying to them! They tell them that we are kidnapping their wives and children and sending them to that base in cuba to rape them and torture them!
    And that is what motivates them!

    True story!

  123. He almost sounds gleeful, and then almost disappointed when it doesn’t happen. I used to have the utmost respect for Thom, but that has waned considerably.

    My husband stuck by him longer than I did, but the last time he predicted Absolute Destruction of the Economy TOMORROW my husband said to me, ‘change the station’.

    I want as progressive a government as I can get, but we need to become a progressive country again, first. The Republican memes are so entrenched, with an institutionally right- business-leaning press. It will take time to undo that. It is absolutely childish to think that it can (1) happen overnight; or (2) that just screaming makes it true.

    The way to undo conservative damage is to support every step of progress and celebrate it. That’s how Republicans got to where they are, and it took them 30 years. With the truth on our side, I had predicted it would take a decade. Obama would lay the foundation and we’d be on our way. I never in a million years thought progressives would turn on this President this fast and this virulent.

    By their standards, Roosevelt’s Social Security would have been considered failure. And the deals with the Southern Democratic devil that Roosevelt had to make — well let’s just say FDR wouldn’t have seen a second term if they’d had their way.


  124. Unfortunately, Matthews will be joined by that moron Cenk tonight. Cenk who is now trashing Obama on MSNBC as a Republican sellout.

  125. I just came here to link to that, lol! It’s a beyond terrific tribute to BWD’s wonderful messaging efforts, leading by example in terms of *being* a solution to the messaging challenges.

  126. What did you post? I missed it and I try to get there whenever you’re there to give you a rec and a tip and do some battle with the frustrati.

  127. Being true to form. He has previously derided President Obama as akin to Rodney King, and made several other wildly offensive remarks. The PL likes to consider themselves the base, and so popular, but IMO they have no idea how many people they’ve turned off due to constantly selling (and I literally mean, selling) manufactured outrage. It’s incredible.

  128. Issue with that becomes Pakistan not wanting India to gain any influence in Afghanistan. The ISI have used Taliban for years to hold influence in Afghanistan.

    Iran and Pakistan are fighting proxy wars in Afghanistan.

  129. Just saying…I know that HuffinPuffin is a huge space, and is trusted by a lot of people, but IMO that trust is misplaced. HuffinPuffin is leading vendor/merchant of anti-POTUS smears, which they rotate amongst fair content in order to appear “principled” as well as to make it appear that anyone who chooses to not participate in the rotating smears is just an “Obamabot” who refuses to criticize anything. It’s quite the game.

  130. Hi askew! How are you? Even if I miss the SOTU, there are some really terrific people assembled here who I’m sure are going to provide quite the recap!

  131. Jovie, I have no idea if that story is true or not. Leaving that completely aside, no, they like the Indians better because the US has never finished an infrastructure project that has worked for them and the Indians have.

  132. As long as thy don’t try to overcompensate by being especially negative because they want to be “serious journalists”.

    I’m sure the President spelled out his speech and the need for investment – the test will be who calls it “increased spending” and who calls it “investments” – that seems to be the frame war battle lines right now. Who wins that could win the larger budget issue.

  133. Update: The IL Supreme Court will hear the case; but only using the same briefs used for the lower court ruling. No oral arguments. If Rahm’s case was deficient for the lower court, I have my doubts about the higher court ruling. However, I believe the standard for hearing the appeal is that there is sufficient grounds that the appellant may prevail.

    The municipal statute can be construed as narrowly as it is being construed, unfortunately. I think there are serious issues with whether the exclusion for public service applies to running for municipal office, and not just as an elector.

    The dissent considered the cited case law by the majority as deficient. We’ll see.

    I’m a Chicagoan. I won’t say that Rahm is my perfect progressive Democrat but I think his competence is what this city needs right now. The other main candidates would be disastrous.

    I honestly think this may be the best job for Rahm. We’ll see.

    More information about local Chicago politics than anyone wanted, I’m sure.

  134. He’s been pretty good of late. He tore apart some tea party nut about Bachmann, whom he called ‘balloon head’ making up history as she went along.

    Lately he’s been pretty good (I don’t profess to watch every minute of Hardball however). But then again, he’s Chris Matthews — totally unpredictable.

  135. If that’s all Cenk has, he’ll be going the way of Keith sooner rather than later.

  136. I watched precisely 10 seconds of Cenk — at the top of his show he was already calling Obama names. I turned the channel.

  137. Will this cause Americans to be in Afghanistan longer? Even if just in training rolls?

    Wasn’t there an idea at one point to bring them out of Afghanistan to other bases and potentially America because training would be alot faster? I think that could be very valuable to get troops out to see what the rest of the world offers and then can compare it to what Afghanistan is and how their leadership has failed them.

  138. I absolutely refuse to watch any of the “analysis” from the pund-idiots after the speech. Remember when a president could make a speech and we were allowed to decide for ourselves what to think about it? Lol.

  139. Obama ticked up in kos’ PPP: 50/45 in general favorability and 46/48 on job performance.

    I know I specifically heard that some of the other polls were putting job performance over 50%. So this is b.s. The trends are the same as the major polls, but significantly lower.

    Interestingly, Kos chooses to list the lower job performance numbers on the front page. Nice.

  140. He never said progressives were retarded: he said it was retarded to run Noam Chomsky in rural Alabama.

    But we wouldn’t want facts to get in the way of their bias, would we?

  141. I feel so bad for you. I have a brother-in-law with MS and a very dear friend. Sending healing energy your way. Try the curcumin — it really can’t hurt, can it?

  142. I agree CaliCat. I haven’t even watched any of their “pre-analysis” for that matter. Why they feel that they can tell a brilliant speechwriter what he should and should not say is beyond belief.

  143. Excerpt from tonight’s speech:

    “Half a century ago, when the Soviets beat us into space with the launch of a satellite called Sputnik, we had no idea how we’d beat them to the moon,” Obama will say, according to excerpts released by the White House. “The science wasn’t there yet. NASA didn’t even exist. But after investing in better research and education, we didn’t just surpass the Soviets; we unleashed a wave of innovation that created new industries and millions of new jobs.”

  144. As a Chicagoan, I hope the IL Supreme Court decides in his favor. Chico is a lobbyist crook, who has no accomplishments. Carol Moseley-Braun — well I doubt she’d be organized enough to find her office, much less run this city. I honestly don’t know enough about del Valle, except that he’s not going to win.

    I think this may be the best job for Rahm in government. The raging Rahm-hating comments at dKos are disgusting — they know nothing about what a Chicago Democrat is and what works in this city.

    The Teamsters support Rahm; the firefighters support Chico. Won’t have this conversation with my good firefighter friend.

  145. That was a horribly decided ruling. All the editorials in Chgo papers lambasted it. Everyone knows that Rahm is a Chicagoan, born here, grew up here, represented a Chgo district in Congress for many years before he agreed to be Obama’s CoS. And the whole thing had a bad political smell to it, a last minute decision right before the printing of the ballots without his name, the curious case of Rahm’s curious tenant who threw his hat in the ring, the ties to an alderman who supports another candidate etc. etc. etc.
    Hopefully, the Il Sup Ct will rectify the injustice, as stated by the dissenting judge. The rest of the slate of candidates is pretty bleak. Chicago is a big city. Daley kept it world class. It’s going to need another strong personality, a la Rahmbo.

  146. Program Note: Enhanced view of the SOTU will be avaliable here

    Following the President’s Address, senior White House officials will take our questions about issues covered in the speech live from the White House.

    You can send in questions during the address or throughout the panel.

    1. On Twitter: Reply to @whitehouse using the hashtag #SOTU
    2. On Facebook: Post your questions to the White House wall
    3. On through the webform

  147. At least we won’t have to hear Olbermann’s hyperbolic rants, but we have to deal with Cenk… where do they dig these folks up?

  148. “We will move forward together, or not at all – for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than politics,”

  149. The good news is that they’re going to hear the case: there is a standard that the appellant has a reasonable chance to prevail or they wouldn’t be hearing the case.

    The bad news: it appears that a narrow reading of the statute can be supported. It comes down to the difference between “reside” and “resided in”. The dissenting opinion said the majority was full of shit on their case law.

    I’m thinking it’s 50-50 right now. I don’t expect Ald. Burke’s Supreme Court judge wife to be biased, but there’s a suspicious reason why the lawyers representing the challenge will not say who is bankrolling this. Burke hates Rahm, and Burke is head of the judiciary committee. The politics around this are seriously thick.

  150. That’s also what seriously slowed down FDR’s economic recovery. The Republicans like to say that it wasn’t happening anyway until WW II but that is a lie: it was reining in the spending that hurt the economy.

  151. I am not dealing with Cenk. I don’t watch any main stream media. I gave up on them months ago including Keith although I have respect for him. They are responsible for the over-hyping of things that should not have been over-hyped. They are responsible for pretending to know all of the facts, but being proved wrong time and time again. I just have no desire to listen to them tell me what to think. They are opinion makers. I have my own opinions. Giving them up has made me a happier and more productive individual.

  152. Fortunately, I won’t be on the reference desk during the speech. Unfortunately, I don’t think our crappy low-bandwidth internet will be able to handle the White House website streaming of the speech. 😦 I guess I’ll have to listen to it on and get wonderful commentary from you astute people. 🙂

  153. Tweety has been all over the place—-more than a few cringe-worthy statements– but lately he seems to be in Obama’s corner. I think it was a probably smart for Obama to invite reporters and talk show hosts to the WH today for a little preview. Laughed when I saw Obama say he thinks the speech is going to be okay. We just laughed at that little snippet on the news—Obama is always so calm and cool.
    Also laughed at Tweety calling Michele Bachmann a “balloon head” multiple times tonight, because she said the founding fathers got rid of slavery and that was the end of that. Zip, boom, bah—all finished. Her idiocy knows no bounds. And CNN decided that she was such an important voice that they, and only they, decided to air her “rebuttal” tonight.

  154. It doesn’t surprise that he’s talking of science, education and business innovation- I went to look at FLOTUS’ guest seating and each of those folks represents innovation, entreprenuership.. I loved the young science students, amazing the things they’ve already accomplished.

    He’s out to inspire us tonight and motivate us to see the future and our place in creating it.. I’ve only read the exerpts ya’ll have posted here.. but I’m getting so excited.

    Of course I haven’t listened to any pundits today either- trying to program my feelings on what I’m about to hear.

  155. Wow! This is fantastic. I just checked the WH Live Stream and they have videos from the past two years and all kinds of extra features. Tn the bottom left are chairs near the First Lady and you can run your cursor over it to see who is sitting there. There is so much going on! And they have an enhanced viewing screen as well as a standard. Classy!! I’m so excited to watch his speech!

  156. “Obama ticked up in kos’ PPP: 50/45 in general favorability and 46/48 on job performance.”

    I think he posts that one to overcompensate for the irrationally exuberant numbers he was posting with other pollster. It fits with the theme of the site–leap from one extreme to the other and call that “reality based.”

  157. no it can’t hurt I don’t believe. It is a herbal pill. I always research and make sure that I know what each herb interacts with. I am actually trying a more natural approach. I burned out on the injections over a year ago. Now there is a new oral pill, but it causes you to have very low blood pressure. I will wait until it has been out a while. I would take Tysabri, but it can cause brain infection, and although the risk is small, I am too scared.

    Don’t feel bad for me though. Someone somewhere is in worse shape than I am. I just keep a positive attitude. Being here with all of you helps more than you know!

  158. I hear valde is good sincere person who is for full gay right and very liberal. He needs to get his message out more . I think he could be a contender.

  159. Either do I. I just go to all the major network sites and make sure to vote in their instant polls to see if that might effect more positive real time reviews.

  160. I love that site it is very informative did you see the roll over of the guest sitting with the first lady. Try it and read their Bio.

  161. I never like these leaks, but realize they’re more for the reporters and that 99% of the people watching will never read the leaks. However if gives the GOP rebuttal a chance to pick on specific words and ideas rather than having to go into their rebuttal with their canned speech.

  162. tulips, I did rollover the chairs to read who was attending. I get the WH Daily Snapshot so keep up a little bit on their videos and recognized some of the people from them. It’s like seeing old friends in my town. I feel a community with President Obama and the wonderful people he appreciates and honors in various ways. I didn’t realize how much I feel included by President Obama before this. I’ve been appreciating from a distance, but now I really feel a part of the community he is creating in everything he does. All those times he visits manufacturing plants or veterans or soldiers or back yards or small businesses or colleges or big towns and little towns. He is always reaching out and including everyone and asking them to join with him in creating the country and the life we want.

    I have a VERY good feeling about this speech and our future. This man knows what he is doing! I’m so impressed with him.

  163. I noticed they chose an old photo when Obama’s lip was still visibly injured. I’d love to hear the “decision-making” that went into that choice. ‘Anyone got a photo where he looks bad? No? Well—here’s one with a cut lip—it will remind people that he’s not all that.’ Huff is mostly despicable. I noticed Jon Stewart got a dig in at them last night, citing their “misleading headlines”, which is the only kind they have.

  164. Not only that , but he posted it on DK!!

    TIMT. You are a GD WARRIOR. You get reinstated and take it to them within 24 hours!!

    LOVE YOU! You gave me one big smile today 🙂

  165. Hi Tori

    I’m going through health issues as well. I wish you all the best. If you ever want to Email, BWD has my address.

  166. *Extremely* well said, ParkRanger. You have just keyed into one of the core components of ObamaNation, lol. Inclusion. Community. Being the change we seek.

    Terrific comment.

  167. I see what you guys were talking about re: the First Lady’s seating chart. What strikes me is how diverse a group this is, all ages, races, ethnicities, incomes, literally mixed in with one another. Things like this are why it shouldn’t be that hard for the national media to do its job; so much of the information for them to analyze, distill and synthesize is literally at their fingertips.

  168. Make sure to tweet website addresses to your followers where they can vote in post-SOTU polling.

    The results to have a real time effect. There was one of the debates with McCain that the usual suspects at CNN were trying to give to McCain, but the internet polling was overwhelmingly positive for Obama and the pundits did an about face and started praising Obama.

    CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox usually have reaction polls up.

  169. gn, I was noticing how diverse those included are too and was also thinking that is typical of the President with his nominations, staff as well as the beautiful diversity in the crowds that greet him and the First Lady. I love it.

  170. I noticed one of the familiar names over there, starting with S and ending with k, responded to the diary that Rahm was thrown off the ballot with “Sweet!!” Their hate knows no bounds.

  171. I wonder if we’ll find out the identity of the 2 who are bankrolling this case against Rahm—should be inter—esting.

  172. It’s so nice to read intelligent, thoughtful comments also—-all the way down the line—what a difference from that other hate-filled site. I am so grateful.

  173. Okay are you all on the site?? This is very cool, very informative.. they’ve got video streaming- all the way up to the SOTU about all kinds of things: the situation room, the whitehouse.. right now they’ve got some NBA players on:

    Is it too weird to be so completely excited about a SOTU speech..??

  174. Oh good grief, one more screen I’ll have to open 😉 Isn’t this cool? Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely tune in.

  175. Don’t feel bad. We are all excited. The media is excited, congress is excited, even the GOP is all worked up. President Obama has generated a keen interest in American politics that is at an entirely different level. We just love this President!!!

  176. WOW – Howard Dean on “The Last Word” this evening is very pleased with what he has seen of the speech. He says that this is the “best speech Obama has made.”


  177. YES.. He certainly has. This video they’re streaming has really impressed me- and then afterwards how they’ll have administration members answering questions- nothing like this ever in my lifetime- I am so excited about the future- what this President is bringing to all of us- what he is putting into place- is a foundation that will be built on for generations imo.

    He really is the start of something great- an America we’ve all been wanting, I believe. Oh yeah we have battles to fight, and ignorance to shed.. but seriously the doors being opened, the lights being turned on in this country- he is setting the tone and the inspiration.

  178. Hey Hopefruit2. How are you ive missed seeing you. im so glad you checked in. I hope things have been good for you.

  179. I hear you faith. But they did it when Carter was president and turned on him, they did it to Clinton and all the Democrats ran away from his record even Gore ran away from it. I hope they wake up before it’s too late.

  180. Did you hear Chris Matthews. He will make a special address about Gun Control. the date is not set yet. wow!

  181. We did not loose the house because Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco. We lost the house because the economy sucked and unemployment was high. It was Nancy Pelosi’s wily strategies that lead us out of the minority wilderness to a democratic majority. I trust her abilities better than Steny Hoyer’s to do it again.

  182. Do we dare hope for 60% approval rates in the near future, and thus the cowing of the GOP House majority?

  183. I’m not excited, but really nervous. Nervous excited, like when the hometeam is playing for the championship or something. I just see this as really key for the next two years and possibly net six years.

    And this is only the beginning, Administration and elected Democrats past and present have to get out in full force tomorrow to frame it as “investments” and not “spending”. Not just on the national level, but for their district papers and local newscasts. Messaging is all about reenforcing the points over and over again. It can’t be the one speech and then move on, while the GOP spend the next two weeks framing it their way.

    Were folks saying “we can’t afford to compete with Sputnik”? Shoujld America not have tried? I like the mentioning of Sputnik as that will connect with the older folks, put it into current perspective – maybe help them remember what it felt like then, capture some of that nostalgia for the common cause.

  184. To use a basketball analogy in honor of the President, he’s taking it hard to the hole.

  185. This has probably been stated upstream but I will just repeat the obvious. This is so COOL. The pre game video at the white house is excellent.

    Seeing President O with the wheelchair basketball guys, the chef, Mrs O talking about the garden. Whoever thought up this program is a genius. BRAVO. How fun to share it will you all.

  186. Wow. I think he’ll take that cultural issue out of the GOP’s attack arsenal. I think it’s pretty much decided anyways as enough Democrats have NRA backing that there is no way it will ever be any serious move made, so might as well accept it and take it off the table as a dividing issue.

  187. I just found your blog! So glad to find like minded REASONABLE Democrats who are above the nonscence at DK. Gosh, I was begging for somewhere to comment with ADULTS. Thank you for this blog BWD! I support our President. I may not agree all the time, but I trust his judgement. Bookmarking now. Suggestion, why don’t you start a message board attached to this blog. I would support it with a donation. There are many of us begging for a reasonable place to discuss the issues facing us without having to worry about getting attacked. Thanks so much for providing a place I can get the news about Obama. Will put a link on my Facebook too!

  188. I’m almost ready!! Been thinking about this ALL day at work. What a geek I am, but I love politics. Makes me nuts, but I love it. Going to watch on the “idiot box” CSPAN, because I can’t stand the yacking,,,meet you back here after the speech:) I love my President. The only adult in the Room.

  189. Watching on Cspan. Footage of POTUS and FLOTUS in the limo on the way to the chamber. Biden doing the most difficult work of the 21st century–making small talk with Boehner. It looks like Boehner is chewing cud or something. Several members are wearing white ribbons, presumably in the wake of the AZ. The limo is seconds away.

  190. I love this.. I love all the little things I’ve missed- the great video of FLOTUS garden- the kids involvement, the wounded soldiers playing bball at the whitehouse court.. just cool stuff, I love this Whitehouse. Every American ought to view this, its so what we’re all about… what we always tell ourselves and one another we’re all about- and heres our President and his administration putting it all into real day to day actions.

  191. “capture some of that nostalgia for the common cause.”

    I think this is so key and I think Obama can help get us there.

  192. I’m so proud of you BWD, over at that other website there is a diary about the way you have carried the message for true progressives and it has over four hundred comments and counting. It lays out the way Greenwald and other so called progressives have bashed everything that President Obama has done and is attempting to do.

  193. Well damn. I’m not near a TV and tethering my blackberry isn’t giving me a fast enough connection to get the WH live feed.

    I’m gonna need a lil play-by-play if you all would be so kind 🙂

    I’ll watch a video of it after letting it load for like an hour LOL

  194. Is SCOTUS going to be there?
    Who is the cabinet member skipping for national security concerns?

  195. Thanks for painting the pre-game picture for those of us who are media-impaired at the moment!

  196. Interesting tidbit from BBC.

    Because the president, the vice-president and the entire Congress and Cabinet are present for the SOTU, the White House will designate one cabinet official – usually a lower profile individual – to watch the speech from a different location. Why? In case the chamber comes under attack and the nation’s leadership is incapacitated. This year’s designated safe guy is Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

  197. It’s called “moving the goal posts”. Nothing Preseident Obama does or will ever do will be good enough for the MSM. They set childish expectations, and then pretend to be surprised and disappointed when it doesn’t come to pass. The MSM is merely a megaphone for GOP talking points. When all three branches of government were controlled by Dems, the MSM still framed every issue from the GOP point of view. In the media, the GOP never suffered for bankrupting the country during the Bush years. Without the help of our corrupted MSM, the Republican “brand” would still be toxic.

  198. From BBC Live commentary

    “Tonight, for the first time, the Tea Party will have an official response. It will be delivered by a fiery conservative favourite, Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota.

    Ms Bachmann has attracted criticism in recent days for a speech she gave last week where she appeared to have her facts wrong about slavery and racism in America.”

    See bachmann, how the rest of the world sees you as a batshit crazy woman ?

  199. Just caught a view – Scalia, Alito and Thomas are not there. Roberts, Kennedy, Breyer Bader Gindberg, Sotomayor and Kagan were spotted.

  200. If you want to learn a great history of the house the senate and the government of the USA go to the right now. Q&A going on, very interesting.

  201. He just shook hands and exchanged smiles with Michelle Bachmann and Rep. Coburn.

    How does he manage to stay civil with these people?

  202. Hey tulips, glad to see you! Things are going well. Just a bit hectic at work this past few weeks, which is why I have been posting few and far between. But I would NEVER MISS this SOTU address!!

  203. Just saw the President greeting my Sentor – Boxer. then they cut to Boehner, he looked ill, like he was about to throw up. Guess he couldn’t muster a smile.

  204. Biden looks like he’s holding back tears – like a proud father.

    Boehner needs to suck it up. (Fake)smile, dude! 🙂

  205. The WH live stream has additional charts and information on the right side beside the screen where the President is speaking. One nice thing is that with the bipartisan seating, when anyone stands, almost all of them stand together.

    When President Obama said to stop tax help to oil companies and use the money for investment in clean energy — first time Boehner didn’t clap and everyone else did.

    Treating teachers with respect. Everyone is standing and clapping.

  206. Sorry, Late to the party but I love the goal where 80% of American Energy will come from clean energy by 2035.

    Who said that, race to the top is a BS program? Who was that?

    Who was it that leader of the house, he is screaming “Hell No You Can’t” on MUTE.

    Immigration reform…Hope the POTUS will resurrect the Dream Act.

    More money for infrastructure… Talk to me Mr. President!

  207. He is so darn cute. That million dollar smile and that baritone make me weak in the knees.

    The focus on healthcare was brilliant. it’s not perfect so let’s improve it not repeal it. Who could be against that.

  208. I liked the speech, the content, the general structure, and all the political strategy that I saw in it. I LOVED the fact that he is reaching out without renouncing to his core principles.

    I would have a bit of criticism about the delivery though. I haven’t checked but my impression is that the speech was longer than last year, thus he delivered it with a more rapid rhythm, especially in the first half. Unfortunately it made the speech a bit less effective and emotional. He didn’t use pauses and accents as much as he does usually.

    In short, I found the speech very very good, but not “sublime”. So no real problem in the end !!

    I’m eager to know how well it was received by the general audience…

    I agree with others that the reaction was subdued a bit. Certainly the mixed seating is one reason. But Laurence O’Donnell added that behind the cameras, except for some extremists, congress people have been REALLY shaken by the Tucson tragedy, and they are a bit afraid of very public emotional demonstrations of the “us against them” type.

    As I’m typing this, they’re showing some clips of the speech on MSNBC. The clips look very good. The “rhythm” problem that I had with the whole thing doesn’t come out in short clips. I think that all those little clips that are going to show up on news channels for the next 24/48 hours will serve the president well. He looks very presidential. Determined, focused, and visionnary.

  209. Hey there gn – how are you doing? I don’t comment too much here (too many people have said what I was going to say better), but I am always reading your great comments.

  210. I Love Randi but yeah for the pass two days she has been comsumed with this comcast deal. I just turned her off because I figured this was just something that was dear to her BUT I would love for her to be just as passionate about there not being more diversity in radio and tv.

    My take is that a whole host of people haven’t had a voice BEFORE comcast so I guess it’s scarey for her to think that one day she may not have a voice either.

  211. You missed one of the best parts. It was totally a gas. Boehner kept ticking…especially when the President set any objectives.

    You could see him toting up the money without realizing the President was talking about a redirection of funds, not new spending.

    When the President congratulated Joe Biden and Boehner on their humble beginnings, you could see Joe grin a mile wide and give Boehner a knowing look, as in, “You know he’s gonna make you cry, don’t you?”

    And struggle he did.

  212. I know, I couldn’t help it, I looked at the headline, “Obama Calls for Education, Infrastructure Spending,” subtitle: “Ignores Climate Change and Gun Control.” They just had to go there. I, too, like this site so much because we keep on the positive!

  213. You’ve gotta know that the savings from no earmarks is going to be substantial and the GOP’ers are just sick that the Pres will get the credit.

  214. I loved the speech. He told us how far we had come in the past two years and where we are headed going forward. His “Come to Papa” attitude towards the Republicans seems to be working well too.

    The President wants to get things done and for that he needs to get the Republicans to start cooperating. The Republicans are full of hubris and they need their egos stroked, need to be told they have good ideas. The President did that so now they claim they can work with him. Win-Win!

  215. Well met, fancny. Love to see you commenting at Eclectablog. I’ll never have the fan base that BWD here does or the number of comments on my blog entries but a boy can hope, right? 🙂

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