State of the mishmash

Morning guys,

1. President Obama will deliver his second State Of the Union address tonight at 9 EST. The White is preparing a real party and the First Lady will have some brilliantly chosen guests.


2. CNN Poll: The state of the union is getting better. 43 percent feel that things are going well in the country, up 14 points since December. 

…The survey indicates that a majority of Americans continue to think that things are going badly in the country today, but that figure has dropped from 71 percent at the end of last year to 56 percent now.

“We haven’t seen numbers this good since April of 2007,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “One likely reason for the change is the public’s growing optimism about the economy.”


3. Recovery!

American Market Preferred in Global Poll on New Confidence

Global investors are taking more risks with their money and targeting the U.S. as one of the best places to put their funds as they grow increasingly confident in the economic outlook.

More than two of five of those surveyed say they are seeing more opportunities to make money, according to a quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll of 1,000 investors, analysts and traders who are Bloomberg subscribers. That’s the highest level since the poll began in July 2009 and compares with less than one in three who are still hunkering down. The rest of investors in the poll conducted Jan. 20-24 describe the economic environment as getting back to normal.


4. Recovery!

IMF Raises 2011 GDP Estimates on Stronger U.S. Growth


5. How about that? (I heard that the guy who is sort of replacing Keith Olbermann trashed GM bailout, because of this news….God, the stupidity).

GM’s China sales pass US for first time in history

DETROIT – General Motors Co. sold more cars and trucks in China last year than it did in the U.S., for the first time in the company’s 102-year history.

GM’s global sales figure for 2010 was a dramatic 12 percent increase from 2009, a year in which it closed factories and was forced to take aid from the U.S. government to survive. Its sales in the U.S., including heavy-duty vehicles, rose 6.3 percent.

But it did even better in China, selling 2.35 million vehicles there, up 29 percent as an expanding middle class gained wealth, making it the world’s largest car market. The showing in China was about 136,000 more than what GM sold in the U.S. Toyota, meanwhile, sold just 846,000 vehicles in China.

The company said the expansion will generate 750 jobs for the Flint plant, which makes Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups and has been operating on two shifts per day. The last time the plant worked around the clock was in the second quarter of 2008.



Less than two years out of bankruptcy, GM has a shot to reclaim world sales title


6. Couple of random thoughts:

A) Did you notice that in all those huge magazine stories, analyzing “what went wrong” for the president in his first two years – there wasn’t any serious POLICY criticism, except for the size of the stimulus? It was all about public relation,  bully pulpit and the beltway hurt feelings. 

B) Did you see how we held his feet on fire and now he will not kill grandma?? 😉


Finally, new SOUZA STUFF!!! (click on the photo for BIG size. It’s worth it).

82 thoughts on “State of the mishmash

  1. Good Morning BWD, I thank my Lord and Savior for you, because if you didn’t have this amazing blog telling of the good news we would be loss. You are incredible and I pray God’s continued blessing on you and your family. Keep up the good work. Smooches!!!

  2. Love this stream of Good News, what a great way to start my day. This is the day that Our President will present the State of the Union. It would be nice if he could report that the Union was United and ready to move forward.

    Thank you for all you do for us.

  3. Good morning!!!! It’s Tuesday, time for the SOTU address. Been waiting for this day:)I can’t wait to hear what he has to say and I can’t wait to see the dynamics of the room…the kindergarteners get to sit with the big kids of they want to:)Maybe even get to wear their “big boy pants” for this occasion.Wonder if they’ll be on their best behavior or they’ll need a time out in the thinking chair? I will keep a particular eye on my own “whiner” Jon Kyl. He DEFINATELY needs to sit in time out…too many tantrums.For everything.I’ll be ready tonight…we’ll have lots to talk about tomorrow, won’t we? Everyone have a wonderful day. BWD,thank you again for all you do. You are our ray of starlight and sunshine!

  4. Nice collection, bwd. Looking forward to his SOTU. Any weblinky where I can watch it live ?

    And Why on earth does the most powerful man on earth has the smallest teevee on earth in his office ? 🙂

  5. Having listened to SOTU speeches from almost Truman on and been interested in many and fascinated with PBO’s first, this one will be on the top of the list for interest, and later for great entertainment as we look at the responses. Must take a nap today so I can stay up late as it will be a 2 am speech for me. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa.

  6. Beautiful photos!! And the SOTU features on the site are incredible. Seeing the graphs along with the speech is definitely the way to go. This is the most professional and technologically advanced presentation of a SOTU I’ve ever seen. They’ve gone all out and I hope it brings a lot of people on board for the follow-up discussions.

    It’s great news about the growing feelings of confidence about the economy. Perception makes a huge difference in economic growth. If a lot of people think things are getting better, they start doing things that make the perception the reality.

    Now if we can only “perceive” ourselves a united country who knows what good things might happen.

  7. I watched the Bloomberg channel this morning and they are trying to have more people on that say the economy still sucks(not kidding)! It is like they are saying, hold on, we have yet to get our spending cuts, and then we can talk about the economy getting better!
    Just watch for their spin, is all!
    BTW: Good morning everyone!

  8. Good morning and good day, everyone! I’m very excited to hear the SOTU. And VERY excited about BWD’s great round-up of news. We are truly headed in the right direction.

    Oh and wow, do I LOVE Pete Souza.

  9. That pic of the prez thinking is wonderful. I could almost see the thought clouds over his head.

  10. AFO you can watch it at,,, and probably on facebook.

    BWD thanks for the SOTUM,
    I am so looking forward to this speech. Btw I thought he had already done away with Gdma 🙂

  11. With the Senators from each side sitting intermixed together, I wonder if that will limit the dueling standing ovations.

    I don’t know if the house is doing the same though as I read concern that some GOP reps thought it was a stunt to hide the numbers advantage of the House.

    Either way, I’d personally love if there was just two ovations – one when the President enters, and then at the end of the address. Let the President get into the rythem of the speech and hit his points without sometimes awkward interruptions.

    Are there odds on Boehner crying tonight? I mean making that walk out down the aisle before the President, taking a seat looking out at Congress and the Audience might be too much for the guy. I bet the plan will be to get a quick cry in while the President makes his entrance, because he knows the camera won’t be on him.

    The Address will have to be above partisanship by in large as that seems to be where people want the President. But he’ll still have to get the choice facing America across and hopefully tie drastic budget cuts to job losses and stagnating or reversing economic growth.

    One meme already being formed is “Will the President answer the Republicans challenge for spending cuts” like spending cuts are a uniquely Republican idea. Where was this unique idea during the Bush Administration?

  12. g’morning everyone. thank you for good news on this cold and dreary morning, bwd.

    I checked out the guest list – Amy Chyao, wow.

  13. I am sick and tired of people on both sides saying “This is what the President should say in the SOTU” speech. All that does is set themselves up to lambast the President afterwards, because we know he is going to say what HE THINKS he should say, not what they think.

    It is one thing to say “Here is what I would like to hear” and another to say “This is what he SHOULD say”.

    We talk about the power of words, and one word that has a lot of power is the word “should” because it leaves no room for error. Thus if you respect Mr. X and Mr X says the President should say Y, and the President doesn’t, then there must be something wrong with the President.

    Personally, I think the word “should” should be dropped from the language.

  14. I recall that exact same meme happening before President Obama made his address from the Oval Office during the Gulf Oil Crisis. And guess what, the unprofessional left went and had a fit on what Obama should have said. It was Keith who said that Obama should have pitched alternative energy and Rachel who had her own re-write on what she would have said if she were President. Talk about being on the outside looking in, it’s so easy for all of them to be ArmChair Presidents because they never will have to be in that position to not only have to address the nation, but also having to make those tough decisions to get us out of the hole Bush/Cheney got us into.

    I’ve had no problems with legit criticism of President Obama. But the unprofessional left’s so called criticism is everything but that.

  15. It is MSM strategy, to take the power of the bully pulpit away from the POTUS! These people are so scared of this PRESIDNET and his potential to change AMERICA!
    They have been subtly against everything he does, even tonights speech!

  16. What a great way to start the day! Thanks, as every, BWD. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the SOTU address tonight – I know it’s going to be awesome.

    Have a great day everybody!


    Meanwhil, Governor scott and a couple of republican congressman have NOT killed HSR! They arer looking for a private company(PROBABLY GE) to take up just 10 percent of the remaining cost(STATE AND FEDS have dolled out the overheads)!
    Check this official website:

  18. Maybe that is why KEITH quit! MSM was obviously pressuring these guys to be nasty towards the POTUS, and even if you do not like him, how can somebody be so mean, unless they are paid to do just that! HMMM!

  19. Good morning all!! I’m so excited!! I’m holding my first home event for OFA! I’ve got like 30 people coming to watch the SOTU address.

    I’m taking half day off, so I can get my place ready for guests ! It’s going to be a little cozy and some people will have to sit on the floor, but I think it will be fun, and hopefully we’ll get some good ideas coming out of this to continue to help the President!!!

  20. I’d suggest watching it at C-Span or

    I wouldn’t give MSNBC or CNN the web hit, because that would only encourage their pundit criticisms.

    I’d love to see views explode to send a message that folks are choosing to watch unfiltered through the cynical pundits who need to criticize to justify their jobs.

  21. Spending cuts ruined FDR’s recovery. Everything ground down to a halt. WW II finally pulled us out. I love when revisionist Republicans like to say that FDR did nothing, and it was only the war that fixed the economy. Noooooo — FDR was on his way to fixing the economy (and the out-of-control banking industry) until he bought into the conservative mindset.

    National debt is much different now, I get that totally. Foreign countries didn’t own us until Reagan started selling us off. But still……

  22. I agree, japa. I have never seen so many know-it-alls on the political scene in the many years I’ve been paying attention. Do they not see how silly they are? Their knowledge of the system is limited, most of them have never worked in politics so they do not understand how things progress, nor do they have intimate knowledge of the personalities or situational facts involved much less access to knowledgeable advisors and experts, and yet they have all the answers. I often wonder what their social lives are like.

  23. Thank you, blackwaterdog, for coalescing in one place the kind of information we need to proceed with the positive attitude that is necessary to creating a better world.

  24. THAT was the speech that I haven’t been able to remember! Obama gave a reasonable speech and we didn’t need Rush and Fox when we had Keith and Rachel to bash Obama.

    I was furious.

  25. I view the poll news with cautious optimism, hopefully as more people dig themselves out of their holes the negativity might subside

    I saw from Rachel’s tweet last night she discussed that the GOPs are in disarray prior to SOTU. What can you say about those wonderful GOPr’s .,. Gov Christie leaking stuff to the press:), Bachmann pre- rebuff and Ryan post –rebuff; so innovative, so clever, so blah.

    Great news about global investors, GM is kicking butt, USA, USA 🙂

  26. StR

    “I’d love to see views explode to send a message that folks are choosing to watch unfiltered through the cynical pundits who need to criticize to justify their jobs”

    Me too 🙂

  27. Good Morning to all the wonderful friends here on this blog. A special “thank you” goes out to BWD this morning for creating such a refreshing and informative site for all of us to enjoy and be informed with grace, increased knowledge, funful interactions that are respectful and kind.

    I noticed one thing that really makes me happy, BWD, and that is your choice of photos that you place on this site. They show me the wonderful personality of our President. His interactions with his staff, his VPOTUS, his wonderful girls, FLOTUS, kids of other families, our servicemen and servicewomen, all seem to show how his wonderful smiles greets each and his attentiveness consoles the families and the children. Then I see his seriousness of knowing how the day is moving along within the Senate and the House. I love the one with the hand counts of the START. That one, I am sharing with a friend who suggested that he does not have time to see how a vote is going. I told him what I just saw in that photo. Thank you BWD.
    Then I see “the thinker.” We are so blessed to have such a reasonable put intelligent man in the Oval Office.

    I am now reading an excellent book about our President: Reading Obama, by James T. Kloppenberg, and I think many of you would love the book. It is a terrific read. Just wanted to share.

    Thanks for the insightful thoughts on this site, and all of the wonderful people here who make this a wonderful place to come each day. God richly bless you BWD for all that you do to make it stay this way. Thank you!!

  28. You are so right. Unemployment had dropped down to 14% from over 30% by 1938, which is when FDR gave in to pressure from the conservatives and many of the programs were stopped. By the start of WWII, unemployment rose back to between 20-25%. WWII did bring it back down, but what those concerned about the deficit don’t remember is that the debt rose to over 100% of GDP during that time.

    And gee whiz, we recovered.

  29. Cenk Uygur’s SOTU Response: “Worst SOTU address ever! Why is Obama caving to the far right? Why didn’t he bully the Republicans into doing his bidding? He’s a sellout!

    That’s why we need to primary him, and we need candidates like Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, or hey… why not Keith Olbermann? President Olbermann anyone?”

  30. Hi all! So glad to see this site going strong. Thanks BWD. Going to a SOTU watch party tonight — should be fun!

  31. Me three.. thats exactly where I’ll be watching from.

    Happy Tuesday BWD Family.. excellent mish-mash~ thank you & passing it forward. I too am sooo looking forward to the SOTU tonight.

  32. Thanks for linking to the First Lady’s Box at Loved reading about the different people who will be sitting with FLOTUS. Amazing stories. Keeps me optimistic and wanting to do something :-).

  33. So Cenk is bitching about the GM bailout because GM is selling more cars in China? Um, isn’t it a GOOD thing to have more exports that will create more jobs here at home? The stupid really, really burns.

  34. Good news: the economic team of the WH is well aware of what happened in the thirties.

    Less good news: the level of debt is indeed problematic and must be taken into account for the long term.

    In short: President Obama and his team have to navigate very tricky waters.

  35. The problem is we have an entire group of detainees that can NEVER be tried in a US court because of torture, but can NEVER be released because they would turn around and plot more attacks on the US (i.e., Khalid Sheikh Mohammed). I think the ones we can try will eventually make it to the US. What we do about the ones that we can’t try is the real question, and something GWB screwed up really well.

  36. Much better President Obama navigating these waters than a President McCain, with an able assist from VP Caribou Barbie. *shudder*

  37. I have a post-it ready to slap over the Weeper’s face on the screen. I don’t think I can stand looking at him and I’m sure he will try to be a distraction.

  38. I don’t say that enough, BWD: thank you so so much for all your work ! I come here every single day to get my spirits up !!

  39. funny thing, they always bring up these guys like they can do a better job and most of them have never ran anything, don’t vote(KO), or their candidate lost to a teabagger.

  40. Virtual pat on the back for you, I know folks will enjoy sharing this event with you. Plus having a party always gets me motivated to clean the house. (something I often neglect in favor of blogging here.)

  41. Wow, that should be a standalone piece. I didn’t realize the extent of Obama’s announcement on supporting military families. This is a BFD the Obama’s have undertaken.

  42. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the Brazilians to Obama. South America was watching his election closely because they were amazed that a minority could be elected President.

  43. Great video BWD. Obama has been helping these families from the beginning. I am delighted to see him get credit for it on Rachel.

    I think after Vietnam (I was a teen), most of us realize we can be against a war and not take it out on the troops. We abandoned many Vietnam Vets and they are now homeless, have mental issues, unemployed, etc.

    I would love to see us pull out of all military actions and turn the marines into the peace corp, but until that happens I am happy to see military famiies get as many breaks as they can.

  44. Can I say that I like that we can discuss things like the debt around here without feeling like traitors? Too much of anything is bad, which is why I roll my eyes at the GOP and their mantra of tax and spending cuts to fix everything, but the debt is a very real issue that we do need to have a genuine conversation about.

  45. The debt is a very real issue — look to Greece and Ireland for examples. The long-term debt has to be tackled at some point, sooner probably rather than later. I think the thing we have to do as a country is have a discussion about how important the debt is at the moment as opposed to stimulating the economy and creating jobs, which will increase tax revenues and bring down the debt as well. Once the economy is humming again on its own, then will be the time to fully address the debt issue.

  46. I really do appeciate your humor bwd!

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today and thanks for all you do for us here, without which we would be lost.

  47. I absolutely agree with you jovie. That is why I detest/reject the claim that the President has failed to communicate clearly with American people about his programs and successes. The problem, in my view, is the media filter that prevents the American people from hearing the truth from, and about, President Obama.

  48. Afternoon One and ALL! Desertflower, your school assembly metaphor made me smile. 🙂 I sure hope wearing their ‘big boy pants’ will remind the kindergarteners of the expected behaviour.

    I am eager for the speech to get started though I’m feeling very sleepy.

    Best Wishes, President Obama, we have every confidence in you and your administrative team!

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