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  1. If I hear one more so-called “progressive” whine about their disappointment about what’s not in the speech, I’m going to scream. These people are worst than the teabaggers.

  2. patience my friend. Those people are always there and have always been there. The smart thing to do is to relentlessly show the facts as BWD does, that is enough to silence them.

  3. I decided not to watch tv until the SOTU started. I did not want my experience to be damaged by the “PL” or anyone else. I am excited about hearing my President speak.

  4. I’ll be watching on MSNBC, mostly because I like Rachel better than all the other pundits. Unfortunately, I have to put up with Chris Matthews who is also commenting. He really tore into Michelle Bachmann on his show tonight, calling her a “balloon head”. Everyone is saying what he should say – they should just stfu and listen to this masterful speaker.

  5. Watching on CSPAN and on the White House “enhanced” web version. The online one is ahead of the teevee. heh.

  6. It doesn’t seem like the White House site works on an iPad, so I’m watching on COan and hoping you will all fill me in on the website!

  7. Watching from enhanced.. love it. Now I’ll be quiet and listen to the adult in the room.

  8. OHHH Man.. the billions we give to oil NEW ENERGY.
    OOH RAH!! Mr. President.

    What ya got now PL??


  9. Giggle. I clicked on DK to check on traffic. I used to share SOTU’s with those people. They were complaining that they were lonely – that “nobody wanted to go there anymore.”


    BWD – you deserved every word TiMT wrote about you. I was about to give up on politics before you opened up shop. I loathed the Reps, and detested the PL, missed your supporters. Nowhere to turn, and dammit, I DID want to see the photos!


  10. I know, Sherijr, I yelled out, “Yeah!!!”(in the house by myself ;-), I know the GOP nor the PL didn’t expect him to go straight there. Too funny.

    And love this beat he’s on re: education.

  11. The White House enhanced site is cool!!!

    And the President is being very specific about challenges to Congress that they are going to have a very difficult time spinning or escaping the consequences of their unwillingness to govern.

  12. The WH live stream has a screen by the side of the President with charts, pictures, and info. I also like the bipartisan seating. When people start standing and clap, they all stand and clap.

  13. Especially love you for this Mr. President: The undocumented students all across America.. thank you sir.

  14. i heard this is the most “wired” SOTU ever.

    thanks BWD for keeping us “wired up” and ready to go with President Obama


  15. This is NOT a President resigned to republican rule in Congress: He has already spoken of clean energy, education, immigration reform… and now JOBS.

  16. What always shines through about PBO is that when he speaks on a topic, he’s not just repeating what an aide told him, he’s KNOWLEDGABLE on that topic. His raw intellect is astounding.

  17. Sorry, Late to the party but I love the goal where 80% of American Energy will come from clean energy by 2035.

    Who said that, race to the top is a BS program? Who was that?

    Who was it that leader of the house, he is screaming โ€œHell No You Canโ€™tโ€ on MUTE.

    Immigration reformโ€ฆHope the POTUS will resurrect the Dream Act.

    More money for infrastructureโ€ฆ Talk to me Mr. President!

  18. Oh, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s punking them on the tax loopholes for corporations. LOL!!!!!!

  19. I really like how he is pointing out how China or other countries are farther ahead in technology. He’s being very concrete in his examples and then brings in the what we need to do to create, then he adds the inspiration. Very factual and concrete in many ways.

  20. This is great, his remarks on education and examples of digital advances warmed my heart.

    The examples are easy to understand and relate to by average folks. (like us)

    Wonderful job..

  21. I bet you most of these folks listening to him are saying…how the hell did this happen? How could this dude be so intelligent?

  22. GObama!!! On getting rid of stupid regulations, but still protecting the people…

    Okay, I know I’m preaching to the choir, but this man is just a blessing to this country in his forthrightness…

  23. “That’s why we input child labor laws” Do you hear that Teabaggers! Saying that those laws are unconstitutional.

  24. Yep its a beautiful thing- his brain ๐Ÿ˜‰ He is a shining example for all of us, particularly for our children coming up- and what it means to think and to speak smartly.

  25. He just co-opted them on the Healthcare Reform… He’s not going back to the old days!!!! Love it!!!!

  26. Awww. Did you see Biden shake Boehner’s arm when President Obama was talking about healthcare reform? Boehner laughed and the President joked about some not agreeing with it. He is laying it out! Clapping and cheering from both sides at different points.

    Fabulous. Many people will be watching this that don’t usually listen to the President.

    Let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s move forward.

    Excellent speech.

  27. I friggin love this guy. He is not shy in airing his displeasure but without the vitriol he’s experienced.

    His allegiance is to us and that’s the way it should be.

  28. Love you back. hehehehe…

    I always wanted to say that like Obama says it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I meant what I said, my lady. You have won the messaging Award of any progressive in the blogshpere. Bless up!

  29. painful cuts.. freeze domestic spending for 5 years.

    cuts in military spending. will to eliminate what we can honestly do without.. but not on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens..

  30. The President is…what’s the word…gliding. Yes, he’s gliding through this speech. He’s speaking common-sense. He’s not going for ‘poetry’, he’s speaking plain speak. I’m guessing this is for the People and not for those in that chamber.

  31. Boy, he is really giving it to the GOP on the budget. “Stop pretending”… And will the frustrati finally stop trying to say that he supports everything the Debt Commission said, now that he’s said he doesn’t agree with anything? Okay, I know, wishful thinking.

  32. OMG, I really now have to accept that Rand Paul is a Senator… Just saw his mug, looking smug ;-(

  33. malpractice reform.. repubs happy.

    bipartisan solution to strengthen social security.. without risk to current retirees… etc. and without whims of stock market (no privatization methinks).

    PL spitting rocks about now I suspect.

    Millionaires: give up your tax breaks- heh.

  34. Oh, boy!!! He’s talking about re-organizing the Government!!! Go ahead, Mr. Obama-former-community-organizer!!! As usual, he’s 100 steps ahead of the GOP.

    Oh, oh, he’s throwing down the Veto gauntlet… Biden is cracking up ;-).

  35. Oh I love that congress has to show when they meet with lobbyiests.

    Will veto any bill with earmarks- ha repubs no ya gotta live up to your big talk on earmarks.

    reform, responsibility and innovation. New level of engagement in foreign affairs.

  36. Okay, as everyone is saying, he is bringing it. Love the shout out to Muslim-Americans!!!

  37. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ StarkyLuv, you know their heads are exploding all over the country. I love it.

  38. That got a big AMEN in our house. My hubby is Muslim and I’m sick of hearing his faith slagged like it’s a disease.

  39. Haven’t seen it and yet I know that is the case.

    They know they are incompetant and incapable. And compared to him they are indecent. The media are the same.

    Deep down they all know that they’re trying to protect a game that favors them at the expense of others and he is trying his damnedest to shut that game down.

  40. It’s telling how bigoted Republicans are. They hate Muslims, but are prepared to give a free pass to people like Jared Loughner.

  41. tomorrow the republicans will be attacking him on every single issue. I really hope Americans are paying attention tonight to who IS working for them and for the country they all profess to love.

  42. A great subtle shout out to Egypt under the guise of Tunisia and all those seeking democracy…

  43. Sudan. Tunesia. We stand with the people of Tunesia and the democratic aspirations of all people.

  44. I get the feeling that some Dems are still ticked over the tax cut deal. They need to move on.

  45. The Dems voted on middle class only tax cuts, and at least half of the Dems voted against it.

    They had their chance to take a stand on the tax cuts deal and fumbled it. They do need to move on.

  46. This speech is why I voted for him. He believes even if you are calling him out you love this country.

  47. No American should be denied to serve the country they love because of who the love. I like that!

  48. welll.. I don’t think the tea party actually believes in the same Constitution.

    Shout out to our man Joe the VP. and nicely shout to Boehner too.. you are so damn kind Mr. President.. and very very good at INCLUDING ALL of US. Thats why YOU are Leading.

  49. Okay, you know that when PBO gave Boehner a shout out about starting as a kid sweeping his father’s tavern, that he also wanted to end it by saying, “let this be a cautionary tale” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. he’s just so gracious…it’s hard to understand how anyone could hate him like the rightwingers do. Blows my mind.

  51. Did he sound like a weak sell out Nazi traitor to y’all? :p

    Seriously, he knocked that out the friggin park! A+

  52. Great speech! Energy from start to finish. I died when he shouted out Boehner and we got a few tears.

  53. now which response will be the Jindal Response:

    President Ryan’s or President Bachmann’s, or will they both Jindal it?

  54. He makes me proud too TIMT.. he makes me very excited for all of us. On a personal note, I’m trying to start a little business of my own- so I’ve been feeling rather inspired and excited about my own future- at my age starting AlL over.. and the President is so inline with my own hopes and aspirations. President Obama takes me back to my childhood of the Kennedy’s and MLK, Malcolm X.. the belief that we are worthy of so much more and that when we open our minds and our hearts we really can achieve great things that benefit the whole world.

    Oh now they have the online questions.. and answers by admin officials. Love this all.

  55. Cenk Uygr’s response: “Obama is a right wing Republican sell out! That SOTU sucked because he gave way too much props to the Republicans, and is bending over for the corporate elite!

    It’s clear he needs to be primaried next year! If he doesn’t wake up and start fighting for the middle class, it’s going to happen, are you listening Mr. President?!!!”

    Not watching him, but I’m betting I got 95% of what he’s gong to say.

  56. Can I just say loved the speech. And I love seeing three women on the Supreme Court. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  57. Any links to netwrok polls? I can’t fins any polls up yet – maybe waiting for Ryan’s response to finish.

    I won’t comment on the address because I’d be in the definite minority here.

  58. All I can say is wow. Wow. Wow. Wow!! Just reorganizing the government ALONE is a big fucking deal. You know he really means it. He’s been doing all kinds of great cost cutting measures, reducing waste at least since last year that I read about, maybe more. He really got the point across about the DREAM Act.

    There’s so much in this speech! I watched it on WH live feed so don’t know what anyone is saying. I want to hear the good news. There should be plenty of it.

  59. I wasn’t able to watch the SOTU, I’ll have to watch it on video later on.

    The President wants to freeze all domestic spending?

  60. Wonderful, wonderful address! Inspiring for everyone. Especially the young people.

    And I discovered something — Speaker Boehner is way darker than our handsome president. He must have spent the whole of last WEEK under the sun lamps! From our unique perspective, I could see that even under his chin is dark — do you suppose he has a revolving spit of some kind? He must.

    So his father had a bar? Might that be the base of his drinking problem?

    I remember it said of Democratic Senator Moynihan, who was also a lover of alcohol, that he made more sense in his speeches on the floor of the Senate when he was three sheets to the wind than all his other colleagues when they were stone cold sober.

    I make absolutely no comparison between them, heaven forbid. Senator Moynihan was an institution (and I hope I spelled his name right).

  61. I think you should feel free to say what your objections to the speech were. Based on your comment, I’m guessing that your impressions were largely negative.

    Obviously, I have a different view from you, but we can disagree without being disagreeable.

  62. Larry O’Donnell began to criticize but Chris, Ed, Rachel and Eugene don’t share his take on it.

  63. Please turn Ryan off ASAP! They pale in comparison to the President..I don’t even know what he is saying. Who can listen to that after President Obama?

  64. In a nutshell – I liked what he was saying, but I just found it really dry and tried to cover too much, so a lot will be lost. Also I wonder if it was because I watched it on line, but there seemed to be a lot less energy in the room as well.

  65. I thought it was a wonderful, unifying speech. He’s said it over and over – he’s the President of all the people. I was especially happy with his emphasis on education, science/technology innovations, repair of infrastructure, clean energy….in fact, he pretty much covered all the things we liberals care about. He gave some specific areas where cuts could be made without hurting the regular folks, like us. I’m now listening to Ryan giving the Republican vague platitude/talking points – all negative stuff.

  66. Does anyone remember these GOP rebuttals the next day? Does anyone remember which GOP gave the rebuttal last year? Does anyone care?

  67. Exactly LMAO! They suck and that’s why they are jealous of the President. OMG my ears are hurting, where is the mute button!

  68. Paul Ryan is saying NOTHIBNG, what so eveer! Jeeezze!!!He thinks everyone is stupid, shit man!!

  69. I didn’t mean to suggest I would be censored by you here or anything like that. I guess I am self-censoring, to sleep on it.

  70. Who is this Republican idiot giving a speech? How he is twisting the facts is truly amazing. Gosh, I loved the President’s speech. I guess this Republican who is speaking on MSNBC didn’t listen to the speech. He is saying the President wants to increase the deficit when in fact the President asked them to work together to reduce spending, including earmarks. hahah

  71. I watched it on, and I thought the energy was great. Lots of applause lines. Humor. Pathos when it was called for. And yes, he covered a lot, but all SOTU’s are like that. Someone had a link to an article that said that every SOTU starts out wanting to be different, and ends up being a laundry list. BUT, the electorate seems to like laundry lists. Clinton’s approval ratings went up after every SOTU. Chill, breathe, and go vote on the online polls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Every GOP who gives a “rebuttal” after President Obama talks quickly fades into obscurity.

    Paul Ryan, be afraid. Be very afraid.

  73. He covered everything that is important now. He struck the right tone. He covered his next agenda that he campaingned on.

  74. Prolly typical repub bs.. same old same old for too many years.. nothing new under the sun… I’m guessing, got no stomach for watching.

  75. He ius swisting any thing he is just saying Limited gove’t Small gov’t Cut spending. Nothing what so ever…just plain stupid! What the heck is that?

  76. Paul Ryan.. the repubs can do budget guy.. most likely wrote his speech first.. and didn’t listen to the President.. and even if he did- it would be unlike a republican congress person to tell the truth about the President.

  77. so looks like President Bachmann will fade into obscurity, along with President Ryan.

  78. This Paul Ryan was just given carte blanche power by the House to be the sole decider on any budget.

  79. That my friends would be President Ryan.

    Followed by President Bachmann!

    These GOPers already think they are Presidents, that’s how out of touch with reality they are!

  80. I believe that the energy in the room was different for a number of reasons that were unrelated to President Obama, per se.

    1. A member of congress was recently gravely wounded and may NEVER return to congress in full capacity.

    2. Republicans and Democrats sat together and were not “cheering” or “booing” along partisian lines.

    3. Boner is now speaker of the house, and has a starkly different energy level than Nancy Pelosi, who was in the same party as the PResident and the VP.

  81. Now the President, VP and everybody down from there need to be out selling this tomorrow. You know Boehner, Cantor, McConnell will be all over trashing it – Dems need to show they know how to back up and control a message.

    “Investments in the future” needs to be the buzz phrase rather than “more librul spending that will increase the deficit/debt”.

  82. I don’t know if this has already been posted or not, but Chris Matthews reported earlier that the President will make a separate speech on gun control very very soon. He said it is guaranteed.

    Yes I admit I bit and watched a little earlier lmao! I figured Chris would be back to his “man crush” since he had lunch with him today lmao!

  83. It’s so funny, the only person who stepped up to give the rebuttal was Michelle Bachman so they asked Gov Chris Christie and he said No because he’s afraid he would look stupid. Then he leaked it to the press that Ryan was a 2nd choice. Bat-crazy Bachman decided to do her own teagag rebuttal against the GOP’s desire. They are so unorganized with no real leader. The Boehner is such a joke.

  84. I really wanted some dissagreement and some agreement and specifics. He talked about limited gov’t may be more than twenty times, but no specifics. These people think that we are stupid, I don’t know. This is really sad and scary. What the heck do the heck do they want to cut? What does limited gov’t mean? Such a waste of my time. Complete sham.

  85. I’ll be doing my part.. and that includes writing and calling all dems to do just that.

  86. Folks, I’m watching Ryan. He’s only delivering generalities and is passing on some inaccurate statements. But I hate to say it, his delivery is effective. The “optics” are not bad.

  87. Just a few quick reactions.

    He had me at the beginning when he talked about how the net couple years should not be focused on how to win elections, but on putting people to work, etc. A direct slap at McConnell sqaying the Republicans number one priority is to make Obama a one tm President.

    I agree with Saint Roscoe to some degree in that this was a nuts and bolts speech more than an inspirational speech, but I really think the SOTU is supposed to be Nuts and bolts with occassional inspirational lines thrown in, and I think this was one of those.

    I liked his challenge to the public to become teachers, and his overall comments about education.

    It was interesting when he talked about freeze on domestic spending, but at the same time made it clear that he wants new spending to take place in many areas. I also liked that he talked about Tucson in the beginning but didn’t get maudlin about it.

    Finally, I loved the constipated look on Boehner’s face most of the time. For a lot of Americans, this was their first real look at him and he came across as being anti a lot of popular things by not applauding things that are popular with a lot of people.

  88. Pox Noise poll of course their people hated it all the other polls gave it good marks. I am surprised that Pox even listed a positive question.

  89. don’t be afraid, we have to have the President’s back. and let it be known that the majority of Americans want President Obama’s vision of America.. and not Rep Ryan’s idea of
    ‘Limited America’.

  90. I taped the speech…going to show that to my daughter…she wants to go into elementary education:) Yea!!!!

  91. That veto threat is real and you could tell it sent an ice cold message to all the hypocritical Republicans in the room … they know he means it.

  92. I’m getting this from the WEESEEYou chat, but apparantly CBS had a flash poll that said 90% of those that participated approved of the speech.

  93. I had guessed Christie would be the rebuttal – it just made the most sense. However he also showed he might be somebody to take more seriously as he had the polotical sense to turn it down.

    You can’t match the optics of the President in the SOTU. Jindal was just weird, McDonnell tried too hard with the live audience and cam came off as phony and now Ryan looks small in comparison.

  94. Oh goody. So I take it Ryan is ovah and Backmann is on? Please.. share her insight and vision. I know I know.. imprison all democrats??

  95. Only thing that gives me certain hope is that Ryan has much higher aspirations meaning he will end up cutting a deal.

  96. Wonderful speech!!! The President is a genius! He simply put each nail in the repugs coffin with such sweetness. Who could possibly argue with him? Love it!

  97. What is effective about that rant of Paul Ryan? Did we watch the same speech? What are you listening, his real speech or the way he is talking? I don’t get it, no that is not really effective.

  98. I’m just so grateful for this president. I’m always inspired hearing him speak…always.

  99. We couldn’t stop laughing about Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal. My husband keeps calling him Bobby Jingle! No, No! I kept saying it’s Jindal, Jindal! Oh right, he says, Jindal!

    Jindal’s was a rebuttal, though, for the books. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Ryan. My husband did — in the other room on C-Span — he said it sounded memorized as though Ryan was in a class on public speaking and was giving his final exam in front of class.

  100. There’s a story on Politico about the National Journal’s Ron Fournier who used to work for AP and is a republican and always writes biased stories against President Obama broke the news embargo and printed the president’s entire speech an hour before he gave it. This is outrageous and a terrible breech of journalistic ethics. Rachel said this was unprecedented — that a journalist would do this.

    I’m developing a petition to demand honesty and a return to ethics in journalism. Would you guys sign it, if I do?

  101. The good news is as of now the majority are in favor of the speech. Don’t know what would make you in the minority here on the SOTU, unless you have critiques. And unlike other sites, solid, non-hyper “Chicken Little” critiques are always welcome here.

  102. lmao..!! they are roasting michele bachmann something funny on twitter…here are a few samples:

    Does @MicheleBachmann realize she’s not looking into the camera? #SOTU

  103. Need I say what the take on PBO ‘s SOTU is on this poll? Didn’t think so ๐Ÿ˜‰

  104. He was better than Jindal and McDonnell. Nobody remembers rebuttals unless they’re really bad. So best Ryan can hope for is that he is forgotten.

  105. They guy was a biased hack all through the 2008 election – he doesn’t care. White House will just not give him anything in the future.

  106. I KNOW! He only cries like that when he thinks about himself…not interested in giving anyone else the same hand up…no paying it forward for him! “I got mine!”

  107. I think the thing Obama did that contributed to a different tone is that he didn’t toe a typical party line. When he talked about deficit reduction and the 5 year freeze, the democrats didn’t like it – but he wasn’t going to get great support on that from Republicans either.

    This is all part of how he’s playing the “one adult in the room” though.

  108. Email just sent out by NAACP- already have the President’s back.. :


    Tonight, as I sat in the audience while President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address, I listened intently.

    But I also watched — and what I saw was just as powerful as everything that I heard.

    I witnessed the faces of senators as he discussed the state of our economy. I saw Michelle Obama’s face grow solemn with the mention of the Tucson tragedy. And in the face of the President, I saw the same strength and courage that so many Americans have displayed in these difficult times.

    As he did in Tucson last week, the President made a noble effort to move our country past petty political posturing tonight. He reminded the nation that that we are one people, and that we must care for each other — our beliefs, our health, our livelihoods — as we would ourselves. He reminded us all of what it means to be American.

    Congress and the White House must now take up these challenges, for the betterment of our economy and our prosperity. But they won’t get it done unless we get engaged, raise our voices and defend our children’s future.

    Take a moment to tell our leaders it’s time to pull our country together by putting it back to work:

    Tonight the President laid out his plan to move our country through this critical time in our history. His plans to embrace innovation, spur job creation and foster compromise are bold, attainable and much needed.

    But too often, difficult economic times bring out the worst in lawmakers. Last week, the state of Texas defunded higher education programs to the tune of $1.7 billion. Meanwhile our sisters and brothers in North Carolina are fighting a previously unthinkable attempt by their state legislators to re-segregate public schools. These are powerful reminders that even our nation’s most noble victories can disappear when we are not vigilant.

    The next two years will be a test. We can either act as if all our gains are just sand castles on the beach waiting for the tide to wipe them out — or we can rise up and defend them.

    It’s time to get to work.

    As we continue on a road toward economic recovery, we must invest not just in the infrastructure that keeps this country moving forward, but also in the human capital we rely on to lead our nation. Smart investments in education, health care and innovation will allow every American — even the least advantaged among us — to compete in tomorrow’s global marketplace and have a shot at the American dream.

    These goals are attainable, but if recent history has taught us anything, it is that they will not come without a fight. Predatory lenders, the greediest Wall Street bankers and the most cynical political leaders would like nothing more than to see the status quo remain in effect.

    We need you, Sheri. Our only chance to hold on to the gains we have made and hold our leaders accountable to a vision of America long promised, but not yet realized, is to organize in our communities, participate online and raise our voices in the name of fairness, justice and opportunity.

    It is up to us to embolden our leaders. We have come so far, and we will continue moving forward — as long as we have your support. Let the President, and the world, know that you support an economic recovery that is fair for all:

    Now is the time to be vigilant, not silent. Let’s get to work.


    Benjamin Todd Jealous
    President and CEO

  109. I was preparing myself for this all day.

    I knew this one would have to be very different than the speech he gave in Tucson. This has to be a nuts and bolts policy speech and that drags it down into the prose of governing rather than the kind of poetry we heard a few days ago.

  110. Absolutely will sign it. Fournier is scum- showed his lack of ethics and honesty all through the elections- in fact the AP was so full of BS most of the time I stopped reading any of their articles.

    Good on Rachel for telling ~

  111. President Obama’s SOTU speech was very upbeat, hopeful and forward-looking. I enjoyed the speech. His vision for our country and how we can best achieve it has not changed one iota. That “salmon joke” was cool.

  112. Thank you BWD for bringing us together to celebrate this wonderful gift to America. You ROCK!

  113. Our President is so forward thinking, but too bad all the old people in Congress aren’t as forward thinking. They need to get with the program. As I said the other day, we can out “compete” any other nation, but we need the right support and legislation from Congress.

  114. You’re absolutely right. This speech was so easy to listen to; very calm, plain, focused. It didn’t seek to win points, but just to explain and lay out the vision, in plain English. Lovely.

  115. Great letter! And… great way they’ve positioned themself in these times within this administration. No faux outrage here, just another extremely important alliance.

  116. I agree that it was kind of dry and without much energy. It was definitely centrist, with the Tort reform, the no earmarks, the budget freeze, the helping corps pay less taxes. I guess he has to go there. For 2012. I liked it a whole lot better last year. Talking about how the economy has changed from what it used to be, where you would get a job, with good salary, benefits, promotions, like those days are gone left me depressed, although I know it is the truth. No red meat for dems except the idea of cutting out oil subsidies, which is good. I thought he should have touted his successes more, like the auto industry, the uptick in exports, the finreg consumer protection agency…I found it kind of boring, with the same theme of We have the best workers, the best universities, we have the American Dream. Where are the jobs? What about the foreclosures? What about the entrenched poverty in this country? Still love him, did not love this speech.

  117. MSNBC: Chris Matthews loved it, called it a Jack Kennedy speech. Rachel liked it and Ed was ok with it..Lawrence surprisingly was not impressed and seems overly picky about it.

    So this is new, Chris and Rachel liking it but Lawrence not so.

  118. I agree Tori. President Obama is hoping that nationalism will trump the tribalism of the GOP. Obama is rightly pointing out that to have a future, we must invest in it.

  119. Hey do you know this is the first time I figured out that if I click on the commentor’s name- I go straight to their comment.. duh :).. what a goof I am.

    thank you desertflower for signing the petition.. I hope everyone here will sign it.. now it the exact time to get the President’s back.. right after he so reasonably and clearly laid out what he’d like to see done.. this is when we let Congress know that we aren’t playing their shenanigans- we want them to get things done.

    You asked about my little business start.. I told you about my little crisis 4 years ago.. well in between trying to come back from that, I also had to do something ‘productive’.. not being productive is very very hard. So I’ve been learning about making jewelry, repairing antique jewelry.. and also trying to learn about ‘glass-blowing’ beads. Its been ongoing for about two years, and my goal is to sell online- and then ultimately when I move back to a city environment, hopefully try my hand at selling at fairs, etc. Its a long haul and I scare myself everyday for all kinds of reasons ;). Thank you so much for asking me about it.

    How are you.. I’ve been reading your comments about your housing issues, I hope it helped- the advice others gave you the other day. I hope you’re getting some relief desertflower.

  120. He’s tackling the issues head-on. Heard that the president will be addressing the issue of gun control at another time and another venue.

    Even though Mayor Bloomberg and others are highly critical of President Obama leaving that out of the SOTU, I think it was not the time or place.

    The ribbons nearly everyone wore, and Gabrielle Gifford’s empty chair were enough for this night.

    But the president will tackle this issue. He just seems to have a more highly honed sense of context and time and place than most people.

    So proud of our president tonight. Well, every day, but I marvel all over again at our luck and good fortune as a country when I see him at the podium for the SOTU.

  121. So nicely said Ivee.. he definitely has:

    He just seems to have a more highly honed sense of context and time and place than most people.

  122. He’s like a parent, displeased at a child for acting up in school but disliking the behavior, not the child.

    It’s a shame that Congress these days is more like kindergarten than government. President Obama has enough to deal with; they should be helping, even if they disagree, to find some common solutions to our problems — compromises we all can live with instead of just stamping their feet and having a tantrum.

  123. I’ll be sad to see Robert Gates retire (as he’s said he’s going to relatively soon). He’s been a credit — he’s an example of a truly bipartisan official.

    I do get the feeling, though, that he likes working withPresident Obama better than he liked working with President Bush.

  124. Lawrence O’donnell got on my one last nerve last night when he implied that if President Obama didn’t address gun control in the State of the Union he was going to be very disappointed and that it would be a missed opportunity. His comments tonight about the speech being too vague on specifics just didn’t make any sense to me.

    I am so sick of the pundits I can’t stand it. I absolutely loathe CNN. The only person I can stomach on MSNBC is Rachel Maddow and even she is skating on thin ice. If she brings up Bill Daley one more time that’s it. I just don’t get her obsession with the chief of staff appointment.

  125. I find it hard to understand what people would object to with this speech. It was purely American, full of pride in the possibilities, and attempting to unite – not divide. There was nothing too radical in the speech; mostly stuff we’ve heard but greatly emphasized. Just a calm laying out of a potentially beautiful future, if people are willing to focus on the prize. I didn’t see anything to object to, on the left or the right.

  126. We need all of the new teachers we can get. Not many of our young people want to go into teaching much anymore. I think part of it is the abuse teachers receive from politicians, citizens, and sometimes from local and state government, and part of it is the less than adequate pay, especially in the south. I taught for 33 years until 2009, so I know that for the right person, nothing is more rewarding than working with our kids.

  127. Rep. Ryan wants to limit America’s potential; whereas President Obama wants to unleash it and let it soar.

  128. No matter what, President Obama never aims for the pundits. Whether he’s speaking in poetry or prose, he’s speaking to the American people.

    And tonight it’s like he sat us all down and gave us his plan for our large American family’s future.

    Now it’s up to us, as members of the American family who support him, to help him realize these goals.

    Because his goals certainly make a helluva lot more sense than anyone else I’ve listened to who’s currently in public life!

  129. Every time I see one of these jerks attack Muslims, I see red. I have friends who are Muslim. I taught students who were Muslim. Their religion doesn’t make them pariahs. They love this country, too. I know exactly how they feel because I went through the same thing living under segregation. It’s wrong, and they know they’re wrong, but they’re so perverse that they do it anyway in their quest for wealth and power. What hurts me most is that they call themselves Christians. I’m a Christian, and I have nothing in common with them. Their jesus isn’t my Jesus, and their god is not my God.

  130. Oh Theo – perfectly said. Love that: Unleash it and let is soar.. exactly how I’m feeling after listening to him: ready to soar.

  131. I agree. It’s not enough. It’d be great to take some of that money saved from cutting out the parts of government that are redundant (the salmon example cracked me up!) or don’t make sense (like a lot of our current defense budget) and putting those dollars to get people back to work building high-speed railways, fixing our roads, outfitting our buildings to harness the sun and insulate them better so everyone is warm without using so much fuel.

    Urging our youth to become involved in helping others by becoming teachers. How inspiring!

    President Obama is not about making government larger; he’s all about making it leaner, smarter, more efficient and changing it to fit the needs of the 21st century.

    We are extremely lucky to have him.

  132. I think that the title of this blog pretty much encompasses the best six words one can use to describe the president — the only adult in the room.

    Thanks BWD!

  133. Absolutely. Our media is a disgrace, and I truly believe detrimental to our Democracy.

  134. I know this is true because I read it on The Immoral Minority blog @ 8:00 PM, an hour before the president delivered it.

  135. BWD without this site I don’t know what I’d do. I don’t go to the DK anymore and until I found you here, I was ‘lost’ so to speak. The President was in command and seems to more than have his mojo back. Bon-er almost cried when he made the compliment about the kid “sweeping up his dad’s bar” etc –he got choked up and misty, and the POTUS deserves big points for that! Loved his message about teachers, kids who are not legally American pledging to our Flag and a buffet of topics but mostly for being the hottest smartest person in the room yet again. Props to Secy HRC, the 2 new SCOTUS judges, our FLOTUS who was radiant yet again, and the American people who can sense that our President is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above anyone who has been in that office in more than a generation. HE MAKES ME WANT TO BE A BETTER AMERICAN! Love love love President Obama!

  136. With all the recent police shootings and the likelihood of mire to come given the number of crazies with guns (not to mention criminals too) I suspect public opinion will shift toward some commonsense regulations. Push it too soon and there will be more violence as people stockpile guns and take out those who they fear will take their guns (like the guy who killed cops in Pittsburgh.) gun control doesn’t have a prayer right now and there is still an economy to save and jobs to create. DADT repeal tooktime too. Our president is a student of the I Ching: “perseverance furthers.”

  137. He was with POTUS earlier at a function for supporting the military and was reportedly on good behavior!

  138. He is the one I fell in love with in 2004 and a proud supporter since. The first president I admired greatly was JFK and for the same reasons: his intellect, wit, grace, charm, and vision for all. He had more medical and moral issues but since the press used to have some respect for the privacy of our leaders this was not an issue.
    It’s great that our president has a vision of the puzzle that is our future greatness and how all thepieces fit together. Loved the metaphor of the plane crashing if you removes it’s engine.

  139. “Boner’s Donors” won’t like the retirement of tax cuts or the oil subsidies. Now THAT is something I can get behind! Why should big oil get subsidies when they make billions in profits and destroy our environment with their oil spills?

  140. That is probably because they had Joe Wilson sitting next to a grandmother type Congresswoman with knitting needles and a major attitude! Heeheeheeheehee!

  141. 55% liked it, the next largest group didn’t see it and the tiny remainder hated it (probably because Beck and Limbaugh told them to)

  142. It was the same with the Obama/McCain debates: polls were overwhelmingly in favor of Obama while the pundits carped.

  143. That is exactly how I felt. He walked down the long hall to the future and closed off every door that the republicans thought they were going to be able to use to attack him. A masterful job, but what else would I expect!

  144. That’s Christina Green’s mom, brother, and dad next to FLOTUS, right? I just can’t even imagine. They have really set an example in terms of grace and class. I see the little kid who must sorely miss his sister and probably can barely process what’s going on, and I just want to cry.

    So thank you to the Green family for displaying such courage and grace, and for coming to the SOTU, smiling even, and showing that despite their unimaginable loss, they love this country and they respect this President. The whole country owes these people a debt of gratitude.

  145. Hi Anita,

    I think the President was saving all these “red meat” things you mentioned for his upcoming pep Rallies, of which he will be giving plenty for the rest of the year and months leading up to the 2012 elections.

    This was not meant to be a partisian pep rally, but a solemn and unifying call to action about the current state of this country and his vision for where it needs to go. Obama also touched upon some of his key achievements including HCR, tax cuts for the middle class, student loan reform, financial reform, and DADT repeal. I believe he struck the appropriate tone, especially in light of what recently happened to a congress member.

    There’ll be plenty of time for red meat and firing up the crowds.

  146. As of this morning, Lawrence O’Donnell looks like a complete idiot. His attempt to downgrade the SOTU address was completely out-of-touch and out of alignment with the susbstance of the speech and the high approval numbers reported last night and this morning.

  147. You’ve got this site so incredibly well organized. I might say this too much, but this is just beyond impressive. Thanks a million!

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