So much for the latest Obama-the-sell-out nonsense

Can we move on to the next manufactured outrage?

The New York Times:

…Mr. Obama is unlikely to embrace the recommendations of a bipartisan majority on the debt-reduction commission he created, which proposed slashing projected annual deficits through 2020 with deep cuts in domestic and military spending, changes to Social Security and Medicare…



130 thoughts on “So much for the latest Obama-the-sell-out nonsense

  1. Waiting for the poutrage over the list of things he didn’t talk about. Why didn’t he promise the impossible? The faux progressives will scream anyway that he didn’t accomplish what he didn’t say he would accomplish. Such is the way with lunacy.

  2. Real supporters of the Pres knew this already. This website isn’t _ _ _. That is a three letter unspeakable site. Lol

  3. Funny that these folks all seem TO KNOW what this man will say BEFORE the words even come out of his mouth! Mindreaders, all…they should be in another line of work if they can do that with any accuracy, and yet, they keep on trying to put words in the man’s mouth and end up with egg on their faces, everytime.How foolish and clueless they look.And dumb.Surprise!!!! Wrong again! Whip the people into a froth over something that isn’t and will never be.Frankly, it makes me sick…and I don’t even pay attention to them anymore…but lots of the public does and that’s why it pisses me off.I look forward to the SOTU, I will watch with glee and anticipation as the President commands the room, the R’s pout and act smug and rude, and we see an uptick in approval ratings for the President after his speech.He is on a whole ‘nother page from the rest of them…they squirm and I love it…we see who they truly are. More and more everyday.And it ain’t pretty.Think we’ll be treated to more wonderful decorum such as the likes of Joe “You Lie” Wilson, or the sanctamonious criminals on the Supreme Ct.( I’m looking at YOU Thomas, Alito, and Scalia) thumbing their noses at the President by not showing up…? That will be telling now won’t it? Regardless, I will sit with my tea and watch my President. With a proud heart, and a big ass smile on my face! Thank you, Mr. President!

  4. I was never convinced that he was going to do this-at least not before he was re-elected. If nothing else, Obama makes sense when he makes his decisions, and this didn’t make sense to me. But Obama likes to be thorough, and get all kinds of input, so his Commissions are designed to do just that. He then filters it through politics, common sense, and other people with opposing ideas to come to a decision.

    Not to zay that if Obama finds something useful in those reports, he won’t use it, but he’s no robot about these things.

    BTW, with this visit Obama is correcting the bad impression George Bush made:

    Hu and Bush: Let’s Do Lunch

    All Bush gave Jintao was a quick lunch. Somehow the Republicans thought that such a gesture would show concern for Human Rights and Trade issues, by not treating him like a world leader that he is.

  5. and yet, they keep on trying to put words in the man’s mouth and end up with egg on their faces, everytime.

    Exactly, and since it makes them look more and more foolish, they get more and more upset, and the next nonsense will be even more stupid. Those MoveOn people should really, well, move on to fight against the real enemy. This president is the only friend they have.

  6. On a different subject – I think all of us, every day, should be looking for the little ways that we can support this President. Here is my own small example: when I was reading about the WH state dinner last week, on the guest list I was surprised to see the name of a prominent resident of my smallish home town in the midwest. So I went to the website of the hometown newspaper, which has a conservative editorial slant. There was no mention of it. (They did feature a local resident who was honored at a college bowl game!!).

    So I emailed them and asked about it. In reply they said it was insertd as part of a larger piece that was not included in the online edition. (It was barely mentioned.)

    So I emailed back that such an invitation was a huge honor, that papers like the NYT and Wash Post give it lots of attention, and that I had to wonder if their conservative editorial stand made them resist making any positive association between Pres Obama and the local company and its president.

    Maybe I made them think twice for the future, I don’t know. I do know that this country is full of similar small town papers, and if you have a connection with one (maybe you grew up in that place and moved away like I did), you can make noise through LTEs or just direct communication with the editors.

    Just a thought

  7. Some of these people live in a world of anticipating that the Democratic Party will inevitably disappoint them and ignore them, and react instintively rather than rationally.

    Others are Naderite/Green folks who are unhappy that he doesn’t cater to dismantling corporations and immediately pulling out of Afghanistan.

    The last group are people who are unhappy that he’s not taking up Congress’s time prosecuting Bush and Cheney. With those people,anything else he does is relatively meaningless because he hasn’t done those things.

    None of those people are living in reality as we know it (especially after the midterms). For better or worse, we are now in the 2012 Campaign. Nothing except budget stuff is going to get to his desk in the next two years, so he might as well get a head start. And so should we. And MoveON.

  8. I love this site. I send several of the links on to my email list so it goes even further. I don’t think, however, that continuing in the food fights is going to help us work in unison. The way I think about it is the most support we can give the President is to work to defy the purposefully divisive strategies and instead respect, empower and include even when we have hurt feelings. There are bullies waiting to target anyone who appears unsupported so we need to disagree, be activists but not undercut one another. We will need everyone’s efforts and can’t allow ourselves to be played against one another. IMHO.

  9. I hosted a calling party every Sunday for three months in our rural district as an OFA volunteer. I am also a member of Move On and when they asked for calling parties for endangered candidates from other states we called for them on the same nights. I have also organized a health care forum for DFA when they put our a call for help. I think we need to resist the urge to pull apart and work in unison.

  10. Good move Elly. Local engagement is very important for messaging. That’s how the right wingers do it.

  11. Why I’m glad Keith Olbermann is gone

    If there was some strange parallel universe in which Keith Olbermann and I were members of Congress, I suspect we would vote together about 99 percent of the time. But when the “Countdown” host announced his abrupt departure from MSNBC on Friday night, I felt only relief.

    First reactions to Olbermann’s exit have broken along lines as partisan as they were predictable. That the New York Post would respond to the news with glee and The Huffington Post with a gnashing of teeth was hardly a shock.

    But back in the real world, I cannot imagine I am the only viewer who is basically simpatico with Olbermann’s worldview, but who had come to find him and his show utterly insufferable. The glibness, the pomposity, the narcissism — all these foibles had, of late, reached gut-wrenching proportions.

    // more

  12. “Whip the people into a froth over something that isn’t and will never be”. Isn’t that the truth? I watched that happen repeatedly. So much wasted energy, so much missing the point, so much foolishness.

  13. Bravo. I’ll remember that. Just the kind of thing I like to do to help support the President.

  14. Organizations like MoveOn haven’t yet learnt how to consolidate a victory. So they end up fighting rearguard actions when it is too late. Their sense of urgency in everything gains them nothing in the end.

  15. I agree, we need to work TOGETHER. Abusing this president again and again and again over things he didn’t do and never even said he’ll do – is not what i consider working together.

    But, i respect you beyond words for all your work.

  16. I get it but many many people felt he was a champion much as many people consider you to be and they are afraid to lose his voice. One of the best links I have gotten off of a democratic site was to “Appreciative Inquiry” which is a project of Case Western Reserve University business school. After reading it I saw the power in their premise. I also think it speaks to the President’s ability to help us see our strengths and accomplishments as a way to build our confidence and resolve in solving problems. I think the only way to overcome that which is bad is with good and encouragement and appreciation is a big part of what you do with your efforts.

  17. dotster..sadly, it happens SO often, that we could set our watches to it.Will they ever learn? Maybe GWB was speaking to this audience correctly when he asked, ” Is our children learning?” Sad beyond words.

  18. I’ve been having Broadband problems since Thursday, so I am just getting caught up. Unsubbed from Move-on which was about the last thing I did before losing the tubez.
    Caught an interview on Aljazeera English with Krugman and the man is an egomaniac; He would be very difficult to work with as it has to be his way or the highway. I can just see PBO’s reaction to that.

  19. I totally understand people who feels that it’s a great loss. But, like this guy said, while i agree with KO on 99% of the issues – maybe even 100% – in the last year he did not speak for me. In fact, he spoke against me. So while i wish it didn’t come to this – i will not miss him.

  20. But Obama likes to be thorough, and get all kinds of input, so his Commissions are designed to do just that. He then filters it through politics, common sense, and other people with opposing ideas to come to a decision.


    Peter Baker had an interesting article this week about the inside workings of Obama’s economic team. Its long, but a good read on the ups and downs of the process.

  21. That’s what I didn’t understand about the constant outrage about Krugman not working in the Administration. I felt that there were things we didn’t know: was he a team player, and could he keep his ego in check if Obama didn’t take his suggestions? Were there skeletons in his closet that would have made him unconfirmable? Did he even want the job, as restrictive as those jobs could be financially and otherwise?

    Nobody gave a thought to those things when castigating Obama for not appointing their favorite person.

    In a strange way, it’s the same with the “draft an Obama challenger movement”. Nobody asks why someone with a decent self-respect for their political career would even want to go on such a hopeless political quest. They don’t ask if the person would be Presidential timber. They don’t even ask if they have moved on from Presidential ambitions altogether but want to have a political career anyway. It’s about them, not the country’s needs.

  22. It’s a very very good read. One of my conclusions: The president wanted to hear all views and believed that there’s no *I* in a team – but most of that team was too busy with the *I*.

  23. Hey, don’t worry they’ll draft cenk as a ‘progressive’ challenger to BO.

    Heck, they’re already calling for “Senator” KO.

    Reality based community, indeed.

  24. If you create an atmosphere of openness, egos and ideas are going to clash. The fact that the article showed that actually gave it some credence for me. I suspect Baker captured things pretty well. And it does show how comfortable Obama is with a “team of rivals.” He was able to tolerate all of that and still push for the best ideas.

  25. I’d agree, except that if I believed in Evil Plots, I can see an Evil Plot here on the part of MSNBC: they’re moving in Cenk for five insufferable hours/week to prove that they’re ‘moving to the left’. That Cenk (and Ed) will be the counter to Rush and Glenn is patently ridiculous: Rush and Glenn never did ANYTHING to hurt Republican chances for power, until the conservative world view had been so ingrained in American politics as to give them a chance to push things over the rightward cliff. What the frustrati refuses to comprehend is that it took 30 years for them to get there.

    I kept saying during the 2008 that if Obama supporters behaved, it would take about a decade to put the course toward progressive ideals back in public consciousness. Because they are liars and we are not. Lives are better under Democratic control. Had we supported Obama as we should have in 2010, Nancy Pelosi would still be Speaker. Sure, Repubs and tea partiers were uber-motivated. The left should have been equally uber-motivated just because the tea party was gaining control of the Republican party. Instead the frustrati did all they could to depress voter turnout in order to ‘send a message’. What was the ultimate message? That progressives and Democrats in general are not reliable voters. Good job.

    So MSNBC gets to say, “see, we picked a real leftie, just like Rush is a real rightie”. Every time Cenk opens his bombastic mouth, he tries to hurt this President. He’s a fact-challenged menace. Didn’t see them offering Stephanie Miller an hour/day: she happens to think the way we think here at BWD’s site. She understands what it means to support progress and build upon it.

    Yes, I had become quite annoyed with Keith. What speech was it — some major economic speech — that he blasted because it wasn’t mean enough to knock out Republicans with one punch? His outrage had lost its punch. I had stopped watching him regularly. But the replacement line-up is worse. It’s still television, after all. We may adore Lawrence’s professorial approach and Rachel’s studied 3-minute sentences. Ed Schultz may appeal to the blue collar voter that we need so dearly to turn this country around; but half of what comes out of his mouth bashes Obama. I’d rather have Keith.

  26. Yeah, all of a sudden Krugman’s barometer is to return the economy to pre-bubble levels in housing, etc. Since when did Krugman believe in bubbles as reasonable barometers?

    Since Barack Obama won and Hillary Clinton did not. Trust me, if Hillary Clinton had done exactly what Obama has done (only she would have been even more right-leaning than Obama),Krugman would have cheered her political prowess. He has ended up a petty, little man in my opinion.

  27. I go there so you don’t have to: Kos now has polling that is as skewed anti-Obama as it was pro-Obama before he fired the last pollster (who has since gone out of business).

    46 approve/ 50 disapprove. Who needs Rasmussen when Kos has PPP to skew everything Republican. Please.

  28. This is on point and I agree. Like I said in other threads, I think that KO was good during the bush years, but later, it became about his ego, narcissim, and ratings. Management did not want another headache on their hands and they had to let him go

  29. I woke up early this morning and watched the Netflix National Geophraphic special on apete Soyza and the White House Photographers, and loved it!!! I cried when Souza was describing the somber and emotional moment when the President went to Dovet to greet the caskets. It made me think of all the hard tasks and crisis this Predident had to bear, and the selflessness of President Obama and his entire administration. These people work tirelessly and endlessly. They probably work 70 hours a week. And all I can think if is the thankless attitude of the professional left and the idiocy of the delusional right, and I am in awe for this President.

    The professional left who spend most of their time on the Internet, most have no idea what it’s like to work under so much pressure in long hours, and how they dare spit on and criticize this Administration just kills me.

    I know what t’s like to be tired and to work hard, but then after that to be told it’s full of shit and that it’s not good enough! I have endless amount of admiration for what this Predident puts up with, and yet NEVER loses focus or gives up. When the going gets tough he keeps fighting. Unlike many quitters like Sarsh Palin or the Frustrati who have decided to give up on working for a better democracy, because they have lost motivation. It’s pathetic and disgusting! I’m sorry to say but I can only describe it as contempt.

    I know all this because I went through a painful breakdown because I got so caught up with trying to make no mistakes at work, and working crazy hours, it got to the point where everything I did was life or death. I cracked under the pressure. I had to get help to see things in a different light, and to begin to separate my identity and self worth with what I do.

    I can only imagine the enormous burden this President is faced with, and this great man embraces it! He’s like a Hercules refusing to give up each major hurdle.

    Think about it, from the very beginning he had dealt with a financial meltdown, a teetering economy which almost went into a 2nd depression, two wars, countless terrorist attempts, pirates, BP oil spill, earthquakes & natural disasters, tense international negotiations, crazy Tea Partiers & birthers, disrespectful politicians and crazy racists, fighting fir Health Care legislation, financial legislation, fighting for unemployment benefits, tragedies at Ft Hood and Tucson, at so much more, all the while keeping a cool head and maintaining civility, common sense, patience and willingness to work with people to get shit done!!

  30. Good morning everyone. You know im not worried about the cuts. We need some cuts in some areas. Every one look a domestic program in your opinion what can be cut. Education, he can make cuts in the energy we use in schools. transportation, we use more money in the up keep of the rail lines and fixing the old. getting high speed railing going will solve a lot of that, If you think about it there is a lot that he can do without affecting jobs. I trust him and say we do need some cuts.

  31. Well said pink. Most americans are spoiled brats of gimme now variety. So they don’t recognize the hard work this Prez has put in in last two years. Pearls before swines.

  32. The only loss is that he used his voice to criticize and not inform. Keith never did specials. he never went out in the field to talk to people or have a town hall about how we can help. Most of his show was bashing Bill Oreilly Sarah palin, rush. He need to call them out but he gave them importance by mentioning them every night.

  33. The languange Krugman uses in his op-eds is enough for me to understand he is not able to work in a team. He expresses contempt for other’s ideas, he’s often mean to others. He gives me the same impression in interviews.

    Compare that with some columns or interviews of Ezra Klein. Mr. Klein doesn’t always agree with the WH, but he expresses his opinions respectfully. I LOVE Ezra Klein.

  34. Wayne Dyer has expressed dismay at his traveling throughout the country and finding so many people who are just sitting idly and waiting for an ‘occasion to be offended’. I know so many people like that, and those who continually and constantly criticize the President for what he has ‘failed to accomplish’ are just that ilk and do not deserve our attention. It is hard, however, to ignore them, they are so loud in their protestations. Let’s not look at the amazing accomplishment of this administration, but rather find some minute reason for criticism, their hue and cry.


  35. I agree. He was great during the Bush years and our only voice for a while. He deserves credit.
    I think he will remerge on the net with his own site. There he can be as difficult as he wants.
    I think most of Olbermann issues are his personal ones and when he started bashing Obama I stopped watching him.

  36. I just think it’s all just a fund-raising ruse. They send out their hand-wringing, pearl-clutching emails to frighten everybody and make them believe their “progressive” activist creds are at stake. And they always ask for money so they can send out their latest hair-on-fire screed to their choir. Completely self-serving and a rip-off because it’s based on nothing but THIN AIR.

  37. Yes he did and I should have put that in. but he could have did more. He looked for the negative in what the President was doing.He used the same format he had for bush and started using it on Obama which was unfair.

  38. He started the meme with comparing President Obama to President Bush. Even when President obama moved the troops out of Iraqi he continued with the number of days segment.

  39. Heh. That “Let’s do Lunch” article you link to is timely for me. I appreciate that link Carol and I agree with you!

    I have been responding to a few that Our President will accomplish more with China by treating President Hu Jintao honorably as a world leader. Some might believe he over did with the regal dinner, etc. Not me. I think those who believe that don’t realize the importance of “honor” to the Asian heads of state as we do with any other head of state. Remarks that we should not waste time or money doing this with China reminds me of when the GOP were outraged that Our President bowed to the Emperor of Japan. It’s just more hogwash.

  40. Yes. That, and they don’t WANT to see.Pink, hope you’re doing ok now..sounds as though you’ve come to realize now that you will never be all things to all people, and that you can only do YOUR very best. Some people are never satisfied, and you could have moved a mountain and they would have told you that you left a little dirt where the mountain USED to be.They are not worth your time and efforts, love.Smile and move on…karma will take care of that for you:)

  41. I just wonder sometimes whether some of POTUS’ loudest detractors amongst the poutrage class are evaluating President Obama, or someone else altogether. He’s been so unbelievably consistent and stable, I just scratch my head at this sell-out boogieman who appears to be a pure media invention! Happy Sunday, everyone.

  42. President Obama is really consistent, so indeed, most of us already knew this. I think that what has happened is that there is just this ridiculous doctrine of “preemptive criticism” which accuses POTUS of contemplating things which he hasn’t done in order to box him in and limit his options. It creates a distorted picture of POTUS politically, as well as a distorted picture of who he is character-wise.

    This is why people should limit exposure to certain toxic spaces, and simply calmly read what POTUS says for himself without the sketchy filter.

  43. Sam, you hit the nail on the head when you said, ” ? The faux progressives will scream anyway that he didn’t accomplish what he didn’t say he would accomplish. Such is the way with lunacy.”

    That is so true. They will say he broke promises he never made. Apparently few have read his books, or studied his campaign platform in 2008, listen to his speeches, and have not done their research.

  44. Really amazing insight, HvH. This is what bothers me the most about the current media climate: it inspires passivity and negativity, which is really a shame, as we’re in a relatively enjoyable political period in terms of competent leadership in the WH.

  45. Bingo. It’s also a formula for crisis-making. Keeping people jumping from crisis to crisis to crisis keeps them keyed up and creates a really distorted picture of political reality.

  46. There is seemingly a generally accepted idea (in the MSM) that the public wants spending cuts, so President Obama will have to get across that is a bad idea. Rep. Ryan is doing the opposition rebuttal, and he’s all about cuts. It’s worth pointing out that Rep. Ryan was on the deficit/debt commission.

    I believe I read where the deficit/debt concern was third on a ranking list of what folks polls found important. Jobs and job creation was first.

    It seems that the GOP tried to lure President Obama into a trap with focusing too much on debt/deficit to make spending cuts, which would have lead to job losses – which the GOP then would have run on in 2012.

  47. I agree. Ezra is a different breed who has a bright future. His best friend is “data” and he does a good job to back the majority of his assertions with real data. Unlike Krugman who has to always project and bait his tongue or foam at the mouth when he is proven wrong.

  48. He wants a horde of adoring fans all singing his praises and saying how correct he is all the time. Icky.

  49. Cenk bashes the President even more so than Keith did. So it bothers me if Cenk is taking his place and getting his own daily show in primetime. Is he taking Keith’s timeslot? If so, he started bashing the President long before Keith did and that is troublesome. I was hoping they would replace Keith with someone who is more supportive of our President.

  50. Yep. You and BWD state how I began to feel about Keith. It’s a shame really. He “coulda been a contender”… instead he lost me. And yes, he could have done so much more than he did. Someone said he boxed himself in. By the time Rachel showed her brilliance and Larry O’Donnell (I’m not sure about that guy) got a slot, there wasn’t any place for Keith to go. I think he could have done more ground work as you have said, town halls, more interviews with serious people, and gone away from [constantly presenting the same old pundit petri dish type of] self-promotion as the Salon article BWD posted above, alluded to.

  51. He really hates this president.

    From his blog today:

    Sigh. So it appears that President Obama is going to make “competitiveness” his main economic theme. To be fair, he could (and may well) do worse.

    Can he be any more condescending?

  52. I also agree about working together. However, I can’t ignore the fact that certain sites have persistently spread falsehoods and innuendo based on nothing but wild speculation throughout the blogosphere, and they now seem intent on trying to invade the more reasonable sites with their crap since we left them to their own devices on theirs. Unfortunately, their POV seems to be the one that makes it onto the “liberal” msnbc lineup. So I do not feel bad laughing at them when yet another one of their chiken little predictions gets shot down. And I never will. Sorry.

  53. Sadly, I have to agree with all you say here, as well. I am more than aggravated that Cenk and Ed are supposed a voice for me. Ratigan jangles my nerves as well. Really, but for Rachel, I have no one over there I respect enough to listen to, and I only watch Rachel by video.

    It’s almost as if MSNBC took the worst idea from Keith’s constant deliberations about Beck and O’Reilly and decided it might be ‘fun’ to offer viewers on the left the radical liberal faces of Ed and Cenk, who mirror those on FOX. WTH!

  54. They don’t ever ask the heady questions. They only emote. Juvenile politicking, if you ask me.

  55. I may be mistaken, but I could swear I read an article very early on in 2009 where Krugman admitted that he wouldn’t take a job with a Democratic administration because he didn’t want the responsibility or something. I’ve always had that in the back of my mind, so I never understood the calls to push him to do something he didn’t seem inclined to do anyways.

  56. Our President has endurance that Krugman will never understand because he can’t get out of the way of his own ego. I don’t like Krugman. And I doubt Mr. President wants to bother with someone who has been nothing but condescending.

  57. Well done Elly- I agree this is one more outstanding way to support our President and this administration.

  58. Count me in. Not just because working together makes us stronger, but because it makes me calmer.

    My blood pressure goes up when I just complain and whine. When I do something — like sign a petition, write a letter, I feel a “little” powerful, when I do something within a group, like post to a blog, go to a meeting, I feel “very powerful”.

    This group definitely “recharges” my batteries.

  59. Most sane people of all ideological stripes would much prefer to see money go to something that they can tangibly see creating jobs in their own areas. Too many people really have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the idea that state and government workers are just living high on the hog off their tax dollars and need to be brought down to size. The GOP will be trying hard to paint any new spending in that light, as just rewarding those type of workers, whether it’s accurate or not. On the other hand, there’s the opportunity to force the GOP to confront the issue of jobs, period, at a time when they’re trying as hard as possible to duck the very issue that swept so many of them into office last November.

  60. RinaX,

    I have the exact same recollection about Krugman’s lack of interest in government service. Also, I can’t recall where or when I heard/read it.

  61. I have to agree Faith.. though I don’t watch teevee at all, including Keith- I am quite concerned about Cenk and the utter non-factual BS that will come out of his mouth night after night.

  62. Really? Only “Senator Keith Olbermann”? Not President Keith Olbermann? I’m guessing THAT Diary is on the horizon:

    ‘Primary BO with KO’ heh.. would not shock me.

  63. IMHO, KayCeSF,

    It just shows how ignorant and dismissive they are of the culture of other nations and their leaders. They think that if one is an American, others should “bow” down to you. I consider the fact that foreigners value their culture the same way we value ours, and I truly believe that respecting the culture of other nations can go a long way in finding common ground with them. PBO has proven this point. We now have China and Russia on board to help keep an eye on the development of nuclear weapons in Iran. Under GWB, this didn’t happen. I also believe that if McCain and Palin were running the country, they would have further alienated Russia, China, and Iran because their favorite solution to dealing with foreign nations they consider our “enemies” is to use military power as a threat. Diplomacy wouldn’t be high on their list. PBO is showing that smart diplomacy can be an essential tool in foreign relations, and I love it. I find it appalling that many Americans don’t think that there are citizens in other nations that are just as tired of wars as some of us are. I think this is part of their dehumanizing the citizens of other nations, and that it permits them to justify their calls for more wars by hiding behind “American Exceptionalism,” and a lot of other nonsense.

  64. One thing that article underscored for me was just how bad things were and how lucky we are that he was President and not McCain. Things would have been much much worse than they are now. People are so quick to criticize the President, but seriously, nobody could have done it better. Spending the first two years of an administration bringing the country back from the brink of disaster is no mean feat. Sure he didn’t wave a magic wand and make it all go away, but he didn’t bungle it either.

    Glad to see Krugman’s nationalizing the banks theory debunked.

    I’ve got a new retort: Business is sitting on $2 Billion in cash! They’re the ones who need to hear the words: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

  65. It’s good to be god of a blog, isn’t it? I’ve been suspicious of PPP since Markos decided to go with it. Of course, I don’t pay attention to polls, especially the ones put out on FP at the DailyPox.

    I go there only when I’m in a mood to peek in, quickly scan the diaries and rarely do I find something worth reading. Last night JekyllHyde wrote a fabulous diary and if you all missed it, go read. It blew me away…,-and-You-Ought-to-be-Ashamed-of-Yourselves

  66. Heh. TiMT. Ezra puts the “reality” back into “reality based”.

    P.S. Sorry to hear about your suspension. Totally unjust, unfair. Your honesty and and refusal to be bullied, strikes fear in the bullys. (Which is what happens when you confront bullies). Love your work at “The Peoples View”, btw.

  67. I saw that yesterday- amazing. I’m pretty sure I read recently that democratic approval of the President is 70-80% and that overall approval of the President is 50% or higher.. and yet they have his disapproval at 50%- I’ve never heard of any poll citing his disapproval at 50%- not in these entire two years.

    Maybe they only poll their own site now..??

  68. I felt about Olbermann the same way I felt about Alan Grayson. I liked his politics, but hated his rhetoric and antics. Both lead to their supporters retreating to their corner and trying to outshout the other side. The entrenchment they cause made their politics hard to like even when you agreed with them in principle, and certainly wasn’t going to win any converts to their side.

  69. gn, I think they are evaluating themselves. We see in others what we most like or dislike in ourselves. I try to be on top of this in my own life, but I, too, certainly sink into this abyss. One of the greatest challenges in being human is to gain self-knowledge and use it to help others gain it too.

  70. Exactly, cuphalffull, don’t feed the beast with our energy. It can be spent far better elsewhere. I wonder if anyone can point to a specific instance where perpetual ranting led to an actual improvement in the real world. I know the frustrati take credit for any positive changes President Obama may bring about, but, as is said here, he has been remarkably consistent in his approach and I doubt that their rage has anything at all to do with what he has accomplished.

  71. Well said.

    Which is why the professional pundits and the Krugmans will never raise their hands to become public servants. It’s safe to sit in a chair at a computer and opine negatively about this or that decision made by President Obama and his team. They don’t have to put their name or life on the line to make any decisions. In fact, Krugman once said it’s all about having a voice for him:

    “How about Krugman himself for that role? “I’m not a backroom kind of guy,” he says, schlumped over in his Princeton office, which overflows with unopened mail. He describes himself as a “born pessimist” and a “natural rebel.” But he adds, “What I have is a voice.” That he does.” P.5

    From the Newweek article “Obama’s Nobel Headache” by Evan Thomas, dated March 28, 2009 (I knew after reading this Krugman would never be on board with our President):

    “Though he was a scourge of the Bush administration, he has been critical, if not hostile, to the Obama White House.”

  72. Yes, Krugman did say that he wouldn’t be a good government employee. I recall it most clearly. He is very much aware of his penchant for wanting others to comply with what he thinks, even the president, and this comes through in his comments on Sunday news programs and in his columns. He seems to be an authoritarian-minded individual, and yes, he did win a Nobel Prize in economics, but that doesn’t mean that his is the only worthy opinion when it comes to making decisions about the economy.

  73. You know, I think that this is really true of human nature Sheila. So much of the issue here is projection. Terrific insight!

  74. I probably shouldn’t play amateur psychologist, but I suspect that many of these people get their feelings of self-worth from their “righteous” rage, just like some people get their feelings of self-worth from their wealth. If there were a way to help them to feel empowered, I believe their rage would dissipate, but since we have no way of doing this by commenting in the blogosphere, we should just move on. I do encourage all of us to give as much respect as possible to those we meet in real life to help them learn to respect themselves. As James Carse writes, “The weak are particularly in need of respect and it is the duty of the strong to give it to them.” (not an exact quote but close enough)

  75. #Random …I’ve said this before…Pres.Obama
    did to the boss of bosses..CEO & President of
    GE (MSNBC’s parent company) Jeff Immelt what
    he wanted the republicans to do….Have a
    sense of shared American prosperity…I don’t think the head of MSNBC, CNBC & NBC will
    tolerate some smart mouthed comments from any
    of their on-air personalities taking swipes
    at The White House…
    Jeff Immelt’s reputation now tied to this
    And Ed Shultz got the message
    yesterday..He was sprinting away from the progressive label correcting the anchor telling her he was a Liberal…They had him up early saturday
    morning giving Pres.Obama a perfect 10 score
    for the way he’s persuing his jobs agenda…I
    knew he would…Nothing like a firing to get
    eveyone’s attention…There will be no fake
    progressives speaking out of turn doing damage to the company CEO by screamming incompetence or corporatist…especially not
    from the likes Of Cenk blah..blah…He’ll choose his words carefully and check his
    inside tone or else they’ll put his azz outdoors 🙂

  76. It’s interesting that MoveOn started in defense of Clinton during the impeachment scam. They never held the white guy responsible for any of his Republican-lite policies. I tend to agree that Clinton was far better than the alternatives in the opposition, but he is responsible for moving the entire Democratic Party (and the Republican Party too) to the right, and MoveOn never made mention of it.

  77. HI Elly in MD

    I love your practical suggestion.

    Letters to the editor in print or as online blog posts do make a BIG difference. I am collecting letters as source material for others. Would you feel comfortable posting your letter here or sending it to me

  78. gn, in case you didn’t see it in an earlier thread, I wanted to second (or third or fourth) the comments in praise of you. I always know when I see your name that your comment will be well thought-out and well-expressed.

  79. Your remark:

    “We now have China and Russia on board to help keep an eye on the development of nuclear weapons in Iran.”

    It is just ONE concrete reason why our President is smarter than the rest. As far as I’m concerned, all you say is right. Even Reagan understood it, but don’t try to remind ‘them’ about that because they fabricate in their own dull minds that we are the only country to exalt, no others.

    How in hell are we ever, as human beings, going to resolve our differences if we don’t sit down and talk to one another? I really don’t think the people who support the Rightwingers care about resolving worldwide problems. So tunnel-visioned they all are.

  80. makesense4tulips – you hit it on the head for me

    “The only loss is that he used his voice to criticize and not inform.”

    That is my major concern with almost all the media. Please don’t give me your opinion, give me the information.

    I feel most folks respond well to being told an issue is complicated, there are no easy answers and then time spent calmly giving them the facts.

    Journalists have such a precious gift, viewers give them their time and attention, they look to them for encouragement and guidance, and instead we are yelled at.

    Should we need to draft a letter to MSNBC that asks for what we want in a replacement? I appreciated it when in a previous thread folks listed recommendations for a replacement.

    Randi Rhodes and Chris Hayes were the 2 popular choices.

    Would anyone be willing to help me craft a letter? Phrases like “inform more, criticize less” come to mind. I posted a crude and simple letter to the media a few weeks ago that could serve as a starting place.

    Fired up – Ready to Go

  81. I hope you are right about this. Somehow I don’t see Cenk playing by the rules. lol!

    And I do have a question: If MSNBC heads worry about their anchors getting out of line, then why in the world would they have hired Cenk in the first place?

    Unless they believe he’s a puppet… like Chuck Todd. Hmmm… maybe I have answered my own question.

    I have to head off…. thanks everyone. I have been busy and it was nice to have time to sit, read and offer my own 2 cents.

    Thanks BWD!

  82. Whatever we may think about Keith,..he served a purpose. Whether it was for people to awake from their slumber and re-act OR, give awareness or simply watch some truth (yes we know bombastically at times)being corrected. But, it would serve us better here to release him and just let him be.

  83. It looks like he will be giving a speech a la JFK when he called for us to land on the moon by the end of the 60’s. In short, it appears the rumor mongers were WAYYYY off on this one. What a shock.

  84. Excellent, thought provoking pieces:

    bluewavenews discusses the GOP’s plans to create a legislative structure for state bankruptcies, with the ultimate goal potentially being to weaken public employee unions and shortcut pension obligations:

    thepeoplesview discusses housing prices and articulates an argument that they remain too high, and that a new housing bubble is not an ideal vehicle for economic recovery:

  85. If POTUS delivers another one of his epic speeches, I would personally be over the moon, lol!

  86. First GOS had a pollster who always showed PBO up higher than the polls and Kos didn’t think it was being done correctly. Now this one always has PBO lower than all the others, but Kos seems to like this better.

  87. PPP has lower approval ratings of everyone. They tend to skew low. They also were excellent during the 2010 midterm race. PPP wouldn’t damage their reputation by skewing polls for kos.

  88. Thank you Desertflower- I’ve definitely learned my lesson, and have definitely readjusted my view on my work and personal life 🙂

  89. You’re right, Elly. I was actually quite surprised that my very first letter to the editor of my local paper was published, and someone mentioned it to me at work that they had read the letter and been impressed by the points made. It was encouraging to me that I’d made a difference, and reached at least one other person, and it helped to know that there was a sympathetic co-worker in our very red town.

  90. “This was all new to Obama, who, unlike Bush or Clinton, had never managed even a state economy. Now he was responsible for a nation in which everyone from homeowners to Wall Street tycoons had so overextended themselves that the system was coming apart. Obama’s theory of the case was that the country was trapped in a bubble-and-bust cycle, cascading from one artificial, unsustainable boom to the next. He wanted to not just apply a short-term patch but also to erect a more durable system with a stronger set of rules.

    Obama’s instinct was to take on everything at once. “I want to pull the band-aid off quickly, not delay the pain,” a senior Obama official remembers him saying.”
    NLinSP: Thank you so much for referring us to that Peter Baker article. While it is a long read, it provided me with a good factual overview of the President’s leadership. And, as usual, I’m impressed by the fact that he is determined to hear opposing opinions before making decisions; he clearly doesn’t pretend to be a ‘know-it-all’. The pundits could learn something from the President’s style. 😉 {I remember reading a 2008 article in Rolling Stones magazine that also stated that Prez O really likes to include opposing opinions when considering an issue.} That’s the kind of leadership that shows strength of purpose and character rather than ‘wimpiness’ (is there such a word? :)) to me. Of course, being human, the President won’t always hit the nail completely on the head 100% of the time, but no honest/fair observer can question his determination, focus and integrity. The information provided in this article is the kind of information that I truly appreciate on this site. This is an article that we can share with skeptics as, IMO, it presents the situation without any attempt to fawn over the president. [Yeah, I enjoy praising and highlighting his greatness, but because of this some people I speak to discredit my arguments.] The fact that, in our search for knowledge, each of us can find meaningful information that can educate the group dialogue is a really good way to grow our community. Wouldn’t it be terrific if WE at BWD’s ‘The Only Adult in the Room’ community could CONTINUE to share our love and appreciation for President Obama with more of this kind of stuff and with less focus on what other sites are (not) doing? We’ve made a Great start, but ……

    Thanks again NLinSP, and a BIG “THANK YOU” to BWD for her vision!

  91. Chris Hayes tends to be of the Professional Left (i.e. unrealistic expectations) society, and I’ve found that at times, he’s a little too much in the “perfect only” camp. He doesn’t seem to have the gravitas, either. It would be good to have an adult who is objective and credible in that slot. Unfortunately, objectively doesn’t bring in the ratings and ad dollars. But, I like the Randi Rhodes suggestion, too.

  92. Absolutely agree – the results from both Olbermann and Grayson are to divide, not to progress and unite. Very unconstructive.

  93. Hey there – I am doing great except that it is freezing cold in Minnesota. How are you doing? I am loving your site and the other positive sites out here now. I am also looking forward to the SOTU on Tuesday. Are you doing a liveblog for the event? I do miss those from GOS.

  94. Good for you, Pink B! A girlfriend of mine -in her 40’s – has yet to learn this lesson no matter how often you remind her that if she completely destroys her health, she’ll be no good to ‘the company’. Now, I tell her she’s an adult so ‘free’ to make her own choices.

  95. Ed Says he’s brave, just ask him. But his actions speak otherwise.

    He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

    His radio show, in particular, can be downright schizophrenic: I’ve heard him bash Obama at the beginning of a sentence and support him by the end of the sentence. It’s really something to hear.

    If anyone remembers, at the height of the health care debate he was pushing — for weeks — to not have the vote at all until after the 2010 elections and then we could get a more progressive bill! Now, that’s some serious deep reasoning.

    I understand Ed’s appeal. We need a few voices on progressive radio/TV that are less professorial and/or screaming from the works of Karl Marx. Someone who can connect with the blue collar [who should be] Democrat in a meaningful way. Ed, unfortunately, is all over the map.

    We seem to have lost our true working-stiff Democratic political writers from the past, who now would be on radio/TV. My beloved Mike Royko in Chicago comes to mind. I so often wonder what he would have to say about politics these days. God, I miss him (you have to be pretty old to remember Mike Royko, unfortunately)

  96. I am eager to hear his State of the Union speech.

    He’ll do something intelligent about this. I feel sure he will. He is a long term thinker, and he loves old people and disadvantaged people. I think he feels close to them because he has had his grandmother who raised him, at least on the front lines.

    If you look at the thrust of his risky ventures, every time it is for the disadvantaged in this society. Sure, on the tax cuts, he had to extend those for the wealthy. But he had a balancing act: he needed to keep unemployment payments going to those without, and he had to keep his word to the middle class. Besides, the middle class are most likely to go out and buy products that this country is ready to manufacture.

  97. I think Keith Olberman carries or carried more weight (broadcasting appeal) as a pundit than Cenk ever will; thus, Cenk will not be able to command the same type, number, or caliber of viewers. Moreover, Keith’s departure may simply mean more and more liberals will be more willing to cut the tv off and devote more of their political efforts to actions rather than words as someone alluded to earlier in this tread. I think that’s a good thing.

  98. I was reading something the other day that helped me realize the wisdom (even though I have been personally disappointed) in not prosecuting any in the Bush administration. What I read about human interaction and the current activities of the right wing gun and violence group helped me realize that any actions, especially towards the top people in that administration, could well have caused much more violence than we are seeing now. Possibly even a civil war type of debacle.

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