President Obama Plans to Shrink War Spending Over 25% Next Year

I just love this president. He couldn’t care less of the white noise.

Bloomberg: Obama Plans $42 Billion Cut in War Costs With Iraq, Afghan Troop Reduction

The Obama administration’s plan to reduce the number of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan will cut the Pentagon’s war budget by $42 billion — a 26 percent decrease from this year’s level, according to government officials.

The proposed $117 billion for fiscal year 2012, which begins Oct. 1, would be the lowest expenditure for the wars since fiscal 2005.


The drop from the Pentagon’s fiscal 2011 war-spending request of $159 billion reflects President Barack Obama’s plan to reduce troop levels in the war zones and stricter White House rules on what costs can be included in the war budget, said the officials, who asked that their names not be used because the budget has not been formally released.

“That’s the largest year-to-year decrease in total war funding since” the Afghan war began, Todd Harrison, a defense budget analyst for the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Washington said in an e-mail.

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134 thoughts on “President Obama Plans to Shrink War Spending Over 25% Next Year

  1. As an original baby boomer, I love this. As we started to say back in the ’70s: Make Love Not War! Thank you, President Obama. And thanks for the updates, BWD!

  2. Are you kidding me? Only $42 Billion?

    3 – 2 – 1…I bet that is just not progress enough for some.

    I wish America can set a Presidential standard by looking at how this President carries himself, acts and performs his duties in office. Not counting on it but if only…

  3. Good Sunday to you Blackwaterdog!

    All the links you have on this post hits error.

    We all appreciate “The Only Adult in the Room”

    Thank you for your work.


  4. I too LOVE this President and TOTALLY support this action!

    Have you hear anything about what he plans to do with returning service-people (jobs, housing, schooling, medical/psychological long-term and family support,etc) Offering superior (not just adequate) re-integration support will show them how much we appreciate their service to the country more than any folded flag and medals.

  5. Oh! How “common sense and reasonable” of him! Cut the killing money and increase the amount available to HELP people!I love my President. A LOT:)

  6. I think the point is that he is moving in the right direction. There is a right way to do the right thing and a wrong way. I think a gradual decrease is the right way.

    More importantly, we need to make sure these sort of wars dont happen again. The Obama Doctrine of being against dumb wars is a good precedent.

  7. Forgive me…but in a total hijack of this conversation….any lawyers on here that can practice in AZ and go after the bank that is not following the agreement they reached with the (former) AG on a Homeowners Bill of Rights? Talk about Crooks and Liars…pro bono or contingency would have to be the order of the day, as we have spent everything we have to save our home…getting kind of desperate now..mostly because I don’t trust them. Time is ticking away too quickly and we need some help and advice. Thanks, and sorry for the topic change.Carry on:)

  8. What I love most about him is that he doesn’t grandstand, either, he just does the job. That’s a true sign of strength.

  9. I LOVE this!!!!

    My take is that it is a planned leak by the administration. The Republicans want to capture the mantle about reducing the deficit. We all know that they never follow through because they won’t cut defense and don’t have the political will to cut anything else – except taxes.

    And we know that voters who are concerned about the deficit think military spending can and should be reduced.

    So the WH is leaking information about defense-spending cuts. It takes the wind out of the sail on the Republican lies about Democrats being the big spenders.

  10. I wish someone will show how much we saved since leaving Irag. President Obama is not going to cut anything that will decline jobs. His cuts will be smart cuts.

  11. I remember President Obama then Candidate Obama repeatedly saying “we have to be as careful getting out” as “we were careless in getting in”.

  12. Yes because polling suggest that Americans want more defense spending cuts. This is the president way of getting it out there. Republican want to cut education, health care, and transportation, which will harm jobs.

  13. What wonderful news to wake up to. Only when we start winding down the Empire will we be able to focus on making lives for our citizens better. Of course, the GOP will HOWL. They want to slash spending, but cutting the war budget is the *wrong* spending. War spending is fine; social spending is, well, socialist. Choads.

  14. TiMT, In light of your b.s. suspension, maybe rootless could post this “over there” because 1)it needs to be seen and 2)he shares your feistiness.

  15. I agree coolelegans. I just hope we start getting out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.

    The cost of the wars is staggering when you consider the deaths and injuries of our young people and the enormous amount of money needed to prolong the effort.

    Indeed, it is a move in the right direction.

  16. “Bbbbbbut… Obama is a warmongering right wing scumbag!”

    Seriously though, I enjoy this President. He ALWAYS plans his moves out, he looks before he leaps, that’s what I like about him. The Frustrati are reactionaries; they think EVERYTHING that Obama does, might do, or doesn’t do will lead to Crisis X. And when he does the opposite of what they expect, he’s either a right wing DLC Republican sell-out, or they “made him do it” because they “held his feet to the fire.”

    What I don’t understand is how this small group of folks can live their live through baseless hyperbole against this President. They’re no different than the tea party folks on that long lengthy quest for that long lost birth certificate. It truly is pathetic to think they speak for “the base.” Yeah, a base in their own minds, they are just as much in their own reality as Michelle Bachmann and the tea partiers are in their own reality.

    I enjoy the fact that spaces like this one exist. We can criticize the President without resorting to egotistical psychobabble. We can also disagree with each other without calling each other “Obamabots” or what have you. The leftwing ideological Frustrati are just as much bullies as the tea party folks are, they think that through endless political theater and bruising up the other side, they’ll get their way. Look at how well that worked for the last midterm election: now we have a Republican House full of tea party lunatics, and Speaker Bonehead is third in line for President. Good freaking job!

  17. Indeed, it is great to see TiMT anywhere. Thanks for all the work you have been doing at The People’s Place.

  18. Tulips4, I understand that the beginning of the withdrawal will be this year as promised. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  19. He keeps making them eat their words.The problem is the make up another stuff that makes him weak and a sellout. Keep up the good work Mr President.

  20. If I may suggest this? Before this SOTU address on Tuesday, take the time to read the SOTU from Jan 2010:

    I recognized a lot of his campaign speeches in that address. Sadly, though, it also shows just how little people really pay attention to the SOTU. He says more than once that people’s taxes were cut, but the message never got through the entire year. Also, sadly, much of what he said in that speech is still true today. I do like that he took a little dig at the pundit class, though. It’s a good read.

  21. Another reason why this is significant…

    Remember that this “war funding” is what Bush kept off the budget and passed as a supplemental.

    When Obama included it, Republicans howled because the budget deficit increased by so much. Its all smoke and mirrors to them.

    Its only rational that with the war in Iraq over (please remind folks that we’re not still in 2 wars right now – its just not true) and Afghanistan winding down, we can/should reduce that spending.

  22. “I do like that he took a little dig at the pundit class, though.”

    And watch how they will react with faux outrage: “How DARE he take a shot at us!”

    Just like with the tax cuts.

    Just like with Rahm, when he supposedly called them “retarded.” No, he was calling their strategy of running far left ideological liberals in ultra far right ring red Republican states retarded.

    And what, they expected for Obama to just sit there and take it? Of course he’s going to hit back. And when he does, they end up having even more temper tantrums, and they wonder why they get ignored. There’s just no reasoning with them.

  23. TimT got suspended over there? What on earth could he have done to have deserved that? TimT is a very intelligent, reasonable voice in the debate.


  24. actually the tea party base are pushing for defense cuts, while the repubs’ corporate lobbyists are pushing against it.

    Damned if they do, damned if they dont.

    This is a really enjoyable situation I think!

  25. Not only is he the only adult in the room but he’s always two steps ahead of everybody else.

  26. Great news. That’s why I so respect this president. He does not grandstand, just does the people business and keeps on doing it, even if it is not enough for the folks who want perfection.

    And just off the topic, I saw the coolest thing a while ago. In my town, you don’t see a whole lot of “Obama” bumper stickers. Amazingly, down the street from me, there is a couple with the sticker on both their cars.

    Apart from that it is rare to see one, and when I do, I always get excited and want to check the person out.

    Today, I saw this car, not with a bumper sticker but with the president’s name on her tag: It said PZ Obama.

    The coolest thing I thought. My husband said to me, I bet she gets a lot of stares. But she looked to me like she probably wouldn’t give a whit.

    Go figure.

  27. Good catch:) That always bothered me…tried to “hide” the cost of the wars they chose to engage in, without including them in the budget..I swear I’d jump out of my seat Tuesday night if the President “reminded them” of how disengenuous they really are about the deficit! Sorry, but lies and fear is what they do best.How irrelevent will they all be when they get found out by the folks that really weren’t paying attention all these many years, trusting the judgement of those in power for the sole reason that they were Republicans, and nothing more?

  28. Got that right. I spent some time the other day tweaking a bunch at “another website” who were all running around like Chicken Little hyperventilating about how they’re sure Obama’s going to gut social security because they heard a rumor and A LOT of people were spreading this same rumor, so it just HAD to be true. Run fer yer lives, the sky’s falling … BAWK, BAWK, BAWK!!! Every time someone thinks Obama’s going to stick a shiv in their ribs and they’re proven wrong, they remember it for about 30 seconds, and then the next issue that comes up they go right back to the same old nonsense – JUST LIKE a bunch of chicken brains.

    This is a really, really smart guy we’ve got running the country, perhaps the smartest since Lincoln and just as capable of flexible thinking and shrewd far-sighted adjustments, and you would think they would at least give the man a chance to tell them what he proposes before going all hysterical on him as they do every.single.time. Even after mistakes or miscalculations what you see from him is a constant willingness to rethink his position and adjust himself to better address the problems. The longer he’s in the position the better he’s going to get at the job.

  29. I’m very pleased about this proposal. So much of the costs associated with the military these days are related to fancy, expensive toys built for the Soviet invasion which will never occur. Everything’s all Star Wars and glitzy, pricey equipment so expensive that we dare not risk it where we are actually AT war, in Afghanistan. We have to spend money on the military, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean we should be writing fat checks for high-tech crap that does our troops no good.

  30. Good you are here in the calm place after that bs suspension. MB strikes yet again.

  31. I’m sorry you got banned or suspended over at the snake pit, TiMT. I hope you are not too down over this. I give you praise for all you have done over there.

    We love you at TPV and hope to see lots more of you there ♥

  32. If that is B of A, Good luck! My son has been battling with them too, since they took over his country wide note. Have you called the AG’s office to see if they can direct you to some free help? With Terry gone now, I don’t know how much help you will get there but any port in a storm is worth a try.

  33. Great news BWD, thanks for sharing here. I am really looking forward to President Obama’s speech on Tuesday.

  34. Yeah! It really pissed me off to find out families needed to club together to buy body armor for some of our deployed troops while Blackwater and Halliburton were raking in billions.

  35. Aquagranny…Oh, I have written to the AG, they have my complaints and wrote me back letting me know they are saving my letter for future reference. No, it’s not BofA. Chase. Doesn’t really matter, they’re ALL crooks and liars. AG Goddard came to an agreement with Chase before he left office and so far, they aren’t even abiding by the agreement THEY agreed to! Surprise, I’m shocked! Except that my home is scheduled for foreclosure in March…wherein lies part of the problem…they agreed not to foreclose while people were requesting or working on a modification.I want that in writing from the foreclosure mill lawyers AND Chase..hell, Chase isn’t even following the rules set by Fannie for the servicing of their loans! I can write a book about this.The other part of the agreement states that we will have a relationship manager assigned to us so that we can speak to the same person all the time.That hasn’t happened yet, even though I asked a couple weeks ago for them to escalate our case.So, I call again tomorrow,and the next day, and the next day….I really think that their is fraud here, but it does me no good to think that if I don’t have someone that knows the law going after them.They expect homeowners NOT to put up a fight, and steal their homes out from under them before they realize what happened…and repeat the fraud all over again.Follow the $$$$$ and you’ll find the crooks.Thank you for your concern though, Aquagranny…I really appreciate it more than you know:)

  36. And, makesense4tulips, a lot more…

    [GOPTeaParty] Spending Plan Signals A New Culture War

    The morning after the House voted to repeal the health-care law, Speaker John Boehner walked into a TV studio in the Capitol complex to announce his next act: “a ban on taxpayer funding of abortions across all federal programs.”

    It “reflects the will of the people,” Boehner proclaimed. “It’s one of our highest legislative priorities.”

    “First repeal health care, now this…. What about jobs?” the first questioner asked after Boehner finished his abortion rollout. “I thought that jobs was the highest priority.”

    “Our members feel very strongly about the sanctity of human life,” Boehner answered. “WE LISTENED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

    Actually, Mr. Speaker, 63 percent of voters said the economy was the most important issue, according to exit polls for the November election. VOTERS ASKED FOR JOBS – AND YOU’RE GIVING THEM A CULTURE WAR.

    About 30 minutes after Boehner left the studio, leaders of the Republican Study Committee, a group that claims most House Republicans as members, walked into the same room to announce its new spending bill. Among the items the group proposes to eliminate or decimate: the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Title X birth control and family planning, AmeriCorps, the Energy Star program and work on fuel efficient cars, and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


    But, like Boehner did earlier, Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the RSC, claimed he was doing what the voters “elected us to do.” NEVER MIND ALL THAT FOLDEROL ABOUT JOBS.

    This isn’t just some ideologue talking: Jordan speaks for the new Republican majority. Of the 242 House Republicans, 176 are members of the RSC – and the leadership obeys. As the RSC news conference was beginning, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office e-mailed a news release saying he “applauds” the group’s effort.

    The RSC proposal that generated this applause would cut spending in the current fiscal year by $80 billion. But because the fiscal year is half over, and because the group exempts defense, veterans and homeland security spending from the cuts, that would mean a 40 percent cut for the rest of the year on average for such things as the National Institutes of Health, the FBI and federal prosecutors, according to Scott Lilly of the Center for American Progress…

    Just about everybody agrees big cuts will be necessary to close the federal deficit, but the lawmakers left the specifics of their $2.5 trillion cuts for another day. The cuts they did spell out were relatively small – $330 billion over 10 years – but THEIR CHOICES LEFT LITTLE DOUBT THAT THEY WERE TRYING TO STIR UP CULTURAL AND POLITICAL MISCHIEF.

    Those eastern elites, in addition to losing their NPR, PBS and other cultural offerings, would have to part with their Amtrak subsidies and their money to fight beach erosion. Greens would lose funds for the National Organic Certification program. The District of Columbia would lose $210 million in annual federal payments and the capital’s Metro system would be singled out to lose $150 million in annual federal funds.

    Also coming in for special cuts would be labor (the bill would repeal rules requiring federal contractors to pay the prevailing wage); international relations (funds for the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development would be slashed); the poor (housing and other anti-poverty programs that fund soup kitchens and the like would take big hits); and federal workers (a halving of the federal travel budget could mean half as many food safety, mine safety and immigration inspections).

    After the RSC’s Jordan and his colleagues rolled out their plan, a reporter in the audience asked whether the firebrands might be able to negotiate with Democrats. “Some of these Democrat senators may have seen the light and found Jesus,” Jordan replied, “and realized that they now need to cut spending in light of what the American people said last fall.”

    No, congressman, AMERICANS SAID THEY WANT ECONOMIC RECOVERY. Instead, you’re talking about finding Jesus and losing Big Bird.

    These GOPTeaParty Politicians ain’t listenin’ to the American people… they don’t care what they want, and they don’t care about them. Never wanted to move America forward, either…if they did, America would already be in the 21st century…In 2009, we wouldn’t have be preparin’ to move toward it…The 21st century started in the year 2001 during the Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney Era…The Lost Decade…Grrr!

  37. Yes they did, Granny. My friend’s son went to Iraq and she had to buy ALL the body armour for him…they didn’t supply, or they didn’t do a good enough job for HER. That was her only son.Didn’t the guys over there also have to use scraps to bolster the armour on their vehicles to make them safer? It makes my head hurt.

  38. Chiming in to add my voice of support to this thread. TIMT, you might have been given a hard time for being so positive about the WH elsewhere, but your thoughts and opinions in passionate defense of such a terrific presidency and in defense of good old fashioned common sense are really valued. To look on the bright side, I’m actually kind of happy that you’re taking a break from the poison and toxins.

  39. Why Keith Olberman’s Ouster Is Good for Progressives

    As someone whose family descends from slavery and knows the civil rights struggle fairly intimately, I (along with most African Americans) have long accepted something that very few White Liberals understand: “Never hitch everything you ride for on one horse—because sooner or later, they’ll (figuratively or literally) shoot that horse.”

    Read the rest here.

  40. tigerfists88, you are not fare! The warning sign is in order here for some tissues!!!!!!

    Love the vid…..

  41. So much for being a “sell out.” For those who wanted him to do everything in the first 100 days of his term (one person told me all presidents are finished after 100 days, so that was all he had.) I say grow.up.

  42. I would also suggest that you call Fannie Mae directly – they are much more responsive than the servicers like Chase etc. I had a friend who got someone from Fannie Mae to intercede on his loan with Citi. Citi finally did something when Fannie Mae was calling them.

  43. OMG – that is powerful!!!!

    Thanks so much for linking it.

    I loved the reference to “Obi Wan Keith-nobi” and LMAO. But this is just pitch perfect.

    And before anyone pulls the “I Voted 4 Obama!” card, Obama is just one guy. That you helped elect him doesn’t mean you get to ignore the voices and issues relevant to over 100 million Americans of African-, Hispanic-, Asian-, Native-, and Middle Eastern descent. But with very few exceptions, this is exactly what the Left is doing and has been doing for a quite while now.

    Until so-called Progressive and Liberal Democrats diversify our own range of voices, discussions, influencers and leadership at every level—politically, economically, digitally and journalistically, we’ll never be mobile enough, flexible enough, resilient enough to be effective in 2012, 2014 or any year any time soon.

    Then again we could ignore all this and just focus on important questions like “How long before Maddow and Stewart get canned?” and “When will Obama get mad at the right instead of his base?”

  44. Thank you. I backed off from the KO discussion last night because it led to some unpleasantness I wasn’t going to exacerbate. But I went to bed thinking just what the article you linked to discussed. AND wondered would the outrage be equivalent, would the self entitlement dripping from orange and other pores be so evident, if Mr O had been a person of color? If MSBNC wants to be truly progressive, where are their journalists of color. If DK wants to show it is in the vanguard of liberalism, where are their AA FPers. Something is wrong with this picture.

    And yeah, I got that they want to foist Olbermann off on CT. Based on what political experience would that be?

  45. FORUSSO…thanks for that suggestion about calling Fannie directly.I’ll try that this week. This mess is literally a fulltime job to take care of. All consuming. Thanks so much for the info and will let you know how that goes:) If you have any other guidance, I would appreciate all the help I can get right now.I hear the clock ticking, and I’m not leaving my home…so much more involved than I’m willing to say in these posts, as with anything of this magnitude, it’s complicated.

  46. And I agree with that. I’m just not sure there is any good way to get out or anything we can do now to make things any better when we leave. Which makes me wish so much, we could just leave, period.

  47. HAMP is what they’re looking into…also working with Take Charge America..HUD approved counselor.When you’re in the midst of all this mess, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees..that’s why I’m asking for suggestions and help. March 10th is D Day, so the clock is ticking:) Many thanks.

  48. Get ready for the next anti-Obama rage.

    Kos has a diary about Jane Hamsher being detained at Quantico, and blah blah blah something about Manning and visiting him.

    I left a comment calling Hamsher an anti-Obama media seeking whore.

    I’m sure I’m getting beat up, but really, this woman will do anything to try to make the President look like a criminal.

    And the so-called progressives at Kos will gleefully oblige her.

  49. That is a crazy movie, OMG. I love it. But Sara is gone trust me! I am not worried about her, I beleive in the American voters.

  50. BWD;

    Please please please can we stop posting anything what so ever about the other site (Dkos). Please lets be ourselves, can we just ignore what is going on in there. I have never been there and it scares me a lot to hear anything about them. PLEASE STOP MENTIONING THEM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. lol, she really is an attention-seeker, isn’t she?!

    Like she gives a rat’s patootie about Bradley Manning. He’s just a tool she’s using to get on the teevee.

    Puhleeze, Jane!

  52. Saw that posted on Raw Story, and the comments are some of the ugliest stuff I’ve ever seen. I mean it’s damn near DEMONIC. Those people are possessed.

  53. Tulips, definitely, much clearer now…I didn’t know that about McShame. On the GOPTeaParty side, I thought Gingrich was the only one who deserted a sick wife to marry someone else…Sad…

    I hope this vid gets a lot of clicks…It’s a great campaign ad tool!

    Now, where’s the vid(s) about Romney, etc….hmmm? 😉

    Anyway, GO OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 GO!!!

  54. I’m thinking that the GOP strategy beginning last summer of screaming about the deficit non-stop since has been entirely about gutting programs that help people. Get the public riled up about cutting costs and they’ll be on their side when they propose all these cuts. They don’t care about cutting the deficit at all; they just want to get rid of PBS, NPR, NEA, NIH and funding birth control, etc. On its surface, it’s pretty clever. But then President Obama counters with cutting the defense budget. Besides the fact that it’s actually time to do that, it also puts the GOP on the defense (no pun intended) about cutting spending. While we’re trying to preserve what is important to us, they’re going to have to fight to preserve what is important to them. If nothing else, it gets the debate out there for the few people in this country who are actually paying attention.

  55. Saku, I understand the impulse to want to end the conversation about what’s going on at that other site. I think that’s happening at its own pace. I was never part of that culture, but I can see how people who were heavily invested in it are still processing the split. I once compared it to a messy divorce, but that comparison wasn’t well-received. Even still, this isn’t something that can be forced. People will eventually let the topic go. I support whoever still needs to ventilate for as long as is needed.

    We’re lucky to have this wonderful space for people to heal and let go. We are creating a new culture based on mutual support and engaging conversation and continued support of our amazing President. Please be patient…all will work itself out in time.

  56. One of my all time favorite videos about the comeback of the American auto industry…part of the speech in Detroit to the Auto Workers

  57. Saku. I don’t have any problem at all exposing the ridiculousness and cluelessness of the professional left, including dkos. They peddle much crap that deserve to be mocked. That doesn’t mean any ill-will towards them, only their positions.

  58. Come to think more on this. They had a large group of excellent writers on BK. Why weren’t any of them promoted??

  59. To theboysisters ♥ You are today’s winner of the great links contest!

    First that great baby pic and now this other link. Thank you so much for sharing all this here.

  60. Were any of them into trash talking Obama ? If no, then sorry, they don’t make the cut.

  61. It’s about working the media and framing the issue. They don’t care about spending as long it’s a Republican President spending on their issues.

    80% of Republicans in the Senate and 70% of the GOP House caucus including all of their leadership was in office during the Bush Administration and nobody gave a crap about the deficit or debt then. I believe there is a qoute from Cheney to the effect of “Screw the deficit, we have a mandate” shortly after their re-election.

    Clinton had a $200B surplus left to Bush, with a yearly surplus projected out for a decade plus. Bush left Obama with a $1.3T deficit – Why the new concern about the debt and deficit?

  62. I’m worried. As it seems the “need to slash spending” meme is pretty established and President Obama is going to make the case for more spending. I have faith though.

    He has made the comparison before of having a kid college age, but the family not able to afford to pay tuition because one of the parents lost their job, but that family won’t say “Sorry Mary, you can’t go to college because we can’t afford it this year” but will make sure that child goes to college because it’s an investment in her future and will impact the rest of her life, while tightening the belt in other areas.

    He needs to make the new spending seem vital, and will need to show cuts elsewhere to show that he is serious about cutting spending or he’ll get savaged. GOP already are out in full force today disagreeing with the new spending, and have Rep. Ryan giving the rebuttal. President Obama is going to have to walk the tightrope on this one.

  63. Amk for Obama; that is fine by me. I just don’t want to know about what they are ranting about. I don’t care about what they think, I care about only the truth. And I am getting it right here that is enough for me.

  64. What is wrong about fisical resposibility? why are you scared about unecessary spending cuts? just asking. Do you really like what we are spending in these unecessary WARS??

  65. I know it is soooo time-consuming and frustrating. I wish you the best – hoping that you get ahold of someone at Fannie Mae – just tell them that Chase is servicing the loan that they own and they are not following the Fannie Mae approved program. Also, mentioning that you know someone in the media never hurts. 🙂

  66. Well it certainly takes it to the “cut the government” types on the right wing. Hard to get all bent out of shape about government spending while defending the $500 hammers from the Pentagon.

    I would love to see him in the SOTU challenge every Congressman to find $1 billion that could be cut from their own districts. That would mean cutting $435 billion (okay, using Washington D.C. math that’s $43.5 billion calculated over 10 years), but it would put these charlatans in their place if they had to cut from their own instead of always seeing waste in the other guy’s congressional district.

  67. These are people who are convinced THEY are the smartest guy in town AND the only adult in the room. They want to micromanage the White House from their basements because they lack the will to go do the hard work of running for office, getting elected and governing. Much easier to sit around and snipe at others about how things should be. Most appear to have empathy for others only in the abstract, meaning they will claim themselves in league with the great movements and leaders of the past, but when it comes to actually interacting with others, well, just look at the comment boards. They are bitter, frightened, negative little kill joys.

  68. I am so happy about the defense cuts. President Obama is so amazing– I sometimes can’t believe he is going to do another fantastic thing. I have been wondering why there have been no articles about the troop levels in Iraq falling to 47,000. As this year progresses, I hope more will be said about how many troops are out. I think we have until November to be all the way out. Does anyone know if November is correct?

  69. I don’t know who you are addressing, but I don’t have any issue with fiscal responsibility or cutting unnecessary spending – my problem is with the phony GOP meme that’s it the main issue when not too long ago they were all rubber stamps to GWB spending like a drunken sailor.

    It’s like Democrats have to come in and clean up the GOP’s mess, and they get the keys back and spend on all their little pet projects and build up an new deficit that they don’t care about all of a sudden.

    President Obama has to fight tooth and nail for spending in education and research and development, has to pay-go it out, but that’s not even good enough because the deficit should all of a sudden be zero, meaning any paygo offset should have been cut already to lower the deficit and the new spending should be blocked.

    Bush blew up the damned deficit, with the same dolts in congress not giving a damn about it, now it’s their number one concern and nobody seems to call them on it. And if they are asked it’s a throwaway “Well we should have then, but we are now” and that’s enough.

  70. Who gets to define unnecessary?

    And the GOP is setting a trap. If there is spending cuts then there will be corresponding job cuts and then they’ll run on the unemployment rate being in double digits. And if there isn’t spending cuts, or if there is they’ll say it’s not enough and “Obama can’t handle out of control spending” – President Obama and the Dems are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  71. Some people need to have a chance to process the pain left over from that experience. I know it took me a month to talk about anything else (and I apologize), I still get dragged in once in a while.

    To offer a change of tone: I find President Obama to be remarkable on a number of levels, but one thing I really admire is that he genuinely lives his religious values, unlike the flag-waving phonies from the right wing. Look at how difficult it is for us to be charitable to the “other side”, to respect the right to debate, argue, even accuse. He takes it all with such supreme dignity because he has the quiet courage of knowing himself. Surrounded as he is by emotional cripples (which is most of the GOP and professional press), he looks self composed, in charge and confident. It is a great object lesson in how to handle adversity, perhaps the greatest such president in at least 50 years.

  72. People are going to talk no matter what. We cannot guide our actions to avoid a “meme” from the GOP, they are chock full of them and will make them up if they have nothing real to criticize.

    Being President is about making hard choices and people are not guaranteed to like the result. But I have faith the majority of people know he means well, exercises sound judgment, is up against horrible problems, and that the opposition is just being childish.

  73. My bet is they have social anxiety issues as well. Probably other bloggers do well, as do non-bloggers. But those folks aren’t issuing orders on matters they are clueless about from their basements.

    Empathy also suggests not treating other members of your blog like scum. They missed that class.

  74. I think President Obama had that same faith in the voters and Bohner is now speaker, and Dems will be lucky to hold on to the senate.

    President Obama was too busy getting stuff done to realize that everything getting done was being framed as far left and out of touch. Given that not much will be done domestically the next two years, he really needs to get out and sell the past two years of accomplishments, and needs Dems to start doing so as well.

    He can’t cut any spending that will cost jobs, because then the GOP will just attack on the UEI number. Is there spending that doesn’t directly create jobs? It’s a trap.

  75. But Hamsher will continue claiming that she was detained. Who do you think her acolytes will believe? They’ve gone from being the “reality based community” to being as easily led about as the TP.

  76. They had expired license plates and no proof of car insurance?! Were they trying to get their car towed, or are they just stupid?

  77. It is such a pleasure to come to this blog as our OFA one is overrun with trolls this weekend. They are even talking to each other using up all the space.
    I know PBO will hit the SOTU out of the ballpark. It is harder for pundits to criticize the Tucson Memorial speech than it will be to mislead about the SOTU though. I will light my HOPE candle for the speech. Hoping the speech will help unify us in this time of need.

  78. Maybe clicks are down over there. Starting a drama-filled meme invites the outrageous comments.

    Go figure.

  79. Man, is there anything the guy hasn’t done or tried to do that he said he would? Unreal. Go Obama!!! Go Dems!!!

  80. I remember in the HCR work PBO had the Republican legislators do a conference discussion with him and it was televised. I watched it, taped it and rewatched it. Paul Ryan had the so called GOP HCR plan. The CBO said it increased the deficit instead of reducing it like the Dem plan did. From what I saw it just involved a few popular items and the stick it to the lawyers tort reform and the cross over state lines push they are still pushing due to wanting states rights before federal government rights. The same ideas get repeated over and over. Their plans are never comprehensive or thought out but just talking points revisited in a bandaid type approach.

  81. I love watching President Obama outsmart his critics. At this point, they’re throwing any phony charge his way hoping something will stick. What are they going to do when the President doesn’t promise to ravage Social Security on Tuesday?

  82. Hang on, I read the story again and I just realised it says that a US president is planning to spend less money on war.

    That never happens, does it?


  83. That is just what I’ll do! Actually…I have been talking to the media:) It wouldn’t be a lie.thanks again.

  84. Yes. Always easier to point fingers when you’re not the one actually responsible.What happened when THEY had the reins? Opps.

  85. ^You betcha, and thank you…That’s right, SPREAD THE WORD and/or PASS IT ON! 😉

  86. Tien Le, I didn’t mind your analogy about “a messy divorce”. When I left the site last April, a scene from Bergman’s “Scenes From a Marriage” came to my mind. A psychologist or a lawyer, I can’t remember which, was asking her client why she wanted a divorce after 20-some years of marriage, and she replied, “I can’t articulate it, but somehow, after being married to him this long, a table is less a table and a chair is less a chair.” Blogging over there was eroding my perception of the tangible world. I believe it is healthy for us to forget that site exists, though I understand why it hasn’t quite happened yet. But it really is just a blog with very little relevance in the real world.

  87. ^”… a q[uo]te 😉 from Cheney to the effect of “Screw the deficit, we have a mandate”…”

    And, Cheney, per Reagan, “Deficits don’t matter!” Remember that one?

  88. WhatIsWorking, I agree it is…

    makesense4tulips is the one who received it in her email. Maybe, she can tell you who that person is.

  89. It’s eclectablog. Sensitive about that, he is:
    Here is his sig line on Orange:
    To be clear, it’s “EClectablog”, not “Electablog”.
    Visit me at Eclectablog.


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