Souza’s delivery

I re-watched the magnificent National Geographic documentary about the presidents photographer, so I had to post some of Pete’s new stuff. The man is a genius. (mouse-over for description, click on the photo for a bigger version).


Okay, anyone else can see the president’s finger sort of reaching…Or should I just get myself out of the gutter already? 😉


98 thoughts on “Souza’s delivery

  1. I haven’t yet watched the National Geographic show that all of you have been commenting so positively about.. I know its also at Netflix- on the instant watch.. sooo since I’ve got a bunch of painting to do today, I may well switch it on while I’m working.. thanks for the continued reminder from everyone 😉

  2. And just a quick HELLO HAICHEKO (marabout- sorry if I mispelled)- I’m so glad you made it safely to NY.. although I knew you would. Good luck in your job quest, I suspect that too will work out quite nicely- sending my best thoughts out to you.

    And to GN- thank you for your kind words.. you know I so often agree with your insightful, smart comments, so thank you for always being so nice too.. no need to say anything further.. shhhh 😉

  3. You have to. The final 5 minutes brought me to tears. The amount of fight this man put into the health care reform war is out of this world. It just made furious all over again at all the prima donnas who trashed him so much back then, and still do. They don’t deserve him. Not at all.

  4. hey bwd, I think its important to take a leaf out of Obama’s book and cool our feelings towards those who criticize him.

    Many people like Olby and Cenk are clearly progressive and want the best for our country. We should disagree with their methods, but as Obama himself says we should have a worthy conversation.

    I read your stuff both here and on Daily kos religiously, but I also think that your emotional responses (which is natural and understandable) should be tempered by the patience we see in Obama.

  5. Biggest smile from President Hu is brought about by Sasha!

    BWD, I feel like I’ve chatted with you folks all weekend. And it has been glorious!Did you ever expect a community like this when you set up shop? But, I should get off…..

    Group hug – Later!

  6. You have undoubtedly taken a lot of shit from a lot of jerks, but still we should remain calm and strong. Thats frankly what I like most about Obama and want to emulate. Imagine what he has to go through and how he always responds with such dignity.

    You are not doing anything crazy, but I dont want this to devolve. I have seen it devolve with Cenk whom I used to follow for years and now I unsubscribed to. I dont want to see that with you.

    Take care.

  7. coolegans, um, for some reason, I don’t think that BWD will ever turn into cenk, just call me Dionne Warwick or one of her psychic friends…

    Chillax, relax, relate, release at this space, there’s very little drama and IMO absolutely no cause for worry or concern.

  8. I can’t believe how quickly this site has grown, myself. Thanks to this entire terrific community!

  9. God Bless you BWD !!!

    I swear you make my days much brighter, in spite all of negative words from the Media.

    Some people refused to recognize the goodness of this human being,before their very own eyes..but the best lesson will be learned when, their grandchildren will one day come home to tell their parents what they learned, in the history books….let it be known that the name “President Obama” the 44th President of the United States, will loudly be displayed for generations to come.

    May God Bless President Obama and all his angels that have his back.

    Big UP (((Blackwaterdog))

  10. Well have a nice cup of lemon tea, put your feet up, and leave the drama of the professional left behind. I can promise you, that drama is simply not here. 🙂

  11. Why? Cenk is hot garbage. Olbermann was always over-the-top and hit and miss. I want to know why it’s okay they spew their vitriol just to make a buck and yet are some how beyond criticism?

    Cenk is clearly out for the money and will say whatever he thinks it takes. He doesn’t care about anything but putting himself over.

    Clearly progressive who want the best and we can’t question their methods?

    Don’t you find it interesting that Markos, Cenk, Ariana and Ed Shultz were all once Republicans in adulthood, and now are the supposed voices of the Democratic base?

    They have enough of their fanboys over as DK and the like.

    MSNBC is an incestuous cottage industry of faux-gressives selling outrage – Olbermann posts on DK, Ed Shultz was at NN2010, Cenk posts his drive bys at DK, Huffington post, Cenk is now on NSNBC, Markos was a pundit used on MSNBC before he was kicked off, Jane Hamsher is used as a pundit on MSNBC, Markos allows Jane to pay to shills to trash Obama on DK, Glenn Greenwald I believe was on with Rachel in the past. Then there is that business arrangement/PAC set-up that does nothing except pays themselves.

  12. The President and the FLOTUS deserve as much WHN (White House nookie) as they can get. The pressure they’re under, they DESERVE it.

    There, BWD, you didn’t have to put your mind in the gutter. I sacrificed mine for all of us!!

  13. hello bwd. I dont want to hijack your wonderful post with this so Ill make this my last comment on the subject. It just seems to me that there is a lot of “us vs them” creeping into your language that has me a bit worried. .

    I think you are best when you simply state the facts. Let everyone who disagree bang their head against it, but dont make judgment calls against them. Just below someone responded to my comment saying

    “Why? Cenk is hot garbage. Olbermann was always over-the-top and hit and miss. I want to know why it’s okay they spew their vitriol just to make a buck and yet are some how beyond criticism?”

    Think about it: this is the kind of response Cenk makes- its vitriolic, but its defensive, so the author seems justified in making it. It leads us nowhere and makes us no different from anyone else.

    I want you to remain special. You are special. But Cenk used to be special too. I hope you see what bothers me.


  14. “Clearly Progressive” In whose eyes? I knew people would be misusing POTUS’s advice on civility to defend the least civil, supposedly “Progressive” voices around. This is the same MO used with “Hold feet to fire.” I don’t buy it. It’s not that simple. Reread, relisten to what cenk/ol have said. Get a glimpse of cenk’s cv.

    Because a talking head or blog labels himself or itself “progressive” means nothing to me. It’s the WALK I attend to. The “we are all on the same side” nonsense I heard on DK is part and parcel of the same. I am NOT on the side of FDL, and names I will not “callout.”

    “Emotional response being understandable” Reread that as well. If it does not smack of patronization, I apologize in advance.

  15. buddy you need to tone down the language. I dont want to hijack this great post with this conversation. This is my last post here. Ill bring it up again if i see it again in another post.

    peace brother/sister.

  16. buddy, I wont respond to that here because this post is not meant to be a battle. Pick another post and Ill respond there.


  17. Rereading your posts, I apologize for snapping at you, but Cenk is dreadful. Even POTUS himself cannot make me retract that.

    I also just came from following TIMT’s link. What a thread. BWD monitors her site. What you fear will not happen here, but Cenk deserves the contempt, IMO.

  18. Sorry if it seemed patronizing, but what I meant is that Ive seen what happened to BWD on daily kos and that sucks and it hurts.

    So its natural for her to respond with anger at those people, I just dont think that thats the best thing to do. There are better options such as patience and stoicism. These qualities are the ones that great men and women possess. Your qualities are the ones that the people you criticize possess.

  19. Hey bwd and all! Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all your posts this week (as always). Much peace and love to you all!

  20. no one deserves contempt my friend. I hope you realize that.

    Cenk believes he is progressive. That is enough for me. I will not judge him. I will simply follow where science and statistics lead me. That is true progressivism.

  21. coolegans please, just relax. BWD will never resemble cenk. If you want me to go in on him and discuss makes him problematic, I can do that, but I’d rather not, and as you can see, this thread is very mild and low-key.

    Thanks for your concern, but perhaps you will consider moving on, as you have raised your concerns and they have been duly noted. Thank you!

  22. cenk is hardly
    progressive, an yeah
    he does deserve
    contempt, every last
    bit of it.

    That is all i’ll
    add to this

  23. I read the whole thread, I didn’t see anything out of control. Nothing like some crazy threads. Everyone has their opinions, some strong, some not, sone thought out some not so much. I don’t get the warnings. We’re not in a classroom or a library. Did I miss someone attacking another who was posting???

  24. ugh I dont want to get into this again but here I go. What would you do if I accused you of not being a progressive? It would be a pointless conversation full of anger and resentment. Thats not the atmosphere this site deserves.

    Take my advice: dont make this “us” vs “them”, just state the facts. Any statistics or scientific literature you have, Ill be happy to take a look at. Any other conversation about who’s progressive and who’s not, is not worth having. Its a waste of time.

  25. Im relaxed man. The people who are responding to me are not. You are right though, I need to stop posting, I keep saying this will be my last post and I keep getting sucked into responding.

    this is my last post then peace.

  26. Oh Saint Roscoe you and I are on the same page on this today.. here is what I wrote earlier today in an email on this subject:

    Did you see that photo today of Arianna Huffington and Darrel Issa? Now think about Markos.. Jane Hamsher… Norquist. Think about how all these “Progressive” blogs are inter-twined, they’re downright incestuous.. and they are all about $$$$$ and setting the ‘left’ against this President. Why? Really, why is it that “progressives” are trying to show President Obama as a sell out and a failure? What will they gain? Heres another thought I have… why do you suppose they still have Black Kos on there? Do you think possibly that its because like Arianna Huffington, Markos/MB like to use AA/black folks to add to their ‘power’ base? I’m sure you’re aware that Arianna is now starting a blog geared toward the African American community… why is that? Has she a history of caring about the AA community? Except for Black Kos- Has Dk or Markos shown an interest in the African American community? They are on a mission, imo- a mission to first make money off this President- by drawing attention to themselves, their books, their blogs.. and nothing gets attention right now like attacking Barack Obama.. especially if you speak for the “left” and also attack President Obama- its a winning combination… and I do not doubt that it is A- about $$MONEY$$ and B- about stopping a black man from having power. And yes, I do believe they are absolutely racists.. no one would allow the sort of racist commentary written on those blogs unless on some level they approved. There is nothing anywhere that proves that a blog is better, more liberal or somehow more ‘progressive’ if folks can say any ignorant thing they feel like saying. Nothing thats being said/repeated endlessly at dkos is helping the country, is helping democrats, is helping anyone “PROGRESS”. Its a big fat lie.

    Daily Kos is run by a republican.. just like Huff Post… just like Hamsher’s rag- have you read the racist comments on her blog? Cenk U- is now going to be on MSNBC- also a republican.. speaking for the left “progressives”. All these Republicans- calling themselves Progressives, masquerading as Democrats and Liberals. Interesting isn’t it (at least to me) how these so called ex-republican Blog owners never refer to themselves as democrats.. but Progressives. Why is that? Just like the republicans they are- they make up shit as they go along.. as in now instead of carrying the label of republicans (because of their shame in GW Bush) they took on/ manufactured the label of “progressives”. They’ve never stopped being republicans, at least they haven’t sold me on it.

  27. The first picture, of the president looking into the turbine, is sheer artistry. It reminds me of “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

  28. Anyone notice that the day Ploufe returns we get “Making it in America”, which will clearly be the “Change we can count on” for the coming election. It’s a terrific sound bite. Postive. Speaks to all economic ends of the spectrum. And I’d like to see anyone spit on a phrase with our country’s name in it (that hopey changey thing, remember?). Also, the grassroots are heating up nicely. And it’s fascinating to watch our president bring all the growling executives into the fold to help the economy, instead of trying to suck it dry. Forget about the naysayers. PBO is doing fine!

  29. President Obama Gives Painting as gift to President Hu Jintao of China. A behind-the-scenes look at the Zhou Brothers original painting that President Obama presented to President Hu Jintao of China in honor of the State Visit

  30. I think I understand what your trying to say, coolelegans.

    We should always try to be “better than”, to not allow ourselves to stoop to the level of others. Choose our words wisely.

    If we want to get the positive actions of this WH out to the general public, we must remain above the fray. If new people come to this site, they might be turned off by some of the comments and choose to not come back. that would be a tragedy – so to speak.


  31. Nice pics with PBO, Hu, Clinton, and Carter. Does anyone here know if Bush and Bush were invited (or there)?

  32. I imagine it must have been difficult for the President to sit down with McConnell. I believe he is a far more focused, even-tempered person than I.

    I don’t care for Cenk or Olbermann’s use of “outrage”, I believe it is counter-productive. But, that’s only my take on it.

    Someone once told me – “Be careful whom you choose to hate because you will become that person”. Wise words.

    I watched Fahrenheit911 several years ago, and though I understood Moore’s contempt for bush, I couldn’t help but to think – how many more people would he have drawn in without all the snark. The film could have stood on its own with only the facts presented.

  33. ·oooO·.·.·.·.·.·.·.
    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

  34. I believe the Great Wall of China. I think it is a wonderful piece and appreciate the insight into the inspirations of the artists.

  35. “Making it in America” has been kicked around by the Dems for two years now. I love it and would love to see it become the re-election slogan given the double meaning of both manufacturing goods for export in America and “making it” ie being successful; striving towards the American Dream.

    however since it’s been kicked around for so long, I won’t believe it until I see it used in a major way by the Dems or the Obama campaign.

    Hopefully the Dems have it trademarked. I could see it poached by a GOP Primary candidate long before President Obama would have the chance to establish it.

  36. Well they say art is in the eye of the beholder, but I think that’s not really appealing to me at all. I don’t know why President Hu would want a painting of former US Presidents in aome sort of abstract.

    Yahoo has a front page story on all the gifts the Obamas are getting. Maybe they should re-gift.

  37. It’s a Nike Swoosh – the best representation of the relationship betweem the US and China.

  38. Could convince more serious Presidential challengers to pass on throwing their hat in for 2012. Mitt, Newt and Santorum are in or very likely in already, Huck will probably sit out in hopes Romney wins and needs him on his ticket. Pawlenty will probably run as well as he has nothing else to do unless he wants to challenge Klobuchar instead.

    Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour, John Huntsman could target 2016.

    It’s now or never for Palin, but I think she passes – will say Newt and Santorum are both worthy candidates and she wants to spend time with her family.

    These ratings mean little, and even less as a forcast of what he’ll be at in two years time. As is often mentioned Reagan was at 37% at this point in his first term. But with a split congress meaning little to happen domestically the next two years and Boehner the face of the GOP, potential GOP candidates reading the tea leaves now will not like their chances. Incumbents always have the advantage to begin with.

  39. I have a lot to say.

    For the first time in over a decade, we Democrats will have a Quiet Presidential Primary-one where there will be no (creditable) Presidential primary contender we hope. Since there will be little excitement on our side, what should we be doing while the Republicans battle each other?
    Should we focus on voter education and registration, making sure our registrations are current and that other people are registered amd ready to go? Should Obama focus on executive orders that help people instead of wasting time fighting with Congress?

  40. We let the truth stand by itself as real Democrats. Just because we have a great leader doesn’t mean we should be passives, no no on the contrary we will be active and enjoy our next four precious years. we will win and to win we don’t necessarily need a fight with each other, that is the wrong way of thinking the future. we don’t need a primary to strength our President he already is strong.

  41. I vote voter education and voter registration. Grunt work is needed to mobilize young voters, women voters and non-whites.

  42. Voter registration is crucial. Many new voters will be turning 18 in the next two years, so it’s important to reach out to high schools and colleges in registration drives. Voter lists with addresses and phone numbers get old quickly, so it’s critical to update them so that we can hit the ground running in 2012. Every county Democratic committee should have a list of Obama volunteers from 2008 and it’s not too early to start contacting them about helping out in voter registration.

    We have a burgeoning Latino population in our county, so a group of us are going to contribute funds to hire a bilingual Spanish speaking college student to go door to door registering voters.

    It’s also good to encourage your local Democratic committee to put up(or pay for) booths or tables at events like county fairs and community picnics to reach out to voters and register them.

    There’s a lot to be done at the grassroots level and it’s not too early to start.

    By the way, love, love, love the photos.

  43. Yup. It’s never too early to start. The rethugs are always in campaign mode. That’s why they win often.

  44. Forgive me in advance for my vent 😦

    Lord, if I see one more person on my Facebook page whining or mourning over Keith O I think I will scream.

  45. Hello everyone and especially BWD!

    I found this site about a month ago when someone sent me a link to I Am Grateful. I will tell you, it could not have come at a better time! I was getting so depressed at all of the negative news about President Obama whom I dearly love, and the blog that I went to religiously for good news since before the election, seemed to be turning on the President.

    I just did not understand why everyone seemed to be turning on him so much. I found this site and I have been visiting everyday! I love it!!! I never blogged on the other site. I just went there for updates and uplifting news. For a while it seemed to be there on a regular basis. But no longer. I have since deleted the blog from my favorite sites and I no longer plan to use it as a regular stop.

    The news and updates on this site is so amazing. I love the daily Mishmash! You would never know the President is doing so much or that there are others who still love him as I do unless you come to a site like this. I have e-mailed your link to a number of my friends. I know a lot of people visit that do not blog. I may not blog again, but I want you to know I come here all the time to get my spirits lifted on a regular basis.

    I don’t mind the disagreements on the blog. I think they are very healthy. I just hope the discussions remain as civil as they are and you can count on me visiting and turning others on to this site. Again thank you so much for this site!!!!

  46. If I treated my employers the way he supposedly did, I’d deserve to be fired. Period. The last time he was up shit creek, the whining on FB was one of the reasons I disabled my acccount there. I haven’t missed it.

    Death and gunshot wounds to the head in Tucson, and I’m supposed to give a **** about some entertainer getting canned?

    If THE MAN were trying to SILENCE THE PROGRESSIVE VOICE, they’d get rid of Cenk.

    I rarely get the whiners, and especially not in this instance.

    A more interesting subject – we’ve become friendly with a man from China who works at a popular Chinese restaurant here. Had a great convo about mutual respect for our countries.

    One of the schools I sub at is about 70% children from backgrounds other than American. LOVE it. We celebrate the differences and learn from each other. I love pulling down the maps to point out the various countries their relatives or they hail from. Teabaggers are losers.

  47. Hey Blackwaterdog,
    Google ads is trying to sneak in a negative ad campaign on your site. I have seen it before I logged in. You might not be aware of it but I have seen it.

  48. from the comments at a fashion blog post about Michelle O’s state dinner gown:

    Today’s front page of the China Daily (the English language daily published by the government) is dedicated to President Hu’s visit to the U.S. The entire section above the fold is a photograph of Hu & Obama shaking hands with Mrs. Obama graciously standing off to the side. It’s quite extraordinary for the Chinese to devote so much of the front page one event. The prominence of these photo underscores that the U.S. is giving proper recognition to China’s current status on the world stage. It’s a BIG deal.

    The second item of buzz is about Michelle’s dress: “was the red color chosen in honor of the Chinese flag?” People are saying it was an excellent choice and a great PR move.

    The entire photo opportunity was extremely well done from a Chinese perspective.


  50. Thanks bwd. I really appreciated that you took the time to listen. Thats a rare quality and one of the reasons why I admire you.

  51. A more interesting subject – we’ve become friendly with a man from China who works at a popular Chinese restaurant here. Had a great convo about mutual respect for our countries.

    What amazed me beyond words is that – somehow – this visit made President Hu confess that the human rights record of China is something to be concerned about.

    I wonder how the Tall One accomplished that.

  52. I agree. Saint Roscoe and s. It is time to remove the veils from these people who will use their public platforms merely to enhance their wallets. Those you have mentioned have no legitimate credentials to be leading some kind of progressive movement. They need to be seen for who they are. People need to stop being taken in by them, over and over again. so many times it is sickening.

  53. Thanks to BWD and others in this community for getting the truth out about the great work that PBO is doing. I came here from the Obama Diary soon after you started and I visit both sites daily (and more often at times). Let’s continue to fight the good fight of supporting PBO and working for his re-election. It does not matter what those on other sites or programs (we know that these people are merely entertainers) say. The world is outside of that bubble.

  54. Looks like the Irish government is finally going to fall. They have been hanging on with 10 fingernails, but are now down to 2. I have asked before about lending PBO for a bit and I know you all won’t, but can Ireland please borrow either Mrs. O or Joe or Jill Biden for a while…PLEASE!

  55. Thanks, Starm. You cannot be more sad than are the citizens of Ireland who did not ask for this, but had it thrust upon them by a stupid and corrupt government. At the moment they are feeling betrayed and a bit Ivory Coast-ish with a leader that refuses to step down. The Irish are survivors and no matter how difficult this is going to be, they will get through it and be stronger. The country hasn’t quite hit bottom, but it is very close now, and then they can start looking up again. The pity is that another 100,000 of the young Irish are emigrating this year and next to find work and the State has spent a small fortune educating them for the economic benefit of other countries.

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