Saturday open thread

Morning guys,

Here’s a new playground for all of us.

As for the big news, well, it’s regretful that this once-important-broadcaster lost so much credibility and let his massive ego win.

But I don’t feel sorry for someone who goes home a very rich man, definitely not after he compared a necessary two years tax deal to “appeasing the Nazis”. And even more, after his last “special comment”, in which he bragged that him and John McCain are the only public figures who took responsibility for the heated rhetoric of the last two years. “No one else did – Not Beck, not Limbaugh, not Palin and not president Obama” – He really put them all in the same sentence. No, not feeling bad for him at all.

I’m just going to ask one thing: Please don’t bring here all kind of crazy links to all kinds of crazy stuff from all kinds of crazy places… 

Have a wonderful Saturday. 🙂


President Obama’s weekly address:


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  1. Well,
    Looks like the crazy is coming on fast and furious. on Tuesday we will have 3 State of the Union addresses, including crazy Michele Bachmann’s “pre-buttal”, then Paul Ryan’s official GOP response intended to whip us all into another “fear-Pres. Obama-and the-Democrats” frenzy.

    That President Obama is doing so well in the polls in the midst of all this madness is truly a miracle.

    Now the high priest of PL gasbags is off the air, and a new virulent anti-Obama gasbag, Cenk Uygur has been added to the line up just in time for the next round election season. Great!

    Our fight for Pres. Obama’s reelection and our pragmatic voices to be heard, is going to be some rollercoaster ride for sure over teh next two years.

    Talk about super-monetizing hate!

  2. Is the rumor that american ambassdor to china, Jon Huntsman, is going for a presidential run in 2012 true ?

  3. BBC

    For President Obama, the significance of Hu Jintao’s state visit to Washington this week is perhaps illuminated more sharply by what was not achieved than by what was.

    The visit was not an opportunity for Mr Obama to castigate China over its human rights record.

    It was not his chance to berate China over its relative inaction in defusing tension on the Korean peninsula.

    And it was not the moment for him to plunge into an aggressive confrontation over China’s manipulation of its currency – a process which aids its exports while hurting US businesses eager to get a firm footing in the lucrative Chinese market.

    Those topics were of course broached, if a little gingerly. And in the process, the US nabbed a few nice business deals, worth around $45bn (£28bn).

    But these developments were far from the central point.

    Mr Obama’s pivotal achievement this week was symbolic – two of the most powerful men in the world, standing side by side and acknowledging their mutual need for China’s ascendance to be a collaborative affair.

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs characterized the evolving Sino-American relationship as co-operative but competitive.

    That is the spirit Mr Obama wanted to communicate, with a seeming degree of urgency, in their plumped-up public appearances.

    He is acutely aware of the deeply entwined fortunes of the two nations, as well as his own political dependence on China. Increasing demand from across the Pacific could prove an important factor in dragging the US economy out of the doldrums – and Mr Obama’s approval ratings with it.

    He also no doubt knows of the suspicion towards China that has taken root in the collective American consciousness.

    In the 2010 midterms, politicians played on populist fears that China’s rise necessitates America’s fall; that the Chinese were out to steal jobs and wealth.

    This week, an ABC News poll found that 61% of Americans view China as threat to their jobs and economic security.

    Such cultural wariness does not foster an atmosphere conducive to sharing of wealth and power.

    But the mentality is a difficult one to combat. It is hard to name, even harder to talk about.

    And when your counterpart is as inscrutable as Mr Jintao, winning over American hearts is not easy.

    Perhaps it is a good thing, then, that the US political press seemed more preoccupied this week with translation issues at the press conference, the possibility that the US Ambassador to China might run for president, and who would give the Republican response to next week’s state of the union than the two incredibly powerful men on their doorstep, and their delicate, careful choreography.

  4. I doubt it. He wanted to run in 2008, but his local teabaggers gave him a hard time. He was okay with Civil Unions, and Plus, he’s a Mormon, which the teabaggers also hate.

  5. Yeah, I have watched KO in months. Or MSNBC for that matter. My last time tuning in for a show was when KO and CM were saying that Pres Obama sucked because, while he got the $10 billion from BP, he didn’t talk about it the way they wanted him to. That was my last night.

  6. The “I objected to him anyway” feelings that people express here about the end of Keith Olbermann’s show make me want to say, supporting the President for me means supporting his valuing of different views, his respect, empower, include philosophy. Its not when its easy that its important. Its when its hard. If Keith Olbermann severely criticized the President he is still someone the President would reach out to and listen to. I feel as disconcerted as anyone when there are unfair attacks coming from either side but I know one thing. Mr Olbermann is not a bully. However, there are bullies at work and the very worst thing we can do is let them divide us. Its time to work toward unison otherwise we allow many more to be targeted. I don’t want to see any more Van Jones’s, ACORNs, Shirley Sherrods out there. We have seen the divide and conquer strategy working both among Americans and among Democrats. If we don’t learn from the past we are going to be repeating it.

  7. He lost me when he allowed a puma guest to insult Obama. They talked about how they warned us on how the President was never a fighter. I can take things like that from fox, but not from our side.

  8. I don’t feel sorry for Keith
    And i didn’t agree with him all the time
    But he and Rachel Maddow were the only ones
    Who got things right sometimes.
    And i feel Rachel is next

  9. That’s a bit unfair. Keith Olbermann was using lot of nasty false propaganda against the president. It’s not a matter of “valuing different views” (i doubt the president appreciate being called “Nazi appeasers” for striking a deal to save unemployment benefits). I appreciate a lot of what KO has done in previous years, but he completely lost me over the past year. He turned into a very bad version of a professional left. While Rachel knows to criticize but also to compliment – his rhetoric regarding the president became so far out there – it was unbearable for me.

    And in anyway, the president is already being blamed for this new scandal. So much for valuing different views.



  12. BWD, I’ve been meaning to say this to you. I used to love your diaries over at the other place and could not figure out why they were met with such awfulness. Don’t know your religious beliefs, but as a Christian, I believe sometimes God will allow some places that we’re at to become uncomfortable enough that we are forced to step away from that place because he has something BIGGER in store. I believe that what happened to you was his plan because he needs you and your work, which showcases all the good that our President is and does, to have a bigger and broader platform.

    I know that I’m going to step up and enlarge my own mailing lists, etc. to make sure more and more people see your awesome work.

    The timing of your leaving and the establishment of the other wonderful pro-Obama blogs is not a coincidence. All in His plan to help this awesome president.

    Regarding KO, very difficult to feel sorry for Keith because he had joined the negative voices against the president. I missed his comment that President Obama didn’t take responsibility for nasty rhetoric. That accusation is as crazy as something coming from Faux News because the president didn’t instigate or engage in this kind of rhetoric. Indeed, KO was always one of the ones (going back to the primary) going ballistic because President Obama refused to get in the gutter when his opponents and critics did.

    I find it interesting that so many of the folks who have been against the president have crashed and burned — Blue Dogs, Lieberman.

    As for Cenk, we have our work cut out for us. This man is a true hater who will berate his guest when they express facts that show his crazy opinion to be wrong. He is awful. I think it’s telling they moved Ed from the important 6 pm slot to 10 pm and gave this hate monger 6 pm.

    Now we have hater Rattigan (4pm), blow-with- the-wind Matthews (anyone catch his stupid comment about why the prez can still loose re-election even if his approvals are above 50 percent? Ridiculous!), Cenk, Matthews again, O’Donnell (who has some questionable guests), Rachel and Ed bringing up the rear. (I believe they moved him because he’s been so outspoken against the repubs, so they want him to have fewer viewers. But then again, he’s been nasty to the president, too.)

    I couldn’t stand Rachel’s almost slobbering interview with Michael Steel.

    We have our work cut out for us battling this all conservative media. But we can rise to the challenge. The media wasn’t behind candidate Obama but he won anyway.

  13. Ew, Olbermann really tried to give himself and McCain props for civility while claiming that POTUS took no responsibility?


    Excuse me Mr. Olbermann, it is far more difficult to live in measured and considered tones, to consistently *set a personal example* of high standards of civility—much more difficult to do that than to let loose repeatedly, and then issue a single apology after the fact.

    Both Fox and MSNBC are tolerate ridiculous and fact-free POTUS disparagement and IMO are two sides of the same coin.

    I wish Olbermann nothing but the best, he did some good work during the Bush years, but he really fell off during President Obama’s tenure with the drama and stridency rather than factual recitations and good old fashioned common sense.

  14. Agree—-I cannot tolerate one minute of Cenk. He is unbearable to watch and listen to. Unappealing to the max. His heightened sense of self-importance, his haughty manner, his skewed sense of things must appeal to only a narrow segment of viewers. At least Keith had many fine commendable moments before he seemed to lose his good judgment and went off course. I was no longer a regular Keith viewer, and I was devoted to and thankful for him for a long time. I think that was true for many.

  15. Well said from start to finish. IMO Cenk is a very ignorant and strident person. I don’t watch O’Reilly and have no interest in watching Cenk’s nonsense either. Indeed, it is very telling that MSNBC is now a fauxgressive station, and just like Fox, specializes in floating around character attacks and nonsense as pertaining to this President.

    As for BWD’s treatment, sometimes accusations of jealousy are overused. Not in this instance IMO. Sour, hatefilled people resented the ray of light which her work brought to an appreciative and intelligent audience. It’s not lost on me that this anti-picture diary posture has now been reversed. Some people have principles, others, expedience. Enough said about that.

    I so utterly agree with your insights about God wanting bigger and better, as well as the need to continue to promote and grow this space alongside other trustworthy emerging spaces in the new media. This is such an incredible resource for people wanting to discuss events without having to wade through tantrums and sour fact-free declarations.

    We have our work cut out for us indeed, but something tells me that we’re all up to the task! 🙂

  16. They’re called “the Village” for a reason. It’s a self-reinforcing bubble in which people simply repeat the memes and narratives of the day without regard to factchecks and research.

  17. I have found Cenk’s comments and diaries on
    Daily Kos to be interesting and illuminating. However, I rarely watch TV and never for points of view. I have enjoyed Rachel Maddow. The few times I did watch Olberman were during the Bush years and he echoed my sentiments but I thought with such strained intemperance that I read the comments on DK rather than listen henceforth.

  18. Precisely. These are the types of character attacks and condemnations masquerading as “criticism” that I find to have zero value and zero merit. It appears that for some, hearing these “voices” is important for balance. Not for me. There’s no intellectual value in the assertion that President Obama is secretly hiding a Kenyan birth certificate, and there is no intellectual value in the assertion that President Obama is secretly harboring nefarious plans for the liberal agenda, or has such severe character defects as to represent an “inadequate black male.” Intellectual diversity and ideological diversity most certainly does NOT command that these thoughts and baseless opinions must be entertained and given equal weight to factual insights and critiques.

  19. If we want to make an impact in our communities hold a State of the Union gathering. Invite the all people have a lively discussion. Listen to what the other side is saying and ask them why they feel that way. Blogging is great but it does not lead to change.

    We need to speak to our neighbors and find out what the big divide is between us. As President Obama has said there is more we have in common that what separates us.

  20. I don’t think so – there is no way that he is doing that all the way from China. He’s been gone for so long, people won’t know who he is.

    I think he does this – according to James Fallows- to increase his standing among the Chinese diplomats. That way he makes them listen a little more to him.

    The Chinsese if they think he’s going to be President, will probably have an eye to the future, and not burn any bridges with him.

    I actually think this is the case, because it makes no sense for anyone to try and run from Presidency while away from a country!

  21. Wait did something happen to KO??? I guess this is what happens when you live in a bubble 😀

    I haven’t watched any MSNBC shows in like forever. If I want news, I’ll read the NYTimes or watch PBS/BBC America!

  22. I wish Olbermann the best, and my first thought noted that Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan seem to have no problem keeping their jobs.

    That said, I don’t see how or why I would need to hear the *opinion* that President Obama is a “Nazi appeaser” in order to have a balanced opinion, and I don’t see how or why I would need to entertain such sensationalized, baseless declarations and give them equal weight alongside factual ones. That would be a false equivalence.

    Respectfully, the divisiveness will not stop until we locate its origin. Van Jones, whose name is utilized as part of an anti-POTUS agenda, has himself stated over and over and over again that the netroots has failed to consistently act in its own best interests by refraining from condemning the President, and has argued over and over and over again that his name should not be utilized in promotion of that dubious agenda.

  23. What can I say? I can say thanks to Keith for making me aware of both the little and big things that needed highlighting. Yes,he ranted and raved and misbehaved but we also saw his compassionate side re his free clinics etc and Yes, whilst when on his rants against the president I always got rankled, I still tuned in as I chose to rise above his din, but listened to his voice of truth on other matters. I do wish him well and know that he will find his niche.
    P.S Actually I sometimes get the same feeling when I watch Bill Maher. His comment last night about the President re republicans and bleach was quite distasteful!
    P.P.S We really have to get used to the fact that many liberals out there cover under holding feet to fire/transparency etc, whilst they denigrate and disrespect.

  24. He ended his relationship with MSNBC last night for reasons that aren’t yet clear. It’s pretty amazing to me that of all of the things which Pat Buchanan has said on air, his job by contrast seems safe and secure…

  25. Piling on, I totally agree as well. I tried a couple times to watch his online clips, and then when he became crazier, and his ridiculous self-important diaries on Daily Faux, where he would write and then run, was so self-serving, that I couldn’t give him any credibility.

    Quite frankly, anyone still buying what he has to sell are like the emperor with no clothes!

  26. I give Cenk 3 months for his show, before it gets canceled.

    I wonder if the reason why Olbermann’s contract got cancelled was because not only was he being difficult, and an embarasssment, but because he lost viewership of many like us.

    There is no way that Cenk has ANY savvy or self-awareness to survive in the Cable/TV political climate.

    You have to have a good sense of politics to some degree in any job. How you interact with your colleagues and most of all your boss.

    When you have no sense or political awareness, and you tell ignore your boss or embarrass your boss one too many times, then no way will anyone put up with it.

    Cenk will NOT LAST on msnbc. I have no idea why msnbc even gave him a contract, because he is 10 times worse than KO.

  27. When Bill Maher suggested that President Obama should try to be more like Suge Knight, that was it for me and that show. This is not critique or criticism; these are baseless character attacks and many of them reveal the utter ignorance (and at times even malice) of the speaker. I say it over and over again, the solution is to build up alternatives because these people are not going to change any time soon and are entitled to have whatever response they want to POTUS, same as the teaparties.

  28. Oh – I see. Thanks! I guess when you live in constant anger and fear of something. it’s like a drug. He couldn’t let it go.

    So he kept to his one schtick and kept having to criticize the President – no matter who it was.

    Maybe he’s got something better or maybe he and the network heads clashed one too many times…

  29. OMG – me too! I was PISSED. Because I actually thought that was pretty racist.

    What you expect all black men to act like some parody of tought hip-hop style gansters???

    Because President Obama is civil, thoughtful, patient, and a true leader, he’s considered a wimp?

    Unlike all the other white Presidents before him like Jefferson, Lincon, FDR, Truman or JFK – he should instead behave with a major in your face trash talking, high fiving way???

    Give me a break! Maher is a massive bigot himself – the way he goes on an on about people in what they believe. So to think that he is on some higher moral ground because of what he believes, makes him no better than many of the tea partiers who also vehemently believe that they have the right beliefs.

    Ironically, people like Maher never get that they are also privvy to falling into the same trite “poke fun at” characters, that they do to others.

  30. I couldn’t even watch a whole show of his back during the Bush years. While I appreciated some of his political points back then, he’d go off after awhile into some stupid Hollywood celebrity gossip stuff (much like Huff Post does) that seemed to cater to our baser instincts. I always thought that it showed his shallowness – and that was confirmed lately by his inability to have meaningful political dialogue as well.

    In the end, he is a lightweight political entertainer – and his allusions to Murrow were offensive.

  31. Agree it was more than distasteful.. It was disgusting and I plan to send a note even though I know it won’t matter. I will not repeat what Maher said, but it was despicable. I noticed his audience did not clap when he made these disgusting comments about the president. The American people are behind President Obama no matter how hard these sanctimonious jerks try to turn them from the president.

    Maher is an uninformed, unfunny idiot. There, I said it.

  32. I had a rough week at work this week, I’ve been working late then going home to take a 2 hour nap to take conference calls at midnight til 2 in the morning, and then having to get up at 4 in the morning to do it all over again.

    I came home last night at 6, fell asleep on the couch at 7 and then just woke up at 6 and found BWD’s site updated 🙂

    Now I’m off to start my day! Have a good one to all my favorite people in the BWD community. I wonder if we will hear from Hachikō got to NY safely yet?? Anyone hear anything?

    Have a great day all!!!

  33. Keith believed that he spoke for the left and all Dems he did not. I know he did not expect this, because this time he did not post it on Dkos. I have to admit I will not miss him and his hit-job guess list that he always paraded on the show to do drive bys on Obama.

  34. Very well said from start to finish, pinkbunny. It actually scares me that people like Maher thought they were voting for Suge Knight to have his hand on the red button rather than the intelligent, measured, qualified POTUS who we do have. I’m like, really? Seriously, this is what they think of black people? We’re all either Uncle Toms/Tomasinas or Gangster rappers? Just really glad to leave fauxgressives behind with their baggage and sketchy ideas.

  35. oh f*cking hell, is this real life? that piece of dog waste “young turk” person got a show on msnbc? wow just wow. Another reason to continue my exile from watching network news but damn I am mad that he has this big platform to spew his hate for the president. Got DAMMIT!

  36. The only one who took this comparison seriously was KO himself. Jon Stewart if far more of a “Murrow” than KO will ever be. Even if sometimes he can get on my nerves, he’s got a real impact. KO could have become something like that, but he chose to become a leader to the fringe.

    Doesn’t mean the suits at the top of MSNBC are assholes.

  37. Great comment, NJ Lady! It’s perfect example of following WWOD (What Would Obama Do?).

    Your suggestion gets right to the heart of the matter. We know what the MegaMedia will do. Every single time. No sense in incessant wondering why Matthews does this or why Gregory, David does that.

    So just bypass them altogether. The truth will set us all free, and we know for a fact, that any careful introspection or honest debate on issues will mostly lead to opinions on the Liberal side of the debates being correct. History clearly shows this.

    Treating the State of the Union as a sporting event, and having people bring food and drink as if it’s a Super Bowl or Oscars party, is a great idea. The more we can connect humans innate communal spirit to their politics, the more benefit we’ll have at the ballot box.

  38. The oil spill is when I stopped watching Keith and Rachel. I mean Rachel had the nerve to “re-write” his speech……I had long stopped watching Ed. He should feel so slighted for getting moved to 10 pm. His ratings will be lower than they already are.

  39. He’ll keep his trap shut or else he’ll be
    out on the streets with that recently fired
    fellow and the same goes for Dylan “dig my
    poodle hair toupee” Ratigan… 🙂 hehe..Here’s a reason why…The boss of bosses
    President & CEO of GE (Parent company of
    MSNBC)Jeff Immelt to head Pres.Obama’s Jobs advisory board, which I think is a figurehead position…That guy still runs the entire show, so he has accepted some ownership of the situation and puts his reputation on the
    Im not saying they won’t nitpick POTUS, but that corportist meme is out the window…That was the bread & butter for ole’dylan & cenk..They’ll watch what they say now..hehe…It’s been funny watching Ed Shultz and the MSNBC crew dance around that 800 pound gorilla in the room…As I type this…PAT BUCHANAN is talking about how Pres.Obama is focused on jobs…LOL.!!
    To grill POTUS is to grill their boss…

    Pres.Obama is a smart, smart man…..I’M JUST SAYIN… 🙂

  40. KO will be fine.I will miss certain things, I think he did a lot of good things, and bought issues to the fore that hadn’t been discussed much anywhere else…I live In AZ, and he called our wacko Gov. out, as THEY ALL should have, but he did it consistantly and with gusto.I appreciated that. The clinics (though I have to say that the very thought that he needed to do that for fellow Americans was offensive to me…healthcare is a right, not a priviledge that we should have to beg donations for).My guess is that with the approval of Comcast to buy MSNBC,the powers that be wanted a different direction, and rather than argue, he just moved on. He knew that if that merger was approved that his time would be short. Just my suspicions.Life will go on,he will not end up at a soup kitchen like so many millions have from losing THEIR jobs.Cenk? What a poor choice. Is that the “new” direction for MSNBC? I’m outta there.

  41. I watched piers Morgan last night because George Clooney was on . he said how his work in Sudan is met with a lot of help from Secretary Clinton and President Obama. He also Stated that he was a big fan of President Obama his kindness and goodness is what this country needs,but he could not put up with the way the media does him and that he knew he was the right man for these times.

  42. I never liked Keith Olbermann’s show and I thought he should have been fired when in a special comment he told President Obama he was “goddamn wrong.” We usually reserve profanity for extremes and while I didn’t watch his show regularly — I’ve seen some of his special comments to Bush regarding some atrocious things and he didn’t seem to think it called for profanity. Obama hasn’t done ANYTHING to warrant that level of contempt and disrespect.

    I’m glad he’s gone. He’s a hyperbolic egomaniac. I would have fired him after his little tantrum on Dkos — that should have been embarrassing to that network.

  43. A good “teaching moment” from this Olbermann stuff is that hopefully more people realize that “ratings” have nothing to do with it. Olbermann was a profitable show, much like Phil Donohue’s MSNBC show years earlier, which was canceled even though it the top show on the fledgling network.

    Chris Matthews is a ratings repellant and has been for many years, yet he’s still there. Glenn Blech was a lowly-rated radio person…gets a major gig on CNN where he’s a ratings bottom feeder…and then gets a prime time slot on Pox Newz, where his ratings are tanking and sponsors have fled, yet I don’t expect to see him gone anytime soon, do you?

    These people are there to pump propaganda, pure and simple. The MegaMedia is owned by a small handful of uber rich, who REALLY don’t want tax laws changed and regulations increased, and are perfectly happy to have most of the electorate voting against their own best interests. In fact, it was part of the plan all along. Those who don’t play a long, are quickly gone, regardless of their ratings or how much money they make for the network. There’s a much larger Game happening here.

  44. judging from this olberman person’s actions over the last year he is on the brink of mental break down. most of what I know of him is from internet and such but he does not seem to be stable, not like he was a few years ago when I use to watch him. I believe his steady mental decline and his passive aggressive behavior toward 44 is lead by his own huge narcissism. I remember his quitting dkos because his feelings were hurt. several days later he was back. Then he quit twitter, again cause his feeling were hurt, several day later he was back. the list goes on. Good thing on this occasion he collected a big check from MSNBC cause I think he is gonna need it, his mental health has deteriorated to a point that he will likely be in some sanatorium for a good while, if he decides to get the medical help he absolutely needs.

  45. I don’t think some comments here are being fair to Bill Maher. He is a comedian and says things that he thinks are funny.
    The Suge Knight thing was in the context that he wanted Pres Obama to be and appear tough because in Maher’s opinion he does not.
    The comment on the bleach was in the context that the Pres is seeking common ground but the only common ground the Republicans have is their position and nothing else.He went on to say that the only way Pres would satisfy the Republicans is by giving in to their demands and by using bleach. i.e the only way the Republicans (not Bill maher)will accept him is if he became white because the Republicans are (in his view)prejudiced.

  46. WOW! I hadn’t make the connection. That us 3-D chess for sure. Should make things a bit more fair and balanced.

  47. Respectfully, we need to be very, very careful when we judge one’s mental well-being. Unless you’re his therapist, please don’t go there.

  48. After reading the new line up, I see MSNBC has decided to give the FRINGE on the left a big voice. I am sure they will be pushing the false narrative that they are indeed Obama’s base and his “base” are disappointed. The set up for “primary obama” begins with this line up of pundits dressed as liberal. Even though facts show they are just fringe. MSNBC is trying to form the “fringe liberal teaparty”, like FOx formed the original teaparty. How low they sink for rating. I will not be supporting this disgrace. None of these characters speak for me. I am not anywhere near the mindset of the purist left, just like am I not anywhere near the loony right. I am a bit surprised they haven’t add a time slot for the book peddler, Ms. Huffington. That would just make up the ultimate of “Obama bashing” for any sanctimonious, purist to wank off to. Then again I might have typed too soon. Time will tell.

    btw, it seems in corp. news land pundit hosts only come in form of old and white mostly male, No hispanic, no african american, no muslim, no asian? mmmmmm NEXT!

  49. So, basically, you’re saying that your thought is that the President is now controlling the media? Frightening thought.

  50. Billy Maher has a fart on his brain & he
    picked the wrong week to take a swipe at
    POTUS…78% of America apporves of the way
    Pres.Obama handled the Tucson tragedy…
    Chalk what that guy says up to the dope
    talking…He’ll be canceled soon…When the
    audience doesn’t laugh at his lame azz jokes he insults them…Not a good look.

  51. Huntsman is too smart. He is not a tea party type of guy and knows he wouldn’t have a chance in the primaries. Watch for him in 2016.

  52. I watched that, too! Do I love that man!!!However, I did think it was a little wacky that Piers was pushing him about running for President. Are you kidding me?? That was just off course to me. All in all, worth watching on a Friday night…an hour with George Clooney:) If only….

  53. Yeah you know what, BWD, when you put it that way, I don’t feel bad for Olbermann. I didn’t know he put McCain Palin and Obama in the same sentence. Yeah he can go kick rocks.

  54. criquet, it was not the bleach part that was offensive, it was comparing Obama to a golden retriever that was offensive.

  55. A truer statement was never spoken! You’re right on point with that comment.If the people ever woke up from their stupified slumber to know they were being played, they’d be pissed! It’s ok, big megacorporation personhood…they will never wake from their slumber.Still safe.

  56. BWD this is just part of it. They haven’t put up the rest where he talks about his kindness and what help he and ms clinton gave on sudan

  57. He ask good questions but don’t give them time to answer. I like the tone of his show.

  58. To bring the crazy here we’d have to go to crazy places …. why would anyone do that kind of brain damage to their self 🙂

    Thank you BWD for hosting those empathetic, energetic, pragmatic liberals who spend most of their day actually doing stuff to help others and sustain our Nation.

  59. It’s all about Cenk when Cenk talks. He is still a Republican using the lefties for his own good. Finally got a show, that is all he was after. Yikes!


  60. Disagree.Whether you liked him or not, the man was passionate about his beliefs…and he was more like the rest of us than not. Did he make over the top assertions? Yes.Did he let his anger get the best of him at times? Yes.Don’t we all? But to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” is what “they” do…there is nothing wrong with the mental state of KO..and to question that, I think, is a slope you don’t want to go down.

  61. Here is what I consider the biggest difference between people loke Olberman and Schultz versus people like Maddow and O’Donnell. The first two have appeared to be negative for the sake of being negative. Whether it is ego or whatever, they don’t view a respectful disagreement as being good enough, but prefer to go the route of personal attacks, whether towards the right of Obama.

    When Maddow disagrees with something Obama has or has not done, she generally (though not always) gives reasons for her disagreements and is more respectful towards the President. And it is obvious that her biggest disagreements come from strong personal feelings about the subject. Additionally, she has always been willing to say, “I was wrong” most prominently after the DADT repeal.

    For KO and ES, the amount of outrage is what matters (same as on some left blogs) not the substance of the outrage. I know some here are down more on Maddow then I am, but I can live with criticism of the President (heck, I have had them as well. Hartmann is another one who will usually say he wishes that Obama did this or that, but he has always been respectful of the President and supportive of Dems and wants Obama to be reelected. He still believes in Obama.
    It is sometimes easy to put all the critics in one basket, but there are significant differences.

  62. I could definitely see him run in 2016, 2012 would be difficult since he’d be challenging the man, President Obama, who chose him to be the Ambassador to China. Most legit candidates don’t challenge sitting Presidents for their re-election because the odds are against them, and you don’t get a second chance.

    He’s be splitting the Mormon vote with Romney as well. I think he’s better off waiting four years, letting Romney tackle any potential “Mormon issue” with the GOP base, and benefit from that in four years.

    If he did run now, I think it would be just to get his name out as a national player, but to do that he’d have to give up the China Ambassadorship after less than two years for his own personal ambition which wouldn’t reflect well on him.

    More than likely if there was a “leak” from his camp, it would be to just have his name out there now when the 2012 candidates are being discussed. Because Daniels and Pawlenty are also 2016 possibilities, as is Jeb Bush. He just doesn’t want to be the forgotten man.

    Bush and Huntsman will be very formidable in 2016, especially if they formed the Republican ticket together. Jeb Bush, fluent in Spanish, married to a Mexican-American, with three kids, and Jon Huntsman fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

  63. BWD have you watch Fareed Zakira at times. I tune in because he has international guest on and discuss the US Foreign Policy. Fareed is impressed with Obama Foreign Policy and he highlights a lot that not reported. The world leaders and thinker see him well.

  64. I agree BWD, can’t say I’m crying any tears over this. I don’t watch MSM and KO is no better than Beck/Limbaugh in my book. I’m truly over hyper-partisanship on both sides.

  65. keith was a promoter of populous rants from the left. he was a reactionary, without all the facts. Later when thing went another way he was unable to admit that he over stepped his boundaries, only when people went after him about what he said about the president in the oil spill. he then later got on dkos and said that he will not write there any more. when he found out that no one cared he came back. He likes to call people out , but don’t like to be judge on the same grounds he judges others.His ego got big because he was one of the first to put a spotlight on Bush, and he thought the same type of response would be for President Obama. The Difference, President Obama plays chess and President Bush played chutes and Ladder.

  66. I couldn’t agree more. I hadn’t watched KO regularly since November, when he went right from bashing Dubya (which was greatly deserved, IMNSHO) to bashing Obama (greatly undeserved.) It seemed like he lost his moorings or his ballast or something….every other thing he said was some version of “Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m still relevant!!” Ugh.

    As it stands now, though, I’ve lost the last reason I had to even consider watching MSNBC. I won’t even discuss Cenk, I’d like to retain my breakfast. 😉

  67. Yes i tune in to see what happening in the world. I can’t believe ive become such a political junkie. LOL

  68. Agreed. I watch TV when I’m too tired to do anything else, but I do want to feel engaged at some level. For a while, during the Bush years, his show offered at least that, not much more–after all, others were saying the same thing and people were doing things as well, like mobilizing the vote in 2006 and again in 2008 (the old boy, KO, doesn’t even vote). His show has never had much over a million viewers, and while it was gratifying to hear people talk about these issues, they were just talking while others were doing. I always felt better making phone calls and canvassing during elections.

    It seems like he’s just an angry man really. When the target was Bush it corresponded well with what the political viewers felt. But then the anger seemed not to dissipate and instead was focused on President Obama, and the anger in him looked less like a response to conditions but more fundamental instead, a basic aspect of how he relates to the world.

    I’m glad I tuned out before I heard such a horrible ‘special comment’.

  69. I remember a time when Bill Maher was funny. I also remember a time when Dennis Miller was too….unfortunately for them both, that time has long, long passed.

    I need an adult in the White House. I like Obama’s demeanor and calm and intelligence…and never has a day passed that I’ve regretted my vote for him.

  70. I never could understand why BWD got treated so bad at the other place. She was the only reason I even went there and I’ve never commented over there. If something went on I would go there to see the pictures of the event that I just knew she had up. Because of this website I have found other fact based sites…..

  71. And RAchel will later come back and say she was wrong and show the clip of her making a prediction. Ko was reactionary.

  72. hehe..Im still trying to process what im
    seeing right now on MSNBC…I’ve been
    watching all morning and no metion of
    Olbermann…Pat Buchanan & another guy
    normally put on to disagree with him had 2
    consecutive segments & they agreed on both
    Ed Shultz was just on to speak for
    progressives and he told the anchor Alex
    LIBERAL”….lmao..!!…Somebody back me
    up..Help me see what I think i’m
    seeing…It’s as if their brains were
    scrubbed…lol…This is too
    funny…Management is doing the “Ruppert
    Murdock & Roger Ailes” on them….lol..!!

  73. I don’t think tigerfists88 is saying that the president is now controlling the media. I think more businesses are realizing that the presidents plans are actually helping them. I believe even the COC was happy with the recent trade deals that President Obama made.

    I think it means that they aren’t going to let their employees say anything they want without facts.

  74. Maher kills me when he complains that President Obama shouldn’t compromise with the republicans all while he has republicans on his show. It would seem like his audience would find this to be odd at the least.


  76. Excatly, Maher tries to dehumanize Pres. Obama at ever turn…now he’s comparing him to a dog…what will it be next and if republicans are so horrible why does he always have them on his show.

  77. He lost me much earlier. I stopped watching Keith during the heated debate about HCR. It was obvious he had begun to follow the lead of his fans over at DKos.

    No, I don’t feel bad he’s gone from MSNBC, but I do feel damn aggravated that this joker Cenk has been added to the shuffle.

    This country’s downfall is going to be our media. I’ve been saying this since 1998 (maybe before then). And how we change this problem is beyond me.

  78. Then he made that comment about BLEACH for the President. Ok, that was not racist? What is his problem? ANd before you answer, I have been listening to the lefts critique of POTUS for the past two years, maybe some of them are racist, too! Just saying!

  79. Just like when Bill O broke bread with Al Sharpton in Harlem and was surprised that the patrons weren’t screaming profanities at the waitstaff. Mostly middle-class and white “progressives” (note the quotes) have the same view of blacks as mostly middle-class and white Tea Partiers, and that’s a view perpetuated by the media. (Unfortunately, the current hiphop culture contributes to that stereotyping. Ah, for the days of my youth when we had Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash. Yes, I’m dating myself.)

  80. BWD: OT, but what do you think about gingrich running his 2012 campaign from georgia? It was an article on TPM that had me surprised!

  81. If by hachiko you mean marabout, someone posted yesterday that yes, she made it safely, and is getting settled in.


  83. I agree with you on this. KO is bombastic and always has been. I agree with him most of the time and admire the work he did on health clinics and pushing back against right wing misinformation but I haven’t always been comfortable or happy with his methods. He is much like some of the right wing commentators that he likes to skewer in the use of anger and hyperbole.

    I do prefer Rachel and LO’D because they are more measured, more open to listening to people with whom they disagree and not so prone to bombast. Ed Schultz and Cenk are much more along KO’s line – lots of noise, lots of emotion. I prefer my journalism, even opinion journalism, to be measured, fact based and rational. I know there is an audience for the loud, angry, bombastic type though and as long as the right uses it, I guess it’s probably inevitable that the left will counter with their own version.

    I do think that the past year’s personal events have told on KO and led to some of the things that people here complain about. I wish him well in the future.

  84. He made this city very cold today, yes he is responsible I am feeling very cold. PBO make it right please?

  85. What you read is not always true! Therefore, choose and pick you poison or stop poisining yourself and your brain will thank you a lot!!

  86. I agree with you about the massive ego and his poor choice of words, especially the combining of those particular names. The last was a single comment made on the campaign trail. The others are sort of free-fall, all the time, violent stuff.

    No crazy links. Not from me. Not ever.

  87. Re: olbermann, I’m watching the Huff and Puffers heads implode over him leaving. They’re treating his leaving as if a highly respected politician died.

    Heck, I was even labeled a tool for saying his brand of lefty bully pulpit politics wasn’t a seller, that’s how much of a hero figure he is for the Frustrati.

    I loved Keith’s voice during the Bush years, but he’s become too much of a lefty Limbaugh/O Reilly for my tastes. I’ve found my world much MUCH better without loudmouths like him pulling in dark clouds. You would think that President Obama is the new apprentice of Emperor Cheney Palpatine listening to Olbermann every night.

    But I do agree with one thing: the manner in which he is leaving was completely unprofessional on behalf of MessNBC. You didn’t see Regis suddenly announce on LIVE! that it was going to be his last show, you’ve seen Regis announce it months in advance so that the impact on viewers is minor. We saw the same with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on American Idol.

    MessNBC doesn’t know how to run a network, and their fans wonder why they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for ratings.

    I wish Mr. Olbermann the best luck in whatever he does. I’ve always been laughing at the idea of a Hannity/Olbermann show, only with an actual liberal on to challenge Hannity’s lies.

  88. yeah BWD, not to mention that not many Republicans like Gingrich either.

    And I find it telling that the man who shut the government down now wants to be in charge of it, funny!

  89. totally agree. I didn’t want to even mention the golden retriever comparison, but since it’s out there; that was the most offensive and unfunny “joke” ever. And Maher got very few claps of agreement from the audience. They knew he had gone way over the line.

    And why does he have not just republicans, but those with the most despicable views and who tell the most disgusting lies on his show? Like Briebart, for example.

    Maher has shown his true colors.

  90. I know the world is going to scream at me for this but we need to save our English language along with our country. It is not “him and John McCain”, it is “he and John McCain”. Sorry, I just heard chalk scrape the blackboard.

  91. I firmly believe that Bill Maher’s critiques of Pres. Obama reflect his racism. His racism prevents him (and many in the P.L.)from showing the respect this President deserves. There seems to be no limit to the disrespect. It puzzled me for a while, but I happened on a clip from an old Oprah show, where her guest was a young white man who was able to increase the melanin in his skin to make himself appear African-American. He planned to remain black for 2 weeks, but found that he could not take it. He said the lack of respect and constant suspicion he experienced as a black man made him reverse the process after a couple of days. He said something that stuck with me. He said: “the white man automatically gets respect. The black man is constantly trying to prove that he deserves respect.” That sums up the treatment Pres. Obama gets from both Left and Right. The constant “holding his feet to the fire” rhetoric exemplifies this mentality. As does Maher’s “if only Obama were more like (fill in the blank)”. They try to justify to themselves and the world their reasons for not having respect for Pres. Obama. Nothing is ever good enough. Many of their critiques don’t make sense, but then neither does racism.

  92. He used to be a Congressman there it makes sense to me. Its the pure south. He lives in VA and I don’t see him having his base there. GA seems right to me jovie.

  93. I am at a loss as to how to understand adults who consider themselves politically savvy and yet believe that everything in the political arena happens on the surface. Do they get their ideas about politics from watching Xtreme Fighting? One would think that after the repeal of DADT in exactly the manner the President detailed at the beginning of his term they would have gotten a clue as to how things proceed, but instead they postulate that it was only because of their strident voices that this happened. I presume the frustrati will now find a way to personalize Olbermann’s leaving MSNBC and interpret it as a direct strike at them. I don’t care whether Olbermann stays or not — I have the choice not to watch him — but I do hope the station remains a venue for liberal pundits, despite their frequent bouts of hysteria. It would be far more preferable to have an actual objective news station, but since that won’t happen, it is necessary to have something to balance out Fox.

  94. Thank you BWD for this site. I have just sat and enjoyed the different posts here.
    It is refreshing to hear clear thinking and thoughtful conversations in clear intelligent tones. Thank you all. I am a senior, and I am still beautifully amazed that you younger and very bright will bring this country to a great place with our wonderful President of the United States, Barack Obama in these next six years. Keep you thoughts with grace, season your words with kindness wrapped in truth, and keep you feet to the ground carrying the message of Yes We Can and Yes We Will. Hold no grudge, but look, listen, and respond with truth and your true self. POTUS will make it through this because he beieves in what he says to the point that his actions correspond. Just watch and listen to him. He will never yell, fist it out, break a back in this public areana. POTUS is a thinker, a calm one at that, and he sees the BIGGER picture for now as well as for the future of his hopes for the nation. We just need to stay strong together and not break the links for the great future that he is trying to build for the generations to come. Remember, he said in his victory speech,”Tonight, Change Has Come To America.” Okay. I love you all. You give me courage!!!!

  95. The question is: Is MSNBC actually balancing out Fox? Certainly in regards to Pres. Obama MSNBC traffics in the same hyperbole as Fox, just from the left wing rather than the right.

  96. I expect many GOP hopefuls to copy the Obama campaign and have their campaign headquarters outside of Washington.

    So far we have Gingrich and Santorum. What a freakshow.

    Newt also has this to run from (from his wiki)-
    Gingrich has been married three times. In 1962, he married Jackie Battley, his former high school geometry teacher, when he was 19 years old and she was 26.[64][65] They had two daughters. In the spring of 1980, Gingrich left Battley after having an affair with Marianne Ginther.[66][67] According to Battley, Gingrich visited her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery to discuss the details of their divorce. Six months after it was final, Gingrich wed Ginther in 1981.[68][69]

    In the mid-1990s, Gingrich began an affair with House of Representatives staffer Callista Bisek, who is 23 years his junior; they continued their affair during the Lewinsky scandal.[70] In 2000, Gingrich married Bisek shortly after his divorce from second wife Ginther. He and Callista currently live in McLean, Virginia.[71]

    He tries to run from it saying he’s changed since converting to Roman Catholic in 2009.

  97. Distasteful? It was downright repugnant. I never think of Bill Maher as a liberal. He is a libertarian with some liberal leanings. He was quick to jump on the Iraq war bandwagon and just as quick to jump off of it when he discerned the way the wind was blowing. Though he has tempered this of late, his past remarks about women have been incredibly chauvinistic. His grasp of politics is facile. I watch the show because I often enjoy his guests, and I even sometimes enjoy his interchanges with them. I was pleasantly surprised by David Stockman, who I remember was considered as a total villain by liberals during Reagan’s terms (actually, he was a total villain then).

  98. AMEN, HZ! Beautifully said. I’m thinking you have channelled how I feel, word for word. ,)

  99. I agree BWD. Newt has a serious ex-wife issue. One of his ex-wives did a number on him in a 2010 GQ interview. Very damaging stuff. Portrayed as total hypocrite. He will use any potential White House run as a money making venture, pure and simple.

  100. That was wonderful. Gave me chills to see the talent that has served and is serving this country so brilliantly. What a group of brilliant and dedicated people.

  101. At least, one time or more we all made mistakes and I will say abused the English language. If you want to correct blogging people English in blogs I will say good luck with that. that is all.

  102. I watched a lot of Countdown during the 2008 election season, but by mid 2009, KO was starting to give me a great big headache, so I tuned out for about six months.

    When I tuned back in, what had happened to Countdown was appalling. There were times when I thought KO might just have an aneurysm during one of his special comments, most of which seemed to aim nuclear amounts of vitriol at the president.

    I guess this is what happens when you start to believe your own hype — when you start to become the story instead of reporting it.

    Good riddance; I won’t miss him a bit. And Cenk is never going to be on my screen. He’s just a younger, equally self-aggrandizing, professional left pundit.

  103. You know I find this aspect of all the republicans who constantly rail against the government the most hypocritical. Why do they want to hold office? Why do they want to be a part of such a “terrible” organization?

    And if you’re part of government, aren’t you the problem?

    And no one in the media ever asks them this question.

  104. The other site was forever using Pres O’s words “hold my feet..” to excuse any and all bullying and mean spirited and deceitful verbiage they engaged in. When POTUS talked about respecting others, I wondered if these words too will be used by his opponents (and I mean on both sides) to justify bits of business that the words were certainly not intended to cover.

    Let’s respect annuncers who throw the term Nazis (my grandparents murders, Mr Sensitivity Olberman) at the camera.

    We have very different opinions about Keith, c. I believe he IS a bully. And tossing labels aside, the fact that someone is not a Republican does not mean they are automatically on my side.

    But, as with all members here, I respect your opinion and your right to post it. I believe all of BWD’s fans are community. But I read far too often on Orange “we are all on the same side.” Nonsense. And with Keith, he was on his own side.

  105. andwhy would they want somebody like that in office anyway? I’ve even heard some people criticize the pres saying that he’s not a ‘real nigga’. really folks?????? I’m actually glad that we have someone in office that is civil and gives measured responses without haing to resort to buffonery and faux toughness just to prove something that he’s not to his critics

  106. About three months ago, there was an item in the NY Post (Page 6, I think — the only part of the NY Post that saves it from being entirely litter box liner). It said that Comcast was planning to fire KO almost immediately after the deal went through because they thought he was over the top.

    If Comcast wants tighter control over their “demeanor” on MSNBC, then keeping KO was a no-go.

    I cannot watch Cenk, but have read his Young Turks column. Is he less of a human flame-thrower than KO?

  107. Cenk is like an adolescent boy. Totally unprofessional, and makes statements ungrounded in a single fact.

  108. Hello

    I’m not a Christian, but I loved and appreciated your comment. Thank you.

    Cenk was being Cenk when I was still over there. It may be repulsive that he was given airtime. Just world hypothesis dictates he should not. BUT – bottom line – other than his Cenkophants, he was NOT popular on DK. If he couldn’t make it beyond a microscopic bubble, he will have no influence on the MSNBC audience. Actually, he may well be cancelled quickly.

    CNN has shown some signs of life lately, I think.

  109. I will not miss Keith Olbermann’s brand of snarky self-rightesousness. When he was suspended, he should have just admitted he was wrong, if he wanted to retain any credibility as a journalist. Joe Scarborough was also punished for making political contributions, and just admitted he was wrong, instead of making himself out to be some kind of martyr as Olbermann did. It also appears that Olbermann’s firing might just be all about money. Olbermann was not going to get a raise, knew he was unpopular with the bosses, and just decided to make a nice financial deal for himself. At least he was smart enough to get out before he continued his inevitable decline.

  110. Not controlling the media. Just using a lot of finesse and intelligence to attempt to level the hyperbolic media playing field in advance of 2012.

    It’s not at all sinister or underhanded; it’s simply brilliant. The president is quite good at thinking at least several steps ahead.

    There’s nothing at all that’s fair or balanced in FOX news “reporting,” and they’re vitriol is taking all the air out of the debate.

    This is a great way to counterbalance it. And after all, it’s not on President Obama; toning down the temperature on MSNBC is on Jeff Immelt.

    This is pure genius on the president’s part and seems pretty much the same as the position he’s put Huntsman in.

  111. Speaking for myself, KO is too much ego and sanctimony. He will land on his feet, and I am sure we have not heard the last of him.

    Rachel, infuriated me with her pompous faux national address, which I thought was completely condescending towards our President, and did not reflect the realities and complexities of the whole BP mess. I wrote her and expressed my disappointment, and challenged the fantasy of a perfect world scenario that she was implying. I do think she contributes an important, and mostly responsible voice for the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals in what is a growing vacuum throughout our media, silencing our perspectives and opinions. Making all the more critical, the valuable
    impact and potential of websites like this, the internet, and our social networks.

    We must keep our voices alive.

  112. My favorite method is to have convos on Sports, TV, whatever, and then segue into more sensitive matters once that rapport has been established.

    I love your use of the term “bypass” bonkers. I need nobody to tell me how to think. I need info, and discussion among people I respect (Reps not excluded) The only influential news channel out there is Fox. MSNBC is watched by bloggers it seems. Been there, listened to them. Bypass. Frustrati will look for CT. It’s a business. If Mr O was an impossible employee, his supervisors reserve the right to let him go.

    The POTUS and the populace are establishing a direct relationship now, informed by the facts such as job growth. The fate of the talking heads will become obsolete (except for discussion material on DKos)

  113. He’s a bigot and a smug one. One of the biggest disillusionments for me during my stint on DK, was to learn that bigots came in more shapes and sizes than I had imagined – including – “Progressive.” That made me deeply sad, actually.

  114. Not only being out of the country, but being a Republican working for the Obama Administration. The latter is much worse for Huntsman; in this climate, he can’t campaign for president and criticize the administration he’s been a part of for two years, and the hardcore arm of the Republican Party hates him because he’s part of a socialist, fascist regime.

    If the tea party rage dies down, and Huntsman waits until 2016, he might have a very good chance of a run, and possibly a win.

    Huntsman seems like one of the few reasonable Republicans left standing. And he’s protected because his job in the administration is secure. Keeping this job and increasing his “face” by seeming to the Chinese that he could be president, would give him a big foreign policy leg-up (especially because it’s China) for a run in 2016.

    And the Chinese won’t be willing to mess with him if they think that’s possible.

    Our president is a genius.

  115. BWD is right to point out Olby’s mistakes, but he has overall been a great asset to the progressive movement. His leaving is a huge loss no matter which way you look at it.

    Also Cenk is really really good on his youtube channel when he hits the repubs hard with facts and stats. And I mean he hits them hard.

    But he does get really arrogant. Lets hope he tones it down.

  116. He was acting erratically. It always seemed like sleep deprivation to me, which can bring on the behaviors we see. And I’ll bet he gets little sleep. The business with DK was just childish.

    But I never talk about meds or mental hospitalizations for a different reason. I would feel disloyal to my clients. Whether or not that makes any sense…

  117. Is it time yet that we decide that MSNBC is the same as CNN and FOX? Sort of like ESPN, ESPN-2…the same content, just different channels on the dial.

  118. In the comments, someone reminds us that one of Huffington’s key employees just left to run Beck’s website called “Blaze”. Birds of a feather, and all that…

  119. Hi Bob

    I caught your compliment in the other thread – thank you:) We are the gatekeeps of our minds. And now, I’m closing the gate to further consideration of the trials and tribulations of Mr Keith Olbermann.

    Great Saturday to the most wonderful group of people! TTYL.

  120. I stopped watching Keith during the healthcare bill debate, I could not stand him bring on Howard Fineman with his gossiping self, and the expert in everything the huff puff lady

  121. His “Mormon problem” would be his biggest impediment. I can’t see him winning a nomination with this current Repub Party, which is controlled by the right wing religious fringe who believe Mormonism to be a cult and anyone from that religion would never be considered acceptable.

  122. The last paragraph in your summary is most crucial – the US media was interested in superficial, temporary, unimportant stuff, instead of informing a very wary public of the delicate shift in the relationship with China – and the $45 billion in substantive deals struck with the Chinese.

    The foreign press does a much better job of reporting important American news than the American media. BBC, Al Jazeera, some of the Indian papers – they are focused on what is happening in the world. The ground is shifting, and the US media is more interested in nonsense.

  123. [NOTE: Not a crazy post – nothing to do with Olberman]
    Here’s a post that reinforces some ideas often expressed here.(It’s worth reading all the way through.) I did not put the address line because I don’t know how to isolate one post from among several. The blog is and JHW22 feels very strongly about the president, and usually makes very good and passionate arguments about his leadership.

    Thursday, January 20, 2011
    “The Base”

    Jane Hamsher and Adam Green are NOT “The Base”. Nor are they “The Far Left”.

    No, when Obama does something and some people in the Democratic party get mad, “THE Base” is not mad at him. No, when Obama does something and some people in the Democratic party get mad, “THE Far Left” is not mad at him.

    As Desert Crone (a regular reader here at Broadway Carl’s) and I have discussed many times, Jane Hamsher and Adam Green are NOT the base. Let me say it one more time because I really mean it: they are NOT the base.

    How do I know they are not the base? Because they fall in the 15 to 20% of Democrats that consistently find something to be mad about. That is not a base. If it were, we’d be an inverted pyramid and we’d topple over in a hiccup. A base is a large number of supporters who consistently see the policies and leadership as progressive — meaning forward-moving — and accept that sometimes a seemingly weak play is necessary in order to get a larger accomplishment secured. A real base pays more attention to the overall and long-term needs rather than the microcosm of creating anger and fear. In fact, the numbers in the Jane Hamsher/Adam Green faction of the Democratic party are even smaller than the number of people who think Sarah Palin didn’t go FUBAR in her Tucson video. Also, they are in the same 15% of Democrats who are NOT enthusiastic about voting in 2012 (h/t Desert Crone) — so tell me how THEY are “THE Base”…

    I feel the need to state this bluntly because Lawrence O’Donnell seems to think that these two characters somehow represent “The Base” [note: I am not going to provide any links to back this up for two reasons. One is there are too many. Two, I think my head would explode if I had to listen to or even look at either JH or AG. But you can find any damn episode of The Last Word and probably see one or both of them presented as “The Base”] although I think Lawrence knows better. Lawrence also knows a great deal about creating great television.

    I also feel the need to declare this fact about them NOT being “The Far Left” because Chris Matthews referred to the 15% of Democrats who think Obama is “too quick to give in” as “the FAR left”. No, Chris. I am the far left. There isn’t a political ideology test I could take that wouldn’t consider me far left and I am not in that 15% that thinks he is too quick to give in.

    So to Lawrence I say, you DO know how to make good television and you also know how to present the truth in a better way than by having those two on your show as much as you do. They represent the 15-percenters yet you give them 50 or 75% of the space in their segments. That’s a gross misrepresentation of their role, affect and relevance in the Democratic party. Sure, you need opposition, but dole it out in proportion, will ya? And PLEASE don’t associate the word “base” with them when they are on your show.

    And Chris, for someone who takes umbrage with people saying the “Democrat party” and pronouncing Cheney incorrectly (yes, we all know you say it the right way but because you keep telling us that, I stubbornly refuse to do it) then you should understand that a label, an identifier, matters. Get it straight: 15% is NOT the far left. They are the “angry left”. They are the “whiny left”. They are the “never-get-an-orgasm-and-by-god-they’re-gonna-take-out-their-blue-balls-out-on-the-world left”.

    Hell, I’d even add Arianna Huffington to the list of “not the base”.

    I am far left. I am the base. I am not Jane Hamsher or Adam Green.

  124. Great idea! Have a State of the Union Party….we do it for the Super Bowl, why not for reasons of greater import.

  125. He wouldn’t challenge Orrin Hatch from the right though, so he’s have no chance in beating him. Run as a Dem? Run as an indie? If he wants a shot at the Presidency, then he’s better off staying where he is now for another couple of years – away from the teabagger politics of the right. Notice how Jeb Bush kept a really low profile – making sure not to be sucked into the vitriol to try and cater to the tea party.

  126. I exclusively turn to foreign news sources — BBC, Al Jazeera English (which does extensive reporting of US issues), France 24, DW TV. I peruse the Guardian and practice my French with Le Monde almost daily. People with an internet connection who rely exclusively on US media do themselves a disservice. The US media hasn’t been in the information industry since the 80’s. The rise of Fox News sealed its coffin. It’s all about selling advertising.

  127. We already know what Arianna Huffington is, but this report from The Obama Diary tells it all.
    She was partying with Darrell Issa the night of the Tucson shootings!

    I am sorry, but these people are just despicable!!! I will do everything — EVERYTHING — in my power to help President Obama get re-elected. These horrible hypocrites cannot be allowed to run this country. We must expose them for the horrors that they are.

  128. Hachiko emailed me a few days ago. She and her dog are safe and sound in NY. She was terribly moved by the outpouring of love for her on the blog. g

  129. Folks – Just received an email from our friend TIMT, probably a few of you got one as well. Blades suspended him for a month from DKOS.

    I need to get off now, just wanted to share that news.

    And the beat goes on. DK, down, down, down.

    Have a good day.

  130. Does anyone have a name of someone who would be good on the air instead of Cenk. I am a big fan of offering a solution along with a complaint. I believe if enough of us write in, they might consider other options.

  131. AMK & Theo: It makes you wonder if the President was insightful enough to deliberately schedule this visit around this time. The GOP’s plans were clearly stated long ago, and thinking people all know that the media is always preoccupied with trivialities.

  132. I had absolutely No idea that keith made those comments BWD- thank you for the information. Keith Olbermann: Shame on you for even considering putting President Obama in the same sentence as Palin or Beck or any of those other pigs. Shame on you for even comparing yourself or McCain (John ‘bomb Iran” McCain???) to President Obama. President Obama and ‘heated rhetoric’ aren’t even familiar with one another. Don’t you get it- this is the guy who has been attempting to lead this country out of the hate filled conversations (that you get big $$$ for having).. leading and uniting folks into more intelligent, more common courtesy.. and you and your followers have been ANGRY that he wasn’t meaner. yet now Mr. Olbermann you’re gonna pretend you and John McCain have seen the light.. but not President Obama. I’ll say it again: SHAME ON YOU .

    Whats the “new Playground” you’re referring to? I’m missing something bwd.

  133. God bless TiMT for continuing to fight the good fight at DK, but that place is a lost cause. That suspension should leave no doubt where he stands. Hopefully now he can fully concentrate on writing at the sites where his thoughts will be heard and appreciated.

  134. Thanks—great collection. The WH looks so stately and beautiful, doesn’t it? One photo caught my eye—Obama ‘holding court’ and all admiring eyes were on him (‘cept maybe Joe B.). I have noticed those looks everywhere he goes, here and around the world. Pres. Obama is a captivating presence. And he handles his multitude of diverse tasks and activities with style and grace—always.

  135. Okay, criquet, let me just say something here lol. We have our first president of color sitting in the WH. And from where I am sitting, in terms of his competence, his intelligence, his benevolence, he has KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. PERIOD. Best POTUS of my lifetime, and POTUS has just wowed me. To have somebody sit on their little show and say that my POTUS should resemble a gangster rapper because this person’s limited mind CANNOT process, cannot understand what it takes to move progress forward in the context of an utterly corrupt, inept, unintelligent DC, and reactionary, racist country—being as civil as I can, I will say that Maher is mistaken and incorrect.

    I understand your point here, but I am pretty livid at the moment that the joy, pride, and sense of accomplishment seeing this WH has been stolen by the atrocious media, including those who CLAIM to be on the left.

    I will never watch this person Maher’s show again. While I understand what you are saying about the “bleach” quip, there will never be an excuse for what he has said about my POTUS’ manhood and strength. Bill Maher can pound sand in my eyes; utter disappointment.

  136. Yeah I wrote to him, I feel bad for him, but MB ain’t no fairminded liberal democrat. MB is the LEADER of that place, doing the job his boss Markos has him doing- with relish as far as I can tell. And the last thing they want is a determined AA voice standing up with FACTS supporting President Barack Obama.. they’ve managed to silence most of the African American voices on that site.. and most of the President Obama supporters. They’re republicans.. calling themselves “progressives”.

  137. Randi Rhoads or Stephanie Miller. They are on Progressive Talk Shows but are very much Obama supporters. Randi is not a PL and she is a straight shooter. Stephanie Miller proudly supports the president although her “mooks” are the PL.

  138. Bingo. Sheila, you’ve done it again in terms of distilling current events and creating truth.

  139. Kind of related g, but I got temporarily banned on Huff and Puff post for getting in a fight with a right wing poster. That right wing poster got a hold of my old OFA account, which had my personal picture on it and was using it to abuse and harass me with it.

    Needless to say, I emailed Huff and Puff post mods about the issue, and know what happened? Sure, they scrubbed the inappropriate posts involving mentioned right wing poster, but one of the mods temporarily suspended my account because they thought I was partially to blame, and the fact that I was using Christina Taylor Greene’s photo as an avatar. I can see how using her photo was inappropriate, but I fail to see how I was to blame, considering I was just giving mentioned right wing poster a taste of their own medicine.

    Needless to say, I did get my account back, but it’s telling that these folks ban their own for holding right wing liars feet to the fire… and sometimes ban folks for holding posters from their own side to the fire, and I’m talking about holding the far left liars feet to the fire, yup that apparently is grounds to be banned for, which is pathetic.

  140. Issa- a stone cold racist nutbag… and Arianna Huffington, a “progressive” preparing to launch a new African American blog. Now ain’t that special.
    True rightwing Republicans- both of them.

  141. BWD, you echo my thoughts exactly. Try as I might I just can’t gin up any sympathy for Olbermann. The problem came when he started believing his own hype, and the show became more about him than the issues. And don’t get me started about the Special Comments. I think in the beginning those segments really came from the heart but at some point it became theater lacking any sincerity, right down to the chair swivels for emphasis.

    I stopped watching him 2 years ago, so I missed the regular Obama bashing but if that is essentially what the Countdown evolved into than good riddance. The only other MSNBC show I watched was Rachel Maddow but she lost me for good when she did that ri-damn-diculous faux Oval Office speech. IMO MSNBC, CNN, and Fox are pretty much equal levels of crap at this point so I don’t bother with any of them.

  142. He’s right. They are neither the base, nor democrats nor even close to liberals imo. And Arianna Huffington is a republican.

  143. What’s even worse, is apparently Olbermann has a cult following. Watching Huff and Puff post, you would think the man was the best since since sliced bread.

    No, he’s just another useless talking head who got drunk off his own kool-aid. He thought the same type of baseless hyperbole against Bush would work with Obama.

    But Cenk is going to be 10X worse. Proof MessNBC doesn’t care for ratings. Why not give Snooki a show while they’re at it?

  144. No tears being shed here.
    KO had become too wrapped up in himself hence whatever good he had done was outweighed by his own negativity. Enough!

    Is the Cent guy MSNBC’s idea of Lean Forward?
    They need to Straighten Up!

  145. The only thing I’ve ever seen of Cenk- is his diaries attacking President Obama and Democrats at dailykos. I would be very surprised if that isn’t what his show will be about as opposed to going after republicans.

  146. Because she was effective. And her audience was not merely intelligent, but was optimistic, positive, and *nice.* Birds of a feather flock together. I couldn’t be more grateful for this space, or more grateful for the people who populate it. Just terrific.

  147. So happy to hear a “call to action”. I am reposting a comment I made a few days ago.

    As I write this, I am wearing an aqua “Obama Cares” shirt I bought from someone on this blog.

    Here are some ideas for making a difference beyond the blog.

    1. old fashioned way – in the lunch room, at church, when visiting with neighbors we can say “did you see Mrs Obama on Oprah, such a wonderful woman. I really appreciate what she is doing for kids and health, she and the president are really working hard”. We can just talk up the president, it doesn’t have to be really “hot political” issues, it can be safer subjects. There was so much negative, we need to balance.

    2. online, many of us (myself included) could improve our facebook, twitter, linked in, skills. If anyone is good at these things, please share here. I plan to have a secion at my blog where we have training on how to get on facebook, how to tweet, etc. I am clueless about a lot of this.

    3. in our community. When we wear an obamacares tshirt we are a walking ad all day. I was also thinking we could have signs we put in our lawn – I support health care, or my family was helped by ACA.

    4. we can volunteer for OFA, and other causes,

    also if you have a elected official who is Republican, you can go to meetings and ask questions and voice your opinion. I know it is really hard, but maybe we could go in pairs. It is easier with a friend and you don’t feel so isolated. We could use this group to find local buddies.

    NJ Lady and any others here, if you have time to send me an email we can brainstorm ideas and come up with a plan for mobilizing this awesome group. Of course you can also post your suggestions below.

  148. at least Rachel had the courage to admit she was wrong after President Obama signed the DADT repeal into law, and she hasn’t been on the “Primary Obama” bandwagon like Keith has been.

    Also, Rachel does have Republicans on her show, whereas Keith just wastes an hour preaching to the choir. It actually got quite tedious and he became too predictable.

    I didn’t miss him when I turned him off, and I won’t be missing him now that he’s no longer on the air.

  149. I have stayed far away from CNN for months – not even skipping past it. But, I started watching it the weekend of the Tuscon tragedy, because it was essentially the only channel giving regular updates. I then tuned in this morning, and found that Ali Velshi was pretty good on his “money” show today. Even his right wingers weren’t that bad, and they were nearly balanced in their factual assessments. I fast forwarded through his “letter to the President” when he started getting fresh, but generally, it was an educational hour. But, I’m not willing to watch regularly.

  150. If you had the opportunity to create the ultimate “Progressive/Liberal/Democratic” news outlet what would it look like and who would you like to see as hosts?

  151. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think I want a “progressive/liberal/Democratic” news outlet. I want the BBC. I want to be given the news and allowed to form my own opinions. If a guest comes on, I want that guest to have some expertise on the subject. Enough with “opinion” media. It’s dragging us down.

  152. Great post, amk for obama, and thanks for the link. It’s always interesting to see events in America reported from the perspective of outside America.

    Thanks to our president, we are now perceived in a much better light around the world.

    And this is a good example of why. It’s a delicate, careful choreography, as you deftly put it, and President Obama is an equally able leader and partner, a quality the world has not seen in an American president in some time.

    I was in Paris in the fall, and felt a great moment of pride and thankfulness to see needlepointed pillows emblazoned with President Obama’s face and the legend, “Hooray for the President” featured in a shop window.

    We’ve come a long way, thanks to President Obama, and he’s just the man to not only help China attain its goals but help shape their future — and ours — in a mutually beneficial way.

    It’s like karma; you give respect, you get respect. Something the right-wing doesn’t understand.

  153. gn – you are one of the most brilliant commenters I’ve ever “met” online. Just thought I’d tell you.

  154. People, it is high time that some-one initiates a tv channel where ‘the truth voices and seekers’ can be seen and heard. Maybe, spots can be bought on Oprah’s channel or something, but we as a people tend to quarrel and moan…and then do nothing.
    I will quarrel, feel hurt,wallow for a while and then I know it is time to find solution to the problem. How’s about us exploring some solutions.
    Our goodly host BWD is a shining example of finding a workable solution. Just look at this wonderful site.

  155. I have never watched a single show from Bill Maher – he seems like a mean person, who is just cynical, negative and angry. Nothing positive.

  156. My favorite part of this post is

    “A base is a large number of supporters who consistently see the policies and leadership as progressive — meaning forward-moving — and accept that sometimes a seemingly weak play is necessary in order to get a larger accomplishment secured. A real base pays more attention to the overall and long-term needs rather than the microcosm of creating anger and fear.”

    That is my opinion.

    I just went to this blog and added a comment to his post. I invite them to join this blog so maybe we will see more of this guy blogger.

    the post is found at

  157. Cenk’s diaries suck, but his videos are good. Here is a good one where he brags about obama, its funny and worth a watch.

    I think Cenk just doesnt like the kind, patient nature of Obama. He wants to fight the republicans fire with fire.

    Obviously I disagree with Cenk here, but I dont think there is any doubt that he is a die hard liberal just like any one of us.

  158. There’s no need to uplift this kind of humor. It’s offensive. As human beings, what can we get from being “entertained” by this kind of humor? What do we teach our children when these kind of comments and disrespect of the President are considered OK, and acceptable in society. What do they learn when we think it’s ok to talk about another human being like this? Humor is one thing. This is not humor – it’s mean, and just another form of bullying, and it’s demeaning to an entire race of people. It should offend anyone who has honestly watched President Obama behave consistently with grace and dignity in the face of the worst possible attacks. He doesn’t deserve this – and neither do we.

  159. Agreed. I don’t want a far left version of Limbaugh or O Reilly, I want a straight talker who tells it like it is, without the emotions.

    Political theater is entertaining, but it becomes tedious and boring at a certain point.

  160. LL I totally agree with you about the BBC. In England the BBC news is informative, and one is left to form one’s own opinion. CNN and others seems like fun at first, but then you realize that people are being swayed by, and reacting to opinions rather than facts, it becomes disheartening.

  161. donna – I like the direction you are taking the discussion. Earlier I asked who should fill Oberman’s spot, I am a newbie and don’ have any names in mind.

    Who’s opinion do you folks respect?

    To answer Liberal Librarian – I watch PBS and find it informative. Shields and Brooks manage to debate in a civil manner, and almost always find something they agree on. They also offer coverage that gives more information than MSM.

  162. If I could start a straight shooting news outlet I’d wand Fareed Zakaria and Cristiane Amanpour as my international/world news anchors and Shep Smith and Rachel Maddow doing the domestic coverage.

    I’d bring in BBC and Al Jazeera folks to run the station’s news room.

    It would be about the news, not the talking head reading the news. Wouldn’t have to be first breaking the news, but would have to be right.

    Anchors wouldn’t have twitter or facebook accounts or moonlight on radio. They wouldn’t have public email addresses either, if viewers wanted to contact them, they’d do so through the network.

    Business model wouldn’t be based connections to Politicians and landing them for interviews as I feel they want softballs or they won’t come back and too many Villagers want that access so lop powder puff questions.

    Instead I’d interview experts in their field recarding political issues of the day.

    No politicial campaign ads on my station. No third party ads on my station.

    No partisan hack pundits trying to get themselves over.

  163. The BBC has a weekend show called “Dateline London”, where they bring together London-based journalists to discuss the week’s top stories. I never miss it. I don’t always agree with the opinions voiced there, but these are people who consider subjects deeply, and argue without getting into invective.

  164. Excellent, Saint Roscoe! I wish that Dish Network would be brave enough to carry Al Jazeera English; they already offer the Arabic service in their international packs.

  165. g, I absolutely don’t deserve that compliment, but if I have impressed you in any way, that makes my day beyond words. I have enjoyed your words, and *your spirit* for years. The kindness is appreciated.

  166. sheri, thank *you* for always being here, and always being so intelligent, insightful, and kind during these trying times.

  167. ‘They try to justify to themselves and the world their reasons for not having respect for Pres. Obama. Nothing is ever good enough. Many of their critiques don’t make sense, but then neither does racism.’

    I’m in total agreement.

  168. Theo67, talk about the superficiality of our MSM, there was an article on a website titled “Did Obama dye his hair for the state dinner” I did not read it but thought, these were the same folks who during the 2008 campaign suggested that Obama had color his hair to appear older and now he is coloring his hair to appear young. I mean what is it, is he now looking too old for their likeness. Yes our MSM is unbelieveable!! U+262E ☮✌

  169. I Also watch the Newshour on PBS. You get detailed information about current events and opinions expressed by experts in their fields. The discussion is always civil and never overheated. I turned to the Newshour when I became disgusted with the bashing of President Obama by the commentators on MSNBC.

  170. G, that whole holding feet to the fire thing was so overused it made me cringe. When I read that phrase I use to think holding someone responsible does not require disrespect or trying to literately burn the foot off.

  171. gn, I second and third the comments above about you being one of the most incisive commenters ever in the blogosphere. What you write is always well thought-out and well-expressed. I always look forward to reading what you write.

  172. A bit OT, but I’m both frustrated and amused by Google’s “targeted” ads. I’m following the various threads through Gmail, and of course ads scroll on the top of my inbox based on the content in my email. 95% of the time it’s some anti-Obama ad. I’m frustrated because I really don’t want to have this crap in my consciousness. However, I’m highly amused knowing that Newsmax’s advertising dollars are being used so indiscriminately and pointlessly.

  173. It certainly is important that we try to communicate well. To that end, it is important to try to avoid background noises such as grammatical errors that distract people who feel that sensation of chalk scraping on a blackboard when they encounter them.

    I sympathize with you. I started pulling my hair out and screaming at the top of my lungs when I didn’t see a comma after that introductory clause in your first sentence.

    An irony just presented itself in this discussion about the importance of correct grammar and punctuation in communicating. Miss Manners decided to take a look at what we’re saying and she fainted. Now, she definitely won’t be able to “hear” anything else we say.

    Perhaps you and I committed the greater offenses.

    I love “Muphry’s law!”

  174. Exactly, an “objective” news site (not that anything is ever fully “objective”; Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is ubiquitous throughout all consciousness) devoted to reporting the actual situation and not interpreting it. I do want MSNBC to continue with their liberal pundits, however, as they do some actual reporting (unlike Fox) and provide an outlet for the more liberal television viewers; if the loony rightwing can have a place to stoke their misinformed ideas, why can’t the leftwing have a place to reinforce theirs, which are often NOT misinformed? But we do not have a true news outlet which presents actual facts that, as you said, we interpret on our own. Even NPR, before I stopped listening, presented two sides of every issue as if both sides had a good grasp of the facts.

  175. And sometimes those special comments would go on and on and on and on and you’d find yourself thinking “Jebus! Enough already. Could we please just talk about something else?” Glad I didn’t hear the last SC about how President Obama and his new BFFs Limbaugh and Palin have to ratchet down the rhetoric. That would have caused me to damage my TV and I can’t afford a new one just now.

  176. WisW: Happy you found the post worth reading.

    Clarification – JHW22 is female, and she normally does a great job of ‘sourcing’ her posts.

  177. “…And even more, after his last ‘special comment,’ in which he bragged that him and John McCain are the only public figures who took responsibility for the heated rhetoric of the last two years … he really put them all in the same sentence. No, not feeling bad for him at all.” Blackwaterdog, this is part of your post today. I feel SO bad … for you.

  178. Roscoe

    This is sort of OT. But I want to tell you, I’ve been giggling over a funny, but trenchant, comment you made last night in reference to that other blog “Negativity is not a good business model.” Thank you so much for the laugh 🙂

    I wonder if any BK people will ban the site in protest of TIMT’s suspension.

    In the meantime, W*E* are growing and thriving! Positivity IS a good business model.

  179. The White Dog “progressives” over there lined up against the African American community long ago. I left when he with the Buddhaish name but the very unBuddhalike temperament wrote some silly manifesto about “taking back” the site (wow, they have it now, what a win for them) from the other “faction”, i.e., people of color and lots of White Dog “progressives” signed it. To quote They Might Be Giants, “This is where the party ends, I won’t sit here listenin’ to you and your racist friend.”

  180. Yes I remember that ‘manifesto’.. a definite joker that one- and frankly an all out racist imo.
    I went there yesterday to support TIMT’s diary.. and I saw today that MB made a snide comment to me.. I wrote back.. but hit a wrong button and thus lost my comment.. and figured let well enough alone, seriously the guy, the place just ain’t worth my effort.

    I am so repulsed by most of that site, for quite a while I continued on just to support Black Kos, but I’m afraid I haven’t even gone there in two months.. only dip in when TIMT requests we read his diaries, I hate for him not to get support. I wish Black Kos would start their own site- they would be HUGE in my opinion.. and really do not in anyway need dkos.. they are the draw- and some of the other community diaries.. not dkos itself.. unless one is into non-stop warfare.

  181. The night of the Tucson tragedy, I watched CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. MSNBC brought in Keith Olbermann to report the news and Fox brought in Shep Smith. When the sheriff was holding his press conference and commenting on the quality of our political discourse, Keith jumped on that aspect of the press conference while Shep stuck to reporting the news. Keith ended the news program with a special comment, the timing of which I felt was inappropriate. Frankly, I got more news that night from Fox than I did from MSNBC, which is what I was looking for.

  182. Here is what he asked me to post for him over at dailykos.. I have not yet posted it there, but here is what he’d like made public to those of us who read his diaries:

    It is my humble opinion that I have been suspended for authoring this diary</strong. All the other stuff you are told by the DailyKos Administration is just excuse to silence a voice.

    I have never challenged MB in the past while I disagreed with his decisions many times since I am only a user and it won't help getting in the bad side of folks with authority like the cops…you know what I mean. I have received a few warnings for tipping insulting comments and defending myself forcefully at times in personal ways. I think that is usually what happens when you fight with passion for what you believe. So many do just that and still hang around with the seed of hatred planting it all over dailykos. If you have not read my latest diary that triggered the resentment, do read it. You can see the comments and you will see mojo’s given to so many comments that are insulting to the bone. But, most of you know that and honestly it does not bother me much as I would like to say I have thicker skin.

    I know I have been a target for a while as comments like
    “We don’t like you”in this same diary do display some hatred that I am accustomed to. However, MB has decided to pile up 10 warnings in 10 months which the majority except two or three are all minor violations like tipping a borderline insult which I had served suspension with my recommending privilege taken away from me. But, like a convict in real life within our criminal injustice system, time served don’t mean shit considering the bogus
    justification provided by MB.

    However, what is lost in all of this is that I contribute to this place a great deal and my motives or intentions can not be disputed. I am all for electing more and better democrats not kneecap or tear down a democratic President or lynch him with the kind of vitriol displayed in the sanctuary given to those who have never had our President’s back ever. Sad but these same folks stay around and caricature this President with full of profound dislike and at times straight up hatred for the man.

    Well, the action to suspend me for this comment have proved to me what I have all along knew about where Dailykos and MB stand. It is indicative that they are catering to the left of the left professionals. Nothing in the comment, “Dailykos turned into Dailyfox now. Ain’t that the truth?” is a violation that should be ground for suspension. Are we not entitled to our opinions? are we suppose to walk in lock step with FPers. Yes, there are many juveniles at Dailykos that think like Fox news spewing their poisonous rhetoric and there is no going around it.

    I guess the Administration of DailyKos did not like what I have to say in my diary and just want to justify their displeasure with my diary by creating a reason to suspend me for a month. Quite a democracy. I understand my diary rubs folks the wrong way but it is a reflection of what is happening and becoming of the DailyKos.

    Silence is not an option to me. I can not in all honesty sit back and watch from the side line a space full of vitriol by group of caricatures. I guess exposing the works of the never satisfied gang is a sin on MB’s moderation standard book. I believe it is a typical censorship if you ask me but they can enjoy the space to create a COUP to unseat that Marxist or Socialist President.

    I am a solider with a more powerful words than an AK47 so I am ready to fight. It will get uglier and the Orange Satan will become even more hateful towards this President with dissenting voice becoming suppressed by the DailyKos Administration as many have already flee this place paving the way for “the let’s primary him crowd” to have a 24×7 outlet to bash the progress being made.

    What are you going to do about it is the question?

    My suspension ends on February 21 and I will continue the fight to supporting our President and defend the progresses we are making when I return.

    In the mean time, you will find me at the people’s view.

    You can also email me to just say whazzzzuppp! 🙂

    Follow me on twitter @GoodSpeedRacer

  183. Me, I would like a media outlet that the corporate shills can’t control – maybe one in which the public could participate financially, so no Koch-like character would have the power to create his own self-serving ‘truth’. I’m all for getting the facts because I think that in such a scenario liberals would ‘win’, given the antics and hypocrisy of the right. As for the hosts, why not forgo the brand names and go for some ‘no-name’ brands? With the job market as it is, there must be as yet unknown journalists (and other media professionals) out there who could put together a winning outlet. Isn’t there an independent film industry around that started small and built up its presence? [I DON’T follow the movies, but I’ve often heard mention of them on my car radio] Enough people are frustrated with the regular media that now might be the ideal time to try to pick up this slice of the market. Boy, I wish I had broadcasting skills, AND the ability to organize!

  184. I would love to see a news outlet that could be depended on to simply report the news. Not in 30 second sound bites but in thorough detail. Something that actually educated the public.

    One day I was getting ready for work and CNN had on 2 guests. One on the Right and one on the left and they were discussing “death panels”. Of course the guy on the left was stating emphatically that there was no such thing but the person on the right left the question open. After that interview the question is what was the public left with. I would have to say total confusion and a whole bunch of nothing.

    I want a news outlet that leaves the public with no question after discussing a topic and refers them to other websites should they need further information.

    Why is this so difficult? I wouldn’t be able to get enough of a show like that.

  185. I agree, sherijr, Black Kos was a fine community diary filled with original information and civil and intelligent comments. I miss it and wish they would move elsewhere also, as that site neither appreciates, deserves, nor lives up to them.

  186. I thought the first diary of his I read was snark and I congratulated him for his funny take on victimization. I really thought he was mocking the perpetually victimized RW. Turned out he was serious about the President being mean to Progressives.

    That was all I needed to know about him. Another self-important gasbag in the media – who’d a thunk there was room for another. 😉

  187. @starm–That was a long press conference. Is there a time mark you can give us on that question?

  188. I’m with you. And I want to add that I also want a news outlet that’s not moderated by a bunch of pundits and wannabe experts,, but by people who do their research and actually know what they are talking about.

  189. Just got off from work 😦 But I want to add that I too don’t feel much sympathy for KO because he was probably a headache to deal with anyway and he adds little to nothing to the debate if he makes comments such as calling the president a nazi appeaser and demanding that he better do something about the bp oil spill in his commentary. He served his prupose during the bush years, but now I think his own hubris was a deal breaker for NBC execs and he was already suspended back in November for making contributions to Democratic candidates. What’s bothersome in all of this is that progressives are acting as if a major political figure has passed on. Please! he is just another overpaid pundit who will probably end up with his own show on HBO as a religion hating, obama bashing, sexist pothead

  190. I vote for Randi Rhodes…

    She does her research and works with facts…

    She is very respectful of President Obama and really understands and articulates well and clearly the maze that is Washington D.C and American politics…

  191. Chris Hayes is who I thought of, also. I wonder if he would have time to take on a five night a week show, without giving up his day job.

  192. And also please don’t let them be talking both at the same time. It just drives me crazy that everything has to be hyped up with bluster and venom.

  193. Can’t everyone forget about DK? There are other sites to visit now. The only commenters I remember as individuals are those in Black Kos; the rest is just a squalling, red-faced thing which is perpetually-hungry but does nothing to feed itself. Letting it into your home does nothing to further a better society. Let’s move on once and for all. Sites this like this and Blue Wave News are proof positive that political discourse can be civil and tilted toward positive action rather than rage.

  194. I want the BBC.


    It might be a stretch to compare present day BBC to the service in the 1940’s, but there was a reason my grandparents risked their lives under the German occupation listening to the BBC – they wanted real information about the progress of the war, independent of German propaganda.

  195. Amen, Dotster!! I followed Keith until the BP disaster and then he and Tweety lost their minds (along with Rachel) about the President showing some emotion. Rachel at least recanted – so did Ed Schultz – but Tweety and Keith maintained some high moral ground that only they knew of.

    The last straw was when he railed about the tax cut deal and compared President Obama to Neville Chamberlain. I was done and I turned in sporadically. When he took out WPInT, that was indeed the end.

    Cenk was (is???) a Rethuglican…like Arriana Huffington. Along with Dylan Ratigan, those shows will NEVER be viewed in this house by our eyes.

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