Somebody is in a good mood :)

President Obama touring General Electric factory in Schenectady, NY. Enjoy.




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  1. He should be in a great mood. Look what he’s done! I always look forward to these diaries and pictures. Absolutely the best. I LOVE

  2. Yeah, no swagger there. I’m getting ready for the press to be amazed that while the have been busy writing the epitaph of this administration since Nov 4, 2008, the Prez has been quietly governing.
    We are about to see a flood of achievements two years in the making.

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    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!!

  4. Sasha, practices Chinese with President Hu

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Talk about a high level language exchange.

    President Barack Obama’s nine-year-old daughter, Sasha, wanted to test her developing Chinese skills this week while Hu Jintao was in town.

    Just whom did she want to practice them with?

    The Chinese president himself, according to a White House official who recounted the story on Thursday after a formal state dinner the previous night.

    “The president pointed out last night at the state dinner that his daughter, Sasha, is a very young girl but her class is studying Chinese,” Ben Rhodes, a White House deputy national security adviser, told a video conference with Chinese bloggers.

    “She’s under 10 years old and they’re studying Chinese, and she wanted to have the chance to practice her Chinese with President Hu.”

    [Related: Citing daughters, Obama calls for longer school year]

    Sasha attended Hu’s welcoming ceremony on the White House lawn on Wednesday morning with friends and could be seen waving a Chinese flag excitedly as her father and Hu walked around the grounds.

    The two presidents paused to visit when they reached the nine-year-old and her friends behind the rope line.

    “Not every (child) has the opportunity to try out their first phrases of Chinese with the president of China, but she had that chance,” Rhodes said.

    He said the anecdote illustrated Americans’ desire to get to know China better with more people studying the country and doing business there.

  5. President Obama knows nothing is going to get passed in congress, so he will now use companies to create jobs, and keep the economy growing, he has laid the ground work for company to take advantage of a whole host of incentives to create jobs. Obama is smart, and a long term thinker and planner, unlike some dems and definitely repugs who only think short term. On a personal note, damn Obama know he’s been looking extra extra good these last few weeks. I need to stop looking at these pictures!

  6. The comments section is a great example of the “Ugly American”. Those comments are nasty.

  7. I was going to mention- do not read the comments. The ease of ability for some human beings to attack a child (not to mention other adults)is beyond horrible.

  8. Two-way trade not one-way trade. Lol, what is the GOP going to do in a debate with this guy? And his gorgeous little daughter is a genious. My beautiful lil daughter will def be the same.

  9. I think his advisors were hinting at that kind of approach before the holidays. When he named Daley as COS, I said, “yeah, its all going to be about creating jobs through these kinds of efforts and foreign policy.”

  10. Yeah, once someone chooses to attack a 9 year old, then its beyond time to not stop reading

  11. I understand those comments all too well. When our local paper published an article on how GA had won a federal grant intended to begin teaching Mandarin to Pre-K students, the right here in my city in GA went ballistic. They called it a waste of money, trashed President Obama (which is par for the course,) and stated that English is the only language any American needs to know. See, I’m from the same city as Erick Erickson of RedState and CNN. The prevailing rw attitude toward their kids learning to speak other languages and learn about citizens in other countries is to reject having anything to do with either one and to tout America’s “Exceptionalism.”

    As a retired teacher, this makes me heartsick. These people do not allow themselves the opportunity to think that one day they won’t be around, and their kids will have to interact with others who are vastly different from themselves on their own. They will also not consider the idea that learning a foreign language can be a path to a well-paying job in the future in many professions. I just keep praying that one day people like these will have an epiphany and realize that when all people have an opportunity to make valuable contributions to the world, we can all benefit from them.

  12. Wonderful uplifting positive speech by President Obama, thank you for posting it.. I missed it earlier today. I love how he always wants to include all the different factions – labor, business, etc.. in his policy groups. I guess this is in essence why I’ve never disagreed with the president (yes I can admit that on a blog) its because I believe- been shown, that he always listens to everybody’s viewpoint.. and then makes what I believe to be an educated, thoughtful and empathetic decision.

    He is all about jobs- longlasting jobs that will keep folks employed.. but better our economy over the longhaul and make our earth safer/healthier. I just don’t get how anyone can listen to him, to his ideas and goals and not be very excited for America right now.

  13. I’m willing to have a substantive discussion of whether Immelt is the Absolute, Mostest, Perfect choice for an advisory committee on jobs creation by the private sector. Because he’s EVIL — just ask the Professional Left.

    One reporter today actually said that jobs have to now grow in the private sector because there’s nothing more the government can do with the make-up of the legislature. I guess Obama can scream and yell until the voters of Alabama rise up with new progressive fervor and demand that their tea party representatives that they just elected see the brilliance of Barack Obama and demand Free Health Care for All, 50% tax increase to pay for it, and a government jobs bill that will put all corporations out of business.

    Now here’s my dumb question: if there is little chance Obama can convince Boehner and Michelle Bachmann to give him a huge jobs bill, should he not invite the private sector to the table?

    I guess this guy is from GE and shipped a ton of jobs overseas. Is it really unreasonable to invite this guy to the table and see if there’s a way to bring jobs back?

    Just askin’

  14. I remember early in in Obama’s presidency I lost a couple of blogging friends who accused me of joining the blind Obamabot cult. I used to tell myself to have patience. I thought they’d come around when they saw him succeed.

    Its been interesting to watch that NOT happen. They simply ignore the positive results and focus on anything they don’t like.

    I see from this how capable we are as humans to developing a closed feedback loop that simply re-inforces our beliefs. Kinda scary to watch.

    So since I can’t change them, all I can do is try my best to avoid closing myself off like that.

  15. Right wing conservatives are so stupid. I have no idea why they are so vehemently against having a clean environment, air, water to drink, to not die from a heart attack, to have access to healthy food, to not become obese and have diabetes. Why do they fight so hard to be ignorant, and not learn of other cultures or see the world??

    It’s quite frankly embarrassing, when I talk to my colleagues on conference calls all over the world. Because my Spanish, French, or German is not very good, and yet my colleages can speak English, it’s kind of one sided.

    Quite frankly these idiots are basically going to put themselves into extinction like the way of the dodo bird.

    Why they want to set themselves up for failure and stupidity, and loss of value in their lives is completely beyond me.

    They don’t appreciate education, they become enamored of fast food, and expose their children to it, their ignorant and xenophobic attitudes do their children a great disservice.

  16. GM to Double 2012 Chevy Volt Production Capacity

    General Motors Co. Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson plans to double the 2012 production capacity for the Chevrolet Volt to 120,000 as he works to boost the plug- in hybrid’s sales, said two people familiar with the matter.

    Volt output this year may increase to 25,000 from an original plan of 10,000, Akerson said earlier this month. GM now is working with suppliers to raise 2012 capacity from an earlier target of 60,000. It may not build that many if parts aren’t available or demand isn’t strong enough, said the people, who didn’t want to be named because the plans are private.

    Akerson, who became CEO in September, wants to sell more of the $41,000 Volt and is pushing to use its Voltec gasoline- electric drive system for models sold by other GM brands. Akerson has said he wants GM to have more fuel-efficient models ready for a possible increase in oil prices to $120 a barrel.

  17. Good pics. Thank you BWD. I always wonder how he can do so many different things in a day–and all important to the country as far as I can tell.

  18. Oh My Goodness…that picture of him in front of the turbine…Sa-woon. I was surprised that CNN even carried that speech live no less. And a brilliant speech it was, too…delivered with strength and hope and belief in the America I grew up believing existed. Very inspiring. Thanks BWD…I really really needed that (particularly upset with the Repubs right now…more on that later).

    The other thing I love about this speech is it is totally taking all the oxygen out of the room. The GOP couldn’t get a word in edgewise this whole week. Extraordinary.

    I’m actually glad he wont’ be focused on legislation these next two years, if indeed that turns out to be the case. I was at a Dem meeting last night and told someone that I’m glad the Repubs took the House…gives America a good long look at them and their tactics and lack of cooperation and imagination.

  19. I guess the opposite could be said.. we could be closing ourselves off.. and yet I just don’t see how its possible to NOT hear all the negative, all the distortions.. all of the out and out lies surrounding us day in and day out since this Presidency began (not to mention all the bs PRIOR to being elected.).. I don’t even watch teevee, literally gave it up because of the hate and lies pushed forth by the media during the election. And yet I still know who said what about the President.. who’s mad at him.. who’s lying about him. And frankly it is him I believe, he that talks daily to the American people- if they choose to tune in.. he who is travelling near and far and working intelligently with all manner of folks/groups in order to DO and ACT upon issues confronting this country. I don’t hear him whining, bitching and attacking. I hear him pulling folks together, uniting people to fix things with him. I see him seeking solutions and implementing policy geared to help us now and LATER.. I see him preparing our country for longterm interaction with the world that will benefit all of us- and the world.. and I figure I’m gonna have his back for doing right by me, my family, my country and my earth.

    Hey NL- nice to see you 🙂 I’m a little irked, made the mistake of commenting in TIMT’s diary.. and thus drew attention to myself by the same old cretins.. frankly it always hurts a little that folks can be so enduringly angry and nasty.

  20. I love how all the employees and workers were so excited and happy to see the President.

    I hope they know how much he does behind the scenes to increase our exports, so that they continue to have work.

  21. Great pics!
    We all want more fine products made in America. I hope GE will feel some pressure to keep jobs here because of this exposure.

  22. One of the things I found was that as long as I hung around those people and places that were constantly ripping on Obama, I was in defensive posture all the time. Their criticisms were so ridiculous that I could do nothing BUT defend him.

    I needed to leave that kind of environment so that I could find a way to be open to judging things for myself – rather than just react defensively.

    Of course, nothing has changed my view that Obama is clearly the best President of my lifetime and that he’s suggesting a vision of how we can treat each other that challenges me to be better – every day.

    But most of the time I can let my guard down now…see the situation more clearly. And that feels good.

    Sorry you got stomped on. But its simply a toxic environment. Funny thing is, I knew that a very long time ago when I left over the infamous “pie wars.” But I went back to sharpen by battle skills. Then I realized that life doesn’t HAVE to be a battle all the time.

  23. I think that speech is a preview of sorts to the SOTU speech next Tuesday. Jobs now and education/R&D to be competitive in the global economy to be able to compete with China, South Korea, Germany etc.

  24. Of course (to nobodys surprise) there was at least one diary on that website calling it yet another sell out to corporate elites or something to that effect. Some garbage about it being yet another example just like Larry Summers was blah blah yada yada.

    And of course it was immediately rec’d to the top. So sad what that site has become. A dumping ground for Clintonistas and people who want Obama to do nothing but gay agenda 24/7/365.

    But mostly just bitch bitch piss piss moan moan.

  25. I’m talking about the appointment of the GE CEO to that job creating comittee or whatever it was that Obama announced today.

    Apparently it is “yet another corporate sellout” according to that dillusional website that will remain nameless.

  26. I am feeling hopeful too about where we are headed in regards to economy. Maybe finally this man could get some credit for all his hardwork.

  27. I agree totally Tien Le.
    Eclectablog has a list of bills the Republicans are trying to pass, most are take aways of HCR. Not building or improving, just tearing down.

    Then there are the crazy newly elected Republicans that make headlines, one guy thinks federal disaster relief is a waste of $$, another complains child labor laws are unconstitutional, even folks who aren’t “political” see that this is nuts. If the Democrats had a staff of writers for their competitors, they couldn’t make up stuff this ridiculous.

    I say give em the stage, the hook will come out shortly.

  28. Anybody know if there is a problem in OFA, I can’t login at all. What is wrong in that site? Please help!!! Thank you!

  29. Oh thank you maritza, I was so worried for a while, because I didn’t comment for while, just lurking, so I thought are they cutting me off? Scared a lot!

  30. Hi BWD, and fellow adult observers,

    I’m signing on late so I’ve only done a quick run through of the pictures and mishmash topics. Before reading the comments I wanted to ask you if you saw this article that commends the President’s [and his planning committee’s(?)] approach to the State dinner? I rather liked it myself, because IMO it’s further proof of the President’s wisdom in acknowledging that demonizing those with whom you disagree is not an effective way to make progress (in educating them).

  31. Aproof nothing except that GE is featured in this post, I want to give a big thank you to the Fox Business Channel. About 15 months ago, just as the stock maket was starting to find legs, one of their big shots was being interviewed by Bill Press. The guy pooh=poohed the idea that the market was set to rebound and specifically said that GE was an example of a stock that was going no where. The next day I converted some of my 401K (not a lot unfortunately) into GE stock simpy because of what he said. After all, Fox is wrong about just about everything. I bought it a $6.67/share. Today it was up to $19.76/share or close to a 200% increase. I just wish I had converted everything into GE stock.

  32. Yes they will, just looked at an article about the fellow trying to make the argument about the constitutionality of child labor laws, tying himself in knots trying to prove a point. He was btw a clerk for Alito when he was on the US Court of Appeals.

  33. You are very welcome Saku, the last time I got worried about not being able to logon, (I use too many passwords) my profile went south and had to start all over again after a year or so of being a “member”, that was my mistake not theirs.

  34. First with Daley, and now with Immelt, we’re witnessing triangulation, Obama-style. However, the triangulation isn’t being aimed at fellow Democrats; instead, he’s going after the GOP’s corporate base. If he can get business leaders to work with him and create jobs, he and the Democrats should be in the catbird’s seat come 2012. The House GOP will huff and puff, but all the heavy lifting will have been done by the administration, with no help from them.

  35. I noticed that too. It again illustrates how narrow our former/the current world is on other blogs.

    We should caption that photo:

    “Workers reacting to sellout elitist corporatist who dumps on them to pander to Wall Street.”

  36. Could CNN be improving? I refuse to watch MSNBC since they decided to pump up Olbermann.
    Although, I feel much less ignorant since BWD set up shop.

  37. japa21, send this one to the foux noise:

    “In response to my earlier piece on “An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen”, the 1798 law revealing that a number of our founders were more supportive of the notion of mandated health coverage and a government run hospital system than some may have imagined, many have noted that it is not surprising that such legislation would have been signed into law by President John Adams, a noted Federalist who serves as a model for much of what today’s Tea Party finds objectionable.

    Their point is not wholly unreasonable. After all, it was John Adams who brought us the highly objectionable Alien & Sedition Acts.

    However, Washington Post blogger, Greg Sargent, today reports that it wasn’t only John Adams who supported the notion of government run health care. According to Georgetown University history professor and noted historian of America’s early days, Adam Rothman, Thomas Jefferson –the iconic hero of the Tea Party – also supported the legislation.

    Sargent reprints the following email he received from Prof. Rothan on the subject –

    Alexander Hamilton supported the establishment of Marine Hospitals in a 1792 Report, and it was a Federalist congress that passed the law in 1798. But Jefferson (Hamilton’s strict constructionist nemesis) also supported federal marine hospitals, and along with his own Treasury Secretary, Albert Gallatin, took steps to improve them during his presidency. So I guess you could say it had bipartisan support.

    Via The Plum Line

    Ezra Klein adds to the debate pointing out that “…it was a payroll tax that all sailors on private merchant ships had to pay, and in return, they were basically given access to a small public health-care system. But it was, in essence, a regulation against a form of inactivity: You were not allowed to not do something, in this case, pay for sailor’s health insurance.”

    There are those who will continue to argue that these indications of how the founders viewed these issues in their own time do not necessarily resolve the issue as to how we may, Constitutionally speaking, proceed with reforming the health care system of today.

    They may well be right.

    But, at the least, can we not agree that the mounting evidence as to how men like Jefferson and Adams perceived the issue should bar the attempt to pin the objections to health care reform on the backs of the nation’s founders? While it may be an effective device to win over the support of a certain segment of American society, throwing the nation’s founders into the stew is really just one more disingenuous and cynical attempt to mislead the debate away from the real issues.”

  38. Yeah! Josh at TPM declaring that PBO had lost his swagger!! What a joke.

    TPM had their coming out party yesterday by declaring they just HAVE to cover BS stories about Sarah Palin because, you know, just because. And Democrats just don’t understand popular political culture. Or something. UGH. OFF my bookmarks.

  39. I have this feeling that Sasha is going to surprise us all for years to come. She seems to be a child who thinks and feels on a deeper level. I’m thrilled that she did this! Very precious.

  40. If I’m being honest here, I’ve lost a number of friends. Probably about a half dozen (far left). But you know what? I don’t really have any regrets because I love this President and his family and I’m absolutely certain that he is the best person in this job. And I love the way he is teaching us how to look at the Presidency in new ways. For me, he is tremendously inspirational, each and every day.

    Love you guys!

  41. I am so tired of this grind. You can’t have it both ways! IF you want JOBS, then you have to work with business. What’s so hard to understand? We have had very slow growth in jobs, so PBO is rightfully going to pursue EVERY avenue. Every day of the week.

  42. I’d be most grateful if they would improve, used to watch CNN all the time. Wish they’d all get out of the opinion business, so tired of people explaining to me what I’ve just seen and heard with my own eyes and ears.

  43. I never have either. I had a convo with a Kossack I’ve stayed in touch with. I told her I cannot disagree with his actions until the final note is sung. He has all the info. I don’t. He thinks long term. Long term’s not over. And grading is about comparing with norms. For that he gets an A+++++.

  44. Like Grayson, right? “WTF was that?” To producer, “So we asked, WTF was that.” Before commercial break. “Investigation went great. We asked ‘WTF was that’.”


    In hotel. “We are analyzing evidence to learn WTF was that.” “OK team, time to find out….”

  45. I love the amazing and refreshing story about Sasha Obama and her friends learning Chinese at their school. These are great times for young people to be interested and involved in learning different languages. We are living in a globally active world today, and we must do all that is within our power to share these opportunities of global interaction with our young students. I am proud of Sasha and her classmates. It was such a delight to see them at the ceremony. More young students and teachers getting the message of the importance of competing globally through a great education. The students are listening. I pray that our POTUS will continue to speak to them. They are the future of this nation. We lift up our dear friend Congresswoman Gabby today on her remarkable progress. What care and goodness in heart we have seen from dear people. Our good thoughts and prayers go toward her, her doctors, and her dear family.
    Thanks again, BWD for this beautiful site.

  46. I sure as hell am in a good mood BWD and love what I see with them pics. Thank God for these joint. It’s warm and lovely.

  47. Hey g ~ I had read the Audacity of Hope back in 2007 and found his thinking to be so intune with how I see and feel things that I just knew we’d be in good hands electing him. I could never do what he does.. that is the larger point for me- I could never be as big as he is about working with republicans, seeing them more humanely than I do- but I respect greatly his capacity for doing this, I respect that he does it all in an effort to work for ALL of the country. I doubt that he’s in love with republican congressfolk and their stupid narrow behavior- but he does seem inclined to recognize that on some level those congressfolk represent other Americans who do not see things the way I do- that is the Bigness of President Obama- his vision is wide and wise imo.

    I am against war, all war.. and yet I knew that he wasn’t and agreed within myself that he is more privy to info and intelligence than I am- thus he’s far more capable of making decisions.. what I do believe is that he no more loves war than I do.. unlike his predecessor who was imo a war-monger. And I believe that he will never start a war- but instead having ended one, will end the other and is setting the stage to do just that in a sound and sensible manner.

    I have, like many of you, watched and listened and read this President for several years and I believe without any doubt that he is the best and the brightest.. and certainly the most adult- that this country has had the sense to elect. And he has proven this time and again for two years. I can only imagine whats coming for the next 6 years.. but I do not doubt that the world will be a far better place because of him. That is the big point- he is bettering this world, the facts prove it to be so.

  48. I do stay away from there and have done so since November.. and have been far far happier and more content.. its true that there is an atmosphere there of “life is a battle”.. it is very poisoness- and I felt it infecting me: feeling like my neighbors were as hateful as the folks on that site, etc. One can begin seeing all of their fellow human beings in a bad light if all they interact with is folks like over at dkos.. it becomes a very small world. I do not miss it, but for TIMT I’ve gone over there because he is so determined to give the facts about this President to those folks, so I feel inclined to support that for as long as he needs to do it- the same way I supported BWD when she still posted there. However, next time I will not interact with them, that was just stupid on my part 😉

  49. And that is just so brilliant, Can’t go through them, go around them. He just keeps going and going.

  50. He is moving the economy in phases. which is good he had to clean up the mess, now its time to create. I hope he is as successful as he was with GM

  51. The big O which is behind O is a large generator. Repairing these huge machines is my bread & butter. 🙂

  52. NEW YORK — Keith Olbermann is leaving MSNBC and has announced that Friday’s “Countdown” show will be his last.

    MSNBC issued a statement Friday that it had ended its contract with the controversial host, with no further explanation. Olbermann hosted the network’s top-rated show, but his combative liberal opinions often made him a target of critics.

    Olbermann did not explain why he was leaving.

  53. Just got a message from the NYT on my iPad saying the same thing, that his contract will not be renewed. Wow. I haven’t watched him in awhile because I think he went too far in his attacks on tjhe president but this was surprising.

    I can only imagine the conspiracy theories that will be spun about this.

  54. As i watched the President’s speech at the GE plant, I kept thinking about how horrible it would have been if Mccain had been elected and what a bullet the country had missed when he was not. Our president is so comfortable in his own skin that he is not threatened by people who have different ideas or may know more about a subject than he does. I love that he is a team-builder; that he is happy to give credit to others and to work with people even if they do not see everything the way that he does. In other words he is a grown-up and we are lucky to have him. I feel very positive about the future of our country and the global economy under his leadership. And yes, he is cute when he is all pleased and kind of geeky.

  55. OK, do we deputize someone to sit over at DKos and report back to us? This should be delicious.

  56. I went over there just to get a laugh. I hate that this happened to Keith, but Keith was starting to act like he was God, and everything he said was true. I knew something like this would happen to him.

  57. LOL, just keeps going and going and going…as I say every day, thank you a million for this blog!

  58. I remember they mocked us for having FAITH. But I’m no idiot (mostly) and I DO have faith in him. I also went over there briefly for TIMT. It’s a wasteland now. POTUS would never gloat, but I’m not POTUS. HEH!!!

    My lowest point vis a vis Orange is when I started wondering – could the haters be right? Screw that, I was out of there.

    I felt sadness as many of you did over rift between myself and people I had been friendly with there. But I cannot get past the way they treat this President. Asi es. We cannot control their choices, only our own.

    I saw an FB post authored by a DK member a while back exhorting former members to return to the site. I assumed the inducement would be that they had ratcheted down the vitriol. But surprisingly, it was a reminder that True Progressive sites still existed, like DK and not to be disheartened, that readers of this FB post should not be concerned that the political blogsphere had turned (horrors), centrist.

  59. It was Keith’s job to be a bomb-thrower, and he was very good at it. My problem was that his targets were starting to be indiscriminate. And, yes, he took himself way too seriously.

  60. Their demi-god is no more. I haven’t watched KO in months. I hope he lands on his feet.

  61. I’ve cut way down on MSNBC as well, but Olbermann’s not close to the worst of that channel: Joe Scarborough and Uncle “I see little wrong with Palin using the term ‘blood libel'” Pat are far worse IMO, yet it never seems as if their jobs are in jeopardy!

  62. Not enough money in the world 🙂

    Keith knew what he was doing. Couldn’t stand him the last six months or so, repulsed by his co-dependent relationship with Kossacks, but unlike IMO, the DK owner, KO is an adult. So, has he popped up on orange yet to become martyr king? Have they blamed POTUS yet? Will the sun rise in the east?

  63. Not yet, anyway. It’ll be interesting to see what reasons come out for the sacking in the next few days, and with whom they replace KO. Maybe this is a move towards less screaming. We can only hope so.

  64. Yup. Not close to the worst on that channel (I find Morning Joe unwatchable at this point), but Olbermann started to be less selective about his targets and thus less effective than he was some years ago. I wish him well though. He definitely helped to get me through Bushism.

  65. If Cenk ends up with a show as a result of this departure, then the reasoning here will be very curious indeed.

  66. God, that would be a depressing development. Then MSNBC would be almost totally unwatchable, save for O’Donnell, and Maddow at times.

  67. Breaking News: Markos Mousalitis, prop of “Progressive Blog” the Daily Kos announces that he has just offered a FP position to former sports announcer Keith (“poor, poor, pitiful me”)Olberman. “Unlike my other FPers,” Markos explained, “Keith will actually be paid a living wage. And from a reputable source, I have learned that Barack Obama was responsible for Mr Olbermann’s termination.”

    Sign Petition Here:

    Donate Here:

    PS. That brings the Guest Speaker Total at our next convention to…one.

  68. Here’s the new lineup: 6pm Cenk Unger, 7pm Hardball, 8pm Lawrence O’Donnell, 9pm Rachel Maddow, 10pm Ed Schultz.

    So, doubling down. KO probably got axed because the head of MSNBC couldn’t stand him. Nothing about his show’s content.

  69. NLinStPaul:

    Thanks for articulating what I’ve been experiencing. I too have been surprised by the venom from the so called progressives against President Obama. Any thoughtful person, with a minimum of understanding of the way policies are made, should be praising President Obama’s policy achievements. Sadly, both the “purist” left and the right wingers are driven by ideology. That is why: “They simply Ignore the positive results and focus on anything they don’t like.” And, in many instances, they manufacture outrages against the President based on lies and misinformation.

  70. Well then I guess you’ll be happy to know that MSNBC dumped Olbermann tonight. No more Countdown. One less liberal host/voice in the media, who was ultimately on our side.

  71. Cenk would tank ratings, he’s just so damn uncomfortable on camera (way too camera aware), and so forced/phony.

  72. While surprised, I can’t say I’m sorry to see Olbermann off the air. I used to watch his show every night. But something changed around the time of the oil spill. Keith’s poutrage was over the top. Olbermann became more and more shrill in his commentary and the snarkiness was unbearable. So at that time I wrote an email to MSNBC and stopped watching his show. As others have stated here, Keith seemed to be basing his worldview on what he read on Dkos. I think alot of his loyal viewers were turned off by his behavior and stopped watching too.

  73. With that line-up, I wonder if KO might have decided to walk away. I think he realises he got caught up in the game, and recall he did send money to Gabby Giffords campaign.

    He’s got no where else to go in the political television/pundit arena either so he doesn’t have another job lined up.

  74. Michelle Obama to Sit Down With Oprah

    First Lady Michelle Obama will return to her hometown of Chicago today to tape an interview with Oprah during the last season of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

    Mrs. Obama is expected to speak about military families, one of the issues she’s focused on since the campaign, during the taping of the segment which will air next week.

    “Mrs. Obama will discuss her plans to launch a comprehensive national campaign in the coming months to recognize, honor and provide ways for everyone to step up and answer the call,” The First Lady’s office said in a statement.

    On Thursday of next week Mrs. Obama will travel to Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C where she will speak about military families and also her campaign to combat obesity.

    Mrs. Obama will participate in a briefing led by Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, U.S. Army, Deputy Commanding General for Initial Military Training, “about the consequences of childhood obesity, poor childhood nutrition and lack of physical exercise for the military, and learn about the Army’s programs to address these issues,” the White House says.

    Mrs. Obama’s appearance on Oprah will air that same day, to complement with her visit to Fort Jackson.

  75. Well, Jeff Zucker is out as well. If I recall, he was KO’s champion at NBC. So, quite possible.

  76. I turned off Keith during the HCR bill. I left Rachel after the BP ‘faux president’ stint. A lot of family and friends have stopped watching MSNBC all together. His ratings have probably taken a dive but I wasn’t expecting this so soon. Seems quite personal with the higher ups at MSNBC and Comcast. But to be honest, that’s how corporate America treats ya!

    But wait for it. Wait for it…drum roll please……Its. Obama’s fault. LOL/snark

    Seriously, good luck to Keith in his future endeavors.

  77. I don’t know. If KO decided to walk away, I think he would’ve made that clear. From appearances, he was pushed. I await the diary at DKos with bated breath.

  78. White House Full Court Press on Social Media

    The White House is putting on a full court press on social media next week to get out the president’s message on its own terms.

    1) On Tuesday at 9 pm ET, will live-stream of the State of the Union HERE.

    Immediately following the State of the Union address, the White House will hold an “Open For Questions” event with:

    • Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council
    •Roberto Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President for Education Policy
    •David Simas, Director and Aide to the Senior Advisor
    •Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications.
    Questions can be submitted on Twitter by replying to @whitehouse using the hashtag #sotu, on Facebook, or HERE.

    3). On Wednesday outgoing White House press secretary Robert Gibbs will take questions via Twitter at @PressSec before his press briefing on Wednesday, January 26. Use the hashtaf #1Q – first question. He will post a video response.

    4) On Thursday, President Obama will answer questions during a live Youtube interview at 2:30 pm ET. Questions can be asked HERE.

    5) Also on Thursday, questions can be submitted through a variety of websites:

    •11:30 AM EST: Economy Roundtable with Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, and communities from MSNMoney,, and
    •1:00 PM EST: Foreign Policy Roundtable with Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor, and communities from,, and
    •3:15 PM EST: Education Roundtable with Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, and communities from mtvU, GOOD, BabyCenter, and PBS Education
    •4:30 PM EST: Health Care Roundtable with Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and communities from WebMD, AOL Health,, and medscape.

    6) Finally, we’re told that the irrepressible Vice President Joe Biden will take questions from Yahoo! Readers, though details are not yet available.

  79. So true. That fake presidential address stunt Rachel Maddow pulled was a bridge too far for me too. It was so disrespectful and self-indulgent.

  80. In an interview with NY Magazine (Oct, I believe) he stated that his goal was to find a niche to represent. Obviously interviews are slanted, as are everything in media, but I thought it interesting that Olberman did not mention his supporting the prog view, or the need to put it out there, but HIS need for a unique identity. It was not a flattering take on him, much more so on Rachel.

  81. Okay, not others are saying he walked away from a $15M contract over a dispute with his bosses.

  82. Pinkbunny:

    I’ve also been wondering why workers, who were able to retain their jobs, or stand to benefit for all the work the President and his administration do behind the scenes to increase our exports, so that they continue to work…” are not supporting him.

  83. Cue the whinging from the MSM in 5.. 4.. 3… If the media we have is broken, then it’s incumbent upon the administration to find new, creative avenues to get its message out.

    Oh, and cue accusations of creeping propaganda from the GOP in 5… 4… and so on.

  84. Again, just wait for the inevitable KO diary on DKos in a few days. Then things should be a bit clearer.

  85. Olbermann left $15M a year for the next two years on the table when he walked away. Wow – both on the amount he got paid and that he walked away from it.

  86. Holy hell no. That is the last thing the Obama admin needs is someone with a history of not working well with others and a massive ego problem.

    By the way, I can’t believe MSNBC is giving that bozo Cenk a show. They really are doubling-down on the hate-Obama line-up. Dumb business decision to cater to the 9% of the Democrats who hate Obama, while ignoring the 90+ who do approve of Obama.

  87. Don’t speak too soon. Stranger things have happened…

    What bothers me is that they’re giving that jerk Cenk the 6:00 slot. He’ll probably have Jane Hamsher guesting nightly.

  88. The 4th or 5th pic from the bottom, the one where President Obama looks comparatively small in the bottom lefthand corner of the picture looks like he’s looking at a piece of art.

  89. The whole line-up is a waste. It’s be nice to actually have a network that didn’t spend all it’s time attacking Democrats. Instead we have the new MSNBC line-up.

  90. MSNBC attempts to be the “liberal Fox” are woefully misplaced. The vast majority of liberals do not like being told what to think, especially when what they’re being told is that every liberal achievement of the past two years has been tainted by a lack of purity, and thus worse than if we’d failed completely.

  91. I was just kidding. Would be a helluva prank though to have Olbermann walk out to play Press Secretary and see the looks on the faces of the dimwits who believe they’re serious newsmen.

  92. Sherijr I just wanted to say thank you. I’m always impressed with your in-depth analysis.

  93. I agree totally with you smartdemmg and I had stopped watching him as well but still this news is surprising.

  94. I could see it happening with Rachel because Obama seems to respect her. He clearly doesn’t respect Olbermann.

  95. I just think it’s funny that the highest rated show on MSNBC was only 1.1 million viewers. Lord. What a joke. Says to me the most of us ‘libruls’ just go somewhere else to learn what’s going on in the world. And like a previous poster said, “We don’t like being told what to think.”

    It’s odd…the less we watch live television, the less we care about it. I learn more here than I ever learned listening to ‘pundits’. Not sad to see Kieth go. We never really needed him for anything more than entertainment anyway.

  96. I’ve been over to DKos and they are very upset. I honestly feel sorry for them, but this seems all for the good. Keith had lost his way and just seemed addicted to anger for its own sake.
    Still, he got me through some scary times during the Democratic primary and the election and for that I thank him. I hope he lands somewhere, recalibrates and uses his voice for maximum good.

  97. It’s a lame smear by Republicans to try and defend Fox Propaganda.

    Does Fox give a ex-Democratic Congressman three hours of air time each day? Did Fox ever criticize the Bush Administration? MSNBC regularly attacks the Obama Administration – because they believe that makes them serious people. The more the hosts hear “they’re the Fox of the left”, the harder they criticize the President – for supposedly smart people, you’d think they’d realize what going on and how they’re getting played.

  98. Watching BBC News right now. The lead story is about Gabby Giffords’ move to Houston for rehab. The chief doctor is quite impressed with how she appears. I don’t pray, but my good thoughts go out to her.

  99. MSNBC is rather schizophrenic. There’s no denying that their prime time hosts are to the left of center (not sure what Matthews is, he’s all over the place). But then you have Morning Joe, and Uncle Pat appearing everywhere like a crazed troll hoarding gold and silver for the coming apocalypse. I’ve stopped trying to figure them out.

  100. Agreed. I’m sorry about keith in that losing a job, hurts. However I have never doubted MSNBC’s BS in that they’ve always managed to keep Pat B hired and paid.. that really tells me more about them than anything. He is an out and out racist- and yet they keep him talking.

    Cenk U- I’ve never seen or listened to him.. but have read more than enough of his diaries to know that he is not married to the facts- thus I guess I’m not surprised that he too is being hired by a major network.

    My feeling about ALL of the pundits- they are actors, pure and simple. Bad actors getting paid a lot to CREATE DRAMA.. by greedy networks.. and what they’ve learned is that the fringe will always tune in if they are attacking the president. What I would really like to see someday: no more pundit opinions.. a fact-based news show, nothing more. And NO MORE Hamsher/Green/Huffington fake democrats PRETENDING to speak for the majority of liberals.

    I’m not holding my breath 😉

  101. hello terri- what a really kind thing to say to me, thank you. I just noticed how alike our names are by the way.

  102. There are so many wonderful new blogs now. BWD had gotten so much abuse about supposedly being superficial, but I learn an awful lot here. Plus she has wonderful members like Donna who regularly post breaking news. Then, look to the right for the blogroll. I need no talking heads, nor does any politically minded liberal I’ve met.

    KO was an entertainer, not a journalist. Our blogroll lists better journalists.

    One thing I’m certain of is that DK will be about this “outrage” and nothing else for days, regardless of anything else going down in the universe. Priorities, man. Despite Rachel’s stunts, I WOULD feel badly if it were her though.

  103. Well, badabing has a diary on the rec list entitled “Standing up for Keith Olbermann. What are we willing to do about it?”

  104. I watched Bill Maher tonite because I knew Rachel was going to be on. He called our President a “golden retriever,” i.e. a dog. Said a lot of other really nasty stuff. Did not get much applause. But it echoes what you said. Those that criticized him from the start, are still there, no matter what successes he achieves. I am still in shock at what I heard him say. I think I blocked out a lot. You cannot win with these people.

  105. Cenk. He gets what he has been aiming at for months with his incessant criticisms of POTUS — the 6 p.m. slot.

    Go figure.

  106. Just like the liberal bias in the news media myth. Conservatives, by claiming a liberal bias exists, makes the MSM afraid to go after the GOP for fear of validating the liberal bias myth. There may have been a time when there was a liberal bias in news coverage, but that certainly has not been the case the last twenty years.

  107. I was just on an entertainment gossip board and they were talking about Keith. Make no mistake, we are not alone in the world. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the vast majority of the posters, most who aren’t even heavily political, said they wouldn’t be watching MSNBC anymore and then many of them mentioned how it seemed like MSNBC was moving towards the direction of being anti-Obama from the left. Some then went on to speak of their dislike of people like Cenk and Arianna who attack Obama from the left for profit, i.e. the professional left. I was glad to see this because it’s not a political board and these random people were saying the exact same things we political junkies say everyday.

  108. As many times as I disagreed with KO, I was shocked that he is leaving. I hope he ends up someplace good. He has done a lot of good. He is one of the very few liberal journalists, and he always has facts. Over the top sometimes, sure. But so is Shultz, and Rachel. They are moving O’Donnel to 8pm.

  109. I’m volunteering at the hospital next week. That is how I try to make the world a better place. Kossacks can spend their time any way they choose.
    At any rate, like they really know what went on behind the scenes?

    I can’t get Mad World from Donnie Darko out of my head. I wonder if it’s because we discussed GOS today 🙂 Actually, it’s been since Tucson.

    My best to Congresswoman G.


  110. BWD, I visit many websites, but yours is the only blog to which I subscribe, and the only one from which I receive your new posts as e-mails.

    I’m a political junkie and online more than I should be, but every day you send me links to articles I haven’t seen or heard about.

    Several times recently, I couldn’t remember where I had seen an interesting article containing facts I needed, and I found them by stopping by here and reviewing your posts from the relevant time frame.

    You’re doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

  111. Excellent! Finally, people are beginning to be exposed to real history instead of the mythical history promoted by revisionists by both the right “teabaggers” and the “frustrati” leftists. Someone should remind “teabaggers” that “taxation without representation” is not the same thing as taxation enacted by duly elected members of Congress and approved by a duly elected president. Equally important is the preamble of the Constitution that calls for the “Promotion of General Welfare.” I think that any objective, and honorable, person would agree that promotion of healthcare for all Americans is part of the Constitutional goal of promoting the general welfare of all the American people.”

  112. And when it does then the bar will be moved to 7%. That’s just how the media rolls. Keep moving the bar.

  113. The whole wrecklist at gos is all about KO. It’s as if he is a ‘messiah’ or something… 🙂

  114. Your assessment – “I just think it’s funny that the highest rated show on MSNBC was only 1.1 million viewers.” – is truly the point. 1.1M out of a population of > 300 M. What a joke.

    The fact is that most folk – especially those with even a modicum of intelligence – simply don’t give a damn about MSNBC, Fox, DKos, …. they just don’t.

    President Obama has a vastly larger audience every time he addresses the Nation on teevee – that’s the reality that all these pundits and corporate media folk are so obsessively trying to deny – THEIR FAIL.

    Yes. We. Did. – begin

  115. Billy Maher has a fart on his brain & he
    picked the wrong week to take a swipe at
    POTUS…78% of America apporves of the way
    Pres.Obama handled the Tucson tragedy…
    Chalk what that guy says up to the dope
    talking…He’ll be canceled soon…When the
    audience doesn’t laugh at his lame azz jokes he insults them…Not a good look.

  116. The worked harder to bring him back the last time he was fired, than they work for repealing DADT. These people couldn’t care less about progress or policy.

  117. To all who watch this Great President at work. I have one thought you all must go by.President Obama plays the game of politics, one way in the mode of a Chess Master and the rest are playing Barber shop Checkers.He looks at the Horizon of time and the rest are looking at the ground right in front of their feet and no more. So I say keep looking ahead and stop looking down there is a light at end of this tunnel.

  118. Maybe it’s more that everyone else thinks they’re playing chequers and Obama is playing Go. Everything looks static for a long time and then he puts down a stone in a strategic spot and his opponents’ stones die and their territory becomes his territory. I really liked the comment early in this thread about Obama employing triangulation against the base of the Republican party. An awful lot of people from the boardroom to the production line are going to know which party almost destroyed them and which one saved their asses.

  119. Amazing!

    I once had a pattern for recreating famous photos of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein using two sets of dominoes. It was from the games section of OMNI magazine IIRC. Your image is just fantastic.

  120. Grandma used to say some people “ain’t happy unless they’re hurtin'” A lot of people on the Left seem to have a need to be vindicated that their world view (Us v. Corporations) will be vindicated. Some don’t have a back up world view. They are all about obsessing about imbalances of power. That’s why they are such bad allies in politics. They are unhinged when the Right has power and unwilling to let their own exercise power when its our turn in office. That’ why we get this vibe from them that they just as soon no one ever use power, unless that power is to destroy others with power. The Right is addicted to power and overplays their hand within minutes of getting a taste of it.

    This unrealistic, and unhealthy, relationship to power leads to fantasies about some benevolent force that will inhabit the White House, make all the power abusers of the past go to jail, control the entire military industrial complex by one executive order then take it easy for the next four years.

  121. Eight years is a long time to do angry political talk shows, especially since deep down Olbermann is a sports guy.

    Recent rumor is that the Comcast/NBC merger gives them an opportunity to go head to head with ESPN and they want to headline with Olbermann. He’ll be fine, and so will Liberals, at least those liberals who don’t think screaming is the same thing as governance.

  122. I notice those whiners have a hard time having the back of anyone, let alone President Obama. They loved Alan Grayson but barely lifted a finger to help his re-election. There was not a whiff of interest in saving Feingold’s seat until the last few weeks before Election Day. they trumpet one candidate as a “great true progressive” then are nowhere to be seen when that person is facing a tough election.

  123. Interesting since he did a rec list diary a couple months ago criticizing DKOS for the counter-productive atmosphere they have been producing.

  124. Right. Only you are aware of what was and what is. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown… Prior to Olbermann’s time was during the previous occupant. So what’s your point?

  125. We should all live so long as to be able to walk away from 2-year, $15 million contracts. The money not right enough for him? He could have donated the bulk to public clinics.

  126. Maybe. You’d think that folks in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, who were all directly affected by the resurgence of the auto industry, would have known that. But appeals were made to their base emotions and prejudices.

  127. Sorry shirijr. I know you meant well but juveniles are just that. You know I appreciate the truth you speak all the time my dear. Got nothin but love for shirijr. (((bear hugs))) my sistah.

  128. Oh TIMT you have nothing to be sorry for, I appreciate your committment.. and ((((HUGS)))
    right on back to you~

  129. Smart girl to study Chinese and I hope she keeps it up all the way through school. I wonder if the choice was her dad’s idea? Smart man.

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