Friday morning mishmash

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2. President Obama will host a reception for mayors at the White House in the morning and then travel to Schenectady, N.Y., to tour a General Electric factory. Joining him will be the company’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt. The president’s announcement that Immelt will be the chairman of the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness – is obviously some kind of selling out…someone…something.

In the evening the president will spend few hours with House Democrats at their annual retreat in Cambridge, Md. Members of Congress will have a chance to tell him to his face all the things they anonymously tell reporters. On second thought…


3.  Glimmers of hope


4. Politico, if you can believe it, finally pointing out that president Obama’s surge in the polls, started BEFORE that speech in Arizona.


5. Fabulous article from Eugene Robinson:

Wednesday’s vote to repeal President Obama’s health insurance reform law was supposed to be a crowning triumph. We heard confident GOP predictions that cowed Democrats would defect in droves, generating unstoppable momentum that forced the Senate to obey “the will of the people” and follow suit. The Democrats’ biggest domestic accomplishment would be in ruins and Obama’s political standing would be damaged, perhaps irreparably.

What actually happened, though, is that the Republican majority managed to win the votes of just three Democrats—all of them Blue Dogs who have been consistent opponents of the reform package anyway. In terms of actual defectors, meaning Democrats who changed sides on the issue, there were none. This is momentum?

// snip

It turns out that voters look forward to the day when no one can be denied insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions. They like the fact that young adults, until they are 26, can be kept on their parents’ policies. They like not having yearly or lifetime limits on benefits. The GOP is going to have to design something that looks a lot like Obamacare.

Meanwhile, Obama’s approval ratings climb higher every week. Somebody change the subject. Quick!



6. Here’s president Obama’s beautiful, beautiful speech about the legacy of President John F. Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his inauguration. Listen carefully to the subtle criticism of blind ideology. Give yourself 15 minutes and watch.



7. West Wing Week:




Finally, i want to share a new comment that I just approved this morning for I’m Grateful. This is from Barbara Yeo-Emde:

I just received “I’m grateful” from my sister and cried my eyes out. I am so ecstatic and relieved to find like-minded people. Almost all we ever get in the media are negative things. I don’t understand why President and First Lady Obama’s achievements are not more prominently reported. I’ve been trying to find a way to fight this trend. But I’m one person alone. How can we get more people to speak up?

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  1. Dude, FLOTUS brought the freakin pain in that grey number. That ivy leagued made more money than the POTUS, sharp as a tack, future Gov and POTUS if she wants is the baddest thang around!!! And yes, thang is quite demeaning for a woman on that stature, but that’s what she gets for looking so darn fine all the time. It makes no sense!!! Boom!!!

  2. Ha!!
    You should have seen her in it in person qmastertoo. 🙂

    She blew me away when I saw her come on stage yesterday at the Walmart announcement in that dress. Our President did quite well if I must say so myself!


    Friday Jan. 21, 2011
    All Times Eastern

    Gibbs gaggles aboard Air Force One.

    VP Biden meets with senior advisers in the morning.

    10:00 AM
    10:15 AM President Obama hosts a reception for mayors.

    10:50 AM President Obama departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.

    11:00 AM
    11:05 AM President Obama departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Albany, New York.

    12:00 PM
    12:10 PM President Obama arrives in Albany, New York.

    12:45 PM President Obama tours the General Electric plant.

    1:00 PM
    1:05 PM President Obama delivers remarks on the economy.

    1:45 PM VP Biden delivers remarks at the Democratic Issues Conference in Cambridge, Maryland.

    2:00 PM President Obama departs Albany, New York.

    3:00 PM
    3:05 PM President Obama arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.

    3:20 PM President Obama arrives at the White House.

    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    6:30 PM President Obama departs the White House en route Cambridge, Maryland.

    7:00 PM
    7:30 PM President Obama attends the Democratic Issues Conference.

    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    9:45 PM President Obama arrives at the White House.

    10:00 PM

  4. More great news, but that is beginning to become expected.
    A quick little anecdote relating to the repeal ofg the HCR. I got a robocall from our new tea partuy Congressman, Jow Walsh, who won by a total of 249 votes (or thereabouts). He is having a town hall tonight to discuss the repeal. Although he voted against it, he is open to all views on his vote to repeal OBAMACare. As soon as he used that word, I knew he could care less about any contrary opinions.

    I was tempted to go to the meeting and say that yes, Obama Cares, too bad he (Walsh) doesn’t. But, I do have more important things to do then listen to him and his followers rant away. So I am writing a LOE today as well as a letter to him.

    These idiots in the Republican party just don’t have a clue.

  5. BWD,
    That photo of President Obama on the Politico website you linked to is most unflattering. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s used to make him appear arrogant and aloof. I’ve seen it (or other similar ones) used with the same intent on right-wing “polling” sites (e.g.: “Repeal ObamaCare? vote now.”).
    I think your work in publicizing better photographs is invaluable; please keep up the good work. I use the photographs you have amassed all the time!

  6. I continue to be in awe about President Obama’s schedule, full to the brim day after day, week after week. He has got to be the hardest working guy in the pres. biz. Determined. /
    It is always exhausting just to read his schedule. Imagine doing it, and always doing everything so well, whatever the task or activity, in the best way possible.
    Pretty amazing, worthy of great admiration.

  7. I called his office and left a message even tho I knew it would fall on tea party ears. He’s a real piece of work, just an outrage and a shame that he won in mostly sane Illinois. He won at the peak of the tea party fervor, no way would he be able to eke out a win if the election were held today.

  8. I agree with Barbara theres got to be a way that we fight back and fight back effectively. People like Arianna Huffington, Dylan Ratigan and Joe scourbough needs to be called for their false hoods. We need to get a online critque of each news organization and put it viral.

  9. I agree BWD you are effective in your work. Keep it up and if theres something I can do please let me know .

  10. Obhviously, we live in the same district. The only reason he won is because Bean took the election for granted and by the time she got into gear it was too late. Of course, the other factor was the Green Party siphoned off a lot of votes and Dem turnout was low. But neither of those would have m,ade a difference if Bean had really fought to keep her seat.


    By Greg Sargent
    A new Gallup poll finds that a solid 50 percent of national adults want Obama to govern in a more “conservative” fashion, while only 30 percent want him to continue along his current ideological course. A majority of independents want Obama to be more conservative, too. This suggests, of course, that many Americans have bought the narrative that Obama governed from too far to the left.

    I think this stands as another reminder that the strategy of Senate Republicans during the past two years was politically brilliant. As you may recall, Mitch McConnell got a lot of attention last month because he frankly acknowledged that Republicans made a calculated decision to deny Obama bipartisan support for his proposals in service of a grand political objective:

    “We worked very hard to keep our fingerprints off of these proposals,” McConnell says. “Because we thought — correctly, I think — that the only way the American people would know that a great debate was going on was if the measures were not bipartisan. When you hang the ‘bipartisan’ tag on something, the perception is that differences have been worked out, and there’s a broad agreement that that’s the way forward.”

    Today’s Gallup poll, I think, reveals anew why this insight of McConnell’s was so crucial. What McConnell was really saying here is that if any Republicans signed on to Obama’s proposals, it risked suggesting to the American people that Obama’s governing approach was moderate or even somewhat centrist — something that could command some agreement. By contrast, when no Republicans signed on to Obama’s proposals it made it far easier for them to paint Obama’s agenda as ideologically off the rails to the left, which is exactly what they did.

    Read the rest here:

    This is an interesting theory and I can see some validity in it. Now that there is divided government do we paint them as the ones who are over-reaching (henceforth HCR Repeal)?

    Chuck Todd said that what his pollsters got out of the recent NBC/WSJ Poll was that the public was giving the President the benefit of the doubt and placing the burden of proof on the Republicans. Therefore the drastic change in the Presidents approval ratings.

    How often did we ask ourselves after the midterm elections why the Republicans were rewarded for doing nothing for 2yrs. This theory maybe the answer to that question.

  12. This has been the plan for awhile – this is why the GOP focused hard on winning Governorships. They want to break the State union contracts and then the Unions themselves.

    California would have been the big catch, which is why Meg Whitman went in with over $100M (I suspect she;ll get a lot of that “self-funding” back through other channels now). Ohio, Pa and Michigan will all learn the hard way that elections have consequences. Snyder seems pretty reasonable and not hy[er-partisan so we’ll see about him, but Kasich is going to destroy Ohio. Scott in Florida as well. Illinois really dodged a bullet.

  13. Seat sounds like a pretty sure take back in 2012 at least. Need 24 more just like it (minimum of course).

  14. Politico couldn’t stomach a 100% positive story on Obama so they put up that pic of him looking like he’s full of himself?

    Notice the sentence beneath that says 83% of respondents say Obama is likeable? Not according to that picture.

  15. I agree completely with Greg. This is exactly what the GOP was doing. And it did work. The bills passed by the Senate were moderate – the Conservadems made sure of that. I believe that the GOP got the bills that many would have voted for if they were not locked down to party line “no” votes.

    Dems got played, but they couldn’t do anything about it. Best they can do now is make HCR as popular as possible and then hang the fact the GOP were completely against it around their neck.

    Dems REALLY need to get out and sell it. Of course the GOP knows this as well, which is why they’ll be out in force to make sure it remains unpopular.

    It was a great political strategy by the GOP, and the MSM helped them out greatly of course, as did the Conservadems. If the Conservadems didn’t, and allowed the bills to be much more progressive it might have scared loose a few Republican votes – who would say “We need to move this back from the far left here”. But Lieberman, Nelson, Bayh, Lincoln, Landrieu all carried the water for the Republicans.

  16. Don’t forget Walker in Wisconsin, Saint Roscoe. We’ve already lost the highspeed rail money due to him. We must remember that hundreds of thousands of people voted for these brutes. There are ways to find true information, but how to spur the people into wanting to find it?

  17. I can’t stand anymore going to any site like politico or Huffington “Faux” Post or the stupid self-absorbed site we no longer mentioned (aka the great orange satan). Especially since the comments on those sites get so ugly and hateful. How does Huffington Post even try to make it appear they are on the side of the people when they allow so many negative comments.

    It just makes my blood pressure rise, and I get so angry, and it ruins my day.

    Maybe I am at risk at putting myself in a bubble. But I feel like I don’t need to put myself through ridiculous lies and asinine comments, especially when I can get the real news aggregate, hope & good news through BWD or The Obama Diary, or even the many other great blogs linked to these sites.

  18. I think Sargent nailed it too. Steve Benen wrote something similar about McConnell’s strategy a couple of weeks ago. It really got me thinking, but I went to look for it and can’t find it.

    I think the turning point where McConnell lost it was in thinking Obama wouldn’t blink when he got 42 Republican Senators to sign on to that letter refusing to cooperate in the lame duck session until the tax cuts got extended.

    But Obama negotiated – and McConnell didn’t have a “plan B.” That left moderate Republicans free to work with Obama and they got stuff done.

    So in the end, McConnell overplayed his hand. Obama and the Dems go into the 112th with a lot stronger hand than any expected – including McConnell.

  19. BWD – I can’t tell you how much I enjoy opening “The Only Adult in the Room” every day to see such inspiring news about what our President is doing to try to improve our country. Against all odds, he continues to be a reasonable, positive leader. Thanks for this site, the pictures that capture the genuine good hearts of President and Mrs. Obama and the videos of his incredible words that move us to work with him for a better tomorrow.

  20. But for the short-term his strategy worked so look for it to continue in some form. Their thinking is that if they hold the party line (unlike what happened in the lameduck) they can continue to paint the President as the extreme player in this politcal game.

    It will be interesting to see how they continue to push this strategy now that they have the majority in the House and get to push the legislative agenda.

    Needless to say the SOTU will be very interesting!

  21. Those are the kind of things that influence people. We know that Michelle has been big on helping military families, but most Americans don’t realize it. They just hear from the Limbaughs of the world that she wants to dictate what kids eat.

    Oprah is a significant audience which cuts across ideological lines and is a great place for Michelle to go on this particular issue. It goes directly against the “The Obamas hate America” meme.

  22. I wonder if Arlen Specter jumping was part of the strategy. Given the Dems 60 votes, rather than allowing them to unite with 59 on HCR and say “The Republicans are blocking healthcare” and putting extreme pressure on the remaining moderates in the GOP caucus. Would Snowe or Collins have been able to see HCR reform die – one that I think they feel they could support, just to play partisan games?

    President Obama knew exactly what McConnell and the GOP was going, which is why he was working hard on Snowe but couldn’t get her.

    The GOP moderates got the bill they wanted without having to break ranks and vote for it. Specter voted for it, but only after he jumped parties – President Obama would have been much better off if Specter voted for it as a Republican.

  23. I also read the article by Joshua Green on McConnell that Sargent linked to. And I have to say that while the man absolutely gives me the willies, he’s obviously a brilliant strategist.

    I think he’ll have to adjust a bit now that the Republicans have a majority in the House, so I’ll definitely be watching.

    On the positive side, I also have great confidence in the brilliance of Obama and people like Rouse (who I believe is still advising Obama).

  24. The left have to stop making people feel less intelligent. The left also have to learn how to compromise. The left is demanding and rude at times with their message. The right did not win at all. They also revealed who they truly are and independents and dems do not give them credit as you think. The left let them gain power by going against the president on everything you expect that from the right, but when you start to challenge your own and be negative towards them you legitimize the right points even if they are wrong. IMO the country is centrist and moderate.

  25. Perception is reality. Most folks don’t pay much attetion to politics of the day-to-day variety, and what they do hear on MSM goes a helluva long way in forming their opinions on the matter. The MSM really let the GOP get away with their strategy because it benefits them given they’re millionaires and the GOP is the party of millionaires.

  26. Which is why his strategy will not work, because the country don’t like the extreme and he has to appeal to them, and the independents and moderates will not allow the extreme to run this country. So did he really Win or did he just put the republicans back further.

  27. I’m thinking about Pinkbunny’s question about putting ourselves in a bubble, and wanted to share something. Once HffPff had a headline about a mother eating her baby I realized it wasn’t a site I could take seriously another minute. Once Kos got so bitter i was out of there, except for BWD’s posts. Then finally I decided to give up all news for 90 days, which, mercifully, took me through the election. It was much easier than I thought it would be, and a great relief. I wasn’t being fed negative energy, and I wasn’t feeding negative energy. I was totally faithful to my “diet”, except for going to Kos, screwing up my eyes so I could only see the Search button, and looking up BWD’s latest until they disappeared from the site.

    When the 90 days were up, what do I find but BWD in her own space, a whole great blogroll, and a whole new wonderful way to get news. As Eclectablog likes to say, I’m just saying.

  28. It should be. I wasn’t a major fan of Bean, she was a little too conseravtive for me, but definitely not one of the Blue Dogs. But in this neck of the woods, a true liberal wouldn’t have a chance.

  29. Just watched a very moving, emotional live video of Gabby Giffords leaving the hospital in Tucson in the ambulance on her way to the airport to fly to Houston to the rehab facility. They were being led by a vet motorcycle group and a full police escort, and people were lining the streets along the way to wave goodbye. I noticed all the oncoming traffic in the other lane would all come to a stop when they saw them approaching.
    I read today that she will be in this facility up to 2 months and then will move to an even more intense residential facility where she will receive therapy 17 hours/day. She has a long, difficult road and I know all of us are hoping for the best possible outcome.

  30. He won. Because he painted Obama’s moderate agenda as extreme. His strategy did work because the GOP took back the house doing nothing but voting “no” on every damn thing. Dems lost five seats in the Senate – rewarding the Senate GOP for voting “no” on everything.

    Pelosi can’t return the favor in the House because of the Conservadems in the Senate. Dems in the House vote against everything, it will still pick up 3-4 Dem Senate votes from Nelson, Webb, Manchin, Landrieu types and then the story will still be “Look Senate Dems vote for House bills, so it must mean Pelosi is still out there on the far liberal left”.

  31. You’re so right. I live in Chicago and followed this race closely. She should have been able to win it if she’d worked smarter (and even at that, she almost did).

    I wish Dem’s would stop trying to figure out whether to be right or left in these complicated districts, thinking that there’s some magic place to be on the continuum and start pushing why their policies are good for everyone. Bean should have been able to do that. There’s no excuse for a tea party idiot to be in this seat.

  32. Pinkbunny:
    I think your concern about putting yourself in a bubble is well-founded; I think there is a huge risk in Balkanization and polarization, and President Obama has warned us against listening only to ourselves.
    So I visit, and comment, on those other sites. I would not want them to censor any comments short of calls to violence, criminality, or treason.
    I think it’s unfair, and unhelpful, to use characterizations such as “orange satan” and so on.

    We all have to guard against getting just the information we like; that information is pleasant, but not nearly as useful as information that does not confirm our biases.


  33. This blog just makes my day, I go to it several times during the day and I just want to thank you again for putting it together and keeping the wolves out of the comments. I agree with Pinkbunny up there, I used to be at HuffPost a lot and the comments are sometimes radically negative, it’s disheartening. Not that we want to sugarcoat the world or deny there is an opposition, but it’s uplifting to see so many Obama supporters in one place. Plus, I love the photos! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  34. They took back the house because liberal dems got full of their self and call themselves punishing Obama. his strategy did not work because now they have bigger problems from the extreme and they cannot get out of those promises which will box them in and the country will now begin to trust President Obama Policies more. This is why his approval is higher because the country now see what the republicans unleashed. So it is not working.

  35. There was a photo on her facebook page last night that broke my heart at the same it lifted it. We only see the back of her hospital bed with her husband at her side, as they face a mountain range. The caption reads, “Gabby gets a last look at the Carolina Mountains of Arizona before she begins her trek to Houston. Healing thoughts…

  36. Facts is reality, Facts that Health care is working for millions. Facts that the economy is moving forward. The perception that they produce is now coming back to be what it is. Lies. Why do you think The numbers for health care is changing , because they see republicans was using negative perception, which now put their credability in to question.

  37. Statistics don’t bare that out tulips. We turned out a record number of voters for a mid-term election and so did the Republicans we lost the Independent voters (who make the difference in every election) because they bought into the premise that the Dems had over-reached.

    The Presidents approval rating is on the rise because the country sees him as working with the Republicans to get things done. As long as they obstructed everything he tried to do his poll numbers stayed flat.

    This country is very polarized. We don’t like them and they don’t like us but the swing voters like results. When the right successfully painted the President (as false as that was) as a over-reaching liberal by them just voting NO on everything that took hold with the Independents and they switched sides in the mid-term election and voted with the Republicans to give the country divided government.

  38. If every person was polled then i will take the statistic as that. polls are taken by a select few and certain areas of the country. The country is polarized by misconception that s now shedding light on the lies. The only thin thats prevailing is extremist. Which is not a good perception in the eyes of many.

  39. The thing is that Democrats-voters and Obama-voters are not entirely the same. So even though many Dems went out to vote in November – Young people and minorities did not. That’s why Democrats got the fewest white votes since WWII.

  40. I’ve been saying since Day One that we didn’t have the majorities the numbers said we did: it wasn’t Repubs that we needed to cave to, it was the conservadems. Throw in Lieberman, who now that he’s leaving we’re hearing that it was all a vindictive ruse because he was mad at liberals who didn’t support him in 2006. He just wanted to screw the CT liberal, and screwed the country instead. I remember hearing that he backed off his own proposal for Medicare for 55 and older because “liberals liked it.” That petty, miserable little jerk. Liberals left him in 2006 because of his blood lust against Iraq.

    That being said, we never had a 60-seat filibuster proof majority in the Senate and only a razor thin majority in the House. It was to the conservadems that concessions were made, weakening the bills. And yes, we hoped we’d get a few Republicans who hadn’t gone batshit crazy (there were none). I still hear the frustrati whine about blowing the opportunity of our ‘huge’ majorities. They never existed. Jackasses.

  41. Exactly dems did not vote like they should and this was due to backstabbing that dems wasd doing to President Obama. Dems are moree at fault with the outcome than any one. They abandoned him on health care, many from his own party would not vote for a public Option and got on tv saying he was not fighting for when the fight was with their own colleagues.

  42. I, too, blame the far left, just behind the economy. Those so-called progressives took one of the most successful Liberal president in history, and created a failure narrative. So when Independents see that Obama’s “base” think he’s a failure – what can we expect them to think…

  43. Hi guys,
    I haven’t commented much lately….been in lurked status since the spring semester began at my university and I’ve been swamped with work but justed wanted to let BWD know you are doing a wonderful job.

    I don’t have time to read through all of the blogs and newspapers to see what the POTUS is doing, so it’s great to come here and get a complete update. Now if only the president could win back “teh base”!

  44. That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think Specter was that smart. He thought he was riding a Democratic wave and expected to keep his Senate seat if he switched.

    He was reliable after he switched, that’s for sure.

  45. But they never do in a mid-term elections. You count on each side getting “their base” vorters out for a mid-term and then you fight for the Indies to pull you over the finish line. This is why the media knew last summer that the Dems were headed for a big loss in Nov.

    Look up and see how many AA’s or youth voted in the mid-term election (won by the Dems) in 2006. The Dems won because we got the Independents to vote our way.

    Elections are won by the Independent voters. The rest of the country is simply polarized to their own side.

    It was always an illusion to believe that we would turn out 2008 level voters for a mid-term election without a President at the top of the ballot. It was simply never going to happen.

  46. At this point, the number of anti-Obama sites on the “left” is so big – that I’m not even thinking about the risk of a bubble. I merely want to have a humble alternative.

  47. They sure did and now that he stood his ground and his policies seem to be working, they have nothing but crow to eat, on both sides. They are trying to drum the same controversy on the social security issue. They are already predicting he will do the worse. I rather have President Obama trim social security than any other .

  48. There was a definite chill on voter enthusiasm and that was the fault of the frustrati. I heard it from a number of friends of mine who should have known better. I saw them fall for lies about what could have and should have happened — this from normally sensible, reliable Democrats who had loved Obama. I got a number of them back to sanity and to the polls but many bought the frustrati b.s.

    The most dangerous problem that the frustrat caused was shifting perception to Perfection and ‘sending a message’ by not voting. That this was a politics as usual election, disregarding the danger of the tea party and the obstruction of Republicans.

  49. Because his party had talked the enthusiams down. They made him the villian because he compromised. The left did not even go out and protest for health care, they sat behind the desk and disrespected the President with talk that he better do this or that or will stay home. That was their message and when it was time to get out the vote. The negative message overtook every thing. ED schultz even before the election was on his radio telling people to stay home and then tried to get out the vote a couple weeks before the election. Some on the LGBT community threatened to stay home because he did not repeal DADT when they wanted. LT Choi on the front page of HP saying he was not going to vote for Obama.

  50. Had the far left behaved with sanity, the economy would have been seen as progressing. A few charts are all that’s needed to see the huge hole that Obama pulled us out of since Bush’s disaster. Anybody sane would have realized that the economy could not totally turn around to bubble-levels in a matter of months, no matter what the MSM was reading from the Repub talking points. In no other point in history, even going back as recently as 6, 7 years would the amount of progress not been cheered. It is unfathomable that the entire left — from center through far left — couldn’t see the massive achievement of passing any kind of comprehensive health care reform. What Democrat has the right to not understand that Medicare was nothing when it started and has grown to cover so much more than originally legislated?

  51. I will third that BWD, anytime we can help you in any manner, please don’t hesitate to let us know.. and Happy Friday one and all. Thanks for the mismash- facebooked.

  52. The AA vote was better than expected for a midterm. Latino vote was less in cerytain areas they got Reid in but in other state the votes were down.

  53. Exactly Faith! The left refuse to admit that even when they came on tv and said the was’nt going to vote for healthcare if the public option was in the bill.

  54. You make a good point. I had not realized how much good news I WASN’T getting by relying on dKos and HuffPo. I was getting really lazy, assuming that my liberal homepage would get me the facts I needed. Now they go out of their way to practically censor any of the good news.

    By coming here and The People’s View (my two go-to sites) I click on actual news in the links. I find myself checking out Ezra Klein several times/day and other sources of news.

    I am an adult. I know not all the news is good all the time. I want to go where the truth leads me. I want to have substantive discussions about how to proceed to re-build the progressive ideals upon which this country was founded. I know it will take time. I an still flabbergasted that the far left is doing this much damage. Howard Dean’s diary asking for suggestions and solutions turned into a flaming fight yesterday at dKos. Insane.

  55. The Eugene Robinson article is well worth the read, have been wondering for weeks where the Republicans came up with their “job killing” meme for the ACA, turns out they *gasp* manipulated facts! From Robinson:

    “What the budget office actually said is that there are people who would like to withdraw from the work force—sometimes because of a chronic medical condition—but feel compelled to continue working in order to keep their health insurance. Once the reforms take effect, these individuals will have new options. That’s where the “lost” jobs supposedly come from.”

    The CBO estimated it would impact 650,000 people, my husband who is retired knows five individuals ready to retire, right now, but they can’t because of health insurance.

  56. I bet their numbers has declined. that other place have lost all of its attraction, because of their abusive diaries. More and more positive sites are coming. Since ive been coming here and people have been recommending sites their is a rise in positive blogs compared to the negative.

  57. Does anyone know who the three dems are that voted to repeal? Also, where would one go to find that info on other votes?

  58. I just don’t think the Far Left plays that big of a role to the Party as a whole. They like to think they have that kind of power over the electorate but in reality poll after poll has shown that although they are a part of the Dem Party their views are a tiny part of how the Democratic Party feels or votes.

    Granted their constant harping and negative by-lines certainly didn’t help to get those who are engaged very excited but I don’t believe it kept any of our side home from voting in any measured number.

    They like to talk a good game but they know the true conseqences of Republicans in control

  59. There is no need to take in negativity in order to increase my knowledge base. For me personally, the positive lifts my spirit and makes me want to work harder to help PBO achieve his goals.

    Looking back on the last three years the big picture shows that a lot of the punditry was just speculation which was not fact based. In the long run it mostly turned out to be worthless…remember he couldn’t beat the Clintons but he did..he couldn’t win the general election but he did..he couldn’t get healthcare but he did. I could go on but you get my drift.

    Thanks for this uplifting site accentuates the positive and that is a good thing.

  60. Barb, I agree with LOL. The media in general only looks for the negative. We cannot do anything to change that, but we do not have to view our wonderful President through the filter of the mass media.

    Not only is this incredible site available, but there are a number of other new sites that support the President. Believe me, I was a wreck for practically two years because of the constant carping of the fringe left,the right and media sources.

    Now, when I get up in the morning, I have sites to go to that report all of the positive things the President is accomplishing. It has changed my entire mood.

  61. BWD, I think at times I forget to thank you adequately for this site. I have almost forgotten the horror of you leaving that other place.

    You were our saving grace and still are.

  62. thank you kittpat.. I appreciate all the info..and will bookmark the WP site. I’m very glad my rep (Pomeroy)wasn’t one of the dems, although to his credit, he votes in the 90+% range with dems.

    Maybe the gov site would be I will bookmark that too.

  63. I don’t know which one to reply to 😉 So I’ll choose this one.

    I think the fringe nuts have inflated power because they’re willing to go on television to blast the President from the “left”, also they lobby the hell out of MSNBC anchors, who believe the fringe left is the base. Olbermann posts on DK, Cenk posts on DK, Ed Shultz as a speaker at NN2010, Rachel will not swim against the prevailing current, especially what Olbermann is saying right before her.

    Even if their ratings are sub-million viewers, there is a great multiplying effect there. Not to mention MSNBC viewers are probably more of the hardcore political base.

    The internet feinge nuts lobby and influence MSNBC anchors who spew their garbage online tricked into the belief that “Wow I’m getting so many emails with this viewpoint, this must be the prevailing view on the left”.

    Look at who MSNBC has on as their pundits – Kos (for a time) Jane Hamsher, Greenwald, Green – all the fringe left nuts from the internet sites.

    I loved Kos whining about getting booted, hoping there would be some big letter writing campaign and boycott and hoping Olbermann or Shultz would go to bat for him.

  64. Didn’t Pomeroy lose his re-election bid by Rick Berg. Of course there is so many Reps, there could easily be more than one Pomeroy…

    I’m thinking of Earl in ND.

  65. Agree with you completely, Tulips. I don’t believe most people are that ignorant. They are broke, they are uninsured, they look for answers. The Reps had them – 24/7. Their “answers” were simple (people are not stupid, but they DO like simple answers). So the puzzle pieces came together: No money. Dems are Tax stealers. Ergo (they don’t say “ergo”) Dems are bad.

    The evil would not have gained a foothold in Europe if the citizens weren’t desperate. IMO, it’s all scapegoating, and faciliated in this case by racism.

    And then we have the Red states whose mindset is already where the Reps want it.

    The recent years were a perfect storm for the Reps.

    Ah but, LOL. The Frustrati believes Obama should be primaried. I was wrong about their idiocy re: Dr Dean. It wasn’t him they were trashing. They were using his visit as an excuse to go into their OBAMASUXPRIMARYHIM song and dance.

  66. thanks sherri for, should have remembered but have only had one cup of coffee so far this morning,:) did find out that the three who voted for repeal voted against the ACA in March, so guess they were consistent.

  67. Ah, but Faith – remember – the frustrati explaining to us ignorant bots that none of this matters because POTUS had the bully pulpit. They do knee jerk as well as the teabaggers.

    BTW, I couldn’t resist looking into what you shared happened in Dr Dean’s thread last night. Why an intelligent man like him believes he has something in common with those silly creatures is beyond me.

    Sometimes I ponder what I could have accomplished with my time if I hadn’t wasted so much of it with them. Reading, fitness, nature? I was pondering this while looking at Michelle’s arms, as a matter of fact…but that HAS to be genetic. Right? I hope?

  68. I am so sorry about that post going wild. Not sure what happened 🙂

    Thank you for your response and I concur!

  69. I tend to agree with you, Donna. They DID have an effect on people’
    s POV’s (and as we said, people who should know better) but they still voted.

    They will try it with SS. Two orange posters I had been friends with are buying into it. I was so disappointed. One I am still in touch with and communicated my feelings about fact v supposition.

    Give the whole damned lot of them Sodium Pentathol. Find out if they really believe what they post, or is it all attention craving. I don’t blame them for Nov, though. I do blame them for messing with my mind.

    If their traffic trajectory continues as it is, they should be even more irrelevant. I personally would like to see it at zero, and then we could cross them off the impediment list.

  70. Fox rejects “Jesus Hates Obama” Super Bowl Ad

    Fox has rejected the ad, the Huffington Post reports. The 30-second ad — set to the tune of the Civil-War era “Battle Hymn of the Republic” — shows bobble-headed versions of Obama and Jesus, with a scornful look on Jesus’ face.

    The camera zooms in on Jesus, and just like that, Obama falls into a fishbowl waiting below. Jesus, suddenly sporting a “Jesus Hates Obama” T-Shirt, looks pleased.

    The website admits that the company doesn’t really believe Jesus hates Obama. “However, we do believe in freedom … as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama administration with novelty T-shirts,” the website reads. “Our products may be a joke but so are the policies of this administration.”

  71. it also helped that hardly anyone in the mainstream media called them on obstructionism as a tactic.

  72. Two months is average for this sort of injury. And attitude plays a huge role. Her responses are already well ahead of many patients’. It’s is amazing, and bodes well.

    As many of you know, I worked with TBI patients (just Social Work) and now volunteer. I wish I could be in Houston now, to volunteer at her facility, and support her in any way I could.

    I “pray” for you every night, Congresswoman.

  73. I was posting on a thread last night on Huff n Puff post which was about how President Obama was getting his 2012 campaign in gear, and oh boy, did the extreme leftwing ideologues come out in full force.

    Sure, you had the extreme right wing tea party nuts talking about how Obama is a Marxist socialist extreme leftwing what have you failure, but you had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more extreme leftwing moonbats talking about how “Obama has been too friendly to Wall Street,” “Obama has continued Bush’s policies,” and of course you had the “Primary Obama” crowd.

    The funny thing is, the only “primary” candidate thus far running is an anti abortion zealot who is actually a bona fide Republican. Randall Terry is that guy, he’s essentially running as a Democrat in an attempt to “shame Obama,” but in actuality, Randall Terry is just looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Sure, he won’t win any delegates since he won’t be a certified bona fide Democrat, but I wouldn’t rule out the Glenn Greenwald/Jane Hamsher/Arianna Huffington Frustrati crowd getting behind him, especially since he will most likely be the only “primary” candidate running against Obama.

    That is how desperate the extreme left ideologues are: they’re so desperate to prove that in their minds Obama is a failure, so they’ll get behind any candidate who runs a primary challenge against Obama, even if that candidate isn’t from the far left or isn’t a certified bona fide Democrat. It’s sad to see a bunch of them being grown adults acting like children just because President Obama didn’t throw Bush/Cheney in prison and didn’t turn the United States into Sweden. Sure, I would love to see Bush/Cheney in prison as much as the next person, but that would be a case of Obama playing partisan party line politics when he needs to be focusing on the economy and education. I’d also like for the United States to be like Sweden as much as the next person, but I know it’s not going to happen, do I blame Obama for that? Heck no, it’s just common sense.

    That’s what a lot of these extreme left ideologues lack: common sense, that’s why they buy the talking points about “Obama bowing to Wall Street” and “Obama being Bush’s third term.” But even if they’re only a fraction of the Obama/Democratic base, they still end up making the entire base look bad when their only methods of debate is to out shout their opponents. Real life politics isn’t political theater like on Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. A good example of a Democrat who fell victim to political theater is Alan Grayson. Dude had some good stances, but focused way too much on appearance as opposed to substance. Sure, the online progressives loved him, but that didn’t translate to votes back in his district because most of the online progressives who loved him didn’t live in his district and couldn’t vote for him. Like the saying goes, “politics is local.”

  74. Hi Joe

    If you are my old friend from DK, hope you are well. But I respectfully disagree with you. IF what went on over there was on the level, I might agree. But I firmly believe it is not. I won’t get into this again, except to state that IMO there are issues – personal primarily – that prevent that site from operating from anything resembling an honest place. The hostility, the anger, the game playing, etc, etc…my BS detector goes on warp drive over there. So what is the point of wasting my time? IF they were influential beyond THEIR bubble, I might force myself, but their ship has sailed. Their traffic numbers are is, and it was completely self inflicted.

  75. folks sure can come up with some mean ignorant crapola all in the effort to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$ off President Obama.

  76. You know i love coming here to talk. Not one peroson calling names or being negative just giving their point of view. This is how we get the message out on civility and thank you guys for being that civility.

  77. What’s this about their traffic trajectory? Is there really a sizable exodus happening?

  78. The posters here are far too bright, well read, and motivated to be bubbled!

    What they say over there is so phenominally preditable, there is virtually no reason to read them.

    And for me, going to those sites would negate what I teach in the classroom; do NOT reward bad behavior.

    I’ll be your “sponsor” PB – stay with me 🙂

  79. I get the feeling that some are of the belief she’ll be able to go back into Congress. I don’t think that is very realistic at all. What’s your take given you’ve worked in this area?

    I’m hoping for enough motor skills to be able to take care of herself with dignity and independence, and memory to recognize her loved ones.

  80. It’s understandable given Earl was in there for so long. It’s too bad he’s written off running for the Conrad seat vacancy. He must just really see the writing on the wall there.

  81. This is standard guerilla marketing – getting your ad rejected is the goal. That way you get press and coverage without having to shell out the millions of dollars to acutally have the ad aired. I wonder if this company has the money and ability to actually afford the 30 second spot – said to be close to $3M.

  82. Allow me a little rant, because my coffee is brewing and I have a bit of a headache.

    So I see that Al Rodgers is back at DKos with his wonderful photo diaries. Good for him, I guess, although after the way he’d been treated–which prefigured BWD — I would’ve laughed at the invitation to return. I viewed his blog on the Tucson speech, and went straight to the comments. I went down quite a bit, and, to my surprise, they were ALL positive. None of the usual crowd was there. None of them. Now, either MB told them to shut it because GOS was bleeding hits and needed to get us Obots back with pretty pictures, or there was some moderating going on.

    What did Kos and MB promise Al to return? If I recall, he was treated rather shabbily, and this was when Obama’s approval numbers were still in the 60s. And why did Al agree? I don’t begrudge him wanting to get more eyeballs for his work, and as I said on The People’s View yesterday it would be nice if we could reclaim DKos. However, the comments on Dr. Deans diary last night belie the hope of that ever happening. That site is given over totally and completely to the fringe. No amount of pretty pictures should lure us back there on anything but an occasional basis. Maybe if the direction from the top changes, then there would be some utility in going back. But not now.

    Sorry for the meta. It just really got my goat.

    Now for coffee and errands!

  83. Great discussion, sorry I have to leave to go to work. My one comment is that I would like to encourage all of us to consider how we can get the word out.

    I feel this group is very strong and we can make a difference. I wll write more later but in a nutshell we can get the word out in a number of ways.

    1. old fashioned way – in the lunch room, at church, when visiting with neighbors we can say “did you see Mrs Obama on Oprah, such a wonderful woman. I really appreciate what she is doing for kids and health, she and the president are really working hard”. We can just talk up the president, it doesn’t have to be really “hot political” issues, it can be safer subjects. There was so much negative, we need to balance.

    2. online, many of us (myself included) could improve our facebook, twitter, linked in, skills. If anyone is good at these things, please share here. I plan to have a secion at my blog where we have training on how to get on facebook, how to tweet, etc. I am clueless about a lot of this.

    3. in our community. When we wear an obamacares tshirt we are a walking ad all day. I was also thinking we could have signs we put in our lawn – I support health care, or my family was helped by ACA.

    4. we can volunteer for OFA, and other causes,
    also if you have a elected official who is Republican, you can go to meetings and ask questions and voice your opinion. I know it is really hard, but maybe we could go in pairs. It is easier with a friend and you don’t feel so isolated. We could use this group to find local buddies.

    OK – got to go – virtual hugs everyone.

  84. I know! I can’t believe he’s coming back to the White House after coming from the GE Tour and then getting right back on the plane to go to Cambridge.

    I can tell you, having worked as a consultant, and at one point in my life, traveling Monday to Friday to work, it is damn exhausting to travel!!

    I hope he gets a chance to relax on the plane. Although I bet you he works!!

  85. makesense4tulips, you are absolutely right that whoever on the left makes people feel less intelligent is ineffective, but I am not sure the frustrati on the left have much power or that most people are paying any attention to them at all. I fear people made these bad voting decisions without any help from the frustrati. I agree that the answer is to empower them by encouraging them to get the right information about candidates and their policies, but sometimes it is discouraging to see how lazy they are in pursuing this. No reason to stop trying, however, or to treat them with disrespect.

  86. I think he definitely was promised moderating in his diaries. I will begrudge him going back though, because he’s just allowing himself to be used. He was ran off before and nobody batted an eye, now they’re bleeding hits they all of a sudden ask him back?

    I guess this is at least acknowledgement by Kos and his cronies that they’re all negative all the time isn’t working as a business model – but all this is is saying “Here’s the pictures, you can come back now”. Kos, MB and the front pagers all made their intentions perfectly clear over the last two years. They want to use the “bots” for page views, so then they can sell themselves as a bigger representation of the left to the MSM and politicans.

    You can bet they’re still filled with vitriol and hyperbole agaisnt the President and his administration – they just need more page hits to give them any cred.

  87. But Joe, there is very little dependable information out there, and it’s not information if it’s mainly based on bias and opinion rather than on fact.

  88. So much for civility in politics.

    The brief period of civility in politics in the wake of the shootings in Tucson, Arizona, two weeks ago was tested this week. Some in the nation’s capital forgot the call for a government that’s worthy of 9-year-old shooting victim Christina Green.

    Washington returned to its toxic ways at times this week as House Republicans sought to repeal the new health care law. Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee compared GOP charges of a “government takeover of health care” to lies spread by Nazis before the Holocaust. “A big lie just like (Nazi propagandist Joseph) Goebbels,” Cohen said on the House floor.

    Cohen tried to spin away his comments with half-apologies. “I didn’t compare the Republicans to Nazis,” Cohen told CNN. His explanations circled back to talking points. “While I regret that anything I said has created an opportunity to distract from the debate about health care for 32 million Americans … I never called Republicans Nazis,” he said in a statement released by his office. Later on MSNBC, Cohen conceded, “I do think the rhetoric needs to be toned down.”

    In today’s politics, civility has little currency. Controversy equals exposure.

    Likely GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is riding a wave of publicity after saying President Barack Obama’s race should influence his views on abortion. On the question of whether the unborn should have civil rights under the Constitution, Santorum said in an interview on a conservative website, “I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say, ‘Now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.’ ”

    Obama once said the matter was above his “paygrade,” a comment that still angers the anti-abortion rights community, a key GOP voting bloc in which Santorum is popular.

    Santorum, a Fox News contributor, landed in prime time on the cable channel Thursday night.

    “I’m not apologizing,” the former senator from Pennsylvania said. “I will agree with you that when I used the word ‘black’ all of a sudden it gives people a reason to say, ‘He was trying to make some kind of racial comment.’ I was not.”

    On Friday morning, Santorum filled in as a guest host on the Bill Bennett radio show. “If there is a discussion to have, it’s the issue of race and abortion,” Santorum said on the program. Activists from the anti-abortion movement went on the air to congratulate Santorum for framing abortion as a civil rights issue.

    When news outlets described his comments as a “gaffe” with headlines blaring “Santorum plays race card against Obama,” conservative bloggers called that “intellectual smugness.”

    “The analogy between the slavery debate in the 19th century and the abortion debate in modern times is a solid one,” wrote Curt Levey on the website

    Who’s to blame for the overheated rhetoric, the politicians or the media that give them airtime?

    “The news media have some responsibility not to reward those who break the bounds of civility by awarding them lots of airtime,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “When Cohen’s asinine remarks are reported, it ought to be put in the context of the (health care) debate — that is, 99% of the House members behaved well.”

    Sabato argues the quality of political discourse has improved after Tuscon.

    But check the blogs. On the website,, a blogger questioned whether the still-recovering congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, should give up her seat less than two weeks after being shot in the head. Giffords is beginning the next stage of her rehabilitation Friday in Houston.

    In the article “Who Controls Rep. Giffords’ Seat — Her or the People of Arizona?” John S. Wilson suggests the congresswoman is too incapacitated to fulfill her duties in Congress.

    “Should constituents allow members to hold onto their seats like political Brett Favres with no concept of when it is time to go?” Wilson asks. The article gained attention after being posted on the website of former Bush speechwriter David Frum,

    Perhaps next week will be different. Late this week, a growing number of Republican and Democratic members of Congress have stepped forward to say they will sit together rather than on opposite sides of the aisle during next week’s State of the Union address.

    Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana plans to sit with her GOP colleague from Maine, Sen. Olympia Snowe. “Although Olympia and I are members of different political parties, we are first and foremost Americans,” Landrieu said in a statement.

    Others in Congress appear suspicious of the calls for civility.

    Rep. Paul Broun, R-Georgia, blasted the idea of a bipartisan seating arrangement at the State of the Union as a Democratic “trap.”

    “They don’t want civility; they want silence from the Republicans,” Broun said on conservative talk-show host Scott Hennen’s program.

    “And sitting together being kissy-kissy is just another way to try to silence Republicans and also to show, to keep the American people from seeing how few of them that there are in the U.S. House now, and when people stand up to what the Democrats are doing when Barack Obama spews his venom,” he continued, “then if they’re scattered throughout the Republicans, it won’t be as noticeable if the Republicans sit apart.”

    Tell that to Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who will sit with Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. Other “state-mates,” as they are being called, include Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minnesota, and Pete Sessions, R-Texas.

    The pairings make for some political odd couples. But perhaps they offer hope for the kind of government that’s worthy of our 9-year-olds.

  89. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my thoughts about it too.

    I can’t believe he actually went back though.

  90. I think, out in the real world, the frustrati on the left have very little presence. I see a great many people regularly, from the far left to even a few on the far right, from prominent people within the state Democratic Party to rabblerousers on the fringes, and virtually none of them pay any attention to the ideological blatherings in the blogosphere. If they weren’t mentioned here, I wouldn’t even know they exist any more. Admittedly, the “leftist” pundits can be annoying, but that’s why one has a remote handy at all times.

  91. I agree with Saint Roscoe. The framing has alot to do with the perception of the masses. For example, if the MSM had framed its coverage as the “GOP refuses to help America in a time of deep recession (a recession causes by GOP policies)” then the public at large would have, IMO, rightly punished the GOP during the midterms. Unchallenged talk of “government takeovers of healthcare” and “death panels” did alot to paint Dems in an unfavorable light. What I am saying is this, I don’t give McConnell alot of credit. He had alot of help from the MSM. If we had a fair and impartial MSM the con job the GOP pulled off would have been impossible. In short, propaganda works.

  92. Santorum is going to give Palin her needed excuse not to run. Fooey. He’s already staffing up in Iowa and NH, and Palin will be able to say “I See Rick Santorum is running, and we agree on so many issues that we could split the vote and allow some moderate RINO to win, so for the good of the country I’ll not run for President of the United States”.

    OTOH, Santorum is a culture warrior and I don’t think that is a winning tactic for the GOP. With Santorum running in the GOP primary, he’ll help steer the debate towards the social issues – anti-abortion in all circumstances, anti-gay in all circumstances etc and other candidates will have to follow him there.

    Or he could just Huck look sane by comparision.

  93. I’m not medical, but the stats are not in her favor. A very small percentage can go back to their pre-injury professions. Most will be able to resume their lives, but with a great deal of mofification (“the NEW reality”)Some must live with assistance in facilities. But the patients I work with who cannot live at home, need respiratory support. She apparently (yay) is beyond that.

    Dignity is in the eye of the beholder, and she recognizes her loved ones.

    My “thesis” was TBI, and from what I understand she was incredibly fortunate with the path the bullet took. BUT, again, I’m not medical, my research was a million years ago, and I only have the info the press releases.

  94. FLOTUS on oprah next thrusday. Also, POTUS to take questions via twitter, by you tube video…

    So, Get your questions in now, before january 25th cutoff date!

  95. Yes, it looks like they’re rolling out the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. Tuesday should be VERY interesting.

  96. True Faith. The frustrati and the Tea Party are very similar in that they both think they represent more of the country than they really do. The frustrati refuse to face the fact that for Democrats to have a majority the Dem Party must be a big tent party. Part of that big tent must include blue dog democrats. A Speaker Pelosi is not possible without blue dogs in the caucus. They seem to live in a fantasy world.

  97. I will not go back ever. My friend, if there is ever an effort here, or anywhere in the blogosphere for reclamation, count me out. I’d give up ALL blogging first and stick to working campaigns. I know you feel the same way.

    For about three weeks before the election, the Mouths laid off as well. I believe that was the Blade of Meteor in action. Some of the Kos Cheerleader types were all Kumbaya. But it was a sham and ultimately, meant squat.

  98. I forget if Lawrence O’Donnell was debating a frustratus or just making a statement, but he said the same thing some while ago — with the kicker that “I know what I’m talking about since I actually worked on Congressional staff”. If we had proportional representation like most parliamentary democracies, then we could have pure as the driven snow parties. We don’t. Our parties, if they’re to have success, must be coalitions. And I think that’s what’s going to win it for us in the end; the Democratic Party is still a big-tent party, even after the debacle of November. The GOP has, I believe, finished its evolution — or devolution — into a “pure” party along the European model. No dissent is brooked in the party. It must be the party line, or you get primaried from the right. I truly do wonder how long the Maine twins will stick with the GOP. Surely they see that primaries are in their future.

  99. Economic Policy – ie debt/deficit reduction and education/research and development/being competitive future global economy could be what I’m reading.

  100. I totally agree, and to be blunt, am not surprised *at all* that they turned on a dime, and for expediency’s sake, now view photographic diaries positively. Fingers to the wind expedience, no more, no less. I knew that this would happen months ago; my only wrong prediction was that the loudest detractors would themselves host the photo diaries, for attention lol.

    But I’d much rather continue to build stable spaces than waste time worrying about what people who aren’t trustworthy think, say, or feel. There’s nothing to “reclaim” and no need to try to obtain editorial influence over someone else’s media business, or be obsessed with ensuring that someone else’s media business has a credibility which is not deserved.

  101. Randall F-ing Terry??? Oh my…what a test for Hampsher. HER head will explode!

    Great comment, n!

  102. I don’t desire reclamation, either. They burned their bridges. I’m just incredibly insulted that they think the only reason we left was because there weren’t enough “pretty pictures”. And then doubly insulted for them thinking that bringing back the pretty pictures would lure us back. I left because reading that site was putting me in a funk for the entire day. Are things really this bad? Are we doomed? One can’t make it through the day on a constant diet of bitterness and recrimination. That’s all they offer. Thank you, but no. I’ll make my home online in places where we can debate policy, but also acknowledge the good that’s been done, while knowing there’s much more to accomplish.

  103. I think we’re trapped at the bottom because BWD moved these two posts when she was cleaning things up.

  104. Wonderful suggestions – I look forward to your contributions, WIW.

    My carpal’s gone mad – best get off.

    Great discussion! We sure as hell have no need for past blogs 🙂

    Thank you, BWD for the umpteenth time!

  105. Agreed! I feel so much better talking about things instead of being labeled when someone don’t agreed. This is my home and I love being here with all you guys.

  106. Hi!
    Yes, the BS meter always has to be tuned up. And yes, there are lots of self-inflicted wounds over there on orange; more now than a year or two ago. The diary by an apparent white racist is one of the most egregious examples.

    But there are intelligent, persuasive people there who sometimes differ with my opinions, and I think that is valuable–at least to me. It’s not just opinion stuff either: good science, good history, and so on are regular features.

    Plus, I frequently get information I would not get elsewhere, or get it earlier; the Glenn Beck “shoot them in the head’ quote is one example.

    And some diaries have nice pics, too.

    Well. I have violated policy here by talking up orange. I apologize. It will not happen again. I’ll enjoy BWD and all the nice people here, and will mind my manners.


  107. Has anybody heard from marabout since she set out moving from Orlando back home to NY? I understand she’ll need time to get settled, just want to hear she made the trip alright is all really.

  108. Key word: “use.” Sounds to me like a very two-faced exploitation of “bots” in order to provide credibility to vitriolic anti-POTUS partisans who, you’re right, would like to represent themselves as the Democratic base to the media in order to spread poison memes. This is just so disgraceful at this point, I truly don’t understand why people bother with it. And no, I personally do not consider myself in a bubble because I have chosen to live a blogging lifestyle which is free of these games, this phoniness, and pretension.

  109. Talking about how we feel and how at home we are here. compared to other sites will only make me shout louder about the civility here and the non civility there and other places. so sorry civility and content is what we need to message and making aware of the negativity where it comes from is needed.

  110. Wow, gn. I’m usually good at predictions, but you have me beat. I NEVER predicted this!

    Helluva discussion here today – TTYL, g.

  111. Ok, back to policy.

    TPM has a story up about an interview with Mike Huckabee. Here is the money quote:

    “What you will hears is the word ‘draconian’,” Huckabee said. “It will come from Democrats and middle of the road Republicans. But this boat needs to be rocked. One of the things I learned in government is necessity is the mother of invention. If you have to make cuts and you force the cuts, you will find ways to get the job done. Part of the answer to that is create incentives so the employees who are left get an award and benefit for getting the agency done.”

    “The implication’s pretty clear: If you cut domestic discretionary spending by $100 billion in a year, you bleed salaries or staff. Republicans generally don’t acknowledge that spending cuts cost jobs during periods of high unemployment. They either contend that spending cuts create jobs, or that the private sector fills the gap, or that public-sector jobs don’t count as jobs. Huckabee’s silent on that score, but at least seems aware that people will be laid off.”

    What I love is the part that Republicans think the private sector will sop up the job losses from the public sector, as if the main goal of the private sector is to create jobs. It isn’t. It’s to maximize profits. If it can do that with fewer workers — which is has been doing for many years now — that’s what it’ll do. The Tory-Lib Dem coalition in the UK believes the same thing, and is trying to get private employers there to promise to hire all the public employees that will be made redundant with their slashing of the budget.

    Now, I consider economics to be more of an art than a science, but it doesn’t take a degree to know that throwing public employees out of work does not mean that jobs will be waiting for them in the private sector. Most of the time they won’t. Democrats need to hammer this home. The only thing that kept us from the Second Great Depression was the stimulus. It does make you listen to conspiracy theories that the GOP wants things to get so bad that the electorate will just turn everything back over to them.

  112. I’m glad you’re doing well!

    Our old friend Norbrook has been posting “pootie” pics on his blog, LOL.

    I have no problem with the diary series, but I cannot support a space with their evident editorial slant. They also treat people pretty shabbily for “libs.”

    You were one of the nicest folks over there, Joe, and if you are content there, I’m happy for you. Glad to reconnect over here though 🙂


  113. I’m not trying to censor you tulips. or anyone.

    it’s just last time i was here (it’s been awhile) bwd had a note up asking us not to even give dkos any attention on her site.

    if thats changed, cool.

  114. Yes. Would you believe she wrote to ask how I was doing (medical problems)?!! I could not believe that.

    She and her dog reached NY safe and sound and are settling in. I believe she said she is now looking for work.

    She saw all our messages to her and was very moved. Special lady.

  115. I read that article this morning. I agree with it. But it look as if this year we will not be too concern about any bills getting votes in the senate, the repugs from the house will send nothing but BS bills to the senate. And with that what is this going to do to McConnell plans this year, the dems loosing the house takes this game out of McConnell’s hand.

  116. Not to mention the private sector loves high unemployment because they know there is hundreds of desperate people for each job, meaning they can demand more and more from their current workers because there is hundreds of people who would take a pay cut and work more unpaid hours just to have a job in this climate.

    Also the GOP want to keep the unemployment rate high so then they can bellyache and blame President Obama and the Dems for in in 2012.

    Mitch McConnell said his primary goal is to see President Obama defeated in 2012, that means if the GOP has to keep the economy in the toilet, well then so be it.

    They’re going to try and force him to slash spending by threatening tonot raise the debt ceiling. They believe they got President Obama to blink once, that he’ll do it again and again.

  117. I got your email. Your title was a jaw dropper 🙂 Ah my friend, I may not join you in your continuing quest to balance the scales, but YOU ROCK!

    Back to DC – has this been a proud week for we Obama supporters?!!! How did we get so lucky to have a First Couple like this. I find it mind boggling. They accomplish more in fifteen minutes than I do in ten years!

  118. I take it not much has changed over there, LOL? I occasionally follow TIMT’s links, if i’m on a computer that will allow it, but I cannot handle it. Nah, I should say, I don’t WANT to handle it…

    Nice to see you, Handsome 🙂

  119. I don’t know how to link to comments at wsy, but if you do a find for “turn on a dime” you’ll find this discussion from last December:

    I predict that they will turn on a dime. And that some of the people who mocked and scorned people like BWD will be featuring their own pictoral roundups and will seek to put this ugly period into the memory hole…

    It is what it is. And I’ll respect BWD’s and mally’s wise admonitions to simply turn the page and focus on more positive discussions. Happy Friday to you g and I hope that you’re doing well!

  120. I didn’t know he was run off. For a long time i thought he left because he was – gulp – disappointed be the president…

    So they treat him nicely? Good for him. I wouldn’t wish anyone to feel what i felt (That’s all the self pity from me today ;).

  121. Na, it’s okay. I just don’t want it to be *the* main issue here – but i understand the need to vent. That was not a pleasant experience over there.

  122. Its a good diary TIMT, and I will always go read your stuff- you deserve that, imo. However with that said, as you witnessed- the same ole goony goons were on my comments like white on rice in a fraction of a heartbeat.. and no doubt are still in there hoping I’m gonna sweat out a day long battle of wits with them… it took about 40 seconds for me to shake my head.. laugh out loud.. feel my heart thump faster.. my palms sweaty on my keyboard.. and say uh-uh.. no effing way am I gonna play this word mix nonsense that they juice up- purely for the sake of wearing a person out to the point of.. what exactly I do not know. Had to get that off my chest. 😉

    I honestly wish you’d start your own blog TIMT.. but as long as you choose to share your thoughts over there, I’ll still read them. But I really thoroughly detest being there, there is nothing but arguement for arguments sake- and of course to further the “I hate Obama-he ain’t American” BS.. he’s just like Bush”. I’m not even shocked by that place anymore. sickening.

  123. What!?!?!? You are quite lucky!!! When I finish studying for the bar I fully expect you to take me up there with you!!!

  124. I’ve been doing the same thing, going and reading articles themselves despite my reservations about the MSM in general. The fact is, it took the conventional media years to get to the sad state that it’s in, whereas many of the “liberal” websites have devolved to the same state in five years or less. It’s hard to take THEIR criticisms about the media slanting things when they are just as bad or even worse.

  125. Hey, everybody, dkos is over (for us) if we want it. Kurt Vonnegut said: “In America, high school never really ends.” Yes it does, if we choose to graduate. Why not move on to college and then the wide, wide world?

  126. Palin is putting out feelers in Iowa as well. I think she is going to run through Iowa at least. The lure of attention and money will be too much for her to sit out. If she isn’t in the running, she will get very little news coverage and few invites to speak over the next couple of years.

    On a side note, that primary is going to get ugly with Palin, Rick, Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich and possibly Bachmann.

  127. I always wonder whether these Republicans understand that union workers are voters. And I hope all of those union workers actually voted for a Democrat in November. Or at least, they plan to vote for one in 2012.

  128. Hey Donna D, aren’t you going to share so we can gloat vicariously with ‘insider’ info of the event? (Did I miss your report?)

  129. Hey askew, thank you- I always forget that. He (TIMT is a he 😉 always sends an email out when his diaries go up at dk.. so I read them there, comment to give him support.. and move on. From now on I’ll just go there and rec him.. and save my comments for posting at the peoples view. His diaries and CIK are the only times I go there now.. and today was just reinforcement of why I quit there back in November. I do not miss it 🙂

  130. OK, how do I say this delicately and respectfully?…The First Lady has some good junk in her trunk:) Seriously, she has a great figure and wears dresses especially well.

  131. I agree. LO is the first person to question the fringe left since they started dominating the MSNBC line up. Hopefully with KO’s departure, some sanity will returning to the network…Oh wait, they still have Ed Shultz. That’s OK, I think he’ll get canceled soon enough…his show is pretty bad.

  132. Love that. 🙂 Time to graduate or go back to educate to help other to graduate. Got to use this line next time. LOL

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