Two glorious days in January

Hi guys,

It was 50 years ago today, when a young, charismatic, inspiring and full of hope new president delivered his inaugural address to the world:

And it was two years ago today, that a young, charismatic, inspiring and full of hope new president delivered his inaugural address to the world:


That legendary date in 1961, and the legendary man who was sworn in in 2008, will meet tonight when president Obama delivers remarks at the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration (7pm EST).



The president will celebrate his two-year anniversary with yet another poll showing a serious bounce:

WSJ/NBC: President’s Ratings Climb To 53%



More from China’s state dinner last night:


143 thoughts on “Two glorious days in January

  1. It’s magic. I woke up this morning and, yes, pictures of the dinner. You are really a miracle worker, BWD. That red dress is something else and the look PBO is giving his wife in the last one makes me so jealous and happy at the same time.
    What a wonderful evening this must have been for all there.

  2. WOW! President Obama and First Lady Michelle are rocking their outfits!

    Go get em POTUS and FLOTUS you’re the best!
    Thank God that we have them at the helm and we are blessed as a nation.

    Now if we can remove and get rid of the Republican Party’s “stuck in the mud” ideas, attitudes and bowing to corporate greed, that got U.S. hurt in the first place, we will really be into faster recovery.

    WAKE UP AMERICA, The Republican Party is the one who destroyed the United States in the first place with their messed up policies, lies and greed and now they are trying to do it again.

  3. I have to say something else. The combination of the black swirls and the draping on that dress is the work of a genius. Anyone know who the designer is?

  4. Can you imagine President Obama sing to 1st Lady Michelle a Freddie Jackson song? “You are my lady”

  5. It was dwsigned by Alexander MQueen; the late British Designer, committed suicide last year.

    The Obamas are simply dazzling. What a First Family! They make us all proud.

  6. Good Morning Everyone.
    The pictures from last night’s State Dinner are just fantastic. The first couple are so beautiful, I am so glad you were able to post so many great pictures.

  7. My Lord, Michelle Obama is stunning.

    I wanted to share a little inauguration love with my BWD friends. Anne and I made it to the inauguration as well as the inauguration party and the Michigan Ball. Anne, of course, took hundreds of photos which she assembled into a simply amazing slideshow with music. You can view it here:

    The Inauguration of Barack Obama

    I HIGHLY commend your attention to it. Bring your tissues.

    Have a great day folks. A good time to reflect on what has been accomplished in two short years, in my opinion.

  8. E – as a fellow Michigander, you are a truly a good person to know. I never saw your wife’s piece on the other website….viewing it today makes me so happy and hopeful all over again. One thing…Michigan or State?

  9. She’s mine…er Pres Obama’s. Hands off, I saw her…er Pres Obama saw her first!!!!!

  10. BWD. You have outdone yourself with that video. Real talk

    The Chinese President has got to sharpen up a little. Lol. I know Pres Bush dissed the Country, but he has to have given a toast before!!! Lol

  11. Oh, and Michelle looks ridiculas. I guess one should be used to how good she looks by now but….. that woman is unreal. and did you see her last night in the black number…SICK!!!! Pres Obama, U DA MAN!!!!!!

  12. Absolutely stunning! Fabulous, amazing,superb!
    There simply aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe the both of them…their inner beauty and grace and strength radiates out like nothing I have seen in my lifetime.How lucky we are!I am so proud to see the both of them represent our country. BWD…you are quick! What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you.Did I say that dress was amazing? Diaphanous…I love that word…and perfectly accents those beautiful, beautiful arms she has! SHE makes that dress!

  13. I thought she would be wearing red!! Yes that’s right people – I called it on Monday! 🙂

    That’s just how detailed, thorough, and nuanced the First Lady is – thinking of the cultural and symbolic touches for hosting a State Dinner!

    Plus she looks fabulous!!! Sigh..if only I could be as stylish!!

  14. Too funny!!! hahahaha – thanks for morning laugh – to what’s going to be a tough day at work 🙂

  15. This anniversary of Kennedy’s inauguration of course invites comparison to President Obama’s. When Pres. Obama spoke, I was struck by how somber his speech was, really full of warnings about the tasks ahead. I don’t think many Americans realized what a deep hole we were in but he did.

    Another thing about Kennedy’s time vs. now – can you imagine what the “internets” would have said about Kennedy if it had existed at that time?? The collective memory is of an inspired generation ready to move mountains etc, and I don’t doubt that it was a more civil time, but there was plenty of ugliness out there already. Even more recently with Clinton, the blogs etc were just starting up. I can’t imagine how hideous it would have been at today’s level of communication. It was pretty much just newspapers, radio, TV at the time. So it’s a new era and we just have to keep defending and promoting our guy.

  16. Needless to say, the right wing heads will be exploding over this announcement today. But here is yet another reason to be proud of our magnificent First Lady Michelle Obama.

    Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart announce healthy food campaign

    First lady Michelle Obama will join Wal-Mart executives at a Southeast Washington community center Thursday morning to announce a campaign by the low-priced retail giant to offer healthier foods and push its suppliers to do the same.

  17. Good morning everybody…I heard about new nbc poll
    numbers for Pres.Obama so I caught some of Morning
    Joke…Arianna Huff’n’Puff was a guest and that
    look on her face while chuck todd gave details on
    poll results was priceless..She picked the wrong
    day to go on to bash POTUS…
    chuck explained that 55% of the people like the direction of the economy and they liked
    his “Style” & how he kept a level head…Huff’n’Paint couldn’t unpack her tired “The President doesn’t get it” meme…hehe..Guess the everyday blue collar people she rides the bus with home from work
    weren’t polled 🙂

  18. Of course it is, but for a lot of rural and lower income people it’s the source of their food purchases. They’ve agreed, thanks to Michelle’s efforts, to make their prepared food more nutritious and to feature healthy foods more prominently in their stores. We’ll never make them just go away, so they have to be co-opted into the campaign as much as possible.

  19. Heh! Yes, I find her overbearing at times. I also listened as Morning Joke shared his shock … SHOCK!, I tell you, that Representative Steve Cohen came out yesterday and not only denounced Republican lies about Health Care, but likened it to the Nazis’ lies, quoting Goebbels’ famous statement that the way to persuade people is to tell a big lie and to keep telling it over and over until people believe it. There was much sage nodding of heads and agreement that it was just “beyond the pale” and he should apologize. Then Joke asked if it isn’t Barack Obama’s obligation to take Cohen to task, to which Mika (the battered co-host) mumbled that she didn’t know, and Arianna self-importantly declared that it should probably be Nancy Pelosi.

    Then there was even more tongue-clucking, and Joke asked Pat Buchanan – yes, PAT BUCHANAN – whether Obama should address this issue. This is where Mika, if she had a brain and any guts, should have jumped in there and said, “Why are you asking Pat? Last week he declared that criticism of Sarah Palin’s violent rhetoric is like a lynching, right after OTHER right wing commentators stole “blood libel” and “pogrom” from their rightful owners and applied the language of genocide and oppression to a rich white woman who got that way by vilifying others.”

    Well, by the end of the discussion Obama had escaped the obligation to denounce a congress critter from his own party for his comments, but Pelosi was being told she’d better get that guy in line. There was some feeble mention of Bats**t Crazy Bachmann’s rhetoric yesterday, wherein she declared her purpose is the “repeal” of the current President and the current Senate, but their hearts weren’t in it. Double standard, anyone?

  20. Some people need to shop at stores with the best deals. They don’t have the luxury of doing otherwise. Many employees of these creepy stores depend on these jobs. If we boycotted Walmart and everything else GOS used to exhort us to do, it would negatively impact people with min wage jobs they need. Some take three busses to get to these jobs.

    Walmart is horrible, but it’s never as simple as Progressives say. Sorry, Roscoe, this was a constant complaint I had at GOS. Nothing personal.

  21. It’s all about how wal-mart gets those “best deals”, where they get their best deals from, how they treat their workers and how they’ll close any store that unionizes. It’s all about putting pressure on suppliers to bottom out their wages, cheapen their quality to the absolute bare minimum.

    They’re the epitome of what’s wrong – the almighty dollar wins out at any cost.

  22. I cant find any info about what time flotus will be making her announcement with walmart today. I search the white house site for her schedule…nothing.

    anybody have any info on this event?

  23. But here’s the big win. If Wal-Mart gets on point with seriously making an effort to go healthier then TRUST ME all the major suppliers and good manufacturing companies will fall in line.

    Most of the manufacturing companies usually fall in line with Wal-Mart’s directives. I know from experience, all the projects we undertook to comply with Wal-Mart’s directives.

  24. That is DISGUSTING!! Where are they in calling out the Republicans/GOP who are going on and on with their lies on the “Jobs Killing” stupidity that the GOP was ranting about yesterday??

    Why is it always onesided, that one side can go recklessly with pumping up fear and lies, but they jump all over the Democratic politician?

    Yet I agree, we have got to stop with the Nazi comparison. I’m thinking if we don’t rein it in, it just gives free permission to compare everything to Hitler, thereby watering down the heinous tragedy of what the Nazis really did to the Jews.

  25. I agree, overseasgranny. I wish I had an excuse to wear often the kind of clothing Michelle Obama wears, not that I would wear them as well or even vaguely be able to afford them.

  26. This is a constant dilemma in an extreme capitalist society, Saint Roscoe, and it extends to Wall Street, medical providers, etc. When the bottom line is profits, innovation and compassion fall by the wayside, but how do we disentangle all these institutions that have grown into the very heart of our culture like a cancer without casualties among the poor and middle class? I try to shop responsibly, but I am in an urban setting with lots of choices, and though I do not have a great deal of money, I am not poor and can usually choose small businesses over large. But many do not have these options, as g has stated above. Any ideas as to how to break the deadlock corporations have on our culture without hurting the poor and middle class would be much appreciated.

  27. She had some trouble on O’Donnell’s show last night also. How has it come to be that any old person can come out of the woodwork and set herself or himself up as an expert with no experience in the field which she or he is discussing and with precious little knowledge?

  28. Good morning bwd family~ Michelle is the perfect First Lady imo. thank you for the video of the state dinner… I really enjoyed listening to President Hu’s speech. I’m so proud of our President and all of the things he is doing to make America better not just for us here and now.. but for future generations.

  29. I used to shop at Wal-mart, but haven’t done so in quite a few years.

    One day, because nothing else was on tv, I watched “The High Cost of Low Prices”, and that was it for me. No more Wal-mart.

  30. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but live feed on white of Michelle & Bo greeting visitors on the public tour in the Blue Room. Must see TV!

  31. I have been watching FLOTUS and Bo greeting tour people in the Blue room on for the last 40 minutes and have just been entranced. Bo is also having a great time.

  32. Over 100+, from the five families in NY, New Jersey’s DeCavalcante family and a New England family – a lot of the leadership as well, over two dozen “made” men.

  33. That was so much fun watching the surprise at the WH and seeing the look on people’s faces when they realized they were about to meet Mrs. Obama – from shock to absolute joy. The young lads were the best. One young man must have slicked his hair down 6 times, and they were all doing shirt adjustments – not that they wanted to look good for her or anything.

  34. Chris Murphy has announced he will run for the Lieberman Senate seat. He is the second to join the race, but is considered the big name “get”. He is from a relatively conservative district in Connecticut – I believe the only district McMahon won from Blumenthal. One would have to believe that some who voted McMahon in that district would vote their congressman over her in 2012.

    Lieberman says it’s too soon as to whether or not he’ll endorse President Obama for re-election in 2012.

    In other 2012 news, Rick Santorum is staffing up in Iowa and New Hampshire, and Sarah Palin has feelers out in Iowa.

  35. When negativity becomes a way of life, it doesn’t matter what side you are on. As always, great work, blackwaterdog. You are so thorough that it is difficult to find anything new to say in the comments.

  36. The press/media need to stop with their new found civility. They are full of it. They have no intention of seriously addressing the issue because they would be out of a job if the rhetoric became more mature and honest. What would they talk about? actual current events that affect their viewers/readers? HA!!

  37. This is pretty interesting. Over the weekend I watched a movie from the 80’s about RFK, Jimmy Hoffa and the mob.

  38. Lieberman.. not sure if he’ll endorse President Obama for reelection?… and yet just yesterday his good pal John McCain was ‘advising’ President Obama via that ‘liberal’ rag the Huff Puff post to appoint Lieberman as Defense Secretary. What a pair that Lieberman and McCain.. their arrogance is only superceded by their jealousy of President Obama.

    Heh to Palin, I rather hope she does run- its time she was shown just how repugnant and unwanted she is by the majority of folks in this country. And their is indeed a part of me at least that would enjoy President Obama ‘debating’ with her addled brain. Yet that would be completely unfair to him.. and beneath him to have to debate such a knucklehead racist.

  39. With all due respect to Al Franken and his objections to Comcast getting NBC…did he even read this?

    I spoke with Jan Wise from the FCC and she says that to know exactly how this will all be implemented, we have to wait until later today when the order is published on their site

    Sorry, but looking at this thing, I’m thinking Comcast has offered to do a lot of stuff that will help a lot of people.

    “Franken echoed existing criticisms of Comcast’s merger with NBC Universal, a deal that he claims will further tighten “corporate control” over content. Citing unnamed sources, he suggests Comcast is already preparing to pull the plug on NBC Universal’s deal with Netflix.” from

    ‘unnamed sources’? Isn’t this what people have been saying the left loves to do? I don’t know, I’m getting very mistrustful of the ‘left’.

  40. Thank you for the pictures of our beautiful First Lady and much loved President. I became politically aware when Kennedy ran for office. I was in the 8th grade and I can tell you there was just as much controversy for him. President Kennedy was Catholic and the right was saying that the Pope would be running the government. And yes, they called him the Antichrist. The announcer said he had won by an average of 1 vote per precinct. He was shaking things up and making changes and there was a lot of resistance. He wanted civil rights legislation and that alone was an incredible change. Everyone talks about how effective LBJ was and it’s true, he was effective, but the assassination of President Kennedy shook this nation. Those that protested the progressive legislation could only go so far with it. People knew it was Kennedy’s legacy and they would only take so much — the middle of the country was behind it and vocal about it. That’s something LBJ had that President Obama didn’t — the vocal and public support. President Kennedy, LBJ and President Obama — all strong and amazing in their way. And for the person here who likes to be negative, yes, I know about LBJ and the Vietnam War — I was in college then. I am celebrating the good and there’s so much of that to appreciate.

  41. I’M Italian and I find this comment potentially offensive. Just what do you mean by it? My ITALIAN AMERICAN family in Massachusetts and New York suffered terribly at the hands of the Mafia. My uncle lost a restaurant/bar to them because he wouldn’t pay protection. BTW, I and I’m sure all my Italian American relations in Massachusetts and New York are jumping for joy at this news.

  42. Someone tell LIE-berman how shattered we all shall be if he doesn’t endorse Obama in the next election. He can stuff his endorsement for all I care.

  43. h/t apparently, Arianna Huffington plans to team up with the former owner of BET to create a black HuffinPuffin:
    NEW YORK – The Huffington Post and BET co-founder Sheila Johnson are launching a HuffPost section devoted to African-Americans.

    The section, “HuffPost GlobalBlack,” is expected to debut in early March. The Huffington Post is set to make an official announcement about the new platform Thursday.

    “We have the supreme irony of having the first African-American president, which is such a historic event and a milestone, while at the same time, conditions for African-Americans are deteriorating, in terms of unemployment, in terms of high school graduation, in terms of the number of African-American males in prisons,” Huffington says.

    Since when has Arianna Huffington ever gave a single solitary sliver of a damn about black people previous to the election of a black POTUS and the fauxgressive desire to separate that POTUS from a very loyal black base of support? Unbelievable.

  44. Good morning BWD family! It’s always a pleasure to come to this site and meet all the positive energy. Today is indeed a special day. I hope everyone in this community of friends feel inspired and hopeful no matter their current situation.

  45. Good times BWD good times.

    President Obama continues to show how he’s the only adult in the room.

  46. For the safety of others or the witness they may have and for law enforcment officers.

  47. Believe me it will not work BWD. Sheila johnson could have did this on her Own without Arianna,

  48. I don’t understand why Sheila Johnson is teaming up with Arianna Huffington then.. anyone who’s ever listened or read at Huff KNOWS that her only agenda is to discredit President Obama.. and that she is still All republican regardless of her claims to be Progressive.

    This really angers and disgusts me.

  49. I have a vowel at the end of my name as well. And it was a tongue in cheek comment, but considering over two dozen were made men, and it was directed at the five families in New York, DeCavalcante in Jersey (aka the Real Soprano’s) and the Rhode Island Patriarca Family this was a move against the Cosa Nostra.

  50. Thank you gn.. this is imo really disturbing news. I detest Huffington and her false ‘concern’, not to mention her fake ‘liberal’ blog. She is all republican imo.. and I just can’t understand why anyone would team up with her.. other than the likes of Grover Norquist.

  51. Give me a break. It’s not out of line. It’s actually true if you read the reports – as I said above it was a FBI operation targeting the Five Families in NY – Bonanno, Colombo, Lucchese, Gambino, Genovese, as well as the DeCavalcante Family in New Jersey, and Patriarca Family in Rhode Island. All Cosa Nostra/Mafia which means very Italian.

  52. Lord, that woman is gorgeous. Warm and regal at the same time.

    Of course she wore red — it’s considered very good luck by the Chinese.

  53. Catzmaw – Thanks for the recap of morning joke, so I didn’t have to watch it! Once in a while, I wonder what’s going on there … if they get it yet … but just can’t bear to tune in. So, thanks again! 🙂

  54. Just thanks.

    I may skip other’s posts that I like, but I catch yours.

    Bravo. These are some nice photos.

    It is trivial probably to think about dresses, but I think Michelle Obama is getting better at tuning her clothing to culture. This dress has an Eastern flavor, and the one in India, was very complimentary to the one worn by the wife of Prime Minister. Very tasteful. I liked the one she wore in India, because it did not seem to be calling out too much attention to it. It looked great on her.

  55. The news about Arriana Huffington teaming with Sheila Johnson is a horrible idea. Since when does Arriana give a shit about black people? I tell you it’s beyond disgusting. Can someone tell me what projects Sheila Johnson has initiated to help the black community? If I remember correctly, and please someone correct me if I’m wrong but I remember Rachel Maddow doing a segment where the same Sheila Johnson supported a GOP for governor and when that guy won the election, the first thing he did was to belittle the civil rights movement by enacting some stupid laws. Sheila Johnson spent millions of her money and effort campaigning for this GOP guy and was shocked when he showed his true colors immediately after the election.

  56. That is a great point. No President has had to deal with the 24 hour media spin like President Obama. When Kennedy was in office, television was not that expansive.

    I doubt that Kennedy’s scandals would have remained a secret.

    BWD, thanks for the video of the President’s speech. It is something I will never forget. It was indeed magic. It was a Camelot time for me.

  57. I wish you could have seen her Lawrence Odonnel last night. She was upset that President Obama approval was high. She talked against it and said it wouldnt last. I found humor in it , every time she goes after him she has to eat her words. which makes her envious of the President.

  58. Thanks again BWD for the superb coverage of the State dinner, the photos, the videos… everything. I love being a part of this positive Place you have created for folks who love our President and his beautiful First Lady!

  59. I think it will be just another section lost
    in the shuffle…Like Huffpost Chicago and
    New York…Yeah..I think she could have
    found some credible afro-bloggers to invest
    in…Hell..Just being here on BWD’s site I
    came across Jack & Jill Politics…That looks
    like a pretty creative team..Oh.. w.e.e see
    you looks like another good site.

  60. As far as I am concerned, Sheila Johnson is no friend to the black community. For years she and her husband did nothing but put garbage on BET. The trash on that network did nothing to uplift the community. Instead, imho the programming help to damage the community. She is fake. Isn’t she a republican also??

  61. Hey Ms Tulips~ I’ve only seen her once- in a video.. I don’t watch teevee, because I just get too bothered by all of the lies against the President.

    What is unfanthomable to me is how Ms Huffington, a Republican, has been allowed, invited and helped via the media to be the all knowing VOICE of the Left.. now with Ms. Johnson’s help- Ms. Huffington will become the VOICE of the Black community?? And we can bet that she will be helped continuously by the media.. and they’ll toss a Cornel West or a Tavis Smiley in here and there- all with the intent of undermining this President. There is no other reason for these two women to start that blog other than as a means to attempt to turn the tide of AA support of President Obama.

    Interesting isn’t it – how seperate but equal it all is… her nice little white blog.. and now her nice little black blog.

  62. This is so funny. Definitely worth a viewing. It took forever to load because I accidentally had it set to HD, so make sure that is not clicked.

    Who is Anthony Kelly, we should invite him to join the blog. Very cutting wit. Thanks sherijr

  63. I don’t know who he is.. one of my facebook connections posted it. I did go check out Anthony’s page, was going to friend him but his page said he could only be friended by folks that knew him.. I don’t usually ‘friend’ people. I agree, very witty, very SMART response to Palin syndrome.

  64. Exactly she is not in so good eyes of the community. She got a lot of ill vibes because of the negative programming on Bet. One thing about the AA community, if they feel as though you betrayed their loyality, they will abandond you with no regrets. Thats the problem here in chicago, with Carol Mosley Braun. She will not have the full support of the AA community. She was out saying that the AA commuinity was angry because bill Clinton stomped for Rahm. not true at all. A lot of AA was not going to vote for her any way.

  65. As I stated last evening today I got to see our First Lady for the first time live in person at an event here in DC.

    Please allow me a moment to gush and tell you all that the tv camera DOES NOT DO THIS WOMAN JUSTICE. Michelle Obama, our First Lady is stunningly beautiful in person. She is tall and fit and athletic and although much has been made about those fabulous toned arms of hers I didn’t always get the sense from the tv camera that she was as athletic in stature as she really is.

    She is a fabulous role model for this Let’s Move campaign and she believes in it passionately.

    She spoke today my employers community center THEARC announcing that Walmart, our countries largest retailer, will launch an initiative to provide its customers with healthier and more affordable food choices.

    They are starting to use local area farmers to provide affordable fresh fruits and veggies to their customers thereby keeping the prices low due to the decrease in transportation cost. They will also be finding ways to reduce sodium and sugar in juices, processed and other food items while maintaining the flavor that we have all grown to love (far too much).

    From the moment she begins to speak she pulls you in and makes you feel as if she is talking to you one on one. I have heard a few First Ladies give speeches on topics but they’ve always seemed to me to generally just be going through the motions. This is not the case when Mrs O speaks. It may have something to do with her charisma and let me tell you it spills out of her. She is engaging and extremely personable.

    A couple of people that were sitting behind me were jokingly saying “she made eye contact with me and the other person said no she made eye contact with me”. I smiled and thought to myself that is exactly how she made you feel. Just as if she was talking only to you. There is something genuinely special about her. It’s a connectedness that is unique to her.

    Mrs O believes in this Let’s Move program and by the time she finishes giving one of these speeches on the topic you’ll be believing in it as well.

    She gave great big hugs to all the girls from the Levin School that participates at THEARC and gave us, the audience, a wave goodbye as she left the stage.

    How fortunate we are to have this power couple grace our White House.

  66. I hope you’re right tigerfists- about her blog..being lost in the shuffle. I find it all very bothering, her bent toward hurting this President via lies/distortion etc.. seems determined to gain power. I can see folks buying her bunk- because too many already do. I hate that she is allowed to speak as a liberal/for liberals. hearing her newest venture- I believe she’ll now be invited to speak for AA’s- and apparently during this forum over the weekend she was doing just that.

  67. Agreed! When we lived in the rural deep South in the late 1990’s, a Walmart 35 miles from our house was about our only source for groceries and many other things.

    People don’t always have a lot of choices in some areas. What Michelle is doing is a good thing. Walmart will always be with us but they can be pressured to do better for their customers and their employees.

  68. Huffington is truly a vile human being. She is a fool if she thinks she can harm Pres. Obama’s standing within the African-American community. I think she thinks Tavis speaks for or represents the AA community and since Tavis hates Pres. Obama, Black people hate the President also. She needs to buy a clue.

  69. I agree wholeheartedly with our national good fortune with our President and First Lady. Thank you so much for your personal insight on her Donna, I was looking forward to reading about your firsthand experience.

  70. I like the idea of getting out of Washington and going back to Chicago. I think the President needs to focus on the midwest – Dems got blown out there in the mid-terms, and it’s safe to assume one of Romney, Daniels or Pawlenty will be on the GOP ticket, either the top or the bottom.

    I think holding the Convention in St. Louis is the way to go. Claire McCaskill will need all the help she can get, and the convention will bring Dem excitement to the area, and a lot of money. Not taking anything away from NC, as it would have it’s own strategic benefits as NC is a toss-up purple state as well. Both Mo and NC went solidly for GOP Senate candidates at the mid-terms, but NC doesn’t have a senate contest in 2012. However NC borders Virgina, which is another toss-up purple state and Jim Webb will need all the help he could get.

  71. Agreed! In some remote areas Walmart is the only major employer. I would say that our task is to show Walmart that better treatment of employees and better goods for their customers are more in line with their original charter and will be to their greater benefit than the corporate agenda they have now taken.

    Kudos to Michelle for taking on the ‘giant’ and standing for the people.

  72. You know there was News with Ed norton she took that off and i know a lot of people wrote in about that tiny and tonya show and about the videos i was one of them. TV one is starting to be a great channel.

  73. Wasn’t Shelia and her husband Robert Johnson huge Hillary Clinton supporters during the 2008 election? I remember Robert saying some crazy negative stuff about then Senator Obama in an attempt to derail his candidacy. Maybe the impetus for this collaboration is as simple as being sore losers. Never getting over being beat by the better man. Truly pathetic. It seems most if not all of the President’s most vocal critics have personal jealousy driving their actions.

  74. Also, noone says this, but a large amount of voters, did not vote in the midterms because POTUS was not on the ballot!
    True story!

  75. I despise that woman so much that I can’t really make a comment that wouldn’t be uncivil and probably censored by BWD.

    G, it’s really all about $$$ for all these people like her. They don’t give a dried fig about anything but their own fame and pocketbooks.

  76. My theory is that it is hard feeling stemming from Sen. Obama beating Sen. Clinton in the primaries. Shelia and Robert Johnson were huge Clinton supporters during the 2008 primaries. Robert went on record insinuating the Obama was a drug addict. When Hillary went on her race-baiting phase, Robert Johnson was her “beard” so to speak. Maybe the Johnsons never got over their candidate losing and want revenge. Sad, sad, sad.

  77. Jeesh! The new Boeing 787 dreamliner (that is having some problems) is so advanced it is made of the same material that the stealth f-111 is made of: carbon composite…
    Obviuosly, boeing does it for a different reason than stealth, they do it becasue it is stronger and lighter than titanium or aluminum!
    Pretty interesting! anyways…

  78. LOL, please trust that Arianna is not about to invest a penny in weeseeyou (maybe she’d boost JackandJillpolitics but absolutely not WSY). Why would she empower strong, consistent pro-POTUS voices who have a penchant for calling out fauxgressives in the netroots and political expedients in the soul patrol.

    As for BET and Ms. Johnson, Boondocks speaks for me!

  79. Thanks – brought back a lot of memories of the day (and night, and day) of the inauguration time. I don’t ever want to forget just how incredible that day was, even though I was watching the events from California – many thousands of miles away.

    I remember waking up at 3am, because I was so excited about the day, and seeing that there were already about a million people, standing in the dark, in the field, waiting for an event that was still several hours away. I was so impressed at the resolve of those who braved the cold and the crowds – but it was so worth it to support this man and his family and the road they were to travel. I didn’t sleep for about 36 hours…

  80. Donna, thanks so much for sharing that and I so agree. Sis and I totally fell in love with Michelle when she campaigned for our Prez and we got to shake her hand.

    She is even more beautiful and gracious in person than she appears in pictures.

  81. It seems that President/Chairman Hu really respects President Obama and his style, as well. That’s the impression I’m getting – he seems to be enjoying this visit. And it was very touching that he hugged Sasha in the rope line yesterday – a very human moment.

  82. Just saying; obviously Boondocks is satire and should be taken tongue in cheek, but there are going to be a lot of skeptical eyes and side eyes thrown Ms. Johnson’s way should this new “GlobalBlack” try to make the case that POTUS doesn’t help or hurts black people, considering how controversial the station she co-founded, BET, has become. I noticed just looking at her wiki page that she has her participation in the WNBA listed prominently, with her BET background listed waaaaaay down on the page, lol, which is funny, considering that BET is where she made her money. As far as I’m concerned, the best black media spaces have absolutely no connection with media empires like HuffPo or Jane Hamsher’s advertising network.

  83. Yup, the almighty dollar. I see nothing wrong with media people making a living, nothing at all, and don’t mind ads etc. in general. But some of these spaces are just so blatant in terms of a profit motive reigning supreme that it’s just ridiculous, the content is so over the top as to be near-unreadable!

  84. Given that she was instrumental in placing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Governor’s mansion here in California, I’d like her to address the positive impact her involvement in that had on the African American community in California. Maybe that will give us an idea of what her input will be with this new alliance she’s got. Sorry for the sarcasm, but this woman is working against the President for the almighty dollar, and I don’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth.

  85. We will not and should not allow her to. I smell Tavis Smiley all over this, too.

    I stopped going to HuffPost for as long as I can remember, but if that is what will make me go back to let her hear me, then it will.

    But given the fact that they have a tendency to censor people’s comments that they don’t like, my comments won’t probably see the light of day.

    Last night my husband, a very quiet man was so incensed with her. He was in the bedroom watching the Last Word. I walked in the room and he was talking to the TV, What? I asked.

    He proceeded to tell me how negative she was upon hearing about the president’s approval ratings. He said she did everything she could to turn it into a negative. I never listen to or watch her on my TV, never.

    That woman is all about lining her own pockets. She is a Republican. I wish people will stop referring to her as part of the left.

    I know the president wants us to be civil to each other, but I cannot stand that woman, not one iota.

  86. Sheri, my sentiments exactly. She is NOT anything close to a liberal, left leaning or any such thing.

    I think what this deserves is a good push back from us.

  87. This is so fun. I am corny enough to feel special because I was able to read Donna’s story. The FLOTUS vibe has rubbed off onto us all.

    Thanks Donna, I feel like we have been having a slumber party and you just told us all about how you got to meet “the Beach Boys”.(dating myself here)(fill in the name of your favorite band).

    Maybe its the background image, but I always feel cozy here. This place has a warmth, sense of joy, and optimism you just don’t get from other blogs. Thanks BWD :->

  88. You have to remember that Sheila Johnson endorsed and campaigned for the REPUBLICAN candidate for Virginia’s governorship in the last election, and was even caught making fun of Democrat nominee’s speech impediment.

  89. What? Just because my mother and grandparents had vowels at the end of their names they should be in on the “humor” of having people who happen to share their national heritage being arrested as chronic, brutal criminals who leach and feed upon innocent, honest people? My grandmother was so appalled and ashamed that people who shared her nationality, especially her southern Italian heritage, were bottom feeders and brutes that she wouldn’t even permit mention of the movie The Godfather in her home. My family had to deal with the constant insinuation that they must be criminals because they were Italian, and my grandparents, who had a very high moral code, were personally humiliated. That they were also victims of these criminals only made it hurt more.

  90. They’re actually divorced now, but yes, they founded BET. She’s remarried to an Arlington County judge. She owns the WNBA team, the Mystics. Lately she seems to be dipping into politics, but doesn’t seem to have a lot of knowledge about it. She’s been doing documentaries, some of which have done well at places like the Cannes Film Festival, but I think she’s seeking to be more influential, now. Her heart may be in the right place, but she’s had bad information on more than one occasion. She was utterly shocked when Bob McDonnell made a comment to the effect that slavery wasn’t important to a discussion of the annual declaration of Confederate Heritage Day in Virginia. McDonnell took it back and tried to compensate by honoring Dr. King, but speaking of whether someone’s heart is in something …

  91. Let me guess, you wrote daily letters in an attempt to get The Soprano’s taken off television?

    Gambino, Bonnano, Colombo, Genovese, Lucchese, DeCavalcante and Patriarca Families were targeted in this action. They’re all Cosa Nostra, meaning they’re all Italian, with the made men being full-blooded Italian. So if you are somehow connected to any of these families then you should have been nervous, if you don’t then there wouldn’t be any need. In order to be really connected to these families you would have to be Italian.

    I don’t get where the “OMG this is so beyond the pale, I’m terribly insulted” issue is coming from. Unless you’re looking to be insulted. I didn’t say “Every Italian should be nervous because you’re all mobbed up”, the facts of the case is the Cosa Nostra was targeted, they’re all Italian.

    Just because all Cosa Nostra are Italian doesn’t mean all Italians are Cosa Nostra. But when there is a FBI raid on the five families in NY, those arrested are going to be predominently Italians.

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