Wednesday morning mishmash (updated)

Hi guys,

1. Please go over to OFA, see if you can help in the fight against the stupid–waste-of-time attempt to repeal HCR.

2. Big China day today. Press Conference at 1pm (EST) and State Dinner in the evening. Michelle’s dress will be fabulous…


3. Don’t you hate it when a president insist on keeping promises?

Hospital Visitation Regulations Go Into Effect

“There are few moments in our lives that call for greater compassion and companionship than when a loved one is admitted to the hospital.  In these hours of need and moments of pain and anxiety, all of us would hope to have a hand to hold, a shoulder on which to lean – a loved one to be there for us, as we would be there for them.”

With those words on April 15, 2010 President Obama directed HHS Secretary Sebelius to initiate rulemaking to ensure that hospitals that participate in Medicare and Medicaid respect the rights of patients to designate visitors.  The President further advised that the rule should ensure that participating hospitals may not deny visitation privileges based on factors including sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Today the new Hospital VisitationRegulations go into effect. 


4. Oy vey:

Poll: Majority of voters say economy is improving, and giving credit  to PBO


5. The president will visit Manitowoc, Wisconsin, next week, a day after the SOTU. He’ll also speak to House Democrats in their retreat this weekend.


6. Look what this anti-business administration has done (Thank you, Nah):

The Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department did something remarkable on Tuesday: They came up with a set of conditions on a major business deal — Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal — that leading consumer advocates and company executives both like.

// more


7. I’ve been meaning to mention this so many times, and somehow it always slipped, but if you haven’t seen National Geographic AWESOME movie about the AWESOME Pete Souza – Run, don’t walk, to watch it.



63 thoughts on “Wednesday morning mishmash (updated)

  1. I just want to emphasize how important it is for folks to contact their members of Congress to urge them to vote against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, a bill the Democrats are calling the “The Patients’ Rights Repeal Act”.

    You can get details and some helpful info (along with my personal experience doing so) at my blog:

    Call your member of Congress NOW! Protect our Progress!

    Thanks. These calls need to happen TODAY!!!

  2. Breaking(MSM ignores this):

    During Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit, President Obama will seal a deal to jointly finance a nuclear security center in China, the White House announced.

    Top administration officials told the AP that an agreement will be signed by U.S. and Chinese energy officials this week.

    The project will aim to train and improve security at nuclear facilities and account for nuclear materials, the officials said. The center will be open to other Asian countries in the hopes of improving China’s influence on nuclear security in the area.

    Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who hosted a dinner with the former director of China’s National Energy Administration on Tuesday, said he welcomed the cooperation.

    “I really believe in my heart of hearts that the opportunity for economic gain, the opportunity to solve the problem that confronts the world, can be solved fastest and bestest by these two countries sharing as much as possible,” Chu said. “It can create great, great wealth for both these countries.”


  3. That Q-polling isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – President Obama needs to give 5+ minutes in the SOTU to spell out the early benefits to HCR. The popularity or unpopularity of it will go a long way to the 2012 prospects for Democrats. He simply can’t let history be the judge 10-15-20 years from now. It was a tough vote for a lot of purple staters, and it’s unpopularity among white folks has to be concerning. As is the unpopularity amongst indies.

    The GOP is going to blame every rate increase on the reform – acting like rates were staying stagnant before.

    He really needs to spell it out, how the insurance coverage folks have now is much more secure – that there is no yearly or lifetime caps and no recission except in cases of outright fraud, and there should be less reason for fraud as one can no longer be banned for pre-existing conditions.

    Also the act gives folks much more freedom in their lives. Before if they were covered by their employer and during that time picked up a condition that was covered, if they lost their job and coverage or wanted to switch jobs they’d then have that condition classified as “pre-existing” under their new coverage and it wouldn’t be covered.

    Really got to sell the closing of the donut hole and free check-ups to seniors. They’re most effected by the GOP’s misinformation campaign.

    Also has to push the fact that kids 25 and under can now be on their parents plan to try and cover the time between leaving the nest, college and getting their first career opportunity.

  4. You will never get 40% of this HCR bill to be popular! Here is why? I have a couple of conservatives in my family(tea bagers) and they are upset that thier tax dollars go to poor people,they want to choose where their tax dollars go!
    They aso think that Minorities take advantage of the govt and that their tax dollars go towards them, and that they are able body persons.
    Again, this is what the vast majority of conservatives feel, and is why they do not look at any law as what it can do for themsleves…

    Just some insight to what they are thinking!

  5. I would like to choose where my tax dollars go also, and if I could, not a cent would go to the war machine. However, I well understand that consensus is not with me and that the most productive way to insure all my taxes go to peaceful channels is to work to change public opinion on these matters, which is neither quick nor easy.

  6. Question is where does Minority tax dollars go. It help pay their government benefits.

  7. I contacted my Republican Congressman Wolf — but he will still vote against the people in his district and for big business! Which is what I told him. I asked him how he could vote against rights for people (Patients Bill of Rights)!

  8. It is a combination of greed and bigotry. Greed in that they don’t want to pay any taxes, or a mandate. Greed in that “they” are getting something I am not. Bigotry against people with brown skin and people who are poor – those not worth helping.
    I have watched it here in Ireland where qualified doctors are trying to immigrate in from Africa [and we need qualified doctors!] but the government won’t allow them to work until the amnesty cases are settled. In the meantime, the government is supporting the doctors and their families until they can work. The general population gets livid -why should they get social welfare aid when “I” do not?, and they have brown skin as well!.
    Same thing and I do not know how to fight this except by speaking out often. Some people’s brains are just totally screwed up. Sigh.

  9. Amazing, isn’t it? These are the dog whistle politics perfected by Reagan and why progress in this country remains such a struggle!

  10. I wonder if President Hu has ever shaken the hands of regular folks in China. He seemed quite excited to be doing with POTUS 🙂

  11. Yes, he does shake hands in China, probably the first to do it. If you had been able to watch the aftermath of the earthquakes on CCTV, he was almost the first to be on hand in the devastated areas to comfort his citizens and does a lot of hand shaking.

  12. Hu Formally Welcomed to U.S. for Summit as Boeing Wins Contract

    January 19, 2011, 11:27 AM EST
    More From Businessweek

    By Roger Runningen and Michael Forsythe
    Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) — Chinese President Hu Jintao was formally welcomed to the White House for his first state visit to the U.S., which will include a rare press conference, a meeting with company executives, and a black-tie dinner.
    Minutes after the ceremony, the administration announced a package of export deals to China worth $45 billion, including a $19 billion purchase of 200 Boeing Co. aircraft to be delivered over three years, highlighting the summit’s focus on economic ties amid continued U.S. trade deficits with the Asian nation.
    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama greeted Hu on the South Lawn of the executive mansion. A color guard stood at attention as the two leaders met before Cabinet members, lawmakers and U.S. and foreign diplomats.
    Obama, 49, said in his remarks that the normalization of the U.S.-China relationship in 1979 brought increasing cooperation between the two nations.
    “With this visit, we can lay the foundation for the next 30 years,” Obama said. “We have an enormous stake in each other’s success.”
    Hu, 68, said the U.S. and China “share broad common interests.”
    “Our cooperation as partners should be based on mutual respect,” he said. “China and the United States share broad common interests and important common responsibilities.”
    Economic Focus
    The visit is focused on economic ties between the two countries, including more than $400 billion in annual trade, as well as differences over human rights, China’s enforcement of intellectual property rights and what U.S. officials say is the artificially low value of the yuan.
    Kenneth Lieberthal, Asia Director at the White House National Security Council under President Bill Clinton, said many tensions between the two countries have eased in the run- up to the summit, and the challenge will be to sustain those gains after Hu returns to China.
    The yuan reached a 17-year high today in Shanghai trading before the White House ceremony, rising to 6.5817 per dollar before closing little changed at 6.5824, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trade system. The U.S. and China have improved military ties and China has done more to press North Korea following two attacks last year which killed 50 South Koreans, Lieberthal said.
    “The summit is an action-forcing event,” Lieberthal, now director of the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said in an interview. “Now the issue between the presidents is to make sure they understand between the two of them where they want this to head now.”
    Human Rights
    Obama raised one of the contentious issues in his remarks, saying that “history shows that societies are more harmonious, nations are more successful, the world is more just when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all people are upheld, including the universal rights of every human being.” The ruling Communist Party uses the word “harmonious” in its campaigns to keep social order in China.
    Hu said both nations should respect each other’s “core interests.” One such issue for China is Taiwan, and U.S. arms sales to the island last year soured ties following Obama’s November 2009 summit with Hu in Beijing.
    After this morning’s welcome ceremony, Hu and Obama met in the Oval Office before a larger meeting between officials from the two countries in the Cabinet Room. Hu will then attend a lunch at the Department of State. Obama will host a formal state dinner in Hu’s honor at the White House this evening.
    Meeting With CEOs
    Later this afternoon, Chief Executive Officers Steve Ballmer of Microsoft Corp. and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. will be joined by General Electric Co. CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Jim McNerney of Boeing and 10 other U.S. business leaders brought together by the Obama administration for a session with Hu aimed at expanding U.S. business interests in China, the world’s second-largest economy.
    Of the $45 billion in export deals announced today, $25 billion is the result of trade missions in the past few weeks, spread over 70 contracts and 12 states. Other companies that have reached agreements include Caterpillar Inc., Cummins Inc., Westinghouse Electric Corp., Honeywell International Inc., Alcoa Inc. and GE.
    The deals announced today will help support an estimated 235,000 American jobs, the White House said.
    Executives Invited
    Also invited to the meeting were Westinghouse CEO Aris Candris; former Sybase Inc. chief executive John Chen; Coca- Cola Co. chief executive Muhtar Kent; DuPont Co. CEO Ellen J. Kullman; Greg Page, CEO of Cargill Inc.; John Thornton, chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc’s North American division; David Rubenstein, co-founder and managing director of Carlyle Group; Paul Otellini, Intel Corp. CEO; and Dow Chemical Co. CEO Andrew Liveris.
    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the session will highlight the “important economic relationship” between the two countries and the role U.S. exporters play in creating jobs.
    Chinese executives attending the meeting are Lu Guanqiu, chairman of Hangzhou-based Wanxiang Group Along; Lenovo Group Ltd. chairman Liu Chuanzhi; Lou Jiwei, chairman of the China Investment Corp.; and Haier Group Corp. chief executive Zhang Ruimin.
    “People in the U.S. welcome us,” Lu said in an interview. “We’re solving their employment problems.”

  13. Our President is spectacular!! No wonder we are the envy of the world. As far as the “rural whites” go. Their ignorance is passed around from person to person. Many of them do not or cannot read, are not on the internet, etc. The ministers also play a role in reinforcing their ignorance. We are still building our democracy from the ground up. It will take another two or three generations. But having President and Michelle Obama is a BIG start.

  14. Hey BWD,
    Why does the error message say : your email will not be published. required fields are marked. My name and email are already displayed. But my comment was published immediately.

  15. If it’s true that Boehner is going to have a private meeting with President Hu, then it won’t be hard to guess what the topic of conversation will be.
    Boehner: If you let us launder your money through the RNC so we can elect a Republican President, we’ll let you have all the mountain-top coal you want. And hey, we’ll throw in Boeing as a bonus.

  16. Wait, 48 repeal – 43 not for repeal? Why does the writer make that seem like a mandate? He doesn’t even include the margin of error. What I get from this poll is Americans are finally realizing that HCR is a good thing but a few still need to be informed, followed by that 23% of the population that will always say nay to anything this president proposes or does.

  17. That was delightful! Did you see where he hugged Sec. Clinton? PBO pulled out all the stops on the welcome ceremony giving Pres. Hu great face. I hope it makes up for the way GWB treated him.

    I have a much better appreciation of Pres. Hu and his problems after watching the Olympics and many of the documentaries shown on CCTV. He not only has over a billion people to deal with, but they are of many tribes. He has to bring them together to work together, and if trouble breaks out or there are not enough jobs, the government can fall quickly. Harmony within the “family” is stressed, the family being the whole population of the country.

    It has also made me understand better the whole issue about Tibet as the pass there is a danger for China and they want to protect it for security. This may offend some, but the Tibetan monks all but enslaved the general population and China has now brought them schools and hospitals, which the monks never gave them. I no longer think it is all that awful to have China in there helping. There are two sides to everything, aren’t there? The pass has carried tribes out of China over the centuries and into China.

  18. Happy Wednesday All~ Thanks for the mishmash BWD.. facebooked.

    Heres an email I received this morning from the DSCC.. asking us to sign a petition to Boehner and his healthcare repeal lovin’ pals.. so please hit the link and sign the petition (you don’t have to donate to the senate unless you want to):

    Dear Sheri,

    This is it: House Republicans vote today to repeal health care reform. What would that mean? You could once again be denied coverage due to “pre-existing conditions.” Your young adult children could be forced off the family insurance plan. We’d all be back at the mercy of insurance companies’ balance sheets.

    Not if Democrats can help it. Sign the petition. Tell Republicans: Hands off our health care reform!

    President Obama and Democrats took a huge step toward a stronger, healthier America with this law, but Republicans are trying to erase it from the books. If successful, they’ll use Tea Party momentum to try to win back the Senate, make President Obama a one-term president and reverse all the other progress we’ve made together. We’ve got to stop them – starting now. Stand with us in defense of progress.

    Click here to sign the petition. Send Republicans this message: We will not let you roll back progress!

    As the new executive director of the DSCC, it’s my job to fight for a Democratic Senate, and I need you fighting alongside me. Thanks for standing up to protect health care reform. It’s the right thing to do – and now’s the time to do it.


    Guy Cecil
    Executive Director, DSCC

  19. Thanks for the insight, OG. I am a Buddhist, Zen, not Tibetan, but having spent a year with a Tibetan Sangha, I know the ONE side. I never take any side of any issue as gospel.
    I am going to log onto my Buddhist site today to get another POV.

    BTW, my son was in Beijing a few years back. (brag coming: he was chosen to represent his college in an International Mock UN Program) He found it a fascinating country – excellent experience for him.

    A final comment. I’ve been thinking about Bush often since Tucson. Add this visit from Pres Hu to the long list of official duties that Bush would have mucked up. (back rub, President Hu?)

  20. And Sasha blending in so naturally with her classmates. My Lord, how spectacularly they are raising these girls!

    I’m just a Sub, but I’ve told my husband often how I would love an entire class of Sasha’s and Malia’s. All teachers would.

  21. Eclectablog, my Rep. is Republican “Taliban Dan” Burton and I called yesterday. The man who answered was very polite and I really appreciated that because they haven’t been before. I told him I had been without insurance for years and had health problems because of it, it’s terrible. He sincerely told me Dan has his own bill up — he wants to repeal health care already in place and replace it with his own version which is sadly lacking in so many ways.

    Yes, indeed call. They are in an echo chamber where they are only hearing their own voices and the reflection in the media. I think all the negative attention the left is giving it only reinforces their view that they are right.

    Civil calls letting them know ordinary citizens don’t buy into it helps them come into balance with reality.

  22. That is great news about Secretary Chu. I just love that man. He’s brilliant and has an open, optimistic way about him. He’s able to bring technical ideas to a very pragmatic and workable manifestation.

    He’s also Chinese-American. I don’t really know how much contact he had with that culture in his life, but it might be helpful for him in understanding China.

    This is exciting news!

  23. Saint Roscoe, I’ve noticed in your comments before that you tend to look at the negative side of things. And yes, that does exist. There are people who think that way and say those things. The inspiring thing about President Obama is that while he deals with reality and what is around him, he keeps his eye on the goal. And that’s why he accomplishes so much.

  24. This particular digging into crosstabs is well worth reading (and clicking on the Orange site).

    I’ve been thinking about this for the last few years since the tea party reared its ugly head. CW says that independents = moderates but I think that has shifted significantly since the tea party b.s.

    I highly recommend clicking and reading this examination of dKos’ poll innerds:

  25. Elections have consequences. So they won the right to play this game of theirs. Even though it’s nothing but political theater.

  26. 3. Don’t you hate it when a president insist on keeping promises?

    BLAM !

    [ Nail, meet Hammer ]

    Scepticism about an administration’s accomplishments vis-a-vis its campaign promises is rational – history tells us to be cautious about that.

    What makes you snark about it is that – after two years of governing by the Obama administration, too many people still don’t believe their lying eyes.

    And then irrationally whine about it.

  27. No, they don’t have the right to play games. They’re playing games with our lives, and they don’t have that right even though their egos tell them otherwise. What they do have is a choice – to play games or to do their job. It is not their right, it is their choice.

    imho, of course.

  28. Michelle Obama’s China Initiative
    January 19, 2011 1:56 PM

    Daniel Steinberger reports: While President Obama was meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintau, his wife Michelle Obama spoke to a mostly full auditorium at Howard University this morning. Citing the need to prepare young people to succeed in the modern global economy, Mrs. Obama encouraged students to study in China and work together with their Chinese peers.

    The First Lady spelled out the “100,000 Strong Initiative,” a plan that President unveiled during his 2009 visit to China. The program aims to increase significantly the number of Americans who have the opportunity to study in China. She also announced that 10,000 students will get Chinese government scholarships to study in China.

    The First Lady told the audience “when you study abroad you are actually helping to make America stronger” and that “America has no better ambassador to offer the world than our young people”
    She also quipped that when she was in college she was “more focused on getting in, getting thru, and getting out” than broadening her horizons and exploring the world and that this program was designed to spur passion and impact students’ lives.

    Following her remarks, four students, sitting at a panel table who had studied abroad in China, told the audience their experiences and how studying in China had influenced their lives.

    David Marzban, a student at Pepperdine University, studied abroad during the 2008-2009 academic semester. He told the audience that he was impressed with the fact that the Chinese people were so encouraging to him as he tried to learn the language. He related a story of singing “California Dreaming” with a Chinese man he met a restaurant there.

    Valery Lavigne, a student at the College of New Jersey, told the audience that because of her experience “I am not just an American citizen, I am a citizen of the world”.

  29. After the pool spray with President Hu Jintao in the Oval Office, a cameraman asked President Obama “If the Bears win, are you going to the Super Bowl?”

    “Oh we’re going,” responded the President, “no doubt.”

    On Sunday, the Chicago Bears will play the Green Bay Packers at Chicago’s Soldier Field for the NFC Championship.

    As a freshman senator in December 2006, with the political world wondering about his plans for 2008, Mr. Obama appeared in a mock-commercial during Monday Night Football in which he said, “I’m here tonight to answer some questions about a very important contest that’s been weighing on the minds of the American people. A contest about the future . . . a contest that will ultimately be decided in America’s heartland. Tonight, I’d like to put all the doubts to rest. I’d like to announce to my hometown of Chicago and all of America that I am ready” —- at this point he donned a Bears baseball cap — “for the Bears to go all the way, baby!”

    “Dun-Dun-Dun-DUNNNNNNNN,” he sang, attempting to mimic the four-note jingle for Monday Night Football.

  30. I noticed that too. Which gives lie to the “groupthink” accusation leveled at 🙂

    I find POTUS inspirational, in countering my own personal inclination toward pessimism.

  31. I love this, thank you for posting… this to me is what will make the entire world stronger, less inclined to war with one another- the more we connect, particularly in our youth, on the world stage.. the more we interact and see ourselves in one another- all the better.

    My nephew, graduated Princton with an engineering degree.. he went to work for a company in Thailand- the company pulled out after a year and by then having fallen in love with Thailand- he found a job teaching english to hs students studying for sats. Since then he has moved to Korea- been teaching in a girl’s school- again english to students wishing to come to America and attend university… and he married a year ago a beautiful young korean woman- who owns a business with her family. She and he came back to DC last year so he could continue his education at Johns Hopkins- in International studies. My point, of course is that the more we are exposed to one another’s humanity.. daily lives- the better are world is going to be. On another note, my eldest son attended Howard U- where the First Lady spoke today, a wonderful school, so glad she brought this message to the country and is establishing such an inspiring program.

  32. Signed, WIW, and added one of the many reasons we appreciate the Affordable Health Care Act — the closing of the notorious donut hole. My husband takes some expensive heart medication, including medication for atrial fibrillation. Around the middle of the year, we fall into the donut hole and it’s like falling into the Grand Canyon as far as our budget is concerned. How it must be for those less well off than we are I hate to imagine.

    I’m grateful for the medicine that makes his life more comfortable and himself able to work hard in our orchard and the cider-making he loves, extremely grateful, but it would help a lot if it weren’t so budget-killing.I’m certain I’m not alone.

  33. Smiling, I remember when I came out west with Alan in the early 1960s how surprised I was when I realized that many of the people I came across could not actually read. Or they could read, but with great difficulty and as a result depend on the TV.

    Of course depending on the TV for their political news and entertainment leads to a fairly narrow view of life and it shows.

    There are literacy groups, I worked with one when I was younger, and people who really want to read and are enthusiastic about working toward that end, appear for help. But not too many people join up. They either don’t want it known that they can’t read or don’t want to go to the trouble because they see no reason to bother.

  34. Signed this one, too, and gave my reasons why. Though I’m afraid I may be too late. When will they vote for this ridiculous repeal? It’s 1:20 here, so it’s most likely 3:20 in Washington.

  35. Lieberman is officially not running for re-election.

    If Murphy or Courtney the Dems should have a solid chance to keep the seat, even against McMahon’s millions. I think Linda would have had a better chance if Lieberman ran, making it a three way race.

    Lieberman’s next two years will be interesting to see.

    This is the third retirement – KBH in Texas, Conrad in N. Dakota and now Lieberman. A few more are rumored still. Luger OTOH has said he will seek re-election – which is a good thing because of his work on nuclear non-proliferation along with the President. Now they’ll never agree on anything domestically, but whichever Republican would have replaced Luger would be just as disagreeable on domestic issues and would probably “play games” on foreign policy issues.

  36. I live in the Chicago area, but am a transplant from Wisconsin. My son, though, is an avid Bear fan. I feel like I failed as a father. We have made a pact not to gloat, no matter who wins.

  37. I had a great time phone banking yesterday to get people to contact their local Congressperson to stop repealing the Affordable Health Care Act!

    For the most part people were very nice, and I had some quite long conversations with like minded folks on how ridiculous & wasteful it is of the Repblicans to repeal Health Care!

    I spoke with one person who used to be a Republican a long time ago, and voted for Reagan, but since became a democrat. He was a small business owner who didn’t think the healthcare law went far enough, but was glad to get some progress and was quite supportive of our President!! 🙂

  38. Black Church Leaders Call For Support of President Obama’s Health Care Reform
    Charles E. Blake, Sr.
    Nationwide (January 19, 2011) — Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. released the following statement:
    President Obama’s historic Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was passed by Congress last year, has greatly benefited many in the United States, and in particular those among us who have not previously had health insurance. As the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, one of the oldest and largest Holiness-Pentecostal denominations in the world, with an estimated membership of six million people in fifty-seven nations across the globe, I write in support of the law and urge Congress not to repeal the law or pass any amendments that will weaken it. I am joined in this position by our ruling council, our bishops and their Chairman. As I have argued before, based on our understanding of the Holy Scriptures it is not only our mandate to encourage men and women to come into right relationship with their Creator, but also to proclaim and advocate justice and compassion throughout all creation.

    “Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” — Proverbs 31:8-9 NKJV
    Therefore we petition Congress today, speaking on behalf of millions of Americans who have benefited from the health care law.
    There are several historic provisions that we seek to preserve: the current restriction on insurance companies’ ability to deny coverage to children on the basis of pre-existing health conditions, the extension of coverage to children under 26 through their parents’ health insurance plans, the mandate for every American to have health insurance by 2014, and the provision of subsidies for the needy to cover health insurance are among the most important.
    In this, the richest country in the world, thirty-two million Americans were without health insurance coverage prior to the passage of this law. Today the elderly benefit, as the law will close the “donut hole” in prescription drug benefits through Medicare by 2020. And the poor, who are of particular importance to us as Christians, benefit immediately from the expansion of Medicaid coverage to those within 133% of the poverty level and ultimately from the expansion of coverage to childless adults by 2014. Because of this law many will be spared untold hardship and unnecessary suffering due to ill health and death.
    It is of particular importance to us as Christians that the law does not require any health care plan to offer coverage for abortion, and requires that taxpayer funds not be used for fees related to the provision of abortions.
    As Christians is also critical for us to urge fiscal responsibility among our national leaders. For this reason we support the health care law as currently enacted which will reduce the national deficit by $143 billion over the first 10 years.
    We urge the members of Congress, and in particular the leadership, to resist the temptation to make this vitally important piece of legislation, which has such important benefits for needy Americans, the subject of divisive, partisan attacks. Finally, we call upon all Americans of faith and on all Americans of good will to stand with the President in support of this historic legislation.

    Robert Coleman
    Church of God In Christ, Inc.-PR
    (901) 235-2160

  39. Nellcote, when McCain becomes POTUS, he should make that appointment. So we can have some more wars maybe with: Czechoslovakia, USSR, Yugoslavia another countries that no longer exist

  40. I think it’s important to keep up the pressure because of the defunding that the Republicans want to do to the Affordable Care Act. Even though the repeal is a losing effort, they do hold the purse strings. People need to know that the enacted law is being held hostage by republicans, and that they will deny Americans their right to basic health care by refusing to fund the execution of the Act. When they withhold funds, we need to tell people what they’re being deprived of, in terms of benefits withheld.

  41. Good for you, my friend!
    Can you teach me to say “thank you” in Chinese? My son was in Beijing and learned a few expressions, ‘thank you’ among them, but I’ve forgotten.

  42. You probably don’t want to see the following headline:

    Morbid Curiosity

    A recent polls shows 62% of Americans say they don’t want to vote for Palin, but kinda have to just have to see what would happen.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to – its just today’s Onion.

  43. BWD,
    Thanks so much for the link to the Pete Souza documentary. It was so well done and so fun to know then great ending of the time period they primarily covered (HCR). It was also educational as I had no idea that the photographers were so different in their access- in particular the limited access that Pres. Nixon allowed to his. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  44. I always notice the diversity among the groups that attend events where PBO will be appearing. It makes my heart glad seeing the way that the president can bring different groups of people together for a common purpose. This is something I’ve waited for my whole life, and it is especially heartening for me because America wasn’t this way when I was a kid growing up under segregation. At that time, I probably would have been run off the WH lawn for trespassing. May God continue to bless us, our president, and the world.

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