$45 Billion. 235,000 jobs. Done.

Here’s the big announcement from today’s joint press conference of President Obama and President Hu:

Pegged to today’s official state visit at the White House, China will announce a series of commercial deals to purchase $45 billion in US exports, including a $19 billion purchase of 200 Boeing airplanes, a senior administration official said today.

The deal, the White House says, will support 235,000 jobs in the United States.

The investments by the Chinese is in a wide variety of export sectors – including agricultural products, computer products, telecommunication and internet equipment, autos and auto parts, engineering machinery, software, and industrial chemical products.

“It’s a significant set of contracts and projects for cooperation,” the official said, the White House calling it a “cross-border collaboration” to contribute to economic growth and development in both countries while emphasizing many clean energy and green technologies.

Most notably is that, as expected, and long being worked on, the Chinese government will announce that they will approve an airline contract for 200 Boeing aircraft over a three year period starting this year, worth $19 billion.

In addition to the export deals, there will be an announcement of a series of policy changes on China’s part.

This includes an agreement from China to “strengthen intellectual property right enforcement” – by performing and publishing audits showing how government agencies are purchasing legal software. The agreement also includes China aiming to eliminate discriminatory “indigenous innovation” which limits Beijing’s purchase of foreign products to those designed in China.


And here’s another amazing progress:

The number of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. last year grew 1.2%, or 136,000, the first increase since 1997!

U.S. manufacturing, viewed as a lost cause by many Americans, has begun creating more jobs than it eliminates for the first time in more than a decade.


Among others, major auto makers—both domestic and transplants—are hiring. Ford Motor Co. announced last week it planned to add 7,000 workers over the next two years.

The economists’ projections for this year—calling for a gain of about 2.5%, or 330,000 manufacturing jobs—won’t come close to making up for the nearly six million lost since 1997. But manufacturing should be at least a modest contributor to total U.S. employment in the next couple of years, these economists say.



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142 thoughts on “$45 Billion. 235,000 jobs. Done.

  1. Wonderful news about these Chinese purchases. While the president is creating jobs and building the economy, the House Republicans are looking to cripple progress with a return to a regressive health care situation that harms millions of people and will act as a lead weight on economic growth. How can people miss this stark contrast? One builds, the other destroys.

    And, my goodness, what a million (make that billion) dollar smile our president has. Sasha is adorable.

  2. This summary of the deal sounds like a good forward step to me. The President and his staff continue to govern, even while the opposition continues to try and tear apart the progress. Sure hope they do not succeed.

  3. That’s fantastic economic news, and all the work that President Obama has put in to build relationships with Chins is paying off!!

    Wow how stupid is Boehner for refusing to go to the State Dinner??? It’s such an honor to be asked, and he spits on it, like it was nothing. He had better be doing something more important like giving up a kidney to miss out on advancing a national agenda!!

  4. We are so thankful for the goodness in those who come to this wonderful site and share the wonderful comments, news, and for all of us to share our thoughts on what is positive about our nation.

    Yes, that smile lights up the day for so many of us. We are truly blessed to have an intelligent, positive, caring, courteous, and leader who listens as well as contribute his requests with world leaders. He is not a weak leader. I am so happy that he always goes on with his program and does not allow the negative people who we also sent to Washington to do a job for all Americans not show up. How disrespectful as far as we can ascertain. But we have a strong leader who does not depend on the unthoughtfulness of “littleness.” Thank you, Mr. President and Mr. Vice-President. We are so proud of you both.

  5. Indeed – while the President is working hards to create jobs at home by making deals overseas, Boehner’s working hard to destroy jobs at home by depriving Americans of health care benefits. What a contrast!

  6. “Wow how stupid is Boehner for refusing to go to the State Dinner??? It’s such an honor to be asked,”
    The 21st century Republicans.

  7. I’m such a “bot,” LOL! I never get tired of looking at photos from this WH. I had dreadful withdrawl, BWD, during that period when I was persona non grata on orange and you had not launched this blog. Truth 🙂

    My plan is to buy a copy of the Sousa PBS special, or download, rec it, whatever for my recovery period next month. If there are proceeds going to a good cause set up for sales of the DVD, I shall purchase.

    HRC is looking glorious these days, as though she has comppletely come unto her own. I’ve never been more proud of or pleased for her.

  8. Oh, I do hope I wake up tomorrow to a huge number of pictures from the State Dinner. That will make my day! Can you make that happen, BWD?

  9. What i find really encouraging – and quite surprising – is the media paying almost 100% attention to China’s day, while almost entirely ignoring that “repeal” nonsense.

  10. Isn’t that just unbelievable? Boehner’s staff explained his refusal to attend by saying he’s just not a state dinner kind of guy. Uh—that is so immature and classless and so missing the point. Boehner is out of his league, does not have the right stuff to be one of our country’s leaders. (shudder)
    Maybe that realization is why he’s crying all the time.
    Does anyone know if there will be coverage of the state dinner? I want to see what the Salahis are wearing. (just kidding)

  11. Dotster, wouldn’t you think protocol and etiquette and just plain politeness would have the Weeper of the House at a State dinner? After all he is supposed to be representing all the citizens of the country. Thinking about the 7 dwarfs, maybe he is both Weepy and Dopey.

  12. I agree with you about Hillary — I have not been crazy about her long hair, but she looks great in these photos. What an inspired choice she was by our wonderful President! When you think of what the two of them went through in the campaign, it is remarkable to see how they have moved beyond all that. Too bad not everyone in Washington can handle victory AND defeat as gracefully…

  13. And can you please get a doggie bag for me, too:

    More than 200 guests will dine on a main course of dry-aged rib eye steak with buttermilk crisp onions, double stuffed potatoes and creamed spinach.

    There’s a first course of pear salad and a second course of poached Maine lobster with orange-glazed carrots and black trumpet mushrooms.


  14. Just heard Tweety open Hardball with the new NBC/WSJ poll, said there is a 15 point swing in Obama’s favor from last month, from 3 down to 12 up in approval. I think they had his approval at 53 now.

  15. If you managed to actually watch the video (which is highly formal) to around minute 9:10, you’ll see why the additional photographs of Sasha are necessary: In the video Daddy with his right arm obscures the intimacy between his younger daughter and President Hu.

    Now, please, could someone explain to me the role of the red-coats in this ?

  16. I noticed that also.I got from the press conference that China is breaking and seems willing to work to fix things, in trade and human rights.

  17. If you watch the video, it’s even more clear – the first time President Hu smiles is when he hugs SoS Hillary Clinton.

    I always felt a bit unsure when she brought up “experience” as her trump card w.r.t. Sen. Obama, but I must say her performance as SoS is incredible – to the point I’m now questioning whether in 1992 perhaps the wrong Clinton was raised to the purple.

  18. overseasgranny I keep forgetting you are in Ireland. Wow what a honor to bet blogging with you.

  19. Cork University has discovered a bacteria in ones intestines and when they track the little bugs they discovered that they are placing fat in different parts of your body. There is hope yet for they are on the trail of targeting just this bacteria and killing it off.

  20. I am so shallow. In the middle of this great post about significant national and world events, all I can concentrate on is the President’s great smile. (I’m old enough to be his mother, and I feel the same way when my own son walks in the room! As my grandmother used to say, Smile and the world smiles with you!)

  21. Sounds great. Better than what I just saw. I was checking an Arizona news website, getting the latest on Gabby Giffords’ condition (she’s moving to a rehab facility in Houston on Friday), and then I see this story: “Tucson restaurant to serve African lion tacos”. What? How can this be? Huge Sigh!

  22. They just can’t mean real lion meat. That would be disgusting. I thought all lions were now protected?

  23. I must admit – being around Secretary Clinton’s age – that I worry when women our age start with the long hair. It’s not good to get to the Ginger Rogers stage (for those who would recall what I mean by that!). But on her it looks fabulous. And she does seem to have a softer look, a glow about her – I think things must be right in her job and personal life for her to look so relaxed and happy, doing such tough work!

  24. Funny. I read upthread and noticed a couple of others commented on that smile! Now I don’t feel so singularly … er … shallow!

  25. I stumbled on the Early Show this morning (CBS) with Erica (she used to be on AndersonCooper 360) interviewing SOS Clinton. Erica asked her about another Presidential run and she said absolutely not. She then asked about replacing Secretary of Defense Gates when he steps down and she said that she loved what she is doing and is working very hard trying to convince Secretary Gates to stay in his post longer. She said her days of running for office are over.

  26. I didn’t know about the decision of Speaker Boehner to decline an invitation to the state dinner. My first thought was that it will seem a great insult to the Chinese leader by their people. Why create such a drama? I guess the total non-cooperation stance the Republican leadership is taking now extends to refusing all invitations.

  27. The lobster part…well I could be one of Pavlov’s dogs…

    I am so impressed at your OFA and community service work, amiga! I’ll write back to your e this week. We’ve beeen iced in, but tomorrow I go back to work.

    Ah, speaking of food. This actually began before FLOTUS’s efforts, but dovetails well. Our town is trying to raise awareness of healthier eating choices for students. We’ve had local celebrity chefs cook in the caf!

  28. I read somewhere that Boehner is afraid he won’t be able to control himself at these important functions due to alcohol being served. We can see he can’t control his emotions and I have to wonder when he’s crying all the time isn’t it due to alcohol consumption.

    Maybe the guy can’t get though a day with his alcohol and when he’s put under presser he consumes more than usual therefore leading to lack of emotional control.

  29. Can someone help me with this? I read the below point from the FCC/Comcast link BWD provided for us. What do they mean by this? In three years we’ll have to buy television signal to get internet even if we don’t want it? That can’t be right. I must be misunderstanding.

    •Broadband. For the next three years Comcast must continue to offer high-speed Internet as a stand-alone service. That service has to transmit content at speeds of at least 6 megabits per second and initially can’t cost more than $49.95 a month.

  30. Anyone watch Harry’s Law last night? There was a great speech in it about legalizing drugs.

  31. It seems to me that since Boehner loves to talk about how “far” he’s come since his lowly upbringing in Ohio that attending a State Dinner with a Chinese president would be at the top of his list. It would be something else he could add to his accomplishments as he cries about how he has overcome all of the bad things in the early years of his life.

    I believe the real reason he turned down the AF 1 trip to AZ and is turning down the State Dinner is because he doesn’t want to be seen as being involved in anything having to do with our president. Plus, I don’t think he’s gotten over the dressing down he got from the president in last year’s televised HCR debate.

  32. Boehner can’t attack President Obama on the cost of the dinner if he is attending. Also he doesn’t want to have a photo snapped of him and any Democrat in a social setting.

  33. PBO’s approval is still at something like 80% outside the US. The world watched what he does and approves.

  34. I’ll meet your shallow and raise you an ‘inappropriate!’ The other day, when he was working with middle school kids, at one point he leaned over a table to shake a hand…

    As far as smiles go, your gravatar has my favorite 🙂

  35. Well, I think this was “staged” somewhat, because Sasha had to be in the front row, and I presume had to be told “how it would happen” (you cannot assume a 9-year old will grasp this intuitively).

    Still, it looks pretty naturally, which in no small part is due to Sasha’s naturalness …

  36. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Folks, if you don’t know how “BIG” a deal

    this is, then please leave the USA, immediately,


  37. From experience with my grand-daughters, 9-year olds can be pretty clever and snarky and love to tease the parents. If anyone did the staging, it was her.

  38. Thanks as always, Donna.

    Did you see the Alert posted over that live footage – “House Passes HC Repeal Bill.”

    My language will now be deleted…

  39. Overseasgranny, they are serving Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice-cream my favorite dessert, I need to call Michelle for my doggie bag LOL!! 🙂

  40. Yeah but that doesn’t make sense cuz he skipped out on Tucson memorial service to go to a Republican cocktail fundraising party

  41. I worry that she hasn’t committed to staying past 2012 but that might just be that she doesn’t want to seem presumtious in a political way.

  42. I myself had bought the HBO documentary “By the People” the election of Barack Obama. I have watched 20 times!!

    When it’s good, I can watch the same DVD over and over again 🙂

  43. Comerford and Yosse, of course, are a well-oiled machine: They’ve cooked together at the White House for years. And lately, they’ve been teaching cooking to DC school kids, too. The two Top Toques adopted Tubman Elementary School last September, as part of Mrs. Obama’s Chefs Move To Schools initiative, a nation-wide program that pairs professional chefs with local schools. Since then, Comerford and Yosses have visited Tubman regularly to give cooking lessons and teach nutrition education, and they have developed “a special relationship” with parents, faculty and students, according to the East Wing.


  44. Nah it will be real lion meat. I believe there are farmed lions specifically for this reason if you could actually believe that.

  45. Yea, Real lion meat.Some restaurant tried a similar stunt last year and people raised hell and they took it off the menu…Arizonans have short memories. Or no memories. Or no minds…

  46. Great Job. Mr President, excellent accomplishments. Our love prayers and support are with you daily. Do not alllow the pundits to distract you. You are well able to do exceeding abundantly above and beyond that which you can ask or think. “Yes you can”. Yes, we will continue to cover you and your family,staff. and th Nation with prayers. I declare “no weapon formed aganst you shall prosper,and every tongue that shall rise up against you in judgement will be condemned….(your righteous ruling is of the Lord)(Isaiah:54:17)

  47. Saw that. I liked the setup to the show alot. Interesting how they made the “protector” sympathetic. Legal office & show store, now there’s a premise!

  48. BWD

    This is because they know the repeal thing is going nowhere and all the arguments for and against have been beaten to death so no sensational headlines for them. Also nobody likes to be on the losing team, if you’ve noticed since PBO and the Dems passed all those laws during the lame duck session and his polls started rising, now the media appears to be doing their jobs. I bet it won’t last long! For now we can just be thankful that PBO is catching a break.

  49. Tomorrow morning I get to go see The First Lady Michelle Obama at a Nutrition Initiative here in DC. This will be my first time ever seeing Mrs. O at a live event. I am told she is stunning in person.

    Needless to say I am thrilled. She is the perfect role model and the best first lady IMHO to grace the White House. I love the way she and the President have treated DC like its part of their community. They take their family to events in the city and go out to dinner in the city which is so unlike our previous administration.

    I hope to get as close as possible so that I can get some good pictures.

    Wish me luck everyone!

  50. Where are all those proud democrats that denounced the health care bill that President Obama signed into law? Why aren’t they standing with the republicans in denunciation of the health care bill? Where are all those purist and sanctimonious democrats that said if it didn’t contain a public option they wouldn’t vote for the bill? On a side note, that other website now accepts photo diaries because they say it is good to see President Obama once and a while, who knew.

    Cue the fake China is eating our lunch outrage in 5.…4.…3.…2.…

    p.s. thanks Harry Reid, thank you for not showing up at tonight’s state dinner because you have more important things to do.

  51. I think that’s an excellent development g and it proves that change comes from the bottom up.

  52. Heads up friends! Chris Matthews reports in his pre-show teaser that Republicans are already trying to take credit for improvement in the economy even though they haven’t passed a single bill! Uh huh.

  53. Well put Jackie! How indeed do “people miss this stark contrast? One builds, the other destroys.” What is the matter with our fellow Americans who voted for these Republicans who are intent on harming the country, simply because they never came to terms with the fact that Barak Obama was elected President? It is as if they subscribe to the belief that it is necessary to first destroy the United States in order to save it.

  54. So the House Republicans have just proven that they are pro-deficit and pro-death.

    We always knew that, but it’s good to have them go on record about it.

    They truly do not seem to realize how writing this script for President Obama is not going to work well for them.

  55. Seems like if all the GOP voted for the repeal, that they picked up three Democrat votes. Vote was 245-189, and the current house breakdown is 242-193. (Rep. Gifford of course not voting)

    I’m just glad the 60+ GOP freshman reps are now on record against it. A great attack point in two years given those seats the GOP freshmen now sit in was won by Dems in 2008 – the Presidential election year.

    I bet they’ll be saying in two years “It was just symbolic, we all knew it wouldn’t go anywhere because of the Senate and the Presidential veto.”

    President Obama and Dems really need to keep on selling it’s benefits.

    Of course if it was defeated that would have been even better, but you know that wasn’t going to happen.

  56. This is really good news. May be the media are finally realizing that many Americans no longer respect the hyped nonsense that they peddle as news.

  57. Just by being there, it gives tbe business world confidence you see, because the house could block any librul job killing and tax raising bill.

    This is going be their angle – which is why they were so desperate to take back Congress in some way. They know the economy was going to rebound, and if they were on the outside still, the Dems would get all the credit. Now they’ll have Fox News and Rush repeating over and over again how “See the Republicans take the House and the economy begins to grow”.

  58. And, how could I forget, in voting for H.R. 2 the House Republicans also documented that they are definitively anti-jobs. Good show, guys.

    I’m sure President Obama will express his gratitude in a variety of different ways during the 2012 campaign 😉

  59. Just to think that he is the third in line to become President and yet he would not honor a state dinner welcoming a leader of the world’s most populous country. May be he is afraid of angering Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and and all those rabid teabaggers who hate the President.

  60. What a wonderful comment! I am so impressed with the maturity of the President and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for the way they have placed the affairs of the country above their own personal desires. Why can’t Senator McCain learn from the example of his “good friend” Hillary Clinton?

  61. Please report back after the event – they really are a gift to the world. Good luck with your missiong to get close enough for pictures! 🙂

  62. Dear blackwaterdog:

    You are really an incredible human being! Where do you get all that energy to do all this work? May be it is because I am a senior citizen that I am overwhelmed by both the amount of work you put in bringing us all this informatio and your fearless optimism about this President.

    Thank you for creating this incredible site.

  63. I caught some lead up comments to their newfound appreciation of photo diaries. It wasn’t pretty. Something about their awareness that they were losing hits, and that POTUS photos might stir the bots to come back. This info came from poster’s comments. I have no idea what Kos thinks, nor give a **** 🙂

    It was patronizing as hell. DK: behavior has consequences. Are you proud of yours the last two years?

    They want eyeballs back. I’d rather be stripped naked, covered in honey and tied to an anthill.

  64. I have to laugh. I went to DK while at work just to check out the headlines and the comment #s were way down in threads and there were much fewer diaries than they used to have.

  65. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. Really, why would any of us go back to GOS after the shellacking they’ve given to anyone who supports any of this president’s achievements? They realize they made themselves irrelevant. Try doing grassroots work to take back the House and keep the Senate in 2012 and then we’ll talk. Til then, they won’t get my eyeballs.

  66. Lucky you! You deserve it with your marvelous contributions to out blog.

    Finally caught a glimpse of Mrs O. Hollywood’s Red Carpet’s got nothing on her. And she is dignity and class as well.

    I am very impressed at the hair, makeup and fashion of the women invited to this dinner. Fascinating to watch the intros after seeing some of the Golden Globe Red Carpet preening and posing the other night. (And then there was the actress that got so inebriated, she could not walk…I compare people like her to Mrs O and Mrs HRC, and know who I prefer as role models for the young ladies in my classes) My mother always stressed the importance of female role models with class and intelligence to my sister and me.

  67. But Majii by his very position he has to be involved in what the president is doing, even if it’s just trying to tear it down! I am going to stick with my guess a few days ago that he is afraid he doesn’t know HOW to comport himself in non-confrontational situations. The Tucson memorial and the dinner offer no opportunity to yell ‘Hell no!”

  68. I so agree with this. Alcoholics dont like social events. If they dont drink its miserable and if they do they might lose control.

  69. Good luck, Donna D! While the topic is serious, hope you’ll enjoy yourself. Can’t wait to hear your report!

  70. bwd, this is wonderful news! I love visiting your site — your energy, the great news and pictures and reading the comments of this community. Several people have been talking about SOS Hillary Clinton and President Obama and I want to give you quotes from an article about their Copenhagen trip in April 2010:

    “It was almost like one of those moments in a buddy-cop movie when the two partners who dislike each other at the beginning finally bond while taking on the bad guys. In mid-December Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in Copenhagen, where the leaders of more than 100 countries had gathered to negotiate a new agreement to combat global warming, and the summit was on the verge of collapse. Clinton later described it as the most disorganized meeting she’d seen since her eighth-grade student council. It “was just disintegrating right before everybody’s eyes,” she recalled to NEWSWEEK in an interview last week. Clinton and her former political rival, now the president, found themselves up against most of the rest of the world. At the last minute Obama sought a one-on-one meeting with the Chinese leader to rescue some kind of agreement, only to be told that Premier Wen Jiabao and his team still weren’t ready to meet (after two years of prior procrastination). “No, we’re going in now,” Obama declared, looking at Clinton. “Absolutely,” she said. “Let’s go.”

    The former political rivals suddenly morphed into a diplomatic version of Starsky and Hutch. “I felt a particular responsibility since I had urged the president to come,” Clinton said. “Because I knew nothing was going to happen unless we gave it our all.” Striding down the hallway, with the Chinese protocol officer sputtering protests behind them, America’s two best-known politicians barged into the meeting room. There they found Wen conferring secretly with the leaders of Brazil, India, and South Africa; behind the scenes, Beijing had been trying to block all efforts to impose standards for measuring, reporting, and verifying progress on carbon reduction. Smiling and shaking hands, Obama and Clinton worked the room together, as they had each done so many times before as contending politicians. Then the president sat down and started negotiating, with Clinton sliding position papers to him as needed. When the Chinese finally caved, both Obama and Clinton knew that it wasn’t just because they had crashed the meeting. Two days before, the secretary of state had flown in to Copenhagen by surprise to deliver a sweetener to help win over developing countries. In essence, it was a global bribe: $100 billion a year from rich nations by 2020 to help poorer countries cope with climate controls. It was political hardball, Hillary style, and it had helped to isolate Beijing. Now Obama was closing the deal Clinton had set up.”

    Obama’s Bad Cop

    VP Joe Biden, SOS Clinton, and the President make a great team.

    I am so excited about this news!!!

  71. I absolutely refuse to go back there! They burned their bridges with me!!! How many times – over and over again did we caution them on tbeir vitriol and condescension towards BWD and all of us who support the President and reality based governing???

    No way would I ever go back there! And I laugh that they think they’ll liwer their “standards” to let us come back to drive traffic on their stupid website!

  72. Thank you so much BWD !! You are a treasure, truly.

    I’ve been away for a few days. I could lurk but not post. My first post coming back is for you BWD. To thank you once again for your magnificient work !!

    President Obama is continuing his hard work, his never-ending efforts to do his part in making a better world. It’s the most important thing, as he said in his fabulous, memorable, poignant speech last week in Tucson.

    Oh, and BWD, you were not over-the-top last week. President Obama is an exceptional man and an exceptional president.

  73. ^Bobfr, our President could start, sooner, by pointin’ out durin’ his 2011 SOTU that 242 House GOP + 3 Dems voted to repeal ACA (proudly called, ‘ObamaCares’ ;)), why they did it, and what harm it can cause… (Senate GOP wants to do the same.)…Millions of people will be watchin’ it!

    @SpeakerBoehner: Will @SenatorReid now listen to the people & hold a vote in the Senate on repealing [ObamaCares]? ::contemptible::

    @OrrinHatch: Most Utahns and Americans remain strongly opposed to [ObamaCares]. It’s time to dismantle it. I applaud the House. ::angry::

    @FreedomWorks: How to Make the Senate Vote on Full [ObamaCares] Repeal… http://bit.ly/fg6lba ::pissed::

  74. but…but….Obama didn’t erase the trade deficit with China by 1/21/09!

    but…but….he didn’t free every dissident in every evil country from here to Saturn!

    but…but….the Republicans are saying any jobs growth happened because they got elected (even the jobs growth well before they took back the House, but not the Senate or the White House).


  75. Haven’t heard anything about this interview in ‘progressive’ news. What a shocker.

    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  76. I think the GOP knows they overplayed their hand. The polling is trending towards support for the reforms. All this hooting and hollering is to distract the gullible with shiny objects. I can’t wait til the SOTU. They seem to forget that Pres. Obama can politically slice you up while seeming to give you a firm, friendly handshake.

  77. I hope I can succeed in uploading the stunning picture of our First Lady in a terrific red dress at tonight’s state dinner. Stunning!

  78. Holy steaming pile o bile! I followed that link over to FDL (Grover Norquists secret piece on the side) and just fell into a website that just me “yeah,we’re angry left racists,what up Bitch” I now know what Neck and Limbaugh must read to get them up for the game. The comments in particular reeked of Ivy League Radicals spouting warmed over Marxism just to get back at their parents for being wealthy. You know FDL there is a cure for affluence if is bothering you that much – its called Las Vegas. I have never spent any time at FDL but it seems to be another Tea Party: self-righteous twits with no grasp of how economies work but wearing a red hot chili pepper of rage up their sphincters. Tequila, must have tequila………………guzzle. (I’m better now)

  79. Like clockwork! When in fact the GOP is trying to put proven job-losing policies back in place.

    Amazing, lol.

  80. 10,000 construction jobs coming to Michigan in a shovel ready project?

    In Rick Snyders State of the State address he came out if full support of DRIC. DRIC is to build a second bridge a couple miles up from the current Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit to Windsor, US to Canada and is the busiest trade link between the two countries – 1/4 of all trade betweem the two countries crosses at this crossing – around $150B annually.

    The current bridge, the Ambassador Bridge, is privately owned, and the current owner wanting to protect his $60M yearly intake in tolls, wanted to twin his private bridge. He had bought off just enough politicians to really drag things out. The Canadians were already building an access freeway to the new proposed site and had offered to front Michigan the $550M needed to fund the building. Canada doesn’t want the second span to be in private hands, and also believed simply twinning the current bridge would be a security risk to any potential terrorist attack. Also the current bridge crossing 80 years ago might have made sense, but now it cuts right though both Detroit and Windsor, the new bridge will be up river a few miles and out of the way – keeping truck traffic off the city streets.

    Granholm was for it, but the Republican Senate blocked it. Virg Bernero was against it, rather wanting to twin the privately owned bridge.

    Of course Snyder is tryign to sell this as his idea, but that’s politics for you. as I mentioned the Canadians were already building an access freeway to the proposed site, so you know they already had assurances it would be built there. Either Michigan okayed it or Washington would have, but Michigan could have dragged things out.

    A vote on this was held not two months ago and the Senate voted it down. Now with Snyder sworn in, all of a sudden the same Republicans in the state senate who didn’t like it are now open to it. Huh.

    Regardless it will be 10,000 construction jobs in Michigan alone (Granholm projections) building the new access freeway and the new span. This is a shovel ready project if Snyder can get it through the state senate – Granholm and the Canadians had everything ready to go. Could literally start this spring.

    Detroit/Windsor are also connected through two tunnels – one for mostly cars and one rail tunnel. There also is a ferry serivce for Trucks carrying dangerous materials.

  81. Good luck Donna- and have FUN. She is so wonderful, I would love to meet her.. even to get a glimpse of her would be lovely. I’m moving to Baltimore in several months.. and plan to take my grandkids on outings to dc as much as possible. My wish is to take them to the Whitehouse- while the Obama family is still there- for the Easter egg roll.

  82. 10,000 jobs is great news especially in MI. Unfortunately, the Republicans will get credit for this and I am guessing Michigan will get even more red in 2012.

  83. Hopefully you screencapped that. DK is a fringe site, Kos let the site go to shit because he believe the shit they were and are slinging.

    I’d love to read that they’ve seen a serious decline in hits. That’s all it is to Kos – a money making venture.

    I hope politicians ignore Netroots Nation – they’re not worth it. It went to their head. I mean you have the Speaker of the House, the majority leader of the Senate and they still whine and bellyache about being ignored. And they had all Presidential candidates there in past years.

    Sanctimonious spoiled brats. They just followed Kos’ lead, MB did his bidding.

  84. Stabenow could be in some trouble, but I don’t think there is any possiblity to see any more House seats switch, it was pretty much a red wave in 2010. I could see Pete Hoekstra challange her, Mike Cox already ruled it out.

    It’s a Presidential year, which should really help her as President Obama is pretty strong in MI still, especially if Mitt Romney isn’t his challenger. Mitt has connections to Michigan through his father.

    President Obama is rumored to be bringing in Jennifer Granholm into his administration in some capacity – basically a role to keep her in the public eye in and around Michigan so she can push back against Snyder and the GOP’s claims, and remind folks about the Detroit3 bail out and how the GOP would have let it die.

  85. Lol Nathan!!! I am no Hillary Clinton fan and frankly, I still do not trust her;

    But this: “Why can’t Senator McCain learn from the example of his “good friend” Hillary Clinton?”, had me in stitches!!!

  86. I am glad to see D’s owning ACA and, hopefully, making the R’s pay for trying to scuttle it. Very encouraging! Thanks for posting, WiW!

  87. BWD, I have read this thread and am now watching this terrific joint press conference replaying on CNN. I must say I don’t care about what friendamenies at other spaces might think. This is a terrific POTUS! For the record books. Thank you SO much for bearing such positive and consistent witness to this historic time. As far as I’m concerned this space, weeseeyou and all of the sites on the blogroll are simply the places to be!

  88. Amazing! I am sure tomorrow they will be proclaiming that last year’s unprecedented growth in manufacturing jobs in ten years was directly a result of the vote by the Republican majority to repeal the “Affordable Health Care Act.” Of course the fault is with the so called journalists who fail to point out the lies and idiocy of the Republicans. By the way, it seems that there are some in the media, according to Darrel Issa’s aide, who are begging for trumped up the investigation of the President. I read about this in an article on Issa in the New Yorker, which, unfortunately, I am unable to link to.

  89. How much more patronizing they can be? Yea, all we Bots care about is pretty photos of the president.

    Never. never, ever, clicking on that site. Never.

  90. Mr. President,

    Although some believe you’re For Corporate America (FEC vs Citizens United, FCC vs Comcast, D.C. vs Heller), I believe you’re For The People.

    Instead, they need to look more toward a GOPTeaParty governor (of a state) and/or a GOPTeaParty mayor (of a city) to find out…

    What have he/she done for their citizens, or even to them, lately? Perfect example is AZ Gov Jan Brewer, and other GOPTeaParty governors, who want to be just like her, balancin’ their budgets off of the backs of the unfortunates and vulnerables!

    Death By Budget Cut… http://tinyurl.com/47usqej

    And, what about SCOTUS…Five of the nine judges have ruled against The Constitution (We The People…).

    So, BHO, just keep doin’ what you’re doin’…Forget the naysayers!

  91. ^SR, I admire former MI @GovGranholm. I hope our President does bring her into WH Communications! She should be PBHO’s Messenger…She would counter any of those lies, negative rhetoric, etc., against WH and him, comin’ from MSM, GOPTeaParty, FoxIsn’tNews, and their co-horts… She’s a fighter…She can “hold her own”….She “thinks on her feet”….She “takes no prisoners!” 😉

  92. WiW, I want to thank you for the articles…the first link doesn’t work, though…

    And, I concur w/ya on @ezraklein! 😉

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