Sunday’s mishmash

Hi guys,

The week ahead:

Monday – MLK day: President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, along with the Bidens and other senior officials, will participate in memorial events and community service projects in a number of cities to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Take a few minutes to read president Obama’s beautiful Presidential Proclamation.

…As a country, we must expand access to opportunity and end structural inequalities for all people in employment and economic mobility. It is our collective responsibility as a great Nation to ensure a strong foundation that supports economic security for all and extends the founding promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to every American.
Dr. King devoted his life to serving others, reminding us that “human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle — the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” Commemorating Dr. King’s life is not only a tribute to his contributions to our Nation and the world, but also a reminder that every day, each of us can play a part in continuing this critical work…


Tuesday – Thursday: Chinese President Hu Jintao is coming for three days of an intense state visit, highlighted by a State Dinner in Wednesday.

Friday: President Obama will visit Schenectady. The trip, originally slated for Jan. 11, was postponed last week in the wake the shooting in Tucson. The president will tour the site of General Electric’s energy division and future battery, and will make remarks.


And here’s one more very good read: 

The Plum Line: Conservatives and Obama’s speech

The Tucson speech may go down as one of the most important of Barack Obama’s presidency, so it’s worth nailing down its most important accomplishment: He finally got conservatives to listen to what he had to say – about them.

Conservatives have widely hailed Obama’s speech, primarily because they think he “rebuked” the left when he said that our overheated discourse didn’t cause the Arizona shootings. This line was important but not for the reasons conservatives think it was. By absolving the right from blame, he made it impossible for them to shut out his larger message.

Obama’s statement that rhetoric didn’t cause the massacre is best understood as a set-up to the larger point that followed: that the bloodshed confers a moral obligation upon all of us to improve the tone and integrity of our discourse. If Obama had delivered this latter message without the set-up, conservatives would have had an opening to reject it as political.


Before the speech, it was widely assumed that Obama would not engage the topic of civility in our political discourse. Many on the right had been in a defensive crouch – in some ways understandably so – leaving them inclined to interpret even general calls for toning down rhetoric as thinly disguised blame for the murders. Obama, the thinking went, would not risk broaching the subject.

But Obama took on the topic in a big way. By leading with an explicit statement that the tone of our discourse was not to blame for the killings, he made it impossible for conservatives to maintain their defensive posture, compelling them to respond positively to his larger message.

And that message – that we all tone it down – was mainly, though not exclusively, directed at the right. In a context where prominent conservatives have accused Obama of not loving America, of being a socialist and a Muslim sympathizer, it’s clear whom Obama was addressing when he insisted that we improve the discourse for the sake of our country.

Whether the more strident voices on the right act on this message is another matter, but at least Obama got conservatives to listen to it and to implicitly endorse it as something to aspire to as we move forward.


98 thoughts on “Sunday’s mishmash

  1. Maybe some people will finally listen to the words he has been saying all along. Thanks BWD for this great setup.

  2. If they take that statement as a swipe against the left, then they are not bright at all. Everyone knows who ignited this vitriolic atmosphere in this country it started on the campaign trail and the Koch brothers and dick Armey, promoted and brought it to life. Deep down in their hearts they know they are guilty. so to deny it they are lying to themselves and hurting themselves. That is something that will be on their mind every time Gabrielle Gifford name or face is mentioned.

  3. Monday MLK day is a time for dedication to service and the Bidens & Obamas always lead the way. I wish more would follow their examples. I look forward to MLK famous speech; I watch every year to remind myself of his humanity.

    I read the Plum Line commentary – it was worth reading. The POTUS speech will take it’s place in history books and an objective analusis is needed. The Plum Line tried to make that balance.

    Read today that John Boehner declined the invitation to the state dinner. This is not the first time he’s done so but this is the first as speaker of the house. What kind of signal is he sending? Maybe, he was expecting Eric Cantor to be invited and turned it down because of that. I don’t know, he did not give an explanation so all I have are assumptions.

  4. Boehner is deathly afraid of being photographed with President Obama out of fear the teabaggers would be pissed off. Doubly so given he’s be surrounded by so many libruls at the fancy event.

    Also he probably figures he can’t fundraise there, so he’ll instead attend a lobbyist dinner across town instead.

  5. I only wish the Republican hierarchy was capable of feeling guilt, but I doubt they can or they would never have said many, many things by now. Given the public’s short attention span, I fear we will be back to violent rhetoric by next week.

  6. Yes but it revealed one thing that they now know that people paid attention to what they was doing. They now know that we know where it started.

  7. Ah, but Weeper of the House – he does that sort of well. Wonder if he is using Beck’s Vicks VapoRub?

  8. Every time President Obama invites him and he refuses, He is showing Americans who is not wanting Bipartisanship. This is Why i Love the President. He is able to let the nay sayers call him a fool for wanting Bipartisanship. Making the naysayers the fool for not recognizing the bigger picture.

  9. Yup, BWD, way above his abilities, and he knows that we know that, but praying his low information-base won’t ever catch on…

    But what I love is that as Speaker, he’ll continue to get invitations from PBO for things, and as a knucklehead he’ll continue to turn the invites down, which will only make the independents and GOP moderates really get for the first time that PBO is not the problem (they are always so on the late freight on getting what we’ve been saying about the party of No).

  10. Interesting TIMT. We’ll see if anybody over there has the nerve to tarnish it.

    Hope you are well, my friend.

  11. YES! I’m usually out of the loop when discussing action items, being averse to canvassing and that, but community serice? I’ll meet the goal by March 🙂 Bragging aside, I log unto United Way/Volunteer every sx months or so. You could define your Search parameters by zip code and/or type of work you are interested. The variety and time committments are completely open.

    I cannot imagine NOT having CS as part of my life. The organizations you choose will thank you, but YOU will get far more than you give.

    I shall hush now 🙂 Happy rest of the weekend.

    I loved MLK, and have grown to appreciate him more as the years pass and I ealize what he was trying to accomplish from a wider perspective.

  12. Yes, noted in the link, below, is yet another fail by the Speaker of the House. This person is incapable of understanding the position of Speaker and denigrates it every time he acts the way he has since assuming the role.

    Ironically, he is writing the scripts and defining the imagery of the DNC ads for 2012 and I’m sure they are grateful for his help. Speaker Pelosi will whisper a thank you to him from all of us come Jan 2013.

  13. marabout40 is likely already on the road today moving her life from Orlando back to NY and seemed pretty nervous about making the drive, driving a 26ft U-haul and towing her car, especially given the weather/time of year.

    Send some positive energy her way if you have any to spare.

  14. I think Boehner is making a political misstep by not attending this dinner especially after refusing to go to the Tucson memorial. If there is one message the last election was meant to send it was that the people of this country want our politicians to work together to solve our problems and that hyperpartisanship is not wanted. Poll after poll says that people don’t support the Republican platform but they voted for them so that they would be forced to work together. The far right doesn’t want Boehner to cooperate with President Obama but the rest of the country does. The civility conversation struck such a chord because the vast majority in the country, right and left, are sick of the demonization and polarization of our political discourse. But, if Speaker Boehner insists on continuing on the same old path, “job killing bill”, refusal to participate with the President in non-partisan events, etc., it will only hurt his party in the next election. I think he has found the way to ensure he has a very short tenure as Speaker.

  15. It seems that many conservative pundits are fixating on the portion of President Obama’s Arizona Speech that seemed to absolve the far right in general and Sarah Palin in particular, for the massacre. They are portraying this as a rebuke of the far left by President Obama. This short-sighted myopic view of the speech is par for the course. Conservatives, who constantly preach personal responsibility, seem incapable of reflecting on their own actions and taking responsibility for their actions and words. They fail to understand that President Obama was/is taking the high road as he always does. He is looking forward, not backward, and asking all of us, all Americans, to follow our better angels. President Obama, through his refusal to assign blame, is giving the Right the chance to reflect, look inward and tone down the hateful and lie filled rhetoric, on its own, going forward. I continue to believe that hateful rhetoric played a role in creating an atmosphere of violence that contributed to the Arizona massacre. I think it is similar to President Obama saying that racism plays no role in the Tea Party movement. I am confident that President Obama knows this is not true, but realizes that once you label a group or a person “racist” all dialogue will cease and you become stuck. We can all learn from President Obama’s spirit of forgiveness and forward looking instead of dwelling on the past. I hope conservatives will follow their better angels and stop appealing to the lowest common denominator. Time will tell.

  16. You are right tulips, i too mentioned it in an earlier post. The right deep down in their hearts know that they are guilty of all the violent rhetoric and it will forever haunt them, but that is if they have a heart.

  17. She’s been in my thoughts since her post the other day.

    When I was on FB, I noticed that she has MANY friends on that site as well. I’m hoping that some of these folks are friends from NY.

  18. Oh for heaven’s sake. I cannot stand the Loud Left, but even I knew he was not referring to them, but to the baggers who incite violence.

    BTW, if you are the “Eric” from DK, I loved your contributions there.

  19. Assuming people will know about his turndowns, its unfortunate that most people dont pay close attention to what happens in washington and all the lies of the rightwing. Otherwise we wouldnt be in this predicament of speaker Boehner in the first place.

  20. I am not that “Eric”. I used to frequent “that other site” but never left a comment. That site seemed rather juvenile. Too much “the sky is falling” drama. I mainly went there to see BWD’s photo diaries. When I found out she had her own site (after being driven out by the jealous crazies over there)I stopped going there altogether.

  21. The only reason that the Republicans will succeed is because they attract people who are either too stupid or are full if vitriol themselves.

    The sad thing is that we need a strong 2 party system to ensure there are also checks and balances in our political system. But the biggest downfall to a stronger Republican party is due to theirlack f self awareness.

    This apples to anyone in any setting. If you are not able to objectively assess your strengths & weaknesses, how can you improve???

    The ignorance and blind delusional tendency to believe in some of their more extreme nonsense, is q huge problem for them. And because they ate so unaware, they don’t even realize they have a problem!

    This s also applicable to the Professional left. In their arrogance, they can’t imagine a world antthing other than that of their creation. And no words of advice to open their eyes and ears will help.

  22. Thanks for your reminder, Saint Roscoe.

    She is in my prayers and thoughts. In my message yesterday, I asked her to call “Mom” that’s all of us who are caring of her, to let us know how she is doing. Bless her and all the good hearts here and everywhere that are blessing her journey.

  23. Eric, this is just my perspective as an Arizonan but I believe that our President came here to comfort us and help us heal from a terrible thing.

    This was not about politics or rhetoric for us but about shock, pain and grieving.

    “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”

    President Obama and his nurturing Lady gave us both comfort and some hope that we can, not only survive this, but thrive once again as a united and loving community.

    It was a great gift of healing that will not be forgotten here no matter what some may say.

  24. Happy Sunday everyone.

    Beautiful picture BWD and added to this weeks schedule let us not forget that the First Lady will be celebrating her 47th birthday tomorrow.

  25. “If they take that statement as a swipe against the left, then they are not bright at all.”

    Shush, Makesense! Don’t you go waking them up now. 😉

  26. Good Sunday Morning Everyone. Thank you again BWD for this place where we can appreciate our First families and what they are doing to make America a better place. They are so giving that I pray that people will take notice that our President and Vice President are good, sincere men of honor and only want the best for this country.

  27. He just might be afraid that he really doesn’t know how to engage in civil discourse, and doesn’t want this to become known. As an opposition leader his role likely seems clear. Be critical when the other party puts something ‘on the table’, no matter what it is; but what do you talk about when you need to give this role a rest socially? The more I think about this I honestly don’t think he knows. Within his caucus the ‘rule book’ under these circumstances isn’t as clear, so I can just see him thinking it’s best to stick with his own crowd. IMO this also explains him not cancelling his Thursday night gig to attend the Tucson ceremony.

  28. there are still many who just quietly appreciate your efforts. And others who just can’t seem to get past just welcoming the positive news relating to the President.

    It’s quite pitiful.

    I see good efforts by many, though, to try and get through a dialogue to really discuss things that have occurred in the past and how to get through days in the future. bleh. Couldn’t stand it anymore and had to come back here.

    I hate to be such a debbie downer on it all. I know all in all, it’s those that persist in remaining so negative.

    Just remember, you are appreciated, BWD. And by a much larger audience than the bully minority would like to admit.

  29. I really like the smart, intuitive reasoning in that Plum Line piece. This Obama guy—-I think he knows what he’s doing. Hint: he’s brilliant.

  30. K. They will never get it together over there unless they begin moderating by an impartial mod. They won’t, and if they did, the bladed one is not impartial. Or, if a couple dozen of them split, another impossibility. Anyway it is so irrelevant to me whether that site improves or not. Despite what THEY profess they have nada que ver with the country’s trajectory, which is in a decent place now. Between our POTUS, OFA and Pragblogs and MAYBE a bit of awakening on the part of the media, I am feeling more empowered than I have in a long time. Also, I just learned a friend is running for an open state rep seat – going to join his campaign.

  31. Asher in Boston,

    I’m surprised too that many folks don’t follow politics. At work I find that most are immune to the rancor of talk radio. Most heard of Limbaugh, Hannity or Beck but don’t follow. I find they either like POTUS or against him but the speciifics is not based on the 24/7 conversation on radio or cable. Makes my job difficult when I want to survey folks opinion about a particular bill, they have no clue what congress is doing. I make it my business to inform my co-workers about bills that will benefit them and their families. That’s how I do my part by getting the word out.

  32. Hi BWD family, my son is working on a report on the shootings last weekend but during his research he says the massacre did not start on the 8th but in 2008. He showed two videos during his report that left his teacher speechless, so speechless I was called to the school regarding the following two videos. (These are now being sent to all I know)

  33. I agree about Boehner being unqualified to be Speaker blackwaterdog. IMO, it was a no brainer to attend the Tuscon memorial when one of his colleagues is fighting for her life. The man showed ZERO leadership.

  34. Wow – did anyone see this??

    After the shootings, Obama reminds the nation of the golden rule – John McCain

    “The president appropriately disputed the injurious suggestion that some participants in our political debates were responsible for a depraved man’s inhumanity. He asked us all to conduct ourselves in those debates in a manner that would not disillusion an innocent child’s hopeful patriotism. I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments. We should respect the sincerity of the convictions that enliven our debates but also the mutual purpose that we and all preceding generations of Americans serve: a better country; stronger, more prosperous and just than the one we inherited.”


    “I disagree with many of the president’s policies, but I believe he is a patriot sincerely intent on using his time in office to advance our country’s cause. I reject accusations that his policies and beliefs make him unworthy to lead America or opposed to its founding ideals. And I reject accusations that Americans who vigorously oppose his policies are less intelligent, compassionate or just than those who support them.

    “Our political discourse should be more civil than it currently is, and we all, myself included, bear some responsibility for it not being so. ”

    I’m one who is a fairly optimistic person by nature. I’m hoping that Mr. McCain truly heeds his own words – or at least _tries_ to heed them. Even that would be a good step forward.

  35. He had what seemed to be ‘reasonable’ explanations — there was a service in Washington that he needed to be at (during the Congressional session? That one? It remains unclear.”

    What is so curious, however, is that it took Boehner well over 24 hours to come up with these ‘reasonable’ reasons. Methinks if these were the reasons, you couldn’t have said so immediately? When the President invited you, other than just saying ‘scheduling conflicts’, you couldn’t have asked if “x-Congressman” couldn’t go as your ambassador? Would that have required you to be gracious instead of taking yet another opportunity to snub this President?

    The fact that it took Republi-bots over 24 hours to get their talking points in order is quite telling to me.

    What is not in doubt, however, is that he was at a cocktail party for his treasured drug company lobbyist who was running for chairman of the RNC (who came in third). That is not in dispute.

  36. This is not the first time seeing the videos, and I knew the answer before the question was posed. The realitty is in America your skin color dictates how you will be received by some (shouldn’t be but sadly it is) in all communities (business, social, etc). As parents we teach our kids to treat one another the way we would like to be treated but when they leave home it is difficult to apply. I’m pessimistic about race relations in America because we have not raised our consciousness to a level that is worthy of MLK ideal. The struggle continues until we can effectively do that.

  37. I know, Flojo. You would be surprised how many people out their dont bother to follow the workings of congress and politics in general. Iam like, what? When they mention they dont follow or are not interested. Really???? Unbelievable. But good job of what you are doing to enlight/inform them.

  38. g – that’s terrific!! I wish I could help out more politically – but unfortunately I’m prohibited from such practices (job).

    I dunno, g, I think there are those who perhaps were silent and allowed the bullying, or those who simply sat on the fence, who are starting to speak up. I think back to when dKos was still fairly unattended. I found it through an article posted by Dan Froomkin – it peaked my interest. And there you go. There’s always been departures on dKos – for various reasons. It’s how blogs go.

    I want to believe that the President’s speech has had a positive affect on ALL. Even those bullies on the left.

  39. I love your optimism 🙂 But that blog is IMO probably simply a launch pad which the owner promotes his money making ventures. That won’t change, and controversy drives traffic in his opinion. That belief, however, may becoming obsolete 🙂 I assume he knows what baseline of hits he needs to stay in the black, and will maintain this status quo without much effort on his part. Easy, peasey, as my students say.

    But in OUR parallel universe, we can “thrive!”

  40. I know, right? My son says there are a lot if kids his age (that will be eligible to vote in 2012, he will miss it by 2 days) that can’t wait to vote for President Obama or to work on his campaign.

    He also added in his report if a student made a list of “targets” or verbally threatened anyone or carried any sort of weapon they would be arrested.

    His last line of was “Why are kids held to a higher degree of responsibility than adults?”

  41. Good for you! AND good for him:) Best of luck to him, and let us know what happens…Would love to do that myself, but alas, I live in the hate state, and the same district that put Ben Quayle into the House.Lord help us.I am certain that if I ever did that, they would do the same to me as they did to poor Gabby. I love my country, but I love my life and family more.Maybe another state, a later time.

  42. Thinking of her since yesterday’s post. hope her journey is a safe one, and that moving back to NY is better than she imagined it would be.

  43. Agree with you 150%.I hope that this also paints them into a corner with moderates watching them and seeing that the words they spout DON’T match the deeds..what goes around, comes around. I hope for dialog, but really, I don’t expect anything to change with them. It’s hardwired.

  44. So glad you all were moved by it. It blew me away when I saw it on my Facebook page this morning.

  45. These kids are smart. I tell my kids ALL the time that they are the future and they need to pay attention. They will have the direction of where the world goes at their fingertips soon.The young man in the video is exactly right…been saying all those things myself since before the election of our great President. These kids are smart.They don’t care that anyone is gay. They don’t care that the President is black. They don’t think that ALL Americans don’t deserve health care,they hate the wars, they love the enviornment,they don’t care what religion someone is, or isn’t, they want clean air and clean water,they think that people born here are American citizens and that immigrants are part of the fabric of our country.They all get it.I look forward to their input in the next election.Big time. Just sayin’.

  46. You must be proud of him 🙂 My son brought politics into his college app essays. They often asked whom he admired. My kid’s answer was Bono, for his work with third world countries.

    I sub, and just brought a student to the attention of the admin for writing in his journal that he wanted to “kill” another student. Upon investigation it turned out to be nothing, but we DID look into it. And the school SW is going to work with the student as needed. But this is a school geared to awareness of potential problems. Interestingly enough, it in a poorer district. Schools on “the other end of town” run into roadblocks with the kid’s lawyer parents.

  47. Yeah, they are discussing the worth of “photo diaries.” I got depressed. But where I take heart is that sort of meta used to result in massive threads. This one didn’t. Maybe people have left to actually live in 3-d…

  48. I’m Canadian and I think a lot of other people up here and around the world are kind of surprised at all the hubub but then that is nothing new with Americans.

    Yes, it was senseless violence and a tragedy and all that. But the American media always seems to want to make it Apocalyptic or historic. They want a fairy tale of Camelot or a world is coming to an end (literally) disaster. Nothing in between will do.

    This just re-enforces my believe that Americans really need some sort of royalty to fill some void and, unfortunately, in the absense of that your president has to fill that role as well.

    As if Obama didn’t have enough to do.

  49. Yes… it’s why I get such energy from the young people at work… the majority of them really are looking at the world _very_ different from the way previous generations have.

    My nieces and nephews speak pretty openly about friends sexuality if it leans a different way – and it’s not something that is a dividing aspect. It’s just an aspect of their friends.

  50. I think it will be incredibly hard (read: impossible) to argue against:

    “Make our democracy something Christina could be proud of”

    The whole country has seen her picture. Everyone has read / heard why she was at Congresswoman Giffords’ “Congress on your Corner”.

  51. They do look at the world in a different way. A much better way, as far as I can tell…and that alone gives me much hope for the future:)

  52. He’s shown that over and over since the election. He is too small to be 3rd in line to the Presidency. Maybe his antics will be so bad that he gets voted out in 2012.

  53. Very good. Profound questions and insightful statements. You should be proud for having a son who is curious and engaged.

  54. I soo admire this young lad for being politically engaged. You sure must be a proud mum. Good job on raising such an outstanding young man.

  55. fred,

    I don’t think Americans are looking for a figure head like they have in England. IMO this country has been divided (purposefully) and brainwashed to be believe by the Republican party that there is only one way to govern. When we have a Democrat in office they will do anything to disqualify him even it means more devision.

    The media is about making money the crazier you are with your assertions the better. They amp up the volume to pull viewers in and like a deer in a headlight we watch and become consumed by the craziness around us.

  56. I agree with your analysis 100%. I would not hold my breath awaiting for the power brokers in the Republican party to be more thoughtful, and inclusive in their approaches. They want control/power plain and simple. What we can do is to hand their false representations and accusations back to them and insist that if they can’t support them factually, they then own the misrepresentation. Speaking for myself, I am constantly reminding myself that facts are facts, and opinions are a reflection of the person making them, more than the subject matter being considered. In general, Americans are passive recptors of the influences that constantly bombard them, most of which are manipulative in nature.

  57. Thank you, we are very proud of him; my brothers nick name for him is “Y” or Mac, because each time they respond to one of his questions he comes back with “Why..” then include part of their response.

    I know my son is not the only teen with this look of the so called leaders. I think it is time to listen to them since they are the ones acting like adults then some of the “Wahwah’s”. According to one of the kids from his mentoring group the WahWah’s are like the adults in Charlie Brown, each time they speak it is all gibberish.

  58. I think we all have to do our part to attempt to actively engage those around us that have their heads in the sand. I particularily attempt to inspire the young people in my life, that the quality of their future is tied into the politics of today, and that what happens today in part depends on their participation.

  59. Everytime I see a picture of Christina-Taylor Green, I literally sob. As we know, she was born on September 11, 2001. I believe God sent her as an angel to heal a wounded national soul. Now, she leaves her family in another violent and sad event. It must be so hard for her family. They must have a hole in their hearts torn by her death. She has affected us all, and we never met her. All of our hearts are broken. This little girl was so very innocent. Let us lift our voices in prayer for God’s healing, and his protection for all our nation.

  60. We are a military family, all branches, so he looks at things as he says with his heart and head not his eyes.

    He has a mentoring group that allows them to actively engage in their community and to be respectful of all.

  61. nah…I think you’d be surprised just how little attention gets paid to the media in this country. More people would rather watch American Idol or American Football. The reason why they amp up the volume is because they’re hemorrhaging viewers as more and more people turn to the Internet and their smart phones for news. They’re desperate for an ever-shrinking market share being increasingly divided by more and more channels. I don’t think the media can be particularly used to demonstrate who Americans are. Our television and cable news is entertainment, little else. Most people who want real news go elsewhere to find it. Surprisingly, I think more people actually turn to their local newspapers in print and online for more detailed news than we’re led to believe. The problem for print media might be because so many people read a single newspaper. In my building alone dozens of people read a single issue every day that gets left in the lobby.

  62. ItsMyCountryToo: I’m curious. Why did the school call you? Do they always call when he does really good work?

  63. Just came back after playing it three times and then sending it to two friends. Loved it, thank you, Donna!

  64. ‘Yes, it was senseless violence and a tragedy and all that. But the American media always seems to want to make it Apocalyptic or historic.’

    If I can respectfully disagree with you, I am not American, and IMO this senseless voilence was ‘historic’. Nothing the media does, or has done, can make it any more historic than it is.

    Have you watched the memorial ceremony? Will you help me understand how royalty comes into this? If, God forbid, there is such a tragedy in Canada (which polarizes the nation)I would like to think that the media would report it diligently and Stephen Harper could rise to the occasion and help to assuage the country’s grief. No matter how often people are gunned down in America, I hope citizens and the media never become blasé about the situation.

  65. Amen Cassandra123. Christina was sent to us a gift to teach us we need to be civil to one another. America’s discourse had grown to be almost unbearable as though something needed to happen to get our attention. I think of her everyday and for me she will not be forgotten. What she stood for and how she had so much hope and promise. We all must live up to being a better country for Christina and all our children as the President asked.

  66. Sue, You mentioned R’s desire for control & power. That, along with some of your other comments & comments above reminded me of John Dean’s book: Conservatives Without Conscience. I read a number of good books last year, but that was by far the best. Every progressive/Dem/liberal (whatever one chooses)needs to read it. Dean does a masterful job of fully and clearly explaining the mindset of R’s, their goals and plans for the country, etc.

  67. I found these clips of people at the
    memorial service in Tucson…The first is
    really emtional and the second was a homemade
    first-hand acccount of how folks were
    behaving in the stands…

  68. There’s something about that second video. You see that young man, going to the event with the excitement of attending, well – like a concert or some entertainment event.

    And then, at the end, you see how utterly he was affected. He really had no words. But he looked contemplative and soothed at the same time.

    He, too, like Christina Taylor. Our future of the nation.

  69. I concur with you BWD. I have felt from the beginning that Speaker Boehner is not equip to function as Speaker of the House. I really feel that he sincerely knows this fact. He loves the power that goes with the title, but he is no match for a President like Obama. Even though President Obama would be gracious but firm with him. I feel sad for him when he has to meet with the President of the United States alone. We will pray for the Speaker. He can’t keep not showing up to important events that matters to this country.

  70. I read that book too. I agree every one should read it. It’s a bit depressing though.

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