The evening mishmash

1. I’m Grateful is updated.


2. Jon Stewart ripping the media like he knows. I really hope that he’ll go back to do that, and give PBO a break. Time for the “Liberal” media to recall who’s the good guy here, who is on our side, who is more or less our only hope – And who is on the OTHER side.


3. Recovery: U.S. Retail Sales Climbed in December for Sixth Straight Month


4. The payroll tax, important part of the tax deal compromise, kicked in, and the benefits are enormous:

  • $695: Average expected benefit per worker.
  • $110 Billion: Total tax relief expected to go to working Americans.
  • 159 Million: Working Americans expected to receive larger paychecks this year than they would otherwise.

To get a sense of how this will affect individual working people, the Treasury Department also put together a few hypothetical examples:

  • $1,362: The amount a married couple living in Detroit, Michigan – an automotive mechanic earning $38,300 and a preschool teacher earning $29,800 – would receive from the payroll tax cut.
  • $1,050: The amount another married couple, say this one lives in Wilmington, Ohio, would get if one of them earns $28,000 as a delivery truck driver earning and the other earns $24,500 as a nursing aide.
  • $490: The amount a single mother in Florida working as a hairdresser earning $24,500 would get.

That money is already starting to show up in a lot of people’s paychecks just like them – not only can it help them make ends meet as the economy continues to recover, but as they spend it on things they need that will pump fuel directly into America’s larger economic engine.


5. Andrew Sullivan likes president Obama so much. 🙂

I’m inclined to see that speech as a potential pivot in our politics and culture, but it’s obviously too soon to know. Today, I have been trying to find fault in it, and can’t.

And then he posted one email that he received from a reader:

But if you look at the speech as a whole, it’s truly remarkable what an illusion Obama pulled off.  Even as I was listening to it, I was somewhat perturbed by Obama’s theme on “rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame”–a tacit rebuke of Democrats’ criticism of Sarah Palin, despite the fact that no Democrat of any consequence has actually assigned the blame on anyone but Loughner; if we cannot scream at the top of our lungs at someone who is, for whatever reason or intention, whatever effect or consequence, indicating that people be “targeted” by the masquerade of a gun-sight, then what sort of healing can be expected when the eliminative harm-mongers can scream at the heal-mongers all they want? 

Yet as Obama’s speech unfolded, realize what he did: he led, by example.  His speech was about community, brotherhood, love, understanding, listening, caring, healing, and yes, hope–all the things that are anathema to the world-view the Palinites are trying to espouse.  Obama effectively took the rug out from under them, baring to the American people the soul of this Stalin, this Hitler, this death-panelist, and showing us that he is none of those things.  You want to call Barack Obama Hitler?  Then show me Hitler’s Tucson. 

So while Obama’s words were more condemning of the Democratic discourse of the past few days, the speech itself was a ringing rebuke of all the Republican delusions, the delusions that the Democratic government is evil, that it’s full of Manchurian candidates and sleeper agents and gran’ma-smotherers, that it’s on the verge of turning America into the Union of the Third Reich of Kenyanistan.  In one fell swoop, Obama pulled his entire party away from the brink of confrontation with a weaponized political lunacy and stood, alone on a stage, staring all the hordes down, like Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral, daring them to draw their guns and aim their sights and try to take him down, that no cross-hair or brandished gun can stop the power of love and hope, that no bullet can defeat the strength of the human spirit to open its eyes, and that there is no hate that cannot be washed away by rainpuddles.

I am glad that this man is our President.


6. I read this comment by a poster named David Zephyr somewhere on the net, and I’m going to just copy it for your pleasure:

President Barack Obama clearly found his footing in 2010 after a rough start. The hell-fire of two wars, staggering unemployment, a housing crisis unparalleled since the 1930’s and the collapse of Western capitalism that greeted him upon inauguration tested this man and his leadership skills — all simultaneously — in ways that no President since Franklin Roosevelt experienced.

I do know a thing or two about the American People and I can confidently tell you this: For two years now, Americans have watched and studied this remarkable young President, his First Lady and his two children as our First Family and I can tell without hesitation, and they are warming to President Barack Obama.

His quiet, deliberative manner proved that “No Drama Obama” was more than just a campaign slogan. It’s really how the man is engineered and wired. And that “nice side” that so many of us on the Left sometimes are prone to consider as weakness, well, that really is how he is. President Obama is a gentleman…and there’s nothing weak about him at all.

Our last President apparently believed that showing strength was more important than demonstrating strength. Our country had to endure eight very long years of the former President’s non-stop bellicose talk, fear-mongering, and conceited swaggering posture. It was the only card in his deck. Someone forgot to tell George W. Bush that although Ronald Reagan — who Bush clearly attempted to imitate — really did live on an actual ranch (not a former pig farm) and that he rode real horses, and unlike Bush, could actually be a gentleman and a statesman at times. Thankfully, the quarter’s worth of time on George’s pony ride in front of the supermarket finally expired and someone took his little rifle away from him.

I can’t help but feel nothing less than relief to know that a dangerous fool was replaced by a grownup man, who does more than he talks about doing. He accomplishes, sometimes slowly, what others have only pretended to or have only promised to do.

President Obama has overseen the creation of more jobs already than those created during the Bush Administration. That “bikini curve” is simply staggering to look at, and yet, the President is keenly aware that there’s a lot more to be done. But, for pete’s sake, let’s give this man some credit. It’s bad enough that Republicans will never give this man one word of credit, but it’s even worse when many of us on the Left (I point my finger at myself first) can not or will not give him credit either.

As a gay man, let me say just this: this President has done more for my persecuted community than any living President in American history. And, of course, he didn’t do it alone, but he did keep his word in ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He signed a federal bill including my community into the national hate crimes law. He’s delivered. He’s earned my respect and my gratitude.

As a life-long Democrat and activist, I will tell you that I was disappointed on many levels with the President during his first year, but that’s ancient history to me because I see the makings of a historic, and yes, transformative President in Barack Obama. He’s beginning to deliver the goods, he’s keeping his promises, and he’s putting this country back on the right track again.

There will be no credible political challenge to this President from the Democratic Party in 2012, and anyone that the Republicans choose to nominate will not have a prayer of defeating this good man that resides at the White House. And moreover, Obama will have coat tails in 2012 and we might just wind up with control of the House of Representatives again. Why? Because the American People know a good thing when they see it. And they are figuring out that we actually do have a very good thing with Barack Obama in the White House. A very good thing indeed.


This is Sudan:


President Obama at the memorial service for Richard Holbrooke:


7. Finally, thanks PatsyT for the tip. This is a great video:


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  1. For a “never-does-anything” President, PBO keeps us busy every day on this blog and sometimes two or three times a day. The news comes fast these days.
    The Holbrooke memorial was quite special. Thank you, BWD, for the pictures as I only had the audio on.

  2. It’s a good idea – don’t know what McCain is up to being a part of it though. It will be interesting to see how it would effect all the ovations.

    Truth be told, I’d love to see the mini ovations done away with – I think they’re silly at best, and more times than not just ruin the flow of the speech to score a cheap political jab.

  3. Why did Biden not speak, it was my understanding that they were close. Was he at the undisclosed location, with President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Secretary Gates all in the same room?

    Also interesting and telling that President Obama didn’t have to be the final speaker, he left it up to those who would have known him better and longer.

  4. Re: the SS tax holiday: I don’t benefit from it, as I work for a government agency, and have a pension, so I don’t get money deducted for Soc Sec; however, my girlfriend is getting an extra $100 a month in her paycheck. That’s definitely going to help balance our budget, and lead to a bit more fun out. She didn’t follow the tax deal brouhaha over December, and was rather blase when I told her she’d get more money each month because of it. But now that she sees it she greatly appreciates, and yet again doesn’t understand what people expected Pres. Obama to do differently to achieve the same outcome. Between the payroll tax holiday and our tax refunds, we might finally be able to afford going to visit a dear friend in France this summer; it would be our first trip outside of the US.

  5. McCain is acting “strange” again – sort of vacillating back the other way – remember about a week after the DADT repeal passed he said would finally embrace it – some other things too … ????

  6. “TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A senior administration official has confirmed that President Barack Obama will loosen Cuban travel policy to allow students and church groups to go to the communist country”…more

  7. I think he’s going to try to form a “Gang of 14” in the senate, of course with him being the leader, to try and seize power.

    Also I’ve heard that some think he’s actually thinking about running for the Presidency again.

  8. Speaking as a child of Cuban immigrants, this is wonderful news. Isolating Cuba does nothing to nudge it towards democratic reforms. If we’re fine with China being the world’s factory while remaining an autocratic one-party state, punishing Cuba for likewise being a one-party state is the height of hypocrisy. The more that Cubans on the island and Americans get to know each other, then perhaps the sooner that democratic transition will occur.

  9. Thanks BWD! I always feel more grounded after coming here.

    I watched the who Tuscon event again from the link you posted, it was well done. I feel like I need to watch it several times.

    I loved the prayer at the beginning. I don’t understand how Republicans can find anything to criticize in a call for the creator to bless all living things.

    I’m so tired of their meaningless criticism that denies any real discussion of the idea. “It was times right.” “The tone was wrong.” “People weren’t seated properly.” They read right out of a playbook on how to complain, pure template.

    Anyway, thanks for this haven.

  10. Ok folks wait for this from the great state of Arizona I give you Senator’s McCain OP Ed in the Washington Post:

    Just a little taste

    “Our political discourse should be more civil than it currently is, and we all, myself included, bear some responsibility for it not being so.”
    Happy reading☺♥

    BWD thanks for the Friday evening mismash, I found the comment by David Zephyr very interesting

  11. The embargo nees to be completely removed. How can America keep up this “fight” when they’re expecting Sudan to find peace after millions have been killed, for Israel and Palistinians to find peace, for Shiites and Sunni’s to form a functioning government, when Karzai is having discussions with the Taliban etc.

  12. Okay those interesting smiles of Mr. President and Mrs. Secretary of State.. are well.. interesting and lol cute.. they’re sharing some kind of inside moment.

  13. Cuba has an excellent medical training system and Americans have been forced to sneak down there to go to medical school. With Obama Cares, we are going to need a lot more doctors and nurses and Cuba training them may be of great help and open up the relationship even more.

  14. Agreed. Even my very anti-communist mother thinks the embargo has outlived its usefulness, if it every had any. It’s a relic of the Cold War, and should be done away with.

  15. Whoops – I just posted this on the wrong thread. I believe there will be more “turncoat” Repubs. They can side with a loser like The Weeper or with the Clear Winner, POTUS, the hell with party identification. If they need cover, they can state that Tucson was a wakeup call.

  16. That essay by David Zephyr is positively brilliant. I’m going off to find out who this guy is an will be hat-tipping you when I post something about it. Damn fine writing. Spot on.

    Another great Mish Mash, BWD. Have a great weekend.

    – c.

  17. Strange, I certainly don’t trust it. And he still has issues over Palin, so in a sense he’s “refudiating” her speech.

  18. I’m grateful McCain is making his case to do his part to change the discourse in this country by accepting President Obama’s challenge. I will not be cynical about his reason and will accept his words as true, for now (it is what it is).

  19. Eclectablog, I was also interested in Mr Zephyr after reading his comment,

    “In one fell swoop, Obama pulled his entire party away from the brink of confrontation with a weaponized political lunacy and stood, alone on a stage, staring all the hordes down, like Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral, daring them to draw their guns and aim their sights and try to take him down, that no cross-hair or brandished gun can stop the power of love and hope, that no bullet can defeat the strength of the human spirit to open its eyes, and that there is no hate that cannot be washed away by rainpuddles. by David Zephyr

  20. Sherijr, I see what you mean about the private smiles between President Obama and Sec.of State Clinton. Check out the touching elbows. And if the former prez is seated on the other side of Mrs. Clinton as in previous photos, I don’t he is in on the private moment.

  21. No doubt Mr. Clinton is sharing it too. Its just a nice picture of these two, so clearly enjoying a moment, for some reason it really spoke to me.

  22. Yes Starm that is some pretty fabulous writing.. I especially love the end of his last sentence.. I will never look at or think about rain puddles without thinking of the loving way in which President Obama spoke of Christina.. without that vision of her in heaven playing in rain puddles.

    When I was a young school girl in CA- there was a very large field I had to walk through between my home and my school… it was often filled with mudholes/puddles. And to be frank I would literally swim in them (too frequently for my mom’s good nature)on the way home from school most days. They were pretty irrisistable.. which is why I think the President’s words touched all of us so close to home, we all know the innocence of being a child- because we’ve all been Christina, and we’ve all known Christina personally on some level. She is us and she is our children too.

  23. I don’t need McCain to be sincere, I could do with him stop sulking over his loss of the presidency and stop being an a22 (my apologies mr president), I would settle for that

  24. Still one of my favorite photos after the HCR passage was when Sec. Clinton was going up to PBO in the Situation Room with open arms, and a big grin on both their faces. As opposed to being envious, it was like she was saying “thank you for finally getting this done” (and basically vindicating her and PBC’s ;-)).

    If it wasn’t there already from their Senate days, I certainly feel there’s strong respect and admiration between them.

  25. The NAACP’s Twitter feed is amazing today, in honor of MLK they’re asking people to tweet them with their dreams followed by the hashtag #IHaveADream See it here.

  26. Word, actions speak louder than words… 😉

    Btw, blackwaterdog, did you ever find that Tucson vid clip or pic where McCain and his wife walked away from PBHO, or they “turned their backs” on him…Uh?

  27. Dear BWD,

    You many not know it but you may have saved a lot of people’s sanity by starting this Blog! I have been an admirer of yours for a long time when you were still at the other place and when things got so bad there I didn’t know where to turn to for any piece of good news about our great President. I have never posted on a blog before and this will be my first! I was always a lurker at DK enjoying reading what other people wrote but afraid to even comment because there appeared to be some rules to be followed and I felt intimidated. But not here, this group you’ve created is the place for sanity, when all around people seem to be mad.

    Even before PBO was elected I did not trust sites like HP – I was not political and didn’t know much about political blogs but when I heard that a reporter with HP secretly taped a fundraiser where PBO was heard talking about clinging to guns and religion and this became a campaign issue, that is when I goggled HP and through HP I discovered DK and at DK I thought I was home and couldn’t wait for your photo diaries. Needless to say things have changed there! I don’t want my first post to be too long but I thought I should give a little background.

    I just want to say “thank you BWD”, thank you for loving our President and thank you for championing his cause against all odds. He is a good man and it breaks my heart to see how he is being treated by some quarters.


  28. Welcome, and thank you for those kind words. Please feel free and comfortable to post here whenever you like. This is the purpose of this place. Thanks.

  29. I love that photo in the Situation Room w/Hillary, too. The one above is cute too! It would be fun to have a “caption contest” with. Thanks for your hard work BWD.

  30. Thank you for all you guys thought and everything! It is sometimes good to only read or lurk, a lot of fun!

  31. Just read a couple of his more recent postings. Very spot on. He was frustrated with PBO for the first year, but seems to have realized just all the crap he’s had to wade through to get us to where we are. If only others of the PL were as willing to accept error.

  32. Happy Friday All! You know after President Obama speech on Wednesday, I started thinking that it’s possible for Obama to win Arizona in 2012. To be honest had John McCain not been from Arizona, I think Obama could have carried that state, keep in mine he did little to no campaigning there and only lost by 8 or 9 points. Could be wishful thinking on my part, but I think Obama should go for it.
    That’s what’s spinning around in my head, thanks for listening, have a happy and safe King Holiday weekend.

  33. Loved the pictures of President Obama and the SoS and President Clinton. It is a measure of the man (Obama) that after all the rancor between his campaign and the Clinton campaign, he not only worked with her to get her to finalize the nomination in Denver, but gave her one of the most important posts in the government. And those pictures show that there really are positive feelings between all three of them. And I truly believe that it is all due to President Obama’s faith in the goodness of people and his ability to bring loyalty from thsoe around him.

    Secondly, I have been wanting to make a comment about this blog. Many people, rightfully so, have thanked BWD for creating this site, calling it a refuge from so much of the insanity of this world. To me, quite honestly, it has become more than that. This is truly somewhere between a community and a family to me. I don’t know (in all likelihood) a single other poster here, yet I feel like I have come to “know” so many of you.

    It is one thing to create a site where people feel they can go for information and some degree of camaraderie, but this goes beyond that, at leats for me. Thnak you BWD.

  34. We don’t know that he won’t – I’ll take a page from President Obama and give him the benefit of the doubt, for now.

  35. BWD has no idea what this site means for alot of folks (myself included). I couldn’t agree more with all the posters here that this is a great community BDW created. Thanks.

  36. That’s what I love about this site, it inspires us to have wonderful thoughts like the one listed above.

    As we get closer to the election we will cheer on all the Arizona residents who come to this blog and can make things happen. Not wishful thinking at all, more of an action plan.

  37. Welcome! This is a fantastic place. I was on DK for years, regret most of them, and am in a much better place psychologically to be done with them.

    This blog is amazing in every respect. Hope you enjoy it!

    Love that photo of BO and BC 🙂

  38. I totally agree Japa21..this site is a haven.
    I have lurked on many sites but feel most comfortable here. Thanks again BWD. Your powerful love for PBO comes thru and joins with our love for him and nothing beats the power of LOVE.

  39. Hey, folks, I need your help. I tried to contact my (Republican) Congressman today and found out that he doesn’t have “jobs” as a choice for issues you can email him about. Somebody has already commented that THEIR Republican also has this missing. If you are represented by a Republican, would you please click through and consider seeing if YOUR Representative is doing this as well? Thank you.

    Here is the link to the blog:

    Congressman Walberg, where are the jobs?


  40. I am encouraged

    Katie Couric just interviewed Pam Simon who was one of Gabbie Gifford’s aides who was shot.

    Two comments she made which really struck a cord.

    1. She was a former teacher who spoke to the issue of how there isn’t much that can be done to help troubled students.

    2. She said she bore him to ill will and saw the shooter as a troubled young man and she was sad that he had not been helped.

    Watch interview;photovideo

  41. Just checked my Congressman’s web site. He was newly elected tea party Republican who won mainly because our Dem rep took it for granted that she was going to win and didn’t even campaign until too late. Anyway, under issues, he has “Economy and Jobs” and when you click on it, it just says contact my Washington DC office to find out where I stand.

    It is interesting, as a tea partier, that his chief of staff is a former banking lobbyis.

  42. This site is definately making the rounds, I got a email from a relative today with a link to this blog….I was so happy to find out others are finally getting access to good news.

  43. I was so happy about Cuba. I’ve been thinking this was next. There will be big foreign policy breakthroughs this year. I actually think Castro would love to meet President Obama privately. And maybe they already have secretly. President Obama could win Southern Arizona, Flagstaff, and the Indian Reservations, but Maricopa County is another story. Here in Tucson President Obama is quite popular. I drive around with a bumper sticker and have never been bothered once. Giffords is popular, but we had a hard time getting volunteers to come to the campaign headquarters.

  44. You know Ray i have faith. Maybe things will change in those counties. We have to keep pushing the civility. I think a lot of republicans saw President Obama for the first time without being told who he was. I think a lot of guilt and reflection about their actions over the past two years has hit home. their was a video of arizona protester against ms Gifford and some nasty hate filled rhetoric and poster. I think what happened opened their eyes to feeding on hate and the results.

  45. Anybody that could Kyl a real run in 2012? Could Napolitano if she decided three years was enough as Homeland Security?

    I liked Parraz but he’s too much of an outsider to ever be an insider, but Dems really ran no name candidates against McCain. Glassman was brutal. Maybe Terry Goddard? He’d have name value from the Governors race.

  46. upthread on the payroll tax the US treasury gives a few hypothetical scenarios on what people would expect to get given their employment background and what state they live in. Why is it that the single mother in florida gets significantly less than the two married couples? It’s wonderful that Americans are truly benefiting fromthe tax cut deal, but is that the republican portion of the deal?

    oh, and quick plug of my blog:

  47. Thank you so much for that clip, WIW. I sub, and often with behaviorally disabled children. You do see the ones who do not fit in, who are angry beyond their years. I have a lot of faith in one of my school systems – that these kids will be identified and efforts made. The other system, not so much.

    That teacher is one neat lady. I’ll bet she was glorious before her retirement, and excels at her current position.

    The Congresswoman’s staff is so tight – says a lot about “Gabby.”

  48. The reason why the married couple has more than the single mother is because they combined their incomes.

  49. And now we know Hillary wasn’t joking about that “vast right-wing conspiracy” – it really existed and has grown almost out of control.

  50. Biden might be out of the country. I know he was in Afghanistan the other day and then he went to Iraq.

  51. To David Zephyr – much admiration and gratitude for your eloquence and accuracy regarding President Obama.

    Thank you.

  52. Absolutely, Moose67, she was correct about that.

    And I think that if it wasn’t for how the internet has expanded — especialy these last several years with YouTube (to show those moments right wingers/teabaggers rather we not see), political blogs (to keep us informed, thanks again BWD ;-)), access to overseas media (that report on us), better MSM websites (even with their slacking on the job), etc. — we would probably still be in the dark about the depth of right wing shenanigans via the Koch Bros., Dick Armey, astro-turfing, et al.

  53. I still think the best caption is the one that BWD attached to it:

    “Thank you for leaving the past behind.”

    The beauty of the English language contributes to this quote, because “you” can be singular (referring to the President) and plural (referring to both him and Hillary Clinton).

  54. You know after President Obama speech on Wednesday, I started thinking that it’s possible for Obama to win Arizona in 2012.

    I think that would be spectacular, but more useful would be if this would be the final nail in the coffin of the opposition to the DREAM Act.

    Remember that Congresswoman Giffords’ district has quite a stretch of the border between Arizona and Mexico.

    Speaking of Ms. Giffords – looking up her accomplishments in Wikipedia has forever changed my perception of a “Blue Dog Democrat”.

  55. I will repost this once again here, for posterity (with some corrections).

    How to protect our representatives:

    Firstly, there should be a security detail along with them when they are outside of D.C., and I believe they already have the choice and right to bear arms themselves outside of D.C. Secondly, nobody within 1000 ft. of any representative (already being proposed) should be allowed to carry firearms at any given event to which a representative is addressing constituents. Thirdly, cameras should be set up at every representative office.

    Fourthly, security in D.C. should be tightened, whether by security detail for each representative, or by allowing each representative to carry firearms in D.C. Fifthly, when a representative is using public transit, then that representative should be protected by either security detail or by being allowed to carry firearms. I prefer options, since perhaps one representative may not wish to carry firearms and would rather opt for security detail, whereas another representative may not wish to incur the accompanied cost of a security detail, and is willing and knowing of the self-cost of carrying firearms.

    Finally, it is time to limit things in regards to overbearing of arms. I will not define that, and I will leave that to others to define. However, I recommend not going overboard in this manner.

    (No blood libels here, and no non-explanations here. Civility.)

    What I am truly afraid of, is a response that limits our 1st and 2nd amendment rights that would make them virtually obsolete, and I am also afraid of some self-appointed person or tiny group who would target one of our representatives.

    I reserve the right to get angry at what our government, our political parties, and/or our people does or does not do, and express that anger, without being labeled a loon and thereby discarded from political activity. That is the nature of political debate and discourse, anger as well as glorification because without these things, Democracy fails. I also reserve the right to peaceably assemble in protest, or in the worst case scenario, for we the people to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government gone awry. As of now, our government is properly functioning, and so I condemn the act of this lone person who committed an atrocity which was egged on by the fascists within the Tea Party.

    With all of that said, in the next few months which follow this tragedy, I will do my best to monitor my tone of discussion, and to bring forth a certain civility which explains why our Founding Fathers designed the nation the way that they did. Civility and education is what is needed at this juncture in time.

    I hereby withdraw this username for good and my future commentary for some time. I cannot explain in words how truly troubled I am at this past weekend’s events as well as events which lead up to it.

    Remember always, I love you. God rest the souls of the innocent who were injured or killed in this tragedy, and I am still praying for a full recovery for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  56. One more thing before I leave this username. It is of utmost importance!

    It is TRUTH which we lack in our day to day discussion about politics. When someone is wrong, we don’t lift our hand and bring them up to what is true and just, we (as a whole) simply push them down further, and our nation as a whole simply lavishes in them being misinformed and downtrodden.

    That is disgusting, and I am truly disgusted by those who use this (certain individuals, certain politicians, and certain multi-national corporations and businesses), as I have witnessed it first hand, even if they didn’t realize how smart and informed I am.

  57. VP Biden was sitting next to the Pakistani President. I saw him come in during the lead up to the ceremony, on CSPAN.

  58. Hopefully, more people will see the light, and benefit from the President’s efforts. This country needs to keep moving forward. France sounds lovely!

  59. This is odd and interesting:

    “ISLAMABAD: The meeting between President Barack Obama and President Asif Ali Zardari has taken place without a formal agenda and no official brief account of the bilateral ties was readily available to the visiting president that could help him in the talks.

    The [Pakistani] Foreign Office was kept in dark about the meeting. President Zardari spoke to the four political leaders on phone about his trip just before his departure for the United States, but without dropping any hint about the one-to-one scheduled encounter with the US president. ”


  60. Indeed – the memorial service really was a window into his life, and demonstrated how amazingly unique and effective he was in pursuing peace and dignity for the suppressed in this world. I think a lot of the words spoken about him showed me that his values were very much aligned with the President, who mentioned that Amb. Holbrooke teared up at their first conversation in Chicago during the transition as he talked about his mission to improve lives. What an interesting life, and an interesting man.

  61. I know that but even with the combined incomes as stated above, single mothers would still get less. I just wanted to know why they would get less unless that stat is under the single filing status

  62. Hey BWD, I can’t believe you missed this gem in Digby’s blog:

    Here is the money quote I got from it:

    To be sure, the common wisdom is that McCain self-destructed due to his own foolishness, but amazingly Obama seems always to be in a position to gain and to gain big when a political opponent self-destructs. And when a politician opposes Obama, it’s quite striking how often they self-destruct. It just happened again.

  63. a million thanks, e3specially for the quotes from sullivan’s commenter, and the one from “somewhere on the web”;

    the one who wrote about the american people, really quietly critically insightfully, being appreciative of this wonderful young man who, by his natural understanding of the heartland (remember his mother’s forebears), is really more “american” than many of us cosmopolites, and those to our right;

    except for mentally/emotionally sick people, or those of very low intellect, mr. obama is the son husband father we’d all be proud of, and he has our vote

  64. just to let you know i read your post and found it reasonable; despite it also being supportive of the right to use arms; which is an accomplishment of sorts, for you, and me

  65. Thank you all- and I thank God again that we have a gentleman and a scholar with a warrior’s long view and heart leading this country. Here’s to another 4 years indeed.

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