President Obama in Arizona – Photostream (part 1)

I’m going to try to update this post as much as I can from now into the night. Usually I’d say “enjoy”, but…, well, here we go.  (mouseover for descriptions and credits).


230 thoughts on “President Obama in Arizona – Photostream (part 1)

  1. thank you bwd- I’m guessing that will be live-streaming? Or if anyone knows of a live stream? I’d like to watch the whole program, if possible.

  2. thank you BWD. I’ll be working all evening and have no access to what’s going on. I appreciate your link to the outside world.

  3. good, I’m so glad that Tucson is showing up, I think it will help the healing.

    And answered my own question: is livestreaming beginning at 8pm for the President’s speech. Eastern time. I’m still hoping to find it elsewhere on line to watch the whole program. Maybe cspan?

  4. Thanks BWD…

    I don’t doubt that people are showing up in droves. For all the insanity that has passed (ie, continued push back from the right, some on the left losing sight of what’s important with all their nitpicking), people do come together in times of great sorrow. I bet that the people of Arizona and Tucson are putting aside their differences and just coming together as humans.

  5. thank you, does the whole program begin at 8pm then, for some reason I thought it started at 6pm.

  6. Thank you so much for your work, BWD. I’m so proud of our President. I hope the families are comforted by his presence and that his words are received in the spirit in which they are intended.

  7. Great, at least with CSPAN we can watch the speech without the self absorbed pundits talking over it.

  8. BWD, I am so grateful to have this site to come to and refresh my spirit. Especially today.

  9. OT but important:

    Man arrested over threats to kill McDermott

    Habermann said George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other U.S. founding fathers would “blow his [McDermott’s] brains out” if they met him.

    Habermann then threatened to kill McDermott as well as his friends and family, the complaint says.

    Habermann’s arrest comes at a time when threats against members of Congress have taken on new urgency in the wake of the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords last week.”

    Note that this person was interviewed by the FBI in Dec and fed them a line about being drunk and not meaning it and not wanting to risk his trust fund!

    Good to see the FBI do what they should have done in the first place – charge the guy with the crime he did commit – threatening the life of a Federal official.

  10. The ignorant half term governor i.e. “…and, but too also…” – S.Pa;in [09.18.08]

  11. Oh thank you starm, I appreciate that… possibly what I saw was that the President would arrive at 6pm.

  12. I so excited the president is speaking tonight. C-Span will carry live? I rather watch them then listen to the stupid commentary of some of these pundits on CNN, or MSNBC.

  13. Read that they already have an overflow crowd. McKale Center has 12,000 or 14,000 seats (read 2 different numbers) and they had over 17,000 lined up early today. Some camped out all night to make sure they got in. Overflow will be in their football stadium. Also read that Obama’s remarks will be only 6-8 minutes long. That seems very short to me if he was going to speak about each victim. But there was a p.s. that the amount of time could change.
    Thanks to BWD for the extra effort and keeping us informed as things progress.

  14. This is the Tucson I got to know and love, from the laid back lifestyle to the warmth to the huge Navajo ring 🙂

    I’m getting weepy at just the THOUGHT of him walking onto the stage and receiving the ovation. It will be deeply moving and have layers of meaning, solidarity being one.

  15. Thanks sooo much, BWD and others, for the updates/links…Great pics of PBHO and the Tucson crowd…

    Ya’ll are “a God-send!” 🙂

  16. Especially since Todd and Fineman on Hardball are already saying what he’s going to say, what he has to say, who he has to please, what he can’t say etc. etc. etc. And then they moved on to Sarah Palin which looks like she will be the focus of the rest of Hardball, soaking up all the oxygen on this day which is not about her but she purposely horned in, as usual.

  17. Jim is my Congressman back home. A lovely man who has only let me down once politically and I have forgiven him.

  18. Tonight’s schedule:

    · Opening music
    · Native American blessing
    · Welcome by UA President Robert N. Shelton
    · Playing of the National Anthem
    · Remarks by President Shelton
    · Remarks by UA Student
    · Remarks by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer
    · Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
    · Remarks by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
    · Remarks by President Obama
    · Moment of silence

  19. Could you believe that exchange. What they were getting at is that if the right wing is ok with the speech then we will know President Obama did what he had to do. Unbelievable. These gasbags just infuriate me. It’s endless.

  20. Not surprised to see people lining up for this wonderful POTUS. I know that he will deliver some remarks of comfort.

    Just still can’t get over that little girl. When the press is gone, and the attention is gone, her family is going to be in shambles, I mean what can you do with a child taken away like this. This country, this world, we don’t do enough to protect the wee ones. This story hurts.

    Thank you BWD for the millionth time for this space of reflection.

  21. I appreciate the warning about Hardball so I don’t have to turn it on! Chuck Todd nearly always drives me nuts.

    So proud of our President already, and I know I’ll be even more so tonight. There is a lot of pressure on him to hit the right tone with this speech and if anyone can do it, he can. We’re with you, Mr. President. God bless you and all those who hear you.

  22. So ladyhawke my guess is, the gist of those folks on H’ball was: POTUS speech should blab,,, blab…. blab. … and show … blabbbbbbbbbbbb or else blab……
    So tired of their blab,,, blab

  23. That means it’s 2 am Central European Time. Unfortunately I can’t afford to stay up that
    long – have to give a talk at 11 am tomorrow.

  24. This is slightly off-topic but our President is looking fly as usual. So is Mrs. Obama. Had to point that out. Carry on. (smile)

  25. Also read that Obama’s remarks will be only 6-8 minutes long. That seems very short to me if he was going to speak about each victim.

    Remember that the Gettysburg Address was only a few minutes long (that is, the “Gettysburg Address” that we remember, not the 2 hour oration by Everett).

  26. Toon, If you get SkyNews, they will probably run it in the am on the red interactive button on videos…maybe.

  27. I think the answer to your question is that I am a glutton for punishment? I should have never poked my head in the door of Hardball in the first place. I have since switched to CSPAN. I am listening to congress members paying their tributes to Congresswoman Giffords and all of the victims.

  28. This started last night. I am not hopeful. I’m afraid if Keith and Ed (and Chuck and Howard and Chris…..) don’t hear what they want to hear, they will trash the speech.

  29. ^Tiger, your link isn’t workin’…

    But, I checked out your twitter page, it works there. 😉

    Also, we can watch our President’s speech here:

    UA’s “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America” (OFA/

  30. That’s the usual BS from the MSNBC crew. I’m hopeful Rachel will be more grown up – though at times she does slip.

  31. Health care, Latinos, immigrants, communists…
    yep, sounds like stereotypical Republican Tea Party lines to me.

  32. BWD i just picked my kids up from school. while listening to thom Hartman. I learned that the blood libel remark was also a reference to white supremicay. The cross hairs she used in the map. Are symbols from white supremacy groups. I think she knew exactly what she meant..

  33. This is like campaign 2008 all over again. People lining up, pitching tents to wait for tickets to hear a remarkable man speak. President Obama will be gracious and make everyone feel like they matter.

    I’m not surprised Republicans are lining up because this is propably the only time they’ll get to meet him. President Obama is a commodity, a historical figure. Besides, I don’t see Arizona as a viable campaign stop in 2012.

  34. Totally, starshine.

    The Federal Complaint contains the exact language Habermann used and it is well beyond anything I would quote.

    However, among the disturbing items in the complaint …

    … one finds this gem at Section D.11:

    “Habermann also said that the founding fathers, if they were alive today, would kill President Obama and other officials.”

    Palin, Rush, Beck, et al own that one.

  35. YES!!! I just knew he would. Wishing I was one the nurses working in the ICU…that would be the icing on my cake.

  36. Let me clarify i now know the meaning thanks to BWD and Rinax. The caller was saying this is what supremacist groups used against jews. So They were saying that a lot of what she says is for those groups.

  37. snoopy4eva2 love yr gravatar, MLK holiday January 17th that is just right for the times. I have a button from last year (similar) that I wear for the month of January. I get alot of stares in GA when I go shopping. President Obama don’t have too many fans down here. I keep reminding them who’s the Prez every chance I get:)

  38. I’d have guessed that he’ll see all victims while in Arizona and the families of those killed.

  39. Just got home and watching NBC News (tolerable half the time), and they mentioned that the remarks would be about 20 minutes and would primarily be about the victims and healing. You know, what you should hear at a memorial service. Those looking for political points to be scored will no doubt be gravely disappointed.

  40. President Obama is at the medical center now with the 6 victims there. His speech is reportedly going to be 20 minutes long. Great news that they were able to remove the breathing tube from Giffords today—-she’s increasingly giving signs, including the V for peace or victory—either one, good signs. I like her spirit.

  41. The last picture (so far) of him with Brewer:
    That’s the most “human” looking picture I’ve ever seen of her. Pres. Obama can melt anyone.

  42. Just a cautionary comment. Not all or even most of these people are here because President Obama is going to be speaking. I think the vast majority would be there anyway. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate his coming as well as others, and it doesn’t mean that nobody is there because he is there. But this is more a testament to how this whole incident has affected people. I don’t think little Christina will ever be forgotten by the people of Tucson. Even more that Gifford, she will be the face of this tragedy.

  43. Amazing photo. From what I read here, I expected to see horns 🙂 What an effect he has on people. Sorry, frustrati. You’ll never get it – more’s the pity. At least there are those of us who are self aware enough to aspire to be more like our President. You are not even on the right track. The baggers are not even on the right planet.

    I’m emo now – NOT gonna get through this 🙂

  44. I agree, little Christina will be the focus. A life taken at that age is tragic for all of us because of what could never be. I watched my fraternal twin die (he was 4 yrs old) and that memory stayed with me for the rest of my life. Little Christina will serve to remind us of what we need to do to prevent this tragedy from happening again. It is sobering.

  45. Are you watching live?

    I appreciate the photo of the President and Governor Brewer. Shows his compassion.

  46. The first picture of our POTUS making his long strides, his coat blowing in the wind, followed by the images of those thousands of people making their own strides towards the memorial is very electric and touching to me.

    ty BWD.

  47. I saw that Tori, our dear speaker Boehner he is so tasteful and sensitive.
    Anyway, he plans to leave before POTUS speaks, bless him, GW would be proud

  48. I guess he has to be juiced up to let the tears flow. I think it is distasteful and rather insensitive. He could have waited another day to throw a cocktail party/fundraiser.

  49. I saw a great statement about him today:

    “Don’t cry for me, Mr. Boehner. Cry for yourself and the Republican Party.”

  50. I seriously doubt Rachel will be better. She never fails to tear the President down immediately after an event. She was awful post BP spill speech and I imagine she’ll be awful again too.

  51. cspan running coverage now- via Tucson livestream KGUN:

    I’m so grateful that so much of Tucson has come together for this and to welcome the President and First Lady.. it was very sad listening to folks outside waiting in line very hopeful that the President’s visit will help to heal.

    That photo above of Gov Brewer and the President’s ever so considerate look.. its hard to look at when one knows how she has spoken of him. He is a good soul.

  52. Thanks! And, yes it is…

    And, unfortunately, in certain parts of the State where I live, it’s the same way…TX!

    But, I never give up Hope that there’ll be Change a-coming’!!! 😉

  53. That is too funny – weeper of the house was at it again, crying on the floor during his speech. He has more hormones than me:)

  54. You’re right, I would have missed that, its very nice to see them together shaking hands, I have a lot of respect for the sheriff after speaking out.

  55. As the cable talkers flail around wondering just what Prez Obama will say, I can’t help but remember that we’ve been here before with the Ft. Hood and WV Miners memorials. Apparently they have no memories of stories they’ve covered themselves. ADD the lot of them!

  56. Yes, my first inclination was to think she had no clue what she was saying, just reading words someone wrote off the teleprompter. But after thinking about it, I think she knows exactly what she was doing. She’s been dog whistling racism and Obama’s illegitimacy and appealing to that fringe element of the Repub Party since she came on the scene. Her background also provides support to this. I have decided she is the most destructive, dangerous, political force we have in this country right now. I decided she continues to stir the hate and said blood libel on purpose.

  57. Nellote, they have me doing the same thing over and over, it gets so old and tiresome, it wears me out so I stop watching

  58. And he threw in a kiss on the cheek, too. I know Brewer is beside herself after receiving that kind of attention.

  59. Dotster, that’s great to hear…

    I was wonderin’ if PBHO would be able to visit the injured survivors, especially Congresswoman Giffords…

    He’s probably elated to see his friend, Gabby! 😉

    @Reuters: [President] Obama visits wounded Congresswoman Giffords…

  60. Ladyhawke, I agree. I do not want to watch CNN or MSNBC. I can hear it now, “but, but he did not say this or that”……

    In looking at the President and Michelle, I am always so pleased to see how often they physically touch people. For me that shows how open and caring they are.

  61. Maybe he could offer the sheriff a job with his administration. That would be really great. The sheriff is a straight-shooting truth-telling guy.

  62. Yes, they do own it. But they’ll never admit that their words are affecting people in the exact way they intended.

    The words below were interesting to me, though not disturbing as the rest of his crazed ranting-

    “Does he understand that, that the wealthy people that, that’s their money? They earn that money.”

    I googled the guy, turns out he has a 3 million dollar trust fund.

  63. Boy, the President is such a good soul. I don’t think I could bring myself to touch that witch Brewer.

  64. BBC

    resident Barack Obama has arrived in Arizona to pay tribute to six people killed in a shooting and to honour US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was injured in the attack.

    The president is due to speak at a memorial service for the victims of the shooting in Tucson later on Wednesday.

    Suspected gunman Jared Loughner has been charged with several offences and could face the death penalty if guilty.

    Mr Obama has visited Ms Giffords, who remains in a critical condition.

    Thousands have gathered ahead of a night service at the University of Arizona’s basketball arena in Tucson, where Mr Obama will speak.

    The president is expected to devote the majority of his speech to remembering the victims of Saturday’s attack. As many as 15,000 people are likely to attend.

    Mr Obama, accompanied by First Lady Michelle as well as Democratic and Republic lawmakers, was greeted at the airport by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

    The president’s first stop after arrival was at the hospital where Ms Giffords and others are being treated.

    The president also planned to hold private meetings with the families affected by the shooting, which claimed the lives of six people and left 13 wounded.

    Mr Loughner, 22, has been jailed pending trial. The case has been assigned to California federal Judge Larry Burns.

    All judges in Arizona were recused from Mr Loughner’s trial because federal Judge John Roll of Arizona was among those killed in the shooting.

    The US House of Representatives on Wednesday took up a resolution honouring Ms Giffords and other victims of the attack, with House Speaker John Boehner fighting back tears as he spoke about his ailing colleague.

    “Our hearts are broken but our spirit is not,” the Ohio Republican said.

    The resolution declares the House “stands firm in its belief in a democracy in which all can participate and in which intimidation and threats of violence cannot silence the voices of any American”.

    Meanwhile, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has attacked as a “blood libel” suggestions that political rhetoric contributed to the fatal shootings in Arizona.

    Some commentators have suggested that increasingly vitriolic political rhetoric in the US may have played some role in the attack, with some specifically criticising Ms Palin for using an online graphic containing crosshair symbols that marked targeted Democratic districts in the recent US mid-term elections.

  65. Hello every one. I am watching cspan 1 right now and it is packed with people. I heard that there are more people outside in the stadium to watch, if I heard correctly.

  66. Watching the live stream McCain and his wife walked in and no one even acknowledge. It was telling.

  67. The choir sang my favorite hymn. 🙂

    Just showed McCain… in the spirit of “together we thrive”, I will keep my mouth shut on that one.

    Does anyone know who the lady is, who was just wheeled in?

  68. I know I should be more generous of spirit but…John McCain has a hellofanerve showing up there.

  69. President Obama visited Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband in the ICU on the second floor of the University Medical Center in Tucson, Ariz. The visit lasted nine minutes, according to pool reports.

  70. House minority leader is here while the majority leader is out there partying. Gawd, what a country…

  71. Thank you BWD, I specially love the pic of our President with the great/brave sheriff…

  72. ^BWD, I don’t see that pic…Where is it? lol

    I don’t like that woman… Gov “Death Panel” Brewer…Grrr! So far, two (2) transplant patients have died, and another may if she doesn’t get hers, soon! 😦

  73. President Obama must be there- I see his Secret Service guy there at least. Though the news says he’s not there yet.

  74. Oh man, I LOVE the Cheering the President and Mr. Obama are receiving. Well done Tucson.

  75. I don’t think he expected it at all. I think he eventually eased into it. They were affirming his way of governing and had to express it the best way they could, his way of governing, ‘regardless’ of policies. It was expressly directed towards him, they meant it.

  76. sigh. no. my dog had to go outside. she couldn’t wait.

    Maybe I’ll be able to find a clip later this evening.

    Do you know who the woman in the blue top is? The one they keep showing.

    Beautiful Native American Blessing!

  77. wow to the singer.. I heard that he was very nervous about singing the anthem tonight. Beautifully done sir.

  78. Yes, Daniel Hernandez, Jr., gay Latino American, hero.

    HA! Take that, Tea Party Republicans.

  79. I turned every thing off when I heared Gov Jan Brewer. The lady who let two people die becuase she blocked medical treatment from them.

  80. Daymn.BBC is carrying it Live while CNN International isn’t.

    brewer … uughhh. mute button.

    Waiting for Prez.

  81. Oh wonderful welcome for our Sec of Homeland Security- I think we know which governor was well loved by Tucson.

  82. Call me petty but I think it’s hilarious that Napolitano got a MUCH bigger welcome than Brewer.

  83. Several times cspan has shown an “older” gentleman with two young adults (or maybe they’re teen-aged). Does anyone know who they are?

  84. Too bad he cannot shed tears for a little girl but he has PLENTY of tears when it comes to himself.

  85. I was so impressed by the reception PBO received from the attendees. PBO puts all of his opponents to shame.

  86. Does anyone find it a bit odd that there would be cheering and applause at a memorial service? As opposed to respectful sobriety and silence? It seems more like a political rally than a memorial service.

  87. I want to live up to her (Christina) expectations of democracy. ….This country should live up to towards this country’s expectations.

    Go, Mr President.

  88. I am flat out sobbing right now. Rain puddles in heaven. OMG what a breathe of all that is holy and good.

  89. And, Amk, I hope we do, too…

    GOPTeaParty (and ya co-horts) are/were ya listenin’…I hope so!

  90. No, their heads are exploding on twitter…NONE of the listened to s single word the President said

  91. Powerful speech -left an imagige of Christina dancing in rain puddles in heavan. GREAT sentiments, words that will comfort family members.

  92. How is it even possible that anyone could write and give such a brilliant, heart-wrenching speech? Seems super human to me.

  93. He’s just one hell of good human being and we all ought to take his words tonight into our heart, into our homes- and as importantly- outside of our homes. Thank YOU Mr. President, I do not believe theres anyone who could have spoken more appropriate or inspiring or touching words in this instance than you have. And to Michelle- who wore her heart very much on her sleeve tonight- thank you for representing all of us so well.

  94. F_the_media! President Obama is the kindest person I have ever witnessed in my lifetime and the BEST President too.

    I love my FLOTUS too!

  95. How right you were. It was a celebration of life. I will never get little Christina image dancing in puddles in heaven. Beautiful – Beautiful.

  96. @marcambinder: [President] Obama found a way to overshadow the ‘who coarsened our culture’ debate… Through Christina’s Eyes: [President] Obama’s much-anticipated address humanized the heroes of Tucson

    President Obama asked Americans tonight to step outside of themselves and see Saturday’s shootings in Tucson, Ariz., from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl, Christina Taylor Green, an “A” student, gymnast, baseball fan, and born on 9/11, who woke up early Saturday morning because she was excited to see what a congressional event would be like.

    By using the youngest victim of last week’s rampage as his focal point, Obama made her America’s cause and asked the nation to live lives as compassionate and caring as those felled by the gunman’s bullets. Without wading into the who-coarsened-our-culture debate, he overshadowed it with a call to the better angels of our nature.

    The mourning ceremony itself, organized by the University of Arizona, seemed discordantly at times like a political rally. The trumpets and timpani of Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfare For the Common Man” set the mood for an hour that included tears and cheers, where heroes were celebrated, politics itself honored, and where Obama was greeted by the university president as if he were a transcendent figure, rather than a mortal man. The early part of the president’s speech was capped by a deviation from the text; “Today, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes for the first time.” As he went through the list of victims, the president’s tone was celebratory. They had all lived praiseworthy lives; each had something in them that we have in us. And then he got to Christina Taylor Green.

    “Imagine: here was a young girl who was just becoming aware of our democracy; just beginning to understand the obligations of citizenship; just starting to glimpse the fact that someday she too might play a part in shaping her nation’s future,” Obama said. “She saw all this through the eyes of a child, undimmed by the cynicism or vitriol that we adults all too often just take for granted.”

    Obama’s peroration asked his audience to “live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it. All of us—we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.”…

    Every American shooting massacre has its iconography. For Tucson, there were two: the mug shot of the mentally ill young perpetrator, Jared Loughner, eyes bulging from their sockets, his pupils dilated in fear, and a wide smile less arrogant than pleased at some private accomplishment.

    And then there is a photograph of Mark Kelly, gently but firmly gripping the resting hand of his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, a private act that speaks to both her suffering and his optimism about her recovery.

    Obama added a third: we can think of Christina Taylor, paddling through the rain puddles in heaven, watching to see if we fulfill her expectations…

  97. I’m so glad everything went well and so love our president and first lady. Very proud of him.

  98. I watched on C-Span. My heart went out to our President and Mrs. Obama when they first walked in. That is the saddest I have ever seen him…..and yet he rose to the occasion when he spoke. He is a gift to humanity. The response to him was tremendous, so humble a man. He is so gifted and his tribute was perfect. He mentioned ever person involved in the tragedy. I love the way he and Michelle bond, never being embarrassed to show emotion and love to one another. There have been other presidents where the nice little wife looks up doweyed at her husband but this is the first where the President gives all the love back and in public. There is nothing phoney about them.

    So many things impressed me that I can’t list them all but as the Indian prayer was said….Obama watched him closely where others had their face in repose. He showed respect. I don’t know if anyone caught this but he said that his family came from Mexico in the 1800’s. I hope it opened some eyes. Many were here before Columbus came to America. I loved the prayer.

  99. Again, thanks so much BWD!!!! I know that I say it all the time, but I would rather say it and feel peace that I gave a sincere compliment to someone than to go to sleep and think that I had the opportunity to say something of truth and nice, and did not say it. Life is too precious to not say good things to good people who are doing good things, rather excellent things for us to enjoy and be a part of in this word. So,”Thanks again, BWD.”

  100. It seemed very healing. They need to be able to see the optimism in the future, so they can go on. I thought it was appropriate – this one crazy person can’t take that hope away from them, and it spoke well of the people who were there. I know it lifted my spirits.

  101. One day you should attend a real Irish wake. The deceased is remembered and humorous stories are told and everyone relives the enjoyment of the deceased’s life. There is much laughter among the tears and it truly helps those still here. I would think the students were letting the president know how much they appreciated him being there to honor their dead, and doing that the only way they could.

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