President Obama in Arizona – Photostream (part 2)

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148 thoughts on “President Obama in Arizona – Photostream (part 2)

  1. The President once again proving he’s the only adult in the room and a father to us all.

  2. Actually, there are many adults in the room this evening.

    He’s far too young to be my father. 😉

  3. Good news about Gabbie openning her eyes for the first time. Michelle had to wipe some tears. Me too.

  4. Official attendance numbers from UofA: 26,172. Around 13K here in McKale Ctr and 13K next door at AZ Stadium #giffords RT

  5. From TPM:

    “The most moving moment of Obama’s speech — and of the memorial service — was the President’s announcement that shortly before the event, while surrounded by some of her House colleagues, Rep. Gabby Giffords opened her eyes for the first time since the shooting. Video soon …”

  6. BBC reporter – President Obama looked the issue right in its eye and told america that we can do better.

  7. There is a humble man talking and keeping us in check again. Caught that too!

    I don’t think Teabaggers will understand it though. Next week they will go about repealing HCR.

  8. I thought the speech started off a bit detached but the last 1/2 of it made me sob. The whole part about having our discourse worthy of those we lost and how Christina is jumping in a puddle in heaven just broke my heart.

  9. Some historians/social scientists have wondered if the key to our long years of national prosperity don’t come from the right person stepping up at a critical time to lead. Barack Obama is exactly such a person.

  10. I am bursting with pride and gratitude that President Obama is the leader of our country. He started the healing with this remarkable speech and it is now up to us to follow his lead. As he said when the tragedy first happened, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

  11. “And in Christina…in Christina we see all of our children. So curious, so trusting, so energetic and full of magic. So deserving of our love.

    And so deserving of our good example. If this tragedy prompts reflection and debate, as it should, let’s make sure it’s worthy of those we have lost.”

  12. I am stunned by his speech. I’ve been angry and knew he would take the high road and give me a vision I could hold in my heart — and he did — it was so beautiful. I am so thankful that he is our President.

  13. I remember the environment after Columbine happened. So much pain and trauma during that time when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold took the lives of 12 students and a teacher.

    We got through Columbine and we will get through this.

    Stay faithful and to quote Journey don’t stop believin!

  14. I am stunned. I did not know exactly what to expect, because the man is always great, but this is off the charts. You could also tell how moved he was by all of this tragedy.

    I feel so blessed to have President Obama.

    My husband was even in tears when PBO spoke. Moving beyond belief.

    It is nice to come here and know I am among friends.

  15. The brilliance of that speech just takes your breath away. He never ceases to amaze me.

  16. Wow…what a great speech. And when I say “great speech” I mean one that actually teaches us something. A speech that instructs us, and puts this whole tragedy in a context that can lead to healing and maybe even a stronger nation.

    Good job, Mr. President. Thank you.

  17. You are definitely among friends. And if President Obama were on this blog, he’d be among friends, too! Well, he’d be #1 friend and I’d faint, but you know what I mean.

  18. If I were a Secret Service agent, I would hate to be on detail tonight. They have to be constantly aware of the surroundings, the people… and there are sooo many people still crowding around the President.

    I hope they get a nice bonus or increase in pay.

  19. Daniel Hernandez is an amazing human being. I wish I could give him a hug and thank him for his bravery and dedication to Congresswoman Giffords.

  20. *Pitch perfect* – Agreed.

    I will try to live up to President Obama’s ideals for our country, not just mine – he lifts us all up!

  21. Luckily, I didn’t spot McCain or Kyle.

    (I’ll go back to trying to be good now.)

  22. I don’t know, but cspan is taking calls from viewers. They have separate lines for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I muted the television. Not interested in viewer opinions.

  23. This speech moved me in a lot of ways. I can’t think about that little girl dying without crying but I am a firm believer that you have to make something good come out of something bad and so I intend just to keep striving to be a better person.

    The audience seemed kind of raucous to me but I have to wonder if it isn’t a reaction of tension and relief in a town that has been traumatized. That, and there were a lot of college students in the hall. And maybe audiences in AZ are just different from where I come from. I do think it was like releasing a pressure valve.

  24. Great Speach and prayed for President Obama for God’s anointing to be on him tonight.

  25. I remember during the campaign after one of the debates with John McCain ended he immediately started looking in the crowd anxiously. As the camera captured his movement, you could see that he was looking for Michelle and when he saw her his face lit up with that million dollar smile. When he reached her, they hugged. It was such a sweet moment and I was so jealous.

  26. Her commentary can’t match what Prez said … sounds kind of superfluous coming right after his speech. (not being critical of her)

  27. I think you’ve summed it up perfectly. That town has had so much to be sad about. The memorial was a moment to laugh, celebrate and cry together as a community.

  28. Screw em. We know the truth and POTUS speaks it.

    My biggest lump in throat moment was the spontaneous hug between Hernandez and the Congresswoman’s husband.

  29. Okay, I can finally see again, went through a lot of kleenex. His speech made me feel ashamed of all the anger ad bitterness I have felt these last few days.

    There were several comments yesterday about his leading by example. Tonight was another example.

    I defy anyone to criticize thi speech.

    Unfortuantely, I think the President of the University is going to be criticized for his really beautiful and highly approving intro of Obama.

  30. The speech was wonderful, I am so grateful he is our President. He was caring, hopeful, and spoke about the need to work together. Just the right tone. He rose to the occasion.

    So glad I could share it with you folks instead of the political pundits.

    Virtual Hugs

  31. There have been expressions of his face that we have never seen before and I hope we never have to again. He is feeling this very deeply.

  32. Our President was awesome tonight. “Let’s make our country as good as she imagined it.” Such a deeeeeep statement. About the pleasant naivety of child and the acknowledgement that no, our country isn’t nearly as good as she imagined it and that we need to work on that.

    And watching the talking heads on CNN dissect this speech as a political opportunity is sickening. Even Fox News covered it better.

  33. Okay, I was also thinking, ‘All right now…back on Air Force One, please!’ I loved watching the Secret Service on the job. There was no doubt that they were rolling DEEP!

  34. I just love this man…simply put. He speaks with so much wisdom that is just out of this world.

  35. two pundits on CNN are already criticizing. David Gergen is one of them. Thankfully the other pundits are vigorously pushing back..

  36. Yes, Gergen is disgusting. A child and others are dead, and thousands are mourning and his biggest concern is whether this speech “transforms Obama’s Presidency?”

  37. Dont get mad BWD, cause I know this aint about you, but I am really thankful for this site. These pics are simply great. The Pres is a blessing to this nation. I love it. R.I.P to all our brothers and sisters we lost. and to the familly of that sweet little princess, be blessed.

  38. Imagine if pundits were around throughout the history to instantly criticize every historic speech just to prove that they serve a purpose.

    Nothing will ever be good enough because if folks gave credit they’d lose their partisan bonafides. And if pundits gave credit they think they’d be seen as unserious fanboys and fangirls.

  39. I wasn’t reminded how great a speaker he is or why I love him so much. I know that very deeply and it’s in the forefront of my mind every day. What I was reminded of was just exactly how lucky and blessed we are to have him as our Nation’s leader at this moment in time. I can never take that for granted.

  40. hopefruit2, I do not watc TV for ovious reasons; too much poison for my little old heatr!

  41. CSPAN took calls and I heard responses from Republicans and Independents who appreciated the speech.

  42. I agree completely Ladyhawke. He was indeed brilliant, he left me with seeing Christina jumping rain-puddles in heaven…

    Once again there is so much here that was said with such earnestness and heart and sensitivity- to all of us. He is a UNITER, pure and simple.

  43. Fox covered it better because Fox knows itself. When you are a channel that tries to give validation to all sides no matter how silly, it lends itself to poor coverage of everything. Its that notion that a jack of all trades is a master of none. This wasn’t about politics, and the tears I saw in Sheppard Smith’s eyes as he cut on Fox Channel to get people over to FoxNews tells what they thought. Tonight had nothing to do with Politics, sadly, some dim people will never understand that.

  44. When he talked about Christina Taylor Green, it made me think of the wonderful book he wrote for Sasha and Malia “Of Thee I Sing”. The first sentence in the book is:

    Have I told you lately how wonderful you are?

  45. It’s such a comfort to know that I can come here and be with this loving community.

  46. Don’t worry. CNN is a dead channel. To look at tonight as political tells you how lost these people are

  47. Yes it was a really loving introduction, I’m so glad the President was greeted with such respect tonight- it is all deserved. But it always touches my heart the way folks respond to him.

  48. For the first time since Saturday I cried. President’s speech was magnificent. I watched Fox (just to see what they have to say), and they could not say enough good about The President’s Speech. They thought he handled the applause so well, since the kids could not stop applausing and they thought it was inappropriate for them to get excited so much, but then they said “hey this is a University”…they should start realizing the Republicans are losing the young people.

  49. It’s a good thing that the pundits told the president what to say and how to say it tonight. He couldn’t have done such a good job without them.

  50. they are just dumb, the teevee talkers- seriously clueless.. sometimes they ought to just be silent, be quiet and recognize that no one could do justice to what the President said/says.. but him- they are no match, they have no analysis.. he makes us FEEL- he reminds us of our BEST ANGELS everytime he opens his mouth- and they (the media) have absolutely nothing to add.

  51. That was an amazing, beautiful, moving, inspiring speech by Obama. My husband who does not often show emotion was a bit choked up himself at the end, and just said, “That. Was. Incredible.” The key words for me: “I want our democracy to be as good as she (Christina) imagined it. I want our country to live up to our children’s expectation.”
    I think I just heard Tom Brokaw compare this speech to one by Abraham Lincoln.
    I also liked what the pastor who was with Rachel said about Gabby opening her eyes for the first time. He said Obama said that to signal that if Gabby can open her eyes, we can open ours. Very profound.

  52. Please forgive me for going there, but my curiosity got the better of me. Even the people at the site that shall not be named liked it.

  53. Absolutely phenomenal speech. Perfect for this moment. He astonishes me every single day. The love between him and FLOTUS is a tremendous source of hope for me. Just WOW.

  54. There have been times – I have to admit it – when I’ve questioned whether or not I’ve become just a cheerleader for this President. Tonight reminds me that he just might be even better than I thought.

  55. ANY commentary after that speech would sound hollow, Rhoda.

    And yes, What is Working, I’m skipping the post mortem, too. I don’t need Chris and Keith’s and even Rachel’s stamp of approval.

  56. I believe the country does embrace him. The media is not the country. The Tea Party is not the country. We are the country.

    Tomorrow we start echoing the key quotes from his speech, we remind our neighbors and friends of his comments as we eat lunch.

    We blog, we post to Facebook, we send email, we make a difference. He has given us so much to work with.

    “it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds”


  57. That’s when I lost it. Such wonderful news. What a night this has been. We are so blessed to have this man as our leader.

  58. It’s amazing how much this country agrees with President Obama when they actually listen to him. I am so grateful he’s our president, and so grateful we have a president worthy of young Christina Green.

  59. I can’t imagine being a Secret Service agent at the memorial service. Talk about intense pressure.

  60. I believe it was here I read that Roger Ailes told the Fox news staff to tone down the rhetoric. Good, they listened. Plus, they were probably grateful the President didn’t call them out for their normally hateful rhetoric. 🙂

  61. “What matters is not wealth, or status, or power — but how well we have loved, and what small part we have played in bettering the lives of others.”

    Sorry – I’ll stop now, I know folks are tired but it is not yet 8 in CA.

  62. I know where you’re coming from. I don’t agree with all of his decisions, but I usually can understand why he did what he did and that often is enough for me to defend him against hyperbolic criticisms even when I may disagree with him.

  63. If the power of this speech only last through tonight, I’d be happy. I’ve been on Fox and GOS and they are all taking a breather from hyperventilating. It’s incredible!

  64. If Tom Brokaw praised Obama that is truly something. He has always treated Obama like a lightweight.

  65. Thank you God for this wise, compassionate, humble,intelligent, and loving man as our President. And thank you, dear God, for giving him the love of Michelle.
    I love this man and this first lady!!! They are constantly in my prayers.

  66. I listened to the C-SPAN calls as well and a little old Republican lady (at least that’s how she sounded) said that the scale had been removed from eyes and that she truly appreciated President Obama. It was amazing.

  67. Such a hard thing to do. Such a sad task to take on. Such eloquence and empathy. Very moving to watch and to take in. And a very lot to take away. How can we all do things in a better way?

  68. Hi everyone! I’m reading you all, just not feeling like posting much. BUT… I’m overwhelmed with the memorial speech tonight by our President! It was pitch perfect… more than that, it was a blessing for our nation.

    That photo above of our President, it looks like he’s swallowing back his tears. 😦

    Of all the Presidents we’ve had, President Obama truly feels compassion and he means what he says. I just feel this is true. I hope this country wakes up and begins to listen to him, I mean really listen.

    The photos posted of this event are wonderful. I’m very happy so many came to the memorial.

  69. I just watched Tom Brokaw on Lawrence O’Donnell and he was being his usual self about Obama. When he talks about Obama, he drips disdain. Didn’t see anything different tonight.

  70. I heard that too, she was very genuine and so was the Republican young man who called after her and voiced his appreciation for the speech and his concern for Arizona.

  71. And I believe your understanding is echoed by throngs that will never fit into the media narrative. And that’s fine; it’s so appreciated by like-minded folk who don’t mind dealing with the real world.

  72. It really does not matter what the critics may say, but tonight President Obama showed why many of us, young and old, were so inspired to vote for him. Tonight, in the middle of this immense tragedy, he displayed all the qualities that attracted me to him: wisdom, compassion, humility and a dedication to forging a better country that values and respects all people. I am also thankful tonight for BWD, the creator of this site, and for all the wonderful people that take time to share their love and wisdom.

  73. How can we all do things in a better way?

    Not just an examined life but one for purpose. Brilliant and inspiring. Stunningly fitting.

  74. From the very first word our president spoke to the very last this was perfection. I could not be any prouder to be a citizen of this great country that is being lead by this wonderful man. And all those great people that he spoke of, I love them so much.

    Now Governor Brewer. I never thought I would be typing what I am bout to type but to be honest, I found some semblance of comfort in her speech. I like how she spoke of Rep Gabby and she was very respectful in her words and demeanor towards our President. I cannot remember another Republican showing PBO so much respect. Judging by the pics and after watching her at the memorial I absolutely believe she is genuinely stunned/devastated by this tragedy and is very thankful that the President was there for her State, as well as for her in their time of need. She seems to have needed his words and his shoulders very much.

    I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but for the 31 minutes our President spoke I felt lifted, I can only hope we all heed his words.

  75. dammit, I had to work tonite and I missed the speech. The pres and the first lady look very humbled to be in AZ and I hear that his speech even got the thumbs up from FOX. These pics are very moving BWD

  76. What shocked me was when Tom Brokaw compared this speech to Lincoln. Funny, I never took him as a PBO supporter lol. It was so refreshing to hear his POV because I’d just turned from the disgusting drivel on CNN…

    Just wanted to add that it was a wonderful speech. I was deeply moved and cried numerous times. It makes you want to do better…to be better. Very inspirational.

  77. I love this President. What a blessing God has given to this country. Yes, I cried for the first time since Sat. Tears of sadness but also of joy. Greatest speech of his and believe me i have heard them all.

    Thanks all for sharing this momentous night.

    Peace and Love.

  78. Me neither. Their closenes, and the naturalness of it, never ceases to touch something in me. Like everyone here, I’m tremendously happy to be alive during this presidency. President Obama ( + his family) has totally changed my cynicism about politicians. As I keep saying from time to time, he has taught me (and keeps teaching me) much about the real role of the president. I have never met him, probably never will, yet every time I hear/see him performing his duties in that inimitable sytle of his I am energized, and impressed. As we all expected, he did an excellent job as president tonight! May God bless the President, his family, and the members of the Administration as he/she ‘bless(es) America”.

  79. ‘Why does the media feel it is their job to “tell us” what the President said, why not just roll the clip?’

    WisW: They wouldn’t want us to ‘misunderestimate’ his words. 😉 Or, maybe they have forgotten what it’s like to have a president who can express himself clearly and eloquently.

  80. Gergen is still around?!! He (and Gloria whatever, and Wolfe, and ….the whole CNN team) made me so mad over their unfairness and stupidity in 2008 that I stopped watching CNN – cold! That’s actually when I stumbled onto the blogs on the computer, and have been trying to understand them since. There’s a lot I don’t know how to do (embed, choose/change avatars, etc.), BUT I know how to find blogs that feed my spirit, and that’s important to me!

  81. I do know what you mean. And, thank you for being my friends. We are so lucky to be alive and experience Barack Obama.

    He moves my soul. At times, I can not even imagine that he has a mean and spiteful bone in him. His love and ability to forgive is beyond my belief.

    He inspires me to be more hopeful and forgiving.

    I too would faint. I would swoon and realize that I had met the most amazing of men.

  82. I have been thinking about this the last few days. I do not have to agree with others in terms of their politics, but I do want to stop hating them. To hate them makes me hateful. PBHO would not feel that way. I know in my heart that is true.

  83. I feel the same ParkRanger. I really think this man is changing me. I do not know that I can be as forgiving as he is at this point, but I will try to move in that direction.

  84. Same here. I know I am petty and hateful about so many people that belittle and demean PBO. I too want to be more like him. To understand that it is not who wins, it is about being a responsible, caring human being.

  85. They are just dumb. Nobody was ready for a President who operated outside of the predictable.

    Now we have a President that is indeed his own man. A man who does not act, but a man who is genuine. I am so haaaaapppppyyyy.

  86. Kittypat, this is amazing. We are indeed lucky or blessed to be a part of this man’s moment? Think about it. How many people get to experience a President like BHO?

  87. thank you for the laugh line. Oh, it is always the pundits who know what PBHO should do.

  88. I agree with everything you said Nathan. I was trying to think of what I wanted to say, and you said it perfectly.
    We are truly blessed to have this man as our president, and I am glad that Michelle is by his side.

  89. A-men, WhatIsWorking… I’m sure this has already been said, but as BWD so proudly named this site — tonight PBO once again showed that he is truly the only adult in the room.

  90. Wow. You put into words what I felt when I head that Pastor on Rachel. “If Gabby can open her eyes, we can open ours”. Indeed very profound!

  91. Giving a eulogy that captures the essense of the deceased and offers compassionate comfort and hope to the living is difficult for most clergy. Our President demonstrated his ability to be pastoral at a time of great need in our country. If we allowed ourselves as a country, we could learn so much from President Obama’s example. May God have mercy on us.

  92. Now more than ever I believe this to be true. He and his family are truly a Godsend to America!!!!

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