In Christina we see all of our children


72 thoughts on “In Christina we see all of our children

  1. I watched the service and President Obama’s eulogy on Cspan. My heart is too full for words. But, I’m just dropping a comment to show my solidarity with you all.

  2. What a wonderful speech. He uplifted us, he moved us, he challenged us to work together in a spirit of unity, harmony and good will. I know many were a little upset by the enthusiasm of the audience cheering and clapping, but I thought it was a positive celebration of the lives and memories of those who died, were wounded or are now surviving their loss. I’m betting the other side will belittle this ceremony, but shock of shocks, I just saw that Republican, Tom Brokaw, actually equate the President’s speech tonight with Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg.

  3. He meant every word. He respected the needs of different segments of the audience to respond in their own way–no looks of annoyance at college students and their enthusiasm, just understanding who and where they were. And yes, I can be inspired to do better, Mr President, by you and the people, all of us–(“3 million strong”). And proud to have “been given permission” by her husband to pass on to all of us that “Gabby has opened her eyes for the first time”.

  4. Beautiful and wise speech. I’m a bit bowled over by all the positive comments about it I’m reading on Facebook, including from a couple of Republican friends.

    It’s a sign of a great speech that I heard in it wisdom that applies to other (nonpolitical) challenges I am facing.

    One friend quoted a bit of Andrew Sullivan’s commentary, which I’m off to read.

    Thanks for the photo record!

  5. ^BWD, I thank you, thank you, thank you for all this…

    And, yes all we need is L-O-V-E!

    See ya, I hope you sleep well.

  6. I know this may sound too appreciative of this man, but I seriously believe he is a superior human being. I believe his intelligence, his high ideals, his generosity of spirit, his compassion, his integrity and his strength and determination to raise the consciousness of humans on Earth is truly a gift to this country and the world. I honestly believe that he’s a credit to the human race.

    God bless and keep you, my president. I don’t know if we deserve you, but I certainly am grateful with every fibre of my being for your presence and your willingness to lead this nation through these perilous times with such fortitude, humility and hope.

  7. That was a very moving speech. I hope we can keep the President’s words in mind and try harder to be civil to each other. I have read a few complaints but for the most part, I think America is pleased with what they heard. It was wonderful to hear the Rep. Giffords opened her eyes tonight for the first time. It makes me hopeful that she will come through this terrible ordeal and heal. I think the service was what we all needed as a nation. It was a chance to reflect on the heroes of the day, those loss we all feel of the victims who didn’t survive and a celebration of the healing that is occurring even as we listened to the service. It was an appeal to our better angels and a celebration of the strength of our democracy even in the face of tragedy. Even Gov. Berwer did a good job speaking. May we all keep that sense of unity as one people and try to work together.

  8. They have probably never attended a funeral at a black church. They’d probably think it was too raucous at times. It’s par for the course to not only laugh and cheer but to clap, and no one thinks it’s out of place. The attendees at the memorial service were being themselves, and I’m happy if our president could lift their spirits. They needed that. That was one of the purposes of the trip.

  9. It was very beautiful and made so choke up. I have decided this will be my motto in life, to live my life by the expections of my children.

  10. He spoke like a true statesman, not a politician. Politicians are dime a dozen.

    Hope the media listens to him, despite my deep reservations about them.

  11. the beatles said it best my friends, “all there is is love” and ” love is all you need”. yeah, yeah, yeah!

    beautiful speech by a beautiful man!

  12. For the children. Yes! He put the country’s focus in the right place. I agree about it being a prayer. Capped by that amazing poem at the end.

  13. God sent this man for “such a time as this”. He is such a kind and loving person – very brave and a person who can be trusted to always try and do the right thing whether its politcally correct or not. Mrs. Obama was right there with him and certainly had his back. They are such a beautiful couple and such an inspiration to us all. He said “we can not take this moment to turn on each other” – I pray to remember that!

  14. At 1:10 into the clip above, did President Obama mean “It is not because a simple act of INcivility caused this tragedy – it did not…”

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t makes heads of it otherwise.

  15. Really not trying to nitpick as I’ve said the speech was brilliant and pitch perfect, just that bit confuses me.

  16. I thought he said incivility…but my computer was so busy buffering, I might have heard incorrectly.

  17. I have felt angry and resentful of the right and President Obama really touched my heart. Especially when he was talking about the innocence of children and living up to the world they believe in. I appreciate him so much and I’m so thankful he is the President.

  18. I felt that the cheering and clapping was a celebration of lives well-lived and unfortunately lost; lives that embodied the American spirit, and amidst all this pain and sorrow, the Americans in that hall needed a catharsis, needed to feel like the out-of-many-we-are-one Americans again.

    We are incredibly lucky to have this magnificent, gracious, intelligent and humane man as our leader at this critical juncture — this struggle for our future. Hopefully a future where we learn how to keep each other as brothers and sisters of a very large family, learn how to disagree with respect and work toward solutions that will benefit us all, and feel more empathy for our fellow human beings, because at the end of the day, our hopes and fears are all the same.

    And that’s what President Obama gave our nation tonight — hope, using our fallen American brothers and sisters as examples to live up to.

  19. I am rarely moved to emotional reactions from this sort of thing, or movies, etc. This speech, however, had me teared up and weeping for the first time in years.

    This is why I voted for this man. He has upset me, disappointed me, and sometimes angered me. But he has always been a once-in-a-lifetime statesmen, and after the nightmare of the last Presidency, I sometimes forget how welcome a relief it is to have him in the Oval office.

    To all those affected by this tragedy, may whatever gods you believe in keep you, and if you don’t, may you be kept by those who love you.

  20. Actually, he said (or meant to say) “lack of civility”, not act of civility. It did sound like act of civility.

  21. This is exactly the type of comment one would hope this speech could inspire.

    Thank you.

  22. I am so proud to be able to be a part of a loving group on a site who think with their hearts and their heads. I am so proud of our President having us to sit and listen to a man who truly see the better part in us and want to badly for it to show more in the country that he now leads. I was just crying with so much of the positive love of response in the audience to their President of the United States and to the bringing us together with that emotion. Did you all see the heavy heart that he had and the love that he and our First Lady and other staff showed that love with reaching out with words, hugs, and teary eyes. What a joy in a sad moment . But there we saw hope brought to Washington in the hour of this awful thing. What a leader we have. I give thanks for our President. Thank you, Mr. President. Thanks for our dear Gabby feeling all of the continued love shared with her in her office. Giving her human hope from Washington and her President , I am sure brought her happiness in the middle of pain. She will be healed with all of the prayers, love, and compassion sent in her direction. We love you, Congresswoman, Giffords!!

  23. I didn’t know it was possible to be so heart broken and so proud and hopeful all at the same time.
    Thank you Mr. President.
    Thank you.

  24. I just watched it again with my husband and cried even more the second time. And I am thrilled and pleasantly surprised that the mainstream media is lauding this speech to the sky. He truly moved everyone who listened to it and it will live on forever, IMHO, much like MLK’s “I Have A Dream.”

    I believe our president has once again turned the ship of state away from disaster.

    What a super man.

  25. That hopey changey thing is really, truly working for me. What an awesome president we have.

  26. I have never given up hope. I adore this man and find that he always comes through with the right words and the right meanings. I just don’t get it when the pundits say he’s not connecting with the middle class. I am as middle class as one can get and he has never broken the connection.

    I hope he turned some minds around tonight. I thought he was phenomenal. His heart is so obvious.

    I am so taken with this website. I cannot believe I have found a place where so many think as I do. It is so uplifting. Can we affect change in this country? I would like to hope that last Saturday’s tragedy might be the last of it’s kind. I hope against hope that Gabrielle Giffords recovers completely. She is so badly needed in Washington.

  27. The President’s Speech
    Posted by Joe Klein[Time Magazine]

    Barack Obama spoke to the city of Tucson, and to the United States of America, not so much as our President tonight, but as a member of our family. He spoke as a son–I couldn’t help but think of his personal regret over not being by his mother’s side when she passed as he said, “Did we spend enough time with an aging parent, we wonder.” You could see the devastation insinuate itself onto, and then be quietly willed away from, his face. He spoke as a brother to his fellow public servants, killed and wounded in the events–an eager brother bringing the glad tidings the Gabrielle Giffords had opened her eyes. He repeated it, joyously, three times. But most of all, he spoke as a father–rising to a glorious peak describing the departed 9-year-old, Christine Taylor Green, a girl near the age of his daughters, whose own deaths, perhaps in the line of fire, he had so clearly been thinking about. And he spoke, more broadly, as the head of our national family, comforting, uplifting, scolding a little, nudging us toward our better angels.

    It was a remarkably personal speech, effortlessly sweeping away any notion of pomposity, over-intellectuality or distance. It was written and delivered in plain English. It summoned images, and emotions, that every American–even those who cannot countenance his legitimacy–could relate to and be moved by. His description of the victims was at the heart of it: Judge Roll went to mass every day. George and Dot Morris had a 50-year honeymoon. Dorwan and Mavy Stoddard lost their teenaged love and then regained it many years later. Phyllis Schneck sat quilting under her favorite tree. We all know them–and we know people like Daniel Hernandez, big and loyal and kindly, who would have stopped a bullet to save his boss, but saved her instead by tending to her wounds and begging her to hold on. Their ordinary decency, simply evoked, made the tragedy our own. Their simple nobility beggared the absurd screech of the debate surrounding this terrible event. His appreciation of their humanity was an appeciation of our own.

    And in summoning the community and the nation and the Congresswoman that Christine Taylor Green imagined we are, he summoned for us the country that we should be. On this night. certainly, he was the President she–and we–imagined he might be. On this night, finally, he became President of all the people. It was a privilege to behold.

  28. ‘It was a privilege to behold.’

    YES, it was!

    May God continue to bless, guide, strengthen and protect you, Mr. President!

  29. Every nation on this earth is blessed by PBO’s leadership, his compassion, and his genuine love of his fellow brothers & sisters.

  30. It was an amazing speech in so many ways. He is an amazing man and I am in awe of him.

  31. What I love about our president is his eternal optimism and faith in the American people. That we can love one another. Out of many one.

  32. This morning I read the text of the President’s speech, and it had me weeping all over again.

    I believe we all should be committed to his plea. While every word he spoke was in Christina’s name, we know it’s as he stated – Christina is the child of all of us. And we owe it to her to not disappoint her.

  33. I have cried so many times for the victims of this tragedy and everytime I hear a different account of what happened I cry again and listen to the hatefulness of both the left and the right. But I cried yesterday for a different reason, I cried for the healing of this country for the hope my president attempts to bring , his attempt to bring this country back to “Oneness”….I pray it will work!! Good job President Obama…good job!!

  34. I wonder if people felt the same sense of awe after Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Lincoln stood in the carnage of Gettysburg and spoke to people’s souls, calling Americans to a higher purpose that is so easy to forget in times of grief. President Obama did that last night. The impact of the Gettysburg address still reverberates. I hope that the president’s words sink deeply in people’s hearts and that they unconsciously respond to it in unexpected acts of charity and empathy for the rest of their lives.
    People here have often called this site their home, which in the best sense of the word is the place where we can express our hearts without ridicule and censure. This is a home for those who love this president and want his vision for a better America to come true. And thank God for it.

  35. I knew he would be perfect and he was. I focussed more on the reactions of the family members in the audience. They were transfixed, and for a moment, were able to see their personal tragedies in a larger context of hope and healing for humanity. You could see it in their eyes. They believed. What a gift he gave them.

  36. “We recognise our own mortality, and we are reminded that in the fleeting time we have on this Earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but how well we have loved, and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better.”

    Let’s all just say that over a few times. I have tissues handy for when we all burst into tears.

    That right there, people will be memorising and quoting in two hundred years’ time. That is Gettysburg Address quality. You guys in the USA don’t even realise how lucky you are to have the president you’ve got.

  37. A healing address to inspire us all to come together to meet the challenges of today, a call to the better angels of our nature which rang true since he has been saying the same thing since he came to national attention in 2004. I hope more take this to heart since we can do better. I know that I cried through much of the speech and have committed to work harder than ever to support my president and community without wasting time on demonizing the opposition.
    I am grateful to this site for information and support. thanks BWD!

  38. Some of us do realize how lucky we are. And I am beginning to think that the number who do is increasing.

  39. As he was introduced and walked up to the stage, I was overwhelmed by a sense of the burden that Barak Obama, the man, has been given to bear. I wondered, could anyone carry such a load, and meet the demands of such a moment? As he started to speak, I could sense that he was aware of the test before him in the deep lines etched in his face, but as he started to eulogize those who had passed, a strength and joy seemed to flood into him. It was a maganificent speech, as all of you have commented. I was watching the CNN stream, and was so moved after he spoke by how he reached out to Michelle, and then how they both spent time with the families of the victims, greeting, hugging, consoling, touching them in genuine, human love. I am awed by their capacity to connect directly with people, and I pray that we might see the fruit of his vision of restored unity.

  40. I agree with the above statements, but now we, the people, must work to change the American mindset which is the backdrop to our government. War, poverty and ignorance are not acceptable and until we demand they are addressed by our representatives in government, they will continue to take a backseat to the corporate and military structure. A President can do no more than what his citizenry allows him or her to do. President Obama is far more graceful in his person than any President in my lifetime, and has accomplished an amazing amount in the short time he has been in office considering the forces opposed against him, but it is up to us to lessen the strength of those forces so he can accomplish even more.

  41. Beautifully said and put together. I feel so proud of our President.

    I too will try to hold my anger when others belittle PBO. Those who make crude and angry statements about him, are not worthy of licking his shoes.

    This speech will be a covered in history books.

    Thanks again blackwaterdog!

  42. I’m so proud of our President and of us! We elected this man who was born and raised in the only country where only he could exist and thrive.

    I was especially moved by the prayer offered by Carlos Gonzelez. I find all religions facinating, but none more so than Native American spirituality. I’m glad it was given a respected place in the services last night. It was full of good will, humour and dare I say, balance. I graduated from UofA and I couldn’t be more proud of the Tucson community, its University and its Sheriff.

    Thanks again BWD for a forum to gush over our beloved President and to look for the love and positive parts of our country.

  43. My husband has been angry of late at Obama — he wants to see more fights, less capitulation. He has felt let down. We have had many conversations about this.

    But last night was a turning point. It’s been said that we remember why we voted for Obama after last night’s speech(the posters on this site don’t have that particular problem). Here’s what I said to my husband:

    You may be angry. I get it. Here’s how I feel: this President could do everything wrong, but at moment of crisis to this nation, this is the man I want making the decisions. I want this uniquely, deeply decent human being whose mind and heart can fire on all cylinders. I want this moral compass as my country’s compass.”

    “Absolutely,” my husband said.

    Obama won him back last night. I bet that is true of many liberals, moderates and independents and a few Republicans.

  44. My heart is also broken. President is right about pulling away from the negativity and ignorance that caused this tragedy. I’m praying for those lost and for those injured

  45. When this nation has needed a President to get us through hard times, somehow we have always managed to get it right, throughout our bumbling around. We did it again. What amazing character and strength President Obama has shown, not only in this situation, but throughout his presidency.

  46. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so clearly and describing our President so beautifully. I could not have said it any better. I’m so full of love and pride for this wonderful man,a man of such high esteeem and integrity,full of intelligence and compassion.
    I look at him and rejoice that he’s my president, and that we can share him with the world.
    My only regret is that his dear mom and dad, grandmom and granddad are not here to witness, enjoy and revel in this wonderful human being they have brought into the world.
    I pray that God will continue to guide and protect my President, as well as his fabuluous wife and children.
    President Obama, may the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His peace, now and forevermore. Amen!

  47. I’m sooo thankful to the Universe for giving our Nation (and the World) a Leader who truly is for “The People”, a man who loves not only his family, but humanity as a whole. He is aware of the fact that we are all “ONE”. As hard as that is for many to comprehend, Barack & Michele GET IT!!! True humanitarians!
    TY BWD!!! I love you too!!

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