God Speed, great man



65 thoughts on “God Speed, great man

  1. May GOD ALMIGHTY let HIS face shine brightly upon HIS choice servant, President Barack OBAMA!

    May GOD ALMIGHTY cover this Nation with LOVE!

    In the Mighty Name of JESUS! Amen!!!

  2. One of the last times President Obama came to Arizona, there were people gathered outside his venue, toting guns and feeling smug about their right to do so. I live here in the winter and the climate of hate against Democrats is such that one is afraid to even display a bumper sticker, for fear of being run off the road and possibly shot by a gun-toting “patriot.”

    While I am so grateful President Obama will be here today to lead the nation in comfort, I especially pray for his and Michelle’s safety, coming into such “enemy territory.” Please God let them make the gunslingers lay down their arms before getting anywhere near the Obamas.

  3. Palin’s eight minute video release was supposed to trump the Presidents address tonight. The President will not address any of the blame or Conservative full court press pushback, it’s a memorial.

    If the contention on the Right is the shooter is just mentally ill – What is their solution? Will they push for increased spending for mental issues? I bet they won’t.

    If Palin wanted to appear “Presidential” in her video release, she should have admitted that the rhetoric was too heated and she herself used violent imagry without thinking about the overarching message she and others on both sides were sending. She then could have said that she believes more should be done to fund mental health issues, that these folks all too often fall through the cracks and left up to parents and families to try and deal with when in many cases experts are often at a loss.

    I wonder if the shooter had health coverage that would have afforded him help if he did seek it out. I wonder if his parents had coverage, and under HCR could have put their son back on their plan, and without being turned down do to his mental illness being a pre-existing condition.

  4. SheriCS, I second your fear. Heaven wrap its arms around them and those with them to keep them safe!

    As soon as I read that the president was going to Tucson, I was seized with a paralyzing fear. Not even on his trips into the Middle East have I been so fearful for his safety.

    I have an old and dear friend living during the winter in Arizona. We exchange Christmas cards, but I often wonder how she feels living down there.

  5. ben – I barely understand your words, being a Jew-Bu, but our hearts are in the same place.

    Amen, namaste, shalom. Thank you for being here. Thank you bWD for creating a space for all who share the same values, whatever their paths.

  6. Joan, I too live here only in the winter, and feel embarrassed when I talk to my friends up north about 1070, the outlawing of ethnic studies, and all the rest of the awful changes the GOP has pushed through here.

    I called the Arizona Republic yesterday and asked if they would do a story, investigating the nexus of health care reform and the medical costs of the shooting, including mental health coverage (or lack thereof). I’d like to know how many of the victims did not have health insurance and what the cost will be to the state that is all in favor of making sure none of us have a right to buy health insurance without regard to pre-existing conditions. The governor here is letting people DIE because she says she needs to cut money for organ transplants. Two have died so far. President FD Roosevelt’s great-granddaughter is among those who may die, too.

    But then, I doubt there are any journalists left to actually do the WORK of researching a story like that.

  7. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have often said that “fear is a wasted emotion.” They are faithful, and they fear less than we do I think. It is normal to fear for him, and I do too. My fear level has gone way down though compared to what the level was during inauguration. I have them in my prayers, as well as this whole nation.

    One of my favorite quotes is “those that deserve love the least, need it the most.”
    We have to also pray for those that have hate in their hearts.

  8. To the people of Arizona, I could not disagree more with some of the political choices there. But my heart is with these people, and is with everyone having to watch children suffer and die from the political excesses and fundamentalism of adults. We have got to do better in this country and in this world. This is not the only child to die in the crosshairs of a grown person’s extremism and inability to deal with conflict rationally. This is happening throughout the world.

    May this please serve as a moment of reflection alongside grief. God bless this child and her loved ones; unimaginable.

  9. Live long and strong, dear Mr. President and First Lady Michelle! May you stand tall and protected against the hatred and fear.

    This morning, all I could think about was the violent backlashes against changes in this country, from Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to MLK’s marches for equal rights. Now, it’s taking control of the health insurance industries’ abuses by a man of color in the White House. I pray our country doesn’t pay the ultimate price, once again.

    I pray daily for this family’s safety and the safety of those protecting them in the face of all this unbridled hatred and fear.


  10. The President is under stress. You can always tell when he is clenching those teeth hard that it is going to be another difficult day to maneuver through and beyond. But he will and will do it with grace.

  11. You’re right…No remorse from her at all &
    then she doubled down on crazy by taking a
    swipe at Pres.Obama and missing..
    Rachel Maddow’s crazy uncle Pat:

  12. The MSM should update the victim count to 21 – just go ahead and add Palin’s name to the list. Only a true narcissist could make such an awful tragedy all about her.

  13. I’m going to be out tonight so I’ll miss the service, but I’ll be home by 11:30 or so (EST) so I’ll get to see a rebroadcast. I’m praying hard for the President and First Lady. I’m very anxious and have been since the trip was announced. I recently finished the new SS book on the JFK assination and of course there were a number of parties that urged JFK not to travel to Dallas. Of course protection is much better in 2011, but still you can’t help but worry and pray.

  14. She invoked one of the most horrid memes of hatred, violence, and genocide in using the term ‘blood libel.’

    She is being called on it by many – http://thinkprogress.org/2011/01/12/palin-blood-libel/

    She invoked that meme in the face of the slaughter of innocent people one of whom happens to be the first Jewish woman, elected in Arizona, to become a Member of the US Congress.

    At first, I thought, more ‘stupid’ from Sarah. But, as I’ve been compelled to take time and reflected on her ‘blood libel’ statement, in the context of so many of her other vile statements and imagery, ‘stupid’ isn’t correct.

    She and her handlers had plenty of time to craft that message – as they have had all along.

    No, Sarah, you aren’t stupid, you are cold-blooded dangerous and your messaging is calibrated to continue to inflame those whom you and your pal, Judson Phillips (among others), truly are motivating to bring intolerance and violence into every aspect of political discourse and gathering. You are precisely the type of person the Founder’s would have been most vigilant and would have held robustly accountable.

    I no longer will fail to take Ms Palin very seriously – a mistake, for sure. I humbly suggest that all of us who care about our Democracy, not give Sarah Palin a break by merely mocking her – using whatever terms and cartoonish images have become typical since Aug 2008 – and start taking her holding her accountable in every peaceful and legal way possible.

    If we need someone to emulate in how we should discuss Sarah Palin – in letters to Congress, to the Press, etc – I suggest a good place to start is by reading:



  15. You are correct, starshine ;-). That’s why it’s so frustrating that the right continues to act like “Allah” means some other type of god when it’s the same God that Christians worship. “Allah” is simply Arabic for “God.”

  16. I could not image better ambassadors for this country. Every single time I see these two, they make me so proud. God bless them, and I don’t care what anybody thinks about that.

  17. Agree with you Bob- I have always taken Palin seriously- from the moment I first heard her speak at the RN Convention.. in my opinion she is a stone-cold racist and that is and has been her agenda all along. She has been egging on this sort of violent behavior since she opened her mouth nationally- and she isn’t done.

  18. I worry about the President whenever he has to make a speech in a not intirely friendly environment. Arizona, more than just about any other state, has been obnoxiously rude to him and Democratic ideas. So I hope this is an uneventful trip for him and the first lady. I know his speech will be perfect for the occasion and give us all something to think about – and hopefully – act on to make things better. A few intelligent Repubulicans are getting the message about the need for toning down the hate-filled rhetoric, fighting for better mental health care and a tightening of gun laws. One request: can we please not devote time and space to the former governor of Alaska?

  19. I lit my candle first thing this morning and will have it burning for PBO’s address tonight.

    In the midst of my fear I exercise my faith.


  20. No, it’s back up. Apparently there were “technical issues.” It’s the full video, with no editing done to contain the stupidity and offensiveness.

  21. I just had Ed Schultz radio program on in the car, and Il. Rep. Jan Schakowsky was on, and she said Congress had a very moving, unifying service this a.m., however long those feelings last. But then they come out and hear about Palin’s divisive statement—-people are saying bad things and persecuting me and it’s their fault and they’re wrong etc.—-including the unfortunate choice of words, blood libel—and she just said how sad it was that Palin had to insert herself and her self-centered rhetoric again on this day in particular.

  22. They both make me very proud- no one better to speak to this country at this time than with the words of wisdom, unity and love of President Obama. He’ll not point fingers, he’ll remind us of our similarities, of the things we have in common- how ALL of us in some manner morn the loss of this child- and no I’m not talking about the extremists.. as I believe they really cannot get past their own biases.

    they’ll be safe, the Secret Service, I believe are on.the.job at all times with our first family and I trust them to protect them well. And never forget- most people in this country respect and care for President and Mrs. Obama.. and they will not let anything go wrong. I would protect him with my life in a heartbeat.

  23. Your thoughts, Bobfr:

    “No, Sarah, you aren’t stupid, you are cold-blooded dangerous”

    My thought is – You’re right. You’re absolutely right. And what I find so interesting and disturbing is that so many conservative Christians think she is a “Godly” woman. I don’t understand their thinking. To me, if she does claim to be a Christian, a follower of Christ, she would be sowing seeds of love, of hope, to honor God. Instead she chooses the opposite. She sows seeds of anger, of hatred, seeds that do not honor God.

    I had to google Judson Phillips. Had no idea who he is. The first link listed was to ThinkProgress. From the article:

    “Agreeing with a member who believed the massacre is good for liberals, Phillips said that “the left benefits from this“”

    To which I have to say, no, Judson, this benefits no one. No one. These tragic deaths benefit no one.

    ThinkProgress link:

  24. The last thing the Quitter wants is a unified country with attention focused on PBO. She will do anything to stop that happening. The bigger the fuss around her the better. Does she care what day it is? NO!

  25. I agree with the “cold-blooded dangerous”, but that doesn’t necessarily preclude stupidity. Wasn’t it Graham Greene who once wrote: “Innocence is like a dumb leper wandering the world without his bell.” Change “innocence” to “ignorance” and you have Palin.

  26. Thank you for your comments. I so agree with you, starshine – ‘These tragic deaths benefit no one.’

    As you know, Sarah Palin is not the first demagogue to invoke Christ and God. Such invocations are calibrated to the demographics of those most likely to be ignited by hate and fear. Sarah’s messaging could not be better tuned to her ‘base.’

  27. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”


  28. Valid point, Sheila.

    In Palin’s case, I would go beyond “ignorance”, to “willful ingnorance”. Her choice to remain ignorant makes her dangerous. One would think her degree in journalism would encourage her to be sure of what she speaks. But, alas…

  29. Saint Roscoe
    Thanks for your comment. I have a son on psychotic medicine and still sometimes I am concerned about him. We surround him with love and structure as much as possible and he is 27 years old a man by most standards and we cant shove meds down his throat. Or make him attend therapy sessions. Its not easy.

    His thinking politically is so different from mine I sometimes consider demonic possession pray fiercely for his healing.

    There are so many young people on drugs, without work listening to violent music, believing that no one cares,they are so lost.

    Please pray for our young people.

  30. I couldn’t bring myself to watch. So she took a swipe at the President? I wish I could say I’m surprised.

  31. @amyewalter: Pelosi will travel w/ [President] Obama to Tucson memorial service [today]. (h/t @Skunt @Karoli)

    NOTED: Joining the president on his trip to Arizona today will be members of three branches of the federal government, ABC News’ Ann Compton notes: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who served as Arizona’s governor, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and from the legislative branch, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi along with Republican members of Arizona’s House delegation… (ABCNews Political Director)


    Every pundit has a right to their own opinions… Facts, not sooo much!

  32. Thanks for posting stpaulyouthservices. Well worth seeing and listening to again, especially at this time.

  33. Interesting that Republicans will be traveling with the President and First Lady. Wondering how awkward that will be, and how they will explain their mode of transportation to their constituents.

    How exactly does one call President Obama “the worst President in U.S. history”, and then hitch a ride with him?

  34. sigh. I shake my head a lot over that. And many don’t realize the Christian/Muslim Abraham/Sara/Hagar/Isaac/Ishmael connection, either.

  35. This Man, Our President Is a GREAT, GREAT Man, God Bless Him His Family, and Our United States of America

  36. I remember that SheriCS. Their actions of hate make it clear that they would do harm, and they also want to scorn our wonderful President Obama.

    I wonder if those same men will be out parading around the event–just to let us know that they could and would do harm. The weird part for me is that most of those idiots think of themselves as being religious. Ugly!

  37. Amen. May God keep our great President and First Lady safe from harm. I will exhale only when they are home again.

  38. While listening to NPR this morning, this issue of mental health services came up. Apparently the State of Arizona does really provide much in the area of mental health assistance. Shock!!!!!

    I am sure that when Brewer gets around to it, she will probably provide even fewer dollars to the cause. Just like she did with transplants provisions.

    By the way, I have nothing against Arizona in particular. I lived there for 15 years, but as I stated yesterday, things have really changed.

  39. President Obama has been a model for restraint, civility, kindness and respect for 2 years. Tonight will be no different, I am confident he will do this “just right”.

  40. I loved this speech from Michelle. It really drove home how deep their faith is, and how they can move about with such confidence in the face of so much hate and danger.

  41. All I got from the (I suspect, anti-semitic) response from Buchanan was that for some unknown reason, he’s was allowed to spew his vitriol unchecked.

    Just look at how inane he sounds after our President demonstrated his healing, leadership and statesmanship. Sister Sarah looks like the mini-mouse grifter she is…Buchanan should be scarlet faced but I think he’ll probably keep digging.

  42. Palin is a demagogue who consistently works her “Elmer Gantry” fog om a segment of our society. As much as I want to never hear her voice in the public square, her extremism is not to be ignored or discounted.

  43. ^So true…Despite bein’ disrespected (includin’ the Office of the Presidency) 24/7 by FoxIsn’tNews, the Political/Communications/Propaganda/PR Arm of the GOPTeaParty…

    And, our President sure did and more! 😉

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