Wednesday morning mishmash

Hello guys,

1. The president and the First Lady will travel to Tuscon this afternoon. The president will deliver his speech at the University of Arizona at 6pm. Pundits whining expected to begin at 6:02.



2. Just imagine where his numbers would be if he didn’t have so many  “Obama’s Katrina!!!!!!!!!!”. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

New AP-GfK Poll: President Obama at 53% job approval rating



3. I guess there’s no way to run from it…;)

The White House will announce as soon as this month the creation of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign



4. Just one more example of a great law coming from this administration, then being smeared and misrepresented, until people actually start to look at it for real – and lo and behold – a newspaper from TEXAS is just giddy over the new food safety law (which by the way, I learned from reading the article, took 70 YEARS to get done. 70!!!!).

The new food safety bill’s a bargain, despite critics’ plans to block funding



5. Yea, working on every possible front:

Obama calls Saudi king, voices solidarity on Lebanon



6. VP Biden in Afghanistan. Just because I love Joe to pieces.

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  1. Good Morning Everyone!

    Here is the Presidents Schedule for Today:

    Wednesday Jan. 12, 2011

    All Times Eastern

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    9:30 AM

    Pres Obama receives the presidential daily briefing

    10:00 AM
    10:10 AM

    Pres Obama meets with Prime Minister Hariri of Lebanon.
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    12:45 PM

    Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depart the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.
    1:00 PM

    Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depart Andrews Air Force Base en route Tucson, Arizona.
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    5:35 PM

    Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive in Tucson, Arizona.
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM

    Pres Obama delivers remarks at a memorial event, “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America”; First Lady Michelle Obama also attends

    9:00 PM
    9:30 PM

    Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depart Tucson, Arizona.

    10:00 PM

  2. By Al Sharpton

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011; 2:30 PM

    The senseless violence in Arizona this past weekend left all of us stunned, but this devastating act hit home for me more than most. I have been a victim of violence that could have cost my life, and I have been involved in controversies that led to violence in which my words were distorted and misused.

    As we try to understand the steps that led to the horrors in Tucson, it is not lost on me that the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth is fast approaching. I hope that we can heal in this moment rather than just take sides and assign blame. Although his house was bombed, he was stabbed, and he lived under constant threats, Dr. King never pointed his finger at others. He sought to be a healer rather than exacerbate tensions.

    As a first step, we must reflect on the climate in our public discourse and our personal responsibility.

  3. Nice. I look forward to the speach and its this wasn’t such a somber event I would make a remark about Michelle here but I cant beleive he shot and killed that lil girl so I’ll refrane.


  5. With every disaster (economic) and every tragedy, the President has managed to inch us all forward. I have no doubt he will persevere and succeed this time, too. The progress may be too slow for some and not go far enough for others, but we do make progress.

    The Chinese have a blessing “May you live in interesting times”. I could do with some utterly boring and uninteresting times for a few months please.

    I have never seen so many people outside this calm room who think they are the President and are telling PBO what to say, how to say it and when to say it. The President who thinks logically is a very nice contrast to the MSM world.

  6. hi overseasgranny nd other like minded folks, now that proverb, me like so much and very interesting but how ironical is it as well considering the days we are in…..may God have mercy
    the america MSM they never learn the president always hit out of the pack i have learn over the years to not underestimate him and how so true i have been, again he his going to come out making the MSM look small minded like they have always been because they never learn there is something to learn even after school even with a professor standing infront of there teleprompter,they will learn let us give them more time, they are always the last to see the writing on the blackboard

  7. Good morning everybody. I like the pictures of our VP Biden. Great job BWD. When I see the Obama’s and The Bidens, especially together, I say to myself, what an Impressive Team. Handsome Couples too. Yes, I’m looking forward to hearing our Great President speak tonight In Tuscon, & we know that he’s gonna have something to say to, not only the Victims, but to us all, that will probably leave a lasting Imprint on our minds. He’ll be doing what he does best, showing LOVE & COMPASSION to the People. This Is who POTUS Is. This Is one of HIS Gifts. And then, there’s FLOTUS by his side, ummmm, what a nice & good looking pair, who appears to be made for each other.

    So I say to POTUS, & FLOTUS, I just love you, and appreciate you as well. You compliment eash other nicely 🙂

    Okey dokey, have a Blessed day everybody. I’m outta here, have a few chores & errands to do today. Later~~~~~

  8. Very well said, Sue. I agree, I think that the President will be offering comfort, sincere and genuine comfort.

  9. Good morning BWD community 🙂

    It’s going to be a very sad and somber day. I can only hope and pray that the country seriously heeds the word carefully that our President will be saying.

    But most likely there will be many listening with deaf ears.

  10. I watched Keith for the first time in about a week last night. All of cable news was abuzz with what Obama should say and how he should say it. The head of the Interfaith Alliance who I have a lot of respect for, seems to have forgotten that this is a memorial, not a political event.

    As we hoped that there would be some introspection from the Republicans on their gun-filled rhetoric, can we expect the same restraint and thought from the Professional Left?

    Sarah Palin’s statement will be all the news talks about today. Rush couldn’t stay decent for 24 hours. Now my question is, will Keith and Rachel refrain from calling this President names if he doesn’t say exactly what they want him to say?

    The only way we fight back is if the Left understands who their enemy is. Keith and Rachel and Ed will tell me a lot today about whether or not we’ve made any progress.

  11. Thanks a million for the mismash, bwd!

    Everyone, leanne at bluewavenews published an excellent piece “refudiating” the right’s attempt to falsely equalize the left and the right in terms of poison in the discourse. We here are well aware of the toxic lefty new and national media, but at their worst, they don’t hold a candle to people like Rush Limbaugh.

  12. It wont matter because she promotes divisvness, President Obama will promote unity. So once again she is showing she is not a leader, her heart is filled with hate for this president and she will never win.

  13. Rachel maybe, Keith I don’t think so. She’s a Rhodes scholar, he’s an ass. I have hope for Rachel.

  14. So, his approval rating continues to rise. No surprise to me. And I think it will co ntinue to do so. People are sick and tired of the extreme rhetoric coming from both sides. They want a leader who confronts issues but doesn’t exploit them. They also want a leader that will call out the other side but not do with extreme language.

    I was thrilled when he gave the address to Congress on the health care bill. He actually used the word “lie” to describe some of what was being said. Yet he didn’t demonize those who were spreading the lie. He wanted to let people know that some of the things being said about the bill were lies, and then make their own decisions.

    I think he learned something very important from the Cambridge police and the Harvard professor incident. And he wants the country to understand as well, that jumping to conclusions serves no purpose.

    Look at the BP incident. When everybody else was pointing fingers, his response was let’s get the thing fixed and then worry about it. Not until we were well into working on stopping the leak and doing cleanup did he start going after BP.

    There are certain priorities in life. RRight now, the priority in regards to Tucson is to comfort those who have lost loved ones, help those who were wounded in the attack, and temper the language. And, screaming at the right for their rhetoric doesn’t really do any of that.

    He is not a blogger, he is the President of the entire USA, and he is acting like that. Palin, with her statement today, would prefer to keep the rhetoric going, showing she could care less about the USA.

  15. He had nothing to learn from the cambridge police. He did;nt jump the gun IMO. He stated the facts that effects many who live thru it. He showed again that he knows what goes on.

  16. He might have learned just how out of control the media environment has become. He was mainly talking about HCR with just a few words about the stupidity of arresting an old man who walks with a cane at his home; what did the media do? Ignore HCR and blew up those few words (I so think that this incident was blown up in what was a very large and ongoing effort to derail HCR if you guys will excuse my tin foil). So POTUS might have learned just how eager some people in the media are to pounce on his words if there is any opening whatsoever for a drama or sensation. He’s doing big things and shaking up some powerful institutions, thus, he’s not going to get a fair shake in the media all of the time.

  17. Another beautiful, optimistic mishmash from you, BWD. I swear you are certainly doing your part to keep the rest of us on track! We will survive – and all that. We will! Thank you.

    Keep bringing us more photos of Vice President Biden, too, since some of us can’t get enough. 🙂

  18. Thanks for the pics of our Vice President: Joe Biden! I believe the team of Obama/Biden is the best ever.

  19. Good morning, Donna! Good to see you here in what someone called “this calm room.” 🙂

  20. Good morning community,

    POTUS will use this as a teachable moment for us all. He won’t do what the MSM wants him to do; he will do what he feels is the best thing for the nation.
    Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are grifters that trade hate and fear and ignorance for money. Their ignorant sheep want to be led into those areas because their lives are upside down with this Presidency. Here is a beloved half WHITE/half BLACK man who is President of the United States – in their lifetime. That explodes every lie, myth, fictional BS that they heard and repeated. They know – deep in the pits of their “hearts” – that he is way smarter than they and that knowledge along with the fact that their children’s and grandchildren’s generations admire and respect him, drive them loonier and more unhinged.
    As we all do, POTUS and FLOTUS, I have your back and thank you, BWD, for all that you do!!

  21. Thanks for the mismash BWD, I enjoyed the article about the FDA. I cannot believe the GOP wants to withhold $1.4 billion in funds for the bill, in the light that food safety issues cost us $152 billion a year. The stupidity of the opposition, is out of control.

  22. I am thrilled to see the 53% job approval numbers for President Obama and I look forward to seeing them continue to rise.

    When you consider that for two years President Obama has had to deal with Republican Party obstruction, Fox Noise lies & distortions, Tea Party venom, right wing radio hatred, push back from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the ingratitude of Wall Street, the never satisfied lobbyists, the negative coverage from the traditional media, the he can never do anything right frustrati on the left, a tough mid-term election, the 53% job approval is very impressive.

    There is a lot of willful ignorance on the right coupled with a lot of people who just don’t seem to know the facts about the accomplishments of this administration. But the rise in the job approval numbers is very encouraging. I can only hope that finally the American people are starting to realize what a gem we have in President Obama.

  23. They *will* continue to rise, Ladyhawke. The Democratic base–we have POTUS’ back and always have. We just don’t have a real voice in the media. So if POTUS can continue to show swing voters that what Dems did was necessary and designed to help average Americans, they will slowly swing back our way. There’s so much confusion, with the demonization of the terrific Speaker Pelosi and the historic 111th session of Congress as big-spending do-nothings when the opposite is the case. As the truth is spread, persuadable people will see the good sense in what they accomplished.

  24. I was reading an article, that was saying how republicans were secretly, working and supporting his re election. Sorry i have to start bookmarking things and keep the names of author of statements.

  25. I have no doubt that many Republicans do want to see him reelected. I think sometimes we use the term “Republicans” too loosely. There are some Repuublicans who are decent, non rhetorical, who want to see the country succeed, not see the president afil. There are also many Republicans who are dismayed at the direction their party has taken. The Republican Party, as it is currently constituted that is the problem, not individual Republicans.

  26. The Pakistani ambassador(who is in town for richard holbrookes funeral) said that the pakistan military will finally go into north waziristan to battle al qaeda and taliban insurgents.
    That is big, as we have been unable to get them to do this…

  27. He learned how the media will jump on a few words and take them out of context. I think he also regretted saying the police acted “stupidly” even if he felt they did (a feeling I agree with). However, I am not sure that was what he woudl now consider an approrpiate statement at that time. And you are right, the press conference was called to primarily discuss HCR and devolved, as they are wont to do, into several other topics. This particular question should never have been asked, and if Obama were white, it would not have been.

  28. Thank you for today’s mishmash, BWD. I am looking forward to hearing words of comfort and wisdom from President Obama tonight. I actually saw a story with a headline “what Obama should say and how he should say it”! Talk about audacity! SMH

  29. Don’t you just love the ‘fairness’ of the Professional Left? Kos now has PPP doing his polling, which shows Obama with yucky favorability ratings and good marks for Boehner and the Republicans (still awful, but better).

    When reading the poll you have to add up the figures because a cursory look makes it appear that Boehner has 27% disappoval. You have to do the math to find out that about 30% of the people had no opinion, because that isn’t listed on the overview of the poll. Sure you can figure it out but I found that a tad misleading.

  30. Tavis is the biggest brothah hater on the planet! He can’t stand that Barack Obama didn’t bow down to him on the 2008 campaign trail and attend his forum. Dude, get over it already!

  31. This was damn near all they talked about last night on ‘progressive’ shows.

    So if Keith, Rachel, Ed, Howard Fineman don’t hear what they want, will they trash the speech like they trashed the economic speech a number of months ago?

    If they don’t — if they show some restraint and understanding of what this moment is — then they will have won back some of my respect. But I am not hopeful.

    All the buzz was Clinton, four days after Oklahoma City bombing, was to bring up the uncivil discourse. If Obama doesn’t completely politicize this event for their entertainment, he will be trashed as missing this unique opportunity to gain back his presidency.

    Call me cynical this morning. I deeply hope I’m wrong.

  32. Barbara Walters is on Day #3 of speaking in support of Sarah Palin. It’s the oddest—-and most wrong— choice I’ve ever seen her make. She even showed a clip of Sarah’s statement today, including the “blood libel” term Sarah used which is getting a lot of attention. I am not Jewish, but Barbara Walters is, and she let that go without saying a word. From my little understanding, I take it is a term that has been used for years as a reason to persecute Jews, saying they sacrificed the blood of Christian children. It was a poor choice of words to use by idiot Sarah and whomever is her speechwriter. (teleprompter was reflected in her glasses) And given that the main target of the massacre was Jewish, some are wondering if this was another purposeful dog whistle to her rt. wing religious fringey supporters, at the same time as she refuses to accept any responsibility for her part in stirring up the hate with all her gun references. She’s the persecuted one, she’s the one we should all feel sorry for in this instance. She is beyond pitiful and abhorrent.

  33. It’s been non-stop interesting times since Obama took office. I am sure he and the rest of the administration would like a couple of months where nothing interesting happens. No ecological disasters, no pirates, no shootings, etc.

  34. Its just another MSM set up. The President doesn’t need their advice. He writes and speaks in a manner that moves people. I can’t believe they get paid to give such non-analytical advice as what the President should and should not say.

  35. You know faith, I feel you, but I just don’t care anymore about that, I really don’t. I think that certain new media provocations are designed to draw in eyeballs which follow the controversy. Yet in the large scheme of things, (a) POTUS said from day one he is not going to live his Presidential life by the polls; and (b) most people are not tuned into the garbage in the new media, they’re just trying to live life. That space will never change. It is simply up to whatever portion of that readership which is dismayed and disgusted, to just turn it off and tune it out. We have *SO* much work to do. Distractions distract.

  36. Tavis Smiley was run off the Tom Joyner Morning Show because by the listeners because of these excesses. He does not speak for the black community; he merely speaks for himself, and is merchandising content which appeals to the same type of people who enjoy and pay for other types of poisonous media content. Don’t allow him to disturb you.

  37. All I have to say to Tavis Smiley is “Talk To The Hand”. I lost all interest in him after he showed his arse during the campaign because Barack Obama didn’t make skid marks to his event. He is so full of himself.

  38. I came across some of the “Be the Change” buttons that were extra and I had stashed away. Been giving those away. And the recipients very happy to be reminded of the day – and be reminded that we still have work to do. 🙂

  39. Here’s an interesting story:

    “Thom Hartmann told a story about a rich German CEO (I don’t remember his title exactly) who was being interviewed by CNN. They asked him how much he paid in taxes, and he said (roughly) around 60%. The flabbergasted CNN reporter tried several times to go back to the topic of taxes in “socialist” Europe and how he felt about paying all that money in taxes. Finally the German couldn’t avoid the question any longer and his response was: “I don’t mind a bit. I’d don’t want to be a rich man in a poor country.” That’s it a nut shell. Rich Americans wouldn’t mind being filthy rich in the middle of Haiti. They’d just build a higher wall around their bubble.”

  40. I think your analysis is correct. I really don’t mind that video of SP being played. It shows her to be a petty, self-absorbed person. This whole incident, rightly or wrongly, has destroyed her political future, specially with her reaction to it.

    I no longer bother to pay any attention to her, the same way I don’t pay any attention to places such as DK. I amy be aware of them, may hear or eread something about them, but I no longer have any emotional investment (either good or bad) in either of them, and therefore no longer allow myself to react in an emotional manner to either.

  41. That is huge news. There has been a lot of quiet diplomacy under this administration. I am concerned however with the loss of Holbrooke. He was essential to our foreign policy. I hope they get someone soon to replace him.

  42. Faith, I just can’t wait for Howard Fineman to tell me what I should think about the speech tonight. NOT! It’s really astonishing, you would think the speech is some sort of sporting event.

    I still remember how Keith, Rachel and the rest of gasbags at MSNBC had a cow over the oval office speech about the Gulf Oil spill. And I lost it when Rachel pretended to give the speech she wish President Obama had given. Talk about arrogance? It was beyond disappointing.

    I just could not understand why folks on the left would go to such lengths to criticize a speech. They just seemed to be piling on. I was so angry that I stopped watching MSNBC for months.

  43. The lazy media stenographers are at it again. Or as the half term governor likes to call them the lame stream media. Whatever she calls them, she has no objections when they help her get her message across without any challenge. What a coward?

    Steve Benen of Washington Monthly has a great post about this today. This paragraph stood out to me and confirms my sentiments exactly:

    And with that, the former half-term governor will probably go back into hiding for a while, content with the knowledge that the media will air her video over and over again, and that she need not have the courage to answer questions to get her message out.


  44. I believe they named someone from his team to take over. I don’t recall the name, but he had been involved very closely with Ambassador Holbrooke’s work, so hopefully, we won’t miss a beat.

  45. As I wrote above, I don’t mind the video being shown. First, it shows her to be petty and self-absorbed. Secondly, her use of the phrase “blood libel” was really stupid, considering its origin.

    Her favorability ratings are dropping like a rock. Her political career is over (although her exposure isn’t). She is about to become a footnote in history and she knows it. This is frustrating her to the nth degree and she will leave the public view kicking and screaming.

    If the Republican leadership was at all smart, it would publicly be disassociating itself from her, as, since she is viewed in general as one of the examples of the Republican Party and is without a doubt the most prominent figure in the Party, she will be bringing it down with her.

  46. I’m still not watching MSNBC, for many of these reasons.

    They need an entirely new lineup. The current ones have all exceeded an acceptable level of disappointment for me.

  47. Shockingly, there’s actually a post up on msnbc that traces the origins of the ‘blood libel’ phrase and how the RW machine started using it before Sarah Palin did, and the historical context of the phrase. It might get deleted, so I’m reprinting the article here, lol.

    Carrie Dann writes: Within minutes of the release of Sarah Palin’s video response to the Tucson shootings, the Web ignited with furious debate about the former Alaska governor’s use of the phrase “blood libel” to describe connections drawn between Arizona shooter Jared Loughner and conservatives who have used guns and violence as metaphors for political activism.

    In a nearly eight-minute long message, Palin said that “journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn.”

    The intensely controversial nature of the term stems from its origins in hundreds of years of anti-Semitic rhetoric – a detail made no less striking by the fact that Loughner’s target, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, is her state’s first Jewish congresswoman.

    According to The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, the term refers to:

    The accusation that Jews murder non-Jews to obtain blood for Passover rituals. This accusation was repeated in many places in the Middle Ages and was the cause of anti-Jewish riots and massacres. It was a regular motif in anti-Semitic propaganda until the Second World War.

    The first recorded accusation of Jews murdering Christian children appears to have been in 1144 A.D., when — according to Thomas of Monmouth, a monk – a English boy’s murder by crucifixion was blamed on Jews in Norwich.

    The myth – which became pervasive in medieval times and beyond – evolved into a popular superstition that Jews harvest the blood of Christian children to make Passover matzoh or to use for other ceremonies.

    Less than 4 hours after the release of the video,’s entry on “blood libel” had been updated to note Palin’s application of the phrase to the aftermath of the Tucson shootings.

    Despite the bright spotlight pointed at Palin’s uttering of the flashpoint expression, hers was not the first usage of the phrase by a conservative in the wake of the Arizona shootings. Several other commentators — all political conservatives — invoked “blood libel” in print yesterday.

    In an op-ed about the shootings in the Wall Street Journal on January 11, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds asked “Where is the decency in blood libel?” Human Events staff writer John Hayward urged the “Right to fight back” against blame for the attacks in a piece titled “The Giffords Blood Libel Will Fail; The Left rides a horse that is dying beneath them.”

    And, on the same day, the editorial page of the Washington Examiner slammed New York Times columnist Paul Krugman for placing “the blood libel of blame for the Tucson murders squarely on the shoulders of the crowds at the McCain-Palin rallies and right-wing extremism.”

  48. This is really important. If one raises the standard of living for all, then all will work to maintain that standard of living. It always surprises me that the right says that helping people with social programs will disincentivize them from working hard to help themselves. The opposite is true. Help someone up, and they will likely stay up. Look at how tight security is for well-to-do areas – they want to keep that standard of living and will oust anyone who starts trouble or doesn’t share the same values. Of course, there will always be those who take advantage of the support, but I would rather live in a place where all enjoy the basic necessities, than to live well while those around me are suffering.

  49. You are so right. And John McCain has never paid the price for his reckless decision to thrust this woman into our lives. You can just imagine what historians will have to say about the negative impact she had on the country.

    I still remember her introduction right after the Democratic convention. It is chilling to think about what she has done to the political landscape. She is the face of the Tea Party and she has profited from her vicious rhetoric. It’s tragic.

    The thought of her fading into the background would be great. But I won’t hold my breath.

  50. I am Jewish, and this is just too offensive for words. She doesn’t even mean to offend – she is just so incredibly stupid, she has no idea what the term means.

  51. I think she really might have stepped in it with this one. For example, there’s an article up on this over at Important because this is primarily an entertainment site (they cover Palin because of all of her media exploits, unfortunately), and most of the commenters, who aren’t political junkies like us, are NOT happy about this.

  52. I’m thinking we might capture some moderate Reps as well.

    Morning, gn. We are snowed in here 😦

    About the Big Mouths. I think we are onto something here – “refudiating” MSM and ignoring the Frustrati. If I gave a damn what they had to say, I never would have left them to begin with 🙂

    As far as the right wing – Godspeed SS, the FBI and all law enforcement personnel.

    There we have it – the end – you know how I hate writing, LOL.

    PS’s – Booyah about the approval numbers. I love Joe Biden. Stay safe, my First Couple.

  53. thank you for the reprint. i boycott all of msm so i would not know anything about this article.

  54. Who cares, really? Their numbers are so miniscule. My concern is their opposite numbers, because they DO have power.

    What I missed from DK, was the “breaking news” piece. But thanks to BWD, I can get that here. So, no screaming in my life, not on blogs, not cable 🙂

  55. Why is Sarah Palin addressing the nation? Who is she? She’s an unemployed grifter who quit her job and her responsibilities and is feeding off the paranoid and uninformed who blindly and stupidly follow this divisive person. What has she done for anyone in this country, other than to fan the flames of hatred and incite people to violence? People have not even healed from their bullet wounds, and others are still to be buried, and she spends eight minutes calling herself a victim. She is a blight on this country, and it is deeply offensive for her to think she has the right to address the nation – and even more of a insult for the media to continue to give her time on the public airwaves to spread her vile and self-serving propaganda. I hope she just goes back to Alaska and spends her ill-gotten millions, and leave the rest of us alone to try and repair the damage she has done.

  56. I used to enjoy watching Tavis Smiley, and especially his yearly forum (and especially the guests he could draw). Now, I flip the channel when I see him.

    His problem with PBO is so totally apparent, it’s sickening. It’s ironic that he wanted Barack Obama to speak at his ’08 forum so much that he hates him for not speaking. Huh?

    In a way, Tavis Smiley is like John McCain who never got over losing to “that one” (okay, I may be going too far here, but my take is both seem incapable of ever getting past their envy of President Obama and their ensuing, mixed-up, self-hate rage). Guess I’d better calm down myself! Sorry!

  57. Just went over to And you are right. They are not happy with SP on that site. Of course there are the usual trolls trying to defend her.

  58. Wow. I often wonder about the evolution of our country and how ‘taxes’ and ‘government’ became so evil for so many.

    If I were in that German CEO’s shoes, I’d feel the same way. Welp, I do feel the same way, I’m just broke. LOL I wish more of our uber-wealthy would come out and say the same thing.

  59. I am as well, although practicing Buddhism. One of the MANY reasons I left GOS, was because I detected anti-Semitism there. I also wondered if their obsession with your origins had their roots in your possible religion. They would not say it, but…

    I apologize I brought up that place, but it was a notion I had often over there. I am so sorry for what you went through, on every level, BWD. But if, “all’s well that…” can be referenced…your trial by fire over there could NOT have ended better, with our true home here.

    Please don’t post, if inappropriate, just something I wanted to share with you for quite a while.

  60. Some people are merely out for themselves.

    NewsOne: Can you point to specific examples of action your panels have yielded in the past?

    Tavis Smiley: These conversations always yield something. We have produced three NYTimes best-selling books: The Covenant with Black America, The Covenant in Action, and Accountable. These books went in order from the 10 most important issues to our community, how we can gather ideas to fix these issues, and the last book detailed everything President Obama promised us during his campaign trail. These panels and books have allowed Americans to follow exactly what our current President promised and if he decides to stick to his word.

  61. She doesn’t deserve the pedestal and media attention that they give her and it really irks me.

    The media show her more respect that the Presdident and Vice President.

  62. Well things are moving smoothly with the secession in Sudan. They have the requisite 60% of votes needed and are now hoping for 100%. 😀 How fab that would be…

    *Big thanks to the person that put me on to aljazeera news last week.

    Love the mismash. Good to see POTUS Obama is rightfully continuing to get better approval ratings from the people he serves so well.
    This part of the article speaks for all the people that MSM have on ignore 24/7
    “He’s doing the best he can with what he was handed,” said Richard Cambell, 42, a truck driver from Rockingham, N.C., who says Obama deserves a second term.”

  63. It’s all good, my dear friend. All good. And don’t be afraid to bring anything up. Feel free to say whatever you want here. Thanks for your endless support.

  64. Of course they ignore it. Those at the GOS are the *real* base, and they’re pissed, and they’re going to bring him DOWN. Ugh. Really, if they had more influence, I’d be worried. But the PL blogs are a minority of a minority, and while they threaten to do no work and sit out the 2012 election, OFA just keeps rolling along and setting things up.

  65. Wait, Palin used “blood libel”? Does that ignoramus even know what that term means? How it’s been used for 2000 years of anti-semitism? How it helped set the stage for the Holocaust? God, that woman is beyond repugnant.


    The flag that was recovered from the World Trade Center will be on display at the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, who was born on Sept. 11, 2001, and was killed in Saturday’s shooting in Arizona.

    The Arizona Republic reports that the giant, 20-by-30 foot flag, which firefighters famously hoisted over the rubble of the World Trade Center, is headed to Tucson for Green’s funeral on Thursday.

  67. I completely agree with you. Tavis Smiley was shocked!!! Shocked I tell you when the listeners of the Tom Joyner show saw right through him. And it could not happen to a nicer guy. He is such a self-absorbed human being, its ridiculous.

  68. Tavis is a hater pure and simple. As others have stated, Tavis is still upset because then Sen. Obama did not speak at one of Tavis’ “Black America Forums”. Obama offered to send his wife to speak, but that was not good enough for Tavis. So from that day on, Tavis has been a reliable Obama critic. He has shown himself to be a small and petty man.

  69. BWD, Tavis Smiley is merely pretending to be concerned for the Black Agenda, when in reality, he took paychecks from huge corporations who were abusing Black people. He’s a fraud. And he’s jealous of Barack Obama because Obama didn’t attend his event in 2008.

  70. He is just jealous and upset that the black community blasted him ( tavis) They went after him and he left, than him a Al Sharpton had and Al told him that he will be their to help President Obama whenever he asked. Him and cornell west is not what people think in the community, many is not liking their politics and their talk and no action. you have to pay them to speak at any function. they have never came to the inner cites to speak to our youth just dictate what people should do. Their rhyming rhetoric no longer works.

  71. Not what it one was, that’s for sure. POTUS’ by contrast, is sky-high. Tavis (or Crabis, as he’s known at weeseeyou) is selling books.

  72. What an amazing tribute to this lovely little rose bud. Whoever made this happen should be commended. It is wrenching and just rips your heart out.

  73. I look forward to our President’s speech tonight. It will be such a nice change to see and hear intelligent, well thought out words to contrast with the garbage that constantly spews in the MSM. Oh the joy…can’t wait.

    Thank you to all you like-minded supporters on this blog who help to keep me sane and thank you BWD for creating the space.

    Just curious…the tape that surfaced today

    from “the president-in-waiting”.. was that supposed to be her “fireside” chat?

    It would be funny if it were’nt so sad.

  74. Morning Everyone

    Great to read everyone’s take on the day. Here is my 2 cents.

    When I leave the warm, comforting, and encouraging world of BWD, and step out into the “real world”, I will make every blog post I make contain one fact and one statement of support.

    Here is an example

    This comment was made on a CBS story about Sarah Palin.

    “The only thing more laughable than this would be watching liberal nutbags trying to prove Palin was culpable in court!”

    What if our responses contained support for someone we admire and a relevant fact.

    “Gabrielle Gifford voted for health care, her office was vandalized and she was listed on Sarah Palin’s target map. I admire her strength and courage. I support the Affordable Care Act, which will includes provisions which expanded mental health services.”

    What if thousands of comments like these began to appear on websites? Well a couple of things might happen.

    First the facts about the issues will be repeated over and over again. This will probably have no effect on the person who wrote the original criticism of liberals, however it will affect many Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans.

    Writing that post will also affect the person who wrote it. Before I started my blog in Nov, I would begin the day feeling rested and relaxed, but have tightness in my chest and a sinking feeling in my stomach at days end. Feelings of frustration, powerlessness, and anger were the norm. When I started finding facts, reporting success stories, and offering my support, I started to feel better. After sending this message to BWD I feel downright “perky”.

    By offering a positive response to a slam at liberals we also change the focus of the conversation from Sarah Palin and “nutbags” to Gabby Gifford, the Affordable Care Act, and mental illness. If we do it once, it helps a little, if we do it thousands of times it facilitates change.

    So I am building a list of phrases

    Whenever we see the word ObamaCare used negatively we answer with something like “ObamaCares for us”, ObamaCares for Families”, ObamaCares for Seniors”.

    Post any other zingers here.

    I have a page of Health Care Facts at my blog, they came from the web site. Copy and paste them into your computer, so you have them close by and can put one up every time you post.

    I also have a page of talking points on Health Care.

    Stay Hopeful

  75. Here’s another article. I think you may be right about stepping in it. It might have been better for her to hold off on the canned video comments. Making herself look like a victim on the very day that the nation will be mourning the tragedy takes being tone deaf to a whole new level.

    Jewish Groups: ‘We Are Deeply Disturbed’ By Palin’s Use Of Anti-Semitic Term ‘Blood Libel,’ She Should Apologize

  76. Not good at all. After he went after Al Sharpton as being a stool for the President he is pretty much like sarah Palin. Not important.

  77. Morning, g!

    Question: if a tree falls, or a frustratus drools anti-POTUS contempt onto a keyboard, in an unoccupied forest, does it make a sound?

    /being really deep and philosophicaliate (h/t the moron Palin) right now

  78. Another who get on my nerve is David Remnick. They get on morning joe and say one thing. then later say something different.

  79. There used to be a time when paying taxes was deemed to be your patriotic duty. Those days are gone and the new meme is keep the government’s hands out of my pocket. Now patriotism is displayed by denigrating the President, dodging taxes and shipping jobs overseas. I guess all is good so long as you have your flag pin on. This is the effect a corporate owned media has had on this country. I still remember the Pres. debate moderated by Charlie Gibson, when Gibson literally freaked when Obama said he wanted to increase the capital gains tax. He would not let it go. Most television talking heads(who happen to be millionaires) and all of their corporate masters view taxes as evil and their “news” coverage clearly displays this bias. That is why I was very skeptical of the poutrage over Obama’s tax compromise. Many in their hearts of hearts were glad their taxes did not go up.

  80. BWD for knowledge could you put up the meaning of Blood Libel. I was not familiar with the term and would like to pass the meaning on to my sons.

  81. I think Sarah Palin is in trouble…This is trending BIG on Twitt-Scoop & I just retweeted this:

    Sarah #Palin Used The Anti-Semetic Term “Blood Libel” To Defend Herself Against Criticism… #blood #libel

  82. I’m a bottom line sort. GOS’s traffic is way down, and their new version is not compensating. If they had the biggest numbers of the Screaming Blogs, and the numbers are dropping, what does it say for the others? And how can it turn around? I don’t believe it can.

    Stick a fork in them. Let the decent sub-communities find homes where they aren’t being used for traffic/ad revenue.

    I get first amendment rights. And since I cannot make them or cable news disappear, I CAN prevent them from entering g-world. I can learn what actions I need to take here, without hearing the lies first hand. On that note, if Rachel disappoints in her response to the SOTU, I believe she should be so informed. At any rate, that is my 2011 agenda 🙂

  83. BWD i hope me asking don’t offend you in any way. Rina X just put up the history.

  84. Hi tigerfists! She brought it on herself with her malice, insensitivity and ignorance. A small child has died. It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubts. She is no victim, and to accuse others of a “blood libel” in light of the attempted assassination of a Jewish woman who was on Palin’s “cross-hairs” chart is just beyond even my low expectations for Palin.

  85. Rep. Giffords is Jewish as well.

    From her wiki –
    She has identified herself solely with Judaism since 2001, belonging to Congregation Chaverim, a Reform synagogue, in Tucson.[1][12] She is Arizona’s first Jewish Congresswoman.[13][14]

  86. She is who she is. A person who might not have been using the term in malice yet she is so ignorant that she cannot help but make matters worse.

    I can only kiss the ground that we have adults in the WH. Instead of Palin, we have Joe and Dr. Jill. This country is blessed. While Palin cannot help but being exactly what she is.

  87. I just “re-tweeted” what you tweeted. Of all days to come out, she chose today, and tried to paint herself as the victim. Who wrote that speech for her I wonder. She doesn’t even know the meaning of “blood libel.” What an endless joke that has been thrown on us thanks to John McCain.

  88. She’s using her own shovel. Stupidity and narcissism will out.

    RIP, Christina – history may show you played a role in breaking through and exposing the evil.

  89. My thought is that they should be left alone to politic in the manner of their choosing. Unlike the people using gun and target imagery they really don’t hurt anybody; they’re just purity partisans; so long as the media understands that they don’t speak for the base, who cares.

    I love your 2011 agenda; mine is to try to do whatever I can to support spaces which are welcoming to voices which have been discouraged and silenced. POTUS needs to know that the base is with him so as to not become distracted from the reality that swing voters largely are not. If we can win them, it’s a done deal for years to come. I want to figure out how I can help to make that happen. Naderish people, etc., their heart is in the right place but their tactics make no sense and thus I can’t waste time worrying about them.

  90. G’ afternoon, BWD & ‘BWD’ Family, 🙂

    You know, since before his inauguration (Jan 20, 2009) and after it, our President has worked 24/7, 365 days, includin’ crisis after crisis. (Ok…Of course, minus those vacations, he needed/needs to reenergize himself ;))

    He had to “hit the ground, runnin'”…

    As certain crisises happened one after the other, he never, really, could count on help from the local/state-level elected officials… the majority of those Governors/Mayors are useless! GOPTeaParty ones, anyone?! 😉 They, always, had “their hands out” for federal assistance… “No “big” government-tax cuts” proponents. For me, it’s Gov. R. Perry (TX/R)…grrrr!!! My mayor is ok!

    Oh yeah. there’s my state rep…C. Gonzales, and state senators, Cornyn & Hutchinson ( 😦 )…

    Many don’t know this… But, before seekin’ help from our President, they need to start at their local/state level…What has your Governor and/or Mayor done for you lately?

    What about your local/state elected officials?

    Do ya’ll realize that he has been in office less than 3 years?! And, as someone, here, at the BWD Community, has pointed out/blogrolled, he has accomplished a hell of a lot in such a short period of time. (Compared to other former Presidents…Does GWB come to mind? lol)

    And, he hasn’t stopped “crunkin’ (sp?) ’em out… accomplishments, that is!

    Can’t wait for the 2012 Presidential Re-Election! Last year (2010), I did volunteer work w/ @OFA_TX! TX is still red/purple. 😦 But, it was still excitin’, and it was worthwhile….A great learnin’ experience!!! 🙂

    Btw, I don’t particularly care for polls…They can be “jerry-rigged”/”fixed!” But, I’m happy our President’s approval % has gone up, 50% or more!

    And, hey there, Mr. “BFD” VP Biden! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m lookin’ forward to our President’s Tucson Speech and other activities…Christina Green and the other fatalities, R.I.P. 😦 May there be sufficient all-around safety precautions for him and FLOTUS, unfortunately, there are still other nutjobs out there like in other parts of the country.

    Off-Topic: I hope and pray the 2011 Sudanese Referendum continues to go well…barrin’ any serious disruptions…


    May GOD continue to richly bless HIS choice servant to lead this Nation, President Barack OBAMA, with wisdom, grace, favor, strength, peace and protection. In the Mighty Name of JESUS! Amen!!!

  92. Here’ is an old post from npr on the Tavis Smiley and Senator Barack Obama incident during the 2008 campaign. Tavis probably thought that because of his standing in the black community that Senator Obama was going to drop everything and appear at his event but he was mistaken. It seems he never got over it.

    Tavis to Michelle Obama: Thanks, But No Thanks

    Radio host Tavis Smiley says Michelle Obama is persona non grata at his State of the Black Union being held next week. Smiley initially invited Barack Obama to attend the symposium; but Barack, who is busy campaigning, regretfully declined and offered to send his wife, Michelle in his place.

  93. I think this is nicely put.

    From Media Matters:”So, according to Sarah Palin, violent rhetoric plays no role in inspiring violent acts — but criticism of violent acts incites ‘hatred and violence.'”

  94. Blood Libel refers to a false accusation that Jews murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays. Historically, these claims have been a major theme in European persecution of Jews. The libels typically allege that Jews require human blood for the baking of matzos for Passover. The accusations often assert that the blood of Christian children is especially coveted, and historically blood libel claims have often been made to account for otherwise unexplained deaths of children.

  95. Hi WiW, I couldn’t figure out how to tell you I love your site on the site itself, so I’m glad to see you here to let you know. Great work! I shared the link of FB.

  96. The media will sprain their knees carrying her..This is amazing watching them look the other while she gaffe’s it up..
    They have someone trying to apologize for her already…quick…hehe

  97. Think Progress also has a post up about AZ republicans quitting their positions because of threats they’ve received from the tea partiers. Senator Reid said something last week about the tea partiers having a short shelf life. I don’t ever endorse the use of violence and threats as a means to solve a problem, but I do know that actions and words have consequences, and sometimes, violence is the result of irresponsible language/actions.

    The republicans harnessed the tea partiers to win elections, but they had no idea that they would turn on them. They thought that they could control them, but it turns out that they can’t. I hope they’ve learned that they have to be very careful about whom the GOP accepts into its ranks. Yes, anti-government activists vote, their votes can be used to win elections, but if you’re a member of the government, you have just as much to fear from them as your opponent does.

  98. Twas me, Kelly. I can give you two more to use at certain times.

    NDTV24x7 is out of India, and if there is big news about Pakistan, this is a good place to check in. India watches Pakistan like a hawk watches a fish.

    CCTV is out of China and although the newscasters are pretty careful not to offend the government line, some of the discussions are really very good. They also run some terrific documentaries. Right now a series called Journeys In Time is running and combines archaeology, history and sociology. They are currently covering Indo-China and the part for Thailand was fabulous.

  99. Watching Pat Buchanan twist himself into a pretzel to explain the Sarah Palin meant on that video was pathetic. Andrew Sullivan points out the obvious disconnect with her comments:

    Palin’s Test

    The leader of the GOP base has told us a lot today. She has told us two things. She can see absolutely nothing awry in the inflammatory and violent rhetoric she and others have deployed so aggressively in the past two years. Nothing. The attempted assassination of a congresswoman after relentless demonization of her, after her opponent brandished an M-16 at a campaign rally, after a brick was thrown through her campaign window, after she personally complained about Palin’s own metaphorical cross-hairs on her … this is an utterly, totally, completely irrelevant set of events:

    Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own. They begin and end with the criminals who commit them.

  100. Thank you BWD for this space of calm in a sea of sadness today. I so await the words of President Obama and the healing presence of Michelle. We are a community in pain and grief.

    One thing I found so poignant about little Christina Green is that we share the same birthday, although I came into the world on that day many years before she did. Born in tragedy and died in tragedy, poor little Kiddo.

  101. May God Bless our PBO in an even more exceptional way than he has before, when he PBO gives his address to the nation tonight.

    Our prayers are with you Sir. We have been truly blessed to have you as our President.

  102. No I think she intended it to offend. There is a movement on the conservative side to push the idea that white, christian conservatives are an oppressed minority under President Obama. They have been comparing themselves to blacks during the jim crow era. This is just an extension of that meme. It was a very intentional dog-whistle to the conservative movement.

  103. They took it down. It’s not up at any longer. Why is the media so afraid of Palin? I’ve never seen a politician get a free pass like she does.

  104. Honestly, the fact that took it down is unimportant. It’s an entertainment site, so it hardly sets the national debate. The CBS News website has a report that calls the video what it is: an attempt to deflect attention away from the shooting and on to her. She really stepped in it, and is doubling down. To paraphrase quotes made during the health care “debate”, this is *her* Waterloo.

  105. Hi BWD
    I think we should not forget the Tavis was sold completely on Hill/Bill. They are great friends. He thought they were his ticket to the BIG time and then she did not win!

    Cornell has issues because Pres Obama is waaaaaaay smarter than he is ever going to be. He dreamed of being the Outstanding Black Intellect but Pres Obama took that way from him.

    They are both egomaniacs and small minded men!

  106. I love out VP. He loves the troops and he respects the President of the United States. They are a great team. I like to see them together getting things done for our country that will benefit us years to come in a positive way.

    Oh, maybe Tavis and Sarah should get together. They complain and do nothing but talk and are not helping the president. But that will be fine. It will work out for our wonderful POTUS. Small minds think alike, remember that. POTUS is moving forward with an intelligent mind, and a focus on the future and trying to help people get their jobs, homes, and children staying in college. Do not forget keeping Healthcare for us. We have not time for sitting on couches and spewing out non-sense. Tavis need to move into the 21st century. No hard feelings. Just move forward, Tavis and Dr. West. We have much to do. Take a few lessons from Al, Tom and some of the others. Help our troops and their families,I am sure they need much help. We are moving on in a positive direction, and we will support our President and VP. Thank you

  107. Yes indeed, the more photos of our VP (to go along with plenty of the President), the better I like it! The Obama/Biden ticket undoubtedly has the two best smiles in the history of American politics. And their wives aren’t bad either.

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