Tuesday Morning Mishmash

 Hi guys,

President Obama will travel to Tuscon tomorrow. He’ll deliver a speech at the University of Arizona at 6pm. The event is open to the public. If you plan to go, it’s probably better to arrive very early. Stay safe.  


Some other stuff:

1. Economic recovery: Less worried about layoffs, job-holders spending more

2. Economic recovery: Ford Adding 7,000 New Jobs


3. Last weekend, the head of the “MOSAD” – Israel’s intelligence agency – said publicly that the world’s sanctions against Iran are highly effective and the Iranians won’t have nuclear weapon before 2015, if at all. Now there’s a confirmation coming from Secretary Clinton:

U.S. Says Sanctions Hurt Iran Nuclear Program

Here’s a very interesting analyze by David Rothkopf:

From its start, I have viewed the Iran sanctions regime the Obama administration has helped devise with great skepticism. However, if recent reports are to be believed, the sanctions may someday be seen in retrospect as a vital element of an effective strategy to curtail the Iranian nuclear program. In fact, the possibility is beginning to emerge that they could be seen as part of what may someday be seen as one of the signal triumphs of Obama-Clinton foreign policy. 

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4. Thanks, askew, for this sweet, sweet little news:

Goodbye, Mom and Dad. Hello, Parent One and Parent Two

The State Department has decided to make U.S. passport application forms “gender neutral” by removing references to mother and father, officials said, in favor of language that describes one’s parentage somewhat less tenderly…

The new policy is a win for gay rights groups, a vocal and financially generous Democratic voting bloc that has pushed for the change since Barack Obama began his presidential transition in late 2008. The decision follows last month’s vote to end the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which gay leaders consider one of their biggest victories in years.

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5. The week-long referendum on independence for South Sudan proceeds.


6. President Obama and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France speak to the media following a bilateral meeting at the White House. I just love the chemistry and the wonderful things Mr. Sarkozy said about PBO.


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151 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Mishmash

  1. I’m so happy President Obama is heading out there. We need his calmness and leadership at this time.

  2. Its being reported that the town is so happy he is coming and honored that he would.

  3. That’s so wonderful to hear such sentiments!!!

    I found yesterdays photo of the Presodent & First Lady walking back into the White House in each others arms after the moment of silence very touching. Like they were really taking comfort in each other. Most Presidential couples I’ve seen haven’t been as obvious in their warmth & affection in each other. But then again, what do I really know of everyone else’s relationships!

    But the genuineness and caring this couple has, not just of each other, but to others really touches me!

  4. May God be with our President and the victims families during this time of mourning.

  5. I see one of Gifford’s doctors is saying that he can put her chance of survival at 100% now. Today is supposed to be a crucial day as far as the possibility of brain swelling goes, and the fact that she tried to remove her breathing tube was a very good sign. I would try to do that too. The doctors are being cautious tho and hope to remove it in the next few days.
    I am glad President Obama is going to Tuscon, accompanied by his strong wife. I feel we all need to hear his wise, calming, compassionate words. I feel that in difficult circumstances he is always able to frame his message in the very best way possible.

  6. BWD, thansk for the mishmash. It is important to remember that the world continues on despite the tragedy in Tucson.

    I had seen the item about Ford adding the new hires (all in the US incase you were wondering) and was going to post it on the earlier thread. Although it doesn’t bring up to pre-recession levels, it is srtill a big step forward. And most of the jobs are assembly plant, good paying union jobs. Will help not just those employed, but also the communities in which they live as they will have money to spend in the local businesses. People tend to forget that when a factory closes down or severly cuts back the number of employees, the whole community suffers. This is the real trickle down (or rather up) approach to economic recovery.

  7. Christina Green parents was on Anderson Cooper last night. The Dad was crying and said that man the President is just so great he talked about the phone call he gave them and how it touched him that he spoke to him his wife and someone else. He stated He made him feel good and said he was with them he thought that was the most touching thing to hear a president say.

  8. I am crying now. I have to see if I can find the video on Youtube or another site. Everyone keep our prayers for the safety of our President and first lady.

  9. Will help not just those employed, but also the communities in which they live as they will have money to spend in the local businesses.

    Just in case nobody on this blog knows this, but this is standard Keynesian theory on fighting a recession, developed during the Great Depression.

    Go read the excellent wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Maynard_Keynes


    He greatly refined earlier work on the causes of business cycles, and advocated the use of fiscal and monetary measures to mitigate the adverse effects of economic recessions and depressions. His ideas are the basis for the school of thought known as Keynesian economics, as well as its various offshoots.

  10. I am catching bits and pieces of the republican’s talking about the President’s speech tomorrow and they are vacillating between almost begging that he say the Republicans are not the only ones at fault and then almost threatening him if he doesn’t. They are feeling the heat of all this, folks.

  11. They should they have not agreed to tone down the rhetoric. A republican congressman was just on saying that change the amount of i ammo will not stop this violence. I think no civilian should have more fire ammunition then the police. The police are not allowed to have as much as the shooter did. I learned that last night and i was astound.

  12. The president will say what he wants to say which will be what he NEEDS to say, and not what politicians/MSM on the right want him to say. He will speak the truth, and it will be comforting and very much appreciated by the grieving families and citizens of Tuscan, Arizona, and the country.

  13. Remember last year when the Democrats reached out the Republicans and asked them to sign a “Joint Civility Statement” urging people to refrain from using violent language, references and other rhetoric? It was just after the Affordable Care Act was passed.

    I remember it very well. The Republicans said “No”.

  14. What a President and what a website. I am proud of both and can’t believe my luck that I have either.

  15. He will not use this as a time to cast any blame for this. This will be totally a call for prayers, comfort, etc. Actually, I shiould say I will be surprised if he says anything that would point a blaming finger at anything. Of course, he will be attacked by both sides for this, but a memorial service is not the time or place to do thsi.

  16. The president will say what he wants to say which will be what he NEEDS to say,

    Exactly ! I have been seeing signs on other blogs now for more than a week about what the President “should” say in the State of the Union speech. Aaaaarggghhhh !

  17. Absolutely agreed. A set of parents lost a very young child. Red meat/sensationalism lovers are simply going to have to console themselves with ranting in the new media or on cable. President Obama is going to offer comfort. If I had to bet, he might ask everyone to reconsider his appeals for “agreeable disagreement” and figure out a new manner of engaging one another without so much viciousness. But this is not going to be a barnstorming, red meat-laden diatribe against the right.

  18. He’ll say what we know he’ll say, which is a version of what he’s been saying since 2004: No-red-states-no-blue-states-only-the-united-states. He’ll talk about disagreeing without being disagreeable. He’ll talk about the victims. He’ll be gracious and eloquent and moving.

    And 30 seconds after he’s done, they’ll attack him for not blaming the Republicans and for not being like Clinton. This is all scripted.

  19. Barbara Walters on the View is really irritating me. Yesterday she sympathized with Sarah Palin, absolving her of any responsibility for all her inciteful gun talk. Today she is praising Roger Ailes and FoxNews and again absolving Palin, or any of the hatemongers of any culpability, that nothing anyone says has anything to do with the tragedy. Rt. wing Elizabeth joined in of course. It was real quiet in the studio audience, and I had a feeling they weren’t in agreement. Whoopi then tried to say that what “we” (media and politicians) say IS important, that she knows a history of how inciteful language got folks lynched, that there can be disastrous consequences. The audience applauded that. I’m not sure who or what Barbara Walters is trying to protect or why. Dumbfounded.

  20. JoJo, I’m cryin’ w/ya. ::Hugs::

    I hope that vid clip becomes avail, soon…

    @andersoncooper says, “After shootings we so often focus and make famous the shooter, what about the victims? We must remember them, learn their names, honor them.”

    What he says…Is so true!

    And, as always, BWD, you’re “on the job”…You’re AWESOME, and so is your blog site! ::2+ thumps up::

  21. What you’re witnessing is The Village in action. I’ve seen disparate media personalities close ranks around colleagues on the right before. I think that Walters fell into a false equivalency, and that Ailes has been making the rounds attempting to do some damage control. Ailes actually popped up at Russell Simmons’ (hip hop mogul) space, and Simmons’ response was much the same: a false equivalence which absolves the worst media and political actors on the right of responsibility for their excesses during these past two years.

  22. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I completely missed it. I hope we can all help you spread the word about this proposal. I also hope the Dems will try again.

    Eclectablog, you always manage to find articles others miss, I am very grateful for your contributions.

  23. I mean, prayers be said as he prepared his speech, and comfort be with him and our First Lady in that they may give it to others at this time in our nation. Let us reach out in love, compassion, positive thoughts to Congresswoman Gabby and her family and all who are gone from us. Pray for more loving spirits to speak on these shows including the hosts. We need calmness, and loving attitudes now. Thank you

  24. Agreed. And every time I hear a frustrati/pundit say what we need now is real leadership I want to say what do you think we have been witnessing the last two years and before that. President Obama is setting the example for all Americans to follow.

    President Obama is the epitome of what strong, steady leadership looks like. But as per usual, there will be critics that say he should have said this, he should have said that, he should have done it this way, blah, blah, blah.

    I have a suggestion for these folks. Open your eyes and listen to what President Obama says and what he does and you will see real leadership. It is right in front of your face.

  25. Ladyhawke, you are so right. “Leadership by example” is the key with our President. Not leadership by demagoguery (sp?), not leadership be playign the victim, not leadership by blaming.

    As was mentioned a lot yesterday, the key right now for him, and what needs to be the key for the country is to maintain a balance, not to let emotions rule (which is not the same as not having emotions). This is what this man is all about.

  26. Barbara Walters is right-winger when no one is watching. There was a picture last year of her palling around with Newt Gingrich and Huffington on a vacation in Italy.

    On another note, it appears that the “mugshot” of the shooter that the media has been using since yesterday is NOT the actual mugshot, but a photo that was taken some time ago before the shooting. Rachel said this on her show yesterday. Apparently, the media wants to fool the public into believing that this is the mugshot in order to push their “schizophrenic” narrative. This is fraudulent reporting and deliberate attempt to deceive the public. The real mugshot probably reflects a sullen angry looking young man, not the “insane kook” that the media have tried to characterize this shooter as being.

  27. So well said, ladyhawke. What amazes me is that the same people who distort POTUS’ message nonstop will turn around and point to “communications failure” or other failures on the part of the WH. It’s utterly amazing.

    Perfect example: Jon Stewart (who albeit does get many things right) spent years deriding President Obama and painting him as less than strong because of President Obama’s refusal to behave combatively. What underlies this refusal is POTUS’ philosophies about adult behavior and a desire to insert civility into politics. Amazingly, when Stewart assembled thousands of people at his rally to restore sanity, what did he say? (paraphrasing) “No matter the ideology/political leanings, people should calm down and be civil.” Said it as if it were a new or profound idea, when it was the exact same message which POTUS has been relentlessly repeating for years.

    Less talking, more listening when it comes to this POTUS would be a fine idea for the chattering classes.

  28. Wow@the mugshot. But I think that you’re confusing Walters with Arianna Huffington (who indeed met with and was photo’d with Gingrich and wife number {lost count} during a recent vacation).

    The mugshot story is mindblowing. It is unreal how people are scurrying to avoid accountability for the unbelievable rhetoric which the right has spread ad nauseum.

  29. I am not saying what I am about to say to blow my own horn. It is just that I think it exemplifies the way wwe have to look at things right now. Shortly after 9/11 (like within a day or two) I was asked by some people at the place I worked (which had about 400 employees) to lead a short prayer service. There were about 35 of us gathered in a circle holding hands. I don’t remember everything I said but I referred to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus said “Blessed are they who mourn for the shall be comforted.” I asked for us to be comforted as we mourn but also for us to be the comforters.

    All too often, people tend to think first about their own grief and not realize that we also need to reach out to others and comfort them in their grief. It is what makes us a society rather than just individuals.

  30. May they have a safe journey and comfort the ones who have lost so much.

    As I sit snowed and iced in today I am wondering about the violent rhetoric from the right.
    If Obama care is a Govt take over, why are there over 100 additions to the bill added by the Repubs. Why not get them out in front of the people. Are they justifying violence because of the takeover of our Healthcare??
    Watch Sanjay Gupta take on Pence.

  31. Leadership by example is the most effective leadership there is. It shows that the leader means what he or she says and it encourages those being “led” to lead themselves, which is the only way in which deep change occurs. No one is truly transformed who is simply doing what he or she is told to do.

  32. I agree with you, GN, but the chattering classes have a great deal of time to fill, and few people are cogent all of the time. This is not to excuse their inconsistencies or delusions of grandeur, but the constant pressure of saying something almost insures that what is said will be neither thoughtful nor original most of the time.

  33. Oh yeah? Arizona happy to see Obama? Anti-Immigrant Arizona? Anti-obama arizona? Maybe their is a god.

  34. I thought Lawrence O’Donnell had the most cogent commentary on the Tucson incident. Where is the talk of how and why lunatics can get semi-automatic weapons with ease in this jejune culture? The desire for and access to firearms in this country puts our entire culture to shame. We are more heavily-armed than any country in the world; what does this say about the American mindset? Something tangible should and could be done about keeping semi-automatic weapons (at the very least) off the streets. If it is a criminal act to kill or maim another human being, why is it okay to carry weapons that facilitate doing so? Even some of the people I like a great deal are beginning to own firearms (all men). What kind of toxin is running through our entire culture that causes otherwise compassionate, even sometimes profoundly-thoughtful people, to carry lethal weapons? This is not a cultural phenomenon; this is a disease.

  35. Barbara is Arianna Huffington’s God Mother. She also vacationed with Huffington, Gingrich, and his wife over the summer.

    She just seems different. To say that “individually we don’t need to reflect,” because “we” had no part in this is just denial and insensitive in my opinion. As the sheriff said yesterday to Chuck Todd “you are in the business of making people angry,” and I agree 100%.

    It is time for this country/MSM to have a grown up conversation, and to answer why we are celebrating “snooki” and the situation instead of celebrating innovation and education. It is time for this country/MSM to answer the question to if the Tea Party was predominantly minority group, if they would be giving them so much spotlight. Sadly the answer is no. I don’t see the MSM chasing the NAACP around covering all of their events. The priorities right now are all screwed up.

  36. That quote jumped out at me too, GN. It should be spread far and wide to the rightwing and to everyone who calls herself or himself a progressive

  37. Thanks ms4t,

    I think it is imperative that those who have been listening to the president’s opponents, who have called him everything except a child of God, have the opportunity to get to know the man behind the rhetoric. That Mr. Green knows that PBO cares about his loss and the other families’ losses is very important. I think the president’s visit will go a long way toward helping his opponents understand that there is no need to seek violent solutions to our commonly shared problems.

  38. Me, too… POTUS and FLOTUS together…Pray for their all-around safety!

    And, That’s wonderful news about Congresswoman Gabby…

    Here’s more: @azcentral Doctors say Gabrielle #Giffords is breathing on her own after being shot in the head… http://t.co/SHlKI75

    Giffords Gives Thumbs-Up… http://tinyurl.com/6egryo8 (A HP piece. so be forewarned. lol)

  39. It’s all about empathy. The Reps have no such gene. The Frustrati buried theirs in exchange for “fame” and warped ego fulfillment.

    I predict: POTUS will be perect. The extremists on both sides won’t care. Orange people withh hit “post” before he is done speaking, due to their foresight at writing their diaries BEFORE the speech (I’ve seen it happen).

    I promise: I won’t give a damn what they say.

    I pray: POTUS and family is kept safe, esp if the speech incites more hatred.

    I repeat: You are my Person of the Year, BWD.

  40. Thanks for the link, snowbird42.

    That was Congressman Price from GA in the interview. He was lying through his teeth about the republicans’ healthcare bill. According to Think Progress, the CBO determined that under their bill, only 10-12 million additional Americans would be covered. The other 20+ million would be left out in the cold.

    I wish Gupta had asked him how the ACA is currently increasing health insurance prices when it won’t be fully implemented until 2014. The republicans’ main fear is that the ACA might lead to single payer because Price mentioned a possible increase in the number of Americans who would be eligible for Medicaid under the ACA in the interview. The republicans are, as usual, looking out for the corporatists. Price is a birther who has questioned everything the president has done. His mindset mirrors that of many here in GA that PBO being in the WH is a “crime against America.”

  41. That is interesting because Barbara Walters put that mugshot up on The View and asked the audience, “Doesn’t he look like somebody out of The Silence of the Lambs?”

  42. GN, Your comment is awesome. Stewart has used Obama’s calm, measured and steady demeanor against him then turned around and held a rally advocating for exactly what Obama behaviorally models. Since he is president isn’t that a worthy leadership style? Also, the “more
    Listening” part of your comment: just look at how intently Obama is listening to Sarlozy in the video clip; this is nothing new. While studying communication skills in my counsel
    ing Psychology program, active listening was the most important part of communication.

    He is criticized for not emotionally connecting like “I feel your pain” President Clinton. At the same time he was villified for using empathy as a quality he wanted in a Supreme Court justice. And most telling to me, is his pictures with babies/children and how they respond to him. That can’t be faked; and frankly I’m gobsmacked at the realness of the MYRIAD photos which document
    his genuineness.

    Well, I hope this posts as I wrote it because it appears that my sentences are cut off on the right margin.

  43. If readers here haven’t yet read in full the David Rothkopf article that BWD cited @ #3 in the mishmash, you really should do so. I don’t know what his ‘claim to fame’ is, but his article definitely compliments President O’s leadership. It underscores the fact that those who underestimate the President’s approach, eventually have to admit (if they are being honest and impartial) that he has made/is making a difference. Here are some quotations from the article titled

    ‘Obama and Clinton’s Iran strategy: More there than meets the eye?’

    My sense was also that international diplomatic and economic pressure would simply not be enough to really impede their program — especially if the threat of the use of force to punish them if they did not back down was not credible. And the message from the administration was not tough enough on that last point.

    Frankly, there is also a fourth element to the program that doesn’t get as much credit as it perhaps should. While candidate Obama’s calls for “engagement” as a centerpiece of U.S. diplomacy seemed naïve in the context of real world problems like those with Iran — and whereas real engagement with the Iranians has proved nearly impossible — Obama’s stance did give his administration more credibility with allies in Europe as well as with critical partners like Russia and China. Via his engagement language he sent a clear message that America was moving away from the “us versus them” world of the Bush years and this restored some of the diplomatic high ground to U.S. diplomats.
    … …
    Again, it is far too early to hail this as a lasting or even a truly significant success. …. But far from being naïve or assuming tough but ineffective diplomatic poses, the efforts to date of the United States, the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese, Iran’s gulf neighbors, and even the Israelis working together seems to be producing at least some encouraging results — and the first elements of what might, we can hope, someday be viewed as a lesson about how to conduct effective foreign policy in the 21st Century.


    Posted By David Rothkopf Monday, January 10,

  44. This site and others like it form the kind of partnership with the Obama administration that is so crucial now. President Obama knows there is a mountain of work to be done on many fronts and would want us to highlight the progress being made in this complex world.

    Watching c-span yesterday the Republican meme is that there is justification for anger because there have been no improvements in the economy. Good economic news is not getting through. We can see reports like the ones bwd and others highlight as contributing to a saner national dialogue.

  45. It may have been another interview, but Christina’s dad also said that little Christina had great admiration for the President and — this is gonna make you cry — how honored she would be to hear President Obama say her name.

  46. To Ms. Walters and her ilk in the media, it’s all a big game. First, defending Sarah Palin of all people, and then cavalierly likening the shooter to the fictitious “Hannibal.”

  47. I read your excellent post on your blog, Eclectablog and wish you’d e-mail it to Rachel Maddow. It is certainly worth revisiting.

    Oh, if you see this, Eclectblog,I was hoping you’d use your position in OFA to suggest that they at the LEAST send an e-mail to inform all of us who are members of the “I’m Grateful” and “ObamaCares” projects. Maybe OFA could be instrumental in compiling these in book form?

  48. He will say it. Unfortunately, I expect the loony Left to jump all over him about this, no matter how beautiful that speech is. Keith, Ed, Norman Goldman will have a field day if President Obama has the audacity to try to dial back the rhetoric.

  49. Excellent comment.

    “Leadership” has come to mean wielding of the pitchforks. what kind of progressives are these people?

  50. And they’re still not responsible.

    Interesting how they talk about personal responsibility and take one. Talk about the nanny state and then expect Federal dollars to make up for their shortfalls. But do they get called out on their professional victimhood? Sarah Palin’s ‘safety’ was Glenn Beck’s concern. Did he show such concern for Michael Bennet or Danny Davis? Or the Pima County Sheriff? Can you imagine the hate mail that man is receiving?

    Take personal responsibility for your health care unless you are expected to actually purchase health insurance.

  51. Hee, check this out:

    Barack Obama would easily win New Jersey again if he had to stand for reelection today, even if Republicans put forth Chris Christie as their candidate. Obama leads Christie by a 17 point margin in a hypothetical contest, the same amount Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich trail by. Mitt Romney does the best of the leading Republican contenders in the state, trailing Obama by 15, and Sarah Palin has one of her worst performances in any state we’ve polled to date, lagging the President by a whooping 30 points.


  52. I can’t wait until the Greens meet him in person. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the President in person but hear of so many accounts of what a warm and caring person he is.

  53. Barbara reads the tea leaves and decides which side of the line will be most advantageous to her career on a daily basis. Sometimes she blows it. That happens when you have no real moral compass.

  54. My crass reply, GN belies vestigial cynicism in myself that I deplore but here goes: Ms. Walters, in her lame defense of Palin, only wants to ensure future access to her-burn no bridges as opposed to leading a discussion of the simmering violence directed at our (mostly democratic) politicians. Another opportunity ignored.

  55. This is what confuses me. We have been vacationing in Tucson for the past decade and it always seemed so “blue” to me.

  56. I absolutely loathe the traditional media in this country. The lazy media stenographers are whipping up their latest narrative trying to compare the speech that President Clinton gave after the Oklahoma City bombing with what President Obama will say tomorrow night. It’s nauseating.

    We will hear this nonsense right up until the speech is given. I bet some networks will have a countdown clock. They just can’t help themselves. And two seconds after the speech is given, some talking head will ask: Did he do what he had to do? Did he say what he needed to say? What did you think of his demeanor? Did he show enough emotion? How do you think it played around the country and the world? Did he alienate one side or the other?

    News flash to the media, this is not a sporting event or a mid-term exam to be graded. President Obama gets it, and he will do what he has always done when the country needed healing and the steady hand of an adult. He will make us proud.

    Can we for once stop with the 24/7 instant replay and analysis of every single move he makes? Instead, why don’t you take a long look in the mirror and try to figure out what YOU can do to better to educate and inform the American people.

  57. So true, Sheila. The press is set up to be reactionary, no matter the intelligence or good faith of reporters. But filling time might open the door to opportunities to research and report stories which are more complex. For example, the current shooting provides an opportunity for this country to begin to examine our foreign policy; the manner in which this country feels understanding that a small child was shot down for no fault of her own in Arizona, is how so many other adults all across the globe feel when they lose children in the middle of war theaters. I’m gratified that this country chose to seat the Presidential candidate who was the least bellicose towards Iran and who insisted on non-war, diplomatic approaches. But this is just a first step in terms of creating sanity with respect to foreign policy. /off-tangent, lol

  58. I have apparently been “unfriended” on Facebook by a few conservative friends. I use my Facebook page carefully when discussing politics but I have been bolder lately. I post links, petitions, etc. I have welcomed discussion from my conservative friends. Their answer is to ‘unfriend’ me.

    My one friend is a ‘libertarian’ who take no personal responsibility for his actions. Bitches about taxes and at the same time bitches if the streets aren’t plowed. His arthritic wife does all the shoveling — he has diabetes and high blood pressure at 41 and might “die” if he lifted a shovel. So much for personal responsibility.

    My other friend is living with his parents, availing himself of their health insurance. But he’s against PPACA.

  59. I was just blown away. Common in the sensationalized media culture is historical revisionism. We see it when the right romanticizes moments in this country’s history (the good old days), and when the left romanticizes moments in this country’s history (the supposedly perfect progressive presidencies of FDR, LBJ, etc.). It was so refreshing to read a piece which challenges not only historical revisionism, but the idea that pessimism has any sort of utility when it comes to creating positive change. Since when has doom and gloom built anything?

  60. Tuscon itself is very blue. The University has a huge impact on the town. I love Tuscon. Ms. Giffords district is apparently more red than blue because of the outlying areas around Tucson.

    Having to please the blue and the red must have been a difficult challenge for Congresswoman Giffords.

  61. I lived in Phoenix for fifteen years. When I left in 1998, it had become a light blue/light red state. Boy have things changed. It is frightening.

    As I remember, during the presidental campaign, Obama was very close to McCain for awhile.
    Remember when the ASU would not give the President an honorary doctorate? Jerks

  62. Thanks, Dorothy. I cannot believe so many of you are from the area. you should have a meet-up!

  63. The first and only time I saw a GUN other than on TV was at an upperscale restaurant in Scottsdale. (we had driven up for a Rembrandt exhibit at the Art Museum) Dude swaggered in from his fancy sports car. Blech. Lost my appetite. Literally.

    I study Buddhism, and archery, or any “I am the arrow- moment of stillness – biathalon type thing” intrigues me. But it’s about that moment of stillness, of oneness, NOT about hurting anyone. Although being from CT, my feelings about the monsters in the Petitte case…another story.

  64. The attempt by some in the MSM to absolve Palin of blame for this tragedy is par for the course. The MSM looks out for its own. Palin is a source of content (with her idiotic tweets against anything Obama)and the 24 hour news cycle need constant content. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find culpability when a former vice presidential candidate puts a politician in cross-hairs on her website and that politician ends up shot in the head. However, thankfully this appears to be a bridge too far, and the American people (the sane ones at least)are making the connection between violent Tea Party rhetoric and the shooting of the congresswoman. I know that President Obama will say what needs to be said (that we need to come together as a Nation and disagree without being disagreeable). Those on the left who will predictably criticize the speech as not “going far enough”, will again prove themselves to be shameless hucksters who would gladly let this country burn to the ground if it resulted in a ratings boost. BWD is totally correct, it is all scripted.

  65. Thanks for the h/t blackwaterdog.

    I personally can’t wait for Obama’s speech in Tucson. He really has an ability to give brilliant speeches in these moments.

  66. Oh Lawd! Do you have a link for that conversation? I would love to read that one Roger Ailes bogardin’ into a hip hop space! Link me up.

  67. That is great news BWD. Christie’s election in N.J. was the result of the extreme dislike N.J. residents had for Jon Corzine, not some anti-Obama backlash or voter’s remourse. Just as Scott Brown’s victory in Mass. was the result of his opponent’s lackluster and lazy campaign, in my opinion. I do believe that most politics is local, but the MSM cannot resist forcing facts to fit their preconceived anti-Obama narrative. As a result, any Rep defeating an incumbent Dem is a blow against Pres. Obama.

  68. I had no idea that there was a relationship between Walters and Huffington/Gingrich.

    Agreed, that it is way past time for this grown folks conversation; well said!

  69. Hmm, she wouldn’t be the first journalist who held back on an editorial opinion in order to ensure that she maintained journalistic access…

  70. Personally, I don’t blame Palin for the tragedy as , for all I know, the shooter never even saw the particluar map with crosshairs or heard any of Palin’s speeches. What I do blame Palin for is contributing to the overall level of rhetoric and assisting in creating a climate that is basically composed of two theme. The first is the “It’s us versus them” (with the them always being demonized). The second is that violence may well be an appropriate recourse if you don’t like what is happening in this country.

    Worse, in my opinion, is that she, and all the others, are refusing to accept any responsibility for helping create that atmosphere and admitting that the rhetoric may be a little too harsh. Instead they go for the false equivalency or, even more ridiculously, use the comparison of how those that say movies etc can create a violent mindset are told by the “liberals” that that isn’t true. Then those same liberals complain about the violent rhetoric in the political arena.

    Two things about that: First of all I know a lot of liberals who are very concerned about the impact movies and video games have on impressionable minds. Secondly, it is apples to oranges in ternms of comparison.

  71. My Seattle friend said Beck gave his commentary holding a gun. I am gobsmacked and speechless.

  72. His commentary post-shooting holding a gun??

    That’s wacko.

    Curious if any Republicans will publicly disagree with Limbaugh’s disgusting comments today:

    “What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country. He’s sitting there in jail; he knows what’s going on. He knows that a Democrat [sic] Party — the Democrat [sic] Party — is attempting to find anybody but him to blame.


    “He knows if he plays his cards right that he’s just a ‘victim.’ He’s the latest in a never ending parade of victims brought about by the ‘unfairness of America.’ The ‘bigotry, racism, homophobia’ of America. The ‘mean-spiritedness of America.’ […]

    “That smiling mugshot — this guy clearly understands he’s getting all the attention, and he understands he’s got a political party doing everything it can, plus a local sheriff doing everything they can to make sure he’s not convicted of murder.”

  73. h/t caribgirl at weeseeyou.com:

    Does everyone remember the malicious attempt to label the oil spill “President Obama’s Katrina” which made its way through the new media and into the national media?

    Look at how much this was a media creation:

    Local resentment became a media theme and then a self-fulfilling prophesy. Even those who privately thought the federal government was doing the best it could under the circumstances could not say so publicly. Coast Guard responders watched Governor Jindal — and the TV cameras following him — return to what appeared to be the same spot of oiled marsh day after day to complain about the inadequacy of the federal response, even though only a small amount of marsh was then oiled. When the Coast Guard sought to clean up that piece of affected marsh, Governor Jindal refused to confirm its location. Journalists encouraged state and local officials and residents to display their anger at the federal response, and offered coverage when they did. Anderson Cooper reportedly asked a Parish President to bring an angry, unemployed offshore oil worker on his show. When the Parish President could not promise the worker would be ‘angry,’ both were disinvited.


    From the Presidential Oil Commission report.

    New rule: anyone complaining about WH “communications” problems, please examine whether you are receiving the correct story from the media, which not only plays gatekeeper, but also creates and disseminates memes and narratives, some of which come from poisonous, vile new media spaces which have editorial policies which are very hostile to the President.

  74. Valid points, Japa21. I think we are saying somewhat the same thing, i.e., Palin and the tea party created an atmosphere of violence that contributed to the tragedy. By using crosshairs, violent gun language at every turn (i.e., don’t retreat reload) she does bare responsibility. You and I disagree in your assessment that their rhetoric was “a little too harsh”. Gun imagery and claiming political opponents to not be real Americans set the stage for what happened in Arizona. Do you remember the gathering of gun toting tea partiers at political speeches? That is more than a little harsh. That is inciting violence. Guns and gun imagery such as crosshairs literally targeting politicians have no place in political debate. Period. The United States has a rich history in political violence (especially against liberal leaders). This is not theory, it is history repeating.

  75. I agree with you. The ubiquitous Sarah Palin tweets and the media repeats. But now that she is getting some unwanted attention, she has gone silent. The problem for Sarah Palin is that she has been one of the loudest voices attacking the Democrats. The ugly and disgusting crosshairs ad was just he tip of the iceberg.

    I kept asking myself in light of the tragedy, why couldn’t Sarah Palin just say that in retrospect the ad was in poor taste and that she regrets it. How hard could that be?

    Then it hit me, the thread that runs through everything political relating to the Republican Party is that they never take responsibility for anything. And for Sarah Palin she is always the victim and the one being attacked. Whatever happens it’s the always other guys fault. The song “It Wasn’t Me” comes to mind.

    Case in point, for the last two years, the Republican Party has been blaming President Obama for the mess they created during the 8 years of the Bush administration. To think that these folks will ever accept responsibility for their actions is fools errand.

  76. Now, that should be front-paged at DK. They were digging around desperately to find any negative story about the government’s BP clean-up process. It show them how badly they bought the media’s sideshow.

  77. True GN. The response to Pres. Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill speech by MSNBC’s pundits really turned my stomach and made me no longer watch that channel. They really thought that they had found the kryptonite to bring down Obama and equate him with Bush. The irrational complaining, fake outrage and nit picking by the MSM clearly illustrated to me that the MSM’s main goal was not to keep the public informed, but to bring down the president, facts be damned. Your quote concerning that scumbag Bobby Jindal confirms my worst fears. The MSM is purely agenda driven and will shamelessly CREATE news to fit the preconceived anti-Obama narrative.

  78. “…The lazy media stenographers are whipping up their latest narrative trying to compare the speech that President Clinton gave after the Oklahoma City bombing with what President Obama will say tomorrow night…”

    You ain’t neva lied!

    Speakin’ of former Prez Clinton, LadyHawke, look at what a GOP strategist advised GOPTeaParty-elected officials to do… 10 Things GOP Must Do In 10 Weeks:


    #9 is a doozy, uh?

    Although our President may never see info like this, I send it to the White House, anyway, through their contact page, email, et al.

  79. No, we don’t disagree. I was not good at communciating. What I meant is that they can’t even say “the rhetoric may have been a little too harsh.” They still would have been underplaying it, but they couldn’t even do that.

  80. Hi askew! I knew that the “President Obama’s Katrina” meme was an intellectually dishonest piece of garbage the minute I read it. A meme which was insulting to the one’s intelligence and sense of compassion. It totally and utterly disregarded the horrors of Katrina and cynically dismissed just *why* the country became so livid at the incompetence on display during that sad period of the hurricane aftermath.

    This is why it is so utterly crucial for people to continue to build up the new, emerging alternative spaces if we are to continue to have anywhere to rationally discuss the news. Thanks a million to everyone who participates in this one!

  81. True indeed. Why accept blame or take responsibility when the MSM will bend over backwards to absolve you of blame or guilt. Liberal bias my ass.

  82. It really was an ugly moment. I think that these memes actually came from the new media, and the national media credulously picked up on them, thinking that this represented what the Democratic base was thinking and feeling (and thus would equal huge ratings).

    This time period caused me to understand how easy it was for even smart national media people to buy into poison memes floating around on blogs, and it caused me to understand just how disrespected President Obama had become on blogs, in that everyone and their mama thought that they had the answers, everyone and their mama was now a scientific expert, and everyone and their mama knew better than POTUS about how average Americans needed to be addressed in his speech about the disaster. Yet as time has revealed, POTUS was correct all along, while the janes and jacks of all trades were wrong as usual.

    Very eye-opening, as it revealed the depths of distrust and malice underlying the ugly words of anti-POTUS partisans (no matter that they attempt to “balance” their nonstop badgering in order to appear principled), a malice which the national media just didn’t recognize as they bought into this poison hook, line, and sinker. As I said to askew, this is why the emerging spaces are so important. These spaces allow for some rationality in political discussions, and allow the voices of the base to have some sort of outlet and platform.

  83. Dems really need to take back Brown’s seat in 2012, because that could be the difference between keeping and losing the Senate. Brown is charismatic and likeable, so the Dem candidate will have to be equally charismatic and likeable while being able to attack Brown on his politics that are largely out of whack in Massachusetts. I have a feeling he’ll be really centrist the next two years, so the challenger will have to focus on his first year and how he could have been the 60th vote and never was – on issues that Massachusetts would have supported.

  84. Very fine points, GN, but I’ve been waiting for our media in general to bear some real fruit almost since the inception of television. So much space and so little to fill it. The situation seems to be deteriorating. I always believed television would eventually evolve into a truly-fine art form and instead we have reality tv (don’t people have friends in the real world to bring them down with their self-absorption?) and a spate of uninformed talking heads whose consciousnesses are as flat as the tv screens we watch them on.

  85. I found it strange that the MSM could cover Jindal’s posturing and attacks on PBO about the oil spill, but when it was revealed that he had wasted almost $300 million on the berms he INSISTED would work but didn’t work, the MSM largely ignored his failure.

    That $300 million could have been used to provide health care, food, housing, etc for the citizens of LA. It’s almost as if many of the state’s citizens like being misled by Jindal and the republicans in the state, and all they can say in response to being screwed is, “Do it again! That feels so good!” Jindal and the others will launch more attacks on the president and us, and continue governing in his/their fiscally irresponsible way.

  86. Something caught my attention yesterday on c-span. C-span adamantly defends themselves as totally non-partisan. I have not done a definitive study of whether the comments or the guests are equally representative of both parties but this made me pay attention yesterday:

    A caller called in, wondering why the House got to cancel this week’s business, on our dime. The c-span host said that they were off that day [Monday], had cancelled a few days’ business but that the rest of the week was off anyway. He gave himself a beat and then said, “because one of the parties is holding a retreat.”

    This is not non-partisan. This is not balanced. The Republicans are holding a retreat the end of this week. This host would not say that. And of course, Democrats are not in control of the House and couldn’t decide that the House wouldn’t be in session.

    He deflected any potential criticism from Republicans.

  87. Just saying…little kids are killed daily and are some of the least protected people in the world. I’d love to see a national conversation “go there” in terms of the real cost to our oil dependency as well as immature, knee-jerk choices to enable foreign policy excesses, and third world conditions in parts of this country. Will neva happen; I know I’m dreaming Sheila, lol.

  88. Great catch, faith. Holding a “retreat”…to do what, exactly why do we need to pay for a GOP retreat? I smell hookers and lobbyists; not cool.

  89. Hi GN! Yeah, I remember trying to calm down the posters jumping on the Obama’s Katrina bandwagon but it was a futile task.

    It is so nice to have this site, the People’s View, BWN, WeSee, etc. out there now. The only thing I miss is the great comment layout section DK had. It was easy to follow comments in that website. I have a hard time finding new comments here.

  90. That’s part of the problem with the media. They have short-term attention span so they’ve already forgotten about “Obama’s Katrina”. They also tend to ignore any fact that doesn’t fit their pre-conceived narrative.

  91. Pamela, would you please email specifically what you’re asking? I’m not entirely sure what you mean. But I will do what I can. eclectablog at gmail

  92. Well said GN. Some of us who have been around for some time know that this President is one of the finest communicator. The problem is those who control medium continue to filter and misrepresent his words and deeds.

  93. Thanks GN for the reference to the post by rootless. It is indeed a very thoughtful and well informed article. I also greatly appreciate your thoughtful and well written commentaries that always go to the heart of the matter being discussed. I especially liked your point about the rampant historical revisionism by both the right and the left.

  94. Thank you so much, Nathan.

    To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing.

    This fits our President to a “t”, doesn’t it?

  95. Hi Askew – I got to lines into your post and though “DKOS.” Yes, they are not shooting guns, but to use a quote they f’ing adore over there: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

    Well, guess what frustrati – you are NOT part of the solution.

  96. I have to stop watching CNN. Wolf Blitzer just had a segment where he actually asked the following questions:

    Can President Obama rise to the occasion tomorrow night? Will his speech turn around his administration?

    President Obama has been doing his job for two years now. What I want to know is when is the media going to accept that and stop acting like he is still on the campaign trail back in 2008. Unbelievable.

  97. The news needs that drama. This can’t just be one good deed in a long line of many out of President Obama. No, this speech is now a crisis, which will either condemn this Presidency or instantly rehabilitate it (no matter that POTUS is almost boring in terms of stable approval ratings; and you can almost write what he’s going to say tomorrow, he’s that consistent). Anyone wonder why there’s *always* a crisis?

  98. I could not agree more.

    I used to watch The Daily Show religiously. I lost interest along the way, but came back. I haven’t watched since he interviewed President Obama late last year. It seemed like he was trying to get an apology from the President. For what? I don’t know. His line of questioning was condescending and ’round about. I don’t think our president has anything to apologize for.

    I liked the Obama parting shot, “We needed this rally 8 years ago.” Steward just coiled in silence. I sat on my bed like, “Tell him, baby!”

  99. Hey there g! They are definitely not part of the solution that is for sure.

    Now, BWD is definitely part of the solution.

  100. Seriously, Obama still needs to “turn-around” his administration? The media is trying to pretend that Obama is unusually unpopular right now. He’s not. Let’s compare previous president’s approval ratings at the two year mark with Obama’s:

    Carter – 50%
    Obama – 48%
    Clinton – 47%
    Reagan – 37%

    Considering how bad the economy still is right now and how relentless the media’s attacks have been on Obama (Clinton at least had CNN to defend him), Obama’s approval rating is quite high.

  101. I am with you nintendowii. I admire him for going into the den of hatred. I just hope security is really high.

  102. thanks for pointing that out Toon. I have never actually read about Keynes. Thoughts about him I get from the media. It is great that you are actually reading about him.

  103. Rip off his shirt and lick the floor…otherwise Mr. Spock doesn’t give a damn, now does he???

  104. All I can say is that when I watched the video of Presidents Obama and Sarkosy I just said thank goodness for this US Pres.

    I kept thinking of Sarah Palin in such a position and her comments on the G8 and G20 (wow are they new cars?), the Middle East (what a nice country for a vacation),the global economy( common sense solutions are needed ,people just need to shop ’til they drop)

    Hope you and Carla are ready for some moose stew, I just dropped one and Todds getting it ready.

    Just needed a little distraction- no disrespect to the somber occasion.
    Will be watching tomorrow and in total solidarity with the victims and families in Tuscon.

  105. @Will_Bunch: Arizona, where the American Dream went to die

    When I arrived in Arizona last March, my bones were still practically numb from the snowiest winter in the modern history of my native Northeast. There was radiant sunshine that made the Valley of the Sun feel like a warm soaking bath, bordered on my far horizon by New-Age red rocks and big sky — natural beauty that inspired awe for me as it surely once did for so many new arrivals over so many decades. I didn’t travel to Phoenix to witness beauty, unfortunately, but to get an up close look at anger. I didn’t have to look far. In fact, it found me.

    I stumbled into raw political rage on a bright and blue Saturday afternoon, in a most unlikely place — an upscale shopping corner in the tony suburb of Scottsdale, where about 200 or so members of a local Tea Party had gathered to honk horns and wave signs against President Obama’s health care plan, just hours before the House of Representatives voted to approve it. Some of the protesters were gathered in front of the sleek turret for a glitzy American Apparel store, while others were across the street outside P.F. Chang’s Bistro. But what stayed with me about the scene in Scottsdale was not the incongruous, “Brooks Brothers riot” nature of it all, but the level of personal vitriol, not just toward Obama but toward Scottsdale’s soon-to-be-booted Democratic congressman, Harry Mitchell. At least one of the protest signs depicted Mitchell as tarred and feathered.

    I got out and met one of the Tea Party protest organizers, a woman named Judy Hoelscher. What happened next, I recounted in my recent book, The Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama:

    Hoelscher said she was busy raising her three children when she decided shortly after Obama took office to join the Tea Party and also to start a blog called Angry Right-Wing Housewife, which features a rendering of a stern-looking homemaker brandishing her rolling pin. “It was the way…the stimulus bill, I felt, was nothing more than a slush fund and they were spending my children’s future, and it’s not fair.” Like the others who’ve taken to the streets. Hoelscher is steamed this day about health care but isn’t happy with illegal immigration, either. “Our state is going broke because of the illegal immigrants,” she claims. Behind her, the honking and the shouting at Harry Mitchell and Barack Obama is reaching a deafening crescendo.

    A few days after all the sound and fury, Representative Mitchell reported that people were calling his office and even his home and making death threats. One recorded message from a woman who called his office said: “I cannot tell you how much I wish a panty bomber would just come in and fucking blow your place up.”

    Welcome to paradise. ndeed, it doesn’t take much time in the Arizona desert, or a lot of shoe-leather reporting, to see how the nation’s 48th state had become the undisputed No. 1 in vitriol and bile. Just in the remarkably short time I was in the greater Phoenix area last March, the newspaper was full of stories about a bill in the Arizona legislature — that turned out to be SB 1070 — that would be so harsh toward undocumented immigrants that its sponsors openly admitted their goal was to make the streets so hostile to Mexicans that they would leave. On Saturday, I saw campaign volunteers swoon to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio to autograph a pair of the pink underwear that he makes his immigrant prisoners wear in the brutal desert heat to humiliate them. On Sunday morning, I rode past fathers and sons cheerfully walking to a spring-training gane in Tempe so I could meet a Baptist minister named Steven Anderson who told me that Obama “deserves to die” because the president supports abortion rights, and over lunch a Tea Party leader calmly told me that Mexicans want to reconquest Arizona up to 16th Street in Phoenix and “kill all the white people.” While I was on my way home to Philadelphia, there was the death threats against Mitchell, and when a militia leader called for Tea Party activists to break the windows of House members who voted for health care, some responded. In Tucson, at 2 a.m. someone shattered the window of a congressional office, possibly by firing a pellet gun, belonging to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

    Is it any wonder that they call Arizona the Grand Canyon State? When news bulletins first flashed on Saturday that a congresswoman had been shot at a public event, it didn’t take too much imagination to correctly surmise that it was Arizona, and that the victim was Gabrielle Giffords. Nor were you shocked, as some clearly were, when Pima County sheriff Clarence Dupnik declared his home state to have become “a mecca for prejudice and bigotry.” The grim, blood-soaked crossover from death threats and broken windows to actual murder and mayhem seemed inevitable. But why here, in such a naturally blessed, sun-soaked corner of God’s earth?

    Why Arizona?…


    Btw, because our President, supposedly, has read a RReagan bio, I have contacted him to ask him to read WB’s “Tear Down This Myth: The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan Legacy” to get another perspective. (Durin’ his Hawaiian vacation, he read it.) And, to me, despite all the GOPTeaParty/neocons’ adulation for him, former Prez Reagan “isn’t all that”… H.W. Bush concurs w/Reagan’s Voodoo Economics/Reaganomics…”It has/they’ve come home to roost!”

  106. criquet, great comment. I personally don’t think that humans can live without humor or levity, *particularly* during trying times.

    I could imagine Palin saying, “in what respect Nicky?” (cause you know she can’t pronounce that last name, lol) in response to Sarkozy’s every question; she’d complain that he “talked down” to her by using the word “repudiate” properly.

  107. OT –
    I haven’t seen Christin post in a while. Hope she’s ok, has anyone seen or heard from her?

  108. I excluded him because of the weird 9/11 effect. I could have included the other President Bush, but I always forget about him. He was such a non-entity. His approval rating was 58%.

    So, the 2 presidents above 50% did not get re-elected, while the 2 presidents below 50% did. Goes to show you how stupid the polls are this far out.

  109. Right. The 24X7 beast must be fed.

    On a lighter note, this made me think of the movie “The Little Shop of Horrors” where there is a character called Seymour who has a man eating plant called Audrey Jr. who constantly demands to be fed. It’s really hilarious.

    Audrey II: [singing] Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long – That’s right, boy! – You can do it! Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long / Ha ha ha ha ha! / Cause if you feed me, Seymour / I can grow up big and strong.

    (That’s are traditional media in a nutshell.)

  110. LOL, I *love* that. Sensationalists=a carnivorous plant, “feed me Seymour, feeeeeeed me.” From one crisis to the next. Spot. on.

  111. I read 3/4 of the article when I had to close the page because I could not breathe. Literally, the content made me so anxious I could not breathe.

    I’ll try to get through it tomorrow.

  112. I agree O’Donnell was eloquent and moving and steely in his indictment of those who let the weapons contol legislation just expire. I also thought Patrick Kennedy on Rachel was extremely persuasive and articulate in making the case for mental health parity (which is in the healthcare bill !) and turning towards those in trouble mentally, rather than turning away. I am sorry he is no longer in the House.

  113. Indeed – Olbermann said tonight that he’ll be “anchoring” the memorial, and then doing analysis afterwards. What will need to be “anchored” or “analyzed” about a memorial service? We will all see it, take from it what we need, and hopefully, move on. No need for anchoring or analysis.

  114. Barbara Walters vacationed with Arianna and Newt Gingrich. That was pretty much all I needed to know about her. There’s a picture of them all vacationing together in the South of France last year.

  115. Analyzing a memorial service. And you know every pundit/news outlet will be doing the same. How crass.

    If I were a family member of one of the deceased, I would be deeply, deeply offended.

  116. I thought they were claiming that Christie was the only one of their Republican hopefuls who was polling that he could win against President Obama? Interesting…

  117. I do blame Palin and the rest of them. The fact is, anyone who will point and shoot a gun at innocent people (even the non-innocent) has to have some sort of mental problem. That’s my opinion. So, the excuse being used by the “loud ones” that this man was insane doesn’t exclude their role in poisoning the climate, and allowing people to think this type of behavior would be tolerated or that this type of thinking represented the majority. They were warned repeatedly about the effect to the unhinged – and they willfully ignored those warnings. They still do.

    I agree with all your other points about their role in the general toxicity of our environment, but I won’t let them off the hook for causing the results that we saw this weekend. And their subsequent refusal to end the heated rhetoric, or take some responsibility just cements that opinion. These are the same people who denied unemployed their benefits right before Christmas, and were prepared to leave the 9/11 responders without support, even while they are dying from their heroism. It’s simply reprehensible – and their refusal to acknowledge their role makes it worse.

  118. I barely remember Kennedy’s services, but I do remember the silence that was there. Some things should be allowed to speak for themselves, and this is one of them. I don’t recall any more than the necessary stuff said during them-time, channel, and perhaps an explanatory note (who’s sitting next to who).
    But back then the television folks were ex-journalists who had seen war up close and personal (WW2 vets) and others who had walked a beat as a reporter covering real news. The result is that they had a sense of perspective and perhaps some of the self-importance knocked out of seeing and living real lives. They knew what was important.

    In the old days, some tv specials were handled similarly-run through without commercials to the end and then the commercials were allowed to run.

  119. Absolutely not!
    Those are the only pre-approved ways he can show his emotions, otherwise, how are we to know? The President’s emotions need to be clear to us, so that we know fer sure, fer sure…and stuff…

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