Looking for a video

apparently, little-angel-Christina Green’s father – who is a Republican – was on Anderson Cooper last night, saying some wonderful things about the president. If anyone can get a hold on the video – please let me know, or just post it yourself. I think we’d all love to see it.



31 thoughts on “Looking for a video

  1. We all know good decent loving and pricipled people who are Republican, even conservative. What is cautionary to me in the aftermath of this shooting is that some people seem to think that calling someone a “liberal” or “fundamentalist” is used to not argue that such people never are right about any issue ever. I would like to see us rise above partisan hackery and set a better example of how to debate the issues. I think we are on a great start to that goal, but I know I fall into those negative patterns. Thanks BWD for giving us this forum and for consistently setting an uplifting tone

  2. I wouldn’t touch this one, to make the father a political tool. The right are already clamoring about a remark where they said they didn’t want to be used to attack gun rights – and some House Dems are writing a bill to limit magazine size or something based on the shooting.

  3. Actually Saint Roscoe I believe that by posting this video, BWD is doing just the opposite of using the father as a political tool. It shows that a grieving father, who is a registered Republican, could find comfort in the words of a Democratic president, whose political views he doesn’t necessarily support. It’s not like the father was condemning Republicans or the Tea Party to praise the President. He was simply expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the President’s words of comfort to him and his family at a time when they most needed it.

    During 911, Democrats and Republicans alike checked their politics at the door and rallied behind President Bush, and many were comforted by his words at that time, when they most needed it (regardless of what we now know).

  4. Very touching clip, but it doesn’t hold any talk about President Obama. It’s rather short.

    Saint Roscoe, I know what you mean about political tools, but this small clip doesn’t appear to cover the situation broadly enough to be called that. I think we all want to hear from the victims’ families, not from any ghoulish reason, but from wanting to share their grief.

    I think, in fact, that these parents were very brave to face the cameras to extol young Christina. She mustn’t be forgotten.

  5. I know plenty (a handful) of Republicans who are good people they just want to pay less taxes. I actually only know one who is a “Obama is a Muslim, gay-hating, borderline anti-Semitic” individual. I really don’t believe they are all bad but the crazies are shouting the loudest just like the professional Left is throwing loud temper tantrums while most democrats silently agree with the President. But it is nice to see someone on the other side saying something nice about our President. You can disagree with someone on this issue or that issue and not hate them.

    I’m amazed that Christina’s parents are strong enough to give interviews and I’m glad they found comfort and solace in the President.

  6. It show just the opposite, how he put differences aside and is able to give comfort to all republicans and democrats.

  7. Neither does the clip from last night. He expressed how he was impressed with his compassion with his family that not the clip. The president do not use people as political tools.

  8. I don’t use him as anything. I want to see that video, and i think it’s special that a grieving father who opposes the president’s policies – can see the goodness in this man. That is all.

  9. The most touching moment I’ve seen today was during the hospital presser when the husband of the gal who took little Christina to meet Congresswoman Giffords spoke. He spoke about the closeness of the 2 families, the social work background of his wife, her zest for politics and Rep. Giffords and wanting to share that with Christina who had expressed interest in govt. and helping people. He told about the horrible order of events on Sat., that his wife had been holding Christina’s hands as they stood in line and were shot, that his wife’s first question when she came out of the morphine for a moment (she was shot 3 times) was “What about Christina?” and about telling her the truth, that she screams out in her sedated state, “Christina! Let’s get out of here!” etc. And how the drs. say that this will be the issue that will be the hardest to heal, how Christina’s parents have been unbelievable and reaching out to them even in their immense grief. It was just the most deeply honest display of grief, emotion, humanity, the full gamut.

  10. What strikes me about these comments is that everything is being filtered through a screen of “how is this political?”.

    A child was shot and killed, I can’t even imagine the pain. If the parents want to talk we should listen and support them. If they don’t want to talk that should be respected.

    To me this story shows that no matter what party we support we are first and foremost parents, neighbors, and friends. A Republican can appreciate the kind words of a Democratic president because President Obama spoke as a Father not a politician.

    If we all spoke as neighbors, parents, and co-workers we might find many issues to agree on and be able to get more things done.

  11. The father himself has made the same statement several times, which means it carries some considerable importance to him and his family in this terrible time. I don’t think he intends to be a political tool nor to have the statement be a political tool, but he is honoring the reason why his daughter was there in the line of fire of this beast and honoring the President for being so kind to speak about his daughter. That’s all.

  12. I don’t have that one but here is the heroic Patrica Maisch speaking about receiving a call from POTUS. Also she describes what happened on Saturday. She is a lovely woman.

  13. Exactly…everyone pretty much rallied behind President Bush. If only conservatives could do the same in the face of tragedy.


  15. @LizzieJ- That clip was touching. Thanks for sharing. I bet a lot of young people (even this not-so young person) were inspired by Obama’s Campaign.

    I wonder what it’s like to be a kid and look up to our President, but hear your parents or grandparents speak so negativley about him. It must be confusing.

  16. I also think that it speaks to the open-mindedness of the father that he would not try to unduly influence his daughter’s political leanings which may be different from his, even at such an early age.

  17. Christina was also the same age as Sasha. So our President certainly can relate on some basic level to what Christina’s dad might be going through.

  18. The full Anderson Cooper show from last night is here –

    [video src="http://podcasts.cnn.net/cnn/big/podcasts/ac360/video/2011/01/10/cooper.podcast.monday.cnn.m4v" /]

    The interview with the Green’s begins at the 28:00 mark of the show, and the portion where they speak about the call from President Obama begins at approximately 33:00 into the program.

  19. President Clinton has a nice video clip


    It has been hard to keep my blog of “encouraging ideas” going these past few days with things being so sad.

    I found a story I posted a few months ago about helping kids who have lost a loved one.

    To me this story shows that from every tragedy comes good. I hope the death of these folks will also lead us to much that is good.

    Camp Helps Kids Grieve

  20. Well Peter King didn’t waste any time putting forth a bill that won’t allow a loaded gun within 1000 feet of an elected official, or something like that.

    Peter King, in true Peter King form, makes sure he’s safe but has no problem with guns in churches, schools, shopping malls, etc.

    What a selfish jackass.

  21. Gee, remember when children were taught to respect the President of the United States, no matter what party he was from?

    Ah, the good old days……..

  22. BWD, thanks for sharing. You always bring us to the “better angel” space in our hearts. Thanks for posting. This is true love being shared from a father’s heart who has no ability to hold, speak, whisper those sweet gentle words of a loving father to his lovely daughter just before she makes that decision to pack the proper coat as she leaves for college. This is the father who believes in his country and loves it to share with all of us how his lovely Christiana had such a love and respect for others including her President regardless of the letter next to his name. I taught for thirty-six years, and I saw this beautiful love in the hearts of so many beautiful young people everyday. I know that is one of the reasons that I have been crying each day after hearing about all of this horrible incident. What a lovely life that has been taken from us, but she has left us so much love and how to take a stand and stand up for the goodness of what she believed in. We must continue to love, appreciate each other, respect each other, listen(even when we disagree) to each other, and life each day with that love in our hearts. I do not know little Christiana, but I feel like she sat in my classroom and gave me so much hope and love to live for in my senior years. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Green for sharing with us such a lovely spirit of a wonderful child. My heart, my music, my candles and my prayers are filled with thoughts of our little Christiana. What a gift we were given. Continued prayers going forth for Congresswoman Gabby, and the other families during this painful time.

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