President Obama will visit Tucson on Wednesday

According to CNN.


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  1. He already talked with members of EVERY victim’s family. He is clearly incredibly affected by this thing. He knows that it’s all part of the enormous hate towards him. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for him.

  2. My heart is so heavy right now as I think of the enormous burdens he has carried on his shoulders.

    Be safe, my dear President.

  3. This man’s heart is bigger than the hate. Plus we must remember that there are plenty more that love him and what he represents.

  4. The Frustrati judges him for not being more empathetic or emotional like Clinton, but they always speak from a point of superficiality and without even knowing all the facts!!!

    To me the real meaningful things that the President does is never showy for the sake of theater, but always with real meaning!!!

  5. omg… what do they know?? You look at photos where his eyes are just focused on an individual. I’m sure that person feels as if all other things around are just falling to the side. Because the President knows how to make a connection with his eyes!

    The same with the First Lady.

    They are true people people.

  6. I agree. This is why he does overcome so often. He shall continue to dominate. He will win. People who see what he is about already know that he has a great heart. The man is so intelligent that he rises above the pettiness.

  7. I am so sick of the absurd idea that Obama needs to be more like Clinton. Clinton’s I feel your pain shtick is so tired and would be completely artificial to Obama.

    Personally, I appreciate that Obama is calm and not over-emotional.

    I expect the frustrati to turn this into another month long bitch like they did with the BP spill.

  8. Love will win. I believe that. Goodness will triumph. I keep that in the forefront, my guiding light.

  9. Off topic – another Obama Administration change to be more inclusive of “non-traditional” families:

    [quote]Goodbye, Mom and Dad. Hello, Parent One and Parent Two.

    The State Department has decided to make U.S. passport application forms “gender neutral” by removing references to mother and father, officials said, in favor of language that describes one’s parentage somewhat less tenderly.

    The change is “in recognition of different types of families,” according to a statement issued just before Christmas that drew widespread attention Friday after a Fox News report. [/quote]

  10. That’s cool. Thanks for sharing. So much being done on a micro and macro level to move this country forward.

    “I want my country Forward” šŸ™‚

  11. I also appreciate PBO’s fierce dedication to his family. He is still SO in love with FL Michelle. He reminds me of the way my father was. I never doubted that my dad loved my mom and us very deeply, just as Sasha and Malia know that their parents love each other and them. If Palin and some on the right would just open their eyes and minds, they’d realize that PBO is not an anomaly. There were/are good black fathers and husbands all over America.

  12. BWD, just a moment to thank you again for this place of love and sanity to ground myself in. This has been such a difficult weekend. And also, in Tucson, so love-filled. Very proud of our Beautiful City’s Heart on display.

    I am thrilled that the president is coming here. I surely wish it were under different circumstances, I wish I could cheer for him. he has never been here. Michelle came and was the closer here.

  13. Read that he plans to attend some sort of memorial service there, the details still being worked out, that he has been in constant contact with officials there, wanting to go there but was mindful of not wanting to causing distraction to the investigation and while Rep. Giffords is still in the precarious first few days of her treatment. And that his staff said he does plan to address the nation, to calm the country and to make the case for the need to tone down the political rhetoric.

  14. Toward the end of the campaing in ’08, a very dedicated volunteer, who had worked every single day to register voters, suddenly lost his father. He let the capaign know that he’d have to be gone for a few days. Now, mind you, this was getting to be crunch time for the election. Well, Barack Obama wrote him a personal letter, expressing gratitude and solidarity and compassion. A personal letter. A week or two before the election! To a volunteer he had never met in person. Now THAT is compassion.

  15. I hope and pray that he will be safe. Is Michelle going with him? We are supposed to get yet another major snow storm here in NJ/NY metro area starting Tuesday night and continuing into Wed morning. Hopefully it will be past DC by Wed AM and the President will have a safe trip.

  16. At the 3 minute address after the Arizona shootings, he said:

    Gabrielle Giffords was … (1 second pause) … a good friend of mine.

    I felt so sad for him …

    If you rerun the video, you’ll see every subsequent reference to her is in the present tense.

  17. He has seen enough tragedy in his life–starting out as a youngster not having opportunity to be raised by his real father, losing his mother to cancer, losing his father, losing his grandparents on his mother’s side who raised him and he still is a great man. He is being kept for such a time as this.

  18. Just watched Sheriff Dupnik on CNN, so proud of his level-headed strength. May he stay safe. He spoke about the vitriol, talked about how many people had called agreeing with him that the hate needs to stop.

    He talked about the racism in SB1070 in a state with 2 million legal hispanic citizens and perhaps 400-500,000 who are here illegally. And constraints in the law that his agency could be sued if any (racist) citizen thought they hadn’t been stringent “enough.”

  19. I am praying for the people in Tucson. When I was in high school, I came to the U.S. for the first time on a student exchange program.

    I lived in Tucson with an American family and went to Amphitheather High School. I don’t know if the school is still there or called that.

    A couple of the students befrinded me, especially two girls that were best friends, and had grown up together and lived in the same neighborhood. They invited me to their homes and showed me great hospitality.

    I pray for peace for the victims and there families.

  20. We are with you and with the President, revgerry. I’m glad he is coming to see everyone in Tucson. He is there for all of us.

  21. I hope Obama can come to Tucson. We are a democratically dominated part of Arizona, something many of you may not know. We are the Berkeley of Arizona. All the city council members are democrats, with one tea partier. The mayor is a kindly, gentle Jewish Republican who gets along well with all the dems on the city council, to my knowledge and he loved Gabby. Maybe the nation could learn something here in some strange way. Dupnik has been our sheriff for 28 years. He is a perpetual candidate, very quiet and professional. There were no intense politics in town until the campaign this fall. You have to understand there were people screaming outside Giffords’ office constantly. This isn’t Tucson. It was like we were being infected. Dupnik called it like it was.

  22. My heart goes out for the president. He seems to have no one on his side, but us. They attack him from every level. The resistance that he is getting, is setting our progress back. He has proven to be right on the decision , but some just want trust.

  23. I cannot even imagine the making the decision to go to Tucson, knowing that protection is paramount and on a whole new level. The symbolism of his presence in this toxic and dangerous environment is an expression of confidence in this nation, in its people, in its capacity to protect this President in the face of new and old threats. He is, I am sure, considering the raw trauma and fear of the citizens of Tucson and their fears too. And there is the continuing rhetoric of hate… He stands and defies it. Thank you, Mr President and people of Tucson, people of America, let’s believe now, for Gabby Giffords and her family, for the wounded who are recovering, for the dead whose loss is still too much to comprehend and accept…

  24. @ readerwriter, thanks for sharing, and thats so Pres.Obama always compassionate to others.

  25. ^yes I know. It’s like he doesn’t catch a break. He has to fight for everything and when he goes over one hurdle, the bar is then raised on him again. Though he stands, never complaining, alone with only our unseen but very heartfelt good tidings supporting him. Even the worst President ever got a show of support from the country during tragedy. I just want to give PBO the biggest hug ever.

    I know the flotus of course is his rock but I truly wish he could have a big show of support from the people he serves so well. *facepalm wipes tears*

  26. I am really glad he is going. Although I am disturbed by the connection some are making between his election to the Presidency and the escalation of hateful, violent exhortations which followed it. The head of the democratic party in Pima said something of that sort on O’Donnell tonite. That the anger started in AZ after PBO was elected. I think we really have to put a lid on that. Oklahoma was a reaction to Waco, yet we didn’t blame it on Clinton’s being elected. You could as easily say this is a reaction to the healthcare bill, coming out of all the violent rhetoric of the town hall meetings. Therefore, we shouldn’t have done healthcare. It is a slippery slope we cannot go down. This has nothing to do with the President or anything he has done or not done. Nevertheless, I am glad he is going. May God protect him there.

  27. I am also so proud of the respectful and restrained way our President has conducted himself during the entire time he has been President (not just now that it is become a news item).

    I also continue to be encouraged. The average American is kind, caring, and willing to help others. I have included 2 stories that may cheer you.

    $1,000 Microgrants Help Low Income Businesses

    Lawyer Helps Low-Income Entrepreneurs Start Businesses

    Stay Hopeful – there are some good guys still out there.

  28. Anita, I believe that there is in fact a connection between Obama’s election and the escalation of the hateful rhetoric, but that doesn’t mean that Obama shouldn’t have been elected. And to state that there is a correlation between his election and the escalation in hate speech does not mean that we regret his being elected. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Whenever there is progress in this country, a segment of society that loathes change begins to feel threatened, but progress continues DESPITE their vicious acts and/or threats. This is not new – it has happened before. And the majority of this country stands firmly behind this president and we will not succumb to bullies.

    I think the Pima Democrat who made this comment was honest in his/her assessment. I don’t think it was an attack on president, I believe it’s an attempt to umask the true motivations behind this sudden and pervasive hateful/divisive rhetoric we experience in the media and among elected officials in the Republican party.

  29. I was elated to hear that he will be going also. I pray for his protection, his compassion to be felt by the families and friends of the families. You can tell from his voice that Gabby means a lot to him as a personal friend also. His heart is hurting so badly, but we have his back. His standing there with our beautiful First Lady was an emotional moment. I could also see that our FLOTUS was very moved. She carries his load as well. We are so blessed to have them not be afraid to show their love for each other as well as for the country. We are blessed to have this gift. Also remember Joe and Jill. They are such a team for our country. We will overcome hate with love. Our president leads us with the calmness, the compassion, and the grace of a great leader. Thanks for this site BWD. This has been a peaceful place to come especially now. We will all pray for his safety, his words of wisdom and compassion to the families and to Gabby and her family. Remember Christiana and her family and All who played such an heroic part in such an painful week for our nation. I am glad that he is our leader during this time. Let us pray and keep good thoughts for all there. Overcome hate with love.

  30. Well he has my support. I am very proud to support him. I also think that he has more support as he continues in his Presidency.

  31. POTUS will speak at UNIV of Az at 6pm on saturday. At the McKale center, open to public! Michelle will be there also, according to the University!

  32. I sent a note of support to the Sheriff.

    I totally felt what he did was so honest, brave, and showed a lot of integrity and leadership.

    I guess every place has their wackos, jerks, bigots, and just plain mean idiots. But I also think every place has some good people as well.

    You are one example of the many good people who also live in Arizona (particularly Tucson) šŸ™‚

  33. Well, do you believe then that the murders in AZ are attributable to the fact that he is the President? Because that is where this train of thought is going. Yes, there were some angry people after the election. There always are. The difference this time is the amount of coverage and credibility they were given. I am wondering why Sarah Palin continued to get covered, every hateful word, when she was no longer a political factor, not an elected official, even? I wonder why Rush and Beck and the others were quoted nightly on MSNBC, while the President was barely covered at all? I wonder why the accomplishments of his administration were always eclipsed by some negative statements made by idiots. I wonder why Shultz, and Cenk, and Hamsher were given the floor as representing the progressive grassroots movement who helped to get him elected. What I am saying is, you can’t just say the anger started when he was elected, and leave it there. The losing party is always angry. This time they were aided and abetted by a corporate media structure, both left and right, determined to destroy his Presidency. Willing to lie, to tolerate lies, to foster and incite conflict, crowding out reason and fairness. Also, not to minimize the crushing economic times he is presiding over.

  34. Thank you for creating this wonderful place, BWD. The past three days would have been even harder had we not been able to gather here, together.

  35. Ray, you got your wish… šŸ˜‰

    @azcentral: President Obama Plans to Visit Tucson

    President Barack Obama will travel to Tucson Wednesday in the wake of the shooting rampage Saturday that critically wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed U.S. District Judge John Roll and five others.

    He and First Lady Michelle Obama will attend a memorial event at the McKale Center on the University of Arizona campus. The event, “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America,” is free and open to the campus and greater Tucson community. It begins at 6 p.m. The school said encouraged people to visit the UA Mall Wednesday to write messages on a chain that will be presented during the ceremony…

    The trip would mark Obama’s fourth visit to Arizona since taking the presidential oath of office in January 2009. He most recently came to the state in August 2009 to visit the Grand Canyon and speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Phoenix. Before that, he came to Mesa in February 2009 to talk about a plan to confront the foreclosure crisis and delivered a May 2009 commencement address at Arizona State University in Tempe.

    @edhenrycnn:President…will visit w/victims’ families, many of whom he has already spoken to by phone…

  36. I remember one Republican senator (Don’t remember who exactly, one of the health care gang) said once that when you talk to this man, he make you feel like in that moment you’re the only person in the world. He is completely here with you.

  37. A-men, BWD… That exposure is what I think is traumatizing a lot of good-hearted people. They celebrated PBO’s election, not only because he was the best candidate, but the icing on top was that his race was a sign of progress.

    Unfortunately, there are others who not only see his election as the “loss” of “their” country, but who he is (and Michelle), destroys every stereotype they’d ever held of Black people, and it’s sending them over the edge, because white supremacy is tied into making one feel better than all non-white people — regardless of how much better educated/smarter that person of color actually is in comparison. And PBO’s every existence undermines that sense of superiority, which is sad…

    But racism is like a wound that we’re going to have to expose to the light in order to finally be healed. ‘Cause I’m thinking that 235 years after this country’s founding, 146 years after the Civil War ended, and 47 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed — it’s time to put racism out of it’s misery…

  38. But the question remains, are the deaths in AZ attributable to the fact that he was elected President? Are you going for a cause and effect relationship here? I think it is wrong to make this connection. I don’t believe there is any connection between PBO’s election and the shootings in AZ. I don’t believe these shooting had anything to do with the President, or anyone’s feelings about him. I think this is about anti-government, militia crazies and other internet organizations that have been around for a long time. With the addition of some new characters this year: Palin and Bachman and Beck and Rush. And the gun laws in AZ. It is a mistake, strategically, if nothing else, to make the connection you are making. It is defeatist, and making PBO out to be a victim. And the cause, indirectly, of bloodshed.

  39. What Im saying, i think, is that him being elected opened a can that we preferred not to look into for many years. The rhetoric that starts during the 2008 campaign, just exploded now in Arizona.

  40. makesense4tulips:

    Thank you so much for posting this. For many of us who came of age and consciousness in the 1960’s, It was songs like “We shall Overcome” that kept us grounded, and hopeful, despite the vicious hatred and violence being unleashed against the struggle for our freedom. We lost many precious and heroic people during that period. Yet, we kept on pushing even if the road ahead looked dark. They’ve been many trying times in American history when the forces of violence had the upper hand. But, as Dr. King was found of quoting “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.” Dr. King’s other favorite quotation was: “No LIE Can Live Forever.” I am amazed at this wonderful space created by BWD that has assembled some of the most creative, sensitive, sane, and positive people. I really can’t thank BWD enough for what she has done in reviving my faith in the goodwill of many Americans who sometimes have no outlet to voice their hopes.
    My Experience with presidents goes as far back as JFK. In my humble opinion, President Obama is one of the finest presidents in my lifetime. Despite his calm persona, he still demonstrates his humanity by refusing to politically exploit tragedies. In these trying times, when critics from both the left and the right are constantly attacking every thing he does, he needs the support of sane and reality based people. This is the time when the old, like me, who know how far this country has come, and the young, who are filled with vigor and energy, need to come together and ensure that we continue on the road for progress. We owe it to the people who sacrificed their lives fiercely believing that in the end, We the People of the United States, irrespective of all our differences, “Shall Overcome,” hatred and inequality.

  41. Watching him interact with people in the audience at events I am
    always struck my the quality of the interactions: he is truly “present” in the interaction, unfailinglingly polite, respectful (“sir” or “ma’am”), and lights up when holding a baby. And the delight of the babies confirms the quality of the interactions since Babies are never polite and are great BS detectors.

  42. You are so right about the attacks this President is getting from both the left and the right; though, in my humble opinion, he is doing an excellent job. This is why this site is so important. We must fiercely support this good man. Of course our support should be based on pointing out the good things he has done as well as things he can realistically improve on. I have no problem if someone takes issues with the President on policy, and then proceeds to show how realistically he/she would have produced a different outcome. What I detest are manufactured outrages against the President, and especially attacks based on lies. By they way, I personally think that the much criticized calm and cool demeanor of the President, as evidence of weakness, is actually evidence of his strength. I vividly remember the fall of 2008 when it became apparent that the country was on the verge of a major financial collapse. The reaction of the two Presidential candidate sealed my faith and trust in President Obama. While candidate John McCain panicked, and was ready to suspend his campaign, candidate obama was calm and displayed the kind of maturity that one expects from a president during crisis. As the President said, in his press conference on the tax compromise he negotiated with Republicans, this is a very big and diverse country, and not every one agrees with his views. As the President of the entire country he has to find ways to advance his agenda while agreeing to honor some of the agendas of the other side that he detests. By the way, this is nothing unique of this President. Even the heroes of the so called “purist” progressives had to compromise to advance some of their agendas. Only fools who feed on the “myths of history” fail to understand the historical reality that many of the things they value, like Social Security, were achieved through compromise. I was LOL when I read a comment on one of the so called progressive sites saying that FDR would never have compromised, like Obama, on the tax issue. Setting aside the fact that no one actually knows what FDR would have done if he was faced with the same reality President Obama faced, the fact is that FDR compromised with Southern Dixiecrats on Social Security by excluding Agricultural and Domestic workers. You see, any one who takes time to study history knows the difference between “mythical presidents” like FDR and the real FDR.

  43. I am not sure about Carter but the reaction of the right to Kennedy (assassinated) and Clinton (militias, accused of murder, etc) was virulent. Immediately after Oklahoma an outcry from pundits warned Clinton against politicizing the crisis. Ditto after the Unitarian church bomber, Bryan Williams, the Holocaust museum killing, the shooting of cops in Pittsburgh, Tiller’s murder, the plane into the IRS building, the shooting at the Pentagon, and of course all the attacks and attempts to deligitimize our president: no one wants us to discuss the hatred, violence and unwillingness to fight only through elections. As long as President Obama has been active politically he has called out for civil discourse. This time must be different. We all need to confront the extremism in our midst, recognize that while there are extremists on the left they are few while the organized thrust if tea parties, GOP, Palin, Bachmann, Angle and countless others in theGOP has been to sow fear and emphasize the power of the gun.

  44. Indeed BWD! I am absolutely convinced that if the President was named John McCain or Hillary Clinton or John Edwards, to name just three who were still potentially in the running, we would never have seen the creation of” teabaggers.” Remember, at the time President Obama took office, the country was on the verge of financial collapse heading towards a major depression. So, had any other president been elected he/she would, if he/she was determined to avoid a depression, have taken similar steps as President Obama did with his stimulus Bill. Mark Zendi, McCain’s economic advisor, says the same thing. So, all the hatred and violent rhetoric have absolutely nothing to do with policy, including HCR, which, by the way, benefits a vast majority of those who are viciously attacking this President. If people need to find historical precedents, check out the white supremacist reaction to the Reconstruction policies as well as Southern (and many northern) white supremacists to the Supreme Court’s 1954 “Brown v. Board of Education” and the subsequent Civil Rights Laws of the 1960″s. During Reconstruction whites who supported black voting rights were often assassinated. The same thing happened to whites in the 1960’s who were actively engaged in civil rights, and especially those who participated in Black voter registrations.

  45. Wonderful news. I am sure POTUS will continue to offer words of comfort tho families who are grieving and to the country, which, once again is traumatized by this vile and senseless violence that, in my judgement, was politically motivated. So far, I have been tremendously impressed with the President’s demeanor in responding to this tragedy. He has focused on the grieving families and on the importance of getting to the bottom of this vile crime and has avoided political grandstanding. My take is that it is in times of crisis that a country needs a president with inner strength, who is calm and focuses on healing, and not a panicky president who inflames passions.

  46. My heart goes out for the president. He seems to have no one on his side, but us.

    I think the second sentence is too pessimistic. I am absolutely convinced that good people outnumber the haters by a wide margin. It is just that the latter get all the air time.

  47. Just ran across this:

    “WASHINGTON ā€” The US Supreme Court refused Monday to take up the question of President Barack Obama’s citizenship, which a core group of skeptics continues to challenge despite presentation of his US birth certificate.
    The high court, without comment, rejected the request by Orly Taitz, a California lawyer who has emerged as a leader of the “birther” movement of mainly rightwing protesters who question where Obama was born.”

    Skeptics is an awfully nice word for another group of deranged people, but we’ll go with it.

  48. “Skeptics” is a word we are used to in meteorology/climate research.

    “Climate Skeptic” is short for “wacko who can’t be bothered to study the science involved before opening his mouth”.

    Yep, they are almost exclusively male.

    Of course the “Roberts Court” can’t take this seriously – he has sworn the guy in !

  49. I was away from this site yesterday. I have a dear friend that came to visit from CT,today will be much the same as I have a deposition to give, and work…but I wanted to say that my thought is, and I still believe with all my heart, that President Obama is the President that was meant to have this office at this moment in our time, at this place in our history. All this talk about “If McCain were President now” makes no sense to me, because it was never going to happen. This man is President BECAUSE we need to bring this buried bigotry out in the open. We need to have this national conversation, and talk about the direction of our country. You can’t fix something if you won’t acknowledge it’s existence, and we have pushed this conversation down for decades…at least all of my lifetime. We like to pretend that racism and bigotry are things of the past, that we buried them long ago/ We never did truly put an end to this cancer that grows ever more insideously with each passing year.There are enough people in America that voted for this unique and wonderful statesman simply because they saw the strength and goodness in him. The intelligence and quiet determination of not only his words, but his actions and deeds.I don’t know, but I have not been disappointed yet in his leadership of this country. Not once.His presence in this office, gives some a kind of permission to act out in this violent way…I think it also gives the rest of us the opportunity to push this devisiveness into the forefront of the nations conscienceness and demand to have this hard discussion about who we are as a country,where we want to go,tolerance and respect for others. We can’t hide. We can’t run. It is in our faces right now…and as much as this horrific tragedy hurt this country, it also has the power to force us not to ignore the path that we would be destined to go down if this didn’t happen…or realize if McCain was President, that this would be, once again tamped down, further and further, letting us pretend that we were a nation that welcomed all, and that racism was no longer an issue. The false satisfaction that we had conquered that evil beast, when we were only choking on it again.This President was destined to be here at this moment in time, for so many reasons. I appreciate his calm and compassion in this time of sorrow and upheaval, as so many of us do.To revgerry, and all those in Tucson today with the President…I hope his words soothe your aching hearts and his presence gives you comfort,his words give you clarity and resolve.We all need to take a good hard look at ourselves and vow to try harder, do more, to create an enviornment in this country that is truly free and equal for all.This is the moment when the tires meet the road, so to speak. What will we do? Ignoring this, pretending it doesn’t exist anymore….not an option anymore.We have serious work to do, and I am grateful that we have this man and his wisdom, courage, and deep understanding to guide us all through this difficult, but necessary national debate.

  50. Anita, as I implied earlier, the fact that the President’s election is associated with a rise in vitriolic speech and behavior from the left and right and the media doesn’t mean that he is responsible for it.

    Racism and bigotry are responsible for this, not President Obama. The election of a Black man as President resulted in unease among some people from the right and the left because of their own unresolved negative feelings towards and mistrust of non-White people, and their unwillingness to honestly look in the mirror and acknowledge the essence of their own bigotry. This is something that will not improve overnight, and you can expect to see a few more incidents such as the one that happened on Saturday. The election of President McCain would not have solved this problem, it would have simply masked it for another 4 years – something this country can ill afford to do, with this increasingly diverse electorate and global economy.

  51. Anita,

    To use an analogy: Most women experience excruciating pain and other discomfort during labor/childbirth. Can we blame the unborn/newborn infant as the
    cause of that pain? Having a child is associated with pain in the mother, but that doesn’t mean that we hold the child accountable, or advise that women go without children for that reason.

    The framing of your question seems flawed and singularly focused on one individual (President Obama) whereas the circumstances leading up to the shooting are multifactorial and reflect societal dysfunction. The rise in hate speech and behavior which has been enabled by the corporate media and Republican party has been allowed to go unchecked since the election of this President because he is Black. That is an element of societal dysfunction, not a flaw related to our President.

  52. I agree with you. His personal approval rating remains over 75% while his job has remained stable in the mid-high 40’s range, even in this tumultuous climate when all the other political leaders’ ratings are way down.

  53. I have always thought that his Presidency has been ordained…which in essence tells me that even through all the challenges,the trials and the tribulations,the acrimony, that he will soldier on and be victorious.

  54. There is a correlation, not cause and effect relationship. If McCain had been elected, ther would not have been all this vitriol, mainly because the left does not go to this extreme. If Clinton had been elected, there probably would have been, although perhaps not to this degree, but it would have been close.

    I would say that the election of President Obama served as a catalyst, not cause. The hate has always been there. Obama did not cause that. Any elected official with a D behind his or her name is the object of the hatred. When that elected official is the President, the volume rises. When that elected official is a Dem, President and BLACk, it rises even more.

    I always got upset when people called Bill Clinton polarizing, because he wasn’t. It was the Republicans that worked hard to create the polarization, and then turned it against him. The same with Obama. In most ways, he is the least polarizing President we have had in decades, yet due to the rhetoric of the right, this country is close to being the most polarized it has been since Vietnam.

  55. I agree 100% with desertflower. President Barack Hussein Obama is living his purpose.
    A lesser man or woman would simply not do. Not at this time and place in our history. We are all here for a reason, uniting this country is his.

  56. Sorry, didn’t finish my thought…Thus the word “seems” which I mean in everyday people’s mind set. Most people don’t read polls so the visuals (the noise) gives the impression of a man alone. I absolutely agree and know that he is not alone. Just wish visually he could have the same outpouring that other presidents have enjoyed. Gaaaaaaaah I don’t know I am super emo these last few days.

  57. Not sure why the original sentence was deleted. o_O Mama BWD, I wasn’t referring to only us here on the blog. I meant “us” as in ALL PBO supporters. šŸ˜€

  58. Isn’t that the truth Nathan Katungi, people just like to talk without context and totally void of facts or history. I now totally ignore most rants based of lies or distortions

  59. Anita I really enjoyed reading the exchange between yourself, hopefruit2 and others, so respectful. This is why I love this space, thanks again BWD

  60. Fascinating comments DF, thank you.

    I’m sure your Nutmegger guest was charming šŸ™‚ I know the route she took (through O’Hare or Dallas, I’ll bet)

  61. Once again our President goes into the lion’s den aka Arizona and I won’t stop holding my breath until he gets home safely.

  62. I’ve always thought that our president was born for this. I pray for his protection and guidance daily. thank you for a good place to come and share

  63. Hi everyone!

    This is my first post on here, but I have been quietly lurking around. Thank you, BWD, for this wonderful site, and thank you, everyone else, for your insight. Keep being awesome!

    Speaking as an Arizonan, I have a lot of feelings about this tragic event.
    -First off, can I just say how much I admire this president? The grace and compassion he has shown through this whole thing (i.e. “We are going to get through this”) is…indescribable. If I didn’t have school, I would go down to Tucson, contribute to the memorial, and go see him speak in person tomorrow.
    -Yesterday, after the national moment of silence, my English teacher discussed what happened. While I listened attentively, it was REALLY hard to keep my mouth shut when she said that Sheriff Dupnik was an “idiot” for saying what he said about the hateful rhetoric. Seriously, I felt passionate enough to say that I applauded him for saying what needed to be said, regardless of whether it was related to this event or not!
    -I was near tears when I heard about all the victims (especially the little girl – AN INNOCENT LITTLE GIRL) and the heroes in this.

    I could ramble on and on, but here’s the point I want to make:
    On the day of the shooting, I was blasting random music on YouTube. And I kid you not, when I heard about it, this song happened to be playing in the background:

    Absolutely prophetic! Why can’t people see that “war is not the answer” and that “only love can conquer hate?” What IS going on in America?

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