Moment Of Silence



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  1. I’d like the see a prime time address on this matter, however expect the President will wait until the State of the Union on January 25th to speak on this matter.

    If President Obama came out now, the Right and the MSM would cry how he’s politicizing it, and use it to deflect. By giving it some time, it allows folks to form their own opinions – and so far it seems it’s going in the right direction.

    I will be interested to see how Boehner and the House moved forward – will they keep with their go-nowhere bills of political grandstanding?

  2. Beautiful. I missed the silence, and the pictures did it for me. Graceful, reverent and kind.

    But I have nothing but kudos for Obama’s composure this weekend. Obama was restrained, professional. No “we’ll smokem out rhetoric” or showboating. He didn’t make himself the Chief Mourner, or feed the rumor mill.

    But I have one hope and request: that if it’s okay with the parents, Michelle comes to Christina’s funeral and comfort the city and the parents.

  3. Its now being reported that another democratic congressman was mailed a letter saying he was next. Congressman Danny Davis of Illinois. he recieved his letter on Sunday.

  4. Thank you Mr. President and FLOTUS for remembering those who died and keeping Ms. Giffords in your thoughts and prayers.

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  6. I heard something interesting yesterday as I was getting ready to follow my beloved Packers. Listening to WTMJ in Milwaukee (a fairly conservative station).

    The reran the address by the President following the shooting. At the end, the announcer said, “No matter what you may think of his politics, nobody could have summed up better what the nation is feeling right now.”

    Kudos to the President for not immersing himself into the politics of the situation. That is not, nor should it be his role at this time. There may come a time for that later, although I think it is more something to be done at lower levels.

    And the more I hear and read, even with the MSM doing the false equivalency game, the public appears to be reaching the point of enough is enough.

    It is sad that the shooting of policemen in Pittsburgh, the Holocaust Museum shooting, the whole Tides Foundation incident, the church shooting and the killing of Dr. Tiller wasn’t enough to do this. It took the shooting of an actual Congressperson to maybe shake up the nation.

    Even with those on the right not accepting responsibility, I have a hunch you will see the rhetoric dialed back.

  7. I broke down again…thankful to have President Obama’s leadership, and thankful that he has the First Lady by his side. You know that they thought about that 9 year old precious child as she is close in age to Sasha and Malia. Heartbreaking, just heartbreaking.

  8. Last night I saw a post from


    Who at her blog suggested that one of the ways we can help is to write blogs and post comments on blogs. I was wondering if those of us who blog would like to have a chat session to talk about ways we can help each other reach more folks, add content to each others sites, and give feedback and support.

    Also if any of you have been thinking of blogging, please join us.

    You can send me your contact info at or indicate your interest by posting below. We can all figure out a way to talk and brainstorm.

  9. I hope you are right. My concern is that they will dial-back the rhetoric for a short period and then it will escalate again. I hope they see that enough is enough.

  10. Two songs dedicated to the victims:

    Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

    Nickelback – If Everyone Cared

  11. OMG: Ashley Turton, director of congressional affairs for Progress Energy, was found dead in a burning car Monday morning in Washington, Politico reports. Turton’s husband is White House deputy director of House legislative affairs, Dan Turton.

  12. I will wait for further updates. There could be various explanations. I guess I am still running on high emotion. I need to calm down. This doesn’t have to have anything to do with an act of violence, at least I hope not.

  13. I called the office of our newly elected Republican representative and asked that he repudiate the rhetoric that has been a part of all of this. I talked about the real fear people in our rural largely republican county have of being openly Democratic. I brought up his own campaign rhetoric and the over the top accusations that he made. I talked about the vilification of health care reform that he has embraced. I encourage everyone to speak out and take a stand each and every time there is an opportunity. I will be equally vocal any time I see Fox news on the air in a business or waiting room, anytime an acquaintance of family member repeats this kind of hate speech and vilification.

  14. Someone made this suggestion on OFA, and I think it is a good idea.

    “I am thinking about writing Hardball and asking them to change the name of their up coming special which is called “Obamas America”.

    In light of what has happened I agree with the poster. They shouldn’t use a title like that for the special. Ask them to change the title, or rethink even showing the special altogether.

  15. If members of Congress on both sides would follow the President’s lead, then the political climate wouldn’t have ended up as toxic as it has been.

  16. I just saw the clip of Miss Reload Palin screeching about “the b.s. coming from the lamestream media about us inciting violence” with McCain smirking, amused by it all, in the background. Disgusting.
    This is such a senseless and unbelievably sad tragedy. I can only hope that some increase in civility and decency will result, but….as someone noted, the violent rhetoric is in the Repub DNA. They’ve used it for years to get people to the ballot box.
    And Thomas Roberts on msnbc just mentioned one aspect which I have thought about but no one has talked about till now. The shooter’s parents. Where were they? They had to know their son was disturbed—-he had been told by the community college that he needed a mental health evaluation in order to return to class after being kicked out for outbursts and senseless disruptions in class, for one thing—-why did they never seek professional help for this obviously mentally ill son? I just heard he had a tent in his backyard with some sort of freaky altar with a human skull. Why did his parents ignore all signs of a very troubled son and not get him some sort of psychiatric help?

  17. Good work. We on the progressive side need to be a lot more vocal in letting the media and Congress, etc., know that the stoking of the hatred has got to stop. None of this talk that has been going on in the public forum for the past few years has anything to do with an honest discussion of actual issues.

  18. President Obama has been calling for agreeable disagreement since he hit the national stage. He has been called “wimp” “spineless” “can’t/won’t fight” etc. etc. for his refusal to demonize his political opposition.

    Perhaps this incident which is horrifying beyond words (9 year-old, dead!) will persuade the adults in this country to take some responsibility for the stridency and out of control political rhetoric. “Lock and load” should NEVER be any sort of campaign slogan; accusations of socialism or death panels should never be launched with no basis; accusations of secret shilling for Wall Street with no concern for average Americans should never be launched with no basis.

    In short, time for us to follow the example of the Only Adult in the Room, and grow up, as Americans.

    Terrific comment, japa.

  19. Perfect. Just what all of us need to be doing, steadily, as that is how each of us can protect one another, truly, and advance our democracy.
    Thank you.

  20. Thank you President Obama for this show of reverence. I never expect anything less from you and you have again made me feel so very reassured. Good bless America and our President. Please keep him from harm’s way.

  21. None of what is coming out about the shooter surprises me.

    But his mental instablility should not be used as the reason for the massacre. I am heartened that the truth does seem to be out there. Maybe just glimmers of it, maybe primarily among honorable people, but the fact that a conservative leaning radio station (as posted above) was fair in its response to POTOS’ comportment, gives me some hope.

    And to the frustrat. I know your knee jerk reaction to THE FED, in this case the FBI. For the umpteenth time, grow up with your dualistic thinking. The FBI, abuses notwithstanding, have saved lives by unmasking homegrown terrorists and will continue to do so.

  22. True…

    But, then…durin’ 2010 Mid-Term Elections… there’s GOP former Senate nominee Sharon Angle’s “Second Amendment” remedies…

  23. But the fake outrage meme that they set on January 20th was their doctrine to try and win both House and Senate and according to their leader, make “obama” fail. They had to whip up hate and turn their backs on any thought of following the President’s lead. What else would the party of no ideas, who nearly ruined our Nation, and could only bet that white America would follow them (sadly they did)come up with? These people are despicable and MSM is their #1 enabler. Sadly nothing will change.

    Meanwhile, our President will remain a classy man who noone will be able point to or play back clip years from now of him spewing any form of hate.

    Unlike the lowest of the low, Sarah Palin and her ilk. Tea party spokes persons like this.

  24. The anti Fed frustratis prove that insanity isn’t exclusive to the far right.

    Luckily though, for the moment, there hasn’t been any Frustrati out there who have reacted with violence and I hope it stays that way. Six lives including a young nine year old girl and a classy Democratic Representative in the hospital is enough of a body count thank you very much.

  25. Well of course lol..This is a place of comfort. A place of reason. A place to be yourself, and to blog your thoughts freely without the presence of those whose job it is to spew vitriol rather it is from the right or the left.

  26. I am so damned lucky to have found it!

    I don’t think BWD can ever truly grasp what she has accomplished.

  27. Perhaps the parents didn’t have the financial resources to get their son care. The mentally ill fall through the cracks of our anemic social safety net so easily. I see it every day in my library.

  28. Not unless their their computers are loaded.

    I will add STUPIDITY and SELFISHNESS as not being exclusive to either side.

    But MY behav was wack last night. I was glancing through a TV Guide saw the listing for the soon to be cancelled Palin show. Tore the Guide to pieces.

  29. A reporter just said that he does not want to become part of this mud fight that’s going on right now.

    However I think waiting until the SOU is too long. No one is better than this President at drawing important distinctions in situations like this.

    The problem, of course, is that the Professional Left will tear him apart as will the Republicans and both factions will suck the life out of the importance of his message. When he gave his inspiring speeches in the past he didn’t have to worry about the bash-Obama-from-the-left crowd like he does now. They are making it difficult for him to do his job.

  30. Yes, Bobfr, and I’m going to do it today. I often get hopeless about contacting any of our solidly Republican delegation, even the one Democrat who might as well be a Republican, but surely the violence coming from the Tea Party should be universally condemned.

  31. I think it is fake and photo shopped. I googled the AZ SOS and you have to have the voter id# or drivers license number to pull up the information. The only way that this could have been real would be if the law enforcement released it which I doubt they would

  32. I’ve been suffering from a severe mental illness for 47 years. My parents knew I was in trouble but had no idea where to turn. I shouldn’t be alive or sober today, I’m an anomaly. The reason I’m here and relatively functional is that my family loved me and they’ve rescued me many times from insane situations or depressions that flattened me for months. There aren’t many people around who have the kind of family support I have had, and the social safety net is nearly gone for the mentally ill. I’m hoping that this tragedy calls attention to what we as a nation have done to people who suffer from mental illness. That’s all I can say for now.

  33. -Why should it when Republicans have elevated victimhood to a new level?

    THEY are the victims, didn’t you know? They are the victims of scapegoating and bear absolutely no responsibility for their words or associations.

    Why wouldn’t some other loon be emboldened by what he’s hearing today on regular news outlets, much less the Professional Haters on the Right? On in this political climate would Sarah Palin be perceived as “strong” by not admitting one shred of remorse over her words?

    You appeal to fear and the baser instincts of the human psyche. You belittle educational institutions that rely on science and evidence and honest readings of history and replace those lessons with mythology of a 6,000 year old Earth. Keep them stupid, keep them compliant. You feed mistrust of anyone of color. You excise Thomas Jefferson from your history books and replace him with favorable descriptions of Joe McCarthy.

    Keep them dumb. Keep them afraid. It’s a potent combination. Make admitting anything wrong a sign of weakness because there is only their version of right and everything else is a sin.

    Powerful stuff.

  34. Well, it’s hardly difficult to get someone’s drivers license…someone from the community college could have used it. I’m not suggesting this isn’t fake, only that getting a drivers license number is hardly difficult.

  35. I heard one fleeting report on Sunday but did not hear it again: the neighbors said the entire family was insular. The father would be argumentative about property lines and yell at people if they came too near his fence when walking down the street.

    I repeat: I only heard the report once and don’t know anything about its corroboration.

    It is curious that you’re not hearing a peep from the press about trying to interview them, get them on camera.

  36. Prozac LITERALLY saved my life. And there was the kindness of my beloved Doc. When I realized it was a chemical imbalance that was treatable, I told him I was terrified of not having insurance/not having access to the drug. He assured me, he would make sure I got the meds, ins. or not.

    I’m subbing now, but my background is Rehab Counseling, particularly with MI populations. A HORRIBLE disease. Hugs, ILOCD.

  37. First, re Faux News being on in public places: I’ve been doing that a long time–made phone calls, sent emails, etc. We ALL need to do that on a regular basis. This morning, I called all 3 of my TN politicians. Need to give some background. In Aug. of 2009, I made THREE phone calls to all three offices begging & pleading & in tears on one call for them to make a public statement to TV, radio & newspapers renouncing the hate, anger & danger of the townhall meetings. I made three calls because I gave them a few days to act. Of course, SILENCE. I began my calls w/that story; then proceeded to give a list of the quotes we’ve all heard & said there could be many, many more. I ended the call with this: Words DO matter. If they didn’t, Frank Luntz, the GOP wordsmith would not have a job! I then typed a LTE….pretty much same thing I said in calls w/some additional points. One of those was that I long for the days of statesman like Howard Baker.

  38. I am still walking around, crying and praying for Congresswoman Giffords, those who are still in critical condition, the lovely little Christina, and the families who are feeling this pain so heavily. We as a nation can come together to do our little parts within our work-spaces, our homes, our family gatherings, and our private time in prayer alone and with family members.
    I am so proud to have as our President and First Lady sharing with us the Moment of Silence. It was moving to me.
    I hope and pray that Congresswoman Giffords husband and family, and friends, and staff will have so much love around them during this critical time. I have found ways to calm myself during this time. I pray, I light my candles(they give me a peaceful atmosphere in my home) and I pray a lot for peace amongst our leaders and our people in this great nation. I cry still when I hear the still hateful, blame-game comments over the air, and some just still do not get it, even while little Christian, our Federal Judge, the other staff people who have gone from us. Why?That is what keeps the tears coming for me. But I am a strong person in so many ways, it is just that the wounds are so raw right now. I am going out to get some more candles and a couple of plants to remind me to pray for our leaders to Really let this be a WAKE UP CALL to STOP the ugly words, signs, that we see and hear daily. We are a batter nation than this. Let us show more REAL compassion, and real love towards each other. We can make this work. Let us do this in honor of Congresswoman Giffords, her family, little Christian and her family and the others who are still in critical condition. If we all send out a positive words toward AZ for healing and for healing all across American starting with out elected leaders, we will be a better nation for it, I do believe. Keep beautiful and positive thoughts going out today and for the days to come. I love you all for this wonderful site to calm us as we share our thoughts. Thanks POTUS and FLOTUS. We saw the hurt in your faces this morning.

  39. Sarah Palin scrubbed her site. That speaks volumes.

    I think there is a significant number of Americans who will no longer fall for every Republican’s “scandal”. We need to build on that.

    Our problem is finding an appropriate means of getting people to vote. That is the battle the Republicans are winning.

  40. And continue to give her press coverage.

    I can’t be the only one who is sick of Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz spending half a show saying how terrible it is Sarah Palin gets all the press while…….giving her all the press.

  41. I hope so too, GN. It is a large part of the President’s appeal to many people that he won’t engage in the rhetorical bomb throwing that can be so dangerous. He has been called names by the right and the left for it, but he is in the right. We all need to follow his example and stop demonizing others. When we demonize, we dehumanize. And when we dehumanize, atrocities are sure to follow. If other people aren’t “real” people or are not worthy of basic human dignity and respect, how surprised can anyone be if someone decides that they don’t even have a right to live?

    Politics is contentious but it doesn’t have to be dehumanizing and degrading. We can talk about our different philosophies without calling each other evil, or weak, or secretly against “the people”. I just hope that people will take a moment to do some self reflection and ask themselves before they speak if what they have to say is being said in a way that achieves something useful or if it just adds to the toxic blend of hatred and demonization that helps no one and might lead to harm we don’t intend.

  42. I just sent this to Hardball, per the suggestion (the subject of my email was “not so special”):

    “Please change the name of your upcoming ‘special’ away from ‘Obama’s America.’ This is not Obama’s America. It is your America, my America. For goodness sakes, use your brain. President Obama reminded us there are no red states, no blue states, just the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Stop with the divisiveness, Chris. Listen to your former viewers.”

    I haven’t watched Chris Matthews in months. He just doesn’t get it.

  43. That’s the frame: as long as he’s mentally ill it has nothing to do with anything else.

    Except for this:

    Concealed weapons require no permit in AZ.

    You can carry a loaded gun into a bar, as long as you don’t drink (!)

    Unless you’re declared mentally incompetent you can pass a background check, the last and only chance to keep a gun out of the hands of someone like Loughner.

    Hey, my brother-in-law in AZ would pass an FBI background check. Here’s an example of a conversation when he was in town a few months ago: He was angry at his son (a Midwestern large city cop) for not carrying his gun all the time and shooting the [expletive] Mexicans and blacks on sight. I sure want his 2nd amendment rights respected, don’t I?

    Turn on the radio in AZ — are you going to find sanity? Day after day, hour after hour of the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh validating this kind of hate and violence. If you happen to stumble on what passes for ‘progressive’ radio, you’ll find the vast majority of them calling Obama every name in the book. The blame against Democrats and particularly our President comes from both sides with a microphone, but the calls for violence come from the Right. If you can’t win an election there are “2nd amendment remedies.”

    You take Loughner’s instability and string of failures and you direct those feelings of helplessness toward the government and particularly a Democratically controlled government who wants to ‘take away your guns’.

    You have a vice presidential candidate whom the presidential candidate sees no reason to reign in and whose hatred of Democrats was no longer veiled the last two years.

    Not everyone makes this leap to a violent means of expressing their helplessness. But the acceptance of this rhetoric, which the Republican Party now completely owns after this last election, is an easy remedy to way too many people, when civilization has ceased to function.

  44. It’s really not off topic and it’s extremely important. Many Republican calls to c-span this morning were justifying Loughner’s anger because the economy had not improved.

    I know it hasn’t improved for everyone but it has improved. Who have to have been living under a rock to avoid the good numbers from the Christmas season. I’m thinking a lot of these people phoning in to c-span did plenty of Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

  45. 4chan is trolling this case like crazy – literally believe nothing you see on the internet.

  46. Josh Marshall has a post called “TPM Guide to the Perplexed” where he provides some suggestions that might help improve our political discourse:

    1. Refrain from telling supporters that winning the election may require active exercise of their “second amendment” rights.

    2. Refrain from suggesting it’s time for “armed revolution”, even if Thomas Jefferson once kinda sorta suggested that.

    3. Refrain from holding political fundraisers focused around use of automatic weapons, especially target practices with initials, name or images of your political opponent.

    4. Refrain from telling supporters you want them to be “armed and dangerous.”

    5. Refrain from making campaign posters with opponent’s head in gun sights.

    6. Refrain from saying that bullets will work if ballots don’t.

    7. Suggest that supporters not bring weapons to
    opponents’ political rallies.

    NOTE: He’s looking for other ideas to be added to the list. I think he is on to something.

  47. Thank you. It is horrible, and not something I write about often. Maybe I should be more open because this country is using jails to warehouse the mentally ill, leaving us on the streets to die of cold and malnutrition, and we’re mostly not attractive enough to engender a lot of sympathy when we’re really struggling.

    I say again, my family has saved my life more often than you can imagine.

  48. he was reported as being a registered Independent. By actual reporters.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ lies to prove our point.

  49. In a sense, his delusional thinking and paranoia has everything to do with it. This is why I said on an earlier thread, it doesn’t matter what his politics are. The fact is, the rhetoric out there has come very close to actually suggesting violence is acceptable if you disagree with government. And for people who are unbalanced, like this man is, the “very close to” disappears and he/she hears that violence is okay.

    Let’s face it, for the vast majority of people, even the extreme rhetoric is not going to get them to go shoot somebody, no matter how much they might think it justified. But there are those out there whose ability to tell right from wroing is severely diminished and hear language like what has been reported and see it as giving permission.

    And yes, 95% of that type of language comes from the right. And even those who have not used that language but have not condemned its use are complicit.

  50. LOL!!!

    8. Refrain from telling opponents of HCR to “don’t retreat…reload” in so-called expression of that opposition to a piece of legislation which is hardly an existential threat to anyone and will help millions of Americans.

    9. Refrain from telling supporters that the opposition “pals around with terrorists” in an inflammatory, false, guilt by association piece of sophistry.

    10. Refrain from lying about a piece of legislation which encourages patients to prepare for and make their own end of life decisions by calling this sensible and benign idea “death panels” which will “kill Grandma.”

    11. Refrain from telling Rush Limbaugh, with a complete and utter lack of factual/truthful basis, that an administration is “the most corrupt in history.” [Darrell Issa]

    12. Refrain from blaming President Obama for the outbreak of the swine flu! [Michelle Bachmann]

    13. Refrain from stating that the election of President Obama would result in “al Quaeda and radical Islamists” “dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11th.” [Steve King]


    I could go on and on and on and on, because the GOP has been out of control for over two years and they have gotten a complete and utter pass for it.

  51. or maybe the parents were at their wits end to try to get an adult son the help he needed. The laws in this country does not offer parents enough support to deal with adult children, but when tragegy strikes there is the reflection (could of; should of).

  52. This morning the President and First Lady showed the Nation what a thoughtful CIS should do in times of crisis. That is help the people of this country step back and reflect on what it means to be a citizen. Reflect on how to come together and show love, empathy for another human being going through pain and a deep sense of lost.

    Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Obama for caring.

  53. My hope is that they change the name of the bill or decide not to move ahead with the vote. We know this was political theater when they first placed this vote on the agenda; speaker Boehner should do the responsible thing.

  54. Refrain from telling your supporters to make your opponent scared to come out of their house.

    Refrain from taking part in parades where your supporters are walking in front and behind your “float” armed to the teeth.

  55. Jacqueline,

    I agree, using the title “Obama’s America” will only add fuel to the fire. There is already a meme out there that the president is a dictator. Chris Mathews does not get it. I still watch and often shake my head because of his cluelessness. He has the same guests on week after week with very little to add to the daily conversation. But this is not new, it seems like all the cable news are cookie cutters. There is a certain predictability to the reporting, that’s unfortunate.

    I’m not much for blogs and this is the first one (BWD) that I’ve participated in. So far the conversation here I find more informative than any news network.

  56. What I do not understand is that people seem to deny that is *possible* to incite violence by violent language in election campaigns.

    Isaac Asimov (the world famous science fiction author) wrote a short story in the 1940s wherein the plot *revolved* around being able to elicit violence in an election campaign.

    Surely, if that was impossible, this short story would have been forgotten by now (it is “Evidence”, written in 1946).

    “My men started quietly spreading the fact that I had never hit a man; that I was unable to hit a man; that to fail to do so under provocation would be sure proof that I was a robot. So I arranged for a silly speech in public, with all sorts of publicity overtones, and almost inevitably, some fool fell for it.”

  57. I forgot to add in my post earlier: I made two other phone calls this morning (besides my TN delegation)to Eric Cantor and John Boehner. I said if they still move forward with repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (I repeated that twice!) that I suggest they change the name of the bill and not use Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.

  58. Not safe. It’s a neighborhood. Westboro is planning to come and we are planning a huge human blockade of Love and Peace.

    We would be so blessed if the First Lady could come in a week or two, with no prior media, to Mesa verde Elementary School, and the to honor the Tucson’s heroes and Tucson’s Love.

  59. My dear friends,
    Gerry from Tucson here.

    Let the healing begin.
    Let the healing begin with me.
    Let me open my heart.
    Let me open my ears.
    Let me discipline my tongue.
    Let Love triumph over hate.
    Let the healing begin.
    Let it begin with me.

    No more lies and spin. Let it begin with me.
    No more name calling – let it begin with me.
    No more demonizing people. Let it begin with me.
    No more demonizing policy. Let me be an adult. Let me lay out what I think the consequences of a policy will be. Let me listen as those I disagree with say what they think will happen. Let it begin with me.
    No more bumper sticker slogan politics with complicated issues. Let it begin with me.
    Every issue has many sides, never two. Let it begin with me.
    Let the healing begin. Let it begin to me.

  60. Or the mandatory three photos of Palin on the front page of huffpuff at any given moment. Are these pundits yearning for an administration even MORE incompetent than Bush, or could it be that she represents the basic personality type of most TV news readers? Shallow anti-intellectuals who believe they are the center of the universe

  61. It was fitting for E.J. Dionne to quote the sensible words of Congresswoman Gifford warning about the dangers of inflammatory words. Once again another leader advocating peace, respect for others, and civil discourse is a victim of violence. What, however, I did find unfortunate, is Dionne’s depiction of violence and violent rhetoric of 1960’s as exclusively coming from the left. This is a completely false. Surely, E.J. Dionne knows better. George Wallace, Ross Barnett, Bull Conner, the Citizens’ Councils, were all right wingers. Surely, people who murdered Civil Rights workers: Medgar Evers, Jimmy Lee Jackson, Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, Michael Schwarner, and, of course, Dr. King, were not leftists. People who burned down black churches, fire bombed buses, and bombed that Birmigham Church, taking the lives of four innocent girls, were not leftists; they were right wingers. Personally the current climate in this country, since the election of President Obama, reminds me of the climate of the 1960’s against the non-violent Civil Rights Movement. In many ways the violent rhetoric from the left in the 1960’s was directly a response to the massive and unrelenting violence from the right. Even the “Weather Underground,” which is now a post child for those who accuse the left of violence and terrorism was created purely in response to the much more violent war against Vietnam. Unless people honestly face the real history of violence when it comes white right wing resistance to any advances by African Americans, they will fail to understand the main motivating factor behind the increased violent rhetoric, which is mainly fueled by the election of President Obama. I also think that all of us must be familiarized with the history of the Reconstruction period to see how white supremacist used violence to nullify the political gains by African Americans after the Civil War.

  62. Another Co-sign! I am proud of a President who is not willing to grandstand during tragedy. At a time when many families are grieving from this diabolical act, the best the President can do for them is to mourn with them. I am really grateful that the President chose to say few words, all focused on the need for all of us to share silently in the immense grief that the families in Arizona are going through.

  63. Very well said. I also include the MSM in “those who have not used that language but have not condemned its use are complicit.”

  64. Pffft… the frustrati sit at keyboards and wave signs at rallies.

    Although one never knows, I highly doubt one of them would get violent. I’m just not seeing it.

  65. Yup, 14 & 15…

    Let’s keep giving examples though, apparently our history doesn’t rate to some. Keep validating our footprint for something that lifts us all.

    Hold closely the heroes of this moment.

    Thank You

  66. The seven listed are quite good. Here are some more:

    8. Refrain from telling your supporters that the President wants to send his opponents to FEMA detention camps.

    9. Refrain from telling people that the HCR is “a government take over” of their Healthcare that must be resisted by all means.

    10. Refrain from calling the President anti-American.

    11. Never publicly say to the President “You Lie” during his State of the Union Speech.

  67. Maybe, MSM …definitely, FoxIsn’tNews… wanted/want a “I see Russia from AK” instigator, who they “gave/give a pass”:

    SP blamed by the US Secret Service for [11-08-08] death threats against Barack Obama – Telegraph… (h/t @barbiesnow @joy__hart)

  68. RIP to the brothers and sisters we lost. My family and I are praying for the suvivors

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