As a Father, I’m Spending A Lot of Time Just Thinking About the Families

President Obama’s beautiful, beautiful remarks, earlier today.


77 thoughts on “As a Father, I’m Spending A Lot of Time Just Thinking About the Families

  1. Thank you for your wise words Mr. President.

    Once again, the only adult in the room.

  2. Let’s give back to our community.
    Let’s give love.
    Let’s give tolerance.
    Let’s give hope.
    Let’s give someone a brighter day.

  3. I look at President Obama and all I can think right now is that there is no rest for the weary.

    He started his administration with the mammoth task of cleaning up the wreckage from 8 years of the Bush administration. While cleaning up that mess, he has been confronted with crisis after crisis.

    There was the devastating earthquake in Haiti, ice storms in the midwest, fires in California, Somalia pirates, tsunami in Indonesia, flooding in Pakistan, 29 miners killed in West Virginia, the gulf oil spill. Fort Hood shootings, Arizona shootings, Christmas Day bombing attempt, Times Square bombing attempt.

    I know managing crisis comes with the territory and is a big part of the job, but this is just overwhelming. With all of this drama and pain, President Obama projects steady leadership, wisdom, compassion, courage and grace.

    As he has said, we will get through this. I could not be more proud of him.

  4. Thank you for this place. When I listen to the news or visit other blogs, my blood pressure goes sky high. Yet when I come here there is a calming effect to be among like minded people who appreciate the efforts of this President and look to positive solutions rather than hateful non-productive rhetoric. I was hoping that an incident like the Arizona shootings might make people wake up to the consequences of their crazy talk – but it appears it’s just getting worse. I’m thankful most of the people that read and post here are also “grown-ups” who care about the mental health of our country and our fellow citizens and want to see us grow stronger rather than collapse. We have shared hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

  5. My heart aches also Mr. President and I know your words are sincere ..that is why they mean so much.

  6. I am really trying to think of a time I have seen him rattled at all by everything that has happened. I can’t think of any at all. Disturbed, yes. Upset, yes. Angry, yes even that.

    But even in those instances, he never let the emotions take control. I am really trying to think of a President that I have known (beginning with Eisenhower) that has been able to maintain a balance to the degree President Obama has done. I can’t, I really can’t.

    And despite the words from the right and left about his being cold, arrogant or whatever, he has never lost composure yet at the same time has shown his humanity by maintaining contact with his and the nation’s roots.

    In general, despite being a very religious person, I don’t get into the whole God gave us him movement, but there is no doubt that he is exactly what the nation needed at this time, so perhaps God did have a hand in it.

  7. Thanks, Tori, for vid clip…As you have noted, even today, MJ/Q’s ‘USA/Africa’ song, “We Are The World,” is revelant!

    Matter of fact, there’s a ‘We Are The World’ remake for Haiti:

    Btw, how do you post a clip? 🙂

  8. I add mine to the list of heavy hearts today, and I share the gratitude for President Obama’s heartfelt compassion. During the moment of silence, a poem my mother wrote came to mind, and I would like to share it:

    “Thou shalt not kill,” the Lord commands, and in my heart I say
    “I could not hurt another man; this rule I will obey.”
    And yet a gnawing doubt persists as time its learning gives
    A man can die in many ways although his body lives.

    If spirits break, and caustic words of mine to blame are part
    Or if my silence gives consent to murder of the heart
    If I claim freedom for myself, but share it not with all
    If justice has to favor me before I hear its call
    Then I’m no better than the man who kills with club or knife
    Like him, I am responsible for taking someone’s life.

    We must find non-violent solutions to our problems.

  9. Yup. Especially since this crime involved a little girl losing her life; I just can’t get over that. There’s little to say other than “the victims are in all of our thoughts and prayers.” What can President Obama really say which covers the horror of something like that, other than to express his empathy as a father? This is why even in the midst of the most crime-ridden cities, stories about little kids getting caught in the crossfire and killed still end up on the front page of the newspaper. Just too horrible to fully contemplate, doesn’t matter if you’re left of center, right of center, in the center, etc.

    RIP to the deceased and their loved ones; and prayers to the recovering victims and their loved ones as well.

  10. When we see this President doing the things He must it is True Grace in motion.The Hand Peace rides be side him because with the Hand God over him no way could he stand tall and calm.

  11. ^^^^

    President Obama extremely empathetic and connected (it’s so obvious that he’s thinking of his own children and family when thinking of the shooting victims) yet what’s key is that he is *not out of control.*

    This country’s well-being continues to hinge upon President Obama maintaining that balance (it certainly did during the midst of the financial crisis where other leadership styles ranged from pants on fire {McCain, with the drama of the campaign suspension} to confused and disconnected because of a lack of the mental capacity to fully comprehend what was taking place {IMO, Bush}).

    For all of those who like to make fun of and pick on POTUS’ supposed Spock-like qualities, that very nature, the balance which you so aptly cite, is a necessary component of President Obama’s leadership through these beyond-trying times.

  12. On the video there is a tab that says “embed code.” Copy that and paste the code in the comment and the video will show up.

  13. You know, I watched the father of the little girl on TV this morning, and I just cannot believe that he was at all able to even speak about it. Obviously he was felling terrible. I was feeling terrible just watching him. And yet, I felt so fortunate in that I could leave the room and go wake up my six year-old girl. And, I felt bad that I felt fortunate abot it. I don’t want to be that man on TV someday. I want this to stop. I know President Obama is working as hard as he can to make our world better. I’m sure there will be a calm some day. For the sake of inocent children everywhere, I do hope it is soon.

  14. I don’t think that people should ever feel bad about appreciating what they have in light of others who have suffered loss. Beautiful comment, and adding my hopes to yours.

  15. I had seen the comments live but had missed the live moment of silence. So that is what I have just experienced.

    Our President and his wife standing there with heads bound silently. No wiggling. No sign of any uncomfortableness. Each one:in the moment. In silence. Connected to the Oneness that can connect us all – IF we will only let it.

    Thanks and Peace to all.

  16. I’m listening to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on Hardball discussing the issues sounding violent political rhetoric. And she’s reminding Chris how last year her opponent in her reelection campaign had one of these shooting range campaign events where he fired a gun at a silhouette marked with the initials DWS.

    How could something so innocent lead to a misunderstanding?

  17. My heart is so heavy today. I listened to RFKs speech again. Keep asking how our country cannot seem to move forward, to stop the violence.

    I’m so grateful for our President during this time. I’m so grateful for this safe place to share the sadness without fear of ridicule or having to defend my feelings.


  18. Good for her, for speaking up. What ugly imagery to use for a “political campaign.” It’s about time that the GOP is being held accountable for these excesses. This rhetoric is far beyond even the most “I’m betraaaayed” thematics of the left. People need to calm down.

  19. Yes he stated that his daughter got interested in politics when President Obama ran.

  20. I, too, have found this blog a peaceful, reassuring and hopeful place. I am finally looking forward to booting my computer to review the many positive messages about the sensitivity and emotional strength that our President displays while he responds to the current tragedy in Arizona and, at the same time, continues to work toward a more effective nation and a more positive world.

  21. For all of those who like to make fun of and pick on POTUS’ supposed Spock-like qualities, that very nature, the balance which you so aptly cite, is a necessary component of President Obama’s leadership through these beyond-trying times.

    “Supposed Spock-like qualities” ?

    You-must-be-kiddin. We’re talking about the person who could incinerate the whole world in global thermonuclear war.

    Surely we want someone with Spock-like qualities.

    I only have to remind you of his, almost off-the-cuff remark about his promise to the Governor of Arizona that “the full power of the Federal Government” was put to the investigation of this crime.

  22. I personally couldn’t agree with you more. I’m very gratified that we have a cerebral thinker rather than purveyor of red meat in charge of this country. An adult. Beyond gratified.

  23. It is really a sad state of affairs that the US is in right now, no matter how we try to cover it on, it just is sad very sad!

  24. Good Evening to All, I have enjoyed reading each of your comments & feelings. I agree with everyone’s comments. I too feel at home on this website. I find It to be comforting, It’s like a community of folks that have Human Feelings, about People, & things, & Issues, & Government. Annnnnnd, we all seem to have at least one thing In common, & that Is, our love, for our President. Who Is a man that I feel, who’s led by God. He’s a caring, compassionate man. He’s a sensitive man. he’s a stronnnnnnnnnnnng man. He’s a calm man, he’s a man that gives us encouragement In a time of need. He’s a man that we, on this website, are very proud of. He’s a man that gives us great pleasure In having him as our President. I tell you, I just like him & his Family, Including “BO” so much. When he spoke a few minutes ago, not only as a President, but when he said as a Father, I just started tearing all over again. He’s CARING. Yes, he Is “Obama Cares”. He cares about People. I find myself praying for each Victim , this whole weekend. May God bless us all, and & I pray that God bless our Country, our Nation, & America. We can only do so much, we need Prayers & Blessings. I’ve found myself praying for the perpertrator, & our enemies as well. Thank you for listening to me, I hope I didn’t bore you. Take care, & may God Bless you real good 🙂

  25. The President is feeling great sorrow. It’s easy to see and feel.

    Lately, I’ve been feeling absolutely defeated. There’s so much pain in this world of ours.

    Here’s a song with heart-felt lyrics. Nettles of Sugarland sang at the Pre-Inaugural Concert.

  26. The gunmans parents barackaded in there house and wont let the FBI take evidence from their house and his room in there house …PBS

  27. “I look at President …there is no rest for the weary.’

    This puts me in mind of an OBAMA supporter on another site (months ago)saying that she actually wouldn’t be sorry if he CHOSE not to run again. This was said in the context of some liberals dumping on him, and her recognizing that he was doing so much for the good of the country that he was going gray, yet progressives were always complaining. The fact that his effort was not being acknowledged angered her and she felt, at the time, that he should just turn his unappreciated efforts to his family. I perfectly understood where she was comming from. Hopefully for the sake of the nation, he will soldier on even when weary, AND we will do all we can in his support to ‘ease the burden’.

  28. I feel the same just about every other day. There are moments when i really wish that he’ll just say “the hell with this”, take Michelle and the girls and go home to Chicago. More often than not i think that this country does not deserve him.

  29. You’re welcome. I’m glad that we managed to build something that so many people can feel comfortable just being around and not having to hold hold back on their feelings towards this president.

  30. I wouldn’t be so sure its getting worse. Sure its to late for the media talking heads and their fans, but an event like this grabs a wider audience and the are witnessing the qualities of a real leader (Prez) versus the offensive narcissism of the extremes.

  31. Al Giordano gets it:

    Finally, I’ve also observed in recent days that some of the loudest partisan yelling against Republicans over the Tucson tragedy has come from that same sector of self-proclaimed “progressives” that just last week (and likely, next week, too) would post Facebook updates along the lines of “Obama = Bush” and utilize “inflammatory” language (as is their right) against the US president and his policies. Yet, imagine how Saturday’s violent events would have played out had, say, John Ashcroft been Attorney General at this moment instead of Eric Holder? At least now we’ll probably get an accurate accounting of the facts as federal law enforcement authorities find them.

    But in this tit-for-tat, in the he said-she said, ratings-charged media world of accusations and counter-accusations, self promoters, opportunists, Chicken Littles, manipulators and manipulated, somebody has to step forward and ring the bell – just as Robert Kennedy did 42 years ago after the King assassination – to point out the obvious: There is a deeper societal sickness underlying these events, and the media (and social media) responses to them. Has so little really changed since 1968?

    And I would make an educated guess that the person who will step forward and seek out our better selves to make a better sense of this terrible act of violence will likely be that very same President Barack Obama. But unlike the screamers (the manipulators and manipulated, both), he’ll wait until sufficient facts are in, as I have done here, before rushing to speak about it. In that sense, I still identify more with him as a person – as critical as I’ve been and remain of many of his policies – than I do with some “activists” and “progressives” whose mouths and keypads today make me shudder with the memory of Ari Fleischer and the Speech Cops of 2001.

    Oh, no, I’m not making a case of “false moral equivalency.” To the contrary, I’m saying that the voices of blame and scapegoating coming from “our” side this weekend have been more hypocritical, from people who ought to know better, and therefore morally worse. If we don’t expect better from our own selves, what moral high ground can we possibly ever claim? And what is the strategy behind it anyway? Is it to intimidate and censor political adversaries, Ari Fleischer style? Or is it just to vent any old thing on a public stage to deal with the trauma of the moment? Go ahead and vent. But if there’s not a strategy behind it that really works beyond temporary blips in the polling data, it’s just feeding the dysfunction, and bringing the next violent and traumatic act in this eye-for-an-eye drama series one step closer.

    Please read the whole thing. It is so right on.

  32. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    On the Politicususa blog, I made the following comment:

    The terrible irony of the First Amendment, of course, is that the framers of the constitution – as victims of Europe’s religious wars under absolute monarchs, could only envision “the government” (i.e., Congress) to enact laws to abridge …

    Little would they have thought that the citizens, armed to the hilt, could do that all by themselves, thus destroying the will of “We, the people” from the inside.

    Perhaps I should have substituted “tragedy” for “irony” in the above …

  33. I know it is hard everyone, but try not to feel defeated. There is goodness and light in our country (much of it here). The powers of darkness marshall all of their strength in desperation because they know that their defeat is near. There is always a great pushback the closer real change comes. Now is the time to stand firm and strong as the president does; rooted in faith and in a great belief in the basic goodness of everyone in this coutry. Pray for the families and the survivors. Hold close to the ones you love; and put action with your feelings. Send words of encouragement to the president (did you notice that comforting rub that Michelle gave along this back?) he is as sad as we are.

  34. Knowing the history of the founders and the conditions that birthed their revolution obviously informs our government today, but I do admit I like to daydream about what their modern contemporaries would change if they could.

    I imagine a good number of them would see corporations as the de-facto “monarch” and apply a lot of their checks and balances philosphy towards that reality.

  35. This site has become a place of comfort for me. I don’t post very often. Often times I like to just come here and read the beautiful words of encouragement from so many on this blog.

    Times like these a safe and sane community does well for the soul.

    So I say thanks to all for making this such a welcome place to come and visit.

  36. And yet BWD, if he did just that take Michelle and the girls and go home to Chicago — this country, our world would be on the express track to hell in a rickety hand basket faster than you can bat an eye!

    While I’m no Rand acolyte, and although this country more often shows why we’re undeserving of President Obama’s leadership, we just can’t afford for Atlas to shrug!! Not now. We just can’t.

    But I share your sentiment!

  37. It is indeed good for the soul bjw2.

    Thank you for being here and bringing your well wishes too.

  38. Like you BWD, I have said many times during the last two years that I just don’t think this country deserves this amazing man. He is an extraordinary human being. I like to say he is just good inside.

    Why so many in this country can not see that is just astonishing to me. But I have to believe there is a lot of willful ignorance going on here.

    I worry about his safety every single day. I worry so much, that I was terrified when I heard he was going snorkeling in Hawaii. I can’t help it, the mother in me wants to protect him. Every time he leaves Washington, D.C., my stomach is in knots until I know he has returned safely to the White House. What a sad commentary.

  39. Of course your terrific comment isn’t boring, luci. Thank you for raising your voice to share these beautiful thoughts.

  40. Well said, CEB. Change in this country seems to always be accompanied by drama, sometimes heartwrenching drama. Adding my prayers to yours.

  41. They must be the worst parents ever, to have this deeply disturbed son living in their home and to do nothing about it . .

  42. Thank you for a post GN, that accidentally spoke to an ongoing concern I have. I am a big believer in living in gratitude. but coupled with that, is the conscious or subconscious comparison with what others have to deal with, and the gratitude for MY life experience increases. But I feel guilty for this. It is something I am trying to get a handle on through my Dharma practice.

  43. My sentiments exactly BWD. I believe this country does not deserve him. I thought after eight years of Bush/Cheney they would stand behind this man as much as the right did for Bush. After the PFL turned on him, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid when they did not do exactly what they wanted when they wanted, I knew that this country is not mentally there yet. If President Obama runs, I will donate money and work for him. Win or lose, I know he will go down in history as the best unappreciated President in American history. I pray for his safety every day. Thank you for having a place for those that know it can come and feel good about our President.

  44. Thank you, luci. Whether we all share the same religious leanings, we all share compassion for others. I appreciate your kind heart. Put the “boring” concern out of your mind.

  45. I worry so that he is second guessing his decision as an AA to run for President. I could not bear for him to suffer from those thoughts.

  46. that crossed my mind also. I think this is weighing heavy on him, and yes i noticed that pat Michelle gave him.

  47. I completely understand that worry, but fear not…he is completely built for this.

    Such a unique man for unique times. Of the World, Of America, Of this time…

    And remember, someone always has to be first 😉

    I believe he’s firmly entrenched in history and knows what’s at stake. Such, such, such an important component given what’s present.

  48. Thank you, Jordan – helpful comment.

    Buddhism teaches you to see the larger picture. POTUS understands that.

  49. If any of you get the opportunity to read his mother’s book, please do so. Our President comes from some strong DNA. The books is heavy, so take your time in reading it. You will probably have to read some chapters, and then you will come back to it. However, you can see how his DNA of smarts runs in his brains. She immersed herself in every task she took upon herself to accomplish with the grace, knowledge, and love of the people she served. You can see this in her son, our President. So do not give up on this man of steel with a heart of compassion for the people he serve with such a strong conviction to complete what he has started. I too feel at times that he might just give in and say to Michelle,”Let’s go, there is too much pain that others are feeling because of me.” But every decent read that I can find on our president, I purchase it and read for myself how he was raised, and what are his true values. He will not give up. He will finish what he puts his hands to for us. We just need to believe in ourselves, trust him, listen to him, and disagree, but in truth and in love. He is the best leader for us now.. And I ocncur, let us give do to former president Bill Clinton, but Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton, Let us allow Barack Obama to be who he is, and mostly let him be our president now. That is who he is now. We can’t change him, and really, I love Bill Clinton, but we elected this time Barack Obama, so allow his to be our 44th President of the United States. We will be find.
    Oh, the title of the book is: Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia, by S. Ann Dunham. He is a smart young person, and he deserves to be heard, seen, and appreciated in our time. Thank you all for all of the love shown on this site, especially to you BWD!

  50. Wonderful words, HZ. Truly, though, I believe people are not feeling pain because of President Obama. Rather, they are feeling pain because of the seeds of fear and hatred the GOP and right-wing pundits have chosen to sow. It is a sin, what they’ve done.

    I’ll make sure to purchase and read the book by S. Ann Dunham.

  51. I look at my grandbabies’ faces and know they and all those like them, do deserve and desperately need him if they’re to have any future worth a damn.

    Every time I see one of the wonderful photos you post of him with a child, I see in his face love and a dedication to their futures.

    As we’ve all noted countless times, our President plays the long game.

    The children are why.

  52. I’m the same way. I didn’t even realize I was doing it at first, until I stayed up until the early hours to see the footage of Air Force One landing safely at Andrews AFB. There is just too much at stake – for the whole world – and not enough serious people trying to solve the problems.

  53. This is exactly on the mark for what we’re seeing today with the “I’ve got mine”.

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