The day after

 Hi guys,

There will be time for me to say what I think of those on the Left who needed no more than couple of hours to find a way to link their hate towards president Obama – you know, the most threatened president in history  – to that terrible massacre in Arizona.

But for now I’m going to bite my tongue and just post this heroic performance by Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.


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  1. Hello Probama fam *hugs*…I’ve been posting
    this all over twitter and the text can be
    found on CR’s blog ..I find it very apropos…
    Sen. Robert F. Kennedy said it best in his speech after Dr.King was murdered.

    Mindless Menace Of Violence Speech:

  2. BWD, I see you’re up & running this morning.

    Yes, I saw & heard the Sheriff’s comments, which, are my feelings exactly. The Hateful Political Rhetoric Is surely killing our Country. This kind of chatter can Incite some People, & especially those who are mentally challenged, or unstable. It sends strong negative vibes. I must say also, that I too was a bit surprised of his candor, which sends a message of needed Improvement on what we say & feel In this Country.

    However, I’m thankful to God, that Congresswoman Giffords, Is still fighting for her life.

    I also wonder how the GOP, & others who contribute to the sharp, & racial Chatter, will react now, after this terrible tragedy In Arizona. I just wonder. It seems like the publicans have called off the vote for Wednesday, on repealing the HC bill, or should I say, the “Obama Cares” bill.

  3. BWD – that’s because you are a reasonable thinking person – and not someone who shouts something off the cuff….which may lead to regret for those words.

    I think that’s the most disturbing buzz to me right now. That it’s okay to say the right fires off hateful vitriol. But the left – oh, no. That never happens. yeah right.

    We know it’s been happening throughout certain places to be unnamed. And we also know that those types of comments have been aimed at you – or anyone who steps up to defend you.

    I know that Sheriff Dupnik was more specifically talking about the wingnut brand of rhetoric, but it’s something that all, regardless of political belief, needs to keep in mind. Because I was listening to the entire news conference, it was the _way_ that the Sheriff said this that I realized he was speaking simply as an American who has lived his years,

    “This has not become the nice United States that most of us grew up in.”

    It’s respect for each other.

    tigerfist put up youtube Robert Kennedy’s speech

    On the Mindless Menace of Violence

    Someone should take the text and post it on every wall of every elected officials door. Because if those at the top ignore this message, then we, as a country, surely are lost.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with Freedom of Speech. It has to do with this recent trend of bullies. Bullies in the schoolyard, bullies at the workplace, bullies in the media and in politics. If bullying is accepted as a social norm, we are lost.

    Okay – I’ll get off my soapbox. I made the mistake of going over there and reading some mess. People not willing to step back and take responsibility, true responsibility and understanding that we’ve lost the ability to be decent and respectful in the manner we communicate when we disagree.

    Robert F Kennedy – on the Mindless Menace of Violence:

    “Whenever any American’s life is taken by another American unnecessarily – whether it is done in the name of the law or in the defiance of the law, by one man or a gang, in cold blood or in passion, in an attack of violence or in response to violence – whenever we tear at the fabric of the life which another man has painfully and clumsily woven for himself and his children, the whole nation is degraded.

    “Among free men,” said Abraham Lincoln, “there can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet; and those who take such appeal are sure to lose their cause and pay the costs.”

    Yet we seemingly tolerate a rising level of violence that ignores our common humanity and our claims to civilization alike. We calmly accept newspaper reports of civilian slaughter in far-off lands. We glorify killing on movie and television screens and call it entertainment. We make it easy for men of all shades of sanity to acquire whatever weapons and ammunition they desire.

    Too often we honor swagger and bluster and wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of others. Some Americans who preach non-violence abroad fail to practice it here at home. Some who accuse others of inciting riots have by their own conduct invited them.

    Some look for scapegoats, others look for conspiracies, but this much is clear: violence breeds violence, repression brings retaliation, and only a cleansing of our whole society can remove this sickness from our soul. ”

  4. PS – BWD, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this space for us to gather. Yesterday was especially hard to hear of another event that has torn through the USA – and gashed it deeply with another wound. I look at it as something we as a nation, and we as humans, must learned from.

    If I only had “over there” to go to, I think I would have truly gone mad.

    Here, we may disagree on some issues, but it’s kept in a respectful manner.

  5. tf – you are so absolutely right to post this all over the place.

    EVERY SINGLE ELECTED OFFICIAL needs to print this out and post it on their door.

    RFK was a brilliant writer. I was a child when he was assassinated – but I do remember seeing him on TV and having a huge crush on him. But hearing him talk on TV, with my reduced comprehension due to age, I knew he was a great man.

  6. kishik…Amen.Being here in Arizona, I can tell you that the level of hate and bigotry that the Sheriff spoke of, is so palpable…it hangs in the air like the brown cloud above Phoenix.I think the operative word is respect. We have totally lost respect. For our fellow man, for different points of view,for those that are different than we are. It hurts my heart. That isn’t supposed to be who we are as a nation, and unless we take a step back, and take a good hard look at ourselves,we are doomed to follow this dangerous path.
    When individuals can say whatever they want to against others without regard to truth, to inflame passions and insecurities and stoke fear, for personal or political gain, that is not only reckless, but criminal.It happens in the halls of govt, where those elected officals should be held to a higher standard, and have the responsibility to set a standard of debate that does not debase another human being for what they believe, and to debate the merit of the issue, not the person.It happens on TV and radio…hate radio 24/7 listened to by millions. Filling the coffers of those that would spew the vile, with no basis in fact, to prey on the fears and ignorance of the masses.It’s the “I got mine” mentality…the entitlement mentality…” the screw you” mentality. The feeling that America is great at all costs, gives people the excuse to not “see” that we have to work harder, that we DO have room to improve in so many areas..a scapegoat for improvement, as it were.There aare consequences for “free
    speech…and “free speech” is not without responsibility. That’s the part that people “forget”. The civility is gone, and we need, as a nation, to get it back.

  7. I love hearing this man speak. I understand the constraints of public officials, like PBO, who can’t say more until they know more, but I’m really happy to hear the Sheriff step out of this mold. The hateful vitriol from any source is certainly tearing at the fabric of our country, and for the most visible spewers it’s all about viewers, listeners, hits — in other words, money for hate.

    Thanks, Kishik, for the RFK speech. I’m posting it on FB, along with the link to Dupnik. And thanks again, BWD, for this wonderful, healing space. Hope it’s healing your cold!


    It sickens me that the Speaker of the House can’t divorce himself from the birthers in his own caucus, saying he doesn’t control what they say. More BS! He is allowing himself to be terrorized by them and he can’t even be a leader when it’s necessary.

    It’s time to denounce this insane rhetoric at every level. President Barack Obama is our legitimate President, and if the Speaker of the House can’t even stand up and say that to his own caucus and put an end to this toxic and dangerous birther nonsense, then he is a terrible COWARD.

    Every single politician and public organization should stand up today and DENOUNCE VIOLENCE. ENOUGH.

  9. If we would use the power of the media to teach and promote love and help for our fellow man we would see an end to much of the violence.

    We know that the mind set that implemented the violence today did so at the initiation of high profile persons ability to persuade and ignite anger fueled by hate.

    The root of this hate has existed in the country for a long time. Many of us have been hurt by the activity of this hate. It makes me so sad to hear of what has happened for Congresswomen Gifford and the others that lost their lives.

    The fear of individuals like the shooter or more to the point those that use persons like this young man. Is that the United States will truly become a country that treat all persons equal.

    The us against them mentality needs to be squashed. We are all in this together! Ending this kind of activity will come with unifying as Americans under the banner of love and care for each other along with empathy for our personal issues.

    Once we are on one accord backed by what we say we believe. We can then carry this banner of hope to the world. Armed with a solution developed by our own experiences.

    This the real fight. Not to be done with guns and violence put peace and empathy for each other.

  10. Hateful words are not right for anybody. We need to get out of talking about right and left. If a person is too far right or too left, both situations are not going to get us to where we need to be. The health care bill has started and we need to make it better by amending not repealing. My uncle use to say “Right is right and right don’t wrong nobody” Those buzz words has taken the steam out of the real word “RIGHT”
    Right is Justice For All not a select few.

  11. I was just listening to NPR Sunday Edition. The reporter in the studio asked the reporter in AZ about what the Sheriff had said and he QUICKLY said, “He’s a Democrat…”

    I had to turn off all media yesterday because of this attitude.

    But I can wait. It will come out. Truth and Consequences for those who have encouraged this climate.

    As angry as we can get on this side, I don’t think you can find any concerted effort to “take out” the other side.

  12. Okay, I’m going there. I just saw Boehner’s statement and I was thoroughly disgusted. Why? Where are his tears for Rep. Giffords? Where were his tears for the 9-year old murdered by this lunatic? Where were his tears for the federal judge and the other innocent lives taken?

    This hypocrite should be run out of office. Period.

    So disgusting.

    And BWD, I’m going there about the left as well. Even KO took a swipe at President Obama during his special comment for the president’s decision to appear on Fox. Of course, we know the president did this because he’s trying to reach all Americans. He doesn’t give a flip about Fox.

    And KO didn’t mention his collegues Todd and Guthrie who dismissed Gabby’s concerns about Sarah Palin putting her in crosshairs.

    They are all culpable and we can no longer be silent about it.

    I’m so hurt and disgusted by this.

  13. I totally agree! Enough of allowing these kooks to continue to threaten and disrespect President Obama. And people like Boehner and Cantor and McCain are all responsible.

  14. It’s so eerie,though. That RFKs speech rings so true still today.
    What I hope from this horrible stain on our country it’s not just dismissed as – oh. He was deluded anyway.

  15. That, “He’s a Democrat”…is a huge part of the problem here.They dismiss any thought that we would have anything to add to the conversation to help come up with answers for this state. If you’re a Democrat in this state (trust me, it;s hard)you are ridiculed and dismissed. The ONLY right way to be, is a conservative, don’t you know? We see how well THAT worked out around here!The entire state is controlled by conservatives, who sorry to say, think they are the only ones with the solutions. In fact, the Democrats in the state govt often don’t get a say. They are shut out of discussions from what I’ve read.That’s not ok, and it’s not good for the people of this state.It takes a village…and a different mindset.I hope that this tragic event makes these people take pause and set the example to work together as a team, elected by the people of this state…ALL THE PEOPLE…and move this state in a direction that we can ALL be proud of.We shall see.

  16. We never seem to “learn” all the way. You would think that a horrific event like this would put this behavior to rest once and for all. That we would all act like the adults that we’re supposed to be. But as Robert Kennedy’s profound words still hold true today, in this moment,you can see that we really haven’t learned a thing.

  17. Yeah, everyone is listing her Conservative street-cred, Blue Dog stance, as if to say… but she was one of the good ones, she wasn’t a Nancy P. type.
    So the conclusion has to be that the shooter was CRAZY — incapable of distinguishing the good Democrats from the bad Democrats.
    So of course, it can’t be any outside influence, it was all in his mind.

  18. not trying to make this racial, but had this been a muslim man, do you think that the media would treat this situation as some lone nut on a rampage? Do you think that they would try to link this to the pres?

  19. Yes, I noticed that KO couldn’t help but try to drag President Obama into conditional guilt by giving him ultimatums about how he should act and what he must say during that Fox Interview.

  20. It doesn’t matter about the hate talk from either side. You can rant about how liberals are scum or how Obama sucks all you want. The problem is the availability of guns in the USA. Someone can hate Obama or liberals but if they get a knife to kill libs it won’t kill as many as with a gun. So we have to either do something about the lack of restriction on guns or accept that when we go out in public there is a risk of gun violence. This event is just as bad as Virginia Tech, Ft Hood, or Pittsburgh. People gets guns and use them to kill and no one will say this might be a problem. Until folks on the right lose loved ones, that will never happen. Words are just words until you have a gun.

  21. BWD thanks for your restraint.

    The aftermath – everyone is distancing themselves from this. We need to wait for the official report and refrain from making assumptions as to motive, political affiliation, what the prez should or should not have said? In the coming days and weeks they’ll plenty of folks making their case for reasonableness and those giving long explanations as to why they are not to blame. Monday morning I can almost guarantee you the conservative talk shows will find a way to blame the president for this (perhaps folks from the left as well).

  22. Why can we call this for what it is? He walked up to the congresswoman directly and shot her in the head. This was a political hit. The congress and the judge made some very controversial decisions.
    Now which party was livid about the congresswoman and the judge’s decision? Which party wants to take their country back; don’t retreat, reload; second amendment remedies? Less government – which party wants that? Well this guy took out one federal judge and an attempt on a congress woman and that is not the action of a liberal person to me. Judge was against that immigration law – what liberal is for that law? He sounds like Jared is a classic tea party republican to me. He doesn’t have to be a member; we don’t need proof that he attended a rally or how he voted in the past. We don’t need proof that he was a fan of Sarah Palin, or listened to FOX news or even Limbaugh. HIS ACTIONS SPOKE TO ALL THEIR WORDS. He was not some mental person who simply went off. This was a calculated attempt. He thought about this. If someone acts out on their rhetoric, why don’t they (Tea Party & republicans in general) embrace them? Aren’t they the ones with all of the guns? Aren’t they bad? Then why not own up to it? What are they afraid of? Taliban and others do it every day. He used his second amendment right. He didn’t retreat; he reloaded and took out several bystanders that included a 9 year old girl who was just elected a class officer in her elementary school.
    And yet, we keep giving them the benefit of the doubt. What if Jared had a Spanish sounding surname? Our beloved President would have to call in the National Guard and seal the boarder immediately. Dare I say it – God forbid if was black.
    We (I) need to stop sitting on the sidelines. We (I) need to stop just blogging about it. We (I) need to start voicing our opinions to all of them – republicans, tea party, the media (Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN). They need to be called out and I am going to do it as best I know how. I am not going to be silent any more. I am on my new year’s promise.

  23. I am sorry to say, but all these cowardly folksies who are busy defending,as well as erasing their facebook pages etc know exactly what they have been fermenting for the last couple of years.
    The real story is that when the drastic occurs, the msm discussion never goes anywhere, because the truth is hidden and played down by their defences of ‘false equvalencies’, mentally disturbed, free speech, first amendment, politically correct.(all a cover for knowing that they contribute to the whole, if not only by their daily rantings,ravings and incitings.)
    Kudos to the sheriff for stating what needed to be said.and intimating that enough is enough! Yes, it is time to stop the immature approach that is the msm, who encourage the hostility by their choice of guests, their lack of respect, their thrust on the inane and frivolous,their inciendary rhetoric and most of all their winding up of commenters on the blogs. Respect, reflection,caution with distillation of words and actions are called for from this point on.

  24. “Heroic”.

    That adjective surely should also be applied to Ms Giffords and her staff and judge Roll.

    Given what already happened before, and the certainly unpopular stance of judge Roll on SB1070, it is amazing that they were courageous enough to engage in a “Congress at your Corner” public event.

    As President Obama referred to, this is a straight attack on representative democracy, as it makes it impossible for elected officials to engage with their constituents.

  25. Looking at US of A from half way across the globe, it looks like an apartheid south africa and talibanistic pakistan right now.

    I lay the problem at the feet of the american press who enabled that tundra twit and the tea baggers. The fourth estate is really the fifth columnists destroying US from within.

  26. desertflower, fellow Arizonan, I awoke crying this morning.

    The call is for healing Love, for hate will never triumph over hate, only love can do that. Here in Tucson we are gathering, praying, singing, lighting candles, holding each other.

    We met outside the hospital lat night, and when we were done with anything formal, the crowd shouted up to the hospital room, “We Love you Gabby.” and “Get Well.” There were at least four other large vigils.

    A state representative, Steve Farley, called out, and the crowd chanted “A bullet won’t stop our Love, a bullet won’t stop our Hope.”

    We are One Family, and we must not let the bullies win. Our Family is at stake.

  27. We can “excuse away” all we want, but the truth is, we have met the enemy, and it is us.” As someone earlier said, we can’t have “You lie” “We need to take our country back” “Are you Pro America or anti America?” Gunsights on people you disagree with,second amendment solutions. On and on and on.If they have to take down Facebook pages, then they know they are part of the problem.Just like the faux outrage/ debate in the House over ACA and the vote that was scheduled for Wed.that is now put “on hold” because of the inflamatory nature…to what end? For what purpose? That vote was going to be symbolic only…to inflame those that don’t agree that every American should have health care! That will never be undone by this President and Senate…so the ONLY point of that vote was to inflame and start that whole angry process over again because they have NO good plan for this country going forward. They are not interested in progress, they are interested in POWER!

  28. And now we bear witness to Sharron Angle’s 2nd Amendment Remedies. This heinous act of Domestic Terrorism has been brought to you by Rupert Murdoch and the people (sic) at FOX News.

  29. I think that Dr. Rhee – having been a trauma surgeon at war – most likely has seen horrific wounds like this. To him, having that experience, he must be drawing from other patients he’s had with similar types of gunshot wounds.

    What I thought was telling was the young staffer who stayed with her throughout and his account of how she squeezed his hand as they travelled in the ambulance to the hospital.

    Even Dr. Gupta said these are always good signs to a doctor.

    Sedation can come from pain meds, or induced coma – to allow the injury (especially to the brain) to begin to recover.

  30. The irony will. be lost on the anti-immigrant party will never get.

    The value that immigrants can add, the richness of our diversity, and the history of our nation as a melting pot are all concepts they can’t grasp

  31. revgerry

    a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

    “Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected”

    You are so right. Those vigils were so correct in the way they were gathered.

    Keep the faith and the hope – show it with Love.

  32. Today I refuse to give MSM, right wing, left wing, blowhards, talking heads etc what they crave….attention.

    I been repeating this part of the 23rd psalms ever since I became aware of this horrid tragedy. I have been mindfully meditating with Gabby and the other victims speedy and 100% recovery my main focus. I pray for the ones that lost their life that their journey home was quick and not painful. Can’t stop thinking about that little girl, please don’t let her have suffered. *tears up again*

    I know we all represent different faiths and some no religious faith but these two verses have comforted me and I truly believe in them. Bless us all.

    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.”

  33. This tragedy was inevitable. We have been on a slippery slope of hatred and disrespect in this country for several years. I first noticed it during the 2008 presidential primaries. Initially there was a distasteful political sign here and there. And then Sarah Palin got into the race – such a vile, hateful woman! At her instigation the ugliness grew exponentially. This led to the Tea Party with their Hitler and Joker signs to “take back my country,” constitutional fundamentalism and birthers. To the Koch brothers busing in hate for the sole purpose of disrupting town hall meetings. To a Congressman with the audacity to yell “you lie,” and a Supreme Court justice shaking his head in disgust while the President of the United States of America was speaking in the well of the Congress. We were told to lock and reload…look through crosshairs…find 2nd amendment solutions. Limbaugh, Beck and Fake News tossed outright lies into the mix. The left was not without fault. Both sides ramped up the “us vs. them” vitriol and fanned the flames of division. The MSM shrugged its shoulders and declared everybody is entitled to their opinion. Besides, it made great headlines — gotta pay the bills! So while Sarah Palin and her “special” brand of politics may not have been the shooter’s ideology, we don’t need 7 degrees of separation to pinpoint where the flame was lit. We let political bullies drive a vitriolic and hyperbolic meme that ended in tragedy in AZ. It was inevitable.

  34. You did’nt make this racial, they did. you just pointed out something that everyone has been warning these ass holes about all along.

  35. There was an interesting interview on Craig Kilbourn’s show with actor/comedian Stephen Fry (I discovered him in the Blackadder series). Both are born and raised in the UK and have become a citizen or resident alien in the US. They were discussing America as it compares to the UK and they both agreed that the thing that separates us from the rest of the world is our boundless optimism.

    The right wing traffics in pessimism about America, its culture and its future. That pessimism, even when wrapped in a flag and holding a Bible, does not ring true to what makes America unique, precious and the beacon of the world. I oppose that pessimism from whatever political faction is peddling it.

    This site reclaims that spirit from the pessimism and even hatred that comes from the Fauxgressives. For America to move forward those who believe in her fundamental strengths must speak up. In a small way this site allows me and everyone else here to do just that. The fact that the site is growing is proof that BWD and the members are on to something.

    I’m not good at posting clips but the interview snippet can be found on Andrew Sullivan’s site.

  36. And to all of those who wanted Obama to act a fool, and get in the gutter with Repugs and some on the left, this is why he didn’t. Obama realizes that words and actions have major consequences.

  37. Very, very well said. There’s a reason that POTUS asked people to consider “agreeable disagreement.”

    I can’t believe that a 9 year old child has lost her life because the adults in this country can’t figure out a way to express political disagreement with some semblance of rationality.

  38. Thank you Kelly. The death of the little girl stayed with all night and this morning they interviewed the mother on Fox. She was struggling to keep her composure, so I feel it even more. God bless.

  39. There’s no way in which POTUS would not be brought into this and every story with facts made to fit into a “POTUS sucks” narrative at right wing and sensationalist left wing spaces. Just a given.

    For the vast majority of us, this incident causes a new look at POTUS’ nonstop calls for civility—he said to cut it out with the heated rhetoric and demonizing opposition. As a country, it would do us some good to listen to the wisdom of this idea. Particularly the extremist language introduced by Palin and continuing into the teaparties.

  40. True. And when he talked again and again about how dangerous words are and how we should be able to disagree without being disagreeable – people were questioning his manhood.

  41. Of course everyone’s first reaction is to try to distance themselves from the causes of yesterday’s tragedy. No one wants to think that what they did or said in the past may have contributed to the shooter’s obvious mental instability and been the final straw that pushed him into action in such a senseless and brutal fashion. But, as the shock of the event passes and people begin to think more clearly, I hope we can all take the time to analyze our own contributions to the poisonous political atmosphere that has enveloped this country. It may be that the majority of the bullying, hateful language comes from the right, but there has been bullying and hate from the left as well -o much of it targeted at the President and anyone who dares to support him.

    In fact, the one person who has done the most to try to tone it down has been the President. He drives some on the left crazy because he refuses to call the right the enemy, to demonize those who demonize him, and continues to try to talk to and work with people from all ends of the political spectrum. He is called names and ridiculed for efforts to get people to work together and act like colleagues instead of irredeemably opposed teams.

    The constant barrage of hate for the “other side” is what needs to stop, no matter who the “other side” constitutes for any of us as individuals. Our television and radio pundits, hosts and commentators need to stop trying to stoke the fires of division for ratings. Poliltical candidates need to treat their opponents as human beings worthy of respect even when they disagree instead of as some kind of vile monsters that must be defeated before they deliver the country to armaggeddon. And we, the people, need to reject those who refuse to tone it down. If they are on tv or the radio and trying to demonize others, turn them off. If they are running for office by telling us how dangerous they other guy is, we need to reject them at the ballot box. And on the internet we need to watch our own tone and refuse to partake in the hatred and bullying.

    Yesterday’s tragedy needs to be the wake up call to the whole country to stop the madness. We are not enemies. None of us is out to destroy this country. We are fellow Americans who all want this country to be successful and its people to be prosperous and secure. We just have some disagreements about the best way to make that happen. The disagreements are not treasonous. They are not insurmountable. We can talk to each other, respect each other and come to agreements that all can live with because we can recognize the humanity and good will of our fellow countrymen. We don’t need to worry about exactly what caused the young shooter to do what he did to know that the atmosphere in this country needs to change. We all know that things have gone way too far and if things don’t change, more incidents like yesterday become inevitable. So let’s not waste our time trying to affix blame, but rather let’s all vow to clean up our acts and start to use respect for each other and to remember we are not 2 opposing teams, we are one country.

  42. I have to say that I am not outraged by the reactions of various public/media commenters on this tragedy. It is as I expected. Take the tragedy and either 1) distance yourself from it; 2) use it to blame those you blame for everything; 3) say something just outrageous enough that you get noticed above all others making a comment today; 4) say something that is the opposite of the prevailing mood just to really get noticed and to earn points for being “too cool for school”; 5) try to minimize the impact on your core agenda.

    In reality, I think this is one of those events that has the collateral impact of blunting the momentum the GOP had going into their new Congress. It will be harder to demonize government at this point, harder to demonize the opposition. It will return, but this changes the energy in national politics at a critical time.

    Not be lost in all this, not all life is about politics. Rep. Giffords, her family and friends, supporters and well-wishers need all the prayers and support we can offer.

  43. Sandy…you said that MUCH better than I did in my post above.Spot on, and perfect.Thanks for that insightful comment.Those fiery words have consequences though…and that’s where the problem lies. Everyone steps away from the responsibility of their actions, puts their hands up, and cries no foul.Not good enough. They need not act so surprised when what they were preaching all along ends up being real. What will they say now?

  44. I knew he would. He is a fucking actor. Watch how he plays with his unbilical cord attached to the main camera. Can you imagine what he’d do to the camera operator if they missed a “zoom in on Keith’s face”?

    The horrors of the world are opportunities for his narcissistic “Special (in whose eyes?) Comments.”

  45. Thank you so much for posting this video. I had never seen it. So appropriate for the Arizona tragedy, so sad that it keeps happening. I take great consolation that I can share this sad time with my BWD family.

    Stay Hopeful

  46. I keep referring to her as the little girl but her name is Christina Taylor Green. Associating her name to her face is appropriate and serves as a powerful reminder of what we should guard against.

  47. Kishik – stay on the soap box, I think you are absolutely right. When adult politicians bully each other, children mimic that behavior. Mean is Mean no matter where it occurs. We all have to speak with kindness and respect.

  48. Same here. I’m a teacher, and there is a sad, sad ripple effect. Her school will have a crisis team in place. The teachers, her friends, guilt “maybe we shouldn’t have sent her…” This will devastate the school district.

  49. Shirley I wrote this on another Chipstick’s blog earlier this morning: I agree. The hate-filled rhetoric of Sarah Palin, the Republicans, the so called Tea Party fanatics, and even the irresponsibility of the media and the PL will come back to haunt all of them. If nothing more, this senseless tragedy will mean that the fanatics will have to dial back the rhetoric. At least for now, the Republican House’s agenda of hate and repeal of all things Obama will have to be put of hold.

  50. I’ve been very upset with most of the news networks this morning. They are still of the mindset that people watching want conflict – so they’re making it all about having a “roundtable” with Repubs across the table from the Dems – having a pretty charged discussion about gun laws and heightened rhetoric. CNN just had a right-wing talk radio host on who went all defensive and accused President Obama and even the first lady
    of bringing this on….it’s still about making controversy to bring up the ratings, isn’t it?

    Joel Klein did a nice interview asking the host why we can’t get some decent, in depth news, like Fareed Zakaria does or the BBC or even al Jezeera – which is real journalism? We don’t need 15 seconds sound bites or 30 second interviews – we need some real context and reasoned investigation into the pros and cons of issues – like maybe we are an intelligent enough audience to understand complex circumstances facing our country and our world.

  51. I’m just reading through the comments so I don’t know if someone else has mentioned this, but the Judge who was killed overturned a law to require background checks for gun purchases … I don’t remember the details, but they mentioned it on NPR this morning.

  52. I agree. The media turns every headline into a scare statement. We see this in the BIG lies like “Health Care is a Job Killer” and in the little lies like “storm approaches, community fears for it’s safey”.

    I think this climate of anger and fear has become so pervasive we don’t even notice it.

    Earlier there was a list of all the ways violent words had been used in rhetoric.

    I keep thinking about the phrase I believe PBO used “words have consequences”.

    So here are my 2 words of the day – Stay Strong

  53. It’s vitally important that this sheriff came out and said the prejudice and bigotry is at the core of all the vitriol from the right (and he was talking about the right).

    You have to let the Violent Right know that we are watching them. That we EXPECT them to resort to assassinations and assaults. We have to call all of the right-wing pundits out for their deliberate incitement that do. CALL THEM OUT! Make them DEFEND what they’re doing. Let them lie and say “I’m not trying to get anyone to hurt anyone”. Make them tell that lie on camera.

  54. Bravo lilaf1

    Well said. Thank you for the time, effort and thought you put into this post. Virtual pat on the Back

  55. Dr are amazing.They were saying they removed part of her skull, so the brain can relax, they will put it back. We as a country are blessed and we don’t appreciate each other. Amazing.

  56. Just posted this on FB: Just heard the University of Arizona surgery news conference and was struck by the fact that the intern who first helped Rep. Giffords was a Latino, the trauma surgeon is of Korean descent, the head of the hospital is German, and the neurosurgeon’s name is Lemole, which implies someone in his ancestry was French. Immigrants all, just like the rest of us.

  57. It’s a clear enough picture that somebody will recognize him. If he was part of a larger organization, I suspect this fellow could be dead and buried in the desert somewhere.

  58. The “lame stream” media will never hold the so-called tea party or the Sarah Palins of this country accountable. To do so would require that they actually stop fostering the incitement and hate speech, we all know this is done just for ratings. It’s the some old story people in this country do and say whatever they feel like saying no matter the consequences because when the results are criminal they can simply default to the perpetrator was deranged. People say that President Obama is the most hated President ever, but what they won’t say is hated by whom. We all know who hates him and why, it is 100% racism, and pure hate clouds your judgment. The hate that John McCain and Sarah Palin refueled during the 2008 campaign is coming to a boiling point with the help of the MSM and cowardice elected officials. I say its not going to change until “we the people” that is the sane people, demand some civility from all of the above. It is time to demand “civil” service from our elected officials to say the least.

  59. I have a great deal of respect for this Sheriff- telling the truth on national teevee is a rarity anymore in America. We need to be sure we have his back too- as surely there will be folks- such as Gov Jan Brewer, et al looking to make him pay for his truth-telling. Also, I’ve been of the mind for sometime now- and yesterdays tragedy cements it- that we can not be silent any further about this ongoing hate speech.. the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, etc.. continually using violent rhetoric to ratchet up their supporters.. and making BIG $$$ in the process. And the Media who gives them a pass on everything. WE have got to speak out daily if need be. this site is one way we have a voice.

    I don’t watch teevee anymore, but I am very curious today- whether John McCain and his repub cronies are out covering their asses on the Sunday News shows???

    My biggest thoughts today are for the families who’ve lost their loved ones, particularly the little girl, I’m just so sorry for their loss.

  60. Me. too. I was so disappointed, yet again, in KO. Why drag the President into this, when he has been and still is the main target for all the hatred? He used to talk about bill o’reilly almost every show, until it got so darn boring….then with the Tiller murder he got an excuse to stop mentioning him. What a hypocrite he is; and I hated that reference to HC, I remember her refering to the assasination of RFK as a reason to not get out of the primary, even though she did not have the delegates. She was wrong to say it and she knew the minute it came out of her mouth. I don’t remember what KO said, and why does he even bring it up? He is such a self-serving prima donna. I am just through with his stupid “special comments.” I see all the way through him.

  61. I agree. I agree. I agree. The gun laws need to be changed. I mean, one guy shoots 19 people wih one gun? Why do people need these weapons? Against whom are they defending themselves? If we could get the gun laws changed, making it harder, not easier, to kill someone, that would be some good to come out of this tragedy.

  62. And yet our president has an approval rating as a person of 77 percent, I think in part because of his adherence to civility, his integrity and obvious love for wife and daughters. From political discourse to bullying online we all need to uphold the principles of respect, the golden rule.

  63. Robert Kennedy’s words serve us well today-I remember that speech and was very moved even as a child. I hope and pray that this country is able to walk back out of this darkness into which we have been brought by the hate mongers.

  64. As I read the comments made yesterday and today some frustrations of the past have been bubbling to the surface.

    I often feel ill after watching many of the MSM shows.

    I also feel the best way to make folks pay is through the pocketbook.

    Yesterday Tori posted a link to the Olbermann video at her blog

    Her comment really struck a cord

    “Please hold those in the Media, Congress, and Radio responsible for any of their actions to incite violence. Don’t let up. Boycott those that will not “man” up. Boycott their sponsors. Drive their ratings down. Email them. Let your voice be heard.”

    So in my typically compulsive need to “do something”, I have drafted a very primitive letter each of us can use to contact the media and tell them what we want. Feel free to copy and send it “as is” or change every little line. If you send another version, post it here, I want to have a collection of letters we can use as needed.

    I hope to also draft a letter to advertisers in the next few days. Companies rarely do things because they are “the right thing to do” they often do them because they don’t want to loose $$.

    Here is my feeble attempt to express myself, wish I was a better writer.


    To Members of the Media:
    What I want from the press?

    Accurate information, delivered in a calm, caring manner.

    Fewer “experts” and “analysts” and more “educators” – Please give me information about the features of the Health Care Bill, include an analysis of how it will be paid for, and how it will affect the average American family. I promise I will not become bored and change the channel if you explain complicated concepts, I am listening and I am hungry for a rational voice.

    Fewer sound bytes, and longer in-depth interviews.

    When you hire an analyst or expert, pick someone who gives a balanced opinion, speaks calmly, and is willing to admit it, if they don’t know.

    If an issue is complicated, say so. If you need to cover it in several programs, that’s OK. If there are no easy answers, we get that.

    We need to be informed when there is a real emergency, but please don’t make every story sound like an impending disaster.

    When you point out a problem, please include a segment that offers suggestions for a solution.

    Please include as many stories of hope and success as stories of failure and tragedy.

    What I don’t want

    Headlines that say the opposite of what the story is actually about.

    Interviews that feature the most outrageous comment, instead of sound bytes that reflect a reasonable position on the issue.

    Please don’t show me a video of President Obama, and then talk over it, telling me what he said and adding your personal spin.

    Interview with reporter who is “live on the scene” and has nothing to report, so they just babble. If you don’t know anything yet, just say so, we understand.

    Please don’t ask a question, that isn’t a question but instead an opinion or comment intended to provoke.

    There is an audience of reasonable, intelligent, hard working Americans who will watch your station and buy the products of your advertisers. Stop scaring us, give us credit for having intelligence, and provide information about both sides of an issue. If you don’t we will stop watching and stop buying.

    contact page for CBS news

    ABC news


  65. Please keep posting this. We can’t keep repeating this type of history, and Robert Kennedy’s words are timeless. So profound.

  66. Indeed. When people say that a person who espouses civility instead of bashing heads is weak, then that the message is transmitted to our children. They learn that only bullying is respected, that bullying is leadership. I have been deeply appreciative of President Obama’s tone from the get-go, and his consistent attempts to negotiate, to avoid vilifying his opponents despite their vitriolic attacks on him. I have been amazed at his calm demeanor, even when these rabid animals ran all over the capitol, holding up pictures of him that his children could see if they were being driven around town, painted up as a Hitler. I have been astounded at the parents who have taken their children to these events – similar to those children who attended lynching parties. The next generation is in serious danger of being desensitized and unaware of all the hard fought lessons of these past 50 years. I saw that the Tea Party does not intend to tame their rhetoric, but I hope that the media can help to push this back into a shameful place.

  67. great. thank-you. I hadn’t seen this. And no we never learn, never learn, never learn. What I noticed was how calm and even his voice was, having lost his own brother to violence. Willing to take it all on, then killed himself. Oh, I fear for our country. Rand Paul has already come out saying AZ’s gun laws had nothing to do with this. Couldn’t he wait a decent interval before he started to defend the NRA?

  68. Thanks BWD, for the video…We need more people like Sheriff Dupnik speakin’ out against extremism, intolerance, violence, racism, etc…All this horrible, hateful, all-encompassed rhetoric!

    NAACP comes to mind…As RFK’s speech suggests it’s not always about race! But, our President’s 2008 ‘A More Perfect Union’ speech was a great one, too:

    After a mournin’ period, you know, somewhere…safe… in AZ, would be a “somewhat perfect” place to have another one of those speeches, because of the recent tragedy, AB1070 (TN, TX (unfortunately, where I live), FL, and other states want to copy it.), “liberal” gun laws, two unavoidable transplant deaths, a conservative supermajority legislative body, I think, (and Pearce’s “threat” that our President would have to show his papers.), infiltration of hate groups into the TeaParty orgs, there, and they still have a large immigrant population…

    Whaddaya think?

  69. With a complicit press, unfortunately the ‘news’ is not good.

    False equivalencies everywhere. All of a sudden if someone is mentally ill, that absolves their actions of anything political. Who knew Republicans were so concerned about mental health in this country. “We don’t know what his ‘motives’ are, therefore shooting a United States congresswoman in the head is in no way ‘political’. Same thing happened to Reagan, right?”

    I am appalled at the news coverage today.

  70. I am watching Tv either but it is on in my home, I don’t McCain is on TV this morning, however he released a statement yesterday calling the shooter a disgrace …… etc, etc

  71. That’s rich. They are culpable in her death because of the rhetoric and incitement from their own people, and now they’re going to exploit the mother? They have no shame.

  72. When someone removes the pages from their Facebook site, it reeks of guilt, in my view.

  73. And unfortunately, there is a noisy contingent on the Left who thinks the winning strategy is to be as loud and hateful as the Republicans are. I use ‘Republican’ after giving this a lot of thought: the party did nothing to denounce this rhetoric for the last 3 years and in fact implicitly and explicitly exploited it and rode it to victory in 2010. They own this rhetoric. Period.

    If the Left can’t pull together this weekend, then our battle is harder than I thought. And I never had any illusions about it being easy.

  74. I also noticed KO’s attempt at making a false equivalence between the right and left regarding violent rhetoric. Thank God that Josh Marshall stepped up to the plate and corrected him by stating that NO politician on the left has employed violent rhetoric to influence public opinion. I was screaming at KO at the top of my lungs for trying to make it appear as if the calls for violence are coming from the left and the right. Watching his program on yesterday reminded me of why I stopped watching him months ago, and it also reminded me of something I read on Politicususa about a month ago where it was revealed that his ratings have dropped. Apparently he has not only alienated me, but many others, with his over the top rhetoric, clownish antics, and over-inflated attention seeking commentary.

  75. I just deleted comments on my facebook page from one of my “friends” who issued threats against our President and then said she was not responsible if someone else carried out those threats and the same, she said, was true of what happened yesterday. I explained words have consequences and I would not have such things on my facebook page, so I deleted and blocked.

    We cannot change the true believers, but we can avoid enabling them. A threat is a threat and it falls to me to see to it that no one uses me or any of my internet accounts to transmit such a threat. Perhaps this person will now learn that words have consequences, but I doubt it.

  76. I try to watch KO but I usually can’t get past a few minutes of his ‘outrage’ because President Obama isn’t fulfilling his feel-good wish list.

    With everything Republicans are plotting to do to this country and this President, Ed Schultz and KO and Tweety fill their shows with this crap or Sarah Palin reports. This is what passes for progressive media. Oprah puts her billions behind a network that is one long reality show, while the right wing strangles what used to be journalism in this country.

    How do we fight back?

  77. Tigerfists88 thank you for posting this here. I saw this clip earlier today and it was very powerful. It’s unbelievable that despite all the evidence that fearful and angry rhetoric leads to violence politicians and media outlets continue to do this for their own personal gain. When something does happen they never take responsibility.
    It was especially heartbreaking knowing that Robert Kennedy would be killed not too long after making this speech.

  78. He said WHAT?!?!?! Has Keith Olbermann totally gone batshit crazy?

    We had a window of opportunity where progressives had a toehold in the media and they blew it. Obama-hating, selfish bastards.

    I didn’t see Keith yesterday so this is a revelation to me.

    I will never watch him again. Never.

  79. I haven’t been able to get this thought out of my mind, that while many of us might continue to have partisan feelings and we have the Professional Left also ratcheting up on the rhetoric, the President is the ONLY who keeps trying to heal the bitter partisanship in our country by refusing to demonize or take actions that could be so divisive to this country.

    The fact that many on the left wanted to try Bush and Cheney as War Criminals is just ridiculous and would have thrown a match onto the whole explosive topic.

    While I agree that what the right does in their public comments and their demonization does not equal in anyway what the Left has done – certainly the Right talks more in violent themes, we have to somehow bridge the divide.

    Once you demonize a group there is no possibility of working together or compromising.

    The President truly is the only adult in the room. He may be impatient and pissed at the ridiculousness at times, but he chooses his words in a careful manner. He will disagree with someone, but explain his position and why his way is better or use humor to make the other side seem ridiculous.
    He doesn’t demonize the other side or threaten them with hints of violent undertones, like Palin.

    I admit I am guilty at times of thinking such destructive thoughts about the opposition, but I hope to continue to emulate the President and his demeanor.

    He s truly the only real leader in Washington. If only Americans would watch his example more, we would be a better country.

  80. Thanks, BWD. After Pox shutdown its comments on yesterday, many of the right-wing bloggers went to left-leaning sites to disrupt substantive discourse with off-topic BS. This blog is too precious to be opened up to those who have no interest in discussing anything and whose only goal is to deflect blame from themselves for the role they played in the shootings that occurred in AZ yesterday. Thanks for denying them the opportunity to distort the facts and attempt to distance themselves from the blood that they know is on their hands.

  81. Out of tragedy comes “a face of hope and change”.

    Christina Taylor Greene’s Mother Speaks

    Christina’s Grandfather Dallas Green

  82. Every time you press the delete key you are adding days to the end our lives. Their hate is toxic, designed to hurt others and as we have seen this weekend, has no place in legitimate political discussions.

    Although we never see it, we are aware of your efforts and appreciate it very much

  83. Kishik never get off your soapbox, Your writing is terrific, and I wish I could convey my thoughts as well as you.

  84. Thank you. I can only pray that with the near assassination of Congresswoman Gifford and the six deaths of innocent life that those on the right will stop their hateful call to kill fellow citizens over an election or healthcare for all or a community center or immigration.

  85. Is it any wonder Daily Show went from snarking the news business to becoming a news alternative? The real news has a long list of long-standing deficiencies, yet despite the need to fill a 24 hour news cycle most cable news cannot find time to just report the facts.

  86. They are losing a generation of future viewers to the Internet at this point. I refuse, REFUSE, to watch national network or cable news coverage of a breaking story of this kind because 90% of their coverage is speculation, editorializing and filler. After a week or two we will know what happened, who the shooter was, whether there were any accomplices, the prognosis for recovery, the impact on the all important world of D.C. politics.

    Enough with these narcissists. We only hurt ourselves when we watch this stuff.

  87. Keep on pressing that delete key because you have given us a special place to talk among ourselves without the bullies and wackos.

  88. I think KO is jealous. He knows that the superbowl is on fox this year, and knows of course PBO is going to talk to them. I know that Rachel interviewed President Obama and was invited to the White House. I don’t remember if KO was.

  89. My niece is also 9yrs old. She was born on Thanksgiving day and she is such a precious innocent that I can not imagine losing her to senseless violence. My heart aches for her loss and for her family’s loss. The Palins and the GOP should be ashamed to let this go on for so long. The hyped this behaviour that cost six innocent lives.

  90. Thank you so much for filtering out the hate, I’m sorry that you have to read them yourself.

  91. They are just going to accuse others of doing the same thing and refuse to accept any responsibility for creating this atmosphere of hate and fear. With their words and actions, they made racial prejudice and hate acceptable.

  92. And the surgeon who operated on Rep. Gifford is the son of Korean immigrants…

    I can’t help thinking that God is trying to send a message here…

  93. i just found your site about a week ago. i just have to say how much i love it. it has filled me with so many emotions. i can’t believe how good it feels to say “i love my president”! it is such a pleasure to read all the comments. just beautiful, powerful honesty. all of it just basic common sense underlined with a kind spirit. not to mention informative. the links to articles and videos is great. the pics are great. i love to see the presidents smile!

  94. Boehner’s office should be INONDATED with messages. Asking him to do just what you ask, put an end to the nonsense. And TONE DOWN the rhetoric on health care.

  95. Great letter.

    Send to-:

    1)Ms Fluff, no stuff; K.O,Rachel, Ed, Chris matthews,…et al

    2) Oprah(yes, OWN must not disappoint, and we do need more substance please).

    3) My grandmother used to say ‘aim for the sky and you will catch a bird flying’.Can we all start donating to buy spots on Oprah or something..called ‘the people’s place’ or some such?
    This space is our anctuary, but I also believe in being productive and visionary simultaneously.

  96. Thanks BWD- for filtering out the hats. As one who can remember to much political violence, thank you

  97. You have written the exact post I had in my mind. Thank you.

    I agree with every single word you said.

    I’ll repeat a quote of Mahatma Gandhi who has been posted earlier in the thread, because it is so true, and beautiful:

    “Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected”

  98. Thanks for posting this wonderful story of courage in the midst of madness. Daniel Hernandez is an amazing young man. It is clear that his quick actions probably saved her life. I have been crying like a baby off and on since yesterday. The tears flowed again when I read:


  99. I’ve never understood how people don’t get that such horrible comments on a punlic forum makes them look like a**holes!

  100. ‘When people say that a person who espouses civility instead of bashing heads is weak, then that message is transmitted to our children.’

    Theo6, like you I have really appreciated President Obama’s tone and his consistent attempts to negotiate, and can’t understand why so many blogging liberals equate deliberate in-your-face confrontation and abrasive behaviour with strength. I never really thought of it this way before your comment, but as a society we generally decry bullies, yet some are indeed asking for the president to behave more like a bully. It is my hope that over the next two years, more and more American voters will realize that the President does show tremendous strength of character of the type that not many politicians will ever manifest. IMHO, his strength in leadership is such that he has at times chosen to ‘lose face’ in some situations/confrontations in order to not humilitate his opponents who would/could then vengefully spoil a progressive step for the country. So often he is indeed ‘The only adult in the room’.

  101. Just watched Meghan Kelly’s interview with the good sheriff. He tore into the hate TV and radio again but not by name, although he should have. Kelly said he should not make this political and then dismissed everything he said by saying he was a Democrat.
    The little girl and her mother were fans of President Obama, and her father said he was on the other side, but that his daughter would have been so proud to hear the President say her name.

  102. This is a haven of sanity for all of us, and we’re so grateful to BWD and the entire community for creating and sustaining it.

  103. Aunt Sis:
    Your lines -‘He was not some mental person who simply went off. This was a calculated attempt. He thought about this’ touch on a thought that’s been in my head since yesterday.

    Several people have been saying that the young man is obviously crazy, based on his ramblings on his site, etc. etc. I’ve been asking myself if, given the brilliance of technology, he couldn’t have set up the ‘craziness’ meme himself. Everyone knows that legally one can plead insanity to get out of A LOT! What’s to prevent a smart, and devious, mind from rambling on the internet to prepare an alibi? Maybe I’ve been bitten by the conspiracy bug, but I do question sometimes when we quickly ascribe insanity to vicious actions. [Yes, the actions are insane because no sane person would behave in this way, but shouldn’t we also seriously consider that an evil, or angry, mind might?] The alleged killer is young(and old) enough to be technology savvy and old enough to be in tune with politics. I admit that I haven’t read his site and have no valid arguments for why he might NOT be crazy, however, it doesn’t sit well with me when people automatically suggests mental illness when we know that people can play the system, and when we know that there can be evil brilliance as well as inspired brilliance.

  104. Mine, too, BWD, mine, too. I want to be hopeful that the US can be fixed but most days I am not so sure anymore that it can be. That arc is sure hard to bend when even the death of a little girl doesn’t get through to them.

  105. The little girl was a fan of Pres. Obama. Her father said that his daughter would have been so proud to hear the President say her name.

    I’m in tears – there is nothing to add to this.

  106. Theo67, these creatures, the teabaggers are not gonna tone it down. They are just gonna reload, just as their leader, palin tells them to. Its really sad. Even after this senseless massacre of innocent people, they cant find it in their hearts, that is if they have one, to feel for these victims and their families.

  107. My daughter is four—I cannot imagine what that poor girl’s family must be going through right now.

    It’s too easy to let cynicism and anger gain a foothold, particularly in the age of the 24-hour-rant-a-thon that is cable news these days. Thank you, BWD, for keeping this a safe place free of wingnuttery. 🙂

  108. That is why am soo thankful that i live on the east coast, though not perfect either, but at least its not as pervasive as those other states i.e Arizona, S.C, Alabama. I really feel for you all sane people that live in such areas. Iam a recent immigrant and trust me, I warn my family and friends not to settle in certain areas. Wish I had lots of money, wud help all those that wanted to relocate to the sane areas and escape such hate and

  109. I agree Theo67. I think that it boils down to this. The shouters on the professional left, the teabaggers and all others who view statemanship, (which is what Pres. Obama has demonstrated throughout his presidency), as being indicative of weakness are emotionally immature. They want the quick fix that a tantrum or violent outburst provides. They are not rational, they are all emotion. The same type of mentality that argued during the HCR debate that since many of the provisions of the law will not take effect immediately, it is somehow a failure or not worth supporting. The P.L. claimed to hate GWB but I think that deep down they really liked his style. Pres. Obama is the anti-Bush, not just in policies, but also in demeanor. One would logically think the P.L. would embrace Pres. Obama’s manner of conducting business. Personally, I have never in my adult life found an individual more worthy of being emulated than President Obama. He behaves and carries himself in the manner adults should, but far too often do not, carry themselves.

  110. 🙂 Glad you are getting some enjoyment from this particlar tasks, and ‘THANK YOU’ for doing the job of keeping our climate vitriol-free.

  111. Welcome, Janice! Isn’t it great! I believe everyone here knows exactly how you feel. We can’t stop thanking BWD for her/his vision and for her/his acting upon it in this very soul uplifting manner.

  112. I wanted to tell you about Dupnik as I live in Tucson. He has been on the ballot for years and wins year after year because he is honest and straightforward and we in Tucson trust him. Also, in the last year I have only seen one person with a weapon on their person. I live in midtown in a rough older part of town. People are quite liberal here. I display a Gabby Giffords sticker on my car and a President Obama sticker. I was worried about volunteering for Gabby after Palin put those gun sight on us. I still have worries and fear, but the overwhelming part of the city is made up of gentle old hippies, truthfully.

  113. Going forward it’s going to be difficult for the house GOP to continue their business-as-usual repeal of health care. In fact, I predict that it might be canned altoghether, or fail in the house before even going to the senate.

    It is rather eerie that this shooting occurred right before the house vote. The congressperson involved in the shooting was someone who voted FOR HCR, and who’s current health care as she battles for her life is a testament to the very importance of health care for all American citizens.

    Finally, the GOP came in this year hoping to continue and capitalize on some of the right-wing anger and extreme antigovernment sentiment that helped them during the health care debates, and before the midterms. This is no longer going to work as well as they think. The chickens will continue to come home to roost. The MSM, GOP/Tea Party is now on the defensive – as they SHOULD be, because they have sown the seeds of hate, and they are now reaping it.

  114. I hope somebody like Media Matters is putting together a video collecting all the incendiary vitriol and calls for violence used by the right – both the politicians like Palin, Angle, Miller, Bachmann, Brewer, the congressman in Florida who wanted his followers to make his challenger scared to come out of his home – all of those and the many more along with rightwingnut hate speech from Fox News and the radio spewings.

    It needs to be done.

    And then a vid about the MSM defending themselves, saying that they are simply not to blame that it was some lone whacko.

    It always seems to be a lone whacko when a white guy does things.

  115. I live in South Jersey and I was livid when Governor Rendell of PA said that we as a nation have become wusses, this because two football games were cancelled by weather conditions.
    When there have been many instances in the news where people were being bullied and committing suicide.

  116. Thank goodness that the sheriff there was honest enough to state the truth of what he feels trulycontributed to this tragedy.

  117. Have you noticed how the GOP and their cohorts,re anchors/pundits/analysts/bloggers/journalists are only about distractions and
    picking on some strange issue that’s far removed from the immediate problem. Hence Meghann Kelly and the’he’s a democrat’ meme.(I guess that this will be the Ailes/Murdoch meme for the week, plus the shooter was liberal or some such slime.) Even if he is a democrat, how about the fact that this is the proper and right thing for the sheriff to do.Can you believe that this is what she focuses on with 6 people killed INCLUDING A 9 YEAR OLD and others critical? I think most of ‘them’ have no conscience and have lost their element,if they ever had, of moral decency, and, to boot coming from a woman, sorry to say…evil!

  118. revgerry…my heart hurts.For the inhumanity of all of this…I pray that we find our way, that this tragedy makes us all realize that we need to come together, as a nation, or be torn apart.There was a vigil in Phoenix yesterday for the victims of this senseless you think that we will learn anything from this? I worry for AZ.The country as well, but AZ in particular. The vitriol and hate is ratched up so high that I am constantly on edge. It doesn’t need to be this way. I cried, too. As I said before, we have found the enemy, and it is us. We need to respect each other as human beings, and those that would inflame those passions with hate talk, need to be told, by all that hear it, that it is NOT acceptable! EVER. By ANYONE.All political parties are included in that…I just signed a petition I got from MoveOn about this very thing…check out to sign.It will be sent to Congress, radio and TV. Say your piece, and bless you, revgerry…love and hope and standing up to hate will get us through this. Hugs to you. Be well.

  119. First of all….welcome to America:) We’re glad that you’re here:) I’m originally from Connecticut, and I miss it more and more with each passing day.The level of bigotry, ignorance, intolerance in AZ is almost unbearable to those of us that are offended by this hateful speech. Actually, I’m offended by a lot of things that have been happening here of late.Just can’t afford to get out of here.You are very wise to steer your friends and family away from certain places…but I do have to say, the the majority of Americans are wonderful, welcoming souls with good hearts.Just seems lately, that the really crazy ones are coming out of the woodwork.Sad.

  120. thanks Bobfr and Tien Le…I am clueless sometimes about all the acronyms/letter substitutions I see:)

  121. I agree. The team of counselors at her school tomorrow will have a tough job. My thoughts will be with them all.I teach in an elementary school as well…we have had tragedies much like this one, at my school. It’s more than difficult.

  122. You’re right, evil and unbelievable. I predict this senseless tragedy will come back to haunt all of those involved Sarah Palin, the TeaBaggers, the Republicans and the MSM (Professional Left included) in ways they never imagined. I believe 2011 will prove to be a turnpoint–a positive turning point for America.

  123. Keep pressing it until you wear that poor key OUT! NO, they can not spread their hate here!

  124. Maybe I should move to Tucson…I am stuck in Snotsdale,um, Scottsdale…Quayle land!!!

  125. Petition to sign on for the people in congress to see, as well as radio and TV…go make your voices heard LOUD and CLEAR! This needs to stop.

  126. Some of you here will remember my story from week or so ago: Lost our 4-yr. old grandson in ’08; our daughter/son-in-law adopted a bi-racial daughter in Oct.; my husband is a Republican & does not support Pres. Obama.

    Here’s another story: Around election time, my husband & I were trying to have a political discussion.:)I asked him what he would say if CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS donated a large amt. of money to the DGA. He said it would be the wrong thing to do….something to that effect. I proceeded to tell him that Fox donated $ to RGA. (He had to ask what DGA & RGA meant.) Sad, huh? (An aside here: Yesterday I said something about the 99ers and he had to ask “Who is that?”)Back to first story: As we continued, something was said & I mentioned some FACTS I had heard on Rachel’s show and then something was said about the tone/rhetoric/vitriol and I commented that it is so bad from the right and I highlighted talk radio. He then said, “There is absolutely nothing different about what Rush does & what Rachel does & how they both do it.” And, he kept insisting that was totally true. If that’s the belief of most Republicans, then HOW do we combat it? How DO we get our message out about the hate that is spewed 24/7 by talk radio, Fox and many Republicans/Tea Partiers????????

  127. df, no place is 100% safe… But, where do you live, or maybe Tucson, is a reasonably good place, where the Sheriff lives… 😉

  128. evonnc thanks for those informative articles… it’s so ironic and sad that Christina was born on 9/11, and she dies amiss tragedy on 1/08! ;(

  129. WiW, WOW…you come up w/some great ideas…Keep ’em comin’… ::two+ thumps-up:: 🙂

    Btw, a guy named @Angelo (@StopBeck) on Twitter is workin’, now, w/MediaMatters (@mmfa) on a #DropFox project…

    Also, there’s a petition circulatin’ to hold Palin accountable for her part in the AZ tragedy!!!

    Oh yeah, I BELIEVE, FoxIsn’tNews and Friends (which includes Palin, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly), Rush, certain GOPTeaParty-elected officials (local/state/federal-level), Murdoch/Ailes, Koch Bros., Armey, Gingrich, Rove, et al should be added to the Southern Poverty Law Center (@splcenter) list of groups/individuals who incite vitriol rhetoric leadin’ to any type of harm to anyone or anything….violence, extremism, intolerance, hate, racism, etc…

    This isn’t normal…Should never be taken as normal…

    America and the American people are better than this/that!!!

  130. I do, too…

    They haven’t done anythin’, yet on it…They’re usually “on top of all things FoxIsn’tNews!”

    But, there’s something about it @ ThinkProgress…

  131. Thanks BWD, if you need any help “just holla,” we’ll “a come runnin'”… 🙂

  132. Some people are totally convinced that Fox never gets anything wrong. Its just a fact. You don’t persuade them, you recruit others who are not currently voting and you get them to dilute the haters. Sorry to hear this is so close in your family, it makes it difficult. My parents would frequently vote for different presidential candidates, I’m sure my sisters and I are all over the map. But I don’t talk with family, its too difficult.

  133. Sad to say, but if Sarah Palin had personally sold the gun to the shooter she probably would be getting donations to defray the cost.

    We had an era of political violence in the 1960s, another one in the 1920s, another one in the 1880-90 and another one in 1860s. I think we are overdue. We are going through dramatic social and economic changes in the world, and some people will not be emotionally capable of moving into the future with us. I don’t mean the shooter, I mean all the conservative who feel attacked because we happen to notice they are threatening us with guns.

  134. Dear blackwaterdog:

    Thank you for this site, and for bringing together people who are kind, thoughtful and decent. This tragedy in Arizona makes us all hurt. Our thoughts are with the families who are hurting even more from the senseless loss of their loved ones. All lives are precious, but the loss of a nine-year old is so devastating. At this time all we can do is show our love for all the people who are grieving.

  135. My new bumper stickers:

    Keep your Gun out of my Politics.

    Palin Shot First!

    I support President Obama, and I return fire!

    You can Fight the Future, but Future always wins

    Democrats have more votes than you have bullets.

    Giffords for Supreme Court

  136. Perhaps we need to stop having anonymous comments on political websites. I am tired of arguing with someone’s Id.

  137. Tao:

    You and I know the next sentence:

    We have to move forward or we’re not going to move at all.

    Its becoming that simple yet people are fearing change because this type of change alters their worldview and the paradigms of being right or righteous, in control of events, at the top of the world’s heap, or master of the universe.

    Its going to be a new world, ready or not. Is our country ready to move past itself? I think so. If nothing else yesterday’s tragedy is a reminder that we must awaken–get up–and move ourselves.

  138. I would hope President Obama will address the nation with in the next week. Go prime time, I don’t care of the SOTU is in a few weeks time. This deserves it’s own time. However with the SOTU being on the 25th, less than two weeks away, I’d guess President Obama will wait until then, with Congress before him and Boehner sitting in full view of the Camera behind him and a lot of folks tuning into see it.

  139. You are right desertflower, the majority of Americans are nice,and welcoming. Its becoz the crazies are the loudest and ofcos get all the coverage from the lame MSM. When you hear, listen and see all this hatred and racism, at times it looks like most of America is like that too, but ofcos not. And when I feel soo down I go on youtube and watch Pres.Obama’s victory and all those victory celebrations from all over the U.S and around the world, and then, I get it. Becoz even most of those happy, faces were white faces. But ofcos with our lousy excuse of media now, you would believe that no one supports the Pres. anymore.

  140. Majii, I get your frustration. This BS of equating the left and right as both being guilty of inciting hatred is absolutetly mind boggling. I for one have never heard a leftie openly spewing racism, bigotry and islamaphobia. The frustratin, are a nag, but not hateful bigots. Anyway, that is why I get my news from Aljazeera english, BBC e.t.c and ofcos BWD, ObamaDiary and the like. Gave up on MSM spin.

  141. First,,,hugs for you:)Tell your husband, absolutely NO FAUX news in YOUR house! I’m sorry, but you have to gently talk to him and point out all the things that you know are lies, and tell the truth, The truth will always win out. I think that sometimes,they are absolutely certain they are right, but if you keep pointing things out to him that are clearly wrong, again and again…over time, it will be too hard to ignore.I don’t pretend to know the answer to your difficult question…but my own dad is that way as well…he’s in his 70’s now, and stuck in his ways…he knows that I am a very liberal thinker. He is not.But we can have a conversation about things that we disagree on, and over time, I have seen the look on his face, heard his voice on the phone, and I knew that I had struck a chord with him. He’s proud. Doesn’t want to admit that he may have been wrong about so many things all these years. Say it with love, and don’t get into a shouting match. You can only try. Just saying what you already have, may have made him realize how much he DOESN’T know. You need to be there to help him with that.Mostly, I think that he may have bought into the lies about “left wing nutjobs that love our nanny state”. You can help him with that:)Good luck! If you don’t mind my intrusion,did you know that he felt this way when you married him? People of different political ideologies DO live in harmony, you seem particularly troubled by what you have learned about your husband though…love him and gently show him a bit more of a balance…sometimes, just getting to a middle ground is enough. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. PS…I do remember your story a few weeks ago.Sad.

  142. obsolutely, positively. They wud come up with all these thories and ofcos Arab and islamic bashing, blaming the entire muslim community. And as you stated, they wud link it to pres. Obama. Trust me, it wouldnt be a lone murderer.

  143. As a thought…send your comments to…they need to hear what you have to say.

  144. Thank you BWD for this site which is like a stream in the desert. It has been wonderful reading all the intelligent supportive comments here at a time when we are all saddened by the tragic events of yesterday.

    BWD may you be blessed with all thats good for your vision in creating this space and your tenacity for keeping it germ free.

  145. Thanks for your thoughts. First, we’ve been married almost 42 yrs. Both of us are from northeast TN–a VERY red area….lived in OH for 18 yrs. & northern VA for 17 yrs. before returning to east TN. Over the yrs., I moved away from the Republican Party..when they began getting “in bed” w/Moral Majority & so involved in social issues, that did it for me. I also tend to be a logical thinker & try to use critical thinking skills. He is analytical & authoritarian.(I read John Dean’s Conservatives Without Conscience & learned a lot about my husband’s personality!)As I moved more to the left, he has moved more to the right & like your Dad, I believe much of it is just pride–not wanting to admit he is wrong. Also think down deep he may feel intimidated because he knows I probably have more knowledge than he does. There have been a number of times I have pointed out the truth/facts & he takes it okay. I intend to keep trying. I occasionally get some good support/back-up from our sr. pastor. He has done a few “spot on” sermons in the last 2 yrs…is able to make excellent points w/out coming across political….always ties it in perfectly to Jesus’ teachings. Interestingly, even in this area, we have some friends who are on the left. He knows that & respects them. I feel that gives me validity. Interestingly, I notice he is more defensive when we are w/friends who are conservatives. Right now, he is at our timeshare w/four other guys (hiking trip)Three of the other four are “leftys”….would like to be fly on the wall.

    This AZ mess is heartbreaking enough, but the 9 yr. old is just too close. Our remaining grandson is 9 yrs. old. My heart is so heavy…almost physically ill.

    Thanks for listening & caring. Like the idea of sharing w/MoveOn. Thanks.

  146. Accurately stated, dcsandy. For sure, with all vile rhetoric being spewed, the MSM just shrugged their shoulders.

  147. I am sooooooooooo angry at this. I don’t know the right way to express myself, accept to say how very angry I am.

  148. I don’t have any idea if I said anything that may have helped you, but sometimes it’s just good to talk.I do think of my dad when I think of your husband, although my dad is not the authoritarian type at all….that would’ve been my grandfather (dad’s dad).I wasn’t even sad the day that evil man died.Anyway, it sounds like, over time, he may come around.Your pastor, and your friends seem to offer the support and have similar views as you do, and he respects them.Baby steps:)As he learned this behavior, he can unlearn with patience and truth…over and over again. Pretty soon, he will question why he even felt this way (if you’re lucky!)Pride, not wanting to be wrong are things that will be the biggest roadblocks, it seems to me…do what you can…I’m thinking he’ll come around.Glad you went to….pass that around!

  149. Sorry, tigerfists88, I didn’t see your transcription addition to the video post, so I posted both over at Obamadiary–misspelling your alias but crediting you for the original. But, oh my–I didn’t check and you may have been there already.

    I lived through that horrific period of the 60s, and may have heard Kennedy’s speech, but didn’t recall it, so thanks for the link to a moving and apropos commentary. Hearing his words and his tone, so poetic in its sorrow, recalling the death of his brother as well at the same mad hands surging in America today, I feel relieved that I will not have longer to live.

    President Obama has been preaching this–enacting it–the way of empathy expounded in RFK’s words–in one form or another throughout his campaign and Presidency. Yet, I’ve read people calling for him now to make a “statement” re the heated rhetoric. I will admit to having yelled at various screens at times for him to strike back hot and nasty, to twist the blade, to yank off their hoods, to label and rant. Lord help the nation if I was ever listened to. But President Obama has lived his statement–and I think before his religious conversion.

    Throughout his short tenure to date, he’s had to fight RW smears– often alone–and bear degrading mischaracterizations by so-called progressives for refusing to pour kerosene on the enflamed, for not joining the gutter fray with the thug politicians, their media brownshirts, and Koch-fueled minions.

    And now, in this climate, with this latest outrage and pain, will he garner the deserved respect for the way he has engaged this struggle–with peace, intellect and unashamed love? Will the Tao of Obama be applauded?

    I rather doubt it.

    Forgive the rambling and disorganized ideas, please. I think I am sad and should be quiet.

  150. Good comment, Tao Jones. And, I’m not from the pressbox.

  151. df, I hope our President and his staff, DOJ (@TheJusticeDept) (which includes FBI (@FBIPressOffice), ATF, etc.) and Homeland Security (@DHSJournal) are aware of this…

    Bush Era SCOTUS has gone mad…first this, now Citizens United… (maybe other “crazy” decisions on file)

    Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito should be impeached like yesterday!!!

    Off-Topic…It’s really ironic that GOPTeaParty talk about they don’t like “big” government when after 9/11, BushCo established the Homeland Security Department…Yeah, right!

  152. Wow! Thank you, kishik. That’s exactly what I needed to hear.

  153. @MuddyPolitics: “Not Even Bloodshed Is Cause for Pause…”

    Hope died this weekend, at least one of the faces of hope – that of Christina Green, whose life was taken by a gunman at a political event in Tucson Saturday morning.

    The 9-year-old Christina, who studied ballet and had just been elected to student council, according to news reports, was one of the children featured in a book titled, “Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11.”…

    If we are still wondering how such hatred is allowed, we need not look any further than our own bathroom mirrors. The programs and media celebrities who spread this hatred are given airtime because we tune in, blindly, faithfully, daily.

    We have devolved into a nation of TV-obsessed spectators, where the average American spends two months of every year tuned in to a box of lights and wires, as Edward Murrow once put it, that seeks no longer to educate and enlighten the people of a great nation, but to polarize it.

    And it has succeeded, again…

    How sad! 😦

  154. Just signed and added this passage of scripture:
    Anyone who sets himself up as “religious” by talking a good game is self-deceived. This kind of religion is hot air and only hot air. Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world. James 1: 26-27

  155. Thanks…I got that emailed to me and signed…forgot to include it here. Glad you did!

  156. I thought I was the only one that went back to re-watch those crowds, especially the night he won the nomination. It makes me cry every time. Not just his words, the sound of determination and promise in his voice, but those faces. Our faces.

  157. A.L.Zymers, spot on…

    President Obama has been the lone sane voice of reason for so long asking everyone to tone down the rhetoric…

    He calmly called out the republicans when he addressed their caucus last year, reminding them of the consequences of their rhetoric which he contended would make it hard for them to turn around and work with him after endlessly demonizing him with their constituents…

  158. I wrote a scathing letter to the media on my blog and sent it out to all of them. I included Chuck Todd’s inappropriate response to Giffords warnings.

    Others also wrote him and got a response. Today he says that he “must look in the mirror.”

    The AZ sheriff is not backing down. He said that regardless of the criticism from Kyl, he takes back nothing he said. He accused Todd and the media as being “in the business that makes money off of making the people angry.” Wow just wow.

    Please digg my letter and read it and pass it along. I have many of the outrageous quotes that came from Republicans over this past year, and the many warnings that President Obama has been giving them for well over a year.

    Funny Todd just showed his clip from the interview just now, but he did not show what he said. He just apologized again about how he responded. We do have the power. WE just have to take it and be proactive.

  159. sjterrid, saw that too…

    But Ed Rendell is simply another blustering, opportunistic a***h@*%…

    He’s out of work and desperate to stay remotely relevant…

  160. Who wants to bet the defence of the shooter will be mental illness combined with the violent rhetoric from the Right and the media?

    I think this case will put the media on trial here and how they happily ginned up and inflamed passions because it was great television.

  161. Good to hear. It seems like the media tried to wash away any of their blame, but the people are having none of it and it’s becoming the story. I wonder if they’ll try to defelect by pointing blame at the Right?

    They want to say “we just provide the microphone and the camera we can’t control what is said” but giving all the coverage they did to Palin, and Angle, to the teaparty movement with their signs with racism and guns and calls for violence and never condemning it – it made it seem the norm and acceptable.

  162. I’m sorry Tao, but I have no use for Jon Stewart who has been incredibly disrespectful and condescending to President Obama even as he kisses up to any amount of actual a***%5%%$…

    Seth Meyers has also been particularly disrespectful in his rather unfunny but pointedly demeaning and non-stop attacks on President Obama on SNL – all part of the decency, civility and dignity is weak meme…

  163. Scalia, who’s now giving talks at Michelle Bachmann’s gatherings…

    A supreme court judge…

  164. So true Saint Roscoe. The lazy media stenographers sit on their perches and try to find fake balance with anything that might make the right wing look bad. They say both sides do it as if that gives them license not to report that one side is more egregious than the other.

    What they need to do is look in the mirror. The question is why aren’t they doing their job of providing the facts and letting the chips fall where they may. I am beyond disgusted with the media in the country. They are a total embarrassment with few exceptions.

  165. Mine, too…

    I know our President’s heart is heavy…He’s thinkin’ of Christina (born on 9/11) and his own 9yo daughter, Sasha! 😦

  166. Ditto…

    I know our President’s heart is heavy…He’s thinkin’ about/of Christina (born on 9/11) and his own 9yo daughter, Sasha! 😦

  167. Tori: “…We do have the power. WE just have to take it and be proactive.”

    I BELIEVE that, too! And, I want to thank you, BWD, WiW, DF, and others, who have/are “steppin’ up to the plate,” to do what you can to help “get the word out” about what part MSM (they’re in denial.), pundits, politicians, etc. played in this vitriol rhetoric which has/can cause harm…SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    Btw, your ‘Dr. Mr. President’ letter was/is AWESOME! ::2-thumps up::

    I’m gonna PASS IT ON! 🙂

  168. That’s a great idea…

    You know, showin’ Sheriff D. our appreciation IS always a good thing! 🙂

  169. I just received this in my email…

    Stand up for Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

    If you would like to show your support for Sheriff Dupnik, please take a moment to sign a letter solidarity with him against the increasing smears he is facing from the Right…

    Btw, I dd sign it…What about you…Just Do It! 🙂

  170. thanks for the reminder. I did send an email yesterday, and now I’ve signed this letter. he’s a real hero.

  171. Anytime…

    And, I want to thank you for your participation…I know Sheriff D. thanks ya, too! 😉

  172. @NASA: Astronaut Mark Kelly has issued a statement through Congresswoman Giffords’ office:

    Statement from U.S. Navy Captain Mark Kelly

    “On behalf of Gabby and our entire family, I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Arizona and this great nation for their unbelievable outpouring of support. Gabby was doing what she loved most – hearing from her constituents – when this tragedy occurred. Serving Southern Arizonans is her passion, and nothing makes her more proud than representing them in Congress….

    “Many of you have offered help. There is little that we can do but pray for those who are struggling. If you are inspired to make a positive gesture, consider two organizations that Gabby has long valued and supported: Tucson’s Community Food Bank and the American Red Cross.”… (h/t @Jordanfabian @WestWingReport)

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