President Obama to speak shortly


99 thoughts on “President Obama to speak shortly

  1. Thank you for the heads up BWD.

    I have a feeling he is going to show this country what leadership is all about.

  2. Thank goodness — whoever is reporting on MSNBC (Luke Russert?) is acknowledging threats to Congresspersons made during and since the health care issue.

    That’s the first reference I’ve seen or heard in traditional media to the targeting of House and Senate members.

    Good for Luke!

  3. I know you’re right, TiMT.

    And I’m hoping he doesn’t remain silent on the subject of threats from the Right.

  4. Someone checked the FaceBook page of this Jared Laughner (alleged shooter) and he claims to be a Tea Party follower and is inspired by Sarah Palin.

  5. I am so sad that it’s come to incidents like this – and yet I doubt this country will learn it’s lesson that hateful rhetoric has consequences!!!

  6. And there ya go.

    Lots of discussion of his weapon and how it was modified to be semi-automatic.

    Guns and the Tea Party.

  7. I know!!! I was so glad that he did so!! But I doubt anyone will pick up on this !

  8. shit.

    I’m sorry I keep cursing. I’m glad to hear about the Congresswoman and she’s survived surgery.

    I’m so angry about the child who died.

  9. And there you go. Eloquent and level as ever.

    I love my president, but I don’t see this as a tragedy. It was an attack. A violent attack using a gun with the purpose to kill and maim. It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t an act of god.

    I know he had to not say any of those things. But it’s how I feel. 😦

    A child!! A child who was probably eager to meet the congresswoman. A child only 9 years old.

  10. My favorite President missed an opportunity just now.

    I wonder if he considered going in this direction:

    The question is….will we have the moral courage to finally take the only action that will make a difference…letting go of our own righteousness and derisive action with any and everything in our own lives and not tolerating that in the speaking and acting of anyone around us.

    The enemy is not outside us….it is us.

  11. I pray (in whatever version of prayer it is I use) for their vigilance and safety as well. And hope they are as committed as anyone who ever carried that burden for the U.S.

  12. PBO as usual, did exactly as you said he would, BWD, ne gave a measured statement.

    That he’s sending the head of the FBI there, speaks volumes. And like he did with the DADT survey, whatever the investigation yields, he will utilize in goodwill and toward our better angels re: political discourse.

    Also, just a heads up, BWD and everyone, Andrew Sullivan and his team are doing a great live-blog, if you want to see additional info.

    (NOTE: Andrew’s a conservative I can deal with, though I will blow-up his email — as do his other progressive readers — when he says something wrong).

    That said, my prayers are still out for Rep. Giffords, the other victims and their families.

  13. How could he say that when the investigation just started and at least officially no one knows why this happened? He couldn’t say anything beside being very very presidential. I’m sure he’ll find the time for that speech. Right now wasn’t it.

  14. and the NYT updated their report on this with this:

    “Last March, after the final approval of the Democrats’ health care law, which Ms. Giffords supported, the windows of her office in Tucson were broken or shot out in an act of vandalism. Similar acts were reported by other members of Congress, and several arrests were made, including that of a man who had threatened to kill Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington.

    And in August 2009, when there were demonstrations against the health care measure across the nation, a protester who showed up to meet Ms. Giffords at a supermarket event similar to Saturday’s was removed by the police when the pistol he had holstered under his armpit fell and bounced on the floor.

    During the fall campaign, Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, posted a controversial map on her Facebook page depicting spots where Democrats were running for re-election; those Democrats were noted by crosshairs symbols like those seen through the scope of a gun. Ms. Giffords was among those on Ms. Palin’s map. ”

    at least they are stating specifically the crosshairs image.

  15. Good for him. I just posted that I was sure someone in the media was going to struggle to find some fake balance in this senseless attack. We all know that the Democrats were getting the threats during the health care reform debate.

  16. He said what I expected. The AZ governor is speaking now and sounds very nervous to me. She must be aware that the violent rhetoric of her party is under close scrutiny now, as it should be.

  17. Could you expound on that a bit more, Sara? Just want to understand if you’re coming from the Edmund Burke, “for evil to thrive, good people do nothing” stance or another POV.

    For me, under these circumstances, it would have been wrong for him to politicize, not knowing all the facts yet. That’s what I like about Obama, he’s not into the death match ring concept that alot of the GOP likes, and that the PL/frustati wish he would do…

    As I note downthread, when he gets the results of the investigation from the FBI, he’ll handle like he did with the DADT survey (that as you know, indicated most of the military could careless who was gay), with grace and appealing to our better angels on politicial discourse and disagreements…

  18. Thanks for posting, Kishik, I am hoping this is the beginning of the MSM doing real reporting on real facts, and none of this “balanced” take on things. Sometimes the other side is just wrong on all counts…

  19. Sara – I know how you are feeling, but I agree with BWD here. I think we can all predict where this will go as far as the investigation goes. But until that time, it would be premature for the President to say anything regarding violent acts resulting from violent words being thrown around.

    I’m a true believer that there’s a reason for everything that occurs. Good and bad. It’s my hope that this horrific event will result in something positive (like a cold hard wet slap across the face of wingnuts to stop their vitriol and hate.)

  20. Yup, lilaf1. The chickens have come home to roost for them, and it’s not comfortable at all. And that the shooter apparently posted as his Facebook likes the “Tea Party” and “Sara Palin” does not bode well for them.

  21. The accidental Govenor pretty much always sounds like that. She knows she’s not really capable, but in her party, you don’t have to be.

  22. @thinkinoutthebox . . . I did not have my comment as a political comment, but rather a matter of restoring the integrity in all of us. I agree with you that this afternoon might not have been the time for certain kinds of comments, including the one I proposed. Still: I am standing for each of us taking responsibility for what we contribute to the insanity through our own righteousness. It won’t work. We know it won’t work, even if we are “right” . . . leading into righteousness. I am looking for a new way.

  23. Hence the fake tears, along with all the other Republicans who now seem eager to express their condolences and their “love” for Congresswoman Gifford.

    Where were all these Repubs, including Ms. Brewer, when Palin was posting her crosshair targets on that website, and encouraging lunatics to “reload?”

  24. He tried so hard to stop gun violence in Chicago and lost that round, but I doubt he is through with the battle against automatic weapons.

  25. This is how Fox News Bret Baier chose to cover this:”there have been many threats of violence against elected officials since the health care debate. You’ll recall Eric Cantor’s office was shot at earlier this year”.

    Is he serious? Not even a comparison. It was found that the shot at Cantor’s office was actually falling from the sky, at night, with no one around.

    This was posted on another blog. SMH

  26. Looks likw Sully’s coming to the ‘faux political lone nut’ conclusion. He’s not sensing a direct Tea Party influence (although I doubt he knows what that would look like). My question is, why even if in just a fleeting, irrational way was this guy more attracted to RW ideas to twist for evil and not liberal ones. I think that says a whole lot.

  27. Of course. Sasha herself is nine years old. How can he not feel and not be furious. But he contains it so well. He truly represents what a President should be on all counts.

    But it’s senseless, all the deaths.

    You know, me living in NY and Long Island, we had Colin Ferguson – the shooter in the Long Island Rail Road massacre. A sick individual who was able to get a gun.

    One of my colleagues wife was a victim.

    as revgerry pointed out – AZ is a big pro-gun state.

  28. Sara, I hesitate but will go ahead and suggest that you go off-line and do some quiet thinking about what you are really feeling and what you really want to say. Right now your words are just a jumble and they are very confusing to us.

  29. It’s disgusting how The MSM is saying how all congressmen are concerned for their lives ! Give me a break GOP wankers never have to worry about being shot!

  30. Unfortunately, over here in Ireland, I have been finally been forced to watch Faux on this. They are carefully not saying that Loughner liked the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. I heard the Cantor bit and flipped him off with my nervous middle finger.

  31. It is said it was a “through and through” from temple to temple to Gabby, what would the prognosis be if she could survive? What level of Brain damage? Loss of vision?

  32. The only thing they’re scared of his higher taxes and getting on an elevator with somebody that looks like President Obama.

    Cowards is what they really are.

  33. It all depends on where the bullet traveled through her brain. There are many places where the damage could be severe, and yet it may have missed them all.

  34. Heh. I almost came back and clarified, but I’ve already posted more comments here than all those preceding this incident. 😉

    Yes, Cowards, absolutely!

  35. It is hard for us to be completely articulate or completely understood at a time like this. We trust and respect each other here, though, that’s a given and a blessing.

    It boggles the mind that we have established this so quickly.

    Now, I will return to “praying.” For the victims, their loved ones, and as k said above, that this is the wakeup call we need. Gratitude to the trauma surgeons that worked on the Congresswoman as well.

  36. I think I see where you’re going here. And it’s true, there are times when we should seek alternative ways to communicate differences.

    But this is a quote that I keep – because I need it to remind myself many times in my life:

    All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.
    The world is neither good or bad.
    It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other – Lama Anagorika Govinda

  37. They also detailed the threats made against the federal judge who was killed today, over his actions on an immigration issue. Good reporting.

  38. The MSM is complicit in this as well. They refuse to tell the damn truth. They love to cover the fringe in this country because it gives them ratings. I happened to be reading over at HP and saw one of the moderators post that “we should all take a step back and look at what role we may have played in this.”

    One poster then posted as a response “I played no role in it.”

    It shows the guilt of the HuffPost moderator. I don’t feel guilty at all. Why should I? The MSM does need to re-evaluate themselves though.

  39. I agree with you Granny.

    I hate to say this Sara, but something about your comments don’t sit well with me. For one thing, you seemed very upset when BWD pointed out Palin’s threatening website. Why wouldn’t you not want it to be posted? Especically given how RELEVANT it is to the incident being discussed in this thread.

    Then you were rather quick to characterize the President’s brief statement as a “missed opportunity.” I doubt that the President is seeing this as an “opportunity” while people, including the victims and their loved ones are just coming to grips with the enormity of what is going on.

  40. When he walked out of the room, it looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He knows he’s risking his own life every day working for our country, but this must have made that reality much more tangible for him, especially since “Gabby” is his friend.

    Live long and strong, Mr. President! This country needs your leadership now more than ever!

  41. I understand the surgeon used the word “recovery.” That is a hopeful sign. “Survival” has different implications with brain damage.

    I work with TBI victims (not medical – social work oriented)- the scans will tell the story, and no two patients are the same. There are many indicators of her prognosis that the medical staff are monitoring, but I doubt will be made public. TBI is the most devastating disability I’m familiar with, which is why I gravitate toward those units. Gotta do something.

  42. The President doesn’t have the luxury that we do. He can’t jump to conclusions. He has to remain Presidential. The focus really should be on thoughts and prayers to the family and victims of this tragedy.

  43. thanks for link. I just clicked on and picked up this gem from the top:

    5.35 pm. From the in-tray:

    Your knee-jerk reaction to attach that madman to the tea party is disgusting. You are vile Sullivan, absolutely vile! May God damn you with a bullet of your own.

    After today, it’s harder to ignore threats of violence from the far right, isn’t it? That a reader responded to this live-blog by hoping that I be shot is a sign of where we’ve come. Especially since the writer is also simply wrong. My first take was “Not exactly a Tea Party purist.” But the currency stuff is weirdly out there.

  44. The fake balance meme was bound to emerge. The traditional media just can’t help themselves. If they just reported the facts it would have a liberal bias. And that just does not fit the narrative they want to present.

  45. Every single day, since he started running for this office, I have prayed for his safety and well-being. LONG LIVE BARACK OBAMA is a toast I raise whenever I’m with friends or family. Now, I quote Michelle Obama and say, Live Long and Strong, President Obama. I picture him surrounded by safety and health. I know he knows what he faces every day, but he’s so strong and just keeps on keeping on.


  46. I thought about his daughters as I was watching it too.

    The jaw was squared and the words were spoken tersely.

    I wondered how much it was on his mind as well.

  47. k – at a better time we should talk. I converted to Buddhism 5 years ago. I know that quote well.

  48. I know it’s not the time for chuckle, but we seem to be saying a lot of…

    I hate to link to hufnpuf a lot of late.


  49. And given that reality the accusations from some on the left that this man was a coward really pissed me off.

    Looks to me like he and Gabby are fighters in the very best sense.

  50. BWD, now that it is confirmed his name is spelled LOUGHNER, I think it best for you to delete the above post. Not interested in causing anyone, whether they like “Sara Palin and Tea Party Patriots’ or not, undue attention.
    Thank you.

  51. Yup, and he also has a 9-year old daughter, the same age as the child who was killed in that incident.

  52. Arizona Gun law:Concealed Weapons Allowed without permits now.

    Favoring the constitutional right to bear arms over others’ concerns about gun safety, Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill making Arizona the third state allowing people to carry a concealed weapon without requiring a permit.

    “I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well,” Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement.

    Alaska and Vermont now do not require permits to carry concealed weapons.

    By eliminating the permit requirement, the Arizona legislation will allow people 21 or older to forego background checks and classes that are now required.

    Wow..this was passed in April and took 90 days to go into effec

  53. Sara Carter, what responsibility does anyone who’s a Democrat have for this attack on a Democratic Congresswoman by a Sarah Palin supporter? Are you telling us that the victim is responsible for being victimized? Sorry. I never buy that. The responsibility lies with the perpetrator and any who enabled his violence, including their use of violent rhetoric to encourage him.

    I’ve had it with the false equivalence tactics of the right. No. Democrats don’t do the same things Rethuglicans do. Democrats have a totally different view of the world, of their fellow man, of minorities, of the middle class, of their government and of the separation of church and state. Democrats don’t preach race hatred and spread non-stop lies about their opponents, nor do they threaten the opposition with guns and bullying tactics. Trying to cover up what Rethuglicans do on a daily basis is aiding and abetting them. I refuse to buy it.

  54. I will have to go to a corner and cry some while having some positive thoughts for all the victims in this crime and for their families and our president. My heart is bleeding for the child’s death. Our children are not supposed to go before us oldies and I will not pretend to know what her parents are going through.
    May the higher ups protect our first family and all of us….

  55. I saw that tweet on Andrew Sullivan’s live-blog. Here is what I said about it in the other thread:

    “Sully unearthed a new tweet from an alleged friend of the alleged shooter that says he was left wing back in 2007. If this is true and he has suffered his first psychotic break as some are speculating we can have a good discussion about mental health and guns in this country, but we cannot pivot from the fact that this violent political rhetoric has lead to violence on many occasions and attracts and fuels though who may need mental health services.”

  56. g – what sometimes puts me in conflict is the other quote I live by:

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
    Dr. Martin Luther King

    so I totally needed something to balance this to remind me when to apply my voice. There are times when I have to accept that there will never be answer to Why.

    But there are times when one just has to stand up and shout out.

  57. Hi, Sara – I think most of us are posting from the perspective of consciousness (about President Obama’s value to our country and each of us) – not righteousness. I know I am, but I also understand we each have our own way of thinking and responding to events.

  58. and I see he’s already heard from one of the shooter’s like-minded, mad at him for suggesting the tea party shares responsiblity for today’s tragedy, saying “may God damn you with a bullet of your own.” We are overrun with violent nutjobs in this country.

  59. Earlier in a post upthread, Crystal posted that we needed to do something to honor the Congresswoman.

    I have created a very primitive page at the ObamaCares4us site which can be used to send our thoughts and well wishes to Congresswoman Gifford and the other victims.

    If this is a bad idea, please let me know. I have felt sick to my stomach all day and my instincts may be off here.

    I had originally thought the site would launch when “BWD” posted all the “change that matters” responses and I would mirror the health care posts at the new site.

    I am a person who deals with stress by “doing something”. So this is what I have done today to make the stomach ache go away.

    I have created a headline for the blog first page and then posted my comment.

    I am a computer teacher, not a good writer, and have always just considered myself the technical labor for the “ObamaCares4us” site, not the creative voice. So please, if you have ideas for what to say on the front page, if you have image suggestions, send them.

    So with all of that said, if you want us to go forward with this as a page at the obamacares4us site then please post a comment, let me know if you want to make changes, and advertise this page in as many places as you can.

  60. I’m rather suspicious of second hand info. It could be that the alleged friend is trying to protect his right-wing party by painting his friend as a former left-winger. I also doubt the mental illness angle. Loughner may have been “Libertarian” who sometimes but that is not the same as left-wing in the liberal sense.

  61. Posted a comment and thank you for making the effort to enable all of us to offer our thoughts and prayers (in whatever form they may be).

  62. Hi bob

    If you posted to Obamacares4us, it did not take. I am very new to WordPress, have used blogger in the past. So please try again and let me know if you see your post. Also anyone who knows wordpress and can help with the site, I would appreciate it.

  63. I’m suspicious as hell too and my larger point is why do these alleged ‘lone-nutz’ gravitate to RW ideaology even if in an irrational fleeting sense…because it fuels them with hate, lunacy, cognitive dissonance, lack of responsibility, lack of humanity etc.

    Liberal ideaology just doesn’t give them what they need whether they’re McVeigh or this guy.

  64. I felt the same – like oh brother now the meme that it was a liberal is going to take hold!

    He s crazy – no doubt ! But let’s face it, he was influenced by the likes of Palin and Limbaugh!

  65. Check out this video on YouTube:
    Michelle Obama addressing fear for his life at a event in Iowa during the primary. Be Not Afraid. But let us keep him, his family, and all our representatives in our prayers. And work for civility and respect.

    Sent from my iPad

  66. Yep there is a reason he ‘liked’ Palin on his social networking sites and not say, Rep Giffords.

  67. Hi Bobfr

    I just realized I have to approve the messages and then they show up. sorry to be so dumb about this, your comment shows up now.

  68. Wait what OSG, Faux News is broadcast in Ireland? Dear God the world is doomed. So sorry that my country is bringing this disgraceful fake news network to your nation. 😦

  69. Any of y’all watching this sheriff. I don’t usually watch the news on tv but he is speaking truth.

  70. I completely agree with you BWD. The President said the right things. This is indeed a tragic day for our country. First and foremost, it was important for the President to focus on the families who lost their loved ones as well as those whose loved ones were critically injured and are fighting for their lives. Second, he had to reassure the country that the government was doing everything in its power to find out who exactly was responsible for this heinous crime and bring them to Justice. That the President chose to send the Director of FBI to Arizona speaks volumes about the importance he attaches to getting to the bottom of this vile crime. One of the most important qualities I admire about this President is his good sense not to use tragic events for political grandstanding. While it o.k. for us to speculate about the motives/motivation behind this crime, it is not o.k. for the President of country to do the same.

  71. My condolences to the victims and the families. I can’t imagine losing my baby, but my heart really aches for the child that was lost. This crap really has to stop and I hope that someone in media lala land would finally hold those who make threats against our elected officials and urges it’s citizens to lock and reload accountable for their actions and what they say

  72. State of the Union. I’m sure he’ll make reference to the urgency of toning down the rhetoric in political discourse.

  73. This is an incredible speech. I wish it could just be posted everywhere and even sent to the DNC to use in an ad. What insight, and how appropriate for these times in which we currently live. Sad that we continue to live the same horrors generation after generation. Truly profound speech from Robert Kennedy.

  74. I do, too…We have to keep our President in our prayers, 24/7!

    Btw, BWD, I’m glad you’re back, and you’re feelin’ better! ::Hugs::

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