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  1. It gives me a sense of comfort and ease to know that President Obama is at the helm especially during these tragic times.

  2. Me too! I’m a bit biased though because I still LOVE my old blackberry and am refusing to go iPhone or Droid…for now.
    I actually had a co-worker who teased he was going to steal my old RIM so I’d have to buy a new one. LOL

    I call my phone vintage. 🙂

  3. Here’s a bio clip of the surgeon who spoke regarding Congresswoman Giffords:

    Peter M. Rhee, MD, MPH, has been appointed medical director of Trauma and Critical Care and professor of surgery at the University of Arizona Department of Surgery.

    Dr. Rhee, who once served as the designated surgeon on former President Clinton’s China trip in 1998, will provide leadership and patient care for Tucson’s only Level 1 Trauma Center at University Medical Center.

    Dr. Rhee’s previous experience involves some of the busiest trauma centers in the country, including Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC.

    He recently served in the U.S. Navy as the director of the Navy Trauma Training Center at Los Angeles County-University of Southern California.

    He holds academic appointments as professor of surgery and molecular cellular biology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, Maryland, where he was director of the Trauma Readiness and Research Institute for Surgery, performing combat casualty care research; and at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

    On the battlefield, Dr. Rhee was one of the first trauma surgeons to be deployed to Camp Rhino, Afghanistan, and recently started the first surgical unit in Ramadi, Iraq.

  4. What a deep comfort it is to have PBO in charge. My heart is broken for the victims and the families. It sickens me to realize how entangled politics and violence have become.

  5. He said she can follow commands and move her hands. Both positive signs after coming out of anesthesia. She is in the ICU

  6. Did we make a rush to judgment?

    How do you guys feel? A former friend of Loughners says she knew him when he was “left wing” in 2007 although he became “reclusive” and she hasn’t spoken with him since then.

    She says he met Gifford before and labeled her as “unintelligent” and “stupid.”

    She describes him as a “political radical.”

    She says that GMA has contacted her. She can’t believe that he would to something like that though.

  7. It’s time that “We The People” hold
    1) The Republican Party
    2) The MainStream Media
    3) And their followers


    Expose them, help the doj to file criminal charges aginst these groups.
    Sue their butts off till they are broke.

    We need lawyers and people who understand the justice system and the laws and follow up on it. It is time that “we the people” should take some sort of leagal action against these groups.

  8. I don’t think so. individuals that are not stable are easily influenced by all sorts of things, imagery, words. Some may distort the interpretation of things. Some may absorb violent rhetoric and act on it.

  9. Which is exactly why it’s dangerous and should never be used. But they knew exactly what they were doing and they don’t care about the consequences.

  10. I agree. The MSM is at the top of my list. They promote the fringe and hate. They have to bear their responsibility in all of this.

  11. Ironically, a Korean Anerican. So his parents were immigrants !

    The US is full of people who immigrated to this country and contributed, so why Arizona is so Xenophobic is completely mind boggling

  12. On a lighter note:

    TLC will not renew Sara Palin’s Alaska. I am still done with them though. They will now give Ted Haggard a platform. Geesh!

  13. I watched President Obama and I can see he is deeply sadden by the news. This is senseless, the lady never did anything to hurt anyone. Why does Arizona allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit?

    This news was tragic for me in two ways; this morning I read that a young man by the name Bill Zeller died on January 7 due to injuries sustained by his own hands. He left a 4000 worded letter explaining his reason for commiting suicide. When I finished reading his letter I cried like a baby, because he sounded so tragic. He was a twisted individual who hid his emotional problems from family and friends. All of his problem stemmed from repeated molestation as a kid and he came to a point where he wanted to hurt others and decided to end his life rather than hurt others. He also blamed his parents for being christain fundamentalists with whom he had no connection.

    Today, the shooting of the congresswoman just hit me hard, because it was so senseless, and look like another individual with deep emotional problems. This is so sad, I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for the families.

  14. I was actually concerned about the level of expertise and care available to Gabby…

    Very comforting to know that she is in capable hands…

  15. I live in Tucson and helped on her campaign this summer and fall. My daughter and I were slightly afraid at her celebration party in Nov., to be honest, and we left early. I feel so disturbed about this. I wonder if I can volunteer there again, but I probably will. Please pray for her and all those shot. Also, know that Tucson is a very liberal/moderate community. We are the sane bastion in the state and Gabrielle was always such a good person about reaching across the aisle. It really hits me that I could have been there, though and brings into focus that becoming politically active is actually risky.

  16. You mean I can stop making ritual sacrifices?? 😉


    She shoulda not let that kate gosselin on the show!

  17. Earlier in a post Crystal said that we needed to do something to honor the Congresswoman.

    I have created a very primitive page at the ObamaCares4us site which can be used to send our thoughts and well wishes to Congresswoman Gifford and the other victims.

    If this is a bad idea, please let me know. I have felt sick to my stomach all day and my instincts may be off here.

    I had originally thought the site would launch when “BWD” posted all the “change that matters” responses and I would mirror the health care posts at the new site.

    I am a person who deals with stress by “doing something”. So this is what I have done today to make the stomach ache go away.

    I have created a headline for the blog first page and then posted my comment.

    I am not a good writer, and have always just considered myself the technical labor for the “ObamaCares4us” site, not the creative voice. So please, if you have ideas for what to say on the front page, if you have image suggestions, send them.

    So with all of that said, if you want us to go forward with this as a page at the obamacares4us site then please post a comment, let me know if you want to make changes, and advertise this page in as many places as you can.

    January 8, 2011 at 5:23 pm

  18. I saw that earlier, which is why I think the emphasis should be on the atmosphere that the Tea Party created that helped contribute to disturbed individuals like this feeling like it was ok to do such a thing, and the fact that the media failed to push back when this poisonous atmosphere was being created way back at the McCain/Palin rallies.

  19. Listen, I forget to write that I believe Palin actually “targeted” Giffords in that map of hers where she picked representatives who needed to be defeated in November, though I think she used more colorful language. I have written emails to ABC, CBS, and CNN with that info, but I’m not sure it will get through. Could some of you check this and resend the same info? I believe the map was up on the internet for a long time with the picture of the reps with targets on their cities, I think.

  20. And msnbc just ran a clip of Gifford’s appearance after her office had been shot during the health care debate, where she was talking about being on Palin’s target map with the crosshairs and how that kind of message and rhetoric incites violence. Then, in response, Chuck Todd completely dismisses her concerns, saying something about politics has always used war rhetoric, that Palin couldn’t be blamed for any violent response. Savannah Guthrie joined in on the rebuttal, agreeing with Todd. It was pretty telling— and disgusting—-this is our “liberal” network, remember.

  21. They throw their stink bombs and watch with glee at the eruption of chaos…

    These tragic incidents are certainly triggered to a large extent by the media’s non-stop elevation and coverage of vicious and hateful voices that stoke and incite hate and violence…

    These tragedies unfortunately, only serve to bolster the sagging ratings of the same “news” outlets that are largely responsible for the deterioration of civility in our national discourse…

    So where’s the incentive for those in the media to do better when they reap richly from the chaos and disorder they help create…?

  22. Ray – Andrew Sullivan picked up on this. Here’s the link:

    He’s one of those who specifically is pointing this out.

    And in one of the NY Times updates on the story, they also pointed this out, citing specifically that the map included “crosshairs” over the targets pointed out by Palin.

  23. dotser I just posted almost the exact same thing that you did on another blog. I was watching that clip. Then the follow up by Guthrie asking if “Democrats were just trying to paint Republicans as dangerous and hateful” where the crosshairs map was concerned. Todd completely brushed it off and attributed to the “normal war that goes on during the campaign climate.” Wow how do they sleep at night? We should email him and ask him that.

  24. I read that tragic story too. He hid all his demons from all his friends. None of them had a clue, and he stated he suffered from an inescapable “darkness” every minute of every day, stemming from childhood sexual abuse and a rigid fundamentalist Christian family and upbringing. He was highly intelligent and accomplished. I kept thinking it was such a shame that he never got professional help. A very sad story. So many, like the shooter today, are obviously suffering from serious mental health problems which if go untreated can lead to a horrid, wasteful ending.

  25. And surprisingly, the AP story sent out includes this information. I see they have taken down the comment section after that story on my local newspaper’s website. I can imagine some of the responses here.

  26. Ray, please know that good will always trump evil, even when it does not feel like it…

    Please don’t let this tragedy discourage you from the great and very important work you do…

    If we give up and disappear into our little corners of the world in fear, evil will take root firmly and no good could possibly come from that…

    Take care and know that so many of us stand with you now and always; and of course we pray for complete healing for Gabrielle…

  27. Am pondering why a MSNBC analyst had to say that he had to put this into “historical context” and then begin to talk about the violence committed by “the left” during Vietnam. WTF? He should be discussing what happened today, not Vietnam. This is why I say that the MSM is complicit in these fringe acts regardless of what side it comes from. Heck some of the people in the MSM could be classified as “fringe” on both sides. Will they take responsibility?

  28. dotster this has been an incredibly emotional day. There are people out here who need help with no where to turn and our politics just intensify the anti-social behaviors. After this, I hope the nation take a deep breath and reflect on how we can be better friends; mothers; fathers; brothers; sisters; and neighbors to each other.

  29. Well we have to hear what she means when she says lefty since a number of moderate and not so moderate (Bob Bennett of Utah eg) republicans were too left for the Tea Party and lost in primaries.

  30. Interesting to see how the MSM hangs on every single word and tweet coming from the Quitter and shoves them down our throats every single day – giddy that she might be president some day – but for some reason today – today is the day that her words don’t carry all that much weight and couldn’t possibly be responsible.

    HYPOCRITES, all of them. I’m so disgusted I can barely speak.

    I call on all elected officials and political organizations to STAND UP and CONDEMN VIOLENCE.

  31. Is it true that a 2nd person has been arrested and they are looking for a third? I don’t know. I read this on another blog.

  32. I’m watching Fox news with Shep and I must say he is very responsible in his reporting. I wish he was on MSNBC.

  33. They are all bringing up her “crosshairs” bulletin. No it is too late now though. They made her popular for contributing nothing to this society, and now they must live with their decisions.

  34. Yes I respect Shep Smith a lot. I like him. He doesn’t seem to fit into what Fox is about, but I respect how he reports the facts.

  35. Police are now evacuating the area after a suspicious device has been identified inside Rep. Giffords Az. Offices.

  36. What a blessing, Alaska is such a beautiful state, she gave it a black eye.

    kishik, someday you have to share your ritual sacrifice secrets, sounds like a plan.

  37. Attorney General: ‘We Will Hold Accountable Anyone Responsible For These Heinous Acts’

    “Today’s tragedy in Arizona was a senseless act of violence that has already resulted in devastating loss, including the death of Chief United States District Court Judge John Roll and four other individuals and the wounding of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and a number of others. All of those who were killed or injured and their families are in our thoughts and prayers.

    “As the President said, FBI Director Mueller is traveling to Arizona to help coordinate the investigation. The FBI is working jointly with local law enforcement to investigate today’s events, and I have directed Department prosecutors and law enforcement officials to use every resource necessary to investigate this tragedy. I want to assure the people of Arizona and every American that we will hold accountable anyone responsible for these heinous acts.”

  38. In her own words: “For example, we’re on Sarah Palin’s targeted list, but the thing is, that the way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they have to realize that there are consequences to that action,” Giffords said in an interview with MSNBC.

  39. As a resident of Arizona, this is hard to take, though not unexpected. At least from me. I was so saddened by this news today, all I did was watch on TV as everyone tried to figure out what was happening.I pray that everyone will be alright, and come through this horrific event.I will write to Congresswoman Giffords and send my hopes for a speedy recovery, and best wishes to her and her aides. There is a larger problem that needs to be addressed in this state, though. Whether this was politically motivated, I don’t know. It was done by a very sick individual.He will only see the rest of his life through bars now, until they put him to death for his crimes. The ignorance and hatred that permeates this state is very palpable to me. ANYONE can carry a gun, does NOT have to go through any training to have one. It is TRULY the Wild West. I just assume that everyone has a gun…that way I’m not surprised. A good number of people here think that guns should be allowed anywhere and everywhere. College campuses, schools, etc. You can take them in bars. That’s always a great mix, don’t you think? Alcohol and guns? White supremists, tea partiers and otherwise hard right wing nut jobs are pervasive. Look at the people that we deal with: Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce,Joe Arpiao, J.T. Ready,Minutemen,Shawna Forte,certain other elected officals. These people PRIDE themselves on their hateful, xenophobic, nativist rants. I am afraid for this state. Have you heard any good news come out of AZ? NEVER!I can’t think of one bit of good news, and that’s depressing.Maybe we can hope for a bit of a wake up call after this, and a new realization that words have consequences…I cry for this state. It truly is a hate state, and that makes me sad. So much beauty in the land, so much ugly living here…someone needs to pray we figure this out. Soon.As an after thought…maybe Ms. Brewer should rethink her thoughts on ACA…lots of people here could use it.

  40. This is a good time for Americans to make a special effort to support the work of their local branch of the NAACP. It is crucial to let the bad guys know we are not intimidated.

  41. Ray, ditto what Chi is saying to you. Those who promote/commit violence want us to stay home, and not be involved. If we give into that, they do indeed win.

    Below is a link to a story, I hope will give you a bit of inspiration to keep going. It is about how Muslims in Cairo created a human chain the other day for the Eastern Orthodox Midnight Mass to protect the Coptic Christian Church that had suffered the bomb attack around New Year’s. Even two of Mubarak’s sons showed up to participate.

    I hope this can be an inspiration to all of us that we collectively have to fight violence and violent rhetoric.

  42. Something I’m relieved about is that the Director of the FBI is going to handle this case. That might diminish the possibility of evidence being corrupted or any kind of cover-up succeeding. Apologies to the good residents of AZ, but not feelin’ the love for the Sheriff’s office. I instinctively, and perhaps as a result of watching too much television over the years, plain do not trust Sheriffs.

  43. I will pray not only for AZ but for GA as well. GA like AZ has a whole lot of folks who scares with their nastiness for President Obama. I pray every time the President visit GA because the hatred for him is palpable.

  44. anyone listening to the news conference with the Sheriff? Clarence Dupnik?? Wow. He just laid it out. Stop the vitriol. Stop the rhetoric.


    Good for him!

  45. Oh, Oh!!! I’m in L.A., and on our ABC affiliate, there’s a live press conference going on, and it looks like the Sheriff or someone in charge is on the mic calling people out for their vitirol in tearing down the government, and that he feels that Arizona has become the capitol of this type of talk. He’s clearly not happy with what has happened. And also mntioned that Rep. Giffords had been targeted before. He also said the shooter had a criminal record, and caused issues at his college. I’m trying to see who this is… I’ll post when I find out.

  46. I’ve got CNN (something I normally loathe to have on) and I’m listening to the Sheriff’s news conference. He’s a plain speaking man. And he’s not holding back. This is close to home – as he stated two of the victims are personal friends.

  47. Well I spoke too soon then. I apologize. A Sheriff who isn’t a good ole boy. I’m impressed.

  48. He is speaking TRUTH TO POWER. WOW. He is saying that he thinks Arizona is becoming the capitol of all this hateful rhetoric and the media is part of the whole mess. Amazing. Who is this guy?

  49. it is the Sheriff!!! Good for him. His name is Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. He’s also the same sheriff, who said he wouldn’t have his staff enforce that stupid immigration law.

    He also called out that if this keeps up, rational people won’t run for office.

    I think like the military, people assume that those in law enforcement are always about blazing guns. There are definitely bad apples, but for the most part they want to protect people. And I’m so glad that Sheriff Dupnik is calling people out.

    And he acknowledged he was 74 years old, which says to me, that he’s at the stage in his life that he’s all about speaking the truth.

  50. He is the same sheriff who was against SB70 and called out Jan Brewer for signing the Bill. At the time he said it was a stupid law because the Feds are responsible for immigration and would put undue strain on his department to comply with the law. He was a frequent guest on MSNBC.

  51. Hi, meta – I do, however, keep reminding myself that politics and violence have been entangled, as you say, since our country was in its infancy. It’s just that we have a real up close and personal interest in today’s events, since we’re living through them! It’s still scary, but I try to put it into perspective – so I can sleep at night.

  52. dotster and Flojo – and all the others with similar comments – You have beautiful souls. Yes, we need to reach out to more people, some of whom we might be able to help. Thanks for bringing this up tonight.

  53. Agreed. He was impressive in his blunt truth-telling, how all the violent rhetoric leads to these kinds of consequences, that Arizona is a mecca of hate right now, that no decent person will ever want to run for public office if this kind of demonization of political opponents and violent rhetoric continues. And sadly, the news on Rep. Giffords does not sound as optimistic as it did earlier, saying only that she has a chance to survive but that she has a devastating wound, a long road ahead.

  54. Hi, everyone… Well, to remind us how words matter, Sully posted a very chilling passage from the book, “Death of a President” by William Manchester in 1967. Here’s the link, and text below:

    Quote For The Day
    08 Jan 2011 07:43 pm

    “In that third year of the Kennedy Presidency a kind of fever lay over Dallas County. Mad things happened. Huge billboards screamed “Impeach Earl Warren.” Jewish stores were smeared with crude swastikas. Fanatical young matrons swayed in public to the chant, “Stevenson’s going to die–his heart will stop, stop, stop and he will burn, burn burn!” Radical Right polemics were distributed in public schools; Kennedy’s name was booed in classrooms; junior executives were required to attend radical seminars. Dallas had become the mecca for medicine-show evangelists of the National Indignation Convention, the Christian Crusaders, the Minutemen, the John Birch and Patrick Henry societies . . .

    In Dallas a retired major general flew the American flag upside down in front of his house, and when, on Labor Day of 1963, the Stars and Stripes were hoisted right side up outside his own home by County Treasurer Warren G. Harding–named by Democratic parents for a Republican President in an era when all Texas children were taught to respect the Presidency, regardless of party–Harding was accosted by a physician’s son, who remarked bitterly, “That’s the Democrat flag. Why not just run up the hammer and sickle while you’re at it?” – William Manchester, “Death of a President”

    Here’s another link re: the book from an article in Vanity Fair

  55. Pima Sheriff Dupnik condemns vitriolic rhetoric on radio and tv in the clearest of terms. I do hope CNN will post the video or at least a transcript, though I’m not holding my breath.

  56. The AZ sheriff laid it all out there. He didn’t hold back one bit He told it like it is, but is Palin, Rush, Beck, the Tea Party, The GNOP, The MSM listening. One douche bag reporter couldn’t resist asking how do they know that the “hateful rhetoric” and “bigotry” was responsible for this. The sheriff responded responded “you don’t.” That is how the MSM rolls. They don’t want to take any blame for their roles. They cannot accept the sheriff’s words because that would mean having to look into the mirror. I emailed chuck Todd and savannah guthrie and asked if Palin’s crosshairs bulletin was still just “normal war campaign climate,” and the ” democrats just trying to paint the Republicans as dangerous.” With the sheriff confirming what we have been saying, how cam these people sleep at night?

  57. Didn’t they say there most likely will be a medical report from the surgeon tomorrow?? Let’s wait until then.

    I think the person speaking (former surgeon general and also a friend of the Congresswoman) was being cautious and practical in his statement. It’s not as if there won’t be ongoing procedures and rehabilitation. I think her husband finally arrived?

  58. I’m watching the ABC News special report on the West Coast (so some of you all may have already seen), but I had no idea that Rep. Giffords husband is an identical twin, who is also an astronaut. In fact, the twin is up in space now…

    I’m so glad that ABC is also doing a piece onJudge Roll, who ironically was appointed by Bush.

    Again, I think Judge Roll’s killing is going to have an impact on PBO’s judicial logjam since unfortunately, Judge Roll will now have to be replaced.

  59. In the press conference the sheriff of Pima County was very clear about the responsibility for radio and TV commentators who make a living out of spreading vitriol for creating the environment in which such a tragedy can occur. He repeated this concern several times throughout the conference. He is right of course and I hope a wider conversation and condemnation of hate radio/TV will ensure. We are our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper: if only all these so-called Christians actually practiced the Golden Rule!

  60. I know!!! I was so impressed with how honest and fink the Sheriff was!!! Amazing man, and sadly probably a minority in Arzona Sheriffs.

  61. Here’s something quoted in the NYT:

    “When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government,” he said. “The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on this country is getting to be outrageous and unfortunately Arizona has become sort of the capital. We have become the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

    Mr. Dupnik said it is time for the country to “do a little soul searching.”

    He added: “The vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from people in the radio business and some people in the TV business … This has not become the nice United States that most of us grew up in.”

    Later, he said: “It’s not unusual for all public officials to get threats constantly, myself included. That’s the sad thing about what’s going on in America: pretty soon we’re not going to be able to find reasonable decent people willing to subject themselves to serve in public office.”

  62. The sheriff did a good job saying what needed to be said but others won’t say. This guy is well read and principled, here he is being interviewed by KO about the racist Arizona Immigration Law and providing well thought out answers.

  63. I’ve noticed that DKOS is now trying to shift the focus from the tragedy and the Teapublicans’ role to the President and what he “should say” and how he “should act.” This is going to be the Gulf oil spill redux from the far left. Give the GOP/Tea baggers a pass while focusing inordinately on the President.

    Typical, and VERY coward of them.

  64. Sheriff Dupnik one that truly “gets it”. He called out hate radio, hate tv, and told everyone in no uncertain terms that it may be free speech, but that speech has conseqences. We all know who was referring to. The whole lot of them that make their very lucrative livings insighting fear and violence against people they demonize on a daily basis.The Sheriff has had his share of death threats, as he was outspoken about the LACK of violence at the border, but the hate mongers didn’t want to hear that…Congresswoman Giffords was the target of an assassination, as Wolf Blitzer stated. And the shooter killed a Federal judge as well…The Feds are all over this.Robert Mueller is either here or on his way, per President Obama’s orders.Ignited mail sent to Janet Napolitano, this assassination attempt on Ms. Giffords. I hope this isn’t a pattern. It needs to stop. NOW.

  65. Even if the congresswoman survive, the road to full recovery is not as optimistic as they would like you to believe. Recovery from head injuries are unpredictable. There are residual effects in the short term as well in the long term that have to be managed. You are never them same after this type of injury. It all depends on what area of the brain was affected.

  66. I was surprised he said that. he’s “a person of interest”…we know how that usually turns out.

  67. I think you can be pretty confident that law enforcement officers around the country do not like the violent rhetoric going on. They know how words can stir up people, particularly people who are a little off balance to begin with.

    Regarding the suspect, I don’t care if he was a lefty in the 2007 or might still be one now. The fact is, the glorification of violence as a solution to anger at authority is solely in the purview of the Right.

    Finally, if there is somebody else out there, one wonders (and this is totally conjecture) if the other person didn’t actually chose the shooter because of his off-balanced nature,as well as a possible history on th left, prod him into doing this, fully expecting him not to survive. Sure, sounds like a conspiracy theory, which I am not usually into, but to me it is plausible.

  68. Idiots and losers who wouldn’t know what to do if they were literally in the President’s shoes. I know I’m being harsh, but after the tragedy of today, I can’t entertain or have any patience for sheerr stupidity.

  69. This one is a GREAT SHERIFF…it’s the one in Maricopa and Pinal Co that we don’t care for…

  70. He’s been on KO before, when AZ launched that execrable “papers please” law. I said it then, and I’ll say it now: Sheriff Dupnick is a true public servant and hero!

  71. Good points. Along those lines, I say that it almost doesn’t matter what his motives were – the damage is done, to our democracy and our public discourse. This essentially does the terrorists’ work for them!

  72. Yes I just left there for that reason. They will never be happy until the black dude acts like a…uh…black dude I guess. It is so obvious to me what they are saying.

  73. In one of my AARP magazines they had a story about a young mexican immigrant who came her at 17rs old to make money as a field worker. He decided to go to community college and earned his GED. He later went to college and eventually became a world renowned brain surgeon. During his time here, he was able to be come a citizen (I think it was during one of the amnesty events). We need to pass the dream act and do immigration within the next two years. There are a lot of talented kids living in limbo who are good citizens and can do good for this country.

  74. I hope they quickly find the “POI” and give the families and the people of AZ some peace of mind.

  75. you are not being harsh,for them to go that route with this tragedy is just plain irresponsible.

  76. I gave them five hours to shift the focus to puppet mastering the President. I detest them.
    THEIR rhetoric, THEIR militaristic macho “lines the the sand,” THEIR belittlement of compromise, etc, etc…those bogus Libs have contributed to the crucible we now live in. They rip off teabaggers jargon, secretly admire them for their power and influence, FDLers work WITH them. They are complicit as well.

  77. It’s true that violence and politics have a long history. But, lately we have not had the pushback on the violent rhetoric that should be occurring to keep actual violence societally unacceptable. We are all aware that the people spouting the violent talk don’t really want their listeners to go out and shoot people but they need to be reminded that some of the people who listen to their words are not mentally well balanced and they can and do at times act on that rhetoric believing that it is okay. I am so glad that the former Surgeon General who spoke today, called out those on radio and tv who are deliberately churning up conspiracy talk and hatred toward those who disagree with them politically. It has long been needed and hopefully some people will finally say “wait a minute, that is over the line.” next time they are listening to someone like Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh urging them to believe that their liberal friends, family and neighbors are out to destroy them, America, and everything they love.

  78. I’m so sorry DF. This must be so poignant for you. We’ve already decided NOT to retire to Tucson as planned. At least not in the forseeable future. The most naturally gorgeous state desecrated by hate. My son was just out there bringing his GF’s brother to UofA for the Fall semester.

    We welcome you back to CT 🙂 But then, if the decent folks left AZ…

  79. Remember the guy that was shot in the head when Reagan was shot? He never fully recovered. His wife fought for the Brady Act and now over time, that has been overturned just about.

  80. Kurtz and the rest of the MSM are in total CYA mode – the rhetoric and hate speech they’ve been airing for the past two years has come home to roost. But at least it was compelling television right – that’s all that ever matters to the MSM.

    Tom Perriello’s brother has his gas line cut – nobody cares, you have Eric Cantor whining about it happens to him too and a bullet went through a window of a room he once was in a long time ago – so he must have been the target, even if the forensics of it show the bullet was coming down from a high arc – meaning the bullet was very likely fired indiscriminently in the air and just so happened to hit the window. But that was all the equivilance the MSM needed.

    It might be a dangerous game to the MSM and GOP, but all it takes is one fringe nut to lap up their garbage and act on it.

    The Tiller murder, the nut going on his personal war against Tides Foundation, and now we have this massacre and the mailings of the incindiary devices to Government officials.

    But the MSM is denying any blame, and they’re also denying that the rhetoric from the Right deserved any blame, because if they stick together and stick up for each other than they can re-affirm to each other that this isn’t ultimately what they deep down wanted. They stoked the flames for so long – the GOP and the right making the statements, and the MSM giving it free coverage and not condemning it for what it is.

    You have Sharon Angle calling for “Second Amendment Remedies” and gets major backing from the GOP and free air time all over Fox News, Sarah Palin has dabbled in this vitriolic red meat ever since she saw the reaction it got in stump speeches (I believe the McCain campaign book says she was told to tone it way down after the secret service called the campaign), and Bachamnn always spouts off about blood in the streets and all revolutionary garbage talk that always gets all the coverage she wants. And when they were called on it they’d shrug and say “you’re all being silly, everybody knows I don’t mean what I said, I was being metaphorical and you’re trying to make a political issue out of this”.

    How many of the teabagger rallies had violent threats in the signage? Guns and calls for armed revolution?

    Watch the Sunday shows tomorrow, the media and the GOP will have each others back in saying “We can’t be blamed for what a lone nut, an obviously deranged individual chose to do”.

    Todd and Guthrie completely blow off any idea that the ridiculous vitriol coming from the Right could have any blame – of course they will, because they make their money from airing it. The tea party rallies were great for ratings.

  81. Yes, this guy appears to be more than a little unbalanced and his politics are cloudy at best, a mix of libertarianism, Ayn Randism, Tea Party and some radical left wing ideas all combined. But, it is the atmosphere of hatred toward our fellow Americans that allows someone like him to act out in such an awful way. When taking guns to political rallies is considered just fine, when putting gun sights on maps of “targets” to defeat along with rhetoric like “reload” and 2nd Amendment remedies are bandied about, the atmosphere it all creates is toxic and incidents like this become unsurprising even though still appalling.

  82. jacquelineoboomer thank you your kind words. We can make a difference if we open ourselves to others and take the time to listen. I will do my part by taking the time in my daily routine to seek out one co-worker, friend, or family member and offer my ears.

  83. I was actually surprised they showed that clip since it made Chuck Todd look so bad. The way he just dismissed concerns about the level of virulent rhetoric leading to possible violence was disgusting, especially in light of what happened to the person he was basically saying was overreacting. And that is precisely where our media has utterly failed us all. They loved the whole Tea Party nonsense, the gun toting, the threats, etc. because it was “exciting” and drew ratings. They didn’t want to calm it down, even though it had reached dangerous levels, because it made “good TV”. They are as much at fault as those like Palin and Angle.

  84. That’s true he never returned to office. I think it’s too soon to tell whether or not she will be 100% fine but will pray that she is.

  85. So Right! I saw that “if i wuzz prezidunt…” and left there and came here. I left a comment “bash the president and don’t blame the tea party and GOP”. At least Sheriff Dupnick got it right.

  86. yes – I would imagine it really does depend on what part of the brain was hit.

    There was quite an amazing story of a young man who was shot in the head (I think he got caught in the crossfires of a gang shooting) and he made a more than miraculous recovery- which doctors never predicted or expected.

    Of course he was still young, a teenager, where the body still has amazing recovery properties.

    So I will then have to rely on hope for the Congresswoman.

  87. That’s MB, who is a big part of the problem there, constantly encouraging doomsville and finding fault everywhere and can seemingly only see the dark side, the worst of everything.

  88. Exactly. And I’m glad that Keith replayed that shameful interview by Todd and Guthrie. Expose them all. They all looked the other way, made excuses, were dismissive. They share in the responsibility.

  89. CNN Wolf Blitzer bending over backwards to say they just don’t know if the assailant leans right or left. It’s really astonishing the lengths the media will go to ensure Republicans don’t get any blame for their unhinged hatred and vitriol.

  90. Yes, the 1st 24 hours will be critical. I’m pretty sure the Chief of Surgery and his team are on standby. And quite sure she is in an induced coma to help her heal.

  91. A commented on balloon juice already complained (a la oil spill) that our president wasn’t emotional enough. That President Clinton would have done better. BS! Anyone watching could see how upset he was but recognized the need to be calm in the face of such tragedy. They always avoid the elephant in the room: the hateful rhetoric of the right.

  92. Keith should have called Todd and Guthrie out on this. I found their reactions and facial expressions almost as bad as the palin facebook post.

  93. I had quit watching Keith but I did tonight and his comment was powerful. I don’t believe Rush, etc will take any responsibility for any of this. You know nothing is every there fault.

  94. I love how he put it. He nailed it. It’s about the atmosphere created by their hate speech.

  95. The fact that they are tap-dancing like crazy, trying to shuck blame – I think some of them do realize that they have blood on their hands. Others are in outright denial and will never get it.

  96. With this individual I don’t think his politics is important because he is mentally ill and can be influenced by any factor. The sheriff said it best the vitriolic rhetoric need to stop. That should be on both sides. We gain nothing if we can’t carry on a conversation and air out our differences without violent rhetoric.

  97. Yes the media and GOP will be CYA-ing each other in the weeks and months to come. Tomorrow morning John Bohener is scheduled to give a “statement” at 8:30AM on CNN (I won’t be watching because I can’t stand hypocrisy). Where were all his “statements” for the whole of last year denouncing the violent and extremist rhetoric that result in these kinds of acts? Why did he MOCK Nancy Pelosi when she called out the individuals, groups and other entities engaging in this kind of behavior? Why didn’t he come out and support her THEN?

  98. I agree, despicable and desperate, and definitely part of the vitriol and violent rhetoric problem.

  99. Howard Fineman from Huff n Puff also now has an article entitled “what Obama can learn from…” Another BS attempt to shift the focus.

    The last time I checked, it’s not Obama who needs to learn anything. Afterall, he is not the one who has been inciting or encouraging or enabling extremist thinking and rhetoric. It’s folks like Fineman and his colleagues in the media who have given enraged and bigoted Teabaggers a pass by excusing their inexcusable anger as “real every day concerns.”

    These media pundits disgust me.

  100. The other issue is that the gun culture in Arizona is over the top. It sounds like there are guns everywhere. Everybody is walking around with firearms. Clearly, the unhinged rhetoric coupled with guns has come home to roost.

    There was a local Arizona reporter interviewed on CNN today who said it was just a matter of time for something like this to happen considering the political climate and the intense gun culture.

    BTW, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a hero for speaking so bluntly. I was so proud of him. He said what needed to be said. Bravo.

  101. We should also not be afraid to lay blame where it belongs. For the last 18 months, the GOP along with the corporate media has been inciting, encouraging and enabling the violent extremist rhetoric that lead to actions like these.

  102. From someone on OFA
    “The just announced that the little girls name is Christina and was born on 9/11/ 2001”

    Very surreal. She was only there because her neighbor invited her to attend the meeting. She had been elected to the student council at her school.

    My heart is so heavy right now. I forgot that two football games are on tonight because I have been too wrapped up in this tragedy. It doesn’t seem right to celebrate a football game but I do need something to clear my head.

  103. This is really surreal. Also, from reports on CNN, the little girl had just been elected to student council at her school, so a neighbor invited her to the congresswoman’s event. Oh dear. This is so so SAD. It’s devastating

  104. Ooops sorry Tori, for basically repeating what you said…I unfortunately glossed over where you wrote about the neighbor’s invitation!!

  105. I can’t stand MB and found the community’s reverence ironic given the shit they gave us simply for supporting BWD!!

    They truly are not very self aware. They mck the Twa Party and joke about Republicans eating their own. Then they turn around and do the exact same thing!!

    Talk about a clueless bunch!

    I can only shake my head at their idiocy, and petty childishness.

  106. Yep, I stupidly unblocked DK and read the front page today and they are already starting in on Obama. MB’s pathetic post telling Obama what to say because Obama is supposed to be their puppet. The comments were filled with rage against Obama and his lack of balls.

    Tellingly, the number of comments was way down for this kind event.

  107. Ladyhawke you’re right. Guns and heated rhetoric don’t match, but something need to be done about semi-automatic weapons being sold to the general public. I feel that no piliticians are brave enough to tackle this problem honestly.

    Unfortunately, proponents of guns cite the 2nd Amendment as their bible and will use it to attack the president. If any Democrat introduce a Bill in congress the right will signal that President Obama is behind this. Republicans will stand on the sidelines silent because the NRA fund their campaigns.

    Think back to 2008 when Senator Obama made a comment that during hard economic times people cling to their religions, guns and antipathy toward others (something to that effect) it almost costs him the nomination. So I agree the sheriff is brave for telling the truth but he has an advantage he’s not President Obama and hold no political office. Folks on the right would be outraged that the president point out the obvious (remember the beer summit). Pointing out the obvious about the cop arresting a man in his own home earned the president the tile “racist” (Glenn Beck).

    Right now, the president need to focus on getting the economy moving and jobs back at normal levels to help tone down the anger throughout the country.

  108. He is truly cogent, empathetic and bang-on correct. How fortunate, in such a terrible tragedy, that someone local and whom has been in law enforcement for half a century, was able to frame the situation precisely as it should be – we must stop the hate.

    ‘We the people’ can disagree, that’s the birth right of democracy.

    But, ‘We the people’ must protect each other, as we disagree, that’s an absolutely essential aspect of preserving democracy.

  109. Do they think the nation will be better served ny the President crying like Boehner???

    God how stupid can some people get! We need leaders who can keep it together when everyone is losing theirs! The President is not going to indulge in self-pity and emotion when the nation needs him!

  110. I am glad I haven’t returned! I would be too tempted to rip them up. But there’s Bo point- they don’t get it. So it would be throwing pearls before swine.

    But I admire your fortitude qnd hopefulness for better from that sote, to even go see their diapers!!

  111. I’m pleasantly surprised with Don Lemmon reporting of this tragedy lately. He made a point of constantly repeating what Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, my hero said. Don Lemmon would not give it up and I appreciated that.

  112. Well, I’ll be. I haven’t watched Kieth in quite some time, but this was actually good. Someone actually looked into the mirror and saw that the Media played a roll in this tragedy.

    Thanks, Tori.

  113. Did the girl go with the neighbor or was the mother with her? I hope the little girl’s mother did not have any second thoughts about sending her or going with her to the gathering. That would break her heart more if she didn’t really want her daughter to go but was talked into it. This would hurt more and hard to overcome. I’m speaking from a mother’s point of view. I was always protective (maybe too much) of my children when they were younger. Where I went they went. If my instincts tells me not to go, we would’nt.

  114. My Friend – Please reblock it!! I don’t give a damn what they have to say, I’m sure you feel the same way.

    The day Obama unleashes rage against these terrorists is the day we return to Pre-Civil War violence against AA’s.

  115. I don’t know how true this is. I do know that twitter girl who says he was a liberal three years ago is blowing up everywhere. There would have to be a screen cap or something of this Palin inspiration and if there was I suspect it would have blew up by now.

  116. Yeah but when you take into consideration that the Sheriff was so fiery and defiant in his words against hateful rhetoric in the radio and across tv, it is very believable. I think he was speaking from the facts of what they have so far, but he wasn’t about to feed the people some of which he holds complicit that information. Even coming back to the mic when the press conference was over to repeat once again that the hateful rhetoric needed to stop, I can believe this.

    Even the girl on her twitter page described him as a “political radical.” He is obviously anti-govt, and he speaks about gold and silver like Beck so it may not be a stretch.

  117. Haters gonna hate, it’s what they do. If today wasn’t going to inspire reflection and pause in their anger, nothing will. Just try to stay away from them.

  118. I agree he is a political radical – and three years ago Bush would have been in office, so his spouting off would have been seen as liberal/far left to the political novice many 18yr olds are. He was probably more likely anti-government at that time. However now that Obama is in office and the Tea Party movement with all of it’s veiled and not-so-veiled calls for revolution and violence, this kid probably wrapped himself in it.

    The Army has released that the guy tried to enlist in 2008 and was rejected – I don’t know too many far left radicals trying to enlist.

    If there is a tea party connection I suspect it will be hidden or downplayed. He’ll be painted as a lone deranged nut – like most white terrorists are in America.

  119. Unfortunately, I think that the source of that report is a questionable facebook page that was linked to, which has since been deleted.

  120. I wondered about that facebook page on its surface because The Quitter’s name was spelled wrong. Even if this guy couldn’t spell, in order for a ‘like’ to appear, wouldn’t he have had to visit the fb page and clicked like to get it to appear on his page? If so, The Quitter at least knows how to spell her own name on her own page.

    What I’m getting from the coverage I’ve seen and read so far is that the left has defined the discourse up front, with the help of the courageous Sheriff. This is about all the provocative hate-mongering in the media and from politicians. No matter how hard the radical right tries to dodge this perception, it’s been indelibly etched in people’s minds as their very first reaction. This event might not succeed in dialing back the rhetoric in the long term, but The Tucson Tragedy will always be about the consequences of non-stop hate speech.

  121. The day Rush Limbaugh declared that he wanted President Obama to fail (the day after President Obama became President Obama) – that was the day to nip this in the bud.

  122. If only HuffPo could find it in their hearts to refrain from posting no less than three Sarah Palin photos on their front page at all times.

    If Palin wins the presidency, Arianna must surely be getting a cabinet position. The girl-crush she has on Palin is pathetic.

    Number One reason I don’t read it anymore or give the satifaction of clicks. Number Two reason is the massive disconnect between headlines and actual story content.

    Number Three reason is the fact that no news story is allowed to be more than five paragraphs.

    Number Four reason is that the Page Six style semi-nudity on the right column is NSFW.

    Number Five reason: the columnists appear to be a hodge-podge from Arianna’s cocktail parties.

    Number Six reason: I have never trusted that she was at one time a hard right whack job with ex-hubby Huffington was running for Senate then became a born again liberal. Phony.

    Number Seven: The photo album interface messes with my computer.

    Number Eight: Did I mention the love affair with the failed ex-governor of Alaska?

    Number Nine: constant editorializing of articles.

    Number Ten: Where is the news of the economy improving.

    Number Eleven: Too many Sarah Palin references in the weather and sports reports.

    Number Twelve: Hasn’t updated the links to other blogs since she started. Where is BWD?

  123. Thanks Tori, I tried postin’ the video. But, I failed to do it…So, I posted a link, too. 😉

  124. Thanks for this!

    I’m done “doing battle” with those on “that other site” who don’t acknowledge that over-the-top rhetoric on both ends of the political spectrum can incite a crazy person to have a “pre-meditated” (ugh … I don’t mean to infer any intelligence vis-a-vis the perp of this shooting) agenda that harms Americans

    The harm may be politicians or some day care worker in Oklahoma City. It’s all inexcusable and horrific.

  125. hey there – it was definitely a moment of weakness. The bile that was spewed there made me quickly re-block the site.

  126. Well said. The ironies abound with this shooting. The young child who was killed was born on 9/11 and featured in a book about kids born on the day of the terrorist attacks. She was elected for her student council and was there to meet her congresswoman. Gunned down.

    President Obama has spent years counseling civility and a reduction in extremism. The wisdom of that couldn’t be more compelling at this moment.

  127. It’s a troll site full of disdain for President Obama. I wish that people would stop going to it, getting disgusted, and then reporting about it. Love you hopefruit, but do yourself a favor and stop consuming toxic media products which are quite frankly part of the problem.

  128. There has always been extreme rhetoric in the US. Our history is filled with assassinations and attempts, political violence. I came of age in the 60s and remember with chagrin how the underground papers blithely talked about picking up the gun and offing the pig. Now the infatuation with revolution is right wing. I refuse to give up hope that committed citizens, republican, democrat, and independent, can come together to promote a more civil society. We can start now. In talking about the extremists of whatever persuasion I try to condemn the acts rather than the person. Let us be the change we want to see in the world.
    I am so grateful for this community and space which BWD has created. Let us love one another. Each day we start anew with fresh hope. Prayers for everyone injured and suffering in AZ.

  129. There is a wonderful book, 365 days of thanks, by a lawyer who was struggling, separated, daughter, financial difficulties keeping his small firm going, bitter and depressed. He resolved to start writing daily thank you letters to people he interacted. In the process he was transformed, and the thank yous had ripple effects. Remember the saying “Practice random acts of kindness and daily acts of beauty?

  130. Exactly. Like what has been happening too often at the site that shall remain unnamed.

  131. I think the bluntness of the sheriff’s remarks stemmed from his enormous grief at losing the judge, the terrible injury to Giffords, both very dear friends, and the slaughter of all the others. No time to mince words.

  132. Kudos to the sheriff for speaking the truth. The Palins and those who stand idly by her need to be called out. I hope the media will ask the sheriff to come on their programs.

  133. Remember the facebook entry. But wrong spelling of the name. Who knows if someone, upon first hearing of the report of the name of the shooter which was misspelled, simply signed up right then and there and listed palin and tea party. I’m sure the Feds and fb people will check to see when that account was opened.
    I’ll admit. It was the first thing I did was to run that name and I didn’t find anything? But then it just popped up? Too much of a coincidence then to see it listed with the palin/tea party reference.

  134. I hope jon stewart will point this out on his show.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by this.

  135. I got up this morning and again sadly had to put on Faux to get caught up on the news. Apparently Faux can only find republicans to speak and they have them lined up one after another to express their sympathy with not a Democrat in sight. I think the orders must have gone out from Koch headquarters that every single republican must speak and do damage control. The other thing that astounded me was that they believe that Palin can easily survive the crosshairs picture and the voters have such short memories that they will have forgotten about it by tomorrow. They really delude themselves. I had to turn it off as I was getting nauseated.

  136. So, So, true. I am a teacher and I know of many talented young people, who, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, love this country and have so much to offer the country in a variety of fields. I am also grateful that my doctor is a Korean-American. I am really saddened that right wing Republicans have chosen the politics of fear and ethnic divisions instead of cultivating inclusiveness aimed at strengthening America. Surely, immigration issues can be debated without resorting to ethnic and racial discrimination. At 63, I was so elated to see the country change by decisively electing an African American as President. Two years later, after that impressive historical act, I am, however, deeply distressed at the viciousness, from both the right, and the so called left, against the President. Obviously, the venom against the President from the right wingers is understandable because he has been implementing policies that they oppose. What is deeply distressing is the attacks from the so called progressives. In my humble opinion, I think that President Obama’s historical legislative achievements, in his first two years, are as impressive as any of the so called progressive presidents that are admired by the “purist” progressives. What is even more impressive is that President Obama was able to achieve progressive legislation despite the vicious and negative attacks from the right, the left, and the MSM. As a senior citizen who is benefiting from the Health Care Reform, I am determined to do all I can to defend the progress that President Obama has achieved in the past two years. As teacher, in a school with many immigrants, I will continue to work for the enactment of the DREAM Act.

  137. I woke up this morning to watch C-span and every Republican caller is upset that SP and the Teaparty is being blamed by Democrats. I wanted to call in and say what do they expect would happen when the last year or so all we heard on TV is “I want my country back”; “2nd Amendment remedies”; “Where’s the birth certificate”; “Kenyan Muslim”; “Communist”; “Socialistist”; etc. I can go on and on.

    The media – I blame the most because they gave the indivuals, groups the platform to spew this nonsense and laugh it off. Yesterday, we saw the consequences for not taking these things seriously. So, I’m not sympathetic to any one who feel offended by the blaming. Remaining silent when they should of been the voice of reason is why we are here today.

  138. What Edmund Burke did write:

    when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

    And as we also include women – we are twice as effective !

  139. So they are more concerned about how Palin survives politically than whether Rep Giffords survives her massive injury, or the how the others who were wounded fare out?

  140. No they won’t. They’ve already branded him as a “Democrat.” In fact, he may now have to worry about his own life.

  141. Watched a little bit of SOTU this morning and Candy Crowley and one of her guests seems to be downplaying the effect of political rhetoric in this instance…unbelievable….

  142. Gn I’m seriously considering your advice, because as you stated, this toxicity does me (and others) no good. I do notice an improvement in my mood when I haven’t been there for a while.

  143. I would like to add my support to the idea. Some of those other places went so far out there – it’s a waste of time (and health) to even look at them.

  144. I agree that the violent rhetoric must be addressed, but is it not now also time to address the American passion for guns? I can well understand hunting guns, even though I could never shoot an animal, but is it necessary to allow guns that only exist to kill or maim people when it is illegal to kill or maim people? There is much discussion about what the Second Amendment allows and doesn’t, but I don’t see why, if the Second Amendment allows something that is working out badly, it can’t be changed. How is putting this kind of faith in the Constitution as it was originally written different than the kind of faith the fundamentalist Christians put in the Bible? We are not a sufficiently-evolved people to allow anyone who desires to have a lethal weapon that is capable of killing many people in quick succession. I understand it would be impossible to get the handguns off the streets, but the sale of ammunition for them could be banned, which should go some way toward stopping this scourge. Australians were quick to act after someone opened fire in a public place. And it seems very contradictory to me to espouse “patriotism” if one believes he or she needs to be protected from his or her fellow citizens. Isn’t a country its people and if its people are to be feared, what does that say about the country itself?

  145. Wait a minute, people who probably have never given a major speech in their lives, who have most likely never run for office, who have none of the information at their disposal that the President has, and who actually believe everything the President says or does is either meant to stick it to their tiny segment of the population or is done in response to pressure from their tiny segment of the population are actually writing about what the President should say in his speech regarding the shooting? Too funny.

  146. Perhaps I’m being cynical but I noticed that during Lester Holt’s interview with the parents of Christina Green that aired on Dateline that their comments about her being inspired by the Obama campaign were edited out. I noticed this because I saw part of the interview during the 5:30 news with Lester and they showed that part. The showed the “full” interview on Dateline hosted by Brian Williams omitted that part

  147. Tiger, thank you so much for this. I hadn’t seen it. It is very moving and touched my heart deeply!!!

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