The Recovery Mishmash (updated with new video)

Hi guys,

First, thank you so much for the warm wishes yesterday. I feel a little better today and happy to welcome the weekend. 

Thank you even more for the terrific mishmash you created. It was a real delight to go through the comments this morning, and see so much information and a real grownups discussion.

I also realized that i missed the latest faux outrage.  I was shocked, I tell you – shocked!! – to see the professional left wetting their pants yet again. It’s like what Michael Douglas said about Michael J. Fox’ character in ” The American President”: “It wouldn’t be a Monday morning if Lewis wasn’t angry about something I did on Sunday”.

But more seriously, I heard Lawrence O’Donnell pointing out that never before a Democratic president has been criticized by fellow Dems for his choice of Chief of Staff. This is it, in a nutshell. People who were not on President Obama’s corner to begin with, now think they own him. Yea, it’s racism too. Don’t tell me it’s not.

And really, how narcissistic one should be to think that the president chose his CoS with one thing on his mind: “Punching the Hippies”. Again, dear PL, you were NEVER on his side, he couldn’t be bothered with wasting energy on “punching” you. Beside, you’re not a real “Hippies”.

Some of the self-appointed “speakers for the left” are not the sharpest pencils around, and the very sharp pencil  Rachel Maddow needed no more than a week to go straight back to la-la-land. I guess her gushing over the president’s brilliant maneuver to repeal DADT didn’t go to well with the herd. Oh well, the mea culpa will be coming in  to 6 to 8 months.

Since we are the adults here, let’s admit the truth: The 2012 campaign is on its way. At this point – excluding some unforeseen disaster, god forbid – the only thing that can prevent PBO from winning again, is the unemployment rate. If in order to get those ugly fat cats to start hiring – we need to have a business friendly CoS, then I’ll live with it. It’s not like the president is expecting to sign too many bills in the next couple of years. I doubt he’ll have any contact with Congress, beside the occasional Veto.

And finally, didn’t we learn anything from the past two years? No one can force Barack Obama to do anything. He is a the *decider*, only a smart, courageous and moral one.


If you didn’t see the president mimicking Pete Rouse, well, you have too. 🙂


And while it pains me every time I donate Huff-Crap a click, this Howard Fineman piece is worth reading:


President Obama is doubling down on Chicago, and on what the city means in the history and operational style of the Democratic Party, by choosing Daley to be Emanuel’s permanent replacement.

Chicago is the “city that works,” and Chicago Democrats pride themselves on being a pragmatic, realistic lot. Daley, the son and brother of Chicago mayors, has always been the Inside Daley, the one who deals quietly with the powers that be in the city and country — the brokers of money, commerce, family and tribal politics.


He was not close to Obama, but his vast contacts make him instantly central. In some ways, in fact, Daley (and the Daleys) built the operational platform upon which the Obama Presidency now rests.

Here’s a partial list. Daley was a key ally and original supporter of Joe Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign. Daley has worked closely with Obama’s top advisor, David Axelrod, ever since Axelrod first became a political consultant in Chicago in 1984. Daley was Emanuel’s original sponsor and patron in politics, and now his protégé stands an excellent chance of becoming mayor. Daley is very close to Tom Donilon, a lawyer and former political operative who is now National Security Advisor.

// more



2. You won’t catch me within one mile from any of those sites, but I hear that there’s a serious effort to put a negative spin into the unemployment drop to 9.4%. Again, I’m shocked!!!! Anyway,  Austan Goolsbee explains as clearly as always. 


The 1.3 million private sector jobs created in 2010 alone, is more than what’s-his-name created in his entire 8 years:



Is it wrong that I simply missed seeing this man talking? 😉 What a beautiful human being, and what a wonderful little address he gave this morning.



3. Thanks to the awesome Obama Diary for this wonderful item. Not that any “true progressive” will ever give the president any credit for the Recovery Act being one of the single most effective pieces of anti poverty legislation in decades, keeping 4.5 million people out of poverty in 2009 and helping keep poverty flat:




4. This too is against the memo:

Pentagon Seeks Biggest Military Cuts Since Before 9/11



5. Repeal this, idiots:

More Small Businesses Offering Health Care To Employees Thanks To Obamacare



6. One of the 35 bills the president signed the day he returned from Hawaii, is the America COMPETES Act, which is a super-bill.



7. Finally, *the* most important thing this weekend, is the election in Sudan. You can actually watch the election from your computer. Keep your fingers crossed, this is huge.




187 thoughts on “The Recovery Mishmash (updated with new video)

  1. glad you are back. Great mishmash!

    Hopefully the jobs rate continues to decline. 9.4% is better than 9.8%. Maybe it could be in the 8’s by summer.

  2. I think push back on to the left has started. Several people on progressive talk has begin to call out the media and dem members who is not backing this president. One guy said something that was so true. He said ” Keep bashing him and going against him( President Obama), and he will keep making a fool out the left and the right. Another caller came on and said i see the problem as being the democrats , the president has stated from the start about the naysayers and he is right. Which lead her to believe, he had a plan for the right and the left all along.

  3. All hail the return of the BWD Mishmash! 😀 I didn’t know President Obama was going to be visiting in my neck of the woods. Landover MD is only 10 minutes from my house. I would have ***cough*** called in sick!! ***cough*** What a great man. The PL might be a’whinin but the Pragmati know who’s getting it done. Great job, Mr. President. BTW, the election in Sudan is great news – I’ll be watching closely and praying all goes well.

  4. Bwd how big of a role did President Obama play. Do you have any information on that. I know he has but is it bigger than reported.

  5. Happy you are feeling better and back feisty as ever. I was starting to worry about you.
    Lots of good stuff here. Loved Obama’s appearance today at the plant in Md. He has such a smart, relaxed delivery with his remarks and seems to be able to establish an easy rapport with all kinds of folks in all different kinds of settings. This was an important appearance as manufacturing begins to kick it up a notch. Obama used this opportunity to showcase this bsns. for taking advantage of tax breaks to invest in new equipment and expansion now and to urge other businesses to do the same. This will lead to an increase in hiring which is the main goal right now.

  6. We, while I will only speak for myself, were starting to get worried. So glad you are back and feeling better.

    I liken what is happening to the rebuilding of a forest after a major lumber company has come throguh and taken out most of the trees.

    This adminsitration and the Democrats in Congress (particularly the House) have started planting trees and they are growing. The Right wants to cut them down again and the PL is wondering why the entire forest hasn’t been replaced yet.

    But in the meantime, the Administration keeps on planting trees. It will be a little slower for a while while it defends those already planted from those that want to cut them down. And it is adding some folks who can talk the langauge of the lumbermen on the Right, which only makes the PL complain louder that the trees aren’t being replaced rapidly enough.

    But the forest keeps growing and will continue to do so until both the Right and the PL get shouted down by the rest of the country.

  7. Welcome back BWD, so glad you are back in the saddle and feeling better. I was starting to get some serious BWD withdrawal. The new mishmash arrived just in time. It’s chock full of goodies for me to explore.

    Here’s a serious question: How is it possible for President Obama to look that hot in safety goggles? Sunglasses I can understand, but safety goggles. Also, I love photo number 7 from the bottom up. The warmth emanating from that million dollar smile is so disarming.

  8. The election of President Obama is one the greatest things to have happened in this country. He’s accomplished an enormous amount in a very short period of time. I wholeheartedly support him, as well as most of his policies.

    However, I don’t support the selection of William Daly as his Chief of Staff, and apparently, many liberals don’t as well. My reason for feeling dismayed by this choice is William Daly’s behavior during the debacle of the 2000 Presidential election, and the recount in Florida. President Obama needs a Chief of Staff who will have his back. This is not William Daly; at least it wasn’t him during the Gore campaign.

  9. Outstanding mismash, thank you so much for this, and please get well soon!

    Since we are the adults here, let’s admit the truth: The 2012 campaign is on its way. At this point – excluding some unforeseen disaster, god forbid – the only thing that can prevent PBO from winning again, is the unemployment rate. If in order to get those ugly fat cats to start hiring – we need to have a business friendly CoS, then I’ll live with it. It’s not like the president is expecting to sign too many bills in the next couple of years. I doubt he’ll have any contact with Congress, beside the occasional Veto.

    As someone who is not very enamored with this selection, I appreciate this point of view and think it’s pretty smart. I also thought that Rahm was too centrist of a selection and was utterly wrong lol, for the same reason: looking at optics from a relatively uninformed viewpoint rather than substance. But this explanation makes a lot of sense.

  10. I’m happy you’re feeling better BWD !! Thank you so much for another great mishmash. You spoil us !! But please, never hesitate to take some rest when you need it. You’re so generous already, you don’t owe us anything !!

    I loved seeing President Obama looking so rested and even allowing himself to goof a little bit in imitating his friend and advisor Pete. He’s ready for the roller-coaster ride that the next months promise to be.

    You’re right about Sudan. Lots at stake this week-end.

  11. Malcolm X came to mind or Denzel playing malcolm.

    Glad you are feeling a bit better, BWD. Totally missed my mismash this morn. contiune to recover Peace

  12. Oh no.

    The U.S. economy may finally be hitting its stride even if growth remains too weak to put a real dent in the nation’s jobless rate, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Friday…

    “We have seen increased evidence that a self-sustaining recovery in consumer and business spending may be taking hold.”

    “I am encouraged by signs that the recovery may have gained traction recently,” [Fed Board Governor Elizabeth] Duke said.

  13. Blackwaterdog,

    I’m so glad you’re well !

    Now here’s why we shouldn’t forget history (lest we’re doomed to repeat it):

    President Obama on the 7th of December 2010:

  14. blackwaterdog, what a relief to hear from you — that you’re feeling better. Life looks sweet again for me.

    It’s interesting that President Obama would go to a relatively small business like a window manufacturing plant to show the efficacy of available money for business expansion. It’s a terrific bit of news, a great illustration of a recovering economy, and the gift of hope for a middle class watching for an increasing opening-up of the job market as well as people looking toward entrepreneurship stifled by the lack of money.

    I’m sending these links to my husband’s youngest brother who dropped from being the “rich brother” to working for a while as a checker at a Publix store in Florida. He’s got a technical job right now, thank goodness, and a decent salary, but nothing like the CEO positions he’s had for years now. And he’s still in debt up to his eyeballs, his new business killed by the Bush economic crash.

    He mentioned in his last telephone conversation with me that 2011 was going to be as bad as 2010. Good grief, where was he getting that information (he’s a Republican, I wish I could seduce him from the Darkside)– but I’d like mostly for his perception to brighten a bit in order for him to take up again his job-hunting, and given enough positive information, perhaps he will.

    I’d also like to see his wife able to quit her job as pharmacy technician at age 61!. She’s suffered for years with a damaged knee that gives her fits when standing for long periods of time, but took her movement into day-long work in a Walgreen’s pharmacy like a trooper, glad for the opportunity to help dig them out of the pit they’d fallen into. I want to see our brother get his positive outlook on life back and start haunting the job market with renewed enthusiasm. Or, better, resurrect his once promising company.

    So thank you and Chipsticks for your economic news, I sincerely appreciate it.

  15. I think it’s okay to disagree with the President’s choices – obviously he has his reasons, some of which we may not agree with.

    I do think it’s important to keep in mind that 2000 was a fairly long time from 2011, and the political atmosphere was quite different.

    For instance, I have seen politicians like Joe Lieberman go from being a likeable Democrat (Al Gore’s choice for VP in 2000) to a scorned Rebup/Independent (during the 2009/10 HCR debate), and back to being an appreciated Independent (DADT repeal in 2010). So we have to take politics for what it is.

    And given President Obama’s goal for the next two years, which is to increase job growth and bring down the unemployment rate, I am willing to consider the possibility that Delay might be a very good choice. Believe me, I trust this president’s judgment a LOT more than I trust the PL/frustrati contingent.

  16. Gl;ad you are back, too, BWD.

    I have a feeling that as December figures are adjusted next month and the following month, we are closer to 9% unemployment than we think.

  17. Watching Sudanese elections from your computer:
    The southern part of Sudan is holding a referendum on whether to separate from the North. There are concerns that the election could lead to violence and terrorism. Part of the international effort to monitor the election involves leveraging satellite technology and mapping software to let people all over the world — including you — watch what’s going on.

  18. Great analogy japa21- I agree, it is indeed like rebuilding a forest. Mr. President = Smokey the Bear 😉


    January 7, 2011 11:11 AM
    George Clooney Monitoring Violence During Sudan Elections
    NEW YORK (CBS) Hollywood star and activist George Clooney is currently in Sudan as the country prepares for an historic referendum.

    On Sunday, voters in southern Sudan will go to the polls to determine whether to become independent from the north.

    In hopes of preventing the tensions around the elections from growing into another civil crisis, Clooney has launched a satellite monitoring system that will keep a watchful eye for border violence in near real-time.
    Along with Clooney, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and U.S. Sen. John Kerry will be present for the vote, the Associated Press reports.

  20. I totally agree!! Which is why it annoys me to no end the ridiculous meme in the MSM about how awkward and cool President Obama is in social settings!

  21. Just great news all around today BWD.. thank you so much for adding to it.. and very glad your health is better today (nothing is more important than health I’ve learned).

    Also, thank you for the link on the Sudan elections, I honestly have not followed things there I’m ashamed to admit. But will now do so. I love the idea that we can all be on watch via the satellite links.

  22. I think one of President Obama’s strengths is his ability to choose the right person for the right position at the right time. Rahm scared a lot of people in Congress and the president needed to be able to whip Congress from time to time, as we all well know. I think he’d have done better with LBJ, but it’s hard to hire someone who’s already on the other side!

    No matter how much it annoys some of us, getting people jobs matters more than anything right now, at least it does in my book, and if Daley has the mojo to push on the corporate masters, Goddess bless him.

  23. Welcome back. You were on my mind. But what a site you have created. We missed you and worried about you, but had wonderful discussions the other day. And THAT, my lady, is to YOUR credit!

    The Fineman piece was very interesting. The hysteria is RahmGeithnerEtcEtcRedux. I’ll trust POTUS’s judgment. I don’t give a d*** if that makes me a bot. I worked ER Crisis Intervention years ago. Quick assessments about cases. I was decent at it, and here I have the luxury of years, info, many trusted voices who know so much more (which is easy to do, LOL) about politics than I do. My instincts tell me this shall work well. Besides every time they freak out in Shoutlouderville, people visit the PragBlogs 🙂

    Grred and avarice are repulsive, but if there is a silver lining to Wall St, my little investments have allowed me to donate, donate, donate to causes from Cancer Research to OFA to the Lakota to…helping in need loved ones. Big picture. It’s human failings that eff things up. Maybe POTUS really can be “trasformational” (a comment our brilliant Sheila once made) Or maybe I’m just cheery because you are back 🙂

  24. Like Larry O’Donnell said, hardly ANYONE has EVER criticized a chief of staff pick before. He’s just an assistant, the president still makes the final decisions.

    In any case, with 2012 coming up think it is high time to start ignoring *them* and to think more about moderates and independents. They are the ones who will decide the election and I think many of them are very open,we just have to make sure they hear our arguments.

  25. As someone else pointed out, POTUS’ lip healed very nicely. Kudos to the WH medical team for those microstitches. Really great job.

  26. OMG you are back!!! *shaking and crying* 🙂 I was just gonna go to our little mishmash thread below and lament about how I think you might be seriously ill cause its been more than 24 hrs. blah blah, So happy you are ok. I hope you are feeling and looking as fresh as how our President looks in these pictures. I see if he starts to wear prescription glasses he will still look gorgeous.
    Awesome mishmash. You were really missed.

  27. Thanks for the link to the Thompson Creek visit. We are thinking about replacing some windows and I will definitely talk to them first (I guess they only work in the DC,MD,VA area). I have heard their ads on WTOP and besides hosting Pres Obama today, I’m happy to support a local company that actually makes its products here at home.

  28. Welcome back. You were on my mind. But what a site you have created. We missed you and worried about you, but had wonderful discussions the other day. And THAT, my lady, is to YOUR credit!

    Exactly !

    Blackwaterdog – glad you’re back – and have taken the wheel of this enterprise back into your hands, firmly.

  29. Well said, I Love OCD. I enjoy watching and discussing opinions of the cabinet selections, both positive and negative. But at the end of the day, I like the reminders that POTUS is his own person and is also a master weaver in his own right, in terms of identifying and leveraging the talents and capabilities of his colleagues while maintaining (an albeit pragmatic) ideological focus.

  30. Thank you, mate. It’s just a nasty cold that kept me asleep for almost a day – but it gets better. Watching the president helps. He is just too beautiful.

    Ooops, i went there….;)

  31. Welcome glad you are feeling were missed! Love the new mish mash and amen to everything you stated perfectly!! I think there are some on the left who just never get the lesson….President Obama is one heck of a lot smarter than they……..remember rope a dope? He knows exactly what he is doing!!!

  32. I’m not a fan of this pick either, but can i be blunt? At this point, i don’t give a damn about anything but making sure that he’ll have another 4 years. Then we can get worried about his next CoS.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, GN.

  33. I feel like the place is taking a real life of its own, which makes me so happy. I could not believe how many comments that no-mishmash was filled with.

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

  34. Uh, I wouldn’t be too concerned because I’ve noticed quite a few comments about his lips…er, microsurgery on his lips around these parts. Amazing how carefully those lips are inspected for a scar in every picture, isn’t it?

  35. I could not look as beautiful as he is in a million years – and my nose is way too red to feel fresh….;) But I’m okay. Thank you so much.

  36. So good to know you are feeling better, BWD!

    As to Mr Daley – it’s about jobs, about the several trillion dollars sitting on the sideline and the fact that moving that money into private sector investments is what is going to have the greatest impact on job expansion. Mr Daley is exactly the right person for CoS, now.

    President Obama, once again, proves his pragmatic, unwavering commitment to expanding and nurturing the middle class – the best way possible, by creating sustainable jobs.

  37. Yuh, the BWD is in da house 🙂 And a few more pieces of this and that for your chicken soup…
    Hello sports fans, did you know that because FOX is hosting this year’s Super Bowl, that our President agreed to an interview with Bill O’Reilly!11? And the year before, because the game was hosted by hosted by CBS he did an interview with Katie Couric!?!!?
    Sure, want to talk to the American people in all kinds of situations but…
    WHY won’t he let the Super Bowl be hosted by MSNBC so KO can interview him?!1? And yes, if I could have made the caps on ‘WHY’ bigger, I would have, I am that outraged!!1!
    Welcome back BWD 🙂

  38. For medical purposes overseasgranny, medical purposes only…(anybody really buying this, lol) 😉

  39. This!!!!

    And really, how narcissistic one should be to think that the president chose his CoS with one thing on his mind: “Punching the Hippies”. Again, dear PL, you were NEVER on his side, he couldn’t be bothered with wasting energy on “punching” you. Beside, you’re not a real “Hippies”.

    So many good points in one little quote.
    Spot on!!!!

  40. YAAAAY!! BWD is feeling better and back with a force!!

    Honestly, I’ve never seen a President so micromanaged and infantilized by so many who have no idea what they’re talking about. It boggles.

    I’m so profoundly proud of our President each and every day. He has exceeded my wildest dreams in his intention, integrity, honesty, compassion and strategic thinking. Nobody can beat him in the long run. I was thinking the other day that he has raised the bar so high, any succeeding president will surely feel like a big letdown. BRAVO, Mr. President.

  41. I think that’s a very astute note in your second paragraph, Robert. Another commenter discussed POTUS’ high personal favorability ratings with the American people. Thus, there are persuadable people who do not disdain this POTUS, yet IMO are confused by his policies or don’t have all of the facts. Thanks for noting that these swing voters make a nice focus.

  42. erm…. “sure HE (President Obama) wants to talk…”
    I need to make my outrage as pure and clear as possible 😉

  43. I’m not familiar with this:

    My reason for feeling dismayed by this choice is William Daly’s behavior during the debacle of the 2000 Presidential election, and the recount in Florida.

    Would you mind providing more information?

  44. Saku, you must watch this one: “James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti – It’s a Man’s World”

  45. blackwaterdog, it’s good to see you back. Glad to know you’re feeling better, hopefully you’ll be at 100% soon!

  46. The president signed the defense authorization bill, and he is not happy at all with the cowards on the Hill:

    “Today I have signed into law H.R. 6523, the ‘Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011.’ The Act authorizes funding for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad, for military construction, and for national security-related energy programs.

    “Section 1032 bars the use of funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act for fiscal year 2011 to transfer Guantanamo detainees into the United States, and section 1033 bars the use of certain funds to transfer detainees to the custody or effective control of foreign countries unless specified conditions are met. Section 1032 represents a dangerous and unprecedented challenge to critical executive branch authority to determine when and where to prosecute Guantanamo detainees, based on the facts and the circumstances of each case and our national security interests. The prosecution of terrorists in Federal court is a powerful tool in our efforts to protect the Nation and must be among the options available to us. Any attempt to deprive the executive branch of that tool undermines our Nation’s counterterrorism efforts and has the potential to harm our national security.

    “With respect to section 1033, the restrictions on the transfer of detainees to the custody or effective control of foreign countries interfere with the authority of the executive branch to make important and consequential foreign policy and national security determinations regarding whether and under what circumstances such transfers should occur in the context of an ongoing armed conflict. We must have the ability to act swiftly and to have broad flexibility in conducting our negotiations with foreign countries. The executive branch has sought and obtained from countries that are prospective recipients of Guantanamo detainees assurances that they will take or have taken measures reasonably designed to be effective in preventing, or ensuring against, returned detainees taking action to threaten the United States or engage in terrorist activities. Consistent with existing statutes, the executive branch has kept the Congress informed about these assurances and notified the Congress prior to transfers. Requiring the executive branch to certify to additional conditions would hinder the conduct of delicate negotiations with foreign countries and therefore the effort to conclude detainee transfers in accord with our national security.

    “Despite my strong objection to these provisions, which my Administration has consistently opposed, I have signed this Act because of the importance of authorizing appropriations for, among other things, our military activities in 2011.

    “Nevertheless, my Administration will work with the Congress to seek repeal of these restrictions, will seek to mitigate their effects, and will oppose any attempt to extend or expand them in the future.”

  47. BWD, welcome back AND I will take it from here just for ya! Me with terrible cold now but happy that you are back with us!!!

  48. could someone please explain that thompson creek pic. Are they under something? What is going on there?

  49. Given the reality that the Rs are in control of the purse strings at the moment since all funding bills have to originate in the House and given that Daley served as Sec. of Commerce under President Clinton during which time he was heavily involved in negotiations with the Rs, why are you “not very enamored” by the selection?

    Who would have been a better choice? And why?

    Now I’m sure the PL would have loved for the appointment to have been Alan Grayson (loser), Russ Feingold (purer than thou loser), Paul Krugman (wrong about everything so far), Howard Dean (who spoke favorably of Daley but won’t give up his little niche of “influence” at this point), or Jon Tester (ooops! voted against the DREAM Act so he’s on the Sh*t list for a while), ….

    It is also interesting to me that people who are in the employ of a corporation, including many of the blogging PL, object to someone who they consider “corporation friendly” as if that has a snowball’s chance of being changed in North America in the next 50 or 60 years. What happened to the “reality” in “Reality Based”? Seems to me that we now have a totally fantasy based bunch on the fringe these days.

    I don’t get enamored or not about President Obama’s choices for appointments. The ones he made at the beginning managed to do pretty damned well given the working environment they inherited and were faced with. Predictions of doom and gloom were wrong and, I expect, will continue to be wrong. I very much trust President Obama to be very, very thoughtful about his appointments and not to make them lightly.

  50. That is the most outrageous thing to be in the middle, but what can you do when you have two wars going on. I feel the pain he is going through and the irony in all of this is that he wasn’t the one who detained these people in Guantanamo and they just became his problems. I really really feel sorry for this Prez. May God help us all!!!

  51. I didn’t realize til last week that if you click on each photo you’ll see the description. Pretty cool.

    “Workers use their cell phones to snap pictures of President Barack Obama from between pallets of vinyl window frames as he takes a tour at Thompson Creek Manufacturing, which makes custom replacement windows, Friday, Jan. 7, 2011, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) “

  52. whoa, disregard this comment. Are we able to delete our own comments? I know I saw a comment that is no longer there….weird!

  53. Glad to hear you are feeling better BWD. I hope you continue to get well. You are doing such a wonderful job for the country. Thanks again for your site and the valuable posts about the improving economy. As long as the economy continues to improve all those who bash the President will continue to look ridiculous.

  54. I don’t consider the “professional” left that belittle our President to be Progressive or they would appreciate progress.

    They also, need to be called out on their claims that they are President Obama’s base…they never were. It’s embarrassing and infuriating enough to witness their whining temper tantrums without listening to false claims. (I’m sadly reaching the point where I despise many of them)

  55. Well hello BWD, & I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Welcome back.

    I find myself not being too critical of “POTUS” & his choices & picks of his Administration anymore, because I am learning that “POTUS” Is usually playing “CHESS”, while some of us, are playing “CHECKERS”, & that Includes me as well. So, really, I trust HIS judgement. Just look at all the Odds, that he overcame, to be where he Is today. I just continue to keep him In my prayers. Okey dokey, later, & Tally- Ho 🙂

  56. Hi Toon Moene: Thanks for posting this video. I wish all the people in America would get a chance to see it. Clearly, this President is focused on solving real problems facing real people. I think if the people were exposed to President Obama directly, without the MSM filter, they would really appreciate the work he is doing to rescue this country from the damage made by the previous administration.

  57. Glad you’re feeling better than yesterday. I’ve got no home remedies for you, unfortunately. Looking at President Obama should distract you for a while, I’d guess.

    In any event, the number of comments seems to be expanding greatly. Hope you can keep up with them and don’t have too much weeding out to do.

    Did anyone notice that the Ds who voted with the Rs on the preliminary health insurance reform repeal are from places that need it most? [viz. Dan Boren from Okalahoma, Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell from North Carolina and Mike Ross from Arkansas.]

    Will be on the road again for the next week. Will check in as possible. Keep up the good work and thanks to everyone who has had enough of the naysayers’ nonsense.

  58. Well Sam, I don’t consider myself a member of the PL or a fauxgressive blogger, lol. My point is that I don’t love a Wall St. to WH Chief of Staff. I don’t like the optics of it, and in my *opinion* Daley served Clinton during a period in which free trade agreements which turned out to insufficiently protect worker interests signals a centrism with which I disagree.

    I don’t pretend to be the best-informed person and take, and can agree with, many points to the contrary including some of yours.

    And I’m enamored with Hilda Solis’ selection among many, lol. I do take your points.

  59. Oh yeah I LOVED it. You could tell that he was letting off some steam at people who are short-sided. “It’s a long game”. Indeed, Mr. President.

    He was forceful yet very articulate and dignified. Displaying vision and realism at the same time.

    And he had all the REASONS in the world to push back against the never-satisfied crowd. If those people think they’re kind of his “employers”, I would ask them what would they think of an employer who criticizes his employee 24/7? Who almost NEVER acknowledges his efforts and some of the good things he’s done ? Who is constantly accusing him of all sorts of nefarious motives ?? An elected official has to be accountable, yes. But I’ll never accept the concept that it gives the people who elected him the right to treat him like a slave or a punching bag.

  60. I’m not sure what this refers to because I just read that it was Daley who got the news of the tightening Fl. election outcome and calmly took Gore aside and told him he was not conceding, that they were going to continue to fight. I still can’t believe the decision of the Supreme Court, stopping the recount. What a fateful and disastrous decision that was—for our country and the world.

  61. Maybe a second byte at the apple will do the trick. The Democrats are finally fighting to protect one of their signature accomplishments.
    Jonathan Cohn
    The New Republic
    “The Best Defense Is……”

    For most of last year, Democrats were playing defense on health care, responding to Republican criticisms or, in many cases, trying desperately to change the subject of debate. Now something has changed. Congressional Democrats are challenging Republicans, daring them to come out against the bill’s more popular provisions. The Democratic National Committee is aggressively distributing talking points. According to an account in the New York Times, Democrats will soon have a campaign-style war room for making their case. It’s almost as if the the Democrats want this fight now

  62. I agree SamCDC the Professional Left truly are losers. They are wrong again and again, are too small in stature to admit their mistakes, and revel in second guessing this President (who is clearly their superior in intellect and political savy). All their “champions of purity” cannot seem to win an election. I wonder if the P.L. realizes how far they have fallen in the eyes of sane citizens. The echo chamber must have really good insulation. I choose to ignore their madness. They only represent the view of a small extremist sliver of liberals. They seem to be addicted to the attention they get from the MSM when they bash the President.

  63. Yes, President Obama needs big biz to loosen up and start hiring, and if Daley can help in this regard, fine by me. We need the employment numbers to improve to ease Obama’s re-election, which is the most important thing.

  64. And my alternate selection would be the lovechild of Alan Grayson and Mike Tyson of course. A real fighter who would swagger through the WH and hit any GOP opponents with a swinging computer mouse kept on his person at all times. (In other words, I have no better idea, lol, just discussing Daley).

  65. Totally agree. Pres. Obama is as gifted a communicator as I have ever seen in public life. His choice of words is impeccible and really sticks to his intended targets. His use of the words “sactimonious” and “purity” were like daggers into the self-important soul of the P.L. In fact, the term “Professional Left” is another case in point (although I think Gibbs came up with that one). It perfectly crystalizes how full of it these blowhards on the left truly are (criticizing the President for financial gain).

  66. The new CoS, the excesses of the PL notwithstanding, opposed HCR; his last stint in the WH was during the negotiation of NAFTA. He seems to be to the center (if not the right) of policies put in place during the past two years. I know that the PL turns every area of disagreement into a panic or crisis for profit and attention purposes, but there is a legitimate basis for not being in love with this particular choice of course with the caveat that POTUS has his reasons for it, legitimate ones.

  67. I’m glad President Obama agreed to this interview—-it will help balance out the celebration of and tribute to —Ronald Reagan!—-that is planned for the Super Bowl. Spare me! But at least we have smart, engaging Obama to soften that insult.

  68. It sickens me how President Obama’s own party continues to undermine him. They have no shame. No courage of conviction. They seem to not trust Obama no matter how many times he is proven right. I think many Dems think they can score political points back home when they undermine the Pres. (or to use another term “keep Obama in his place”). There is something deep going on in this country. Many who should logically be Pres. Obama’s allies or biggest supporters are doing all in their power to undermine him, make him seem ineffectual or weak. Many of these same Dems supported Bush’s policies regarding terrorism, but are now suddenly finding their voice and feel free to embarrass a Dem President.

  69. Rereading my comment, I feel the need to emphasize that I didn’t intend to be critical of you but, rather, to point out the dilemma President Obama has to (and I am confident will) solve in an even worse environment. I would never put you among the PL ignorati.

    I certainly agree with your assessment of the problems caused for American workers by NAFTA and other “free” trade agreements. I would also like to find a way to take all but about 2% of the earnings the wall streeters get and play Robin Hood with my part. Unless and until we can effect significant structural change in how this (worsening) economic system works, I think we have to find ways to deal effectively with it. Having said that, be assured that I am a 100% “redistribute the wealth” person.

    I appreciate your work and have for a long time. Glad you are here these days.

  70. I’m so glad that you have more spring in your step today…I was so busy the past couple days, I didn’t have time to be on the computer much, so continue to take it easy and take care of yourself over the weekend, and hopefully, come Monday, you will be good as new! Homemade chicken soup works great…and Vicks Vaporub:) I swear by that stuff. When I was little, my dad would make me EAT that stuff! When I got old (now) I looked at the directions, and it says “Do not ingest.” Great. He was trying to kill me, and damn near did. THAT STUFF IS NASTY!!! Feel better, BWD!

  71. When you “got it” you got it! He could make a paper bag look good.I better just stop now….

  72. Valid points GN. However, the COS works for President Obama and will do whatever Obama tells him to do or be relieved of his duties. Pres. Obama will use whatever skills or contacts Daley has to meet goals and policies set forth by Obama. That is why I do not understand the hand wringing about Obama’s COS choice. If I remember correctly the last COS wanted to scrap HCR, but was overruled by his boss, the President. President Obama realizes that his election and the welfare of the country depends on job creation. Daley has a strong business background and lots of contacts. I trust Obama’s judgement in deeming Daley the best man for the job.

  73. I just read this from over at The Political Carnival

    President Obama leave a little present in your paycheck today?
    Posted on Friday, January 7, 2011 by Paddy
    So, I’m working on the computer last night (playing Mah Jong and having a cocktail) when Jeff calls from work to check if I need anything on the way home. He pauses, then says, “Hey, my paycheck is bigger!”. I reminded him about the President’s tax cut, and he got all hip happy.
    He plans to take that extra bit o’cash down to our local record store (been hard times, had to close two branches) and pick up the album he’d been putting off. The cash he drops there will pay the hourly wage for a days worth of work for one of the kids they have behind the counter guarding the “tobacco water pipes” and hacky sacks, and those kids will take their pay and drop it like a hot rock at fast food places, gas for their cars and goodies for their girlfriends. And so on. Other people who are going to enjoy a wee bit more in their pay will get their kid the jacket he’s been needing so much, maybe a couple steaks for Sunday dinner or even a night out at a local restaurant with the spouse. Stimulus.
    When Jeff got over being excited about this little gift, I reminded him to make sure all those mouth breathing, low information, rednecks nice working class Americans he works with noticed the extra dough, and knew who put it there. Not as flashy as a check to your doorstep, but it does the job.
    The moral of this story is that all of us should make it our mission to ask EVERYONE we know, “President Obama leave a little present in your paycheck this week?” and explain to them exactly how and who it’s from. If they’re not going to toot their horns, we better do it for them.

  74. No, I definitely take your points and realize that in classic GN form, I misread yours and eric’s comments, and that you had extended your note past my remarks and into a generalized statement about some of the nonsense masquerading as “criticism” of the Daley choice on the PL. Goes without saying that I find your commentary beyond informative, and I really do take your points about Daley (and trust me, I was wrong about Rahm, H. Clinton, the list goes on and on lol). Just reading some of his stances re: HCR, NAFTA, finreg reform, I was like, “okaaaay.” But what everyone is saying here is very sensible.

    I certainly agree with your assessment of the problems caused for American workers by NAFTA and other “free” trade agreements. I would also like to find a way to take all but about 2% of the earnings the wall streeters get and play Robin Hood with my part.

    See, you really are a benevolent. I’d take that 2% and buy myself a blog from which I would specialize in reading the tea leaves of POTUS’ grey hair patterns and what they mean in terms of the sellouts and betrayals which POTUS has obviously prepared for me personally. I would instaban anyone who hinted at the ability to reason her/his way out of a paperbag by applying a special “WHselloutprostitutionwhore” rating. But you’d feed the starving and all that less significant stuff. 😉

  75. Can’t argue with a thing you’ve said Eric. And I’d add even a further caveat: I really am not very well informed about this person beyond what writings there are online. Don’t know him, or his current thoughts. So I really do think that some terrific points to the contrary have been raised here.

    /terrorist fist bumps to everyone

  76. I love the new dyanmic in the White House.
    I just hope that the professional left will get of their isolation and join this CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

    GOD Bless President OBAMA!

    Thanks for this excellent summary BWD!

  77. Okay, note to Paul Ryan…when you have deep-set eyes like that, you get frames for your glasses that hide the upper shadow, not reveal it. Makes for a look of crazy.

  78. Glad you are back. Missed you and your posts. I guess everything goes back to what Nature intended. If you are a critic you go back to being a critic. That fits Rachel, the Left and the MSM. Just heard Chris Matthews pretty much count PBO out in the next election due to the economy not making it to 7% by then. After almost turning him off he backtracked somewhat at the end saying he had a chance at re-election.
    It is my thought that PBO has proven he is farsighted when making choices. We may not know exactly why he has chosen whomever he chose. I think he had a very good reason and I credit him with the intelligence and presidential history to be able to make his own choices without so much criticism.

  79. They never will. That would necessitate them being just cogs in a wheel, and not the wheel. It won’t happen. But I’ve seen enough of their type to last a lifetime. They share egomania and selfishness with all baggers. They get an ‘F’ in plays well with others.

    What is far more significant, I believe is a stat I picked up earlier, and was mentioned again by gn above: 75% of Americans respect him as a person. That is the chip we need to capitalize on, to increase our base. The Reps OTOH, are coming across TERRIBLY, and most importantly, the economy is improving. I’ll take Indies and Swing voters who possess actual learning ability to the kneejerking, self serving frustrati any day. I don’t trust them.

  80. Yeah, the idiots are idiots. Homeostasis. I AM disappointed with Rachel though, I was starting to hope last week. Maybe in ten years, since I believe a major issue with her is immaturity.

    If anyone here is old enough to have watched Soap…there was a character named Burt. When he wanted to make people disappear (he was somewhat nuts) he’d cross his arms and double snap. When I was on Orange, I’d picture myself doing that when the Poutragers were letting loose. Cracked me up.

    An older visual I love – from Kazan’s The Arrangement. An elderly character used to mock motion turning off her hearing aid when the convo pissed her off.

    I may be a bit inaccurate in both recountings here – both ages ago.

  81. I heart BWD. This mishmash just made me happy. That picture of him with the safety glasses…swoon. Great speech at the Window factory. I learn so much here.

    If I had a sig here, it would be: The Professional Left is neither.

  82. Has someone put together a website that shows just how wrong the frustrati really have been? Like go back and take their predictions of doom and gloom from the moment Candidate Obama announced he was runnint up till now, and contrast them to what actually happened? If they have, I’d love to read about it.

  83. Our friend Christin once posted something similar in Orange. Was hysterical, but it could lead to blogwars, which from my POV, I’ve retired from 🙂

  84. My final comment about the Daley selction, then I will shut up. (So I’ll actually make 2 or 3 comment in one.) Yes he supported NAFTA, but that was his job at the time. And I will be honest, I was somewhat in support of NAFTA as well. Call me naive, but I didn’t think the results woudl be as bad as they are. Yes he citicized the HCR effort, but he wasn’t against reform, more the way it was handled which allowed all the uproar. He was looking for a more incremental approach.

    Regarding his banking background. To be honest, this is where I get really pissed. Being a progressive does not mean being anti-business or anti-corporatioons or anti-banking. Not all bankers or corporate etities or businesses are corrupt, don’t give a damn entities. If everytime somebody from the corporate world enters the administration there is a major back-lash then it keeps up the meme of liberals being anti-business. It becomes a labeling of everybody in a certain class based upon the worse patterns of a few within that class, exactly wha we are complaining about by being bunched in with the PL.

    Finally, Obama could have picked a major progressive which would have done nothing with Congress constituted as it is now. In fact, there may have been even more alientaion of the middle of America and given more ammunition to th Repblicans campaigning against him This takes some of that ammunition away. And it also gives Obama somebody who really understands that world far better than he does.

  85. Just so you know, Daley was never a Wall Street banker. He took the job the JP Morgan when they took over a Chicago bank BankOne mostly in a PR role. His job was to manage the transition. He was not involved in any way with the chicanery that caused the crash. Bill Daley is a fantastic manager who knows everybody in Chicago (think 2012) and Washington. His whole career has been about smoothing the way, twisting arms and getting things done for whoever has paid him to do it. He will now be President Obama’s arm twister who also has good relations with everyone in Washington.

  86. Well I totally agree and I have the advantage of knowing Bill Daley. He is not an ideologue. He is an superb manager, administrator, charming twister of arms for the benefit of whoever is writing his paycheck. He is pretty liberal personally, but doesn’t let that get in the way of getting the job done. He’s a perfect fit in this job at this time.

  87. Evidently they are snapping pics of POTUS through the spaces of the stacked windows and doors that they manufacture. I can’t recall another President that people go out their way to photograph as much as this one. 🙂

  88. p.s. g, they(the PL and frustrati) are no longer allowed on my teevee and computer.

  89. Yes, and I just watched the clip of our President at the conference regarding the Sudan, and tried to imagine Mr Bush in his place. We cannot lose President Obama!


  91. Why am I not surprised we both watched the same show, LOL!

    Actually, the only way I have any idea what the talking heads are blathering about is from reading our blogs 🙂

  92. Me 2 get most of my inside info here, was going to make a mean alien joke about Tweety up above but decided to play nice ;).

  93. I have to admit I have given up on Rachel. She seems to have decided that criticizing President Obama plays well with her audience. Some people are happy being outraged. They don’t enjoy celebrating success and they never see success anywhere.

    Since legislation is probably going nowhere this year, I am cheering for diplomatic breakthroughs, science advances, railroad improvements, electric grid improvements, all of which have happened under President Obama. I want to research these fields and find out the facts and how we can help try to get the word of advances into the news media.

  94. Also, what the selection of Daley does is almost neutralize’s Romney’s business advantages. You know everybody thinks he is this great business person!!.

    Also with the PL up in arms over this pick brings more attention to his business acumen, and makes independent and moderate repugs take notice. 2012 all the way baby

  95. Have to agree about the lack of reality on the fringe concerning “corporate America”. I have yet to hear from any of them how we are supposed to run an economy while declaring war on our corporations. I have found on comment boards a stunning lack of understanding about fundamental economics about the Purists. They have decided all evil flows from profit motive and have declared war on that. I guess if you have never created a job it all looks so easy.

  96. Exactly right. The more Obama cheeses off the Fauxgressives he makes points with people who are not anti-business and the smears that he is some kind of Marxist Man from Mars look all the more ridiculous. He is placing himself in the middle of the electorate (where I think he feels the most comfortable most the time anyway) and letting the Fauxgressives and Teabaggers wear themselves out with screaming that the other is destroying America. He looks all the more adult with almost no effort.

  97. Ray, your comments about Rachel tells me I made the right decision not to resume watching her show, except for the odd clips BWD post here now and then. I am so glad I stayed away from political cable tv

  98. The GOP leadership wants all this out in the first week so they can wear themselves in an orgy of futility and then when all this tilting at windmills fails the lobbyists can go back to telling them what to do.

    By the Fourth of July the GOP will have a big cookout on the Mall to declare their immense achievements and the rest of us will be toting up their collective Epic Fail.

    When you have GOP leadership backpedaling on things like spending cuts ALREADY, you have all you need to know they have no intention of fulfilling the Teabagger Christmas Wish List.

  99. The professional Left mostly thinks they are smarter than Obama. When they thought they were smarter than Bush they, like 80% of Americans, were correct. They think they know better than Obama how to run his own inner office for poop’s sake! Is there any decision they will let him make without their approval? Reminds me of how some people seemed to think the “symbolism” of what breed of dog he got for the girls was all important.

    Anyone whining about the Prez at this point is either a) an GOP operative sent to do psy-ops on progressive blogs or b) a narcissist with too high an opinion of themselves. I really appreciate the opportunity to visit BWD’s site and allied sites to actually hear from adults.

  100. But you know what they wanted was someone who would spend his time on Sunday Morning political shows refuting Rush Limbaugh point by point.

    I see many on the Pro Left as being more interested in school yard taunts than achieving anything.

  101. I moved to a new job recently and don’t have cable television, haven’t since July, I have noticed my blood pressure dropping significantly

  102. distributing talking points… campaign-style war room…

    Pardon me DNC but WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG ???

    How come you left President Obama fighting alone for so so long ???

  103. One of the reasons President Obama has to deal with more disloyalty is because he wants to finally do the DIFFICULT things. Hence, he exposed a terrible truth about politicians: many of them lack courage.

    And watch carefully in the next months. The discussions about long term fiscal responsability will expose those politicians even more. And I’m a bit concerned that everyone will try to make President Obama carry all the burden and take all the blame for making the hard choices.

  104. He is indeed an exceptional person and president. I pray each day that he will succeed in remaking America. I pray each day that there will be near unanimity about him being one of the best presidents in history. Mount Rushmore material !!

    Michelle Obama (paraphrasing) : ” I was reluctant for him to run because it meant great sacrifices. But I said yes because I wanted THIS man to be my President. “

  105. I have noticed the same thing makesense4tulips. It is about time. The Dems have been beat upon long enough. They deserve a break, even if it is a short one.

  106. So nice to be here, especially after making a very public goodbye to the site “of which we will not speak!”

    You’re correct, BWD, the feeling the anti-Obama left have seems to be a sense of ownership over the President. It’s as if they’re saying: “Look, without us, you (black guy) doesn’t get elected, ever. Therefore, you’re not a “President” like your 43 predecessors. You sit at the controls, and we tell you what button to push.”

    We elected a President, not a “boy Friday.” And if you care about actual progress, this President has put more points on the scoreboard in 2 years than any other President in history, with the exception of maybe FDR.

  107. Amen, LovePolitics re: “…[H]e exposed a terrible truth about politicians: many of them lack courage.” And that’s another reason why they hate him — he’s smarter and braver…

  108. Kittypat, no, you did not go old school with a reference to “Soap” and the crazy Burt alien kidnapping… LOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Here, here, Darnell… And as we all know, FDR had over 12 years to work his magic (and would’ve been 16 years, but for his death the year after his re-election)…

  110. Thank you for the link to the video, BWD.

    Hope you are getting more rest and are taking good care of yourself.

    We so need you healthy and in good spirits!!


  111. BTW, BWD … Bob == Bobfr (just wanted to have the same name here as at other blogs like The People’s View, Norbrook’s etc 🙂

  112. Soap used to make me laugh until I cried, thinkinoutthebox, funny that g mentioned him because he was my favorite character!

  113. This guy has a quirky sense of humor. Nice to see him come back rested.

    Now on to punch some hippies in their faces and kick some rethug asses, Mr President. 🙂

  114. Lynn, I agree with you 100000%. You said it right when you said “when are we going to stop second guessing #44?” I TRUST his JUDGEMENT. As reported, this is the first time in history that a President’s COS has been questioned. My goodness, why is it that EVERYTHING he does is subjected to withering criticism and unwaranted attacks? I have UNWAVERING SUPPORT and LOVE for President Obama!!! I’ve got his back until the end…

  115. OMG, I totally missed that G had mentioned first ;-). Either way, you both are killing me with the reference. I used to watch as a kid, and thought it was the funniest show (though some would say the shark was jumped on the alien story ;-)).

  116. I noticed the change in both Rachel’s and KO’s “reporting” some months, around the time the reports of MSNBC’s ownership change – to be more “conservative”

    I can’t bear to watch anymore, either. I did watch a few spots this week when Chris Hayes was guesting for Rachel – I sure wish he would get he own show! But it’s clear the new “look” of these shows comes from top-down, and it ain’t pretty.

  117. Am I mistaken or he didn’t oppose HCR on substance, but simply opposed the idea of doing HCR right at the beginning of the presidency because there was so much work to do to prevent an economic crash ? In other terms wasn’t his position the same as Rahm’s, that is, simply an opposition about the strategy ?

    As for NAFTA, I tend to not judge people too harshly. There was a general belief among many economists that it would benefit the american workers. Wishful thinking, we know that now. And I bet that William Daley has some regrets about this. Could be a motivation to work even harder for rebuilding the economy.

    That being said, the optics are not great, I’ll grant you that. Too bad that if you want someone with a vast experience in government coupled with some outside experience in management, the place where you find this person is in big corporations. We could devote an entire thread to the problem of the revolving door.

    A bit of reassuring news: Robert Reich, who is always pushing for very progressive economic policies, seems to like Daley. I often disagree with Mr. Reich and think he doesn’t take into account the political realities ( like Krugman). However, his approbation is a sign that Mr. Daley is NOT a “corporate shill”.

  118. Interesting points. I especially applaud you for pointing out the dangerous tendency of the left to paint everyone who works in business with the same brush. it’s unfair, and ridiculous.

  119. Yep. Legends in their own minds. They thrive on outrage. For some, this is how they line their coffers.

    Except that their act is stale, and reality-based people are getting a whiff of that rotten fish and they are not liking it at all.

    Go figure.

  120. I watched Countdown for hopefully the last time this year (resolution to stay away from cable “news” – going back to work on Monday). His worst person segment talked about Rep. King, who vigorously defended Boehner and Cantor’s “mendacity”, and said anyone who challenged their “mendacity” and made other wild accusations simply cast aspersion on themselves. Clearly, he doesn’t know that mendacity means “a tendency to lie”… Funny, but true.

  121. It is the ugly secret of our country. Racism. The racism of the rightwingers is easy to see and call. The rabid left is showing its racism by being critical based on nothing but speculations. It is amazing to see the so-called left or Progressive Elites, aka hysterati, ignore amazing accomplishments and focus always on the negative even if they have to create it.

    I love this page. We need a counter to the madness . . . left and right.

  122. I gave up on Rachel with her DADT coverage. She never told all the actions President Obama had taken for the LGBT community. I bet she feels utterly stupid to have been so awfully wrong. But I guess that instance does not make her pause this time either.

    I stopped watching her long ago. I don’t need to see teabaggers on the left.

  123. Yep. TWO YEARS and he compares amazingly well to everyone else who had 8 years or MORE!!!

    I’m stick with this President. The frustrati, hysterati, pouty folks can watch while things get done without them. They are making themselves irrelevant and useless.

  124. I love this site. Begin with it in the morning. End with it at night. Love the positive comments, information, and photos.

    Welcome back BWD. Glad you are feeling better.

  125. I am very happy that you are back and feeling better. Thanks for another great mishmash.

  126. Great mish mash. Important to keep pushing out all the good news. Gallop put opposition to repeal at only 40% today with 44% in favor of repeat, 26% democrats in favor of repeal. Previous polls showed that opposition was split between those who don’t want health care reform and those who want more progressive reform but the current question is around repeal. For those who feel it doesn’t go far enough it should be support and expand.

    Glad you are feeling better BWD Take it easy, rest, fluids, and good cheer.

  127. but [Daley] simply opposed the idea of doing HCR right at the beginning of the presidency because there was so much work to do to prevent an economic crash ?

    If that is true, he made a mistake that is probably only visible from outside the US.

    The health care insurance situation in the US was so fucked up (before PPACA) that is was a serious inhibitor of economic revival.

    What developed country would put its workforce at such peril (of death-by-preexisting-condition, insurance bills that gets up to 20 % of payroll, etc.) ?

    Of course Health Care Reform had to be done first !

  128. Toon is correct. The President was doing both economic and health care at the same time because they are so inter-connected.

    I would change Toon’s statement slightly:

    “What developed country would put its workforce [AND ECONOMY]at such peril (of death-by-preexisting-condition, insurance bills that gets up to 20 % of payroll, etc.) ?”

    Yes, it had to be done right at the beginning to have its big effect within just a few years.

  129. Don’t get me started with Tim Kaine and DNC messaging. It is painful to think that it took losing the majority in the House to make Dems pull together and fight for the ACA. The benefits of ACA are kicking in already. There are numerous reports and indicators backing that up. If they can’t make the case to the American people now it will be tragic.

  130. I also believe he had a plan for both right and left, which in large part was and is to ignore their tantrums and keep working on getting things done with whatever reasonable adults he could find to deal with.

    I suspect President Obama went into office having already taken the measure of the Professional Left (and their blogging enablers) and realized that he could not count on any useful support from them, not when the going got tough and tough choices would have to be made if any progress was to be clawed out of the mess our country is in.

  131. Unfair and ridiculous is quite correct. It makes those who argue thus look as foolish as those on the right who demonize all on the left as socialist America-hating hippies.

    Such caricatures do nothing to solve problems; they merely push people even harder to huddle in their own corners and snarl at anyone from the other side of the room.

  132. 5. Repeal this, idiots:

    More Small Businesses Offering Health Care To Employees Thanks To Obamacare

    Note how (even!) Forbes uses the derisive “Obamacare” in a positive fashion – this really made my day !

  133. Many democrats did the same thing to President Carter. The results of their over the top criticisms led to the election of Ronald Reagan and 12 years of the country being run by republicans. Never mind that President Carter was the real fiscal conservative and years ahead of his time on developing sources of alternative energy. They bashed him repeatedly over his failure to rescue the American hostages that were being held by Iran. This played right into the hands of the republicans who helped them portray President Carter as being weak on foreign policy and national security.

    They totally, and conveniently, forgot his success in brokering a peace between Israel and Egypt that has lasted to this very day. The man won a Nobel Peace Prize, and that still wasn’t enough proof for them of his efficacy as POTUS. The sad thing about this is that President Carter is still viewed as being “weak” among some on the left. They’ve even compared PBO to President Carter recently. Shameful.

    They’re doing the same thing today to PBO that they did to President Carter—-standing on the outside looking in, making judgments, and thinking that they know more about a particular situation/problem than the one intimately involved in solving it. Had a republican been president at the time, there is no way that his supporters would have failed to defend him vigorously, even if he was wrong. The republicans are STILL defending GWB even though they know that he was a major failure in his role as POTUS. It is because I’ve seen types like the frustrati and PL in action before that I ignore them. They are incapable of seeing the forest for the trees.

  134. O/T but very important:

    U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot outside a grocery store in Tucson while holding a public event, Arizona Public Media reported Saturday.

    Giffords, who was re-elected to her third term in November, was hosting her first “Congress on Your Corner” event at the Safeway in northwest Tucson when a gunman ran up and started shooting, according to Peter Michaels, news director of Arizona Public Media.

    At least five other people, including members of her staff, were hurt. Giffords was transported to University Medical Center in Tucson. Her condition was not immediately known.

    Giffords was talking to a couple when the man ran up firing indiscriminately, and then ran off, Michaels said. According to other witnesses, the was tackled by a bystander and taken into custody.

    More details to come.

  135. I heard some interesting commentary from David Fitzsimmons (Cartoonist & Opinion Columnist for the Arizona Daily Star) interviewed on CNN earlier.

    He said Arizona is far to the right and a gun happy state. Guns are a like a fetish and there is an intense gun culture there. He seemed to imply it was just a matter of time before something like this happened considering the political climate. The host cautioned him that we don’t know the motives of the assailant. Fitzsimmons stressed that this was just his opinion as a cartoonist and opinion columnist.

    He said Congresswoman Giffords was narrowly re-elected to her third term in a very conservative district. She was considered a centrist and as already noted in the comments, she had received threats related to health care reform in the past.

    It was enlightening to hear this from a local columnist.

  136. BWD….glad you’re back!.
    I have watched this video more than twenty times(no kidding!) – and I always click to the last 5 minutes of it. Anytime I do, my respect for this man grows. He is indeed made for these times.

  137. Thanks, Bobfr (from ‘Moment of Silence’ Thread)…Great News!

    Fed pays US Treasury record $78.4B…: Fed pays U.S. Treasury record $78.4, last year [2010], makes money off programs to aid economy…

    Go Prez Obama, Prez Economic Team, DL Pelosi, & ML Reid Go!!! 🙂

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