The mishmash is yours

Hi guys,

I’m a little bit under the weather and probably won’t be around today, so the mishmash is yours to create. 😉 Use this as an open thread.



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  1. Contradictions Abound in New Rules Package
    By Norm Ornstein of AEI

    Now we come to the rules related to the budget and fiscal policy. I will have to address these fully in another column because there are many new things. But let me start by addressing the provision in the rules to deputize the chairman of the House Budget Committee to unilaterally create spending and revenue limits and caps by committee and enact them simply by publishing them in the Congressional Record.

    This is breathtaking: It demolishes the Congressional budget process in one fell swoop, and it takes away the accountability, openness and deliberation that a regular budget process provides. This is the opposite of accountability; Members, by voting in lockstep to enact a package of rules, will implicitly vote for a budget they have never seen. It will be binding in the House.

    When individual appropriations come up, any proposal that changes the edicts of Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) by restoring cuts in spending will be ruled out of order. Dramatic and Draconian budget cuts without votes or debate. That is the new open and deliberative House?

    Norman J. Ornstein is a resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. .

  2. Get well Darlin!

    Gots to love the jobs report. Almost 300k for the month of December.

    Any progressives talking about this. We shall see.

  3. I watched Chris Hayes interview Michael Isikoff last night on The Rachel Maddow Show and it was riveting. It will be interesting to see how much media coverage this story gets.


    Hedge fund moguls donated $10 million, gained key House allies to head off financial reforms

  4. My dad used to make us gargle with salt water and brush our teeth a lot to help get overcolds! Feel better BWD!!!

    I’ve been inspired by eclectablog to be more active in OFA

    I think I am going to host an OFA event. To watch the SOTU address, and then afterward discuss ways we can help support the President. Think of ways we can spread the message to ordinary citizens.

  5. hope you feel better. they think this 94 and clinton. They don’t realize its 2011 and the times are different and the people are more vocal .

  6. That is wonderful, pinkbunny. Very encouraging. Hope it’s an unqualified success!

    P.S. Take care of yourself, BWD; we’ll try not to wreck the place!

  7. Get better, soon BWD!

    Guys, like BWD I don’t like linking to HuffPuff either. But I think we need to track all the dismantling the republicans are trying to do.

    This story is about them stripping delegates in D.C. and the other small territories like Guam from being able to vote on amendments on the floor. Five of the delegates are Democrats and one is an independent. This, coupled with them giving Ryan the power to alone set spending limits is a usurping of our rights.

    We need to be taking to the streets over these actions.

    This from one of the comments is exactly how I feel:

    “The agenda is clear, start setting the stage for 2012, the first phase of their plan to take the country back is complete and it only cost them $3 billion dollars to purchase the House of Representa­tives. The next step in the plan is to purchase the senate and the white house in 2012. They are going to keep people unemployed until real desperatio­n runs rampant through cities and towns across America. They are going to ramp up the propaganda machine against our President and then bank on the majority of us sitting our stupid @$$E$ home in 2012 like we did on November 2nd. And let them just walk in and take our country and do as they please.

    It’s not the teabaggers who are the fools they don’t know any better, I feel sorry for them. It is those of us who do know better and allowed this to happen, that are the fools in my opinion.

    So for the next two years every time the rethugs do something that you don’t like, that bothers you and pisses you off. Remind yourself of all of that anti Obama BS you sat around the dinner table talking you so called progressiv­es. And if you think it’s bad now stay home on voting day in 2012 with your……­.. “I will never vote for Obama again attitude”. See what that will do for you.

    It’s not the teabaggers who better wake up It is us.

    Obama 2012.”

    My heartless gov, Mitch Daniels, whose often touted by the republicans as presidential material (hah! joke!) was interviewed by the NYT I believe and he had the nerve to say that it’s ok to raise the retirement age because people can live to be 100, especially as we make strides at replacing body parts. (I’m paraphrasing here.)

    This from a guy who’s worth millions because of his father who started one of the most successful law firms in Indiana. He never had to worry about planning for his golden years.

    I hope we’re ready to rise up again people. Because that’s what it’s going to take.

  8. thank u 4 everything u do BWD. please feel better, the world is certainly a much better place when you are operating at a 100%.

  9. Guess what I received in email today? The “I’m Grateful for President Obama” message! I couldn’t believe it and grinned mightily. Emailed the recipient and told her about BWD and how it all started. She’s not really into political newshound, but loves the Obama family and really loved the pics included. I was tickled pink when I hit “download the pics” on the email and saw the words “blackwaterdog and wordpress” and immediately knew what I was about to see.

    This is fantastic!

    Good morning everyone. I am an infrequent poster but avid reader/lurker! Feel better, BWD.

  10. BWD, in our own fashion we will attempt to hold down the fort, although we can not be as wonderful at it as you are.

    Lot’s of news, both positive and negative. Tomorrow’s official DoL employment report will be interesting. With the hiring news yesterday, but the increase in unemployment applications that just came out can be confusing, and a lot will depend on who does the interpreting.

    I have no doubt part of the increase was due to temp help being let go. If so, it actually is somewhat good news that it didn’t increase further.

  11. Hope you feel better soon BWD so you can continue the excellent work you are doing on this site.

  12. Those ADP numbers are strange, unfortunately. There was a chart that showed that ADP’s numbers tracked with BLS for years and then were wildly different in 2010. It’s curious.

    I hadn’t heard about the increase in unemployment applications. I’m assuming those are seasonal workers who are now out of a job.

  13. Holy. Shit. I don’t know how Ornstein stands it at the AEI — he’s a good guy.

    So where is the Democratic outrage?

  14. These are the same people, Ladyhawke, who complained incessantly that they were being oppressed when the Democrats were in the majority. We always criticize most vociferously our own weaknesses which we project onto others. One can only hope they will self-destruct via their hubris, but it would be helpful to actually have a fact-based media to aid them in their demise.

  15. An interesting adjunct to that story, Ladyhawke, was that Michelle Bachmann is now turning on the Wall Street bail-out, even though Wall Street was her largest donor. Aside from the fact that the Wall Street bail-out originated under the Bush administration, I am confused as to whether or not we have recouped most of the money spent on the bail-out. It seems I heard this reported by Rachel Maddow and others, and if that is the case, where’s the beef?

  16. I think they are overplaying their hand, but I continually overestimate the intelligence of the American people (though I don’t think the “intelligence” of our media can be underestimated). Much of what they do seems to pass under the radar as the people don’t pay much attention (how else to explain the past election?), but I am hoping this new bunch of thugs in the House will shout loudly enough for the average American to take notice.

  17. I know you are going to feel better, soon. I agree with the warm water/salt method, my dad still makes me to that. Also try to drink lots of liquids, preferably Orange Juice; Vitamin C is paramount in combating any illness.

  18. I saw Mitch Daniels last night on Lawrence O’Donnell, and I was surprised that he was less rabid than many of the other members of his party; he might even pass for “moderate” by today’s extreme Republican standards. I think this will rule him out as a candidate, especially since he said he will not take Grover Norquist’s “pledge” to never raise taxes. Of course, we’ve all seen what happened to John McCain when he needed to cater to the extreme rightwing, so I can easily imagine Daniels quickly caving to Norquist. I am hoping that the Republicans have painted themselves into a corner once the general public starts to notice what is happening. They will be in the public eye even more now, and it will be more difficult to ignore their egregious behavior. They cannot win without the TeaPartiers, and yet the TeaPartiers are no more than 20% of the population. It is a matter of messaging, I think. Would that we had a media to help out with this.

  19. What is needed now is more TRANSPARENCY than the Republican Party can handle. Circumventing the media firewall won’t be easy, but it must be done. Information is power.

    Here’s more on the power grab for Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. It is really astonishing.

    Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman By Erik Wasson – 12/30/10

    The proposed rule would allow the Budget Committee chairman to set spending ceilings for 2011 without a vote by the full House. By approving the rules package, the House would give authority to the new Budget panel chairman to set budget ceilings at a later time and his decision would not be subject to an up-or-down vote on the floor.

  20. blackwaterdog, perhaps your illness is your body telling you that you need a much-deserved rest. Be as considerate of yourself as you are of others.

  21. Another instance of the PL moaning too loudly and the Right wing getting it wrong at the beginning.

    We all know how the RW criticized Obama for the bailout of GM, specially with the government taking ownership iof a large portion of the company.

    Well, we also know that GM has turned it around, along with Chrysler and thousands and possibly over a million jobs were saved in the process.

    Well, when GM went public a few months ago, a lot on the PL were compalining that the government was selling some of its shares of the company too soon (despite the fact that it was an important psychological move) and that the government would get burned. They said that it was probable the stock was overpriced and would never move up to a point where the government could make a profit.

    Forget the fact that the government’s investment was not profit motivated (I don’t think the government participates in its own 401K) and that a loss would still be a gain. Look at what GM stock is doing. In the little over 2 months since it was issued, it has gained over 13.5% and is over $39 per share and with recent figures coming out, should continue to grow.

    Pessimists on the right of me I can understand, but pessimists on the left of me I despise.

  22. BWD, wishing you a speedy recovery. There’s a plague of sorts going around my workplace that I’m trying desperately to avoid.

    I have an interesting bit up about “Obamacare”. Seems the FDA has banned the use of a drug for treating late stage breast cancer because it did not extend the patients’ lives and had an increased rate of heart failure and a host of other very nasty side effects.

    Predictably, conservatives are calling it “Obamacare” and a sort of “death panel”.

    You can read it HERE.

    Also, because the Obama admin is awesome, they bought a Google AdWords campaign on the word “Obamacare” so that the first link you get on Google directs you to Hah! Brilliant!

    By the way, if anyone thinks I shouldn’t put links to my blog up here, say the word and I’ll stop. I don’t want to come across as crass. I value this place too much to be seen like that.

  23. Michelle Bachmann is another one of those GOP politicians that makes me think of the sound that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes when they are speaking (Whah, Whah, Whah, Blah, Blah, Blah). Bottom line, they are incoherent.

  24. Get well fast! I depend on your email every day to keep my Obama spirits high!! I so appreciate what you are doing.

  25. As of now, we don’t have that media that you would wish for. To paraphrase Rumsfeld, we have to go into this with the media we have not the media we want to have.

    That being said, I think we actually have to become part of the media. By that I mean write LTE’s as much as possible. most probably won’t be published, but even if a few do, it is a gain. We also have to write to the networks and papers if they fall down in doing their duty. (Which would mean all the time).

    It is interesting to see the comments here where people report getting emails with links to the “I am Grateful” posting or youtube video. I get RW emails all the time. Sometimes from people I know that are sending them to me for a fact check so to speak. I need to start sending out links more often than I do. This is another important way we become part of the media.

    It is obvious that the number of people coming here is growing and that probably means there are areas of the country where there are several of us located. Perhaps, even in conjunct with OFA, we can do some major grassroots work. Perhaps even more depressing than the Congressional election results was what happened in more local races in November. Because a lot of people sat out the election, Repubicans won a lot of seats in state legislatures they wouldn’t have otherwise. We can’t let that happen again.

  26. Please take care and get well soon BWD. Your voice is needed now more than ever. Thank you for all you do. We are all in this together and we will keep the fires burning.

  27. BWD, so sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
    Know that every person on this site is giving you a big hug and a smile.

  28. “but it would be helpful to actually have a fact-based media to aid them in their demise.”

    That has been the biggest thorn in President Obama’s side from day one. I just don’t know how we break through and get the facts to the American people.

    The lazy, media stenographers are either providing the echo chamber for GOP talking points (whining and complaining) or they are looking for fake balance between Dems and Repugs in every story. It’s infuriating.

    I keep hoping that the arrival of David Plouffe will mean more and better messaging from the White House.

  29. Self promotion in support of a good cause is not a bad thing. I think most here would agree with me that your blog adds to our day.

  30. I watched that too. He seems stiff and unapproachable–a cold fish. It is very hard for me to imagine he could win the nomination because he played a big roll in bushie economic policies. I think the other candidates will use this against him.

    I agree he seems moderate compared to the idiots who want to be president, but as you said, he could very easily become more rabid to complete with the other repugs running.

    I just think he is flat and seems like a cold fish. Ugh.

    I was surprised he was so dull. I have been reading about what a great president he would be for the repugs for over a year.

  31. I put my blog link up at times. I feel that we are all fighting towards the same common goal, not “competing” with one another. Its like being one big family in my opinion. I love coming here, and I often try not to duplicate what BWD has going on here, but we all support the President and that’s all I care about. I will add your blog to my blogroll on my blog.

  32. Per TPM:In their reading of the Constitution on the House floor, Republicans are leaving out the parts dealing with all the pre-Civil War unpleasantness about how blacks were to be treated.”

    Is anyone surprised? What a colossal waste of taxpayers money. Is reading the constitution their answer to an aggressive job creation plan? Shouldn’t members of Congress already be familiar with the constitution? All in all though, I have come to the conclusion that having the Republicans in charge of the House may actually be a blessing in disguise and a sure path for us to reclaim victory in 2012.

  33. No Eclectablog, you SHOULD keep posting your blog links here! As japa indicated, we benefit tremendously from the info that you provide:)

  34. Love and hugs to you BWD! Hope you get some rest and feel better soon. We are already missing you!!

  35. Oh I am so glad they purchased that adword. Fab. And I don’t see a prob with you linking your blog. Isn’t that the point of this blog to spread the word on pres O?

  36. I know, isn’t the Google AdWord thing totally awesome?!

    As far as your question goes, that’s been my operating assumption but I don’t want to be seen poorly. Like I said, this place is a haven for so many of us and I have no interest whatsoever in spoiling that in any way.

  37. Fewer Americans Filed Jobless Claims Over Past Month….indicating the labor market is improving. The average number of applications for jobless benefits over the past four weeks dropped to 410,750, THE LOWEST LEVEL SINCE July 2008, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. Firings have been WANING in recent weeks, a necessary step toward gains in hiring that will help boost consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of the economy.

  38. I emailed bwd when I received a similar email from a friend who doesn’t blog. It’s really and truly gone viral! 🙂

  39. Are these fools really reading one line of the Constitution at a time? Yes, they are! Such a waste of time and tax payer dollars.

  40. BWD. Feel better, I’m a big fan of soup. Virtual Hugs.

    I am hearing many folks talk about how we have to fight back. I agree. Not only does it allow our voice to be heard, it makes up feel better. After doing something constructive I can feel some of the pressure ease out of mychest.

    Letters to Editor are good, signing online petitions, contacting congress, etc.

    If there is interest, I can put together some resources for how to do some of these things. I planned on adding these pages to my blog so it is killing 2 birds with one stone.

    For example we could draft a few sample “letters to the editor” it can be easier to write one of these if we have a basic letter to start from instead of the blank page. I would like to offer several versions of a letter so we have a variety to pick from. Anyone who would be willing to help with this please let me know, I am not a great writer. Also if you have sent a letter to the editor and would be willing to share it with, that would be great.

    We need to maximize our online presence. It would be great if most of us could get on Facebook and Twitter. I was thinking BWD could make a fan page for this site and we could all become fans. Again I am happy to make instructions for how to do this. If anyone has experience in online marketing, or suggestions, post them here or send me a note

    I believe being an organized group can help us make a difference.

    2 final tidbits

    1. The CBS survey I mentioned a few days ago went from 58% or 60% approval, let’s all believe it was because we all went and voted.

    if you haven’t already done so, cast your vote

    2. I bought a domain name last night

    it’s a start…..

  41. You would think they would split apart as a result of their own inconsistencies. There must be a scientific metaphor for this, but it escapes me right now.

  42. Interesting — this could set up an interesting legal battle as the federal budget act has not been repealed and sets forth a very different process for establishing the federal budget ( a resolution must be passed by each house and then differences reconciled (through a conference or bounce back and forth between the houses) and a single budget approved by both houses.

  43. You’re right, japa21, and I do not want to make light of the individual’s power to contribute to change, but I still believe that what is most needed (as articulated so well by Leanne from Blue Wave News) is an “objective” (to the extent that is possible) news outlet that reaches much of the American populace, and there is nothing like that right now. I admit that the “left” outlets are more fact-based than the right, but they still seem to exhibit poor understanding of how things get done in Washington, and I fear they preach mainly to the choir anyway. Since there are only a few places on the Internet to actually check facts, it is, as you say, up to us to disseminate information, but perhaps it’s also up to us to demand better media in the letters and emails we write. If a true demand were perceived, someone might rise to the occasion to fill the niche.

  44. Dorothy, I believe the gops’ interest in him show how desperate they are for a candidate, and yes, he makes Gore look positively effusive and warm in his persona. At any rate, I don’t think he can win a primary as long as the gops are beholden to the TeaPartiers.

  45. Feds have made money on the bail-out – last I hear the net gain was $35B for the US Treasury.

  46. I would suggest that we all write to the media and papers.

    If they won’t do the necessary research to get the facts straight, then we have too.

    Perhaps the more fact based pressure that is applied will force them to actually do their jobs.

    Not that I’m holding my breathe, but it can’t hurt and can only help.

  47. Well, Ladyhawke, I fear they’ll spin it by the way they spin everything else, tell their lies to the media and have them duly reported as if they had some actual truth to them.

  48. Oh, I’m so sorry to read that you’re “under the weather!”

    You do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.

    You’ve been straight out for a long time and more than deserve some peace and rest.

    Much love and healing energy heading your way BWD.

    We’ll hold down the fort until it’s good for you to return.

  49. Doesn’t BLS seasonally adjust the data??? I think that I remember hearing that the data actually basically disregards temporary seasonal hires.

  50. I received the same e-mail from a friend WITHOUT kudos to BWD and replied with a link to this site. People need to know where this originated IMHO.

    Way to go BWD and feel better soon. We need you!

  51. Yes, they do adjust the figures, which is why the 300,000 hires in November were basically ignored, as they were considered seasonal add ons. So the ADP numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. We will see tomorrow when the official figures are out, and even more when the January figures come out.

  52. And here’s a little sampling of how LITTLE the new Speaker actually KNOWS about the Constitution:

    “How is that the House Minority Leader can mix up the U.S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence in front of a Tea Party crowd at the Capitol? Who knows..but he did it, pulling out his pocket copy of the Constitution he’s pledged to uphold, today pledging to “stand here with our Founding Fathers, who wrote in the preamble: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident …”

  53. Another thing that we can do is go to the websites of not only the biggies, but also your local papers. Most of them give you the ability to write comments after the articles they print. If you see an article that is misleading or downright false, write a comment. A lot of people read the papers online and if there isn;t some counter they will just believe it as written. Even if you only impact a few people each time, it adds up. And by starting now, the potential impact becomes greater.

    Some of you may remember the old Clairol ad. “She told two people and they each told two people and so on and so on.” So one becomes two becomes 4 become 8 become 16. If I recall my old math days, this is a geometric progression and it really can matter.

  54. How is it that some of you have pictures next to your name? (Yes, I’m electronically-challenged)

  55. Although we miss you terribly, please rest & nourish yourself so you can get well soon. Your health & well-being is #1!

  56. Rhoda, great link. I have a great network on facebook.

    Great article to post

    “Theater Audience Boos Tea Party Billionaire David Koch”
    Why they do dat?
    Koch Industries, one of the worst air polluters in America, has lobbied to eviscerate the EPA, repeal health reform, and Koch front groups fight every day to cut government spending on programs for the poor and middle class. Not quite the SUPERHERO, reminds me of the I AM GOING TO RULE THE WORLD GUYS. Dammm, this is for real: Koch Thanks his Congress.

  57. Going to email you later, but want to post it publically here – what a wonderful friend you are! Got the care package 🙂

  58. I’m developing more faith in the public – case in point, Pres Obama’s improving ratings.

  59. There should be something in your profile that says “gravitar.” You can upload a picture and make that picture your “gravitar” and when you post, that photo will show up. If the picture is not already saved to your computer, you have to save the picture to your desktop, and then upload it. I hope this helps.

  60. I think the draft LTE’s is a great idea. I am on Fb ( and would love to add like minded friends. Most of my friends are from HS and college, none of which seem to be interested in anything I post. I say that because they never comment, which means there is never a discussion. I am also in twitter listed as symmetry11.

  61. We are one big family, IMO, e. It’s also a convenience for me, especially when I’m in a rush or on the cell.

  62. BWD – Dr. Moose here – drink plenty of liquids, take 2 aspirin, get lots of bed rest and we’ll see how you feel in the mornin’. Stay strong – we need your perspective.

  63. Think Progress had a post on yesterday in which Daniels says that young people today will live to be a 100 years old because they will be able to “replace” aging body parts. This is his justification for wanting to cut/eliminate Social Security. When I read it, I could’t believe that a member of the anti-stem cell and anti-science party had the nerve to say something like this. I remember the outrage from the rw when PBO used an executive order to restore stem cell research. Daniels made this claim on some rw radio show. Lies, lies, and more lies is the GOP tactic for misleading the dittoheads that listen to, and believe, their outrageous, incoherent, inconsistent, claims.

  64. The incoming Government Oversight & Reform Chairman Darryl Issa (not the sharpest crayon in the box) says the Obama administration is corrupt. And he plans to investigate thoroughly.

    When pressed to explain what he means by corrupt, Issa has been downright incoherent. After several attempts, he finally said the Obama administration is corrupt like when you have a failure on your computer hard drive. Get it?

    Steve Benen at Washington Monthly is all over this with two hilarious posts:



  65. I live in Indianapolis so Daniels is my governor, He may appear to be moderate, but do not be fooled. He is a rabid right winger. He just tries to hide it. He cost the state millions when he privatized BMV record keeping to IBM and they botched the job and he had to fire them. He sold some of our toll road management to a middle eastern country. He unlawfully moved budget dollars from the unemployment benefit fund and our state legislators let him get away with it.

    Before he was involved in a scandal where he sold his stock in a company that later lost tons of money. I would hope this would come out if he decided to run.

    Let’s not forget he was Bush’s budget director and orchestrated our economic woes.

    He is AWFUL!!!

    During the 2008 campaign, he knew President Obama was going to win Indiana, so he encouraged people to split their tickets so he could get their votes.

    It’s easy for him to say raise the retirement age; like most of these right wingers, he’s a millionaire born with a silver spoon because his father founded and owned the most successful law firm in Indiana.

    These folks are so out of touch. When Daniels was first elected, his wife refused to move into the governor’s mansion because it wasn’t good enough for her.

    Again, he is AWFUL!!! No moderate. And would be a disaster.

    The icing on the cake. He’s about 5′ 2″. If you thought it was hilarious for McCain to stand at a podium next to our tall, handsome president, Daniels next to President Obama would be a laugh riot. I know this last point is petty, but I couldn’t help myself. Daniels deserves it.

  66. I don’t know about anyone else, but this payroll tax holiday is going to be a big help to me in paying down some bills and perhaps putting a little bit away. I just got my paycheck and although it may not be that much, it defrays the cost of other expenses that have gone up. So my 2011 is starting off pretty good thanks to the president!

  67. Excellent – it’s going to be fun outing these animals who seek to destroy the world – literally!

  68. Thanks for sharing that SAB. It is sad that the President’s policies are helping a lot of people, but some people will never admit it.

  69. They’re too busy being outraged at the President to actually be bothered giving a shit about what happens to our country.

  70. I just asked to sign up also.

    Thanks for doing this. I am making a web page of things we can do and “join the “Dear Mr. President FB page” is at the top of the list.

    Thanks Tori.

  71. P.M. Carpenter just watched Speaker Boehner’s first press conference and has the following initial impression. The entire post is worth the read.

    January 06, 2011


    I just watched John Boehner’s first press conference as Speaker of the House. And I swear I almost called 911 for him.

    While at the podium the poor man apparently came down with Tourette’s, or perhaps something worse — maybe the onset of the chronic realization that he was in way, way over his head: he started barking “jobs-killing health care bill” and never seemed to stop.

    NOTE: The link to the press conference is below. I was shocked that reporters were asking good questions with (brace yourself) actual follow-ups requesting clarification. If this catches on, it could present a real problem for Speaker Boehner.

  72. President Obama announcing chief of staff on Cnn.comLive now. He looks great!

  73. The government selling right away would have sent a bad message to potential buyers – not selling was showing confidence in the company that they believed the stocks would go up.

  74. Get Ready for the Left to have a hissy fit. They are so predictable. President Obama just got re-elected for 2012. Watch his approval ratings go up. This was a win win pick for us and the business community. Both sides have to come to the table to get this country back on track and for the business community to start spending those trillions of dollars they are hoarding to start hiring again.

  75. That’s good to know. Thanks so much for the information. Seems like the usual Republican BS where the only laws that matter don’t apply to them.

    It will be very interesting watching how this all plays out.

  76. Just FYI, the link to Speaker Boehner’s press conference on cspan appears not to be working right now.

  77. Why does Boehner talk like he’s got a mouth full of something? Does he chew or dip tobacco? He’s always looks like he’s about to drool. What’s wrong with him?

    I tried so hard to watch the whole thing and I just couldn’t. The sight and sound of these two liars chanting Frank Luntz’s crafted talking point “job-killing health care bill” just made my stomach churn.

    When is the media going to ask these liars to prove it?

  78. The CoC has released a note saying it applauds the choice of Daley as new CoC. That will really piss off some folks on the fringe left. However in bitching about everything, they’re like thge boy who cried wolf so many times – nobody listens them anymore even if one time they could be right and there is a wolf.

    I don’t know if Daley is good or bad.

  79. You ever heard the saying…

    If you dig a ditch for me you better dig one for yourself?

    I was watching CNN last night and they interviewed ISSA and he was doing the moonwalk big time on his crap about obama being corrupt. Then the right wing guy that is on there every night from redstate was discussing the issue and he said he heard from top republicans in congress/leadership and they told him that ISSA will not be going on a witch hunt because they were afraid that it will hurt them if he found a BONE in that closet on BUSH and what he did. You see he wants to do DEEP DEEP investigations on a lot of stuff that involves supposedly OBAMA but it will also involve making public stuff that BUSH did and that will definatly hurt the GOP in the media and the voters eyes cause they know BUSH did some shady things and they were a part of it so they told ISSA to BACK OFF.

    They want him to do legitimate investigations but not an all out witch hunt to bring Obama down cause they all having memories of the witch hunt of Clinton and how it backfired big time on them. They now know that the media is all over ISSA ASS with his crap and they are holding his feet to to the fire with his so called bogus “INVESTIGATIONS” of the obama administration and the GOP want no part of that right now. The voters aren’t interested in bogus investigations and trying to repeal everything they want them to focus on jobs and creating an environmnent where companies are hiring. If they see BS stuff going on they will get voted out in 2012.

  80. I just watched. I agree, President Obama looks great.

    I still don’t understand why so many people are so exercised about President Obama’s CoS. This is a very personal choice. I don’t see what approval from the frustrai has to do with this. But no matter who he picked, there was going to be something to complain about.

  81. The announcement made by President Obama today was brilliant. He looked gorgeous, relaxed (his Hawaii tan his working for him) and in command. He kept it short and sweet. Good job potus. 🙂

    The purists on the left heads are busting I am sure. Unfortunate for them they have rendered themselves irrelevant to the discourse. waaaaaaaaaaah Cry more purists, you do it so well. I know you are lurking here…..Meanwhile, God bless and protect our President and our Nation. Next!

  82. I hop you feel better soon. Please take care of yourself and get some well deserved rest. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  83. Our President made a great choice in choosing his Chief of Staff. Also keeping Pete on in the West Wing is great. Our president is so gracious to those who serve him.

    It was a very brief but terrific moment for him and for our country. Three hard working people working for the all of the American people. Remember, he said in his victory speech, “I will be your President also.” He is a good man and a great leader. We will look back on his decisions and these years(2 terms) as moving America forward and the world looking at us with pride and great friendship. I am grateful.

  84. agree with the boy who cried wolf analogy. i don’t know much about mr. daley either but i know and trust pres obama, his judgment is impeccable.

  85. Greetings to you BWD: Get some rest, drink some great tea of your choice(if you like tea), and put on some great music, and light a candle somewhere in your home to enjoy. Rest.
    I thank you for your hard work. This site we will try very hard to keep the space sacred and filled with happy, factual, and positive thoughts. You have given us a great gift. I hope that we will keep it in a fine way for you and for ourselves. Thank you. Get well very soon. Thank you.

  86. Where can I see it? I just watched Speaker Bawler. Need to have my brain cleansed.

    JKHCB Job Killing HC Bill. What a load.

  87. I do believe that with David Plouffe’s arrival into the West Wing, we will see more of a concise “framing of the President’s message. David is a no nonsense person. I believe that the changing of the guards will be just fine for this phase of POTUS’s agenda.
    They all needed a rest, time spent with their children and families, and regrouping. POTUS, David Plouffe, David Axelord, and Gibby know what they are doing. The MSM is trying to paint it as some BIG shake-up and especially Chuck Todd with his comments. He doesn’t even know what POTUS and Mr. Daley spoke about when they met in the Oval Office. None of us were there. I will call them on it when I hear it. Report what you know as facts to the American people, and not what you feel is your opinion. We want facts. Anyway Chuck thinks that he can paint POTUS as “weak,” fighting within his Whitehouse, Chuckie is fine. Not this year, Chuck.

  88. Wasn’t the fringe left just as “pissed off” when Obama retained Secretary Robert Gates? And wasn’t Gates instrumental in DADT repeal? The fringe left can continue being “pissed off” because that’s all they do. Meanwhile, President Obama will continue to govern this country and get things done.

  89. He slurs because the chronic alcohol abuse probably has permanently affected his nervous system, and hence his fine muscle control..

  90. He must have memorized this line “JKHCB Job Killing HC Bill” late last night after his last vodka bottle…

  91. I think the key in picking Daley, at this time, is that he speaks the language of the business community and isn’t as directly confrontational as Rahm was. With the Republicans in control of the House and with a diminished majority in the Senate, a different approach is needed, and I think Daley provides that.

    He also fits in with Obama’s basic philosophy of not wanting people around him who always agree with him, and Daley doesn’t.

    He respects people who disagree, even when he doesn’t necessarily follow what theuy want.

  92. You see campaign RHETORIC is about to meet Governing REALITY. John Boerner is about to see what it like to BE IN CHARGE OF GOVERNING and how he is going to be able to get anything done with a tea party majority congress. NO more saying whatever the hell you want without any accountability and the voting public will soon realize these bozos don’t have a clue. HAHAHAHA Good Luck SPEAKER BOERNER. If he was smart he would be running to President Obama to meet with him cause President Obama is the only person that will get his bills moved and that is an honest broker in getting something done.

  93. I have noticed that weird way he moves his mouth too. It seems to be a tick of some sort. He does sound like he has marbles in his mouth most of the time.

    He comes across as a gasbag and an empty suit. What a phony? Talking loud and saying nothing. He lies with such ease. Let’s face it, if he was Pinocchio his nose would be a foot long.

    I totally agree that the “job-killing health care bill” talking point came from Luntz. The problem for Boehner is that he is not making any sense. The CBO stepped all over his ACA repeal nonsense today. But you are right, the question remains when will the media hold the GOP accountable? I won’t hold my breath.

  94. Thanks, HZ, for your comment re: “I will be your President also.” That’s what I don’t get about the frustrait/PL, he’s said exactly where he stands in every speech he’s spoken. They project onto him, things he never said, and positions he never took. That’s what’s so “frustating” for me ;-). PBO told us he liked Lincoln, and that he liked that Lincoln had people around him who disagreed with him. So, why the “shock” when PBO actually appoints people who don’t agree with him?

    And as noted upthread, they were mad PBO kept Secretary Gates, but who helped him shepherd in the repeal of DADT?

    The other thing that I realized in PBO naming Daley, is that with his coming from JP Morgan, PBO gets that somebody is going to have to get these CEOs up off of that profit money that they’re sitting on to help boost the economy and create jobs — and who better to call them out on how much he knows they have is Daley (since you know like, JPM is a financial services entity ;-)). And it doesn’t hurt that Daley’s got that Chicago thing goin’ ;-).

    In addition, for me the Daley appointment is another GOP meme-killer about PBO hating corporations. What can the GOP say now?

    Finally, and probably most importantly, Daley could be instrumental in stemming the tide on Citizens United spending for 2012, in terms of his personal relationships with some of these CEOs that were in the thick of funneling that cash.

    Either way, as PBO has shown us in the past, he’s playing the long game, not for short term gratification and winning 24 hr. news cycles.

  95. He sounded robotic. Obsessed about his tan, vain as hell, stupid, possible alcoholic traits…dude has tightly wound mess written all over. No depth whatsoever, so as soon as he strays from soundbites, he’ll fumble, much like the frustrati do. Soon he’ll call HCR “a job killing shit sandwich….” I may be in the minority here, but I’m not worried about 2012. I don’t believe American stupidity defined the 2010 elections. MO it was a typical pattern in the cycle of US elections, coupled with fear and desperation of Americans about vanishing paychecks. “Somebody, ANYBODY, help us NOW!!”
    The Reps were brilliant at exploiting this, enabled by the media. But there is some indication that both these factors may not prove so significant next time. Dems are seemingly getting it together, and reporters are eventually going to resist being the helpmates of idiots like The Bawler.

  96. What in the world happened to Chuck Todd? I thought he did a pretty good job analyzing the elections in 2008, but as a White House Press Corps reporter, he sucks. I can’t believe the stupid questions he asks at the briefings. And he seems to go out of his way to come up with strange reasons for why President Obama did x, y, or z. I’m not impressed.

  97. Every time they get OUTRAGED, more moderates bolt those moronic sites. GOOD! And rumor has it one blog which recently revamped has not accomplished whatever lofty goals they had. Hope the owner had capitalized the changeover to the hilt.

    THIS is where reality lies – with the Pragmatic blogs – Blogs of the People, IMO.

  98. The CBO released a report that repealing healthcare would result in huge deficits. Boehner says this non partisan group is just one opinion. It is like WTF. What an idiot.

  99. Whoa, the Haters have found Ezra Klein, haven’t they? I just waded through some of the comments.

    I need a shower.

  100. You know BWD, I just thought about what I said to you about rest, music, tea, etc., and I said,”Wait, I have music, tea, and I love candles lit in my home for many reasons, so I am going to my music room and light a candle for you, and put on the music in that room, and say a pray for your recovery. It is always easy for us to tell others to do this and do that, when I have the space and power within my own home to light a candle for you, say a positive word, read a great line from a poem, and of course put on a lovely song and send all of this your way. So that is what I am doing. I feel if we put out good vibes and positive energy to others we can and will help in our little ways that are wonderful for both. I am happy to do just that. So hear are the thoughts and actions coming your way, BWD!! Take care.

  101. Thank you TOTB for that analysis. Makes a lot of sense.

    The F/PL’s opinion is predicatable, uniformed, self serving and BOR-ING. Did I mention irrelevant?

  102. Funny News Tidbit from Yesterday:
    It is being reported Donald Trump is seriously considering running for the Republican nomination for President this time. But he will not start his campaign or offically announce until after filming for his TV show, the Apprentice, is finished.

    Can you see the Donald campaigning and doing interviews and debating when he is asked about his much younger, foreign, super model wife and his 2 failed marriages, and the fact hie is not religious at all will not play well with the right wing religious types who comprise a vast portion of the GOP. LOL!

    Also Trump is not a good public speaker. He is very stiff and he never smiles or laughs.
    And he is known for saying..You’re Fired.

    I am guessing he fails badly to get the nomination and hope he does not run as as Independent trying to be the new version of Ross Perot. As it is being reported that he polls very well vs President Obama. I am guessing though he would skim off a lot of Republican votes and some Independent votes of those who are addicted to reality TV. I remember American Idol producers once saying their chief demographic is southern conservative viewers. I would think Trump hurts Republicans more than Democrats.

  103. Okay. I’m really tired today. I have another migraine from my eyes still adjusting after cataract surgery, and lights are flickering on the right side of my head, driving me crazy (they say this will pass, but it hasn’t passed yet, after a month).

    So I admit to being a little cranky. I say this with the utmost respect and love for this President: once in awhile could you make a staffing choice that I don’t have to defend to the loony Left? Did you need a banker with some yucky lobbying ties and some recent insults about your agenda in order to run your office efficiently? Now, Ezra Klein made the point that the Democratic bench is really thin because unfortunately a lot of the talent is employed by lobbyists right now, making them ineligible for Obama’s administration. Daley’s connection with the Hill and with business should make him a good liaison, according to Jim Warren who I respect, and that he’s an excellent manager. The potential good was said about Geithner and Summers, too.

    There wasn’t someone — anyone — who could have pleased the Left to put in this job? I am in no way saying you need to buy into the craziness that passes for policy advice from the frustrati, but a good progressive in this job would have made all of our jobs easier. We have to be partners in this, Mr. President. And we’re working really, really hard for you.

    I had just started to make some headway with my husband and he went over the edge on this pick. I said that maybe Bill Daley has re-thought NAFTA these 15 years later. But I wish I didn’t have to defend this one.

    We’re Chicagoans. Bill’s brother Richie is leaving the Mayor’s office and is already cavorting with Chinese companies. He’s going to be a lobbyist for someone by the summer, trust me, and it’s going to be an embarrassment for Bill Daley and Obama.

    Like I said. I’m really tired. I’ve been in pain for a month. I need to find a way to get my eyes to function so I can make up a month’s work that I lost. I’m cranky. But it would have been sooo nice to have Obama pick a Chief of Staff that would have made at least the sane members of the base happy.

  104. It was you! I was trying to remember which member spoke of – I’m going to botch this now – Abraham?hicks???? something like that. There is a meet-up of that group near my home? Do you rec it? What is it exactly? If you’d rather email, we can do that. Thanks in advance.

  105. I wish more of the far left wing of the party would read the President’s book, The Audacity of Hope. I am reading it now and one chapter concludes with this….

    It is incumbent upon All of us to find common ground with each other and work together.

    If they had paid attention, they would known this about our President. He strives to find common ground with everyone and talk about our shared values and goals as Americans.

  106. How about ‘life-saving ObamaCare’ to counteract this phenomenally stupid jackass.

    Are companies being forced to offer health care? I’m curious. I know there are tax incentives for small businesses to provide health insurance. That creates jobs, doesn’t it?

    The health care field — that creates jobs, doesn’t it?

    And the question remains: without this bill how do people get health care in America?

    We can go to the ER? YOU GET A BILL FROM THE ER. You own a modest home or car, they come after you if you don’t pay the bill. Or your paltry paycheck, which is why you don’t have health insurance to begin with. (Although I am amazed at how many people think that you just show up in an ER and get free cadillac health care. Amazing.)

    Don’t think you can go to the ER for chemotherapy. Just asking.

  107. I’m hoping & praying that you will be feeling better soon, “BWD”. Take care, & take It easy. Mama said there would be days like this, so hang In there my Friend. YOU’LL BE UP & RUNNING SOON. LATER~~~~~~

  108. With all due respect, this left you speak of would not be pleased with anyone. They are the purists of the party. I trust the President made the best decision he saw fit. If this “left” can’t handle then they can go join the teabaggers like they professed to when the president made “the deal”. They find a HUGE problem in EVERYTHING this potus does.

    Since they love Mr. Howard Dean so much, I hope they listen to the words from him yesterday pertaining to Daley and stop making themselves look so idiotic.

    “I don’t agree with [him] on a lot of stuff politically, but I do think — A, he is a grown-up and B, he gets that you don’t treat people like you know everything and they don’t. If Bill Daley becomes the chief of staff, that is going to be a huge plus because he is outside of Washington, he sees things the way people outside Washington do. It is not a left or right issue.”

  109. Fine points, thinkinoutthebox. There is no one at this point in time who could be elected President of this country and who could accomplish anything whatsoever in the office who was not willing to work with the military and the business community. I believe our entire culture could use a a great overhaul in its priorities, but that involves changing the mindset of the populace before the government can make any deep changes and that takes patience, time, compassion and tact.

  110. Ideologically he’s not a raving progressive. The optics of it aren’t the best: a Wall St. banker, lobbying ties that aren’t very attractive, a huge pro-NAFTA guy (at least 15 years ago he was). He’s one of those Blue Dog-type centrists who thought HCR was a big mistake.

    We can defend the choice on a lot of levels. I just wish he’d picked someone we didn’t have to defend.

    It is a personal choice. I defended the choice of Rahm because he’s such a fighter and I thought that was the quality Obama was after. At some point, there is a perception that the CoS reflects the President’s agenda. That’s why, unfortunately, it’s a choice we’re going to have to waste time defending. It feeds the (false) frame that Obama is a big friend of Big Business and Wall St.

    That he wants someone who Wall St. and business will listen to is a reasonable choice. But these are not reasonable times. Geithner did not exact serious enough concessions from his business- and bank-savvy language so it’s hard to have to make the same argument again when we weren’t exactly proven right the first time. It didn’t help the Administration anyway to win the hearts and minds of moderates or the crazies. It fuels the suspicion of Obama’s motives and makes our lives harder, having to defend it.

    I consider us in the reality-based progressive community in a partnership with this President. I’ll fight and defend him every way I can, as I know everyone else here will. But we are up against some powerful influences and we need to pick our battles. This would not be a battle I would have chosen, when so much is at stake.

  111. Because in their mind, they think that “President Obama is just toady he doesn’t have the ability to think for himself, and that he is powerless to stand up for himself!”

    Now how is that not racist?? thinking that a black man will always do what a white man tells him to!

    The frustrati are haters, and closet racists, and that’s why they will always be miserable, nothing will ever be good enough.

  112. As long as Daley is effective then I’ll be happy. But right now it’s not a choice that even some sane progressives would like.

  113. That would be so hilarious – to see the three ring circus that will be the Republican nominees!!! What a contrast that they will all be to our President!!

    He like many others have NO clue what it takes to run, manage a campaign and win!!!

    Fred Thompson tried that “give it the ole try” and he failed miserably. It’s not something that you can just pick up.

    And he certainly does NOT have an edge as a businessman. He’s probably the worst manager or leader ever!

  114. Man, you should actually read this – it’s going to the stars:

    “As a result, [the cost of] H.R. 2 [the repeal of PPACA] will probably not differ substantially from the result that would be obtained by reversing the signs [i.e., turn savings into costs] of the net changes in deficits that were shown in the cost estimate for PPACA […] that CBO issued on March 20, 2010.”

    Eat that, you elephants !

  115. Thanks, limpidus. I thought that was the case, or, at the least, that the loss wasn’t large. What is all the fuss about then? Never mind, I know . . .

  116. I hope you’re right about all of this. However, the Clintonian pro-business Democrat’s time has passed and priorities need to shift some. What worked for Clinton is not necessarily always the most effective tack for President Obama in 2011.

    We forget that almost 20 years ago, Democrats were completely out in the cold when it came to working with the business community. Bill Clinton wanted to bridge that gap and it was laudable and sensible at the time. However, some of the actions taken in that mindset were disastrous: the telecom bill, welfare reform, repealing Glass-Steagall, deregulating the banking industry, NAFTA. The architects of that philosophy need to re-think if their philosophy helped America.

    Bill Daley was part of that mindset. I honestly don’t know what he thinks now about the trajectory of the past 18 years. He does have deep experience with business and commerce and should be able to exact some very real benefits for the American people. I sincerely hope so. He has the intelligence, the contacts and speaks the language. He must be effective.

  117. Hope you feel better soon, Faith.

    I’ve had thoughts similar to yours about the Daley pick, until I read Howard Fineman’s article in HuffPo (yes, there) explaining.

    Caveat: the article id good, but stay away from the comments on that thread – they’ll triple anyone’s headache 😉

  118. CherylAnn, the far left of the Democratic party is just fine. Polling shows that liberal Dems have very high approvals for this POTUS (ranging from 80s-90s% in approval).

    The *Professional* Left is a business. They thrive and run on drama and sensationalism. They cannot and will not provide calm, reasoned analysis because they want the page clicks which constant controversy engenders.

    They do not and have not ever spoken for anyone save a very slender, boutique media consumer and should not be mistaken for the base.

    What they are about is not what we’re about; one example of many:

    Former Huffington Post CEO Betsy Morgan and Former Premiere Radio Networks President Kraig Kitchin will join The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s four month-old information network, it was announced today by Christopher Balfe, President & COO of Mercury Radio Arts.

    Classic Professional Leftist who transitioned from “liberal” “progressive” HuffPo right into Glenn Beck’s “information” network. They are about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and could not care less about this WH or this country. The remainder of the national media needs to think very hard about whether these people represent the Democratic base or even liberals at large.

  119. You have to go to a site called Gravitar (google it) and upload your picture there, then associate it with the email address you use for this blog.

  120. I never wanted to believe that, PB. So I engaged in this mental exercise – “If POTUS were Caucasian, would he be treated this badly?” Sadly, I decided the answer was ‘no.’ Yeah, it might be harsh, the frustrati are in love with their own sound and fury, and that of their TV surrogate, Keith, but to this vicious extent? No.

    I was raised so differently. My wealthy aunt “gifted” my newlywed Mom with a cleaning lady – an AA woman who had to take a couple of busses to our house. My mother could not stand it. “I have no right to give orders to anyone, including Blacks.” This was the ’50’s yet when the scenario was even more common.

    I don’t know how my mother did it, but she ended the gifting.

  121. I did see a chart that compared BLS and ADP numbers through the 2000’s. They tracked almost exactly until 2010 when they diverged. I wonder why.

    I do have a dumb question: if numbers are seasonablly adjusted, then are unemployment claims ‘seasonally adjusted’ as well? Because they’re actually crowing Over There about the rise in unemployment claims last week. Duh. Christmas is over.

    I also read in my Chicago paper that a lot of seasonal hires are being kept on. The economy IS improving. Of course not to “pre-bubble construction job levels,” Paul Krugman’s newest goalpost-shift. But things are getting better.

  122. And I am the only one who finds them irrevelant? At this point, sorry, but people who jump from crisis to crisis to crisis are exhausting and best put on “ignore.”

    Do I personally love this selection? NO! Do I agree with every decision coming out of this administration? No, of course not. The difference is that I don’t decide that every area of disagreement is a line in the sand or indictment of an entire presidency, particularly when previous decisions with which I disagreed turned out to have positive aspects which I was unable to detect initially.

    Feel better, Faith, and try to not get caught up in the vortex of the Professional Left if at all possible.

  123. Today, one of Ezra Klein’s commenters pointed to a profile of Bill Daley in Chicago Magazine from 2005. The article is quite long, but I plan to read it for some needed background on the new CoS from local media.


    Brother Bill: A Look at William Daley


    The youngest of the seven children of the late mayor Richard J. and Eleanor “Sis” Daley, William Daley has moved beyond the family’s local power base to hold major positions in government, business, and the law. Supporters and critics alike credit him with remarkable savvy and consider him a go-to talent for plotting strategy (although he insists that he and his brother–the current mayor–“don’t talk about city stuff”). Now Bill Daley is back in Chicago, with a top job at J. P. Morgan Chase and big charitable dollars to dispense. But given his record for exceeding expectations, few observers expect his shrewd moves to stop there


  124. The CoS works for the president — not the other way around. Bill Daley has not been chosen for his ideology but rather for his ability to get things done. Given the current make up of Congress, I think the Daley pick is superb. And even Howard Dean thinks so . .

  125. Wow!! That’s pretty amazing. A lot of people never know how hard it is to go against family and tradition, and societal norms. It just takes someone strong enough to say it ends here.

    I keep thinking of what the President used to say when he was campaigning ” Change is hard!”

  126. I agree with you! I am sure he had specific goals and an end game in mind when he hired him.

    The only thing I care about is that Daley should give his objective opinion, but once the President decides, Daley had better fall in line and get the President’s back!

    I think the President does appreciate a variety of opinions, that way he can make sure he has considered all risks and benefits.

    But what makes him such a great leader, is that he is smart enough and has such character and self awareness, he can buck everyone and go with what he thinks is the best decision.

    Unlike Bush, President Obama doesn’t need everyone to fawn over him and be “yes” people. And have everyone tell him he is never wrong. The President is too smart to fall into the fantasy world of the Emperor wearing no clothes.

    Bush was weak, and needed everyone to validate that he was the “decider” even when his decisions were wrong.

    So Daley had damn well better know his place. Otherwise, I am happy with the choice, as I think it will stop the idiotic whining by Wall St.

  127. My centrist friend who is far less aware of politics than she should be, just commented to me on this colossal waste of time.

    So the Left knows it’s stupid, moderates think it’s a waste of time. And there are some Republicans who are cringing at your know-nothingness. Good day at the office, Republicans.

  128. My take on the Daley appt was skewed because my lovely, liberal husband HATED it so much and believe me, he is not one of the whiny Left at all. He’s like us.

    But then again, we’re Chicagoans. We detest Richie Daley but Bill was always the thoughtful brother, the serious brother and frankly not tainted by the corruption of his father and brother. It did, however, make my husband very unhappy, due to the cozy banking connections and NAFTA makes him see red.

    However, after reading some of the idiotic hate Over There, I got my fight back! I will not stand for their destruction.

  129. Oh well there you go. I guess they can just revel in their unending anger. *shrugs* 🙂

  130. I’ll find the article. Fineman can be really sensible a lot of the time.

    I won’t read the comments. I was reading Ezra Klein on health care, and his blog has been invaded by the Haters, both Left and Right. God.

    Thanks for your good wishes. On a day when it feels so hard to fight, I just try to imagine what President Obama has to face every day. When Gibbs said the other day how intense it’s been for four years and how he needs to recharge. Unfortunately, our dear President has to step back into this muck and try to do what’s right.

  131. It’s a political choice as well. President Obama won in 2008 with a wide spectrum of voters from the far left, to independents and even some Republicans. However the far left has proven themseles to be wholly undependable – so President Obama cannot win with the same voter set. The fringe left abandoned him to the point he’d going to need to fight for the votes in the middle.

    The pure math of it is that if progressives stay home it’s a -1, but independents and centrists actually have a choice and if they switch from Obama to the Republican that is a net -2 (less one for Obama, one more for Republican).

    Now with the Republicans going to have a hard fought primary(hopefully) their candidate will have to head to the right fringe to eventually win. So while they’re out on the fringe arguing over who is more pure a Republican, President Obama can stake out the moderate middle and hope to be able to capture the truly up in the air indie and centrist votes and hope that is enough.

  132. BWD, I’m sorry to hear you’re ill… 😦 Get well, soon…You’re already missed! ::Hugs::

    And, we’ll “hold down the ‘TOAITR’ fort” til you’re back w/us:

    House Dems to defend [President] Obama…

    Oversight/Govt Reform Committee Rank Member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D/MD) is “on the case”… (He met w/VP Biden, too!)

    CNN’s Ed Henry challenged “The Real, Corrupt” Darrell Issa ( ,…

  133. Nope I cosign with you. The only prob is MSM keeps giving them the distinction that they are “obama’s base”. Makes me want to scream because most people I know that support PBO are not far left, mostly centered is my experience.

  134. Daley is a serious, intelligent guy. He may be a better liaison than Geithner ever was because Daley is more grounded and balanced. His ability to manage and get things done has never been in question.

    Bush’s CoS was much more vocal and visible. Obama does not use his CoS for those reasons. But when I think about someone’s credentials as a President’s CoS, to do see that person as the President’s General.

    Even the comments attributed to Rahm were always rumor, never sourced as I recall.

    Most sane reporters in Chicago think that Bill Daley sends a message that the adults are in charge (never that that was in doubt, but it’s not a bad optic).

  135. Okay, guys: ya gotta go right now to HuffPo to see the Front Page picture and headline. Hi-larious!

  136. And Sheila, you’re so on point about the “populace”, it’s like people forget that the majority of people are not very political. So to them, bringing on someone like Daley = boosting the economy. They don’t care about left, right, etc.

    I’m just sad that the majority of people didn’t see the mid-terms as a priority to take time to vote. That said, the silver lining in this cloud is that the GOP control of the House of Reps will be so horrible over the next two years, that I think a Dem rout maybe coming in 2012. But we’ll have do our part and GOTV hard ;-)…

  137. Totally hear you, Faith (love the name ;-)… And I think that the benefits of the 18 year difference is that Daley sees where things went horribly awry, and were abused in terms of deregulation, etc.

    For instance, Clinton said that he signed DADT, because he was told that it would be better than the status quo, which was the active persecution of “suspected” gays in the military. Cut to a few years later, he realizes that the abuse still kept going, which is why I don’t think we heard him whine at all about being “upstaged” by Obama on the repeal, etc. He knew DADT was being abused.

    In fact, I think for a lot of the Clinton people, post-Clinton Era knowledge of realizing how they were “played” has got to grate on them.

    So, I still have faith ;-), that we’re witnessing the long game at work.

  138. Here’s the link to Howard Fineman’s excellent article about Bill Daley:

    Yes, I’m linking to HuffPo. This article is worth a read. Thanks to whomever it was here who brought it to my attention.

    I want to make something clear: I don’t have a problem with Bill Daley as CoS. I was just weary of having to defend an Obama choice (and my weariness is here at home, with my husband).

    And the frustrati are so nuts Obama could have picked Howard Zinn and they would have found something to bitch about.

    We do need to start having a serious conversation on how we energize and/or rebuild our base. 2012 is critically important to the trajectory of this nation and we need Obama and strong Democrats to the job.

  139. I’m a dedicated Electablog reader! I read many things on your blog that I don’t find elsewhere. Don’t you dare complain about linking to your blog! Your blog, BWD’s blog, TPV, Blue Wave news, Norbrook’s blog, and the other pragmati-based blogs are essential sources of fact-based information.

  140. shout out to Eclectablog – got my posters. They’re gifts for some friends. THANK YOU! 🙂

  141. They have organized themselves to troll these spaces, make absolutely no doubt about that. Had BWD chosen to not moderate this space, trust that it would be overwhelmed with that crowd, and those positive voices we read here which previous to this stayed on lurkmode would be back on lurkmode, not wanting to engage it. There is a method to their madness and an absolutely intentional troll swarm taking place right now.

  142. I think it pays to remember too Faith that Rahm opposed the President’s plan to pursue HCR, so while he probably took into account Emmanuel’s opinion he remains an independent player. Daley is a tough cookie, I’d want him by my side too if I had the loneliest job in the world. Like you I’m not sure who would have passed muster.

  143. Off topic from the Dailey hiring, but hoping this will be an upbeat addition to this mishmash.

    Just read this article about Sandra Lee who speaks openly and honestly about her childhood on foodstamps and going to food banks. A very moving video. NY now has a new “first girl friend” and I think she will use her influence to help children and the poor. Go Sandra.

  144. Robert Gates was instrumental not only in DADT repeal, but in the START treaty, in the cancellation of some expensive and useless arms programs, and in some reforms in procurement. He has also begun, with his deputies, to implement more strict oversight on the defense budget and on all programs with defense contractors ( arms AND services). He also wants to examine ways to reduce the bloated bureaucracy at the Pentagon. Robert Gates is a pragmatist and he seems honest to me.

    There still are SOME honest, intelligent and moderate republicans. Robert Gates is one of them. Ray LaHood is another one. President Obama demonstrated openness and good judgment with those choices for his cabinet.

  145. You know what’s been bothering me lately? How come the conservatives who become ‘liberal’ are considered more worthy than those who have been liberal their entire lives? Arianna, Ed Schultz, this Betsey Morgan…..

  146. I’m so sorry you’re sick BWD.. get well soon, take care of yourself.. rest rest rest ;).

  147. I understand your position and that of the others who don’t like Daley, but I do want to say that I trust PBO’s choices for staff and cabinet members. I also know that PBO is his own man and will keep a very close eye on whomever he appoints to any position. GWB appointed people on the basis of their loyalty to the GOP, so I’m pleased that PBO chooses them on the basis of their ability to help him get things done. PBO is neither GWB, GHWB, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, LBJ, Kennedy, Ford, or Nixon. I say this because I watched each of them closely when they were in office. To compare President Obama to any of them is a huge mistake. And besides, Daley has little power to influence the president’s decisions, especially if Rahm Emmanuel tried to persuade the president from taking on the job of reforming our healthcare system, and the president ignored him and got the job done.

  148. I agree with you about 2012 g, and the Rs will once again overplay their hand and think they have a mandate and once again make a mess of everything.

  149. Or IRL are far left ideologically; simply not insane. That’s considered a “centrist” by the PL.

  150. Personally I don’t think they’ve changed their stripes at all.. they’re still republicans in sheep’s clothing in my opinion, which is why the media favors them so. I’ve never been sold on their ‘liberal’ change of heart.. they sure are making money though ‘being liberal/progressive’.

  151. I think that we can start by not ascribing them with a power which they do not have. I’m sorry that your spouse believes the PL, but the Democratic base at large simply *does not.* Or we would have absolutely slaughtered the tax cut deal as the PL promised. We would have approvals of this POTUS in the 40s or 50s rather than 80s.

    We can energize ourselves by continuing to concentrate at emerging spaces and discuss our viewpoint without the insanity and rancor, and “Shock Doctrine” non-stop crisis mode so prevalent elsewhere.

    HuffPo’s CEO left to build up a Glenn Beck business. Why should we be so trustful of these people? When we can build our own spaces with positivity.

  152. Wow GN.. that is amazing- about the Huff Post CEO.. not shocking, because I see them all as greed monsters anyway- they are liberal/progressive for the $$$ and the notoriety/fame. We 90% are the real deal and we have to keep sounding that off, thank you for always putting that reminder here. I think we need a way to make it clear these folks ‘representing’ the liberal left, do not represent the majority of us.

  153. Back when Ms Huff “got into politics” I was friendly with a woman from CA who knew the Huff well (not personally) I mentioned to this friend that La Huff was a liberal. “BULLSHIT!!!” screamed my friend. “She is a phony who will go wherever she can to become the biggest celebrity.” (“and she’s also a flake”) I’ve been out of touch with this woman for years, but her take on Ari came back to me during these years of blogdom.

  154. I think we need a way to make it clear these folks ‘representing’ the liberal left, do not represent the majority of us.

    This is the challenge in a nutshell. This space helps with that.

  155. The funny thing is CherylAnn, that when Senator Obama wrote a diary on dailykos- he actually wrote that- about finding common ground with one another- and he was quite badly received. Also he said it a lot during the primaries, and the election as I recall, because I remember trying to get that idea across to the folks in my community when I knocked on their doors. Common ground isn’t apparently what everyone wants. But I think President Obama is more capable than most at finding that common ground, hopefully the rest of us will learn.

  156. Yes this space and all the others cropping up, and being found, it is the start. More and more we will have to sound off loud enough for the media to get the message that we are not represented by the professional/angry/disatisfied left. It helps also to do what you’re doing, to continually remind ourselves that WE are the majority in this party.. and in this country.

  157. Thanks for that link. I am not a big fan of Howard Fineman at Huff & Puff, but that post was very informative and a good read on Bill Daley. Now I have to read the Chicago Magazine profile from 2005. I am sure there will be many more articles about him, but this is a good start.

  158. And I find that stance reasonable. One of the biggest issues of the media environment is either/or; love it/ hate it. It’s fine to disagree with a choice or set of choices without feeling the need to indict the entire Presidency. The PL jumps from crisis to crisis in attempts to build the larger case that POTUS sucks or is rotten. That’s what I personally find bogus, not mere disagreement with some choices or policies.

  159. Moves like this are why I am so happy of Schumer’s expanded role. He is a streetfighter and has never met a camera he doesn’t like. He will have no problems taking it to the Republicans

  160. Thanks, LadyHawke!

    It was obvious in the video that Boehner doesn’t like being pressed on his lies. I especially liked when the female reporter brought up the role of the CBO in scoring the ACA, and Boehner began talking about what another agency says about the law. I don’t believe anything he he says because the CBO is the go-to organization for budget/deficit issues. I also found it very amusing that Boehner dissed the CBO by referencing its creation in 1974. He doesn’t have a clue about the ACA or anything else because I think that when the bill was being drafted, he wasn’t paying attention, spent too much time showboating on Pox, and was too busy attending meetings with the insurance lobbyists and Frank Luntz picking up his next set of talking points to do any serious work in the House.

    IMO, Boehner also allowed his anger to get the best of him and to let it show in the interview. I agree that if Boehner has to appear at other interviews like this one, it could become a real problem for him. I just loved seeing his frustration and irritation at being asked real questions related to how the GOP will govern over the next 2 years. In his mind he probably thinks just being Speaker means he shouldn’t be questioned. First, Issa makes a fool of himself on CNN, and now Boehner makes a fool of himself and the video is readily available on CSPAN. The republicans winning the House might just be a blessing in disguise for us because it will mean that they’ll have to answer questions from other news outlets besides Pox.

  161. Ladyhawke, Until recently I too have been concerned about getting information to the public. It is true that the media ignores almost everything but the ugly and obnoxious.

    I do think the President was better during the lame duck session. Just some small changes I have noticed in PBO’s behavior have made me wonder of David P. is not already on board.

  162. I agree, g.

    If Boehner’s performance at the recent press conference is any indication, PBO has a very good shot at being re-elected in 2012, and the democrats have a good chance at reclaiming some seats in both chambers of Congress. Boehner’s performance was awful, and it is quite obvious that he isn’t capable of thinking well/quick on his feet.

  163. I also admire former President Clinton for publicly admitting that he is partly responsible for Haiti’s economic woes. I’m still waiting on GWB to admit that invading Iraq was a terrible idea.

  164. BWD, so sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Please take good care.

    I think PBO chose Daley not for his political views but because it’s really all about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS/job creation. I think PBO thinks Daley can lend considerable help with this and because it’s his number one priority, he went with someone he knew could do his best to jump start this now. Let’s hope for the very best outcome.

  165. I’m barely aware of the left’s opposition to Daley as Chief of Staff. I simply don’t listen to them anymore, so I am unaware of their latest outrage crisis. Although it doesn’t surprise me that they have a new crisis of the day to focus on.

    Concentrate on emerging spaces is great advice. You have been saying that for months, GN! You are right!

  166. I agree, sheri! Those comments in the “I’m Grateful” post are the base. Not the professional left bloggers, who are all about building a media empire and making money.

  167. “We can energize ourselves by continuing to concentrate at emerging spaces and discuss our viewpoint without the insanity and rancor, and “Shock Doctrine” non-stop crisis mode so prevalent elsewhere.”

    So very true, GN – and we are doing it!

    Thank you

    BWD, hope you feel better soon.

  168. I love that book, The Audacity of Hope. It’s on my shelf and I read it all the time. President Obama is brilliant. What is amazing is how much of what he wrote about that he has actually done or tried to do. He never sold anyone out or changed. That book is like a blueprint for his presidency. The critics who say he changed just never read the book. They never cared what he was actually about. They cared about what they projected onto him.

  169. Tori,

    I’ve tried to comment on your blog several times, but all I get is the message “the text you provided does not match the code provided.” I double and triple checked the code, but my comment will still not post.

  170. Chuck Todd is an arse…

    His unmasking began as soon as soon as he didn’t get the Meet the Press gig (not that the Gregory isn’t as worthless)…

    Todd’s incredible immaturity and embarrassingly juvenile ways came to the fore as soon as he was passed over and has only gotten worse with time…

    But it’s not just him; The whole lot of the WH press corps are just a bunch of pathetic, worthless, immature, painfully mediocre, childish gossip-mongers – Think Ed Henry, Jake Tapper etc.

    How embarrassing…


  171. Sorry about that. The same thing was happening to me 😦

    I noticed that if you do not put a name in the “name” slot then it won’t post. I hate that darn code thing anyway.

  172. O/T: I just have to post this link to DemocracyNow’s segment on a new documentary film re the late, great folk/protest singer Phil Ochs:

    It is a must-see – And I really want to see that movie, too! If you’re from the 60’s, you’ll know about Phil and what I’m talking about – if you’re not, watch and learn some of the history of your movement, and see what’s missing in it today.
    Imo, of course.

  173. “I just wish he’d picked someone we didn’t have to defend.’

    Faith, oh Faith, you know that no matter who he picked there would be criticism! 😉

    We just have to keep trusting his choices. He’s not perfect, but IMO the results of his decisions have been largely more good than bad. The critics’ opinions have been seeming less and less relevant to me as the months, years of his presidency continue to unfold. BECAUSE, after all their fuss and kerfuffle over EACH issue, the President’s serious intent is usually revealed and it has, to date, always leaned towards the good of the country. In the light of his obvious goals for America, Americans, and the world, I’ll grant him the space needed to make decisions that I don’t initially understand. (After all, I really know very little about politics.)

  174. Dearest BWD

    As you can see, your blog is so strong, we were able to have an excellent day while you recovered. I believe that says a great deal about what you have established here.

    But, hope you are back tomorrow!

  175. Here’s a post that supports your point that the President usually says where he stands:

    I particularly like this quote because I do see this determination in the President’s manner.

    ‘It’s clear from his propensity to reach across the aisle in the face of entrenched opposition that Mr. Obama has taken the responsibility of governing the entire United States very seriously.’

  176. No problem Eclectablog !! Keep posting your links !!

    You do a wonderful job and the more people know about it, the better !!

  177. John Boehner said it was just an “opinion” !!

    For the record, I think John Boehner is more incompetent, delusional, ideological than he is corrupted. Yeah, he listens to the lobbyists. But it’s probably because they can make him believe everything they want.

  178. I don’t see it as competing but complementing what we are doing on these blogs. Each one has a different take and all are interesting.

  179. {{BWD}} – Trusting that you will be feeling better by tomorrow! Your ‘baby’ walked on its own today, BUT not without constantly reaching out a hand to see if you were close by. We really, truly appreciate your creation of this space and, as you can tell from the many wishes, we thought about your well-being throughout the day. I wonder if you have the remotest idea how much difference this positive corner on the web is making? In terms of mental health alone, I feel far more relaxed knowing that there is somewhere I can go where the President is supported unconditionally, and where I won’t be blindsided by unreasonable or crass criticism. Thank you and take good care of yourself – rest well, tonight!

  180. I agree. Using a type of grass-root information system is good, but it’s not enough. Like it or not, the narratives created by MSM have an effect. It’s time to do something about it.

    I sincerely think that a few hundred people writing regularly to important media figures could make a difference.

  181. President Obama will head back to Fox to be interviewed by Bill-o the Clown on the pre-Superbowl show.

  182. Dear Tori

    I just got a chance to view the video. It is wonderful. This clear, direct messaging is what we need. Yippee. Thanks for sharing.

    I just wrote to all 3 of the senators with an attaboy and attagirl. They need to hear that we appreciate videos like these.

    to contact them visit

    Senator Schumer

    Senator Durbin

    Senator Stabenow

  183. Hello family, to our leader BWD get better as quick as you can. I was suffering a bad head cold at the start of the New Year and I just went back to work as of 1-5-11 and I feel like a new woman.. HEALTH IS WHAT IS GOLDEN….. and this is why Health reform is so important..

  184. I like David Plouffe, he will bring a clear message to the Sunday talk shows. President Obama needed to send folks out who can articulate what the administration accomplished and Gibbs did a poor job. With David I feel the messaging will be more focused.

  185. SAB – if you haven’t already done it, make sure you send this to BWD. so it can be added to the Change that Matters post, this is exactly the type of story we need.

  186. makesense4tulips you’re so right – Don’t understand why folks like to live in the past. They will be surprised come November 2012. Can’t wait, I’m so excited.

  187. Why? Why put himself through the pain. O’reilly is a JERK. Last interview was not worth it. Fox will use this opportunity to pound on Obama. Why, oh why…

  188. I agree, he needs someone who can get around the Chambers of Commerce and Wall Street. The president can’t win without someone who can wheel and deal with wall street. They are deliberately sitting back, hoping Obama will lose in 2012. PBO have to beat them at their on game, this includes the Republicans.

  189. GREAT name – 2012 here we come:) The more information we can put out there the better. Thank you.

  190. I was anxiously awaiting the return of Rachel Maddow tonight and she is driving me crazy right now with the handwringing over Bill Daley. Give me a break.

    Rachel is concerned that President Obama picked Bill Daley just to “Punch Hippies” (to annoy the frustrati). This is so disappointing. What I want to know is who would have satisfied Rachel in the CoS position. Maybe President Obama should have consulted with her first.

    I am not feeling Howard Dean either. What’s this crap about the White House having contempt for the base? I am not worried about the Bill Daley selection. I trust President Obama to pick a CoS that is a good match for him.

    I think I’m going to switch over to “Criminal Minds” to calm my nerves tonight. By the way, Welcome back Rachel.

  191. g, the conversations here are excellent, I spend a lot of time reading what people have to say and learning from it. Can go into the threads and find links, ideas, etc., etc. THIS is what I thought the internets 🙂 should be about.

  192. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait perhaps 12 months down the road when Rachel does her typical mea culpa on her show (as she did with DADT repeal), after Delay turns out to be instrumental in creating JOBS and slashing the unemployment rate.

    I’ve seen this scenario with Rachel play out before. And it’s beginning to get old.

  193. I don’t think Obama should avoid an interview. FOX may pound on Obama, but he will handle himself with grace as usual. If Bill O is being an arse, then too bad. Many moderate Republicans watch Fox news and Obama may be able to reach them despite the pundits’ efforts otherwise.

  194. I really no longer feel her. Sorry, she’s done this too many times. It would be one thing if she said, “you know what, I just don’t agree with this” and laid out her reasons; I might even applaud. But she resorts to the same emotionally-charged, bs thematics, nonsense “hippie punching” trying to make it seem like the WH is trying to victimize somebody, as she always does. I think she’s overrated actually. I know that plenty of reasonable people disagree, but I just don’t see her in the same way as perhaps a year ago.

  195. My favorite sentence in this article

    “He will reach across the isle not because he sees the foe as an enemy, but as an American.”

    Such a fine man our President.

  196. How many times did that guy go bankrupt? not sure he wants to have that brought up all the time.

  197. Every. day. a. new. crisis. Then some “mea culpa” most don’t, but on they go to wear down the spirits of people who see overarching good in this WH by nitpicking every single decision and acting like it is an assault on the left, speaking for us and taking us on a trumped up emotional roller coaster ride. Sick and tired of it all.

  198. Folks on the fringe left have nothing in common with hippies. They’re friggin sell-outs, selling outrage for money.

  199. Very thoughtgul post !!

    I think the Clinton people also have regrets about NAFTA. I remember how in that time, there was so much optimism about globalization. Oh it would be great for everyone, and it would be great for american workers, etc…

    After fifteen years, it’s obvious that they didn’t foreseen some of the bad consequences of that trade deal.

    So I think their intentions were good, but they were mistaken. And I don’t judge them too harshly on that.

    The good news is: many of those Clinton people have learned harsh lessons and it is helpful for President Obama.

    Just look at how BETTER the South Korea trade deal is. It’s been praised by both business and labor. And President Obama has said they will use this model in negociations for other trade deals…

  200. The oil spill speech was punching hippies. HCR was punching hippies. The tax cut deal was punching hippies. I really am not feeling this anymore. I don’t have a single solitary problem with fringe leftists. Nor hippies. Nor anyone who says “this Daley aint my cup of tea.” But I am tired of the national media. Not one of them are hippies.

  201. I”m sick of it too, this has been the most scrutinized Presidency in my lifetime. He couldn’t even pick a dog without getting into trouble with someone. That’s why I’ve tuned them all out.

  202. Good points, *but* (and please do not mistake me for one of these over the top PL screaming about bs “hippie punching”), Wall Street to the WH? No. ma’am. I don’t like the WS philosophy, I don’t like the lack of caring for the common person, I don’t like the airs and the presumption vis a vis the average American who needs the same type of leg up which Wall Street enjoyed as they yet and still flood this country which ideologue, union-busting, worker-hostile nonsense.

    POTUS is beyond excellent. But I am on the fence with this particular decision. I understand the rationale, truly. Truly I do. Just don’t agree at the moment.

  203. And they do the counterarguments such disservice. There is actual merit to finding this selection controversial (yet not the end of the world, come on). But it’s almost as if you can barely state that because everything is so over-the-top.

  204. If the DFH’s will stop being so self-absorbed then maybe they wouldn’t lose it every time Obama hires someone. Obama’s every move and decision isn’t about them. His world doesn’t revolve around them. The sooner they get that the better.

    Since the Repubs control the House and we have less of a majority in the Senate, Obama’s probably not going to be pushing progressive legislation for the next two years. PLUS, Obama has to think about his reelection, maintaining the majority in the Senate AND trying to gain back those seats lost in the House. Getting all that accomplished is going to drive the PL insane so they need to steel themselves for a while.

  205. I didn’t watch Rachel tonight. But she said President Obama appointed Bill Daley in order to “punch Hippies” ??? SERIOUSLY ??

    That has to be the most narcissic and idiotic comment she’s ever made.

    I’m SO disappointed in her. She has the potential to become a very good journalist. Her work in Afghanistan was fabulous for example. But she displays an immaturity sometimes that is very disappointing.

    And what’s that crap about Howard Dean ? Maybe after being thrown under the bus by the “left” for his comments about Daley, he now wants to make amends and regain their love ??

  206. I have to agree with you gn that the “Hippie Punching” nonsense is getting tired. Rachel and Keith got on my one last nerve with their criticism of the oval office speech on the oil spill.

    However, I do like Rachel. I think she is brilliant and she connects the dots better than anyone on cable. But she is a concern troll. She can’t seem to help herself. She used to have a segment of her show called “Talk Me Down”. Guests would have to explain why she was wrong about some issue. Typical.

    I can barely watch MSNBC any more. I can’t take Chris “Tweety” Matthews interrupting his guests and going off on tangents. I can’t take Ed Schultz yelling and his head exploding for one hour. And Keith Olbermann lost me when he compared the tax cut deal to Nazi appeasement.

    I have been checking out Lawrence O’Donnell, he is a good interviewer. He did some excellent segments on the tax cut deal. His takedowns of Mary Landrieu and Jane Hamsher were brilliant.

  207. Three strikes, Rachel. The “Talk Me Down” schtick (it’s not about your angst, Dear) The DADT hysteria, and Strike Three – appointees need to be vetted by…the Frustrati??


    I’m disappointed though.

    I rec Law and Order – UK, BTW.

  208. gobrooklyn said:

    Obama’s every move and decision isn’t about them.

    I think you have nailed it with that statement. That is exactly what I was thinking when Rachel was bellyaching that the Bill Daley choice was punching hippies.

    The frustrai/PL pummel President Obama for two years and then expect him to consult them first on personnel changes. It’s not about them.

  209. I can do you one better 🙂 I am capable of reading the same thread multiple times, they have that much quality.

  210. Great comment! I think that the media, even the best of them, are set up to be reactionary, and then us reactionary right after them. It’s an exhausting cycle.

  211. Wow, the wife of General Patraeus working hand in hand with Elisabeth Warren.

    Can you just hear the republicans’ heads explode ???

  212. I cut both Rachel, Ed, and Keith O. off months ago at around the same time that I cut off the site which shan’t be named here. I haven’t missed them since all they did was keep me tied up in knots of frustration.

    None of the screamers have a seat at the table at any WH meeting. None of them are members of Congress. None of them have the phone number of PBO’s blackberry or of his phone in the WH. Their only contribution is in sitting on the outside looking in making judgments about everything the president does/says, spewing out sulfurous venom that chokes everyone/thing that comes into contact with it.

  213. Don’t forget the frustrati too!!! They are probably all upset that a. Wife of a “war criminal ” is having a hand at working at the consumer agency! How soon before they acccuse Elizabeth warren of being a sell out

  214. Personally I think the Daley pick is about jobs and the economy. Obama knows since he don’t have the house and senate anymore, he needs to make things happen outside of Washington at this point. And to some degree when he had both he could only get so much done. I think the tax cut deal is part of the plan to get things going. Adam Greene once again looked like a fool on Lawrence’s show. If Obama listen to the far left on everything, he would not have gotten anything done.

  215. Well, good – the Professional Left is always saying the Dems need to do a better job of getting their message out (not that the PL is doing anything to help with that), what better way to GTMO than on Superbowl Sunday? And yes we know wha O-Reilly is but don’t forget he gets a lot viewers. And does anyone here really think our President can’t hold his own against the rightwing noise makers?

  216. I’d go even further say Go For It, Mr. President! We’re always bemoaning lack of opportunities to get our message out – well, hello Opportunity! What could be better? And I have total faith in Pres. Obama to get the best over BillO!

  217. Flojo, I read it’s tradition…our President did last year’s (2010) Super Bowl interview w/CBS’ Katie Couric… (An aide said it’s customary for the sitting president to sit down for an interview w/the network hostin’ the Super Bowl.)

    I don’t care for Fox, either…But, our President will be fine! Remember, he’ll be the only adult in the room. 😉 Go Prez Obama Go!

  218. Regarding Rachel and all the PLs, who cares about what they think? I personally don’t give a bleeping whit. They have been consistently wrong from the get go. I have found that I save myself a lot of headache and keep my blood pressure down by not watching any of those shows any more.

  219. Lotsa “hippie punching” today, especially by dkos dahling, warren. Love it. 🙂

    President is spinning weaves around professional yellers and poutrage progressives.

  220. Exactly. Like I said when news was spreading about her gushing over potus getting DADT repealed that I find her phony and only in the President’s corner when she gets what she wants. That is not how journalists are supposed to behave. I don’t trust or like her phony ass. She is just like the rest, none of them are as smart as they think they are.

    Because George Bush was such an immense dunce, I was lulled into thinking these news people were smart but now that we are privy to imo, the Albert Einstein of politics, the brilliance that is President Obama, I find everybody else especially tv people to be so unbelievably stupid. Their arguments sounds so middle school and idiotic to me. I am proud to say March 2011 will make 2 years I have not watched for any prolonged time these educated fools.

  221. “Gates cutting Pentagon budget by $78bn over five years.

    US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has announced a $78bn (£50.3bn) military budget cut, to be achieved in part by scrapping a $14bn amphibious vehicle.

    The cuts over the next five years come in addition to $100bn in internal savings already announced.

    Those savings will be redirected to other defence programmes, but the new cuts slow growth in the overall budget.

    But cuts to weapons programmes are certain to encounter fierce opposition from members of Congress.

    Much of the roughly $178bn in defence cuts will come through reduced administrative costs, new organisational efficiencies, and slashed personnel costs, which the defence department called a “vigorous scrub of bureaucratic structures”.

    The Pentagon’s budget is expected to be $553bn in 2012, reflecting roughly 3% growth. After that, growth would slow and would be essentially flat in 2015 and 2016, the Pentagon said.”

  222. Sometimes when a catch a whiff of their holier-than-thou unsolicited advice to POTUS, I start giggling. And that means, I’ve come a long, long way. It used to give me ulcers.

  223. I agree V.C. the Professional Left will never be satisfied by anything Pres. Obama does or anyone he appoints. They have personal jealousy and financial gain motivating their constant disapproval of Obama. The “holier than thou” schtick of the P.L. has indeed jumped the shark. They don’t represent a large enough block of voters to warrant their representation in the MSM. The P.L. is given the mic only when they feed the “democrats are in disarray” meme. The P.L. is NOT Pres. Obama’s base. They seem to be left over Naderites. I no longer listen to their nonsense.

  224. I agree Pinkbunny. More and more I am convinced that much of the hatred and disrespect Pres. Obama gets from the left is based on racial bias. Race in this country continues to play a huge roll in the self-perception of both Blacks and Whites. Some on the left cannot handle having a Black man proving himself to be a better thinker, politician, leader and human being than they can ever hope to be. By shattering long held stereotypes, President Obama is having an immeasurable impact on the social fabric of this country. Maybe some on the left want to take their country back too.

  225. You are right GN. I should have made the distinction between the Professional Left and the liberal wing of the party..for mistake.

  226. Faith, please don’t forget that the COS works for the President and will work to get the President’s iniatives achieved. Pres. Obama will not take orders from or be lead by his COS. Obama will use whatever talents and contacts Daley has to meet goals set forth by Obama.


    Great post on the fallacy of the GOP health care bill. Net effect of jobs minimal, great potential increase in job mobility and creation of new businesses since people will have access to health care. Without ACA total univalves will jump to 54 million which means death rate due to lack of care will skyrocket (currently around 48,000 per year). It links to the center on budget priorities report.

    Also, get well BWD! You have created a wondrous space.

  228. How self important can the P.L. get. So now Pres. Obama sole reason for appointing Daley is to show disdain for the (fringe) left? Give me a break. Maddow et al. are all drama queens who do their viewers a disservice. Just the facts ma’am. Personally, I stopped watching MSNBC months ago (during the Gulf Oil Spill is Obama’s Katrina frenzy). Constant fake outrage, fear mongering and self-defeatism are not my cup of tea. Maddow needs to grow up. Maybe she really is that dumb.

  229. I did not realize that Ed Schultz was a former Republican but I’m not surprised since he has always struck me as a superficial blowhard, who was way too eager to bash President Obama.

  230. Narcissism is THE word. I could not believe that Rachel Maddow could possibly think that President Obama would appoint Daley as Chief of Staff simply to disprove that he was NOT beholden to the “left”. If these pundits know so much how to operate in the DC milieu, which has been in the making for hundreds of years, why are they not out there running for office and attempting to be part of it? I happen to believe the system, along with the American mindset, is unhealthy, but the latter must be changed in order to enact changes in the former, and that is too long-haul a proposition for the frustrati, who live from instant gratification to instant gratification in direct perversion of that old hippie dictum of “Be Here Now?

  231. Exactly, g, “it’s not about your angst”. Fortunately, the President, who actually must govern within a deeply-flawed system with a deeply-mis- or uninformed populace, is oblivious to the blatherings on right or left.

  232. co-sign x two. I have had my fill with them. I no longer subject myself to their emotional outbursts, especially since they have been wrong consistently.

    What’s galling to me is that they act like POTUS is not his own man, when he is everything but.

    And they know this all too damn well. They know that he’s balked Rahm, Biden, and I am sure many others we have not heard about.

    So, this big show they put on is tired and it is just old and dusty. They need to get a new act. Like two-year-olds, they continue to throw these silly tantrums, and Rachel particularly, comes back and say she was wrong.

    Who cares? I really don’t care to listen to them anymore and honestly I don’t. Unless there is a video pulled from the show, I don’t watch. I will give any of them their just due when they report the issues correctly, which is more than they afford this president, but I will not subject myself to their silly tirades every time they think this president should bow down to their every whim.

    I am so sick of every Tom, Dick and Harry who thinks they know what this president should be doing. Let them go run for office somewhere, then they can come back and talk to me. Until then, I will treat them with zero respect. They don’t deserve it, I am sorry.

    Enough already.

  233. That the POTUS will hire someone just to stick it to people on the left just goes to prove how these people with their self-inflated egos have created a fantasy world of their own.

    Once again, instead of concentrating on the so-called issues that they claim to fight for, such as the HealthCare law that is under attack from the Republicans, these people spend their time trying to dictate to this president who he should and should not hire.

    This just proves to me more than ever that they have nothing to offer me. They like to hear themselves talk.

    Slowly and slowly they their bloated egos will drive them to oblivion.

    More and more you will find people gravitating to spaces like BWD’s and others here on the blog roll to avoid the hyperventilation.

    Did someone say legend in their own minds? Yep. That’s what I figure.

  234. Please keep linking. The more positive sites out there spreading real news, and doing the work of the horribly incompetent media, the better!

  235. Indeed – they should be hollering about Paul Ryan’s new dictatorship in that he’s now got all power over spending and budgets, bypassing the members of the House of Representatives. That’s actually a better use of their time, rather than trying to puppetize the President over his own staff hires.

  236. thats a really good point Africa.. when the Professional Left, the frustrati.. those calling themselves ‘progressives’ et al unfailingly fall all over one another attacking the president at the same time that the republicans are making mischief- it begins to look to me that they are incapable and unwilling to attack republican behavior. I’ve noticed over and over how they got zero problems calling out the President for every single thing up to the smallest of things.. such as this COS position.. and yet nada word about the repubs wasting everyone’s time, money etc.. on setting up a vote to repeal healthcare.. or any of the other many things they’re getting ready to shred. And yet Rachel wastes her time and her viewers time..going after the president for his COS choice?? they’re scared of the republicans, imo.. either that or their agenda is solely to take down this President on whatever level they can get away with.

    The media lost me two years ago, I watch none of them, unless someone posts a video here, and that includes Keith, Rachel- all of them.. they’re fickle and they’re all about getting their names in the spotlight of the moment. And frankly I think the only thing they truly give a fig about is $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  237. Fantastic comment. 🙂 My personal “favorite” from Howard Dean was some nonsensical statement that the departure of Gibbs et al. was a chance for the president to “liberate” himself. *eyeroll* Which is ridiculous on its face; President Obama never needed to “liberate” himself; he’s always been his own man.

    What drives me nuts about Dean and KO and Rachel (to a lesser degree): they seem to be under the delusion that everything the president does, he does because he (or his administration)is weak or confused or underestimates the Republicans. The reality is, the president knows exactly what he’s doing and who and what he’s up against. But I guess that viewpoint wouldn’t make for great ratings. *eyeroll*

  238. My sentiments, exactly sherijr. I continue to believe that the frustrati were a big part of why the House is now in the hands of the Republicans. Their constant bickering about every single thing this president did, left them no room to see the cunning of the Republicans. Instead of training their sights on the Republicans, they whined day after day about the president’s agenda, even as he quietly achieved one legislative policy after another in a poisoned climate.

    Some of them urged the public to stay home, from the perch of their ivory towers, told voters not to go vote. When the vote turned out the way it did, they want to thrust all the blame on President Barack Obama. Really?

    These people — the ones that are known for doing this kind of hair on fire thing, they don’t see that the problem is them. If I was tech savvy, I would gather every single video of their emotional rant, drop it in their mail boxes and then upload on YouTube.

    The narcissism abounds. They are the only ones who have all the answers, even if those answers they put forth have been flat wrong.

    So, what do they try to do? They try to take credit when the president proves them wrong. Case in point: Healthcare, DADT, the economy, etc. Can anyone name or point to one substantitive thing that the frustrati have waged war about that has turned up to be worthwhile to anyone.

    I am so done and so over this crowd. And I get the feeling tons of people in this country are just tired of their little charade.

    I could care less about what any of these people say any more. I used to get really incensed, but not any more. Now, I concentrate on spreading the word about the achievements of this administration and Democrats like Pelosi, who did their best to produce legislative policies to help all Americans.

    Aren’t these the same people that less than a month ago, wanted president Obama to abandon millions of people in America, simply to prove a point by sticking it to the rich.

    They project much?

  239. Howard Dean is so deluded in his self-importance and has almost boxed himself in a corner with his playing up to the fake left and constantly seeking to stay in their good graces and held up as a good and respected “progressive”…

    I’m just as sick of him as I am of Alan Grayson…

    Thanks to them the republicans are back in full force seeking to do as much damage as possible while the fake left again turns a blind eye instead obsessively nit-picking every breath President Obama takes…

    I loathe these people…

  240. Africa, these days I find myself wondering how I ever thought Rachel and Keith smart and worth watching…

    To think I actually turned so many of my friends and family onto those two…

    I no longer watch MSNBC as it’s all gotten so ridiculous, tedious and frankly exhausting…

    And I’m glad that my friends and family all feel the same way…

  241. Good for you Kelly…

    I only just turned them all off a little while ago after realizing just how painfully petty, silly, uninformed, short-sighted, self-destructive and childish they all are…

    To see that little Adam Green prancing around trying to poke his little finger in President Obama’s eye is just like watching a tantrum throwing toddler jumping up and down trying to reach for his 6’3″ tall fathers eye glasses…It’s all so comical and utterly pathetic…

    I can’t believe I ever shared anything in common with these people seriously…

  242. They didn’t take too long. Huff n Puff is already putting a negative spin on it with their “cold comfort” headline. As usual, HP is rooting for this president’s failure and they can’t hide it.

  243. I also have stopped watching MSNBC. I’d rather get my news from the Internet (along with an increasing proportion of the population). For analysis and comment I go to the pragmati blogs and news to the BBC and Reuters as well as the NYT.

  244. Sorry but that reads rather Orange in its assessment. The person responsible for the highs and lows of how Barack Obama presents himself is Barack Obama. To suggest otherwise gets into puppetry.

  245. Jan, we all know our President can hold his own in any situation, and he can persuade at least one…That’s all it takes for the tide to turn…One Convert @ A Time!

    Go Prez Obama Go!!! 🙂

  246. Hope our dear BWD is feeling better this Friday a.m. I’d bring her chicken soup if I could.

  247. With Daley, as usual, the President is looking ahead. daley is a loyal person and will find for what Obama wants. At the same time, he can reach out to the “borderline” Dems in the Senate and have some control over them. Let’s face it, tghe next two years are going to be spent, to some degree in a defensive posture, whether we klike it or not. Daley can work in that environment.

    The other key thing is that all along, the right has demonized Obama as anti-business, socialist, fascist, etc. That is getting harder and harder for them to do.

    There are some on the PL that feel that any true progressive has to be anti-business. Quite honestly, this is a bunch of crap. A true progressive would be pro-business, as it creates jobs, etc. However, at the same time, a progressive (and this is where Obama falls) would be against the abuses of big business.

    Being a banker is not a bad thing. Being a corrupt or anti-people banker is. It is important to understand the difference, which the PL no longer does.

  248. Can anyone help me with some talking points? What is the ‘basis’ of the job-killing frame? Is it because the insurance companies are going to have to pull some agents away from denying claims to proving where our premium dollars go? Are businesses going to be required to offer insurance, and if so under what terms?

    Or is it just a complete lie?

    The potential for jobs in the healthcare field alone is important, isn’t it? I need some talking points. I’m finding this lie sticking with people.

    Why can’t Dem’s get ahead of this stuff for once?

  249. Thank you for this, Saint Roscoe!

    I refuse to refer to them as hippies. Not one of them is even close to being a hippie, and, if I had been a hippie in the 60’s or 70’s I would be greatly offended at their using the term!

    You’re right, they are sell-outs!

  250. Chuck is just another hack who’s only interested in hearing his own opinion. I’m glad that they are bringing in Plouffe for hopefully we’ll get to see some of that discipline we saw in the campaign. I don’t really see this as a huge shake up as the media is trying to pin it, but more of getting ready for campaign mode

  251. Chicken noodle with matzoh ball soup!! Yum… 🙂

    Hope virtual soup has at least some healing powers!

  252. So true. Believe it or not, a lot of Fox viewers are somewhat sane and reasonable. They may not agree with the President but still feel the President deserves some respect. O’Reilly willl have two options. He can be very respectful, ask non-antagonistic questions and give teh President time to answer. If he does, teh President will win over some of those viewers.

    His other option is to be aggressive, attempt to make the President look foolish, etc. Our President can handle that, and in the process, some of those viewers will be upset to see the President (because of his office , not because he is Obama) treated that way.

    Our President wins either way.

  253. I’m a bit more pessimistic about the public’s intelligence. Most of what happened in november had a lot to do with them sitting at home pouting about what hasn’t been done instead of what could not be done once the GOP takes over

  254. It just goes to show the American people want a huge sports fan our President is, he would subject himself to the insane.

  255. There really is no basis in reality, and it is a big lie.

    Part of it is the supposed loss of jobs in the insurance industry since the companies have to now spend 80% of premiums toward reimbursing actual, you know, health care. At the same time, however, since the insurance companies will get 32 million new customers, they may actually have to hire more people.

    Secondly, there is a part of the bill about forms needing to be filed and that costing businesses money which means they won’t be able to employ as many people. The Dems have actually tried to repeal that part of the bill, but the republicans have stopped them, just so they can keep it as a talking point.

    In reality, one thing that helps business hire (specially small businesses, is being bale to offer health insurance, which many couldn’t before but which they now can, thanks to credits, etc. This should end up being a boon to hiring.

    So in a nutshell, it is indeed a complete lie.

  256. Oops! Didn’t see the post. Sorry for the duplicate but it’s a yummy story. Let’s get the word out.

  257. So it’s just that there are a few clerical requirements? There is no onerous requirement that — God forbid — a big corporation is required to furnish health insurance?

    The 1099 thing is daunting — as a two-person business when I got that info from my accountant I, too, wasn’t happy. Here’s what drives me crazy: Republicans block the repeal and they get the credit for wanting to repeal it.

    This report counteracts a great deal of this lie:

    It’s listed in a few comments down thread but it’s great news.

  258. It’s not petty to point out how petit he is. It’s the truth. He was also pushed into running by the previous occupant and them. Guess he’s warmed to the job and thinks he can go further. I should think he’ll aim for Lugar first and bide his time until 2016.

  259. Thanks Faith. That is my blog. For some reason you can’t comment without entering the code like three times. I am going to have to call the webmaster to figure out what is going on, but please pass this good news around. I posted it on twitter and facebook. I have created a link minded group on FB for anybody that will like to join.!/home.php?sk=group_111222922277639&ap=1

    So far we have 82 members but if we can increase our presence on FB and other social networks, we can do our part of spreading the truth and facts about what the President is doing.

  260. I like reading you blog because you post some great info that needs to be said and the more positive sites out there such as yours and BWD about what the administration is doing the better. For some reason I can’t seem to post a comment under the Bad News for the GOP economy. I link my blog up here too sometimes, and although it’s not necessarily a political blog, I do try to post information that I hope people would find valuable to them.

  261. It’s insane that supposedly democratic blogs
    will scramble to give a negative spin just
    to avoid admitting how wrong they are..At
    this point I don’t know why they’re
    pretending to be so prideful..Shyt..I’ve lost
    count of how many times those self appointed
    experts were wrong trying to engage in a battle of wits with POTUS.

  262. How convient for them to leave that out and not to mentionthe fact that they actually have shorter work days and longer vacations. A joke indeed

  263. Talking point for the day: Health Care Reform law CREATES jobs, while providing health care to millions.

  264. I found it after joining your Facebook page. I haven’t seen this news anywhere else. Doesn’t mean it isn’t out there, but this is HUGE news.

    As I said down thread, talking point for the day:

    Health Care Reform Law CREATES jobs by supplying health care to millions.

    HCR is job-creating and life-saving!

    Where are the Democrats screaming this from the rooftops this morning?

  265. I agree with you, EricFive, though I admit it has surprised me as, before I entered the blogosphere and began watching “leftist” pundits on the television set, I actually believed those who espoused progressive values were beyond this. The fact that the white men get a pass (how can they deny that Bill Clinton is responsible for the rightward swing of the Democratic Party, thus setting off the rightward swing of the entire country?) and everything is blamed on the black man says it all. Reminiscent of Jesse Anderson who stabbed his wife in a parking lot and then blamed it on two apocryphal black guys.

  266. I tried to post the following comment to your blog:

    I am getting mail about private insurance which I never got before (I am uninsured). Costco is dipping into the private health care market in four states, acting as if their members were a group. I’m getting info from several other insurance companies as well.

    They are trying to get a slice of the market they know will explode in 2014. They also want to appear as if they’re behaving in order to be part of the exchanges.

    PPACA is working. It’s working right now.

  267. Why can’t he be all of the above? He’s not particularly bright and lazy. That leaves him open to all kinds of influencing factors.

  268. I find it absolutely amazing that there is so much flap around the President’s choice of Chief of Staff. I can’t even remember most Presidents’ Chiefs of Staff. I know the blogosphere and the 24-hour “news” media lend themselves to this kind of ephemeral hysteria, but surely intelligent people are above it.

  269. This. Is VERY funny!!


    Here’s a sample:
    The Conservative Constitution of the United States

    We, the Real Americans, in order to form a more God-Fearing Union, establish Justice as we see it, Defeat Health-Care Reform, and Preserve and Protect our Property, our Guns and our Right Not to Pay Taxes, do ordain and establish this Conservative Constitution for the United States of Real America.

    Article I. Congress shall have only the powers literally, specifically and expressly granted herein, and no others. That means definitely, without question, absolutely, no regulation of the Health Insurance or Financial Services industries.

    The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected not directly by the People, but by other people whom the People have elected to better represent the People.

    Any law enacted by Congress and signed by the President may be overturned by the vote of three or more States if they find it burdensome, offensive, annoying or in any way touching on Health Insurance, Property Rights or Guns.


    Article II. No person except a natural born Citizen who can produce video, photographic or eyewitness evidence of birth in a non-island American State shall be eligible to the Office of President.

    The President shall faithfully execute the laws, except when, as Commander in Chief, he decides he’d really rather not.

    The President shall not negotiate any Treaty without first receiving a signed and notarized note granting him permission, personally executed by every member of the Senate, the House, all 50 Governors and the editorial board of the Weekly Standard.


    Article III. Judges shall strictly construe this Constitution, and we mean strictly, and shall under no circumstances cite, refer to, read or mention at cocktail parties or cookouts any principle or provision of International Law.

    Suspected Terrorists shall be taken to Guantanamo and drawn and quartered in a public ceremony. Trials are optional, but if they occur, must be conducted in a Military Tribunal in which coerced statements are admissible so long as they support a Guilty verdict.


    Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the Members present the Sixth Day of January in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eleven. In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our names, [REDACTED]

  270. Agreed, thinkinoutthebox. I do believe the people themselves have to take some responsibility for our “leaders” in Congress. Everyone has a vote in both the primaries and the general elections. If they don’t like the choices, they can do write-ins. However, we might have better choices if the electorate actually stopped getting their voting “information” from television ads, which insures that he or she who has the most money and can advertise the most wins the election. It is fairly easy to do some research about candidates’ true positions on the issues, especially those who have been in public office before and have a record. I am afraid the people are getting the “leaders” that reflect them as much as they exploit them.

  271. When I tried to enter the code the first time and it didn’t work, the code disappeared.

  272. The BBC reports today (Friday) that unemployment has declined 🙂

    The US unemployment rate dropped to 9.4% in December from 9.8% in November, the biggest one-month drop since April 1998, official figures show.

    I hope this puts some chicken in your soup, BWD, and that you’re feeling better. Stay warm and hydrated, worry, worry, fuss, fuss 😦

  273. Yes, it is working, and it is creating jobs. Additionally, it is only the first step towards what will be even better forms of coverage, including a public option down the road.

    This is really why the Republicans are so against it. They know that long term it will lead us to something that moves out of the for-profit arena in terms of primary coverage.

    And as far as job-killing goes. The Republicans use that everytime anybody speaks of anythign that will involve regulations. Child labor laws were job killing, overtime regulations were job killing, minimum wage is job killing. Interesting how none of those really are.

  274. Good comment, Faith. I deplore the idea that what’s good for business should take precedence over the welfare of the people, which I believe got a large boost during Reagan’s Presidency and has continued apace ever since. The President is part and parcel of the current zeitgeist and he cannot overturn this mindset all by himself even if he wanted to do so. The people must awaken and demand a more enlightened culture and government. I understand that life is difficult for every one these days — too much stress, too much information, too many choices, too little time, etc. — but until we actually begin to take some responsibility for our own lives and our government, I do not see any deep change occurring. Of course, I believe one should always attempt to help others whether they help themselves or not, but we do need a stronger electorate if we are to have better government.

  275. Also, even though it takes a great deal more time and effort, consensus-building is more effective in the long run than is the iron fist.

  276. Thanks so much, everyone. This is very flattering. greenafrodiva, Disqus is actually down right now as I type this (around 11 a.m. eastern on Friday.) That’s probably why you are/were having problems posting a comment.

  277. Faith said: Where are the Democrats screaming this from the rooftops this morning?

    I wish I knew. In less than 48 hours, the Republicans are looking like the bunglers they are and I haven’t heard enough push back from the Democrats.

    Watching Speaker Boehner yesterday you could tell he was trotting out a new Luntz talking point by calling ACA the job-killing health care bill. The shallowness of the GOP knows no bounds. And the reading of the Constitution was an embarrassment. A total waste of time and tax payer money for a pr stunt.

    What infuriates me is that we all know the Republican Party can’t govern. They are doing the bidding of the chamber of commerce, the lobbyists and the hedge fund managers.

    If we had a media that did it’s job of educating and informing the public, we might be able to make some headway exposing these clowns. I realize circumventing the media firewall will be difficult, but where are all of the Democratic strategic thinkers coming up with creative ideas to get the facts to the American people?

    I realize there is a lot of “willful” ignorance” on the right. But there are just too many low information Americans who don’t have a clue about the projects and initiatives implemented by this administration that directly improve their lives.

  278. The problem with the anchors is that they are like actors, they have a daily role to play and that’s what they do,play it to the hilt,whether right or wrong,whilst conditioning the public into re-action and hostility.
    Heck, I have made people tune in to KO and dear Rachel, but the negative cynicism blowharding was winding me up in a way that I wanted to punch the tv, and I knew for my sanity I had to cease watching.
    That is why I have embraced this blog wholeheartedly, in that productive political discourse takes place, new information is filtered and truth can be rationalised.
    Keep heart people, and keep the faith as by now, one can see by his achievements, that this President is never to be underestimated or taken for granted and be buoyed by the knowledge that he is steadily working on his goals, otherwise we would not be applauding his 2 year historic successes.

  279. I know what you mean. But when I see my local Mall parking lot overflowing with Christmas shoppers like in years past, I believe these folks represent average Americans (not the hyper-aware bloggers)They see and feel the change.

  280. Good to hear that I’m not the only one that thinks that rachel is overrated. She gets way to caught up instead of reporting on just the facts. It’s like she and others hear the story, and make up their own minds before actually assessing and analyzing the situation. Because the pres makes a decision on who he chooses as CoS or brokers a deal with the republicans, somehow that makes him weak? she needs to stay in her lane.

  281. I do believe that for many people the issues are secondary to their self-righteous rage, which is where they get their feeling of self-worth. It doesn’t really matter what “beliefs” they are espousing except that they must be oppositional to something or someone to puff up their own sense of importance. If one truly cares about the welfare of others, one treats others with respect across the board; I can’t believe those who are constantly railing at others have any true compassion.

  282. Thanks so much for that link. I love it. The New York Times editorial board was not impressed either.

    The United States Consti …tion
    Published: January 6, 2011

    Members of the House might have thought they were bringing the Constitution alive by reading it aloud on Thursday. But they made a crucial error by excising its history. When they chose to deliberately drop the sections that became obsolete or offensive, and which were later amended, they missed a chance to demonstrate that this document is not nailed to the door of the past. It remains vital precisely because it can be reimagined.

  283. My five years at another blog were misspent for many reasons. The biggest, I think, is that they are responsible for my disillusionment about just what you are referring to. My sister and I used to discuss people – simplified version – “Well, they are libs, I’m sure they are fine people.” And then I met….I really believed it was only Reps that put avarice over compassion. Dumb, huh?

  284. Good plan, Kanwaka. I thought I might try Maddow’s show again after her apology regarding DADT only to hear her say yesterevening that perhaps one of the reasons President Obama chose Daley was to distance himself from the “left” so as to attract more independents and centrists. I realize narcissism and delusions of grandeur run rampant in our culture, but I certainly do not intend to pay attention to any statements resulting from them. Can you imagine the hubris of believing the President would choose his Chief of Staff simply to jab at the soi-disant “leftists”? We need to start raising our children to understand their true value to the cosmos so they don’t grow up to be needy adults in search of a 360 degree mirror that constantly reflects themselves back to themselves.

  285. Speaking of “goegeous” the kids of your gravatar are gorgeous! But that reminds me. Didn’t you use Adam (forget last name) as your pic before? I LOVE his recording of Mad World 🙂 Now on my IPOD.

  286. My guess is it the Lincoln Paradigm. If I were the Decider, I’d have the confidence to know I can listen to all POV’s, become thoroughly informed, but ultimately follow my perceived mission. I doubt Obama sees him as WS on legs. He’ll pluck what he needs from Daley’s brain and fund of knowlege, assimilate it, and go on from there, with the goal never changing – improve the country. God, I sound like a BOT 🙂

    Anyway, just MO.

  287. Yes, Ladyhawke, as I said above, I thought to try Maddow again after her apology regarding DADT, but now think I will probably not return to watching her.

  288. I did watch O’Donnell last night and saw Adam Greene still stuck on the public option. When was the last time any of the frustrati had an original idea if ever?

  289. I’ll put my “hippie” credentials up against anyone’s (after all, I was married on a beach at night on Friday the 13th), and I can decidedly state that I’ve never felt “punched” by this administration, though I’ve often felt out-of-synch with the priorities of our entire culture. So what? As Thomas Pynchon has so aptly pointed out in his novels, the interstices of the culture provide fine living spaces in which to pursue all manner of noble pursuits.

  290. Exactly, africa. Can you imagine believing that the President has the kind of temperament that would choose his most important aide just to stick it to the frustrati? Would that there were a school for teaching emotional intelligence so we could send them there.

  291. It’s happening. I gave my former blog a hit, for SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES only. Went directly to the sitemeter. Their traffic is down, way down, and the new format has not changed the trajectory.

    The Frustrati’s 15 minutes has expired. PTL.

  292. Thanks meta, this is great news. I will send to everyone on my distribution list. This really should go viral.

    Hopefully, the White House and the DNC will post it at their respective sites. Also, someone from the administration needs to be trumpeting this on cable especially in the light of the new Luntz talking point about ‘job-killing health care bill”. Maybe Austan Goolsbee has already done this, I don’t know.

    It would be great to hear one of the pundits ask Speaker Boehner exactly what does he mean by job killing health care bill in light of the analysis from Forbes. But I guess he would come of up some reason to discount Forbes just like he now discounts the CBO. Facts are stubborn things and they will cause the GOP to twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain their incoherent attacks.

  293. It works. Just got an OFA request for donation to right the Repeal Movement. I would have contributed anyway, but did just NOW because of being fired up reading this blog. True story!

  294. Every time I see President Obama my heart fills with pride. He is an extraordinary human being. His intelligence, wisdom and compassion were on full display with his comments this morning. He really is the only adult in the room. And he is looking especially dapper today. Like he just stepped out of GQ magazine.

  295. Thanks for the head’s up faith! For anyone who wants to read this story at an alternate site (one which didn’t run the lovely BWD out on a rail for the “offense” of posting pictures and good news roundups), the same story is here:

    It really is a beautiful story, faith! 🙂

    Five members of an anti-gay Baptist church were heavily outnumbered Thursday in Bethalto by about 1,000 people who shielded the family and mourners during the funeral for U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kenny Corzine.

  296. Absolutely agreed; that is their go-to talking point. What continues to amaze me is the short-sightedness of the business interests which the modern GOP leadership has been put into place to “protect.” It is quite foolish to imagine that businesses, particularly those whose legal structure imposes a fiduciary duty upon its management and directors to maximize profit—only in lollipop land will those businesses regulate themselves. Would someone send a small child into a candy store and imagine that she will confine herself to one piece of candy, then berate her when she stuffs her face instead, as children can be expected to do? This is a sloppy analogy but it is what I envision when listening to the ideologues who insist that personal “freedom” equals no rules or regulations. It is an idea which sets everyone up to fail. Which means that it is an idea which will have an enthusiastic champion in the modern GOP leadership.

  297. I am expecting a blog post at any minute now with a compilation of all of these excellent reports confirming the merits of the ACA. Awesome.

  298. Here is more good news from a post at The Obama Diary about the benefits of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. All of the hard work that was going on under the radar in the first two years is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Our analysis of data that the Census Bureau released this week shows that the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was one of the single most effective pieces of antipoverty legislation in decades. In 2009, the Recovery Act’s temporary expansion of the safety net kept 4.5 million people out of poverty.

  299. Was telling g last night what a great site this was, thanks to everybody here this is the little old blog that could!

  300. Hi everyone! good to see all of you here. BWD continue to get better i miss you.

  301. Eclectablog has a terrific roundup highlighting particularly egregious bills submitted by the new, do-nothing 112th session of Congress:

    The first week in Congress – Hoo boy (list of GOP bills)

    Here’s a snapshot of what we have to look forward to this year from the Republicans. As of this writing, just over 200 bills have been submitted in Congress. Here are some of the most odious ones.

    H.R. 2 – Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act – Repeals the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.
    H.R. 21 – Reclaiming Individual Liberty Act – Repeals the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
    H.R. 38 – Defunds the Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund under the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.
    H.R. 39 – Polar Bear Delisting Act – Delists polar bears as a “threatened species”.
    H.R. 42 – Health Care Incentive Act – Allows employers to count health care benefits when determining wages of minimum wage workers.
    H.R. 49 – Expands oil and gas drilling in the Coastal Plain of Alaska

    I encourage everyone to read the entire piece here:

    So let’s see: the do-nothing 112th Congress wastes taxpayer money with a line-by-line recitation of the Constitution, cut their work hours (must be nice to do that without a reduction in pay; most Americans don’t have that privilege), and now, are submitting bills which they know have no chance of survival.

    Our tax dollars at waste with this lazy chamber!

  302. And contributions like your post above re job growth are big reasons why.

    The Reps are wrong, wrong, wrong. (the Frustrati are, as we know, irrelevant) And eventually Americans will be able to see this clearly, as people are making doctor appointments they had previously postponed, and are headed back to work. Working with many young women, it occres to me that another area of growth will be in daycare.

    I remember back when BWD went through such garbage at another blog, we would urge her to start her own blog, and we would be there. But, in all honesty I never expected this level of success.

  303. POTUS certainly wasn’t lying when he said that he and the historic 111th session of Congress under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid put measures into place which helped millions of Americans.

    Thanks a million for the link and indeed, it is wonderful that Dems are finally receiving this recognition.

  304. OK. I am now speechless.

    Thank you. One of my old college profs was always intoning “nothing succeeds like success.” There is momentum now.

  305. g it is beautiful to witness, isn’t it? The word is simply getting out about this terrific space. Contrary to myth, the conversation here is very stimulating and no one walks in lockstep (there was an interesting discussion yesterday about the controversial Daley selection—sans over the top rhetoric or tantrums of course, simply agreeable disagreement).


    Glad you’re here.

  306. Africa I just wanted to say that I am always impressed by what you write in your posts.

    I also find it interesting that after the lame duck effective session in Congress and the President’s approval rating going up, and even some reporters asking real questions on how the republicans plan to govern the PL is focussing on Daley. They are always claiming the administration fails at messaging, but they are the ones that are preventing the message to get out.

  307. So well said. So much of the news now seems like infotainment rather than straight factual reportage and education.

  308. Co-signed by Sarah Palin, I presume?

    Holy shit. They are not even of the same species as we are. I feel like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown: I read screams from the PL – SLAP- despise them most. I read lists like this from Reps – SLAP – despise them most.

  309. So true. Chris Matthews was screeching yesterday asking why the Cabinet hasn’t been all over the shows touting their successes and plans – and I was screeching at my TV asking why they are never invited to do so! Instead, they report silly things like Palin’s latest tweet, or how the Republicans have made history reading the “entire” Constitution on the House floor (except for the parts they didn’t read, of course).

  310. He looks RESTED. Looking at him in December I was always having a knot in my stomach. He was so obviously exhausted. He’s the most hardworking president America has had in a long time.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see in a recent post that 73 % appreciate him as a person. At least a vast majority of americans can see his qualities as a human being. Obviously I wish more of them would appreciate how his ACTIONS are helping America in the short AND long term.

  311. It just keeps getting better g, and GN
    signing off to go to a political luncheon
    will spread our good news there!

  312. Thanks to the link to the article. I’m really impressed with her decision to take up the issue of gay rights.

  313. Hugs back at you gn. You are valuable to whatever space you are involved with.

    My surgery was postponed until mid-Feb, so I did go back to work. But, the students go to Gym, I get on IPhone, missing you all, running through battery juice daily 🙂

    You made an interesting point last month about this site – that many folks who simply lurked before on political blogs, have “decloaked” here. You are always so thoughtful in welcoming them, BTW. I forget what it’s like to be a newbie sometimes.

  314. Let’s see. Will KO, Schultz or Rachel focus on this in their shows tonight, or will they instead waste 45 minutes waging hysteria on Obama for his cabinet picks?

  315. Eclectablog: I for only one, and “I am unanimous in this” really appreciate your links to what you are writing and doing. You are doing some good positive work and I like to keep informed, Kiddo. (LOL)

    I appreciate the links others provide here also. I’ve found some great blogs that I might have missed if someone had not given links.

  316. Awesome, kitty! Actions like that are part of why this blog has blossomed so quickly. Thanks so much.

  317. I’ve been closely following the “g” chronicles here, so I know about your surgery and that you went back to work. 🙂 Don’t you love the delurkers? I’m delighted every time someone raises their voice.

  318. This is great news and my own personal great news is that my son who has been searching for the last 15 months got a JOB! Hooray! Better days are coming. I believe it!

  319. It’s ego, tigerfists. That’s all it is: people who put their egos first are just not able to admit being mistaken. Happy Friday!

  320. Yes, I wrote to Rachel last night. Asked her not to imply things about the President that she has no evidence of, and which point to childish sinister motives that are not part of the President’s makeup. I’m pushing back every day now when I see nonsense, however, it means I have to watch this crap – which can be painful.

  321. The reason Dems can’t get ahead of these lies is because they are perpetuated by the media. They have repeated the new framing over and over, and I haven’t heard even one media person push back and ask exactly how the bill is going to kill jobs. It’s really hard to push back against a wall of lies.

  322. I did too yesterday! 🙂

    I also bought a “I Stand with the President” bumper sticker at the store.

  323. That 73% figure is another example of what gives me so much hope. Common in both the righty media and some portions of the lefty media are character attacks on POTUS (“weak, sellout, secret terrorist”) and larger narratives which posit that POTUS is problematic personally. It’s nice to see validation that most people don’t have this type of issue with him; some people just got shaken up at the pace of change and IMO confused about what Dems did during the past session of Congress, why, and how it will greatly help average Americans. Because they do not hold a disdain, they can be appealed to.

  324. I agree Eclectablog

    This motivates me up to keep blogging, post to Facebook and keep talking up the President. Give the Republicans enough rope and they will truly hang themselves and tie themselves up at the same time.

    Folks are liking Health Care and will fight for it as it Reps try to take it away. This gives the news media a chance to discuss features of the bill, talk about the cost of repealing it, and put Boehner on the spot.

    I think it will be fun to watch.

  325. Oops! Sorry about that. This thread has gotten crazy long and I should have checked more thoroughly. Actually I think it’s because I’m just so aghast at their audacity. (Audacity of Nope? Audacity of Dope? Audacity of Mope?)

  326. Obama Shifts Economic Team to Focus on a Recovery
    Published: January 7, 2011

    LANDOVER, Md. — President Obama on Friday completed the midterm makeover of his core economic team as it turned from crisis management to recovery measures, naming Gene B. Sperling as senior economic adviser in the White House.

    Bernanke talks up prospects for US recovery

    Fed chief Ben Bernanke sounded a more upbeat note on the US economy today even as employment figures continued to point to a difficult road to recovery.

    Bernanke told a Senate committee that there was more evidence that a “self-sustaining recovery” in consumer and business spending may be taking hold – a more optimistic assessment than his recent public remarks.

    I am feeling really good today. I know some (the usual suspects) are grumbling about the job number falling short but we went through the same, actually worst last month. After the huge adjustment that had to be done with the job numbers in November (I think it was 300,000) I am confident we will see that there were more than the 103,000 the #’s show today. Thank you Mr. President for saving America. 🙂

  327. I am happy for your son and you, Aquagranny! (And this is more rich broth for BWD’s get-well-soon chicken soup… )

  328. I second that Kelly, and it really isn’t hyperbole: Thank you Mr. President for saving America.

    From the comfort of a non-Depression, everyone can issue “should have” and “would have” without taking a moment to think about where this country was headed when POTUS took office. We were headed to a Depression. And neither Bush nor McCain were in any way equipped to stop it. To quote the VPOTUS: this is a big f-ing deal, that we are indeed recovering.

  329. There was a time when I wondered if even the pragmati got some satisfaction out of the perpetual arguments, but now that many of them have left because they found more positive sites, I am relieved to know that they actually prefer civility, optimism, reason and a long-term view.

  330. The Dutch proverb that’s applicable here says, roughly translated:

    “Use a thief to catch a thief”

    This is perhaps dishonest to Mr. Daley (“won’t you please come to Chicago, or else join the other side” – OK, that was his father), but it *helps* to have someone on board who knows how that “industry” works.

  331. About the spending cuts…

    I’m no expert but I can’t help feeling that the republicans have decided to let President Obama be the messenger of bad news. Despite all their cynical rhetoric, in reality they KNOW that he has an immense sense of duty, and he will have the courage to risk his second term in order to do what’s right. So what are the republicans doing ?? They are making political theater with very minor propositions to cut spending, propositions that have good “optics” and that can make for good sound-bites. But they’re running from the responsability of dealing with the very hard stuff and are waiting for President Obama to do the dirty work. And then they’ll scream and spin everything to their advantage.

    The GOP: politics first. President Obama: Country first.

  332. That the POTUS will hire someone just to stick it to people on the left,

    Bingo, that’s it !

    Those people are so used to the mantra of “sticking it to the man” that they can’t take the real world evolving in any other way.

  333. Ouch! Steve Perlstein of the Washington Post totally and completely eviscerates the GOP for their new everything is job-killing meme.

    There is an unmistakable redbaiting quality to the “job-killing” rhetoric, a throwback to the McCarthy era. It reflects the sort of economic fundamentalism better suited to Afghan politics than American. Rather than contributing to the political dialogue, it is a substitute for serious discussion. And the fact that it continues unabated suggests that Republicans are not ready to compromise or to govern.

    So the next time you hear some politician or radio blowhard or corporate hack tossing around the “job-killing” accusation, you can be pretty sure he’s not somebody to be taken seriously. It’s a sign that he disrespects your intelligence, disrespects the truth and disrespects the democratic process. By poisoning the political well and making it difficult for our political system to respond effectively to economic challenges, Republicans may turn out to be the biggest job killers of all.

  334. Blackwaterdog,

    Although we seem to do well under the title of “mishmash” (450 long as I post), I feel worried about you health.

    [ I’m not the right person to discuss health – I am one of those few who never gets ill. The only day I had to skip work because of illness in 28 years was on election day in May, 1986, and even then I was well enough in the afternoon to visit the voting booth ]

    So, please, give a sign of life !


    Toon Moene.

  335. I am encouraged to know it is OK to promote our blogs.

    Eclectablog your blog was the first place I found a story about how the government came in UNDER budget on the Census. You are like a “success story sleuth”, always finding the unusual and encouraging.

    I think of BWD as my center of the wheel, we all charge our batteries here and then head out in our own directions. I am very grateful we can come here for support, ideas, feedback, and lots of love.

    I find things at the websites of our members that I repackage at mine. All this week I have been going to the Obama Diary, (such a wonderful site, Chipsticks virtual pats on the back and hugs.)

    The site has many wonderful images and a few charts and graphs. This morning I used some of them to make a chart and graph page on the economy.

    I also added a link to The Obama Diary site at the bottom of the page.

    I hope in the future we can discuss how we can help each other learn how to promote all our sites, blog rolls, linking to each other, facebook fans. It makes me tired to think of all the possibilities. We will be busy.


  337. Sperling was a driving force behind the Glass-Steagall repeal – just sayin’

  338. Wow, I was just thinking the same thing. I am really missing Blackwaterdog (my rock) and I want to know that she is on the mend. Anxiously awaiting an update.

  339. I already heard Boehner trying to take credit for the Pentagon cuts on his interview with Brian Williams. He was asked for a single cut he would do, and after stammering for a few seconds, finally pointed to the Pentagon cuts as an example of cuts that could be made. Nice try!

  340. Apparently, they’re setting up committees to start rebuilding their own version of the health care bill – with everything that’s already in the health care bill, but none of the responsible measures that allow it to lower the deficit and reduce health care costs. So, we spent a year coming up with a comprehensive bill that was responsible and socially productive, and now they are going to WASTE more time duplicating the “good” parts of the bill? Outrageous. That’s why they’re discrediting the CBO – so that when the CBO comes out and denounces their version that will exclude the cost cutting and deficit reducing parts, they will simply say that the CBO has no credibility. And of course, the media is already paving the way by saying that the formula used by the CBO is outdated, so the Republicans have a legitimate perspective. How come the CBO is now considered outdated – conveniently?

  341. This is a MUST READ article. Speaks directly to the immature nonsense of the Republican party. This is my favorite part:

    “I wonder how Republicans and their media posse would like it if Democrats started referring to “genocidal” deregulation or the “murderous” repeal of health-care reform. Or if Republican economic policies were likened to the infamous neutron bomb – they kill the workers but leave their jobs intact.

    Unfair? No doubt. But no more so than portraying as “job-killing” every regulation, every tax and every dollar of government spending”.

  342. Thank goodness for Wall Street reform. Anyway,Mr. Stegall obviously was working at the bidding of the then President Clinton and got done what that Pres wanted. Hopefully he will now carry out the bidding of President Obama with the same zealous and get stuff done. We know this President’s agenda is all about we the people so I am happy if this guy does his best. When PBO wins, we win.

  343. Republicans did a lot of talking about “uncertainty” being the cause of low hiring by their corporate masters. Well, how much uncertainty are they adding to the mix by stating that they will undo everything that was done over the last two years – effectively taking us back to the deepest days of crisis? How uncertain are people about the safety of their lives when Republicans talk about undoing regulations that protect workers, their jobs, their limbs, their children, their food, their money, their lives? How uncertain can we be about the future when we hear Republicans talking about amending the Constitution to withdraw citizenship? Or putting a crazy woman in charge of sensitive, secret information? Or putting a man in charge of math and science who hates math and science to the degree that he would kill funding for it by saying we’re hiring government workers who will sit and watch po rn day and night? Or putting someone in charge of higher education who believes we should shut down the department of Education, or at least defund the department? How uncertain are we supposed to be about the continuing economic recovery when the Republican-led Congress would rather focus on PR stunts and meaningless investigations?

    These Republicans are insane and irresponsible. The media is criminally incompetent. Many people are willfully ignorant.

  344. I don’t think that you sound like a “bot” at all. As I told someone else upthread, I find these remarks very compelling. Particularly the reminder that there are absolutely different ideologies and points of view working in banking (which I know is very true). Thanks for the comment!

  345. I think that entire meme is fictitious. They sat on money to influence the elections is my tin foil conspiracy theory.

    Excellent point re: the GOP leadership is in actuality demonstrably bad for business, as well as bad for average Americans.

  346. There is an ongoning attempt by most in the
    media to show him as “Not one of us”…They
    know that it’s personality & policy that
    attracts millions of people all around the
    world to Pres.Obama…It’s eating them up
    inside that they can’t control him, because
    POTUS is must see tv…Only a few people in
    the world have that “It” that makes u wanna
    tune in.

    Happy friday GN..!! 🙂

  347. Very well said, tigerfists, and Happy Friday back to you! Really nice insight about the purpose of these attacks in terms of trying to disconnect people’s feelings of connection.

  348. I agree,I thought that paragraph was very powerful. Steve Perlstein can be fierce. This was an amazing column today. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

  349. No, no mistake, lol! I am just on a mission to spread the word that the PL doesn’t really speak for the base. The national media tends to use the PL as shorthand for the base–an easy method of trying to ascertain the thoughts of average Dems, which is a worthy endeavor. But IMO sensationalism coupled with kind of weak editorial and moderation policies allowed some of those spaces to be overrun by some truly outlier sentiment (and worse), which is in turn carried over to lefty radio and television. If I can help it, I’m going to always try to point out that there have been too many times that the PL has been proven out of touch with the base, for them to serve as a proxy. I loved your comment though.

  350. She is against Wall Street Refor. She brought a bill to the house asking for its repeal.

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