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  1. Nice Pictures, very niceeeeeeeeeee. I like each one. It’s so good to see our Prez. relaxing & having fun with his Family & friends. Thanks for the sharing, I like:-).

  2. Listening to “That’s The Way Of The World” by EWF and looking at pics of our President — what a way to start a Tuesday morning!

  3. They had all just finished swimming (flip-flops). He looks really nice and relaxed. BTW-that lip healed really nicely 🙂

  4. Rhonda the look on her face is hysterical. I wonder what he thinks when we get all excited like that in his presence 🙂

  5. So many things strike me in those pics…first, as a no shoes kinda girl…love the flip flops, the Secret service guy looks like he needs his “Men in Black” get up on to be comfortable…he looks like he feels all out of place, like the ball cap is going to “disguise him”:) The woman with the dog…she’ll remember that day, but boy, if she ever sees that picture of herself, she’ll just die! And beautiful Sasha…growing up in front of our eyes, looks more like her beautiful mom everyday.Thanks for the pictures, BWD…perfect accompaniment to my coffee.Nice way to begin the day….

  6. Seeing him with that elderly lady may have reminded him of Toot-his grand mother. Bittersweet for him. I noticed he did not have his usual beaming smile. That was poignant to me.

    Loved the one with the dog as well. Children and pets judge people well.

  7. That grandma is touching him and talking to him just like a good grandma would…can’t fake genuine.

  8. glad to see he looks rested and ready for the coming battles — he’s going to need every ounce of energy.

    Also – Sasha’s eyes say “don’t I have the coolest dad ever!” 🙂

  9. IS 2011 OVER YET? — President Obama made a surprise visit to reporters on Air Force One shortly after leaving Hawaii, and without being asked about the next election, he mentioned 2012.

    Obama gave this response when asked about Republicans’ plans to vote on repealing the new health care law when he returns:

    “I think that there’s going to be politics. That’s what happens in Washington. They are going to play to their base for a certain period of time. But I’m pretty confident that they’re going to recognize that our job is to govern and make sure that we are delivering jobs for the American people and that we are creating a competitive economy for the 21st century. Not just for this generation, but for the next one. And so my expectation, my hope, is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will realize that there will be plenty of time to campaign for 2012 in 2012. And that our job, this year, is to make sure that we build on recovery. We started making good progress on that in the lame-duck, and I expect to build on that progress when I get back.”

    President Obama is such an optimistic person. I wish I had the same level of optimisim that he has. I have absolutely no faith in the Republicans but with the President at the helm I trust that we will be okay.

  10. Good morning wonderful ones!

    Sorry I haven’t been around. I have been reading every day and loving all of your wit, wisdom, caring, and enthusiasm.

    Hurt my hand so writing is problematic, even using the mouse hurts.

    Just wanted to say good morning and thank you to BWD and all of you for keeping reality and hope in the forefront. 🙂

  11. I’ve always thought that President Obama’s reaching out to the other side was also meant to illustrate the distinctions between the Dems and the Repubs to the American people.

    Those distinctions were very clear in the lame duck session when the Republican’s held everything hostage to get their tax breaks for the wealthy.

    Their unwillingness to sign on to the 9-11 Responders bill did not go over well with the majority of Americans.

    The President is the one who is seen as willing to do everything to help people and grow the economy.

    The Republicans?

    Not so much.

  12. All the posturing by the incoming Republican freshmen Congress is just that. I wonder what’s going to happen to them when one of them loses message discipline and have to be wood-shedded by Boehner.

    Boehner too, is probably not going to enjoy this next few years. He’s going to be herding cats on his own.

    One of the things I’ve observed about Obama, particularly in this lame duck is that he is fabulous on the waiting game. He plays “close to the chest” well. That reminds me of our agency’s lawyers: let the enemy expose their cards first, then play ours. It looks at first weak, but it obliterates the opposition when the time is right. Very satisfying.

  13. What is about this President that never fails to lift my spirit, put a smile on my face, and cause me to be overwhelmed with adoration?!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of our endearing & genius President.

  14. What an oasis from all the craziness out there. My blood pressure almost went through the roof when I read on Washington Monthly how the Republicans were trying to “school” the President on behavior and bi-partisanship for appoint 6 recess appointments. And YET NO ONE in the MSM calls them out for their obstructionism!!

    They didn’t have a problem with the people being appointed. They didn’t like that the President is doing so without their say so.

    What a crock!

    God the stupidity, pettiness,arrogance, and racist attitudes of the GOP never cease to amaze me. I’m sure in their mind they are affronted that a black man did something without their say so.

    They are too big for their britches. In their arrogance, they think that they have all the power.

    Well guess what Congress – you are just one third of the balance, so just shut up and quit your whining and do you job!!!!

  15. Exactly! You would have think they would learn…but then again, nobody said they were smart.I hope that the country sees this game playing for what it really is, and calls them out on it, BIG TIME, come election time. I feel like the public has absolutely no appetite for the BS political manuevering by the R’s. We want things done for the country. End. Of. Conversation.

  16. Well, we already know they took the wrong message from this last election.What else is new…? Experts only in their own minds.

  17. Me too. I think this was a great trip for all of them. No crises, thank heavens, and the weather cooperated enough that they could do all their favorite things. No one is more deserving of that much needed break than President Obama who works so long and hard and has been keeping the most excruciating schedule of any president. He’s going to need that revitalization for all the headaches the Repubs are planning for him, I fear.
    I know both girls love their daddy with all their hearts, but it was so evident in those photos the deep love Sasha has for him. Lovely to see.
    Great photos all the way around. The adorable little girl in the white hoodie stood out in the crowd, didn’t she?

  18. Good to see you Rhoda! 🙂

    Hope all things are well with you and yours.


    I wasn’t able to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Hope it’s filled with grace notes for all of you.

  19. Thanks desertflower.

    It will get there. Just need to not do anything which is frustrating as the dickens.

    Especially with the writing.

    Need to stop and go ice.

    Love and hugs to you and the rest of this amazing crew.

  20. Exactly. His reaching out had two purposes. One of them, and I think to some degree naively on his part, was that they would actually work with him on things. This was partly due to his experience as a Senator where he had a lot of success working with Republicna Senators in co-sponsoring legislation. I think, to some degree, that he expected that to continue, and I think he was genuinely surprised, and even possibly hurt a little, at the total lack of any positivge response from any of them.

    However, he quickly realized that the public still wanted to see some of that “bi-partisanship” in action and that if he stopped reaching out he would be seen as the person who was be obstructionistic. However, all the polls show that the vast majority of the American people feel he has done the most in trying to work with the other side and that the Republicans were the “villians” in the piece. If the economy had turned around quicker, I don’t think there would have been anywhere near the losses that there were in November.

    This statement he made puts the onus on the Republicans to really show they are serious about governing. We’ll see how it goes.

  21. And I think that reality is beginning to sink in—-drip by drip—in some corners, at least.

  22. I think Obama is signing the Food Safety Modernization Act today:

    I saw this article dated yesterday – here’s an excerpt:

    The historic legislation the President will sign tomorrow directs the Food and Drug Administration, working with a wide range of public and private partners, to build a new system of food safety oversight – one focused on applying, more comprehensively than ever, the best available science and good common sense to prevent the problems that can make people sick.

  23. Sometimes its genuine optimism, sometimes its straight snark. I detect snark here.

  24. True to form:

    With Republican leaders anxious to set an austere tone for their ascendance into the House majority this week, the lavish fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday night at a trendy Washington hotel to benefit a dozen GOP freshmen is not exactly the populist image leaders are anxious to project.

    House Speaker-elect John Boehner, whose name was featured on the invitation, is nonetheless skipping the event at the W Hotel, where lobbyists, political action committee managers and others paying the $2,500 ticket price will be treated to a performance by country music star LeAnn Rimes (a $50,000 package includes a block of eight tickets and a “VIP suite” at the W). The office of incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor, another featured invitee, was non-committal Monday night when asked whether he’d attend.

    “If incoming GOP freshmen were hoping to bring fiscal responsibility and ‘family values’ to Washington, they may have gotten off to an interesting start,” conservative blogger Matt Lewis noted, citing the event’s steep ticket prices, as well as Rimes’s confessed extra-marital affair and her recent appearance in a “Sexy Santa” outfit at a gay men’s chorus Christmas performance.

    Swing voters were simply sold a bill of goods.

  25. If Speaker Bawler cannot think of his past without sobbing, he will melt down completely handling his job this year.

  26. I was just thinking the same thing. It won’t take long for the roller coaster ride to begin.

    The pics are great, as ususal.

  27. Yesterday I found this article at CBS which discusses the Republican plan to vote to repeal Health Care.

    Embedded within the article on the left side is a poll where you can vote your opinion. If you haven’t already voted it just takes a minute.

    When I last looked here were the stats

    How do you feel about the GOP’s planned vote on a bill to repeal health care reform?

    * I oppose it. The bill should not be repealed.
    * I oppose it, even though I don’t like the bill. It’s a waste of time.
    * I support it. You’ve got to get the ball rolling.
    * Don’t know/not sure.

  28. japa, I agree completely with your analysis. Those people who think he can take Senators in the back room and use a rubber hose or whatever to make them do what he wants are crazy….Lieberman killed the PO, but he was instrumental in repealing DADT. I think he is setting an example of how our government is supposed to work, and I agree that, little by little, it is sinking in. The pix are so wonderful, the flip-flops, the beautiful Sasha, the repsonses of the crowds. No wonder Gallup has him as the most admired man in America.

  29. Mort Zunkerman on tv sticking up for wall street, on why they are not hiring! Always an escuse for wall street! Meanwhile, their profits are way up, and they are loving it! SIGH!!!
    Seems like they send him on tv to set the narrative and make escuses! SADLY!

  30. Off subject a bit, but I tried to watch KO last night, after a three week boycott, and I had to turn it off. He seems so way over the top. Anyone else feel the same? Getting off the cable news has calmed me. When you watch it, you feel like the sky is falling everyday. It is so stupid. PS. that lip is fine now!!!

  31. Good Morning to everyone here. This is still such a refreshing site to come to and read. Thanks so much to all who make the comments and share the information on important topics. BWD, what a joy you have given us here. Thank you.

    Yes, it is so nice to see President Obama returning with his girls and our lovely First Lady. I am grateful that he had a time to relax and work(we all know that he was working also.) He deserves every moment of his vacation with his family and friends. We are so blessed to have him as our POTUS. I feel that he will be fine, no matter what the opposition tries to throw his way. He is a deep thinker, a calm leader, and his heart seems to be for the American people in such a sincere good way. I also enjoy his smile. Remember, Toot told him to smile more. He lights up the space that he is in with that wonderful smile. He speaks to the whole of mankind. We will continue to see progress and we will have to trust him, and keep out faith strong in what we want for our country. People are hurting and we all need to support him, read for the truth, and spread the facts when the information is distorted by the MSM. I think that we are going to have a great 2011. Let us continue to suppport each other. I hope that each of you will have a wonderful Tues., and a wonderful week. I enjoy being here with you all. Thanks for your intelligence, open-minds, and caring hearts.

  32. us FACTORY ORDERS UP .7% IN NOVERMBER, ex transporotation up 2.4%.
    And yet the greedy market is down today, despite all this good economic news!

  33. I bet POTUS wished he could stay a bit longer, I know I would, sun and warm weather or snow and cold weather a no brainer. Don’t even get me started on the republicans. ahhh

    Someone needs to track down the lady with the dog and give her the photo… too funny

  34. I have not watched Keith Olbermann since he went off the rails and compared the tax cut compromise with Nazi appeasement. I could not believe that. I was outraged. I am done with him. I have no desire to watch Countdown any more.

    I had my issues with Rachel Maddow too. I was very disappointed at her reaction to the tax cut deal. I had stopped watching Rachel and then I heard that she apologized. I thought that was big of her. So I am back to watching Rachel and I have been checking out Lawrence O’Donnell. He did some excellent segments during the tax cut debate. His takedown of Mary Landrieu and Jane Hamsher were amazing.

    I am much calmer now. My homepage is set to and the first site I look at each morning is blackwaterdog. After that, it’s on to the BWD blogroll. I have left the negative sites in the dust.

  35. I agree with you about KO, even though I no longer watch his show. He and others are always looking for something to be outraged about. He has always been over the top, I noticed that years ago during the previous administration, before I started watching his show. I see his show as entertainment rather that serious news, I am not his audience.

    Whenever I spend too much time watching cable news, I become anxious, I loose perspective, and become inpatient; which distorts the real world. I think cable news works best for those with strong political stomach. Mine is weak.

  36. That woman wanted to meet the President and for her dog to meet the President. That is so cute. I love it. Thanks for these pictures.

  37. Speaker Boner to be sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts!
    Never happened before, that a Chief jsutice swears in a speaker of the house!


  38. Oh…man, I like one of the lady’s screaming excitement. That is so cool. Thank you BWD for the photos that speak to many.

    I guess it’s back to normal life and the 112th feckless Congress.

  39. You’ve gotta be freaking kidding. Right???

    What is he pretending that he’s the POTUS or something?!

    Who usually swears in the Speaker? (forgive my ignorance on this one)

  40. When I heard that the first act of House Republicans would be a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I thought what idiots. On further reflection, I still think the Republicans are idiots for doing this but I think it presents a wonderful opportunity for the Democrats to tout the benefits of the ACA that are already taking place.

    Eugene Robinson weighs in…

    If the incoming Republican leadership in the House of Representatives is serious about trying to repeal health care reform, there’s only one appropriate Democratic response: “Make my day.”
    All along, what Democrats really wanted was for Americans to look closely at the details. Now it looks as if the GOP is ready to oblige.

  41. Like many in Chicago area, I can’t stand Macy’s but am glad to see they are adding jobs. This is some of that seasonal hiring that is being kept on after the seasn. Remember when people said you really shouldn;t count that 300,000 in Novemebr because they would all be let go. Well, not all of them apparently.

  42. I did the same. Watched Keith last night. He seemed loud and fake. He does have good guests sometimes but I just cant watch him any more.
    When they open with attacks on our President I turn them off.

  43. Remember when the markets were down and it was all because of President Obama. Now that the markets are up again all we get are crickets. Steve Benen of Washington Monthly had a great post and a nice chart on this phenomenon entitled …



    That said, there are some relevant angles to results like these, too. For example, it’s hard not to notice that the right seems awfully selective about when Wall Street indexes count — when the markets are down, Obama deserves the blame; when the markets are up; Obama doesn’t deserve the credit. It’s funny how that works. It’s also tough for unhinged conservatives to continue to insist that the White House is comprised of radical socialists, intent on destroying private enterprise, when major indexes have soared under Obama’s watch.

  44. LOL! As someone stated on another blog, it appears that her dog really wanted to meet First Dog Bo, and seemed disappointed that only the President showed up…

  45. Amidst all this good ecomonic news, the PL/frustrati is going to focus on Obama’s potential Chief of Staff pick…

  46. Thank you BWD for the great photos. It’s good to see the President looking well rested. I love the third picture of President Obama and Sasha at the zoo.

  47. He’s signing the Food Safety Act today. I’d like to see it, but can’t find the time on the White House website … ???? Anybody know?

  48. When I heard that the first act of House Republicans would be a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I thought what idiots.

    I think “idiots” isn’t the right word here – I would vote for “innumerati”.

    Ask any entrepreneur whether he wants lower labor costs – and he will almost jump at you.

    That’s what the new Affordable Care Act does: It lowers the cost of Health Insurance, which of course also applies to the Health Insurance provided by employers.

    Enough said – Republicans simply can’t do arithmetic.

  49. yeah. There was a $2,500/plate fundraiser for the incoming Republican freshmen with lobbyists.

    It doesn’t matter what they do, it matters how they sell what they do. Has it all come down to marketing? Truth doesn’t matter at all anymore?

  50. Some Republican last night said that the President was obligated to work with them because they won the House.

    Why weren’t they obligated to work with the President when Dem’s had the House, Senate, and the Presidency? And last time I looked, we still had the Senate and the Presidency. But Obama is the one who is ‘obligated?’

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did her best to put this jackass in his place. With no help from Lawrence O’Donnell who did nothing to stop him from interrupting her. She took care of herself, of course, but Lawrence should have taken control of his show.

  51. I’m pretty done with KO and this was hard to do. I thought we were in it together for the long haul. I thought he was smart enough to not get sucked into Perfection NOW! and making this President the enemy.

    Which important speech was it? It was a prime time speech that laid out reasonable positions and KO ripped into him. From that point on, I have been suspicious. What passes for “independence” in progressive journalism is wreaking so much havoc. Only if you’re ‘independent’ enough to bash Obama do you get a voice in ‘progressive’ media.

    When a voice of influence like KO could have done so much for the perception of progress, he has become a heartbreaking disappointment to me.

  52. I was waiting in the car for my husband n downtown Chicago last week and saw all the Macy’s shopping bags before Christmas and it was just wrong: they should have been Marshall Field’s bags. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

    But hiring is good!

  53. I just wandered over to a frustrati site — not one post about the good economic news.

    Sigh. I used to go there to get my news. No more.

  54. FYI
    Vice President Joe Biden’s top aide is departing the White House to become president of Case Holdings, the holding company of AOL co-founder Steve Case.
    Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff, will leave his post in late January. Klain is a former member of the Clinton administration and an attorney who played a key role in the 2000 Florida recount. He was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the HBO movie “Recount.”
    “For 25 years, Ron Klain has been my friend and adviser. As my chief of staff in the White House, Ron has done an exceptional job of building my team, implementing my direction on top priorities, and providing invaluable counsel,” Biden said in a statement.”
    “He has also played a key role in establishing the strong, positive relationship that exists between my staff and the President’s team. I am proud of the successes we have had over these two years, and am grateful for the role Ron played in achieving them. I wish him the best of luck as he takes this next step in his career,” added Biden.
    To read this article in its entirety visit CNN.

  55. Sales at U.S. retailers rose 3.6 percent last week from a year earlier, as some shoppers returned to stores to take advantage of post-Christmas discounts, dodging a snowstorm that assailed the East Coast.

  56. Hug you back…take it easy so you don’t reinjure…as frustrating as that is:)

  57. It seems that whenever they go off the rails about members of the president’s staff, they always forget that PBO is not GWB or former President Clinton. He has an entirely different management style, and he tends to take a “hands on” approach to governing. I remember their outrage over the Ray LaHood appointment to the position of Secretary of Transportation. As it has turned out, Mr. LaHood has been very effective in the position. I love the fact that he wasted no time taking the high speed rail funds from those states whose newly minted rw governors rejected them and reassigned them to states that would use the funds for the purpose(s) for which they were intended.

  58. Obviously he wants to be Barack Obama. His jealousy and envy of this president is immense. He will never be on the level of Pres Obama and he knows it. So let him have his day. He is preening like a best dressed peacock when in actuality his party couldn’t garner both House and Senate. There was nothing historic about the midterms, nothing epic, tbh they underwhelmed. For almost 2 years Media told me the GOP was gonna route the Dems in proportions that would be level or worst than 1995. *shrugs* Seems they confused President Obama with Bill Clinton.

  59. I’ve definitely become waaay more selective about the media products which I choose to consume. Anyone hawking any of the following media merchandise: sensationalism, rancor, ignorance, bigotry, nonstop drama/manufactured crises, mindless fact-free diatribes–I skip over their products (and make no mistake, these people are selling products for profit and taking the shortcut of using sensationalism to generate consumers, which is their right, but I have no desire to consume toxic media).

    This space alongside others on the blogroll keep me well-informed without any of the “extra” and high drama for sale. The pragmatic sites are like the premium, organic, hormone-free, free-range versions of political media and being on this particular “diet” has worked wonders for my political outlook. Keep it coming, everyone! 🙂

  60. Foolish people playing childish games. Same Roberts who stumbled over President Obama’s inauguration swearing-in.

  61. I don’t find the frustrati relevant in the slightest at this point. I do have some hesitations about this particular selection, but I think that you have a point as well. (OT-So nice to discuss the news, areas of agreement, areas of potential disagreement, without people flying off the handle or having conversations interrupted with diatribes and tantrums.)

    Back on topic: For me, the optics of this selection may prove problematic, however, we did witness a fairly centrist Rahm Emanuel work diligently for legislation which was to the right of his political views. But from Wall Street to the WH? I don’t know about this one…

  62. You must read NY Mag Oct 10 issue for a glimpse Mr o. We (not the frustrati) are right about him.

    Sorry about typos. Went back to work & am on cell while kids are at gym)

  63. Great Comment

    “He is a deep thinker, a calm leader, and his heart seems to be for the American people in such a sincere good way.”

    I believe folks are fed up with hysteria, and exaggeration. More and more they will come to appreciate the qualities you listed above.

  64. President Obama and that Smile! No wonder the Boners of this world can’t stand him!

  65. I’m a Minnesotan who is bitter about Daytons (who was purchased by Marshall Fields) turned into Macys. Macys is such a crappy store. It’s always messy and dirty.

  66. That is a really excellent point that doesn’t get covered enough. Obama isn’t dependent on his advisors for decision-making like GWB and to an extent, Clinton was.

  67. OMG!!! I can hear the Obama haters now! He’s buttoned his jacket incorrectly! HE MUST BE IMPEACHED FOR THAT!!!!

    Talk about grabbing at straws. They are all such obvious FREAKS in the anti-Obama crowd, they make me ill.

    Welcome home, President Obama! Give ’em Hell!!!

  68. Chris Hayes, sitting in for Maddow last night, also pushed the meme that the President capitulates before negotiations even begin, citing the tax cut deal as proof of this. Am I naive to think that negotiations begin long before the public, including the media, hear anything of them? Didn’t they ever watch “The West Wing” (I know, Lawrence O’Donnell wrote much of it, but he’s more savvy than the rest)? Do these pundits truly believe that the President has no idea with whom he is dealing or how to handle them and that they know more about the inner and outer workings of government and politicians than does he? And do they have an inkling that the repeal of DADT, the first responders act, the extension of unemployment benefits, etc., would not have been passed had the President been inflexible on the tax cuts?

  69. You have to understand that they are no different than people who post over that site whose names should not be mention. They have no idea how the game is being played. They are kids living in la-la-land. That’s why no one takes the so-called “progressives” – who are actually against any kind of progress – seriously anymore.

  70. Thanks Donna – we’ll need to do this every day to counteract the evil that is about to be perpetrated in this place.

  71. I don’t think he’s naive about Republicans. He talks about their tactics in his book, “Audacity of Hope”. I think he knows exactly who he’s dealing with, and has studied history. I think he still hopes for some to exhibit their humanity, and he gives them every opportunity to do so. But, he also plans for the worst. He can’t change the way things work if he doesn’t set up an expectation that things CAN change – but he is also a realist. He would have collapsed by now, if he really was naive – the disappointment would be too great.

  72. I listened to Chris Hayes covering for Rachel Maddow last night (only listened with half an ear, since there was a bunch of nonsense being discussed). But he was adamantly issuing instructions for the President, and demanding an end to the filibuster. Clearly, if the Senate Dems don’t end the filibuster, the PL is prepared to call them all sorts of names, without thinking about the consequences if Dems lose the Senate. I have to think that thinking Senators are even more frustrated by the dysfunction of the Senate, so if they don’t end the filibuster, it will be for a good reason. Chris Hayes also had a lot of advice/demands for the President on holding firm re: the debt ceiling until the Republicans cave – clearly, he hasn’t learned these past two years that the PL are usually wrong. Given that the Republicans were willing to let the 9/11 Responders go unserved, they were holding middle class hostage for the sake of the rich, and they have spent the last two years not lifting a single finger to help the country deal with the multiple crises. I don’t think they believe they have anything to lose, since they were just given the keys to the kingdom in November. Thinking that Republicans can be shamed into doing the right thing, when all evidence points to the contrary – well, that’s just foolish.

  73. I saw Debbie Wasserman-Schult – she was consistently amazing and strong. I hope we see much more of her on these silly shows. She obliterated the Republican fool, who looked like he was going to blow a gasket.

  74. Holly Petreaeus to work with Elizabeth Warren on behalf of military families.

    I so admire the way the First Family has reached out to military families.

    Now it seems like Elizbeth Warren is following his lead, and creating a special branch of the Consumer rotection Agency to work with military families.

    She and Elizabeth Warren both strike me as such “down to earth” types.

    A video of her in an earlier interview is found here.

  75. KO has a new Republican boss, who suspended KO for three days for something even Scarborough did. KO isn’t going to have a choice.

    Just like HuffPo, Republican-progressive media are trying to channel progressive anger to undermine Obama and Dems.

    I’m wondering what’s going to happen to Rachel, there isn’t any media left. I’d love to see her on the comedy channel just before Stewart.

    The FCC has completely lost control.

    My only hope is that, like Fox News, this type of approach will become understood. HuffPo has been attacked so strongly for her progressive outrage undermining the President that she’s toned it down a bit.

    Keep doing what you are doing, call it out. Write in and tell KO what you think.

    Here’s the link:

  76. I’ve often thought the same thing. Obama doesn’t announce every conversation. DADT took two years to get done. Lots of things have been passed without fanfare and recognition.

    I call it microrage – picking apart parts of sentances and not seeing the big picture.

    Many thanks to BWD for organizing this group to keep the focus.

  77. I also read that Boehner is asking the members of his caucus to act like “adults” on extending the debt ceiling. Good luck with that, John! You played the game, assembled your team of petulant, immature, tantrum-throwing kids, and now you want them to act like adults? Hahahahahahahahaha!

  78. Thank God BWD for sensible discourse on what is taking place daily re legislation,great photos and positivity,etc. My biggest problem is/was going to sites that were supposedly pro-Obama and being dissatisfied, in that every headline is/was about what Palin, Beck, Linmbaugh and what other republicans said, did, thought, plan! The bloggers would then turn around and blame the democrats for poor messaging, when in fact they could have assisted in taking the message out.

  79. He tore his butt with me when he threw his little temper tantrum about the tax cut compromise the president reached with the republicans. I had already decreased the amount of time I watched his show, but that did it for me. Haven’t watched him or Rachel since. Rachel did apologize, but I’m fed up with all of those who tear into the president and have no clue about what is going on behind the scenes. I feel that if they do it once, they’ll do it again, and besides, I can do without the emotional angst that comes from listening to them.

    I don’t mind commentators and pundits criticizing the president. What I object to is them doing it without having access to all of the information on a particular matter. They all act as if they’re the president’s right hand man/woman. I can imagine that not even Reggie Love is party to everything PBO knows, and he IS his right hand man.

  80. I wish I could rec you for this!

    “The bloggers would then turn around and blame the democrats for poor messaging, when in fact they could have assisted in taking the message out.”

  81. I agree with you, blackwaterdog, but what is most discouraging is that the pundits, unlike the commenters in the blogosphere, are supposed to make it their business to understand how things are done in Washington. I think this used to be the case. How did we ever get so stupid?

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