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I found this comment hiding somewhere in the forest that is I’m Grateful 😉

I think President Obama is a man with a heart for the people. As of today my 25 year old son is back on my health insurance and able to get the medical help he needs. We are so grateful. I pray for him and his family daily.

Sardebra Wright

It gave me the idea to create a post with stories about people’s lives getting better as a direct result of the president’s actions and policies. Just send me stories to (make sure you write “change that matters” in the subject line, so it won’t get lost) and when there’s enough substance, I’ll post a sticky.

Thanks, and happy new year.


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  1. This is a great idea. Once we have a substantial amount, you can fax/e-mail them to the DNC or something.

  2. I agree. And then we can also individually send it out to national media, as well as our local media with letter attached to the editors.

    Like-minded spaces can also post them. Perhaps get it in a You-tube video similar to what Will-I am did with the Yes We Can video and make it go viral.

    I think we could do similar thing with the I am Grateful Sticky.

    I love, love the idea, BWD.

    Thanks again, for this place.

  3. I don’t tweet (ok, I’ll be frank, dunno how anyway! LOL) but this is something that I hope _will_ go viral.

    Who does tweet? It’s something to see if it can get out there, in regards to voices that directly speak of their experience… and why they’re grateful!!

    Great idea, BWD!!!! I have friend whose kids are back on their insurance – but they’re lucky enough that if their kids weren’t, it would be horrendous as with some others in their situations.

  4. Excellent ideas !!!

    The “information war” will be very very important in the next two years. President Obama needs help from the grassroots on this. The media gives so much space to both extremes of the political spectrum. Time to push back !!!!!

  5. Great idea! So many things to ponder…help for my daughter, the student, my nephew, the soldier,my parents,on and on and on…I’ll get back with the “particulars”:)

  6. I think that part of the problem with this health care bill(and now LAW!)is that the demonization and lies about it got the most play…and the goodness of this law got overshadowed by the ridiculous, outright lies. Now that this is the law of the land,and getting better with each coming year, maybe the messaging of what this law REALLY DOES, how it affects REAL PEOPLE, REAL BUSINESSES, REAL FAMILIES is so important…and this is why BWD’s idea is so brilliant.We all know that some will want to start dismantling this long time coming, about damn time, health care law…can’t let that happen. Won’t.End of conversation…we have to spread the word about the goodness of this and show Americans how it will affect them…in a good way!

  7. By the way….I have to say the photo above at the nurses convention…love that face he has on there…just the right kind of sassy for me…you know what I’m sayin’?

  8. I’ve never seen a comment about this – so I just thought I remembered it wrongly.

    At the first question of the last press conference last year, the President answers as follows (paraphrased):

    “While I still think it’s wrong to give tax credits to people like myself …”

    Man, do I love this guy (to her credit, Hilary Clinton made a similar remark during the primaries – apparently, it needs more air time to drive this point home).

  9. This is not what you had in mind, but a good place to post it, LOL. In the classroom, when we discuss American history, particularly, the Americam credo of equality, I feel less disengenous (euphemism for “liar” :)) I’ve spoken often about the pride I see from my AA students when discussing POTUS. (“He’s really black like me?!”)

    As we spoke about over the weekend, I feel comfortable being an American abroad again.

    If I can think of ‘on point’ examples, I’ll let you know.

    It’s a grand idea!

  10. All great points. As the truth about this bill gets out as it is apt to benefit thousands of people, the demonizing of this bill will come to light and those opposing it will be brought to shame.

    As more and more people tell their stories about the benefits and the negative impact that will result from any kind of repeal, it will show that those trying to thwart the process are doing it in bad faith.

    I think that in addition to what we are trying to do on the grassroots level, the DNC needs to devote some important time to getting people in front the cameras to tell their stories about how the bill is improving their lives. They need to do a little documentary or something.

    No doubt, those trying to derail this process will be spending loads of money to do so. But we have to fight them back with every fiber of our being. We know that their aim more than anything else, is to try to stifle the president’s achievements.

    That’s why we need to start now.

  11. Hi Africa! This blog is the gift which keeps on giving, isn’t it. I would seriously purchase printed, high resolution, color copies of “I’m Grateful” and the follow-up “I’m Grateful: Comments” in small book form. Alternatively, these two pieces could easily stand alone as their own respective sites or site offshoots entirely (I’m still blown away by the lovely piece of poetry which Christin wrote in the comments section of the second piece).

    I’d imagine that the new piece which BWD is compiling from reader stories will become an instant classic as well.

  12. Well said, desertflower. I utterly agree that the lies which have flown from all direction about HCR have created a skewed view of this legislation. I will never ever forget a HCR opponent “on the left” who replied to my admiration of the Medicaid expansion with a note that these patients could always just go to the hospital. I was shocked. I’m no HCR expert but I have a parent who works in an ER and the “let them just go to the hospital when they get sick” in lieu of an insurance program (which very importantly provides access to primary care) is very shocking to me.

    I have NEVER heard actual real life liberals adopt the callous attitude of “let them sit and rot in the ER.” I have NEVER seen or heard of a real life liberal who would go onto FoxNews and advocate “kill the bill.” We lost the media narrative because the people who said that they speak for the left just parrot right wing talking points.

    For this reason, I cannot express my admiration of this space and the remainder of the emerging spaces enough. People, we have to maintain and grow these spaces this year. Or the Professional Left will continue to feed poison memes into the national media and divert focus and energies.

    Thanks a million to you, everyone here, and the terrific site proprietor for providing this wonderful solution.

  13. This is a wonderful idea. I hope you don’t mind if I do little brain dump here.

    Can we also make a movie?

    We could ask folks to send a phrase

    “health care law allowed my daughter to see a doctor and dentist for first time in 3 years.”

    ask for a picture of the person or family

    ask for their location (if they could send a picture of their town that would be great too.)

    We could produce one big one, but also have smaller ones that just focus on a law or a location. ie stories of how health care is helping or stories of the california recovery.

    Earlier there was a request for a printed copy of the photos and phrases. Do you need someone to research that? Desktop publishing isn’t my expertise, but I work with folks who could help with this.

  14. That is indeed a fabulous quote, Toon! This is going to be a tough, tough two years as the GOP will point fingers at unions as the supposed cause for state/locality financial distress rather than a country in which people have become deluded into thinking that we can get something for nothing and not pay any taxes! (At weeseeyou this morning, we’re discussing our amazement that Republicans are so upset with Christie’s poor management of the blizzard in NJ and Christie’s audacious and hypocritical request that the federal government come in and pay for the cleanup—one example of so many in terms of the short-sightedness and incoherence of GOP ideas).

    I’d love to see the spaces which actually reflect the base discuss ways of simplifying the tax code and closing loopholes rather than just focusing on rates exclusively. Too many of the well-off don’t pay taxes, millionaire’s tax cut or no millionaire’s tax cut, and that’s part of where we need to focus.

  15. I think the fact that some real good things are kicking in with Health care, will make it harder
    for the public to be on the repugs side. It time for Obama, the Dems and the damn media to report the facts on this.

  16. OK – sorry but the ideas are just brimming over here. What if we did another project or added to this one and used the phrase “I’m Hopeful because”.

  17. Honey, HCR opponents are utterly shameless, both those lying about the legislation on the right (“death panels”) and those lying about it in the sensationalized lefty media (“corporate sellout betrayal”). They have no shame and no conscience.

    This is why I love love love this idea of compiling information and testimonies from real life people and creating an online digest of these stories. Just a *fabulous* idea!

  18. I have so many things I’m grateful for because Barack Obama is our President:
    1. We are no longer the laughing stock of the world because W was so incredibly incompetent.
    2. I work in higher education and funds are now available for scholarships and re-training for unemployed workers plus government loans to students are much more available than previously.
    3. I have just started getting Medicare which allows me a free check-up
    every year and a non-generic option.
    4. I have relatives that are benefitting from “Obama”care. That was originally meant to be a derisive term – but will turn out to be a positive label as more aspects of HCR kick in, such as pre-existing conditions, extended coverage for college age kids, better watch-dog provisions over the private health insurance carriers etc.
    5. Tax cuts free up more of my money for donations to the causes I really care about – education and environment – and not war or earmarks so much. I’m not struggling as much as many others but I’d rather select where to give that extra.
    6. I still see pride and hope in the faces of young people that first, they can achieve anything through hard work and secondly, that there is a greater sense of equality now (gender, race, orientation etc.)

    There is still a long way to go with tremendous obstacles, but if we all pitch in to send the message – we make progress – even if it’s baby steps.

  19. I personally think that BWD should literally publish some of these pieces, each as a short book, or alternatively, publish them all in one book in time for the 2011 holidays as the mother of all coffeetable books. I would buy multiple copies, period, and I know a bunch of people who would treasure such a volume! I can imagine that wonderful Christin comment annotated with pictures as one of the pages or chapters; would buy it in a heartbeat.

    (here’s Christin’s wonderful comment to the “I’m Grateful: Comments” piece; forgive me for copying without permission, but this is literally the best comment I have read in more than 6 years of reading blogs; I’m not surprised that it was elicited by the utter beauty and positivity of this space):


    I was somewhat skeptical of February of 2007.
    I was somewhat kinda liking what I was seeing in June of 2007.
    But had to chose one.
    I was a confused Edwards supporter in November of 2007.
    Confused as in thinking maybe I was on the wrong team.
    On December 2nd 2007 I picked up the phone.
    It was enthusiastic Democratic supporter of Barack Obama calling from OFA, giving me a complete rundown on Barack Obama, and could I give any type of donation.
    I told him I was for John Edwards, but would be quite happy if Barack Obama won.
    But would hold off financial support for now.
    And then somehow, wound up giving my first 100 to the campaign.

    In January of 2008, I put up the NY Times front page article in my office at work.
    Sen. Barack Obama wins Iowa.
    A smiling Barack Obama clapping.
    I’m still looking at that yellowed picture.
    We then left for vacation in Saint Thomas.
    A few days into my tropical paradise, we’re in a little grocery store on the island, paying six dollars for a box a Cheerios.
    And I’m losing it because New Hampshire goes the other way.
    On my vacation!

    And then it begins.
    Obsessing over every poll in existence.
    Cursing the longest primary in history.
    Glued to the internets to see how some election in a US territory I never heard of is doing.
    American Somalia too! Ours!
    Pissed off at home state for going the other way. What? My state?
    February, March, April……I tell my family I can’t take this.
    When will it end.
    They look at me in disgusted disgust and think and/or say the same two statements.

    I blame my friend who lives in PA for that loss.
    She kept asking me what date the primary was. Like I live there?
    I keep looking at her Larry David like wondering did she even remember to to vote.

    I am up to twice monthly donations.
    One from my account. The other from my SO’s.
    Sometimes he does not know that when he tells me fifty, I make it one hundred.
    When he says one hundred, I make it two.
    It’s only numbers.

    The articles in my little cube are growing. A whole wall.
    May! Finally!!! We win! For a few hours I’m beyond myself with happiness.
    Then I remember now we start all over again.
    More money. More pouring over polls.
    And then the cavassing starts in July.
    Knocking on door after door after door.
    August. More doors. The convention. Me all crying.
    We cannot lose. If we lose I have to tell everyone once again I am moving to Canada.
    And they will know I am full of shit as usual and I will lose more friends.

    September. More canvassing.
    Now go onto PA to knock on more doors.
    And then – finally. It’s done. Sheesh. Finally.
    So ballistically happy and overjoyed and insane and delirious with utter shear amazement and relief that the local news interviews me at BO HQ in NJ.
    I come off looking one hundred times worse than Dean when he was all yelling.
    I even had mascara streaks on my face. Yup. Good representation.
    Tickets to the D.C. for the big day in January 2009.
    And that was the beginning.

    Of two years.
    In which my hope. My joy. My faith.
    Were restored.
    And my respect.
    Just so much respect.
    And pride in my country.
    And just this overall incredible feeling of peace.
    On the politics side of my life.
    A feeling of peace that had been missing since November 2000.

    And no one.
    Least of all some members of the professional left.
    Least of all some sad Naderite voters who hate all Democrats.
    Least of all about 20 remaining PUMAs.
    Least of all about 1000 still bitter John Edward supporters.
    And least of all about a few bloggers.
    One who makes his living off of his blog.
    The other who was a failed Hollywood screenwriter.
    The other who can’t make up her mind which party she’s a member of.
    The other who figured out screaming gets attention and some viewers on his You Tube site.
    But all who were once Republicans.
    Unlike me. Unlike most of us.

    For them – the Professional Left.
    It’s all about money.
    Advertisements on their web sites.
    Clicks on their web sites.
    Invites to appear as talking heads on some cable show that hardly anyone watches.
    It’s just about how to make money off ranting, screaming, and hating.

    None of those losers.
    None of those Non Members of this real base.
    The five percenters.
    Will ever. Ever.
    Take that away. They can’t. They don’t know how.
    And the more they can’t?
    The more they hate.
    And the more they hate?
    The more miserable they are.
    And the more miserable they are?
    The more without hope they are.
    And the more without hope they are?
    The more they close their curtains and sit in the dark.
    Pounding away at their keyboards.
    Just screaming how much they hate everything and everyone.

    HELL NO YOU CAN”T yelled John Boehner before HCR passed.
    He was not orange that day. He was red.
    Screaming HELL NO YOU CAN’T.
    Over and over and over.
    He looked so hateful. So miserable.

    I could not tell the difference between Boehner.
    And the Professional Left.
    The Professional Left.
    That is not the base.
    That is not the heart. The soul. Or the canvassers of the party.
    They are the base of their own party.
    Some third party that voted for Ralph.
    And now wants to vote for…they don’t know.

    When Democrats give the President an 85 percent approval rating?
    All what I babbled on was just one big fat “goes without sayin’. ”

    And when I used to go to my local campaign office to pick up my packets to canvass.
    Almost none of those foot soldiers were bloggers.
    Almost none of them heard of Daily Kos. Or Firedoglake.
    Just blank looks.
    As they got ready to convince another voter to do the right thing.

    So to President Barack Obama.
    I thank him for giving me back so much of what we lost in 2000 and and more.
    In more simple terms, I thank him for knowing that what makes a leader is not being a jerk and a bully and screaming my way or the highway.
    But for knowing that in order to move forward and help as many as possible, you have to give a little to the other side so they come on board.

    And for BWD.
    I thank her for giving us a place to revel in that joy.
    And for being a place in which the curtains are always open.
    The sun shines.
    And we get ready. To help elect. For the 2nd time.
    One of the greatest Presidents this country has known.

    Happiest Bouncing Bot ever.


  20. Steve Benen has a great article today about Rep. Fred Upton’s statement that the Republican House will pass health care reform repeal before the SOTU.

    He points out that its all a PR stunt because repeal will not pass the Senate – much less a Presidential veto.

    And then he says this about how Democrats should frame the PR stunt.

    To hear Upton tell it, one of the very first votes House Republicans will cast in the new Congress is raising taxes on small businesses. And adding over a trillion dollars to the debt. And taking away health care coverage for millions. And making seniors pay more for prescription drugs while weakening Medicare. And allowing insurers to discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions.

  21. 4. I have relatives that are benefitting from “Obama”care. That was originally meant to be a derisive term – but will turn out to be a positive label…

    Moose, I read the most wonderful turn of phrases: “ObamaCare because Obama Cares.”

  22. Legislative Dems have missed so many opportunities to really get together a cohesive message and go after the GOP. Here’s to hoping that 2011 ushers in a realization that they will either stick together or hang separately; they prevented a Depression, have begun a manufacturing rebound, are regulating health insurers like public utilities for the first time in this country’s history, have realigned patient-provider incentives in ways which will improve our health, and are set to subsidize the average American’s insurance costs, rescued the middle class, students, and the impoverished from greedy GOP hostage takers who only care about the rich, helped military veterans (including a little-known program which actually delivered back pay to soldiers who were subject to Bush’s stop loss policy), made major strides towards helping Native Americans…the list goes on and on and on. Dems have so much to be proud of! They simply need to tune out the abusive people who (wrongly) claim that they are the base, stop playing defense all of the time and grandstanding, and stand up for themselves and their very very very real accomplishments.

  23. Portland business owner reports ACA enables his shop to continue health coverage for his employees. Jim Houser wrote to The Oregonian, posted online September 29 (

    “The significance of the new law for us at Hawthorne Auto Clinic is that we will now be able to continue our employees’ health care coverage. Our company is one of over 4 million small businesses now eligible for the new health care tax credits. Our health care costs for our employees and their families had reached 20 percent of payroll — an unsustainable burden. The effect of this tax credit for our company will be to return our health care expenses to 2008 levels, which is a major cost reduction.

    “My visit with President Obama was truly remarkable, and I was most impressed with how hard he and his administration have been working to address our health care crisis and make these health insurance reforms a reality.”

  24. To both GN and desertflower: I couldn’t agree more with your comments, just perfectly stated – thank you.

    I’ve facebooked this post bwd.. to help get the word out on your idea- excellent idea imo.

    It is about time we got around to promoting all thats being done to benefit our country by President Obama and his administration.. I believe that some folks don’t even realize how they’ve benefited and I believe passing the word to folks may well get them thinking and recognizing how they’ve fared. Of course there are the obvious ones, like the post of the person who’s 25 year old son who can now receive healthcare. And I believe those stories are all around us, being overshadowed by a loud/dishonest media parroting republican spin. Thank you bwd for wanting to give voice to these folks and their stories.

  25. Well said, sheri. Happy New Years to you; repeating a really cute quote which I just read elsewhere: here’s me making a deposit of hope, joy, and blessings into your account for 2011. 🙂

  26. thank you gn for posting this, I had not read it.. Christin really nailed it all, this was/is my experience, my perspective.. although I started out a supporter of Barack Obama (not Edwards).. it was such a progression from supporter to involved citizen, donating, knocking on doors, calling, setting up fundraisers at OFA.. talking talking talking to everyone. And no way being deterred by the noisy few these last two years.

    Beautifully written, well done Christin.

  27. has a front page article that says that a republican member of Congress states that they have the votes to overturn a presidential veto of the repeal of the ACA. I really wonder what type of math he’s using in counting the votes. A 2/3 vote of each House is required to override a veto. Something about this claim sounds very fishy.

  28. I agree!!!

    I think, too, that it was so absolutely perfect. This 2-year mark, ya know? And how hard, how utterly hard Christin worked and her feelings. But what’s even better is that even though this was her story and her feelings, I _know_ there are others out there who feel exactly the same. Who also put in that amount of shoe leather. Who also have been so beaten down by the loud minority out there who give our President no credit.

    I hope BWD ponders all these ideas.

    And BWD – don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many who would contribute however you need.

  29. Wonderful article, and another example of “good news” that is buried on the major networks. Another reason why groups like us this exist, so we can get the word out.

    So encouraging.

  30. Dear Bwd.. if / when I get more info on this I will email you with it. I’m a veteran and get all of my healthcare at my local VA… unfortunately that care has been very limited and thus I’ve had to go an additional 800 miles round trip to the Fargo VA for anything requiring more than a pill or advice. The news here is that our local VA has moved to a larger building in town, hired new staff (but kept my favorite nurse) all done in October. I have an upcoming appointment Jan 11 and so will check things out.. see if I can get a handle on what prompted the move/ staff changes and how it will help we local Vets. I suspect this is from the additional funding legislated for the VA. Will keep you posted.

  31. FYI – I just read that POTUS will sign 9/11 first responders bill in Hawaii today (CNN). They did not give a time.

  32. The math for the override of the veto must be some kind of new magical math :). Just for fun went through the latest numbers I could find in the House and Senate, with 242 Rs in the House they would need 48 Ds to join them to achieve 2/3, the Senate would require that nineteen Democrats join the 47 Republicans to achieve 2/3. Maybe the media should ask the esteemed Republican member how he arrived at his numbers, that would be interesting.

  33. Its so much that needs to be done and the republican are wasting tax payer money on repeal and investigation. This action needs to be called out. Fiscally conservates wasting money on vengence.

  34. Oh I like that gn: here’s me making a deposit of hope, joy, and blessings into your account for 2011.

    Heres me making a deposit right back to you.. thank you so much for all your smart comments, your insight- you always break it down for folks, which is especially helpful for me for a variety of reasons- I just want you to know that what you have to say is valuable and I appreciate what you say as well as how you say it.
    I wish you a truly lovely 2011.

  35. Such foolishness and grandstanding. But good, let them get themselves on record as wanting to overturn HCR instead of doing the people’s business and trying to help the country overcome the disaster which Republicans ushered in during the last time they were in power.

  36. This is a great idea, bwd. I hope serious minds can apply themselves to getting these stories out into the wide world beyond the President’s admirers.

  37. This is an important point. R’s, especially newly elected Teabaggers, are going to make a big deal about HCR repeal early in the 112th. If HCR supporters are prepared with solid messaging about ACA’s benefits, we can actually make this an opportunity to build support, making the benefits more widely known. (And of course, the repeal effort would fall flat.)

    This is not a slam dunk, however. The right-wing echo chamber is fully primed to blast away at ACA, using pre-tested (if false) memes like “death panels”.

    Are ACA supporters ready with their messaging?

  38. Absolutely. This is pure gold. I really believe that we can cut through the noise by just finding creative ways that will force the media to cover this president’s achievements.

    All we want is to get the word out without the negativity and hyperventilation.

    Spot on about this blog and its contents. That “Grateful” piece is breath taking indeed. I am constantly checking it out to read the comments. I shared it with my husband, and now he can’t stop telling some of his friends and his relatives about it. He has a cousin, in particular, who absolutely believes in POTUS. I have sent the link to her, too. She is retired and is one who will forward it to everyone she knows.

    I try to send the link out to everyone I know with a vested interested in publicizing the truth about this president and his massive achievements.

    I sent it to the Tom Joyner Morning Show and some other folks, telling them to check it out, along with some of the other spaces we have on the blog roll.

    Wishing you the best this new year, GN.

  39. A little idea for the next two years of the Obama Administration. What is published on this Obama Notepad is delivered to the President *every day*. I say we make it a point that at least one person, every day, write the following on the Notepad: We’ve got your back, Mr. President.

    That way, no matter what anyone else posts on there in the way of whining or negativity, every single day someone reminds our President that we are here and working for him.

  40. The state of denial the frustrati lived in infuriated me.
    Of course you remember the whole “shit sandwich” business. I volunteer at a hospital. I challenge any of the sandwich haters to follow me around, meeting and being with LIVE HUMANS. Could they still then deny HC to ANYONE who qualified because ALL did not qualify in the EXACT way the killbillers demanded??

  41. I hear you, GN, but the biggest adverse challenge to impact Democratic messaging is — as noted in other comment — that the MSM purposely won’t book the proper messengers on news shows. It’s been the usual suspects of Professional Lefties, DINOs or Blue Dogs, willing to dis/minimize/”chicken little” the good stuff, let alone that these shows continue to “over-book” their usual rotation of GOP haters, e.g., McCain (like dude, get over it, you lost), Boehner, McConnell, Gingrich, Cantor, etc.

    The MSM also often refuses to air things that Obama/Democrats are doing, saying, etc., or show a bit, then cut out salient points, etc. So, it’s hard to fight against such a concerted effort. Which is why I totally agree what’s being said by many, and that is a grassroots effort has to be made by us and others to get the word out, and bypass the noise.

    That said, Obama does the best he can, along with his weekly YouTube addresses (by the way BWD, maybe you could add the channel link to the blogroll — under “Obama Weekly Address” linked to, as well as, a link to his YouTube channel under “Obama YouTube”

    But again, it’s hard to message from the top when our alleged “free press” feels free to distort, mis-inform and skew the truth to their viewers/readers, who don’t necessarily know to come here or other like blogs.

    That said, I’m fired up and ready to go on our roadtrip to 2012, and all of us again spreading the word about what is the truth re: Obama and Democrats.

  42. Just perused the Hartford Courant, with extra motivation of searching out any news bits in which something positive occurred here by way of the POTUS’ efforts. Read about grant money being awarded to some fine works here, but thought -darn- foundation money, LOL!

  43. one of the very first votes House Republicans will cast in the new Congress is raising taxes on small businesses. And adding over a trillion dollars to the debt.

    This is one of the many, many things us, Europeans, do not understand about the US economy:

    Why would you want to drag all of your economical efforts down (under water, so to say), just to satisfy a few health care insurance companies ?

    Nationalize health care insurance (or strictly regularize it) !

  44. Good idea, Tien Le. Especially, because after reviewing the site, it’s hard to see who is really behind “Obama Notepad.”

    It just said in the “About” section that it’s a “new project”, but it doesn’t note “who’s” new project. And it doesn’t appear to be the White House or OFA, because they’re always transparent and indicate if they’re involved (let alone that it would be on their direct sites).

    So, the Obama Notepad site could be a red-herring by someone with ulterior motives, but good call on your suggestion that we all at least post something positive everyday, just in case.

  45. Know why this space is so special? Because it’s art. This is literal artwork and it is a demonstration of the power of creative energy and crowd-sourced art. An amazing piece of art can cut through all manner of regressive activity. This is why a single picture can be compelling enough to end a war; why photographers risk their lives in war theaters; and why human beings of every society have always created art as a necessary component of human life.

    A commenter had a beautiful reflection about woven tapestries, and this space is quite simply a gorgeous one. BWD doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into, but now unmoored and loosened from stifling negativity and controversy, the crowd-sourced creating here is going to continue to expand, and I think that this space is going to become something very very very special and recognized. I have NEVER witnessed a political blog created by an amateur grow this quickly and organically.

  46. Well, not only is the “let them just to the ER” ridiculous, it is NOT cost effective! The ER is meant for EMERGENCIES,as in life threatening, not “check and see if my kid has strep” or I think I have the flu…and more and more, that is what the ER is being used for…taxpayers PAY for that!! ER’s can’t turn anyone away, they HAVE to accept them, they HAVE to treat them, even if they have an ordinary illness that could be otherwise treated at a walk in clinic…but the people going to the ER sometimes don’t HAVE insurance…which is what they would be able to AFFORD with the passage of this Health Care law.How is this cost effective? The answer is, it’s not.Now, if you live in AZ, like I do…I hear people scream all the time about “those illegals” using our ER’s and that they’ll have access to “our” health care. For crying out loud…if it were up to me,I’d say “who cares”…a healthy population is good for everyone.These folks are SO AFRAID that someone else is going to get something on their dime…makes me nuts.So rather than just do the right thing, and make sure that there are guidelines and structure in place, they’d rather do away with the whole thing here(even passed an amendment last Nov making it illegal for the govt to :force Arizonans to get health insurance) WTH?I’m telling you, these folks are so stupid, they can’t get out of their own way! The reason that they can’t get spending under control in this state is because they still have the mindset of everyone should and could go to an ER…that’s not what those docs and nurses want to see in their emergency rooms!Frightening. Absolutely frightening the level of incompetence aaround here. Either they have willful ignorance, or they really ARE that plain short sighted and backward thinking.I could go on and on…but…why? You get my drift.

  47. I forgot to mention the Governor’s demand that we can no longer afford to pay for organ transplants for the poorest among us…even though they had already been approved by the state to have them done. 100 people that she will PUT TO DEATH ( remember those death panels?..who’s actually USING THEM????!!!)As some of you already know, this is personal for me because my mom died waiting for a transplant…I was setting up a fund, but instead have contacted a national organization to help me with this in AZ…they already have tax exempt status and an ability to let people take their donations off on their taxes…for me to do that would have been I chose to work with them in AZ.

  48. They always use “magical math”…like the kind that says tax cuts for the top 2% don’t need to be paid for and that they won’t add to the deficit.Magical math 101.

  49. MAybe the govt should send everyone a booklet in the mail to outline the program and show the cost benefits, when all the parts kick in, and spell out precisely what it will mean for businesses, families, students, seniors etc…it would be worth the money of you ask me…not everyone HAS a computer, and it seems to me that the Americans that are screaming the loudest AGAINST this, don’t even know what’s in it…they simply echo the talking points of the junk they hear without finding out the realities/benefits of all this. They have simply bought into the fear, and it’s much easier to believe that the wingnuts you listen to are telling you the truth than to actually find out the information on your own to see if what you have been told, is true.Hard to dismiss if it comes to your house with a catchy front page.

  50. Exactly. How many times has McCain been on MTP??? Probably more times than David Gregory.

  51. That would make too much sense. We have a lot of individuals here that are benefitting financially from the way things are right now…follow the money, is the best answer to your question:)

  52. it’s big news here locally in NY!!!

    “The Zadroga bill to help ailing 9/11 responders and volunteers was finally was set to become law Sunday.

    President Obama planned to break away from numerous rounds of golf on his Hawaii vacation to get a little work done by signing the $4.3 billion legislation to provide health care and compensation to the 9/11 community.

    Obama was low-keying the event with a private signing of the bill, compared to the usual fanfare for major legislation with backslaps and souvenir pens for the advocates and sponsoring lawmakers.”

  53. YEA!!!! THAT whole fiasco should’ve been a no brainer…I hope the “no” and “watered down” votes on that come back to haunt them, BIG TIME!!!!

  54. What I have been doing is checking for active newspaper websites around the country where they have posted the story about the new health care provisions due to take effect. I will see conservative commenters posting the propaganda about the evil health care bill, and I counter by listing all the new benefits, saying I just hate legislation that does good things that help people, that will make a difference in their lives, don’t you?

  55. Ah, the Hartford Courant:) My old paper…just reminising is all. Not for the Courant….for CT. Seems so sane when you now live in crazy land (AZ).Is it beautiful with the snow? I miss the beach. Bad. My girlfriend is coming out to visit in a couple weeks…so excited. Haven’t seen her since we moved out here 10 years ago.

  56. Great points, thinkoutside the box, it is why I’ve never bought the nonsence about the lack of ‘messaging’ from this president and the administration, we have to become the media, and this site and others are well positioned to do just that. I took very seriously the call by the president during the campaign to “become the change you want.”

  57. When the obama notepad was launched on Dec. 7, I was one of the first folks to post. I received email from it’s founder Alex. I am not sure anyone has posted since the first day. I just sent him an email asking for an update on the status of the site and for some personal background.

    I will let you know as info comes in.

    Even if this site is no longer working, I would like to see a discussion at BWD about how we can work as a team to combat negativity.

    I often read an encouraging article and then am amazed at all the hatred and hysteria that follows. I was wondering if we could occasionally pick an article we really like and then as a group share responsibility for posting a positive comment every time a negative one is posted. I am not suggesting in a back and forth where we argue with the critic, more of a “lets ignore the negative and celebrate the positive”.

    If we focus the power of this group onto a specific article i think we can really make a difference.

  58. are so spot on that it gives me goosebumps.To my core, I feel this..our movement, our voices…in unison, for all the country to see. You are right. BWD probably had no idea what she was about to unleash.We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we’re ready to go!

  59. So well said, desertflower. IIRC humans had art before spoken language. Humans had communicative gestures before spoken language. Art communicates very effectively. This is why staunch opponents of President Obama were so desperate to create a meme that there is something unseemly or inappropriate, even obscene (accusations of Nazi propaganda) in approaching BWD’s pieces.

    I’m just loving this space beyond words. I’m also feeling how meditative this background has become for me. It elicits thoughtfulness.

  60. Great idea, What Is Working (love that ;-), re: being more proactive about posting the postive. Especially, since we know there are people paid to post negative comments and to game online rating systems of comments/blogs.

    And it would be great to hear about any follow-up you might receive from Alex, the Obama Notepad founder. When I looked there were 48 “notes” so far, and the site’s last post was 12/17/10.

  61. Desertflower, LOL re: McCain being on “Meet The Press” more than David Gregory ;-). Too funny!!!!

  62. Did you see David Gregory on the Today Show this a.m., presenting an all bad news, pessimistic report on the economy—-and on Obama and everything else. He then promoted his show with his guest, Lindsay Graham—–again. Isn’t it either McCain or Graham every Sunday there? It’s pretty creepy.
    Whenever there is any good news for Obama and the Dems, you can just about countdown in seconds till the AP and other major news outlets release some bad news item—–something that seemed like they had to scramble to dig up—-to tamp down any optimism and keep the pessimism flowing. It seems to be some sort of control effort. It’s pretty creepy.

  63. Thanks, Eric, and Amen on co-signing about Obama saying for us to become the change we want, and that we are who we’ve been waiting for ;-).

  64. Thanks, GN, for the shout out ;-). And if they think our collective grassroots efforts with like-minded folks was something in 2008, wait until they see what we’ll do for 2012, especially with sites like BWD’s. It’s on ;-).

    And I think the “shellacking” was a wake-up call for those who stayed home and didn’t vote.

  65. gn…explain to me the propoganda aspect of BWD’s pieces…I was unaware. Am unaware. It’s worse than I thought, if I understand properly.

  66. I’m thinking it’s probably true:)Think I’ll check in that, it HAS to be close!Crazy coot. He’s gone so far off the deep end now, I don’t know why ANYONE would ask for his advice or what he thought on a particular subject. He could change his mind in 20 seconds to fit the narrative of the moment, so really, what’s the point? As was shown with DADT, the man is so totally out of touch with today’s military/society in general, that he should think about retiring to one of his twelve homes, and call it a day.I know I’m long past done with him.

  67. Exactly, Dotster re: the “over-booking” of McCain, Graham, et al. It’s creepy, and yes, concerted/controlled effort, because it happens all the time.

    Don’t mean to sound too CT about MSM news (just keep in mind that there are a lot of channels/papers, but ony a few owners), but I think the grassroots wave that brought in Obama and the Democratic majority was too much, and a decision was made to dis on a 24/7 basis. Because as you said, as soon as something happens good, then it’s on too some negative news, most of it tripe.

    Like on the heels of a historically proactive lame duck session, the next big news item was what Obama said to the Eagles owner re: Michael Vick. What was totally ignored, was why was Obama on the phone with the Eagles owner — which as most of us know is because of their green energy efforts at the stadium. But the MSM didn’t want to talk about that, since that again would put PBO in a positive light.

    And let’s not forget, as Cristin said so rightly with her brilliant comment (re: her journey to supporting Obama), that many of the Professional Left are former Republicans and/or Libetarians (or possibly some on the DL LaRouchers ;-)). The only former Republican I’m trusting at this point — even if he were to disagree with PBO on something — is Frank Schaeffer.

  68. dotster…I can’t waste my precious time watching those Sunday political shows anymore.Gregory grates on my nerves,isn’t very intelligent on a wide range of topics, and can’t seem to get anyone other than the same people on that show as he’s had on the last 50 shows. Another POV? Hell no…same ole, same ole…it’s like he invites them on again to reinforce his own mindset.Useless drivil.I’d rather clean my toilets. Same amount of sh**.But mine get clean, and I feel better.

  69. I was wondering if Robert Gibbs ever smacked them around a bit as to the real reason the President called the owners…the green stadium projects are terrific ideas that the rest of the NFL should emulate. THAT’S why he called! Some of this stuff just gets by even the people that SHOULD be communicating that to the public…I know Mr. Gibbs is a good guy, but, for my tastes, he’s way too laid back in his approach to all the BS. If that was me,(and I could NEVER do that job, mind you…so kudos to him. High burn out factor)I think I would put them straight from the git go.The problem is…Dems are too nice. We always want to believe in the better angels.Not so with the R’s..they go for the jugular everytime, whether or not they really believe it…if it suits their party memo/talking points…they hammer that bad boy till it’s dead on the floor. And if you just happen to be a level headed, reasonable R, they get rid of you because we can’t have any compromise/ working together going on here…that would be bad! Boogles my mind. My hope is the most Americans will tire of their obstruction and game playing. They will be responsible for their own demise…and that’s a shame…because we need reasonable R voices as well…but those are long gone. Like the dinosaurs.Damn. Should have been the other way around!!(The crazies go the way of the dinosaurs, and the reasonable R’s stay around)

  70. OMG, Desertflower, you are too funny re: the toilet cleaning ;-).

    Okay, I think you need to start a website called, “On Point Quips by Desert Flower for the Teabaggers and other Fools in Your Life.”
    ;-). We can reference it and use your great quips to combat the crazy we may run into with some family, friends, co-workers, and online commenters ;-).

  71. You are not the first blogger i met who moved from CT to AZ – how funny.

    Where did you live here – if that’s not too personal?

    BTW, desert flowers are gorgeous! My son and GF were just out in Tucson, such photos…
    But I do love the feeling of Victoriana here in NE, especially during the holiday season.

  72. Don’t forget the millions that will be wasted reading the Constitution out loud for illiterate House members on Day One. They will already have sworn to uphold it, then they’ll learn what it is, after the fact.

  73. Thanks for the news! My family is from NY, we were not impacted, but still it was personal. How could this be blocked – callous, callous, callous.

  74. Oh, you are TOO kind:) I live in AZ…I get crazy out the wazzoo living here! I can bearly stay in my skin sometimes with the BS I hear on a daily basis.My family thinks that I should get into politics. That may be so, but not in this state. They would find my house and shoot me.Truly.Some of these folks are flatout batsh** crazy!I am going to check right now and see how many times McCain has been on MTP, and how long Gregory has hosted…just want to see how close I come to being on the money:)

  75. g…I was born in New Haven. All my family is from Fairfield Co,…but before we moved out here, we lived in Old Lyme for years.I loved everything about living there…the kids were young when we moved here. Silly me, I thought that living in “Old White Lyme” would not be representative of the world that I wanted them to see. I wanted diversity for them. Turns out that I moved to a place that HATES the very thing that I wanted them to experience.Sorry state of affairs.Can’t afford to move back there right now…one day. I’ll come home again.

  76. Callous is an understatement. They are pathetic opportunists, waving the flag and singing the praises of true heroes, all the while plotting against them. Replusive.

  77. Come visit me anytime 🙂

    We are in your old stomping grounds often, to drive to the shore and get lobster rolls. VERY white!

    New Haven we visit often as well, for Yale’s Art museums

  78. desertflower you are such a lovely soul that I don’t even want to introduce the ugliness of one of BWD’s detractors and his hate-filled twitter about this space. Let’s just say that some mistaken people have said some mean things none of which are true. 🙂

  79. When the kids were little, a trip to the Peabody Museum was always on the list! You never know…I might show up one day…might take you up on that invite one day:) Ummm….lobster rolls! Clams on the half shell,soft shell crab..clam chowder.clams casino.fried clams.I’m so hungry!I sound like Bubba in Forrest Gump, talking all about the things he could make with shrimp:) Oh! shrimp! I forgot the shrimp!

  80. Steamers and mussels. Forgot those too!! That puts my son in a trance! He doesn’t even have a conversation at the dinner table when that comes out! Amazing to see.

  81. What?!!! McCain’s appeared on “MTP” that much?!!! 54 times since March 2009?!!! He’s been on over one year’s worth of a weekly show+2?!!! Wow…

    And I have a sinking feeling that reps from the White House (e.g., Jarrett, Axelrod, etc.) may not have even amounted to that many appearances combined. Just wow. Thanks, Desertflower, for looking it up.

  82. TOOTB…I do what I can:) The only other guy with more times on MTP was Bob Dole @63.They need their own station if they want to do least have an opposing voice on there with them…they rarely have enough of one to matter…Rachel Maddow gave it a shot with Dick Armey…he’s like a bulldozer..I don’t think that he has any respect for women, never mind the smart women like Rachel. He’s flip and condesending… Facts don’t matter to them. As we said in debate…If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. Republican Party motto.

  83. LOL re: dazzle them with BS, because you’re right that’s exactly what the GOP does.

  84. Hi All

    Earlier Tien Le posted about the Obama Notepad.

    I received this note from Alex the founder


    Hi Linda

    Thanks for your email and interest.

    Our idea with this ebook was to create a free space where people can express themselves and then send the printed version to those interested. That is why we need comments of different people, not just many comments of few people. Anyway, thanks a lot!

    If you have a team of bloggers, maybe you could be interested to work together for other kind of blogs. Are you open to work for tourism blogs or only for Obama related or politic ones?

    All the best for this year!


    I am guessing this group doesn’t want to blog about tourism.

    The Obama Notepad can serve as a model for things we do in the future. Thanks Tien Le

  85. Yes, I saw MTP this morning, and I must say that I could only take so much of the noise. I find it very insulting that out of all of the 100 United Senator, David seem to favor McCain and Grahman. These two men are so out of touch with the people who are moving forward in a positive. I often think of Tim Russert turning over in his grave if he could see this mess each Sunday.

    However, I immediately got up and lit my candles all over my home and said a lovely positive prayer for out President and Vice-President. When I hear the negative and hateful messages, I repeat some lines of beautiful poetry, a lovely song, and even a prayer. I refuse to allow them to come into my space in my home with their hateful attitude, talking points that tries to discredit our President. We will not allow them to do it in 2011, and 2012, we will put POTUS back in the Oval Office again. We think positive, with goodness, and doing good deeds, and we will succeed.

  86. Lots of effort to close loopholes. Republicans block and/or hold those provisions hostage.

    The only reason the 9/11 first responders health care bill passed was when the provision that pays for the bill — the closing of a loophole for tax incentives for foreign companies — was stripped from the bill after the CHamber of Commerce made phone calls to their wholly owned Congress people.

    I may be wrong, but closing of tax loopholes has been in the forefront of paying for lots of things and Republicans strip them out.

  87. BINGO!!!! Who are they working for again? Oh yeah, I remember…those corporations,( those “people corporations…as the SCOTUS would like us to –worship– um, believe that they are now) My question is, why will the American people realize, that they are the people behind their misery? Working to ship jobs overseas, and always, always working for the betterment of the corporations, and not the betterment of individuals. EVER.They know who butters their bread.

  88. Hi Everyone,
    I have encouraged my Obama Group to focus on Call-In Radio, all day, every day. CSpan, AirAmerica, Fox stations, etc.etc. Get the facts, position them to fit any subject. I think we can get the truth out sometimes before the news spin gets started. We find this more effective than Letters to Editors. Especially if 1000 people or more are doing it every day consistently. Just some thoughts.
    Happy New Year
    Thanks BWD and
    I love this President and Michelle.

  89. Yes indeed. I have just found this blog but I am SO grateful it is here to amplify and unify the voices in support of the reason, heart, and (yes) change that is so needed in this country and this world – now more than ever before. I say thank you every day for the fact that Mr. Obama is our President, and have no doubt that this can be a source of support, thought and action in unknown ways.

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