Thank you, Helen

I have to share this new comment from I’m Grateful. I’m just a little bit teary now.

Dear Mr. President:

I think I have read through all the “letters” up to this point, and if I am not mistaken, no one has mentioned, Mr. President, that you are neither Black nor White – you are both Black and White!

I believe with all my heart, that THIS is what has made you the perfect president for this country! Not only were you born of White and Black parents, but of parents from different countries. Then, you were raised by the White mother and grandparents, in a part of this world (Hawaii) sprinkled with many different races. What a wonderful childhood to prepare you to lead this country of every known race!

I read your book, “The Audacity of Hope” before you had even run for president, but I knew immediately that you MUST be the next president of these United States! So, for every person of the Black race who brags about you, Mr. President, I (very White) must also brag about you for our race. I am not only proud of you, Mr. President, but also of our First Lady and your lovely daughters.

Unfortunately, now approaching my 77th year, I can not do the amount of work I would like to help you to get elected to a second term. All I can offer is my mouth and my written words.

Respectfully, Helen Misener

Change That Matters

Hi Guys

I found this comment hiding somewhere in the forest that is I’m Grateful 😉

I think President Obama is a man with a heart for the people. As of today my 25 year old son is back on my health insurance and able to get the medical help he needs. We are so grateful. I pray for him and his family daily.

Sardebra Wright

It gave me the idea to create a post with stories about people’s lives getting better as a direct result of the president’s actions and policies. Just send me stories to (make sure you write “change that matters” in the subject line, so it won’t get lost) and when there’s enough substance, I’ll post a sticky.

Thanks, and happy new year.