2011 first mishmash

Hello and happy new year!

Few things from the past couple of days.

1. Remember the president’s reaction when it was announced that he won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009? He was as surprised as anyone, as humble as one can be, and promised that he’ll accept the prize as a “call for action”.

 One year later, US combat troops are out of Iraq, there’s a new START treaty between the US and Russia – and the president’s most ambitious and noble vision – A world free from the threat of nuclear holocaust – is actually in practical motion.

Back in April, president Obama was able to convince Ukraine president, Victor Yanukovich, to give up his country’s highly enriched uranium, which can be use to build TWO atomic bombs. And over the holidays – it happened.

The initial scoop belongs to Rachel Maddow, who had a terrific segment on it. DO NOT MISS THIS. IT’S FANTASTIC.

President Obama released this statement:

“I congratulate President Yanukovych on the recent shipment of highly enriched uranium from Ukraine for secure disposal in Russia, which advances a top priority for my administration and for global security. This action brings us all one step closer to securing all vulnerable nuclear materials, as President Yanukovych and I and 45 other world leaders pledged to do this April at the Nuclear Security Summit. The low enriched uranium and nuclear safety equipment provided to Ukraine in connection with this shipment will support Ukraine’s development of safe and secure nuclear energy. These actions represent continued Ukrainian leadership in making sure that nuclear weapons never fall into the hands of a terrorist, and working toward a world without nuclear weapons.”

Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so noble to think that celebrating national security achievements is undignified. I mean, can you imagine what the Bush PR machine would have done with this?  Steve Benen – one of my favorites – agrees.


2. Two Major Health Care Reforms Take Effect TODAY.

A)  The first will dramatically clamp down on insurance industry waste, abuse, and excesses. Starting on New Year’s Day, insurance companies will have to spend at least 80 percent of the revenues they receive from premiums on actual health care. Not on salaries or overhead.

B) Seniors who reach the donut hole will now receive a 50 percent discount on brand-name drugs, the first step in a 10 year plan to fill the hole completely. Seniors will also now receive free annual checkups, screenings and other preventive care.


3. Everybody read Frank Schaeffer’s  latest, right? Just making sure.


4. No one would suggest that Tim Kaine is objective, but boy, he is right.

On Nov. 5, 2008, the day after Election Day, the big story was Barack Obama’s history-making win. Today, the big story is the many historic changes that he has enacted during his first two years in office. At the halfway point of this term, the president’s list of achievements already dwarfs that of many presidents.


…While the political chattering class is consumed with who is up and who is down, the president’s accomplishments transcend such short-term political calculations. They are historic in their own right and likely to have a lasting impact on the well-being of all Americans.

Taken together, these accomplishments represent the most progressive and productive period of U.S. governance since the New Deal. The president has set a new direction, restoring our country to its true path — one that leads to a better, brighter and more prosperous future for ourselves, our children and our nation.

// much more reality-based read


5. The media in India will say what the MSM here won’t:


…. Many of them, such as the Senate Minority whip John Kyl, who voted against the treaty, had been manifestly disingenuous, participating in a lengthy series of discussions and then announcing that it was too late in the Congressional term to debate New Start fully. They have been exposed for their unthinking, reactionary antipathy to anything that has to do with Mr. Obama.

 President Obama, for his part, will now be better prepared to handle more Republican hostility and obstructionism in the next Senate, which will start its term with a much smaller Democrat majority than the present one. He emerges from this episode greatly strengthened as a shrewd, tough political negotiator — and as an international statesman.


6. Ten Democratic Accomplishments You May Not Have Known About


7. Here’s another Rachel Maddow segment, from the day the president signed the repeal of DADT. “The president was freaking elated to sign the repeal of DADT”. 🙂


8. Finally, the president’s weekly address (obviously taped a little while back…;)


155 thoughts on “2011 first mishmash

  1. Happy New Year Eveyone!

    BWD you have done a masterful job in tribute to the accomplishments of the Obama Administration and caputuring this last year in pictures.

    Thank you for making this positive home for so many of us.

    Continued blessings for the President, his family and the Nation.

  2. Wow! I’m still reading through the links but Frank Schaeffer’s piece leaves me breathless. He hits the nail on the head, tells it like it is, bulls-eye, etc., etc., etc.!
    Saying “I’m sorry,” or “I was wrong,” or “I misjudged” are difficult things for the culture we find ourselves in today, so I won’t hold my breath, but I would like them to STOP the attacks. If they want to attack someone, turn the guns to the real bad guys, the Right Wing (in both parties) who, Schaeffer aptly describes as “hard-hearted empty suits and haters”. Amen!

  3. It seems clear that the Ukraine uranium operation which Rachel has the scoop on was just completed, and had to be ABSOLUTELY secret until it was safely over.
    I wonder if they gave Rachel the first bite was because she was the one to say “I was wrong”.
    I am SO glad they did.

  4. Fascinating interview by RM on securing those nuclear materials. My only worry is whether he was revealing too much of the tactics used to secure them.

  5. As a proud supporter who knew in 2004 that you would someday be our President and Leader, one who stands firmly in your camp, and will be there volunteering, contributing, and working for you and your efforts until your last day in office in 2016. Thank you.

    I am not exhausted of supporting you. I see you. It has always been clear to me what your vision was, and I have marveled at your strength, commitment, and temperament, in face of all the obstruction and downright hatred that has been hurled at you, but you have inspired me to be stronger through your strength of purpose, and your dogged determination to forge ahead in the face of the ridiculous, and sometimes petty opposition.

    There were times when I faltered, but you did not, and for that I thank you, because you created a powerful contrast that cannot go unnoticed. You are a brilliant strategist, a master chess player, and a political genius.

    I see you, Mr. President. I pray for you, and sometimes I have feared for the well-being of your absolutely amazingly beautiful family. Your rock and partner Michelle Obama is an inspiration, and one of the sweetest, gentlest, warmest, First Ladies we have been graced with. Your beautiful daughters are a part of our future, and I am awed at the love and closeness you and your family exude. Sasha and Malia will carry the torch for you for many years to come, as the product of a profoundly loving relationship.

    I am so grateful for you, Mr. President. Oh, it has been hard this past year! Every obstacle natural and man-made has been thrown in your path, but like the amazing athlete you are, you dribbled your ball, you did your fake moves, you got around your opponent, and swoosh nothing but net! You also had some good slam dunks, and several hail Mary passes during the lame duck. You hit several 3-pointers, and quite a few slam dunks. It has been absolutely fascinating to watch you. Few people really see you, but I do.

    Thank you for all the changes you have put into place. Thank you for the lessons in resilience and grace in facing down those who have sought to paint a picture of you that is just an illusion. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

    Happy New Year Mr. President!

  6. The next 2 years with the new wacko congress will be hard to deal with, but I believe the President will continue to get things done. Places such as this site will be a great source of truth and light amidst the craziness ahead. I just remember what they did to Clinton with the investigations. Of course I don’t think that President Obama will give them ammunition like Clinton did! I hope that the left will have plenty to complain about with the new congress and stop stabbing the President in the back.

  7. a wonderful mishmash to start the new year. 2011 is going to be a blockbuster year indeed!! thank you BWD.

  8. The Rachel Maddow segment on nuclear materials and the Ukraine was absolutely riveting. It was Rachel Maddow at her very best. Nobody on cable or network tv connects the dots and educates the public like Rachel Maddow. She is constantly putting her colleagues to shame with exemplary reporting. Her brilliance and curiosity are on full display in this interview. It was fascinating.

    The fact that all major networks and cable tv are not reporting this issue with the fanfare that it deserves is shameful. With President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and doing so much to remove the nuclear weapons threat, you would think this would warrant major focus from the media. This is huge.

    Our challenge continues to be breaking through that media firewall that just seems to have a problem reporting anything positive about President Obama.

  9. Happy New Year, BWD, am wishing you a year filled with delights and happy surprises. I am so grateful for your work, and for the community that is growing in response to it.

    Happy New Year BWD community, may our voices be strong enough to be clearly heard over the noise of the chattering classes on the right and the left. Let us bang pots and pans in the street (Molly Ivans) to let the world know that we are here and WE represent the “silent majority.”

  10. Happy New Year BWD and again thank you for this excitement generating blog. What a delight to read today’s “Mishmash!”

  11. Oh, that Frank Schaeffer. He knows how to tell it. How true about what you said about owning up when people screw up. For all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve noticed that. The very people that chide politicians do the same things.

    Go figure.

  12. A very Happy New Year to you BWD and the rest of the BWD Community. I appreciate all you do!

    I think Rachel got the interview this time b/c she is the only one who has actually covered the process of Uranium removal on TV earlier & she actually thinks it’s a BFD! She has done other reports, too. The person interviewed said they had already done 19 out of the 35 countries that have unsecured Nukes. She and FP Mag have covered most of them. Securing all the material is extremely important to me since I lived thru the Cold War. Rachel has the ability to explain that a lot of Hosts just don’t have, and she’s at her best when she uses it.

  13. Ladyhawke, I agree. But I think the challenge for us is to get them to listen. We will have to make our voices heard in their e-mail boxes, their editorial pages, etc., to get their attention. I think in great numbers, and be relentless.

    I send e-mails all he time when they misrepresent information. I have at times gotten responses,too. They never own up, though.

  14. I am so grateful to find this blog, a perfectly-timed gift to self — and to all those others I will share it with — that starts my new year with remembering who this is man is and that he acts from deep principle, courage and heart. It also provides me with the proud pleasure of standing beside others who continue to support, admire and retain huge affection for this man and his great, ongoing work; and with a renewed belief in him, in that remembering, and what is possible for our country.

  15. (We will have to make our voices heard in their e-mail boxes, their editorial pages, etc., to get their attention. I think in great numbers, and be relentless.)

    I totally agree. BWD and the blogroll are the tip of the spear. We are making progress. It was great to see Frank Schaeffer link to BWD I’m Grateful. And it was even better to see President Obama link to Frank Schaeffer. We are picking up eyeballs all over the place. It’s thrilling. I love it here.

  16. Loved and appreciated every item here, bwd. Schaeffer’s and Kaine’s commentaries are on the money, so many important changes are taking effect.
    Happy New Year to all here! You’re the best! Let’s all pledge to do everything we can think of to make this a good year and help President Obama with his efforts and to help make sure the public recognizes and acknowledges this smart, compassionate and historic presidency.

  17. BWD, in the immortal words of wonderful Christin: thanks for being a place where the curtains are always open to let the sun shine through.

    Epic Presidency. As always, I appreciate the reportage.

  18. I saw this article on the “Smartypants” blog about what the President said about the Michael Vick situation:


    In part:

    “First of all – I am a mega dog-lover and what Vick did positively turns my stomach. Secondly, I really hate the attention and resources we tend to lavish on professional athletes. But with all that said, I don’t know when I’ve been more in agreement with our President.

    He said, ‘So many people who serve time never get a fair second chance. He was … passionate about it. He said it’s never a level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail. And he was happy that we did something on such a national stage that showed our faith in giving someone a second chance after such a major downfall.””

    I think our President sets a shining example, not just of a politician, but of a human being.

  19. A very Happy New Year to you all. I am so appreciative of this positive, cup is almost full attitude here and big thanks and big hugs to BWD for getting us all together.

  20. The Global Zero website is an excellent resource for information on mission to eliminate nuclear weapons. The list of signatories is amazing. And the GOP wanted the START Treaty to fail. Imagine that?

    The international Global Zero movement launched in December 2008 includes more than 300 political, military, business, faith and civic leaders — and hundreds of thousands of citizens — working for the phased, verified elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide.

    Global Zero members believe that the only way to eliminate the nuclear threat — including proliferation and nuclear terrorism — is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, secure all nuclear materials and eliminate all nuclear weapons: global zero.

    The movement combines grassroots and media outreach, cutting-edge policy analysis and direct dialogue with governments to make the elimination of nuclear weapons an urgent global imperative and to bring all nuclear weapons countries to the table to negotiate the phased reduction of arsenals to zero.


  21. “we don’t get ourselves dry-cleaned”…

    omg. I thought I’d pee in my pants hearing that!!! LOL

  22. Thank you, africa.

    May you and your family have a happy, healthy and successful 2011.

  23. Thankful for the chance to join all of you in embracing the New Year and wishing you a joyful day.

    Thanks to BWD for bringing us all together. I was so hopeful when Obama was elected in 2008, the negative press and hysteria chipped away at my spirit. Been a member of this community for 12 days and feel hopeful and renewed. Everyday my frustration and fear is washed away by the positive energy.

    Virtual Hugs

  24. This is activism I can leap into. I think we could make a huge difference if we organized around confronting every lie. I will commit to working harder on this – I already have just about every %&@#$ conservative blabbermouth in my contact box, but I’ve gotten discouraged and haven’t been as faithful about writing to them.

    You’ve energized me to get busy again. I don’t know that they give a shit about what I’m saying, I do know that if enough people are hammering on them they will eventually pay attention.

    Anyone who’s willing to put some time into this, please commit. This is a Resolution I can keep – how about anyone else?

  25. Happy New Year!

    The Steve Benen article and Rachel Maddow interview blew my mind. This is truly a great accomplishment in such a short period of time. Nuclear weapons scarces me and when President Obama was in Prague I was hopeful but not certain that he could engage the rest of world in his mission. I am thankful that he hit the half way mark and has secured highly enriched uranium in 19 of the 35 countries. Thank you, thank you Mr. President, I sleep better this new year.

  26. I read and reread Schaeffer’s article. He put it all out there! “The wonderful Christin” wrote last night that the frustrati believes 2010 to be dreadful politically. That puts a bow on it for me – they ARE on another planet, and entrenched.

    Our President is a role model. Period.

    A major shout-out to TIMT for steering me over here!

    Happy New Year, all. My resolution is to practice what I believe is in POTUS’s heart – the Serenity Prayer. Thank you all for bearing with me lately.


  27. Much great news to start the New Year. Loved theSchaeffer piece! As always, thanks.to BWD for having the sense to create this site and the commitment to make it work. And thanks to everyone else who contributes and lets us all know how many of us share and understand President Obama’s vision.

  28. WiW – stay here!! And really, stay away from places where it’s oozing negative energy. Everytime I sneak a peek at those places, I feel drained and exhausted. Because all I want to do is smack back with posts that are mean-spirited, but for whatever reason are celebrated. 😦

    I don’t believe anyone here is foolish enough to think things will just happen without hard work on our part, too. But at least here there is a base that feeds positively.

    So glad you found us!

  29. The mish-mash today was superb. Took a long time to get through all the links, watch all the video, and scan all the comments.

    Wasn’t happy to have click into FluffPo but it was worth it to read Schaeffer’s excellent article. I’ll bet the comments (which I didn’t read) were full of self-righteous indignation. It is really hard for people to say: “You’re right, I was wrong. I’ll do better in the future.” Having had an experience like that early in my life during the Civil Rights Movement, I can assure you that it is liberating, allowing you to progress, i.e. be progressive.

  30. yes… stay away from the comments… although it’s always good to know what the extremists are blabbering. But since it’s the new year – give yourself a break for a day at least!

    Happy New Year!

  31. What a beautiful post, Safire, I am officially CRYING. I agree with every word you said. May 2011 be filled with blessings at the Safire household, and blessings for our beloved President and his family, for our country and, for all the peoples of the world… May Peace Prevail.

  32. Have used our President’s “never say die” approach to important things as an example for me during a time of family crisis. He not only inspires the nation, he is capable of inspiring each and every one of us on a very personal level. I notice this daily, in New York City, where there is a new level of dignity and community.
    Thank you Mr Presidnet, thank you BWD, thank you to all who believe and continue to work and support and most of all love.
    Happy New Year! And God willing, it will be.

  33. INVITATION, if you have some time this weekend and are interested, please join an open thread discussion on the topic

    “How does your Spiritual Outlook, Religious Faith or Lack Thereof inform your Politics.?”

    If you are here, you are already signed in to WordPress, which is where my blog is also.

    Hoping some of you will share, this is in response to a request the other night toward the end of the discussion on “Beautiful”


  34. I notice it with the First American group I volunteer for – they feel respected and valued and cared about, finally.

  35. Funny how the very folks that “talk” about personal responsiblity are the same ones that don’t HAVE any:) Should be an interesting year. Get your typing fingers ready folks, we’re in for a wild ride! Personally, I think that those people that don’t normally pay any attention to politics (most of America…what are we? Freaks?)will have no choice BUT to pay attention. The Republicans only had to say “No” to everything for the last two years, and that satisfied their base. Now, the differences will be directly out in the open for all to see. They will have actual skin in the game, and their whining, foot stomping obstruction will not be tolerated now. Americans aren’t THAT stupid…they will see and begin to understand the clear agendas of both parties and I’m betting that the majority will like what they see the President trying to accomplish.Still…the MSM really needs to do their job, and they won’t, which is why WE will be so busy, telling it like it REALLY is! FIRED UP! READY TO GO!

  36. Thanks BWD for a New Years present.This site always leaves me hopeful. Now I’m ready for the work ahead this year

  37. Yeah. My senator. Kyl.What a scary,ignorant, opportunistic, selfish man he is. That goes for the other one, too.To think that I have no representation in Washington REALLY, REALLY stinks for me. I feel alone. McCain, Kyl and the newly elected…TA DA! Ben Quayle! Wonder if HE can spell potato? This is the same guy that thinks the national debt is $14 trillion…good lord.But rest assured that he will know the Constitution. Ms. Bachman has invited Antonin Scalia to tutor those newbies everyday! I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better now!

  38. Negative energy= BAD. Positive Energy= GOOD. Negative sucks the life out of you, positive gives you hope and strength. Easy choice:)

  39. “Bearing with you.”?? Non issue. Loved, accepted and welcomed here. BWD’s cozy nest she made for us…no bearing with you stuff…out of one, many.Shoulders are broad here and hearts are open…we all have our days, but you, my dear, need not apologize for anything:)Hugs to you…

  40. Exactly. Someone posted a link from PM Carpenter the other day. Part of what he was saying is that we have to start now, and don’t wait for the campaign. He said to start pounding hard on the party of no and calling them out. I really believe that collectively, we can make a difference.

  41. I really feel for you. I just want to take a shower every time I see Kyl or McCain on the tv. And Quayle is downright creepy. I am disgusted by their breathtaking hypocrisy. The fact that our distinguished President Obama has to deal with the likes of Kyl, McCain and McConnell makes my blood boil.

  42. Yes, not just a politician, but his humanuty rings true, and we are going to be a better country for it, even if some people are going to come along kicking and screaming.

  43. Just beautiful, Safire! “Master chess player” was never a sarcastic jibe the as the frustrati thought it was. It was, and is, simply, the truth. Combined with integrity – fortuned smiled on us.

  44. Yep. He’s got that knack for setting fools straight. He was so emotional the day the bill was signed.

    But Barney don’t take no mess. LOL.

  45. I found his calling out of the ubiquitous Paul Krugman a joy to read. He was spot on. Krugman couldn’t get arrested during the Bush years. Now he is omnipresent and the first one out of the gate to criticize President Obama no matter what he does. It’s infuriating.

  46. May I say I love Frank Schaeffer? He has been one of the most stalwart supporters of the President and he does a bang up job when he is allowed on the teevee.

  47. I sense the media narrative beginning to change at last. With the incredibly productive lame duck session and all the increasingly positive economic news and forecasts, even our media is being forced to acknowledge that the President is doing a good job. As the economy improves and the jobs numbers get better, the narrative is going to continue to improve as well. Instead of being portrayed as ineffective and flailing, I expect to start hearing how formidable and successful the President is and how difficult it will be for any republican to take him on in 2012. It has to come sooner or later because you can’t just keep piling up win after win legislatively, see the stock market recover, see job numbers improve month after month, etc. and continue to make the public believe that the President isn’t doing a good job. (unless it’s the segment of the population that hates the president irrationally on the right or the left – but there is no hope for such out of touch with reality people anyway.)

  48. I believe the historians are already setting this down for posterity. I’ve mentioned this before, but in my fairly non-political world (elem ed), President Obama has had a deep, personal, inspiring effect on the AA students I work with. That alone is priceless.

  49. I agree Lila. They will jump on the bandwagon. That leaves the Tea Partiers who people know are crazy, the frustrati (see previous description, hee) and the House, which is where I get panicky.

  50. Happy New Year everyone. I am glad to wake up to news about nuclear waste being secured. This is amazing 19 countries secured and 16 more within 2 years. President Obama is working. I also heard that One of the Sudanese leaders agreed to let the election results stands. Vice President Biden talked to the vice president of Sudanese, these men are working on Vacation. Bwd it is hard to find information about this, you have a better know how then i can you keep up with this. It was reported in small caption on CNN.

  51. Here is an excellent post from Blue Wave News back on 12/2010 that talks about the importance of messaging.


    A lot of the top ten lies also belong to Republicans as well. What’s disturbing about this is not that politicians lie, or that Fox News turns out to be a virtual press arm of the Republican Party. It’s that the rest of the media has let this slide without asking the tough questions, or providing a fact check on it in their reporting. Instead, they have had the habit of just printing or repeating what was said. While I can point to the fact checking services, and yes, they’re invaluable, the average person reading or watching the news is unlikely to go to that effort on their own.

    That is the where our messaging needs to begin. We talk to our neighbors, we know people elsewhere. I know during the election campaign, I received a number of chain e-mails forwarded to me from various friends and relatives, and they quickly learned that I was going to come right back with a link to one of the fact checking services and an explanation of why the chain e-mail was wrong. Even in conversations, we have the opportunity to correct the misinformed, or at least give them the resources to check themselves. That’s something we all can do.


  52. I don’t understand why enviromental community is not making a big deal out of this.

  53. I need to practice the same g, have learned a few lessons this holiday season, and this is one of them: “to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.”

  54. The positive energy here has helped me alos. I started exercising daily for the past 3 weeks and i feel great. I lost 7 pds. I have a better outlook on every thing. So please keep coming. Their is good informative people here, that will listen and give you their point of view without being vile. I have learned a lot from a lot people here. When i don’t know something im not ashamed to go to the site professors. We have professors here that i proclaim in every field. LOL!

  55. It is ridiculous that Fox News and Tucker Carleson feel the need to be against the President on everyting, and the the extent that you have Tucker Carleson saying that Mike Vick should be executed for what he did. Now I don’t believe Tucker really believes that, but he’s trying to gin up a push back against President Obama on the issue, hoping it will some how catch fire and be the latest outrage of the moment.

    What I’d love to ask is the religious right – where is the forgiveness and belief in redemption? The man spent two years in prison and lost upwards of $100M in salary and endorsement deals – and people wouldn’t be happy unless he was locked up for life or poor on the street.

  56. makesense4tulips, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all practiced this? It’s really interesting that g brought the prayer up because it is truly the lesson I NEEDED to learn this past year. Thought I was pretty smart but that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans without wisdom.

  57. Thats why i finally got into exercising. I can change the weight i have and its working. I do this walk away the pds with lesilie Sansone. I ve been doing it for 3 weeks 2ml walks i already lost 7pds. This was something ive been putting off and making excuses not to do.l I am so proud and feel so good about my self.

  58. Thank you-thank you-thank you. And, uh, thank you.

    How DO we repay BWD for all this? I know I’ll spring for two hundred tickets to Australia and we’ll thank her in person!

  59. Happy New Year, dear blackwaterdog. This was a wonderful kickoff to 2011. I read and watched every single feature. Rachel has redeemed herself 100% which means I’ll go back to visiting her show (here at 7:00 PM), to listen and learn. She’s a wonderful teacher, that’s the one thing I missed while nursing my outrage.

    We’re celebrating New Year’s Day with a partly boned leg of lamb and I’ve got to see to it and the rest of dinner, but I’ll come back and read all the comments. This and The Obama Diary are the only sites in which the comments have some important content that, for me, can’t be found elsewhere or easily.

  60. I think Twitter is a great way to help spread all the wonderful news and info you provide on this site. Kudos,BWD!

  61. We’re ALL proud of you! That’s such a big deal. It starts with one step, one day at a time, until it becomes part of who you are and what you do. Hugs to you, Tulips. For sticking to it, even if you don’t feel like it that day,for forgiving yourself and moving ahead toward a new, healthier you. Your positive mental attitude will go a long way towards your success. I expect that you will keep us posted as to your progress…:)We’ll send some positive energy your way. You’ll never be alone on your journey.Happy walking.

  62. Funny because Frank was part of the religious right…WAY right, for nearly all his life. It kind of just “means more” coming from him.

  63. I agree. When the yapping doesn’t match the realities, someone has to take notice and say, “WTF?” That’s not what I’m seeing…”

  64. As much as it’s a shame that msm didn’t report on it. I’m glad that Rachel got to conduct the interview. It also makes me nervous because of the great need for secrecy. This is why the whole wikileaks matter really bothers me. I wouldn,t want to endanger our troops and allies if information might put them at risk.

  65. Would special headlines, or email notifications, or sections of the blog devoted to action items make sense?

  66. SO funny. Was just telling my husband about this series of posts, and concluded with “but I’ll focus on what I CAN change – diet and exercise” Pinky swear – that happened 🙂 I will look into your Sansone program.

  67. Ladyhawke…take a shower after you hear them speak is EXACTLY how I feel. Dirty. I could scrub the skin off my body…to the bone, and still wouldn’t feel alright.Have to wonder what 1) the people of this state were thinking
    2) If they think AT ALL
    3) Will they EVER get a clue that an R behind one’s name isn’t always the best choice for the state OR the country
    4) Whether the majority of people in this state realize they ALWAYS vote against their own best interests
    5)Realize that these 2 senators haven’t done A THING to move this state out of the 1800′.
    6) Things are NOT ok in AZ…we make the news, but NEVER for anything good.I live in an alternate bizzarro world!

  68. Thanks for the wonderful mishmash, bwd. I esp. appreciate the video of Rachel talking to D’Agostino (?). I saw it the night it aired and I was blown away. Pres. Obama is increasing the security of the whole with his nuclear efforts and I feel so grateful that he’s carrying through with this.

    Happy New Year, bwd. Happy New Year to all the posters here. 🙂

  69. Yes. Pushing back, refuting lies calmly and factually. The biggest mistake we have done was to let them take over the narrative. We can not do it again.

  70. I echo what you said Desertflower. I am an Arizona native and my disgust for Jon Kyl, John McCain, John Shadegg, Trent Franks has grown since 2000. My wish is for all of them to go down in the history books as the scum they are.

  71. Me too. One day I’ll tell you how this president changed my life without ever knowing me. I think it’ll explain quite a bit of my deep obligation to help him as much as i can.

  72. I think I read somewhere that someone asked whether Tucker Carlson thought Srah Palin should be executed as well for shhoting animals.
    It’s a good point and one that should be used against right-wing trolls even if their answer will be that one is legal the other not, both are still cruel to the animals and unnecessary.

  73. Omg! Its funny that you should mention your weight loss. I swear, there were times that as I was reading the posts and comments from the other sites, I would actually get so angry that I would stop and reach for junk food. Their over the top outrage and flat out lies and absurdity made me want to eat. I don’t do that anymore.

  74. yah…. what a asinine question to ask. gah!!!! At first I thought the reporter was… well, trying to make a joke. I mean who asks questions like that anymore – and who in their right mind would ask that to Frank??!!

  75. While it is usually BWD that makes me cry, your post did it today. So well written and exactly how I feel!

  76. I read that one of the things which led him away from his ultra-right wing upbringing was his writing and the feeling that there wasn’t an acceptance of creativity and imagination,(paraphrasing here).

  77. Good for you Tullips. I don’t usually make new year resolutions but this year, I decided to get healthy with exercise and better eating. I am a sugaraholic.

  78. Evonnc I borrowed your link to the Hindu op- ed about President Obama’s ratification of the START Treaty and posted it on a couple of other sites. Thanks.

  79. I don’t believe Palin is a sport hunter. And a for-food hunter, it comes down to intent. The intent is to kill the animal with one shot, eventhough the animal very often doesn’t die right away.

    Sport hunting would be more comparible. As would factory farming, and people thinking those ground beef on little styrofoam tray grows on trees or something – but that’s a whole other can of worms.

    And that’s not said to diminish what Vick did. I’ve been a vegitarian since I was 17-18 years old. It’s just to add perspective. People seem to add value to an animals life the more cute and cuddly it is.

  80. Leslie Sansone Has the walking exercise dvd it is great. i do it right here at home.

  81. Thanks guys i am. thanks truly thanks to Bwd and you guys when you surround yourself with positive energy you be amazed at what you can do. My confidence level is high.

  82. Yes! A better country for having elected this amazing man to lead us. God Bless Him, the world is pulling for his success.

  83. I am totally jealous…

    7 pounds!!! 🙂

    okay. I guess I should dust off the exercise bike and stop using it as a coat rack and actually use it??


    no really – you’ve inspired me!!!

  84. I look forward to hearing that if you do choose to share it. You have a lot of people who like what you do here. I think that people would be interested to know more about you.

  85. Redemption and forgiveness indeed! How far (right) some of them have strayed from the teachings of the Christ they name themselves after. If there is a Second Coming I’d love to hear what he has to say about their behavior.

  86. Inspiring comment!!!!

    I loved how you used the phrase “I see you.”

    I know that not everyone (me included) will always agree with Obama on policies. But what gets me the most frustrated is how people seem to misunderstand him.

    Mostly I think that comes from projecting what they wanted onto him and then getting frustrated when he doesn’t perform the way they expected.

    I’ve often told people that – agree or not – it helps if you spend some time learning who Obama is and understanding his perspective. I’m still in the process of doing that. And most often when I’ve been discouraged or disappointed – its because I haven’t given his way enough time or haven’t paid enough attention.

  87. Thanks BWD! Over the past 2 years President Obama has done more than his fair share to fix the mess he was dealt. I plan on doing all I can to help make him even more successful this year. Happy New Year to all.

  88. this is so true. The President is unique in the sense that his perspective is _not_ the norm of past presidents.

    I read Dreams from my Father long long ago, and just recently listened to it (abridged) in audiobook form. It reminded me that he hasn’t really changed at all – he is remaining true to himself and his beliefs. This is the man we voted for President, but just because he now has the power as President, some think he can just change things – like turning a light switch on and off.

    People forget that, if you don’t wire that switch right, have a source of power, and find ways to pay for that source, you know what? That switch won’t do anything but make a clicking sound. We have a thoughtful President, one who is careful and who plans.

  89. Great news for the New Year, BWD. I like my president and plan to help him achieve more in the New Year. It’s going to be tough year, but I predict lots will get done. Next Friday, the unemployment numbers come out and I think the predictions are that we will see a decrease.

  90. jackie – I never heard of this site. Can you add anything to enhance my experience of it? I’m heading over there, and will try to join “Group PBO.” I wonder if there is a Buddhist piece of the org? ‘Living in gratitude’ is a key concept (which I forget too often) with the Buddhist community. Actually, there is a Zen priest I admire who has written online about just that, as does my online Yoga group.

    I’m getting Cosmic Messages, I think 🙂

    And if KP is here – means I should Get Back On the Horse. (I failed Horsebackriding lessons, BTW) Maybe I’ll do better on the ground.

    Thank you! Looking forward to exploring.

  91. Thank you BWD for making making it possible for people to show thier apprecaition for what this president has been able to accomplish in such a short time. Happy new year everyone.

  92. I moseyed over there to take a look pardner, cuz I’m a copycat, that’s a really cool website.

    PS. found out my avatar is a DOG not a cat 😦 as for the horse… Giddyap

  93. It really looks like a cat, LOL! I’m sure it’s not a horse…

    Briefly, I decided I HAD to learn to ride, as that’s what we cowgirls do. I was a teenager, used my babysitting money. I was BRILLIANT with my carriage, just BRILLIANT sitting so gracefully (and yet fiercely) going around slowly in circles. The trouble came when the teacher realized that was ALL I intended to do. “NO, no trotting, no cantering, and certainly no galloping. I’m too short.” We mutually terminated my lessons.

  94. I look forward to that, too. Maybe if you set up the About page that someone suggested. I’ve been following you since you started these diaries. A few months ago I was so disgusted I gave up on all news except for your posts, but being able to come here heartens me for at least some of the rest of it. The new blogs that are popping up are great.

    I’m also intrigued by your name since I have a resident black water dog. She’s a Portuguese bwd, like Bo, though, I must admit, infinitely less well groomed than he is.

  95. Thank you so much. I am new to this site, but so grateful to be able to express how much I love my President and his family, without having a naysayer insult me. Everything I wrote flowed from my very soul. We may never see this one-of-a-kind blessing pass our way again. How fortunate for us to experience him.

    Happy 11/1/11!

  96. I’m in – I already send out emails when I become aware of misinformation, but not consistently. I’ll commit to being more vigilant and active about this. It’s important.

  97. Bring on the hard work, my fingers are poised and ready. This is such an amazing group we can do anything we set out minds to and have fun while we are doing it.

  98. I think it’s more that Americans are apathetic, so they’re disengaged. They retreat into their own lives, especially when the political scene is toxic. It’s going to be critical to point out when some bad result is the result of Republican action or inaction. The in-fighting on the right needs to have a spotlight on it, and the Republicans will likely try to hide their shenanigans. Many people are now predisposed to think that anything the President does is bad. So, they need to learn when they have a bad result in their lives who is actually to blame. I think there will be many opportunities.

  99. I really loved …

    “The President’s Right Wing Republican critics are now thoroughly exposed as the hard-hearted empty suits and haters that they are.

    President Obama’s Lefty critics look more and more like petulant teenagers who are too small to admit that they are wrong.

    Score One to President Obama, Zero to his critics.

    We are a bitterly divided people. In these circumstances normal political squabbles must be laid aside in order to unite in a common effort for our survival. Patriotism demands this. So does common sense.

    Be patient, realizing that the challenge facing our country is unprecedented because it combines economic, social and military problems coalescing into one of the most toxic periods of history any president has faced. And President Obama is facing this moment well.”


  100. Hi BWD, I have been following your posts for a long time now and yes I too am looking forward to hearing more. I love reading the positive news which you have been posting. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  101. That was a thing of beauty. Thoughts from the heart usually are.You will find that the home that BWD has created here, this community, has open arms and open hearts.Home on the tubes feels pretty good.

  102. Beautifully said and my thoughts exactly including the part about knowing he’d be our President years before.

    Well said.

    Happy New Year.


    First, I appreciate the work you’re doing. I eagerly await your blog posts in my inbox everyday. I totally support President Obama.

    I was asked to lead the promotions for the @iamwumrpes movement on Twitter. If any of you are on Twitter, follow @iamwumrpres for more info.

    Press release ~> http://fusicology.com/tag/i-am-wu-mr-pres/

    ATTENTION BLOGGERS & RADIO PERSONALITIES: If you are interested in helping to spread the word and amass support for Pres Obama’s re-election in 2012, click the link for add’l info: http://www.iamwumrpres.ning.com/profile/AnnLemondHume #JMG

  104. Good to know that you feel that way. I actually don’t think the “real natives” of the state like any of them. I think the folks that move here from the midwest are, for the most part, bringing that ultra conservative mindset with them when they come. That, and all the scared old people…sorry, that is not a slight against old people…I’m getting up there now, but these people are afraid of EVERYTHING and ANYONE that doesn’t look like them! Enter SB 1070, preying on the fears and ignorance of a bunch of people that never did anything to these folks in their lives! I think some of these people don’t even KNOW a person of any ethnic background….lord. Don’t get me started. We can only call them out, Jackie…we have things DOUBLY hard because the state legislature and state government is just as bad!!

  105. I always wanted a Portuguese waterdog…but now I know I have the best dog in the wide, wide world for me. I rescued her from the pound. They were going to kill her that night. Great Dane that weighed 85 lbs…her ribs were showing terribly bad, and she was so depressed. I could bearly look at the dogs in the other cages…I told the woman to take the dog out of there, and get her off that cold concrete floor. I took her outside in a quiet place, with trees, a little grass and bench. She looked in my eyes and she spoke to me. She stuck to me like glue and that was all she wrote. I lied through my teeth, saying I had no other animals (still don’t know why they cared, they were going to kill her. As far as I was concerned, she was never going back there. Ever.I have never been loved by an animal the way she loves me. Never, ever, ever. And I have had animals, including rescues, all my life. She is a happy and healthy 140 lb. baby now..a spring in her step, and love in her heart.The Portuguese water dog can wait. I have my Simi.

  106. Another sign of President Obama’s success….the Tea Party Patriots leaders are having a Sad. Article in the New York Times today says that tea party leaders are upset with the spectacle of governing actually happening during the Lame Duck and particularly the failure, of all things, to end the estate tax. They are already making it apparent that their emotional, fanaticism will lead to splits in the GOP as they push their extremist agenda and the powers in the GOP establishment resist them. In the face of a president who is the only adult in the room, the angry right has decided to throw in a generation of politicians mired in the Terrible Twos.

  107. I like the way Frank Schaeffer speak the truth, and he is not afraid to do so. He has been a person who really walk the walk of being a person to search his heart, and then speak out for truth that will help the President and the American people who want to listen. I am grateful for his open attitude and his truth in his writing. I love the manner in which he has supported our President and speak the truth about the right. Thank you BWD for the post. This is such a great site. I am one who also look forward to coming here. Thanks for making it possible. I appreciate you so very much. May we have a great 2011 and a terrific 2012-2016!! We will support our President!!!

  108. I’m cleaning out my in-box and I found this Gail Collins NYT’s column about our President, written during the 2008 campaign.


    It says in part:

    “Think back. Why, exactly, did you prefer Obama over Hillary Clinton in the first place? Their policies were almost identical — except his health care proposal was more conservative. You liked Barack because you thought he could get us past the old brain-dead politics, right? He talked — and talked and talked — about how there were going to be no more red states and blue states, how he was going to bring Americans together, including Republicans and Democrats.

    Exactly where did everybody think this gathering was going to take place? Left field?”

  109. Wow. I really believe that the teaparties are astroturf…why in the world would the average American care about keeping the estate tax at its previous rate of 0% (now re-instituted and raised)???

    Great comment, tao.

  110. I was absolutely upbeat how the NNSA guy described the Obama administration’s backing of their efforts.

    Now compare this to the Netherlands, which, after the last elections, got about 20 % “tea party equivalents” into the Tweede Kamer (Lower House).

    One of the first things they worked on was to dismantle the National Weather Service (my employer), in spite of the fact that we have to cover the weather related workings of the world-famous “Delta Works” (look it up in Wikipedia).

    In spite of me being 54, I’m well positioned to get a new job, because I’m also a math and physics teacher, so I have no dog in this fight – but the ultimate stupidity to destroy several 10s of billions of Euros of investment just to save about 20 million Euros annually is staggering (not to mention the potential loss of life).

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