Happy New Year, Mr. President. This is for you.

Hi Guys,

I’ve been doing this – whatever it is that I do 😉 – for two years now. Never ever, I was more proud, happy and moved by any post,  like the very long one you’re about to enter – And I didn’t even had to do anything but copy and paste.

Right under the cut you’ll find what is – despite its length – really just a sample from literally hundreds of comments that somehow were gathered on every corner of I’m Grateful post. Some comments were edited because they were too long, but overall I left them exactly as they were posted, typos, caps lock and what not. The order is random, except for the choice of the last post. Visual breaks provided by the marvelous Pete Souza and the rest of the WH official photographers (mouse-over for Pete’s description of every photo). 

Usually I would not dream to hope that President Obama will even hear about this collection – let alone read some of these comments – but after all that happened with “I’m Grateful” in just one month – I may just start believe in miracles. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee (or two), and just enjoy. We are not alone. And neither is the president.

Happy New Year, everybody.


Mr. President

This white, Mid-western, middle class, Catholic, suburban, 65 year old math teacher is so very proud to call you” Mr. President”. You and Michelle and your children are examples of the very best in America. Keep plugging away, Mr. President, you have a vast number of Americans like (and unlike!) me who love and trust you. We count on your intelligence and integrity. We are inspired by your work ethic and forward thinking.

God bless you and your family in the New Year. God bless us, everyone.

charman brennan


The President is annointed with love for all Americans and in the very difficult decisions he is guided to make for the greater good of this country. He is a towering example of leadership to our neighboring nations around the world.

May blessings abound to the entire Obama immediate and extended family.



The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. President Obama was elected by God’s Divine intervention. I challenge all chrisitans to interceed on his behalf. Jesus is aware of our heart and our thoughts. Merry Christmas to all.

Crystal Lee


The President is operating from another realm. Most can’t perceive or comprehend the tactics being used. In a few months all who don’t have perversity in their hearts will see and understand.



The country needed a man who identifies with people of all nationalites, creed, ethnicity to understand and strategize what the country needs to heal itself and get back on track of being the ‘Great Nation’ we are… I love to see his whole family as a unit standing strong before millions- I pray that God continues to guide, strengthen and protect this man as he attempts to do what needs to be done.



Thank You so very much for your patience with the house, senate and the news media. You took on a mess from the previous (?). I worked for you and I will be there to support you at election. I am 71 and worried about my S.S. and the National Debt. I don’t like China owning us. Thank you for the family image you are putting forward. I really respect you for your openness and ability to change your views when and if its necessary to move forward on a bill and etc. Call it as it is. Don’t put your self in harms way. We need you and your family.

Robert Schroeder


Thanks Mr. President. It is indeed an honor to be an American in these trying times. I honor you for your courage, love and compassion for the American people, and your desire to make things better for all. Keep up the awesome work and be blessed always.

Geneva Crownhart


Thank you Mr. President. Hang in there!. You are doing a great job, in spite of all the odds against you. God Bless and Keep You!

Linda Bolden
Mr. President,

I am proud to call you my president. You have the support of my whole household which consists of me, my husband, and my two daughters. Keep up the fight for what you know is right and just.

Lisa, Newport, NH


President Obama,

Before the election in 2008, my husband at the age 64 years, decided to register to vote for the very first time after following your candidancy across the nation. I was so very proud to say that my entire family voted for you. We sincerely appreciate that you are a man of faith and that you tend to lead my example as a loving husband, father, and a person that genuinely cares about people and the future of this great country and the earth for which we are responsible.

Please continue to stand by your convictions and do not compromise too often when you know what is right for the people who are struggling every day to live this one life with dignity and hope and the pursuit of happiness.

Mamie Reynolds


 Thank you for all you do. Your job is the most difficult one in the world and you are handling it with grace and poise. I am proud to be an American and I am very proud of you. Keep standing tall and keep us hopeful. 

Sunshine McClenahan


I am a Republican successful small business owner and I completely support our Presidents recovery program.
Thank you.

Stan Fisher


My heart brims up and overflows with pride that we have such a wonderful president. This is the spirt of America I was taught to Love as I grew up in Cleveland. This is the leader to raise our goals beyond the selfish greed that has drawn us off the course to be the great leaders of the world. 



I am proud to have you, Mr. President, as our Leader. You represent us ALL in good taste and intelligence around the world. We are fortunate to have such a compassionate, sensitive and strong President in these difficult times who uses his “head” instead of his “might”.

Barbara J R Chennault


As you have heard from so many, you are loved and respected for all you are. Please continue to live by your ethical and practical center.

David A. Bruck, Seattle.


There are millions and millions of us who are behind you and respect you. I am one of the many who want you to remember, especially in the darkest or hardest of times… that we are at your back, we love your intellectual brilliance paired with wisdom, your tireless commitment to doing your superb best at the toughest job imaginable….being a good husband and loving father, as well as Mr. President! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, and our country for finally choosing the best man. Keep believing in your vision and surrounding yourself with the brightest and the best you can find.

Donna J. Miller, Portland


I watched the recent press conference and was reminded of why I voted for you. Your concern and due diligence for the people (especially in these hard times) when politics would have discounted us was a joy to behold, as well as watching you keep your principles and head about you when all around you are losing theirs – along with their Christian duty a double delight. May God Bless and Keep you in all ways – Always!


 Greetings Mr. President

I count it a joy and a blessing to address you as “Mr. President” You are doing a splendid job in spite of all the obstacles that get in your way. Keep up the good work. What god has for you, it’s for you.

Jo Ann Wesson, Kansas City, Mo.


The deal he brokered with the evil right (the republicans) shows the real compassionate side he has for the poor people that lost their jobs. He made a sacrifice to have the checks cuttin to provide bill payment, heat, & meals this Christmas for alot of needy families. white, black, brown, asian, native, whatever! Pres Obama is a man of all seasons (meaning everybody).

 President Bush took away my greencard in peurto rico 7 years ago over some draconian executive order when I was returning to the U.S from an E.Caribbean vacation – but he can never & will never steal my joy. Thank God for Pres Obama – thank God for immigrants.  

Anthony Richards


Mr. President, as 4 me and my house, we honor you as well as your position. We didn’t expect miracles right away. You never lead us to believe that we should. We feel you are doing a incredible job especially considering the hand you were dealt. One of the many things I admire about you is that even though people have opposing views, you still take the high road to try to bring ALL people together. Our motto for our home is to dream one size bigger, put action behind it and teach others to do the same. We keep you and your beautiful family in our prayers. It is our prayer that we see you in the White House until 2016.

Nikki DeSilva


Thank you, Mr. Prsident! Your love of our country, integrity, honesty, caring and working for the good and prosperity of all people of the United States are clearly evidenced. Unfortunately the Republicans and brain-washed Tea-baggers are blinded by their personal interests, greed and agenda.

There are, though, many of us who appreciate you and your efforts and hope and pray that you are the winner.

Lilliana Williams


 I thank God everyday for our President Obama. Many people may say Obama out of disrespect. But its not what man thinks that matters. God raised up an unknown from among the masses of political men and woman and I thank God everday. Only God raises up kings and tear down kings. Many great things as happened in White House since his presdidency. Man don’t have to approved him, God did. And I think God for allowing me to live to see how people from all nationalities can truly come together for good.

Stella Bradix


 President Obama brings honor and distinction to our country with his values, intellect and work ethic. We are genuinely fortunate to have such a man as our President. He ran on the notion that we are “our brother’s keeper”. This may seem radical to those who are interested only in enriching themselves, but it is actually the basic Christian precept on which our country was founded.

Len Morris



i love the guy… just as i loved JFK….we, our country, are fortunate….

Walt Watman


 Be encouraged Mr. President. So many of us know that you are doing your best for the American people. Despite the negative voices that will spin whatever you do, I am so proud of you and First Lady Michelle. My memory is not so short. Thank you for saving us from the brink of financial disaster. Thank you for health care. Thank you for saving the auto industry. Thank you for bringing troops home. Thank you for battling for struggling families and then negotiating with those whose only mission is to destroy your presidency. Thank you your service to America. I am praying for you and your family.

Karen Patterson-Stewart, Ph.D.



James Elliot, Bowie, MD.


This president took a very personal pain and transformed it into the first steps of assuring that all Americans are covered for basic care, receive better quality care, and have options for a improved life. The naysayers, were they not privileged should be careful…you may one day need this…never say never.

I think of him as a younger brother…and pray for him as such. I want him to succeed as president because our country needs him to succeed. We simply cannot afford to do less.

BJ Rowe



Joseph A. Alalade


Dear President Barack Obama,

I personally wish to thank you for all you have done for America. When you get ready to debate again to run for you second term in office, please, please don’t forget to mention what you have done for America. Thanks for All You Do.

Linney G. Moore


Keep up the great work you’re doing, even if the Republicans try to knock down everything you do. Don’t think the public is not watching them wrap themselves into a knot. You actually don’t have to do anything, their actions will speak for themselves especially when it comes to favoring the rich!!  The poor people also need to watch carefully what you had to compromise to get get things done. The Republicans want to give the rich tax breaks or no taxes at all. They hate social security, welfare, food stamps, medicaid and medicare and unemployment benefits. the public will see who’s back they really have.

Sharon Dickerson


To Whom it May Concern,

I am truly in love with my President! I love his tenacity in the face of fierce opposition, his ability to be an effective and respected world leader, his compassion for ALL people and ability to see the bigger picture, his love of God and beautiful wife and children, as well as his extended family.

I am so proud of him for his composure and calm even as media and some people have chosen to show their disrespect for him and opt to inappropriately refer to him as Mr. Obama; something that in the past, regardless of the political party affiliation, policy, and theoretical opposition to the country’s leader – the leader was still referred to as “President”. In this President’s almost two years, he has accomplished more positive than his predecessor did in eight full years. He has begun the restoration respect for America; he has demonstrated his intellect and intelligence, while not once saying the word, “nu-ca-lar”; he has retained his “cool”, his “swagger”, and his sense of humor; he has implemented measures that indicate to me, middle America Jo, that he hears and is sensitive to the needs of people. I could go on and on, but it all boils down to I love, and have great pride and respect for President Obama.

JoAnn Emmanuel


 Dear President, It doesn’t matter what others are saying, I personally feel that you are doing a great job. it isn’t everyday that a man inherits such a deficit caused by others with thw intention of hoping that you fail during your term in office. I just want to asssure you that if you decide to run for office again in 2012, My family and I will support you and whom ever you pick as your Vice President.

Love always
La Familia Pena


We are now retired Senior Citizens who have been empowered to stay the course and be as supportive as possible in these most economically challenged times. We are choosing to support the President in his tiring efforts to help our economy grow in the most positive of ways possible. Thank you very much, Mr. Barack Obama, President of these United States of America, for what you do and have been doing for us as Seniors in this costly and depressed environment we suddenly find ourselves engaged in. We will anything we possibly are able at this juncture to do to help you, Mr. President and staff to support you in all your wonderfully positive efforts to move our country in ways that will help to make a more loving and caring and less greedy environment. Thank you for all you do to help us!!

Sarah and John Mignery
Columbus, Ohio


 Besides my father who has gone on, you are one of the greatest men I’ve ever known.

Brenda Smith

Thank you Mr. President for being so kind and compassionate to all. Thank you for having the guts to stand up for all and not just for some. Thank you for the role model that you are and all that you represent!! Most importantly, thank you for showing America what a real family is and the importance of unity.



 I am grateful for how authentic this man is. I recently watched the documentary about the Presidents photographers and there is this part where potus Obama speaks about one of his most favorite pictures that hang in the hallway, before you get to the oval office. It’s the picture where this little boy is touching the pres hair. I don’t know why that part of the docu stood out for me so much but it does. The wry way he spoke of the little boy noting his gray hairs, the slight smile that appeared on his face. I have never seen a Pres so comfortable in his own skin. Well actually I can say I never saw that in any public person, not even Oprah, who I admire very much.

God bless him and USA.



Since I have been able to vote, which has been 34 years, I have never been more proud of a President. I don’t care what the right wing wackos say about him, he’s a GOOD MAN and he wants the best for all of us. He’s strong enough to compromise when necessary and stand firm when appropriate. It takes great wisdom and strength to perform his job well and he has done it admirably. I hope for four more years!!

Beverley Hughes



The way the December “lame duck” session suddenly turned into a series of massive victories, leaving all his opponents blinking and confused, made it clear that he’s been playing an entirely different game from what anyone thought or expected. It’s amazing to watch, and also funny as hell. Smart man.

I’m not American, but I lived there for a few years during the Bush years. It was scary. This is a big, big improvement, and I’m happy for you guys in the USA that you’ve got a good man at the helm.


My mom cast the last vote of her life for you, Mr. President. We’ve come a long way and have a ways to go. You keep on keepin’ on – the loudmouths are just loud and there ain’t that many of em. Fired up and ready to go in 2012

Roxie and Perry Winslow

Dear Mr. President,

How Grateful I am for your Humanity! It is a honor to know we have a President, who has a world view, a kind heart,  intelligence to be admired, a love of Country,and caring for all people. Thank you.

Margaret Comparoni Tishler 
I’ve never before cared for or, dare I say, loved a politician let alone a president… but I really believe he is a good man with a good heart who cares about the earth and it’s inhabitants. Even if he makes mistakes, he seems to be guided by love and that’s more important than anything else. Being fair, forgiving, and merciful is much more difficult than being greedy, violent, and ruthless. I wish him the best and admire him very much.



I am so grateful that the LORD saw fit to bless us with YOU. Some are blind but MANY see and understand that you are a special blessing to this nation and the world. You are just what “the doctor ordered”. We needed you badly! in nearly every way! I hate to think what would have happened to this nation had not the Good Lord swiftly sent us a savior! You are our Savior! My prayers are always with you, and me and my family are standing behind you all the way! Never feel like you are alone! Millions like me are with you out here! Always know WE ARE HERE! We know, understand, and see your heart! We love you and your lovely, beautiful, blessed family.

Thank you for being obedient and taking up the mantle of being one of the fathers of this nation to lead her to her true DESTINY of providing opportunity, freedom and justice for ALL.

Dorothy Taylor

President Obama,

I am very proud of you and all that you have done for America and for the world. My family and I worked hard and made numerous sacrifices to secure your Presidency. We believe that it was time and money worth our investiments. You are what we need at this time in our history. We are grateful to God that our prayers were answered when you became President. You and your family remain in our daily prayers.

Phyllis Boykin


Thank you Mr. President for cleaning up this mess you inherited. I believe that you were sent by God to restore America to uphold the standards our forefathers initiated. May God bless you and continued to do his work. Keep up the great work.

Joseph McKay

Me and my family truly appreiciate you and your family for what you are trying to acccomplish. We will continue to pray that God keep you under his grace, love, and protection; Know that you are doing the right thing for the right reason and at the right time. We Love You.

Dr. Betty O. Henderson


Thank you Mr. President,

REAL people really do appreciate what you are doing with the mess that started before you even got into office.  Mr Obama you are awesome in every aspect of the word. I’ll continue to pray for you and your great family for peace and harmony in the world of madness. God Bless you and the United States of America



I am so proud of and so full of love for you, President Obama. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you will do. You have taken a piece of carbon and are molding into a diamond. Inspite of the hateful critizisms you move foreward with diginity and strength. God bless you and your beautiful family. 

Dolores Bell Lyons

My husband and I have four children, three in-law children, and six grandchildren. We are ALL behind President Obama. We understand what he has done and what he is trying to accomplish. We appreciate his leading us with grace, compassion, and most of all, INTELLIGENCE.

May God Bless Him in this season of holiday celebration.

The Kosakowski Family of Pasadena, California


My family is sooooo proud of all your accomplishments, its like you are a part of our family and we are behind you 100%. I know its hard dealing with some of us but keep your head up, you’re doing a fantastic job, we are proud.

Sandra Whitehurst


Mr. President,

 I’m so proud of you, and May Our God keep lifting you up. And not let this USA of people that have so much HATE in there hearts, come to know and see what a difference you have made in one year. I Love you and your family very much. I have a picture of you and my oldest Son in Dallas, when you were campaigning.

Gwen Hagler Erskin

 Thank you Mr. President for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. For my grandparents. parents, aunts, uncles,and the rest of my family and friends that did not get to experience this part of history…I thank you for them.



Thank you President Obama for representing the Office of the President of the United States of America with dignity, integrity and grace.

God bless you and your family,

Stephanie Shoffner


As a 75 year old who has lived through all Presidents since Roosevelts’ last term and death — Harry Truman and all the others; I can truly echo the 3 Amigo sentiment. Kennedy, Clinton, and our current President Obama will long be remembered for all they have tried to do — against hateful odds.

Yvonne D. Baskerville


Dear Mr. President & Family,

Thank you for all you and your wife do. My sons & I are disabled & hope you both keep fighting for us & SSI/SSA/SSD as Medicare and Social Security as well as yourself are under attack. They are attacking the poorest of this country who can’t afford transportation, care for themselves without help, can’t afford their medication & rent & food all at the same time, but you keep reminding everyone in Washington we have a voice, we are worth something including votes, but we have you looking out for us & protecting us against the TeaParty or rightwingers..

You have done a wonderful job as you have not been in office long enough to clean up 8 years of right wing damage & all the money surplus when Mr. Clinton was in office & the following 8 years destroyed. The previous president destroyed our international reputation which you are trying to get back. There are those of us who know you can’t clean up 8 yrs. mess in 2 yrs. But those like me & my sons truly stand behind you and believe in you. Don’t give up on us.

We ask God to keep you & you family under his divine guidance as we need you Mr.President more than you could ever know. Be strong as my sons admire & believe in you!! God Bless & Have a Very Happy New Year.

 Celeste Spradlin

316 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Mr. President. This is for you.

  1. Thanks for this and what a fantastic way to kick off the new year. We’re living in an era that’ll be talked about for centuries, thanks to these great leaders, Barack and Michelle.

    His swing isn’t too shabby now, either! Onward and upward!

  2. Awww, what an awesome post. I’m not truckin’ with some of the religious zealotry (call the President in ‘savior’ in religious terms is kinda creepy), but in light of what Bush did to our nation, Obama IS a savior!

  3. Thank you BWD and my prayers are always with the President during these really tough times. I am glad he is in charge because these past two years shows HE IS the only adult running this country. He has to moderate between the two parties who sometimes act more like petulent spoiled children instead of doing what is right for the American people. I know he has ALL our interest at heart in every decision. Happy New Year and God Bless!

  4. You forgot to mention to bring tissues with those cups of coffee! Thank you for this wonderful complilation. I’ve been trying to follow the comments behind the various pictures, etc., and having this selection is wonderful. It well represents the feelings of so many amazing, heartfelt comments. I’ve been so moved by the deep conviction of so many that Obama was called at this time and place, because I share that, too. I had a wonderful vision, shortly before he was elected, of a host of mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers pulling him into place, bending, with all their might, the arc of history. The first time it occurred to me that God is a grandmother!

  5. I have never seen one picture of the president in which his humanity and true compassion didn’t come shining through. He has won great victories over total GOP obstructionism and yet he never shows one sign of ego or arrogance when he announces those victories. Ditto for Michelle and his children. When he yields as on the tax cut compromise, it is always out of compassion for those who would be hurt were he NOT willing to compromise. He is a real Christian and hearing the ugly, ugly things that his opponents say about him, I am reminded of what Jesus said from the cross: “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.”

  6. What a great way to start the day. If all you do is watch the msm and listen to the pundits all you hear is the bad news and hatred. Thank you BWD for starting this site so we can read these comments, see these pictures and know that there are other people out there who believe our President is a wonderful man. I am so thankful he is our President. I know he is only a man and is not perfect. But at this time he is the man I am so glad is is charge.

    This site helps me get thru the day.

  7. Thanks, again, for an awesome diary. I’m a 77 yo WASP originally from Staten Island NY whose first job was in Mississippi in 1954. I am SO very grateful for THIS president, his family, and his VEEP and his family. Not only are they smart, compassionate, focused and open minded – they demonstrate each day how to be centered and find joy in the midst of chaos. What great role models!

  8. I don’t plan to take for granted one minute of this man’s dedicated service to our country. We are living through something remarkable and I am so proud of us for electing this man and grateful for his efforts and all the people that work with and for him. I also don’t take for granted the efforts that make this site possible, the host, the contributors. Its great. Happy New Year.

  9. That photo of President Barack Hussein Obama hiding behind Ray LaHood is an important one to me personally. I remember being annoyed when he picked the Republican LaHood as Sec of Transportation, but as so often happens with our President, his decision has turned out to be brilliant. LaHood has been great and has been an important point man in dealing with Repubs in general, which is what’s literally happening in the photo.

    Our President’s actions actually instruct me now in my own daily life. I’ve found lessons in the LaHood story and many others that make me react differently to people I meet and experiences I have. I’m much more accepting of people with different viewpoints, and often find my asking in moments of decision, “What Would Obama Do?” WWOD.

    It’s amazing how much a leader this guy is, so consistently and on so many levels. Incredible.

  10. Wow. Beautiful posts with wonderful photos.

    Hope the President’s new year turns out as successful, if not more, as last year.

    My best wishes to bwd and the pragmati here for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

  11. As I enter my 78th year on planet earth I give thanks to the the universe for having been allowed to share in the dream for a better world that you bring to all of us. Bless you, your family and keep you safe.

    One the eve of 2011 I move forward confident in your leadership, integrity and love of humanity.

  12. I love the pic of the kids with the sign — “Can Malia + Sasha come play?”

    It’s ironic that there are complaints about people worshiping Obama when so many of his supporters treat him and his family more like beloved friends and family than somebody they worship. For lack of a better way of saying it — Obama and his family are so “real!”

    I’m telling you — in spirit I fall on my knees thankful for the example and hopefully the precedent this first family is setting. I love them!

    And thank you — again — Blackwaterdog — for doing this for us. I’m not the type to sift through photographs so I love that you put together some of the best ones for us this way. Visiting your blog is a “religious” experience — it lifts me up and makes me feel like I’ve been hugged by angels.

  13. …and thank you for all you do BWD. It takes a lot of time and dedication to sniff through so many news and bring to us all of the great accomplishments this Whitehouse has achieved while some continue to foam at the mouth looking past so much that has been done. Your commitment and dedication is honorable to say the least. I am just as proud of you BWD as I am with my President and this community.

    Hey, if there is no viable candidate for President in 2016, I say blackwaterdog for President. 🙂

    May 2011 bring us all another productive year.

    Bless up ya’l. Happy New Year!

  14. OMG! What a wonderful and inspiring post, bwd!!! As most of you know, I have been a total supporter of this wonderful president for a long time. I pray for hIm and his family to live long and strong every day. The comments below these photos have truly inspired me. Knowing that so many people feel exactly like I feel is powerful and wonderful. Thank you, as always, bwd, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  15. I mentioned in another thread that last night I watched the PBS documentary about Souza and was interested in how much the folks at the WH enjoy the gallery of his pictures on display there.

    I couldn’t help but think about how much they’d enjoy your diaries BWD. There’s a part of me that believes they’ve noticed.

    And on another note, there’s a HUGE story about yet another major Obama administration accomplishment that is getting overlooked this holiday season.

    Early in his administration, President Obama established a goal to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years — a task that encompasses locking down materials in 35 countries.

    Yesterday, Rachel Maddow had an exclusive interview with Andrew Bieniawski, the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration’s associate deputy administrator for global threat reduction, on the fact that over the holidays, the NNSA has succeeded in removing 111 pounds of highly enriched uranium from Ukraine and sent it to Russia where it will be blended down, making it useless for bomb-making.

    Real tangible PEACE to all the globe this holiday season!

  16. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A wonderful way to end 2010!

    I totally laughed out loud in unrestrained joy at some of the posts – in particular those who ‘don’t care what others are saying’ because THEY believe in the Prez. It took me a few weeks after the November elections to not care about the constant criticism and meanness, but what a liberating experience it became once I started to ignore and shrug them off. Of course, stumbling onto your site has helped, as well as finding there ARE many others who see what the Prez is doing, and are willing to give him time, support, and PRAISE. I too am tremendously proud of President Obama, AND his family. I am impressed by the parenting he and his wife are modelling; I admire his daughters, their composure when in the public eye, and the obvious warmth the family members display towards each other. I have NEVER before seen a politician and his wife and family who seem to continuously hold each other in high esteem – unconsciously (nothing ‘stagey’ about it). Frankly, their portrayal of family make me feel envious, though not in a negative way – just in a desire for such natural, warm, loving interactions.

    President Barack Obama,
    May 2011 and 2012 find you in excellent health, AND on track in your plans for the U S of A!

    May your love for your wife and family continue to blossom, and may First Lady Michelle and the girls enjoy good health and success!

    May your extended family and friends also enjoy the best in 2011!

  17. Thank you BWD for this. There really aren’t words to describe everything it means. And I truly hope tht the President looks at this. I am sure that someone in the WH is. I wouyld be fantastic if he personally wrote a thank you for this gift to him, who has been a grweat gift to us.

    When I picked my gravatar, i debated what I wanted to put up for it. I decided to have a picture of my granddaughter, the apple of her grandpa’s eye. The reason for this is simple. She represents what we are fighting for. Much that is taking place now will have limited effect for me in my lifetime, but it is as she grows up and becomes an adult, that today’s changes will bear ultimate fruition. When I get discouraged in the fight for progress, I think of her and keep on fighting, just as our President does.

    Happy New Year everybody.

  18. Dear Mr. President:

    I join in the comments of support for you as our President and as a human being. At 60 years old, I am privileged to have witnessed such a great President.

    The fight ahead will be arduous. Your supporters will have a growing period in 2011 as we focus our voice that is currently being overwhelmed. But with you as a teacher and mentor, we know that all things are possible in the face of conventional wisdom that is heavy on convention and light on wisdom.

    I understand that we are in a marathon and not a sprint in un-doing 30 years of conservative damage. I humbly thank you for moving us in a progressive direction. I understand it will take time and I am in it, with you, for the long haul.

    2011 awaits. Let’s go to work.

  19. Happy New Year, Mr. President, to you and your family as well as all the men and women who work with you in this administration. I am hoping, too, that you will have a chance to read some of these comments. This is America speaking, the millions who love you and support you but are not always heard. The new year may bring more challenges, and the road to recovery and growth may still be difficult. But, please, always know that we appreciate your hard work, your grace and courage in the face of such tremendous obstacles, your dedication to the true American values and your ever-present search for unity and common ground. We will always be grateful and you can count on us.

  20. My very heart-filled thank you to BWD, her commitment to this President and the progress that awaits us through his leadership, made alive through her extraordinary pictures.

    BWD, you have captured the soul of this movement, with its quiet strength and vision unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to the greatness we can accomplish in 2011. Happy New Year.

  21. What an incredibly moving piece. Such a special way to start the new year – with hope and faith that America will continue to mend and flourish under President Obama’s capable, compassionate guidance.

  22. Dear Mr. President,
    Thank you for making me proud to be an American for the first time in a very long time. I am 69 years of age a white female according to my birth certificate, but my soul does not have a color, ethnicity, or gender. My studies of the American Indian genocide and the African, Chinese, and Irish slaves hurt my heart significantly. I have sons and daughters and grandchildren so I implore you to take courage and fight the fight for all of us with your continued dignity, integrity, intelligence, compassion, and love of humankind. You and your family are in my prayers.
    Suzanne Malson, M.S.

  23. I think you are going to have to stick this post up at the top, too, BWD. Thanks for all this love you bring to us.

  24. This is so cool. The words and the images paired together are very powerful.

    Have you thought of creating a video of this? You tube is a huge audience, it would be great to share this with them. I would be happy to help.(a a computer teacher in my day job) It would not be hard to do. BWD, if you are interested send me an email and we can talk.

    my sign: will do video editing for love and support of this group.

  25. I too have learned lessons from the President’s inspired and calm leadership, and so often I also find myself thinking, “What would Obama do?” It’s good to know I’m not alone. “WWOD” indeed!

  26. What a beautiful post. It’s great to see how much love and respect the world has for President Obama. Whenever I see pictures of Pres. Obama and family, I always find myself smiling. I am so very proud of our POTUS and the shining example he is to the world. Can’t wait to work on his re-election. May he and the beautiful First Family continue to be blessed each and every day!

  27. Great photos. Blackwaterdog, I don’t know if you have seen this but Eleckrablog from dailykos has a poster for sale. It is a photo mosaic of President Obama with the American Flag in the background. When you look closer you can see it is made from photos of people photographed at rallies for President Obama. At the bottom it says “Out of many, we are one”. I have no connection with Eleckrablog but I thought you might find this interesting. His website says it is $5 with the coupon code 1223. After today it says the price goes up to $20.

  28. President Obama and his family validate each and every effort we make to improve life, whether it’s big or small:

    ** a little curtsey for a little girl,
    ** getting together with others to talk about how to make a speech as clear as possible for everyone listening,
    ** knowing wiseguys will be wiseguys, and laughing with them…

    Pushing forward, ever forward, on to the new year, new struggles, new accomplishments.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

  29. This is such an awesome site BWD and I thank you for starting it and uniting so many of us who see greatness in our President. May we all be blessed with some enlightenment that we can only move forward to a better future in our country and in our world when we work together rather than continue to polarize. That’s what President Obama is trying to do and we all need to join with him in these efforts. A very Happy New Year to all of you.

  30. Happy New Year BWD

    Your love and respect to President Obama is very much appreciated. Thanks for doing what you do.

    Have a great New Year!!

  31. HNY, BWD! Another timely and terrific collection of reminders and remembrances. (I missed you at the Orange until I stepped away myself. I use the formerly progressive blogs more as an entitlement thermometer than a community now.) What is lacking in balance these days from all of the defections at those sites I now supplement with TOAITR as my top blog bookmark.

    So here’s to family: our positive, progressive, presidential family of millions, in 2011. Just as we were in 2010 – even if no one realized we were all still here at the table, serving, eating and cleaning up. The rest of the noise? Just the “crazy uncle” who shows up and becomes a story for the next reunion.

    Raising the coffee cup in a virtual toast.

  32. Totally, totally, absolutely choked up. I love how President Obama’s highest intentions bring out the essential goodness and community spirit in so many. I’m thrilled to be a witness to his unique Presidency and his amazing family and all the days we are all able to share with him.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone here. And especially to BWD, who sets the table and presents such an incredible feast for us. Cheers!

  33. How beautiful! BWD, thank you thank you thank you thank you for creating a space to empower these voices. I look at the polling (POTUS has the approval of 85% of the Democratic party, 91% of liberal Dems specifically), and I look at the media, both national and new who claim that the base is deserting POTUS or there is some big split in the base, and I scratch my head.

    You have created a place in which that actual base of support which has closed ranks around this WH can be unafraid to raise their voices, because they’re not going to be mocked, derided, or disparaged for their views. I’m so glad to read the diversity of these voices–religious, atheist, spiritual, something in between, voice the consensus which polling indicates resides in our party–no matter what our differences, we are VERY proud of this presidency.

    Thanks a million to President Obama, the First Lady, the weeMichelles, the wonderful Bidens, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, and all of the special people who have created a period of progress for the record books, and make no mistake, even Rachel Maddow had to admit that this is a time of history-making.

    And thank you BlackWaterDog for creating such a wonderful place in which we can witness this time in peace (OT-I sent an email to you).

  34. I respectfully disagree. I don’t think that it is zealotry. Deeply religious people have their own vernacular, and what might appear strange or unsettling (such as the “savior” language) does not have the same meaning that secular people ascribe to it.

    I’m glad that people of all faiths, or no faith, feel so welcome here and so unafraid to share their thoughts and opinions. This is what the actual Democratic base resembles and it is very very diverse; these sentiments which BWD has excerpted are the missing voices in the new media; these sentiments are why poll after poll reveals that Dems have stubbornly closed ranks around this WH and not even events such as the disappointing 2010 election outcome have changed that.

    Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks so much for being here, Starky!

  35. Your comment brought me to tears. God is a grandmother – that’s the best description of the kind of God I try to hold onto. Thank you, you’ve given me more than you can imagine.

  36. So well said, Anne. There was the cutest story shared on a previous thread which comports with your thoughts. A teacher uses POTUS to guide children into better behavior by asking them to consider whether POTUS would do or say what they are thinking of doing or saying. The teacher found that this worked wonderfully and created tangible behavioral improvements.

    The POTUS and VPOTUS indeed set a very fine example.

  37. pnh, what a beautiful comment. I personally don’t worry about the worship accusations because they are the product of limited thinking. What appears like worship to some is instead a feeling of pride that millions of people came together and created a presidency which is of course imperfect, but is already shaping up to be one of the greatest in modern memory. This is why people love the pictures so dearly; these pictures represent a dream realized and an accomplishment.

  38. TIMT, you have had quite the year yourself. Congratulations for helping to create such a terrific space at thepeoplesview.net. It appears that your space has really taken off and you’re a big part of that. Have the most wonderful of New Years to you and yours.

  39. BWD am i late or do you know Frank Schaffer linked your im grateful in his story on huffington post. He provided a link straight to your site. Hot dang You go Girl!

  40. Thank you GN. All the best to you and yours in the New Year.

    PS: you are one of the best thoughtful commenter I know in the blogsphere. Just FYI and proud to have known you.

  41. Happy New Year Everyone!!

    I am itching and fretting at the thought of our new House in Congress. They are planning some scary things and we have to get a game plan together to get the media to notice the insanity that is brewing. Has anyone seen this? GOP setting up rule to give Paul Ryan sole control of spending limits in the House?


    See the post that says “Ryan’s Radical Rule?”

  42. well… did you know, WiW that someone did this for BWDs I’m Grateful post??

    Here’s the link…. (makes me cry everytime – so fair warning to you if you haven’t seen this yet)

  43. yes!!!

    Don’t you love that photo of the First Lady and that tiny little girl curtseying to each other??!!! 😀

    Children – they are our future!!! When I see photos of the President or the First Lady with children, I always wonder – will they take this with them for the rest of their lives? Will they remember themselves or only remember as told by their parents or other adults? What will they take from this and what contributions will they make?

    Because I know they will make HUGE contributions to this world. 😀

  44. Wow; that is quite the compliment. There are some great voices in the blogosphere whose brilliant thoughts easily eclipse mine, but none of us could express those thoughts if we didn’t have wonderful, safe spaces in which to share them. Thanks again for helping to create an amazing one at TPV! 🙂

  45. I was somewhat skeptical of February of 2007.
    I was somewhat kinda liking what I was seeing in June of 2007.
    But had to chose one.
    I was a confused Edwards supporter in November of 2007.
    Confused as in thinking maybe I was on the wrong team.
    On December 2nd 2007 I picked up the phone.
    It was enthusiastic Democratic supporter of Barack Obama calling from OFA, giving me a complete rundown on Barack Obama, and could I give any type of donation.
    I told him I was for John Edwards, but would be quite happy if Barack Obama won.
    But would hold off financial support for now.
    And then somehow, wound up giving my first 100 to the campaign.

    In January of 2008, I put up the NY Times front page article in my office at work.
    Sen. Barack Obama wins Iowa.
    A smiling Barack Obama clapping.
    I’m still looking at that yellowed picture.
    We then left for vacation in Saint Thomas.
    A few days into my tropical paradise, we’re in a little grocery store on the island, paying six dollars for a box a Cheerios.
    And I’m losing it because New Hampshire goes the other way.
    On my vacation!

    And then it begins.
    Obsessing over every poll in existence.
    Cursing the longest primary in history.
    Glued to the internets to see how some election in a US territory I never heard of is doing.
    American Somalia too! Ours!
    Pissed off at home state for going the other way. What? My state?
    February, March, April……I tell my family I can’t take this.
    When will it end.
    They look at me in disgusted disgust and think and/or say the same two statements.

    I blame my friend who lives in PA for that loss.
    She kept asking me what date the primary was. Like I live there?
    I keep looking at her Larry David like wondering did she even remember to to vote.

    I am up to twice monthly donations.
    One from my account. The other from my SO’s.
    Sometimes he does not know that when he tells me fifty, I make it one hundred.
    When he says one hundred, I make it two.
    It’s only numbers.

    The articles in my little cube are growing. A whole wall.
    May! Finally!!! We win! For a few hours I’m beyond myself with happiness.
    Then I remember now we start all over again.
    More money. More pouring over polls.
    And then the cavassing starts in July.
    Knocking on door after door after door.
    August. More doors. The convention. Me all crying.
    We cannot lose. If we lose I have to tell everyone once again I am moving to Canada.
    And they will know I am full of shit as usual and I will lose more friends.

    September. More canvassing.
    Now go onto PA to knock on more doors.
    And then – finally. It’s done. Sheesh. Finally.
    So ballistically happy and overjoyed and insane and delirious with utter shear amazement and relief that the local news interviews me at BO HQ in NJ.
    I come off looking one hundred times worse than Dean when he was all yelling.
    I even had mascara streaks on my face. Yup. Good representation.
    Tickets to the D.C. for the big day in January 2009.
    And that was the beginning.

    Of two years.
    In which my hope. My joy. My faith.
    Were restored.
    And my respect.
    Just so much respect.
    And pride in my country.
    And just this overall incredible feeling of peace.
    On the politics side of my life.
    A feeling of peace that had been missing since November 2000.

    And no one.
    Least of all some members of the professional left.
    Least of all some sad Naderite voters who hate all Democrats.
    Least of all about 20 remaining PUMAs.
    Least of all about 1000 still bitter John Edward supporters.
    And least of all about a few bloggers.
    One who makes his living off of his blog.
    The other who was a failed Hollywood screenwriter.
    The other who can’t make up her mind which party she’s a member of.
    The other who figured out screaming gets attention and some viewers on his You Tube site.
    But all who were once Republicans.
    Unlike me. Unlike most of us.

    For them – the Professional Left.
    It’s all about money.
    Advertisements on their web sites.
    Clicks on their web sites.
    Invites to appear as talking heads on some cable show that hardly anyone watches.
    It’s just about how to make money off ranting, screaming, and hating.

    None of those losers.
    None of those Non Members of this real base.
    The five percenters.
    Will ever. Ever.
    Take that away. They can’t. They don’t know how.
    And the more they can’t?
    The more they hate.
    And the more they hate?
    The more miserable they are.
    And the more miserable they are?
    The more without hope they are.
    And the more without hope they are?
    The more they close their curtains and sit in the dark.
    Pounding away at their keyboards.
    Just screaming how much they hate everything and everyone.

    HELL NO YOU CAN”T yelled John Boehner before HCR passed.
    He was not orange that day. He was red.
    Screaming HELL NO YOU CAN’T.
    Over and over and over.
    He looked so hateful. So miserable.

    I could not tell the difference between Boehner.
    And the Professional Left.
    The Professional Left.
    That is not the base.
    That is not the heart. The soul. Or the canvassers of the party.
    They are the base of their own party.
    Some third party that voted for Ralph.
    And now wants to vote for…they don’t know.

    When Democrats give the President an 85 percent approval rating?
    All what I babbled on was just one big fat “goes without sayin’. ”

    And when I used to go to my local campaign office to pick up my packets to canvass.
    Almost none of those foot soldiers were bloggers.
    Almost none of them heard of Daily Kos. Or Firedoglake.
    Just blank looks.
    As they got ready to convince another voter to do the right thing.

    So to President Barack Obama.
    I thank him for giving me back so much of what we lost in 2000 and and more.
    In more simple terms, I thank him for knowing that what makes a leader is not being a jerk and a bully and screaming my way or the highway.
    But for knowing that in order to move forward and help as many as possible, you have to give a little to the other side so they come on board.

    And for BWD.
    I thank her for giving us a place to revel in that joy.
    And for being a place in which the curtains are always open.
    The sun shines.
    And we get ready. To help elect. For the 2nd time.
    One of the greatest Presidents this country has known.

    Happiest Bouncing Bot ever. 🙂

  46. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to a remarkable man ~ this was obviously a labor of love and you’ve done an excellent job. We are blessed to have him in our midst. Onward to 2012!!!

  47. wow!!!

    Okay – this is my favorite bit:

    “Obama’s lefty critics are smart enough to know history won’t be any kinder to them than it’s been, say, to the “art experts” who derided Vincent van Gogh. I think they also are beginning to get defensive knowing that they may WOW readers now but that history looks like it might not be on their side re Obama after all. They seem to be blind to the fact that the President is a genuine progressive but not a fundamentalist crank. He’s proving that he’d rather get something actually done than achieving nothing while grandstanding, as do the ideologues of both the left and right. “

  48. Wow. Just, wow. He also left an amazing comment in the “I’m Grateful” comments section.

    [slightly edited]:

    While President Obama brilliantly cajoled 13 Republicans to join every Democratic senator to ratify the New Start nuclear arms treaty with Russia, adding (as the Times put it) “the capstone to what now shapes up to be a remarkably successful legislative agenda for President Obama’s first two years…” in an interview with The Times of London Julian Assange compared himself to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also compared the Obama administration criticisms of him to the “persecution” endured by American Jews in the 1950s.

    While President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law the Michael Moore – once again – interpreted history through what might be charitably called a very personal lens when he – again – let his readers know that yet more WikiLeaks documents mention him and his movies!

    “One thing I hope people have seen during this lame-duck: I am persistent,” Mr. Obama said, at a news conference celebrating his end of year achievements. “If I believe in something strongly, I stay on it.”

    Yes, and the President keeps proving that his rabid critics on the Right who are working so hard to undermine his presidency at every turn are no match for him.

    He also keeps proving that, compared to the Left of the Democratic Party (let alone such “icons” as Assange) he knows how to get things done that actually change lives and matter. President Obama also seems to be the only grownup, not to mention the smartest person, in many a room.

    While the Democratic Left navel gazes, inflates their own importance with articles about how they got mentioned in WikiLeaks (WOW!)… while Assange and others suffering from delusions of grandeur keep posturing as saviors of the human race, President Obama, Hilary Clinton, the late Richard Holbrooke et al, actually have been working for the good of America and the world.

    The Senate ratified the New Start arms-reduction treaty, which the President said was his foreign-policy priority. Republicans surrendered, then grudgingly allowed the passage of the Sept. 11 legislation too. And that was after they tried to undermine the repeal of DADT.

    The President never backed down. He won a string of bipartisan legislative triumphs. Meanwhile the Left keeps saying that to be bipartisan is a sign of weakness. Really?

    The President’s Right Wing Republican critics are now thoroughly exposed as the hard-hearted empty suits they are.

    President Obama’s Lefty critics look more and more like petulant teenagers.

    Score One to President Obama, Zero to his critics.

    Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back

    He’s simply terrific. My only hesitation is that the mentioned people don’t speak for the left (I’ll never get tired of saying that POTUS has a 91% approval rating with liberal Dems), but he really provided a spot-on analysis! Thanks a million to Mr. Schaeffer, deeply appreciated.

  49. What a beautiful comment, Christin. One thing that I am so proud of is the way that the Democratic base put aside differences and have so firmly coalesced around this WH (polling stays in the 70s-80% approval range, amazing). So many people were attracted to Edwards’ focus on the impoverished, for all of the right reasons. So glad you’re here, Christin.

  50. wahhhhhhhhhh…. Christin. You made me wail outloud. I remember your updates on all the shoes you wore down in soles coz of all the hard work you put out there. And your HUGE disappointment in DC in January (I’m still sorry for you for that day!! sob!!!)

    And you account of everything everything that you just put forward just now. I wanna hug you hard!!!

    Don’t ever ever give up hope. Don’t ever ever ever stop being you!!!

  51. Mr. President, I wish you & your Family, & Friends, a very Healthy, & Happy New year. I pray that Our Father In Heaven, will Bless you “REAL GOOD”.

  52. 🙂 I can’t tell you how happy I am to see some of the people I grew to love the most.
    And yes. I said love.
    If I can love the ice cold coke in a REAL BOTTLE i am drinking right now. And oh god.
    I love it so much.
    I can love some of the names who became people to became real to at another place in another time.

  53. Oh, Christin, I *heart* you, girl!
    Thank you for sharing with us your heartfelt words. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    BWD, Thank you for opening this site, for giving us a wonderful place to land.

  54. Happy New Year!!!! to all the stans of pragmatism. I look forward to 2011, I know we gonna put our shoulders to the wheel and help this amazing, forward thinking President through these turbulent times. We must work as hard as he does. Bless everybody. BWD thank you for this space. Love and peace 😀

  55. Hee. No, i didn’t know that. I guess i should go check it….

    “If one voice can change a room….”. That’s what our president said, right? Well, we are many many more than just one voice.

  56. triple Wow!!! I just went and found the original post to read in entirety. Thanks GN for pointing it out!

  57. Heee. 🙂 Yeah.
    I kinda left out what happened to us in D.C.
    Brings back memories like me falling down the metro stairs because I was so frozen solid.
    Two cops running over to help me up.
    Me crying. Cramps up my wazoo.
    Legs numbed.
    SO looking stupidly helpless.
    And I snarl at the cops “Get the eff away from me. ”

    Oh. My. God.
    A true lunatic.

    Do you know we were going through all our coats the other day.
    Figuring out what goes to charity. Dry cleaners.
    Or attic.
    And John pulls out those tickets .
    Still in my little cute envelope.
    I held them in reverence.
    LIke I hold a smoke when I still find one.
    Then go WHAT AM I DOING.

    Those tickets bring a lot back to me.
    If only it was not 20 degrees!!

    You have such a great memory.
    You just never forget what you hear/read or see.
    Your husband must suffer something fierce.

    I’ll hug you when my so called package arrives like you promised. AHEM!

  58. What a honor to a great lady. Just like our president you took a lot of vile rhetoric and you kept moving. A well deserved tribute to you.

  59. ps – I seem to remember warning you to dress for WARMTH and not style… but ummm… you ignored my warning.

    heh… (maybe you don’t want me remembering that!! LOL)

  60. How did we get so lucky? With our country at the brink of self-imposed destruction, we picked the one person who has the intellect, courage, wisdom, and integrity to rescue us. President Obama has rewarded our confidence by surrounding himself with intelligent, competent professionals, and has been monumentally successful leading us back to our roots.
    Can he triumph and save us from ourselves? – only if we give him every ounce of our support, and a lot of good luck.
    Glenbrook, NV

  61. I just want to thank you “BWD” for creating this site. I just joined on yesterday, & I’m loving It all. Thank you, & I wish you and everyone that’s connected to you, a very “Happy Healthy New Year”. Great Job! You know, I just feel so welcome here, I can’t exactly explain It, but It feels so good to hear how “Positive People” feel about our President, who makes us so very Proud. Carry on my Friend.

  62. I agree with you GN. I consider myself a spiritual person, but not affiliated with any particular religion.

    I was incredibly moved by so many of these letters and the place that God holds in their lives. They are blessing PBO with faith and good will.

    I don’t really know what else to say. Thank you for this BWD. It made my day.

  63. You’re welcome kishik! dotster originally found this treasure, and it just blew me away. I glanced at the comments to the HuffPo piece and saw that as per usual, the people who focus solely on their areas of disagreement with the WH have swarmed in. Having eschewed spaces like that for so long, it made me more grateful to have these new, emerging spaces in which the conversation is so much more balanced. Yesterday we were talking about the weaknesses in the foreclosure relief program; different thoughts and opinions were shared (some people thought that the unbelievably error-prone and callous foreclosure process was due to bank malice; I thought that it was due to bank incompetence)–but these thoughts were shared without the over the top vitriol and disgust aimed at the WH present in more compromised spaces. This is really appreciated.

  64. Over to the side under Recent Comments, it has the Schaeffer comment listed. I clicked on it and I was sent directly to a different website. Weird. I wonder what’s up with that?

  65. BWD. If there was one person I wish I could look at in real life.
    That would be you. So I could smile at you.

    When I saw POTUS IN Philly back in October.
    After the rally, I was on such a high.
    it was the first time I ever got into to see him after multiple attempts.
    I walked out of there.
    And I must have been lit up.
    I know I had my hands clasped together like a child on xmas morning.
    Ten minutes later we’re trying to get out of the field, and like a groupie. I am standing at the edge,
    And go OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!
    It was the caravan of SUV’s.
    Yes.That’s all I need to see to be overwhelmed again.
    So really. I guess I am a groupie?
    Anyway, i look across the way a bit.
    I felt someone.
    And my eyes catches an older African American women’s.
    She is smiling so hard. As I am.
    She makes her way towards me.
    And we both high five each other.
    And we are both just so euphroric.
    We then hold hands up in the air for a few seconds.
    And let go.
    We never spoke a word.
    I can’t tell you what they meant to me.
    How I will never forget it.
    How much we exchanged when we looked at each other.
    When we held hands for that brief moment.

    I asked my SO “did she not have this light in her eyes?”
    He goes “look in the mirror. how you think she found you?”

    So on here, I could say say thank you and thank you and thank you a hundred times over.
    But it will never take the place of wanting to run up to you, and take your hands. In mine.
    And I am not a person who does that much – I actually hold back on that in real life.
    Until the time is right.

    Like now.
    So pretend I just did that.
    Pretend I just saw you across the way . And smile.

    No. Don’t pretend. I did. 🙂

  66. OK I am a mess. I can’t do nobody else’s hurr today. Some serious emotional flood gates your comment opened, tears rolling down my cheeks so much and idgaf. Jesus Christin, are you in my head? How can an Internet stranger say almost everything I feel and have experienced over the last several years? ty *gives u big internet hug*

  67. LOL, you guys are on a roll today! I think that Octomom has got her beat, though. Can you imagine, 14 kids!

  68. Happy new Year, Everyone

    There is nothing I can possibly add. Thanks for all your hard work, Cee. As well as I “know” you, I did NOT know all those events from pre-election time. You are awesome.

    As are BWD, and all the members of our family.

    It’s gotta suck to be the “frustrati” now 🙂

    As you all know, I’m probably your token ringer – NOT really political. But my people instincts I’d rate way up there. There are no surprises for me with POTUS, except that I UNDERestimated him, LOL.

    May God, Goddess, Buddha and whomever or whatever I am missing..bless.


  69. Isn’t it odd… at work, there are the usual mix of republicans and democrats… and when it’s election time, even though we’re not really supposed to talk politics at work, of course we do!! But in-between times, we also talk politics, and even with the mix, the conversation (get it, dialogue, conversation, not go-for-the-jugular debates) is always fairly reasonable. There are many times where we all have to agree to disagree – but points are drawn out clearly on all sides. I know many republicans (who more or less could be considered moderates) who are somewhat watching our President in awe… that he has accomplished quite a bit – and much (but not all, of course!) to their liking!!

    Many that i know are just tired of the party arguments. They’re more concerned about what is real. What affects them. Who cares about party politics at this point.

  70. Thank you, Blackwaterdog, for this site that caputures the truth, brilliance, integrity and humanity of President Barack Obama. He is a man to be admired for his abililty to see the forest for the trees. Yet, he still sees us little trees. He’s awesome! Happy New Year to all and God bless!

  71. Hi Dorothy! Agreed. I can definitely understand why some people might cringe, but with deeply religious people certain words have a different connation than when more secular people use those same words. The base is so very diverse that it ranges from complete atheists to the strictest adherents to organized religion and everything in between. The comments just reflect those different thoughts and opinions, and I personally found all of them beautiful.

  72. So glad that you joined, Shirley, and thanks so much more adding your voice. Happy New Years to you and yours!

  73. Wow – happy New Year indeed! I also add my gratitude and support to you, BWD, for the creation of this site and to our president, Barack Obama and his family. His life, candidacy and tenure as president has moved me as no other – he has taught me to HOPE, CHANGE and to step up to the ideals and beliefs we need. I’m spreading the word!

  74. I remember. AND I LISTENED.
    I dragged the SO with me out to five stores to find what i promised myself I would never wear.
    A faux down quilted coat.
    GAH! I looked like a female walking Michelin Tire Person.
    One big marshmellow.

    Okay. Maybe my boots could have been warmer.
    But they were kind of warm.
    But definitely styin boots.

    It’s those boots that made me fall.

    If it was a day like today?
    It’s like 50 out there.
    I would have had no complaints.

    Still waiting for UPS guy.
    What gives?

  75. All I can say is a big AMEN to all the comments and to this diary. Thank you to President Obama and his family for “keeping on keeping on” and to BWD for doing the same.

    ♥ and Happy, prosperous New Year to everyone!

  76. Yes Earline – onward to another victory.
    But one that has to be fought for much harder this time around.
    Take one deep breath.
    Because early 2011 is going to be it.
    And Campaign Barack Obama will here by December 2011.
    Hoo boyee.
    I wish that was a labor – that’s my stream of conscience-nesh outta control. 🙂

  77. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Ty}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Happy New Year and lots of love and hugs and joy this coming year.
    And all that. 🙂

  78. All wonderful pictures and letters. I particularly like the one of the President at Walter Reed, about to confer a Purple Heart.

    Notice that he’s knocking on the door & requesting permission to enter. Not just barging in because he’s the President. I think this picture sums up the man. He hasn’t a pretentious bone in his body and respects everyone.

    I also remember a picture from early in his admininstration. Some event had taken place in the White House and a couch needed to be moved back into place. He and an aide just automatically picked it up and moved it back. No calling for staff. Just behaving like the pragmatic gentleman he is.

  79. I LOVE this comment! What a perfect summation of what I went through, albeit on the West Coast, rather than NJ and PA. I will never forget screaming with joy and toasting with champagne the night this great man won the presidency in a landslide. I will never forget my AA cousin calling me in tears of joy from the National Mall in D.C. seconds before our new president took his oath of office. And though, the very next day, a multi-millionaire drug addict on the radio told his millions of listeners he wanted “Obama to fail,” I’ve never lost my hope or my pride in this president. Never. He has accomplished so much in so little time against impossible odds, which simply proves how I feel about him. Best. President. Ever.

  80. BWD- Upon returning from a wonderful holiday time with my family I was greeted with this so inspiring blog post. Thank you for it.

    I too am so proud to have been involved with helping get this president elected and involved in the two years of his presidency in getting legislation through. (I consider myself involved when donating, signing petitions, blogging, sending emails, letters and calling my Senators, Reps, and getting others to get involved too.) Even though I am only one person I feel empowered through being part of the supporter groups I participate in. He inspired me to become involved for the first time in my lifetime other than just voting.

    I am feeling that he is exactly who I thought he was and I pray daily for his safety and ability to help us. He told us WE can do this together not that he would do it alone. I am not giving up and am happy he is not inspite of the odds he has faced. President Obama does feel like a family member I am proud of and can brag about.

  81. Good to cry today…. get it all out in preparation for the New Year!! Gotta purge those tears (although I’m sure there will be more to come in the new year – of happiness as the President continues to move our country forward!!)

  82. ya know… I got text messages from ALL my siblings the moment it was announced that he won the election. Plus from two of my nieces… I STILL have those texts coz I SAVED them!!! 🙂

  83. Hai Beautiful most incredible Gee:
    I’m so glad you came – so I can say.
    Happy New Year My Friend.
    Happy happy happy new year to someone.
    Who takes my breath away.
    With her smile and her strength.
    And her ability to make me laugh.
    No. Matter. What.
    Even when she is hurting.
    And needs a shoulder to lean on.
    But never really lets you know that.
    Love ,

  84. It’s immensely gratifying to me to see the response to your beautiful comment style here, so that you can understand just how special it is to have access to the voluminous political writings of someone who “thinks” in poetry. There are people who are skilled with writing poetry, but your *actual thought process* is poetic. Truly a rare treat and a delight.

  85. LOL. faints. and omg.
    is right.

    Jesus christ – remember when they said BO gave HC the finger?
    And that song was playing at his rallies.
    He would swagger onto the stage.
    Pants falling down.
    Waving the finder at everyone.
    With 99 problems and bleeotches taking down the house.
    Oh the outrage.

    Good times.
    Good times.

  86. did you save the text messages from UPS telling you you never left eh package at your door for pick up ?
    just wondering.

  87. whoops. UPS guy just came. With returned package. Said it was refused coz you’re not ready for the birdseed and water diet. Yet. Said the message was – want bagels. New York Bagels. Garlic. With scallion creamcheese.

    sheesh. picky picky!

  88. I started off crying.
    Over at Balloon Juice.
    Just sobbing my damn eyes out.
    Even though I said i don’t like it so much when people keep going I”m crying my eyes out.
    Wondering, really are you?
    When I do! A lot.
    Anyway, that story about rescue dogs killed me.
    I read it outloud to my SO and he had to to finish it I broke down so much.
    Most beautiful rescue story ever.

    So why not come here?
    And make this my mid day cry.
    And get emotional all over again.

    And of course.
    Tonight I will cry.
    And go 2011?
    Are you shitting me?
    What happened to 1994?

  89. This brought me to tears. What an amazing outpouring of love and support and recognition of a truly great man.

    I was especially moved by Len Morris’ and Brenda Smith’s comments.

    Thank you for all you do, BWD. Happy New Year to you and all the members of this community.

    Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy 2011.

  90. I hope all here have a wonderful New Year’s Day and 2011. You all are so awesome! I learn something new everyday I log on here thanks to you and the beautiful spirit known as BWD.

    These posts from the president’s real base tear at my heartstrings as do the photographs. I’ve prayed for our president every step of the way, and God has answered my prayers. There were times when I was in deep despair about the conservadems’ and republicans’ attempts to thwart/weaken President Obama’s policies/legislation, but I kept praying, and the Lord kept blessing us with legislation that will change the direction of our country.

    I most admire PBO for being a pragmatist. He is showing America and the world what it means to take a long view on issues instead of a short one. He is showing us the difference between results based on political ideology as opposed to real world solutions. We did good, Pragmati, we did good when we worked and donated to elect Barack Hussein Obama.

    Many want instantaneous results to complex issues, but we know that there will not only be some setbacks but some victories along the way, and we accept that in our president the same way we accept it in our lives. Maybe the frustrati and PL will mature to the point where they, too, will accept the fact that you can’t always get want you want, but if you continue to work toward your goal, you’ll get SOMETHING. Continuing to complain without working to change anything means you often end up with NOTHING except good feelings about the way you “stood up” for what you believe.

  91. I tried to break that habit here since I know it takes up lots of space and can appear disjointed.
    But as you know all to well GN.
    When I start thinking about life and things – I can’t help it.
    I love you because you were there for me all the time when people would mock it and ask me to stop.
    I was like take away my return key.
    I Can’t Help It.
    Unless I write shorter things.

    Oh Lord – I need to look for stockings without a run in them.
    2010 ends like it began.
    Me cursing the companies who make pantyhose.
    God forbid they don’t get a run as I am looking at them in my draw.

  92. Thank you, Sweetie. it’s been a rough month. My mother seems to be fading (cognitively. Just memory, at thispoint, but I assume the rest will happen soon enough) and it’s tough to watch. My father is excellent, so it’s not a matter of care for her, just sad. She’s about 86. I’m the only woman among my friends who still has her parents. I do not like this aging thing.

    The timing of her stuff plus my own is…

    We went to Maine for a few days. Life goes on.

    At any rate, it’s tough to concentrate on politics now, so i could not be more relieved the country is in wonderful hands and supported by you all.

    xxoo, geee

  93. I agree with you, GN. I think it’s important for people of all walks to feel free to express themselves without ridicule or attack. Especially here, and other safe havens. We have enough sites attacking people for their beliefs and differences, and we’ve also got a Republican party that has been successful in painting themselves as the only party for people of faith. I think the fact that this site has attracted Republicans, Democrats and Independents makes it more representative of all of America – as does this presidency. I hope people will always feel safe enough to express themselves here.

  94. damnit!! I mean darnit!! (uh. trying to not curse on the last day of the year! heh)


    poor sugar…. Good dog, Sugar!

    Christin – don’t ever ever ever read The Dogs Who Found me by Ken Foster. Don’t read it! You will sob for weeks.

  95. The only way to be a true savior to someone is to help empower them to be her or his own savior. I think President Obama sets a fine example of this, treating others (even Republicans) as if they were capable of empowering themselves.

  96. I will never forget Frank Chaeffer and this quote…ever…ever…ever:

    “The President keeps proving himself smarter that his detractors. (This must be tough to take for Krugman. When you are a Nobel Prize winner in economics and stake your claim on a place in history by second guessing a man who — it’s turning out — is smarter, even about your own field, than you are, it’s time to prepare to eat crow. Or if you’re the leading Times columnist and keeper of the progressive flame, as Frank Rich is, and here’s the first black president proving your dire political predictions wrong every other week or so… you might finally admit that you get the point: President Obama is a political master.)

    Obama’s lefty critics are smart enough to know history won’t be any kinder to them than it’s been, say, to the “art experts” who derided Vincent van Gogh. I think they also are beginning to get defensive knowing that they may WOW readers now but that history looks like it might not be on their side re Obama after all. They seem to be blind to the fact that the President is a genuine progressive but not a fundamentalist crank. He’s proving that he’d rather get something actually done than achieving nothing while grandstanding, as do the ideologues of both the left and right.”

    My very very fevorate quote ever!!

    Remember guys “Out of many we are one”. QWe are a lot actually!!

  97. What a wonderful collection of comments and photos. I do hope President Obama has the opportunity to at least get a taste of it.
    May he and his family continue to be safe in the new year.

    Happy New Year to All!

  98. Anybody please;

    Explain to me why we are calling the left of left people as “the intelectual left”? Why? What makes them intelectual? I have a PhD in Economics (just like Krugman) just because he disagrees with almost everything the Prez does why call him anyone else the IL and me the dummy one? We need to stop this IL labling it is not right in fact it is wrong. There is no such thing as IL, at least I don’t buy it. They are wrong and they will always be wrong and that deosn’t elevate them into intelectual status. Just my thought!

  99. I watched the Rachel segment last night on this topic. Truly incredible what this Administration is quietly accomplishing. Apparently, they’ve identified 35 countries that are most vulnerable, and since April, they’ve secured 19 of the Highly Enriched Uranium from the countries on the list. The job is extremely dangerous, top secret, and requires cooperation from multiple agencies and countries. Simply impressive.

  100. Very sneaky.
    But YOU LIE!.
    (credit to Joe Wilson. )
    President of UPS just came over.
    Apologized profusely to all of us.
    Said fifteen drivers were watching your house around the clock.
    And the only time you came out was to scream at some kids to get off your snow.
    And then you ripped your old nightgown on the mailbox and your teeth fell out.
    I cringed when I heard all this.
    But shrugged.
    Told the President of UPS its nothing you when it comes to your UPS promises.

  101. Hmmmmm.
    Now I am going to read it.
    I can buy a book in two point two seconds you know.
    God I love my Kindle.
    Send to me now:
    UPS package you promised.
    Orange Tree

  102. Happy New Year, love and blessings to everyone here, to our President, our Vice-President and their families. 2012 is not far away and I’m fired up and ready to go!

  103. See? It would have been hard to gather from how many times you made me just LOL this month it was hard.
    Even reading through the lines is hard.

    My parents are still here too.
    Breaking my heart every day.
    Just seeing the years take their toll.
    I get very angry at my mom sometimes.
    And I don’t know why.
    God it makes me cry.

    What’s with all this crying?

    Is February still happening Gee?

  104. No, it doesn’t elevate them into a position of superior intellectual status, Saku. I think their elevated “status” is a media creation. They have access to the media that other very accomplished individuals don’t have. For example, Krugman has his own blog in a major news site, but I don’t hold him in high esteem because, imho, his popularity (among some in the country) comes from his having a platform from which to present and push them. To me, this doesn’t mean that he’s always right since it’s become obvious to me that he has a huge ego that sometimes doesn’t allow him to view problems from a real world perspective.

    Furthermore, Saku, for millions of Americans Krugman is not as well-admired as he and his supporters think he is. Your educational accomplishments are just as important as his are. The only difference between you and Krugman is media access, and I’ve never thought that everyone who pops up on my teevee screen or who writes for a major newspaper is more intelligent than millions of Americans who have attained the same level of success in their fields of study.

  105. Christin, You might like this. Michael Stipe (REM – during show in Santiago, Chile) announces that Obama has won Ohio.

  106. And R.E.M.’s manager announces Barack Obama will be the next President.

    (Hope y’all don’t mind stepping back in time!)

    Happy New Year, Mr. President. We will work equally as hard for you in 2011 and 2012!

  107. hello again like minded ones happy new year and a wonderous 2011 to you all especially BWD you are the best…and president obama what can i say he is simply the best and a grate role model that i look up to and always glad to look up to and am not young hence i belive that says alot about this wonderful man it is whole new world….love you guys here we come 2012

  108. BEAUTIFUL, Christin!!! This needs to go viral, because I think it captures the process that many got through to support Obama in the end.

    I actually teared up (but did LOL on the 20 PUMAs quip, and what’s sad is that Hillary would never support their divisiveness).

    So, thank you, for a wonderful post.


  109. Believe it or not, my “SO” just helped. He said something to the effect of “you want to turn the clock back, but you can’t.” I’m like OMG – SNAP!!! So, four years of Buddhisn which is based on that very premise – that “clinging” is what causes the most suffering, and I “get” with ten words from my SO. Crap. He’s supposed to be the business/practical one. I love relelations, and I love cosmic timing. Thanks for being there Cee. More Karmic timing!

    I’ve been a weepy mess this month. Bad stuff, good, stuff, BO, Temple Grandin’s graduation. We went flea marketing in ME. I found a Christmas Garfield, and I clutched him walking around the store.

    I lose patience with my mother too. Add that to the NY resolutions! I generally get what I want…I WILL manage this once the hard fought againt breakthrough is made. And while talking to S just now, I think it happened. He was watching The Blue People. I’m the only person does not like that movie. “Amazon”, or “Armageddon” or something. I suppose I owe S something from Victoria’s Secret. Do they have extra large naughty stuff?

    I’m still funny, BTW. Los dos co-exists 🙂

    I want to go back and read your comments here – they look fascinating and cathartic as well. I’m also going to watch the Pete Souza special. More deliberate cathartic activity 🙂

  110. Happy New Year Mr. President. Our family sends our love, prayers, and best wishes! Don’t let the haters get you down- Thanks for all you have done and will do for our Nation!

  111. Hi Kishik

    I had not seen this, I’m the “new kid on the block” who is a bit clueless. Thanks so much for sharing this. It does make a great video. Kudos to the person who made it.

  112. Very well said from start to finish. No matter what the media or individual egos might say, the Professional Left are no better than anyone else and no less prone to mistake and error. The poisonous nature of the media during these past few years will go down in history alongside the accomplishments of the 111th Congress under the leadership of President Barack Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid.

    I feel very confident that history will be very kind to the progress made and those who made it, and not very kind to those who said that they value progress yet fought it every step of the way, not by merely disagreeing, but by taking those disagreements into a counterproductive place at which they were over the top, venomous, and presented distortions, character attacks, and caricatures of President Obama.

  113. This is good to hear. The one conversation I had at work with someone was during the faux controversy over the President’s address to the school children (the first one). I was moved to near tears, and went into a meeting with a gay Republican in the office – who then mentioned that I needed to read past the obvious message to see what the underlying message that the President was actually trying to pass to the children. I was stunned, and that was basically the last time I tried to talk to Republicans at work. I am much more careful now – because I just can’t see her the same way anymore.

  114. You got a Gravatar 🙂

    I saw something at a flea market, that made me think of you: a vintage ad of a cowgirl on a fake horse. I think it was pink and for cigarettes or some such 🙂

  115. Jumping in to give you a hug, g. The very best to you and yours; you’re going to get through this challenge IMO. 🙂

  116. I just downloaded Dogs I have Met and the People they Found!!! (book written after the other)

    I LOVE my kindle, too!!! I have the cover w/ the light. I can make the text bigger so don’t have to wear dorky reading glasses (which I have twenbillion pairs coz I keep misplacing them!)

  117. Wonderful! BWD this has to be one of the best blog entries yet! If this is what we get at the end of 2010, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2011.

    God Bless you and every patriotic American who contributed to this entry.

  118. I am also concerned with the irresponsibility about to take over the House. This nonsense of reading out loud the Constitution – aren’t these congress people supposed to swear their fidelity to the Constitution? So, how do they swear to something they haven’t read? This is a TV stunt, which will be covered by the press as something awesome. In the meanwhile, the cost of this stunt will be in the millions, in time and salaries, and most of these congress people won’t even be in attendance. They should be required to sit through the entire reading, and not bill the American taxpayer for this time, since they’re supposed to have already read the Constitution before they swear allegiance to it. So, either they are all a bunch of illiterates going into Congress, or they are starting as they mean to continue – with cheap stunts. It’s unbelievable.

  119. XOXO to you g, my gravatar looks as if it has a yellow nose, it’s really an eye (I think), have been reading the back and forth between you and Christin, first you made me think, then you made me teary-eyed talking about the Garfield and your Mom and then you made me laugh.

    PS. I do my best riding on fake horses, the last real one I was on tried to brush me off on a fence post. 😉

  120. LOLS so hard.
    I go to harmon’s once a month.
    And buy 10 to 12 glasses a month.
    Fifty percent off you know.
    And they say I look good in red.
    So one day i have NO effed up reading glasses again.
    And buy 10 to 12 more.
    I’ve been home from work since 12/20.
    I have found 38,938 pairs of red stylin reading glasses.
    God know how many are in the car and at work.

    SO bought me the new kindle.
    LIke my other one was only eight months old.
    This one is so much better.
    I got him the Color Nook.
    And a new IPOD.
    He got me an IPAD.
    Are we not pathetic?

    Is that for me?

  121. Happy New Year, BWD, and everyone. Thank you all for supporting our great president.

    To President Obama, thank you so much for being obedient to answer the call to lead this country during a time of utmost turmoil. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us to be better people. Thank you First Lady Michelle for giving us your husband to lead.

    I listened to then senate candidate Obama’s speech at the 2004 democratic convention the other day and he has not changed one bit from his message of inclusion and respect for all people. I love him for staying true to his principles, for truly thinking of the American people before party or anything else.

    I’m also thankful for VP Biden who without a doubt has President Obama’s back big time. What a great team God has given us.

    Working on President Obama’s 2008 campaign was one of the most wonderful times I’ve experienced. I had never, ever worked for a politician before. Not ever. But it was President Obama’s loving spirit, his brilliance, his humility and his authenticity that made me knock on doors, make phone calls and donate.

    I knew without a doubt that he was the man God had chosen to lead this country at this time. His first two years in office — all that he has achieved for America — have proved me right, and I can’t wait to campaign for him again.

    Again, I wish President Obama, VP Biden and everyone on this site the most prosperous and happiest new year. I know 2011 is going to bring President Obama and all of us awesome blessings.

  122. Fed Ex Vice Prez just skyped us.
    Said they stopped by and got pissed off.
    THere was no package – just you.
    Looking for your teeth out in the snow.

  123. I am inspired by the pictures and comments on this blog…and I’m also “Fired up and Ready to Go” in 2011 (Hey, that’s just a few hours from now.)

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  124. okokok… are you signed up with audible?? the reader for Dogs Who Found Me is terrific. It will make you cry even harder. For months. I got the kindle coz not all books are in audiobook form. Sob. I love listening to books coz then I don’t have to look for my glasses. And then it’s like a movie in my head if the reader is really good!! 🙂 I love listening to books!!

  125. oh so damn gorgeous.
    oh that gave me goosebumps.
    i loved the anyone wearing an O t shirt – come on up.
    thank you. thank you. thank you.

  126. Isn’t there something with ping on Itunes??

    I’m sorry . When it comes to certain technological verbage I am totally dumb.

  127. Happy New Year – may it bring you everything that warms your heart, makes you smile, and brings tears of nothing but joy to your soul Thinkinsouthebox. 🙂

  128. I love all of the comments! And so happy to see so many different names and contributors. Happy New Year and may there be Peace in the year to come.

  129. Each of us is a vital thread in another person’s tapestry, lives woven together for a reason. The president is the vital thread in the larger tapestry that is all of us, making our individual and collective lives better. We are the vital thread in the President’s tapestry, making the country better than it ever was before.

    What a delight this New Year’s diary has become. Thanks to all.

  130. Thanks for passing on the link, We Won! Yes the deal goes on until tonight. The posters bare really cool!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    (By the way, it’s actually “Eclecectablog” ; )

  131. God…so strange. I truly connected with a few people over at DK as I already said. Kishik. GN. Earz who is not here. And you Gee.
    I guess even online, when you are yourself, you find your soul mates.

    I’ve been weepier than normal too.
    But I always am this time of year. So much can make me sad.
    I have to look for the joy and beauty all around me and work at it.
    Because it’s there all the time.
    I just don’t find it naturally.
    But when I find it, i hold on really really tight.
    And won’t let go to save my life.
    So though I know what lives.
    Must die.
    I have get to truly accept it.
    It’s the same reason I won’t get go of the hope I found back in 2008.
    I never will.
    I can’t go back.

    A friend emailed me what Kos wrote today – saying how much 2010 sucked and it all sucks.
    And that’s what i’m talking about.
    My god – it sucked?
    He can’t find the joy in all the accomplishments?
    Or it’s all a game. I don’t know.

    But what I could say sucks is you sitting on the doctor’s office and hearing what you did.
    That qualifies as sucks.
    But what makes it bearable – is the other news you got.
    So that does not suck.

    But it can make a person cry.
    The badness that does not take a break.
    And rolls on.

    So, to your SO.
    Who like mine, says something once a year that makes me go “SO? Is that you? ”
    Yes…sometimes the ache to turn the clock back is a deafening wave of suffocating darkness.
    That can crush you even wishing for something so impossible.

    I think back to when I laughed so much and wondered when I realize there was so much sadness in every corner?
    What part of my life did those corners not exist?
    And it’s when I thought my Dad as Superman.
    And my Mom was this gorgeous model.

    To see my Mom having a hard time walking.
    And my Dad is so much pain.
    Makes me so angry and lost.

    And I have to work just as hard.
    To me happy and not lost anymore.

    I know this all sounds so stupid.
    it’s NOT about me.
    but what you write.
    victoria’s secret and all.
    how much you have cried this month.
    makes me think way too much.

    i wish we were having dinner with you tonight.
    once i have my pomegranite organic sake.
    just one? i get loopy and more than happy. I’m planning on have two by 9:30.

    I have to get ready.
    the SO over here getting worried.

    much love gee.

  132. just wanted to say – I’ve been through the same with my mom. It’s not easy.

    Just try and give yourself a break and don’t beat yourself up too much when you lose patience. Just go back and try to remember that much of their anger is because they’ve lost control of what their lives… and their anger is really more that than at you.

    It’s hard.

  133. Just realized your wife made the poster. Very cool.

    (pssst… you spelled your name incorrectly, Eclectablog! 🙂 )

  134. Just as it is wrong for people to demonize any public official – not just Obama, but any public official – it is also wrong to deify our public officials. I think Obama has done a fairly good job in the White House – probably as good a job as we could have expected from anybody under the circumstances – but he is not our God and he is not our Savior.
    We need to be scrutinizing Obama’s actions – as we need to be scrutinizing the actions of all of our public officials – and we need to be thinking economical when it comes to Government spending and Government deficits.

  135. Christin,
    I get frustrated with my mom sometimes, too. Gosh, you’re making me push back some tears.

    I think we are not angry at them. We are angry at their conditions. We are angry because we can not make them fully well-physically. We get angry because we want them to be who they were back when.

    But we know. We know that it is not their fault. Just as it is not our fault that we, ourselves, grow older each day.

    Our emotions and intellect short-circuit, our emotions take over and do not connect with our intellect. As our emotions over-take us, we speak and feel from that place, the place of helplessness that manifests itself as anger.

    Daily, I try to practice centering-prayer. And it helps.

    I’ll tell you a secret. We will see our family and friends again. They have visited me during my sleep. I have seen them during my awake hours. Take comfort in knowing that whatever pain your parents are in now, life after this life continues. And it is beautiful.


    Peace, salaam, shalom, blessings and Grace to you in the coming year and always…

  136. Oh, Carl, no one here has proclaimed President Obama as their Lord and Savior.

    We are simply here to offer push back from all the negative press. I truly hope you realize this!

    The economy is slowly coming back. But, be sure, the Repubs will claim it as theirs.

    Peace to you…

  137. As I noted above, deeply religious people use a vernacular which infuses words with different connotations and meanings than those same words used by secular people.

    I doubt that anyone seriously worships this POTUS or believes that he has done no wrong or thinks that discussions in which people state their agreements and disagreements is problematic; they are describing an *opinion* that this President was delivered into this position at this time in order to make deep improvements to a country which was utterly near collapse previous to his administration. They are expressing their relief and *opinion* that it is near miraculous that the right President was seated at just the right time. That *opinion* is stated with words and in a manner which comport with a highly religious point of view. I find this viewpoint more than reasonable and am glad that this is a space in which that *opinion* is tolerated rather than mocked or derided as unthinking.

    My two cents.

  138. OMG, how wonderful. Excellent post I still have to go back and read them all, having just gotten home.

    But the best thing happened to me today. There I was doing my volunteer work, picking fruits to donate to food banks in my home town when I got this text:

    “The change we fought for in 2010 will benefit millions of Americans. I look forward to continuing that work with you next year”–Barack

    Yes, sir Mr. President, I blurted. My friends wanted to know what I was talking about. I immediately called them over to heck it out. It was cool.

    I wrote back: Same 2 u keep doing what u r doing.

    That was the coolest thing. It just made by day.

  139. Everytime I think BWD’s reached my bawling-my-eyes-out threshold…. I should stop being surprised. One of your best BWD.

    I’ve been meaning to research President Obama’s vision, but the other day I realized that it’s my vision — and BWD’s and everyone who posts here. We all made a list of what we thought a good president would be and President Obama is that Big List. I think he’s doing more than fine. And I’m glad The Only Adult In The Room is here to keep reminding me: Yes We Can.

    And we are.
    Happy New Year, President Obama

  140. Jump in any time, GN! I trust you and Cee and KP and Sheila and many others implicitly.

    Thank you – I do feel better, like i broke through a wall. Although I AM pissed that it was facilitated by Mr Rational (my husband).

    The delay in surgery date was what really threw me, and then to escape to ME for a few days, hoping news would be better about my mother when I returned, but wan’t….we talk about how POTUS seems to follow the Serenity Prayer. No better lead to follow.

    See – I COULD bring it back to topic! I’m good at that in the classroom too:) I LOVE goofing on visiting teachers “how WILL she tie this altogether???” Heehee.

  141. Hi Starshine

    Can you tell me about the “centering prayer?”

    Your commments are so insighful, and dovetail with the Buddhism I study, esp. Thich Naht Hanh.

    Thank you.

    BWD – so sorry I brought everone OT with me, but as you can probably see – the bonding in this community cannot be prevented 🙂

  142. Happy New Year BWD, and everyone else. Especially the First Family President Obama, Michelle, and daughters.

  143. No, I’m not, I just play one online. I’m also thinner in person.

    I need to send you a photo. You’re not going to believe the print I mounted on my bedroom wall.

    I know you went through a hard time with your mother, too. I remember you referrring to it somewhere else. I hope I’m not bringing bad memories for you.

    xxoo, KP.

  144. Thank you so much, K!

    And you are right. Mad Men brings it all back. I grew up during that era, and I remember her then. I was usually pissed at her, but sharp lady, and a tough one (“the hell women are not equal to men!”) She’s still capable of that feistiness, but less often. Buddhists talk about attitudes of gratitudes despite the circs. God, I love Buddhism. And some time I will get off the computer long enough to head for the meditation cushion (and push my cat off…)

  145. I agree that Obama is doing a pretty good job, and it is a rotten shame that he has been the target of a hate campaign that has contaminated the process of public debate over national policies. Just remember that we have to think economical when it comes to public policies and think economical when it comes to personal finance management. And there is no stronger economic stimulus than a legitimate job well done for a paying customer.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year to Obama and the rest of the country as well.

  146. nonono…cats should always be part of meditation. Their purring puts us in the right place. Centered and one in harmony.

  147. I know you are younger than me, Cee – I assumed your parents were a lot younger than mine. So, a hug and much understanding go out to you.

    We learn that the best thing we can do for others is get our own act straight, so I resolve to…uh..do that. Actually, I’ve got tools. They are just sitting there in my little pink toolbox. (not kidding toolboxes come in “pink for women.” Barf.)

    While we were in Maine, I realized what some GI distress I had been experiencing was about. I have developed an intolerance to my beloved Diet Coke. I gave up cigs with less angst. I just went out to give evil looks to bottled water. I bought OJ (better to put Vodka in) I shall surely perish of dehydration.

  148. Agreed, Carl.

    I read an article several weeks ago, and in the article a couple Republican Governors stated they planned to drastically cut the number of state employees. Their reasoning is that if unemployment continues to rise, the economy won’t rebound, and then President Obama will not be reelected.

    Sick, isn’t it? To sacrifice the livelihood of government employees in order to help destroy this Presidency.

  149. Cats know who they are, and take such pleasure in the simple things. They are….CLICHE ALERT HERE….In The Moment.

  150. You are not bringing up bad memories
    at all g, very comforting to read
    what everyone has to say about their
    mothers. BTW my hair looks much better
    online than it does in person. heh!

  151. The gift of 2010 (and certainly beyond) is you, BWD, and all you have contributed to ALL of us.

    Thank you so much and my hope that you and your family have a peaceful and prosperous New Year,


  152. I got goose bumps too. I often go to you tube to look at the world reaction when he won. It is great .

  153. Trust the man, Carl. The president is reviewing every program to be sure it is “smart government”. SS can be easily tweaked to do another 50 years, and Medicare costs will go down after Health Care really kicks in. The big bear in the bushes is the defense budget, and the republicans will scream every time a dollar is cut from there “OMG, Obama will not keep us safe! We are doooomed”. That, too, shall work out as the new Congress is going to have to address the defense spending in the next couple of months or figure out how to pay for it finally.

  154. Simply, WOW – what a wonderful act you were doing, for others, and then, thanks to technology being used at its finest, you receive that message from our President. I’d call that a complete moment!

    Happy new year!

  155. Hi Carl,

    I’d say, given the reality-based nature of those who post here, that none of us ‘deify’ the President. What is so cool about President Obama is his humanity – his being one of us, among us, caring for each of us, every day. I’ll take that over any ‘god’ any day of the week.


  156. I mostly lurk here, but I just have to say that your comment is amazing. Have a happy new year and may your commitment never waver.

  157. You take my breath away with this poetry, Christin.

    I feel the very same way about BWD, but would never have been able to express it the way you have.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  158. there are no more words left to say … you guys are so articulate, that you say it for more people than the ones posting a comment I love coming here to read your post daily but not always posting, but reassured that some one or many are thinking as I do so thank you again for this site and thank you Mr President Happy New Year to all

  159. I have re-read every comment in this wonderful post twice now. I’m 67 with 4 grandchildren and in the last year, I had almost lost hope that there were other people out there who belived in this President, and Vice-President as I did. BWD, thank you for restoring my faith and hope. God bless you! I had followed you for 2? years on DK, you left and I was beside myself…you brought such joy to so many of us. Thank whoever it was on DK that gave this new link. I smile everyday because of you and this site and the wonderful people on it. I’ve seen so much in my life, and when I first saw President Obama give his address at the convention years ago, I knew he was the only man to help all of us.
    Happy New Year to you BWD and all your wonderful, inspiring people who comment here!

  160. Happy New Years, Suzanne! Rest assured that 85% of the Democratic party is with you (not making this up; polling backs me up–and also the myth that the left doesn’t like POTUS is not true; 91% of liberal Dems are currently approving of this Presidency).

    You are not alone:

  161. Okay, you’re making me cry again ;-).

    And with the New Year I hope a hundred fold for you ;-).

  162. Happy New Year BWD and everyone in here, I am out. Bye all of you guys and gals. I love you all more than you can imagine!!!

    Take care always!!!!

  163. I’ve really been enjoying all the comments here. This is a great community. What a relief it is to read and read and never have to encounter the vile nature of trolldom. BWD you have created a miracle. Bless you.

    Totally off-topic and because there are a number of self-identified people here who are old enough to recall this iconic poster…Rosie the Riveter. http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2010/12/goodbye-rosie.html I don’t have a television signal and don’t listen to radio or read newspapers so this might be old news, but thought you’d want to know about her passing.

  164. This is very impressive. I didn’t realize that all of those comments were on your “I’m Greatful” post. They sound like “Dear Mr President” letters. I have to admit that I got kind of emotional reading those comments.

  165. Nice to make it over here and see you are still posting inspiring and uplifting stuff. Wonderful!

    I hope to frequent this site more often. Thanks, BWD.

    Happy New Year!

  166. Thank you BWD. I am grateful that both you and President Obama strive, as much as possible, to be independent of the good opinion of others and do what is right and / or necessary rather than what is popular.

  167. Thanks for the link! I did read about this. You know, I never knew the woman on that poster was based on a real person!

    Happy New Year!

  168. It is wonderful to see all this very well-deserved praise and respect for our President. And thank you for this website–the world needs to see this positive energy!

  169. Media and “pundits” be damned – nothing is as moving as the words of “regular people”. The sincere and truly heartfelt support, respect and appreciation is uplifting.

    Hope the coming year brings many blessings to you all.

  170. Wow. This takes my breath away. I am so glad to be a part of this community. I hope somebody in Michelle’s circle or someone like Nesbitt could get their hands on this.

    I know they travel the country and see the positive energy and reaction the president gets from people. But I just want them to see these beautiful comments in writing. This just warms my heart.

    Happy New Year Everybody!!

    PS: LOL. I am still delighting in my text message from POTUS today. I can’t wait for the card he’s planning sending out. I’ve sent my address already.

    Thanks BWD

  171. Oh, Theo, don’t you know? They are all going to be “tutored” by Antonin Scalia everyday before they start their workday. Oh, good. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO much better now:) True though….scared everyone even MORE now, didn’t I? Michelle Bachman arranged the whole thing herself. Isn’t she sweet?

  172. Darn you, makesense4tulips!
    I started with reactions within the U.S.
    Next, I stopped in Sydney for Sydney’s Reaction to Obama Win. My next stop will be Madrid.
    I may be at youtube for a very, very long time!

  173. That was awesome! Every last bit (except for the Edwards supporter thing..I always liked President Obama…but would have loved the devil if it meant getting rid of the Bush/Cheney crowd.
    I lived in St Thomas growing up for 4 years…best time ever, and I was in grade school! Fondest memories of that place..and St. John. But I was young, and didn’t have to worry about paying the bills to live there. All was right with my world:)No $6 box of Cheerios for me…but I DO remember the milk always being sour…went bad fast of something, and we’d have to use that Carnation powered stuff instead. YUK!

  174. Thank you.

    To BlackwaterDog for the blog. (And Gawd do we miss you at Dailykos.)

    To President Obama for everything. You do John Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, and Eisenhower proud.

  175. Welcome aboard,
    You will feast on the astounding wisdom and energy of this site.
    Happy new Year to everyone!

  176. Wonderful as usual BWD. Happy New Year to all.
    Looking forward to helping Obama get shit done in 2011!

  177. Africa…what a wonderful surprise you got with the President’s text message. I think I would have been on cloud 9 all day:)

  178. Thanks NLinStPaul and Kishik for referencing Frank Schaffer’s post. To me this sentence hits the nail on the head: “He’s proving that he’d rather get something actually done than achieving nothing while grandstanding, as do the ideologues of both the left and right.” Wow!
    By the way the “ideologues” also fail to understand history. All Presidents considered great were focused on getting something done. Not one President in history ever achieved a pure legislation that did not need further improvements. By the way, the same is true of the Founders and the Constitution.

  179. Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you, BWD, for creating this slice of serenity and intellect, without all the “nasty”. Be safe, be well, and let’s just all try to do something kind for one other person every day…it’s contagious!
    For those of you that haven’t watched the PBS piece on Pete Sousa, and you plan on staying home tonight, it’s a must see, TV moment! Wonderful1 I wrote the WH after that with a special Sousa thank you…

  180. Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Thank you Bwd for posting the beautiful pictures, and heartfelt messages to our President.

  181. makesense4tulips
    I wholeheartedly endorse your tribute to this great lady, BWD, who refused to let vile and vicious attacks silence from telling the truth about this great man, who also happens to be a good and decent human being. BWD deserves to be honored for bring together this community of sensible and sane people who know that President Obama is doing a great job and deserves our support and respect. So, again, I join you in honoring “a great lady.”

  182. This is such an amazing thread that fills my heart with joy. It is so wonderful to read each and every post. As mentioned before, we are circling the WH with our support, love and prayers for our President who some think is not doing enough only to discover that he is steps ahead of everyone. We are blessed with a brilliant man who knows when he must give an inch to gain a mile leaving some shaking their head wondering how that happened.

    BWD, you have been led to provide an oasis for us and I am so grateful. Happy New Year to all and may your lives be filled with blessings.

  183. I Just wanna wish everyone A Happy New Year. And thanks BWD for allowing myself and others to come to your blog and celebrate and admire the good things this president has done for our country. I look forward to keeping up with your posts and staying informed. May God Bless You.

  184. Dear Mr. President,
    Deep in the heart of Eric Cantor territory in Virginia, there is a house with two of your most ardent supporters. We breathe sighs of relief because every time a hot spot in the world flares up I know your wisdom and steady resolve are leading our country. We rejoice in your many victories on behalf of the public. And we so admire your wife and all she is doing. We love the solid, refreshing, loving family life you, Michelle and the girls exemplify.

    And BWD, I am so very happy to have “found” you again. Thanks you for this blog.


  185. Thanks Robert Smith for highlighting one of the impressive things this President has done: “surrounding himself with intelligent, competent professionals….” Such as: Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, Secretary of HHS, Katheline Sebellious, Secretary of Transportation Ray La Hood, and on and on. Any one who doubts the courage and wisdom of this president need only look at the people he appointed to high position in his administration. The VP and the Secretary of State run vigorous campaigns against him. The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Transportation are Republicans. All of them doing such superb jobs that deserves our thanks and appreciation.

  186. Beautiful sentiments BWD..I love the picture and the words for and to our president.

    Thanks for posting and Happy New Year!

  187. Oh, BWD – what a beautiful and incredible entry to the New Year. It is so touching (this diary really had me gushing the tears) to see how wide is the circle of those who get our truly wonderful president.

  188. GN:

    As always very well said! The issue is not whether these self anointed “left progressives” disagree with the president; rather the issue is their constant resort to “distortions” of the President’s policies, as well as their “character attacks, and caricatures of President Obama.” Equally egregious, in my view, is their false claims, parroted by the MSM, that they represent the “base” of the President’s supporters. I am delighted to see bloggers like you rejecting this false claim that the “purist” leftists, who have relentlessly been attacking the President from day one of his presidency, represent his base. It is always a treat to read your thoughtful, succinct, and well written commentaries that go to the heart of the real issues that matter.

  189. Thank you BWD for providing a place for supporters to show their support.

    We trust and support our President. We know he is working for the people and trying to make our lives better.

    Happy New Year. God Bless President Obama and his family. God Bless the USA. God Bless and protect the troops.

  190. What a beautiful tearjerker this is BWD.. I second All of the admiration the commentors have written so artfully to our President.. with him at the helm, I believe America will have a very good 2011.. we will just have to make sure WE stand by his side and let the media and the obstructing republicans know that he does not stand alone
    °*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ★ ★ ★
    ║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ NEW YEAR ☆ 2011
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥¥☆★☆★☆¥♥ ★☆

    I wish all of you a truly exceptional, fulfilling and fruitful 2011~


  191. Hi Carl Jakobsson,

    Respectfully, I think you are confusing support for the President to “deifying” the President. Personally, I am not a deeply religious person so there is no way I can ever consider any one God. That includes President Obama, although I greatly respect his leadership. You say “we need to be thinking economical when it comes to Government spending and Government deficits.” Have you actually been listening to the President? He constantly talks about his concerns about the deficits. Unless you missed it, this is why the President did not want to see the Bush tax give ways to the rich extended. He is concerned about the long term deficits. That said, it is important for you to to face reality that in the midst of a very severe recession, government spending (such as the stimulus, unemployment insurance, tax cuts for the poor and middle class, etc.) is absolutely crucial. Had the President not put in place these spending policies there is no doubt that this country would be in a severe economic depression. Some of us realists support this president based on the work he is doing, and the reality of the political environment he has to operate in. Vigorously supporting the President, and admiring his courage, intellect, commitment and, above all, his impressive accomplishment in just two years, does not mean that we consider him “our God” or “our Savior.” So, please stop peddling this false meme. You also do not contribute anything by calling for “scrutinizing Obama’s actions” without specifically identifying the actions that need to be scrutinized. What I also find amusing is that it was the previous President who claimed a mandate, generally with enthusiastic support from the religious right, for his actions-and especially his invasion of Iraq- and yet I never heard any one one attacking his supporters for trying to anoint him “God” and “Savior.” President Obama is neither my “God” nor my “Savior.” But I make absolutely no apology for considering him a great President whose has made impressive achievements in his first two years in office.

  192. I was. I was giddy all day, which made my fruit picking all the more fun. I couldn’t wait to come home and share the news with my husband and my son. They wanted to see the text.

    Of course, I showed them. Happy New Year, desertflower.

  193. Thank you for that honest and real assessment of the way, I think, most of us feel. I hope that Carl, and others of like minded thought, will understand the truthfulness and insightfulness of your words. The problem, as I see it, isn’t that money is being spent…it NEEDS to be spent now, but the WAY it is spent, giving most bang for the buck, and reaching the most in need, to do the most good.No waste.Efficient spending.
    Having said that, I’m glad that Carl is here to share thoughts in a nonconfrontational way.

  194. Happy New Year to you as well, Africa:) Something kind of cathartic about the calendar changing…been a hard year for us, but I approach this new year with a renewed sense of hope and optimism that things will get better, not just for my family, but for many others as well.My you and yours be well and healthy in the coming new year.

  195. Happy New Year, Sherijr!!! How did you do that??(design) All the best to you and your family.

  196. You’re welcome. Keep coming back, I’m still working on it, and trying to get it to all work properly. Perhaps in time it will deserve a link on the blogroll… I need some encouragement from time to time, though. Blogging gets lonely.

  197. I forgot to tell you that what you felt today…I know that feeling:) When I lived in Ct. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting my all time favorite actress, Katherine Hepburn. More than just the actress thing, for me, it was more that I loved the person that she was and the causes that she fought for. To me, she was the entire package! I love her. Anyway, I pulled into the parking lot of the Stop and Shop in Old Saybrook, across the river from where I lived, and I looked up and there she was! Sitting in her car, waiting for the man that had driven her there to come back out. My mind was racing about what to do…she was a very private person, and the town’s folk were polite, and respected her privacy, but I knew that if I didn’t say something to her at that moment, I would regret it till my dyin’ day. I got out of the car and went over to hers. She saw me coming..I said to her, ” I don’t want to intrude on your privacy, but I think you’re wonderful!” She smiled at me, took my hand, and said thank you. I have to tell you, I could NOT WIPE THE SMILE OFF MY FACE!I mean, for months!!!I had a spring in my step and asmile on my face. Still now, when I think of that momment it brings a smile to my face. I drove home after that and immediately called my Mom, who felt the exact same way about Miss Hepburn as I did. After that encounter, I saw her many more times and spoke to her more at length while standing at the butcher that we both went to…she smiled at me, as if, she remembered. I know the joy you felt today. Makes you know you’re alive. Much more, just like that one, is my wish for all of us.

  198. I too, look at this with the humanity he excudes and the humility with which he lives his life.

    He most comfortable in his own skin, and is at ease with himself. He treats people with respect.

    My respect for him is undying because of the way in which he treats those who would consider themselves his enemies. While some misguided people see his reaching out as weakness, I see a tower of strength. I notice that often times these people who think they are getting one over him are easily disarmed by the brilliant way in which he deals with them. He doesn’t get ugly and mean, he just does it. And funny thing is that by the time they realize he’s in he driving seat, it is a little too late.

    He is a kind spirit. I am glad to have him as my president.

    Happy New Year everybody!!

  199. Thank you for a very moving post BWD. This is a display of thoughtfulness, intelligence, and respect for a great leader, Our President of the United States, Barack Obama.

    Yes, he deserves our grateful and kind words. He needs our support and our voices of reason during these difficult times. We will continue to give our best in words and in deeds to him in the coming weeks, months and years. Yes, I am grateful to God for such a wonderful leader. I pray for wisdom, protection, and calmness in the storm he is facing each day. We will come together and support him. Thank you all for this beautiful site.

  200. Happy New year & very best wishes to you desertflower… as to the design (I cheated- cut an paste).. one of my facebook friends had it up and I felt it needed to be passed on to all of you 😉 I hope 2011 is very very good to you~

  201. I felt united with a great, positive force for good in all of us as I looked at the pictures of President Obama and read the words of support and appreciation.

    This is what I have been wanting — that our voice is heard. Loved this post, bwd. It’s inspired.

    And to President Obama, may you find joy each day for you bring joy to me. Thank you for your strength, compassion, and understanding. God bless you.


  202. Happy New Year!

    Hey, BWD, have you seen this? http://soulfuldetroit.com/showthread.php?1389-The-Only-Adult-In-The-Room

    I stumbled on it while I was looking for the link here to send to a friend from the Dean campaign: I think she’ll appreciate what you went through and how you’ve responded.

    actions speak louder than words.

    anyway, and btw, you might want to fill in your About page, and also work out a few categories for the blog: it’ll help people searching in the future.

    also too, did you know you can actually change the domain? just checking. feel free to email me if you need any feedback.



  203. Can you believe I still have MSNBC’s election night coverage on my DVR? OH MY GOD! I remember we were in our dining room making frantic phone calls to PA voters up until 7:45 telling them to go vote. Most laughed at us and said calm down we are.

    We actually recorded the rest o the coverage because we had to run over to BO HQ in our state.

    And I am so grateful the SO remembered to hit record since I could not watch in there. GOd I love that flashing screen as his picture is there with the checkmark and the words POTUS elect and that MSNBC music they play. And the shots of the crowds all over the US.

    I have watched it like fifty times.

  204. LOLs Bob…thanks. You know why you guys are so special to me. Calling what I write poetry, when in the real world, everyone is like OH SHUT UP Please Is that even possible thanks? Makes me feel better. 🙂

  205. I have the full nine yards on my Kindle too K. Light, case, audio. I’m wondering you have the white one or the newer black one. I have both. The new one is definitely better. The clarity is so damn clear now.

    If I am a blubbering mess, you will have to answer for it.

    By the way, we got back around two in the a.m this morning. AND NO UPS BOX OR FED EX. NOT surprised. Insert passive aggressive sigh here.

  206. Happy New Year to all of you and to the President, First Lady, and their children and of course, Bo too.

    It was so great to awake to that text message from our President.

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful New Year.

    God bless America and our President.

  207. Gee – that was a very emotional rant I had posted before we left last night. Don’t say anything to dispute this, but I feel bad sending that. It was like this crazed outpouring of something. Not sure what. A little crack in the glass does that now and then to me. I”m sorry. I never wanted it to be about me, or my mom, or anything I’m going through. Because I’m okay. So keep that in mind. I refuse to even skim over what I wrote because I would cringe.

    And my parents are probably the same age as yours. And trust me woman, why you think I am that much younger than you? Is something you need to dispense of. I think I once though GN was like 20 for some reason too. 🙂 Oh that’s right. She is.

    What did stick in my head after we left was you writing that you were clutching garfield in your arms in Maine. For some reason it still does.

  208. President Obama established a goal to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years

    Ha ! I still remember looking at the July, 2008 speech he made in Berlin and thinking “all that talk about reducing nuclear arms is just crowd pleasing – he knows it will go down well in Middle Europe, that has been the target for ‘limited’ nuclear war fare for decades”.

    Never underestimate President Obama 🙂

  209. K – thanks. If you knew how I made my mom cry a few days ago though…you’d be horrified. And when I say cry. I mean she was crying. And the more she cried. The more frustrated and angry and helpless and just assholish I became. It’s so damn frustrating working for a company that makes drugs to help her, and she does this thing where she won’t do anything or take anything to help herself. Hung up on this “suffering is good for the soul and body and mind shit” i grew up with.

    She needs to go the doctor. Will not go.
    she needs to be on meds. Will not take.
    She needs to take it easy. Will not.
    She might need surgery. But since she won’t go the doctor?
    Well, there you go.

    Anyway, I have to go over there later to make major amends and beg or forgiveness again. I do that daily. She always give it to me.

  210. Oh Starshine.
    Thank you with all my heart and soul for what you wrote.
    Thank you so very much.
    My god. Thank you.
    That was so damn beautiful I am speechless.

  211. Everyone? Who participated in this thread? I just want to send out a group thank you, hug, smile and fist jab to anyone I may have missed. Much happiness and love to all of you in 2011.

  212. Don’t you dare take back what you wrote. You and the others provided the support group I needed but didn’t even know I wanted. My friend’s husband was dying of leukemia. She and I were on the phone one day. I had the flu, but tried to supress the coughing and sneezing. Finally she asked me if I was OK> I told her I had the flu, but didn’t want to whine about something so trivial when her hisband was in such trouble. She said, “Oh, G, the flu still sucks.”

    It really helped to know you (and others) went/are going through the aging parent thing. On MLOA now, there is no teacher’s lounge, although I’m usually off watching youtube on my breaks anyway. (that British actor I told you about)

    I’ve had wicked sleep screw ups for a while now. I am by nature the “night owl” type. When I had no family, I worked second or third shift in the hospital by choice. They even tried me for a sleep mod program. In sum, with subbing I reverted to my totally non-regular habits – sleep all day, followed by 7 am Bus duty. It’s way out of control this month, because I’ve had sleep meds (Dr prescribed) to the mix. I KNOW that is contributing hugely to the emo stuff. SO….I think I can probably do better. We shall see.

    But, you HELPED last night. If you take anything back I will get a Meteor Blade and come after you.

    And I know how old you are, you TOLD me! And if brilliant GN is that young, I will use the MB on myself.

    One non-intimate comment you made last night stuck with me. How could K and those types think last year was bad?? Politically it was glorious, especially lame duck. How could we be so different from them? That truly confounded me. It has got to be a game – the frustrati cannot be that blind. It must be greed, attention craving, misery turned outward as you and I theorized last year – SOMETHING!

    We really should take this to email 🙂

  213. Yes, the same to you, gn, and everyone here. To a renaissance of wonder, joy, compassion, and an enlightened democracy.

  214. So, so true. President Obama so evidently tries to live by this rule: if you want to change the world around you, you have to BE the change yourself.

    I pray every day that as time goes by , more and more people will finally understand what this exceptional president is all about.

  215. President Obama needs all the support we can give him in the face of relentless attacks, lies, and hate. In his two years in office he has done more of us as a people than most other Presidents, particularly in light of the horrible mess that the worst President in U.S. history left behind. He can only be as strong as our support of him, so we ARE the ones we are waiting for.

  216. It is so refreshing to hear from those that support our dynamic President Obama. it just amazes me how people refuse to acknowledge the accomplishments of this president. IF you look it’s all around us….new businesses poping up, consruction beginning again. Signs for hiring, retail sales going up. Better protection laws, etc. Pay attention in your cities, slowly coming back alive one place at a time. Its sad some have not learned that greed has got us here. Everything done is not going to effect you immediately or directly it takes time to come down the chain. Some industreis will never return….Change is what the President said was coming …it is!!
    I am proud of his integrity and the ability to really lead and without malice. Thank You

  217. Happy New Year, Mr. President, BWD, and This Community of Well Wishers of President Barack Obama!!!

    Thank you BWD for another excellent montage of PBO. 2011 here we come!!!

  218. Hello BWD,

    Here are a couple of websites you might consider for your blog roll. I just read them to day so this is not a ringing endorsement, but they look very good.

    Linda, an OFA blogger, just started posting since the election at whatisworking.com.

    She also has a countdown on her OFA blog

    Linda had a link to another website that I clicked on because I liked the title: Momocrats – Raising the next generation of Blue.


    Just posted for your consideration.


    You take care guys and gals, we are headed to the hardest next two years of PBOs presidency. We will see what happens but I think it will be productive or else if the Republicans read this election as a mandate for their nonesense, then they are doomed. That is all I have to say about this for now.

  220. I voted for you, Mr. President, and I’d do it again. The two terms of unapologetic evasion, dishonesty and horrible decisions that preceded you can’t be undone overnight and I never thought they would. You certainly have your work cut out for you. But I am honored and proud that you are our president and our advocate. Happy New Year, fight the good fight and God speed!

  221. Love this President! Brilliant, tolerant, respectful and open…all the things his opponents are NOT!

    Americans are so lucky that this man wants to serve and to lead.

  222. christin… red, pebbled leather. Light. I really would have loved purple, but they didn’t have any in purple. I LOVE the light coz when the lights flicker off on the damn LIRR, I can still read!! yayyyyyyyyy….

    remember DON’T read any of those Ken Foster books. don’t get them!! You will cry for a YEAR!

  223. Hi BWD a few weeks ago on WSY you asked for a link to the pic of PO “Before a prayer breakfast, the President met privately with clergy members in the Blue Room at the White House. At the conclusion of the meeting, a final prayer was delivered as they held each other’s shoulders.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

    The link is found directly below
    It is pic number 12

  224. Welcome, Vladimir!
    I clicked on your name, your “we follow” came up. Are you from Ukraine?
    Happy New Year to you!

  225. Happy New Year to All.
    I absolutely LOVE this man and his beautiful family. Thank you, thank you BWD for this site.

  226. Let us all resolve to forge ahead with optimism and a spirit of progressive hope and change for the betterment of our nation. The coming year will have its challenges, but I suspect we will gather here a year from now with a longer list of achievements than setbacks, for our economy, our government and ourselves.

    We achieve because we dare to achieve. And that is a rare thing in politics these days.

  227. And I read the comments on that site too… sounds like that person is also trying to push along reality!! Great link!!!

    BWD, I don’t know much about setting up websites, but have a friend who does this regularly. It’s true – you can change the domain name… so someone who just have to hook through wordpress.

  228. Very well said, slim. We’ve really got to ramp up an energetic response to the half-truths and poison flying through the new media from all directions. We are the ones we are waiting for indeed! Thanks for the inspirational post.

  229. Wow! I am beside myself. What beautiful commentary. I read every comment.

    What a beautiful post. Thank you, BWD.

    I love you guys! I love everyone, even if you don’t love me back.

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  230. Happy New Year InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand .. and in the words of President Barack Obama: “I Love you Back” 😉

  231. Watching the news this morning, I see the Republicans number one agenda is to take down Obamacare. I think we need to gather all the stories we can of people who have been helped by the health care reform, and shout these stories from the rooftops….I have an artist friend whose life has been saved by Obamacare and he is trying to get the word out..Here are words from his blog…..http://robertparkerartandactivism.blogspot.com/2010_11_01_archive.html

    “Six months ago I discovered I had prostate cancer. We did not have health insurance due to trumped up pre-existing conditions. During the always frustrating and sometimes terrifying ordeal of trying to get the particular surgeon and surgery I so desperately needed , Kay and I dedicated a substantial amount of what ever future I have to helping in any way possible improving our shattered healthcare system.

    Obamacare is a start. It has already saved my life through the new pre-existing condition insurance funded by the Feds and administered here in Colorado by Rocky Mountain Health Care and a program called “Getting US Covered”. Through them I was able to become insured and was able to receive life saving surgery just four weeks ago. But where do we go now? We have had a life changing experience, but do not yet know how to use our new found knowledge of the medical system that is capable of “level one care for all” but that only provides that level of care to some and sends others home to die.”

  232. Thank you for the compliments, sherijr & gn. Back at you.

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  233. This is terrific susan! BWD is indeed compiling these stories (see today’s essay). Wonderful comment, and please thank your friend and give him this stranger’s good wishes.

  234. Hi, g, just a quick comment as I still have holiday social obligations today, but I suspect President Obama has read Eckhart Tolle’s b ooks and puts them to use. I usually steer clear of popular self-improvement books, but Tolle’s are well worth a read.

  235. Hi Sheila
    I know exactly what you mean about Tolle and his work popped into my head reading and writing about this thread. We should add that to or next email convo!

  236. Thank you BWD for this marvelous site. It is so good to meet other people who share my passion for this PRESIDENT and his administration. I think we have all been working behind the scene for years, supporting this wonderful human being we were blessed with as our leader and we now have all decided that “we are mad as hell and we are not going to take the abuse anymore”.We are no longer going to sit back and let the extreme right or left dominate the conversation…no we can’t. Our President will need us more than ever in 2011. I thought after Nov. 2008 my euphoria would have worn off, however it has gotten even more intense as I see all that has been accomplished in less than 2 years. I am ready to continue the fight as we ask for God’s blessing and protection for Potus and his family for the coming years.

  237. For 2011 and beyond, let’s all keep our President and his family in our prayers 24/7, 365 days a year…

    Happy Healthy, Safe & Prosperous New Year’s and many more!!! 🙂

  238. Today is 1/14/11, I just got this great beautiful uplifting msg. God bless the person who mailed it to me. How great it is to know and see/read beautiful heartfelt messages from people who have feelings within, it doesnt matter if you are Democratic or Republican. You get so depressed and doubtful when you watch the hateful and negative so much on T.V. Nobody is perfect. Nothing beats a try but a failure. God Bless the President and God Bless America. Thank you

  239. This was absolutely wonderful to see. God Blessed President Obama and God Blessed America. I am truly honored to call him my President. Our entire family will cherish this moment in history for generations. The many well wishes to the President on this site show the gratitude and love…wonderful!

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